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SATURDAY M'o'Rftit7$;$fe& iiscr
, . ! i ,i .11. I, 'Jr-
Local Matters.
Local Matters. Board of County Commissioners.
MONDAY, Dec. 16, 1861.
PteBeut Meeir. Sparrow ' and jlb, Com
Elghlj-gU allowances wore' made from the
Volunteer Relief Fund, !n sums Versing from
tiro to ire dolIrra.' '..:.?, ' ;
Ordered, that' tweoty dollt b Pil t. U
Meeker, for repairing bridg it Winchester,
' between Franklin, and Fairfield counties, from
Bridge Funl j f.'rt 'V? . V ;
MONDAY, Dec. 16, 1861. TUESDAY, Dec. 17.
PfeeoatM3t.f6prrow, Strait and Sljh,
Commlsjloners. ! ... i
Order leaned to H. C. Chittenden for twenty
Art dollaiS for defending criminal In the Court
of Common Pleaj. ' ,
Ordered, that an order Issue to Auditor Phil
lip for .96 35, for root. '. , '.V'";. '...'V : .T
Twenty-six allowance were made from Vol
unteer Relief. Fond, in cam varying root one
dollar And Aft cents ti fire dollari each. ." .,
Full Board present, it , " ; ,, j . ., , . C '
Bill allowed
Crisis i 5... ' ..'........ 89 41 '
J.Geary At Bon......... w..., 4 00 v
Ad allowance of three dollars wa made from
Volunteer Relief FoatV A'-' ? ' : ' !
THURSDAY, Dec. 19.
FullBwrd prceent..
Three allowance of three, four tod fir dol
lari were made from Volunteer Relief Fond. 1
Settled, with" SamuoT Dojle for superetrnc
ture, embankment, ejcAvstloD, masonry and
ell other things connected,' with - Clerk Bridge
over Big Walnut, and found a balanoe due him
of f2.702.35. . "
Ordered, That said Doyle be paid (1300 on
laid balanoe. . '' .
Adjourned. -' ' ' ' " ' ' . i r . v
Probate Court.
Item of business transacted in tba. Probate
Court of Franklin county ,'Jodge Albery, dur
ing the week ending Friduy noon, December SO,
1881: .:. - - -
SeTea marriage license were issued an in
crease of four over the preceding week-
.Ret. Samuel A. Hughe, of Grove Cliy, a
minister of the Presbyterian Church, was au
thorised to solemnize- marriages...-.' I .
To last will And testament of Ueorge
Matthews, lato of Washington" towosblp, de
ceased, was admitted to probate'. ' ' .v. .
John 8. Cromwell, Administrator of Robert
Anderson's estate, was cited to appear oa Mon
day, the 33d Jost', And settle his accounts.
John W. Andrews end Henry C. Noble, Ex
ecutors of Nathan S. Lamson and Tbomai C.
Hendron Guardian of Samuel 0. Rendroo,
filed tbelr final Aocouots. - i : 'v.wi,.y'.
The following accounts were settled by the
ourt: :' -. , "."
The first Account of Abel BAldwln Guardian
of Christian, Sophia and Edwin Miller; Also, of
John Seeds, Guardian of Aaron Seeds; also, of
John H. Reel, Administrator of Leonard Ingle
bert; Also, of Matthias Zengler, Gnardlan of
George, Caroline, Philip, John and Henry Ingle
hart. . . ' '. ,."v ,-
The final account of J. P. Brock, Adminis
trator of Hugh O'Neilj also, of Jacob N. Hart,
Guardian of Amanda Hart; also, of J. C. Noe,
Guardian of Albert and Sarah M. Cheshire;
also, of Jans Pugb, late Jane Lackey, Guardian
of A. W. Lackey 'a heirs; also, of J. M. Ben
nett, Administrator of John Stevens, Jr.
The following minors, having enlisted with
out oonsent of parents or guardians, were dis
charged from the service on writs of habeat
aorpvti Samuel A. MoMurray, of Mercer coun
ty, a volunteer At Camp Chase; and - James P.
Justice, of Pickaway county,' a volunteer at
Camp Lyon. I
Thi Niw Postoffics. We think we ere
safe in saying that Columbus can boast of one
of the beet poatoffices in the eountry . It Is now
about completed. Postmaster Graham will re
move the office on Saturday, the 23th instant.
This will render it Impossible to open the office
for delivery on the Sunday evening following.
The looatioo of a postofHce in a oity is Always
a difficult and embarrassing matter. Every
body cannot be suited, especially those whose
business Is more or less afieoted by .the location.
Those who lose the benefits ere dissatisfied,
and those who receive them of course ars
pleased. For Ourselves, we think this should
not be the contiollng element in removing or
locating a postoffice, or any other publlo build
ing or office. The convenience of the greatest
number of citizens and Indeed all, as near as
may be of the officers performing the duties of
the office, and Its .security, should determine
the Better. - , :;;.. C'-t H" JAiiM
The office is well end eonvenlently Arranged,
and we h Ave ho doubt It will be generally satis
.. k rH '
' Taxis. We are requested bjrMr. Thompson,
oar County Treasurer, to state that for the ac
commodation of ' thev mechanics aud laboring
men of tbe olty, lo the payment of taxe,' he
will keep bls offld Open tbls vnlcg nttt(I 'otoe
tookv ' ' i
. . .-'r . -f .
HT The; Fiftyisecobd and Sixty-third Regi
ments DAT been consolidated the (wo forming
the Sixty-third, tinder Colonel Craig' and Lien
tenant-Colonel 8argeant. ' !'"-.
n i 1 if r . tf.
MAAAMtTAnifA BisHor. The lovers of good
moslo will be pleased to know that (bis dlstln
golshed artiste will gWe oue of hit. grand oou
oerti At Armory Hall on Tuesday eveniug next,
Doembr 21th
It would be superfluous to say Anything In
relation to hermjarjits, ? ;Ir reputstion is
'world wide."-. ". . , ,! .....
r i ,v ;- . ; .
Tleketa can be bad end seats seleoted At the
mnsle store of Bell tar t.Webster. '. '
' V '' " ml t' 'iT-'-'" i'i- " ':'
ST The Station Houte at South Charleston
wsa burned on ' Thursday nlgh Abon( ten
o'clock. . ToTpAssenger train comlnjTea on
the Columbus ft Xenla Railroad ran past (be
StAtlon House, while th lire was burning.
.; i -m,
Wilis tanfaowmavCats f ftiyabir Oi' Bmrdrf bjr Uii
..- mo. j .xu,i..fi.i
a to. an.Oo. i , .
Tt. Bnperloi Court.
Waiblagtoa llnpsoo. )
tjTTinTinB or a writ or ri if a.
