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The Great Peril—The Only Hope.
w r apt," mfcfwf . ,,Mr ln 0M
teftleM' dMibiifMi.ttwuriBUKll r,o
into beasts. "
i-va.! ttm.mearl Wririnolhlrii? tffeollr 1 o
lot, or ii likely won to bo don tomui esaanln.
out tpe rebellion ua ftdtnfc this wpenslv nd
ralna IfrrtaUl J. rJ e'tfl rfuiu an' is
uni' imtU orJEuriwH'1n f trjeWwt ' art
field; 1moens rsy, Mo by
fore, 'eould HMtiMik'ap (ha rebel oam nfl
dlaWa. theft taUltarv. prJrsolrtUonr. ' Hmi
i Ak. rilvirsnd mlHtart Wmu1o complU Bultj
o air an. 'otlw. M' M,VWyjhtt
the rebel! erSirtu.allT nqurd,-i tho
return of BoMD4'MUool )roaprUjjyqfl t
Lookies at thr'spMt wk-lo iriAa r
al rioDl.t Mf snjaeiiABi eoatlj prepara
tion a!od el out Ubuttoexhutlbleoooowi,
. ..ii f.i that there is bit littl danger
from the rebellion by lUeir.CQniWertdVat
wo .rUbi mbmwrexpwed
fortotdsble and threatening- pril-sUhr, litf
i -'- j'tlt tk''JI.I,M Wit
tb National tiovornmom 'r.'-'i, rr
w.a. -V rwf fnsfBetenl Id It polrcy? aw'that
it .ui hMoao tboeool MokWM..Oaori;uiI
lag tnd wlioBH.'n0'P,f ',rll1 ',th 'VSl.
woehall be predptttted- 4nto tbowtte.
pendiogiielt"':t ' 'va r-
It te fi)Uy 10 Bt4 V rf .th,t,,"
which eeeke te oewo b tboeo,fj!r gf
oJDetraofibmert tbl the President eo4 Cebt
netreWedDM of tho oet. noinentoui
Tldencefrohi Ooogrfeilonl eporU end ln:tb
dily newtlhrt foeches os from the Federl
Ciiyti.t'tbo'ineJorWy In both brenchee of
CongreN ti likely toJidop ucb'rtdlet! in -tr.me
mewrarfti ., eoneUeiBieWw end
in thomoniWbUioi of'i poHioa,f the SUfti.
or Mke vhe ttl dlMolaUqn bf of';;
t question of -How. " 1,1 T ' M
We bete etUl e, powerful mechtoo to hit
ntUooal unftj wMoh U l jet ttnbrokeo;Tbe.
war bet eefred to detelop end mV mititfeet
iU greet strrjgth.Jn the hnd end nhdet the
meuegemeot of "the skillful, tEe couregeoul end
ptriotic, eur FedeTl PniolWi;beprewTed
euUrw.l f ti oufi netiodet JiTa'tJnBefl. judm
peei but wlih'e week esi djetracte tedewl
bMJTor oue" oonrollcf becfiODHl ftffcWiV
our ell but roeiaklese etreogtb will speedily be
came the lu'sutn( of wir ineooVniD.
TEefe'tnir the-nnkr-of the-petty-hih
pieced he preeent Admioilrtion In power, ft
etroug couierTetjTe protect; egeinet tbe policy'
of iheredioftlaeodztreinbvU( kutltis k mre,
proteet oothieg awrej' forj the rtdlcl-
fierce 'sad onwnfbromlsinf , md'tjeeily kTe
the upper heed in the- perty-lVThe HcpubllCan
conserrettree Wpe;to.gct;S,f)rtj end smoothly
eloog by epplylBg breekiooceeionlj iothe crezy
locomotiTO wlicl their radical btethren.' re
bent upon .running-;' But the Urtterire, jiea(t
wliJkeogJ b euem pi jb Jres jpow
botteV, W : Republican fatm
aghast, paTe. Vesli ftDd irrweolute.
' The Deaaoeratie and reeXoenserratire misses
of tU people mast, roartjtneni!! an eome
to tb resene. - iet aen maa eonMuw ,u
Uieo,aekinj11ls;i4. tb etradiflon hl btt
own dwellini would be(lf a baud ti Infnriated
and -wawerate ooilaws were, on. o one pna,
la' poeseation.'. pf iomf W' spattment ud
attemptbit; to demoJUh it wbilaxa ilie other
hand, ItMtMtudcK tbfeulW sjinpet
thlsing Mendyeresect rtl; Airing the building,
and wekroftoiateWeali b:iuBAte,iil"on
' " i,.'vl' Vft'.l l-C.J.T-.. lU inuji
OOKUnOO (UIQp t a : J lbM.tii. uinx
W admit that this to by meane a pleaatng
fllnetratioa ef . the present eoBditiori of jpor bt
loed,Uaipn; bat ft 1 cowardlj-ilJ eaiddal
fof ' rum 'away freia" tb'snwlcom'.;;rpft.-A
There Ls but one star of .tops pnwpnTy-ehenee
of eafetj." Tberw meet eowie np front the .De
mocracy ni-oooertieni.' bTtfci 'cobntry a
united nddcternmed VOiobat ehalU Infuse
consistency end Vigo into the Administration
o national affairs', ai)f rsbukffjmta sKence Jblf
insane" fafl!)allst whteb eeede she SerMf.
. tke Vebe)sPan4 famTVMMs&totf .
i i '. i m v in. - M
"The Pine and Palm."
fh fbHowfus- artiele u oaatedXroja.UtM no-
furion- aboUtMb iubUBbel il'oston
and NeirTcrk. liM idited by KtTrn"
, (ht' of 'the iinweritioal .obarsei 'made (
Break: down Frcmoot It that be baa foreign offi
cere in bi atalt, ' Tet ' lame paprt -who
erwea thie etriag announce the appoiotmoct
i . j-. I . Ti J - .' J
01 IH VOUni ae ran, me vwuivuuuatin
ether European Soldiers ' MoClellao'e aiaff.
