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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 13, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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.tr. .-- fIX C0XL1H3 TT2 TllB.
P: 065m Ios. SB, II and tQ, KortU High It
' " ' BBM ikvABIADL fr' INADVANOi . j
"V.1- 00 psrye
" By th Curler, psr week, wntt j ,
Irl-Wsekly- . . . $ 00 psryearv
Weekly, . . . . 1 00 " I '
(tJim Advertising yUnaqnvV
neiquar i yeai...f aj 00
On " 0 month 18 00
0n ' 6 upon On 15 DO
Int 11 tl feontbd 10 H)
On.i. -I Itmsoth. 844
On . 1 month. 5 00
On quart 3 weeks.. $4 00
On " 8 weeks.. IN
'l 1. l oo
n''"vii.i3... n
On " 1 Insertion 10
Displayed advertlieuents half nor than th abo
none, oodou tA4 ordinary rattt. j
All nolle rwjulrM to b poblUhed bjr Uw, ll ratn.
If oiMored on Uio InilitowolDilTaly ltr tbflrttwok-
JM Vi-?? S?n "" UII bUllwofcwll
ppr in th Tii-Wnkly without eharg.
lid, St 50 or lin; oaUld fl. f
AUtransfmt advtriUtmmU m4i ft pM&fyr U
dvaruM T9rnl will not bTri4 from. 7
.-!S?V?f Sr10 IS- HywhrUiidTrtlir
re bothilimjVi flier. fti chirp for tb Weekly will bt
half th rate of th Dally eiJT wui ji
Mo adrcrtlMment taken except for a definite period, f
BllrtorHtt rwi.
8$?t&rM street,
(Offlcet cf City Jndg,)
nuut dun uonener, n. x. Bupi
bob. tt. a. rayne, Cltraland, 0.
. B,i ? H'-flnnK't fcaacMUr, O,
A.ttbraey and Counsellor at Law!
OolloUoni and other matter promptly attended to
Ktferenoei (Wen when required. T v. i 4 -
Henry 1 ittooixioa.
: (Ute of Kalon'i Hittollehmint, K.V.j
DBOPBlfeTOR IIv'Tllli' n vn. v
JT laehlonabl ehaTlng, Hair Onttlog, lhampoonlni
Onrllaf and Snaelnf Saloon,
" BOUtU BOah SU bver iBain'aj Btore, i
brn ,WkeUon wm n all th yarlool
' ''Jd,.,1hn',reB',H,llr WMlnion. in"lh.bIt
V rCM 178 orti "mgf stiiev ' -
BALI BQUABB4 from the Dfpo"iid pfrKDear
ptafplao. " dwWd"eoBTenlntetap-
" of rato?.''1' P ' " h'att 6f a ,0'
Termmoa'rUi;toultthtlmM." '.
ootw t '
F. A. B. 8mxiSS,
Attornoy at Law
OfflctAmbo Bnlldlng, oppoalt Capitol Square.
' ' '. '.. 00W7MBTJS, OHIO,
. Ae .OSBOnNE,
Attorney & Cout8eUor at Law,
Book tjxntzsei
And Blaiik-BooJt Kanofantuxer,
wbth biqh rnm, coiujcbiti, ohio
77X111 '
Corner BprlBg- dc Waiter 8ta.,
W. B.- P0TT3 l & 00.,
And Manufaoteim of Drue and Oompo1Hod:OuUn
' Brast Work of all SeeoripUeae. .. . .
Klectro F atmir and isiMin '
rbi ti-tnfifi us, iJ Stiiii w.i v
Colatabns Wholcble Xiqnoi: Store
- . ;iii,SilIii.A:. l... .1,
COMMISSION ' 'merchants; '
'tiitv "!.-Mi' '''
Foreign and Domlicinei.'Jrandiei,
Ji ul taf Uld aitA.
' .... ww rm
,b"n.".l.M f?i v." ttjiWHty
t:''- coiusiiTTs-roino. '--
.-.SrjgotBfiOR TO McXEB A EIBTIXAtl)'::!'
of US
Foreign and Domcstid bruits,
.1 t'f tTTjrH'W U!
ocia-Sa' ' ' ' " '
ThIatt-.Tli Largert-Th Beit,'
. Th Cieapeat Bwaw the Beit, ;
Tb irioit HeUabi standartl Au
thfrljy of Uif EnfrUbjLDfmage.Tt
Hi an npwardiof a Hundred Tbomo. WrU,
'ho mBlUfaxlou meaoinra and derlTation. toMthec
with their eorreot apelllni, and prononeUtloa an olearli
t hefor the e,.';
... .1 d'
. v. r
w (A Dtotttcnt of the Mtmbtr of th OUa SUM
' TtanKtWt Attociation.
Th. BnaempK nembtr of (he 0i)f IU Teach'
oolatlon, adopt and aim to u In teaching, wrltlaY
f 'POaitntl, the orthography and pramnoiatlon of
Woraajiertlkwalftnarto Dictionary, and w moet eor
dlally reeommend It aa th meet rsllabl (tandard an
(bority of th Ingllin Ungual, ai It b now written aad
tptken.' ',.".-'r i ;i ; - 5 '
Ioin Axdiiwi, Preildent Kenron Colleffe. ' '
U. DLioaaTT, Baperlntendent. laoeerille tkhooll.
, Tno. W. Uanvn, 6ap't Uaeellon Union School,
M. jT. Oowmit, Bap't Pablte Bchoole, Bandniky.' ,
Jour Ltmh; Inp't Pnblle Bchoole, Olroletllle.
K. aanroRB, Principal Oleraland lemal Bemlna
ry i i- . ,
Wk. MtTCmL, Bnp't Pobllo Bcbooli, Ml. TJnlon. .
Jobr Oamut, Principal Blate Normal School, Mlnne
lota. Otrdi Naioh, Principal Fourth Intermediate School,
OlnotonaU, . . , ,
H. B. MihTiH, Inp't Canton Colon School. '
. 0wmBeit,PrlDrtpalMcNel7 Normal School. I
u I. Taptaji, Prof. Mathematlc, Ohio UnWenlty,
Wm. W. KnwalM, Bnp't Troy Union School.
A. O. Bomm, Principal Wait High School, Cleve
land. . ..
. A. Norton, Aeeoctate Prrnetpal Blrh School, Olere-
ranOj. . . . . .. r .
