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.-i. 1 V. 4e
Rail Road Time Table.
LlTTU Mum ft CeLUNiuiA Xsmu, R. R.
Night Kxprtes. Tit TJavton. :00 A
. M.
Olnclon.ll Asoommodallon- 6:111 A. M. ' HiSO P. M
Day Kxorea 1 55 P. M. 1:00 P. M
Wall and Accommodation.. 4:uu P. M. : Mill P. M
Jko. W. Doiiutt, Agent.
Nl.ht Kinrau ....3:50 A. M. 1:30 A. H
Naw YorkKkpret 3 IS P.M. 1:30 P. M.
' lasta Pat-mioH, Agtnt
OaNTKAL Oil lo ,.
Night Eipreee...w
Da Exjmaa. ......
..! 4:00 A. M. " 1:30 A., M.
,. 3.10 P. M. tai P- M
.., W. J .' Feu, Agent.
Pn uiuKaH, Ooldhiui A Onwuia'a.Ti R. E.
Hill Train ..... 4:00 A.M.- 1:30 A. M
Biurets Train....... IU.3SA.M. I:30P.M.
, , 4os. Jtosmso, Agent.
Columbus A IsniaHorout, R. R. . .
(Oolumsos Pwoa A Ixoiaju R. B.)
Chicago Ixpree 0:00 A. M. 8:35 P. M.
No. 11 4i V 9:00 P. M. 11.50 A. M
Baodusky " 0:411 A. U. . 3 00 P. M .
0. W. ffatiTM, Agtat
Local Matters.
Khtival Tho ladles of the First Preabjle
rian Church will hold a festival la the basement
of (he Charob this Afternoon and evening. The
public are rcapeotfully Invited to attend. ,
New Entirmibc No oltizen has failed to
notict with pride and pleasure the handsome
net building, four stories high and fanning back
one hundred feet, recently erected by our enter
prising fellow towuaman, Mr. Naughton, on
Hieh street. There are on the first floor two
fine store roomei the second floor is designed
for offices, and the third and fourth stories will
cocatlttite a Urge aud magnificent public ball.
Underneath the store-rooms are large and con
venient receptacles for the storage of goods.
The building, as our citizens are aware, is con
veniently located in the heart and center of onr
population, trade andbualnees.' '' yj: '
To-morrow (Thursday). Morning, Mr. Naugh
ton will open, in the store-room of this new
building which he has reserved for bis own oo
cupancy, a new and extensive stock of dry goods
for the accommodation of the pnblio. Give
him a call, ladles acd gentlemen, and see the
fine finish of the new building on the inside as
well as on the ontjlde, and do not fail to take
a peep at specimeta of his new and choice
goods. 1 -1 ' i.
Diftheria in Hoos The ZaneBVlIle Xku-
r 'ur is informed by a highly Intelligent gentle
man that the disease tho right to be the hog
cholera, which baa prevailed in various locali
ties in tbat county for some time past, proves
to be nothing more or less than the diplhttia.
A pott mortem examination reveals such to be the
D" Major McRae has been detailed Super
intendent of reoruitlog in Ohio, with his head
quarters at Camp Chase. .
07 The Twenty-second and . Sixty-seventh
Regiments have been consolidated, -with the
following officers: - Buostenbender, Colonel;
GUmore, L'reut. Colonel-
OT The Forty seoond .Regiment, which left
here on Sunday, embarked at Cincinnati on
Monday morning, on board two steamboats for
Catleltsburg, Ky. They took along fifty-five
wagons and one hundred and fifty mules-
Cam DiNNiaoN. The regiment "now ai
Camp Dennison are the Forty-eighth, in com
mand or Col. F. J. Sullivan; Fifty-fonrth, in
command of Col. T. K. Smith; Fifty-second, in
command of Col. Sargtant; Sixteenth, in com
maud of Col. De Courcey; a company of artil
lery, in command of Captain Birnett; Four
teenth Battefv of Artillery, in command of
Captain Burroughs; the Second Ohio Cavalry,
in command of Colonel Doubleday, and the
Fifth Ohio Cavalry, In command of Colonel W.
II. H. Taylor, making, in the aggregate, 6,805i
men aud 3,912 horses. ...
07 The Fortieth Regiment, Colonel Craioor,
left Camp Chase hat evening for Kentucky. It
is stated that four other regiments will leave
Ohio this week for the same destination.
i ii i 1 1 i i nna I a tsTJtssswstm a '
ST They are burping corn for fuel down In
Logai county, Illinois, and corn for 7o per
buahej is cheaper than coal , at 20c. It is in
great favor with the boys, as it does not require
to be sawed and split. '. ".
O Punch says the largest cotton milt in the
world is the fight going on in America.
Mas. Lincoln's Niw Bonnit. One of the
reporters of the New York Tribune, who Is an
acknowledged dead head among the millinery
establishments of the great metropolis, gives
the following thrilling description of the bonnet
of our honest President's wife, whioh was al
lowed (the bonnet, we mean, not the wife,) to
remain on' exhibition for a week or so.. He
saya: . ..
Viewed with the eyes of sense, it is simply a
modish bat of shirred, white cut velvet, having
a crown composed of boutibneet of tulle, over
laid with blonde lace. Ostrich plumes or white
and Magenta crlmaon adorn both in and outside.
But its arresting ' leature . eonslata of strings
which were manufactured in Europe especially
for the bet. They are of broad, white lusterlng
ribbon, upon which appear at regular intervale
light portraits, en butt, of the' President; each
one is surrounded by a halo of Magenta crim
son forget me-notsi an American shield rests
above him, surrounded by an eagle from whose
beak floats a blue pendant with" the motto "Un
ion Forever.'.' ,Thun regarding the bonnet with
eyes of Imagination, tttgloams upon m m m
exhibit of petrtotlo devotion, and an offering
moat touching to the wifely affection of Its des
tined reoipiene,- beneath whose dimpled chin
will be prisoned at least three of the "coun
terfeit presentments'", of our respected Presi
dent. ..- - - ' ' " i
BT At an eventag'party in Huntington, Indi
ana, a fef nights since, two young gentlemen
who bad been enthusiastic wide-awakes last
fall, but who refused to join a company of vol
unteers for the war, were eeiisd by the young
ladies, arraved in petticoats, and turned Into
the street. . . a,U3 J i I '. -j
Not We'll Ditid. -A Floridian, writing
from that.SUte.to.a' friend Jn Buffalo, says:
"We have raised this season abundant crops of
all kinds of provisions in the South. This is
attributed 'to Providence, but I understand be
has done' the .same . thing for our enemies
His position,' therefore,' Is not very well defin-
ITTThe Seneoa Knittinsr Mills at Seneca
Falls. N. now engaged on Government con
tracts, employ between three and ibuY'lbousand
men and women, and yet this force' I inadequate
to meet the' demand. -Orders for many Ihods
nds of pairs of stockings have been turned
away. Tie compahjKTiav'e Ordered' a large
amount of new machinery, sufficient to Increase
tbe) capacity of tho mill" at least one-third.