It ssakea a great difference whether a General
is alaTe-faanter like MoCleUan,.or a liberator
Oka Fremont! Beward is bound to be rereng
ed on Fremont, wh defeated bios tor the - Re'-
Sublicao nomination; bnt the people, thel snak
eoretary will find, are equally deternilded that
the muaiiog hers shall ton oaotjnota.
I Jhe fine'fnd Palnr tepreeent the Giddinos
and iin . Do'uauss wing of the Republican
party, which will in the contest control the ac
tion of the organization. All men who muster
under that flag will recognise them as the ex
ponents of the 1ru doctrine. J t-
tor. The N. T. Tribuiu complaint that mil
lions Uyal tugntt are left nnauned wha.are
pantlngto light tor the Gorernment.-. W will
not disouss tbeisya ef the negroes, bnt men
tiena Ope toe benefit ef the Tribunt, that there
sue Mi,Uad haw been ios months '.ui jCamp
- Douglas, near Uhicago, more than tnree tnou;
sand ica&joldiers who bsre not now, nor ever
have bad, muskete enough lor two companies
ShaU .we prepare plans for arming negroes when
nopiaa naa yvrvvvo imimNrwiwDg mjiw
aaods on thousand of the i hundred and six
ty-sishnusand wbitMsrbo are now in the
ermyl ;We bare no objection to the Fremont
Belgian guns being turned oyer to the slates
-aaaV-eeHtaUiuiikta the bands of -tha-rebeia-
Perbap no better means jwnld be desired to
equip :iuS e,onijcaerat-forcoi wrt wortniess
weapons, and to gWe our men eflectire ones;
ate must insist that the arming ol'negnet
shall not eren be uikat ef wntti we en do xet
tw by our whit troops than we haw done ei
Gcaoo Timet- Tr i
A Terr rood snggestion If ur GtMrernment
woulj dUtiibus one hucdred thoaesuT gunsi to
the ilarer,fhef wonldgire them to their mas
iasvor use Ue to kStff mi troops' fetter'
drop (ha) subject. . . . .'
KJT Asaong theiXaaaDy loventlona" whlob the
war hat called into being ia a note! cartrldKS,
.styled.,.. .rom'jGciibie. cnrblc!r;c,'tlifl wrapp'rig
being conibuitlble, (it ie water proof also,) ad
mltting of instantaneous ignition by the perens
sion cap.
Letter from Washington.
WASHINGTON, D. C., December 9, 1861.
UlsjLlty teeenU tery
steal chaniree, since last winter. The plcta-
streeU and whose tenU Jin me nine arouuu
here, has detraoted from the sober, ujgisiatif
look of the Capital. Besides the iWorthern
horde Is pouring In and unsouthing tbie placs
ieryrapitlly,.- Property has rjesogteetlj.. (tents
Vbrongod.tl Nothing leanAwdone in the War
offlee eieetit Tow a man Wl th buttons ? congi
uae''fbnTiii4". 'n'nlUr,')siot ' .Imposing'', etrctuu-
etaneee. snd its gallefiee are full f curious
lbekeitrosbib The cupola of 4h Capitol ia last
approaching completion, :"d 'the relative pro
portions i if, tbelnimense pl)e now. show to bet
ter .advantage. , NotwithsUnaing the war, the
deooratioad of the balls, corridors and com
niMte rooms baVs'proressed. ATbe ball of the
lluae Ijas; loel "l'ts,wiguin'sry red, which gate
(q U the blazonry and iedlxenment of a saloon
In a first olaasetearAer; and now (n Quaker drab,
1ts: paneling! and seats subdue the sense to the
eotler qoalitles of peace. . The truth is,sinoe
wet . baft broken out the fierce debates of ths
Cbnrtees bate passed into "history." There
es)et but a 'monotone of harmony; but it is
the.prelufl.io" i?ston,as I fear. You will
bate notloed that already, Indeed on the- first
hour of this sceslorj; New England Abolitionists
hate endeavored to get the House "rcsolted"
Into all sort of ismt--all bating the one kin
ship and the tm object.'' The proclamation ol
the President knd law of last session raising the
fire hundred thousand men, and the Crittenden
declaration era. all forgotten. Already ma
jorlty of this Congress bate shown their Ideas
btlheir ayes and noes. ' A mijortty oj utt an
((, ;Uarlf and of tin Ihuit too, arc determined
to mike the war mancloate the elates; L'ttle
reckon they of 'the 'coLSequences;' little care-
th'ejijr'jhe Union; jittle heed is glten tplhe
Uhaa and nrcenct of thc'Houtnern union
members'. No sort of lltentlon it paid to the
fftcfjuat ttcj wcr elected in 18G0, and without
rotarnce,W MO warf to sort oi aueauoa
given to tbfeatthettbey represent ft minority
ofthe people' North sod South. The war has
so object, nnlees it means to free the down
trodden, African., f.Akeady.svhemes of great
ariety and Utopian character are projected to
eoloniie the 'erbanclpsted.,- It would be quite
a b'UfaIng 1 tte r blacks could be embrac
ed in this humanitarian scheme- :To-dj, ia the
(loitee;di burly Lovejoy introduced, ft resolu
tidri tdjpt'ettfuM General Halleck's orders as to
iegro ipfeSf..Tl?is talient Major:Genraliaeimo
wejoi knows all absufwar. He was along
wfth Frembnt, and helped the latter recruit for
i-Pfice; for Price bad no better recruiting ser
geant than tbia loud braying Lotejoy, aided by
(he Illegal proclamation of freedom to the Mis
S6rlBlatM;j ,1fli.T .- , ,
! ',The joto-onj Lovejoy's resolution to hate
Balleek insirnoted was close. The Ohio Re
publicans, Horton, Harrison and Shellabarger,
kmldnqt quite swallow, the Xorejoy pill; but
flltb restjincludlng Blake, Hntohins, Ashley,
Rtddltf(Bull Ran Riddle), went the entire Af-
ri:5"v:-H;v;-.::.' :v: U;
' , What insanity are these men enacting ! They
want to ditid the North, it would seem. They
wa on their own Administration, elected, on
tbetr bwn ideas; and are determined that there
shall be no "unity, such as is desirable with
tiew to the end of hostilities. Yet most of
these .Aboiitionists ere from New England;
and strange to eay i the boiscst of them do not
represent nyj or if any,' terj few soldiers.