Xbbodou Ithoum. MMlaal Blew Baheol. nii
. I. BonurroM, Principal Olmland Inetltut.
A. Oiarurtn, Preetdent of I lectio Inititute, Hi
ram. W. t. Barrii, Prof, of Chemlrtry, Ohio WefUyan
' B. B. Barrrt, lx-0mmlMtonrf Common School,
Ohio , i c :. . u v V r
w Momtoi, Prof. Khetorlo, Oberlln College
jL. Prcaldont Antloah flottAM.
O. W. H. Catbcart, Prof. Uathemattci, High
School, Dayton. ,: ,
Dayto cDMMCa frot laugnage, High Soheol,
S. H. B Allan, gap' l Union tchoola, Aahbnd.
Horn than 6i Bvndrtd ttKtr PrtXdmt of CotU-
rrofafort. Author and PUUnguUfud Sduea
rumnwvrw, Awnort ana jvuungti
hav4 mdcrt4 Ifn abovt tmtimmt.
' KaRiiTTA Coujs "It li truly a magnifioent work,
an honor to th autar the publlhra,and the whole
country." Preeldent Andrawi.
Onto WamaUiTBRm'It ezoeedi aiy erpecta
tlone. It will be my guld In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be eonewlted by me for It peat
aad aoeurat denaltUme." Preeident Thompton.
W. B. Iciacno Ooizmi. "Heretofor we have need
Webaeer't orthography. At recent meeting of our
Faculty, It wu decided to change It to conform to that
of Woroeetor'e Eoyal Quarto Dlotlonary." Pnaldent
OarAeld. .
WimRH Bjootri Ooumr. "I Sod It worthy of
oordlal apptobaUoB." Pmident Bltoheoek. t
0bijt( Ooluoi. "It more than meet my expecta
Uona,fI reooBusend it th itandard authority in
orthoepy to my children and my puplla." President
Morgan. .
AtrrtocB CoLnoa.-.'I adopt and aim to la teach
ing, writing and tpeaklng. th orthography and pronnn-
cimuou oi noroeeier a itoyai Uuaiv liwuooary."
Preeident Hill. f ., , : ! L ,.
n all my writing, apeaklrjg.and teaching, I hay en
deavored to conform to tb rale for orthography and
pronunciation aa oontelned in Worceiter Dictionary.
Bone ttana, late Preeident.
Kairroa Oouau, OAjnnm. "I moit cordially reoom
moad It a the Mat reliable etanierd authority of th
ngllsh language aa tt la now written and epoken."
Preeident Andrew, i r i v : v
Weml4 Anton SmyVi, CkrmmUrtoner of Omtrrton
. Bokoota i Ohio. , . -
' "Th Dictionary li aa Imperlahabl monument to the
learning and induetry of It author, and an honor to th
world of lttre The mechanical execution la far aupe-
In. IV.. . k T I . . L LIL V
Iqaaintod.", - . ;.;.- V, . I. -!( i
From Eon. B. S. Barney: S-Cbmmdt tlontr of
' - &Aooi$ in Ohio.
"Th moat reliable (tandard authority of th laa-
W "
XifftnHnit', wrppera of Ohio Bay.
Irom th CUmdani Beratd of March 28. .
Th orthography of the Worceeter Dictionary I that
led by moit, If not all. author of dli Unction In thl
country and lngland, and ooufbnnt to th general uaag
of ordinary writer ana pejter.
Whatarer prejudtoea may bav milted prevlonily,
Careful etudy of thla Tolum will Inrarlably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great merit, and a aeelr
to add it to the well eeleoted library, be It large or small,
It la a library Inlteelf, and will remain an Imperbha
bla record of the learning of Its compiler.
'! romfiU OnotnaUOommer(alqf AprtttO.
Bars srs cp'Tsrdsof a hucdrcd thdukud words good,
bad and !sdlfferent-who multlfarion meaning and
derivations, together with their correct eptlling and pro
nuneeatloo, at t clearly before the eye. Tb work
nnquMtlonablx th greatest Thesaurus of English Words
ever.publiibed..-;. , -su
Jromih OtmtVmi FlatmUaitr Ap. 90, I860.
' Bvldently Wottwrrt'l Botal QcaKto Diotioiurt t
not only tfolatt,bvt thtwt wort of tht tind fvr Uf
ana can try to pontDiiny inner cy comparison or
eontrqvaray., , . citt i r,
rlronthTbltoMdof lcv&. ,u,
At U' rftonoioUTioii. WoRgswrot u wbi STarioaJUl
followed by our best authors) la aeBnltloaa he rearee
nothing to be tettred, and in OaTHooaxrai It Is eufficlent
to say that WORcavm can be safely followed.
Fabllataert, Bookseller Statlemer,
ma. 9
0P .
I KTo-waarls:, 2V. j.
plTlttanA JainaiBii-7 It ISO 1, 45 Per Cent.
tlBVfiX 50.
i Statement Jamnmry
1 1881.
Balance, per itateaent Ian. 1st, I860,.,. .f 3,400,561
Beoelved for ' Premiums Aur '
I tog the year lbc-0 $783,053 W
EeoelTed for Intereat during ' ' 'i -r3
j the year I860 ............. IU.0U 19
J Total receipt for I860.... 977,(W7 7 '
PaldClalmabyDeath,9e7,OS0OO ...
Paid Polloie turrcn-- ', '
! dertd 41,1U , ' '. V ;
Paid Salaries, Poet- ' U ., . ?
.are, Taxe, lx- ' ' '" ; ,
' ha, eto 31,620 54. - ' . .' . l '
Paid Commleelon to ' V .-.- ' v
1 Agents 51,3?5 30 , -:-v
raid Pbysiclant' tees. S,M 7i . . ; " , . . -
Paid AnnuHlei 1,517 00 r
Paid Dividend! dur-! --
;ln the year ......166,500 TJ 505,001 OS ' 411,979 14
V , -. '.. in. ...
Net Balanrs .January lit, 1861.J..W3)818IS58
...-': -.jJ A8BIT8. J-'
Cash on band..... ......... T 10,6284 10
Bondi and Mortgage on Bcal .;,... .j. ;
Batate, worth double the
! amount loaned... . J,3CT,841 09 r
Premium Notes, ea Pollde u . )!
