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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 13, 1861, Image 2

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.In the judjioeol of the Kticrotary.lt will be
"aeowarv to Increase the direut Iumuio
produeo from tho loyal States elope t rteDi
of at lout tweutt millions of dollars, aud ts lt
rh rintiM on stills and distilled liquore, uo b
baoco, ou tat,W notes, on carriages, oa k-ucia
on paper evidences ot aeot sna inawum',: .
oouvetauce ot property, aud olber lika Subjectli
. - . .!.. . . ill n mlnna an annul additional
ut muiviuii r - ,
an in
mat Tu its principle. loaamuen as it require
i.. .0.1 .mito-ihotiflju from tArfirit-iuoaue, may.
' tposeibly, snd IT eoiucwiiut.tnoUitied will, proba-
nnufana W rhiUious of dollars more Tbe
UfJ r . ii 1 l - . Jt Kit
i - r . ".'". '" t
- lion w auiiurB-- .,, ,. 1 -1
MThtHewrtUfy wawdM trial ve sum iai4rtf;
;.jnteiiitVae,-,aoM.i probftlnlity thiit tie
rtitowlouirnuwy sources win eiqeu ;ortj
millions of dollara during tbe carrW joar, aid
kowiMMk doe that to meet ev4n cconom.
a-' i,t 4iBMaiannU. and tjs thalr.lf reat on. tbe
,pbllcdeM,-aad prefld ItoMaj, fanf for tbe
t jcradiwt eewaetkin or US prloelraltheaf propria
lottioaof biaety milllone of dollars wilt Jbe obr.
,ceaaf ,'be fcwll that- h taust not annul wpp
.Ib.aJuiauotn .r. I'
t pie are kleo Ui and th object to bq Mtiioad
I j the cedaebratloi l portion bf ,tb6ni bj,the
..r .1.. nttlalaed. In round numberi.
fit. BeMr MU bair lh jirlaodl 'of mllliotu ; ih
.peraoB! fKtty ae mre anu a nan iBouaanqs
iHlanmji. and the aBPHal Iflfplng CWDlOga Of
' the loyal people at Hot lees than thrtja hundred
1 niUioae of lolUr. - font railli ba cacodollar,
. bm tao-Afaha of- one er' tent, 'on the real. and.
.,peewrwpie!jjt-th' Joyitl Btates, will! pro
,,duoeortiw inlUienB' fcr dollars ! to which
ianwepropoiea luttntix win proDuoiiaua
tilliont. v Tb wholo utn' Will ; be little
i, mat than oae-eUth bf the eMrplbe eatntagi of
th. ooontrrJ- XiertalnlT uch a' tax. cannot pe
. said witbeuC iocoaveuieaeer donbtlcBa the lg
itataMro'wbidt tmpoeW ettotrf ,tax, must tke
- car that tbe rrrewey thoe MSed b used eooor
omioallr,. predentty, and 'honeetly, 1 , Bui pa
' 'any On hri tae aboat each or even greater eon
tribution wbe4b4 Uaion - and the popular' lnr
af t tut inns
. tuii lioiKAnd thxublio faith Dledrccd to odr owe
citisene, who in many InstanceB.Jiav'epface? (lie
, whole earnuigaot tndunnoiie nveain toe nanaa
of the eTeramenjforittesrpprewio aBltfBup
pon, v. ..1.;-a-
it will be aeen at a (tlatiee that'the1 amount lo
' . b dmiad from Uxatloa for ml but a email por'
tioo of tbe euirii required for the expenses of tbe
war. t.r or tbe veet, tbe reitanoe must do piacca
.. - jii-;i ..w.1 I ..J - ' '
OB loana""" ir -. , ,
Already, beyond tbe 'expectations or the tm
sanguine, the country nas responaea 10 ine ap
ia at h 8ecretart. Tbe-mcahs adopted
ior ercnruis; the oonoaranee of alT1 classes ' pf
- ciiiartn flaaooial rapport to tue gorerpmeot
hare been already explained. It remains only,
to be aaid bare tbatt while 'the action of, the
banking inatitiitlorje in aeswhlnrf' the Immedi
ate teapanaibUityof tbe whole ad ranees bltber-
, t required, aa well 'as th final responsibility
of muon ihe lsrgeatportion of tbem, merits blfib
ulugium, tba prompt patriot Isnr '-with "which
oitlzaos of mederata means' and -workiog mn
aik1 working women bare broegbt their (ndi-
. riiluai oQcringe to tbe service of their country,'
jnciet command even warmer praise. - It; should
be tbe oonetairt car of tbe national legislature
aud of .the national government In all hs de-
partmeDte that the gooerowa -confidence 're
pose by U poer, a well ad by tho rich, 'in
tthe pubitc iMtbs. be neef disappointed.1-
ii - ir mnst" be conceded,' however, thai the con
diiioa of the national finances when the present
Secretary entered upon tbe duties ot nm office,
ih.uirh aomewhat Improved by the' able and np-
right, tbongh brief, adminlstrvtitsa of his im
mediate predeceseor, was such as to make dia
advauUgeous rates in the negotiation of loans
inevitable. ' it anorae jon owaeioq u grmui
tion lhat, nnder most embarrassing circumsiau
ccs of shaken credit and immensl demands,
loan have bees effected at home withqui rer
mr to any foreign market1, to ibe amount Of
one hundred and ninety -seven millions of dol
lars, wiib a 'Virtual engagement for fifty mil
lions more, at an average rata, considering the
..n.ninn f (be three tears 7.30 bonds into
twenty years eixp" '"' bonds" as 'certain,oJ
somewnal lees man mi ana umu vcu
ThH rate of interest is, however, higher thi
th Ilnitfid States, with their vast and constant
!y accumulating resources', onght to pay,' No
doubt reasonably exists that alter tbe re esUb
llsbmenl Of noioa and order, ttie five per cent,
bonds of the United States will 'command a
reminm irf-the- markets of tho world, unless
the fltiont debt be, meantime, augmented be'
vond'neceeeltV'br-reson"--T!ie wealth and
power of tbe country-, manifested in the sup
of rebellion, wilt demonstrate tbe ab
solate safety of Investment In United States
stocks; and foreign capitalists, restricted to the
lower interests and Inferior security of public
rtehr in nthar countrief . will be attracted bv the
snperiot adtantaws offered by the Joans of ths
uoion. -'" ' -;
- To enable th government 'tb obtain (he beo
essary means for proefennn-; tne war 10 a sue
i..fni ini. without unnecessary-cost, U i
problem which must engage the most careful at
tention tb legislature. " 'r
Tui Secret)1) fcu giwn tohW prM'eui Ue
Lestv consrderatiot m his power and . now begs
leave to submit to Congress tne rosnii pi nit re
"Th'ririnliod of Uie banw i of ujo United
states, on tne i oay w jiaiir,u,M
j. ' "tor,
computed to be $3irc,UUu7Jb..t ui tniscircma
rton $15p,000.0')0, In round numbers, was p
the States now loja!, iuoluding V7et, Virginia,
and 50 000,000 in the rebeUious States. , Tbe
Wholo of ihls'clrouiaUon, constitutes a loan with
out interest from be people to toe panxa, cui
ing them nothing 'except too fxpensa ot Issue
and redemption and the interest on tho speoia
kept on band for the latter purpose; and it de
serves coasideratloa.wbetber sound, p?"7 does
not reauiro that the advantages oj ibi Joan be
transferred, in'. part at least, from the aoks,J
representing . only JUe ; witeresU of .the stock
holders, to .the' government,, fepresentins; te
aggregate Ibterests of the whole peqpto.. h-,
l baS been wen qucsiioep vj turn uiubi. owii
uent statesmen whether- a ufrency of .baiji
notes, issued by local initiations, under. State
law, IS not, in iact, pruuiuiteu vj uio uiuu
Constitution. 8ucb, emissions certainly . fall
within the spirit, If not within the letterof the
constitutional Drohibliion ot tbe emission of
bills of credit by the States, and of tho mak
ing by them of anytbing,exoept gold and silver
coin a legal tender in payment for debts,.,;
However this may be, it is too clear to be t ea
a mably disputed that Congress, nnder its con
stitutional powers, to lay Uxea, to regulate
commerce, and .to ,'regulato tbe value ot coin,
possesses ample authority to control tho credit
circulation which enters so largely nto.the
transactions of commerce and effects in so many
ways the value of coin, u ,.., tt.irtiM t
' la the 'judgment of tbe Secretary -the time
has arrived wben Congress should exercise this
authority, ,tThe t value of .thA exiating- bank
note oireulation dapenda oa the laws of thirty
four Staws. and. tba pharaote of some sixteen
hnndrad nrivato corooratiODS. -.1 It U naaally far-
niabsd in greatest proportions by institutions oi
least aotual capital. Circulation, commonly.is
in tba invents ratio of solvency. Well-founded
Institutions, of largo and solid aapitaJ, b.U
general, comparatively uius etrcuianon; -wuiie
wask corporations lmost. invariably seek' to
tkmnaalvea bv obtaimBB iroa the peo-
pla the largest- fesubU ertdit in ibw farnw
ntha lack af imtan.