Xj to m dlnctad. frou th Superior Court of Viank
Ho ooDntr, Obto. I will efler for sal oa tho farm of
Jama HnJjr. and now ooouptod by fa. Ward, lit
uti At mllM soaUi of Colombo,' on the OblUlooutt
Toropmo, on
Monday, tho 30th day of December, A. D. 1861,
t two o'olook, P, V., tfa followloi desorlbel cbatttl
proport. to witt
On wbttt Prill, on Soaping SUohlno, on tws-hoiw
nagoo. ua on Bprio nuoni iotuq on a in proper
ty of WMblsf too Slnpioo, to satlifr an XMUoa In fa
vor of George Sera Oo. v
- v Ai. W. BtrSTJUK, BhorlS . v
- ' By JGp. Divn, Pept
Printer'! fee 16,30
deslMU.i-t ..!.!, ...i
WKO UndeMhlrll. ' " .
VJI PBAWcaB. . i
, AINO Prwere,
, , . . BAIN BON. .
new styles.
SAIN fc BON. .
KJ vrawn. , n
flente.-. 1. -
INO VndeMblrt.;
i. .. , :,: . bain a boh.
.-.. . BAINAjbON.
laacy. --'
SUIRTS and Oollars.
npnE iiamovABLE
V ALU'S SO coots.
SUCKS Prloei.
all s sei, .
- ... f ... . : BAIN A BON.
, OA I, I. AT;.,;'.
; ' and ,
v j a . or ; , 1 .
Ever offered to the eltiieni of ' Oolumbni..
, AMD ; - .
.... for either Wood or OoaU .
Tor Lam Families or Smell Vunlllei, and Tsrylog la
1 - irrwo rrom - -
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
-Twenty-rive. '. - ;
Of etery Jrloa, Bis and Variety, for Coal or Wood.
Of many Patteroi-
St i
I-.: i
J IE. ...mm
Botb Oosklns and Beetle
lb IIghteit and most Portabl Tent StoT erer
'i ,-, - , offerei to th -. -
Officers of our Great Army,
forSeatlnsDire'lllDSt. Ohnrcbei, Btore rooroi, or other
.ft-, fcrj BalWlngt. , ,,. . t
Sundry stoves,
Tor family Ui or Hotels.
' V-l fc'i . !-Jt ZJ- .
v .-i
M''"., '
BAD IKUfiS, " ,
1 J-
1 Ar4 !! Stttct "or sny other n.M " '
r ... . '" - 1 '' v-'
.It A Hi
xt. no it ii tt:l oj i.
v' Jiorin -Euffu ptretfi,
tfi&;i e.,J.iJrtli' itj A'
From all Parts of the World.
The Mason and Slidell Affair.
Minister Adams's Communication.
Good News from Missouri.
Latest from Port Royal.
Reported Negro Insurrection in
Southern News.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
Deo. 19. At ona o'clock Lord
Lyons called on the Secretary of State, who
was at the Capitol. Ha called again at three
o'clock. The communication which be made
Is as yet a secret. ' No Cabinet meeting baa
seen neia on ine euojeoi.
The general feeling of the city is less war
like than at first and the people talk coolly of
surrendering the emmissarlea, If it can be done
without a BicriUce of nonor, father than engage
At this time in a foreign war. Tbe report that
members of tbe Cabinet take a similar view of
tbe qneeuon gains currency and finds belief;
but while it i not true that aucb a conclusion
has been arrived At in Cabinet meetiner ou the
one band, it Is truo on the other hand that the
determination not to surrender nnder any oir
eumstancts or for any considerations, is h
sointe. sat wnue me uorerument will do
nothing to provoke hostilities, it will guard
well tbe national honor. Should arbitration
be proposed it mar be accepted. Should a
sufficient consideration for the surrender of
Mason end olldell be offered It mav be made
A prominent member of the Government
stated in conversation this evening that Lord
Lyons would not demand his passports; that
mason ana suaeii wouia not oe given op, and
that there was no probability ot a war with
.bnslisnmen- here are oonfldent of a war be
tween tbe two countries. This opinion, how
ever, is based npon no offluial communication,
and while It excites some' unpleasant feeling,
oarrie no weight. Several Eogliebmeu now
serving in our army, among them Col. Haveloak
and Capt. Stewart, have, it is Is declared, sig
nified their intention to resign, should further
compllcatioLS ensue. In other oases extraordi
nary and painful evidences of sudden hostility
to onr cause have been shown. The general
feeling, however, appears to bo a sincero re
gret at what they regard as tbe Inevitable
boo. -
Mr. Adams's disp&tcbes bare little to say
touching the Trent, having reoeived no com
munication on tbe sunject trom tbe tfmisn gov
ernment. In the oase of tbe Nashville, he had
made representations, but had received . no
reply. ,
A letter dated London, Dec. 4th, received
here, speaks of seeing a newly painted cab on
Oxford street, with the Sritieh and rebel flies
crossed on tbe panel, and little seeeesion flag
for sale on tbe street. At the Adeiphi Theatre,
oontrollod by Dion Bouroioault, where tbe Oc
toroon was playing, tbe Stars and 'Stripes,
which bad floated tbere, were wrapped around
tbe staff, and tbe Stars and Bars displayed.
Tbe government has intelligence from Ma
nassas to-day that still more troops have arriv
ed from tbe south. Jeff. Davis, anticipating an
attack, is adding every available man to Bean
regard and Johnson's army.
The report that a Maryland regiment bad
been captured on tbe upper Potomac, grew out
of the iaot that a Captain and thirteen men
were tbe otber day taken prisoners on tbe up
per Potomac
[Herald's Correspondence.]
tumor was to- that
the government bad deoidad last night to sur
render Blidell and Mason. It is without any
tounaatian woatever.
Up to eleven o'clock to-night, Lord Lyons has
made no communication from bis government
to tbe President or Secretary of State relative
to tbe seizure of the traitors Mason and Sll
dell. . v
Mr. Adams in hie communication to Mr. Sew-
sri, give a elear and detailed idea of the feel
ings of the British people and tbe sentiment of
tbe British statesmen, but does not Indicate
that he knows tbe purport of tbe instructions of
tbe English governmeut to JLiord Lyons. Noth
ing contained in Mr. Adams's dispatches Indi
cates that that Government will make any ex
orbitant demaudsjrelative to tbe seizure of the
traitors. This is not only true, but ( am per
mitted to announce by high official authority
Ubat private letters received to-day from distin
guished British statesmen assert that tbe British
government will . not demand tbe release of
Mason end Slidell, but will require such repar
ation as tbe United States oan honorably grant.