In force, only drawing 0 per
'ooBt Intereet..... 179,864 IT
Kai ntata w.tcn K7
IiOanaonBorip...... .. rt AI
Premlami.NoteaasdOaah.ln II I '
031 44
etmreeof traosmlnion.... ' 45,343 " v
Tot. -AaieteT..:. Z ...........;.. liBSSfl.W'
eSTirolloles la force, lniurUg......8ft,86,538
i (1,435 new Polldet have ben Issued, dating the rear.
After a careful calculation of the present value of the
Attatandlng Pollcleaof th Company, and having th
nsoeuory amount in teierv thenafor, the Direoton
htre declared a dividend or u per cent, on the Premi
um Mid at th table rates, to all eolieiea fat life In fore.
letued prior to January 1, ltioO, payable aooordlng to the
prtwrai rnieoi we company,
HUtee tar all kinds of LU4 OoaUagendei. 'pMwpiot-
asei, Baeeaents, and Application, will be furniebed
wrraooT caiaaa, at the Vino or AgeaolM of the Com-
T rV"0BT'; i. P ATTBRBOM , Prefldent'.''''
I ' - A ..nt A ,hi O.d&OTBB. Vise PreddanL -
I'BBHJ: 0. fcaUBB. Swrretsry. ---.'')
1 WATrtf, Mm U. BliESOIf. AatnL
t L . No. 4 .ohnson BIofc,'i"
pvmK, iogi. . volumnuKO.
t DRUBS STXEB. Of e.r.4.i.Th. ZZrxlZ
aasartueav ta titf elty and at moit rtorable ratea, ' -'
1861. 1862.
Winter Arrangement—Time
Connecting at Oreetllne with the PITTBBUKOH, IT.
For ftUtburgh, PhUaddpU and BalHmort. Alto
for ran Wayn and OMcago. '
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAK1 BH0RB BAIL
rv Pnnklrk, Buffale, Albany, Bds-
naiewniw ion.
, .. KIOKW; SUNDAY, . . '
Prom Oolumbos, In connection with Trains on the
NIOHT EXPBHBB Leama flnlnmhn. .( i nn l . t
Josve paeiengtn at all atetlona, nop at Delaware'
uu,Su,, Hueau, asiioa, ana at an (tatlotii North of
Gallon, and atall other nation upsn elgnal, arriving at
OleveiadatO:20 A. M.. Dnnki,i,ri.i V Hu T
:( P. M., Albany 0:15 A. Hew Tork M.,Boiton
3.J0 P. M. . j ,. j . ,
KBW YORK txPttV.Rr ni.,..i...... .,r. n
.I will leave passengers at all lUtioni. Oreenwicb,
Bochcter, Columbia and Olmsted being Blag stations,
, . a ."2 ,t0P ,ot Jeengers except upon ig
. A"'T gloveUnd 8;30 P. M., Dunkirk i A. JC,
Bufhlo SSA. M. Albany 4:15 P. M.,N.wYork 0:5CJ
P. af., Boston 13:M A. M.
At Oreitllne with Pittsburgh, It. Wayne and Chicago
Railroad for Pittiburoh. vKn.H.i.y .In.,.,.."
Also for Chicago. ' . , T
At 8hlby, with Sanduky, Mansfield and Newark Ball
.'n0'.'" oa toM - 'or Toledo.
TtM. d 0hc,.0,er9ln, Md UM9 JUllroid ,or
At Olevaland. with T .b. ai .
T , T. . " -...un neiinmu ror fine.
Dunkirk, Buffalo, Maw York aad Boaton.
Patent Sleeping Can are run on all
- Eight Traini to Chioago, New
York and Boston.,
Baggag, OhMked I hrovohto jVew York and Bolton
via aelan&jal4o,toPhUad4lphiaanl
Htv Yorivia Ortttlint.
Might BxpntsanrhresatOolambu at.. .1:30 A. M
, Clndnnatl lapreeianrlvas at Oolumbatat 1:30 P. M.
fare gew bj any titer Reute.
4f k for. Ticket ti CteHUm tr Cleveland,
h') . 1.8. 1XINT,
Oclumbn, 10, 1801., . 'Tt
' BTTv A TyfiilHS
TO AKfl F ltd TV
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebeo,
Tha Montreal fVaan RlMBuhtn limM... H.l.u
full-powered Oly de-built Steamers eall ewery sat.
nraay from PORTLAND, oarrylnathe Canadian and
United Btatea Mail and pasaengera.
noi-teat, Cheapest and Qalckcat Con-
Katoe ot Faasasa to Europe,
Wilt tall from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
and from QUKBIQ every Hatnrday, sailing at
LONDONDIRRf, to receive on board and land Mails and
Paieengers. t and from Inland and Scotland.
ICinete Steamera are built of Iron. In watks-tlsht
eompartmenta, carry each an xpnnod Burgeon, and
every attention is paid to the oomfort and accommoda-
non or paieengers. Ai tney prooeed direct to LONDON
DHUT.th tsieat risk and delav of oalllni at Bt. John'.
a avoided, .........
Olasgow passengers are furnished With raaa pamag
trcketa to and from Londonderry.
mi am uoaete gran tea at raduoea rates.
Certificate issued for oarrvln. to and hrinrlrnrnnt naa.
angers from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
ireiaas, at reouoea rates, sir thla line of I teamen, and
toavtag Liverpool every Week.
If ht Drafts for i and apwarda pay
" uiim, ireiaaa, OCOV-
land or Wales. -
or pasemge, apply at the Offlee. J3 BftOAU.
WAV, Hew Vora, aul 18 WATEK ST.,
1 umViiAUt'fJti,irtl igtst,
otto- J. R. ARMSTRONG.
lTibM)-ljdw . ' Post Offlo. Columbus, Ohio. .
nammadon and sain, and heala the
ecald, braise, sul .or fresh woand of any kind, prevents
swelling and pain from bee stings, mosquito bit, and
vvwuuima puuiw, ueuraipa, rneumatitm, ague In the
breast, salt rheum, etc. When taken internally, It will
poeitively cur oroup la children, and give Immediate
relief in tha worateese ot thli terrible complaint! also,
removes hoarsenem and (or throat. Price, SS coats
bottle. Bhonld be In eve i j house, for sale by Drut
glita and Storekeepers. . IRVIN STONB,
loieProprletoftaT Spruce it, New York
No real Juetlce can be done the above preparations
but by procuring and reading deecrlptire pamphleti
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formula aad Trial Bottle aent to Physl
iana, who win find development.' in both worth iiJr
acceptance and approval.
vorreaponaenoe eolicitM rrom an who necessities or
eurloslty prompts to a trial of tha ahora nii.ku u.m
for eaU by the ntoal wholesale and retail dealer
everywhere. .
