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$t (Ohio fttattmm
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a'TirUftBDAT MORNING? DEC. '19, 18G1
A Foreign War.
I i t$iX.&Atl?tIMah lift b to
1 'Europe and Un Ctigf JyibUigton,hM tori-,.
ated do lltcid exonemcnf. - to. oange bib
"han with France, appear? b Imminent?-
The iommef U (id .4UV)$nenU of tlio bii!x
ores rvboevtrBoi Ub takj- fUii
..t lotn f th gorVI br'ot jbf
t iel."r.Ettl-iby -Rgra ' iu
rwitug ttf b $ebyi$MT Sviktok
jnlid foiMetedsiojtb government M'4
-. edrwa frt erwippoMd trl-vance )
T6ri far; "wt tb'IijK, M fiiei ground to. pprr
Atodiag ea imeurttVcoMrcncement of.npull-
.vu,th rUi4..'Jotac''vtb st
- Trent fa tbf wWHt'llgnt A.Whl'oh U kifle Tlef
,J JkfA'BUlk Mialstry;, fawwrt J
Jtt njfHpbOft ouVpigonnMit Wsai'Mlon,
eoe fw will btrJecrtd onlj ppon, t(ifnaiil"to
rU Wplj. U IU dobUt fo tome'tlme jlo.
CQI&i. bit th" IlibjcciMEftUUsik. UlW th
'till lf nourse depeai upeVtaaTep nego
lUn ta4u6ioViil'',upQP! the 1Sph "f
attar event. 2 ( "", , r"
, . Z .'Soum: wV:'lfiu'rSii;.itiMfc it; i
improbable, as thing InoVBto'I, tb.,tfi"cWt
;( Muoi bA Suotxi wlil be put ftnrcrd M
"i'tbi promloeul irjuu4 & 'eu(jUUiVj.Sai Eoe-
.-ied bai lrMrHbflf grieraDee'sfv1,'f5eilln
till probably Ancl uf 'nftilt th progreWof
j.tkM dlre nothing ro ni(? to naTHnid
-la our oirU ad conpej. ' iiemberBint
vJt&Jaf a' ar tUi ti-United StaVe.'th
vrtextrloJH(At If.
W saaj grtl that 4hffir vt tb Thmt'
'.'hoqld, tivJ oiwfttei,' ii(VtaV' MUOCaiuoa
houlJ tbat bare been furnlabed for JbejBorto
: Jeio eieioiea of abJ tiopulae: jforamect
! TBt tbHrepJeea agatist'bi TToU Stfttea.
' 'fiat if tbat erDt bad not happened, it ii probat
blB'oar,itni would, ia a abort time bate
Ukaa place, bich euld kV prbdooed a liml
lar effc., iThe wit tbat pnb. axil this
t regard f the'felweof Wtsow ifta .loti U(
.' ' thi' it Bta aiToided Eutopeu mouarobista nd
artatoerata t ptetexf .or terfe;lng-Jjt tinx af-J
fairs, which thej were eager to flad, nd won Id
"Tfave !oua3 sooner orlaierlo earna Dlher4ranc
It waa plain to foreace frotftbo beginning
o( onr present" rtvttwaTpthat well 'ttonteat
could not belong protracted without leading to
eerieni complication with foreign: powtrt, tt-
ecitlly, If the r a:ilt of h conflict ahould fori
Hay teogib-of--time wer fathe evee fr YorelgVl
er the aepect of uncertainty. Thev naturally
enried uriaji'opl ogiyq aladourrdat nation
.aLnroaperlty, and U waa -eat -to- prediot -that
tbeywonld not be elow to arair therbeilvel of
tbe firit pUuaibl opening fedeihroyiog the.
one and t marring Jhp other, STht ajid
meat way to foil thcae fyfdgB plotters for -ojir
rntaltto bring ur domeatio qnarrd to a epeedy.
'and honorable close, andi by cementiDg anew
a ad more flrmlyuenv Union of Stater, pre-
nared,la'Vcf4lolLre, to repot tacoteal
mggresslonnpoB otrrrlghts atttnpte;to dl
; j Id ottU aklaiah'our growing jmpirwi
A Foreign War. Important Decision by the Ohio Supreme
fu anotbev part of tbi paper that the CosrVha
deddd'thal eaniunefli pjf mlBoii 'iver ighf
ee year of geVwlthdotjhb Conient pf aruU
'-or guar dtaae, ate bindlngy M inat sucn aninora
canom be dtichirgea 0; Mm. j; Jj
The Grand Consummation of British
mentaof the Brltieb pres on -4b Trent affJr,
i8J;;. a! Witt t,citt If Ml tut-ct ftaMWJ,
s It will be erved that 'mos-tlblently
.aatlmetfcae of all the coiniacnu.ar tliose
lef tbe Loudon ilTaiea, tbe organ f Exetec JJ.aU
and the Brinth abotitlonletf, and-we m add,
hitherto tht Britltlr organ" oniftrpanjtDoit-
eioniai. . ,n, 4i:mtin .:H
U evidence waa before W(ldUd tBattb gritbi
purpoe of Brttreb abolitionism during tbe pafet
.thirty yean bat been the awuption o( tbe Amer
loan Unioot wa-Jvit-.bef Foib begin-
uiug oi tne warrineuu-oi navinr oeena party
a England ot the MdeTtbe North,, K ha been
a party on tbe aid d of the South ; and nfiw, teeing,
It thlnka, an opportnolty JM deal lna jorth
id -tbe Uotob fatal -blow auw XtabMah a
jBwthrra ilaveiwldingohfederr;y; nd pcrtiap
Bail a dozen oioer conieaerae, oa mi oonq
eat, to.iaa- perfootly Xarion toatrilt the Wow.
