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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 19, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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; ' CS'n ' '."j.: ' rr ' ' a. v... ..... . .. ' ...v. . .
a t a a .
Hk.4 .W
t--' II T-os-evn
crx hollars rm tiib.
H7i t . TTTYT i'l lit A 4 ? nrt f -iJ r Li iLl'ii ' .IJ:,..da pSi .: 'ZT.-VT, j ' 1,1 " ' 1 i 'TSSSSSg
am t , , i; j i i i r j i v n ii' iifi l ii i.i ii TTin -1 - -
v W 1X1.11 11 U, Tf OJCjlll JlilJ, Mil .a . a , .-ax.
7" OflcesBo. 80, 81 and 40, H"orth Elgl (
7 W 00 per ;w
frt-Wwkly . . S 00 Mr tw
tr.d;w AdreMlsinrf by the square.
8nt iqusrt I weeks.. 84 00
n 9WMki.. t00
JiiVOne ,-4"' 8 months 18 00
?M " c months 15 00
3 montlii 10 00
vnt " 1 tMt... 1 7S
On "ldjn... loo
Ona " '"'-l lMetUon'M
ft month. 8 00
Blufltywl -JTBrt)MBiiU. half jzon ttn th bon
ArtTrUb?mwtJca(i ni pltcod to th" olBtaaai
f.""""0;' re'"K M pablUhed by Uw, nUx.
uu uu uwiuvvxoiaiiTciy UWIMflntVMk
ptr etui. Bora IJinii Ui abort rates; tut ill iuoh wll
Mr TO he Iri-WMkl Without nh.ri.
llOy, 0J3 SO wr Hn; anuldt ,
c. aair prln. r '
n, , AUtraiutmt atlvgrtutmmto muttto ypMd for In
fira ;rlwlllBotbetTldfromrr-
t W "J i " ptiMi bDaHy, whtra tbt adTartlatt
lea thj Weekly alone. Where Dtlly and Weekly
te both ued, then Uie ohrs 1f Weekly will he
U:e ratce of tea Dally v V" "
UW!Q J"5.'t t deflnlto perled..
(BUSINESS ? cards:
cnirroran ri.
TO ...
.t Bob. JemeeMoomlef, . lupen'or Court. ,W ''
r!'.-,r." . aWXiXH, R
Attorney and Counsellor nt'Iaw.
NOTARY ;i PuctLlc; J;f 3
, Phajqn'i Eitobltolnseii R. t; j I .
M Bauth xrtw ca. - . . .
: - ! wreriwin'l Hionu
!i!!i!i.;!iLb!.J!!re ui- c ioi
iedlea! and Ohlldr
pan' tTnf. TVaftj.i.. . I. . .
it,i.. j ; , m. n r i;rTTur?
CALT H O us er
0. 178 j,ortn: mgii 8tlMt,
.',UI,.ll1UAaB fro11 Depot, pTriooTaT
JSf rnt H""""cld"i'iywwBlwt
of toTSiS?Wtked Up taitcf kiihffar l,
TerBodrte,tiaHUietlinee. .
P. A. B. 8EHKIR8,
anornoy t X-aw!
awu n utar i FUBLI0,r
Attorney & Counsellor at La-wl
And Elank-Eooi Manu&uttuer,
, t f ;.B10n;erE2IT, ;X0XUZ1D," OHIO
tii3 toraer Sprlnw & Water Bta.',"1"
ColumlDuo, Olalo.
'Wri potto & Ba,
Udlfwiifiicrarer of Brut and OempoitUon Oaetlnia
Pinithed Braet Work of all DeecrlpUoni.
tebl Ul-dly
lolnmbns Wholesale Liquor Store
Porela aliiDomcBtlo Wines; Brandies,
' ho.-aa. ALSO, . '
turn m iMat ry ' . - . "? J-
.fclwiM W. H 1 8 K Yir
"... "" i '-L.JJlH 'J'ji ...liii ' I m rile mull ii'ii TTi V
1,.,, JBA1BB IB ' -
Ji- jwy W -l W.a .
flour, si ftj'i i 4Vo R iVa
storage & cor.Trusricri
f ' rf--sa-1i
latertTha Lr?eit The , Brt,
yncapest eoaaia tSo Zest,
t UellabJ tan alar 4 Aa
fkvrlty of th BnxllahJLmBffiiar
erory Mrwrie,
. lonther
if olei
gnoOuuUi Ommtnlal.,
Sad VuUoUUmt of ttoUmU ofttoOMok
A,!SiM't?' '"'' of the Ohio State TeaohenC
nil e.ll ii . "7 MBtVUiZIK WIIUU
T ' orioofmt,y awl proQioclsUoa
JLi5!oyi.B"w Wonary. and we moati
QUUly reeofBiBMHl it v. . n.L.. . . .
Jhorlty of lb Boillth lanruge, u It I now written end
obj mmi, gap't Pabile Sobools, Olrolerllie. i
H. BAMroKB. Prlnnltul (uwlA awl.
w. MiTcmm "p't PokMo ftehooli, ft TTjflon.
JoBif Obdbi, Frlnelpal State Normal School, Ulane-
f B. Uti, 8opt Otnfrn Union Schooli.-?
m, s nuipni Koxteeiy normal BOoool,
miA x. x aptar, rror. Hatbematioe, Ohio UnlTerilty
Tr, "oWaWif. fiap't Troy Union Coheol.
ottam. Bnp't Troy union Soheol.
A. If.
8. A. Not Ton.
ta Pilnclpeilljgh olwl,,01tT(
hud. i
Cleretud Imtltnte, (
oi Bieouo lnitltate, pi-
of 0h(mlitry,,0hlo Waileyan
Ohio "J .ITT""""1 ooneoie,
u .UftOHBAoaa. Prof.. LuniM m ani..i
kt. Babub, Bnnt Union Behoela. iihlunl. 4 I
aore mm tit Bundrtd alXtr PraMtA if tvji.
PjMt Pro ft nor; AmJutrt and DUtinvtKtiXiMwf
ttABIBTTA OoLLaOa 'Tl U trill miml.... -..I.
Benor to the anthne. tka nnh Ka. ..a .1.. i..7I
eontry.-.prld.nl iidiwi. T
Uoasv II will be BT mlile In Mhnl ...I
elation, and will often b eonmlted by me for iti neat
BBdaecuratodeflnmoM." President Xhompton.