Ko. 9 Commercial Wharf, Bottun, Kus-
Roberts A Bamnel.N. B. Marple, J. B. Cook, t. M
Denir, S. Denisj A Bon. A. J. ftchneller A Rn. inni.
for Oolumbos, Ohio. , , myl-dly
SHAWLS, In new deelgns at J 00-Value 5 00.
1,500 yards Super ,Plaia Black. SUA at 1 00-Valu
1 95 a yard. '
f renoh Merino, 63 Jf cents Value fcTX'cts a yard.
I cenoj vaiueii uuayard.
'et16 . .. - ifo.angomh gt,,,,.
I NMalHi. i...beu...j . .1. . t
" H Byron and Oarrote Collars.
... -r a smiBo!,!,, rocket Handkerchief -,
Parli Kid fllovea, inperior make, - - .
flolden Hill Shirts, various atylee.
Boy Ooldoa Hill Shirts, do . -V 1
Driving and Street a lores, do . -.
Hemmed Peoket Handkerchiefs, variant ityle.' '
Half Hose and TJader (raiments, : v
mpilU: .1 c' u v ..-! i Me. B Soaih Hlsh street
. ; . , . . " -"t .in.
Ladies' Lin oa Pociet-Esjidk'tj. .
kerohlefe . vry wide heuu..
Embroidered Linen Hands' all price. -Hemmed
Btltobed and plain da, do.
do do colored borders.
Moumlnf do ral 4alaokkewin.. -''' ' ' "
do - A d j... if hi tyleoKwlOtobed.'
PlnoApptedo ,. ,. new pattern, , ...
Oesspraflng tW most (sleet assortment B the city and
VTA , V wf. . . . . w. ,'it . c- i MreAira euff,
t orf r
. Bo. SBIonth HighStrt.
BC0HE if, oewty-lefcliutaedbj
PrM Ht.NSMkEisjUt.rS
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
for Cincinnati, Dayton' ft Indianapoiis!
' ... i: .... )' V.- i.ti :. .
Through to IndianaDoUa wlthont Cbgngo of CJare,
and bat One ChAOo of Cri botWsea .
Columbia nd 8t LobIb." " .!'
f t . .
: . -. A . :
On and Af tor Monday, Kov.aro.ber
.... , . .AA, iwoi. ,.( , ..r
. , . ! i ..:.r-v . -' 1 'a!-:. :-
Four Trains Daily; from ; Columbus.
NIGHT BXPRE8B. via Davton. at 8 am.-'etonDlae
at London, Xenta, Dayton, Mlddletown and Hamilton,
arriving at Cincinnati at 7:40 a. m. and at Dayton at
fc05.m. eonneetlng at Cincinnati lot LealevHia, Vln
oennw, St. Louis, and all point SoathWMt! arriving
at St. Lout at 11:30 a. m.t conneetinw at barton for
Indtanapolli, Lafayatto, Terr Haute, Ohkano, and all
polnte Weeti arriving at Indlanapoli at Mao a. m.
ACCOMMODATION at 5S0 a. m., itopplnf 'at ail ita
tlon between Oolnmbus, Cincinnati aed Dyten,ar
riving at Cincinnati at 1023 a. a., aad at Day ton at
8:32 a. m.; connecting at Cincinnati with Mail Lin
Steamboat for Louisville, and at Daytoa for Indianap
olis and the Weet. , - "
: ' : .- .- IS'. . i
.i THIRD TRAIN.. iivt r-
EXPRESS at l:J5p. a:, Itopprng at Jeasba, tori-i
don. Oharleeten. X ia Oui.lai Mortow.-'lki. La tenon.
loeter'a, Leselaad ana Mllfard, arriving at Cincinnati
at 6:43 p. m., at Dayton at 6 p. m. eonneetlng at Oin
with the Ohio and Miulislppl Train for Leuiivllle, Vln
cennes,, St. Lonls, ete., etc., arriving at Bt. Louis at
10:45 a. m. connecting at Dayton for Indianapolis, La
fayette, Terre Haute, Chicago and all point Weet.
MAIL at 4 p. m., (topping at all itatlont between
Columbu and Cincinnati; arriving at Cincinnati at 0:25
p. m.
10 for
apply to M.
further Information and Through Tickets,
Li DOHERTY, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati.
Agent, Columbus,
' ' . W. WOODWARD,
Superintendent, Cincinnati.
Columbus, Nov. 10, 1861.
Pennsylvania Central Railroad
Shortest, Quickest and Moat De.lra
Die name to ait eastern Clues.
Trains Leave Columbus as follow:
via rnaiixvrLLi.
FAST Mrr..
4:00 A. M: 10:36 P. M
4:00 A. M. 3:10 P. U.
iti at rTTTMUrton
3.45 A. U. 4:10 P. M. laOO P. M.
10.40 A.M.
4:10P. M.
A.sm at BARRtracka
l:ti0P.U. 3:10 A H.
8:30 A. M.
3:10 A. M.
8:15 A. M.
8:0A. M.
:40A.M. 5:20P.M. 7:40 A. M. 12:50 P.M. .
a-OOA.M. 11:50 P, M. 11:00 A.M. 5:60 P.M.
10:15 P.M. 1:45 P.M. 0 13P.M'
1:45 P.M.
via ALuarrowii. '
?asin.n by this line reach New York in adeanae af
any Northern ronte.
13:33 P. M. train la tha onlr ana from nnlnnhaa )
thl hoar, and the only train by which paseengers can
reach Baltimore or Washlnf ton the following day, and
arrive in Philadelphia or New York before dark.
lLrSleepInf ear on all night trains.
The 'only Ronte from Colnmbas to
.; Baltimore, Ffailadelpbi or
New York
' This train also oonneotiat Bellalr with the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad.
ltTaH rente la 30 MILES 8H0RTBR to Pltttborgh
and more than 100 MILES EHOBTEft to New York,
than Northern line.
1 .07 Baggage checked Through to all im
portant poinU Est.