This is Also confirmed by other private corres
pondence of Americans in London, who have
facilities lor learning the intentions Of tbs Brit
ish government. . ,.; ':
[To the Associated Press. ]
.! Washington, Deo. 20-. The Navy Depart-
ment lias received dispatches from Fort Royal,
including one from Commander Drayton, dated
Deo. 9ih. lie gives tbe particulars of the re
cent cruise in the Pawnee, with the Unaailla,
Isaao Smith And Vixen, and of the exploration
of tbe Ashetoo river. Among otber thing he
Slates that, on landing At Hatchlnaon Island, it
was ascertained that two days before all tbe ne
gro eablcs, overseere' houses and outbuildings,
together with all picked cotton, had been burn
ed. . The Attempt bad at tbe same time been
made to drive off the negroes, but many bad
eoapd. -Borne ot their number, they said, bad
been shot in tbe Attempt.
- Tbe soene wae one of oomplete desolation
the smoking ruins, the Cowering figures of the
negroes, wbo still tnstinotlvely cling to their
eirih-piaoe, Aitnougn there was no longer a
shelter for their heads, is a moit melancholy
light." '.
About one hundred snd forty negroes, most
oi mem in rrery destitute condition, bad col
looted eAOtta (aland. Com. Dray ton bed di
rected that they eboqld be supplied with food
nnui some deposition could be made ot ibem.
[Special to the Post. ]
'The dispatches of the British Ministry, ere
reported to be more sentlble end moderate then
represented by the- English press. Nothing
peremptory or Imperative will be Addressed to
our Government, end nothing, in ehort, wbiob
-oAiraot be eetttad by diplomacy. :--.-
Tbe general feeling bert 1 favorable to peace,
to oonciuaiiuu, auu to ine reiereno Ol All dis
puted question to aa International eomminaloe
but no one le in favor of relinquishing a partlole
of ou dgbw.' "':U"' .'- -'
General, SarDlidf rrlT4 M ABBAPOlll' tbli
morning, and Immediately oommenoed bis pre
paration for ibe departure of the expedition to
the South. A grand review of ten regiment
of the General's command took place to day.
The men ere In excellent condition end. eager
for tbe Mart. Four of tbe vesls belonging to
tbe expedition Arrived At Annapou laat night,
making a total of twelvA wbloh ere In readiness
lor departure, . . w
From Missouri.
St. Loots. Deo. SO. Further Information has
been reoeived from tbe West this morning, to
the effeot that in addition to tbe expedition under
General Pope against the enemy at apd near
unnton. another cart or me loroee unaer uoi.
Jeff. C. Davis and Major Mitchell surprised an
other oamp of rebels on the Afternoon of tbe
18ih Inst., near MUford, A little North of War
rensburg. A brisk skirmish ensued, when tbe
rebel finding tbemielre surrounded, surren
dered. Colonel Davis took thirteen hundred
prisoner, including tbree Colonels end even-
teen captains, one thousand stand or - arms.
one thousand horses, sixty-five wagons and a
Urge quantity of tents, baggage end supplies.
Our loss was two killed and eight wounded
The rebel loss Is not yet known.
Information from Glasgow states that our
troops csptured about two tons of sun-powder.
buiied on Clalb. Jaoksoo' farm. '
Major Hubbard captured sixty rebels a day or
two sinoe In Jobnson county. '
The troope in Kansas bave been stirring
during the psst week, end good news Is expeot-
from there dally. ,
Leavinwottb. Deo. SO. The Conservative
this city has advices from Mound City to tbe
loth, stating that a portion or tbe Third regl
ment, nnder the command ol Major Williams,
made a daBh into Missouri on tbe 17th Inst.,
and burned tbe villages of Popinsville and But
ler (tbe letter tbe county seat of Bates county),
and returned with a Urge Lumber of refugees,
stock, etc. Tbey had two men killed at But
These towns bave for a long time been tbe
resort of guerilla bands of rebels.
rrioe was at usoeoia At the time, end it is
thought be designed to attack Sedalla.
Two companies of tbe Fourth eavalrv. rssu-
lars, arrived at Leavenworth on the 18tb, twen
ty-two Cava irom tort Wise.
Sxdalia, Dec SO. Col. Palmor'e brtgade Ar
rived here last night, and Goo. Pope is expect
ed to-dy.
All Information from tbe west end north Is
to the effeot that no efforts bave been spared to
send Price an ample supply of clothing for the
winter. All or nesrly all of this has fallen or
will tall into our hands, ri early two hundred
heavily laden wagons ere Already in our pos
session, together with a large quantity of am
munition, arms, a thousand horses, tent and
camp equipage, etc; and botween eighteen
hundred and two thousand reoruits have been
taken prisoners.
Major Hubbard, of tbe 1st Missouri eavalrv.
has captured over sixty rebel recruits within
tbe past few days, and killed several others,
taken a oooniderablo number of tents, several
wagons, a quantity of baggage and arms. And
burned a mill which bad been supplying the
rebels tor some time past. Altogether the re
bellion bas reoeived a terrible shook in this
section of tbe coumry within tbe present week.
ttisthooght by many that rrloe will cross
the Osage to asslet bis Generals, .Stein and
Slaok, wbo are now in the river counties with
four or five thousand men, to escort recruits and
auppliee to tbeir main camp At Osceola. If be
does he will be compelled to stand a general
engagement; in which event there is no ques
tion whatever but that be will be badly defeated
aud bis army entirely soattered,
Airly yesterday morning our soouta brought
us Information ttut tbe large rebel train and
reinforcements wbiob we bad marched South to
interoept, bad divided And the - larger portion
were marching south toward Waverly, intend
ing to camp at nUht near Milford.
ueo. rope brought tbe main body of bis ar
my in position a few miles Booth or Waverly,
and sent a scouting force, under Col Jeff. C.
Davis through a few miles South of Warrens-
burg end Knob Knoster, to come on the left
and rear of the enemy; at tbe same time or
dering Merrll's Cavalry to msrah from War-
rensburg and come from the right.
Col. Davis pushed rapidly forward, And came
up to the enemy In the afternoon, drove In his
pickets, carried s strongly defended bridge by a
vigorous assault, and drove the enemy into tbe
timber; wbo, flndlog himself surrounded, sur
rendered. Thirteen hundred men, Including
two Colonels, one Lieutenant-colonel, one Ma
jor end seventeen Captains, were taken prison
ers; and sixty wagons, heavily laden with sup
plies and olotblng, and a large number of boraes
and mules fell Into our hands.
Our loes was two killed and fourteen
wounded. Tbat of the enemy Is considerably
Tbls Is tbe best planned and executed eotion
of tbe war, and- reflect great credit on the
General commanding and the offlcers and men
wbo so faithfully and. promptly carried out bis
Latest from Port Royal.
Niw York, Deo. SO. Tbe steamer Atlantic.
from Port Royal Deo 17tb. has arrived. She
has A cargo of twelve thonsnd pounds of Sei
Island cotton, gathered under the direction of
Government agents by tbe negroes. ; :
Gen. Sherman's brigade of feur thousand
men now occupies Beaufort, Lady Island, St.