The member wbostartsd this abolitionism ia a
Mr; Elliott, of New Bedford, Maes. That city
is twice as laree as Columbus; tet I eaw it
stated,' that )t has not a single, company in the
I am Indebted to ciphering friend for the
following interesting table showing the relative
strength of the army, as distributed among the
State.; .Ohio ia fifth, yon tee and in advance
of any4 New England State. ' Massachusetts Is
sixteenth, otwithslandinJg bef, blatant litera
ture. iTh West, led off by Kansas, Illinois,
Indiam; shows finely In tb list! I gits It to
you. . It will be its own commentary :
im.t . 5j I: . ... .
PrrlXr vumiM end tim forth War.
Dlitrlctof Colunbta. JrB.M Kanrar... .'.......23.47
llllnol.... SM BrilllDoti . S3.T7
Kaaau ......J..3.47lo(JI .......S1.3S
Indiana ......M,.23.M!molUgan."."-'
Rbodo IiUnd,. ...,..21.03 Ohio 17.62
FeoiujlTUil. v . . 19.S01 abode Iln4.. ...... .17.87
Obi W.W7L..1 ,v .19.841 Fani7lVMi .1S.6J
Micblg.4'.- . 19.74 w Upabir.....l4.74
Oouaoiioat. .16 99i lava. .... 14 .69
Now -Bampoliire. ..... IS . 9?' CennecUcut 13.T3
Iowa.......o.....l-40New York ...13.07
nauua.W. i w. . j. . is. 9i ktiniNwra. la.es
Now Iork....4.,-f 14.40 Vennsot... U.75
Vormont . 13. WMiD...., u. 11.35
Minnesota. ........ .'...w.M DtUwire 11.03
Muoacbaottts. ' ' . 12.33' HuaaebutBttt . ...... .10.95
Mots J3.04iMlMoari 10.39
WlfCotuiD... .,9. 64. Wlocomin. 9-13
HowJemy...;.i..V. .SS'Kentarty.. 8.15
Kocr -J - to -15Now JorW -i 7 SI
aUrylaa4-'V.f-. 0.78tDlitrloof OolunMa.. S.95
0Ufoni-. .......... 0.83CailorLlA.,.,...-... 6.23
Virginia.".. 8 WlVirginU 5.7S
What is te be don with th SUdell and Ma-somnatter?-
It is a dalieat affair; and good
dekl 'of stock gambling Is going on. with a view
to the expected news from England. ' Onr diplo-
matisoorreeposdeao show, ths t Me. -Seward
denies iobe rebels the character of belliger
ftulat'nvolvesiViftbiiailemmi.r.If they tre .biilligerants, we cannot according to
international law; condemn 'their privateers as
pirjtei (Jf iJOi blllgerot8,Te cannot sostain
the taking of .Slidell and. JVlason from the
"Trent." Tbia is' the lawyer argument. But
statesmen! yooTkriow, are not to be held to tery
strict "ebniistency:- Besides, England uses Inter
national law as lf it were ibdin-rubber, and why
may we not return to her the argument in kind?
If we cannot get along with our old notions f
the right of search, let( us make the law to suit
the case. I should be glad to lee England well
ollopp4d-4f can. .'She deserves it; and if
she li teally anxious fat ia aiffleulty.ehe has
the caacnowi to aiaks a pretext or ft war; : If
sb is really weU disposed to jie she will let
Slidell and Masen alone to be cbilltd by the
porfeasters which fan Fort Warren during the
winter. .iTW :' 'iOj r.:p; )
r.ihrc 'ii
83 SeVe'itotloed' he 'report from the Cip-
cimAii Mereftd, to rtTation to General gais
lti, i publinb -Uie. lollewing card from Mr.
Ewino.of Ltncasteri t The publication of euch
statement as that" of tb CtmmertUl In rela
tion- to GenrSnrswow; 'made, too, npon'what
. ---.I'm cm ,.'; i
was io io oe, rename autnoruy, is scandal
om ftluisj:; ifiMsr- . .
EosCdii,: -rt Yur editorial paragraph
Wednesday's issue headed with the name of
General W. T. WlefftlanTexctEcs the surprise
end IndifipatloB of th. friend of that gentle
man, who is Bow here on ft brief visit to bis
Etery material statement In the paraa-ranh
is false. General Sherman never telegraphed
to the Department three times in one day, on
ant subject;, and never telegraphed, wrote or
suggested tbe idea of evacuating Kentucky.
He was never in command of a-brirada at
Sedalia, and no subordinate thefe of elsewhere
refused to obey any of JiJ . commands for, any
resaom rut
.1h onlt rwmftinlbs: specification intonrear.
agraph ii that be frightened lb people of Cou-
istilie by Statements of the forte ttBuokner'
and the indefensible stute of th e gitf. I cannot
aiB's to say how mca mo peopw oi i-ou-vllla
wsre Ixichtened, and cannot quite see how
their fright anecta the sums m wu. i in7i
however, os jusiineu m jius ium.
eaaa was Uft ia e.maad of ih Desmo t
,v.. r.,mhrlnd with a force, ln bis opinion,
tokallr Inadequate; Jto.th emcrgenoy.wnd s-d
pr4ssd nimaeii is nai tuem vvwj v""y -Department
and to all who had a right to know
hia opinions os tb inbjeot.-u.il ohos noi to
ha drifted into the position of responsibility
for reeulto, whil h wesJett wltwmi we b
to aocomplish what was xpeotd of blm; and,
.... .... . r. . . Mi in .
accordingly asaea to oe reuevea irom u w-.-
At the proper time, without any interval of
rest, be reported for duty to MsJor-GennU
.Ilalieck, and was Immediately ordered to the
line on the West Paclfio Railroad, for special
-wh anthnritv to assume full com
mand In that qaarter. Tbh. option he did not
exercise, but hating effected the special object
ol his InslrootloDS, rsturned to headquarters at
St. Louie. Having been In constant command
of brigade, or of ft division, sine jun las.,
he felt the necessity of ft short respite from ia
hn. and havins obtained the requisite leave
is spending few days with bis family . tb'1
place. .