gTeat uotoationavand heavy losses in diaoounte
n,l thaneo. are inevitable ; and not wnfre
quently, through failure tbe issuing iostttof
tina. fiunaidorable rortioas ot tb cirowratioa
become suddenly, worthiest ia tbe bands of tb
' people Tha . recant eszperisn : o several
States la the valley ci h Uiseissippi painfnUy
illustrates tba justice of tbeae observatioot,tid
enforce bT th mosfcogatepiMctloai.ga
meoUi ha 4utw t proteotiB? aiontsaorwa sd
indostry against ib ;r ecwreaco f sueb -dia-ordora,'"
!ii a,.i.p ciit.ioii
Tbe Secretary tbiska ilt psssible ioomblne
with this preteouoa a provision jor eireuiauoo,
safa to the comauniiy andr convenionl lor tbe
Government. . u r ;4 ! a-.w v Jjttf.
- Two pl n lor effecting ih!s object, ar it
gB4 Tbo.. first, contemplates tho grsdual
withdrawal frm circulation of tb noM ot prl
vte oorporAliow and tha iesue, in their atrad,
of United State notes, payable ia eoiisno 4o
mand, in Amounts suflisiunl for tba asefnl wud
of a ttf rcBCnla'lve currency- Tbe second jbod
templates tho prcptratioo and delivery, to insii
tutiovs and aaKOttiatiooa of notes preparad for
oirouinttoa under national direction and to ba
secured as to prompt convertibility into coin by I
tha nltnisa of Unitft'i .fctata Jxd,t4 otbsr
neediuliegojaiionasiK i'siui iatKa .
The ilr,t of these place partially adopted
ut the !et session of CoDgr.cs ttTthe provisions
tni'itfrtawg toa oreta,r7 to Issue ucuca aww
not f , pftjabU in Wiio, V aar amount not ex-
ceeliug fctty BUiloia of dollar. ina ,revi
aion maf be 4 xt"ded" jib to renoa the average
4r..alat.o MhevotfUiitrt. white moderate
tux sriduallv augmented, on bank-botes, will
relivo the patlonaL.frlAUL4li.P'ti''
locurb;iculUu. ' it has been already augRest-
d that the substitution of a national tor a Btate
covrency, upon tbii plan, would be equivalent to
a loan to the goviromem wiidou iu''i
oept on the load to be kept in cola, ftadj&bottt
I . . itii-j.v.1 iif numiritlnn. taaua
iuvt, rf.mirtioi'wir i People would fiain
vbo.asdiiiooat advantapo Of a uniform can-ency1,
and twHf stjoj a considerable burden In the
form of Inter n-'debt'1'' Ttfcs ndvahtages
am, donbttras, eocilderabl; 'and ' If a scheme
aoj bodawiaaii by which ack a cirsulntloo will
baoertidnls-asd strlMly cotfinod to tbe real
oaoda of biKonl, Md kept eocetkntly (Qulva-
Joottoapoal byaiompt and certilo redemption
aain,it wiuoisrary lull -or legiaiativo, sano
tipu-..e w5iv - ,- r!;';; :
hTb plant however, is noi Without stiiouf in.
ooArenienoei and haiards. The temptation, as
ptoially grsat ln llmts ot lressr and duugsr,
t iatna notftf witnodt adcaaate tTorU'ion for re-
dfmptloov ih arar-present liability to be called
onion todaeaptiob. beyond means, however cae-
ruiiy nrovidad'asaaaansgM; tne ssxarjot pan
lea. araclritaiiaa deestind for Coin, concentrot
d,tLaiww pokfls and a single fund; the f sk of
a dooreotataikdorreciatiuf , ana noany worm-
lets paatt.iBoay;,,tbe'lmmeairnbIo evils' of
diHhonaraal anbho laHU and nauonai. nansrupt-
y3.eiluiAtiO art) possible1 cotsequences of the
adoptma ot aajsiemor government circulation.
Uasaj bo said, Mprhnpstvnly, that they are
lea deplorable than these df an liTedoemable
Jtank sireulation; ' Without "ntcrlng Into that
oomtiurisSQ, tho Sseretary contents himself with
ohserrlncthat. in bis indement, tbtsa pcsnlble
disnsiers so far outweigh tbe probable benefits of
tba alon that ho feels mmseli cons:raineq. to
f oj bear recommanding its adoption." f ' ,
' The second dHU suecok ted remains for oxani
(nation'. 1 1 w rrluclDiff saturej are, (1st) a clr-
culafioa of notes bearing ' common impression
and authenticated ty a common autnorityt ijwj
tbe redemption of these notes by Us associa
tions and Initltntlons to which they may be ds-
livsrod for issue and (3&) tho security of that
redemption by tbe pledge or tne unitea btates
stocks, and an adequate provision 01 specie.,.
In this plan tbe people, in their ordinary busi
ness, would find the advantages of uniformity
in currency; ot unltormity tu security; 01 ei
factual safeguard, if. efl'eoluai aatcenard ia pos
sible, against -depreciation 5 and of protection
from losses la discounts and - exchange! -wbils
In tbe operational of. the government tbs people
would hod itrn lurtboc auvantages ot a large
demand for government securities, bf Increased
facilities for obtaining tbe Joans required for
the war, and some alleviation of the burdens on
Industry through a diminution in the rate bf in
terest. or a participation in the' profit of circu
lation, without risking tbe perils of a great mon
ey monopoly:; V. '...
