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Nunv snooze.,
' ' AND '
Ivor offered to tht olllteni ol Colnmbui.
for tlthtr Wool or Ooal.
" " -'
lot large ramlllet or email families, and varying to
Price from
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
'Twenty-Five. -
Of svsry Price, BIm tod Variety, for Coal or Wood.
Of many Patterns.
r ......
Army Stoves,
Both Cooking end Healing. .
Thi Lightest aad moit Portabl
offered to tba
Ttnt 8 tor sver
Officers of our Great Army.
1 v'- -
in m .
For Baatlni Dwellings. Churches, Store-rooms, or other
Urg. Buildings,
lor family Uia or Botala. , -
Aod many olbir artiolea "or any other man."
No. 92 North High Street,
J, L, Gill & Son,
BOVt-tf '
AND , ' V- , . .'
A . ' . Ate... ti. ., . ' 1
Statesman. Bulldlnff,- Second Floor,
over B. Kevlna'a Uinta yi5
Printing- Boomi.
With or wlthsat Printed Haadlngt, on Bopsrlor Paper
To any required Pattern. u-
ml.'' '
8TAM MWHJiqWIB,', , :.vnr,,t
' hi'-'" nnrrmt nTn. v-
.IV i
By tta Idltton if Wyoiw;,;''
m0nx1ilt public atiohb. .1 1 ...
pamphlitb, ''
Bound In any Required Btjle.
lot.fnUlo n PrtraU MbrarlM.', ;; V
Ord.ra from inroad will wortve prompt and ipeelal
attranoB. Aaoueaa,. ,
aookaelltr and ItaUomr, oapennmomi
7SBonthBita Street. ; - rraoaiia einaery.
, Shooting Gallery-
rpHl oadenlirned feeft leavt to inform hit friend
X thathtamoo H nw
flood Baro, Air Qam, Plrtoli and Btfmluaenti.
wIi'm"11' COHBAP W0H1BW.
From all Parts of the World.
The English Press on the mason
and Slidell Affair.
They Demand Reparation.
Affairs in Missouri.
How the Foreign News is Received.
Government must Maintain
its Dignity.
&c. &c. &c.
Arrival of the Europa.
Halifax, Deo. 15. Tho Eurooa fm Liver.
pool the 30(b, via Queeoitown 3d, being detain
ed twelve boon at Queenetown, arrived here to
day. Specaletione oo the Saa Jacinto affair are
rife, but f eoerallj believed there Is lcaa causa to
fear a rupture between the Governments.
uotton opened firmer. .
Tie rumored that the cabinet were modlfilncr
their inetructloDi to Lord Lyons, which acoounta
for the Eoropa'e detention, at Quoenstown.
A privy eounouwae beld at Windsor on Satur
day. The Observer, a ministerial journal, etates
that a epeclal metaenger by the Europa, oarrlee
a demand of the British Government to Lord
Lyons. Insisting on apology and restoration to
the British flag of Mason and Slidell. Toe same
paper says, large re-enforoementrare to be sent
mmediately to Canada. A larve ahio la load-
tog with guns and Ammunition lor there.
lb Ubserver says there Is no reason whi the
Commissioners should not be restored to the
ship oft British Admiral in the face of ten or
twelve British men-of-war on the Potomac
Nearly all the papers treat the question in the
same spirit. The sgitatlon iooreaaes. -
QuKNiTOWN. Deo. 3. The Times eltv article
of November 30th. says the fall of Consols 3 oer
ont-, and, 4 to 5 In shares, while the Question of
actual war is unaeciaeo, is not Justified by tbe
nature ol tbe oase, and makes a comparison of
tne state oi anairs at tne commencement or tbe
Russian wsr and sajs the position of tbe Federal
Government Is almost identical, in every com
mercial point, with that ocoupled by Russia
towards us.
Russia had a hostile tariff, while we looked
to her for a Urge portion of our breadstuffs;
but In the present oase, the commencement of
hostilities would bs by breaking the blockade of
the Southern ports, set tree our industry from
anxiety of a ootton lamice, And will open trade
with eight million people in the Confederate
Slates, who deeire nothing better than to be our
oustomers. me artioie concludes by saying
tbe contrast is all In Europe's favor. "
The privy counoils beld by tbeUueec was to
Issue an order prohibiting the exports from the
united Kingdom, or carrying coast-wise, of gun
powder, siltpeirr, nltriate ol ssda and brim
Tbe London Times understands tbe dispatch.
cs to Lyons, though oouohed in the firmest Ian
ensue, presumes the Federal Government will
not refuse to make an honorable repiration for
an Illegal aot.
The Times baa but small nope or such disa
vowal, and says it beoomes us to prepare for an
unfortunate issue lu Canada la case or war
with tbe Northern States. It adverts to Sew
ard's reoent Instructions to tbe people near the
Canadian, frontiers, the only Inference was,
that he as about to force a quarrel with Eng
land, t . " ' , ,
The Times advises Canada to prepare at onoe,
by disciplining nor militia, and drilling a vol
unteer army. '
Admiral Mime's neetoainoNonn Amerioan
station, amounts to eight hundred and thirty
seven guns. . '
Tbe frencn journals unlveisiliy look at the
Trent affair with English eyes. The nsws
caused immense sensation at Paris, And tbe
fil general Impreesloa was that ample repara
tion must be made to prevent a collision. .
f A communication .took Dlace between the
Kovermtnts of England n Franoe and a cood
understanding on tbe subjeot Is believed to
exist. ' I i ': i u " ,'i
'The morning Star declare' the statement
that Instructions to Lord Lyons, demanded
resntuuop ot tne reoei commissioners or
take his, departure from Washington, was pre
mature and so exaggerated at to be virtually
untrus. ! i-v r.i - ' -
The Post says It has been deoided by the law
omoers of the Crown thai tbe aotion of Capt.
Wilkes was unjustifiable Dd flasrant viola-
(ioa of the code of nations and direst Insult to
the country, and It it the duty of the govern
tnent to demand prompt reparation. We oan
hardly suppose, reckless as American polioy
tomeitnMt is, that the Northern States are seri
ously disposed; and says in one month we eould
sweep' all San Janolntos from the seas, blockade
all . Northern ports, and turn to a speedy Issue
tne war now raging, i nis is so oovtous tnai
we find it almost, impossible to suppose the Cab
inet at Washington oan commit an aot so mad
ly suicidal as to reject our positive demands.
