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Rail Road Time Table.
Lirrv Miaw
141H 4 Ooir-i,icl. Xitu B. V' ;.
I t ' I him V' ArrlTea.
NlKht 1MN, Tl Dartad. 8:00 A.-U SJ30A.M.
Cincinnati Aooommodattoa ,: 10 A. M 0:80 P. M.
Ti. Err... 1 a", P. M I 3:00 P. M.
Mail and Accommodation..!, too P. 12:1 P. M.
A V1; '); "Jaw. W. Ddtnm-TV, gt
BTi.ht lntna ,...,.3:50 A. L : 1:30 A.M.
Nw Yorknre..n... J.15 E.M.i liWP.M.
-. 3 f-"JA" Jaws, Agent
tWraAiOsiolt. J.
Night BxprtM.;.:.,. . 4:00 A.-. .; rl: A. M.
lmiMMit0wMn Omcntluti E.I.. ;.;,.
Will train 4:00 A. M. ,. 1:30 A. M.
Bxpre Ireln J .. V.. ..'.. , A. l-fi A. Mr 1 1:30 g. ii.
Jts. Boiikmb, AgtntA
Colombo iMDUMoroLM.UtB' 'r '
flhlowoSxprett ..... B:0OA. M. 8:35 P. M,
No.S , ' 3:00 P. M. tv 11:50 A. M.
unumiy - ,,.i.t v.v a m -w n
I v ! ' , ,:,! . .; O. W. Bmitb, Agent.
. , i " 15 t ,' I." r I. - 1 ii. mi ii , ii !
Local Matters.
AUiomAl SKii-m-it 'wiufio'icea by adveif-
tiiement. In Another colamo, tbnt Headley,
Ebrly& EiobArds this dty reaeWtd toother
Urge lot of Balmoral' Skirts', ranging hi (rice
from $3.50 to $3.75. They have aUqjqit re
oelred a fnll line of Ladles' and Gentlemen'i
Fan, Ladles' Cloth Cloak, Shawls and Bom-
250 and 252 South High street,
Columbus, Ohio,
Court of Common Pleas.
THURSDAY, Dec. 12.
In the cue of Jonea Smith,- indicted, ioi ai)
usiault with latent to commit a .rape, the plea
ol "not guilty" bating boen withdrawn, a plea
of "guilty a to the; assault" was entered. The
Court sentenced Smith to ten dajs on bread and
water in the dupgeoD, and to piy the ooata of
pvoeecntion.'r '.-'VV ., . r " 'ii V'- 7 .
The trial of Edward Howard, indioted for
rape, was commenced!- '$
DAsilstont Adjntant-Generai; Rodne Ma
on hat been appointed Colonel of the Seventy
first Regiment, recruiting nt Troy, Ohio.
ST Threo Sectssioniats, taembeTof the First
Tenntesee Regiment, who were taken by the
Third Ohio Regiment at Cheat Mountain some
timer,gdr,.but' being" .severely' wounded, wera
lodged in. the hospital at Graftos,' were brought
to Camp Chase yesterday morning. 7 ' j
CT It seems, according to a statement in the
Journal, that the Ohio troops are fully supplied
by the Government with everything except mit
tens and dried fruits, i Canned fruit are said to
be more. acceptable than preserved ones, owing
to the danger of breaking the jars In which the
latter are put up. "
Thi North Bkitibr Ritiiw.-The Amerfcan
edition pf tfiis Rvf.v j published by Leonard
Scott Co., New York, baa been reoeived.
Its contents are Pascal aa a Christian Philos
opher; What is Money t Plato and Christianity;
Poeta and Poetry of Young Ireland; Edmund
Burke, his Life and Genius; Scottish Humor;
Comets; Mr. Mill on Representative' Govern
ment '
This is an excellent number of our favorite
among the British Quarterlies.- The artioles
art well-written and the subjects taken In hand
ably discussed. Among such a" variety, differ
ent minds will of course have the! preferences
But most Intelligent persons will read the whole
with interest.; .. i yj;'; ' ;-, -;
For our own part, we. we partioulaiiy pleased
with the seoend artiolc, which la an elaborate
and lucid discuBsion of the intrloate subject of
the currency, and with tho last article, being .a
review of the late work of the celebrated John
Stuart Ml on Representative Govtrnment
There are same "considerations", set forth in
(his article, cepeciully on the 'representation of
minorities," which addreua themselves poworlul
Iy to as Americans at this time, when- our eas
tern of Representative Democracy ia In immi
nent danger of sinister modifications, if not of
overthrow. The truth is, the same problems
art coming up for solution In Great Britain,
which have agitated, aud are Bow 'agitating,
mora or lees, the public mind In this country, '
. Messrs. Scott & Co. re-publish the four Brit
ish Quarterly Reviews, the London, Edinburgh,
North British, and Westminster, and Black
wood's (monthly) Magazine, at $3 a year ein
gly; 10 for the five, and $5 for any one
Review, with Blackwood.-' Now, neat the olose
of one year and the beginning of. another, is a
fitting time to renew et : commence subscrip
tions. V .ir..; . ,-;:-.,;.ft-y'v:. '.: : .';;.
IT Tbe oontraot for furnishing rations to the
troops' at Camp Chase hM been awarded V)
Messrs': Settlers at $11.C5 per hundred rations.
07 Thero are now stationed it Cainp Cnaje
the rortieth Regiment, ( 950 men;, the Forty
second, 1,013' men. 'and the rifty.-'eighthVsoa
men. The Forty-seoond IS ready for marching
orders.'and is expected to move in a few days.
j.. : : ' m . . -i t.m.:r? V.
DiriiouiTio. The Columbus correspondent of
the Cincinnati Oatetie says under ditto1 ' of Deo.
11: ..-.a cv;a svs anr vo cue:-"
' There Is amroos in towaTlnw, mciaiug -ttbat
Caesms Clay comes home to p a tti'igadier, and
Rt Dnniain will co la Rnas:aa Minister. 1 1
do not know its ci'igiu and oaunot vouch for Us
credibility;."'!::,' r'x; .
