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flu (Ohio Statotnatj1
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'FRIDAY MOMUNGa DEC. 20, 1861. I
Will there be War with England!
W reproduce tiito! iofcber q erticl fro
New Ybrli fterM to fw4
'qu'eitioo. It eon'tains pretty fair statement
' ef 'the'troWl 'tdWln the hiae oT ,tnV TrtuV by
tb Uw offloert Vfl B'rttwh Crown, end is
. tJifito) MVorttilWlag tUi .pr'etiibU eourte
, Aualrvi Au'-X vll la. ll4 i ir l
...a ,ll
Considerations Suggested b y the Apparent
Attitude of our Government
Attitude of our Government toward England.
L''Ai'f5ptre UU'VfcV.ViiHVl fetalis
m1 v.mriiHi fould" ura.ni inff enconraco We
- oeeelooist more thka any event that ha hafeH
fenefl I'mee the WealJog out oti tlLr$b.euiph
"Tbej bTelooke fpnraiJ. j.lf;tof,Ti
,. i-td the would, to nob a eeaeiaireocy n
' OT'tbelf chief rtlaoce for ultimate; jltjtaesa,'
Tbrej can b no, question bf par Wllty- to
' carry on ' fot lga W4t.ad !qaell-i'lwnuU
domeetlo Insuirectton aVlhe aame,' tlmej.'-Bu
both thee job on oar hod t oooe would pat
onr covvag and rMure to. wVere teat, uJ
.at n rmmrHimra bf blood ittid treatur to
. maintain our national eiistenoe, from the ef-
fsott bf which th country might flot mover
for a center to come.- !' '
Alloreiga war it, therefore,' to l vbiilei.t
. tbl timl If Ifcan be doneieooalatptflj;'
atloaal honor and eefety,- For 4ht ream, ere,
hall with. pl'eesur the lodlcatten,. that! our
national legislative and xeentlT cwmolln are
ilUpoaed to exeroite moaertion ana joinear
'ance toward Great firlfajdiind pe .'alj, 'res
ectable ooneeeeiona and eomproinieee In order
to avoid1, J p'o6a'ibletk'.'coQict aiv, arma, which
cH do" nMther cohntfy an)1 food, but will Mflae
great Injury to both. ' ' '- i ''!
VVt are glaj to see, too, thaf t la not pobdi
ered by car Repnbllean eotenporarlee troa'orf
able or a iign of tympatby with alien uenemiet,
to dartre tbe continuance of peaceable ahd friend
ly relatione -with England, en at the eacrj
fioe, Terbaptf,"of a little "nattonif. dignity In
Ibe ehapa of cknowledmetfc of error, eon-
. ''ctaaiona and coinpiomi'sea.''Jt faoupli but stcike
an honeet and patriotic man, who"really deeiree
the preaertation of tbe Union intact, that a
trifling infiuiion of, tbe aim ipjrU which tfur
Goretnment teems disposed to manlfeet toward
Eogland("migbt Jo something toward reatojriog
. peace and harmony in onr owri dbohtry.' Brit at
thie euggestion, perhaps Rome fiery eoul will
start up with the angry exclamation "Bebele
f rom the face of the earth !" ( K j
.Such a declaration, Uken'ja-irhol(ile de
nunciation of Southern men, is the language1)
not of reason or pairlotUm, but of paiaW and
revenge. All Sonthern men, eren In the seced
ed Statetk are sat la eras againet tbe.fioTern
ment.and a.large pcrtion of thoso wh0bivv
been forced into the Confederate atmf tre In'
their hearts loyai to the Union. A diellaclion
must be drawn" between the 'rtnfieaaete a
rebellion and those who hare, tbrtrogh Igno-
rneaor by loreei been placed in a poaiUon ap
, puenrty hostile totte Government;: ; p !
Theae eonsideratiowe will atorailf nuggesl
io some minds the query whether if wotId "ot
be proper, wise and prudent fa our 0rentdhn
to exercise aomewnafc oi ma. earns atneiouu
tion, tempered, with a spirit of forbearince!,nd
conciliation, toward onr own countrymen in e
6 raltutrn 8tte ' which it eeema disposed to
manifest In the dispute with Great Britain. I
yd Iraitort are wore 4birJ jfortlgCi enemlei,
od re not tt be reatafled WUh or tteaed with
to'rbearance' or mercj, but to be extermlaated
The Proclamation of Gen. Phelps.
The New YotTtTant' ia Speaking pf the
- nipedition to Sbip liUod; near the mentis bf
the MiMiaeiDPW .and the. landing o Oeneral
TPaxtrs's brigade npsn the Island, ajs: ',,r '
y The nraclamation issued by Gen. Pbelpe.
, reaching the Louisiana coast, win be' subjected
.lo serere cntiusm. I bat owoerK deoimug' to
be guided by similar 'documents promulgated by
leaders of preceding expeditions into rebel ter
ritory, has announced pis mission to be the sub.
stituilon by force of frse for 'slave labor, hod
bas justified his eonvictiene of doty by onsti.
tutlonal discussions and historical precedents,
curiously out of place in a military announce
: men. To aay that tbe allusion ta -the Church
ot Frnee in eonneetion with tbe French R evo
lution Is at once nnioriunaieana maccuraie. is
perhaps needlees. Bat ctrtiinly'Iu no act tf
Congrees, in n orders from .the War. Depart--.ment,
nor in the praetlce oi the Governmonl In
its conduct of the war thus far, cvuld General
Phelps find authority for the line, pf policy he
prescribes lor nimseu; ana ae can oaroir pieaa
tbe absence of explicit instructions as justify
Ins thU cxtrema license of Internretation.' The
mr k aiut ha aware, is not made for the" ob-
jecte which be Barnes. , He misrepresents tbe
aims of the Government, precisely as the most
Balignant secessionist tot tbe Sontb misrepre
sents them: a coincidence which cannot but- be
productive of mischievous and mbarraesiog re
4 suits. Locally, the proclamation will fall barm
. Icsi. It la barily likely to make Its way be
yond the unpeopled islands of the neighborhood.
