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Rail Road Time Table.
f ., v- ..; leaves. f
pigni xpreap, via jstwbi w
Cincinnati AooonuaodaUon, 0:10 A, M.
k.. v.nr. l M P . al .
3:30 A. M.
B:8U P. M.
3:x r. m
Mail Mid AwoDmotlun..i, ioa B, II. ; 18:14 t U,
' " ' ' J "iJ .('. JgO. W. BOHBBTV, AKWll.
OoiOMBtJt It OtaVBLallD R. B.
SJo'iU V.30 Jl
llS P.M. ll;J.
Wight Drp
Km, Talk Bxprms,'.:...; ., 3 13 J?.M
Nig M tTfnm.
.r..M too a.'
...ft-;;..;. 30 P.
1:30 A. M.
1:30 P. 11.
ii feu, Agent, ,
,t w w ' '-
WaU Train r....Yi.a..aw 4:00 A. M. ' 1:30 A. M
tarsal, rata, .m MH.-.ia.3i A.Mr .,l:u ;. 11,
. Jo. Bohmo, Agent: -
- (Ooumioi Plana Ihbum B. B.)
. OblMMlxpnn 8:00 AM. 8:35 P. H.
-, V .3:00 P. M. , . 11:50 A. II.
Rail Road Time Table. Local Matters.
OirtJ'oputmualoattw'.Ue of
tbl lCtV lnt., headed "Mr1.- -Nortbn Had the
Publlo, Botooli," vai banded ni by br. W. E.
Idrfrom whom we mderstood that H , wm frit
ten by M1m Alice Corner. u i
; rt .. tin' t I te P?? i
Amitali at the O. P.The followlog pf Is
oneri were Veoolved i the Ohio PenltentUry on
i, From Iuci Cey-Joha Bennett, colored
--mnilnghtitr, too years; Chftrlei A. Mtjsbn
orglWfftbrM jeers. ' r '' rvr
From Northern Dttt'rkt V. S. (tourt-Ot-
Undo ET. Perklfii eleliug dJ embwHug let-
tere, Jbrge jew? ;
.'nil ia-iVV .
IT The'Roforinjd 'an.bleiI J. H. Green,
the posltlou of Captain- lo ,an Indiana
; CT PaeseaAlirifetihftr!tyxl4e weolBg
.r qmMnAeiai lb 'Sxi.y &lth. Rcglmeut, Coi.
Harker, and ta 8i eh Battery1 of tDhlo Artil
lery, on tbelr, way lo Kontucky
tached W thtf Fcriy-flrnt Regiment, left Cleve
land, on Tuesday afternoon, for Kentuoky
- ywrri$K RdiMiNT MbyiN'aTrhe'.IxteVtifh
Ohio Regiment of' YolanMerr; - In Oommeod Of
Colpoil. p Cpdjoeyy. btokjjflp tbellf enoatnf
ment 'at Camp DeDuUou'on . Monday night,
wen down to C'lnoipnatU otv ITueeday mornlog
opoathecarsof 'the.,' Little Miami Railroad,
roaied m to Covingten on the ferry boat,
and embarked on tbe'cara of the Kentucky Cen
tral RallfpW at two'cIoqk'JuL'tha afternoon
foi Lexington. Beyond thai point their dtatlna-
tlon wai not known. , ,.r m, .m
- Bairaticirr or CiF Eavit ao. The quarter
maatar at 'CJnolnnati'.'.oa. Friday", ihlpped the
following artlolee to the Aotlng Qnartermaater
at Loularllle: 550 wall tentj,' 7,600 paps and
ooreraj 7,500 Hoed blouiee, 700 trowaers, 7,500
bootees, 18,000 shirts, 15,00(1 drawers 15,000
stocklnge, ; 7,500 blonket, .'500 J camp kettles,
. 1JB0O 'nees' -paos ','500 axes "aiid handles.
' ' 000 apader 600 hatchets and handles, 500 picks
tui4..handleei!;700 OTerooats. 7,500 tin onps,
700 tin plates, 7,500 knlres and forJrTs, T.500
knapsaelur ",500. hammookt 7,500- canteens
pTPanlel IbbarJ.'wba; has been for some
time past a teaoher to the Deaf and Dumb Asy
lum. In this oitylai eoalved from the War
Department the appointment of Asaiataot Ad-
jaUnt-O'eneral with the rank- qf Captain.., He
Is ordered to service lo General Gorman's brl
gatfeon the Potomae. '
' " i i i -i
Tax Tjuajo Ohio CaviLafv The Third Reg
, w - - j,,;. -fn r
iment Ohio Cavalry la Camp Worcester, Mon
toeTllle, It complete in all its appolntmente arid
ready for owohlog ordcrsvr . n- av Tr"
nil mi' :
tJTh Manetteld SAWi and JJahiuf sUtes
that the Sixty-fourth Regiment, of Sherman's
Brigade, and Major McLaughlin's Squadron of
Cavalry, left that place on Tuesday for Louis-
BT The Coshooton': .Democrat states that the
Eightieth Regiment, now la process of forma
Uon tt Camp Meigs, is succeeding most admir
ably. 'There are" over e!-c 'Titmdred men In
oamp. There are tno conip'Uiiia futlt and five
la process of formation, 'witU from ecventy to
eighty men i throe of these coinp&niea are from
Coshocton county.. This makes nine companies
from that oountv. ' V
Noiios Cooohh. The sudden cbaogea of our
ollma'.e are eourcca Qf Pulmonary, Bronchial, end
Astbjpatlo Affections. : Experience having pror,'
ed thpf. a!rr.plo r'm;dlcs often act speedily and
oetta.iilu w'u a u.Ucu in the eaxlj stagca of the
dleeeee, ituourijo should at once be hadto
"Brown's DroncftUl TVeelles," or Loriges,3et
the CtU, Cough, oi Irritation of the Throat be
ever so flight, as by this precaution a more eefl-
oas attack jnai be eueotually warded off. Pab-.
lie Speakers, and Sioge.rs will find them effects.
UTVTUBCUISjUta Varit A. JJ fl 1 V f ?