''.'; I, I" I i ., ' 1 I ' .jV'Ulu
07 There eretwo thousand ana two bnnarea
childreoLlvolant'eeis,1 In i t5inQnna.tf,;whose
mothers and friends have called .upon the com
mlttees fof ciothing.-i'ii)'!'.-! y-i-wwaoM Ki-t ':
tCT Thi .twelva 'companies otCol.J Carring
ton's Regiment, the 18th W. S.lnfantrywhich
left her for "Kenluekyv are atatSoned, at .Camp
Sulllvant, near Lebanon.' , CoL ' Car rlngtott, has
returned front Kentucky, and ha orders from
the War Department to eomplete his Regiment
forthwith. Jhjin completed. It will consist of
twenty-four companies. There are now tnree
companies of the. Regiment' at Camp Thomas
. iBnefilT's'Salei
. . . , .i ...i... i... .it.ii 'I''.ji
i Wtf-M !; i OojmoaHaaaiot.tl- -if
Charkt Sty Bro.tal., r--i,-!nr in ri ii, 't4
to ma dtreowd from ihe Oonrt of Oomiaoa Fleaa of
franklin county, 0. . I will offer for aalo at the Ooopr
Shop of Michael Zehnoekej on Ilftt Alley, In tie tlty
of 0olambu,O., on ' t(.'"w,Vtr uji"-.
Monday,' the. 16th day of December, A1 D.
at ens o'clock, t. If .ribs IblDSWIng detcribel properly,
to wit: ) ' nil Si4- ti v
BOOO WhUkcy-barrel etavea, 000 Hogihead itavee, 1000
Beer-keg tuveo, ana jot oi mrar. v r. t -v fti-
Lertea on-M the property of Mlohael Zehnccker.
m.m.'. h. as ou -.. .. fl-W. HO rf MAN i SborlS.
dootHlt '-'6yKd. Baria, Peputy.;
1L0DH, pjt rnorel w.oroy t4.,i 6 4 1 J. .ii
" " WM. H. EIBTUAtn. ,
aovU , io boitUi Hia ptne
lsff tAt-t . ;'itf""i fi-n : -
, , Aav bis xum iiAnuesr bavuh,, , , ,
. ':;rHi!' gbfatest ''vAiiietv i ',.
! . AS1B " '
: I."''..
1 '
Brer offered to the oltlteai of Oolaobni.
:.n- e,i !,: I THBY DAVB - ui
.tc-; i"r. ;i-
-U-7'L 'v. ...forettterWeod'orOoaL
e-vi -.
for Largo families or Small Famillei, and varjlDg In
Price rrora
Throe Dollars to One Hundred and
1 Twenty-Five.-.;'
Parlor stoves,
Of every Price, Size and Variety, for Goal or Wood. .
-' " '; -Of many Patterns . 1 ,
''il- '. '!;' OFFICE STOVES.
Army Otoveo, '
.. Both Cooking and Beating.
The Iilghtt and moit Portable Tent Stove ever
, onerea to ine .
Officers, of , pur .Great Army. ;
?or Heating DmlllDgf. Oharehea, Store roomi, or other
j .. , urge snlldlogt. :
I tit , : :.. ... ..'i .:
Laundry, stoves,
I For Family Uw or THoteli.'- ! -r ;
- 2. ji f.L v ' r .' "i
i I
sugar evaporators;; '
.,: '"; . sugar kettles"
v ; .T.-
And many other artlclee "or any other man.'
.j j r. 1 ' - "
No. 92 North High Street,
3Jt Gili &; Son!
I ; n wc
O O - jXol 1 . -'
a least on toe stor geem' . ,.
b. 11 East State St,'
jcdnasan ',; ' ' '' 1
Anction - S Cominissidii ' Boom
Hals nowvrepared to receive on Oomrntarion Svor
description of property, suoh U Dry Oooda, Srocerlet,
Litquora, Furnunro. uarrngeo, """"i mirJ
Intanda to denta hit attention- to tain of Real lltat
and Personal Ptorrty,al any point, within twenty mllet
4.ucti6ii' Sales .iverVVEvehing.
UnnaWmanla arrawl fnlYo sinllrlrxl. "
" TT t It, AAnil OUIiHVUBB"
a.f II
I Oysters ! ' Oysters ! !
XI (be In daily reoetpt, by Xxprtat, Sf
Vr.im RaltlnoM anil Valr HTe'nT-; r 1 .'JjOY ''
Call at Wtgaer'a Oyetorand Fralt Denet, Mo. 21 But
Btatoetnet....-'- -...it., I j,. -i.
.1 j.' ' -jo
Domestic Cotton Goods.
FFEB tlae) mwat Extensiwe ' Aeart
..saontoi ;-' .. . v.-
. rf Brown ana nieaenea cotton riannen;
. . . ."" , . " Muillni: ., .
'BarartW Cotton fflieettagi; '
I m , select atyiea or uaiico-e ana veuinn;
. . m v
;,i lAnd Cotton uattingi.
x. y. ..
k ;tu r ::. '
r OaailmerM, Cloak Olotba,etb,eto ' '"
. Mueh below regniajr pnet..
f- ftAtM V sow-:
I Vi.
SO loath High Street.
t --! -t n. u , i . t i
0 ISVjIrish-tinen Goods.
W-tineB BWrtBoeoma, Plala and fancy
aMrin &nil Boioia Liiiene.
Linen Sheeting! and Pillow Caalfiga.
Llatn Oamonoa ana iionv Lawnti
$ v " , ' - v '' ham roetet-aatHikYa, an alter. '
I ci v ,.t-'.i.i i " LIdob Towolllnga and PlmperS
ihiaBllapkUiaandD'Orllea.i -
1 ? tlnen Table OlotSeand Batln DamaaW
' h Linen Towels with oolorod bordert. '' .'.'
:,i i .v" xhte. StalrOovartarSBadOra.hr " "
' forialaatlowprioen 11
.. 1 BATH a SOU,
n Saait ' " ' "'' c S Sooth ingJietreefc ,
III' i n.!' 1 . -i 11 .' "''.a
X. flaln Ottoman Clotha
mia vioniOD vivuia. .. . ... in "
Brorho Bmhotit Diet Ooodlj r f - j. "j .U
,.(. j. BalmoTnisiirB) - "
' T t.iAlmtnirKHI fllovesrr ,)SAC
kt-.fT ' y-". a.m.. vauw. ; in
raU 1 V Con-te. irNeta,
otlA Wo. WOHUtHUjhSirMt-
From all Parts of the World.
Republican Congressional Caucus.
Trial of a Deserter.
Interresting Foreign News.
A Scouting Party Arrest Rebel Prisoners.
and Capture a Large Number
of Horses and Wagons.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washington. Dec, 11. About sixty gentle
men were present at the Republican caucus.