Hat ono ear na It for tt old codn(or ea thi
Ida of -Gup ,wterf- wbl onIy-fliff.wtll ft In
that ' tbev .acek to deattQ . tii , Vuiun by, tbe
detuootiaa and not . by thaXaitatiea of
lerory.-" Not nff:N09d'-roIlectitfti Ha li,
of, yncl Tom' Cibln,;hoiQ,,uekr.'ier
It aet up tox an Idol aod ,wbaai wUum. u.ieok
to; the i bosom -mf ita tuoodean arietooracy ,
Wothingof all thlf. Ob tbentrfy;'lt hound
the Brltieh, QOt eminent' to exact the moot hu
miliating apologia and the aurreadurof Maeos
lid Blidell from the United 8tt, and In de
. failt- thereof to declare war ajfalnst m; fcstab
Ubb a blockade Of our port and raiu aor block
ad of tbo Boath, tboa opening the market f
all too world to tbe predaeteei Uv labor-and
clofinff them to the nrodeet of the free labor
of tbeNdrtir. ,
IfTbil la British abtlItiomra. 'Thi ! tb
power in Great J3ritaio out or whicb, thirty
veare -are. erew American aboil tloniam, and
but for whoa money and whose emfaeariee
American: abolliiouUm would bar died the
wear it waa bora. - A wlllinr instrumentality
pa been American allltlonlin la tbe band of
, tbi sower. It ha been under it teaching
(hat American abolitionism ha pronounoed the
onetltutioo "a league with bell and a covenant
With death." ' Indesd George-Thompson, and
hot Wm. Lloyd Garrison, wa the author or tbe
atrocloua lie. George Thompson, and not Wm.
Lloyd Gtorriaob, waa tbf fcmoder of 'abolition
ism. on mi eonuneni, ana ueorge mom peon
vh i paid mlaatonary of Brititb -abolitionism.
IT, a few MrJBtfirheHcerthrAfflerlcan Union
ehall He a drifting wreck opon the great ocean
of first, Jbe &Uub abolitionist mai polnt-
nltlngly to It, and rxsiaim (y .trantitlantio
brother You end I did it t '
The Real White Feather Party.
-Ta Mow-york-JWmI -f Ctmmrm ot it
thu IroBftly tothewhlf-feathered abol!tionit
who bate uo ilthin aiilte-jntii.' putting down
. the rebellion, and are shunting for an alliance
with the blacks: "There i at U-t ctfi a party In
tbe country to whom the Bum of Whlte-fratbfr
most rignttouBiy Dciongi, rtigni;nta( newi
paper aud their frigbtenad allies, whe areaboat
ing tbat the ariaria of the Nontt, a Balf a cill
Ilon itrwag,-with GcB- McCIcllun at their he.d,
canuut coMiucr the reUols, "and who ileioaud an
alliaao,olluniiv? aad defective, with thaalave
of the Bovth to - eeitt our feeble fores ! Tb t
weakoec bat at length run Into absolute cow-ardioe-
They t turttd fairly with their back
to U eaaaay. Tboy ataad trembling in ao
' fright, end begging ior -tbaamaadatlaD
and araiirfT of r,8 ucaro, a the lt h
National Taxes.
tax assessed 'orrtl the"
Tftt t-. . United Btatee. to
Bal tarn i I twf.ty nliliona of dol-
l ra, bi t bee o "loolod l maypf none, who
I tmt he f ilcr tti? impra-jiioi tbat tbor la
d V Clonal tax -lb luoomt ta) W b
paid. By a law of Congreee, approved Angort
S, 11 waa prol4dla onlt a ,t
uentloned anuuat mm, tDkt eaca dmm auuuiu
be compelled to furolab a certain proportion of
that amonnt, wUlch U to oeanicio
fallowing manner: AfBewow1, appointed by the
hnnk. th f.r.i of March "next." ascertain the
vin.Kf uah nlM of teat estate, the talu.
Mm Kiii hivi nnnn me eiiDDoeea mooej iu
oloncb'Tiroperty'ou'the flrnt day of April.
Property exempt from taxation u iaaa wr
lna 4Jie Urittd Btatea or any State. Or thai
Lie permanently or (peclally txempUd ftom, Ux
tlon oj ue wwi or tne nwne in. wuiwu
altaatAdJ''- dedtictlon t five hundred dollar
Ulea4frm thleralnation. An perione
lna -taxable eroorty, ot "petont , Hating
Um uw rl Hianairemnt of inoh DropcrtT, will
ba tMDlrea to rttrbluh written uau ot it to q
aeaHa' A falte 'tr fraudulent lUt will inb
tMtt the ffnder to a fine of five hundred dol
hwt.4 Atxer toe eatimatei ire compitou, yuuira
aotloe, will be given In the aneoiort where their
" -1 ----- .. - . . ...J Ull.
eooke' tnay.be een, DdtiorreOtlOni may be
mdM'Tti plae at which Jth payment -of
taxe Wirt be1 made, will be pnbllahtd In a oewt
nape in eaoh- dtatrlct' twenty day tefore tbi
tax become due! nd If jpereopa neglect to at
end, koooidlng' to notlncaiton, the oolleotorwiu
k,MiMl annliealtoft to them Within llxty
day attar the treoelpt of the collection, lUt.
it anentne taxeaare noi juu
tereulfdtje, bo he"power to bolleot by dli-
tolni-.TiMtannoTiionnient of the Stated New
vt , ons 9iH hinh will- onlv be about
oae-filth per eerrt. dpoa the nrcacqt valualloa bf
TheJceome tax, which will be levied on afad
after the flret of January next, will be three
Tier cell, on income above eignt nunarea aoi
let, except thatportlon of inoh Income wblcb
iederived from Treaeary note and other Dnlttd
State eonrltlee, on which the tax will be one
and a half per cent. , Tb tax la to be aaeeeted
od. Income dating from January, 18GJ.7 In eitl;
mating the income aUoaUonaJ, State and local
take, aaeaed Opon property from wblcb the
Income is derived, will firat be deducted.it The
payment pf the tax will be dne on or beioro tne
3Utb day or June next, ana au um nnpaia on
that dev wlTT bYiubiected Man InUreat at the
rate-ef tlx per cent, per annum, and in delaolt
ot pavment pelog maoe, wunin ininj uaji
thereafter; the collector Is authorixed to levy
the earn on tbe vkible1 property of the default
er, and tell lt,kfct dg notice baa been given.
If no visible property la found, the perion at
ed may Je examined w oath, and any (took or
bond n may poeseu te soia ai puouo ancuon.
A reluaal to teatlly I puniananie oy im prison
njennntil the tax la. paid- - .-i r. '
t th am
Deaths among Ohio Troops.