- i V Al
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Oaorg M. Paraons, Bxentorl
of aamutl Panon, d, I ltl, b, , 0, Oourt
William X. Brack at al. 1
to m dlraeUd, from the larxrtor Ooart of rmnk.
Iln County, Oblo, I will offar for aala, at the foor of
tna uoart-uoua, w u oily of uoiuoDua, on
Monday, the SOth day of January. A. D.18G2,
batwoan tlx toon of 10 o'clock. A. M.. and 4 o'clock.
P. Mm the following deaoribed real aetata, ittuata In the
county or rrankiin and Btata of Ohio, to wlti Parte of lota
Noa. H and 9 of the anlxllvlalan of nnn 1SHH. hlnr tha
ahara of aald William f . Brack in aaid lota Noa. 8 and 8. aa
wpm ana aet onio mm hy me Bupanor Ooart of frank-
uu winnij, umo, at iif majr term, loan, m a partition
ww ui hiu iuib ooiwaan nun ana nie wire niizaMtn u.
unci, to wit: Lot No. two (it) or aald partition, com
manolng at tba N. W. oomer of lot No. f of aaid parti
tion) tnenoe B. 57 dex, 80 min. 1. 108 88-100 polea to
the oantra of lha Oolumtaoa and IIrriihnr Turnnlk
Koad.thanca along tba oentreof aald nad N. 38 dac. 30
min. B. 83 polea to the 8. . eornor of lot No. t oti
partition: thenoe N. 57 dag. 30 min. W. 100 polea to
Uia 8, W. comer of aald lot No 8) thanoe 8. 1 dag. 30
min. w. 41 polea to the beginning, oontalnlng 3D acrei
Alao. lot Ho. three (3) of aald partition, oommenolna at
tba N.W. corner of lot No. 9; Jlienoe 8. 67 dag. 30
min K. 100 polea to tha oentra of tba Oolumboa and
Harrlabnnr Turnpike Road; Uienea alone: tba oentra of
earn roaa n. w aeg. au mm. jr. poica to tba B. .
corner of lot No. 4 of aald partition; tbenca N. 57 dec.
30 min. W.lKiltie-100 polea: tbanoa 8. 1 d.i. 30 min.
waat 69 50-100 palaa to tba place at beginning, oontalo
ingou acraa, rooaa, xupoica.
appnuaed aarouowa:
Lot No. S. oontalnlng 30 aorea. toiathar with the ateam
taw mill, (4,000.
Lot No. 8, containing 00 acres, at (35 par aoa
Printer'afeea, 8 75
and Matter Commlaaloyr.
Master Commissioifer's Sale.
George 0,
Samuel L
Superior Court. -
to ma directed, from tha Bnperlot Court of frank
lin Ooonty, Ohio. I will offer for aala. at tha door of
tne vonrt lionaa, In lha eltjr of oolombaa, on
Saturday, the 18th day of January, A; D. 1862,
at one o'clock, P. M., the following described real aetata,
titoatt In the connly of franklin, and Btata of Oblo,
to wlti
A certain puce or land In taction two m, fownahin
two (U), range aerentsen (17), United Btatae Military
land) commencing In tha cantarof Plank road ilxty feet
(60) tooth of the N. . oomer of a lot deeded from 0. L.
Waaterrelt to Peter Hammon; thence 8. with aald road
twelro rods (IS) and aome llnkt to SeorgS Stoner't Una;
thence I. thlrtr-one rods (31) and thirteen and a hair
feet (13K), thenoe N. parallel with ild road tlxteenrodt
(10): thenoe weat to the place of beilnnlni: It belni the
aama three acres (3) deeded from 0. L. Weitenelt to 8.
L. iiingo, ezoept a iraoiion oi reetwiae on ue n. w.
corner, and known aa lot No. one of the subdivision of
toe aboTa described three acre piece.
Appraised at iote noe. u, a, ana s, eww eaen.
, Not No,' 3 and house, 8175O0.
" The one acre lot, 75,00.
Q. W. HUTIHAM, Sheriff,
and Matter Commissioner.
Wiuon 4c BlKOHilt , AU'ti.
Printer's fees 85 00. .
.i ...
', i . :
; - ... AKJ
, or
Erar offered to the oitliene of Columbus-
' for either Wood or Goal.
' V ' . .
-. A.-,.:'- : .
for Large Famlllee or 8mall f amlllea, and rarjlng in
rnce rrom
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
i . Twenty-Five.
Of erery Price, Bite and Variety, for Coal or Wood.
j . Of many Pattern!.
10k.-rxxi.-y Stoves,
Both Cooking and Heating.
Lightest and most Portable
offered to the
Tent Store ever
' Officers of our Great Army.
For HeatlnDweIlloga. Chnrchea, Store roomt, or other
j large Bnlldlngt.
1 , For family TJee pr Hotelt. ...
.:,!" DOGG IRONS,' - -
. SAD IRONS, . ..
i And many bther articles "or any ether man." .
', ' i . - , , . ;
; v, No. 92 North Higli Street, . .;
; ; J. L Gill & Son.
,. nY-tf ' -r'r '! - , '
' Shooting Gallery. '
TBI ndtralrned bep leave, to. Inform h) friend
tbat he haa fitted np a
"Jt . Am e.A' '' f : -it .A
.' Oeed Q una, All Onni, fflitoU andHefrethmentt.
From all Parts of the World.
The Mason and Slidell Affair.
The Question in the
Union Cause in Eastern
Platte Citv Fired bv the
Thirty-Seventh Congress.
Gen. Patterson to have a Hearing.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Herald's Correspondence.]
Washinoton, Deo. 16 The President baa
received no official Information from England
relative to the Maaon and Slidell affair. The
Cabinet baa been in session for several hours
to-day, during which our difficulty with England
was discussed with great calmness and firmness.
Whatever the demands from England may be
(and the English newspaper bluster is not taken
as any true indication of the intention of that
Government), our Government has resolved
that Mason and Slidell shall never be given no.
