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(9l)i0 Statesman
(jolumbub. bnio.
The Proclamation of Gen. Phelps.
To pfoelemattot of General PhkLfI leisned
to the 'People of (bo Bouthwtat," 01 lils-erfi
vel at Ship Island, bu iircadv been adverted
to In our Calais ni. Wo vubliib .in this issue
the reclamation In fair, with a statement of
to effects produced by It Dpeo'our troops, to
tetber with a description Of Ship I.laod
These artlck,tlt''bfounj! WgM;!ntwe8
' The' proclamation', speak for, -UsellV It
character may be lumtned vp lu ft" words.
It li one of those Incendiary radical abolition
doousaeuU which have been a grand means of
bringing oaf country Into Its present trouble
Its promuleatlon at this time, among tuepeo-
pie of Mississippi and Louisiana, would bo like
throwing a Tire-brand Into i jaagwlpe ol po";
Vfi cannot afreeVtla ilia New YatTi'timet
that, "locally, the proclamation wilt flf brm
leea," becauae It will not make its way to the
main land.' It Appears from the wrrespoudence
ot the Herald that there were officers in Gen
Pjttue's command, who sympathised with hia
vlewa, and were endeavoring to get the pfoola
nation Into the baadi of tboeo for whom It was
designed. ', It bai beci already published iu the
Northern pipers, and frjra that soorce;.if. fron)
no other, it will reach the Sou there peeplev It
win be precious godsend, fa, the secessionists.
who will blaton it forth all over the Sooth es a
document emanatioc frora one ot iAUCtH.0 S
Generals, and affording proof positive of the In
tendon of the Administration to uproot exist
ing institutions In tbe slev States. To such
ftxf, what can loyal men In'the South teplyT ,
It la hinted that Gen. Fuilm will be displae
ed from bis command. '.'Bui, "as yet we have
seen no authority for snob a statement. ' Should
he be displaced, It would be like "locking tbe
stable door after the torse Is stolen." The
mischief has been already done.- Were the
Administration to dismiss him" and 'disavow bis
not, its aotlon would come too late. 14 prevent
ibat mischief, and would be as much as possible
withheld by the 'secessionists from coming to the
knowledge of the Southern people. nio ;
The original and fatal error was in sutf usttng
the command of the expedition to such a'crss 1
fanatic. But similar error bave been frequent
ly committed by the present Administration
r.noe it inauguration on tbe 4th of March laat,
in all branches of the public service. We
bear a great deal about the moderation fend
conservatism of President Likcoln, ,and.we
hope the representations ) ere correct ;
but sensible men will bein to bave serious
donate whether his conservatism is of very
stable character i If important Vnd responsible
posts In tho civil end military service continue
to be filled with tbe most rabid of tbe Abolition
tribe. Tbe true test of'cons'erva'tiem'is found
iu deeds, not in words. ...... t.'
Tbe III timed, not to say ejediilous ,proda
matlon ef General Pcriirs meets with almost
universal condemnation. . Some are disposed to
make light of it as a mere bant die. But we
might as well trifle with tbe incendiary who
fires our dwelling In the night eeasoo, as to
treat as a good joke the ravinga of a maniac,
who, entrusted with "a Utile brief authority,"
under preteoie of saving the glorious labrlo of
our Union, takes tbe most effectual means for
pulling it down about our ears, and burying ns
all In one common ruin. There are traitors iu
tbe Abolition ae well as in tbe Secession ranks,
and if tbe Administrstion is really in earnest
to save tbe Union, it should gusrd equally
against the machinations ot both.'
Camps of Instruction.
An order has been Issued by tbe Secretary of
War and font to the Governors of tbe different
States. It direct -. n.-.f-i-.-y ;
Pint -That no more regiments, batteries or
independent companies will be raised by tbe
Governors of the Stater, except upon tbe special
requisition oi the War Department.,.
Those now forming in the variooa Statea will
bs completed under tbe direction of the respeo
tive Governors thereof, unless ,it be .deemed
more advantageous to tbe se; vice to assign tbe
men already raised to tbe varioue regiments
and independent companies now in tbe field, to
fill up tbelr organisations to tie maximnm
standard prescribed by law. .'..' -. .
Second Tbe recruiting earvlce in tbe various
State, for the volunteer forces already in tbe
service, and for those that may hereafter be re
ceived, is placed uuder the. charge of general
superintendents tor thsee Statee respectively,
with general depots foe tbe collection and in
stractlodof recruits. " : V,. ;';. ', .
Tbe order fixes Camp Cbase ae tbe depot for
Ohio, and appoints MIor fl C. Mcftee, U. S.