SO BAB?. Tp.WJf..JeSBBitnWBv
Where be eaa accommodate a number of, Boirdere by lie
, H elw-'-'O l 0 0
serej v
ni it ta iKum iw J
ion:' i
laerU tJ bn:
AIT Ol OalslfM Kt'f
rraviKflijriil'S BETDRNE0 FBOITI
H nw york.Iamnowprapared tooffer to the pnblie
rCn.t nMtlana aanrtment of GOODS IOR OKNTg
WAuaB, BBOb aa ud ! .a 'M.ill
Aad a geaeral aaeortment of
,!r a thetVhewt and aaataat itylae In the market all ot
whteh I em -rolling ai n
TT ""clail Attention Jala IwMlll
ivir A. i ioarel Jlalblnar. J..-t.a -
BaTloittl long experience In the Out and. Vaoafeo-
tare ef Offlm ' tiiotbug, i mi eaenaoat i oaa ilrean-
tue sauiianuun to hii hjj puirm. ,.
w ,.,- r'nosf;, '
na w t?T5i S Morehant Tailor,'
tua wno Uitvow mgaana iowq airee, -orls-tf
,I f.VM ' Oolumbae,01ilo"-'
- -il f I I ' J T
rttsrn rwTiinintwiOBiF.n keeps X5fM
v- A elAHTli yi) and foi aalo, tho beu quality ot
wuiov . .v --- - - r - "- .
r- Call aad ojuniiue - inf Goal before parouwmg alie'
omoe at ma Wrt:i6Ter3ftrfl; eudVa aVOoViCaa
"i8" '"--' - " V.I. ICWAM.
itmmvu rr.w.'Z.
rP to aa bdlipalable fact, that If thj ptrwe wanta one
of thM oemforuvbl. I8QUIMAUX BJCAT( OVIB
COATS, be Will Muall flud thara In lam qnntttltt
II any tpraoe deilrom of ewnlns eaa ef the lata ilyla
of BSAVIB OVa OOAIS, wVh P atuwbod,
Son'thnak your hoada to loaro br to pat Um, bnt
'T , ."". Opport tlM But Beuw.',;,,. Y'r i f i
too will Sad tbm Ibora In all eolon. kept n nt a
DID yoa herar wr any o lh tlt MIIBD OAS
SlUiai SUITS, whlob aro told at tut Otpltal Oltj
AroadoJ Buh la and in will find thM In vIIm, at :
YoVWaiMke Id' want ti PAST8 and VHTS. and
then 1 bat one NUblUkmonl In Uw Wfl whot
Puts and Vuta are to bo bad la all etrtDM. ehaooo.
jlM, faaatlllM and qnolltln, and that slaoo la lha
DON'T foifot the extonatvo anortinont of IURH1BH
IHQ OOODB. partloaUrlr In WOOUM BUIdlfl.
Which you can And In "Bd, wblta and blot," at the .
LArl 1 ALi U11X AHUAUhi, -
T wta . -5 .' BnparinienoM ay uareai onuat.
II on with to woar ganaonta ItADB TO OB
DEH, oa oan do no bttlor lhao to io to tho Mar
oban I Tallorbif BatablUtunont, aoxt to the A road a. and
atleot yodr goodi from a itook oomprlalos all color of
Bearer Olotha. Oaatlmona, Silk VoUot and PluihV
loaa, and you will loraly nttt with a (ood At by pnrebaa
rtB rAv-i. 1. J. -.-. v. 'i..J '''-.
MILITAET 6SNTtIMB!f, whan ' IhoVeomo to thb
oltrr. ai itraoMr. and wlih to aet a CNirOBM. It
la to thotr btf I adraatas to oall at 1
- . AlAKUUHi UHlLUS'tt, -
Where a largo amortment of BLUB OtOTH and other
artiolee belonging to the aqulpiga of an officer oaa bo
aa it ery moaeraw pnoei. -
in enortoauat,, ,
SMarcus.CliUdi5's, -
. ...... i '
. Proprietor of that aztenilre baatneae locality,
r NO. 81, 83 ana SS BIOIX STREET,
oppotite the state Houie... T.r, L
oetST-dM '
t-'A'targi atoek.,$( the. GOOD B MABITAN on
tawlXmT''J,TO'?W - J ;. .1 Ti".
v 't'j ( ': : a o :.
J Jl.
i. (It I 'AT
i anb bib; thb ubqbst BlOOl,-1' V
i. j. "
s t oy.E s ...
VBrer bffared-to the cllUeni of Columbue.
.o .ite-.ro-.
J 3
for LrafamlUaa or BmaU Tamllioa, aid veryfng"u
Three. Dollars "o Que Huhdred and
Ml V)
ii i. a iciiii
HV '
'Of every Price, Site and TaHoty, for Coal or Wood.-.
nrMiva-nriftM sttivp.s.
i .....,.. ,.u .lav? a.aii ui AM? a i. It
!" 1
j Of ani.Patterna. . ,
Llghteit and moit Portable
1 i: ritlim offerat to the
Teat -Stove aver
ft Officers of oar ..Great :Arniy;:;
ii-ti.f'ur. :s;
f .:!,; 0i-' " '
Foe Beating Dwellings. Ohnrehea, Btore-roomi, or other
...j'.a largo Bnlldisga
for family TJe or Hotels.
H-K-.M M' W1.1 1 11 , ill 1
r:-9 :
4n bivi, roamlu tK,. fe.
jit a.
av-j i-.ra ft
1 i
DOGG IRON8 v 1 a.!i
alu Mi bm
. SAI) ULONa'. t--e n -
M '.Tll4 , , r 4
Aad ami etbat artlates "for any ether tMh!"
,tA'-" it A " - .
Jllf Wr 'rl Jim
itj:paiakj) .
I - . ' ri
' Vt
-9 i
Clll & Son.
.govSMf , , J
From all Parts of the World.
Letter from Gen. Scott.
Troops Ordered to Canada.
France favors Reconciliation.
lation. -
Southern News.
Latest from Missouri.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Deo. 17. A man eama within
uen. ueintzelman'e linee to day, who left Al
exandrla in July for more distant Southern
quarters. He stated Ibat he bad been living at
Charlottesville for some time; that no rebel
troope bad recentlv cone South from tha
of the Potomac, but during the laat three weeks
two Georgia regiments had been added to It;
mat me aicaneae lit toe army was great, and
averaged from Manassas and Centreville a oart
loaa oi invalids a day, conveyed to the hospi
tals at Charlottesville, : j : '
[Times Correspondence.]
The House Fostofflce Commlttea haa nnanl,
moualy decided to Introduce a bill to abolish tha
franking privilege. The committee have also
concluded to grant no further privileges In the
case of soldiers' letters, other than that now
given of lending their letters forward without
prepayment.; ;-,
[Herald's Dispatch.]
viiion ware driven In by the enemy. Thereb
els were soon driven back, and . many of them
killed, . -r. h ..a. .....
Tho Seoretary of war haa submitted to Con
gress, sv statement, of - Quartermaater-General
Melee, aeklnirtbe early aDoronrlatlon of Al 000 .