But wherever It does go, il is liksly to do' the
r; Union cause more harm than good." -: ;
ST The Detroit Fret Prut, in noUciog tbe
complaint of the New York , Tribune, that we
have not called upon ,the four imilliona of ne
groes to help us put down the rebellion; tijr. I
t There is a mats of population in the United
mnnntiniT to (oica hundreds of lhon-
ands, friendly to tbe tribune establishment,
ready to work for it, who are also more or less
black, ana wno are oi ine same race, out as a
olasa are interior in intelligence to tbe four
millions above named, and yet, except In some
unimportant menial employments, we doubt if
. - T 1 1. 'V... A n. 1 1 nA fnm a a. a.aanlafl Ih.
t M&V at iVNffcuM vici vaiiGu.au, v. .a.vy.i.u auv
services ot one oi mem as pressmen, type
setters, correspondents, editors or bdainess
, met, about their establishment. ,tlf the Tribune
pbiiosopners win give us a gooa roason for
their rejection of tnis elas -ef labor, we thiuk
we will be able to give an equally potent reason
why tbe Government does not require tbe eer
vice of the fonr millions refecrad k to. by the
Tribunt. . . t , ,
Secretary Cameron and the West.
V.nt. Cow.: In Secretarr Cameron's report.
he puts down the Illinois forces, in tht field, at
80,000 men. . i
la the report of Allen C. fuller,1? Adjatan
(1 .moral of Illinois, dated 10th inat. he gives i
'minute list of tbe Illinois forces t tht field end
in' prteui of formation, and they . only ameunt
'to 60,540 men. How ean you aocoont for this
difference of nearly aiywu men y
Cameron's report pat down 57,0UU icr Indi
ana, is fiM, and lie day flr, Gov. Mor
ton, when serenaded; stated that ladiani had
37.000 men i tht fitld. , Another different of
. 2oj00O men to be accounted f oi. Cameron
says in same report, Ohio has 1,000 men in
the field; Is this soT There are a few people
here who think it doubtful. In fact, comparing
.Cameron's report with authentic sources, some
people iipttRlu ne ha stretched pur arm j at
Sl0,OOU men .4 " u
Isaat . .
"' I wht to kwowf Yo Kwow ( '
CINCINNATI, Dec. 18, 1861.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 18, 1861. The War Tax in Missouri.
tei i an allele Oa y i cq.eotiajt ol "th war tax.
iaeBi.fromwhV.exUaekj).. follow
'Vrsiy.UeD, i
it nuioriuuaie i
be without a full representation, there, btcjnse
the people or Missouri bave savois i F"
Th mnit k to be relieved from
the paymeitof the Federal tax levied Jor the
payment orinterfirc, oi woica mo urowi ip
Aurt A8U0.UU0. That amoutil of money
aamuit h. mis a matter what means 'may be.
Ukea to colleot it, abdif Congtes 'will reflect
a moment. It will not b exacted from bT , Very
oon after the wan commenced, the commerce
ww ... . , . , . ,Wa IK.'.
oi tnc raisejasipwi nrovj- innuiug uw mi uiuv
of at. Louis, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and parts
nt ILlinnia and AliimtBotB. was stopped ' by or
der of the Government,- AH enr steam marine
uih nn tn .it onr -harvea thousands
eX good men were thrown out of employment'
tbe legitimate avenue lor an onr prouucis waa
closed and business of all kinds palsied.'. As a
matter, of CQurset5U liouls wlthtoutuit for
htr manufactures or the acrloultural products
brought to her wbarvea sollered terribly. -Bat
wmie ibis cuy bas sunoreo, naainij .im'i
nllne of commerce, in ths !oiS i . population
and the waut.of enoouragement for- industrial
enterprise, other, psris ol thoSiato bavewnffer
ti still more from the . wanton i devastation i Of
tbe armies which have been moving in eviry
direction for months past. It is no ase to deny
that whole sections of the Slate have been re
duced to poverty by the excesses .which the wsr
has brought with it.' The questjon cowls, oan
Missouri pay Into tbe National Treasury eight
hundred thousand dollars ss ter proportion, of
this year's revenue? - We answer that It cannot
be done. " There is no possibility, whatever ths
idollnalion'msy be.todolt-' No power what,
evtrean collect It or enforce Irs collection; and
or Representatives should ask of Congress to
relieve as from this burden for this year, and
until we can recover somewhat of onr accus
tomed prosperity. 'Whenever that takes place,
the tux will be paid promptly., '
The Fight at Fort Pickens.
Some Interesting details of tbe fight at Fort
Pickens srs given In a private .letter from an
OfEcsr bp Jobad the Umted SuUl steamer rtich
mood ton friend Id Brooklyn, N. Y.i' !
After giving an account pf the opening of
tbe fight, the writer says:' The only ships here
were the Niseara (Mas? ship). Richmond and
Montgomery," The' latter was sent along the.