Helena and Bay Point. .
General velie'e expedition has been Aban
General Sherman had Issued orders that all
tbe reporters for tbe press should leave the
place immediately.
1 be number of troops At fort Koyal and vicin
ity was about thirty thonsand.
lour hundred thousand pounds of cotton had
been seonred when tbe Atlantio sailed, and
would be shipped In the next steamer.
A part ot tbe stone fleet was at savannah,
and a part of thorn bad gone to Charleston.
tour hundred ot our men on the loth crossed
to tbe main land toward the Charleston & Sa
yannah Railroad. Tbey had an encounter with
a rebel force of fifteen hundred, who retreated
after firing a volley without effeot.
A special to tbe Tribune from Port Royal,
Deo 14tb, gives a rumor of the defeat of Hol
lies and the sinking of his ship, tbe steamer
Unusuel depression is reported throughout
the South; New Orleans is particularly des
ponding. , ...
.A great negro insurrection is reported In Mis
sissippi, and an immense esnonnt of property
bas been destroyed f lou,uuu worth on tbe
Quitman estate alone.
Niw Yore, Deo. 20. The steamer Africa
ealUd this forenoon. Dispatcbee were forward
ed In tbe usual manner. Dispatches from Lord
Lyons to Admiral Milne were a!s) placed on
The British gunboat Landrail, sailed imme
diately for Bermuda.
ibe British gunboat Kinaiao arrived nere
this morning from Halifax.
Tbe steamship Damascus, from Liverpool on
Nor. 89 tb, arrived this morning.
The Merrimac Sunk.
PHiLsDiLfHU. Deo. 30 The Bulletin tars
that its informant must be mistaken about the
Merrimao stioking on the stocks. Another in
torment says that the Merrimao was In the dry
dock, end that her upper works were cut down
so as to bring her water-line on almost a level
with tbe water; tbat she wae covered with
heavy timber and sheet-Ironed. ' It Is probable
that oa taking ber out of the dry dook her
weight was so great tbat ehe would cot Boat;
that ebe sunk and. oan never be raised. ... .
Kentucky Legislature.
: The House Adopted br the usual party vote a
resolution that Kentucky assume payment of
her portion of the direct tax Imposed by Con-
greei. r .- -
Ths Senate Adopted House resolutions on
Federal relations with amendments Indorsing
tbe President's eotion regarding fremont's
proclamation and the Cameron report, end re
qutsting the President to dispense with SeoretA
ry Cameron, t t : ! a v .. j. ' s t
..VotenuAlmooe on Ametdmentg." f
Ex-Minister Jones Arrested.
Nw YoaK,Do. 80 -Oorge W. Jones of
low, Ex-Minuter to Bogotke was erreetea oy
order of Beoretcry aewera nq tens to ron i,s
f Only $l94Q0jBflip.e.aJe.iMejenJt ouijnjhe
Afriest. ,. .. .-.use.. jt.Ti,S s
.. There Is" said to be Artlt preparation' for
large shipments In the next lew dayi In cam
Trot warrant tnem.
Ex-Minister Jones Arrested. THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS.
First Session.
Sxmati. Mr. Trumball creaented A petition
asking for the removAl of Jesse D. Bright from
tbe benste. !:..' "- i-
Mr. Wilson Dresented a petition for the es
tablishment of system to exohange prisoners;
Also a report Irom . tbe Military committee end
a Joint Resolution (expressing recognition of
tbe gallantry of ien. Lyon and tbe soiuiers un
der Els eommand at Springfield-': ; v .
k Mr. Pomeroy made a few remarks In eulogy
on tbe charaoter of Gen. Lyon, with a sketoh of
tbe battle ot Bprtogneld, where tbe warrior ol
tbls war ended bis gallant and well spent life,
and A tribute to- the gallantry and bravery of
tbe soldier, 'ft' ' '
Messrs. Dixon and Foster Also spoke of tbe
true worth, gallantry and devotion to the coun
try which characterized Gen. Lyon.
Tbe resolution parsed.' "
Mr. Sumner reported from tbe committee on
Foreign Relations tbe House bill for tbe relief
Of the owners of ths British ship Perthshire
Ltid on the table.
Mr. Trumbull reported back from the com
mittee on the Judleisry the bill to abolish tbe
United Slates Supreme Court, and aeked to be
discharged from the further consideration of tbe
Whereupon tbe committee was discharged,
Mr. Saulebury' resolution, ealling on tbe
Secretary of War for a copy of the proclama
tion ot 'Jen. rneips, and by what authority it
was made, was taken up.
Mr. Trumbull moved to emend tbe resolution
so as tj Include tbe proclamations of all Gen
erals. '.
Mr. Wilson thought there was no necessity
ofsendingforthe proclamation. : Geotrals were
appointed to nss tbe sirord, ana not tne pen.
If tbey oould not nse tbe sword better tbsn tbe
pen, tbey should be mustered out of tbe service-
Tbe best thing to do was to make tbe
statutes tbat no Geutrile be allowed- to make
any proclamations.
Mr. Saulebury wanted a disavowal from tbe
Admlnistlation that no authority had been given
for such proclamation.
Mr. Rice Sild If subordinate officers had rot
carried out tbe wishes of tbe President, It was
bis duty to correct tbe wrong. He moved to
lay tbe resolution on tbe table.
Motion sgreed to.
After executive session, adjourned.
Hodsi. Mr. Bennett. Delegate from Colora
do, introduced a resolution, wbicb was adopted,
Instructing the committee of Ways and Means
to inquire into the expediency of establishing a
branch mint at Denver.
On motion of Mr. Lowe, the oommlttee on
Military Affairs was Instructed to inquire into
the expediency of instructing the Paymaster
General of the Army to authorize the Paymas
ters and Assistant Paymasters lo oredit and pay
all comniisiloned cffloets and volunteers the r
pay and allowance from tbe date of tbeir c-
ceptauoe and taking tbe oath of allegiance.
Mr Stevens, from tbe committee on Ways
and Means, reported a bill appropriating $1,
000,000 to complete the defer sis ot Washing
ton. Tbe bill was passed. '
Tbe House then caised tbe Senate bill pro
viding for transmitting certificates of allotment
of pay of tbe volunteers to their families and
triend, the State to appoint tbree persons to
visit the several departments of tbe army, to
receive tbe money. .
1 he provision of the former law Allows liens
to sutlers on the pay of soldiers is repealed,
end all regulations on the subjeot are abrogated,
beyound tbe rules and articles of wsr.
Tbe House also naissd the Senate bill au
thorizing the appointment of general court
martials In time of war.