I da not think the newspapers quite the
nrorwr arena for the dissuasion of military ques
lions,' while the campaign is In progress; but,
while it throws some light on the subject in
band, It will give no aid and comfort to the
enemy to know, that Gen. Sherman's request to
be relieved from the command or ine isepar.
ment of the Cnmberland. was followed by or
ders from tb War Department, oonoentrating
nnder his successor a very neavy force auui
tlonal te the troops there, when his request was
preferred. " ' ,f
I trust, that not yourself participating in any
feeling of malignities, you will take pleasure
in giving this assnranoe to your readers that
those best inlormed not only "feel thsmselvss
at liberty" utterly "to discredit the intelli
gence," on which your paragraph Is founded,
bnt to denounce the autborabtp of your intel
ligence as libelous and malignant. '
LANCASTER, O., 12, 1861.
Mr. Pendleton's Speech.
-We have read In tbe Olobi tbe very able
speech Of Mr. Pinputon) of .Ohio, on tbe sus
pension by tbe President of ihe writ of Assess
tor put. In our judgment II Is nntnswerable.
Messrs, Howasd, GAmitLt and Datis, thre
of tb Baltimore Polica . Commiesiooers, now
confined in Fort Warreo, sept, a memorial to
Congress asking relief. It was referred to the
Judiciary Committee. Mr.,BiaHM, of Ohio
reported it back with ft recommendation that
the committee be discharged from its further
consideration.'1 Mr. Psndlctoh' moved i to 'ie
commit the report, with instructions to report
the following resoluioB: 'J
Renlved, That tbe Congress alone baa tbe
power, under the Constitution of tbe United
States, to suspend the privilege of the writ ,of
habets corpus; that the exeroise of that power
by any other department of the Government is
a usurpation, and therefore dangerous to tbe
liberties of the people; that it is tbs duty of
tbe President to deliver Charles Howard,,. Wil
liam H. Gatchcll and John W. Davis to the
custody Of tbe Marshal of the proper district,
if they are charged with any offense against
tbe laws of the United States, to tbe end that
tbev mat be Indieted and "enior th right of a
speedy and public trial by an impartial jury ot
tue btate ana district wnerein tne etui" .is al
leged to bat been committed. . r - : r -
Mr. PiaDLrrow read Gen. Banks' proclama
tion, and th resolutions of the Police Commis
sioners, adopted Jane S7tb, and, proceeded te
J: -. . -i , i .-i. ,(.-:-c-ii ' !' t
-1 will not pause to comment at large on these
resolutions. Tbe opinion of General Banks at
the lime, or of this House now, as to their nro-
priety is entirely immaterial to this issue.-- Lest
I may be misunderstood, however, I will say
that, in my judgment they ar eminently wise
and dignified and proper; they afforded tbe only
meane ov wmoa in mem vers or tn board could
justify themselves in tbe present and the future.
tor ft tenure to pertoria tne duties enjoined up
on mem by tneir state, ana yet avoid a conflict
with th federal authority. J ? - ' -
Jt is worthy of remark that in the proclama
tion of the 27th of June, announcing the sus
pension ot the lunations of th board, no rea
son whatsoever is given for tbe act; Do negleot
of duty o their part is alleged; no disorder in
tbe city; no apprehended tumult': no act of dis
loyalty; no act of hostility to the Federal Gov
ernment, or to the maintenance of its authority.
It is also worthy of remark that the daily ses
sions of tbe board, assigned in the proclama
tion of tbe 1st of July as one of the reasons for
th arrest, if held as alleged, could only have
been three: for only so many days elapsed be
tween tbe 27ih of June and th 1st of July; and
that th "concealed arsenal " contained onlv
part of snob arms as had for year belonged
to tb pouoe ot tn city or Baltimore. -
The Commissioners were detained- at Fort
McHenry. They requested to be informed of
tbe charges sgainst them. Their request was
refused.-. Tb privilege --of A6ew torput was
declared to be suspended, and ft legal examina
tion beiore omt magistrate was denied them,
Tbey were helpless; they were held by the
strong ami ot military power, and were depriv
ed of etery safeguard of personal : liberty,
whlob bad been assured to every citizen. -"They
appealed to Congress, and, in th memorial
submitted, "prat that their caee be investigat
ed by Congress or remitted to tbe tribunals of
justio to be lawfully board and determined."?
On toe Kim of July, tn lions or Kepreee
ta lives passed resolution requesting th Presi
dent to communicate "th grounds, Teasbu and
evidence" for th arrest, and on tb 27th, the
President declined to comply with the reatrest.
alleging that "it wae jndged . to be incompati
ble witn toe public interest-1 rurniak tbe la
formation.'.' ,.,u' ,i.3 : brr'r, i d i i
On the sam day, before tbtotesoom wis
sent to tbe Hons, while this petition for rs-
dress of grievance wa yet nnder considera
tion, these memorialists were transferred from
Fort McHenry to Fort Lafayette io th harbor
of New York. - . ?c! H'tsi e.
In the mean time,-a grand lurt in th Cir
cuit Conrt for tb District of Maryland bad
bee in session, and bad adjourned - Tbe Gov
ernment bad failed to submit tbe case, or the
jury bad ignored tb bill.- i - . ' t c
ine uiostitution ot tbe United states nro
tides tbftt I ; ;.. vt .11-..,.,..