island to prevent a landing, and the other two
attacKea-rorr raottae. we line lucnmunu;
took onr etaticm within 'about a 'mile and a
quarter,' and curt' anchor, from our position
we made nearly every snoi lau witnin tne ion,
and broke several groat' boles In the walls.-r
We were doin fine! vr and acDSrentlv diecom-
filing -the rebels; without acy opposition, when
suddenly masked battery opened on ns from
tbe woods on the other sldp of tbe lsgoon. The
sbott fell short of ns aV first, bnt the iort; sig
nalled to them go that they got our range better
and better every shot, and finally In the after
noon one struct as emidsmps about six icet De
low the water-line; the jar was very perceptible,
and then tbe shell 'exploded and seemed to lift
the whole eblp bodily out of the, water. The
eplosion broke" in tbe planking, and made
a note aooui a loot square, ana Deiween nve ana
six feet below tbe water line.' The plank was
fortunately not crushed entirely out of the open
ing, so we ealked ft up Inside without great
difficulty. ' The next shell broke our swinging
boom forward out of the rail, and struck a gun,
sconrlne a ereat eroovo in tbe top, and glanc
ing from thatt tbe shell cut tbe bead off the cap
uta of the wnn and passed out the port on the
otner siaw. i ne spunien wounaea seven men,
none severely. The body of the poor fellow
that was killed was a horrible eight. I We then
banted' ahead a little In onr anchor, and the
rebels not noticing it,1 their shots fell astern for
a few minutes. - -- 1 ;
We were soon signalled to haul off. ' We fired
five hundred and twentv gun shell and sixty-
five small rifle shell." Most of onr shell during
the latter fart of Ibe day were directed at tbe
masked battery, bnt we could hardly tell where
it was. AH firing ceased at fonr o'clock on
Sunday' morning. The rebels stopped when
Pickens did, end I do not think that Bragg will
open ftra ot bto w eot -tor be prwaaot a
least.' I consider the action as In the nature of
J . v. I i j . Tt
rebel armV; and should we silence a battery We
could not boM-W;'tl-'r-v :
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
Washburne's Report on Government
Frauds the
Army Sharks—Senator Boolittle's
, Wasnburne s report on uovernment con
tracts embraces the following items: April
123d, Alexander Camming!, of the New York
World, received authorized order of the Secret-try
of War, to purchase various army supplies,
in conjunction witu Governor Morton, with an.
thority to exercUe functions separately. Two
million of dollars were deposited with Messrs.
Dli, Ojdjke & Blatchford, subject to Cum
minga's draft. . Cummings drew a quarter of ;
million, ot wbicn ne says ne paid ninety tbou
sand to the Union Defense Committee, for tX'
peaces incurred, arid deposited one hundred and
sixtv thousand to his own credit, in .ths Park
Bank. Cummings employed as clerk, James
Humphrey, who made a large number of par
chases. He never knew Humphrey before, but
took him on (he recommendation of Tburlow
Weed. Cummings expended money according to
bis own fancy, without consulting the Govern
ment Quartermaster or Commissary, , He ex
pended twenty one thousand dollars for linen
panti ana straw nais, contrary to army regula
tions; bought beef and pork of Erastns Corn
ing tt Co . bardwara house, Albanv.'at the sug
gestion of one Davidson; also bought a lot of
scotcn aie, .umaon .porter, picaiee, nutter,
cheeeC, codfish, bemcge, tongaee; chartered
the steamer Coatzacoalcos at one thousand dol
lars per day,' without .examining , her., Cum
mings gave no bond, took no oath, says be turn
ed over the balance money, one "million seven
hundred and fifty thousand dollars, .to Sub
Treaaurer Cisco, but subsequently says be re
tained one bundrea ana lorty tnousina dollars,
accounted for by vouchers.,. This Inconsistency
the committee are unable to explain.' Cum
mlogs's account Is not yet filed, for settlement
at the War Department.' The committee ae
cote the Secretary ot War for extraordinary
conduct. In employing Cummings to do the
work of tbe regular Quartermaster 'and Com
mlasary, of high character and, qualifications,
then stationed at New York,' ". , . V, ,
Oa the subjeot of army supplies generally,
the committee find reprehensible neglect in ad
vertising according, to' army regulations, par
ticularly In the Western, Department. . Quar
termaster McKInstry waa in the babit of mak
ing requisitions on mercantile bouses for artl
cles, promising, them fair profit, Tbis profit
frequently amounteo to lorty per cent. Lou
tracts for, beef cattle were frequently fonnd
gravely corrupt., i ne Sibley contract is speci
ally noticed'. "It was for ten thousand head,
more or l(ai,1at elgbt'cent per ponod, delivered
at Waahington, and tWe and, three fourths at
Harrlsbnrg.- ' '; . ,h ",','".. .
Sibley &. Co. tub let the Whole contract to
Allerton; of New York,'' .whereby tbe former
made thirty-two thousand dollars, and the latter
twenty five thousand. ' " ".
' The committee say the erection of fortifica
tions at St. Louis was marked by extravagance,
Inaubordloatlon and fraud of an extraordinary
character.' In addition ti the facts heretofore
knownIt appears that the contract with Beard
was made by Fremont's special order and direc
tion, end 03e hundred and fifty one thousand
djllarr paid to "Beard before the date of the
contract. No specifications were made before
hand, and no bond given. The total amonnt
ordered by Fremont to be paid to Beard was
two hundred and forty six thousand dollars.
The actual cost was about sixty thousand doM
lure; dui Bears paia only Olteen thousand to
laborers; leaving forty thousand dollar due to
men whose families were Clamoring for' bread
when the committee were there. , Sixty thous
and dollars, ordered by Fremont, were paid to
Beard in defiance of Secretary Cameron's order
that no more money be paid. This was done
two days after' Fremont received Mr. Qtm-
ron's order. ' : " ' V "
False voucheiilignreiarzeiy In MoKlnatrr's
department of the army. Transactions witb
hum ail Ui vi vuiiu, ra.i w, w. . auvuip,
show quarterbf irnion "of dollars, clear
.ait It '-. "I ....! . .-...
apuu. .... a . rr . ...
The swindling In bom and mul contract
i te declare to
u- Ex-Governor
b incrcdloi na sti'
Itarstow, of, Wiuoiu, offertd on David
I'ratt five thousar 1 dollars to go. np to the "Ty-
icoM'ymeaniog i'remou anj get him a Colo
nel's commission, saving be eonia make twenty
losithirfy thoaaaad doUaew bwylrrrwaTaU1? bonei.