Mr. Julian offered a resolution that tbe com
mittee on tbe Judiciary be Instructed to report
a bill to Amend the Fugitive Slave Law of
1850 as to forbid the oapilure or return of sny
fugitive from labor without satisfactory proof
tbat the claimant of snob fugitive belonged to
the Government. -
Mr. Holman inaulred whether his colleague
would not oonsent to make tbe resolution
merely one of inquijy, and Mr. Julian replied
tbat be preferred the present form -of bis reso
lution. Mr.,Holmau moved to lay tbe resolu
tion on tbe table.
Motion lost yeas 39, nays 78.
Mr. Wiokliffe of Kentucky Ineffectually ap
pealed to Mr. Julian to so amend bis resolution
s to connue lis operatlots to citizens of States
wbiob bare or may secede.- '
Tbe resolution was passed yeas 78, nays 39.
V Mr. Arnold Introduced a resolution, whlob
was Adopted, thanking Col. Mulligan and bis
mwiuana for rbeir berolo dofmee of Lexington,
and authorizing the Twenty-third regiment of
Illinois to Dear on tbeir colore Ibe name ol
,, Pending the consideration of the resolution,
. The House adjourned till Monday.
Southern News.
Chicaoo, Deo. 20. Tbe Memphis Appeal of
18th baa tbe following: -Knoxvilli,
Deo. 17. Two more of the bridge
burners, Union men. were bung to-day by order
of Gen. Carroll.
Vice President Stevens is seriously ill.
Tbe Avalanche of the same date -says tbat
Galveston, Texas, bas been evacuated by the
Confederates. . 31 :
Jeff. Thompson Is busy fortWiing New Mad
rid. ' - .::,.--. y. T,'- r ' :
The Cairo correspondent of the Tribune ssys
portion of tbe bridge is being conatruoted
over the river at Memphis. '
Un tbls side of Memphis tbere is a fort with
one hundred and two guns, oalled Fort Pillow.
The rebels are jubilant over English inter
ference in tbe Mason and Slidell affair.
The number of Federal prisoners at Memphis
is eighty-seven.
Desertions irom tbe rebel Army Are frequent
end numerous.
Governor Clalb. Jackson was At Columous on
Wednesday. He has Issued a proclamation
calling on the people of Missouri to furnish Jtff
Thompson twenty thousand men and augment
Price's force to sixty thousand.
Foatabss Monaob, Deo. 19. A flag o1 traoe
brought a copy ot the Norfolk Day Book.
There u little news in it. we, however, ex
tract the following: ' '
Cbaaliston, Deo. . 3 1 he -Mercury this
morning eats the Federals now occupy Beaufort
and Port Royal Island with a foroe supposed to
be five thousand. Tbey have erected a battery
near Port Royal ferry of twelve 13-pounder Par
rot guns, and are throwing up lnwenobroen s on
rort Koyal island, ft is reported that a r eder
al launch was fired into by our troops sod seven
killed- iv.- - v . . , t . -, ,. ,. -..
Tbe Nashville Gssttte is Informed that twen
ty-eight Federal - soldiers lately entered the
lines of Gen. Zjlllcoffer'l army, stating that af
ter reading Lincoln's message they could no
longer bear arms against tbe South, and were
read to fight again! the Abolition tyranny.
Savannah, Deo. 13 Nothing has bsen beard
from toe stone neetv - - '
A part of tb Port Royal expedition has sail
ed south...,'; ... .
The Norfolk Day Book has a report tbat Mr.
C. F. Adams, U. 8. Minister to Eogland, will
demand hie passpo.t on the. Announcement of
the Uueerafs proclamation.
The health ol vice rreaiflect Stephens is
much Improved.
Hon. Porcbtr Miles continues to be very
111- . i
Mr. Faulkner arrived at Norfolk-yesterday,
and prooeeds to Richmond to-morrow. . -
Tbe Ueorge reabody arrived nere irom uei-
teres this morning, but brought no newe. -
From Cairo.
Caiao, Deo. 30 Soout from re
nort that a large contraband trade i carried on
with tb rebels from Illinois via Cave-ln-Rook,
on the Ohio river. Also that rifled cannon had
been plaoed on tbe Teneeasee rirer, for the pur
pose of sinking the gunboat Coneatogs, wbiob
mke occasional trips op tne nrer. .
: r - ' s
From Cairo. From Kentucky.
Looisruxt, Deo. 20. General Jobcton's
brigade made a reconnotsssnoe in fores to-day
six miles loutn or ureen nver, wnnoos nnumg
a trana nf th enemv. .
.. No official aocount ot tb s mumiorasvuie
fight yet reoeived M headquarters, ctr anything
from Gen. Sohoepf ' j -'T
' CwolNitATi DecSO JThe .CommeroIT
Frankfort dispatch to-nlgbt s eye, nothing trom
metre At tD-daV." - - m it, '.-a at k:
t Two Union met end oaas secer stools write
fromOwln7illonthel9tb.. iaiIoi ill re
ported ' end generally oelleTod that Marshall
ACQ niiuam T lUrfVU uunaii tiwyw wv
tween west Liberty and Piketon, with scouts
extended nesr Owinesvll le. The a-antlamia
receiving the letters tear It is trne, though not
generally ueuovea at rranxrort.
BNiw Yoix, Deo. 90. A spsotal Wssblogton
dispatch to the World say the Government dls
patohea oonoernlng tbe Maaon and Blldall diffi
culty will be of a dignified but mot oonoilUto.
ry nature. Tbey will eatUfy tbe English eabl
net that Bo iniult wae intended. Tbere 1 not
now tbs slightest doubt but that the affair will
oe speiidiiy, honorably end Amicably arranged
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, December 20, 1861.
Tt.fl fulloWinff an the rnt.il nuAt&Unna MrMftUit hm
" ii. Beeueem, wuoieaaio ana retail frooer, Mo,
100 Sooth ttigh Street.
0 ba ,
Oornf on. ......
BuUer ,
Lard A.........
eOoiS O.lnnr A.. I0k11e
So Maole do 00 ten
Molaeeea Waral AO
.HaiftclHrrnp ami 6031 C
wanuj Tea k....H0e.l wmi Bs
Tallow ,
9 Oe I Rio Ooffe VI,.... 802a
Dried AppleaV bn.
I BS Mara do tit
Dried Feachei... 3 S0$4 OO
White Ueane lo.l IWAI S3
aieewft - loo
Broome f do..l 00(91 75
Haw f ton A3 10
routoee, e i ioq&Wk
Salt in lack iy4V
Salt bbl A3 95
Boap(Doz) .... SJ8e
rioar 9 bbl 14 75
Walt Wheat do BIAS
Beef owt AS n
Heme-A JOc!