Tbe Ne4 sajs there exists an undercurrent
of apprehension that the American Government
maul contemplates tne ' aesperate policy M
seeking a quarrel wnn cngiana in order to give
ground for" Jtbaadonlng the design of subjugat-
ins nerseu.: , j i -jr. r - , ....v.
The Times of the 35th nit. makes the Imnort-
aut announcement thai the cabinet Came to the
oonolusion that the act or Capt. Wilkes is a
clear violation ofThe law of nations, and one
for which reparation must be at onoe demanded
Bbould this just oemaua not pe compiled witn,
we eanuot doubt Lord Ljons will be withdrawn
from Waaniacton. i . ,. . -ar - j .. . i
The Times also says was tne deliberate
purpose of tbe Amerioan Government to slue
thn Cammlaelonerf . and It is understood that
GeoiSoott, since his arrival In Paris, declared
that their seiiare had been a subjeot ot caoinet
at Waablneton. before he left. - "'
.The Shipping Gazette believes if the demand
la pot compiled with, declaration of war by
tiojlaiid ie inevltatu. . '
There is no confirmation .of the report that
ten thousand troops win oe sent to canaua.
The Parla Patrie asserts that Wilkes bad no
right to take the Commlsslonerrwhlle on
Brititlh mall steamer, and gives a report. Jthat,
Admiral Milne forthwith detailed three war
vessels to escort mall ateamera between. et.
Thomas and Havana!, for the troteotlon of
travelers, i . is:f -
The Payt and Constitntionnel alii censure
tn acHoa o lot nan Jacinto.
From Missouri.
Srticuii, Mo., Dec. 13. Scouts bring In
osws of a proposed meeting of rebel recruiting
offloers ano tht formation of a rebel oamp in
the timbers.
Tbe Federal troops in this dlslrlol are kept
aotively employed. . Squadrons, oompsnlet or
battalions of cavalry and sections of light artil
lery, if reaulred.are ordered out by Oener.l
rope with a silence ana mystery, which are al
ways nroduotive or good results. Tbe com.
mending officer alone knows where the blow
to be struct, and tne rebel spies In oamp are
thus thrown off the track; and the expeditions
so sent out are almost Invariably successful.
scarcely a oay passes without bringing news or
a sxirmisn ana tne capture of squads of rrioe't
Tbe expedition tent north a few days slnoe
under Major Marshall routed a band of rebols
unaer Joe Hhelby, and oaptured four Captains,
iwo Aojuiants, one uoutenant and iorty men,
with arms, horses and waeons.
Theoanture of leading aeoesalon rccrultinff
offloers and breaking up of their embryo camps,
is aoing much tor peace and quiet. I hose who
are disposed to lay down tbelr arms and return
to tbelr allegiance, are suffered to do so.
Prloe't army is on Its last legs. Ilia men are
leaving In largo numbers, and if the present
vigorous policy against mose in arms, or who
mruisnea aia ana comiort to the enemy. Is pur
sued, a better state of things Is sure to follow
Gen. Pope, who is now In command of the
district embraced within the lines of the Mis
souri and Osace rivers, has established schools
ot instruction tor commissioned offioeri at eaob
oantonment, post and station, within tbe dis
trict, and the most rigid rules are observed for
acquiring military knowledge. Tbe school for
Instructions of company officers is presided over
oy colonels ot regiments, aod tbe school lor
regimental and field offloers, by brigade com
manders, to whom two reoltatiOns In taotlcs
and regulations are made. No ofBoer la per
mitted to be absent from these recitations un
less on guard, detached service, or alnk in tha
hospital, and In such cases recitations are re
quired as soon thereafter as oracticaba.
Regimental aud brigade officers are held re
sponsible for the strict observance of these or
ders, and names of officers who are carelese or
unattentlve, or who fail to acquire tbe lessons
set fur them, ars to be reported to headquarters;
auu suoa ouicers win oe examined by a Hoard
appointed for tha examination of volunteer of
noers. Division commanders will be present at
least onoe a day at some of tbe reoitstions of
schools within their divisions, and will give
such strict and constant supervision as will as
sure them that tbe requirements of this order
are fulfilled. -
Tbe General oommandlnar the district will at
least onoe In two weeks, visit every oantonment.
post or station within bis command, and will
assure himself either by personal examination
or thrjugh some officer designated for that pur-
uvov, iu ue uiuusra oi oia cwmmani are mak-
ng that progress in acquiring knowledge neoes-
sar to enable tbem properly to discharge tha
duties which ought to be expected, and, be here
by notifies offloers within this distriot that no
consideration of rank nor personal fellnM
deter him from tbe promptest and most strin
gent measures against any officer who does not
devote himself assiduously and earnestly to tbe
acquisition of that knowledge which alnna Ann
fit him to hold a commission.
A cantonment has baen fintahllahail nn
Lamioe River, and Major Cuss, of the Sixth
Iowa Regiment, appointed Provost Marshal.
ah colonels of regiments are to be held re-
possible for their regimental transnortatlon.
and are required to keep it In effeotive order
and ready lor the march at any moment. Any
failure in this regard, when oallsd out for the
march or for review, will be considered and
treated as gross negleot of duty.
me sale ot liquor ie positively prohibited In
every oamp, post or station in tbe district, and
all liquor now at suob points is ordered to be
sent to some distant place al tbe risk and ex
pense ot the owner.
tram a oopy of tbe Army Areas, cnbllahed
In the rebel camp at Oaoeola. and edited by J.
tir trv i ... r- . . r . .
vr . i ucaer, rormeny or tne state Journal, wbloh
was supcreised in St. Louis. and who la now nn.
der thirty thousand dollar bonda for trial for
treason, we learn that Gen. Price has Issued an
order from .the headquarters of the MIesourl
State Guard, In wbiob be states that the Con
federate government, proposes, lo aocoidauus
with the terms of the treaty between Cahlll
and Company, to receive into Its service as
many troops as may volunteer for twelve
months. These are to be enlisted as State troops.