A further and Important advantage; to tbe
ocoole mav ie reasonably expected in the in
creased security of tho Unwo, -springing from
tha common interest in its preservation, created
by-the distribution of Its Blocks, to aasooiatiooa
turoughont'the coiintry, as. tha baaia of thefr
Circulation. "" 1 -'
Tbi SooreUry entertains tbe opinion tbat if a
credit circulation in any form be desirable, it
is most desirable lo this. ' Tbe notes thus issued
aud secured would, In his judgment,! form the
safest currency which this country has ever en
joyed; while their roceivability for all govern ,
mens dues; except customs, worn a maxe mem,
,Wfrever payable, of equal value, as a curren
cy in' vary -part of - tho Union.' The large
amount. of specie low1 In the United States,
reaching a total riot lefts than two hundred and
seventy-five millions of flollars, will easily sup
port payments 'ot duties in coin, whils these
payments and ordinary demands will aid in re?
aaioiatr thaaoeole In thoeoantry a a unlid haij
both of eireulation and loaris. " '"''
Tb whole cireulatlon ot the country, exoept
a Uotited amosut of foreign coin, would, after
tim lapse o two w three years, bear the Im
present tha nation, whether in coin or notes;
while the amount of tbe latter, always easily
ascertainable, acd, of course, always generally
known, would not bo likely to be increased be
yond th renl wants of business.
i H 'expresses afl opinion In' fa vot bf this plan
with the greater confidence, because it has the
advantage ot Yecommcudatioo from experience
It la not au nntried theory. In tbe State of New
York and In one or more of the ether States it
has been sabfeeted, In Its most essential srtsj
to- tbo 4st of experiment, sod has been found
practicable and useful. Th probabilities of
uecew will not be dimintsned but increased ty
its adoption nnder national sanctlon-and for tho
whole country, ,1
- It owlv remains to add that the plan Is recom
mended by on other consideration, which, in
the judgment ot the Secretary, Is entitled to
much influence. - It avoids almost, if not alto
gether, tba evils bf a groat and sudden change
In the currency by offering inducements to sot
vent existing institutions to withdraw the c'irou
ratios Issued under State authority; and substi
tuta that provided by tha authority of the Union,
Thus, through tb voluntary kctlon of the ex
isting Institutions, aided by wise legislation, the
groat transition front's, currency heterogeneous,
noenual. and unsafe
, to one c".;cra, cquai ana
safe, may be speedily and almost imperceptibly
aocompnsbed. - , , .
i 'Tf1he Secretary Las bmted tbs discussion ol
the question of the constitutional power of Con
gress to put this plan in operation, it ia because
110 argument la necessary lo establish the dtodo
altlon that the power to regulate commerce and
tbe value of coin lnoiudes ue power to regulate
the currency or tne country, or tne collateral
proposition tbat tho powor to effect the end in
eludes the powerjp adopte 1 necessary and ex
cedient means..' .r." , a,n,i sr ii n :. -
ThaBecretarv oittertaiualhodjopo that the
plan nowsuomitteo-.jraaoptea; wita ins umits-
ttoos and saieguataa waicn tne exparteaca ana
wisdom bf Senators sod. Representatives will,
doubtless, suegest, may impart snob value and
Stability to (ho government securities that it
will not j be, dlffluaH to obtain tb -additional
loans required for tb service of the onrreot and
h sucooeding y ear at fair .and reasonable
rates; .especially if , tbe pnbuo credit be support
ed bv sufficient and certain provisions for th
payment of interest and. ultimate redemption of
tne prJncinoJ.yV.i r-r s ; ..
To -obtain ,'a ' clear nndcrstandintr of the
amount for, which it will become necessary to
resort to further loans, it la requisite to review
the financial movement of tbe treasury during
the wholo of the last, and tbe first quarter of tbe
current fiscal year, and compare, somewhat
more closely than ba already been done, tbe
rirobhl resources of the covernmeht for the
remaining thtequarters of the current, and the
whole of tha following year. '( ' -' '
In tho July report the Secretary submitted a
detailed statement, In part estimated, showing
tho receipts for the last fiscal year, ending on
tb 30ih June, 1861, including the balance in the
treasury at its commencement, to. nave been
$S6,972 693 81; and tho "expenditures to have
been U 677,258 60j snd tbe balance to bare
been t2.K5j635.21.' 'Actual returns show that
tne receipts, including balance, were jsb.gjo,
800.27s' th expenditures, $84,578,834.47; and.
tb Balance, a;7,ubs.BU.
-' For tbe first qnarterof the current fiscal year,
commencing 1st July, 1861, tbe receipts and ex
pendltsree are ascertained; and for. the remain
ing three quarters, ending 30'.h Jane, 1862, are
For 'th 1st qoarter, tb actbal reeelnt .: : it. , .:
rroa eaatonu, lead, and miaoellaneoik ;i
MirtM. Inuladlnir the balance ot S.-. '
SCT.OgSM, were...... 9.80,131 St
for th8d, Jdand-Miqoamr, me seta- - "
toatod receipts in.i.Mu.Aailik-li O00,O0S 00
I thcee iumt muat b added the amount ,.1,
HaitoaJ ,mm Im., In all fnrtna tirlnr fciT . ..
Dtembsr 1, UCL, m already itated. ... Kr7,StS,588 H
and aiaitbeacklad alto Uia anoans l
tv be ualiaed from aUUiliooal loaos al-1
reaily aotborited... a. ; 75,44,C7S 00
Aad then mnat be added alio the amoant
aoli rated boa tae direct tax........ M,00O'0d0 00
1 1 &laf 'ais'tttat tafisMjtts.;.., tMJ 8
Oa the oiher hand . , , .. ',,),
For' smarter the actual expendi- . '
taraa wereArt.v.j.v.v,,..........,,' 96530733 Ot
For the Sd, 3d ad Stk.tb ettlnated e. :: vi-.. V
ptnditarea, uuuor appropnaiuaM ai- vv, 0,,j r
ready roads for vablio rJcs, luclad- . f ,
-r las elrll int. Interior, War and Navy .
PeparUnaoU, and pablio debt and Inter- "
ind tU tuiiraatea eipenditnre under the , k . t, ..
ad,!iuorjaiaiiiroiirlilooancwaii;u ,or,v 9i ? ,r,i
StMlm aad tf -?-''--:'-' w '
ind for the War and iJ. , l n , -i ,
ii iiepainBiBU. ...... j,voi.vis.
il3,'l50,'7 ts1
su -
-.vv' e )-'
Making a total ot aotnal and animated
puditura anew oiuuuf anaoo ir
.mnri.llm, l ' -. . M3,4Wi.Cl
. 1
from Diobd4aet aotnal and t ii&aUd
MaxlnT an apparent aunl tfrwnlcn
tjtavut man bs in to tqwjji of vM3,Wt,n SB
It Is to ba observed, boweveiy tunt in u
.mnnnl aatlinatM fhiiainMld ilaraSV -t23,Q70.:
3SI6A0 1 setlmated for publid debt, poyment.oj.