At floor bbl... Ae on
Bhoulderi 91 7-
Oandloo,Tallow,b. 12 xo
Oandlet. Opal, bos. Wo
Oheeee k 8410
Salt Pork owt.... - A3 00
Wood f cord.... S3
Mackerel No. I hf bbl At) 00
Mackerel No lqr bbl O 50
Mackerel No IklU.. 00
While rub. per h'f bbl A3 2)
u omtajr per boeb 1 30
Whtekw per. gall. 251 00
ueiuot, M A. 0ox.... 3 S5
While flab per qr bbl AO 00)
Lajer ....I SO
Sullaa Ho
uoa run v
Sxe Fin A to
Herrlue 9 bbl ..
-5 00 Prnneo vu
Corn Meal bn.
-SOCiSOo' Wool Twin 18o V lb.
roe f dot
Dried Beer
12X0 Cranberries bbl... 7 00
WclBu:wbet Flour ft 3c
Fuii; ealei at I4ft4 21 lor new red. anil i intt
1 60 (or while: market nntettled. - -
WiUiT-at 6045.
Conn ealea at 20o
Oa-re ealee doll at 30o
lire email ealee a- 44(41 JOo.
IUT-lei at 7i8.
PoTATorj alee at 35iM0o ','
Biaria ealei at 67S 1 85. '
rUir mice at 12 00 per bbl.
Warn Fun rale at AS 3348 75 per bbl.
BccKWBtiT Floui at SW(S2Ua IS ..
Bosare. Teaa and Coffee adTaoclne etill: In nrnftnanfc
ui luuvoaieu quit.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 20.
COIIOK Ouiet and without material ohanea! nl.l
dllDg npland le quoted at 37S40o; sales 1400 bales.
iri-uu u alaraet opened dull and heavy and cloied 3c
lower with oult limited demand for export and home
coceumpilon. Bales of 1700 bbla at A5 A5AS as for ra.
jee ed; i K5S5 40 for .uperfloe siais; i OOiSJ 70 for
lor extra euie; fj 5S1 40 ror laperflne weeurni
5 S0(i5 80 lor, common to medium extra western i
5 ti&i 90 lot eblpplnr brands eitra ronnd hoon
Ohio and A 0030-75 for trade branda do. Canadian
flour dull and declinlne; ealee 600 bole at AS 3i5 41
far superfine! A3 607 60 far oommon to choice extra.
big gi uubv-iiiuet aud steadjri tale SoO barrels at
3 50 4 40.
VUUN J41CAL on ei and without decided chanrt:
I. In 100 -bli Jereej at 333 10.
WUISKV Lower; ealee b75 bbliat 19VfaOOU.i-.hl.fl.
at 80c.
W UBAT Dull Irreinlarand unsettled: eomaholdan
are dlipoetd to realise at rather eaiierprloes wbile others
are Inclined to be quite firm; s-les or 18 400 boahele
ot OMgago aprlog at At SO I 23, 800 bushels north-
western club at SI XB; l.VOO bushels atllwanke olub at
1 20xai 31, Initde prioe for inferior lnetorei 17,000
boiben wlbter red western at $1 33 1 41; 0 500 bushel
white Michigan at SI 45914(1.
RYB Wlihout deolded chance: sales 16.000 hu.hsl. at
80484 He cbieflr at ej83 c.
baulki vtuiet tnd without decided ehssgt. 1 W
notice sales 7oU bush . Barley malt 83o
CUKN Onlr moderately active at aoont nrerlosa nne-
tstlonsi sales 7,100 buih at 6304e for mixed western In
store, chiefly at the Inside prioe; o4304tt afloat.
OAtA Heavy and deollDiogt siles st 4i43e. br
Jereey Oaoada weetern aadatat.
FORK Quiet and anchaoiredi sales 670 bb Is at A 12 S3
13 75 for meui 13 75 for city prim mws; d 25
73 for prim.
nEr ttuiesquistbut rery Arm; sties 1000 barrel! at
153)5 50 for couutry messi 4 50(35 for country prim)
111 J03l forropaoitedmeie; 13 7S13 87 i for extra
mese. Prime mess be jf continues stesdy at A 1731.
BEEF UAMb Rule quiet.
00 r MB ATS bull aod wltheut decided change.
SMOKED MKAI8 Quiet aod nominally nnchsnged.
Ho IS Dresied a shade firmer with moderate salea at
B AOON Sides IS fair demand; sales 1000 boxes st 6 If
(B7c for Cumberland cut middles; 7X370 for longjnb
bed do; 7t(o fjr longeleardo.'-
LAUii aoarcely eu n.m; sales 3UU bblsat feMo.
BUTTER In moderate request) sale at lli15o for
umo; io'iuc ror state.
OHtKsB ftutet at SKOSo. - '
OOVSBB fiilll rulea rery firm but th business Is
quite moderate; salea 000 baga Rio at ISSltiXcl 40 bags
Triage bagaarya at ltloi 100 bags Au Domingo at lUo
803aB Eaw firm; sales 000 hhdi Cuba t 7,($8,o;
I U0LA838-Quiel. We note iIe of 20 hhdsBarba-
line nn eti nn r i ll i
IAA8 Markets for both ereen and black tesa are ex.
tremely firm and ptloes te jt upward. Th adranoe for
the week la about Jc on crean and 1 to So on black. Im
porters offer their etockvery sparingly and the opera
tion! are mostly rrom seo -nd hands; sates law chests aud
900 hair Odette Bonohong aod 100 half oheet soaors;
louu ao uoion. pnotsnot t-ansplred.
wool Actire boe-neas doini ror all desorlptlous and
prlcee firm with an upward tendency; sell! Inolnde 1OO00
pouu-is medium to fine domesuo fleece at4A3iae, chiefly
aUOc; 300 Dales Oallifornia to arrive, at M; 108 bales
(lordora at 32S33c; 150 do nnwaahed Spauia at S0(30o
3060 pound! California and 3000 do superfine failed oa
private terms.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOCB Th demand for aupeiwie Is fair at 14, but
holders generally asked 4 05; thesalae add np 850 bbl
at slats lu xtra and family are anil at iu no.
A few ia.es choice white wbeat. fanoy, were mad in the
local trade thle moraine at 14 40S4 SO.
WHBAl Ihe demand la fully equal to th receipts.
which are fair; wo quote flr to cboloe red at 8"JisWo.
snd fair to choice hlte at t(eVVUo; an extra lot or onoloe
Kentncty oould be sold at VJcl tbe salts at our quotations
are 4 SOU buih
B.YB Tbe demand is good and th market firm at42o
BARLEY-Is firm at 450o; a sale of prim fall at
4BXc. Spring Is taken at 4tiJO.
OORN Is arm. tberecelpu being hardly equal to the
demand; 1,000 buih new ear In bulk, sold at SdXo, and
300 do do do at 8. Old Is in fair request at 3oo. In
demand Is principally to supply the feeders and If tb
wtatner eontlnuts warm prices win snTanoo, a tne num
ber of hose In tbe pens will be Increased.
OOFtUH Is IKo higher and the demand good, with
sales of 700 oegs at 19tt9)20o; choice le held atSUfo.