Tfratt made the bargain with Judge Cowler, who
nracnredrBarttOW a oomtttefflon. t lhiM report
(nly pa Kho cqmmlta'e jaj.ars-th
stenographers not having transcribed the testl-
monj taJtenatotnee piaosa. . ' . "
ty the California: i, the u.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 18. From Bad to Worse, if Possible?
The Ironton CUpptr, a paper which cla
paper which claims to
be par txcelltnct Union, recommends Rdtus P.
Smldino as the fneeetsoVof Bxw; W4oi!ThI
Is what the woman called Swiping 'off dirt with
dlrtyrag."-'. - :.."s ' "'""."J
Tbe Clipper sayi "the Legislature might do.
worse than lo elect Want" bo.ntJ "thinks It
cm do brtter." - ' "
As to Spaldino, the Clipptr sajs: ' j
.In our opinion, Judge Bpaldlnit possesses in i
higher degree than .aoyt other cltixsn of tbe
State, that combination of qualltlra, suited to
these rugged and stirring times, u .i-ki t
, If the Cliff tr ii oa i hunt of the man who Is
largely responsible for getting dp these 'rugged
and stWrtog tlm(s,';(o t ewsrd him, for bis deylT
ment.lt is right In recommendiog SratniNO
We are now said to be engaged In a war to sup
port the Constitution and tnforet tXfa! How
SratDtne has' devoted himself, to ,tWacaa he
CLEVELAND, O., June 29, 1859.
a.--" -
Diai Si: I beg leave to call vour attention
to an "editorial" in your paper (weekly) of the
25th. lust , under the title or beading of "Judge
Sf an of Ohio," and in doing SO to say that the
writer is deseived, if be supposes that Judge
Swan was left off tbe ticket on aceonnt of his
residence in Columbus.. He was dropped for
the reason that be, ae a iudloial offioer, recog
nized the fugitive slave enactment of 1850 of
binding roroe in Unio: and tbe other two J odi
who were with blm in opinion, will be dropped
in ine same way as soon ss t&ey are reacned in
tbe order of time. We do not recognize men
to be Republicans . here in Ohio, who will, for
a moment, sustain wis miserable enaotment.
They were not so recognized at Philadelphia in
1856" ' ,. iui I
1 1 know there are polltiolina In our. ranks
who elm to emasoolate the Republican organi
zation with a view to their Individual aggran
dizement. . Let them beware; and let ut beware
of them. Take from the Republican party its
anti-slavery element, and yon leave it a lifelees
oorpe. '- ' " - " "
It it wero poasible to accomplish any victory
by any such "getting down stairs," I should
greatly prefer defeat, and thousands and tens
of thousands, who like yon and I, came from
the line ef the old Democratic party, would bow
tbeir beads with shame if tbev fonnd tbev bad
aided in restoring the old whig dynasty at the
expense of freedom;' ' "- ' . , jy !
t If ray yon to publish this communication in
yonrnext paper.: ; ."
in ! r.u I am sincsrelv vonr friend.
The Judge would not even "recognize men as
Republicans in Ohio, who, for one moment,1
sustained tbe laws! A riob suggestion' this.
The Revival of the Democratic
The Democratic State committee of Rhodi
Island have just held a meeting and resolved to
pot again into working- order the old Demo
cratic party," as being "tbe sursstand speediest
way ot dealing political death to those chlefest
sod most powerful enemies of the Union and
the Constitution tbe Abolitionists." That
being tbe sentiment of the-Democracy of
Rhode Island it perfcotly harmonizes with tbe
Democratic sentiment or tne. .Northwest,; and
we doubt not of the whole country..; , ," ,,. I
r In the Northwest the sentiment is wbnderfnl-
Iv strong, and It is purely a popular sentiment
as distinguished from a movement oi politician.
It lacks development, because tbe opportunities
of development have not ocoarred, though some
inaicauons oi n were aisciosea in tbe recent
State elections.' We. as journalists, see and
I feel more of tt tban appears upon the anrfao
to the obe;, and thla through onr
lousinesteorresponaenoe. .abetters come to
daily from the seven Northwestern States, and
numerous or ne writer advert, to tn condi
tion of the country and assert their belief that
there is but one way out of tbe difficulties which
threaten th national existence, and - that 1
through the Democratic party. In. every in
stanoe where the Timet has suggested the ne
cessity of revival of the Democratic party as
essential to the national salvation, a responsive
chord in tbe popular heart has teamed to be
touched, for the return mall nave brought as
flood of letters telling ns bow certainly we have
given expression to tne reeling .of tbe pemo
cratlo masse.' k f ""HC-".'.-i.'r-4 'w--.k 1
. Vftr4ha r,Amhipaltf maaaaik ' 1,1 laTava'lri.
stRictively rigbt. They have never been wrong
in tne poiitioal niatorv ot tbis government.
They have foreseen from tbe beginning. s
clearly a tbe profoundeat statesman, the drift
er Abolitionism and tbe catastrophe of It tn
nmpb. Ie no wb responsible for this war--
forev er proteatlog against' ahd resisting the
cause which have produced It they constitute
to-day three-quarters or tbe army which, is car
rying it on.J Had they, when the war begat.
stooa neck ana ieii it to tne Aooiiiionisis, wno
made tbe war, to carry it on, Washington would
ldnc ago have been the Confederate capital.
and the chief Northern cities wonld lie at the
mercy of the Confederate armies. Tbe men,
the party, who have made the war. Can' never
eoa it except tn nomination or tne nortn ana
final disruption of the Urlon. If It this grand
fact, distinctly realized by the 'Democratic matt
es, that i moving them to a, revival of tbe
Democratic party preparatory to (he elections of
the ensuing year. CAtcac Timet ? : ",
OJ l
[From the Boston Courier.]