W B. BuoTtoOoUBBa. "Heretofore we have need
webeteraerOiography.- At B recent meeting of onr
?;'''' decided fcxhanredt to eooroim W that
n.J?J,,,t,' Qto DtoUonaiy.'WPreeJdent
WteTtki Burin CaLua.t'T finA it v.
eordlal approbeUon.PreelileiitHllchoook.,' j ! ,
Oaatiii Ooitioi. i'lt more than need ray expecta.
lion.- I recommend It aa the itandard authority In
OrtfioeDV W . mvkllrlpen abA tn .nuntla.tt Ti ...-...
Morgan: ! ' r '
ArTTIOOB 00LLBM.'f Ailnnt Anil .Int. u I. .k.
tog, wriUngand epeaklng, Hie orthography and pronnn-
S"??4 Jf?"" ftwto llltlonary.-
PreeldentBUI. , H ; , U . ( 1 1 1 , .
"In all a vrltlne. trWlti.'.nvt u.t.in.' T k...
Tnn j eoaierm n in rniea lor orui
loeranhv .nrl
pronnnela Hon aaoon talned In Woroeeter'i Dictionary.
Mann, lata PreeldoaUK it . '. 1 ;
KlRTowOotunB, OAimnV'I moiteonll.il mm.
Btond It ae the meet reliable itandard authority of the
ugiua uingaage ae ii ii now written and ipoken.'V
PrealdeBtAodrewi. !
From BteAnon Bmvth, CommltHaiur of Common
. ". Sohooit U 04.
'Thf rifltlnn.r t. .VI'ImTMl.h.hTe mmihiumI a' Ik.
learning and Industry of lie author, and an honor to the
worid of latter.. The meohantcel exacatloa i. far anpa
rlor tathat of any other iJooa with, whloh I am ao-
qBaiattd.-,",.. ,:, (. V;.:-;:,., : t i
V'PB,vabf).' -JSE.1 M.t tanuf. X-,0ommtion4r- or
.!r...'i ntiMOBHl OM.-,' .t- tf.'.li it J'. I
"The moit reliable itaadartl attthartty of the laa-
runi' . .a
. . .A
Ieadlxx8 Newapapera of, Ohio Say.
Iron tU Cbtnland BirxM Qf Marti 88.
The orthography of the. Woroeeter Dictionary Ii that
Btrd by mou, If not aU, author, of di.Unotioo la thle
country and Bngland, and conform! to the general Bian
ordinary writere and epetkera , j
Wluterer prejndicee may bare exlited prerlooily, a
oBieiui inuiy oi inu Toinme win invenaoiy na followed
a warm appreciation of Its great merlta, and a dealre
add It to the well selected library, be It large or email,
la a library lnlteelf, and will remain an Imperitba,
bla record of the learning of Its compiler. , .
from Ha OnohutaH Onmmttal of April SO.
Here are upward, of a hundred thousand words good,
and IndloerenV whose nnltlfarloaa meanlnn am)
oeriTations, together with tneir correot epeiling and pro.
nunol.tlcro, are clearly before the aye. The work It
ever putli
nnqaestionabiy the greatest Thesaurus of English Words
turn (JU Olttdcmd PlaindtaUr of Sept. 80, 1800.
Brldently Woaoama'a Botai. Qoabto Diotiobait a
only M. la, bvt t?u mxtt work of tto twtd mr i.
swd, andean by bo possibility soSsr by comparison of
epntroteray. i . n , . . ' :t .iA I
JYom th7bUdoBUtiof Jfat-SS. j
As tonoavBoiAtaoB. Woaorem is tbb Stamdabb
followed by onr best anthorei in definitions he learee
nothing to be desired, and In OBTaosBArar it la saiBelent
say that WoaooTts aan be safely followed. I
PnbUahera,Bookse!IendE Stationers,
maiD '"'
t?vtf tfyj f?i -o
jm ewarii, int. ej.
PiTtenBJanMaryT,18e i. 4 Per Peat.
ASSETS. .U . . , . .m- Asa M.
,ii-staesif anuarjr lIisaisV
tiunM.peritafement Jsjj. letWO..,,. 13,408,589
Beceired for Premiums dar ' 5
tag the lew lbrO.. ,.... .170053 H i .7
BaoelTed : for Intersil . dados . (7
the year 1800.. Sls.Old 18
Total recetots' for 'i860'.!'. .977.037 74
Paid 0 lalms by Deatho7.0dO 00 .
rata roiMtes sarren-
f.4 ,iuK.:-.tih,i.:
Paid Salaries, Poit-
X, Tana, Bx- ,-?rfl ?n C1'? " R
nge, eto 81,620 M.t.k, ,
PsldOommlulons to1
Agents.vn 81,828 90.
Paid Physicians' fees. 8,808 75
Paid Anuoltlw..... 1,517 00
Paid Dlrld.nds dor- ,
Ing the year ...... 18,00 t 165,081 68 ill, 878 14
Bat Balaoct January 1st, 1888.V.;...., r.8,818458 80
'r! "i i fi f AB8BT8, v f r ?
Oaahn hahi.l.W....... V,i84 19 .!
Bonds and Mortga.ee on Real, wj,v
Bstebs, worth doable the " '
amoant loaned..' 8,387,841 88 ,
Premium Botes, oa PolWes .
In force, ondrswlsgflper 1 . :'?''
sent. Interest. 4,879,864 17
Baal Bstate -4)0,8ia 87 '
Loans oa Scrip .5,831 44 '
Premiums, Hotee and Cash, In ' .
soares of transmission,.. . t ,451)78.1,
total AjBtla.
8,813, SO
la asw roUeies asra been leased daring the yeer.
After a earsfal ealonUtlon of the orssent ralue of the
outstanding Policies of the Company, and haTlng the
necessary nmw as nserrw uererer, sna tiuectore
baya declared a DivtouiBof 48 per oral, an the Promt.
kms paid at the table rates, to all policies tor life In forea,
teamed prior to January 1, 1U80, payable aoavrdlnf to the
preeent rale of the Oompaoy. ; t, . :t. .
Rateafof all kinds of Life Contingencies, Prevpeoi.
Bsoe,8teuinents, and AnplloaUons, will be faralsbeel
WmiooT oBABaa, at (he Offloe ar Agencies of the Com
pany B0BT. Ii. VATTBRBON, President.