ThefoUowing death of Ohio troop during
toi weeouipgj vee, .xoin, are paoitaow iu
the Ali80url RrpuWiean.- , -o0 1 ?
1 Amol'MeCollnni; fmpany tTnlirty-ninth
Onto; Itfartln ,Y.'Jirt,,Ppmpapy.H, .Thirty;
ninih': Aaran Bamhart, Compaby A, Twenty.
aevantbi William Wenfleir, wmpany cigntn;
George' vV. Wfcar, 'Company T, Thirty-ninth
ir. ; rfr k ' ' LII.L.J I-.1L1
ovenu irjim ooer otKB,are puuueneu m tue
Late Foreign News.
n. -
The Jollowldg Item of - new were received
by the City of Washington,' which arrived off
Cape-Race on the morning of tbe 15th Instant,
Saving left; Liverpool, on the 4tn, via jCiueeot-
town ob the'Sil; ,- t J jtii, t..s ni l; J I
.'nTiieelureof Maaoet aad Slldell continue
i. mooopolixa the eolamc of the pro, which
continue bpilouauoce the imntt la th strtHageat
Mrm-' ,)n -.v.?."' t " t-" - r
b Active naral preparation are going on at tbe
Government dockyard.' " c' --,,T ' 1
l It was aaceratnod that tbo AotrlIa had
bee ekartcred to; convey troops and a battery
ef artillery.-loa Canada. Boo would sail about
tbe IStb. i9 nv f. .5 '" '- ' .. J' J',' 1
a It aa at ted that th Jame Adger catjtored
privatear of Fayal on th 17ih, ani turned her
alULenthAt twt t r'- f"- .' .
a Tat paHiataeot ot Jtaa rerata'i news wa
tenA per Euro pa; 11 waaitbea regarded hopefully,
end 40QoJ and ootteeii (lightly Improved, but
after earafaBy'eugtjetiog tbe aeotlment bf tbe
American pta on tne can jaoinio anair, a re-
Mildri et n, and JeaH.srere-enxertainea tnat
.. ... i . . uu i
IC waaiungwB urannn wvihu-mcb w jus
tify tb act i, The Englurh Journal 'generally
were very JUter -and ho til in their remarks,
aad oontlaMe to treat the matter a an intalt,
which Laaanot b tolerated.- Lord Lyon' In
duction oa which tha Cabinet were onani.
moiu. arxplloit aad determined.'- ', i !
r. Tbt JHorning Fat mjt tbo acknowledgment
ef the arrot- and anrrender or too prisoner wiu
be . roeired .with gteal joy, but If tbe Union
Government :iUs, no an in. England "Will
blind fail etna to tM aitcraatrt that Eaeland
mnsljlo her ajytd Her right and duties wer
nevr nore.aompletly blinded than' la tbo prra
at ae.?t lolnorj fooii a ' '- i
, The Timet fontioue. to aittrt that Jtl has
been Mr". Seward's policy'to fore a-qnarrel
with' England.-' BotlT It and tbe Post call
for energetic military preparation fo Canada,
, ,Tba JTwte aava. it -may reaaonably predict
tht.ahrca tainRwlIt lamediatly follow an
ootbrtalt, vlx:. 190 traction of the fioathera
bleokadf oomplete blookaoe oi the nortnerq
pr(,nilfcb recognition of the SoothorB Con-;
Weraeji PJ XMwa ane..ngina..3.u n ;:u
, Activ BreBarotioot were makln in tha vari
ova avjr Yarde, ; Ai oonaiderabl r number of
vessels (nlDtNi oraarea sesoy ror immeouie
oBUBieioB The irineport Melbourne' would
leave Weolwipb tor Halifax -oirnh- 6ib with
Utythujetand.o.Brm,iarg qaantttic
of ammuaitioBi-and a bauery or six Armstrong
gun jj6ba,,wui N cob vtyed by the Orphea,-
twentv-one snnjihratoi wd A.
ttjTfco Warrwr would be ready for foreign- an
no immediately. -tier destination depend on
tbe nwer irons VahiagtoaMi auto rst
. A Royal proolamaUon prohibit tbt export Of
gun-powder and aaltpetert-alao nitrate of 'ooda
and brimtocea.i a labipment ime rron
Eogland lot fiw Ycrk eontinued, ioi f
,:,4irat Wtereet txoitea. u rrir- Appea
accea tsdicat that the Government papers ar
juBUoctea- to wtIi!b ao anti A.merioan tone
An article; ia the Patrit attraota oonaiderabl
alt action, us it argots pretty clearly tbat Frano
wilt aide wlth.iJ sUip awwgmze - th
Southern Confderacy-mnd alaa Uke a deoiaiv
attitude Ut th international QueatioB.i-i
Tbe iMeritd Ft. give rumor that tit'
Bolao ia bcest: propoied a Arbitralo of th
o,Beetioo,9- w'a : ' i if " -i ' h';-"
.r,Th AnterieanHn Paris paid a complimen
tary visit Ur Gen-BoottL Iru Dayton .waa. th
aookaimanLDi a .'.mh pI' ta t-'-'ti J'u ,.
LoKio.',Ie. The ton of tha French
press ia ebabgingi-. The Moniteur consider a
peaceful eolntiQn .not- Impoeelblo, .abd says the
pubiio- opinion- la th? United State ta- very
pewerul, bat ft 1 also very fickle, and it is beet
to await a toiBtioa of th quetitoa. "-cc'vJr' '
rTbaVotri daDtbtt approve the review
of the JUonitevr, -and- add ' that .th French
GoviEcmeat.il iu no. hurry to reoognire the
Sonth. .ii5, :u
iOtbe French papers are of the same opinion.
jTh iGdrmaa press generally- tks th part
efjEngiandi. Tbe Aaysonre Otxtit ay 4h
CharleatoB Woekado ia insileotual, otberwiae
the eacape of' tha, Theodora .would hav bden
lpcoeiblfciTbe BoutbernCdmmlatdoner, hav
ing reached a-nentral port, embarked on a ae
tral Eoglieh lamer. and could not b lawfully
seiceaba tne iMorta. .eoei j.w:oji- n-
Late Foreign News. [By Telegraph to Queenstown.]
Toe exeftemeht 'continues BorJbated, " j .