This may be relied upon as a fixed fact. The
Impression is tbat England would make a de
mand for the release of the rebels seized, but
tbat a lengthy correspondence would settle the
matter without a war.
[Times Dispatch.]
A prominent and Influential oltlisen of Mart-
land, who has recently been In Richmond, re
ports that the Union sentiment in Eastern Vir
ginia is rapidly Increasing. He says tbat if
Congress does not legislate unfavorably on the
slavery question, that portion of Virginia is
aife tor the Union.
The rumors of a messenger arrlvlnor nnat
harte with dispatches for Lord Lyons, are false.
no ultimatum irom tne Bngusn government in
regard to Mason and SlideU, Is expected at the
beginning of diplomatic correspondence.
A man just arrived Irom Missouri, states that
Senator Polk has gone over to the rebels, and
is taking oounsel with them at Memphis. His
treason has long been flagrant, as well as that
of JobDeon, his - - -
[Special to the Tribune.]
The Senate Military committeee will report
to-morrow, or next day against the bill abolish
ing the distinction between regulars and volun
teers. Washington, Dec -17. The steamer Reli
ance came np from the Potomac flotilla yester
day and states that two now rebel batteries are
ereoted above tboee heretofore reported. One
of- them is nearly opposite the station of the
flotilla at Indian' ilead, the other nearly oppo
site the mouth of Watawanwan creek. At
both batteries heavy guns are mounted, evi
dently, aa they threw shot over upon the Mary
land snore.
The difficulty between Messrs. Conway and
Fouke. growing out of the debate in the House
yesterday, remains unadjusted. It is reported
that there is some doubt as to the party upon
whom rests the responsibility of sending a
seoretarr eeward this morning gave it as nis
opinion that no foreign war would tako place.
The remark was made in conversation with a
distinguished Englishman-
The Fire in Charleston.
Ft. Monroi, Deo. 16. Norfolk and Rich
mond papers give full particulars of the exten
sive conflagration in Charleaton, S. C.
The fire broke out on tne ntn nss. in a sash
and blind factory at the foot of Hazel street,
extending to tne macmne shop or Cameron &
Co. Before midnight the Ore had assumed an
appalling magnitude, and Meeting street, from
Market to Uueen, waa a mass ot names. As
tenement after tenement was enveloped in
flames the panio became awful, and thousauds
of families evacuated their houses, and filled
the streets. The buildings in the lower part of
the city where (he fire broke out, were princi
pally of wood and extremely inflammable, whioh
aocounts for tbe remarkably rapid progress of
the fire.
At midnight the Circular Church and Insti
tute Hall were burning, and tbe proximity of
the flames to the Charleston Hotel and the
Mills House, caused them to be evacuated by
their iimatea.
. At one o'clock the fire tended more south
ward toward the corner of Archdale and Queen
streets, to tbe rear of the Charleston Hotel and
to the end of Home street, crossing Market
street. Tbe fire spread down East bay to Cum
berland street, and across to tbe Mills House,
including in its destruction the Circular Churcb,
Institute Hall, and the Charleatou Hotel.
All the buildings on King street, from Clif
ford nearly to Broad, were destroyed before
three o'clock.
' General Ripley, who superintended the move
ments of the troops who arrived at the scene
at about this time, ordered several buildings on
the routo of the conflagration to be blown np.
After some delay the order was executed, but
not belore the theater, Loyd's eoach factory,
opposite tbe express office, the old executive
building, and all the houses from this point to
Queen street, bad caught fire and were de
stroyed. At about four o'clock the wind changed the
direction of the flames toward Broad street
Soon alter Andrewa's Hall took fire, and subse
quently the Cathedral, the spire of which fall
ing shortly after fire o'clock, the fire made a
clear sweep through the city, making its track
from Eaat Bay to King street.
The Charleston Courier of the 13th instant
gives a list of between two hundred and three
hunred sufferers, and says the loes is estimated
at from $5,000,000 to $7,000,000.
Mr. Russell, at whose factory the fire origi
nated, thinks that It mast have been occasioned
by an incendiary or by the negligence of tbe
...The Mills House la only slightly damaged.
. A message was sent1 to the Confederate Con
grets on Friday by President Davis in relation
to tha conflagration at Charleston, recommend
ing an appropriation in aid of the sufferers. A
resolution waa accordingly unanimously adopt
ed by the Congress appropriating $250,000 aa
an advance on account of theolaima of South
Carolina upon tbe Confederate States. ,
; Five churches were destroyed, viz: The
Roman Catholic Cathedral, St. Peter's Eplsoo
fl church, the Methodist church, the Cumber'
and Street churcb, and the Circular church.
The Charleston Meroury says fifty-seven
buildings were destroyed by the fire.
' A dispatch (from Richmond, dated the 14th
inst., says that the Federals, five hundred
strong, attacked Col. Edward Johnson at Val
ley Mountain, on tha 13th Inst., but were re
pulsed with great loas, after an engagement of
several noura.
Ben MoCulIoch had arrived at Richmond.
A pataenger by tbe steamer from Fortress
mouroe reports tne arrival or tne steamer uon
necticut at Old Point, with tbe Intelligence tbat
Fort Pulaski has been evacuated by the rebels,
end is occupied by the Federal troops.
Naval Engagement.
New York, Deo. 17. The Constitution
which arrived here vestardav. left at Shin la-
land a large body of troops, ber splendid rifle
long ranee guns, and six fine life boats.
On the dav tha Conttltntion sailed from 8hln
Island, a naval engagement took olace within
eight and quite near the Island, between the
u. a. gunboat New London and the steamer
Deaoto and two rebel armed veisala, tbe Pamli
co and California, which were attempting to
run the gauntlet from New Orleans to Mobile.
nobody was burt on either side.
Fire at Buffalo.
Buriirji. flan. 17 TIia w.jrimna fnmiArl
occupied by the Michigan Central Railroad,
and the propeller Dunkirk laying at the dock,
.If. fla.r.n. kw ..LltilamnMilnf. Vlw hnn.
" V V W J w.viuwiuviUUIJJ. I . V UWU-
dred barrels of flour In the warehouses were
burned. Lose on propeller, $lo,uuu. other
losses not ascertained.
From Missouri.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat.]