Two Letters.
la Comparibg' the spirit : of 'the two letters
following, our reader will see which is the most
likely to benefit tbe cans of th Union. The
Goveraorki( will b en, cannot forget "Old
John Brown.'' Hi letter, which ;carrie its
own comment is Ibis: '"' ' -, , i . .,, ... ;
BOSTON, Dec. 11. 1861.
Eowaan RussilI, Esq., New York:', .... ,
JUv D'r Sir l thank you for your not of
the 7 lb, enclosing slip from tbe Jbttnmg Pott
condemning tbe numerous manifestation of
misplaced sympathy by soma citizens ef Boston
with rebel prisoner confined at Fort Warren.
; I fully appreciate your feelings in this matter,
and share witb the writer of the Pott in hi
condemnation of that sympathy with traitor
which make men, in comparison with whom
Benedict Arnold was saint, eomfortabl la
their confinement, while our own brave defend
er of liberty and Union and th right of matt
are cut off from all stfch sympathy by the rigor
ous despotism of the Southern Oligarchy but I
do not know of anything I can do to prevent il.
I verv well remember Wason't insolent, ovet-
bearlng demeanor in that memorable interview
between himself and old John Brown, and can
trnly rejoice with you that, If he doe not, in
all respects, receive all tb compensation of hi
baseness through long public career in tb few
days which yet remain to him la this life, bit
power for futnre miscmer is forever aoriagea,
and that all the luxuries which Boston sympa
thizers with treason and with traitors can be
stow cannot defeat th purposes and the plant df
Infinite justice. . ;, , '. ,' . ". , "1
' " VerV'trolt and faithfully yoOrs, .
The other It an acknowledgment for necessa
ry artioies, sucn as coat, nannei jacket, pant
aloon, cap,, mitten, etc., . furnished to the
North Carolina troops at tort warren, (or which
thav were suffering, r Tbis was don by contribu
tions of few of onr leading merobaot,coord
ing to th suggestions of Dr, Peter, as to what
waa most needed, and the letter subjoined will
show how inch act of humanity were, apprecj-
atea.,. , nta vti :-iWt,n v - laiij M )i i
Dec. 10, 1864.
A'gaa riia I ixnBt If umaV toi be i deemed
ami In m, ruppoaiDg .myself on (b er of
departure for my Southern home, to express to
yon, and through you to yonr asaoolatcs, my ap
preciation of tbe kindness extended by yon and
tbtm, through Dr. William Peters, th Surgeon
of I .7v It, ta th men of my oOmrund, upon
ear trn. fro fort, Columbus, And sln-.J our
juitij'j'dpv o trial ,d tleVn wwiTtlnd'
nea tar th oaptlvl n nemy' country, Is
doubly valued, blessUgnose tow K'yj'
I tball nnon my.Miuru nomw w
pleaenreln'cTnirmitioaiing to Pje proper- aue
ter tbe ijndi effort yoarloUind rrlbd to
mlnlaur to the eomfort of my men, oonsolons
that 41 will be properly PPoitod. Andtend to
. . . i . at l!L nnlAattllflAMaV'
alleviate tn trouoiea oi ',r4rr
- most
WM F. MARTIN, Col 7th. Reg't N. C. Volunteers.
Sickness of Kossuth.
'n'rTti, . . r..ai aLatM that letter from
, -g i.iit r T fni J - r
t. i. (ntniiiirenca that.Kossntn ta
alarmingly ;iU.?;JUadiaease . appear to b J
. . a' Tl.f U k Wan ihllal fl beVl-
a.A a! .t.J -J hi nritalnlltril to PrClt IV
He i o teduced at to be able to converse with
difflonlty, and bi trienas tear up
vtvevbt winter.
i tnv r, "I
i , ... ,
m rru. a. venial nAaiklnir of th
progress of the work on the prison depot oh
r.i.n - Tha work of erecting
quarters for th prisoner's, on Johnson's Island,
I oing pnsnea uoog mm riuij. - , ,
kaiiMiaioa, fn nffliuwa' onarters. tha hospital.
eight prison buildings, and a store home, have
AH Been encioaea, ana mo wunmcu -'
and bake house, which were
probably enclosed on Saturday. Other gang
were at work on tne diock douivs uu wn nw
a greatclattef en every nana, vnimneya nave
nVarTnrtrai afnvta a Pit hAlniT dfillvered ftnd
UCvU iwuawtn'iii 'V'" - -
tb work oa tb fence bat been commenced.
A law mere day or pleas am weatner win nmso
the ant door work and put tbe workmen all on
tb inide,(J, .',."..; ,,,.. i .... :'. t". '. 7".'..'. ' j
Sickness of Kossuth. Reporter's of the U. S. Supreme Court.
' "Tn Harrlsburg, PenntylrtjdK'Pafrwt :
''..' 1 -J iL.i. 1W T-l.t a Dl.aW
t, s r am nnn rnvmumnit inai nnn. jawKiuiaii au. AJistkaa.
of thit State, hat been appointed Reporter or
. 1 . ci a-a . I .V..TT.. Cl.laa TnillM
tne Dupreme vvun ui luo uimcui umiw. ..ufi.
Black's legal abilities are of tbe highest order,
tha, Sn,.,im. Cnnrt nniilil tint have selected
a more capable man to discbarge the responsl.
Dip outlet ot. neporier oi vm uevaiwuo(j
con CERT.
t)l '! el 1:
... i r ii(,...n! f ns e.'.j
j .; ii f.if ,.i;l. i I .'