The Pari " Ttmpt,, repeal; the , statement
tbat Napoleori ha tendered his service t a
mediator. . t...iv.io
,Jt Jta been rumored that the' Persia hi been
chartered tcr carry iroop to 'Canada, bat- M it
pronounced prematura. i.terfi ;;.;. ji .
a ha Ans'alaaian bad bees advertised to kail
for Near York on tbe 7th, but tbe America had
been aubstituted. .J;-.ri me u-v---' ,
At tb recent feanqaat at 'Rockdal,t
Bright .made an elaborate speech on American
affair, in which be declined to: give soy de
cided opinion in tke Treat affair.1! fletsllaved
II thaaot ie Illegal thatAmericarwlll make fit
ting weparaiioiv, 11 ktrorglr eouUmnad War
like fsellngi, and soouttd thr Idea-that th
American oaM t had leeolveA to plok a quarrel
with Engtnjui. iletnf!ii c: juant pororauon
In Uvor or tne woria. .
A letter frot Gen. bit in lavor oi mam-
Ulalng filendt i relaUont between Lnglana ana
AitmIo attrr a mucn fcUtuuon.
t ha Parla PatrU Baa an editorial forasnauow
Ing a dlapoaltloB of Frano to recognise , in
SeuttLlf England toU tha exasapioi
Letter from a Prisoner in Richmond.
Th rollowlng is a oopy of a JetUr received
h:Colmairji4TiMosi, f:thsi Thlrty-ieoond
ronylvan,l, YolonteerB, front Jt, ;A. rim
CtBUla'hl Company te.FiVballfornltr Regi
ment Captain Fish )s no prisoner in tut
band Of tha rebel at Charleston, It will be
matter of Interest to know hew our soldiers are
faring in that secUon, while, U shows Ihene
oeseity of providing for an exchsDgt of prison
CHARLESTON, December 1.
Mr Dkab Colowtx: Your letter of Oolober
14th iwaa: rooeivwd u Horembe 6th, since
whlofa. time I have not heard iroBfant n
You intimated that yoanW(juld and box of
elothing, etc., irjou nave oonsixj. save not
receivedtt;" - --" - . " x
I antaadlyiif waptolowthlBgandof tnoaays
and am entirely at a io how to direct you to
that I may b relieved. Tbe risk of not- get
Hog the elothing 1 to gral I advise you not to
so4 it. I think if you would remit me $50 or
f 100 o-. th :ommBdiBg office at Tertreit
Monroe, he would he able t forward, it with
safety, if any one could. It it Unpctsibla to
give a permanent tddreee, at we ar changed
eontinnallyj We ar. new1 ia 'the Charletton
jaii. i - i'-ri-lj: i"i
, , Dea Colonal.th Imprisonment is telling oa
us alLr Today we saw tha last" of Surgeon
Oriswold.of th Thirty-eighth New York rjcott
Life) Gaard. WhBdla take on BOW w
have no vltalit to shake it elf. 1 if our Govern
ment does not do-something soon, higher
Court will aeitl our quettloB. 1 Tow kaow m,
ehserfol sniriUi bat 1 am cot the same.';,
worked bard to ret ep the Firat California Rtg
lment, and love it dearly. It teem bard that
my effort are to be blotted eat, and my exlat-
eoea to M aaknown, tare to a rew weeping ret.
ative.-. t.ni t. I -,-.-.''
. Tell Senator Latham aad WoDougall,' &i
my friends, tbat the prisoners demaod their en.,
deavors for their release,.'- It is a shame tbat
tbo who labored end foueht ao well should be
permitted to die in a strange land In jail, earrled
to a Ion grave,, unaccompanied by even a com
rade soldier, there to rast unknown uis well at
noboocred. - V , , y,,
Pleat writ to my ttttert, or forward this
letter to them' The opportunities of writing
are s) few, aad the ohanc of letters never
reaobiaa their destination, and tb limit placed
upon their content by th authorities, forbid
my writing to my beloved mother aad dear sis.
ten. They kaow my feelings, and my undying
devotion t my -cause, t-1 trust in God soon to
be with jbi a '. . -J '--- ' "
.1 sever hear from you, but I koow the history
of tbe Flrit California Regiment will be a good
one. - My. love to Lieutenant Brown and. Com
pany E and all of tbe regiment, Lieutenant
Colonel Pinto, Major Lenten, Adjutant Purdy;
Dr. Little, eto, b. -
Direct my letters to Fortress Monroe sorn
maycomeby chano. - 1 ' .. 'J,
Poor Jim Potter, Major -of the New York
Thirty eighth Regiment, with tb rest of the
field officer, ar in solitary confinement, await
ing the puaUhment to th privateers. Tbe
same, fate await them. God be with you all
i, Your, vr, .
Capt Company E, First Cal. Reg.
ST Mr. Vallandlgham of 'Ohio,' not hitherto
known, or at least aniversally recognized, a a
devoted patriot, vesterdev endeavored to eom
mit tbe iioufe of Representatives to an uncon
ditional stand apon the Mason and Blldellquet-
uoa witnout .any aeiiberation whatever., tie
overdid hi oatrlotltm. however, aod tbe reso
lution. Oartd try tin wer referred to tb
eomaitte eat Foreign Affairi. iv. Yt ZVioune,
It It very difficult for on to tnaaag hi pat
riotism' just to suit tb .7Vi'6an. Sometime
Mr. yu.rPraHBi id -patriotic enough: at oth
er time h la toomuoh b. LLet Mr. Y. tain
Abolitionist, end then, no matter what oours
h pnrtues, .b.wUl be sure to be a patriot in
If Mr.'V.'s reeolutions nad idriaed tb Ad
ministration to show, a bold front to th people
of the slave State, it .would have bee, sus
tained; bat as John Boll was InterrsterT, illlt!
Supreme Court of Ohio.
-Ho. Jottab Boott, Chief Juitlea.Hon. Milton laUllt,
Hon.'WUUaa V. Pock, Hon. WllUan X. Qboloon, to
Hon. Job BrtokarhoB, JudfC. 4 I" Oiltcbfloli,
TUESDAY, Dec. 17, 1861.
No. 8. Bl IraiftSaa FMllptewrsnerrtlhtBtat
or Ohio. Error to vlatrlol Uoart or ratrj aouniyy ii.
Obouok, J , -, " , . .- ..'!'