TirroN, Mo., Deo. 16. Yesterday orders
were received here for all the forces at this post
to hold themselves in readlnets to march at a
moment's notice. At the same time Gen. Pope,
commanding tbe department of Central Mis
souri, at the bead of nearly all the troops In
winter quarters at Uttervllle, marched westward
toward Warrensburg, for the purpose, as is gen
erally believed here, of outting off Price, whom
our scouts reported nuking forced marches to
reacn uena. uaios and stein, now in toe in
trenchmenls at Lexirjcton. Everybody Is on the
qui vive for startling and good news, aa univer
sal confidence is felt In the ability and bravery
Geo. Pope and bis army.
LiIavinworth, veo. l .Advices from Mound
City to the 14tb, mention a foray by a party of
two hundred rebels near Potoal. Linn county;
two hundred bouaes were pillaged, and one man
Cot. Montgomery had gone In pursuit of the
marauders. -
It waa believed at Mound City that none of
Price's forces had crossed the Oaage.
LiAViNwoRTH, Deo. 17. A portion of the
town of Platte City, Mo., including the Court
House and Postoffice, was destroyed by fire last
night. ' It was set on fire abont one o'clock by
aome rebels, but suppressed by troops under
Colonel Morgan. At fonr o'clock it was again
successfully fired. Tbe county records were
saved, but the contents and office were destroy
ed. Many arrests were made, Including some
of Sy Gordon's guerrilla band and one of Price's
Latest from Beaufort.
New Ton, Deo. 17. Private letters from
Beaufort say tbe atone fleet sailed from Savan
nah for Charleston, in company with a man-of-
war. The ships were to be sunk in unarleaton
harbor on Saturday last.
it bee island is occupied by one tnoueano
men, who are throwing np batteries for use'
against Fort Pulaski, if necessary.
Tbe sioon-oi-war savannas and tnree or
four gunboats were off Tybee.
The steamer Baltic, witnooe tbousand troop.
left Port Royal for Fernandina, with tbe Bien
ville and another gunboat. The fortifications
there consisted of five guns, manned by two or
three hundred men. It is thought it will fall
into our bands after a brief struggle.
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
Kansas Citt. Dec. 17. The Santa Fa and
Carson City mail, with dates to the 3d, arrived
on Saturday morning.
Tbe rauu mintia called tor by uov. uonneliy,
from tbe second division, Maj. General Har
ney, bave been organized and one company
mustered into service.
This mail brings Intelligence of a horrible
maemore at Ft. Stanton.
On the approach of the Texans to that post
In tbe summer, all tbe citizens lu tba YloiniiT
fled to the settlements, leaving their homes,
crops and everything else nnbeeded. After
tbe rexans abandoned tbe claoe. tbe Anacbee
Indians took possession and bad command ot
all tbe country around. A party numbering 2U
men determined to re-visit the neighborhood
and obtain wn at tbey could or tbeir remaining
cropp, when the whole number fell into the
hands of tbe savages, and were brutally mur
All quiet at this place. Col. Weir, of tbe
4th Kansas regiment Is in command. Col.
Jennlson's Western Kansas cavalry, with a part
of the 9th and Iowa 12th, also a section of
Tottcn's famous battery, enoamped within a
few miles of this place last night, and will
move toward West Point this morning.
From Fort Pickens.
Ntw York, Dec. 17. The gunboat Connec
ticut from Galveston, SOth, Southwest Pass,
1st, Ship Island, Sd, Mobile Bar and Fort Pick
ens, 3d, Key West, lOtb.Tybee, 13th, and Fort
ress Monroe, 16tb, has arrived.
All the crewa of the blockading fquadron
were well.
Tbe sloop-of-war Richmond wes at Key West
repairing damages.
The Connecticut brings tbe crew of tbe cap
tured pirate Royal yacht, and captured steam
ers Anna and Henry Lewis. -
The Connecticut also brings as a prisoner a
marine who attempted to desert from Ship Is
land; also thirteen of Billy Wilson's Zouaves
and a number of regulars from Ft. Pickens.
Nothing new had taken place at Ft. Pickens.
A detachment of troops from Port Royal had
landed at Tybee.
The Connecticut brings no report of the evac
uation of Ft. Pulaski by the rebels. Tbe re
port from Fortress Monroe is therefore untrue.
Fort Pulaski Not Evacuated.
Baltimore. Deo. 17. We can learn nothing
confirmatory of the reported occupation of
Fort Pulaski by the Federal troopa. Tbe re
porUwaa stated to have been given by a passen
ger on the Old Point boat, and the rumor is
probably unfounded.
Capture of the Royal Yacht.
N Vmr n. 19. A IaDap frnro ahaard
the frigate Santee states that the schooner
Koyal xacbt waa oapturea oy two Doats ana
forty men from tbe Santee, under command of
Lieut. Janett, Lieut. Mitchell second In com
mand. She was boarded at 3 o'olock In the
mn.nlni,. anil tnlr an after a sharo conflict.
The schooner was set on fire and entirely
destroyed. -
Thirteen prisoners were taxen, toree oi tuem
nn inaa a aa fniinwa: Henrv uaroia. sea
man, killed; John JU. umery, coxswain, since
dead; Lieut. Janett and m. easier, gunner,
wounoea; ano nve men.
Grand Havin. Mich.. Deo. 17. A fishing
boat was run down on tbe barbor this morning
by the schooner Peoria, and three men, Peter
UeUans, Marion ver Huiz ana rairicx w amer,
Fridirick. Md.i Dec. 15. It has been aacer
tained that the rebela had considerably increas
ed their force at Martinsburg, probably by a
contingent from Gen. Jackson's command. ,
M Vmr. Dak. 17. A meeting of bank
officers resolved not to suspend specie payment,
according to wianes ot tne uovernmeni.
Boston, Deo. 17. Tbe Europe arrived .to
Cantain Sevmour.the Queen's messenger, al
so special messenger from Minister Adams, left
here this afternoon tor w asuingion. ,
Plain Ottoman Clothe; v. .
' Vagentaand Blaok Oheek Tatenelssf -1 - t.
Broohe Bonbaix Dress Goods; I . .
, ,., 1 Balmoral Bklrte; .. . .-v . . m .
t. Alexanders' Kid flloyei;
...... " ttorelrsU Hoop Skirts. . ,
( i CorteU.HaU5ets,c, .t.
-: , riaia manuva
niT je nn.
Ifo.JO BotU Hlfh Stmt-
Capture of the Royal Yacht. THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS.
First Session.
was received
to authorize tbe sending of a volunteer force for
the defense of Kentucky. ' v-., ;
On motion of Mr. IIowell,lt was referred to
the Military committee. .
Mr. Sumner presented several petitions for
emanclnatlon of the slave of rebels.