A., as the Superintendent. Tbe order prxeeds:
The superintendents will take charge of the
recruiting service in tbe various State) to
which they are assigned on tbe 1st day of Janu
ary, 1863. Tbey will take post at their general
depots, wbioh will be nder their immediate
command. " ' - ' v
Upon tbe requisition of the superintendents,
a suitable number of volunteer effioers, non
commissioned officers and privates will be de
tailed for duty in tbe staff departments, and as
.drill masters In tbe respective depots. A dis
bursing offioerof the fund for collecting, drill
ing, end organizing volunteers will be assigned
to each depot, and will bo under tbe direction
of the superintendent. '
Tbe volunteer officers now on recruiting ser
vice will be relieved on tbe first of January
nest, end tent tor join tbelr regiments, unleee
direoted to report to tbe superintendents of
tbelr respective Statea. After that time vol
unteers will be mustered for pay upon the
same form of rolls as those need for tbe regular
army. . ". ' - '
Commanding officers of volunteer regiments
numbering less than the maximum for organi
zation fixed by law, will immediately report to
the Adjutent-General'o office, at Washington,
the present state of their commands, In order
that tbe Governments of tbe several States may
be called upon to fill up their respective regl
mente to the etandard prescribed. ' r .
Mrs. Lincoln.
Tbe Washington correspondent oi the Phila
delphia Prt$t, who Is trying to be a toady of
the .President, end, by-tbe-by, succeeds very
well, saysi Mre; LiNooLtf was in white silk,
heavily flounced." ' He neglects to let (be pub
lie know whether she bad en Balmoral or not.
Important omission : ' r1" J f rs
IT Senator Wilson's bill abolishing slavery
in tho istrtct oi Columbia, appropriates, one
million dollars to compensate loyal owners.' It
re.ielt'es tbe assent of several members of tbe
Cabinet inolsdlng .Chaaef lsooftiumenMw
high army offloere and infldetrtil members-cf
Congress Wah. Ctrl Chicago Tribune ;
That la a specimen of the.way the people will
bave to be taxed to set loose upon the country
a fresh batch of emancipated blacks. ; Millions
will bs required to free the slaves and feed them
after they are freed, v- The burdeoe on tax
payers on account r -tbewar will not be htm
enoaf-V. It mutt tie ' added to by appropriation
to free and teei tbe- bls'-Jsa. Cincinnati
n ai -on -ia-'
Very Sensible.
We copytbe following sensible artlole """
the New JTork (city) llrauei The Pemocracy
of the whole. nation would be rejoiced if the
Pemooraci f w MTbrlt city would brush
away the mischievous leaders who bave so long
destroyed their unity;- ft would le gratifying
to see tbe entire demooracy of New York city
once more united. Can it not be done?
Tbe Me'eloctlon In the oity of New" Ypi'k,
fumil.Mrrkiiifart rettectlou and suggests
tuouchte ef deep interest to tbe Democrats of
tbe oity, and alao to an wno nave as Dears tua
uieanM ol' Democratic principles and the ascend-
anav of the JJemoorauc party , lo me ever-
Wins 'diiaraoe ot tbe tactions wnion nave
dragged the good name end elevated character
of ifae uemccrauo nanv aown -irorn a prouu
political asosbdenoy te humiliating defeat, tbe
fact hss been soread before tbe country, that
with nearly or quite two-thirds of all tbe voters
in the city, proteasing tbe Democratic lattn ana
votlnir lor Democratic- nominees, tbe Republl-
oane bave been allowed to achieve a psrtisaa
triumph, and to fasten upon tbe patronage, as
well as to secure toe presses etteaaing pontioai
success. ' '- "' ' ' '
- It is useleis to Inquire into the causes of this
disastrous result.' i Tbey are known to tue ve
mooiKJv of tho ollv and of thewbole Union
But it is nrDDcr ta ask whether this state of
thtnes shall oontlnue whether, to eratily the
feelinea .of., individual Tolltloal leaders, the
great conservative party of r the country he
only party te jwhioh we are to look for a policy
which shall save tbe Unloa from final dissolu
tionIs to continue to be sacrificed, and defeat
rendered inevitable in the future as in tbe past
We leave no desire to revive psBt differences
or to rekindle old animosities an tne contrary,
our uuroose and miasion shall be to aid in con
solidating and preparing tbe Democratio party
for the creat mlteion to which it must soon be
celled the restoration of tbe Union and tbe
maintenance ot the Constitution, as established
bv tbe patriots of the-Revoluion. We know tbe
perplexities and privations wblob surround polit
leal leaders, and bow bard it is to yield cherish
ed opinions, and it may be just sights, for the
sake of harmony and peace. But the Democ
racy of tbe whole country, elsewhere happily a
united party, and preparing tor tne great won
before tbem, bave a right to demand that their
usefulness sbeu not oe destroyed ana tneir pur
nee frustrated bv tbe divided action of tbe
political leadera in tbe city of New York.
If this oity was alone to be affected by the
useless and unnecessary quarrels of ambitious
men, unfortunate and disaatrons as would be tbe
conueqneacca here, tbey would not so nearly
concern tne irienas oi sound constitutional gov
ernment elsewhere. ;. Upon our own 'citiEens
would fall the results of our own unsound poli
cy. But euob is not tbe case. As the center
Of political influences and action, the discus
sions and controversies among Democrats in the
CUT of New York fall heavily upon tbe country
at large; and thus the Democracy of tbe Unloa
bare a right to demand, in tbe name of tbe
gret political principle for which tbey are con
tending, that this unnatural strife shall cease.