Finally the pending resolution of Representa
tive Binehum was unanimously adopted. It
provides for the confiscation of all property of
rebels in arms, and of all who aid and abet
them, and the unconditional emancipation oi
their slaves.
Mr. Sherman of New York took tbe ground
that we never oould put down this rebellion with
the bullet; that we must employ the slaves to
Mr. Pomeroy. from Mr. Seward s county, ae-
precnted strife. He wanted the Republican par
ty maintained, and said that we ongbt not to
find fault with the Administration; that we
should blame ourselves; that we had abandoned
oar party; that there was no longer a Republi
can party In New York, Pennsylvania or Ohio.
Messrs. Julian and Dunn ol Indiana, in the
same strain, closed the debate, which showed
unmistakably that tbe House will striKestraigni
heart of the rebellion.
[Times Dispatch.]
Gen. McClellan baa issued an order directing
the officers, in charge of military prisons in
this city to confine no civilian who is not regu
larly committed by a magistrate, and no soldier
except a deserter or those arrested by patrols,
without special ordera from headquarters.
This will be the means of checking a very
eerious offense. -
Thirty-seven rebel prisoners ot tbe two nnn
dred and fifty recently released, having arrived
at Norfolk, a corresponding nunwer ot onr own
prisoners have been forwarded North by tbe
rebel authorities. It is understood that Col.
Corcoran and the "other officers designated as
hostages for the safety of the pirates, will not
be released except in exchange for the pirates.
[Tribune Dispatch.]
It ia nrobable that the first military execution
for desertion will tke place speedily. Piivats
Johnson, who deserted from Company D, Lin
coln Cavalry, is now on trial. The proofs
against him are conclusive. He was endeavor
ing not merely to gel away from our army, but
to go over to the rebels. It is understood that
an example will be made of him. Toe trial
will probably be conoluded to morrow. '
Last nient tne troops aiong ine center oi our
lines slept on their arms. A dispatoh from
Gen. McClellan informed them an attack by the
enemy was probable.
To-day at noon several regiments were oraer-
ed to be ready for an emergency, and wore
drawn up in liue, but afterward dismissed. To-
nignt onr troops are nguu u tu ,, itJiu8
on their arms. ...
Down below last mgbt tour ongaies, com
manded bv Genu. Heintxelmaa and Sumner, re-
connoitcred, tbe former to Ooouquan and the
latter to within three miles oi r atnax ooui't
Hhiup. on the Annandale road, Dnt tonna no
enftmv. . .
Washisotok, Deo. 12. Private advices from
New Mexico sty the report ia that the strong
fnrua which have been sent against the Texans
in tbe Meallla Valley bave driven tne enemy
far back Into Texas. , .
From Missouri.
4 Leavsmwoktb-, Deo. 12 Col. Morgan, In
command at Weston, has issued a proclamation
to the citizens . of Platte county, in which he
calls noon them to aid in protecting the rail
road, and calls on aoaencees so return, assuring
them of protection to person ana property, u
loyal. No negroes will be allowed within the
camp, or to leave the State without a pass.
All marauaing parlies ana arnica men win oo
ahot. "', '.
Morean'a force is composed or Missounans
enlisted under Gov- Gamble's call. -
A stroDtr force, inclndice colonel JennUon's
Regiment, the Eighth Kansas Col. Weasel, a
portion of the Seventh Missouri, and other
troops are ordered to West Point, Bates county,
The last report from f rice states tnat ne was
still at Uaoeoia ana maae a speeen vowing ven
seance on Kansas for burning that plaee.
o . . , . . f I I ,
.- ji- aairmiaa kvuil piawa uu mi wi iud-, vu
the border of Johnson county, between Mis
souri refugees, aided by some Kansas men, and
a body of rebels. . Three rebels are reported
ki ted. v ..-VM n
.-Sr. Josrra, Mo. Dec. 12. Gen. Prentiss's
command was to move from Platte City to
Riohfield on the 11th.
A rebel oamp, nnmbering three thousand, is
renorted near Albany.
Tbe report that Prentiss had bagged five
hundred rebels is not true-
Tbe woolen factory of, Baoll li Co was do
atroved bv fire last night. Loss unknown,
St. Louis, Dee; 12 The following general
order will be issued to-morrow morning: i,
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 12.
- The suffering families, driven by rebels from
southwest Missouri, whioh have already arrived
here, have been supplied by voluntary contribn
tions made by Union men; others are ca the
way, to arrive in a few days. These must be
suonlied by charity from men known to be hos
tile. to. the Union. A list will be prepared of
the names of all -persons of this class who do
not ' voluntarily furnish their quota, and a con
tribution will be served on them of ten tbous
and dollars in clothing, provisions and quarters,
or monoy in lieu thereof. This levy will be
made npon the following olasses of persons in
proportion to the gnilt and property of each
1st, Those in arms with the enemy, who have
property in this olty; 2d, those who have fur
nished pecuniary or other aid to tne enemy or
to persons in ths enemy's service; 3d, Those
who bave verbally, In writing or in publication,
given enoouragement'to the Insurgents. -
Brigadier-General Curtis, B. G. Farrar, Pro
vaat Marshal, and Charles Boreo. Assessor of
St. Lonls county, will constitute the Hoard of
Assessors for levying tne aioremennonea con
tributions. " .
As boob as any part of this contribution has
been amtssef,-the Provost Marshal will notify
ths parties assessed, their agents or representa
tives, stating the amount ol provisions, clothing
or quarters and money value thereof required of
eaob; and if not furnished within ths time spe
cified in aoch notice, he will Issue an execution
and saffioient property will be taken and sold at
publia auction la satUfy the assessment, with
cost ana a penalty ot twenty -five pet cent, aaoi
............. ,
If any person apod whom assessment shall
be made, shall His with the Provost Martha! an
affidavit that he ia loyal oiiimn, and has been
tree- to bis allegiance to the United States, be
will be allowed one week to furniah evidence to
the Board to vindicate bia character! and If at
the end of that lime he shall not be able to sat
isfy ths Board of Us loyalty, ths assessment
shall be Increased ten per cent and levy lmme
dlatelv made. Suonlios so Oollsoted will be ex
pended for tbe object designated,-ander ths
direction of ths Provost Marshal with ths ad
of the Sanitary Commlaslon -where tbe
money Is received. Instead of supplies, It will
expended for tfiem as required, and any
mobey not So expended will be turned over to
Sanitary commission for mo Denent oi aicc
soldiers. ' '-. ' it
Any one who shall' resist or attempt to resist
the exeoutloaof theep orders, will be, lmrnedi
ately arrested and Imprisoned, and will Jo
irieu a commioaiuu. m
Maj. Gen. HALLECK.