; DTAek for Tickets via Bellalre or Steu-
; ID TiokeU Good over either Route.
General Ticket Agent Central Ohio B. B.
General Ticket Agent Bteubenvllle Short Line.
Columbus, Nov 98, 1801.
Produce, ; 1
, Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
a ', . Fruits, etc. etc., -
. . ..... -:.-
No. 106, South. High Street,;"
The oH itand recently ooenpted by.WM. McDONALD
. . He Is ta dally receipt of . '
riilchhewUlteir ''
CJteap for Casn or Country Fr ounce.
JJ7 4xo' delivered to City trade free of eharge.XII
' V'.;i' . . U:.m BEALBA Ot S u. t.i..--,
. .
- r7AlX,eU8S, BASH, PUTTT, CORD Afll, ' .
t3ttns,tlitola WooAAsWlUew War
sthsrand BabheiBellUf, Is.l4aiee, Hope aal
sua.- eot-ajy
"i r,rff ai 1IIXI:
,j'l (J "! vsoft ,
(i Baku il'-Lr ! vv"4..
weekly, per yeat-...j.... l ue '
it...-n : it-.U fi -j
Secretary of the Treasury.
' j "I ! W r. rCj Si'TtHI !'
- Th StweUry of thd Trotgiifv, fa- obeflfoocs
to law, nbmttt-4he Mlowlnr ' 'report to Con'
The general prinotplee by mhleV, ha i A Stc.
retary oonoeivee. the adminiatratinn r ih
lie fioanoewthedld be regnlated, with a view to
uauro ae aeairaoie setuiie or eiBoleDoy, econo.
my, end genera) profiperity, were sottorti, with
aa mttoh elenrneM and ptaiuses m be is eapt-
tie oi, ta ma report. mad to. Venrtan on the
4th day of July last. M-aj.-i., .ru...( i.- i
In that report, alio, the flecf0try; submitted
to the coMidaratioa of. the. legislature tbe
uieuurn uj wiiica, in Die opiaiao, tbe pecunia
ry means necesaary to tbeepeedy and effectual
auppresaion of tbe gigantic rebellion ' get on
foot by oriminal oonepiracy against the govern
ment and the people f the United States,
might be most certainly and most economical
ly obtained.' ' ' 1 . .
The estimatea of . the several departments
then laid before Congreaa by the Secretary con
templated au aggregate expenditure, during
the fiscal year to end oft the 3Utb Jane, 1862, of
$318,519,581.87. XJ., ,
To provide thl sura -the Secretary1 pwpoeee
5T0h nioinflcgrioria of the tariff nd anch inir-
nal tasea as wonld, In bis judgment, produce
tbe turn of eighty million ot dollars, and aucb
loans, in varioua forms, not exceeding In tbe
aggregate two hundred and fifty milliona ol dol
lars, aa would yield tbe required residue.
Without adopting all hia recommendations In
regard to customs and internal taxes, Congress
made auoh provision for both as was deemed
necessary to secure the sum proposed to be de
rived from those sources, and authorised loans,
in the mode and to the extent proposed by tbe
Secretary, for obtaining the additional sum re
quired by the estimates,
It now becomes bla duty to give some account
of the execution and practical optritioa of
these measures; and In the performance of it
he solicits, firat, the attention of Congress to
that part of them relating to loans.
The aot authorizing loans provided
First, For a National Loan of one hundred
millions of dollar., or any larger sum, not ex
ceeding tbe whole amount authorized, in bonds
or treasury notes, bearing 7.30 per cent, inter
est, payable three yean after date, and oonvrrt
ible at or before maturity into twenty yearj six
per cent, bonds. '
Secondly, For e, loan ia Europe, or In the
United States, at the discretion of the Secreta
ry, of one hundred millions of dollars, payable
twenty years after date, and bearing Interest
not exceeding seven per cent. .
Thirdly, For tbe issue, In payment to public
creditors, or In exobange for coin, of treasury
notes payable one year after date, bearing an
Interest of 3.65 per oent,, and convertible into
the three years 7.30 bonds or treasury notes.
Fourthly, For the Issue of notes, payable on
demand and receivable for all publio dues,, to
oe uaeu aa coin m payments ana exonanges.
The aggregate of BvWa of the two tast de
scriptions was limited to fire millions of dollars,
In denominations less than fifty, bnt not less
than five dollars. ' ' .
A further authority was conferred bv tha ant
to lssne treasury notes of anv of the snealnad
denominations, bearing six per cent, interest
sua payaDie not over twelve months lrom date,
to an amount not exoeediag twenty millions ol
UU.I.IB, - , i
To provide for immediate exigencies was the
first duty of the Secretary, and he performed
it by lasuintr, under authorltea conferred h .
rioua acts, for payment to publio creditors, or
lor aavancesor ca8D,S14,Uiy,(J34.G6in treasury
notes, payable In two yeare.taod bearing six per
ocu. uiiereet, auu j.i,cw ,au in treasury notes,
bearing tbe same rate of interest, but Davabla
sixty days after date. .... ,
His next care was to provide for the regular
and continuous disbursement of the war. un
der the acta of the July session, and with this
view, be carefully examined the various pow
ers con fern d on him; compared, tbe probabili
ties of the Amerioan and European markets for
capital; and considered the relative advantages
and disadvantages of the several forms of loan
authorized. ., , ....
His reflections led him to tha conclusion that
the safest, surest, and most benefioial plan
would be to engage the banking institutions of
the three chief commercial cities of tha aaa.
board to advance .the-amounts needed for
disbursement in the form of loans for three
years 7 30 bonds, to be reimbursed, aa far as
practicable, from the proceeds of similar
bonds, subscribed for by the people through the
agoutico ui ma national jjoau; using, mean,
while, himself, to a limited extent.. la aid at
these advances, the power to issue notaa of
smaller denominations than fifty dollars, paya.
Die on aemana. . ,
Upon this plan be honed that tha eanital of
tbe banking institutions and the capital of the
people might be so combined with tbe credit oi
the government, in a proper provision fo; nec
essary expenditures, as to give effloienoy to ad
ministrative action, whether civil or military,
and oompetent support to. publio credit.. . The
result thus far has fulfilled that hope.