a ootsiderablo-psctpf which, fcrlllj not probaW
bd detnaoded; aad sjiat son axbensss; i luu
mktei forwbibb may be reiiebdhed; sj that th
wholo amount of loans rqlred,Ja addition ito
me amount aircaay autnorizeu, w
nnt .ti.h toon nnn mm. ' lM l
FV.r iha flHft&t Vay lRfiifcamhiehcio-ow tho
fli-nt Julv. 1BC2. and ending on tb 30th June,
1H63 im r.llnhla aatimate Can bs made. It IS
eirnestly to ba booed; and, In tha Judgment of
th Secrstsry, not without snfflclcnt.gronnas,
thn tha nraaant war mtv be braUttht to U aus-
plcious termination before midsummer. In that
ans tha rrnvlnton' ot roveuue bv taxation,
which h bus rmmmded,'wlU amply sufflo
for all finonoial exigencies, without resort to au
ditlooaUoaos; aud not only s, but will enable
tb Govtrameht to begin at oncathe; tadnohon
01 tne existing oeow
It ia tha nai-t of wisdom, however, to be pre
pared for all ventnalitlts, and tha Secretary,
therefore, submits tba estimates of ibe. several
dorartmauiB tor the fisoal year 18G3, based on
tbe supposed, o-ontinuance of. th wr as fojl
lows,, !, .'.-l.'.l A.Val'f ' ,VKWIlt '
,Tb,eicallinntcIexpouditurar-i Jt5 1
forthe'vU list. ISelallos torttoh lnt '4 ivcm
. coarse andaifiellanoowaaxpoD ta L1'J'i.7 :
r thu 011 aoeouitof pubHael)i..... !i3,QcH,,!)l. S3
for Uu lnterloi parnaen( naiana ,
aad tamomh ' ..,. v ll5'21 2i
Forth War Departmont MO, l
for IhaNavj Departtnnl..v. T,i 4j,l04,rJ '
interest oa daM soa-n. ..'! . " Sjc tin u.
. traotcdbafota JjtJa- v; 1" ' -u-wir x1
cn im n-K, niMl 19 ,
1J, KMC ... .... ...... D.-f-. mT ",TJ ,
' ) TnlMMtM tn - .' . . .1 . .-, I-
..v contracted alter 1st I"""" -n'u : J.T, ',; 1
Uaklnr an asgregila of anUMled n-- - . '
peodltorai of..... CS,331,S45 51
On Uw other hand, the ostimated recetpti are
' . Jfrooj eaatooU) lands . " '''
. 4. ordinary aoaroes. $4500,000 00 L-'x'-,T-; ' ,
,L ' Krom dlrcot Ux...., 2O,tK(0WpO , ,.-4 .,.
'. Iionj internal datlet, ' . t.r, .
, Ineladlnc Income VS I-v.,f I t.e I -
, r . . Ua...... ....... 30,000,QO 0 -m ;iiT (
Hakln aa aggregate of estimated receipts
.... :., ., ; -r. " " ' ' -
Anil teaffln a balance to be nrovlded for
03,800 000 00
of 37,531.2 St
' The whole amount required for loans may, therefore,
be thus tated: , ,. . ,
in, ,ha Saoal vaar 186S. nnder Rletlns '
Uwa ' TiM9.m 00
For th fiacal year 1803, nnder Jaws tot " ' "
enacted xuu,wu,wv..uv
for the nical year 1663, alio nnder Uwa -
a to be enacted.. ..- .......... 3T9,33l,S3 51
itaklng kn aggregate of.
.......054,1)80,930 SI
The total may be itated la round numbers at six bun
U.kU H1U Hit, HI, UV.W.H. T . .
A tabular itatement will accompany thil report, ihow.
in ir wiRi.ah.1 mora in detail the aclnal and eatimaied
JmJ ... ,l.KMnilllfl. ,nll.M . . .
rrcaipis ana expenauare oi uie uoansia, jnrm iv,
1I2. anil 1863 . ... . . ' V
It onl mmalni. la order to comnlet th view of the
financial situation, to iubmlt a atatcment of the public
debt aa it was on the 1st day or July, leoo ana kwi, ana
will be, according to toe ettimates bow presented, at the
lame date In each of the yeara 180 and VMS. .:"
: -The utement, In brief, iaaafollowi: .. v .
Oa th 1st day cf July, 1800, the publlo " '.' "
; debt waa.... . ...... tOiMm 08
An .... l.t A.w nt Bnl URt. lb BUhlls '
deo. was. 7...., ..,., M,807,8J8 S3
Oh ths lit day of Jaly, 1862, th public i-
debt will to 517,372,802 83
On th 1 day of Joly, 1863, th phbllc .!.
Ubt will to..-"...-. 897.379808 S3
,!JThe' oartlouiars0 6fu Whlbh the debLoooMst
snd ths portions which bavo been or will
be paid or contracted In each year, will appear
fully la a table, which will be submitted with
this report to Congress. Another table will be
submitted, showing the amount of the public
debt in each year, from 1791 to lool, inclusive.
The Secretary, believing that tbe iraokeat is
tbe wisest policy for nations aa well as individ
uals, has thought it bis duty to submit to Con
gress this plain statement of the financial con
dition ot, the country ' That it imposes consid
erable burdens ts not tb be denied or disgnised.
It is consoling to know that the energies and
resources of the people ars not insufficient for
tbem. ' The public debt on the 1st of July, 1863,
if tho war be protracted until that time, on the
scale of expenses contemplated by the estimates,
will be, In round numbers, nine hundred millions
of dollars. - Tbe amount of the public debt in the
year 1816 was 1127,334,933 74, and in twenty
yeara it was paid off by the people. ., The coun
try, eved if tbe loyal rJta'.ee only are regarded,
can sustain and pay off In thirty years tbe debt
to which rebellion now exposes os with hardly
greater proportional contributions from increas
ed aad increasing resources than that debt made
necessary.' " " ' ' " '" .
- It will be for the wisdom of Congress to de
termine how far the annual and aggregate bur
dens of the people shall be diminished byre
tronohment, by economy, by prudeut yet vigor
ous adjustment of means to ends, snd by just
contributions from rebel property." " Nothing
more certainly enhances credit and improves re
sources than the reduction of wants .and wise
energy In'adminlstratlon. ' , ;..; I
Tho Secretary forbears making any recom
mendation concerning the authorities with which
it may be expedient to Invest him in respect to
future loam. He begs leave to refer this mat
ter altogether to tho better judgment of Con
gress, suggesting only that, wbat-ver discre
tion it may be thought prudent to give him in
other respects, the rate of interest be limited by
law. -.' ' , ..