7 .)iut - I '
' f t 1 ifl ' ! I "
,.. I .. I
Monday Evening, Dec. 23, 1861,
.Tne ProgramnM will eooiiit of MlscUoia from
,00 .tJui
4 1 it Jiiii-A ki c it-5 A Ik. it.. ? ' .'. i
And otlMraK.aad .will i parrarmadby tbs but aiuilcal
titniSJi :jf jy i trij tn t-
60 Jt.
'for aal attba Book and Mqalo Btores. . -'i:
Master Commissioner's Sale.
folm' 0. Bickef
Common Plevi.
aticbart B trick ri et al
D tom directed from Ibe Oonrtof Common Pleas of
Franklin ooontjr, Onio, I will offer for sale al tne door or
tbe Court Bone, la tbe city of Colombo, on
Saturday, tbe Will day of January, . D. 1863,
between tbe sours of 10 o'clock s. m and 4 o'clook p.
a., the followlnr oaavrttwd real tttate, iltnate a lh
eount7 of rnokiin and tut; of Ohio, to wiU
Lot Mo. aerea (7), 1 a Panons'a addition to tbe city or
Oplombae, Ohio. . . Au iU, y ..,; ! . ...- I
Mprauw atw.'?.W 1 1 i '
Sheriff and Matter OommUwioner.
Printer's fees,A aKnlo. r .: t h 'J
Mastet Commiasionet's Sale.
1 I r a .
Kelson 8. lyarllng et al. )
Common Pleat.
Thonias Biddle I
Biddleetal. ,.).,
XJ to ae directed front tbe Oonrt of Common P lew
of franklin eosaty, Ohio, I wilt offer for sale at tbe door
of tbe Oonrt aoua, in tn Uiurw Uolnmbas, on I
Saturday, tbe 25th day of January, A. D. 1862,
at on o'clk,P.M.,the followlngdeecrlbedreal eatatt,
tltaats In tbe cooaty of franklin and State ofOhlo.to
Being apart ot half section No. fourteen (14), tow'
ihlo Ave (5). rente twenty two (82), refugee lande; be
(Inning at a poet la tbe centre of Atoheoon street, being
ine soatnweuoerneroi a waotoi uirty.nvs seres ana
nftw-one eanare poles or lend oonveyed by Atcneeon.
Shoemaker and othem John field and B. B. Adami:
thence witb tbeir weet line M. IK eeTenty -eight pol
to a poet in tne n. line or nan seeuon no. if, i. a, .
S3, Refugee landi; being Ibe nortbweat corner la takl
field a Adamt'i tract of thirty-three aorei and 51 poles;
thence with said half eeotlon tt. 88K W. forty poles and
twenty and eoe half links e a stone; N. W. eoraer el
aeld treat: thence on the orteinal line of said tract 8
lit W, ainev Fol t a PM In the center of Atcheeon
treeti thenee with the oenteref atd street If. 75 i 1
44 poles and S links to Ibe beginning,. oontalniag twenr
acne ana one nnoarea ana ko iqaare poiee.
Appnued at 960 taper acre. " 1
j u m .1 i .. W. HUff MAW," Sheriff,
iiii and Master Oommiuloner.
Prlnler'ifee)a5,00. . -, . , , ,
": :a Sheriffs Sale, j
t. S Common Pleif."
,0 UI I
Jonathan Neeramer.' J .v" nit .1
X to me directed from the Court of Oommon Pleaa ot
franklin eoanty, 0., I will offer for sale, at tbe door of
the Court Honte, in toe city oi uoiamitua, on '
Saturday, the 2ith day of Jannary, A. D. 18C!
at one o'eloek. o. n..tbe followlnc deaoribed real es
tate, iltnate la tbs eeunly of franklin, and Btate of
Ohio, to wit: -.- ' .
The south hair or in -lot ne. J oi uie city ot vo
lumbal. 0
Apprateea at vx.uuu. t
vv- - aiOBQH W. HDfPMAN.Bherlff,
Br Co. TJavib. DeoutT.
a. w aaalJ' ' T ; . ' J
mm . ii. niiiai.aw. all w. v -i
Dae tet Aeaeataa laM 1 1.
J t..i M.4
decSO-dltawtd -
Cotton, and the recent advenes In Dry Goods, anl
the expiration or areopartneranip, we win, on ana u.
ter the 26th day December, offer our stock of Dry Goods.
Hats, Oait, Boots and (hoes at cost, or teas than New
xork wholesale pneei, ana win continue unui uie w
tire etaiek le eloeed ent.
The Qroeery and Produce Bailors will be continued
in oar new building. , ...
i The Store.raoin we now occudV will be for rtnt, and
poaeeealon given on tbe Brat day of April, 1802, by Oyrua
xna Btore-room ie vi dt m reet: ine duiiuidb iuicv
stories high, and sltaated on the sontbeaat corner
High as t riead streets, Oolunbus, Ohio, r
0. KBEBIaT h 00
,eel8-dw ttT 4
Omcj orrm Colckdi A Xtwix K. E. Co. I I
'" OoLCMue, Dec, 16, 1B81. I !
A. Xenia Railroad Company are hereby notified that
the Annual Meeting for tbe election of Director to serve
Uie entrain a.r. end tar other norDOBM. Will be held at
tb offiee of the Ooapany tn Oolaabea. oa Tuesday, the
7th day of January. 1862, between ths hoars of 10
oe'lock A. M.and4 o'eloekP. M. j
-Uecl7-d3w i-t
f riflhooting Gallery. v
THE ttodenlgnad begs leave to 'inform bli friend
that be has fitted ap a , -r, i ,
Good flans. Air Quna, Plitoli and Befreabmeots.
,JL- -LOO bf Barrel or araf toa-t t ,.
aoVls 1W Heath Blgh I Utile
TK 2i-t I C LCD A Y3!
,;;.'A XA-
magnificent 1 stock
nr ail kinda of Gooda for
All foushf for CASH at the tOWltT f IGOBM, tni
i , Hill M sola ai vunB.VDrviiiinu reaAVBB i
evn .. a .
i I '
i.i. v:.' -V
.I 'l.l'll'
it I ( S1 .a l , -I
t tr ; v J3i 3isr i Xt! aa o,
for ths tlttl OncsA large Tarlety, ;
.r I I'll !
t,i i:. H V. ;t
' OfallKlnui. .