' Mr, Wilson reported a bin for an Increase of
iae namoer oi oaueis at n eat i oiu.
Mr, Latham offered a resolution tbat the
Secretary of War be requested to inform tbe
senate by Virtue or wnat law ano wnat reason
passports are required from paisengers to San
Fr aodano. which waa agreed to. . . ' . .
Mr. Sherman offered a resolution that the
Secretary of War be requested to furnish to
tbe benate a copy or all correspondence oe
tween Gen. Scott and Gen. Patterson,
Agreed to." v ? r
Mr. Introduced a bill in relation to
claims for French spoliation. '
Mr. liane sdoko against tne nrecent insuun
ty of our Potomac army. . He said we must
advance Into the rebel States and whip some
body, and then loyal men will come out by
thousands.--. ' - . ! - t
Mr. Carlile spoke against tbe ground taken
by Mr. Lane on tbe subject of slaves.
Mr. Lane continued, saving we must fight
and gain a victory before England sends ner ar
my and navy upon ns. If we are victorious,
she won't send them. - , v j ."
On motion of Mr. Grimes, , . .
Tbe resolution which caused this debate was
laid on tbe table. - ' t
Tbe bill orovldlog for an allotment among
volunteer levies, with a snbatitute, was pasted.
Tbe Kansas contested seat came up, ana was
postponed till to-morrow. - 1
Tbe Cbalr announced tbe committee to In
vestigate the general conduct of tbe war:
Wade, Chandler, and Johnson of Tennessee.
A resolution from tbe House about adjourn
ing until January 6th waa tabled.
Adjourned. - - .
House.-Mr. Bingham, from the Judiciary
committee, reported back the joint resolution
directing and requiring the Provost Court at
Alexandria, V a., to retain ana saieiy nep in
its custody any property taken as that of persons
engaged In or aiding tbe rebellion against the
United States, until tbe further action of Con
gress touching the same.
.The resolution passed.
Tbe House resumed the consideration of tbe
special order, it being Mr. Elliott's resolution
proposing toe emancipation oi tne slaves oi reb
els, etc.
Mr. Harding of Ky , Invoked calm and patri
otic consideration of the subject now before tbe
House. It was with the deepest pain that he
witnessed the Introduction of tbe proposition
at an early period in tbe session, and the at
tempt to para it under tbe operation of the pre
vious question He thought thai there was a
disposition to exclude all reflection and a re
fusal to pause in the apparent mad career, but
when a disposition was afterward shown to act
with deliberation, bis hopes revived.
Mr. Harding then proceeded to elaborate the
following points of his opposition to tbe pend
ing resolutions: 1st, We have no constitutional
power to pars them, or any bills on the subject.
2d, As he proceeded to show from eoplous ex
tracts, Uongrets and tbe President and tbe Ad
ministration stand pledged in the most solemn
and pnblio manner against all interference with
slavery; therefore, to sanction such, a policy
Would be a palpable violation or tne pugbted
faith of this Government.- 3d, He opposed the
resolution because legislation on the subject is
forbidden bv every trioolplr of sound policv.
4th, He opposed them, as air kindred measures,
because tbey would inaugurate a war wbicb
would involve in its horror the loyal and dis
loyal, tbe innooent and guilty, and a warfare
disgraceful to any civilized and Christian na
In the course of bis remarks he said this war
has nothing more to do with slavery than with
any other institution. Let slavery alone, and it
will take oare of itself. -He showed the injus
tice of diverting this war from Its original de-,
sign, namely, tne restoration oi ooeaienee to
tbe constitution ana tne laws, ana tne preserva
tion of the Union.
The following were submitted by Mr. Van
Wyck, chairman of the Investigating oommit-
Rttohed, That the Secretary of the Navy be
requested to adjust tbe olalm agalnat tbe gov
ernment for the 6,000 Hall earblnea purchased
through Simon Stevena, Esq., by Gen. J. C.
Fremont, on the 6th of Aug. 1881, and after
ward delivered at the United States arsenal at
St. Louis, on the basis of a Bile of said arms
to tbe government for twelve dollars and Ifty
cents each, reiecting all other demands against
the government on account of the purchase of
said arms.
Resolved. That the practioe of employing ir
responsible parties, having no official connection
with the Government, in the performtnoe of
public duties which may be properly performed
by regular offloers of the Grernment, and of
purchasing by private contract supplies for dif
ferent departments where fair and open compe
tition might priperly be invited by reasonable
advertisement for proposals, is Injurious to the
public service and meets the unqualified disap
probation oi wis nouse. T ....
Tbe conclusion of the report was postponed
Mr. Morrill introduced a bill, which was
passed, to suspend the appointment of assessors
and collectors ol.lncome tax nntil tbe 1st of
April next.
A bill for Indemnity for the detention of the
British ship Pirthahire oame np. -
Air. Uox in tne coarse oi nis remarcs on tne
subject, said the Government took pride In ac
cording satisfaction In this case, and he hoped
the notion of this House toward foreign pow
ers will show wise and just conciliation without
any timid or time-serving concessions. He ad
verted to England's strange eoorae regarding
the pirate Naehville.
Alter lengtby remarRs tne bin passed
., f A. ':
'A ,
Battle on Green River, Ky.
-' Looi.villi, Deo- . 17- Four companies of
Col. Willioh's Indiana regiment were attaeked
this afternoon on the South side of Green
river, ornosite Mumfordsville, bi Col. Terry's
regiment of Texas Rangers, tiro regiments of
lnfantrj and six pieees or artillery, uoi. wn-
lion was reinroreed, ana arore tne reoeis oaci
with a loas of thirty-three killed, including
Col. Terry, acd fifty wounded. The f ederal
loss was eight privates and one Lieut killed,
anrl sixteen wounded.
The Democrat baa advioea of the Federal
troops erossing Green river southward all day,
with great rapidity.
The Democrat afso has a business letter, dat
ed Somerset, Monday.-whicn mentions no en
casement in that vicinity.
The Twelfth Kentucky, Col. Haekms, waa
entrenched two miles south of Somerset.