and to be under theoommandoi Major-General
Price. Muster-rolls are to be sent to the Secre
tary of Wsr of the rebel government, and the
President will oommleelon officers and provide
for and pay the troops; bnt until the troops are
transferred, they win be paid by the State tbe
rebel. 8t4cs, however, guaranteeing that they
will be paid. A bounty of $30 la offorod to ev
ery non commissioned officer and private who
will enlist, and ten cents a mile for his (ravel
ing expenses from the place of enlistment to
Sxdalu. Deo. 15. Parties from the west
have arrived here and report thai three thous
and troops, under command of General Steen,
passed a point fifteen miles west of Warrens-
burg on tbe iith, evidently tor the purpose of
escorting some six hundred or eight hundred
rebel recruits with their baggage, provisions,
etc, from Lexington to Price'e army. The no
torious Capt. Sweeney and his band of forty
marauding rebels, captured a few days slnoe
by a detaohment of our cavalry, has been
brought here. -
St. Louis, Deo. IS. John Hogan, late Post
master of this city, was arrested yesterday,
charged with embezzling eeveral thousand dol
lars from the department during bis .term of of
fice. Be was taken before tbe United States
Commissioner, and held to bail in tbe sum of
Gen. Halleck's order; relative to tbe assess
ment upon secessionists for tbe benefit of refu
gees from the Southwest, is not yet carried into
effect, but probably will be this week.
: Tbe last installment of tho Camp Jackson
prisoners was sent to Cairo last evening to be
forwarded to Columbus.
The Democrat learns from gentlemen Just
from Lexington, that Generals Rains and Stein,
with six thousand rebels, were In possession of
that town on Friday last; and another large
bony of troops was expected to reach there yes
terday. i . v - -
Gen. Prentice, it Is said, was on the North
side of the river, with about three thousand
Federal troops, and had thrown a few shells In
to the rebel oamp and destroyed one of the two
ferry boats In their bands.
His informant says be beard heavy firing af-
terleaviog Lexington,' on Friday, indicating
that an engagement was progressing between
our forces and rebels: also, that Geo. Davis's
brigade of Federal troops left Otterville on Frl
day, for Lexington. , These statements need
confirmation. - v
Rebel Captain Sweeney, and sixty-three other
seoesb prisoners reached here laat night -
From Missouri. Interesting News from California--
Funeral of Gen. Baker.
Saw Fbancisco, Deo. 11 The steamer Gold
en Age silled for Panama to-day, carrying fonr
hundred soldiers and foo.uuu in treasure-
Among the passengers Is Gen. Bblelds, who a
oents a firig&dier-Generalshln.
insr iresnei irom lue recem rains exieuus
. . . .L. i
throughout the valley and other portions of tbe
Slate, doing immense damage to farmers, carry
ing off bridges, fences, eto. Paris of Stockton
and Marmllle were overflowed, as well as Sao-
ramento. The entire number of lives lost not
know. A number of brick buildings have fallen
t Marysvlllo.
i The loss of property at Saoramsnto isestlms'
ted at $80Q,Ul)0- communication with many
districts is out off and business suspended
The weather for the past two days has been
apparently settled and the waters have rece
Tbe funeral of General Baker is engrossing
the eeneral' attention at Sao Franolsoo to day.
Tbe volunteer force, and the State military, and
civil organizations, with citizens generally
make the . largest procession ever witnessed
San Fbancuoo. Dec. 13. About 120.000
have been subscribed in this city for tbe relief
oi sunerers oy me Baoramento fiood. The
water has been from two to twelve feet deep in
nearly every bouse In that city. One-third of
the city is still overflowed. . The water is slowly
receding. . ,U.,:K t
' '
? i . i i
Battmoai, Dee.' 16 Gen. Fheloa. at 8h!o
Irland, Mies., on the 6th of December put forth
a proclamation to tne toyai oituenj or tbt South
ait, itroogiy ann-siavery in tone.
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 16.
Mr. Grimes presented a petition that In con.
sequenoeor the preeent rebellion slavery be ah
tolutely and unconditionally abolished. -Mr.
Ten Eyok offered a resolution tbat tbe
present war Is for the Union according to tbe
Constitution; tbat the object of the war it to
save tbe former and enloroe tbe Hatter; tbat It
was so In the beginning, and should be to till
tbe last; that measures extreme, radioal and
disruptive In themselves, Involving In a common
fate the loyal and disloyal, should not be resort
ed to; and that In suppressing treason the Gov
ernment cannot prove a traitor to tbe organlo
law of tbe land. .'
Laid over.
Mr. Hale offered a resolution that tht com
mittee on Military Affairs inquire into the ex
pediency of providing a uniform manner for
dealing with the slavea of the rebels and those
made prisoners or escaping from tbelr masters
Airreea to.
Mr. Lane of Indiana offered a resolution that
the committee on Judiolarv be requested to pro
vide a law so tbat tbe alders of treason may bt
prevented from bringing suits for tbe collection
oi aeois in toe courte oi the unitea Btates.
Agreed to.
Mr. Sumner offered a resolution that the
Commissioner of Patents Inquire If any addl
tlonal legislation it necessary lo secure persons
or Airloan desoent tbe right to take out pat
ents. Agreed to.
Mr. Wilkinson offered the following preamble
ana resolution:
Whs rias. Jess D. Brlsht. Senator from In
oiana, did, oo the first of Maroh last, write
a. ..."
letter to Jeff. Davis a letter was here road, In
troducing a Mr. Lincoln to Mr. Davis as bay
ing an improvement In fire armsli and where-
ss suob letter It evldenoe el disloyalty; there
Rttoloed, Tbat Jesse D. Brleht be expelled
from the Senate of the United States.
Mr. Cowan moved the reference of the sub
jeot to the committee on the Judiciary.
Housi. A personal explanation occurred be
tween Meeire. Conway and Fouke, during wblob
Conway charged Fouke with a deliberate pur
pose to bring about a personal collision without
cause, and asksd whether such conduct was not
only unworthy it member of this House, but
characteristic of a blackguard and a scoundrel.
Mr. Fouke wanted to say one word In reply.
Mr. Stevens and others objected. They had
onougb ol such things.