It is not our province Co indioite how or in
hat manner tbe contending factions shall put
an eud to their divisions,- but we think the lee
sous of dsfeat uuder wbioh both are now smart
ing, with oo consolation except the very poor
oue that their Democratio opponents are beaten ,
aud . a sectional jparly elevated to power, ought
to impress tbe importance ot united action,
and lead the -really patriotic and true-mluded
men on both sides, to adopt wiser counsels and
to.oultivate a more conciliatory spirit in tbelr
political conduct. s'i--: .v.- : :t
General Phelps's Proclamation.
This distinguished General from the State of
Vermont, arid now supposed to beat Ship Island,
Mississippi, has Issued a proauacianwsfs wblcb
sbpuld.be preserved in tpirtittalt would fail. '
He finds himself there, as be says, "contrary
to my private Inclinations among you as a mili
tary officer of the Government." . He might
hive added1, contrary to tbe interest of tbe Gov
ernment. Tbis distinguished General and jun
ior member f the "Dampbool " family pro
ceeds to sy: , .
We believe that every State that has been
admitted as a slave State into the Union, since
tbe adoption ot the Constitutioa, has been ao
admitted in direct violation ot tbe Constitution
. '. , , . . .
wesnouiuiwe w anow irom wnat pari oi
tbe Green Mountains tbis man bails. Wby has
he been concealed under a peck measure until
noir? s . -,,-s.-'..- '-
According to this 'decision of this renowned
General and jurist, all tbe slave Slates admitted
since tbe adoption of tbe Constitution, are out
of the Union, without, the act of accession, as
be bas'pronounced the several acts of admission
unConatltutionaI!'Tbey,accordiog to this, never
were members of the Unionl Shades of Bbink-
IRHOOfS" f '
; Again, says tfie-lea'rried General;
We believe that tbe stave Statea wbioh exist
ed. a such, at the adoption of our Conatitu
tion, are, by becoming parties to that oompaot.
under tbe bignr si oougauons ot aonor and mo
rality to abolish slavery. .. . ; ,
Is it unreasonable to suppose that now, as tbe
people of the -slave States bave read this pro
nunciameuto, they have, without further trou
ble! set their slaves f'ree. .
BT The Albany Argui expretses tbe opinion
that the most patriotio thing Congress can do is
to adiourn. ''iae oountry will breathe deeper
and freer from tbe moment tbe weight of tbis
incubus ie lifted from its bosom. ,-. What is
there for Congress to do 7 A few laws, the
wava and means, to which, if It would addrees
itself, it might dispatch them and be ready to
adjourn belorefNew cat's day. ii, instead of
this, it contiuuea lu tbe career it nas commenc
ed, agitating tbe couuUy with unconstitutional
schemes, and trying to coerce tbe co ordinate
branches of Government, tbe public will not
csre how soon it is dispersed, or bow. .'We will
bavo no more of this babbling,' was the lan
guage of Cromwell, as be dispersed tbe rump
parliament; ana it is suca men as are now irri
tating toe pumio miua oy tneir loiuee, tost can
Into existence Cromwells, and inspire them
with courage - Nor need the leading dema
gogues of Congress look so far back into his
tory, for examples of wsrning. Tbs leading
minister of mitichief in the secret caucus of tbe
Jacobins, Tbaddeus Stevens, was once compell
ed to leao from tbe Senate window at Harris
burgb, and from an f ranging multitude, whom
be was about to defraud by the falsification of
election returns.' His position is higher, now,
but his fall would be all tbe more dangerous,
on that account, and the farce of Harrisburg
would become a tragedy at Washington."., ; .
mm pM,
Reported Opinions of the Law Officers
of the Crown.
The London Time and Morning Pott an
nounce that the Law .Officers of the Crown
bave given an opinion is the effect that Captain
Wilkes committed a breach of the law of na
tions in boarding the Trent aod carrying away
Mtaou and , Slldell.-. The Tuneo understands
tbstit is tbe opiuiou of these jurists that the
rioht of the Federal Government, action bv its
officers, wa confined to visiting and searching
the mail packet toat, u any men or wings be
lieved to be contraband of war bad been found
on board-of ber, ber proper course waa to take
ber into a port and submit tbe question to a
Prise Court, which would bave heard evidence
and argument on both sides, and would have
decided tbe case according to precedents and
authorities-, The Horning tFoit (ministerial
organ) eaye: ,.r-1 r s "
'Under these eirenmettnees, we need hsrdly
point out that the government will lose no time
in seeking for the prompt and complete repara
tion which it is its duty to require. In tbis course
it will .assuredly receive ibe unanimous appro
bation of public opinion..-In a question such
as this, where our feelings of hospitality and
Our national dignity are so wantonly attacked,
en of ail parties will unite to support tbe gov
ernment in tbe vindication of legal right and
the honor of .England. We are uawtlliog to
place tbe worst construction, upon the outrage
committed by Captain Wilkes, and to look upon
it aa aa intentional affront on tbe pan of tbe
government of tbe United States.. We yet
lope that that government will at oboe, disa
vow the act of their officer, make suitable anol.