' Held: 1- Where the Journal entry ihows a substantial
ladUM of th less for tho Plata tiff, out It la praooded oi
aooonpoalcd by ontredJctorr er tseoBaiatant ituunl
of (.rounds or roaaona, tfi sot harlcg toe coqaosa.
d endtr teotlon i60 of the ooda with a vlow ot Moeptinf
to tb OMUioa M UW soars upo IM qaeauoo oi Mi
Invotvoa la tha trial, nd there Wag uo exception, nob.
tatoaunt cannot h soltoioa -a ahowlsg nm in b
Judgment, .... ' (" i . ' I I ' ,-,
9. TM aei of It March, 185S, "reUUng to the entry
sod rseardlnf of rooogslaaDeo In Uw Ooort of Oommoa
Flea, 4oe not extend to neognlaaaon takes before th
Court of Common Plea, or to th forfeiture f such
eornliancea. and doee not repoal or aupereeoa ts pro-
vUlona of tbo third aeoltoa of uan act to amend an act
to reeulate tb practice of th lodlolal oouru," paased
feb. 35.4846. in relation to each motnrahMOoeev :
- J.. Where tha taking aad fo'MUtr of reoofnlaaae
before tb Court of Common Pleaa Is shown la the man
ner proride br that eeotlon, tb effect, glvea to tbe act
f um alerfc la attesting th reeoguUMaoa and making a
memorandua or toe lorteiuir, not sorpaina ur cor
responding entries on th Journal of the sotuW-. f hay
mat be reaarded as mers repetttioos, aad oalesa there be
a mtnlfeet and material Inoooeiatenov In the different
etatamant. th valid! tr and rJa f,uw. reeord i not
Impaired. , r-v7ffT n0 tn I. im
JttdjmentafDrmed. ... , !,' f-r
it. Sl.-Joho kaberV.' Th Auditor of WaVDSoountT.
Mandamaa...Satrvduith liu lot 'Court of Wajne
onnti ,- 'rat "? rvH-1 fftif 4- iu
rtr I'trun. ueia-noera, in a pnneouuea '
keen the noaoe. RiS defeodant ii held to bail ar aommlt-
ted, aod adjudged to pay th com of prosecution, bat
prore to be tbeoirtai, so ioh w eosia aoMO oe eot
iMtad from bias, there le ne stMute requirlu tb
ment of each coats from jbeoup(y aeury, taadMsa
refused. ' ' . . .
Bo. 87. JbhB v7Wtlley t at. Baorg Buel. Br
me to tha Dtitriat Ooort f Poanatw coantr.' "J ndrmant
atllnned Mo farther report wilt be sadaf tb aaee. t
No. 45. Thomas P. WlUiams V. l'ba uincinsau uai
tight and Coke Company.' Xrror to tho Bnr"ior Court
f Olndnrmtl. Judrmaaa,--Uwrrort
emnauotsf Uoiw7.v I wbr: Vu.-jmv
in tha matter of Bmaeuuwge--aiaaas vmsuv
on error to th Frobaie Court of Huron couuty.
BPTUvr.J,-' A miaor over eirttetn years or ac. 7-
aiding with bis father, asgagc without the knew led jr or
eonaentof hU father as aveluatoet taj tha military ae
vice of the United Btatea, under tb act I Uimgreaa f
JalyB3, 1801, "to authorise the employment of Tolun-
teen,:' -held, irK in angagemeni or u minor wss
biadlnw. Thoaolot Ooaereeata tt general term an-
thoilaed the President, a tboaoaetlng naae Bis Mtnotv
lly, toieoelre.end a minor, over elxhteen. yeara of ag
andsnbjeot to military duty, to volunteer his terrloea,
and shar kalog ao express exespUoo, than era, in view
of Uw amergoooy whleh ia raoitod hi th aet, Be aM
Implied In favor of tharlgbtaof a parent guardian.
Jadgnwnt of the frebete gtmrt tovwisra.
Mo. 200. The Btato ex rel. John Bchmffor V. Cbarle
Oanby. No.300. (to itato ex ret. George W. lluotoh
. fih.rle Center, , Kmc to the Probato UeOHS of Chain-
palaconDty.-Jodrmenl armed on .the.girjncrpla
settled in tbs proceuiug eas oi Piilnger. , Aj bet i
no. is. vuanea n i.www pw
den, doMUed, v. Mary Prudsn tt al. ' "f , ,. ,
Motion, to take ease en general docket Out' if ft" or
der fo hoartog WTerruled. -i i .jUori, tuc J
Ha. IB. John WoUujhJIn, v Xbe tat of Qhl.-
' n . . rt . ait.. A.
Writ or error auoweo. v , . .. - 4i- fv n,,,4'n
He.S2. AlonaoBmley t! Ciarle B: Bpllce tt.al.
. k ,UmIIIU. in mvrne 1 ' .iJ il
Uw. .-Ana Laweou t al., v. UrrlB Lswaod at' aJ.
Lsara refused to file peuuoa Ui arror. , ; , ,-y!!4 ) ;
Bo. Si. Blllh - Barnes, Administrator, V.Xatner
Banton. Leava refuKd to fil pe"Hon in error. .."
Mo. Bt. Hoary Hoofr V. Xb Baato f Ohio. Writ Of
rrarrersaed.". j-j Jfl-t ,. i I V '
No. o. Beldta . Cooke v. Marietta as ClnclnnaU
Railroad Company t el.. Leave refused to file petltioa
Mo. 88. William O'f lolly -Vln BUU of hl -
Writ of .rr nfused. :l i? i"t 'ai ."-ue t. t
No. oo.. AldniBob'.non v. Dayton Si Mkhisau Kali-
road Company I Leave (efuted to Pi a petition; c
airor. -- , ,
Mo, 30. . Hons S. Dlakey t al V. David Beatty at.
Hnttoa for lear to fil perltloa in arror.. , Passed auiUl
Hire specified IB Bouoa. . r-.; ". JV.