Mr. Fouke, amid oriea of order, wat under
stood to say that Mr. Conway was a disgrace to
toe nation ana humanity. . .
1 here tbe matter ended in the House.
The House passed the bill to strike ont from
the pension roll the names of all persons who
have taken up arms against tbe Government or
In any manner aided tbe rebellion.
Mr. Vallandigbam Introduced the following
preamble and resolution:
Whiskis, Tbe 8eoretary of the Navy baa
reported to this House tbat Cant. Wilkes, in
oommand of tbe San Jacinto, an armed publio
vessel of tbe United States, did, on the 8th of
November, 1861, on tbe high seas, Intercept the
T. ent, a British mail steamer, and forolbly re
move therefrom Jamee M. Mason and John Sli
dell, disloyal citizens, leading coosplntort, rebel
enemies and dangerous men, who, with their
suite, were on their way to Europe to promote
the cause of the Insurrection, claiming to be
ambaesidors from the seoeded Confedrrate
States; and whereas, the Secretary of tbe Navy
has further reported to thie House that the
prompt aod decisive action of Capt. Wilkes on
this occasion merited and reoeived tbe emphatio
approval of the Department, and moreover In a
publio letter bat thanked Capt. Wilkes for tbe
tot; and whereat, tbit House, on tbe first day
of the session, did propose to tender the thanks
ot coogreis to Capt. w likes for bis brave,
adroit aod patriotic eonduot In tbe arrest of the
traitors; and whereas further, on tbe same day
this' House did requeel the President to confine
the said J. M. Mason and John Slidell In tbe
cells of convicted felons until certain military
offloerj of tbe United Statta, captured and held
by the ss-oallsd Confederate States, should be
treated as prisoners of war; therefore,
JUioJvd. JU tha mh of this Hoot, that It
Is tbe duty of tbe President to now firmly main
tain the stand thus taken, approving and adopt
lne tbe aot of Captain Wilkee in soite of any
menace or demand oi toe untian uovernment;
that this House pledges Its lull support to him
In upholding now the honor and indicating the
course of the Government and people of the
United States agalnat a foreign power.
Mr. Vallandigbam moved tbe previous que
tion. They bad heard tht first growl of tbe
British lion. It remained to be seen who wonld
Mr. Fenton of New York hoped the resolution
would be referred to tbe oommltlee oo Foreign
Mr. Vallandigbam remarked tbat a former
resolution approbatory of Captain Wilkes pass
ed without being so referred. He (Vallandig
bam) bad offered this resolution In good faitb,
and would stand by It.
Tbe House then refused to second the demand
for the previous question.
Mr, fenton again moved tbat the preamble
and resolution be referred to tbe committee on
Foreign Affairs.
Tbe motion wat agrcea to yeas ruv, pays
13. - ''
Tht House resumed tht consideration of tbe
bill tutborizlng tbt raiting of a volunteer force
lor the better defense ot Kentucky.
Mr. Lovejoy of Illinois hoped tbe but wonld
not passJ According to tbe ofnolal returns, we
bave a standing army or oeiween six nunarea
thousand and seven hundred thousand, which Is
amply sufficient for the war. We bave more
soldiers cow than ceo be used. Tbe raising of
twenty thousand volunteers lor twelve months,
instead of for tbe war, should not be authorized.
He did not understand that tht military author
ities had asked for the Increase. Besides, he
was opposed to tbt mode of raishv? men.
Air. Kicbarason or Illinois irustea tne oui
would oase. . Tbe volunteers proposed to be
raised lu Kentucky were of tbt best klod and
familiar with tbe State. The basis of opera
tions wss at Louisville, and twenty thousand
men were necessary to guard the base and the
line on whlob our army Is to advanoe. '
. Mr. Wickllffe said Kentucky bad furnished
twenty-SSVen tnuuiMid uioa he, t opUd what
he said the other day, that, namely before he
Introduced the bill, he mentioned tbe subject to
the Secretary of Wsr, and also' consulted the
President, who, together with his Cabinet, be
was informed, approved of tbt measure. At to
Mr. Lovejoy't opposition, ne knew that gen tie :
man would vote against anything but what re
lated to negroes.
lu the course of bis remarks- Mr. Wlokllffe
said tbat whenever our army shall move to take
ColnmbuB. we will require every soiuier mat
oan be brougat into the field to retake the place
and maroh on Tennessee, i oe volunteers win
not be reoulred to serve in Kentucky alone, but
to fight wherever an enemy can be found, and
thev will do it.
. Mr. WiokliHe enterea nit protest against
matins a regular army out of these more tban
six hundred thousand volunteers, xue geuue
. . i i i rtvL .1.
man from Illinois (Mi. Lovejoy) was at tbe bat
tie nf Bull Run. and must have teen we bad
not men enough. Tha decisive battle), in
this campaign must be fought In Kentuoky, and
When fought be wanted we nignways proietneu
' Mr. Stavena of Pa. oooo sed the bill on finan
cial erounds. saying this war must be carried on
in the most economical manner., c -
Mr. Dunlao urged tht passage or tne Din,
and argued there must oe loroe enougn to ue
fand Kentucky at all basarde. -
Mr. Given ot inow xora aiso supportea ine
bill. ' .
Mr. Love ov. la reply w tne remarxt oi mr.
Wickllffe. said bt would carry on tbt war to
put down rebellion and let slavery take care of
itself. He was not to be tntuniaatea by any
sneers or allusions to hi I anti-slavery senti
ments- He was not atraio or tne slave driver's
whip. He wat willing to vote in gooa nitn men
and money, but not lor the proposed force at an
expense of thirty million" dollars when It was
not needed. Some of tht superfluous fore on
tbe Potomac river Jought to bt tent to Ken
tucky. . ' r i-iT-f- it r fr
Messrs. Bingnam oi uaw, wajnaca t. aenn
eEsee, and lerrlll of Vermont, severally tpokt
In favor or the D1U. V. ..u. . 1 '
Mr. Blair of Missouri closed the debate.' In
reniv to Mr. Loveloy he said wa have tbt best
reason to believe tbat w havt not men enough
In tha field, foe we hart not .been able to- con
quer tht tnemy anywhere at yet, and havt not
met him at any tlmt txoeptlng when ha out
numbered net beuoe wt hart not been able
drlvt back tht foe oat foot,
Mr. Lovejoy replied, acooutlng for tblt by
tbt faot tbat the enemy will not meet us unlets
when be is la superior 'numbers. : t
Mr. Blair Then why should not our srmy
overrun tht tnemyl 'i '- '
Mr. Lovejoy Beoause we bave no uenerait.