Turning from tho more immediate consider
atlon of tba trablid finances, tbe Secretary so
licits the attention of Congress to some other
topies connected with tbe administration of tbo
By tbo act of Congress Of July 13, 1861, com
mercial intercourse, with States declared to be
in insurrection by the President, was prohibit
ed. and the Secretary of the Treasury was au
thorised to establish such rules and, regulations
as he might deem expedient 10 accordance
with whteb, nnder license from tbe Presidout,
a restricted trade might be conducted. Upon full
consideration of the - whole subject, it has not
been deemed advisable as yet to establish any
general rules and regulations for such a trade. Jn
a 'few instances; special licenses have been
granted to eonvey particular articles of proper
ty Into insurrectionary States, and to carry on a
limited trade with parts of Eastern Virginia in
habited by loyal people; but, with these incon
siderable exceptions, it has been hitherto thought
best to enforce the prohibition to tbe full extent
of the act. As the act itself, however, does
not seem to contemplate the forfeiture ' of pro
perty, unless used fur tbe purposes of tbe rebel
lion, or found in transit to or from insurrection
ary Ststes, its execution has not been extended
beyond tbat intent. - " ' ",'iJ ,,
To avoid, aa tar as possiDie, tne practical in
convenience of this suspension of commerce,
tbs Secretary, with (he approbation of the Pres
ident, has established regulations, in accordance
with which cotton, rice and other property will
be collected aud cared for by agents of tbe de
partment in Insurrectionary districts' occupied ,
by troops of tbe Onion, and will be forwarded
by aea to New York. All sales will be made
for account of tbe government', and the pro
ceeds paid Into the national treasury, subject to
any just claims of loyal citizens. This arrange
ment Mttf course, temporary In Its nature.
As a eeneral rule, m tbe judgment or tne sec
retary, commerce should follow tho flag; and
whenever the authority of the Union ts fully re
stored In districts sufficiently extensive for the
re establishment of loyal State government,
affording due security against abuse of trade in
famishing aid and comfort to rebellion, tbe
ports should bs opened without restriction, ar.d
all commerce freely permitted. L:' ".''.'
With aview to reformation or abnses and re
duction of expenses, tbe Secretary has canted
moot of the collection districts la all the States
and Territotiea not under Insurrectionary con
tral tab visited by an officer of bis department.
Their inquiries bare led to the abolition of some
of&oefl, and a redaction of the allowance and
compensation-HO' -the lueumbetita of others,
amounting' to $75,095 annually. "This sum,
with too temporary reduction of annual ex
ponded, oceafet.-ned by tha suspension of official
dutie"io 'the' rebellious States, amounting to
$644,141.68, Will more than suffice for all the
sxpenses'krieiug dnder the act of Jaly for the
additional agent Inspector, and aids; required
for Ita dud execution and tbe prevention of ille
gal trafflo. -. ,-.-r :t; ;;;!."'
Th thu fcoiiriectlon the Secretary asks permis
sion to direct tbe attention' of Congress to', the
fact tbat surveyors of ports at several pomvs in
.ha Mtanlaainnl valley are almost' exclusively
copied by tboir duties nnder ths act of July,
aud are subjected in conseqnenss to labors and
responsibilities for which tli compensation ttow.
tnuiva jlit.V It is
Ithe-uibMhauiriTBStedthat the Saorr tarv be an
K. iiiaa.l A ,1181, timfl additional alio1 noes,
to b pa' i from tho,nppropriaioa akpa') jfmade
for sucn service. i .. v .-, ,. .
Tha MflflrAtar also Ncoinmenas-Uiat a divi
sion ba provided for of forfeitures, fines, aud
DenMties..unuor toia .no ihb".wwi
the Informer, and xho government, correspond
,a .i.. n allnmwt ti tha revamve laws in
Other eaeei, and n otdesto protecl th fburests'
both of eitiiens and or tne government, ne fur
ther sugpests that in all cases of fines, forfeit-,
,i renaltios. nnder whatever law wben
thwiampnnt in controversy doe not exceed one
thousand dollars, the Secretary bo authorized lo
nraanriha eihatover mode may seem most con
venient and -cortaln for ssoertaining the facts
involved, and to airecc eucn eeinumou, u, tun
matter in Tjontrovefpy by remittor or pthorwlse,
as ho may deem just. " "' J
Th interests of tho-governmenrwill also be
promHid, lu.the judgment of th Secretary, by
tha annnlntment of a Sjlioltor of Customs, tO re-
sldp' ln thoityof NewYorlr, who flhall rn'
duot all suits and prosecutions, and collect .11
penalties, fines, forfeitures, and dues to tbe gov
ernment, nnder the' revenue laws, within tho
collection district of New York, and advlso the
collector In respect to au legal questions con
nected with tho customs which may be refendd
In him kv tliat nffipA,. ... 1
r Th operations of Vie Mint during tbe last
year were large neyona preceaeni. i ae net
amount of bullion received was $72,146 571.01;
the amount coined was: or gold oolns, $gu,MJ,
237: of silver coins. $2,605,700; of oeut coins,
$101,660; of eoldbars, $20,015,163.64; and of
silver bars, $7S,uue yi mating tne total coin
age or tbe year $83,693,767.68. , Qt tbo bul
lion deposited .$54,149,865.32 werdrccoived at
"the assay office in New York; of the gold bars
$ld,948,728.88,:and of the- Bilver bars- $187,
078.63. in value, were stamped at tbe same of
fice. ' Of $799,923,362.14, the , entire t coinage
since the ostablUhment of the mint, $520,000,
000 have beeu ooined from bullion dorived from
mines of tho United Statos. -
, Of tho gold deposited during, the last year
$34,216,889.52, and of tha, silver $610,011.29,
wore from the mines of- the United btates; the
remslnder formod part of ho usually large
receipts during the year from foreign countries.
Tbe large aud rapiuiy increasing production
of gold in th TerritorHof Colorado suggosis
. . . . . t .. a . .i.ir .1.1
inquiry into . mrj, p xpeuienoy ot eswuiuuiug ou
annav nfflna' ap.r branch, mint avt Denreri..'A
private mint for tneconwenienoaof tbe people
IS now In operation at tbat place;; ana odvious
considerations seem to require the substitution
onnationai for private agencies in coinage. ' ,
Tbe silver mines of Nevada and Arizona
havo also yielded large returns; and the protec
tion of the citizens, engaged in extracting their
treasures, from insurrectionary and savage vio
lence, demands th earnest consideration of
No means exist of ascertaining, with abso
lute certainty, tbe quantity of coin now in the
United States; but tbe best accessible data lead
the Secretary to concur in tbe judgment of tbe
uirector pr tug oiiui, -mat too amount is Be
tween two hundred and soventy-fivo millions
apd three'hundred millions of dollars. j
Tbe Secretary takes great pleasure in direct
ing the' attention of Congress to tho ablo and
instructive report of that officer, and to the sug
gestions it contains. , , .-. . -
under tne act oi juiy z, 1001, iaiee emus
have beon presented, by tbe authorized agents
of the governors of several States; for expenses
incurred oa account of troops raised by tbem
respectively, aud employed lor tho suppression
of the Insurrection; but as the act authorizing
the settlement of tbeae claims required (proper
vouchers in support of them to b filed and
pacGed upon by the accounting- offiowsrand as
no such vouchers have, bs yet, been furnished, it
has been hitherto impracticable to adjuat and pay
tbem. . Inasmuch, however, ss those expendi
tures were incurred at -a time when Congress
was not in session, and when tne public exigency
was imperative, and were marked, so far as the
statements submitted to him disclosed their
eh-rscter, by discretion-asd patriStSsS, .ts j Sec
retary thought himself warranted in advancing
to the several States, upon certificates of tho
State officers to the general correctness of tbe
accounts and on condition tbat no further claim
should be made on account of tbe expenses con
templated by the act until after final settlement
upon vouchers, the enm of forty per centum of
their respective demands; and ho has according
ly paid to tbe States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hamp
shire, New Jersey, Ohio,. Pennsylvania, Rbude
Island, and Wisconsin the aggregate earn of
$4,514,078.51. . J
As tbe law did not seem to contemplate tbe
continued action of State officers for federal
objeota, but confined the appropriation made by
it to expenses inourred, leaving expenses to be
incurred to tbe action of fedtral officers witbin
their respective spheres bf duty, tbo Secretary
has not thought himself authorized to settle is
the unusual mode nrovided bv the act. excent
for advances actually made, or at least contract
ed tor prior to its paesige. All otner claims
are, and will be, referred to. tbo War Depart
ment for sanction and requisition, unless Con
gress shall be pleased to direct otherwise.