Tbe right of tbe people to b seoure in their
persons, bouses, papers and effect against on
reasonable searobes and seizures shall not be
violated; and no warrant shall issue but noon
probable cause, supported by oath or affirma-
Uoa."Antcie , Amtrulmtnt$.:- t, ! .- ti vj r
"No neisan shall be held to answer for a can!-
tai vr.vuMirwwv uiiamoua crim vniess on fti
presentment or indictment of ft grand jury,"
ait " i nor oe deprived or life
liberty,' or property without. ..due procecs of
law." Article 5, Anundmentt.- v. t 1 1 li t
In all criminal prosecutions, th accused
shall enjoy th right to a speedy and public (rial
by an imperial jury of th' State or district
wherein ttacorim shall bat bee committed',
which district sball bat been previously ascer
tained by law, and to be informed of the nature
aid cause ol tbe accusation; be oonfrontad
with tb witnesses against biro; to' bat' com
pu'mry process for obtaining -witnesses-' la his
favor, and to bave the amistance ot eonssel for
hie defeoj.'-' Officii 6, Ammdmtntt. cm v-
Tbea msnorialist have been seized without
"a warrant,;'' -tbey are bald without "aa indict
ment;" they are derrived of their "llbrrry wltS
out due process of Jawt'lUiy at denied " a
speedy trial;; tbey are .not jnformed of the
''nature and cause of the accusation;' tbey are
not I'conf rooted. 'with the witnesses" sgainst
them. 'Tbey appeal to Congrets to aecurcrto
them the benefit of these constitutional provis
ions; and my worthy colleagues on th Judict
ary committee ean find no mere aDoronrlate
anewer to their prayer than that it shall lie un
answered on your table.'" ' '' f'1'1
What do tuev ask 7 ur what do' (hi'phm.
plain 7 They ftsk tbftt tbey may have a "speedy
trial;" that "they ' may be acquitted or con
demned! 'Tbey complain that they are 'arbi
trarily held by the military power, and denied
an opportunity to answer any charge which
mat be brought against them.'Thet da not
ask 'an acquittal; tbey flo not iue for psrdon;
iney asK no relaxation or in strictness or the
law. On th contrary, tbey invoke th law:
they asls the tppllcatlon of ftH it Hgld rul- i;
they Invite -the closest sorutioy.,.-gbtj here
demanded thus much at tbe baodsiof , their p-
tor. li baa refused It; ftna uow mj """nu"
tbe sam at tb bands of Congress. 1 be writ
of astws csryus was inventsd to meet tbe ex-Irecoies-of
ewctlr-woh a c- atmnd
the person wno noius vne ounwu .m.
bring hlmbafe.th Judg,.'ln' ,rder tba he.
cans or Ills iiewntio raiyv ww" rVT7
that b may bs remanded to custody, if be
legally bald;- that b may b discharged irb
I. flnt.lnl wiihnnt anlhoritv of laW.T lne
right o invoke its id is onred to every Jerlm
Inal in the land, and baa never been Invaded by
the constituted authoiiile nntil now Those
memorialists would bav ftvailed themsclve ol
It to asoertaln tbe toousation against tbem, and
to force "speed j trial;" but the President bas
declared thai he has authorised tbe military of
ficer to suspend their tight to th writ nd to
bold tbem prisoners at bis pleasure.
Jt la fortunate for thee memorialists, ia the
assertion of their personal rights fortunate for
the cause of tho tiue Interpretation of the Con
stitution that ther ls.no charge, no intima
tion, that they bate been guilty ot any offense
known to tbe lawe of the land; for, notwith
standing the experience of eighty years, we are
prone to forget that th integrity of th Consti
tution, tb solution of tbs problem oi tbeoom.
patlblllty of social order; with Individual secu
rity demand that the constitutional guarantees
Ol personal liberty should be as faithfully .kept,
aa rigidly enforced, as perfeoily administered,
ln tbe case of tbe meanest criminal as of the
purest patriot. , ,
Mr. Pinoliton's speech fills five columns ot
she Woes... . , , A. - j .-s ,. ,x ti .
White People Again.
) li is disgraceful that when hundred's fami
lies of tolunteers In tbe city of Chicago ar
suffering for the means of livelihood, the Sena
tors from tbls Slate oannot devise some plan by
which thev mav receive aid from tbe Govern
ment. ;Tn whole negro population of the
South seem cheap object of benevolence' to
these Congressmen at the rate of eight and ten
dollars a month with rations. - In other words,
they are willing to feed every hindred thous
and blacks who will come into tbe Union lines,
and pay them from eight hundred thousand to
a million dollars in cash every thirty days, bnt
tbey are not willing to expend ft cent for a sin
gle one of the destitute wives and children pf
in Illinois soldiers. . , W believe in the . old
maxim,' "Charity begins at home."i If Gov
ernment oncht to provide work to : support' tit-
gross, It ought to do th same thing for white
men. It is estimated .thut, the wwar will cost
from five hundred millions to nine hundred
millions of dollars, . Under ihe abolition plan
jf taking care ot tbe slaves,' at least a hundred
millions of tbia amount will go to the blacks for
their exclusive use and benefit. Now a. tithe
of this amount expended In Illinois wilUdo a
great deal toward relieving the distresses of the
poor during tbe present winter, and will also
pay for works of necessary importance to the
whole country.'-' Tb unemployed poor of this
State ought to send a . deputation to Senators
Trumbull and Browning, begging, tbem to nse
tbclr Congressional influence in their behalf.