Sioaua, Dec. 12 The aoouting expedition
oomposed of part of Merrll's horse amUtwo
companies of regular, cavalry,, returned this
afternoon, bringing in as prisoners four Cap
tains, two Lieutenants and about forty men;
alto captured one mortar, and a large num
ot horses and wasrons.
The expedition went as far as Waverly.
Tbsy report two thousand rebels at . Juexlng
Sbelbv's men were seen and pursued .severe!
times. , i '. i " .iii..;! .' '''
The report of a fight near Waverly tarns out
D0 XftleW
The man who hauled down tb&TAmcr.fcan
at T AwlnrvfA a ft am lif li II I iTSi na aiitsfnrt AS
sa WOAtUkjkVU BllVt , f a. Ulll fjieu aa "i a vumv
arrtwtca.Dera w a&j u t epj.
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 12.
Senatc Mr, Trumbull presented a petition
repeal tbe law which prevents Jewish dtvints
from omciatiog' as Chaplains in tne army.
Mr Wilson offered a resolution that, the In
spector-General, v Qnarterfiiaater-General and
CommissAry-General of SuDslstence be directed
inform tbe Senate what artiolos ought to be
by the sutlers to volunteers, and enoh as
would secure their efficiency. He believed
whole system should bs promptly abolished
The resolution was atreed to. ' ' '
Ths Joint resolution1 from tho llouso. express
the feelings of Congress In regard to the
gallant conduct of tbe Into General Lyon, was
referred to the Military Committee:
Mr. Foote called up the resolution to expel
Waldo f . Johnson, Senator lrom Missouri,
from the Senate.
Tbe Clrrk read an extract from a secctsiun
speech of Senator Johnson, delivered in Mis
Soun. .:. . ...
The resolution was referred.
Tbe bill to promote the efficiency of the na
reported by Mr. Grime, from the Naval
committee, was taken up.
Un motion of Mr. Doolittle, tbe time ot re
tiring was made 45 years Instead of 40 years.
Alter mrtner aiscussioo, tne dui was passed.
Mr. Johnson of Tennessee moved that so
much of tbe President's message as refers to a
railroad to Western Kentucky and Tenncsseo,
referred to a select committee.
Motion agreed to.
Tbe Senate then went into executive session,
npon tbe opening of the doors,
Adjourned till Monday. . . ,
Hows. Mr. Blair of Mo., rising to a dues
of priviledge, caused to be read tbe follow
extract as lurtbor explanatory of the re
marks which he mule yesterday on Mr. Love-
joy's resolution, having In view the revocation
a part of Uen. Ilalleck's general order rela
tive to fugitives. The resolution, it has al
ready been elated, was laid on the table:
'Hsaocioabtxrs, Department or Missouri.
"To Hon. F. P. Blair, Washington:
Yours of the 4th instant la just received.
Order No. 3 was, in my mind, merely a militarv
necessity. Unauthorized persons, .black or
white, free or slave, must be kept ont of onr
camps nuloss we are willing to publish to the
everything we do or intend to do.' Itwat
military aud not a political order. I am ready
c&iiy out any lwlu luotructioa in regard to
fugitive siuves, which my superiors may give
and to enforce any laws which Congress
may pass; but 1 cannot make law and will not
violate it. . - .-. '
'Yon know mv private opinion on the poller
confiscating Ine slave properly of rebels in
arms. If Congress shall pass it, yon may be
certain that I shall enforce it. Perhaps my
policy as to the treatment of rebels and their
property is as well set ont in order No. 13, is
sned tbe day before your letter was written, aa
coma now describe it.
- - "Yoare
Mr. Lovsiov replied, and in conclusion t aid:
any soldieis want to fight simply for tbe pur
pose of returning fugitive elaves. he bad only to
renters mat tne army wonia oe sponger with
out tbem
Mr. Blair of Mo., from the committee on
Military Affairs, reported a bill authorizing tbe
raising of a volunteer force for the belter de
fense of Kentucky.
Mr. Wickhffo, who several days ago introduc
the bill, proceeded to ehow tbe importance
pasting it Kentucky, be said, was to be
great battle around of this war - Tbe peo
of that State hoped soon to see the day
the Invader's foot would be expelled from
territory which is now invaded. Property
been ruthlessly destroyed oroarried off;
homesteads have been made desolate, bridges
burned, etc.; and it is to pioteot the State
while ihe army is marched elsewhere that the
volunteer force is required.
Mr. Wiokliffe also said that he had received
from tbe Military B-jard of Kentusky an orgeat
application to call on the War Department and
for just such a corps as the bill provided -He
had brought the subject to the attention of
President and tbe Secretary of War, and it
met not only with their approval, but with that
all the Cabinet. ..-.- . . ;
Mr. Maynard spoke of a reoent sojourn in
tbe part bt Kentucky so much ravaged and laid
waaie by tbe rebel troops, and would allude at
future time . to the distressing condition of
affairs ia Eastern Tennessee, which he had
a time the honor to represent. His people,
said, had been left unprotected ty the Gov
ernment, notwithstanding tbeir devotion to Ihe
Union. He held it to be a duty to protect loyal
men not only In Tennessee and Kentucky, but
South Carolina and everywhere, aa much
as in Pennsylvania and the adjoining
States. . . " -
Further consideration of tbe bill was post
poned till Mondav.
Tbe House proceeaea to the consideration ot
tho special orders, namely, tbe various propo
sitions involving the question of emancipating
the persons held to service as slaves by rebels.
Ditroit, Deo. 12. Governor Blair has issued
proclamation for 'an extraordinary Soseion of
the Legislature, to assemble on Ihe 2d proximo.
t a ; 111 ' 1
Release of Mrs. Hartung.
Albanv, Dec 12. Mrs; Mary Hartung, who
has been in prison some three yesvj and a half
charge of the murder of her husband by
poison, and who has been twice sentenced to
deatb, was to day released from confinement by
Jndge Wright, of the Supreme Court, on pro
ceedings brought before bim by her counsel.