... r-'i"'J t",TBii, Tioe,frsidant.
BBBi. a. kiLLKft. Beoretary.
Btarehio. 1M1,
Ve v yUUBrUM aV8W4a
Columbus, 0.
1L I 1 L.11. . 11. ml .
PtB s a BTitr 2 HHTaFIl BLACK
Aiertment la toe olty, and at most rsaeenahi rst?e, v
sJesjAsrii ai-j'J-.,' .- iAl t SOfJ,"'?'
t - iwtii inihui
jn"u. fMent Kanyoi Canes'. ' ',
wlf 't?.,rr' 8nprlnlndent Zaneerille Schotlf,
. m?'IT- H"T. 8P' MaMlloo Colon Behooli," ,
!n' ,ISW"aT ."Bp PBbll Bool Sandotky,
1861. 1862.
Winter Arrangement—Time
. 0BI0A00 KAUXOAD ' ,r? I
1 wma ciucdfo. i
OwdtotlBg t' Chyraiani wUk u t4iu l0O8, gt,
u. .a..' . .abB bVa r. . . - - -
if Bre Odliunbai, In eonneotlon with Tniuoa the
. t . Matjuiiuiuj,
fi Vi ... . L
Partington.' flTraAd oV.r" "?J. ?..
D.ii- . j' I. ui aiAuoaa Mortn oi
p.m.. Au.::irs,",i",.
f-.r-'l' 'WOoro 5BAJ3f,
u -:..-w roB Marei
"T..0E IXPBBSS-Learee Ooldmh.. ....
it eiauene. Sreenwloh,
U.U train wfil n.l .H-'T"" B"l ".
nal. ArrlTe.to,.V:V."P' "Pon 1
BnlTalo 4:1a a m V LI- ""'"fonklrk 1 A. M.,
, . ; OOBNBOTIONS.- , . .
Railroad foBtu4r.h JR'!: f,yM 0nlCO
Alee flCho.T" tEll'Pl'B and BaltlmorV
jat vjrrraiiinBi BPir dih.i . i
At OeHatfBM. f.t .
Patent Sleepinj'cftn art ran oa aU
r AfaiiiB to umcago, Sew
-. t f
'.I I i-
NliLl'Exnreu .i. ..o., , . 1
,.7 t voinmoniat l:au p. af.
Fare 9xr aa br any.ther Honti.
' jA'i far Tiektt tit) CrettUtutr Cletdand. '
--r. "Bvg. ftjNT, ; ; ,"-7'. .
- Kuperlntendent, Oleyehnd, Ohio )
' 'V to aud fuiin
. Liverpool, Montreal, Quebeo.-
, - and , i
' WTTTIX7C7" v? a -e-y t
Tha MonkrMl (Va.ii Bi.n..ki n ,
fulUpower, 01,5787-;
f?',lii??.fr,',20.RT,4ANI' "yt8tna Osnadlaa and
f. .hhi uua Kiu isasnfers. j- -
Bherteet, CbeapeaS and Quickest Cn
reyaooa irom
EtBs. ot zkBsaoaj tx EuropaV , ;
tv 830. SaGk 80. ' J
win sail lye f TUBPOOI, arerr WeaneBdar.
and hem tiUB BB0 ererf Saturday, aalilni at
LONDOHDJtERr, to neereo oa board and laoj JsXand
PasKngera, to and froaa Ireland and Scotland. ' 1
. ICPlhesa Bteamers are built of Iron, In water-tight
eompartmeats, aarry eaeh an experienced Burgeon, and
every atteutiaB Is paid to the comfort and aocommodsr
ini P"8rs. As they prooeed direct to LONDON5,
DBRTA tagieat risk snd delay of aalling at St. John's
Is STOtded, . .... , 7
Olasgow psseengers are furalihed With rua paSslei
Ocrete to and from Londonderry.
Beturn Ucketa granted at reduoad rates. I
- flertiaoates issued for oarrrine to anH krlntnn,,i n.
sengers from ail the principal towns of Great Britain and
??0it.mtr,,I,,cl,S nUl Bhi "no of iteamere. and
sBaABB AutBiywi wwmrj wm
- 1 uuiu or wauee. ,
sriBy at the Offlos. B8 RROAft.
w Bark, and 1H TCaTi. il sr.:
7, ., IA8II ttKABXI, eaaaral JlgBt,
" nolO-U ditw
Post Offlos, XJolnmtras, Ohio.
Santmatloa and pain, and neate the worst burn,
scald, braise, out ,01 tress, wound of any kind, promts
swelling and pain front bee lUngs, mosquito bites, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, .rbsumatlsmragae In the
breast, salt rheum, ate. When taken Internally, ft will
poetUeeJy euro eroap in children, snd gtres Immediate
Mllailn thA nmtiad .1 ikl.i.Li.. ... .
" iv. WII IVJM CUUluuunit AIM,
1JSffn" "A o" throat, . Price, SkToob top
, i ' " ijnouso. For sale By Drug
gUtsandfltorekeeper,. -.. - I&VIB STONE,
'"lis sul Inu k. J .1 ' " ' ' '
. wu ww ..u, .uq aoore prepaiatlons
bat by procuring and reading dwcriptlre psmphletsi
bo found. wlthaU dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor1
wwihuv ,graiuHi. xnai Jioiiies ssnt to Phya
OlADm. Who Will find dAwAlnnmAnt. In lu,tk . I Tlf. ,1
" . j M.WVU wvtlUJT UVJU
eoceytAnce and approrat. :. -s . TT
wormponaenoe souoited rrom ill whose necenltls of
nrlailtar nromnk. b t. .1 r k. . ITT. VL .
dies. v . . . . .i
Por salt by the usual wholesale i aad retell dsalsr
mrywhara. . , ,,..triv- v;0 , j,
JOHN LrnGNBEtfELJLs Prerltf;
Bo. 9 CoButurolBl Wosrf, Bostoa, Kam.
BoVierta s fl.mn.l v. n r.wt. t , ..
------ -.f. vogb m
, In bow designs at 83 00Vslae B 00.
1J0O yard Buper Plain Steok Bilk at II U0-Tal
81 way aid. r '..u.. --
PreiMUMorli,)(ritaValue8T'otsayard. '
-u; Jfn-Talnal 00 a yard. ' , aa.
