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fold more importance than merely ar teles oou-
wetiand or war.
Now, the rlghtj In time of war, of every bel
ligerent ttiip to search ell vessels, except na
tional votsels, for contraband, baa never beotf
denied. Tbe Qaeeu'e proolematiou prooeedeet
apoa tbli prlnalple. Hauifeullle propound
nlsed U4b-Bmt39it"TrlflTaaf
tbie dootritie,.. Lillet . Jastliie. Maohall.- reoor
Wheeton, 8331;, .o tiAUCu &2
T4 pablioUti,iVh,a.. end Ortolan, adopting the
opto ton ot lb Begllah )tdfe, -4oev. upon "Th tret tport
' of dUpal bee bjr a DWinl ae en not quite grave ae lb
minor of troop t, tad U leedlQg.t tbarirmntntliaa f
ftoaeetraivouei.. " .";..,, ,it- v-v i r"-b.
8ooh,l tbeDKUi! of Heutfenllle. " Hoi
tile dlapatohee ere is the' Uui eategorj'wUeV
oontrabaod.'t (Chltxy'i V ojf, NaUou", p H7j
PuilIcBOro, 36937Uj; Jt Kent, 454j . Whoo,
889.) 'K I ,-,. ft! V.,i, ;"
la the oie of lb' OroMboT blob "carried
three soidiere aod tel'6iv,iUae, ia the Dumb
Servioe frqo JlipOxio.EkUTiSir Wtllletn
8oettbel4C" . '-i t:,"'''.
Ihli lh eaat of to' aAmlt'tsJ' Amerloao. veweli but
the tiileafrttriiatiftnti Impugned oi( the ground ef lie
having beta emplojed, mi the time bl the otputre, la the
eervtoe eMhe eoeav. fa transporting mister, pe-aoae,
rot w Maat, end altinutely la fiautv-a. ., Xbei vet
Ml bind try the enemy for th oauveyaece of military
peieone ttlieoeeleerod u a treua,.ori tuwt,to
oesaatlon hai Hc i to reoant eie held br ihl eouit,
aad on other ota-alone.. . What kt tbe aua--r--orb.lllt
ryaereobaihthinallcorsiliaia mcu i.tut l ow b
dlInor.lt indn&nii. In lh rormiiroiil then Wert BieT-v
tsihtorteentthtre are muoh fever In numbet; But I,
aetata to. what bat bHBtww ijnnmBf, mat nonv
bar elontle.n 1iaWoiaoBat eUrjuae-eacc in the aoeelde
ratlooa on which the principle of taw oa ibia ea'Jest
bollt. aloe irpriOD of hi,h qulli aad ctt.iir
au7 b oi awmhapartanot tban a niuch yr4tr Bum
baratpanoat pf lof ondilto. - To tmd ott on
larnfDralor JTranoa t tab tba nnul l (a
forsaaat ItaUf la night t muoh mora Doxlowact ibaa
lba fooTaranoa of a wbola ngmtol. tbt ooniequaaota
f aaohaMlataaoa.ara(atirsd tbarafora U it lit
UMbtingiraatbaaeatroafarrtthtto ararant Md pun
lab. In tblt Ittutau. tba atllUarj ptraaaa ata'tbraa,
and tbtrtara basldtt to other pvrioui. who wort goU
toot tmplojot tt1tl 0V"tPet to tbt Qutarauitut of
BaUTla Wbttbtr tha prluclplt would apply to them
aioaa. I do not fal atowatry to datrintu.J laavtiat
awm of luy Cut In whlfb tbat qotaUoa babtto af iiau.