Mr. Kisir advocated the bill, v
Tha bill nassed. t.
Mr. Allen introduced a' Joint resolution that,
tbs Senate oonourrlnsr. when tbt House adjoms
on Thursday next it be until tne 1st or J ana
ary. -
Tbs resolution was adopted by 60 ayes against
bonaya, I ... .
Adjourntd. , , .t,.
From Kentucky.
Pans, Ky., Deo. IS. Two of the most prom
inent aeoesslonistt In the oounty, named Abe
Spears and Dan. Helber, were killed about five
'dock to-day: Helber tbot a taldler through
the head, killing blm, when one of the soldier's
oomraaee, in return, suuea tnem ooto. me
fracas originated by a man named Rodgers at
tempting to get out of town with contraband
goods and letters for tbe Southern Confederacy,
.odtrers waa oantursd and Is now In (all. Let
ters found on him are in possession of the au
tborltles. .
An attack on tht town by tht rebels was ex
peoted, aod relnforoemente bave been sent for.
Seven hundred eoldlers will be here to-night,
everything ie quiet up to this hour, 9:13 r M.
Cincinnati, Deo. 15. Tbe Commercial's
Frankfort dispatch says tbe Southern Bank of
Kentucky, at uopkinarllle, having ordered tbe
Louisville branch to past large sums to the
oredit of 'the mother bank In Liverpool, to be
used, aa suspected, lor the rebellion, tbe Legis
laturs authorized the branches to aot Independ
ent of the mother bank until State authority be
Tbe Postmaster at Somerset wtltes on tbe
11th tbat both armies are on tho defensive and
fortifying. A gentleman In tbe oonfidenoe of
General Scbceff writes under the same date that
Zslliooffer was fortifying at Fishing Creek, five
mnes west or nomerset.
Dr. John Jackson, without provocation, shot
and severely wounded a Minneeota soldier, wbo
went to hie bouse near Bprinefleld to buy bay.
jaexson was arrested ana taken to Lebanon.
He will probably be tried by military law. He
was tbe Douglas elector of tbe Ashland die
rriot, and tbe brother of blm wbo shot Colonel
Vague rumors are afloat of a ficht at Mum
fordsvllle, between MoCook's division and tbe
enemy, but are not credited.
lbs fcnauirer'e Louisville corresoondent. un
der date el the 14th, sayt Gen. Johnston with
fifteen thousand federal troops on the northern
bank of Green river, and Rousseau seven miles
distant, preparing to join him, while another
ongaae, under Mccook, Is also moving to con
oentrate at Mumfordsville.
cucaner who twenty-nve thousand men was
Covering all tbe hills back from Green River,
and waa preparing to prevent our troops from
crossing the river.
General Thomas's division. on the left wine
is bearing down from tha East to get in Buok
ner't rear. Mitchell's dlvison on the right
wing, moves this morolng toward Green river.
The Confederates are actively ou the move, and
an engagement la momentarily expected.
Gen. Buell ia In constant telegraphlo commu
nication with our advancing columns, snd has
employed all the railway stock of the Louisrtlle
& Nashville Railroad io forwarding troops and
supplies. .
All bridges are repaired, and trains run
through to Mumfordsville. -
Six new Ohio regiments will pass thrnnch
Cinoinnail this week for Kentucky.
Virginia Convention.
Wbekuno, Deo. 15. Tbe Convention has
disposed of tbe boundsry question. Tbey in
olude, unconditionally, in addition to the thirty
nine counties lnoluded In tbe ordinance of the
August Convention, tbe oountiee of Pocahontas,
Greenbrier, Monroe, Meroer and McDowell.
Tbey also take In Hampshire. Morean. Berkley.
Jefferson, Pendleton and Frederick, on condition
tbat a majority of tbe votes cast at the district
election, and a majority of the oountiee com
prising It express themselves in favor o. earning
in at tbe elections to be held on the day ap
pointed by the Legislature. '
1 his attempt to extend tne boundary is re
garded by some as an endeavor to embarrass
the progress ot the new state movement. Tbe
Convention wat yesterday discussing a seotlon,
relating to treason against tbe Stale.
Mr. Vanwlnkle or. wood Co. raised the isiue
that there could be no such thing as treason
agalos. a State. One clause makes it treason
to speak i write, print, publish or olroulate anv
thing to uphold Invasion or insurrection during
the continuance of the same. This clause will
probably be expunged.
Mr. Ballello of Ohio county introduced
proposition prohibiting the importation of slaves;
making tbe duty of the Legislature to' regulate
in a humane manner tbe family relations of
slaves, and providing tbat after a certain date,
Involuntary servitude, exoept for crime, with
In the new State, shall cease. Referred to
Tbe discussion on this will probably begin
sometime next week. '
Southern News.
Lovievau, Dec. IS. Tbe Journal's advices
from Columbia say that heavy .cannonading
wat heard all day Friday in the direction of
The Jacksonport Herald lay a Col. Borland.
just returned from Pooabontae, reports tho Ar
kansas border still ie danger, ue eays the
Federals at Poplar Bluff Dumber from six
thousand to eight thousand. The soouts of tbe
two armies bave frequent skirmishes. Borland
wants all the men he oan promptly get.
Tbe CIcbot, Ark., Prese eaye quite a number
of letters have been opeded and the contents
abstracted on the mall route, between Iake Vil
lage and Memphis.
Mr. Lanlera was killed at Columbus, Ark.,
by T. Youqgj . Young wat subsequently bung
by a mob.
- A new urieana otspatcn oi tne linn eays
Lieut. Bhepard, commanding the rebel steamer
Mobile, arrived at Urasbears city with a Mou
tenant and nine Federals, prisoners taken from
the U. 8. sohooner Annie Peyton, wrecked near
Saline Pass. They were sent to New Orleact.