Mo. Si . iemet . etanbnr f . Unry , OrTnnr et at.
nwur..Kultv;sam defendants. Motion to atriks
aaeosNo. aad 10 ftosa general dookeU ; fame tot a-
Ha. 55'' niramJSilla v.lh (tale o; OiiloCFrit trf
error-.. , ... j . to ea
Oral argumenia wer ae T".
docket. David S. Bedam V. xna viDcnrnw m nn.w
ater Canal Oomitytal.' lull of rsvttw to th Bn-
peTior Court of Olnolnnati. Tft forp lain tiff In rarjew,
BUi'g, Jams aod M -ntt for d "ndants ,1b -tTtf
.avi,rfil t.-j V. -3 i'1,1 4 '
iriir? HOLIDAY 31
v v
11 umitomiawrTHA
-1 . r-!T 'V'V
Of all kinds lOoodsbr
.tIi-(Sl .if f" aoBrBlCJ
ill bovaU fr CASH at Us LOWIBI ''W
. .ilOJt MtAfiT VAT.
rtiA IT
-aTTJ. y.. 33. IT. vC,I Of
' for. tts tittle Poss-tA. trjtjVsrls, H
1 1
: -a a 1
MiKii'llW"'5 ,
... - . , HI
ro "-.M'RWju-;-f
MB -J-
.Hi.' .-c'v.; I jtwsc
Aol otbar Vlns ooktrarprloti Bivsr so ehaap btfois
J 1
J ,--'7.fi
THe Richest :Dcsks, j
m -or- .iaai j
papiermacheTv! TEL
i hQ.:&titi!u&n: EBONY j
,G"OV"iAHD Hvvalnut.
jrx V r rC- g IT
-i- - mm
a- .w.i'. I
: At
A O II a I L Si
T,JZ." JEWED" CASES;'" 3 ;
rr,. XARD CASESi f
l...i ''njiTr.ii'r.iRPa.
7r m. "' - "
,1.-" tu rr - s : -CIGAR 'CASES,
Of all kUd of ssatsttal. aad-of-tmr aiost bsautlfal
i-.j -
v i r rr
Y. ,f 0
Games Puzzles.
A T v:l'
1 M
.t .. : '. . C A dl . v v.-.a
P O RT ' P O
JuelWI... .1
1 X I .4 Bilsh4 a rial.
. t . .awt'Tw iv it'
t 9.; -1 .AC-.-ll .ii .wi.
at .Hi! fit
vWoir.jj JV
,T e Sji Si;. t'-U V
Of all dlstlngaUbed anl sxtloguUhad Amerlcaai and
tttopaawjiymr til th agony now,4 add "BO
"IOllfor b rABBtloa Bad ef-kaplig of families
and mends. '"Ji
I!, o rTT.:crJg tterC?
- DISTKKSSlItSJLT t3nEAFr,:7:r'i
o:)tiil fiv -.ia-ii ?w ;..Tai.
S a Midi) 'r:-in3
enl I tca aUl'oa-B.'e. Kti urmua
..an ,v .voK-1-"
-.- vtT vs?
.Ws aflru ur o)4 ad ss tstoy asy bianas stay
feel disposed t buy hsodsom goodsr cheap, to com -fors
tha EUBB, o that Ihey may bar ioim satlifao
Bob Ib parohaalnf. . ,t.,v;v
,JW 7011
rrilrTiXVlcLB IQ:5l0l
IADIE3' tolCUttS,. -r
. ' t:: MS ftliiiqifii
r, -l , , it r- T tt
T 31 O.U t
l very ooeap.
' '. " CT
Jiviif, dsiU ?JvoQ .801
jwfco.ti t;j' to tc9 f.. jxoi
Of til kinds, aad many fas UU1 JSAUTIia. whloh
. . .i
Braembjtht raonei wm nsvt M4ilnty-afoe-ta
Oolumbas, and h U bfuhlosabl Jo . ftt b-"Ci"t,
.AA 'w ' .
ther 'days, be ln'"tB fashltn,' forninV, MM tad 1
m ia
K i
BBBwtT Jh PAatBka
I .. r - 1 .1.1 . .
IT.F'- ' ' .. '
I ,j-ri ' " "
I, VI a'' !
, Photographic' Albums, !
J'I'A cboJoiJoT,.B6l romlagaq al e.m ,
r VP" g rTj"v- i I I
Waahlaifio fimpaonj) U x j V,
BY V1HTBH tiMWHirer nri
ts M alm-t, from th Bapartor Ooort of Vraak
lln eonntr, Ohio. Z will pBor for sal ea fan of
Janet IAu4ut. anil Baw ouiaplsd by - "'
nat Brnu aoain n voiamoaa, w vmi
MoWsv, tbe 3fjth diyof December, A. D. 1861,
at two 'look, P, M the following dKrlb4 chattel
Ou Wluftt Drill, on Reaping lUublu-, jb wWt-borM
Yfons via on rpnui ajwtj vum "rr
- .wt . l I Uli.nina M mmt tmfm ! ttVakPtflUOfl III U
wef rsrgwH0. rHtmM-- .
..mil wcf .1 By d. Davis, Ppt
FrtoUr! laas (; Fi J
Mlt-dtd 1
eT I JUV. I-
Settlement of Accounts.
X been Bled In the Prooaie uoun ";"";;
r. Ohio, ana will De neara ror ,
V. k.w a , ,.,n.tT. a. D.ie8. to wit. .
5 M " Ve".l. fl. Mohi. adm'r do BoafS
Moatof J. Medlson Biarllng, dso'di th llnal seooant of
BoraoS Wilton, adm'r di 0oM$nonoi ueor,.
'd. the Coal account of B.H.Taylor, idm'rot Thom-
ue jjeuuvu, m. - - . .
ob. trasta of Jooob u,-e aeiaiot uw iui wwiuj. .
TO "Tr .....i. I,.i M. Molerl tb final
aooonnt of T. CT Uendren, guard n of Bamnal v. un
th final Moeonl of Lewi Baker, guard's of Kob-
Mason) thsaeoond aoeount of John B. Ohambera, gd n
. -i o n..,sn- th. ret amonnt of William B.
Srlnnell aad William Dill, "tm tor of John Pill' will,
tb first account of Amae Webster, adm'r of John
,h. at uooanla of Xrmln 0. td'a
L.w. ud Ann 1. Ball: the first account of Jo
seph 0. Oaidnsr, adm'r ! Nattan M grd".
. a-noaweaute-.