ad bt iiaiipMrt to mo, ou criuclt.l, is bebat reuooa
bl thit aauarwtt it gfauffl slant topotuoot to that
e atoj that ttb paiaoaa abaeld ba atal oat on tba put
iMwrtioa at tba pabito-wtpoatat Uabaeli aOaid equal
Jroaad of forftkuit m tiott Cut Tcwtl that nay ba Mi
at for a parpaaa to Intimately solum tad wlib tba boa
Ula cparailoai. ,
Tbe tea frlnolpte 'lr beWti
Keaobe'e Mtnoal of fdarnime' WaiUre. f tge
8S3. It te vtreeg'y stated, lb tts reiaun end
prioeiple. bj Lori Stowell In tbe cue ef the
maris, i juxuoauUf ou;, u iuhuw?. , ( :
tbt right of rtiltrDf atS .lOhtEg'ttjerotunt b!
apoa tba blthataa. vbatavarba tba tblpt. wbtttTtr I
Um eartott. wnaitTtr be tbt dttttutlont, u an Insonlatt
abM rijbt of tba i(a.ni camauaitaaca oruiautoi a mi
UMrant n.Uoa " i. . Xhlt rtuht
Xblt nbt
la to altar la prlnotplethat nd'maa can deny It who ad
tit tba bralKr of Mrtct cptr. --
Tha ilf bt(t qually elm la pnKtloa, tor paoMftutjt.
rora Md.nntTtnal upon ibta tabject. Tbt many Buro-
pass traaltat which rafar to tbla ritht, rabr to It aa .
aUtlng aa4 'mtrtly reinlata -tba eieroita ot U. All
wrlwra apM tba law of aauaua aDanlmoutly aeknotrl-
adta It. la abort. a BiMt In tha laaitaagroe eaarar
aaat wim tonjecu oi taia ua j tTor, vH4 eaow m,
lo tbe- base It tbe AtaWta, decided Jo 1608,
( Aoblnwn,. (be (oaraed uuge eeid
Hoi lat it ba tapratd that U faaa aetil')ht or oa-
uti importance. xna-coattqaaooi woaaaerrioa la
tadtBiilt toflnlttly btjocd tbe adect ot any oootia-
caaa inn ate aa eerayaa. inoearrjiDg or area two
aarfoee of ataiat la Dateaurily aa aatutaaoa ef a Holtsd
aatant but la tba traoamlttioa af diptebea.eay bt
oonvtjiad tbt entire pUn of t eaaiptiga that may dtfeat
all tbe project! of the other belligertBt In teat quarter
ofthewttu. ',' ' . . . '
In a - laberqaent cifce.'wbea' (be Wspatclut
were in eourew of ooDreyanoe, sol from tbe coir
oolee of toe enemy, but from e State in oomiif,
end iron tbe paoiie embaeaaor or die euemj
residing in tbat State, to bis own Qoyernmeut,
elf. William rsoott restored ntf Tesetl's cargo
on pajmautcf tne captor's ezpeosce: tbasbolU'
log tnesesroa sua capture juetinaoie. - xuais'
tiugnioib tnis
. case ram ibe preoediogv be
1 bare before ritd that pertoot dltebaraloa the faoa-
Uota ef emfteHidort ire, la a peculiar tkaaoer, objeou
ot tbaproleoitoa and fivor of t-is lair of laUoaa. .. Ibe
llaalta that are eailfiied to tbe operation it war efiiau
1bm by raitel, aod tiaer -wriurt apoa meat aoojeou.
an. that roa may exercise Tear rlg'utof waregalaet tbem
wherever tbe ebaraeier f -heaUlitj esittM f oavaw;
aV-r Cnlin, S 4ob:, 46l-4oa; i d , , . .,. .)
Mr. Cueblng, in bis parsploaoua and able die
cussloD of tbla subject, niaiuteios; tbe prjaoipte
by wblob tbis question, tin be determined, ram
his abundant learuin j in ibtornalional-law. and
bis cogent logic, be deduces tbe deetriae wnlcb
I venture to say no EjuliebJurUit, will dispute.
Hesajr.1'" '
IbebelllerenteUarasof eaamy4Upfcbeian4 ill.