( Salt ViV ' v..'.t BAIN 4. ftftlf
reetW-i-'K.-r- .J.-w l-lfe( 88 fiouthHIgh. Street."1
. BlrMltlA. ! N Anh VlAa Anif 'tLtmwtk 'il U Vi
i -H'-l Jp'tByroBMdfiarTolaOollait.
"-tbroldc'4Pool-at Bandkerohkfl. , ,
Paris Kid flloree, superior make.
Golden HJUBhtrts, earlous sty les. : " ; . i -
Boys' tlolden HiU Bhlrte, do ... , '. ,1
" Drlytngand Street Sloyss, do ,-, .. . - ..,,
iPTT" naoaaorouieis, Tanons SDISI.
i Jiatf jBaaa and Undo Oaraanto,
nsTW a anm. i
Ho. 83 Sonth High street
i?Iak1?e, ','I '05B IKEN HAN D
AA kerohlefs Ten wide hems...,, .. .i, ,,, ,...
v skmorowerea Linen Handk'g all prlres. . .
Hemmed Stitched and pteut do. So. ' 1 Jl
,-x 7 .il'fe ibs.1 colored border.;- 4 it; oil
TfourrJiil do black border. . .. - M, .
Vito "y'ocroBJiatchsd. .
-u Pin Apblsdsvot sri.japatters-T.. . T "
. ----j-t 77wwuHnit ins ity ana
ISB88 r,j-. 3-.UV4 456. lAfi'B!i2
JD,, BUCHBS, saw styles, just opened ay r,Vi b.
.tprttl v : Be, B8 Sosia Bigk Btisatis
RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement.
RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Clnciilnatl rayton ft Indiwiar
Thtoofh to lodlAOAooliawUbotU Chanr o i
. Cotambtu and St. Louis.
.t:t iAA,:Aoqi,
Four Trains Daily from Columbiii
BIOHT BXPRK88, yla Dayton, at 8 a. m., stoppIBg
at London, Xeula, JBsyton, Ulddletowa aDd: Hamilton,
krrlelng at Cincinnati tt,7:40 aaut and as Dayto at
) eoaaeeuai a. uinnnnan tor MulsTUio, TUV
"now. si. aiowwi sua bis peinia
at St. Louie -at Mat B.m.t
JkHrhyi sad all pelnta Sou th west; jurlrm
neatlni at Dayton lor
iBdlanspolis, Lsfryette, Terra Haute!
ante. Chloaeo. and all
' KMa .. uiuiaHiua at luiev a. sa.i
n m mm . . 1
AOUOXHODATIOBatima. at., stopplhf at all itv
uoua uenreen voiuaous, uinotnnau asd Daytoarar
riTing at Cincinnati at 1043 a. a., and at Day toe at
8:38 a. m. i oonueotlcg at Cincinnati with Mall Line
puwaooais ior Muiartiia, ana at vaytcB for Indiana'
..isaodtbawsau.. '
. THIRD TRAIN, r.t i?t l-i
. BXPRB88 at iSTSS bVi4rphg al'Jeffersoa, Lob.
uoo, vowieeum, Aenia, vorwu, Morrow, Bo, Lebanon,
Poster's, Loraland and Itllford, arrlTtng at Outdaaatl
t o:s p. m.,at vaytoa at p. m. aenneetlng at Ola
wiu we usu ana m ssusiddi Train ro. labImiii.
aennes,, St. Louis, ate., etc., arrlrlng at St. Loots at
a. m.i MioKuni at vayioa lor Indianapolis, La-
iaye(w, aerre name, vnnsgo and BU points West.
MAIL at 4 p. ., stopatng at all stations between
Columbus sad
0aclnnit(; arrlrlng at Cincinnati at 95
p. a., r 1
ITI lor further Information and Thmn.h tmm.
vviuui, Awaet jigeni, union utpot,
Oeteral Ticket Agent, Olnalnnsti.
Agent, Columbus,
ii ; . . .. Baperintendens, Cincinnati,
Celombus. Boy. 10, 1801 . -
1861. EAST.
coNNsonsa at piitsbubsh with tbb j
PeansylYMia: Central Railroad
' rime raw
Sherteat, Qalckeat and irioat DealraL
" ia Bastsra Oltlea. 1
Trains Lcbto Coldmbu u follows:
TtA mcirSTlLU
past line.
4:00 A. M: IS H P. sf
4.00 A.M. 110 P.M."
. . . -ABIlfTB At BttkAraBr-T
10:40 A. M. ;L i 8:40 P. . v. .1 -1
8:43 A. M. . 410 P, M. 10.00 P. U.
Atarr at KAMnanBe
1M0 P.M. 3:10 A. M. & IS A . M.
ABim at BAtmroB
J fttA.11. ;tyto.M.
Alarra at rattAnairBu.
5:0 P. Mi ?;40 A. M. 18:50 P. M.
4:10 P. 11.
8:10 A. M.
8.90 A.M.
7:40 A.M.
11:00 A. M. KM P.M. 11:00 A.M. tsOO P.
wta ttnuntuniiA
10:15 P. M. 1145 P.M. 815 P.M'
Passsnrer by tills Una reach Maw York In adeanna of
any Northern route. . . ., I
1835 P. Mi traia hi the only one' from Celsovbu at
this hour, and the only train by which passengers oaa
reach Baltimore or Waahlneton tha follnvine dev. and
arrlT in Philadelphia or Bow Terk before dark.
II7BleptBf ear on all Bight train.
The Oaly Roater IratB Oolnmlins ta
BsUtlnaere, Philadelphia ar
Mew Tark . , , y
WITH' p'NLt .'pNE'riHANaip. OF, CaR3.
. This train also oonneeleat Bellalrewlth (ha fiitumnr.
and Ohio Railroad. . .
ITTThls root Is SO HUES 8 SORTER to Plttsbnnh
ana more than 100 MILES .BliOBTBB; K.w fork,
than Northern Use. .onjjfi i i. i i I j ' )
ETBsgM.1 (JhiA.d Throueh to all 1m.
07 Aik for Tlokali via BeUalre or
benrllle. . -"
HT.Tlokets Oood ores either Route. . t-
ii a t. ; . : 'i ' l i jomr w. brown,' ;' -'
General Ticket Agsnt Central Ohio B. B
. jitk A. HUTCBIN80N,
Oenaral Ticket A rent Steabenrllle Short Line.
Colambu. Nor. 88, 1861.
r e tro y a l .
Urooencs, , -v. a 4..