; Representatives from the banking institutions
Of the three cities, responding to bis invitation,
met him for consultation in New York, and,
after full conference, agreed to unite as asso
ciates in monied support to the government,
and to subscribe at once a loan of fifty millions
of dollars, of which five millions were to be
paid immediately to the Assistant Treasurers,
in coin, ana tne resiaue, also in coin, as need
ed for disbursement. The Secretary, on his
part, agreed to issue three years 7.30 bonds or
treasury notes, bearine even date with the euh.
sorlptiod, and of equal amounts, to oause books
or subscription to tbe National Loan to be im
mediately opened i tO reimburse tha advannaa
of tbe banks, as far as practicable, from this
national subscription) and to deliver to them
7,30 bonds or treasury notes for the amount not
tnus reimbursed, it was further understood
that the Secretary of the Treasury should imna
a limited amount ol United States notes, paya
ble on demand, In aid of tha operations of the
treasury, ana mat tne associated institutions,
when the first advance of fifty millions should
be expended, would, if practicable, make an
other, and when that should be exhausted, still
another advance to the government of the same
amount, and on similar terms -r .) ; , ;
The objects of ibis, arrangement were. (1st)
to place at tbe command of tha government
the large sums immediately needed lor th pay
meot of maturing treasury notes, and for other
disbursements, ordinary p.ui extraordinary; (3d
to secure to the people equal opportunity, with
the banks, for participation in the loan; (3d) to
avoid competition between the government and
the associated institutions . in the disposal of
bonds; (4 th) to facilitate and secure further ad
vances to the government by tbe associates, if
requtrea; ana, (otnj . to insure u possible, the
maintenance oi payments in specie, or. its acta
nl equivalents and representatives.-.
All these objeota were, happily, accomplished.
Fifty millions of dollars were immedlatelv ad-
vanoed by the banks. . Tho , Secretary caused
books of subscription to be opened throughout
tut country, ana tne people subscribed freely to
the loan. v The amounts thus subscribed : were
reimbursed to the batiks, and tbe son reiav
bnrsed, though then, .covering but little more
than holf the amount, enabled these Institutions)
when a seoond.loan Was required, to make a
second advance of tou.uuu.uuu. -m i
' Thus two loans of $50,000,000 eaoh.have
been negotiated for three years 7.30 bonds, at
par. ' The firat of these loaus was, negotiated.
and the first Issue of tne bonds pears date-, on
the 19th of Auguat; the second on., Hue, .first of
sv . . -a Date - - - ' t .
ycwoer.AOoi ,. .. . a-,,-.. .
; , On the 16th of November a third loan was
negotiated with th associated Institutions, nu;
der the authority givee t th Secretary tor.
row a sum not exeaadlnw m KBnJ.I L.dii..
j"" w wniiea fctates, at a rate of in
terest not exoeeding seven per oent. As no tea
eonao e prospect appeared of oetauJo terras
equally advantageon by advertisesjeDt" and aa
W was manifestly for tbe interest oi the Gor
,..yu u ucgvuaie at come rather than inear
thi fi TT oa T, BegotUOon abroad,
the Seoretary, under the antEmlt. f ak.
entb section of th.antnf A.n.,rt iai
ranged this third loan, also, wM th .sela,.,
l 8f eemg to iasne to them . fifty millions of
lent to r, T x. l " B0 " MU 9a'
int7.,rVtiL T f?w,,0,v,BKBven per cent,
interest, authorized b th .i ii ni.t.
negotlaUon, though l ad?a,g
UeverDment, oeneidered Baden tbe right of a.
almple money transection, than th twe prior
r, IV. " , J ""V lease, snore
tas coupled, with oo arrangement tot term
oursement. and antailarl m ii...
on th. i,...n. k . I ZC: pu
..."''! uai oa prepariotr end
understanding in the form of a. r,tinn eov,.
associates, that on or after th firat of Jamtarw,
a fourih. advance of fifty millions should be
"1"u,1' ' 'nB ,nl tBtmt ""h th first and sec
ond, If practicable sod required by th Score-
In addition to tha Imna th... !.. a.
retyy has issued United States notes, payable
rT?,' ,n dn'natlona of five, ten i
wenty dollars, of which there were in oireula
tion, accord ne; to thn tut ..,.n. .k.
.fem.ber' 1861' ai.lWJaSO; and there
remained in the treasury at the same date. t3
jo,iua. The amount thus Issued, so far aa It
enters Into the circulation of the country, may
be regarded a. a loan r. ,k. '
, j-" ""w mors.. . . - 1
uriei recapitulation will exhibit tbe gene
ral result:
There were paid to creditors, or exekanred
fnF Mil. a .a Jiav . .
--.ww.- v Fa4, gb uuicrcm Oniei .Deialr
Vn a A n on e t ,! . . .
w uw amount of.. S14.0U.034 8
There wai kurrowed. ai i. n..
month,, upon sixty daye'
six par oral.
There i wa.borrow.d,"aV par', 'in thi'l.th a71'n9 W
" "Pon ureeyeare' 7 30 Bonds, -
."'k . m ' "V i"' rt aabssrlbere to
tbe national Lou ... .
ih.w;w:;vr.7seV.n-p;; 00
Oasn , nn In. 1 i k. At
Bnnn liar a saaeialti
r -' fut w aovemiwr. upon
twenty year' ix perent. bonds, ri
duced to the eoulralant r -V
.eataau5 uiKitgt. e eeoeeeeeee
There nave been laaued, and were In eirco
43,705,478 48
on aepo.it with the Tress-
IZa'1' M'h Nv.mb.r, of '
United State aolae, payable ea dc
muii - 24,550,394 00
Making aa aggregate, realUed from loans
....ioiiruia,ei..... ig74S,588 14
While SUCCesS thus eomniatai has an r.
tended the measures relatinr to loan, the San.
retary regrets to say that the receipts of reve
uutiruui uuues nave not, as yet, fulfilled tbe
expectations indulged at th data of his July
report . . ,,. '
' The act modifying th rate of duties which
received the final sanction of Congress, differed,
L ilk rBHPeolB ,rom ,no meaeore whlcn be
bad tbe bonor of submitting to their considera
tion. In most Of the DaKianlara. aanalall.
in th diminished duties on tea, coffee, and an
gar, and in the exemption, from the operations
of tbe aot, of goods in warehouse and on ship
board, the difference, however warranted by
considerations of csasral nailer, wu m-miri
disadvantageous to the revenue white gather,
ma peruaps more potential causa or reduced
receipts, may be found in tbe changed eirouaa
stances of tbe country, which have proved, even
beyond anticipation, unfavorable to foreign eom-
At the date Oi his renort. the Snr.t.r mnnk
. . . ....
ed on a revenue from ouetoms, for tbe financial
year 1862, ot $57,000,000. but the circumstan
ces to which be baa iuat adveited now
strain him to reduce this estimate to $32,198,-
603 65.