Something of the kind must be done to remind
these magnates that they were elected to repre
sent wuite people. "
The above sensible remark from tbe Chics
go Timet will apply .to every State in the North
and West.. To Times mOTtthoever, rcmem
bet that the object oi abolitionism Is tojtake
oar if th oegro,'-not of tb 'white people
Their p&rty wsf org-aplzW with fptclat reference
to tne negro. 1 ney Are laithtuiiy carrving.oui
be negrdTheyftfejraKfullyrrjiBg.o
ebject of its creation. -r ,'-,,
iJ ... . . r
Wa. W. Kicharill, Gdn. Ae.)
vi. . t Oomaton Plen.
Jacob Flodt.-. 5 i
direotod from tb Court of Common Pleat of Frank
lin coantr, Ohio, I will offer for nlo at tbe door of tho
uourt uouie, ia ine jity oi uolumbui, on - -
Satutday, the 18tii day of January! A. D. 18G2,
between tho honn of 12 o'clock a. and 9 o'dook p. m.,
Uio following dcKrlpod not aotafakto wit; . - i
Lot Mo. tbroo (3), in tbo town of Bora. Pralria tnarn.
ship, In the county of Frankllnv and Btate of Ohio.
Alio, 40 acres, more or leu, which atid Jacob. Flodt
Dongntoi J odd nr. tuner.
Appritea at hot No. 3. 1 300.00 " . -"
" .40acrei, 21.00por acre.
0. W. HDrFMAN, Bberiff.
Printer',fwi3 75.
Now York, J am now prapared to offer to the pablle
t moot CKovllont awortmoct of 60018 FOR.GBNIg
WAltSUCbw (.,. tt ! oM-l 'l t" .ic"rt . I
i vfl.t,i' i cft y.BSTIGN8 i;
And S general swoiUnsnt of
of tbe rirbeit and neotott ilyle in tho market; oil of
which A mm leiling at mo UUI! Aco'. .fifiJiUhK
Ali&B Mva xiAoa- . . . .
. KT Special AtteaUltfM Paid t Mlll
HtTtnf bad long experience ia lhe'CnbiT 'nrSfac-
turaoi uincert' uiotnmg, I reel confident t oas glvs t
lire aatiifaction to U my patron . ,
-LV : ... -,. . . p. ROSIV'''
Merchant Tailor ,' . t p.--
Vor. Mign ana xown Btreeti,
' - v.!. - -. OolnmbM.Ohlo-.
novl9-tr -.
V j At SO Tt AST tOWN BTBIKj'j t
Whtrtt hfi cn tccAnimoilaite nnmiwr nt RnsMars iti
uogr ur wQtjav
dec4-tr . , .. ....
JT.J. -.t .-...v. t-..jtJl.-i,J. t v v
ITT A ' laraa itAck af the flOOD 1 llAMTAN on
novH-d3in ' "
MZUC: ,T5 l .86. .SiJ-Ki UAii
At) ChOAX. 01.0IHB.
Aasav w4ne aaakasaf aprinf
OkkClutha,UaU doalrabla atlxtaret Bindlnn. lac
Bliniilaiittnnikiimhk. BAHS At RON.
apriis n, wBonnBifhatr
' n
, . . ....t.' r
. a
OPP11 '.''' -
i'ivui. 7 '-:r'?.,Jt ti.'''.
' An nam jmmiDK a larsa lot si.
Ladies', Misses', and Children's .
F U RrS ,li0
Ladies' CClothI Cloaks,
, .i." rrjti";' vi ?t 1
Shephard's plaid Shawls:,
I -. n i vr " r '.rf.ii ,r'
! Ladies' Merino Vests & Drawers,
I r it A '.I r i'lrsN.'' . ' '-
Boys' Merino ; Shirty & Drawers,
1 ZEPHVwfe
Bmbroidore,d RppB,
' k '
.t -T,i-p'-.-;m" I ' 1 ''
.. I .! v MOT l 1 tv-tH"; "i " '-'"
Opera Flannels,
-..1 -
i'I-" -. ..F.-.'vr : a i-:i7."j ' J" '
r? .?-,a"itiJ.'i ct i J.i'' t i
''..fri5j .'i-' '
This Arm, having adopted ths Oaih ryiUm In tbe pur
cbue and sal of Goods, are enabled to toll from 15 to SO
percent, leu than other homes under the credit syitem.
' 250'A2528oura-mQHsraiOT,
turn boos MiwAcfonv.
' .. sC ' j;-'V,.VAfJ. i:
' BTEAiTip'ovER.
i N. W: , L B F A V 0 R, Supt.
. , - i . .
NOI. ii 34, 3, 38 NORTH HIGH 8IKIET,
Stateamaa Balldlnff Second Floor,
over It. Hevlns'a State 8tm ,
" Frlntlos; Hoomt.
With or vlthout Printed Headings, oa Superior Paper.
To any required Pattern. , . , ,
' i KAH.KOAV omoBt, .J
'"' ''' " ' BARifaa nov&h.' ';!',.! Z'
coxmtT onoi8,
. - lu jo c BSBOHANTS,
1 . ' Parniihed it 'ths tort Prtoes. ' 1
-11 I
BOO K? B I N D i fsl G,
M--J Br ta EdMo arBlngltTolans ' ' '
r, U ,; " MONTHtT Pr)BLICATl6N8. ' 1
jpqupd i any Bsqulred jtrl.- -
-t i . .
v' ;'3-'fotJpBlle"'ap4 frlwtePiiarles.'Ji.';
Orders fron' abroad will 'reeelVs prompt and special
attention.. aaoren, , , r . . , , .
Bookseller and Stationer,- - Snperlntaadeat - J
7SBoulhIlig8rrtet. : Iranklln Bindery. :
'otMSaf --.'' ' ' -.
Shooting Gallery. ; ;
rpjlE undertlirned begs leavs to Inform hia friend
1 that be baa fitted np a - ,
- ,.. at mis , , .-.
Good Guns, Air Guns, Plitols and Bofreibnenta. j
Giro me a call. '. . , ; i t . .
dot13 dtt CONRAD BI0HABP8.
optical institute:
h A r 1 1 f let a I - II e I p t trt h e
.1 f Uinsn Mlvbt evr Anvente. ' ''.