Immediately atter ner reieaeo, wnicn was
hailed with enthusiasm by a crowded court,
District Attorney Shaffer procured an order for
stay of proceedings from Juagei reoknam,
and served the papers on the Sheriff, who re
eonveved the prisoner to jail. Tbis coming to
Judge Wright's ears, he ordered Mrs. Hartung
to bo aeain brouebt before him and entered
judgment tor ner unoonaitionat uisuuarge, dis
regarding tne oraer or juuge recauaru.
She was then set af liberty and was immedi
ately conveyed off by her friends. The affair
creates much excitement. -
Arrival of the Hansa.
Sandv Hook. Dec. 11. The steamship Hao-
as, horn Bremen via Southampton on tho 27th
nit., ha arrived. t .!' -! ' "
The sieanship 110m bi, l nomas avnyea at
Southampton on the x'tn nit , wun tne liiiein
eenoe that the Southern Comminsioners, Mason
ana anaei . were luruiuij hu iruw tun im.-
iuh mail steamer Trent. '"
Tha Federal Council of Switzerland bad de
nanrled eatisfaotloB from France for a lrth
violation of Swirs Territory by French geng-;
d'armes a Geneva -. - , r '"
Garibaldi is reported to have replied to the
Neapolitan address that be regrets being unable
m to them, but will be with them, when ne-
etstary. He expects all Italians to have their
aw rds ready" - '-'; '.:".
London. Nov. 27 Consols close at Ui tot
TfinnAV and 93 lor account, United btates
Fives and New York. Central shares had ad-
The bullion in the Bank of France bad in-
oreassd on handred tbousana poanas.
I $apt Kelson la entered his protest against
tpe capture and destruction of the ship Mtfj
Burch by He irobel d earner NaehviUe-i-'"lib
eoutbamptop masistsates t f fosed Captain
Nels&fl S warrant for the Search ' of the - Nashville,
and '.refers! him 'to tha' Secretary of
state.' j.-'i:-ri,i!l k;;i
Captain' rejsram and Mr. Yancey had re
turned from London, together, and tbe latter
states that it has been Intimated to him by a
third partv-tbaatha Nashville has been recog
nized bj he British Government as ; A Rational
vessel, and will be allowed to rtfit aud repair
at, Southampton, aa was the. case with tbe
James Adger,' so As to exercise perfect neutrals)
ity between the contend leg parlies ti .". r.'i -
I BsBaDSTurfa Market' ceaetally heavy and
dull. Floor dnll al2832i. Wheat, easier;
red weternJ2L2i 4di red, southern, 12 Cd
K$12d 9dt whits' western) 12 ii; while south,
era UsSjij a. iorn aau; uincu at uuigi
33s 9J; yellow 32t 9d33s -white 3338.
' JUvcArooL . Provision MaWT.-- Goirally
Steady. Beef etcadv. Pork quiet but steady.
con Das an upward tenaenoy. J-.ara nominal
at48ffl51rf. 1 Tallow nnlet AndTsteadv at 50(3
Mi.i itfogar stetd.ttice stpaoy.corree in:
LoNnoN.Tfov. SC. Consols flosod at.94) for
LivurooL. Nov.. 27. The most Intense ex
citement exlsu here to day ander intelligence
of the takJnrof tbo Heatbrnv fjotnmisslotiers,
Masesv and tilidell. from ths British mail steam
er Trent. An Indignation meeting was promptly
held, and resolutions were earrisa dv acclama
tion denoouoing the insult, and calling npon tbe
government to maimnin too uiguuj vi tuo uog.
Some prominent merchants spoke against pre
cipitate action, and said the matter bad better
be left to the government. ..loe teciiog 91. in
donation, however, was general.
( Consols declined In London ono nan per
cent. t-,r .mi: .. x t -
Tbe shin Helen from Charleston arrived here
to-day, with a cargo ot rosin and turpentine.
Tbe flansa brines the London Times of tbe
28tb,: which .contains the 'aeoountof the meet
ing In Liverpool. Tbe following ' placard was
pasted on 'Cnange: i..--- . -i . a
"Outrage on the Britfah flag! Southern
CommiMioners forcibly removed from a British
mail steamer! .A public meeting will be held
in cotton sales room at three o'clock." "
The room was crowded to excess. Tbo chair
was occupied Jay James Spencer, who road the
following resolutions:
Rtsolvtd, That this meeting, having beard
with indignation that an American Federal ship
of war has forcibly taken from a British mail
steamer certain passengers peaceably under the
shelter of our flag, from one neutral port to an
other, do earnestly call npon tbe government to
assert tbe dignity of the British flag by requir
ing prompt reparation for this outrage.
This resolution waS received witn great en
thusiasm, Tho resolution wss advocated by
tbe chairman, who considered that he was ex
pressijg tbe feeling of the people when he said
it was tbe duty of the people to press on tbe
government tbe Imperative necessity of vindi
cating tbe honor and dignity of tbe British
name and flag.
Mr. John Campbell considered there was rea
son to doubt whether the facts related and act
ed on by this meeting wero in reality a breach
of international law, ana reterrea to opinions 01
tbe law officers of tbe crown, aa being In some
measure inclined to show that suoh a step as
taken with respect to tbe Southern Commission
ers, was justifiable nnder the existing state of
international law; and urged the propriety of
postponing tbe consideration or tne suojeet tin
Mr. Law sustained Mr. Campbell's views. :
Tbe chairman suggested that, to meet the
objection of Mr. Campbell, to strike out the
wtrds "by requiring prompt reparation for this
outrage;"", and thus amended, the refolution
passed almost unanimously. -
Several merchants exorcised their views after
the adjournment, that the meeting and its action
was premature. .- ' ' - '' ,wl V t: .' '
TtJRKir. Dorvish Pasha, with eight ballal
ions, encountered six thousand resurgents in
Bosnia, slaying eight hundred and routing them.
Tbe European Consuls proposed an armistice.
J ap an. Anai r at Japan-uaa 1 a sen a more
favorable turn.
Spain Tbe Sardinian Minister baa demand
ed his passports, and leaves . Madrid; tbe two
governments disagreeing on the Neapolitan
archives question;
Louisville, Dec. 12 The report of jester
day tbat three Federal brigades bad croased 0
tne south side ol Green river, if authoritatively
donled. i
No confirmation has been received at head-
anarters hero ot tbe report that Cant- T '
Prime, of Gen. Buell's staff, and M j. Helvlte,
of Gen. SchoefTs staff, had been capturrd by
tbe rebel near Somerset, but apparently well
informed outsiders say it Is true. ' ' ' '-
Johnson, provisional Governor of Kentucky,
in a message to tbe Legislative. Counoil, says
be will gladly resign bis position when Magof
fin shall esoaoe from his virtual Imprisonment
,. .,1 -. i. -.
j(. .. ti -a 1. - .- i . - -r
. (.".ii-iii- .-. ' i' : -j 1 1 !