SUGAR Is In fair lobb.Eg requeet. With sales of J 10
hhds at 9X0 for Cuba, lOo for Porto Rloo and S10c
for new Orleaos;oho os Is hem at vo.
MtJLAbeJSn la nrm at4-AeJ0.
WUlflKY Is firm and In ood demand, with sals of
900 barrels at UlWo, the lattsr price ror wsgon.
Cleveland Market.
FLOtJ It Market quiet and dull with no sal worth
' WBBAT-Market itoaJy and unohsttgsd. Bel 1 ear
red on track at 9flo.
CORN Jalei 2 care oo track at c.
OA tfl-Nomlnal at S0HS7o.
BYB Bale S oars at48o.
BlQaWlNBS Bales 30 bblsat Iflo.
MBSS PORK Market dull and aomiaal and no sales
Helda'AlO ftoftll.
LARU Steady at 7B7c.
SlOU SnallKlHU 14(jbl4KC.
CHIASM 1'lrm with moosrat Istles at SKiJSo for
W. R.
noOB-Dreesed; the market ranges st J vks9 u nr
In modoiete lots.
heary hog! ''r
Hog Markets.
COLUMBUS, Dec. 20th.
Ihe hog market thuds aa yeeterday, $S M o foot and
3 net. Tbe change of weather le favorable. '
The hoc marital wal considerably out of Joint to day
and the Duichaaea In oomoarlaon with th receipts and
thoss sow os hand, wera vary meagre., Tha highest
prloes paid to-dity fn coin or par fundi, wen A3 to J 10,
tod A3 IS to A3 S3 In Missouri currency. Prloes will
probably stilt recede, as there hi no probability of their
higher. It tnded they mould remain long as at '
Democrat, Dec. 18.
Ti-.... hnn cnened aehad firmer, with sal at 13 30
fer good heavy hogs, but at th close thst waa a visible
wsakDoes creeping over tui hmhi. n.irw m ..aw".
"hend 'averaglog lbs. 68 do 340, 23 do S30, 16 de
Sin .ii i 3 SO. tarer.slng 838 lbs 13 do S30, 33 do
205, 10 do tin. Stl , all at J; and 14 dividing os XW
News, Dec. 18.
' ' Hfcalved. B.87D head. Th market to-day opened very
dull with heavy receipts, bastdea a btrgs nam ber oa baa
which wera held over from yoeteraay in expeciatMw i
w-,,.. nnlrtara. howavar. wata aliaouolnte
Boss for which A3 55 V ewt waa offered yeeterdy sold
to day lor 3i. -tjall a hrga- mbr were ectd Ht
shipping at prloes cangiag irom ?
Shipping as piwea eangi" rm -weather
wa teo warm lor packing, aed shlpp' Pr.
chssed at their own figure. It will be seen tbat th
average weight of hogs to day w larger than any day
... ,wL n..,..n ..... anil the market was lower. At
.th esse ther. Wera- bat few boyon, hog were
market at e "
Times, Dec. 10.
Times, Dec. 10. CINCINNATI.
Th hog markt to dull, so pnoea arc lower - mw
erlptt AW M.000 bwd. Tb numbr tat th pea Arnold
U 30 000. The weather U too warm for killing. On ta
spot th ontaide price that oould c obieised for U'oe -aroraglnf
SO IU wae A3 aed tbe beavteet aTerairea 1 U
at wbicb the market wae dull. Tbe EdiIUA and, ikftoa
Enquirer Dec. 20.
Dreiied hore-U llht nipple and market ulet and o
alee. Canadian are oalet t 3k(S3b- ..j ..
Courier, Dec . 19.
Hon on tbe hoof bave been ellu( In Newark fer tu i
i&Xb. Th war nowe from Aoaland htm UaM b. '
Dec. 20.
Th weather eontlnuea rather warm fJ
jnd tothr with ta frowl of Johnny Bull, hai render
the aearkot duller, and then ha beam leaa dolnf fnra ''
few dare peat, (toad bocimaj boauoted e AST-1
Express, Dec. 19.
Express, Dec. 19. DUBUQUE.
'' tot dreeeed pork, for what little arrlree
in!f Pr w. Aalea an mad to prtTat olllaene at
1UO Der Cwt abara lh.M mim. TV,, .w. ..
. - m H.,uiouie oi It.
hog to Chloaao la laner than anv ur.. i
number! oroee the rlrerdallj for that pleoe. The farm' '
ere don't like the praeeot pnoei, and a large number that '
we know of are burine h.ri. -i,h ,h. i... ".,T...
Herald Dec. 17.
There were bat fOO hon alanMj .... ,. .u.
clt, the number remaining In the pens belne S 300. Tha ,
rv weaaer, in rnllng rate ,.,
being A3 S3 to $3 35 net, boldere who wer dlevoeed to
Journal, Dec. 19.
New York Cattle Market.
Aooordln to th renorta from ' tha aemni
plaoee In theoltr, there have been rmItmI thi.a..ir - .-
oompared with last week:
. Sheep and ' .i i
Veala. Umbo Bwin.' Total -
354 1,150 .... ..
S 9r5
, 4 1,003
88 S,4. ' ....'V'....
Bve. Cowe.
Allerton'l. 3 614 iS
Browninr's.... 154 4S
O'Bneo'e. 90 n
Ohamberlln's.. Vt- 38
Boldbn'rs, Ber. .. ..
Av. number
JO, 131
w'k.l ty'r.
4,304 350 34? 9.709
7,898 It.ssf i
A. If. Allerton At Oo., Proprietors of tb Wsshlngton
Drore-yard, 44th-st, report the Oattl in Market from
the following States: -
1,1(19 Conoeetlout.... 3u
eiONew Jersey.
423; Texas.
623 Canada 10O
347jHlch;gao 744
90 Missouri
'Massachusetts .
reported for this market at rn,,i.
Street, 3,t. '
ihe prices to-day sre quoted a follows:
flrstquallty 8j,S Ordinary iHHo
Medium 7 8 Bxtra... 1
bom Extra good Beevei may be quoted at Ox lie
The geseral are rage ot tbe market Is So
Tfeemostof lb sales range fromSJfSBXe. ' .
Prloes per head and per pound, or din.rant i.hi.
will be fouod la aorounta of sales of sundry drores.
Total number of Beeres recelTcd In the tv thu l ' '
This Is 144 head more than last week. im !Nilh..,i
less than the a ventre of last year. The arena num
ber at eaob Wedneaday market laet year was 3491 bead
while th number toay being 3814 ahowa 3tf3 kea
more than the average. and 188 head leas than Oils day
WDNkSDAV. Boo. 18. for the first time, ilnca m&mm .''
tha present no of drovers hare been coming to thla .
manes we oars a closing nay ueiier loan in opening. .