..I.i stlii-t i-
sent of ths most Improved kinds of Bseetaclea.
All bit tilajao. wllhT for tmt or far-alghtel, ar
ground tn eoncavo convex form with the greatat care,
ao as so sntt the lyes of all eases, earing Weakness
Dlnineas or IoOammatioa ot the aye) and Imparting
strength for loaf reading at fins tewing-
gmoe, u caet ptai street, at Beltxer s Webster's
Mntlo Btore. rr-tn
1 -r .11
angt-dly n-
- I-.JI-TJ
1U V , S CaeeaNo.l Government Nntmct,-,
i .lyn, Hi-rail Cloves. ,
10 boxe Citron.
'--- 30 boxes H R Rtlilngr - " ' "'
ft-" M -Lye do' iHJRM CI
100 dnnni(ri;"t -'; .W.-ll l
. II eatke Kante 0 omnia, ale. ala.
- l. . .av -
-)W.t.l Ml--1 -PtTBAtlBHB3D
tH . . tit lm li" l't Jtl' Vii 4'
. . ,i - .. t i n 4 . .Is
....OCT-jg-'-n OIP 1 OOXaXJldaXTO, OIZZO.
- -.;-.,!? - H ..v-i :!.;-:-' . ' -. .' 'I ''-
i The; DAILY,' at :-. '; ' " '.' Six Dollars per Annum; ' "
The TRI'WEEKLY, at .' y,: v '. ty y-" Three Dollaw per Annum
The WEEKLY, at the low rale of '-! -t One Dollar 'per-' Annum.
'i'l i:'-l -' - i-
., ? , . SubKription to the Daim and Tii-WnrH STArttaTAit will be rtoeited ( r
f6r three oe six months
... .. . .. i i -
At the above rates; end
. ' ."" - ,.,i ,' ,;-. .? . .. . ;
. At ths usual rate.: As aa established and reliable organ of the Demooralio party, i.','
- - ' in me future, aa in mo past, a win upnoia ana aerena ine .
. .. .-, . , - ,-' i'f
Which has besn so froitful of good to th PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES; and wil
, . faithfully urge the reestablisbment and snpremacy of the t ..' r,
'- '' : - As essential to the complete and psrfeot r-oonatroetion of th ' -' ''
: , ... ;j .. On the Luis on jrhioh that tfnion was originally formed,
'... '. . ...t, b 1 . r- :' Vii 3 ii
..rk,.. ,...,
t -i -t-'ftt ;. t i i ii -iii I e I a w
'-' -I ' . .. -r' '
" The Bta'tmmai will support tbe Administration of the General Government in all legal and
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist the effort made in some quarters
' to convert the present unhappy war into an Abolition erusade.
-It will sonsUntly urge economy, in, the publjo expenditures, end the most rigid accountability
of all publio otEoer w -. h-'.; rr '"vlf. 1-r "-.-'i J-.
As a medium of general news, the Statesman will endeavor(o make itself acoepUble, fo its
numerous readers, and at all time supply them with' ( ' '
;;re ijtewtaxrcaLjpaat X1.ellA.l3le Reports!
rT0f UiehomsandforrignBiarkeU. IniUeolumns '"','
THE ! BUSWSrill ftwm
Will find their Interests Consulted and attended to, and no effort will be spared to' make ft afirst
class newspaper. ' ,'. 'J..: v '
During the approaching session of Congress we will hav a talented and aooomplishsd eorres
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with much valuable and
reliable information. "-'"' -. " -..
. The doings of our own State Legislature will be fully reported, and the local newe of the
State and our own immediate vicinity; will have a due share of attention. ' . ; i
We urge upon our friends In all parts' of Obio.'and the North-Western States, to aid U extend-J
lug the circulation of the Statisxan, since by.so doing, they will assist in th promulgattoa of
sound political doctrines nd reliable general intelligence. . ., .. r ., ; t - -a.-
i ...
To any. person raising a Club of Ten Subscribers to the Wizkxt Ohio Statcsvan, and
aending us the money ten dollars for the same, we will tend on copy gratis.
- All orders will be promptly attended to. . )
Address, ; ) MilTlTEKNT A MILLEfi, ' '
. ' T Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
November 1, 1861. - ' ' " ' 1 ' ! ' ' " 4 .' ' ' Ooioiibct, Ohio, t
Jk-Jkmh tTJa- m --'at-.
IJ)! ' . ) 1 ; I 4 I .
i . . i . .....
TRI r 4 ' '
i i .m .tU: i t . i a ... , .
the DaUT will b fnrnished ',
t - fr .1
..!' .? J-'l
. .. I 11 ..a
i ;
a, ,
IT la an Inditpntable fact, that tf any person wants on
of those comfortable ESQUIMAUX BBAVBB OTIB
COATS, he Will aeuallv find them In large qnantltie at
. i r .OTAKlylia tvUlLiVO O
IB anv peraon dealroni of owning on of th late ityle
of BSAVEB OVER COATS, with eape attached,
don't break vonr heads to learn where to find them, bnt
go to tne -' 1
, . . . . Opposite th guts Houie.. . . " .
. You will Sod theai thai in all colore, kept by
. ' . t-, MARCUS .GUILDS.
TID Ton never wear any ot the SILK MIXED CAB
U BIUKRK BUIT8, which ar sold at th Capital City
Arcade? Rath In and jqu will BDd them In pile, at
ITOU mav Sits b la tmt of PANTB and VIBTB. and
X there ia but on ettabllahmne ta th Wt where
Pant and teats ar to tie had to all (trip, napei,
style, a nan tt tie and qnalltles, and that place B the -
-pvOS'T forget ths extenslvs sssortment of TtTBrTIBH-
XJ ins CKWDS, particularly la wuubn buabxb,
wbica yon oaa end in "Bed, whit us woe," at to
- CAPITAL CITY ARCADE, -Superintended
by klarcna Ohildi.