I i- .r !.'",.! f-.l !! 1 -' .. .
bain & son, ;
No. 29 South High Street, Colambu's,
ABB R0W.OrfBBla 9 s.i'i .'
8000 yard TiareUn Pren Qoods at 8f, value
UK seat. i- '
8500 yard 1 rarcling Sraa flood at 12X, ralne SO ot.
30O0 jarde Engliah Beaagae at ISiX, value 25 oaat
1000 yard French Orgaiidte at vain 20 out..
DtXIn yard Feat Colored Lawna at 10, ralue 15 oent.
1006 yard Foulard Dreaa Bilk at 27 X, ralue SO oent.
law yard super nam BiaosmikatBiou. vain visa
Kobe of Orgundl Berage, and Bog uh Borage, at one
half their value. , .. ., '.tv
' '.J BAIlf At SOU,'1-1'.
JeSB SO Booth High 8treet.
Or riaoae CnteDtfttlng; marriage.
TBB underBlguedwlU gire Information on a very in
Uniting and important aubject, which will .be valu
ed mora than a tbouaand times It coat by every married
eouplo of any ago or condition In life. Tbe Information
will be aent by mall to any addru on the receipt of BS
etna (tUver) and one red ttamp.- . -.&, .. i:t
All latter ihould be addressed to t r , ; ,. , -
I H. B. M0R11I8, M. P.
odtSl-ly3tawd'w '''''' ' ' Boiton, Ma.
liout Affectloo, Cold, RhewnaUimi, Ooittveneti, Ooa
sumption, Affections of the BlilocB, eflji LItot, of
th Deart, Tomors,and all diseases: wbloh destioy Ufa
have always exhibited, upon ditsecUon. of -th body,
number of hard or concrete points, either fn iome of the
orgxss named or fn ths blood Vessel, Sometime ertn
ramifying in (ha ilesb, and again deposited apon th aide
of a bona.: Mow the little hard tnbstanee would
KKvaa cork if Brandreth's Fills' were nsed : they would
be purged out of th aysttm, and jeara of happy li'o
would be the suffer' lot Instead of an rrly grave
Alway purge bat aivxa Buav In sickness. 7 ,'C; ',
T. I . Carpenter,. Bq,, of OoverMur, Si. Lawrence
county, New York, 04 years of age yays he has used
Brapdreth' FiU for 34 years,adminitterad them first to
bit coachman, who bid fvi and-agne;avo eight th
day after tha cbtll; ohill aad fever less seyere; gar
eight' mora the next day, and to every other day until
thecblll and fever did hot retnrn, which was about elgli
day from tha flrtt attacki . Be then, gave, four every
other day for another week, Vhen. tho matt was entirely
retorWtohlunatat4healUi.A':'i4-;.A:U j "i-
np wns1 himself ttaeoT; too them In llio same way,
and wa oared In lea time... His utad 00 etktr medi
cine for 34 years; found them always reliable for hhntelf
and family wnen net,; ns recommenuta tnom w ma
andt with tha beat result, and (tela oaafident that or.
ry family would have a terror Trar of health H these
Pills jere naed In tbe place. of caloniej aud pthTiurtrul
removes. tt:w'Mii'd:'.'ti ""-1' v'
Sold bv loa B-,Oook, Prargi, Oo lumbal, aad by
all respect oie dealers in menioine., .-, - y i-v ;
noiSS-dlm 1 1 '
- ....at.
Jnat Fnbllahadin a Baa led Inrelopo; rrks eeta.t' a
KADIOAi, OOKB OB BrBBA'J.VBuua& vr oemina,
Weskneavinivoluntary mission, Bexnal Debility, aod
Impediment to Harriag geaerallly, Ncrvoennes, Con"
amptloB, Bptlepsf and Fit, Mental Ml PhyrtceJ la
capacity, re.ultlng troo Belf-abiue, ho. By Robert i.
Culverwell. 5f. p., author f. ihe Oreeu Book, 4,o. u
A 0B,t XboasandB of Sufferer,
Banc aider wal, Si a plra" terIope, to any address
rit paid, 00 receipt ot two Itampa, by f OHAB.
0 .JUINal, W7 Bowtry, N fork, Fo Office Boa
Ho 4,5b. sp7:mdiw
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.
epaaad ut lna with aMdarat
port (lemma uaoloaMiauwraallyaaUrdai: aalaofilOtO
bbU at SJ Kmi X for rejeo ed is A for eop.
wt aafiMm fa nn-ama oaaam, v JMa w aav auoar
Ana western; $i ObdH UO forooauaoa to aMdlaaa ntra
wSatara; S3 BOtsM 03 for ablpplDg brand fsuaroand
hoop Ohio and $ - SSiSS 75 for trad Brand do,Btaitt
cloalng flna. . iGaMdUa floor fa tteadr with aaodenta
i aemana; laiee ot o oarreu at oo&a ao fotaaper.
line: SI 70fl7 90 for Maun to eboloa extra.
RYE rUJUfl Qnlet and Meed, with jnodtrato aalei
Bt 4 owa, 00.
OOitM MKAtlBfalrreiineie with sales or (SS bar
rek at S3 OS for Jmn and B3 7att 30 for BrandnrhM.
! WHl.KY-Market ahadeftrmeri aalo TSS Mbl at V)H
tasov.ooleSrlaeldoprloo " 1
iwnaataiaraoi opoBee a Snad liDr,'" aW Uie
Haaaenj aew hm maraal taoaaae Soil at reterdav'
prleo. Salea of 39 000 boaheU Chicago aprinc at 91 S3
ai m; n wu Dooitela nilwaukeo dub at SI 3191 1
18.000 bwahela amber Iowa at Si sauaf JOt .OinA
vuKKiia a-inier m weKro at 1 aovi Bo ,000 bBf
el amber Michigan at l 4S S00 bushels (pnnf
late at SI 11 S, iw buahol oholoa am ner Jeru a"
Ski AK AUkfl a.. .1. Ka,s. a a as .h.k . i T
w w, etwv uhbuoii wuiv wvjsjtjjru ka y i iu u,
lfS ffithont deolded change; sale of 3,400 baih'at
j B AttLSV-Qaiet, with small (ales of ilato at 90c".' w
. OOBN Vimer at the opening, but closed qnlat With'
the Improreneiit ertely sustained. Bale 78,000 buth
at 0009,o for good to prime mixed westora afloat,
and fitto In stor. -i .1., : .