Foreign and Dpmeatio Liquors. -
T- ..Jt''.'vUl '- k.w.-Vfcil
Jruiti etc. etc.,
N 0. 34, N 0 RT H H.I O H STREET,
TO -
No. 106, Souths High Street,
Tha old stead ressnlly occupied hy.WM. MoDOBALD.
Es It la dally receipt of t
jDheap far Cash ar Oaaatrf Predaee.
!d-i :--f..:.s't : - "r:-,uJ'i'.t
fcP d04' oellTereii fcOr' trad"'free"o( charge. QI
I lylB ,
mri.- ii .is 111 ii nil
And Seed Store, !
.. ry'irBraa''iailT . TTT'1f.5 " Pl
iUASftesvoui Vaaifc. WiUow Ward),
latheraBd Aaht lelttnf , lao Idwittir, JSee and
s- 1 - -- T tt,n. 1 .
fi mi'-j n
-1 ..I qa
ilnp reaskt. ...7.:.... ' .. ! 1 .v '" .. ....
8 0V
Dr. Windship's Lifting Feats.
' 'J. I!) "( I . "' "II I IM I !
q 9(. tbo mqt .atBraatio; artleles la the
Jaaaarw aimber eftht Atliotla MonthlU the
HAitoblogrtpnof A Strarjjetli.eeker' .,tH
tin b'thnt strong nian,cD. Wladabip. fie this
U appears tbst.Wiodablp's flrat deteftnloalloq to
ww gyuuiast sroa rrom dtiTre (6 be able to
retaliate tro' some .ichdolxiiate. arltli. whim be
uu. Hutt"ai'.1,iP0(iTolmaU bis Misrs
wme m praeuoiog la the namailtftn;' till ithe
siapractico-hiinieT,r t ugebe cJled
rKeiurallj lodolaotlt wa tot aitbont a se
rrra struggle that I oreroame a besettlogi rfj.
peaaltj to ooGfioe mteeU to eedeoUrr portalts.
Tba deiir of rsteUaUoeexa. aecame eatlot.
M; pledge to mp (rletrdAbd a;mptblir, that
In two iters I aould ors qtUttsnce tv Mf'ioc,
would occaiionallj mi aa epnr itv tba side of
m; Intsat; bat my two best aids la eupphlog
me with Me moUte power to keep: a mj jm
OM'io pfAoUo, were Aebit a4 progrres. VVbst
will cot babit make aaa to n, wbetbrrlt be for
good or for erllt Aad abet- an laesatlTe we
hTtorDwdffQit.U flodlog that wr irt1
maklog aotual frogrf-0it we ao do tritb
oaiparaiiTe faoillty to-day what we eoold do
only fllb diplqulty yeaterday.
tor two years youof Windsbip perblaiently
kept p bis eierolio !a th gjmqaaloinl .Then,
baring to. cbVcss profeiatoo. be tab" awar
ram borne, dottraiined to be a play-actor, and
tried to get permltstoa to play at Rocheat'f r,
flew York, bnt, anable to aeenre an enease-
mant, was finally dUiuadcd from maklog fur
ther attempts, .j ,
Ratarolng home, I began the study of analo
mr and phrsiolorr. and in tha antnmn of JftfiA
entered the Harrard Medlnal Shnnl. . . ThA
qaeatlon of the extent to which baftiaa etr eogtb
can be detelopsd bad long been ureated wiib a
solsntiflo Interest to my mind.. One of the
greatedt lifting feats on authentic reeorJ la that
qf Thomu Topbam. an Eoa-Ilahmao. aha In
?? rae'' Cold Btb rieW, London, May 98,
1741, lifted three bogebeada of water, aald to
wtlgb, with the oonneotiona, eighteen hnndred
and tblrty-lx ponod. . In the performance of
tbi feat Tonhtm atood an a rihHt ni.tin.n. hi
bantVgraaping a fixtnre on either aide, and a
broad atrip orr bia abonlderaeommnnloatinc
." wvigui, i an immense eenoourie ot
persot was aaaembled an the oooaeioa the
periormanoo, baring been announoed as " In
honor of Admiral Vernon," or rather, 'in com
memoration Of bla takins. Port H.lln srlih .i.
ahlpaonly." .Being a daeoendant myself from
the Vornon family of Hidden HaU, Dtrbyahlre,
England, I bare reset red It for future gene
alogical inquiry to learn whether the Admiral
ws connected with that braooh of the Vcrooos.
If SO. a SOmawhat remarket, la Knl.,lla... I.
Inrolred. ..!,..- - , -. ,
I now Informed my father' that I Intended to
go through, a aeriea ol experiment in llftin:.
He was afraid. I should Injur myself, and ex
pressly forbade any iucd practice on bla premla-
W 8J1- a 1 A, t-1 ' W . .r
Sriy aim, i gaye up testing tbe ques
tion for a whole year. i
t But the desire re-awoke, and I bad frequent
argument with my father, In the sndearor to
oreroome bla objection. . , t
1 LiOOb, at that man.'1 ba said to mo on. di.x
pointing to large, atout lndlrldual la front of
ut ''yoa might preotlco lifting all -your Hie.
uu uc.cr pa bvi to uit a much aa tnaf bla
r.nn t. - '
"Let me conttruct a' lifting ; apparatus In the
BacB-yaro, aaa i will eoon prore to you that you
are niistasen, i repiiea, n t r- . c.'.r
Findinsr that I waa bent on tha znarlment.
be at length gare a reluctant content.
It was now the Aogust of 1855. and I waa In
my twenty aecood fear,, Mr first lifting; anna-
ra!u was oonatruowd la Ihs following manner.
I flrat sank Into the grouid a hogshead, Snd Into
the hogshead a flour bairal. Then I lowered to
the bottom of the barrel a rone basins at the,
end a round A tick' tranereraely balanced, about
four inohes In diameter and fifteen Inche long.
A quantity ef grwrel, nearly mfflaient to bury
the stick, was then thrown into the barrel; aeme
oblong stones were placed aerate the stick and
aoroaa and between one another, and the Inter.
atloea filled with smallef stones and gray!.