It yon w'uh to wear garments MADE TO OR
DEW,, you ean do ao better than to go to ths tier
chant Tailorlns Batabllsbmaat. aext te tb Arcade, and
elect yonr goodi from a stock oomprielng all oolors of
ueaver uiotns, uasetmere, bus vnm ana riaaa vase
Inge, and you will anrtly meet with a good nt by ptucha
,lDgt ' f .f ? MARCU8 CRILDS'B.'
Tl f ILITARY GgNTLIMEN, when they oom to thU
iVX city, ae atraogert, aad wlah to get a umiUKM, it
la to their beat adnatage to can ai -
Where a large auortmtnt bf BLUE CLOTH and ether
article twiongiog to tnteqntpig or an otneer can d
had at very moderate prices. .(,-' 1 - 1 1
, In abort aU at . . '-.!'- I . : !
Marcus ,CMds's.T
Proprietor of that extasiire butneis locality,
NO. U 23 and 85 HIGH STREET.
. . Oppotlt th BUteTJonie.
oct7-dm ' ""-
no. co,. ;
Corner of Broad & Frort Streets
fit ' . ;(.
. diaubs ?h ;f f " J"
'.' i . ... -titi ) irm
Oyster! Oysters!!;
be in dally raoslpt, by Bxpnsa, of - . -
Prom Baltimore end tM:Emm.- .'i ' '
Call at Wagner' Oyeter and Krnll Depot, No. 91 Bait
mate eireei. - :-1
r-rt-.i-1? r:
8IAHILY oa band and for sal, th beat .quality of
Wtilch Wwlllteirat'thVitmMtmarket'prloe.'. - '
Call and exralne. pj.CoaV before purchaaliig' eta.
wher." ,-' , .
Omo StThS Stdre of Bradford, Buydara Oohd
Canal. '" ' '' - ' ' r'
J.";". ' , POST OFFICES.
a laaaa on th Btor BOOB
3STo. 11 Eoist State Bt,
haa opened It a an !..
Auction & Commission Room.
H if now prepared to receive on 0 ommlsiloa rry
deeorlptlon of property, snob as Pry Goods, Groceries,
Llquon, Furniture. Carriages, Bone, etc Be alao
intend to devot hia attenUon to tale of Eeal latau
and Ptraonal Property, at any point, within twenty mile
of th city. ...
Auction Sales Every Evening.
Consignments respectfully solicited. " .' "
W. B. KINT, Anctloneer.
. Plain Ottoman Clothe
klagentaand Black Oheck Talenolaa; .
,7., Broch BonbatxDreai Goodst v '
Balmoral Bklrtel
Alexanders' Kid Sloves; . '
Gore Trail Hoop Skirts.
Coreete. Hair Net, 1
Plaid Merinos..
..i ' " ' ' BAIK Jt BOM,
eotw . . . - j- No. W Bonth High Street.,
Or Trios Contemplating marriage.
IH unaerslgned wlllglvstnfonnatioa on a vary .
KrtHing aad important mbjest, which wUI be rain
ed mora than a thousand Urn Its eoit by rrery marrieJ
coupl of any age or eooditlon tn life. Thf Information
will be tent by mall to any address on th receipt of il
cent (Htear) and on red itamp. -
All letters should bs sddrtsed to
... H. B. MORRIS, M. D.
oct31-lySUwdw - Boiton, Ifaaa.
lien Affections, Oolds, BhanmaHtrss, 0ostlvsass.Ooa
samptlons, Affections of ths Bpleen, of ths ttrw.of
ine uesrt, xamori, and all dlieatea which dastiow life,
hav always exhibited, npondUaootlon of th. body, a
number of hard or ooncret points, either In some of tb
organs named or In the blood reatelt, somttms veo
ramirylng in tb flesh, and again deposited opon the aide
of a bon. Now theie little hard fubttance would
asm aoaic if Brsndrath's Pills wrs used: they wonld
purged out of th system, and year of happy II'
would be th sufferer' lot Instead of an, early grave.
Always purge but ravta auom in sickness.
T. X. Oarpnitsr, JCso,., of Govemeur, St. tewrsnc
oonty, New lork, M years ot age, be ha ut d
Brsndrath's Pills for 34 years, sdmlnlstsnd them flnt to
his ooachmao, who had fever and aguagav eight the
day after ths thtU; chills aad faver hms severet gave
eight more ths next day, and so svry other day until
th chill and fever did not return, thick was about lgh
days from the Brat attack. H then gay four svary
othr day for another Week, when th man was entirely
restored to hlamual good health. ... , '
B wa himself attackadf took them In tb sam way,
and wa cared ln lew time. Has uttd no other medi
cine for M year) fonnd them always rSIIabli Giiff
and family when sick! fcss reoommesded them to thou
sands with the seat remits, scd flS oonfldat that ova
ry family would hav a largtrarerage of health y these
Pill were used In the plao of calomel and other hurtful
remedie. . j!, : sj , rr . r n f
Sold by )0HS B. fTooe .' VJramHiL flnlnn&na '.. k.
all retpectabie doalera In inedloliiee. , -V
Just PnblUhed In a Beaied'lnvelope! Prio 8 ets.i
waakoe, lsvolantary Bmladone, Bexual Debility, and
Impedimenta to Marrtagegenti-allly, Nervonenea. Con-
geui-aiiiy, nervonenea. von
aumpttoa. BDlleD and
its, Mental aad Pheleal Ia-
oapaolly, resalting from Belf-aboM. tc.
By Bobart
vuiTvrweu, aa. jr., nuwi wi imwinjiwiiw
A nopugsi xiMjuttfsacia 61 Bnalf rr,
Seat ndr sI, In a plain envtlop, to any address
post paid, on reeetpt of two Stamp, h Dr. OHAS. '
C K.USS, IS7 Bowstp, Kw Stftk, Post OffloeBoa:
nrw. sep7wFW

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