...'.it -I
' ' ii .a r. .i
'A (
Anil other fins Books, it prlcei never to cheap before.
... r 1 V i-l"-'f
. l .-j.-.
. .'I ,r
f t
The Richest Desks,
v ,t vwW'-. or :..
; .'7 V MAHOGANY, ' ",l u.? u--t '
J'tt" -BONY At "
j.t: r. ('''
.It Tfl, ..
. : a f, ,,
odor Cases, i.,-.
.ii;.. ;:i'il 'J
; ' JEWelT oases, A' .--'''
:1c . "f
: J fl !. I'l l
t.. :i
. 'n ' : ill :
Of all klnda of arterial, and of the most baanliral
deiigns. j
..,;.!,'' j.lv'i -V '.-I-'!. H il ' it hna u:iv -t .l iff'
1.: . ' '1 i . i - Ml ' 1 1 w w".n a.-.., i-.ia.- .
i.-.i a,n .-,.! r i.i'i " "i .'j.'i''.."
Games" & Puzzles.
..... -3
.' a if a"! 6 !
la, --
Vnrnlihid and Plain;
..l'lu l.i'. a -'
I;.1 Xi il w 0
.. A'. - r t .
, Photographic Albums,
..xAholce lot, and more romtega. .
c' Pictures i or Sanae
Of all dlitlngalabed and sxtlsgaiihed Americana and
laropeans. They art all ths agony now, and "BO
NICE'.' fo tbs exhibition and cafe keeping of families
ana irienqi. . .. ,, w -, ;f:i,iM
I i .!!.: ;it
r a n'l V '';: t" ': 't'1
4X0 'ii ws Ji.aU
x t a o' j o v
. a ,
Wsadvlieourolf an asmaoy new friends as may
feel disposed to buy haodeome goods, cheap, to corns
or tbe RUSH ,'ro that tby aay, bat son satitfar
Hon In parobaiing .
-. i" i i i;
.')M SMuSJTal ,f.Hi
LADIES' BITipUIiEB, , . ,4
- ----- AHD BAGS,
i.,' Ii endlen virlely, and very cheap, i , ; ( t
a'l i' .!' I'!.' W ! A P
asAiJ .. a ' J
"- ' ' LADIES' & GENTS
Of sll kinds, and many fine' little 'ilAUTIES, whici
,'. can only be appreciated by being seen. , ,1
Lief U'l-f 1 f' H.iaIa9
Bemenoir that' aaoney was never so plenty bifoie lo
Oolombai, and salt Isfuhlonsble to
. . . rf ... ( ..
the dara, b In thi'faiblon for'onoe' any way, an
oaUat ' .
litO i f ,'r Ha f ISM f)
itfU'O a- al'-l ila.h.f .
v " . v ' ! "t ii XV
' J. t --V- VB;,U IT
jltVlV W I'O M li ili ei. hi nU
,v : iiowisVTiiElTiniJ to wzzumitw J
i t'1 d t 'if:.' tTJtaXBHp - vvMAW.
n v onr1 of . 003-axn.irsxjo,
v.l .: fi. r :!. nwiv
-Tb TRI-WEEKLY, at' .'; ViiJ
The WEEKLY, at the low rate of
a . a . .... ...... I il I .nV
. ..r , siibiiptlon to ths Paixt aad Tki-Wmuttr thAnwaw wiU U rsoeira
, ,u , ! -ii..ta(.lH' 1' " ""'"' ' ',-.'
" At the above imtat: and the Dmr will be farnlshea t , ,, , . , 0 , , Vl J
' ". . ,1 I,'-' - ' t" ''v"?'M'' ' ' '' ' r -v --a-,' 'l ! '.',,: " ' "''
' ; i At th tjioal rntemi' ' i aa ttAblished and reliable) organ of Ui lMtnooratio party, t.-
. V i . . In thluture', aa14 th pMt, It will uphold and defend tt !.
i Which hM bssi frsAtftat Of gfwd to th PEOPli Or TEE XlSTSW vfAt&iiMjf
iaiuiiuiiy urge uis re-eHuuauaiiu uu ujiiuhkj i
i v. .1:,. i v,i Aa'.ntial to th oomplet
l.ll ,. J
. la, 'it..
a. ... V .'-iliVB tb PM1 OH WBIOn Ulli
- Th Stitimai will tuppoH th Adrninlstration of th Oeneral Govarnmsnt ia all aga( and
constitutional flbrU to put down rebellion ; and alaraly resist tb ffort mad ua orw i quarter
to eouTert the present unhappy war into an AboUUoa orud. " " "
It will onslnay urge oonomy in th publi axpenditarea, end th most rigid accountability
of all publi offioer. i "V. .-v -.) . ,-XL . - -
As a medium of eeneral news, the Statkmih will endearor to make Itself aeeeptabU to.iU
' anmerVeaders, aid atall time mpply them with l.f u- "
rite Zifttesitnd: Wa.t 3RUetole. oQirta'- '
'-Of t bom aad fcnlga tAta.a'la tto wioniia ' '3 j? '
Will find their interest consulted and attended to, and no effort will b spared" to m it a first
"ueproachiDg eoi of OongresJ w win hay atalsntod an aeoornpiishtd 1 ewrre.
pondent at WsAhington, through whom our reader will b furniahed with much raruabl and
reliable information. . ,r'"LiU
The doinic of our own State Legislature will be fully reported, and, th local aewf ths
StaUandoMOwnimme6UatoTicinity,wUlhirvaaduharof attention, ms w! lr
- T mieTpon onr friend, in all pin of Ohio, and th Nora-Wostora Stotoi, to Al in xtnd
' ine th citt5uJation of th 8TAtstaW, lino by so doing, they will Mlt fa th promrfgatlon of
sound political doctrine and reliable general
. . To any person raiing a Olub of ten Baloriberi to th Wnar Otao 8rf iwun, and
endinp; us th money ton dollar tor u
All order will b promptly attended to.