When I bad br th!a method about, twn.thirrla
filled the barrel, taking ear to keep the axis or
tba rep In correspondence with the long axis tf
the barrel. I Judged I bad uffioleot weight for
b nrat iriai., . jloow formed a loop la the and of
me rope oser toe too ot the barrel and tint
through it a piece of a hoe-handle, abont two
feet tone-: and standing- astride of the hocsheadi
and holding the handle with: one band befere
me ana tne other behind etrmlgutened my body,
pMTlouily a little flexed with mouth closed,
bead up, chest out and shouldera down I uc
ceeded In liitlna the bairfil. nanlaJnlnv a eraloht
ot between four and fire hundred pounds, some
bt or bix incneg irom ttte.Dottom Qt the hogs
head.; .," '.; '. ',;;, i ...
. It . was no great feat, after all, considering
that I bad been for fire rears a gymnast. I
found that I was Innirmouloasl deretooad in
many polnUef my frame, was perilously weak
In the aides, between the (boulders, and At the
bank ot the bead. ' Howerer, tbe day after this
trial I succeeded la lifting the am weight with
Somewhat leaa difioolty. ,Thi inducad me to
add on ' few pound i and In three or four
weeks I oonld lift between six and aeren hun
dred. I now bad the satisfaction of seeing tbe
stout gentleman, whom a few month before my
father bad pointed out as possessed of strength
I aeref could attain ta. introduced to aalnineo
tin pC aay pp.rua.: : Through the blind of a
back-parlor window I watched bis auoremenu.
at, sooouragear y r famauit. he drew off
nis was, muisteneu aia lianas. Bvt UttaertoeB to
"snake up'J the big weigbl. '. mv
i.Ab Ignomlnlon. failura to start the barrel
was the resnlt. 'Tbe stout -gentleman tagged
till be wis so red, la. the face that aonoDlax
teemed imminent, and thru b dejectedly gare
it op.u Tbo reputMlon that bS bad long enjoyed
of being One of tba "strongest mtu about" mutt
nonceiortn De a thing ot the past uil It fade
luto a myth. u w . (..-".-.rr?-..i '
ii - -mj. I. l.Hii
ft bad then been pTaotlsina some two months
with a loaded barrel, so ooowlred that ltehosld
weigh little more eaeh erjoceedlog day; and
It bad now reached a hnndred and ninety pound.
A Dout toil time it oeoarrea to me in at, among
my many experiment, I bad. nerer; fully tried
that of recetable diet. I read anas' the work
ol Graham and Aloott; and ooaeeiring thai my
strength had reached ttfnatloo point, I gare
np meat, ana retmotea my animal qiet to milk.
A barrel of flour telgbs on an ayerige two
hundred and sixteen pounds, i therefor eould
not sateeed In sbonldering one Bntil twenty-
six pounds had been added to my loadtd barrel.
vat otter oay i auouiacraa my one hundred and
ninety pound, but eould not get an oanoti be
yond that limit." Mr grand theory of the poi
elble derebpment of a man's strength begad to
toox tomewni insecure, ir o -n ..:
Tbo shouldering of a barrel of floor Is I
feat, by the way, which many an old inhabitant
will ton you mat he, or some friend oi bit,
could aocompUis la his eighteenth year. Why
It abeuld always bo among tbe-rte vt ttmf-
rtt am cannot be .readl r etnlained. It it a
common belief that any atout truckman oaa de
the thing; lut I hero beeaaeturcd by on of
(he leading truckmen or Boston, that were are
ot, probably, three indiriduatt in ths city who
arp eqqal to the acoompitshmena. ..f;c -, ., o
Tha rnode of life that I bad hitherto found
ssentiat to ths keeping ad of my strength, was
quits simple, sad huh begaurs than posture.
rrom tobtoco and all .nt ..j-u. i
Baer and all fermented liquors bad beea raled
ofttUnuUtfH fMBeB Boomed to
orer-atlmulate the exoretory funotioo of the
with little or oo Interxupttoa. Great nhy. I oil
SSEfcT coexi with ao Mbw, ii,.
ai, " """.oo atroog.. Wltbreesri
f) p..r. i . . w euocssa.
8o far from gaining io strength, hardly did I
my regetabU diet and return to, be(.atoak
mntton-chops and loina of Il' a TfitZZZ!.
S;, ,n ,lr?n'i Boeo tbi eonte.
S!Sf?iA.UaiBa "weeded la should-
'"eu "arret weighing two hundred
2honte0.dk,, "d d or.twoM after I
After msnUoelng other remarkahli faiu k
bae performed; Dr-'WlndslIp thna conclude
bis singularly interesting; contribution to tbo
t., yj ?,,e6th fncreaalngTa as bay
diminished ratio, I am fairtyteginnlng to wen
derwber tbe limit will be; and ths old adage
of the camel' back and tha l..t
. , . " awuuwaaapa. VVVS)
tonally Baggests ltlf, I bar fixed three
vuu.miju ivuuu a my a bibs a.'re.
"' ' .
Mrs. Greenhow's Protest.
The Richmond rFftfj publ'thes a letter from
M. Greenbow, who waa reoently arrested at
Waihlngton on a charge of oompUeity with tbo
roei. The letter I dated Waihlnt-ton. Nn.
.... . . a r
n, ana n addressed to BcrUry Seward. It
opens thus: ... ,, . ' .
Si For nearly three month I W
confined a do prisoner, shut ont from air and
exercise, and denied all communion with family
and friends.
Patience is said to ba a sr.at rlttn. '..,1 t
bare praoticed it to mr utmost eanaiit nr
darance. ... . '
Iamtold.ilr. that noon nn. n. Airil k.
fate of cltltem dependa, and that the a'gn man
l of the mlnliters of Loots tbo Fourteenth
and Fifteenth was not mora potential in tbeir
day than that of the Secretary of Bute to 1861.
i luureiore most reepectiuUy submit that on
Friday, August S3, without warrant n ml,..
show of authority, I was arrested by the de
tec tire police, and my bout taken in oharge by
them; that all my prirate letters and papers of
lifetime were read and examined by them;
that erery law of decency was riolated in the
searsb of my home and person, and by the aur
reitlance orer me.