With the exception of a few freeh tote, there are torv '
oattle for sale, but what are here to-day will realisv .
as avenge, lor tae mtudiing grades or stock, (3W4 a - -head
mors thtn they would yesterday. And tbe Isat-
alee yeelerday of all the common sort of stock were
better than tbe morning sales. The morning tnds wss
slowi thebulohers were all engroeeedorer tbesreatshow
prise ballooketb (reataeterer seen In this market
until afternoon, and tben tbey went to work with a will,
ana nought mora cattle in two hours than we erer law
ohang bands tn so shorts time before. Although we
mate rery little ohang In th figures or onr table of
quotations, except for prise bullocss, the market on the
whole Is better and for Christies week mnet be account
rery fair, considering the great aupply wa have had
th market for serenl weeks, and tbe pressure of en
Immense supply of pork and cheap poultry. And It la
worthy of note, ss an Indication of the future, that Ihe
business oloses better thla week than It has for tbrss
months; ana If we era not again overwhelmed with num
bers, there Is a fair chance for an advene of price. -. ',
W n.Te, as we hare all along anticipated, seen choli s
bullocks Nil before Christmas at prices equivalent to
cents a pound for tha meat, and In one Inetsncs, if
gross weight Is correotly stated, at over II cents, per
heps over twelve cents. And wa hare never seen so
maoy bullocks together that would be counted prlte ani
mate in a lat came snow, as stooa in tne yarns jesteraay
morning. W belter there were over three hundred
head that would dress fiom 900 to 1 800 t of beef each,.
ana tbe greatest portion or them Tory superior quality,
which they owed to mixture of Durham blood.
Receipt! of the week, S JW. -We
nan the satisfaction -of reporting s rery decided
improremrnt In the sheep market this week, as oompsr
d with our last report. We think the are rage advance
Is fully equal to lo ft net, and If counted npon the
sales of Monday, which we! an unnsually llrely marker '
day, th areraira adranoe would be still higher, for wa
notice lots or sheep that aold that day at A3 754
head, which would nat hare sold a week previous for
mote than S3 or A3 25. On Thursday, th trade was sol ,.
quit so llrely) buyers, howerer. contended that tbV
broken wera asking prices fully equal to Ihe day previ
ous. We do not wonder at the little dullness In the
trade, for reports from Washington Market gar ths oar
rent rates of mutton carcasses at about lo lb less tbsn .
tbe dsy previous.
Very fair wholeaal lot ot mutton could be had at 4)tu ,
and lots counted first quality at 3o and those caLltd extra
It msy be understood that t eonsldarable porUon of
salss of lota at over II 73 each; Indeed It Is probable
contracts could be made to-day for alt tha- pelta In
market at about 8131. Of course tha value la all tn tbe
wool) for th skins, after beln pulled, will not average
rar lOocanh.
Cbristsu Uitttosh-w hire had some remarkably
fin sheep in market ibis work, for Ohrletnaaa muiloo
Out of a lot of twenty-four brought torn Canada by Bob,
xtume, is wer bought at (lie aacn by Dennis starring
tun, one ol our larne holeeale butchers, who reports
them the fattest lot of steep he erer dressed; for tbree
them be offered tt)5. -
Receipts this week, 38 200.
The tollowlur are th quotation given by Henry D .
Grant. Superintendent of the Market: Cora-fed Hogs, (.
XS3X v B . lira weight; dlitillers'. 35. " '
it will be obeervea tnst the supply continues to in
crease, baring exceeded tb very lurge number f last
week 1.447 head; aod at the same time the reo. tpta of
Dressed Hog! by ail the railroads aud boats on to Hud
son, the East Hirer, and rom New Jersey, have been
very large enough, we preeume, to mak up the total,
lira nod dtad. to eS.OOO for the week; yet, with thii
enormous stuck on salethe pi ice bar improved, and
tbere is a better prospect to-day of clearing the yards
than we have seen at any tlm this psst month. 1 .- '
Geo. W.Dirman give the following Ogare ti tbe
price of Hogs this week: . .. .- . . ,
Xiirv. ieaa weiRni.
First quality oorn fed, large tIte.3HS3Vo
Second quality --3,(aXC
tint quality, small sixes, fat and
prime, for maret butohert..3tfiS3Xc
Large sise, s.Ul fed, fat 3 o
Aaooud qaaU'y, attll-fed 3 J 0
4 iHo v
IT I an Indisputable fact, tltat If any person wants one
Of those oomfonablo ESQUIMAUX BBaTBAOVEB .. ,
OOATB, bs will uiaally Hod tacm In large- quanUtleesr--"'- -
; A, A RCUS CHJI.P3'9.
II sny pereoa desirous of owning eac of tbefate style: .
of KaATBB. OTBsl OOaIS. wtuk apw -auaibek.)
don't break year heads to teen waer ks Aod thsm. aw nn
o to the i asiar 3-1
Opposite th Stat Hour. -;'-f -r-Tou
will find them tht ta ll onlors, kept by ;
Din yen never wear any ot the BILK M.IXBA CAA .vi
8IUBRB BUIT8, wbloh are sold at the Capital City,, , .
AroadcT Bush tn and yon will find them In piles, st , ;
- MARCUS CHILD3,b;'":'-:
.-I'. ' - ., a.- ai-l
YOU may slio be In wsnt of PANTS snd TESTS. sod , -.;
there Is but one establishment in the Went where
Psnta and vest are to be nad ta all stripes, shape,
styles, qnaaUttcs and qualities, and that place Is the , .,-. .
fnrrnttha extenslv assortment of FlJRNIStl'
. i
U 1S9 O00DB, partlcnUrly In WOOIEN BniatSy. .
which you can Snd In ' Bed, white and bine," at tb
v,. ; Sapertatendcd by AUrcu ChUd.id 11 1
I? yon Wish to wear garmot It ADE TO ejRw" . '
DB r. yen eaa do to setter than to go to th Hbr-t .ri
chant Tailoring Establishment, next to tha Arcade, and iISM,
select your good fMm a stock- comprising All colors T" "
Beaver Cloths. Casslmeres. Bilk Velvet and Plush Vest-
logs, aod go will surely meet with good fit by paraaaK : lix
MILITARY GKNTLEME5,.whsn they coma te -thici! eM a.
ty, u stra. gcre. aad wish to get ( UNlgORM, t, .j. w
Where t large assortment or BLUE CtOTH aod ether'
article belonging lo th equlpigc of a officer can b
had st verymodant prices., i-.,..,- 1:. 1 rwej- ,
lherteallat ... . - r-r wr.n l'aaintA' -
Harcus CliUds's;:?;1
t Proprietor 61 tnat xteniiT ousineas locam, i
KO. II HABl tl nSCiaV SXiiEiA,
- Oppoe!tthtatHout. yN-W.r .
otW-dBm ' -

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