egits for It, restore Ihe pejrsqos of the gvojlfcit
mcu arrested, and, la Isol, ke every compen
sation In their- power. " ; V ,
."Wild as ere tbe words, wrmeu ana spoaen,
of Mr. Seward, and reckless as Amerloan poll-
cy Botunfuqiently U, we can hardly suppose
that tbe northern states are aoriouiiy uispoeea
to scoept war with England. We have In the
Amerloan waters, wnai witn tne jwswuan ex
pedition and tbe Ships already there, -a force
amounting to, not far short of ooej thousand
guns, which we could largely Increase with tbe
greatest ease end rapidity. - In one month we
oould sweep all tbe San Jaclnlos from tbe seas,
blockade the Northern porta, and turn to a dl-
reot and speedy Issue the tide ol the wsr now
raelns-. This la so obvious, that we find it al-
moat impossible to suppese mat tne iaoinei oi
V ... . ... r
Washington can commit an an so mauiy suici
dal as to reieot our earnest and positive de
mands. However humiliating to the arrogance
and displeasing to the vanity of some sections
ot politicians, tbs people oi toe nortnern
States must see that there la no other, course
onen to their Government, or consistent with
really honorable national cnaraoter, man to
comply with tbe requirements of Ibis country
ana oi justice." - , .. , ,
Donations for Soldiers—Letter from
Donations for Soldiers—Letter from Quartermaster-General Wright.
COLUMBUS, O., Dec. 19, 1861.
I have frennent luaulries in reeard to dona
tions made by the citizens of the State for tbe
Ohio troops. ' ' ' ' ' " " '.
I bnre regarded all donations sent to' mo ss
designed only for Ohio troops either In hospitals
within tbe State, or in camp, or In hospitals in
tbe field. . . , . ''
I.'dletribute them res charge to the soldiers,
by special messenger or trusty egente, who see
to their delivery in person. 1 make no distri
bution, exespt upon application, or reliable In
formation that thev are needed. , ..
Any application from tbe Surgeon of an Ohio
regiment that blankets, clothing, or other ar
tides on bead, suitable for bosDilal Purposes.
are needed, will be promptly responded to. - I
bave not boen eager to distribute the donations
in my bands, for the reason thst fsw oases of
necessity bave come to my knowledge, and
many private donations, and donations from
Soldiers' Aid Societies throughout tbe State,
are reaching the troops from various points.
It is deemed wise, prudent and beneficent to re
tain the stores on band, unlrsi actually t needed.
as a severe engagement, or very cold weather.
may render an Immediate distribution of nesr
ly everything on band necessary.
Tbe mo4t dtBirable artiolee for the troops in
service, and not supplied by tbe Government,
sre woolen gloves or mittens. Avery com
fortable and convenient covering for the band
ot a soldier on guard duty in a oold night, Is a
knit mitten, with tbe thumb and fore finger
gloved. . . ,!...
I have the follow we donations on bsnd:
4.567 blankets; 533 quilts; 502 pairs mittens!
811 coverlits; 8,111 pairs socks j 1,513 drawers;
4,iAz emria; Desiucs vsnous miscellaneous ar
tides. '
Tiie follow log psuajrrapb ftppeara among the
r.iAaullM r I Tt iSa.a.- O : 1
vwvuiiia vi .-tua vuitvtr otstn dciimiv DO
Tutslay lut. : - : '
"Mr. Sumner offered a resolution- that tbe
committee on Patents inquire if any additional
legislation is necessary to secure persons ot Af
rican deeceul the right to take out patents.
Agreca to." ;
Isn't that rsfrcsbing! Was there ever known
such trifling whilst a nation was on trial for its
existence! That tbis cowardly abolition fanat
lo dared, amidst a state of publlo anxiety such
as existed on Taeaday last, to Intrude a matter
of ao trifling a character on tbe Senate .of tbe
United Statee, ie a most deplorable evidecoe of
Its callousness and degeneracy. mwark '4a-
The Situation in Mexico.
The latest news from Mexico is Intercstine:
On tbe 21st of November, Seoor Zamaoonna,
tne minuter ior foreign Affairs, and otr Ccas.
wyke, the WUsn Envoy, subscribed to a treaty
embracing tbe ultimatum of tbe British Gov
ernment lu relerenoe to tbe financial difficulties
between tbe two countries. It provides that tha
sum still remaining due to British subjeots shall
oe repaia, ny an assignment maae lor that pur
pose by tbe Mexican Government, corresponding
to ten per cent, of the Import duties, to be tak
en out or that portion of the additional duties
known as Msioras Materialea. with interait .
.Irving irom six to twelve ner cent, on the varl-
declaims. All oast traitiea affectln Brltt.i,
interests shall remain binding. The British
consular agents at tbe different ports are en
titled to exact tbe production of custom bouse
papers aud to bave a monthly statement of tbe
duties inourred, etc.' A large number of other
particulars are provided lor to tbe end of mak
ing tbe payment sure. Creditors of any other
natron are denied any advantage not conoeded
to tbe British. ' The treaty coming before Con
gress, it was contended tnat the proposed Brit
leh Interference In the custom bouses would lead
to future difficulties. The money owed. Congress
was willing to pay, except tbe debts Incurred by
oiiramon ana Auioege. -1 ne measure waa nual
ly defeated by rote of seventy-five to twenty-
two. Zatnacoona was- much Irritated at this
"factious conduct," ss be styled it, and resien
ed bis place, SencrEcbeverria being appointed
to nu tne vacancy. - - , .-, ...