She then narrates ber grlerancea:
We read in history that the mop Maria An.
toinette had a paper torn from her bosom by
lawless hands, and tbst eren a change of lliien
had to be effected in the sight' of ae brata.1
captors. It is my sad experienoe to rcoord eren
more rei olting outrage than that, for daring
tbo first days of my Imprisonment, whenerer
necessity forced me to seek my chamber, do
tectire ttood sentinel at the open door. And
thns for a period of seren dare I. with m lit.
tie child, waa placed absolutely at tbo mercy of
men without character or reosOnilbilliT: that
during the first erenlne. a coition of the man
became brutally drunk; and boeeted in m hear-
tug ui ui --moB times ' may expeoiM to oar
with the female prisoners; and that wade vio
lence waa need toward a colored oerrant girl
that erenlng, the extent of which I hare sot
Deen able to learn, roe any enow ot decorum
altrrward trMtieed toward me, I was Indebted
to toe aeteottre called Captain Dooms.
la the careful analyai of my papers I deny
the existsnooof a line I bad not dot fact rinht
m obtw written, or to sare reoetrea.- r reedoa
of apeeoh and of opinion, la the birthright of
Americans, guarantied to us by era oberter of
iioeriy tne wcstiiuuou of the United States.
bare exercised mr Breroratlro. and bare
openly arowed my sentiment. During tbe po
litical straggle 1 opposed roar &Dublion Dart
with erery instinct of elf-preserTaaon. j br
liered your lucces a rir aal nullification of
tbe Constitution, and that It would esUU Boon
u all the direful ooascqneoees which hare on-
saed. me sentiment bare donbtleei been
found recorded among my papers, and I bold
them as rather a proud record ot my sagacity.
' Inasmuch as she is "held to man'a accounta
bility,'' Mis. Greenbow demand a man's prirl
leges: " . , ... . . ' ;
I mast bs permitted to qaoto from a letter of
yoar, la regard to Bos sell, of tbo London
2mmb, whloh jou oonolude with these admira-
blo word: - 'Iodirldual error of opinion may
bo tolerated, so long a good sen fa, left to
combat them.' By way ot Ulaatraunf theory
and practice hare am I, a prison In Sight of
the ExeontlTe mansion, la sight or tbo Capitol,
where the proud statoemen of onr land bar
sung their rasn to the blessings of oar free In.
titutlcc. -Comment la (die. Freedom of
speech, freedom of thought, erery eight per
taining to tbe oltlsea, baa been suspended by
wnat, t suppose, tne rresiasnt eaiis a 'military
necessity.' A blow bat been struck, by this
total disregard of all ctrll tight, against the
present system -of gorernment, far greater la
its effects than tbo aereranee of tbo Soothero
Stitcs. . Oat people bar beea tenght to eon-
temo the sonremaor J the law, to which all
hare hitherto bowed, aad to look to tbo milita
ry powr for protection agalbat tts decree. A
military spirit baa beea dereloped. whloh will
only be eubordlnate to o military dictatorship.
Read history, and you will and that tba cautee
wbiob bring about a reroiutloa rarely predom
ioato at It dote, and ao people bare orer re
turned to tbo point 4eaa wbioh thoy esartad.
Erea should tbo Soatben 8tate be eabdaed
and forced back Into tbo Union (whloh I regard
aa Impossible, with a foil knowledge oi their
reaonrcee), a different form of gorernment will
be found needful to meet ths new derelopments
of national character. There la no olaas of so
ciety, do branch of Industry, which this ohango
haa not reached, and tha dull, plodding, metn
odloal habits of the poor can Barer bo resnmed.
Yob bare held me. sir. to a man'a acoooata-
blllty, and I therefore claim the right to speak
aobjeots usually oocaldered beyond a wo
man's ka, and which you may olaas at "errors
of opinion." . I offer po excuse for this long di
gression, as a. three months' Imprisonment,
without tormuiaot law, giroa me authority 'or
oocnoying area tbo precious moments of s So-
retary of State. .
My object it to oall year attention to the fact
that, daring this long Imprisonment, I Am yet
ignorant ot tbo oamats'of my arrest; that my
houaa baa beea seised and ooarerted Into a pris
on by the Gorornmeat; that the reJoable fur
nltnra It contained bae beea abased and destroy
ed; that during aome period or my imprison
ment I bare suffered greatly mr want oi proper
and sufficient food. Also, I bars to- eoutjlaio
that, more rwently, a woman of bad character.
recognised ad baring been aeeo on tbo streets of
i i i . i . .
Cbioago at men or leTerat oi ue guara, fail
ing herself Mrs. Ooderdonk, was plaoed here
in my boate, la a room adjoining mine.. ,
' She conoludet st followe: ...
, The "iron heel of powkt" mar. keen down,
bat it oannot crush oat tbo spirit of realttaaeo
of a people armed for the defeni of their
rlffhtet and I tell job now. air. that yo er
tUudmg orer a orator whose Smothered nreX la.;
a moment may buret rorta. i -. -'.v.-
Ills yoar bOast- that thirty-threw brletltbg
(brtifications now surround Washington. Tbe
fortification of Pari did aot protect Lout
Fbiilppo hB bis hour had come' n-; r , , p
-18 oonolutloo. I respectfully k your attoc
tUtn. to this my protest, aad bar .Abo honor to
bis 0t8e atCe OtC, J C1 !." "1 fS
r .TBJ . . .
R'i . .THAT .HAS ., , K'
And (raw mora aad snore Y'amlaf
t .j : f ervorr- dayt ' ' ' '
Aad Sasflateelala, new. dad aleinet wtit ...u.
t4,h? tru eeatlaaweinull gnda,
5 Jf'JT J,to. "u"onr eon aoalS nebZ
that Pre, Wood's Hale BoafretlTowtu eeexw she tali
all tie youthful beauty.
. ' , - ...!' BattlsU.psea, ttVk., Be, list, IBM.
Paop. Wsoai Tha will eleaee aoeeot a Bm ia raiv,..
ttlAA thAft thj, k.(. m. ' . Urf .11 ..II ,
years ago, eaesi 4 by a eeeapllcated ahroole dlaease, at
tended wih aa eruptloa oa tba Bead. A eeavBnual
acune of suffering through life haTlng. rodneod ae to a
stats of depeodeaee, I aaTO aot beea able toebtatn stsdC
tereap,BiUierhaTeIbeeaabletodothea ap, la ooo
seqenca of which ay head has suffered extremely from
old. This led need aa to pay Brian A Msdaea atmoat
the last oeat I bad on earth for a two dollar houl. nt u,.