OATS-Snad flrmen sale at 45H for Jersey,
Canadian, wesiern and state.
' POEK Demand aod maraet without material ebknge;
tale of eMbarnUatUS513(IOfraMss; $13 UK
avif .uu or weirn and cUy prim bmi, tad Sjd &Wi
. BtlKr Fair demanil and markrl Arm: aaUaSA(lk.
relat S44 50 for country prime; $S5 SO for ooaatry
m; SH 5012 for repacked aseai; (13754V1387M for
Sxtra mess. Prime mesa beef Is In good Seeaaod and
Prm. Sale ot SOU tierost S19 00; 400 to. India met
on private teimi.
UOia-irm;les46S4'(aj4?S"' '
' OUV MEAT Dull and nominally unchaored.
. SMOKSD UBAId Are more active and firmer with
Cgo"!75 pMlUE (noked akle 7o and middles at 0
1 BAOON Sides are In good demand. Bale of 1400
uuAoaunuie ipoi at ic tor uumneriand cut middle;
"Ka for Ion ribbed middles do.: 1 Un for ihivrt i.. a
We alu notice taloa ot long ribbed middle dellTerable
,u warouiueratOaO. .
! LAUD Scarcely so firm; taleiof SOObbliatSKSOke;
latter an extreme orlce.
. BHiritB Firm at llCslUo for Ohio, and iOSfOa for
ataw,' -1
CHBBBB Steady at OdBSWs. ' ft"
8UOAR Raw is aulet:nlei UOhnntiiuarlnha.llTl
Ho: 14hhdtdo8Xo. '
MOLASBBS-Quiet; salel of IShonlieads Porto Rico
auction : iuu ronneada and so tinrnaa ,iw
frfi .,11 1. . 1. --
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR Buoerflne Is hard in hn at laaa th.. ai in
but the high gradea are neglected and unaffooied by Ihe
army demand that ha stiffened luperfine.
WHKAT Ihe amount of prime on the market; 1 not
large, and there i eonieonentlv nnn affit n.nrfnM k.
the demand forltj itricily prim red and wnit heior re
Tow d V ' 031 0rdiuu7 Sr4"
1 OORN- Sells quickly at 28o, thongh the amount taken
It rather leu now that suitable vmih., r. h.uu.
il again at hind.
OATS Are selling at one half oent batter ..
are quiet.
5(BARLBT Of prime quaUty 11 promptly at 489
WHIBKT-nad only a fair market at 13Xe.l
j , . Shjuirtr.
Cleveland Market.
nnchanml. O.l.. un kki.
extra Indiana at Si G2
naies or 1 car red on track at 97. . .
OORN-Quletat3530c- V
O ATS-Balea of 1 oar on track at SBiia.
R YB Bale of 1 car on track at 48o.
HIGHWIUKb Uvunr..i,w A..11 a.,..
50bblsatl5'O; " "
SALT Bteady and unchanged. ' Fin' ) T5 r bbl:
dairy 3 90 bbl.aod Y2c in 14 m'u- - '
Hog Markets, Dec. 11.
jTue weather was quite faTorabie this morninr. h.Tinr
Bader gone a decided change during the night, and the
receipt tning light, the market opened with an actrrc
demand aod price ruled a shade higher; oloslng at 13 30
(3 40. Ihe sales were:
460 head, arersging 190 lb at....
.S3 25
,. S 85
. 3 30
.. 4
.. 3 35
350 to 200
do '
..3 35
.. S 30
.. S35
. 3 40
Xbe receipts ware only 4,509 head .
.. .... , .- - , QaMU.
The weather continuea altogether too warm aad toft
to unuiu. uid aoa aiaazuier. indeed, none or tha
packers were killing yeaurday.- In number of bogs to
pons last evunlnf reads for the knife at tha. fl. ...na
si com woauwr, waa ii.to neaa. TBro It little doing
In ho(, which are ra h.r weaker, tha hih, .i J.
iuu v fKaora nsuig a u set. vovraMU.
Ihe receipt of hort to-day were 925 head, of whi.h oO
uoa ivr ureaaea nog taiaca from
3 10 to S3 50 pet ewt., bat andsr the unikmnMa .a.,.
ot too wtaer for Daekina. tha nir..i nioaMi rf,.n
3 374o was an outaloe ngur In th afternoon
WW." L .... ..4. IT
The continued mild weather ha drliran tha Hdm
out of tho market, ana hogs are consequently Tery dull ;
holders, howanr.ara arma-S?5iva SO, but there went
ao sales at the yards; this morning, and the market nay
be quoted nominal at S3 50(2 55.
Baa OAIXJ,) Are Brm and fn vruul il.m.r,! ai
2 5U2 75; and S3 for extra - Z.
Xb drafted non now oomlne-In ara aaa.la all
and difficult to aeli at S2 par oat Sweat Jiota rant
from t 63X93 74. Mas. pork 1 dnll and tends down
ward, a taio or too belt good country met irae made
this morning at 89.
Ii ABO Ia ateadi and tn rood demand af rf uim.TSi- r.
vviaouvu ,v iiiHin. Vtfltrrau.. -
The present weather haa rut a rwremntarV lirm to hoa
laaghterlng. We learn that W. at I. llansur bar
om x.uuu in tn pen and f urfojaa and Hangar have
uuie ow uunr nouje nava a proportional sum
ber, and all ar feeding them aa oonr. A good thing
all round It will bo If the weather lasts. &n. ,
1. Wllon ' 1
. vs.
. X. Rose etaf.
j Buperlor Court.
JD to ma directed, from th Superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for (ale at the door
of in uourt iiou, in uie city or uoiiunniu, en - - .
Satnrdav, the 14ih day of December, A. P
-I , 1661, ,-; , -
At Iwo o'clock. P. M., th followlnr deaorlbed res) a
tate, situate lq th county of Franklin, and But of
unto, to wiv .