Mary eereoae, eUhoush sot predeely la petat aa oetaa, I
art yet ute eommoa coronaritt or tat tame pnncipia e I
tbe ariatol enemy meeeedore. Toarue the aoutrare 1
ejAnld h ea
At taa-iaw oi aaaiaae a aetw e notion
at detached lKta,)atuud of a ajetem of dootrlaesaad
urtadlea Ibei 1 not o. Sew ordoabtfal. eettiawj
eacur, iadovttioo Day be aroomplltbed or auea.ptcd.
U lb laemf Batleaa, at In eoy brjoeb of mnai.lpal
bat srtocilial raataiat. dvauioee aabelit, eorl rnlee
are i be reaaooed op i for ibe laidaueaaf; Battens tod e
mea, ai well la the JurUlcel relatloaa of Uo j at at
Ufa. Aae iat oooiriae aerv u( xn ouDinime
enu the oilnalBle I bat af aba dety of all aeatral Act
raaMnia toaoenio fiooe aCortias mllitart aid Sp either
reeoxaiaed belliyereot; ana. in tue meaner, w aotiaa
from aSordini polliioal aid to tha lotaryenta of soother
(nveramealtaeTawbta tnattme atey bate eome, if It
aeer ahall come, to ueat soon toiargeau at a new, una
pendent (late, and to do uut area at tbt riib o4ro-
apaMibUityof war wltn tea tagtnmate uoveiamtnt.
I might add to this the authority of Mr. Ever
ettt and to ms, tne opinion wnicn i reoeirea to
dev in a letter from a states man now in retire
msot, who bai served his country as a diploma
tut at two or tne icacuon courts oi &aroee.
bi sides filling our ooe of Secretary of State
with consummate tability." ' Tbe .ease of the
Trent in their Jndgueot ts embraced within tbe
reason of the role lam down lor oupatohes and
oontraoauu. , . "j ; -
Tbe more this qaesllon u examined the more
Imprsgnable It our position. Nor ia tbere any
tbiog in our previocs diplomacy to weaken It.. 1
bad snppoaed, befcr etamiolog tbe question,
that we were preoluded by o&r previous oooduot
from aaserUQguiis principle., oit toe queatton
apoa which this Government, once went to war
with Great Britain was ludiisDce of bet
Claim to take trom our ships B.lu.b Saft.-efi
Dot embaasadota. Nor does our denial ot tbe
right of search, whica wa involved In the slave
trade, prealode as from asserting the posi'.ioo 1
maintain. That dootriue bad reference txln
eively to ali'epeeee. There is nothing, thee.
laoardlpiomatioroora to weaaeo our pusuioo.
It ia enoeih now ..for iie that oo Ibis eronod
we may safely say ;o EogUnd: ''.Fulfill your
neutral obligations, y uti,l. you do so, you ca j
not quarrel' with UB for tbe exercise of our nqf t
rndubi table right. Jf you' lniat on btlligercut
rigbte btween the Norib and Soutb, do not, as a
neutral, bslp tbe noe beliigerene, to the detri
ment of the other, w, at Vattel hnd alt pnblfb
tste bold, tb is fraod " . ' A 1
In tbis spirit s loo a can bar relations toward
Great Britain eontiuee atnloaole. ' We will
readily yield her rightful demands ai in this cise
of the Pertbtb re. - We yield nothing sothino,
to bar arregaoce-, passion, or jTide, wbed we are
elearly la tbe vight."Th lerttr of General
Jackson (9 Livtogston, tbe origlcal 'of wblob
wee read by tbe historian Bancroft at a New
Tork meeting; and applied by bird to disunion
iete here,' may be a appropriately applied to
tbelr sympatbUer abroad:' The Union most be
preserved without blood, If this be pcsible ; hut
ft most be preserved at all hazard, and at any
price." This .Jacksoclan talk bat ever been
my role" of setloo herer "the Union, iciMont
UotdtKti, ifpomiblti tvrjn Union IT all h.