Zunaeonna baa since been arrested on suspi
cion of treason. Tbe British Minister then re
moved bis ultimatum embracing a demand for
the concession of the privileges enumerated
above. At list dates from Mexico (Nov. 29),
negotiations bad been renewed, bnt It was not
believed that the demands or Eoeland or
France would be acceded to tbelr full extent.
Still Congress appeared willing to grant any-
tning except tne exactions in regard to the Una
torn Houses, on which point It waa immovable.
The demanls of France are somewhat similar
to those of England, but not so sweenine.
These the Mexican Government stood ready to
ooncede, varying only tbe phraseology. This
variation France has refused to accept. As far
as Spain Is concerned, tbers is not tbe slightest
disposition to concede an lota. "Tbe Mexloaca
are willing to fight and hope for aid from the
United states. 1 he Department or the East
has been intrusted to wen. Urasa.' He is now
at Jaiapa with three thousand men. Another
portion of the army will be commanded by Gen.
Orteira. Mr. Corwin Is exseedinelv nonnlsr.
and bad labored so hard to preserve peace that
he became unwell, but Is now convalescent.
Col, John J. Jacket's, the agent of the South
ern Confederacy, a noted bully and filibuster.
recently attempted to flog a Union American In
tbe city of Mexioo, for wblcb be was arrested
and put in prison, pleading to no purpose for
aipiomaiic" exemption Irom arrest. t . .
[Correspondence of the New York Tribune.]
The War News in Canada—The Canadians
TORONTO, Dec. 12, 1861.
"To arms! To arms!" Is tbe cry from Que
bec to 8arnla.' General Williams, tbe hero of
Ears, ie moving rapidly from one place to an
other, ordering the Immediate repair of old
forts, and tne creation or new ronea. At tbe
old forte of Toronto hundreds of soldiers are
working, and large guns and great quantities
or ammunition are being plentifully supplied.
A body ol artillerymen have arrived to teach
the soldiers or the Thirtieth, statlonsd bere.
their srt. A company of sappers and miners
are expected bere Immediately, i bey bave
been brought from Halifax by way of River de
lioup. ' ibe merchants, lawyers and Univer
sity students have formed rifle,' companies
others are also actively at work, and the mili
tia is being stirred np after long Inaction. So
yon may easily understand that we are Id earn
est preparing tor war, wnicn I nope 'to uod
will never take place -between brothers ' f for
such .Americans aud Canadians are) who bave
been so long friendly and whose Interests are
now so closely united. v ' . .
- Thi New RxstL CoMwisstORias. Tns CW-
rier del Etttt Unit thinks that the story about
a. M. T. Hunter and Pierre Souls having
aalled' from Havanna as Rebel Commissioners
to replace Slldell and Mason 1b only an artifice
to divert tne attention or tne federal Uovem
ment, and that tbe persons charged to take the
place of Messrs. Mason end Slldell In Europe
peseta the Canadian frontier mteen days ego,
en raws to- uaiiiax, wnerw suoy wooia emnark
on one of the Canard steamers, c- j-
sICT Hon. Wm. A. RIcbsrJiOD, oHil. wUJ,
II ie stated, resign bis at In. tbe Hone in a
few days, and accept a Er!?tdler-Generalbi
of volunteers, tendered tlm by tli Peeidua j
sbtt, tgwt ojt the It. K, S 0 X . anl
O.Ooasia Kkwroauinieroi yn.atiHr, -', n
ol OoluaUOSS;rs f "V
las happy eoapls, with Some, friends, starttd ot yes
Urdy on a wedding trip. . Jo has now started e on
tbajoaraey ol UftatnMrMdaptedi We bopr-ne wm
all bis MBawetlons sura, .and SP fu, e
tnsk or bars a oSlUitoni ttaeosss to tbSnu n f
in woria wnowto wi,wii r
Deannot In tht Uolted Stotas. bat atad the circuit
W UJ VlVUVf "B etaaw--
it. ni.L. k. t nnsannnsk An)- "
On.Tnesday Evening pec. ,24th.
M..n,'. lJ,n' Pl.hUD will b uilited l)T Hr. ID
WAKD BBQOIH, tbs Awarlran' Brlton, Biers da
Oontemtora Imperial naaiqasv rmiu-, uuhiii
n afinea, tUe tmlcent Piultt (pupil of UHt.) t
Doors open at 7M Oonevrt to oommeoos at 8 o'clock .
Tl.k.l..' .V...., .... HMDS.
' the sals ot tickets will oonuneBO at 10 o'olock Satur
day morning, Doocntar Slat,-at Beluer aWobatar's
aiutlo store, waare aaau w awir ii-i.
charge, and diagram ol tSa Hall eu bo teen.
She Qraad Piano aaed oo thla eocaaloB If ens of Knabs
a Co'a oelabiated Initrumanta, and baa baaa kindly
loaned by tbelr asanta, Maaars. SolUorlt Webiter.
dco3l4ld fi. C. tA UI, Manager,
i '
-4 ( - ' .'