Ibe south half of a lot of land containing eighty acres,
more or. less) th said eighty acre ot which th part
hereby conreyed 1 a part of a tract originally owned by
Dr. Goorge Stevenson, father of Catharine Bmory, and
which by certain proceeding In th Court of Common
Flea of Franklin oounty, was parted to and dlrlded
among the children and heirs of Said fieorr Sterenaa.
deceased; said premie oa known aa th sou 111 half of lot
number aeventeea (17), aa wlU lully appear, rafaranea
being had to eortain prooeading in partltior set forth la
th. Chancery record of laid Oonrt of Ojmmoa Plea,
In bok No. 2, page 318, and being a Mm ot th mm
tract of land ooovyd to June t Roitoo by Bob.
Kmary and Catharine Kmory, by deed datd to 15th day
of October, 1B47, and conreyed by aid Rotoo to John
W. Baker, bj Joed dated th 5th day of November, A.
D.1850. , " , -
Appraised at 5S W per acre.'
,. ; v-. - QBOROI W. HtrFFMiN.lBBdruT.-
,1 , By B. Sari, Deputy,
R.,Shixo, Att'y. ,. t . . , -si..-. ;. - ) n..
. .Printer's foos $8 00. ; . .:v :i. i'-'V..
aoveVdltdtwtd v..! ;. r-;
VUaon- S
Buperlor Court.
,' TT.B. Bo.
1. . I t:
to m directed from th Superior Oonrt . of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for aal at th door of
to uourt nou,e, in uie viijm vui""", - -t
', Satnrdav, Deoembef the 14th , A. ft. 1861,
attwo'olock,P'.M.;tho following daaerfbsd real estate,
sltaaa In tbe county of Franklin and 8 late of Ohhwto
vhWuonth half of a lot of hmd testatnlng eighty aer.
Btor r lex; th ld eighty acres, of wbloh thi part
thereby conveyed, la a trart-oilgi tally owned by p.
Boorg SteTorjatm", aoS which by certain prooeedlngt tn
tha tiourt of Oomtnoa ka of Fraaktilt oouatv, new
partitioned to tnd dtTide4aBg -tha-abildraa aad heir
at lair ot saia ueorgo ,arwra, .kjua.au , aaia prem
Ites herobr aonrayad -belDg knows aa tc tooth hall af
lot N. 17. a will fully appear, refereBo being bad a
tatd proceedings in partition, set forth In th Cnaoeary
rtenrdi of (aid Common Fleaa, ta booh 9, af31a, - :
5 Appraised at SK 0 per acre. - f
Lf. . QKOB.Q1S. W. BurFM AP, Baenny
.hBritasr s reel 90 wv ,H5J fflS !"t
fK I FANOT DBB8S ?ILB,'"'r."ri'.s,l
We arefcow oflorior our Immente .lock t rtom Dreaa
Silks at price leas tnan r.o, wiui. ,n,n u, tua, o, j
The attenUon of the ladle of this city aad vicinity la
ollcited, aa oar (took I vary select and eoarplett hi all
gradnof good in this lis.
Ho. tt Booth Ulghtr4,
I . riNUI DB.BB8 BXLBB'rtrtlfiA'J'V
a CI CLOJ2 rl 111 sabtavasW
armvlnoraaeel It already '
1 KITS 7.1 HTCm ,. '!. J'A-'-'..
""' ta
II tofl preperid W fXecttU Is lis
ft: .fc'fl nif.r
' a:. .:.ii.,. ,
ie w ;
1 rWln,
'MI1PBXW9, -
i. 1 -r il.'w
.. IaBKJ, oakds
NOTU, :i
'And evcrr deterftpUon of
Equal to .any (sthilhnnt In th State, aad upoa
J ,- . . "
term which will compare favorably wtth th. 'J
j letdlog luUra Printing House.' '
Slvinat,everjr-F,aoUitrto aid Un
in Th raonuonoN or
, ; show cabds, i , y
t ' -. i n, 1: a
W offer our aarvlc to all who may deiira that olata
of work. . ' '
We have connected with om- XauWriuutnt 1
Vam whi w prpduee th
Af ths k bat '
8 f . ,&0.OiJVUtt2M
It to baadmittad
ro tfosr
- ; In this City, aad ws stay add,
. .2'5V5.-.. J
1 .' 1 .;! j . '. mat tin
PBtaYlntr !) in tk, rt, i
JCai.t,- x i - ii . ' i .
. ,t v, BICJIAB BBYiTIS,;;.
i ,CSherijQF'8 Salei
Obarle Heath
.Wm. rigiairiiv-i0","..t if.
to me dlreoted trom the Court of Coaram Flea tl
Fra&klio oounty, Onlo. I will offerfor sal at ibe door of
Sm Court Boos, fa the oltj of Oolumboa, Ohio, am
Saturday, tho 11th day of January, A. D. 1862,
atl olookp. .,tb followtag aeecrtbad fMH ,
tUoato la tbtooanty of franklin, and StaUof Ohio, ta- ' '
hot Ho. .Tea. la Phtlaa' Hoaat rieannt AddlUen i '
uie oiuj a, uommout.
sApprilted at t00 00.
W. BUFFUAN, Sheriff,
By Bn. Dans, Deputy.
Ptli Ur's fe S3 so.
aKvwia. ,- , v,.j
I...DII. LjuLAtTS'S"
Hheamtvtiim, Goat vna ITaanlgU,
All , Mercurial Diseases.
, , " ' 1 1 : -
It a wnTentantly arsanged Band, oatamtb KMa-
leaked compound, to bt worn erased the WaaH, wtthaat - -toJany
to th moot aaltcat person; ao eha&w la babtta
M living I tmlrV and it aaUraly vamora to die
eae from th syetatm, without rtdaclng th Iniarloaw .'.
effect aristn from th as of Dowarfni Internal aaarfl.
cine, which weakes and een th aontltuUos, mmt V'
giv antporarr rellat only. - By thi treataeat, th mod- '
lei nal properUet Oontalned 1st tb Band mw la ooataa
wim itn Biooo ana reacatn imuti urougn uie pores
of th kla, effecting m tnataiMW per cwre, -' -T
aod restoring in parts affile ted to kaaUhy ooadtUoa, 1 ..
Thla Band la alo a mottpoworfal Asti Maatraua, aaieuW
and will entirely reller thasysWai from the pmntioMt '
effcwtof Uerrary. Itoderat aea ar tmtad ma Seer I
day, and we r conetantty 'aealTiag taUaMata4 , .... .
ffieaioy In atirrarated ease of loo itaAdUig.
Paioa S9.00. to bad af DragtstB aeaerally, or eaa ' ' ' !
be asotby mall ar aprt Via full dinattaaai lor , '
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