The Louisville Nashville Railroad has
stopped receiving freight at Nashville, the roll
Ing stock being demanded to transport ttoops to
nowiinE urtiD. . .... .
Tbt Confederate States Court, at Richmond,
en tht 9th, decided that no change ol citizen,
ship after tbe commencement of hostilities oan
protect alien enemy's property iron), sequestra
tlOn. . . . . 11 .-'"I'; r v ... ;
The Governor of Mississippi calls on the oit-
Izens for all weapons they have for the use of
the rebel army. . ; , , -
Provisional Governor Johnson has issued a
call at Bowling Green for twenty companies of
volunteers from Kentucxy. . . , . ' r
Tbe first battalion of Tennessee cavalry are
going Into quarters at Moecow, Ky.7 .'--. '
From Fortress Monroe.
FobtbJss MoNitoa, Deo. 15, via BsLTtitoat,
Deo. 16. The ensrtered steamer Constitution
arrived this afternoon." . , ,",'"',
- The Constitution left Boston on the 91st of
November, with the 36th Martaohusetts and 9th
Conneorleut regiments, arriving at Ship Island
on the 3d of December. AU the troops were
landed the next day, by some rebel steamers
captured 1 by our fleet. .The - Constitution re-1
malned at Ship Island four days, and sailed for
Key West and Havannac ; ? .-...-..w o,.,.
The Battle in Western Virginia.
PBTLtimi Va., Dec. 16 A forot consisting
of the Ninth Indiana and detaobments from the
Thirteenth Indians, Twenty-fifth and Thirty
second Ohio, and Second and Third Virginia
Regiments, and - RlggS' and Braoken'e cavalry,
In all about eighteen bundred men, under com
mand of Gen. Milroy. left Cheat Mountain on
tht 13th for tht purpose of driving the rebels
from their fortified oamp on the Allegheny
mountain!. Oar forces came in sight of the
enemy drawn up in Hue of battle in front of
their lUirenonineniB, caurgcu upaa mem ouu
drove them back. A hot fire wat kept bp dur
ing the afternoon by both aides, and ssverai
brilliant charges were made by our men. ' -
r Gen. Milroy withdrew at nigmiaii, mieatuug
tn renew the attack In tha morning.
- During: the bight the rebels left their oamp
silently, burning.. every tniog iuj. souiuy
carry wa wieui. .. , ., . 1
Our loss wat twenty kilted And thirty wound
ed, t Tbt rebel lost it believed.; to be not lest
than one hundred aad fifty allied, Inoludlog ont
a.M .tu. . wa h4a aniriv uritunert.
n. thi. last brilliant achievement Geo. Key
noldt'i front hat beta peered ol tht tntmy,
thert being no organized rebel forot within
forty miles of our advanot pott.' A detachment
sent out irom tbit place yesterday, returned this
wrcuiua; wa ten vaoei guerrillas, nolndy)f tb
Effects of the Foreign News.
Cincinnati. Die. 16. Tha Enoli.h rM
duoed profound sensation lo oommerolal and fi
nancial oiroies, ana tne impression seemed gen
eral tbat there Is great danger of war with
England; but while all admit that. If Wilk.
done wroog In tbe Trent affair, due apologies
noma oe mine; out u ne wss ngni, no hnmlll-
atmg concessions ought to be entertained for
moment to Eosland or anv other nower.
Tbe news greatly unsettled tbt market! and
produced a temporary oessatlon of busines to
that but littls was done In any department.
Ditxoit, Deo. 16. The European , news
oreates deep feeling, and tbt probabilities of
war witn fcogtano are rreeiy discussed. There
s a general desire for our Government to nlaee
iweir rigui aa regards law, wnen II will be sus
tained at every sacrifice. .....
Clcviland. Deo. 16 The news from Enc
laud produoed deoided sensation In this section.
The general sentiment Is thai our Government
must maintain Its rights aod dignity regardless
bogiisn oiuster. , ,:
New Yobk, Dec. 16. The Express says the
excitement on 'cuange was intense and beyond
description. Breadstuff were favorably offer
ed and al descriptions very firm, and many lots
cotton are withdrawn from tbe market.
Saltpetre advanced from II to 15o per lb., and
few boldors would name any prfoe. Brimstone
kept out of tbe market. Chemloals advanced.
Bicarbonate of soda went op lo. Coffee and
all withdrawn from tbe market, and only
offered a I enormous prfoes. Sugar offered spar
ingly. Sterling exchange advaooed to 40 per
Philadelphia, Deo. 16. The money article
me uuiietin says tne foreign news oaused a
feverish and excited stook market to-day, with
downward tendency, particularly In finances.
Toronto, Deo. 16 The English news oaotes
intense exoitement, and tbe aotion or tbe borne
government is strongly spproved.
Baltimosc, Deo. 16 Tbe effect of tbe Eng
lish neve In Baltimore has been to oail forth a
warm eymra'by of tbe position of the Presi
dent, while tbe rebels are rejololng at tbe pros
pect of tbe aid of England to overthrow the
Union. Nearly all the Irish In Baltimore have
been secessionist, but they are now rallying for
Union against Eogland.
MiLWAOkic, Deo. 16. There seems but one
feeling here as retards the Eosllsh news: tbat
tbe hope that the Administration, if right,
will maintalq tbe position taken, with firmoeee,
Issues be what they may. No one frighten
ed but wheat buytri.
Chioaqo, Deo. 16. The news from England
the Europe crtatee profound sensation In po
litical circles. It is not credited tbat ber Maj
esty's Government is determined to demand the
release of tbe rebel emissaries. MaBon and Sli
dell. If, however, such be tbe case, tbe feeling
seems to be tbat the Government shall be sus
tained in its efforts to maintain tht nation's
bonor and national integrity. The Tribune and
Times will suggest the propriety of submitting
question to the arbitration of some impar
tial neutral power. -
Pitts BURo. Deo. 16 The English news It re
ceived here with general astonishment and pro
found Indignation at tbe tone of the English
press and the alleged polioy or tbe British Uov
ernment tbat the houor of our country must
maintained, aud no concession made to Ecg
lieb bluster.
Latest from Missouri.