Anactot tne last Congress authorized tbe
payment of claims, allowed for certain services
and expenses in Oregon and Washington, to be
made by the issue of bonds of the United
States, bearing six per cent, interest, and paya
ble twenty years after date. The Secretary
most respectfully asks the attention of Congress
tb the injurious influences of authorizing such
issues for such purposes. - Claims are easily al
lowed when payment is to be 'made otherwise
than in money, and bonds Issued for claims are
apt to come into the market in competition with
bonds Issued for loans, to tbe serious pre)udioe
of tbe publio crdt. .That no important injury
has resulted from tbo aot just referred to U to
be attributed , to the iaiihiul . vigilance - of the
intra .Auditor in - the examinations Of tbe
claims made upon the- treasury, nnd compara
tively small amount of bonds, -not exceeding,
probably, two millions eight hundred thousand
dollars in all, Issued or to be issued In fajment
The attention of Congress lis respoctfully di
rected to the operations of the Fifth Auditor
in respect to the abuses which have been tolcr
ated in the consular systom, and the expediency
of authorizing the appointment of a 'consul
general for the coast and islands of the Fa
oifio. '. .' '
In disregard of repeated wainings of impend
ing danger in December last, the Secretary of
tne lisusury, in ouice at the time, neglected to
tnke tbe necessary measures to secure the ves
sels aud othor movable property connected wtth
the light-house establishments.- - This property,
thcrefcre, became tbe easy prey of irsarrectlon
ary violence. Acts of rapine and plunder fol
lowed each Other in quick succession as tbe rc-
bellion-eprsad,- until tbe light -of -commerce
wer extioco'sbed along th wholo'-eoait-ei
otyt at Key West and some 'neighboring olnis
prjieciea uj tae power oi uie union irom tne
cases of the Chesapeake rjund the western lim
its of Texas In other par's of the Country the
light-house system has been extended and im
proved, nntil it is surpsssed in aids aud benefits
to navigation and commerce by that of no otber
country. Under the direction of tbe Secretary
also, as the rebellion has oeen suppreessd in dis
trict after die riot, the lights bavo been rekin
dled. Already from the coasts of the Chesa
peake, (rjm tbe banks of Hatteras, from the
islands of Port Royal entrance, and H orn Cban
deleur Inland In the Gulf, they shine once more
as tbe safeguards and symbols of fraternal com
merce and peaceful civilization. May we not
hope tbat tbe time is not far off wben every ex
tinguished light shall be ia like mannsc restored
amid tha rejoicings of a reunited people?
.The Secretary respectfully invites legislative
attention to the condition bf the marine hosoi.
tals constructed or in process of construction.
The number lias been Hrcreaeed tar beyond ne
cessity or utility, and to the serious prejudice of
the fund for sick and disabled seamen, derived
from the hard earnings of th meritorious class
which they . belong, At -present, indeed,
Some of these hospitals are made available' for
the benefit of the troops, but this use must nec
essarily b partial1 and temporary."' Of these,
therefore, as well as those not thus used, tho
Secretary recdmmend that thoe least advan
tageously situated and employed, be disposed bf
on the most favorable terms, and tbat no new
structures be undertaken except in coses of tho
elearest expediency or necessity.''! " r ' ' ' i " ; )
Tb great value of the Coast Survey has been
strikingly attested by recent events.'. The
knowledge gained by it operations during tbe
past years, the experience -and skill of naval
and military officers acquired in .its service, are
now available (a tbe operations ot tne army and
navy, and tbe ready aid now Afforded by it, in
examinations aud surveys of harbors aud inlets,
tb forces ot the Union in their movements
poa tb 9mi'Amtutito,- ttytfo nm&m
ullnwprl h m is not ad
tbe wisdom of the policy which originated and
k.a M.i. . . ,.i.i I n, n mil. iMnMii aiinninriaiinni
required for lit Support during the fiscal yor
UHtU.N"IOU UI . aMW , ,
lrjb3 will uo doubt ne oneenuuj mau. c ,.- .
The nomber, of sVeBBoUj m 'I"0 euum tr;
vice of tho' department on the 4 lb of March, '
1861, was' twenty -nine. Five hav been pre
viously aaid by th Insurgents, -and ous tid
boon oraerea to XMorlolK lor repairs, wuerc, uav
Ingbeen'tnken to plScss with a view to rebuild
ing ud therefore Irjcipable of removal, she was
Involved in the disasters attendant on tbe de
struction of tb navy yard ''.' -.-r-r-,
f Oi the vessels connected with the re ecus ser
vice riot seized by the rebels, four wrV on th
Paciflo coast, six on the Lakes, and eighteen on
lh Atlantic ooa8wOUh.oe nib Lakes fiv
have been ordered to ssrvioe on the Atlantic
coast. Nearly ball of these vessels are unfit for
the purposes of tho. revenue, "and will bo sold
under tb provisions qf th act of Jaly 25. . -.'
Under the same aot three steamers have been
purchased and equipped, and have been pf essen
tial Service in' the suppression brnnlawful com
merce on the Chesapeake, and in aid of th ex
pedition by which the authority of the Union waa
recently restored on th oaatoniTfhoro of Vir
ginia. ' "'"3"' ;
, .With a view to the. Increased efficiency of the
servioe, the Secretary directed a thorough exam
ination, to be .made by a .competent board of
Officers, 'of all oandidatos for appointments a
well aS of all officers, except captains, already in
tbe service, and baa made a certificate from that
ooard of entire competency an indiepensaDie con
dition of armolntment. .v f c 5mi- '' !
Four revenue cutters arnow engaged in Coast
Survey duty,.. in connection with .tho naval and
military expeditions on tbe coasts of the insur
eont States: and the whole of the remaining
number ar aotivelv eneaecd ln the enforcement
of the revenue laws, and In the portection of
oommerce. "
Under advertisements for proposals for the
construction of additional revenue steamers,
under tbe act of July, a large number of bids and
models have been received, and contracts will be
mad for fire, which, wben completed, will fully
answer tbe existing demands of the service.