Oolumbas, Deoi ID, 1801-dkwlt ,..'
rtPsoples; tbeeeoon seooenieoi mii o.r,i;...u u
f Catharine Vaoplee, Mary Peoplea and Jasca '
leal th second acooaots of Bamnol Sharp, guard not
" C. i-EBERLY & CO
nw.sntw HTOil'PEtOJ Of
JSHWJaMW w ' ,
tk. Hun, ednnaa In nrv ooooe, anu
th expiration of pot oopartnerahip, we will, and af.
... th. Mih d taoember. offer onr stock ef fiiy Oooda,
Hata. 0a, Boot aad Bhoea at ooet, er Use than B
lork wholesalo prloea, an will eoBna jnth aa
The Qrooery aad trodnce Baslnesa will hs'lbohttnued
In our new building. - ' . i "
rrk.. u ,m nMeaemin will be for rent, ant
poasessloa given on th first day of April, 18dt,by Cyrus
rir.'....; l. 'oi v. M f..t-the bulldln three
storlea hleh. and situated on tha southeast corner of
High d rld .ti-to, toiBit 4 oo,
- dsoia-dlw, b:.ruu .rt-'iJf1- t ;
aj JUNO uadcr-anu'is.
BAlH at BON.
VJ SEAWEBB. ' , ." -S '
JUWNODr,v?r,.l4vt::: BAIN A ION,
("awjwwa'i bos.
X.naw style.,..Vr. .. t
vj Gents.
-r-r BOl?.
XJ INU Undar-ahlrto-- : ' . .
- -BAIN A ION.',
, . . BAIN c BON.
'r. -
iT JAnfal.JWaTi
JT SBtlJATS aad Oollai. - - r. '
. ....... . ;-,t , ' - BAIN lONi
A Wovelty.aJV, . 2 .
., ..i :r.K": ." - BAIN A BON
rrinE tjaraovABLE - clasp
Yy, BAIN ft tON,
TA1D1 80 ants, jy aa.
DUCED Prle.,,,iml momi-J
.... n, Tw L D l Vt
I llj
-liilKVaAJI, W SVfl.
AIA frlaUlr, -;--, ' - . .
s--' ' ' ''J 1' 'lllf A BON.
all else,
tf ' tKJ"'1 -BAIN A BON.
a.. - 1 1 TJlTat A, fli-kV .
1 Slight Cold, Cough
ZyhSaat, whwh might
mwtafes eoTlouelv.' Few .xr . vwarm qf
the bnpartanoe qf 'stewing, a rfcuisih. or
&llQ.h cM, fa Jirst.atag that
Which i,thMgim1jjxi yield I to
a mild rtmadrf, ift jiot attendea fo;.oon
atiMfo'tih lunge. '.' ''
wen nrat tntrodxjoea. - eleven yean ago,
It has
ZaLcutk, the Eaoktn& OsugH in Zan
uunhiLch., and twmerout ajjpeotuma tf
the phfcjcit, giving immediate relief,:
MubHc Speakers and Singcri,
will find them effectual for olecerfog 'and
strengthening the voioe,
. Bold by all Qruggista and (Deaterjs m
jlPjatMAJUUBf ui ij uerb, yai . v. .
for sale, whdtesaieor retail,' by "r' .m
t ...U f!'K BOBBB'tSi'Drdgglst,
al.'J , 84 Worth HIjjhgtMst,
, doolB-datwdm-...
Upot AS ec Bona, Golds, Bbeamatlsms, Oostlvensss, Con'
sumptions,- Affections ef the Bpleen, pf th liver, of
th Heart, I amors, and all diseases whloh desttoy life
hav always xhlMtdi upon dissection ef tb body, a
number of bard or ooneretepoQtts, ither Is some of th
organs named or In the blood vessels, omcsbae vu
ramify log la tb nosh, and again deposited upon th aide
ef a bon.' - Kow these llttl bard substances would
arm bobh if Brandrslh's fills war used: they would
b purged out el tb yibna, and year of happy Ufa
would b th suffrn lot Initead of aa sarly grar.
Alway purg but Bivaa au laskkneas.-i: oai ..
X. Z. Carpenter, .Xsq., of Sovarneur, Bt. .tawrene
eonnty, Hew Tork.64 year ef age, says b baa assd
Braodreth's rills for 3t yeara, administered them first to
htoohna,fhhad fever and agugav sight th
day after tb htll: hljlsjm(l JcverJoajaorrrsi gaT
mgnt moro.uM box, uay, uu so erery ouer oay UnU
tb chUl and tvr did aot re lam, whleh w about clah
days rem tk first atttdk; .H thtlt gave four vry
ether day for another week, wlen U mad Was entirely
restored to Bliusnai gooa neaiuu.fr-r-a ,,aa.
H wss himself attack ed took them n th ssntd way,
and wa cured In fess Oms. ' Ba need no ouwraaedl-
eln for M years; found them alway rdJabl for himself
and family when Uek; has recommended them to tho
aahd with the best results, and feels eonfident that va
ry family Would hav largaraverage of health if the
PUU TJ!XtH5JllJililM fll.oAlonwiandotiset hsitfwt
lBMdlaa,lSA.1' !-la?i: H.R.S.J--
aora oy Joan av. voou, wnrinaat uommims. ana a
hi mi,m., h uniniHt. UIm.
,irriiall , ,, i. . , t ,7, n
been proved that they ere the best
before- the puhlio:fr'cuiih.
t V
um a m
.tv. tun
nn. tt A - tnn -
- a -rrtTWTt J-lTfJ A Tlfl lf7fi!l'
(J.UHOiU uiiivuy M?
- ; t
.t:i n',r
- -,t i '
arm ' fl1TT lTYTH l"f I TT A "A"!;.-. .
liiru ii i j
T t IT7tT.tHTriCT
a,tAA-w' t';'ta r"'i"'j pj'jcajt: -. r.. .r- r-
xne -aavav ajuvis iv-? h rr v i ,vjrf ii
TheT WEEKLY, t th low rate" of i
' " . JubmiptioViVo the Daem and Tai -
..... -t - r- i. i -
;.t, itih,bwtttt Ptni MantUi).; .t--''.Xo':-y .