-V ..
Monday' Eveqjng,' Dec;' 2331861,
Tb Pnwrkmka will consist of seltctlottt lnm'i
MKKDKLBOHN, 1 '' .-'. ,"7.
. H '- -
. "i ' ' -: Matbedkr, ' ; :-!
- - ; : dtjsbbk, 1 ; ';' :
, . . t - : SIOHINI,
And otban, and will bs pirformed by tbs best mniioal
talent. .:-. - - ' '
TlckeU 60 CIS. '
Tor sals at the Book and Musle Btorei..
dacSO-dtd. .all :;!..-
Couon, and tha recant advance lo Dry Goodi, and
tbe txplntloa of our eopartnerablp. a will, on and at
tar tha SSib day December, oiler our atock of Dry Goods,
Hatt, Caps, BooU aud fiboaa at coat,r Itaatban New
rork wnoiaaaia prices, ana win comma unm ma en
lira atock lacloaed out.
The Grocery and Prpdnce Business will ba oanUnoed
In our new ballJlDg. . ? -' : -
Tha Store-room we sow occupy will be To! rant, and
poaaaasloa (tree on tbe first day or April, 1882, by Oyms
Ibarly. -- - . . . ' ;
Tbe Store-room Is 91 by 82 feet: tbe bniiaiua three
atortea high, and aituated on tbe eoutboait corner or
Sign and Friend streets, Oolumbue, Ohio. "
A. -; .-0. SBSBIT Jt 00.
docl8-d3w , ' - . r f
Orrica otbi Ooutxacs SiXkku B. B. Co.)
Oouaaos, See. IS, 1801. )
nrmn itookholbebs or tbb oolcmbub and
JL Xanla Ballroad Company are hereby notified that
tbe Annual Meeting ror tne election oruiraetorsto aarre
tbe enining year, and for other amrpoeaa, will ba bald at
the office or tbe Oomnany to Oolumbua. on Tuaaday. tbe
7ih day of January, 18(3, between tbe hours of 10
oo lock A. . ana o cioci ri m.
OiaUB FAY, Secretary
eesw-asw. vr-sr ;-,: ts t . 1
.!' ;.. i ' awn '
steam' ?6w'er,
N. W: LE FAVOR, Suptr;
K08. 32 9i, M, 38 KORIH HIGH BTKIET,
Stateaman'Bailding- Second Fleen
Ter B. NeTlna's State Steam
Printing Rooms. , ;-.
With or without Printed Headings, oh Buptrbr Taper.
..-,: '
To any required Patten .
, STATI DIPABTM1NT8,' ' 1 ''"yjTl'-
, : .j , . , b auboad ernoBB, -t '.: 1
--'t ' BaNKINO HOUBI.V:t- .'
-i . . , couNir offiom, -r.:
1 ' -. . " Fnrnithed at tbe lowest Prices. ' " '.-
By tbe Iditlon or Single Volume
MAOAZrHES, " ' I'.''
. . . MONIHLY PrjBLiCATI0N8- - -
PAMPHLEI8, -r . 7
1 PAPXB8, ' '
Bound .
I in any Jteqnlred 8lfls. t , . ,
For Public end Prints LOp-aries.
' Ordara from abroad will rseelve prompt and special
attention, aaareas,
" J. H. RILET, . - , Vffi LEFAVOfc
i 7S South High street.
noTl4-d3n t
fievokllo Bindery.
NaT . - - -
Naw Tork. I am now ore Dared to offer to the public
a moat excellent aiaorUnant of GOODS FOB GENTS
WIAR, such as : ;w-''' v
't CI. P THS, :!?! n"-. : j
; And a general aMortmentof . .
of the richest and neatest stylet In the market; all ef
wbteh I am selling- av tae VHaaraer rvmohu
ttAIalB W UAH. f-T-. 2 "'";
.'Try Special Attention Paid lo Ifllll.
tarr Oil lcere Cletning-: -
Havtne bad lone emerieoee In tbe Cut and Mnufa
tare ol Offloars1 Olotblng, I feel oonfidest I eu gire en
tire sattsfactloB to alt my fatiana. .-- . ,
-. j i v. a-. Jiweni -
, ' 1 Merchant Tailor,
Cor. High and Town Street.,
novl9-tf .:-,, T ... OolombnaiOhio.,
FWTJ a, by barrel or dray load. " '
1 ill JD ALL & ASTON'S,
j " r. t
, , r -f t rrt" '. . -
Of all kinds of Goods for
r it"'-
All Wght For Oiii at the LOWIBT ' PIQORKB, sp
erlll fee sold aivuBBBsruiiuinu rniuAo
.,. .iun r..(1j .' j . v.-
il - - '
.t.s;!'.'? (""'- ' y'- '
tof tbs Little Ones-A large Variety,
v '
cV.a'a'. V ' ."ePLENPID ,
Or all Klndi.
And ether Tine Books, at prices never ao cheap before,
The Richest Desks,
.; -' -
-.' or v '
--'EBONY at. ,
!': ' '1 - WALNUT.