All aulet la the vicinity of Campbellsville,
np to tbe ibtn. . . ; . ,
rmniMviTi. T)ft. 17. MTha flnm'mArial'a
Frankfort dispatch etys the select oommittee
reportea a resolution expeiung nepresentaiives
, 1 . . i ...... 1 - Tir 11 p.,.. an...
iMlioir-, uaiiuewsuu, nuuiu, uwuig,
tooth: Gilbert. Boone and King, for aiding tbe
akllAI I i at ft :..)- , i- " ' .'-
Five rebel officers and soldiers captured some
Amm ,m I iv Tannaaa, bs Unionists from W sib-
ley county, Ky., passed to-day en route for
A letter from a prominent oflloer at Mnm
iV..allU ..... Ih divisions of Generals Mc
Cook, Johnson, Wood and Rossean rested on
the northern bank or ureeo river Sunday.
n i.iw , , j .
la fn.lrlnt. vanid nrAnaratlAns. and arlll
a i.m.. ijtnannn. lien, sava 1 nnmaa-a
leave in a few days. Rumors abont the move-
nan. nf tha anpntT riAiaw are raiiania.
N.luui 'a rllvlatnn Anr.amned on Muidionoh's
nil), on the old Nashbllle turnpike, Sunday, in
nne oraer ana spinto . - 1
A .private letter . dated Somenet, Sundiy
Mtffhe MnArfa tha, nanturA of a neffrn aervant of
a rebel officer as he was taking provisions to
. i.i .. tt . i7.nt..r.- 1... c nnn
reoei picaew.. . 11 0 e.re .uiiiuuuvt una v,uvv
troops this siae ana x,uuv tne otner siae ot law
river, fortifjiog both sides, with the purpoes of
' 1 sms wMmAtwdarl eC Nnfflar4l in AC sllirnV DDilQ
red rebel cavalry bad surprised a portion of
Col. HanuQ s regiment, auien s, mw uu uajr
tnrta iomev naazars .oastpas hu uym
UOinmDia. ' -
1 it .Li. la indaz of Kentoekv aen
tlrhent, the Statu wlirglve prompt and oordial
support to the uovemment in reiusing w sur
render Mason end Slidell.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 17.
I LOCK Market la a trifle batter with a modetato d
mnoa Mir expon; noma inas Darin, is UmlUd extent
Baits of xe.ouo obit al 5 vs as for rejaotad; $1 40
, w ivr aup. bum. m wksw ,u tor axira et&t. as 7n
nr. I , n m - ' w
' mi uvi .um -j way v ior superune western
9 iaaia ro ror common 10 mauium extra weatam
S9 IKXat US for ehloolna? brands antn nraiui k.
Ohio, and 1 066 74 for trade brands da. Ouadlaa
nour moderate business doing at bettar prices. Salaaof
sarrais at wsi do lot fu pera.ua; S3 707 St
tot tommon to chotoa axtia. .
BY VLOtTR-Qalet and steady with sales of tuo
bblaatt3Mc$t40. . ... j
UOKN MJRAL-In fair reaneat: aalaa 100 hblaaxtrs.
wasters at $3 SO.
onSIi?YIn W' lue,l wtta ff 500 bbls, at
WHI AT Tally one cant nlgher with food export de
mand; holders lenerall dlsDosad to (n.l.t o hi,i,M
price.; sales of SUM) bushels Ohlcaao tprinc at SI &)
1SU; tM.OOOdo Milwaukee club at 1 33; J3.U00
ai ; ,iw ao extra coo toe do at
ISS; 32,000 do red west.rn at 13fV14!; 86,400 do
.ur vicuiK.n ai i ajtvi ; jrxuvy do amber Kan.
tuckrattliASl 40; 6,000 do winter red etatsat 1 37
i uv uo mixta weswrn as si w: luuuao waits at ten.
lian at ai 47ai SI.
EYl Without lniDArUntVh.il..! uh. a 4411A kn.h
at 83385c. ' :
n BAULItY QuUt; tales 1000 bubals at 7173o for
OOKN Less dolna and m.irt ..t.
sales 41,000 bushels at 7XIUH f. n.in,. J.,.
OAtB Dnll at 44245c for Jaratr. rWHI.n L.
era and state.
rOBK Little moraactlra. tint nrlu. wtthnnt .h.nM-
aalet of 1600 bblaat ails Sai3 75 r an ua
OOOfqrpiime. . .. i ' .
.B.,.!?E"U 1B,U flrm moderate demand; tales
of ISO bbls al 4S4 SO for oountry prime; tUMS SO for
country mesa; ail S01S for repacked meet) $13 75s
M 07 x for extra meat. Prime mess beef baa a food da
mand. :.. .
BKIV Bi.118 Quiet and al.ulr..t IV, in, .Hm.
weatern. , , r.
Out MEATS Doll ml ..i .
aho.ld.r.,.nd46H77o, hintr" "
.n,.5"o"."1B,,Bl1 tnd "hout decided ehanee.
... , j . wmmm ui w mm lor
future delirer at8Kfia7i fo ...j n
n "i'ldlea; 77Xo short rlbbad do. . ,
4 757 "-7 atade nrmeri aalea at 4 003
LABD Mora actlra: bin osa hki. .iun.i
at 1 l15o for Ohio and 16S1 for iuk
OHlESK-ftulet at ..
8UOAR Raw In hi. d.m..4 ..4 a i . ann
bhda (Juh. al aiAu, onn t..j. t ...... n,J .TT." JJJ.
?, bbl'. S,;rS't"le at eXe; and by auction 8W) hud. Porto
moo at 7i eHo oash.
COIfKit-Baiesiioo bagt Bloat 18o; 190 ben Java at
MOLARgRB Onlatwlih i in i,.. j. n.i--
dost at 35S3B: 30 hogsheads Porto Blco at 40 and by
,nf L't".'0 100 hofihaada at 3SK38lo.
Brounu-tiulet aud gentrallj steady.
Philadelphia Market.
FLOUR Firm and In moderate demand.
WH1 AT Steady and unchanged, t 'i
OOBN firm: In fair Tenant .1 Mih. M ..n..
new 55958c. ' "
OATS Bales at 40(S4lo,
WniBKT-Dull at ll20e.
PORK Meat at 12 J013 60. '
o .ti7W7.e. - T"-
Cincinnati Market.
There was a rather better ataikat for floor aa.A.. m
tuch, however, at to create any ehangs la the rsnfe of
WHEAT Met with a fair local demand. Though
holders are) Arm, the market has no elasticity, and
consequsntly the offerings are light, at tha last quota-
OOBK Had only a fair market to-dar. and dlailllaia
Were not dispoaed to pay orer 38o.
OAT3-Hara leas nam than on Saturday; Prleea
tubtlded to-day, when, to the great surprise of the numsr.
out holder!, a heary f orernmant contract was Ml at 38o,
lnolndlDgeackj, delivered here. . , . ,
KYai it tteady at 4Vo, . ' ,
BARtFY Remains unchtnged. - ' '
WHISKT It Arm at 13e.