At tb usual reteu . As an eUblishd and reliable organ of th Demooratio party, y
' , ' '7" " ,Ib ttstjrtC M ta the" pMi, it. will uphold and defend th; '' M.':'
rivVhieh hat been "so truitrul' of good tt) th PEOPLE OF THE UNITED 8TATE8;'and wil
- . - faithfully urge th re-establishment and auprernaey of-tit-rsr..--tf.-.r-'
. n ;stoT r.i'lt'essenal (otli epmnlet and perfeet fe-oonstnoaon; of U"1:J jG
aiwisMl sa.ll " -' '" .s-a '
'eW tu
' On the basis on whloh that
..u'-t -t
in k n.e'.f' --1 '
H .' f
Tu"B.,ni, mill aunnort the Administration of the General Government u ail Lumt end
eonttitutlonal efforts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist tht effort mad in torn ouarter
as. ft., emmafit nnhatrov war into Btt Abolition syfldV ..-"- - -"" ,'.
It will aonaUnUy urge economy in th pubiio expenditur, and th most rigid aeoountability
of all pubUo officers.... . M '-r- "-. t-J
As a medinin of general news, th Bl itmui will endeavor to make Msalf aoeeptabl to it
Bumerons readers, and at all time supply them witji , , J ii
sjvjb.e XAtsBt axxs aoporta
u :i t-'- "- -Of th horn and fweign markeU.'N In it eolamnlf ,i , ., ( O 5 i
Will find thdr Interests oonsulted and attended to, and no eSbrt will be spared to rnak it first
0uilBgXPapproaohiig tessfon of Oongrees we will hav a talented and aooompllshsj 6orre
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with much -valuable and
reliable toformatton. .- T'r.Ml r.'ltrntr.":' ' !i:
The doing of our own Btat legislature wiu d ruuy reporaa, sua ta woat nwp of. we
tate and our. own Immediate vicinity, will hav a du than of attention. - ' r (
We urge upon our Ciena in ail pan oi uoio, ana hi a ana- n wni atate, to sua ia ezuna
Jifr the circulation of the Btamshah, sinoe by so doing, they will assist in th promulgatioa of
ioSnd politioal doolrines and reliabl general fntolligenoe. x V,J - ,";'V 7 - d
' , ' j ' I - I it' - II - I I Lll. Il-Bl '' il
, i J .u w iii ii i,;
' ' To any person raising a Club of Tea Subscribers to the Ttmi Otxro SrATisiiAif, and
.BnHinir ns tha moner ten dollar for ths Sam, w will send on owr sratia., "t
. io Ail order wiu n proinpwy anwuuau w.
,l4 I4.',.t n
Norembtr 1 1861. '--ii
AOr? -
. V S
- " 1 ...... v it, -72! ,T72'.a
J BueiLkaiMtaJi HI f
- TmnxTp, . ozxxo.
Six Dollars per A&nttm;
, . Tliree) Dollars per , Aantini
" Qna Dollar per Aftmnn.g
Wtnxy BtATranoB will be reoeivad -
.: " ... - -'
Union was originally formed.'"'
i T '. I js z if
1 u Publishert of the Ohio Statesman,
ffl.iiAm eonl at haadauarterai
wm. siansj,.,,, .
first llentlh laiaatry, A. A. 0, i-
si Otfios orrn Ootrsrsos Aisjnatt.B. Co. I
a t v. . ' v-.-. Oowausne, fiSO. 10, lflfll. J
A Xanla Railroad Company ar hereby Dotldcd that
tb Annual 11 acting for th election of Dlractora to serv
th ensuing year, and for other purposes, will be held at
th offloe of th Company In Oolumbue, on luatday, tha
7th day of January. 1603. between .th hours of 10
oe'look A It. td 4 o'clock P. M. .
- -- - . OVRtTB WAT. lecratarv:
if fjl
j TT..,rr rn -
i.- W4 .f. i mj ;1 r I
-s wtwroipn, B4Tj?rr?j.. .wwa n
Tturs 6 vedT hA'o nisiERY
.l.,-j?r.ijt . ,V - ; " ti
MirVsTB ill"'fOW- E RJsia
t lTU', ..Tt 1' I ' -' lit 0"4
Nr Wr-LE P AT 0 RTBuptr
Mos.'sr ,,' m NORitf mom imiT,
S(tema Batiainr, Second FIoo
Tr B JfTlm Stmt Steam
. rytntinr Bm
CM J4 -Wl. , V
r a?J.
With or without rristofi Eeadtoji, on Buparl'or' Ppr;.
.1 ... 4-ltt -4 -T. '
o-tnyTsqulredrrtUra,, u j
kaixroad ornoia,
-r I .aw . . i.
BAKKa ot$Mra it:
.... . . -"r4i
raraisnsa at ib; jiOw(. rncca, tlit v i
By ths Idltloa s r Blngl Volumt;
.....io 'l f.K-4
jvho'f ,!7f -w-n"
w.j-rnal .,e
r, PAUPHLIIS,,. imf
. u,U:lI. ......rh.,Bttio-l
ArB"..-'-l,i 'san
Bound M any Kequlrad Styl.'
4nt fix
a ji Vi v lor rablle aad Privet libraries; -'
A f V- I ...-,- ' 4 i - t-
Order from abroad will rest! prempt and Special
ttteaawu Address, i; 4
J. H. l5:aEY.".ci or jV. W. i.EFAV0R"
Bookseller aod Stationer, . v ' -enperintmaens
.7 BouinttliBBir!.- -u viatuum
itnvlavatal J.- t-0K.'iA w "-."
TEA undafalrn'ed begs leaf t ktortt his frlnd
that bahae lilted bp a'- .'!.fti!l
rr.- J' ,v-t"c-'A'ttB C!n rl J(
oo4 Ouu iJr.Ouns, Pistols and Aarihswnts...
Giro neatyiiwiMei! ..-.-Ir''
i tat-i'.
, P03T 0ITIC53;: J ? ''ue.
1 1 CAD LEY,
,:!n5iJ tt
ft -v S A
, A.l..AJk.
't'.'!"l J. A
Ars now opening Urge lot ft ,
Ladies', Hisses1 and Children's
4 .
Cloth a Cloaks,
Dhephard'. Plsid Cliivjh,
w LaJie .Mennp Vests & Drawers,
Boys' Merino-Shirts & Drawer.
" tf5tW tttSaf'' ..
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