The Secretary desires to avail himself of this
opportunity to invite the attention of Congress
to tue importance ot a unnorm system anu a uni
form nomenclatnre of weights and measures and
coins to tbo oommeroe of tbe world, in which
the United States already so. largely shares
Tbe wisest of Our statesmen bavo regarded the
attainment of this end, so desirable in itself, a
by no means lmpossiblfl. . The combination of
tbe decimal system ; with, appropriate denom
inationa in a scheme of weights, measures, and
coins for the international uses of oommerce,
leaving, if need be, the separate systems of na
tions untouched, Ib certainly not beyond the reach
of the daring genius and patient endeavor which
gsvff thn steam engine and tbe telegraph to ths
service of mankind. Tbo Secretary respectfully
suggests the expediency.of a small appropriation
to be used in promoting tnterooanga ot opinions
between intelligent persons of our own,' and
foreign Countries on this subject.:'' Vy ; ; '
In clordng this report, the Secretary takos
pleasure in asking the consideration of Congrefs
lor tne various suggestions oi auo ueaus oi to
bureaus of tbe department, contained in their
several reports',' which are herewith transmitted
It has been bis endeavor, since assuming tb
charge of the department, to infuse into its action
the greatest possible activity and vigor; and it
is a source ot very great -eatwaction to mm
that his efforts have been, in general, faithfully
and zealously supported by tbe gentlemen with
whom be has been' BBjooIated. The reports
from the sevenl bureau will show how much
has been accomplished duringtho year, and how
well. The -Secretary Indulges the hops thai
oontinned endeavor, with large experience, will
make t ie department, in all ita working, what
a department charged with duties and reeponst
MAHTPEHlfY KULSB, Ttiblbhsrs.
V, aV, rOANVMiJin XV Ertltor.
i(V - - --'I L ' ' ' "
FRIPAY MORNIN6, DEC. 13, 1861.
The Report of the Secretary of the
In yiow of Its great importance a relation to
the financial condition of tha Federal 'Govern
ment, and as developing the financial policy of
the Administration, we give in this issue of the
Statesman Mr. CtfASE's Treasury Report entire
without a break or an 'omission. ' Its Insertion
necessarily excludes "'much other interesting
matter; but we could hardly oocupy our space
more acceptably to our renders la Eeneral, es
pecially at this time, when largo publio wxpen
dituVfts, aa iramenae natibhal' debt, tariffs and
taxation are the order ot tne aay.
I ,
r . V -
ST GaHRiT Davis, who but lust been elected
U.S. Senator from Kentucky lu Jlce .ol John
C. BRECKiNRiD0aY. il a resident of Bonrbon
county, and was a member of the House of Rep
resentatives in Congress from 1839 to 1847 In
clusive." He was a Whig, a friend of Hxnar
CiiaY, able and conservative. ' He'Is said to be
now fully seventy years of age. . , ,
,. ..... . .j i i 1 i ,'n a,-
. HjT The Cincinnati Commtrctol states that it
has information, which it cannot di'eoredlt, that
Gen. W. T.'.8niMan"raji commander of , the
Kentucky Depaitmcat Is Insane! Symptoms
which excited Jabtluo during bis administration
ln,Kentucky,-have at -length doveloped tntd't
decided type. This disarms au censure ol bli
management and all criticism nppn hla ttbility,
and excites sjmpamy in tneir steaa. .,,
- -' i. . . . i i ' " . ,
ttT A member of the Arkansas Legislature
with thirty fire citizens pftbut, State recently
arrived at Rolls, Mo., and joined the Union
forces nnder Cpl. Phofps'.." They represent tbe
people of the northern part of Arkansas sa be
ing truly loyal, and that their seeming allegi
ance to the Southern Confederacy is merely s
pretense ts save themselves from secession ma
rauders.' The same mny doubtless be said with
truth of the people in many otber portions of
the so oalUS Southern Confederacy. ,'
1. to '
ET Tbe Frankfort, Kentucky' correspondent
tbe Cincinnati Oazette) say's, under date' of
tho 10th iust., that news received that evening
from Somerset' left little doubt of Zoixicsr.
feu's advance and of a conflict' impending.
The Postmaster at Somerset had written under
date ot the 10;h: "ZoLticoiria has his troopi
all on this side the river, and we expect a fight
-(Wednesday) r; Our troopi qonsist-
of three Ohio regiments, two Tennessee and
one Kentucky, with two batteries.' ZoidJooms
was reported toJiive from ten to fifteen thous
and men. 'X ' "7
The world of fashion is indebted 10 the Em
press'Eugcriie for the hoop skirt, and W Qaeen
Victoria for the Balmoral. The other day Mrs.
President Lincoln," la doing 'h or BhoppiDg in
New York, carried tiffrrie ftot; Own bundles, and
now it is 'fashionable' for ladles to do lt.,-
Mrs. Governor Morgap, Qf Nw ' York,', not to
behind, band, attended a lecture at Albany,
few evenings ago, occupied a prominent seat,
aad knit as industriously ;as her grandmother,
a soldleiii atooklifjti - -Great Is fasbioe, when
teaching bykxample! tr-TiVu.
At hli realdenoeonrieadtrL Thnndav-tieai. it.
Boy. Joan tUaaej, in to 77th year of his age. ' . ,
another of pur oldest eitlseos has pained awayVI for
years, he . bat beea'i realdant pt tha 'pUca; eav ap-
rlgbt, tpductrins and honest man; a devoted and en
slavntehrlltlaii,1 In agcod old age, he ha been gath
ered, HW ath(et-eflriri rips !a it season.' U fie glo- j
rlons prner ef rest and peace on bfebi ''t ; . rt r ', j 1
The raneral will Lie nlaca at tha Vlrat Rant at Ghnrcn
ojOay, a 'etaek V ." - ,'"
a" AD V EE 1 ibt JjUi 1 1 i
. .
V.4 Ephraim Covert's Estati V
NdtiCB is BERElit 'eiteM TitAr
the nnderalaned has this dav been appointed by Ih
frfllWe Court of Franklin county, Ohio,.ad!nlUao
of the eiut or xi'ttJUUM u VJtKI, late oi rieaeani
townehlp, in aald eounty, deoeaaed. , - , i"i
dKuUllajtsw' all O,
w-ua w.-dbv,..1, 1
a rr RtrruiEndGb okhmin
i. BAJJtSMAN i I I'l l i ; lV J . : i'T
UlbUk.l f4t'.l T"M.t- '
V-r airiiVn vr'T' ltETrintvED PHOHI
XX Hew Tork, I aa now prepared to offer to the pnblle
amoet neellent assortment of QOQP8 I0R OWtB
r, j? :. ."-j. vcmajwi. a
tix'- A L-6. T H S,- ( '
. .... 1 - , , . 'ivA
lad a general usorlmsntdf , ;
of th rlrheit and neatest style In th Brtel;Bl1 i of
wh oh I am aelllni at tli uuraraiDa' ruerioum
HATES fOA OABtt.m a-.-..- a ' '''- -'.. '.;
UT Special 'Attention Paid to IH1U
tary Officers' cjlotbina;. , , ,.,T
ivlnr had Ion g experkmoe In th Out and Manufao.
tun cf OOioera' Olothiof , I feel aonfident I can give en
tlra aatlifaellan la all my natron,
.. - , .-1..,. -.. Hosts,
; i s .... ,v ', r Merchant Tailor,
Oor. Tllgh and Town Street!, ' ;
Colombo!, Ohio, l
i -- '
, . uuMKUirtu.- nuub i. i
Where he oan accommodate a cumber of Boarderatf W
dayotweea.. ... ..,. , ,, . ,.,;(
Corner? pf Broad & Front Streets,
iw if
. I
. ji- " I
3 i
X in. - tc moat azwnnv nocex in u eity
Army Woolen Bock.