000 to complete and pay lor the gunboata, mor-
aar Doave ana lug ooate oi toe W cacern flotlUa,
ao mat tnej may not oe - delayed at Bt.; Louie
until the interruption of navigation br ln. Ha
states tbe $1,500,000 appropriated by Congress
at tuo tag i. eeeaion lgrenmoieni only lor the oon
struotlon, equipment and maintenance of seven
of tbe gunboats t and without exDreaains anv
opinion aa to the- necessity of the fleet ordered
to be built by Genaral Fremont, ha thlnka tha
Government la bound to pay for them, and that
if armed, equipped and well manned, they will
aaa to we eireogiu oi me army in toe West,
and tbe anocess or the expedition Intended to
open tbe Miaaiaaippl.;-- t.i-
Tbe report of Cbief-Eaatnaer Barcard, which
baa Juet been submitted to Congreea by General
Cameron, shows that , the defenses around
Waabington consist of forty works, mounting
three hundred guns; that the whole defenses oc
cupied are about thirty-live miles, sxeeeding by
ssveral miles the famous works on Torres Ve
daa, the moat exteneive fortifications of this
kind known In modnern times. ' Gen. Barnard
aakl tbe appropriation of $150,000 from Con
greea for tbe completion of these works. ' '
Secretary Cameron has also submitted to
Cooereae a report In favor of an aoorcmriatlon
of $4,710,000 for putting one coast defensee in
order iron, the Lakee around to San Franaisoo,
a large portion of which Is to be devoted to tbe
dstenses or JNew Xork haibor.. tl, ,t ,i
' Mr; Vad Wyck'a investigating committee to
Inquire into Government contracts, say Id their
report,-they hare examined two. hundred and
alxty-flve personal. .The report embraoes eleven
hundred pages, and!. thele labors are far from
being finished. They propose to posh the inves
tigation rlgorouely, so lone as it la demanded
by publio interests. ' .--. i ,' -j-. - .
The affair of the steamer Catalin was thor
oughly alfted. There waa great oonfliot lo the
evidence as to wbat would be a fair prloe for
ohartcr and cost of running her. .
' The oommittee especially call attention to an
arrangement between the Seorelarv of tha
Navy and Mr. Morgan for purchasing vessels
fof Government,-'.- ,.;'i'. ' . . U .Jc.tLs-...
The oommittee next oooeldered the subteot
of the purchase of arms." The extraordinary de
mand for them resulting from the oouaplraoy to
overtnrow me union, naa,.r(BUiteo in an extra
ordinary txpsndlture, andi exciting tbe enptdity
of large numbers of persons both Id Europe end
Amtrioa, haa opened a system of unprecedented
(peculation.' The Government has been tbe
victim of more than one oonapiraoy, and remark-
aoie oomoinationa nave Deen made to rob tbe
Treasury. The profits from the sate otavma to
the Government have been enormous, and real
ized, loo, la many instanoes, even byonr own
cttiaens, tnrouga a system o brokerage as no
principled and dishonest, aa unfriendly to the
eucoeea and welfare of the nation, as the plot
less of-aotnal treason! tbe Government and
the several States entering the market in aotlve
and direct competition, stimulating, It is foe,
to some slight extent, and temporarily, the Im
portation and manufacture ol arms, but soareely
compensating for tbe general profligacy In the
expenditure oi me pupuq i reaaure.-
. Thfl oommittee examined into irinv innDllM.
and say in tne western veoartment especially
r . t - af ri p
requisitions have supplied the -plaoe of con
tracts. iUfcvW.-i.-- -'-v ' -
Tbe oommittee say In the purchase of cattle
there have been gross mismanagements; and In
tha purchase of horses and wagons in New
York they find great Irregularities.
' Tbe oommittee alao aay, a man by the name
of Wood, enjoying the oonfidence of the Presi
dent, waa appointed Commissioner oi Fabllo
Building!, a place requiring not only great bus
lneae capacity, but unfllnobinr integrity! and
that Wood, from his own declarations, made
himself an instrument for plundering the Gov
ernment.'; Tbe oommittee, in toe dioehrge- of
their duty, made a repreaentation or tbe faots
to' the Executive, but before any aetlop. waa
taken the Government was relieved by his res
i Tbe com mTtfee next approach the subject of
fortlfloations at St. Louis. "The circumstances
surrounding this work being of the most extra;
ordinary cbaraoter;' and marked.' by extrava
gance, recktesjness, insubordination and lraud,
tbey express (he hope that soma means may be
found to make tbe startles to the srttrootona com
tract disgorge the antes out of which th Gov
ernment haa been defrauded, and- that tha la
hnrrra who hava dnna tha ww. nn . tha fli
Govamment, will not longer be delayed
I rnlln theie Inot '-drtM.' " Th.' nn.lit.
found that most astoundinir , and " imblnahlna-
f-abds had been perpetrated in the ptrrohase'
boraes and Biia-': !. "a
Washino)i, Deo. 18 The business of the
Senate in executive session bas been confined
I to referring to tha approprlata eomoilttea th
appointments made by th President durlnc the
rsoees of Congress and heretofore pabllibed. j
The proclamation of Gen. Phelps, at Shld
Istand, Is oondemned by all olaaees of polltl
ol.tna. It was bis individoal act.-and muak
therefore be regarded accordingly, . I
Senator Lane of Kansas bas been tendered
e'Brleadler-GeneralihlD by the President, He
will aooept as soon ss he proves his right to
seat In the Senate.- His command will embrace
all troops in Kaneaa. ;'.
neither tbe Queen's nor Mr. Adams's mcs!en-
ger have arrived yet. S . O
Latest Foreign News.
Poktland. Me., Deo. 18. Tbe staamahlD
Jura from Liverpool oo tbe afternoon of tbe 6th,
and Londonderry on the 6ib, arrived here Ibis
morning. -7-, 1
l no exoitement relative to ine 1 rent Affair
oontlnnes nnabated. k" " j
The stook market, on the th Inst-, waa more
heavy and unsettled than ever.
Tbe United mates Consul atrarls nadoom-
munloated to the French Daoera a Istter from
Geo. Soett, ln.whloh be declares that there Is 00
troth In the report that tbe Cabinet bad ordered
ine seisure or the uouthern commissioners.
even tinder tbe protection of neutral flag. He
qmte ignorant 01 thedeoision or ls Gov
ernment, but eats it Is tteoeesary to (reserve
good relatione between America and England,
and be boned both Governments will agree on a
solution of the question, whether the prisoners
were contraband or not. ' If tney were agents or
tbe rebels, be says It will be dlffionlt to conviaoe
even impartial minds that they were lees con
traband of war than rebel soldiers or cannon. '
lo conoluiion Gen. Soott expressed the con
viction that a war between America and Eng land,
without more serious provocation than la
at present gives, Is impossible.
The Liondon Star thinks Gen. Boott's letter
will receive a hearty response in England as a
message of peace.