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Market dull and nnrhanmd. No ul.a .
WHEAT Sales ot 000 bush red at OSoand 1000
buah white at 104.
CORN Bale of one oar on track at 3e, and 500 bash
from store at 37o.
OATS Bale of 1 oar at BOo.
BARLEY Steady at 453S0e for fair to prime.
HIGH WINES Quiet with small sales at 1 60.
FEATHERS Sales of 800 lbs lira testa at 35o.
LARD Steady at 7(27X0.
flRkWAW fin. KtrintL
HOOS Dressed, salea of 3 head at 3 55, and 10 do at
a. 11. avaragiDg uu lot.
Hog Markets—Dec. 17.
The market for ororltlont recelred oulta a chill in ih.
foreign news, and operations were to a great extent eua
nendtd. Hellers of course had tha nrndenca not to nff.r
siun wun any eagarnata, so mat no decided ebanga In
prices can be reported, although transactions, nmhahhr.
couiu not oe maaa wiuoot oners at material conces
sions. The hot; market waa neoesaarilv affected In mm.
pathy with the morement of the produet, and paokers
wora msiooiioaa, lor ins unt, to maxa saw engagomania.
Thia was particularly the ease with those naakini far tar.
eign account. Truly tha market might, In the language
01 an old packer, be quoted, ''firm, with a downward ten
dency" at leaat to far aa the spirits of paokew would
The market Wat met with much nerroutnasa dnrin.
the morning, but drovers were SDDarentl not Intimi
dated. In this feeling they wets maintained by the re-
porieo. receipts not snowing very heavy arrivals for two
days. Pricea consequently were not much ratniwl. and
after 'Obange tbe depression seemed to be lightened a
num. vaouuons may oe mans wnnia a range el 93 w
to S3 40 though theae extremes were varied from, both
below and abovs them, In transactions which were
There It not any doubt that the oontlna-enov of a war
wun ,ngiana mutt now be taken tn the calcutaoona of
pacteTa, and lr prices be maintained under auok uncer
tainties, It will surely be a matter of surprise, notwith
standing the well known mysteries of the trade.
Prleea of hogt are somewhat better than reported last
week, the ruling rate being S3 25 lo $3 3S net, aa high as
(3 40 being offered for fine lots. There hare been no
material salet, however, feeders ef hogt preferring to
hare their hoga packed at their own risk than aaoept tba
ruling rates, nor nuuera nssn any taie 01 provisions
or lard worth reporting. Ws girt the following exhibit
ot the number of hogt slaughtered around the falls
during the present season, along with tha number In
pent: - -
No. Killed. No. tn rent
Hamilton A Bro 5,610
Huffman, Duncan A Co 3.880
Jarrit Oo 11,103 eXX
Owelty A Co ISii SO
0. W. Thomas A Oo 5,359 -
A. B. White A Oo 7,200
New Albany 1,000
Jeuersonvtllo 9,700
38,595 - 1.US
The number of hogt killed around the falls to the
tame date last teaaon was 168,578. . By reference to ear
statistics we find that the ruling rate for heavy hogs
at the corresponding period last year was f .1 as psr iu
Tha receipts of hoga to-day wan 6.588. Tha market
waa active and firm. Backers being almott exclusively
the purchasers, at prices ranging irom 93 xxsx o. as
which quota ttona tbe rmlk or tne tales wars made, uns
or two lots of ehoice even heavy hogt ehanged hands at
Bi 7038 80 ewt grots, tmt these nruret were tor ex
ceptional lots only. The salet made yesterday ranged
rrom Is SMI uu t owl grots, to mas to-oar ws may
auote an advance ot 5 cents e 100 tt in pricsa. At the
eloaa of the market very few lots were left- over untold,
and this faot wat mors attributable to ths late arrival of
one or two trains than to any other easts, competition
among buyers added life and epirlt to the market, and
salet rsaon upwards 01 o,uuu neaa ine martat closing
flrm and steady. It It well to remark that the quality
of the hoaa in the market to day was a decided improve
ment upon the receipts of any day previous during the
Indteised hogs there is not enough doing to deter
mine prices. The receipts to-day weto only 47. There
Is a better demand since ths weather has beeoms colder,
and good hogt woula doantlats bring fair prices, bales
to-day were at t)2 6IXS3 OS owt sat.
DETROIT, 13th.
The market for dr eased hogs this morning was s little
hattar. and nrloaa hava advanced. Bales s)f lots arerag-
lng 200 lbs were reals at 3 25. aad ever that weight
at 3 03 75. lbs latter ooald only be obtained for
imall lots of very choice. 1 - "
! Master Commissioner's Sale.
Bickley A Brother
, . - vs. . -,- .. -
Superior Court,
. Philip Michael et al.
BT VIBTUK OF Are onutitur
to mc directed, from the Baparlor Oowrt sf
tranklln county, Ohio, I will, offer for sale at tha door
ai Court Houte, la the) eityof Oolumeus, oa - -Sktnrjay,
tne I8th day of January, A. D. 18C3,
at'owe o'clock P. H., the following dsesrlbtd real trials,
situate In Truro townanlp, tranklln county Okla- to
"lotlfo. O.oontaiuiDg eta aaias. mora or less, W 'ks
lubdlviiica sf the sands of Calf in T- Boys, daoaassd, as
plaited ds the 3d day cf May, 18M, and reoorded In ths
Keeorder-tofficeof franklin ooanty. Ohio, in flat la
cordt, Book ens (I), pure 115, and being thi tame lot
aala- and conveyed to aald P. Mier-eel by Oeorad Bora
nd wife, by deed dated Oct. 5th, iesSv v- 1
c Asnnlted at 41.ee-loe per sort. '. t. -14$
1 M? -7 '0M W. HDFPMAH, hem,?.
. I ' and Master Commissioner.
Prtnter's feet 3 75. . .
t w
Khoimttlflia, f Qout j unl Xwuralgtt, Q
abtd a ansiocii roR
All Mercurial DIacaaoi.
1 lio
It la a ann.aiila.il. a .-i-l . .. m 1
lOStad MBIWIli. falLnn.M.kllk.W.U, I . L. .