..' i Shaker Ribbed Beoki. '
ii Under Bhlru and Drawers.
u-'.it A i
'.-voium ana aiariuo oocaa. - . t .. i
.) r
: J.rtt
Uoldea Hill Shirt.
Oent'a KldOlovea. i ,-.
a mto. m aiiuaa, vviiara, awa i n.
octfG " . No. 89BouthDlhtret.-
u iii. - , baih a. lua.-i
1 :
?f ',.- vi . .
IT li an Indlipntable fact, that If any penon want! on
of thoa eomforuble ESQUISUDX BEATBBOTXB
COATS, he will nnally find them in large qoaotlttf at
' - ; ' MAKUUH UHlLUB'tj.
IB aDy penon deilrous of owning on of tb late style
of ESAVEfl UVBH COaTU, wlih cap atuwbcd.
don't break your bead! to learn whar to find them, but
go to the .
Oppoilte the Btate Home.
Ton will find them there In all colon, kept by r
- 1 , ... .a. MARCU3 CH1LDS. -
TVID Von never wear any ot the BILE MIXBD OAB
U SIMBRB BUITB, which are sold at th OiDital Olt
arcane, nosn in anu yon wui nna mem in puei, at
YOU may alts be In want Of PANTS and TIBTB, and
there la bat on eitabllahment In th Weit waar
rant and Vats ar ts be bad in all atiipei, ihapea,
aiiov, qumiH,ive nnu qaniuira, anu uiat place a vie
- ;,UA AAAt. VA I.. AAvAA'A
TVOH'T foraet tb sxtenilv assortment of TUBTTlaH
wmra yon can nna in "nea, wniie ana nine," ai lua,
ruit . CAlXl'Aii. UlTx AKUAUKr.'
n s i . .opertnteodod by AXarcai ohilaev
If yon with lo Wear garments IWADB TO dH
DEM , yon can do no better than to to to the Ator-
chant TaUorlns Isubliihmeai, next to the Arsad. and
auitoi yonr goods irom a itock comprulng all color of
nearer viouii. vaasunerea, Bin velvet ana tfluik vet-
ingi, and you will in rely meet with a zood atbvnunhaa
a,ng a, - - - -
MILITARY OINTLEMJPT, whan they come to thli
ltv. a trancer. and wlih to ret a TJNIf ORM. It
taw tneir wbi BareniBEe to can ac ... .
Where a large aaaortment of BLUE CLOTH and other
article belonging l th eqnipage or an oncer can be
naa at ery moOeraMrloa.. - ,v .in:.' J
in snort oail at ri . - t , , , .-f r.
JBlarcus Ciiilcls's; -r
Proprietor ot that extenilv bniineas locality, -
NO. 21, 83 and 25 I1ICU STREET,
. . r Opposite Uie Btate Home. ; t r-n
oetST-dCni' . , ; I - , i ; : . ( , j
MMHaXL , ?
No. 17 East ' Town'' 'eet;";r
wholesale 4 Retail dealer ijt,!
hand3" Ai"" .,,M11,..,)".I0.0,,' 8 WTA
:i W i.'W In
.1-1 Si.!
JL BTASIXK a band aad for al, the beat raallty ot
whtoh he will Mil at th lowest market
Call and examine any Coal belore pnrohutng ehe-
wber. - rt ",v!'
Office at th ttofe afXraarora, cayam Co., head
Canal.- , ... ,- . -'Vj'':"Vi v L '
, . ,,v yij-: -i,r, BUY DAM.
Sep9e-am..i ik-. ' , . .
. . . ... i- '-1 - .'t " r n -
CI.OAA Ci-OTtTB. Alto, other niuto. of t;.,,iig
OtoakOli i J, In all dtilrabie ailxturca Uinitinrn, Xae-
Sell and buttuas to natcn . : BAIM St HON, . t-.
aprltt - - - - no, w jkittth itlga svre
i ;j . ' ',r- l.ii tirt-ny-
i -.. 1 Bit)
:adley; ,
r It. f Jl, XbV'i . "1
'""" now onenlns a larn
a 'if 7 1 4 :'t ' -
Ladies Misses', aid fhildren'i
v. ' t? i a n c . ... .,
A3 .'it
r u n u
...' I
Ladies'. Cloth Cloaks,
Ohephard'i , Plaid Shawl,
' L'aDios' Merino Vostu & Drawers,
Boys' Merino -Shirts & Drawers,
Embroidore.d Repps,
..tun i ' " 1
tJU TA !-V.iOJJ,i: TOO
. Opera FlannelD,
... ! I , .i .... .X'!
.'::."..' '. ' r v f-
This arm. having adopted th Caah lytUoi la tb pur
chat and sal of floods, ar enabled to leU frost 15 to SO
percent, has than other hoiueianderthe credit tyiteni.
250 .and 252 gocTH man steeet,
.e-n. :S -4 i .
mm book MAiurACTonv.
-t ': 4H .. -
N. W: LEFAVOR, Supt:
NOB. 32 31, 38, 38 NORTH HIQH BXBIBT,
Statesman BulltUns;, Becon floor,
orer B. Nerina's State Meim
PrlBting Booms.
With or without Printed Heading", oa Bnperlor Paper.
ToasynqstrtdTattsrn. "
..''i'i.i'.'li'-- OOTJHTT OVVIOSB,
Z'L W' .. &'.'"JZl:.l MXBCHANT8,
' fttrnlabed st th IiOwait.Pitcss, ;
iy up naiuon or omgi Toiau
' . o . MONTHLT PUBtlOATIONg.. ...
PAMPHLETS. . si, f
j r Bound in any Ssdlral' Stylo. ' O' A 'i
. ;y. For Fnblle and Private Llbrartos.; -
Orders front abroad will receive prompt and special
attention. - Addreea, - " -
3 H. RILEY, ' or. N. W. LEFAVOR.
Booueuer aea stationer, - superintendent
75 Booth High Street.
franklin Bindery.
:,i.: ; . '
Shooting Gallery.
rprjK undenlgned beg learn to Inform his
-e.,,inai neaaeniieaup ' v fv
flood Owns, Air Ouni, Plitol and RefreahmenU. i i 1
, Qlre me sail. ... . . k . 1 '
nov!3 dtf
Tlie Best Artificial ; Help to tbo
I U at an aa Mglit over lnTcntea.
nent of th moat Imnroved kind of Boectaole.
All hli Gtaafea, whether for near or far-fighted, ars
ground n eoncavo convex form with tbe graateit care,
aa to suit Ih ye of all e, earing Weaknee
Ilraalnea mt InSammatloa of ib Byes, and Imparting
Strength for long reading or fin (owing.
Ofiioe, 13 laat gtat atreet, at BelUer At Webater1
Matte Store. . i . . - .-. v . . a
UU S Came No. 1 Government Nataegl.
I 8 frail Clove. . w - rs- -
10 boxea Oltmn. '. .
' -, aebnxetUHBaiilnS. 1 :V,T X H ' Oil
SS " Wer do. ' - -
loodramt Jfiuti '
' t Znnte Crtttutek eto. et.- ( ; 1 r?
la ituie tur i t . -
f aaioa,Tiii . a ui-
Vlaa. a tuiiuavai " '
BOVlS mivBiaali.ttBtretrt

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