Tbe Times says -that Gen. Soott. like bis
countrymen, Is rather lnoliaed to disavow the
conception of tbe outrage than to repudiate it.
it is reported that the rebol and federal pri
vateers are cruising at tbe entrance of tbe Eng
lish Channel.
It Is said tbe Admlriltv ordered two ahina to
proceed immediately to the West Indies, to aet
as a convoy to the malt ateamer. ' ' j
ine reris correspondent of the Dallv News
statee that Slidell's dUpatohea were Intrusted to
His wiro as be waa leaving tbe Trent ' .
The Paria Patria learne that the Saa Jacinto
In November searobed a Freooh, Danish, and a
Portugutsa vessel. These faota, aaye the Pa
trie, are ol some Importance as proving that the
weanmgton oaomet ranolea it bas power to ex
ercise the right of search to Its full extent.
speculations from France represent tha ore
dominant tone, of feeling as. favorable to a rec
onciliation between Eogland and America. ' '
It is reported that the French Minister at
Washington reported to his Government re
fusal on the part of the Washington Cabinet to
deliver up dispatches addressed from Paris to
tbs rrenoh Uonsuls at Charleston and New Or
leans.. - ' '" . ' .' . .; ,1 ' ,., , ;
Hostile demonstrations .were made In various
parts of England on lha oooaelon of the depart-
ure of an Armstrong battery thence .for shlp-
ment 10 vanaaa.- .., -.., -m; 1 i,
In the Italian Chamber of Dermtlea Rattan
explained tbe failure of negotiations relative to
Kome.etatiDg be was convinced the French Gov
ernment wished to terminate, its occupation of
Kome, ano was a sinoere friend to Italy.-' '
LivxarooL, Deo. 6. Cotton brokers olranlar
reporta sales of the week 25,000 bales; market
dosing at decline of lld per pound. Al
one nme me aeenne was nearly 'il, but tbe
market railed. ,
Breadstuff steady.' ' Provisions steady.
Erie shares 2425. .. t . n - .-- '
An Admiralty notice: was Issued vestardav
requiring all now absent to return immediately
to tbelr respective ships. -'
The iron-oiad frigate-Warrior is coaling for
service on toe norm Atntnoan coast, if need
ed. ' . - ,.:! ;
There was Quite a rise yesterday on sns-sr and
saltpetre.- . - - - -' -
No charters ore now being taken for Anjeri
an vetsela. : ... ti--". ..." tsu
: Several of thamomW Dan era bate leaders
on Mr. Brlght's recent speech.
ine limes says, let America Judge by the
speech of her createat admirer, how little can
be said for ber outrage upon a friendly; although
neutral country
XivxxrooL, Dee, 6 Warlike preparations
continue to be made. A coneiderable number
of troops are under orders to leave for Canada.
ine steamship Persia -has been chartered' by
toe uovernmeni aa wen as tne Australasian v
: The London Daily News thinks that if th
American Government will treat the difficulty
in tbe apirit General Soott urges, the. war, may
do wveriea. . . , ,,, , , r . .
! Tbe American ' shipping interest Is already
disastrously affeoted.
London, Deo. 6. It is reported that Mr. Ad
ams regaros nis recall aa inevitable.
Several leading Paris papers blame the Eng-4
lian Government for having yielded to tha prcts-
nre 01 puDiio opinion, aa represented merely
by Manchester and Liverpool, and for baring
Acted too haatily in the Trent affair.'
' '
Southern News.
Monaox, Deo. H.Br fiag of
truce to-dsy we bare received Riobmond papers
of yesterday. ' , ' -i t-i .' n i -n i
Tha ttlohmond Whig baa a few Additional
particulars at the attack on Edward Johnson's
forces at eamfl Alleghany. The Federals were
reported 5,000. strocg.u The fight began at 7
o'olook a.m., and lasted.. seven hours, when the
Federals were. repuAAd. '.i.iS'6;Mw' ;tb
The Whig says the Confederates lost twenty
five killed, and eighty alx wounded, and that
tho federals carried away their wounded and
lett from ninety to a hundred dead bodies on the
field, w , u'
Johnson's force was 1,600. and afur, the
battle be wai reinforced by two additional regL
msnts. ' - .-- ' '' w ' u' "
The following telegrams are from tato South:
era papers;-' .''' .; .' , ,',V m" . ; tfii'e,e
Msnruis, Deo. 13-At Columbus, Ky;i there
waa a great oommotion yesterday. ' 'K. 5V
More troops bare been seat to Geo. Bowen
at Fellolana and alto a regiment to Union
City. . :.,t .'"" . -'
Tbe ted era is at Cairo nave changed their
polioy. None are alio sad to leave there. All
communication baa oeasad- The Government
transports are idle in the daytime and busy at
night.,: ,, ,-im a,. h tn.u.w f
It Is supposed by those in high offlolaf quar
ters that the Federals are moving an immese
force to the Tenneeeee river, to cut off comma-
nloatloo with Bowling Green.
' Mutrais, Dec. 14. Three thousand Federal
troope, at Pad ucah, marched to Vienna on Tues
day, and burnt some buildings, lumber piles,
etc They returned to Paduoah bat made no
attaok on Fort Beauregard.
All quiet at Columbus, &y.
Jeff. Thomson reoently surrounded a Party af
federals guarding tbe bridge between Charles
ton and Bird's PoiLt, killing two and oapturtng
four ot the bridge guards,.
" FoiTaxss Monboi, Deo, 17a P.-M.It was
known in Richmond this morning that a C4ni-
miaaloner bad arrived in ibis country from' thj
British Government to treat th regard-td the
seisure of Mason and Slidell. , ,.
From the Norfolk Day Book,,or. to-day we
learn that in the rebel Congress on the 16th
Henry C. Burnett and Judge Monroe were
sworn in as members from Kentucky, whiob
state iias-ioatrsedmiHestotneconrra-
eraoy. , ....... j .XH ka- tr.Jtn .ntui.
Hon. Wm. Poroher Miles of. S. C , Is exceed
ingly hi-;,or ii h tu O
- Nxw Yoax.Deo. i8. The poltoelast evening
suooecded In arreetlngftba Alleged partleeon
whom suaploion rested aa being Implicated ilri
the death of Bernard Levy, tbe Canal atroet
broker. Their names aro Lewia Brldssborongb
AnAUeo. weiier.
Colonel Mulligan in New York—The
Trent Affair.
" Nxw Yow, Deb. 18. Cot Mulligan. bad-A
public reception ArttBtHfy HalJ to day ,t
-.iTha RnlnS (ViSt faarnil from aommerMai
letters of the highest ob&raoter Iroro-LoBdorr,
that the British Ueveromenl propoaea to- Seek
explanation of the Trent affair, and perhaps
arcrtrigy will baraeaforr-10 mermoaTl made"
or a demand lor too surreragcoi ipar,$ftc, com
nlaalntiara . . .1 . ,
The English writers bops the subjeot will be
treated py ni witn patience ana witn a
spirit. .