ODOR CASES,. "., ,
' JEWEL CASES, . ' '
Of all kinds cf mtl.rlal, aad of the most beaullful
designs. . : -
Games & Puzzles.
: ' ' ' . Faraltbsd and Plain.' . .' " .-,
1 ,!I-1 ' : - ' '
ic Albums!
- ' A bole lot, kq4 mort tomloffk '
; Pictures for Sanie F
Of all dlstingulibcd aad sxtlnfubhed Americans and
European.. They are all the agony bow, and "80
MOB" for the exhibition and aafe-keeplog ef families
ssd frlesds.
. "'- .-.' ' ' ' ' ' '
-aud '. ' .
. , . .-TO MATOHl ; r-
We tdvhje oar eld anil u many new friends a. nay
feel disposed to buy handsome foods, cheap, to corns sb
fore tbe BTJ8H, to that th.y nay nave tome tatltfae
tlon ia purchasing- - , -
-FUSSES, CABEES,- : - - -'.
In endless variety, and very ittitT""
t i
T-; i ' :S J t
. v LADIES'; it GENTS' '
; 'f '. '...,.-' -.- -. ;
- .,- ' ' . ' ' Iv -
Of sll kinds, and auny fine little BBAUIU8, which
i z-ota only be appreciated by keloiseeB. '
, IV .- - J -.' 1 - I .'?'!"-
til ..! f I'L 4 "'
lUmeuber that saeaey was aever ao pl.ntf vtrore ih
(Joltnnbti, andult tsfUbiontble to '
thete days, be In the fashion for once any' way, and
call at
.'Mr'.'- 7
J 83i-a9';i.-7:': i aJCi.j
IWlWlTTi H'hiii.'ffil
n J TTT2" r W 1 "V i
sew a
T . J r r-1"
ifAtn wr. ' ssi i s s e iinwwvi nr sT f't'ITTTATl I
; ."M'i '-.t , 1 i . W r i i S I h 'i im
I -I fl- 4
i.v.t.w-- 'it tan v-'.,7,r ;rX" 'r"' v-''
oiorsr ' oi??., ooLTJivazaxjo, oxzzo. , . ..
- 'I
1 7S.7i-t vn-t:
Tlie DAILY; t ; - .:,:""
The TRI.WEEEXY, 'at1'';';.?, "Z'-r.
The EEKLIif.'at the low rate of '
' ' ' Subscripttbns to tbe Datxt itnd Tu-yiKiT Statiskam will be reoelved " ' .
' ; ' ."' , ' l it.r..t -..-. ' -. i
";.'. " ,,,5'.' V : At the above rates; and the Daiit will b furnished . " ' "'V, ',
, At the nsual ratee. A en established and reliabls organ of the Democratio party, v ''
In the future, as in the pest, it will uphold and defend the f .. '
Wbioh has been to Iraitful of good to the PEOPLE 07 .TEX tOTTED STATES; a4 wll
. u . faithfully ifg the reeUbliehmenl aad supremacy of the sz--
' - Ai eisentiftl to tbe complete nd perfect ieonitraaUon of the r- j
- " " On the basis on which thst Union was originally formed.
. Bv 1
I I I I " "
.. .. , ' , ,.' I ' "
The Statiskan will support the Administration of the General Government in sll" legal and
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist the effort made in some qtuttera
to convert the present unhappy war Into an Abolition vasede. - 1 " . i
It will eonstantly urge economy In the pablie expenditures, and the most rigid accountability
of all publio officers. . --. --',J- - -
As a medium of general news, the Statbxan will endeavor lo make itself acceptable to ils
numerous readers, and at aU times supply them with ( , -r4-
Tlies Xseateisjt m,ixL rtxoasit ftellAlole Xa.oxsoxrtsai
'' Of tbe home and foreign market. In its columns
Will find their interests consulted and attended to, and no effort will be spared to make it a first-,.
olass newspaper. . . "" ' ,. . ,
During toe approacliing session of Congress we will have a talented and aocomplisbsd eorre--
pondent at Wasbington, through whom our readers will be furnished with mnch valuable and
reliable information. ' -:' '' 'I V- ''aj.-...-.-..
The doing of our own Btate Legislature will, bs fully reported, and the local news of the
State and our own immediate vicinity, will have a due share of attention. .!-. J
We urge upon our friende in all parte of Ohio, and the North- Western 8tates, to aid in exteM-.:?
ing the circulation of the Btatmiuw, since by so doing, they will assist in the promulgation of,"
sound political dooUines and reliable general intelligence. a : .-z -ta-; ,.
' '' t v ': . , -v. s ,y. ,r. ,
. :" r . r- ( " l 1 1 -- - ; -. ; i
To any person raising a Club of Tsn Subscribers to the Wnur Ohio SiArasatAir and
sending us the money ten dollars fcr ths gams, we will send one eopy gratis. .'A
All orders wiU be promptly attended to. . -- j " " ' ' "
- . - Address,' UANTTEKlsT A IHLLEB,-
. r , j i. Publishers of the Ohio RU-tesmao,
KT I 1 10G1 1 fWmnrra fiawn - -
1 J ii !
' 'o TSx DoUari per Annum; - '
.v.llirw Dollars per Auam,
-.f'OM Dollar, per Annum-fil
BIANIII oo bead and for sale, tbs best quality of
Which he will tell at tha loweat market prloes.