"Jienrtoths avaldaUeatapaaoa:Matiao(wln ksMls-tt
v" w psejuraxi, aa II atttlraby twsaorss tha aUa ''-
Mas from ins sysUsa, WItWt prodaainf the tnlarimis '
Beets aiMnf from lbs ass of powerful Intesnai atdl-
intajwhtah weaken and dsatroy the sotwUtaittoa, sad
. f. eoaUlMd la tbsted eoms la son tact1
With tha hlnod .nil Muh .v.. ai m. k .l
oftheakln.sffeotmf tostwr Inatuos a p7rfaot rare, 1 '
ytorlni.tneparsj afflicted U a healthy condition.-" ' 1
this Band la also a moatpowarfal Arn-ktixontiu stranr," at-'
and will entirely ralUT. tha system frets tha ptnMoui -1 1 '
sffeotaof Mareary. ModaraU sasst are eorsd In a few
edicacy In amrreTated aaaaa of ton aundlnr.
rsici vv,w, to be nad of DruffMs fan. rally, or tea
sent by mall ot sxpraas, with fall dlraottons for sas, . r ,
QffioJ - - j rruNipsi t
, to. 409 IBOADWAT, Vew Teck. , ,:.-,;.;',
6. SMITH 4. CO., Sole Proprletora- , ' i.,;i
. I. DaacrlptlraOlroolara Baatrraa.
Bwuuia. at bub, Dsossirrt, Isssts, Mo.
277 . Ulfb St., bet. friend and Mound, Oolumbut, 0.
ILT -.;( warn test Ererrwltera.
mh9lylsorIaia.-w. - , t , ...... .., , ,
Just received by
WH A. GILL , ;
No. 30 North High Street,
Owe ei the Largest and Best Moate Asset t ' '" '' ''"
Of .
; i?an oftibtd rw this oityi - i i.v
floose Bflijdcr Fm-fiishisgs "":
' . - " i ! i,
aTreaaeli Aoterleaim
'. - - t
put ap la half pound ease for family ass, sad Cry , J
Paints In bulk. '
Brushes ol fcvery. variety. & qualityj;
! A Splendid Aseortment of "' '
1 a)?i.:,'i-:.c.
! V yvr- H3HINO TACKLE. -yit ,
Leather and india rubber.
SCYTHES, etc., V : ,,-M
BUAi,ca, tt,bi,a. uitAinrj 1 -.-i
Table and Pocket Cutlery. ; , j
t sspeoUlly Invite the attsntlon of all taterestad to my
look of Pocket and Table Cutlery, and "
Table. Desert, and Tea Spoons
Butter Knives, 'Ac; " -
HOOIBEa A BEO'8. Manufacture, warranted to be
axtraheavy, leotn-Pitted, on genuine Albatta. . ; '
Oountry Msrohaota, Msehsnies, and othsrs, are Invltsd ,
call am) examine any Stock, as lata prepared to ssll
WBf. A. OILL. 1-'
Oolumbai, Ohio, May 8. 1860 . , " - '
The Beet Artificial Help ts tho
lUnsBMtia Bight ever luvsaitetl.
ment of ths moat Improved kin da of Bnactaclaa.li
All his Glasses, whether for near or far-eighted. i
Bransd In eoncavo convex form with the greatest care,
Kas to suit ths Xyts of all asses, curing Weakness ,
xainess or Inflammation of tha lyes, and Imparting
strength for long reading oe fine tewing. '
Offiot, 13 Katt Bute street, at Beltter A W abater 'a
Musts Store.
ang5-dly , . , . . . . ;
' I'.Wtf
ffnr Bill ThWsAt Anrl T.tltaav fltMVIailw aWolaaA-. .lit.
1 - "fj wvajaiisHutw uav 1 aa uu aj t w IMS
most perfect rtsalts, Waoonmi Ooooa, Otrnsmo ana 1
Ootucoa Coos as, Baoaowut am Tsaoav Ootnuurrs, 0 fcj,
always forerunners of Consumption. As a Bootbiss
Brant tt bat no superior, freed tram all Opiate or ) '. '
Bmetio properties, may be used by moat dalwete eonttl
wwia, anu wiu, rntn ownniianaj.
' 'At-A
Tie OaaaTssv HaitrkAa Oruvw ever offered to the
world, containing sot a parUole si Optima, no any aas 1 t
Itanes but tts strictly vwretabls aad madissi propertlaej m
sura Heaasdy for Hataauata, RaacBLaTiM, 6o(rt
Toots ana laa Aoas, OaTaaaH, Boas oa Hat f svsjt.
and all minor HetvoosOomplalnU. - .-si,
loa Lota of Buna?, and Headache In ait im varistiee, . .
It has no squat, and ts which moat undoubted tastmoat
alt art offend.
f oa StLmura Ta auras It it a most perfect remedy.
loa Bowax Oeuuum, after removing the pain it actj " "' 1
at a physio, a moat uaportant oontraat wits thaeeoaOpa- ivjur
tory affaott 0 Opium. . -. . ..
To f hyticlans, formnlss and Trial Bottlss will be seal,
aad to Dealer or Invalid a descriptive pamphlet without "'
'pestags-stamp." . ;.
fraparad under tbe special mpsrvMoa of ... K,. ; . -JOHN
.'.;. ossaimv am tsuaauosoTist, Ki ; ,
I Te 9 Commercial fKart, Boetoft. Kaee-, , ,
Ta whom please dlreolall ancmunlcationa. ,n (. h 11
eata. .
w rrlose Mrgs Oewgb Reaaedy, SB ssnta pev Bom. m y
Vols Aaodysa,
SB ; ; -v'tO a-il
f; "t.V
everywhere. ' MA
ttOBlKTB A OAafTJaU., MAHPs),' i'i.'w .v!
JOHN COOK. , , - J. M. DKNIS, - jj.ar,
seayrMrtv ' AgsnU tor Oolumbut, Ohio
1 - . .1 ii ll.H
" ' . " ' " ' 'T JTVlf
Domestio Gotten Oooda.,
J ,ar-fj0f'.
fiaMIT Cl son
ffEK the cmost Extestelw. Aseoa-aan . xa
mens .
) .v - ; -j-- . . ' t- mi- Jim Ik
.i.. Jl Brown ana meacnea uotton yianneu;
1. .....
1 ' Rtnsuns, - " -
'1 f Baxastey Cotton llietltin; ' '(mild ..loioi'-S
' v' BeMot Styles ot Oallce'a d DelaiaeSi -,. s tan a-vSv,I
Ticktave, BMrtlnge, OiushasMt, M Mitmanrr
t.il .-And Oottoa Battings.. , w ,. ,fc, M, ...Tr,,,w
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