First Session.
Ssmats ASeveral WIls were presented. ;
Mr. Doollttle iowodueed a bill for tbe eollee
tlon of dlreot taxes In insurrectionary districts
It provides for taking tbe land IB enob districts
to psy district taxes. '. -'-' (
Tbe resolution to expel Senator Polk wu re-
feVrad to the Jndiolary oammlttea .ii. -i i i
The Kansas oontaansd seaMrae taken no.
r The report of tbe Judiciary committee is
till Mr. Stanton is entitled to the seat, d I t' S ;,
After some dlsousal6n,tho subject yru re
00m mlttad to tbe committee on and Jodlolary .
Tha resolution offered by Mr. Semner, that
thr army shall not banMO to sorrender fugi
tive slaves: was teke up c if i ;
x Tbe resolution was agreed to.
Adjourned."-1''1" -
( Hoosa -Mr; BvvieTJrom'ln'e'oommlUeA on :
Elections, reported- tbaV Cbarlee Henry Foster
Is not entitled to a-aeat In able Congress, either
from the first or seoond Copgtasslooal Distriot
of North Carolina- - '' '"
Mr. Dawes said the oommittee-bad pursued
tbe rnvettlgatloa eo fares to be entirely satisfied
that tbs claim Is founded in Imposition, and so
well satisfied of this fact waa-Mr. foster him ;
self, that. ha bad volnntarilv abandoned the
elalm..''-':i -'-t--' - 'i--r l-i
Tbe resolution was adopted :' .
-The Honsa then reeumad tha consideration of
tne bill to secure komeeteada to aotual settlers. I
beads of families, or those who baae attained
the age of eighteen years And srr citltsns of;
tbe United 8tatce or filed an Intention to be-1
oome such. ....n,. .
Tbe provisions of the bll) are extended to all,
who have performed aervloe in soppteslog tbe:
rebellion) In Hon of bounty land. The Tbree
Months' Volunteers are to recelvti'tbirty dollata
in addition to the Tight 'o the homestead, and
all who have served six moolhs, ooebandred
dollars. 1 1 1 i 1. t "J 1
A lengthy debate ensued on tbe bill, also on
the several amendmente proposed.-
ine lurtntr consideration 01 the bill was poet-,
poned till the flrjt Monday In February, by 188
against 60
Tbe bill appropriating one million dollars
forgnnboeta on tbe Western waters was passed.
- Tne - Hosss went Into oommiliee ' oi the
Whole. ...
Tha bill for the payment of invalid end other
pensions were taken up.
Mr. Steele of New York effured a resolution,
whioh was adopted, that the -select committee
on alleged oontraet abuses be requested to in
quire aa to tbe policy of abolisbing autlerahips,
or regulating tbeeyetem toaeoordaooe with tbe
requirements and protection of tbe soldiers.
Mr. Colfax called attention to a communica
tion, from the Poetoffioe Department, stating
that It had been ascertained that members of
Congress frequently give envelopes to cover
matter unknown to them; that tracked letter
envelopes, without address, are being circulated
among the camps and sold by suttlers at from
one to two oente apiece; that franked envelopes
are sent to merchants in vsrlous parts of tbe
country and cover their own correspondence In
return; and thai franks of members of Congress
are forged. - ? ...
Mr. Colfax hoped that the simple statement
01 laots would correct toe abuses without fur
ther legislation, ri.. I'-v I ii l.
Aojournea. -. urc-Mi vi. 5.
From Missouri.
jsrvxasoN Who
left Henry oounty on Sunday, say Clinton, the
coanty seat of that county .'waa In the possession
of from six to eight thousand rebala, most of
whom were from rrice's camp at Osceola, and
the balance- recruits from tbe northwestern
counties. Tbey were persecuting Union men
and plundering private property. . , . . .
1 neee loiormanta also say that laat Sunday
evening tney met tne aavanoe guard or Uen
Pope'e division three miles from Clinton .
. They think the rebels were entirely ignorant
of the approaoh of our troops, and express the
belief that they have been surprised and cut
Off. -- "
-Osceolrlraboaf tWenfy'-flre miles Southof
Clinton, and if rpof lnformanta' statement be
correct, a very rapid advance of Generals Pope
and Steele's divisions has doubtless been made
noon Price's headquarters.- - -
1 Advices from Lexington are to the effect that
Sines Gen. Prentiss threw a few shells into that
town the tebele have been very severe toward
Union men, searching and plundering . their
houses and threatening to burn them. . Ja
1 Gorrarpoadonoo of the St. koala Democrat. - ;u
I Roll, Mo , Deo. 18. A Union refugee from
Arkansas says Gov. Rector has Issued a pro
proclamation requiring all persons between tbe
age of 16 and 45 years to join the army. " -I
The persecution of Union men was relentless,
and tbey were being arrested and imprisoned.
' Ben. MoColiooh had been summoned to Rich
mond to anawer chargca preferred against him
for needlessly burning property,, of Southern
meo, and for refusing to reinforce Price when
tbe li
alter waa oursned bv tha Federal tronna.
' MoCulloch's forces were in Winter quarters la
T . . 1 . I
xuvuu vuuuij, araauBas. .w. ., .,.,.,
i Six regiments of Indiana ware In hie com
rAOd.l -i :-. 1 -ai-.qi ;d 4. n oii Ul
T Alt Union men from Rolls were being arrest
ed on their arrival at Springfield at lbs instanoe
of Col. J. H. Price, lately releiaed from arrest
at St. Loula.f a i '-
The Fight at Mumfordsville, Ky.
LoouviLLB.'Deo. 18. The recent Mumforda.
wills) engagement, considering the disproportion
of numbers, proves uAmost-niilUant-Federal
victory yet achieved, tonr companies, abont
tbrse hundred and fifty men, of Willich's regi
ment, led by Lieut Col. Voa Weber, drove
back over tbree tnossand rebalcavalrv. artillerv
And Infantry. Tbey were, first attacked by a
regiment oi Texaa cavalry, whom tbey repnleed
and fallowed, when they were drawn Into am
buscade and fired at frotn.aJi aides by the rebel
Infantry. .
'. The Federals returned tha fire Vigorously,
And stood their ground until tbe rebels lell back,
leaving all their dead and most af thslr wound
ed on the field. ,'- '-" "J
No relnloreemsnts reaohed' Von 'Weber's
command, aa reported yesterday,1 until alter tbe
engagement was over.'. auir" ' -
Stone's Loaisville Battery supported the Fed
erate front tbe north side of Green river, firing
at awry twig raugo irom rinea oannon. tour
other oomaaniea were on the couth aide of the
river, but engaged as plokets a mile and a quar
ter aietans irom tne action.