Call aad examine my Goal baton purcha.liig else
Offloe at tbe store of Bradford, fray dam fc Oo., bead
ot Canal. . . ,
i sepDe-Srs ' - .'- " .. '"
aJ Slight Cold, Cough,
tStajauHJtnt&i, or gfatt
fSlitaal, tuMoft, might he
oheaked with a simple rem-
"edy, ifneglecleci, qfUn. ter
minates Borioxsly. Few are aware ' qf
tho importance of stopping a cuct or
&llh pdd. in its Jirst stage ; thai
which in- tho beginning would yield to
a mild remedy, f not attended to, soon
aitaaka tho lungs. v
tcjuun! Qtonchhd &tejju.
were Jirst introduced eleven years . ago.
It has heen proved that they art ' tho. beat
artiole heor tho publio for SoJJLOlXt
gald, gf.fianchliLs, jttunA,
patatfifi., tho Hacking Qaugh in $oji
tMsnhlLan., and .numerous ejjeotiona of
the gJhtaat, giving immediat relief.
Iublic Speaker and Singer,
will find them effeatual for clearing and
strengthening the voice.
Sold by all Qruggists and Qealers in
Jodiaine, at 23 oertta per box,
, lot sate, wholesale er retail, by - ' - i i
,. 0 BOBBBIB, Drnggiit,
decw-dtwo .. V N..MN.rtHH.,h.tmt,
Or Those Ceutempiauing- Ittarrtaaare.
TBI underslgtred wlllglTelafonnatloa on a Teryf.
terming and important subject, which will be valu
ed more than a thousand timet Its eott by every married
eoaple of any age or oondliloa la life. The Information
will be sent by mall te any address ea the receipt ef M
eents (eOvar) and one red stamp, .'i ; -.,,
All letters ihoold be addressed te . evr.,.: .- .' t
B, B, M0ERI8, H. P.r-
eet31-lyStawdttw p y Boston, Mass.
Afleotlons, Golds, BbtamaUsms, Oosttreness, Oon
sumptions, Affeotlons of the Spleen, ef the liter, ef
the Heart, Tumors, sad sll dlteaees wblcb destroy life
have always exhibited, upon dissection or the body, a
somber of bard or eoaerete points, either la some of tbe
organ, named er In tha blood vessels, sometlDee even
ramifying in the flesh, and again deposited upon the side
ef a bone. Now theee little bard substance weald
mrraa aoaa if Brasdrstb's Fills were used: they would
be purged out of the system, and years of happy' life
would be tbe rofforert'.lut instead of aa early fra-re.
Always purge bat irtvi suaa in sickness. ' '
t. X. Oarpenter.'.Zsq., of Ooverneur, si. lawreees
county, New -York, e ytsrs of age,, says ns has used
Brsndretb's Fills for 3t years, administered them first te
his eoaohmaa, who had fever aad afugeve eight the
day eftos tbe ehtll; chilli sad fever less severe; gar
eight more tbe Beztday. iindso every other day until
the chill and fevei 414 aet return, whiohwaeaboutetgh
taya from the first attack. He then gar four every
ether day for another week, when tbe mac was ' entirely
restored to his usual good health; i y -'.''
Be was himself attacked; took them lu the same way,
and was cured la leu time. Bas used ae ether medi
cine for U years; found them always reliable for himself
aad family whea sick; has rtootamended them to thou
sands with "tbs best results, aad teals sonfldtBt that eve
ry family would JiavaaJargoe avseeee aeeJtktf tteeef-
Fills were used la tbe blase of .calomel sad other kurtfut
rameales .; t-vw n .tai kzt
Bold by Jem It,- cue, Brugisr, Oo'lumlbusj aadlby
aUreeTlahleeairlaBedJiriiis- - vt)
. ... . ,r, i
EBERLY & -1-
4- QQO and Q8Q
south man tmggr
Are bow opening a large lot of
Lidies', Misses1 and Children's 1
:::r::'F U R Q,
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks.
Ghephard't Plaid Ghawls,
!La Jies' Merino Vests & Drawerg',1" 1
Boys' Merino Shirts & Drawera,
2EPHVI W0R3TE0$F . .
Hmbroidore,d Repps, i
J ' " -r ' .
, , t .
f .V -a. . L i . -r .
Opcfd Plaiinob,
J ..i'-v.x-f vw
This arm, having adopted the Cash sj.tenj la tbe pur
chase sad sale ef floods, era enabled te sell frost U toVO ,
pet cent, less than ether ho Met under the credit systenu-
260 and 262 south man siaEET,
COLUMBUS, 0.i .on
Oysters I Oysters! !
Os -t. '&L3rXIZ3Zl
a im 4Hi nsiy, vf aiiyieae, e.
Tram Baltimore art Fair Jrw. r ft
V fi.n ii ., .... . v,ll Tv..4. Kn. SI B-5ti
IbMertreet. .. i; Ji

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