The receipts from customs for the first quarter,
i-uumg uu iu. ouin oeptemoer, were $7,lc,6Ua
55; while tbe receipts for the three remaining
quarters cannot be safely estimated at more
k. - fie nnn nrtn . . ' "
.aaa eJ.uou.uuu, maKiner the as-grrurato tnm
i?" o sum just mentioned, $33,198,-
602 55.
The estimates of reoeinta from land and mi..
oellaneous sources must also be reduood from
$3,000,000 to 1 2.354.062 89. of .hink vu no .
89 were received during the quarter ending 30th
September, 1861, and $2,000,000 are the s
tinated receipts of the. three remaining quar-
Tbe only other source of reran un .tiinh Mm.
Ises an addition to th resources of tbe year
is tbo direct tax authorized by Congress, from
wuico, it inoreasea to tbe limit proposed
vj mo wcurewy, ana assumea oy tne states,
the further sum of $20,000,000 may be expeot-
VV4 . . .
The agcrerate of revenue from all mnM,
may, therelore, be estimated at 151 552 BE5 Al
which is less by 425.447.334 56 tha. th utim.tu
ui juiy. ..........
This reduction, however, thouch Urira. nnM
r. n. V. . )
u ""to uumpciica ui secretary to asK any
additional powers for tha negotiation of loans,
beyond those asked for In bla July report, had
appropriations and expenditures been confined
wiwm me estimates then submitted. . , , ,
These estimates, tt will be remembered, eon.
templaied expenditures in all denartmenbi. and
for all objeois, to the amunnt of $319,519,581 ..
67, Of this sum $185,396,397 19 Were for ad
ditional appropriations required by the Depart
ment of War: and 117,65,105 09 for annronrt.
ations already made for that department.1 The
oasis oi tne estimates roc these additional appro
priations was the understanding that it wonld
be necesaary to bring into tbe Held, for tbe snp
preseionof th rebellion, two hundred and fifty
thousand volunteers in place of th seventy-fire
thousand dratted militia originally called out,
and to Increase the regular army by the addi
tion of eleven new regiments; making total
force, including the regular army already organ
ized, of about three hundred thousand men.
After estimatea for this force had been furnish
ed to tbe Secretary, in accordance with law, and
bis own report, founded upon tbem. had been
closed, the President thought it expedient, in
order to make tbe contest abort and decisive, to
aaa congress to piaoe at tne control of the Gov
ernment at least four hundred thousand men,
and four hundred millions of dollars. In the
number thus called for the regulars were In
cluded. Congress, animated by the same de
sire for a short and decisive Contest, went be
yond this recommendation of tb President-, and
authorized the acceptance of Volunteers in aach
numbers, not exoeeding five hundred thoassnd.
as be might deem necessary. , Congress a la
authorized the whole Increase of. th regular
army estimated for by the departmentand pro
vided further for additional companies and for
new omcers in several oranobes ol the milltar
service.. ' ;
Tbe action of Congress, therefore, eon lam.
plated the employment, if necessary, of a force,
Including tbe exUting regular army; of abont
five hundred and fifty thousand men. To insur
Its elnoacy, tbe President was authorised to ap
point any number of major generals and. briga
dier generals he might think necessary, and to
lucreate vie stair oi major-general la the Held
by discretionary appointment of aidt-deeasap.
With vwioas rack, treat oaptein to colonel,1 '.J
Thla large loorease of the army in men And
officers, and the liberal addition made bw Coo
cress to pay and ratioos, has ementd.nd
must necessarily aBgaaent,- expenditure' faf'bb-
yona tne limit inui'jaiea oy in origins! au
natesi and the limit must b AtUl further
tended. by tb additional sums reauired for tha
increase or tne navy, aaa otner Objeotg.
- . .. ........... ir.
to meet tnese inoreasea demands, arising al
most wholly from tbe increase oi tbe army a4
aavy and the Irtoreasa of may and ration
ydnd the original; Mlmatea, Urge ttdditlanal
appropriations have been, and IU be neneM-tryJ
aii tnese aaaiuonat approprtattone
566 61 were authorized b aets of tbe rest
sidn, and $143 130,9i7 76 tre now asked: fori
mating an aggregate Increase, inciudiug $&
707,933 SI for indefinite appropriation sad r
iemptiou of temporary . debt, bevotid tha sti
mates of July, of $213,004,627 63. .' .
. fT provide ths large sams needed for th dis
bursements of th currant year, and the large
amswhloh tb exigencies el th snoeeediB:
satjr tunumi4' 6 MS-
deavor fnih1?' 0 mU n-
ar among tbe iadlspenesbl datlesof
tbe hoar. Contrawa for auppU, tt nVaVm,
and nary, u well aa fo, rtJlTlC'A'r.rr"
crrptloos,.boold U TsuoUc t nil
bit"' "'"XT,
ik ,d D,nn7 offioai .homU bbol
M "J ,,rlt? WW ahowkJbV mttWl.
nJX I'J,h,M rt0 Ofth
S..- .kBOr. b,nflMA offeot aad Inflaenc
h" BeqnlalUoo of eqttal .cm even
WBUs thus reoommendlng retreoefameot and
- wuiiuLa, ArrnnaArrw , MauuA
Lmn. L V ?lrQuJ U that guuty at-
l?dPOf7k,'UJ!MUorfi' ople,
with dn regard te. 11
tight end ntereew coBoerned, to aeqaestraUon
it., fi.... 1 rBTTIOS, on -
der State laws, must, of necessity; form an ex-
hlrf h. k.7 J orccflnsoatlon. rersona
neld by rebels nude, annh i.. . ...
slayes. may, however, be Justly liberated from
their constraint, and made mere valuable in va
rious employment, tbroosh olnnt. nj
peiwate4 service, than If confiscated a subjems
or property. A
Whatever maybe saved by retrenchment,
exaciea npa rebellion, large sums
toans " profided tot Hoo nd
Already in a forma nnvi k. c-..
the honor of stating tb principle by which,
as be conceives, the proportions of taxation and
loans should be determined. Reflection bae
only confirmed his opinion that adequate pro
vision by taxation for ordinary expenditor,, for
prompt payment of Interest on the public dtbf ,
existing and authorised, and for tbe a-radnai
extinction of tbe prinoipal, la indispensable to
a sound system of finance. The idea oi rerpet
ual debt is not of Amerioan nativity, and should
not bo naturalized. If, at any time, the exact
ing emersenolea of ar mnuni.
departure from the principle ot adequate tax
tlon, the firat momenta of returning tranquility
should be devoted to iu re-establishment In full
supremacy over tne financial administration of
affairs. . .