Among the Federals killed Were Llentehant
Saoaa,! Cinoinuatl, who killed eight men with
two revolvers, but wss finally killed himself:
receiving nine ouuets irom tha rebelst also,
Hoary laser, Rlohard Wabsy, Fred. Shoemaker,
John Bbamb rose. Pater Smitb, all of Cincinnati.
Bmith's remains go lo Clnalnnafl 'to-morrow.
Of the Texan Rangers sixty-two ware kilued.
beeidos ColTjrry,vweuQded unknown,1 tappos.
ed largeb -i ki. Vr-.'i,M ''V .vio ... .-
iiwi-nonii imiusb uurieu tuutr jueaa. t n:,s:
Fourteen rebels, borsea wra fonod,.ilaad oa
tbe field, and three rebels take prison 6111.
Parti ae yoet arriTtd . from the scene of the
fight, report that yesterday and to-dy .aixty
ntno,dead and wounded rebels were fooqd m the
kn.haa.. .i4ii:i lu rii.i-
tTe redsrai joes is ten jailed oa the spoW
seven toorully, thirteen otherwise wounded,
Of thOea wonnded. four have alnoa diaii.v..--i -n
- Ttje rebels lost Qoionel, Captain and lien
Ts Federal fcrcee on tba south side of the
Grasp Kiver r considerably augmented, , bat
tbe rtpwtof a general oroasing.nl the Federals
southward yesterday Is denied, end. would pro
bably not take plaoe tm -Greet, River bridge,
on waioa aiarge lorea istngagea, was recou-
Cisiivawa, .,: ..l v ..-: 'C't i.'iiiii
Tba rebsls tent a nag of truoa tc-day asking
permlaaloa to inter' ibetr alleged nobnrled
dead4 ', i-tifS t,'i&jj J -
Top Somerset postmaster'a, way bill ef.lh
7th, says Zalllooffer. with 7j000 man. bad taaa
ed cumoeriand bJverT and waa entrenching a
-, i uV i ainy-urai unio ana eeoona CBS! A en
aoesea Regiments had arrived there, making
forea khaata oemal tn Knttlnnrrar:
a C rirltl' k ' I T K ' j .
The Feeling in Canada.
t-fc '.7 . . Z . ... ' -
anaoa w esvw sites tnat tba people in tnat re-,
glOA are highly excited about the Jlodjguity to.
bhevBrltlsh J fllg, . Military -OXganisatiuaa-are
rapldli forming to resent it..
'f ? .
Adr" Thai tone ot the private letters by theXuropt
"a'h'I JifrA IndlcaU flratnasaa, taw pat crths
English publla to insieHon the surrender of Ma
son and Sltdoll, not express hope and belief that
ah. nnvflramant will a-lva tham nn Immasllata.
I ly. Other letters say England will go to war
' without waiting for negotiations.
BaLTinoit, Dec lbV-We have tha Nor fork
Day Bookof Toeadar. whioh. oonUlna extracts
from the Charleaton Cooricv and Alarmm Mla
a'. A AL. Al I a. 1 e a . . ... .
utw v ww rw, um mere is utua additional to
wnat naa already been telegraphed.
The Courier saia tha mnaa vr.iir.in. inci
dents ef the fire waa tbe leal manlfcattiK tha
aiavaa in msir snorts aa Bremen and laborers.
Tbe entire population, male and female, work-
ea moes earoesuy.
- - - -
Release of Prisoners.
Bostow, Dec: 17. The bark Island dlt nail.
ad to-day far Fortress Monree. with two handrail
and fiity Hat teres prisoners, released by tbe
Hasjusbobo. Dae. 17Tha subteot of the da.
looses or rbliadeloula la belnr urged noon tha
National Government bv Gov. Cnrtln. Ha la
also aotlvelf engaged in ere Darin a- usaa for the
owwa awense. . ; .-
n . . . - . " w ...
,'H - V ''-
VlW Yoaf. Daa. 1RTha aannrt ikaa Aflnil.
ief Adams stated bis reoall waa Inevitable, la
not believed bare. 1 ,n ' - "
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 18.
and alOin.it x.j.1 .k
dllng npland la quoted at 3;S0o; sales 1400 balee.
PLOC a Opened Arml balallirmiiK ik. i..
S3 645 8i for oommon
ennerftiie waitara;
medina axtra waaUrn:
.7 aK, ?.'?' ' ronnd hoop
Ohio and l-t 003 6 75 for trade brands do. Canadian
r U..' '? f5 55 for ,0Prtnei as tWBl til
a -aa w vuvhw wjtaJBfc . r
bbf.!LS4VttW W,U "W.ef . 300
bbls. at 80VMla. " ,wv
.ul".n AT-Pnl vary irm; bnt after tha reoelot of
toM JTai'ia sna 12"-' ?"SS " le
V?.Mi5? 2?'halsChlcaoeprlBg at tlS&at
1 Stt; U.UO0 do aaber Iowa at Al Stai XSi 47W Vaad
lata at S 1 3oai 4Ui 4000 H rZ, ZJ.Z7l',.-?i.tVl
BYBWIthoOt Imnortant ehanvai .f4 .r onn i t.
BAULHY Quiet at TOafiOo
OUKN Onnftd b.Mr. .lu i?wn. ' , .
.unn hj,.u.,iu." "A-" aaiaaoi
.... . .... iUr iwi to cnolra waal.ra mmri
anoat and In ttorai 07a rar Una,i.. ..n
uaia-ueary and tower; sales atAftSdfe Cor Jersey,
Canadian, weetern and stoto. . '"'li
POHR Quiet and price without an material ehtnm
mlee of 475 bble at S U 853118 7sX"mVTai o
hM?i. lilT wUh "'ate demand; ealas
of 1200 bbls at A4&4 50 for oountry prune; B5S W for
ni,.7.me"1 'opackid maae" 1. 76
u.iiurauniiai, rruno nveaa bear aulat.
BEKF HAMS-Mora eotl.a TtrmthTr orlcee
CCt lUSArd-Io modorata request: sales at 3!fffl5e
for ebonldert, and 4XSe for haats X
bi.ld7"o"'e,i "" -11 rib
CUiUBKD H098-A shade firmer) sales at 3V(B
4X for western; 44 for 011, '- '
mXZZrZZZZ'J salss r
BUIIBBr-fiallatliaiSoforOhlo and Mo for
OHKBSB Qoltt at SdbSn.
BOOAkV-Baw In fair demand and firm; sales of 419
JSVittZm&ZS hw-- -slags
oiiunjo vaiiana uregauvr. -
"""'" " nay ana oioaea rally Sa lower:
Sales ot 13 W0 bble at ti K&i is tot Mao a? as 40
m 1a inr extra auta: mi euraii as f
Cincinnati Market.
demanil tar mnawina i.
flour ts good at 4 10, bnt holders ask from S10c
". '.. ,, '. naeappiyoi snporflne le light.