RoLLA.Deo. 15 Several oltisens from Ar-
kassis bave reaohed here during the week, and
enlisted in the Arkansas company nndtr Capt
ware, late member oi tbe legislature irom
State. These men tay there was a Union
soolety In Is ard, Fulton, Independence and
Learoy eountlee, numbering twenty bundred
men, which oould bave made an organised stand
two weeks more time; but it waa bttrayed by
recreant membtr, and broken npand scatter
ed. Many of these Union men have been ar
rested and taken to Little Rock. Some have
been bung, and a large number are now In the
woods, 'trying to effect their eaoape from tbe
State. ! .
St. Josim, Deo. 16. Iorty of Gsn. Pren
tiss's command returned last night, moet of them
sick with measles. They report that tbe Fede
rals had several ekirmisbea wllh the rebela on
their marob, killing a few of them. When at
the river onrjotite Lexington thev were fired on
the rebels at tbat plaoe and Gen. Prentiss
dispersed tbem with shell from three 12-pound
era, but there being no ferry-boats or meana of
orossiog tbe river, our forces were compelled to
return to Riobmond for forage and provisions.
wss Prentiss's resolution, however, to crocs
tbe river on Saturday at a point above Lexing
ton, and the forces Irom 8edalia.and Kansas
City would join blm.
1 be rebels are reported to be two thousand
strong. 1 .
bt. .loots, ueo. 10. All tbt claims against
tht Department of the West, which originated
prior to October 14th, must be filed before the
examining Commitsion, now In session In this
city, previous to January 10th, or they will not
paid by (be War Department.
All commissioned city omoers, and all county
offloers exoept nine, bave taken the oath of al
legiance prescribed by tbe state Convention
None of tbe Judges of tha Supreme Court, and
but one qf the State offloers, Col. Mosley, au
ditor, bave filled their oaths.
Tbe secessionists here openly avow their joy
tbe prospect for a war with England, while
the Unionists seem generally to hope that tbe
Admlnistrrtlon will firmly adhere to tbelr al.
ready proclaimed positions, and not deliver up
the rebel embassador) ' " '
John Aizon, who waa arrested on Saturday
for embezzlement, in a card published this even
ing says his arrest waa oaused by a disagree
ment between him and the auditing officer
of tbe general postofiloe, wbloh might have
been prevented by a prompter examination of
bis socounts, . ....
From Washington.
' W ashinotom, Deo. IS Gem Sumner waa
thrown from his burse this morning while re
viewing his troops. - A rib waa broken and oth
er inluriea suffered, but a teles-ram to McClel
Ian this evening states ha ia better, and will be
able to resume .bin cotnmana witnin. a. lew
days, -i
Tbe rebels have an Immense foroe and are
ereotieg a large battery at the mouth of Ooca
quan Creek, so that they can fire at vessels
plying between this oity and General Hooker's
aivteion.! . .- . , . :! i. . ..ni
[Special to the Herald.]
- The reoonnolssanoe made a few days ago from
Gen. Sumner s division, established tba fact
that the enemy bad retired from Anuendelt
Upon abandoning It, tbey burned, a few houses
belonging to persons suspeoted of Union- pro
olivlriesj :-
. . Wasmnoton, Dec. 16, The exoitement which
was at first caused by tbe somewhat belligerent
tone of tbe European news, Is rapidly subsiding,
and there ia a general beiiel tbat war with bog-
land oan easily be avoided without, dishonor.
Tbe President, It Is known, is strongly opposed
lo tbe adoption of a warlike polioy against any
foreign power under tbe preeent circumstances
of tbeeoubtry. ., . - .! r, ....
It la Understood here tn diplomatic droits,
that Mexieo ia preparlns! to make a verr vigor
ous resistance to the invasion of her territory by
Spain, Ftaoot and England; more vigorous than
the aillea at one time antictpatea. ' ,
. ,. !! -.
Cuviunp. Deo.lo. A fire et Ely He-on
Sundav ulnht deetroved twenty-three frame
buildings, prlnoipany orns .ana. r.uqpa,. Kane
,10,000. 1 Insured for $3UUU. .
From Cairo.
Ciiao. Deo. lC--It lis reporled "that the'rebehi
at Columbus bare reoeived a large number of
heavy anchors and oablee lor tbt purroee of ob
structlog navigation on tbe river at that place.
Great preparations are being made mere, ex
panting an early enact;.. ;. : .. , , ;;
BitTiiioii. Deo 18. The bark'Arnes-hit
arrived here. fc8h reports speaking tba Eng
lish brlf Mary Morton, which reported tuai me
Sumter and Iroquois had a severe engagement
aod one ef them, aha did not know, which, bad
put rate inaruolqut. to. repair, im m
Tm.ii.i a - run.. 15- A oasseugtr - from
Mumfordsville to-day reporie the brldgt ntarly
repaired, and piokete of tbt two armies are near
eaob other. .
ana 'it:
aj .wtsd the way bm9jtm '7.,TJ
""fl; , Holders art In, and tfaa Usd.Dey U B5t?lISf
ii."."r"r "a ' eatm Mat, as aa
toUtUlKgfc'"'' ui ! ef too
XS.- w w " 0'"is,at
wutuT-tr DWtiltast hw tlia katlili
OMoano tprlDK at tl 84f88, 3wb
36.000 So ambar Hlohl(.n itl iT7 tlV
' -M- " 000 alJlllsCsUlM!"
4 .nkUl.k.i . T7 a (KHsVI W
viaut at 3CB8So. . . 1
OOBN H.rk.t qaltt arid without Smi .v.
OATS Itaadv at44Aa5o t, J... n...... ' ' '.
era and ttata. ... . ww
110 !mnkliV!S!t "'rtiatanssttled; 1 of
of Bi" bTisEr! 1Su wllh m'AmS a-" ' "
W.Urn at (IS. ' " w PnB1
I?, A.o NT?ldM " food demand; avlas of 47S boioa at
SWfiZa? "
atarlal eh.n. -i- T ,LTv"".: P'"?" w,u? .
Off la-taie, 100 bags Klo at 13a; loo bon Jira at
MOlAggtS Qaltt with a of SO honhaasa tut.
f7s i31, ftrl. d- PorVo
was tiM inar mva arai ia bw At t. a. an m
Cincinnati Market.
at Oi
la exoaai of tha afforin.a. o ki.. k.m Zl .