It Is now avail mora inur.ni it,.. ., ,k. j. ..
of the July report that duties on imports cannot
be relied upon aa a source of revenue sufficient
for tb proper objects of taxation. Some mod
ifications may, perhaps, be judiciously mad of
th exittlng tariff, and some inoreaae of revenue
may In this way be probably obtained.
But existing elrounutmoes are not propitious
to a wise and permanent adjustment of imposts
to the various demands of revenue, commerce
and teas Industry. The mostaaored duty of
the Amerioan people at this moment requtree
tha consecration of all their energies and all
their resources to th re-etablishmnt of tha
Union on the permanent foundations of justice
and freedom: and while Other nations lnnk
with Indifferent or unfriendly eyee upon the
euuim poucy wouiQ aeem to suggest not
tne extension of foreign trade, but a more ab
solute reliance, under God, upon American la
bor, Amerioan skill, and Amerioan soil. Free
dom of commerce is, indeed, a wise and noble
policy; but to be wie or noble, it must be the
policy of coDoordant and fraternal nations.
In accordance with these views, the Secreta
ry begs leave to recommend that the duties on
tea, coffee and scgor be increased to tbe rate
heretofore pronoeedi that is to air fn
one-half cents per pound on brown sugar; to
three cents on elayed sugar; to twenty cent
per pound on green tea, and to five centa per
pound on coffee; and that no alterations of tb
tariff be made duriocr tha treaant uninn ni
Congress, unless further exoerleace or ahanved
circumstances shall demonstrate the necessity
or expediency of them. AU considerations of
prudence or patriotism seeat to cooonr in favor
of giving to the exieting tariff full and fair
j.'.0" ol reserving th woik of revision,
modification and permanent settlement for more
propitious days.
It has been already remarked that tbe receipt
of revenue from duties, during ihe first two
quarters of th cm-rent year, have not equalled
cirauwuun. n is mgoiy prooAOi, Dowcver,
that the revenue of tbe two last will vw son.
aiderably exceed that of the two first, quarters
of the year. A considerable Improvement In
tbe condition of trad and industry la dearly
perceptible, and promises to be permanent. . An
Increase of tb revenue from customs mav
therefore be reasonably anticipated. :
It is quite clear, howe'er, that1 no anticipa
tion of revenue from imDorte. sufficient in
amount for the various demands of ordinary
and extraordinary expenditure, can be wiaely
indulged, o long, at lean, as the existing eon
test shall be prolonged; nor is It probable,
Should the debt created In the suppression of
tbe rebellion reach very large proportions, that
the custom revenue Will snlflc for these de
mends during the firat year after th restora
tion of peace. ' 1 '
It become th dnty of Consrc as. therefore.
to direct Its Attention to revenue frjj other
sources, to consider the choraoter and extent of
the provision made at its last session, and th
expediency of further provision of a similar
Character.'' ' '".' , !"'
Tbe provision mad at the kst ersion oaf of
two descriptions: first, a direct tax of 20 000 .
000, of which $14,846,018 Was apportioned to
States and Territories acknowledging their ob- '
ligations to the Union, and $5,153,982 to Slates;
theoltizena of which repudiate these oblige-'
tioos and are In open rebellion? and, secondly,'"
an internal duty of three per centum on all an
nual Incomes, with certain exception aad de
dnotlons."-" '.' ft t; .. .v ,v .-. ...... , , .
As it la highly desirable to ewtd.'aa ?ons nm.
practicable, IntrodnotiM into the Sums of red- "
oral agenote tor tbe assessment se eollrction
of taxes, th Secretary, relying on aouranets '
from Uovernors r- varies Btate that tb :
amonnt apponioned to tbetn respeoiireiy will
be atenaed, eolleoted aad paid, tbrengb exist- '
log fiiAageaei, has blthw;o refrained from r
adviaiag the appointmatrt of th ofilwrs users -sary
lor direct tsaessmeot aid oelleetton He v
baibeea the mot readily persojaded N thl. "
ooura. seoaua both tb Iboob and the direct
tax at rrriu.tr d to ft assaeead wltb reierence 1
to valuations whlen can only aeeertaleed for .
th parpo. of th toe uc after the. rat
day of January, and, for tb puree of th dl -m.
test tasreter th first day of April next,
n Doorotary is acquauited with a euustlee "
whloB afford tb mean of aatiefaetory eU- ',
maH ol She amotiBt tikely t be realised I rasa 1
tb tnoome tax-. CoesiderlBg, however, hew :
large a proportioa of taewaea, aiUv tha dedoe-' '
tioa aaaetteoed y law, wm 14 1 witbio tb ex-"-hmptloB
limit of $890 year; end eonsiderleg
auto wbat numeroo queauon wIU eeruinly .
perpfag. ito aeseeemect end ellsoo, re
speettslly eobmlta So th oi)rauOa f Co-'
cresa wbttts? th rwobabl reve&u affords a
suffloieot reason for patting In operation, el .
greet east, the ineeiilnsry f tb aei, with
yiewnhvald tb States assum the direct San, ,i
to the olleetia of th iaooaa tax alone, v .
The aradent foresaet which iadwed Cover. . ' .
to poetpona to aoeiber tear the Beceeauv ef -
steps fvr the praeUeal enforeoment of tbe law.
affords, Aappily, tb pportunUy ef revision and -modification,
i. It aQords, also, tb opoorvoaltv ?
of eo a. paring the amount of fceetred revenue
witn. tb probable income froa tuxes of every -
kind, and of so shaping legislation at t secure,
beyond doubt, th aum eaeentU.1 to tb foliil-'.'
msnt of national obligation and tha main t v.
nanef the national credit.

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