Bxtra to family can be eaiily aold at t4 10(34 25. The
Slfnal "P;bon; f'100 t 4 05 for anperflno;
I 104 1 20 for eatra; and 4 2034 40 for famllr.
..7.,ile2?JtM ,le, eboal 1,300 bbla, at 13W
loo- loauemanu la acUre and prka, bare an upward
COVfJBB Tha eemand u ietrra iv.
at fall prioes. Then is bat littlo offertnc that nan be
uuiamca neiow ioe. rilme is bald at 20o. The whole
f J5ti" .,r'?D1?i?80e- Th M" V ware about
aww uasgwBw aUvUSVUa
: MOIiABBltB-IehaUitfSo, A sale of 100 bbls, de
tec tire oooperaoe. at 41a eaah.
1 BUOAB-?Iochango. atUXofer Cuba and XaH0Xe
for Hew Orleani the market la firm.
, WHEAT' Tha aalea to-rlir aiw W.-1..1.' . i.
radatBoo; 300 do good do at Mo; 500 do good rod and
wniwav oc; ana auuao prima red at 87o. The market
la firm at 65ir2o for white and 83A80a for red.
iuT " 3' wllh V"6 deman at 8le.
uva 1. '" warn at Kio, la gaoDlea,
i. ..SrVTu1 " no ane la oorn: a sale was made
1.,Ja. -5 1 I In balk, which-Is tha
,u k"" " bj uiiiuiers; 11 11 bold at 29c. . .
1 nABLEYUaehaii.ail. 1 '-.a. i i 8
T0B4COO la rood mmuli .1. .j i ...
Wranat RnHm.'.Hr . . ITT iT.
, .,1,7 - J"' e 10110W1 nnde:
V 10 sadtSbom, ranging from S to 113 Be-
delpts mi
Cleveland Market.
and nnchanaad. Ba aua.a.
(ported. "
I A WHB AT-8 oars rod on track aold at On We: I r do at
20o; and 1 oar poor wblta at (1.
vaio isar on traoasold at 270.- "
5Sa,IrfJlfa'Jw -m91 Mbblsat 15)fo.
UBSa POHK DolL and nal.l a. win uvbh nn
wlthoat sales.--t - V - X . VST "'
LARD-8teadjrat77Ko. . '.. , ,'
uorraa 0 iis rood w. . lm u ..a -i hi.
Itrtctly prime at 15ov J ' - -
OHaadB-Moderate ealw at 5,Vo. " , ','
BOOS A bbla aold at Uua. - a'b.'i'
HOQS-Dreeaed, sales of 33 had averaglD I 00 Its 'at
flSSporowt. .r. 1 - 7 ; ;
, . ..
Hog Markets.
COLUMBUS, Dec. 18th.
market for hogs Is not very brisk, oa 'account of
the warn weather, paokera being A little aoary ; Bltchclt
A Bcrloagsr, Iraslerfor Coma took, Hlllar A Bmlth, an!
Zettlar are paying 19 1 40 for Ure hogs aad 13 00 sat.
It u estimated that there are more koga and la better
condition la Iraiikna county than In any prarlous year
Bogs have oome m slowbr.'eODSiderlnf tha arw him
able weather wo hare had. tha strong aaoendlog ooune
of tha o arkat, whioh waa oheckad- by tbe tololllgenoa
comBnropo,basglran plaoe to a Barreleauiaaa. and
materially lnoreaet tba efforts of drorara to aall. fha
oenaiiton or inings politically piaees tho doubts strongly
flawi vii.iwu, nn icavv. iacara in a quanoary un
liae aay they ban ever before experteased-. Coneoo.ttent
ly the btulneee la peonliarlv ipacuiaUra. aad tboae wba
go Into It take the cb.ncea for tho future, the lame of
wntcn aenes an reaaonabie caicaiatlons. To day prtoaa
wera mil lower was yeenruay, ana aa ao la rer.rdea ae
an outaide price for the most desirable boga; $3 25 wu
pais lor aTeragee oi axufta ana Uiasgara may be re
garded as showing the position of the market. The
carta In wbat to do Thev are aoDrehenalTa that Im-
nad'senareewaaul atenoe be each aa to eanea a blook.
adenpoa ahlpmaau rroaa this conn try, and that tbalr
waronaaeawoaaiseanas up nere. mis Seems Kareoly
aaaaoDaoia, ior were do prooaotnty tnat toe alaeoa
and Blldell affair will bo haatily disposed of, for MTaral
peaaane of dispatohea between the roTornmenta will ba
made before
Enq., 17th.
r The weather during the put weak hu been axeeedlaglT
narunuiB lur Hiaraviin areeeea noga- enu II la. pro
table that the market aaa descended to the lowest prke
oa record. At one time daring tbe week sales could not
be made at over a ou, and for light -wsigbta ft (0 bas
teentnld. At tbe elose tbe market had aomawbat lav
proved, paokera paying $3 5aVi SO for average weights.
oa niuMwn iwia. m, we ii niga as ae vw
pant Baturdas for very hean lota. - - ' - - ' .
Press. 14th.
bogs there (a more firmness, and
prioes hare advanced 5ctlOo elooe B.rantay. with sales,
taking U tha anUreraaf, at a A50AS 70 S ewt gross.,
The reoalpta ainoe Saturday were S.44S head, and with
active competition among buy ere the yards were all
cleaned out before aha ersee af tbe day, the bulk of tales
being made to paokers at tbe range of $9 40S S3, tbs
market eloelog Arm at A2.a0a MlerHght ana heavy.
CHICAGO. Times, 17th.
aob the reasptlon bf the last steajaar'e aaaa lha
Srarkel le dull. Buyers and sellers are apart la their
Ml.wa I -WaaBeta avlaa VMtftnta nf 401) ...r. am otoi
alt3erbandae4at;.ao0, BTerage S10, at A3 OS per
hundred net., At aba alawghterhonee tr I.: McTagnart
wo bead hove already been alanghtered. leaving lorn
1 ,5oo la the pens.- Oomapoading work has been don
State Sentinel, 17th.
State Sentinel, 17th. ST. LOUIS.