.... Address,
November 1,1861. ' 1 '
a t
l4ij i 0.
.Vf Ha, "' "
Six Dollar jer Annum;,
"., Three roTlm perTlnn'oni
tail S . mrfvMfl .; iii. i . t .... ,
vn eUoiiAr per Anaun.n
and perfeot rs-oMtruotioa of th
Viuvu w oautig mwij luiiai-j,
mwmigeuoe. , , .,.
I i:m r .i fv i.j eisiia
m, w wui ena on opy gnat.
, ; - : V J ' " fj ' I
Publisher of tb Ohio Statsunan,
L BIANILI on band and for sals, the best quality pi
which he will eell at the toweit market Drices.
Oall an examine my Goal before pnrcbaitng ell,
hers. ' ' i
Offloe at ths store of Bradford, foydaa sc Co., head
or uanala
vanai . . y 4, . . . f grjyrAM.
.epse-ta, ...,,,1,.-... ::V(
e6t Slight Cold, Cough,
JcLt&tna.8.j or Poe.
jEPWiiat, which' niight o
.otieckea vnth a simple
edy, if neglected, often, ie,
minates seriously. Few are aware '
the jmporhmae of itqppincr a JZauoh.
& Light field in ita first stage; that
which in the leginning would yield - to
a mUd remedy, rvoi oftervdei to, sooW
attook$: tht lungs. , I
were fret introduced eleven years agfy
It has "been proved, that -they are the beat
artitle hefore the puUio for ScjtmhA,
field, ojfuhhLt, fijtthmd,
fialafith, the Booking Qough in fian?
tumhtian, and numerous affeaticmt
t?i Juhfaai,' giving immediate relief.
PtiblictSpeaker and Sinter,
witt find them effectual for clearing -anty
strengthening the 'voice. 1
Bold hy aU Qruggists and (Dealers ih
.Jfadioine, at 25 cents per box
for sale, wholeiale or retail, by
a "r.-.',.
0. E0BEET8, Draggiat, 1
No. S North Hlghitreet,
'4, - Ji. -I.-' 'a
Or Thsss Cvatempiatlnar irtarrla;
THJ BDdentgnsd wlllglTOlnformatlo on a very in.
UrttHng and important anhJaoV which wilt be rait'
ed sore than a thousand, Umea Iti ooet by every married
couple of any age or eondlttoa la lit.' The Information
will be sent by mall to any address on the raoelpt ef IS
cents (efieer) and one red itamp. -i .v.i' '.-. ... I
. An letters ahoold be addressed to ,.;-;:.'..
I., H.B. M0BEI8,I.,l),ii;
ocl31-ly3Uwdfcw ' Boston, Uaa. !
llous ASeotlona, Colds, Bhesmatlias, OostlvensM, Oon
SBBptlons, Affeotlon of ths Bpless, of tb Liver, ot
th Heart, Taaors,sndalldlisase which destroy lift
have always exhibltsdi upon dlieection fM body,
number ot bard or concrete points, elthetta seme at tbe
organs named or In tbs blood vesseli, sometimes area
ramifying In ths Scab, and again dtpoeltedapon the side
of a bona. Row these little. hard snbstaasas would
rare sosa If Brandrsth's Fills were uaedt they would
be parged out of ths sjatea,' tat yeaii of happy ill
would, be tbs lutTerert' kit Instead ef an early gran
Always purge but nvra suns to slokneu. t
T. T. carpenter, .Itq., of Oovernenr, Bt. Lawrenos
county, New Tork, M years of age sayabebas
Brabdretb't Pill for U I ears, administered, them ft ret
hie eoactusaoi whe had fever and ague gav elgbtlh
day after tb htn; cblllf and revel tea severe: gav
eight more ths nut day, and ao every ether day antfl
the chill and fever did not rerun, whk was about elgh
days from the trat attack,,' Bs then gar four every
other day for another week, wfae man was entirely
rtrtortd to Ms usual good hMltb. ' ".j
Bs waa blmielf attacked; took, thea la the sane wayt
and was cured In lea Hme.Bas aaed no other atedii
cine for St yearn found thea always reliable for hnuself
aad family whea sick; bas recommended thea to the,
tends with ths beat results, ssd feels ooc&dent that vcf
ry family would bare a arger average or health If hee
FUla were seed la tbe place ef ealoaej aad other hurtful
told W J"" S. Oooi, Druniia. Oolaabttavand by
all i MtAvie-doaleri la nedtefnw.
l l
t'i.'il.r '
. in
rula I' '.'!
i j .iiiyi'
f.l. J
, . t , , a '
QQO arxxtX f3oa
.I n"'
south high eraEETr
t y : , f : ; .r- i
Ladies1. Misses' and Children's
Ml ..... . .
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks,
ShwphardV;; Plaid GhaWla,
. )i-:rt)y. ;-;.:-'t. 7 I ti t, '
LadieaVMerino Vests & Drtwers,
i?,'.30 ' J
Boys' Merino Shirts &;jDraweri,
l -' iEPHVtt W0S3TEW '
Exabroider etd ' Repp.;
.it if. .
, t.r:i a.A4;44 , ,
: Opora FlaitmcB,
Ml v vaaiuxi lSAJaO.llAB.AJAa.)
fiTjT4 1 fTT,' '? 'fl! .
Ihls Arm, having adopted the Cash syatea ta the yur
ohaae and als of floods, are enabled to nil from 13 Is W
per cent, lea than other bouses under theeredlt Bystea.
f ? ' ' ' f 'V ',, i .
PSASIET, & EIv.Lai)3,
250 Aim 262 zomsL man smte,
be la dally receipt, by Izpr, ef u v t
trout Hall Wre and fair Baven. ' ' ? c' " :
Oall at Wagon's Oyster sad trull Depot, Ifo-U Kail
tale street.

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