1khs(rfaral tales war made. Utri.atmort dlfflei.ll
tot.ll. tha bt.t priot offend bln( 4 10. foV Uwlait
WHI AT Tha afl.rinn km v.. ii.i.. t .l. . .
Sin4.,MCh!? K",acl7 " sold at US
e., and oholoa jtl at SO of which tbara a noot offtr-
iJi io2.U,0W wb?1. r,n' 90o. for rod,
"It It trm at ao on arrival.
"hi,cl1 art mora teller, than tmytrt.
KZ,t ?.- ui.dun.t
to""fSu5aVM d"Boa,t' ta MBI prh"
inS?5"LA f0?J Bn elf. with ttlei of
JoT.i.PrtD0,pJ1' 0B fovammtal account, at 18
Wo. tht latfer ratt for print.
MOLABSas Bold at iic. '
BUOAa Tht demand tor lunt U fair. Cuba hell
ffrmly attJio.; M. 0. X(10Xo.
' Oommtreial.
Cleveland Market.
f L0t7B-4alaa SO bhl. doubt, irin .1 ai ms.
andSObbliradatS et. '
" n aaias a eart rtd at VTo.
OORN-tteady atXS30o, without salts ." ' '
Hog Markets, Dec. 16
- vera et.
weather to Sot for kllllnf. thadamaad it sood. ad
tha market arm it eel.rd'. nrw. n. .i"V.
WO to 80 int. firand plenty of buyers at tl 4013 SO,
and thoea avaraglof 100 to 310 lb., f 3 301 33. Sale.
? ?'HVt lbe. ware mada In tha moral ja at
? . I JbnS tha aamt prtea wat obtained for
ot "'J'0 had of Uiat weltht. Tha markatelaaad. at
.Vrvtri:' nWc
haad avaragloa 100 lbs. at.
.i. 9 SO
--. SSS
I 00
J 40
3 40
ST. LOUIS, 15th.
The ho( market bat arfghtanod up, aad pioktrt art
sow worklna full hand.. Tb. ctlpu,ra abool
tothe oepMlty tf tbe boueet bare, ar tba el.ofhwro
lx.t5,0OSkd dally. Ona boua ban(ht t Out "
II 65 troat, 000 a to, do, aod SOu'ataa 0. Mt
Mleeourl Booty. Prion are fiaduatad aoeordtar t.
heavy and IIrui walahtt. tor low avengta 80S Ibi. ar
hMt, the pilatt tuiva all the way from 3 o3 30;
3W,Mltaoarliver. Pro re re froaa Illlooit oki.II
reraet kllrtaarlaorraia.itioah k. ,
Btatt rtcatvt lu Pasters, howaver. art prepared to pay
any kind of money demanded, bat Itorntlai loaecoB
fueion In keeping np dliUaollon In pilots. ......
The netlDtl of lira haa. s-j ....
,86a, and uodtr tn acttvt reaneu b mkin t n.r
ktt wat brlek, andltha market advaaoed So par 100 lbe.
ttnet yttttrday. About S OOS head vara told meetly ta
paektri, at a raota of 1 UjM 64. ThU U not tuea a
hleh run of prteat at vat paid yeattrdayi bul tht eraat
bulk of tha t.lee vtra at 2 Mm 60 while tht tame
oi... vi nog. wbjo eoia yatiarday at fa 50(111 M. A4
tbaelott tht pens ware nearly amp, and tht markat
bare of dtatrabla lota oloataf very firm, under a rood
inquiry by paokera. rrlbooa, 14th.
There vara aalaa atrd..t Bt ia t. k.j ...
Oar packtrt art offering t3 133 SO. and 13 SS par
auuuim m, aswraing u qoa-ity. Tate it an aavuoa,
and than It a otnatiiueatanltameat In tht nmrae.
Bentlnol, )4ih
Maw Cork, I an aow praparwl lo aOar ta tht p.bll ,.-,m
a moet eseallant attortmenl of GOODS (OS GltNll . v,
CLOTH8, - .-
- ; I 1 CA8SIMERES, '
,' ."I " vestigIns," rK"l;
And a gantnl assortment af, 1; , ', "" '
of thtrtrboit and ntatttt etjrlee In tht market! all of
which X tm telling at tha CHEAPEST POBBItLl
BAT.IB IO OM. f.t . u
TTV" Snnclal AttaMtInn Pa mm.
tazr Off tcers ciotninfs , :y ' .
Bavins had lone aXDarlanoa In tha Rnl an1 M.nnftwv.
tnra of Offloere' Cletbing. I foal eonfldaut I eaa glreeu-
un hhhbsbob wan my patron.
. P. ROBE, '
Merchant Tailor, '
1- L'Oov. High aad Town ttrettt,
:tU "ii Ml. . Ji
Tfee Beet Artlf tela! lrieln it tho
r " Hainan Sign avar Invented.
LvrtflirPTr a vv.VT.TtT'''-f '
, -w- M ... , ,-r. , T v e .
mtntiof tin taeat immnt klnda of Saeetaoleei K i 5
AVI hie Oautee, whether for uaar or rar-e!bled. arr ol ...
araUDd tn eonoavo convex form witn tha greatest eere,
to at to tutt tht lyee of all oaaoa, tartog Wtaknett " ' '
PtnlucM ar Infltmmetlon of tba Bye, aad unptrttaf Ui :''
trmgi f-irlOBgraJlogerlueevlnt. r - . ' . , . v
Ohio. It Kaat Butt atreat, at Balnrnv. At Webet.r'i .
Maeiottori. ' . . ' V'
lUULaOtaetNo.lOovtrnmtnt Watmefl. .
9 a-r.ll. fllnna ' -V a-. Itaa.- .- -.
U! bouaa It a EalilnK. "
; iHtm iej. V(t( rrt.'
i 'VI " layer do.
J- - 100 drumt lfiff-
teajfcj:autJorrantMfo. tto-t
fa Store for salt ay -
, -.inc. h. bti"at;x,
novlt 10S InlhEkkStraet
. 1

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