The Aoa maaketlevftwH new the absarulnp 1BBBT oTTS1
i win ia ooBimroit tieii. Tit weea eiwaw wtis
light reoeipta, but uaedua full pea at-tbe packing
boutea, and packers working fall buli.,1 S '
i. Ha.. from a' dLtmnna hvtnA 1. mm. of- awatn,
wbleb ueually seeks this market, were reoeired aad Baere
asepa Bio way. The veeeiptafrom the Dew ktolnes vl-
nry.wwa, waica uiuaiiy etna ai wn, quite no
erai, ant bogs mora than of aeaataverage weight, t'bat
region, famous tor growing floe boge, baa oaulose IkHlf
this eaasno, and elands without a rival la heavy pork
thua far, so we are told. Prion were soareely so Arm
yoeterday and to-day as all the opening ef tbe market,
the range being from Al to A3 85 per ewt Bet, ia gold
Treasury aotes, aud A3 15 to 3 45 In Btiaaoarl currency,
Democrat, 16th.
The weatbet has kaess for tho past raw lav's, very far
SMU for sls taring. Up te raMSSOObM
barn elaaghtorad at tha BUmawth OaWpark honaVaaJ
1,300 were killed at tne samo booso toeMrdar. iLwii
abont I -tOO In tha aaaa. n a,,. a,'n. 'Z',,' ."f
Craak. bare alaa.htere1 7.S0S haaA ap to tho AraaaaiL
with M0 la than.. Prtcoa rang. t,Sm II SS to
Here raoelrad for Madlaoa Si iBdlanaaaus juilrea
JTr. Ilfif AUyK raS
l?0"'1 B" Oa., 11 P40
Courier, 14th.
With Weathar ui tu ... . . . ..
eln.hi.rin.,..7.-J.r!. .. ." TV "ool. ao
S.S, with B.SOO la nan. U, . i . i, r.uL . .T
. "7 "k 'i wawaa ua wm. mutl imav iniat awSPalatinaoi atu Sva
1 wi . rr P" lS.h. " Ui awwalpts
I. Wa BoUoe a sale of en. lot o Si bead, flnoheavr
' " . another of 000 bead la iZTjLlZZ A
m wuan wiu net ml ai a.n.. 1. .1..
"abaaTyhog. la previetona thare U bat little
Shi a-m'-i on ' "port of 1.000irltal
i fl 4 '
No. 30 tTortli High Ctreeti
Oss ot the Largest and Bast (elected Aaaa!
HCeQ, J? CiXrVeOulTO
House Bniidcrs' FBroisbiass
. ,- . . ..-
Fresich An or lean t
window Gtleilsfs
and pat ap la ban pound cans for family ma, and Dtp
- " faints In balk. (
brushes of every variety & quality.
A Splendid Assortment of .
' GUNS, PISTOLS, SHOT, Ao : '' .
, - ROPE cordage;
SCYTHE8, to., .;,'.'
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
I sspaolalljr Invite tbe attention of all InUraitxd 1..,
ptook of Poskot aad Table Ontlery, and
Table, Desert and Tea. Spoons,
Butter Knives, &c,
M HOOBBBa A BBO. Uennfactura. warraotad tofca
txtrahaavy, llatitro-Plated, on leontna Albatu ' '
; Ooaatry Marohanta,Machanloa, and olbara; an hrritad
looaii ana axamtna my Stock, as I am prepared to esll
Wholesale and Retail. . UiTI. AV. 411 Li
Oornmboa, Ohio, Bay S, 1660.
5 Uji
-Q f.
Boat Arttflctat Help I the
1 a,aa ewer Barest Ma.
-f JOSEPH 8. PE11IET; ;
Wit Of th mOat lmi.l-4.Mrl krlrvila Buu.a.1u r
All his Slaaaea, whether for near or fer-.lirhwdTa7. '
grcmad la eonearo convex form with the araauat a.r.
Saa to salt the Xrea of all easee, caring Weakness
ntness or Inflammation of tha .,3 i.
strength for long reading oV Boo sewing.
"?. Bm street, at aeltaer fe Web iter' t
Static Store.
Corner of Broad & Front lBtteet3,i ;
I - - f r Walibs nr. 'ioU '
i FOREIGN ' i DOMESTIC IRuits; ?i i
notJK, - 8 ait, r ukvoisr-mbs" '
I tr ' -".. ' - ' '
' octss-diy ... ,i "a
.-. . Vs....
WL at ' .i-
X 1 a lease oo tbe Btor Boest - -
aUf OpMed UsUUa K
.UK. i
Auction & Cooiniosioii Kooiai
. i. , -i ,.: i-j-is
He Is now prepared to reeetrs on O ommieilfni' every '
wipiWB prowarty, oaaw aw- wry veoaa, tjreearies,
LUiaore, Baniniret Carriages, Boraaa, eto. - lie aleo
tnteada to devote his attenUon to mles of Seal Iitate
and Eeraonal Pioperty, at any point, wlthl twenty Bailee '
of tbeeity. . ., . ..-',
Auction Salesx Every Evening.
Oenslgumeatsrespeetfally solicited. '- ,B, '
w. a. B.BNT, Auctioneer.-"4 ' -
i-i ' i i ' Jvl
The Court of Corhmon PlewFrani Vx .
V'V-. v.:-- I Boo. 3, page 911, Mo. BtaViaAi .1
Bamnsl 0. Btory tt al.) rfVuM ; , s jap .t
tbe said Court lo ate dl rested, I will efftr tor Bate at e.i
public anetioa at the door of tbe Ooort Hoaso, la the ,
oltootO.ln.ba... .. . .. ( -4 w ,
Satn-Jay, lire filet day of Dccembertl86i:Vv-..l.
twtween the boars of 18 o'clock if. end . 'cloak . k.i-,u
ttta fbllowlng deecrtbed real eetate, situate la the couu-. IT.
tv ofrrankllo aed State of Ohio; v ""
The kndlvMed two-nlntba (if B) of a certain beet at li V?
parcel of land, allotted In the counter) ef Amkba) aad: l a i
ef Ohio, lying en Darby Big Bun, a branch of
Darby Creek, a put of tne original serve. No. 3,81,u '
and bonnded and deeeribed aa foi lawsi - . ... . tvi,
BeglaniLg at a large stone in the Ban, lower eareer r,:.-!
to Joal.b Blvena' lot la ike south of said original .
surrey No. 3,811; theneb with eaid Una eontb eighty
nine (80) degreea seat aae hnadrod forty (140) pntw':vrt
at tbe aonthcatt oorner, corner tisadowni theaoe 'wlrb'." l,
the rant line north one '1) Aegree east etatythree anA
one half (ti3J4l poke le a bar oak ond 111 tee red elf-'"t
north et.hly-nloa (69) detreas wcet ene hundred and
fifty (150) polos to a point la the aontreof the run, wim . j
lie meeBdeis, to ibe place of btglnning, eonlalniog aixti
(OS) acres mere or tees
Appraised at Alt CO per sere.
. j a. .. e' W WlfalAN, Iberia,
rlnter's fitss H CO.
, aavUMd.. . ' . - "
ii orii

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