Hair lUelMAUre. about Ibe r.l ti Anm Uat. I aare
talthfally followed the direotlopend tiie bald spot aow
oorerod With hair thick and black, tliouah ehert, U to
hi ail OTOt say haaeV PeeUae- BMSaest
that anethep urge boUlo would reeteae It an Ural.
adpersunewtly, t feat anxious to porooTcrTe IB lie ass.
aao.ugaeaUUte.o saeana to BBroaaw ear store, X
would aa thee If thes wonldet sot bs wllline ta mi me
sa aider oathlMsgsBte fa kottte, aadpeeorre to tap-
self ,the serlpture declaratloa ''the reward Is to abeee
that are kind ta tha widow and the fatherless."
thy friend. BUS AM M AH KIBBT .
Llgoolar, Hoblo County, Indiana, geb. Sth, IBM
PaoP. 0. 1. Woaat Aa, otrr In tba klur mt at
the year lboB, while atwndlns the State and Kammi
Law Sebool of the btate ot Mew Tort, my hair, tram a
oaase unknown to mo, emwatanoed Calling eO very rap
Idly, so that hi tbe short space of six mooihs, tbe whole
upper pan or but scalp was almost entirely bereft of It.
ooToring, andsaaeh of the remaining pertioaapea the
side and saoa part of my head ihorur altar mma era..
as rhat poe wilt sot be ovrprlsad when I toll yen thai ap
on my return to tbo Btate of Indiana, ay more sasoal
aeenelntennee wet aot aa mack at a loss to Slaoorer Uia
eauea af the chug u my appeaiaaee, ae my aaare tnti
maw acquaintances were io icoogniae ae el all.
. at one made application ae the atost akillrul urml-
da as la the eoaalry, but, receiTiag ao aseaiaaee from
thorn that my hair would again bo rwtorad, I n, forced
ta Sanaa, ysoenciled te my fata. anUl, awtuaatsly, In
tbe latter part of the year 1837. your BestomUTe as n-
sommended te me ky a draggtsl, as Ik leg the most relkv
bio naur awstorauTO in use.- i trwa one betua, and
found to say great aatlsfeetioa that it was producing las
destnd effeat. Bins that ttma, I hare Bead snyen dol
lars' worth of your BeetoratiTo, and as a resell, hare a
rich eoal af Tory soft black hair, which no money can
Asa stark of ay gratltade for your labor aad skill In
Oaa pssdaattoa of se wonderful an article, I bare reeees-
SMaded Its aes to at any of my friends and tooatlnl.iieo..
who, 1 am happy to Inform yon, are using It with like
effect. Very respectfully, yours, .
A. M. LATTA, ,
' Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depel, 444 Broadway, and sold by all dealer. throW
:t the world. ,
Tha BeetoratlT to put up la bottles of thns else. la:
largs. medium, and small! the small holds H a pint, and
retails tor one dollar per bottle: the medium holds at
least twenty par cast, mere InpreperOeB than the email,
snd retails for two dollars a kwtlls; the Urge hold, a
quart, 4V Oroect. more ta proportion, aud retails for 83
a bottle.
O. i. WOOD A CO.. Proprietors. 444 Broadwat. Maw
Yet, aad 114 Market Btreet, Bt Louis, Me
And sold by BOBBRT8 a BAUUKL, Columbus, Ohio,
snd by all good Druggists snd fancy Goods Dealers.
apmuamwaewisv. . .. - . , .i
I presisely what Us nam ladlaatos. for, wbU.
ImmbI to tha IaiU. it la nrlrifrl os. axhilArAt-
Ltng, InTlgoratlng aad auwngihenlag to the ellall
powers, aaa t tne sama ume retiTiaae, leia
Ik. states, aad renews the Blood Ui all its parity," awi
Li thus at ones restopes and rvuXtt Ue eyeteas Vs-
leweaeraoie so atlacJu of iiat. It Is Ue only
pseparsllOB aray QBeretf to ino werwi aecaeiai-i
U caity and sulltully eomMne at te to the moujm
''Ipower'ul tonic, aad at the same time eo perfcvtlyir
a lead to, as to aot la px;eotaoeordAaoe wlU Bi.
Cj'iaw of nature, aad henoe will eootae (Ae tocae.fji
IPUteeMoA, and om p the dlnntlre organe, aucTf
, lUuu allay ailaarroua and ethee IrrUatluu... it iaW
j'nerleoily ashilaratina. and at the earns time ii ial
ffl loompceed enBeely of Tegetablea, yet eeeeiaoioed.U
laa to pnwuoe ue meet uorougu tonic eueet, witn' '
kut producing any Injurious coatequeBoee. auohi
ammisyaasioagBeoa rewteheaaMderaWaini!
ihe medical world. Bar UaeeOe ao SMdloal at
eee that debility folloars all auaokeef dimes.
proceed and Indeed laye tha ayiieia opea to Um
inaioioua attacks of many or the most lamL suah.
(op example, as ins following: Unaaumptioa. Aa
dlgeeUen, Dyapepela, Loee ef Appeute, i'alnuesi,
vjmpwpwtmt mm vi AVfieuke, aaiukaen,!
Irritability, Neuralgia. Palpitation et the
iuteation of, ae well aa ruluful ooetruowd.
too profuse, or too saaat MaaatraaUea, aad PaiHV
ling of tba Womb. These ail depeud upon general
uebillty. This pare, healthy, tonic cordial and!
wea aiunwr te ae auiu to eaie ae tne sua m l
rise and eet. There Is no mleiako about It. Buqf
ibis Is aot all. if the eyetea is weakened. We are
open to bilious attacks, tha Hear becomes torpid,
oe worse die eased, the kidney, refuse to pailora.
their fuacBons, and wa are troubled with ualdlnV
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late VonUai ood Mioo Aeaeewor.,
O. i. OI, proprietor, 444 Breadag,.tetrl
York, ana 114 Market street. Bt. bewa. ava.. mm
told by HOUBBTB a 8AHUKL, ooiumouf. OhioJ
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So, 99 Boutix'' High Striet;' Colaabni: '
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Vm yards Tiar.Ua Droas Qeods at 8X, Taint.
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WI0 yards Eaglish Beaxseeat 1VX, Teiae St oral. ,
iHf) yards Past Oolond Latrus at lu, ralue IS cats.
jy yards Poulard Urea. Silks at 37 H, Talue &tf cents. "
1MB yards aupar neia jiiaca sup ai i vo. eaiaa iu
Hobee ef OigAadle, Berags, aad Bngliah Oerage, at oee ,
1 jaBttl-1: ;U-1 98 South High Street.
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