ana ites T any rue " 8d with" our honor
amooit the nations. "For it Is 'tbrts, and thug
only, tbat id the glgebtio conflict for our nation"
at existence we will avoid entanglement and
eooftlct with natiooe whose material Interests,
aa they tttfnk, depend bpon our dlscomfitarr,
and whose chnmio jjealonsy of dor "rspubliciu
aneeeee baa led their rulers to hail our antici
pated disruption aod raid with delight. " " ' 1
We are, sir, Id tbie country too eenaitfve f
foreign opinion. Mr.' Seward sid well trhen
bo told Mr Daytca thet if wag no-basinets' of
enr embaseadars W overbear-what tbe foreign
pretiov foreign ministers snid 'sboflt tij.-Our
dety was te maintain our Union in its integrity,
and our ooeltioe ae av leading power among man
kind, regatdlettt "of the ffischraations o rebels
at borne, end the derision and hostility of kings
and aristocrats abroid. I know tbat we natu
rally dlllike- to - bave -onf Institutone 'mis
represented, and ear 1 destruction " pr'edlot
ed. There' Is much "tn' -tbe old Bpsnlsh
motto, Dt ml' ref, eoZe--, B0 . one
ahall apeak'of our klcg' except ourselves no
one shall speak of onr sovereignty hot our
selves. I wosld th it we Were fnore Indifferent
1 tbe poiaoned sbalte of foreign malice, barbed
as tbey are by trletooratio bate and pretension.
Wo bave teen ' very freely ecorned by natlots
whose moral standard lemeiaured by their oom
meroial profit nl lose, whose national honor
depends upon a cotton pod, wMre philanthropy
bae been an Intermeddling' FiiarlnetHemi and
wbcte cosiplacent neutral. ty, so promptly as
sumed, seems te lory ttt- U hnmlllalion of
" :
rlnsidrs'l atl C jrittilan nation, tHthwl regret or
mp.,by, b eauireof Its apludid UluatratloBOf
0 irumtroUl praeJaur, anil ite defiant adbereuee
to deaOcrtic govrrutuent. f.;- ( 'i
1 JLu na,Slr, pni.eniextHr ty tg tbo age. end
tbe nation w!ib unruffled composure end dj'er
mined will- Henrea does not desert tbe wala
msjr.1 Etettfttbougb,-. tbeteBja -W iorelgn
(Ttruubl Impending, lor us to despair bow U o
die. I like, Mr. Speaker, tbe motto of t&e old
Romans, wblch I bave, in tbis boor ot trial;
olten oommeoded to my constituents, "never to
rlannilrof th.v KenublloJ" r-Tbev ade rlle
it va tbe lpiel ot tteit doors-ao4 embiiittm It
upon tbulr temples. Kifas upon tbe Hps Of the
people,, J,t was lit the mouths ot bel entors,
bbver jio desjMir ot tbe RepubHo;' and wbea'
i Itoman gerai.e3veo in Jibe agony ef bis de
fei g4ve ,out bo JtuplrioR words, nevot
deepelr. q (,lbe vepubliaVm Roman- Senate
voted hint a triumphal entry within tbe imperial
'gates. ..), ..,,.6 i,&;-r:,i ,w o;"
Let us fling nslde the burden of our national
WjO) lwnwm notltUig.of be irrevoeable past
dare all tbat is ju4t and constitutional, make no
cruel and disastrous, diversions1 from tbe great
object of ietouiuK our nationality, ornab e we
would a nest of adders those who would
Impair its, jtropottien as well, ae thoie who
wuuld ,ut oa irynt tbat object .to other aod
igrjubleobjeota, involving froandi visions, broken
armies, social revolqtioue, servile inearreatiobs,
perpetual pooaHier, and-. eternal bateet-and
move ech , end . all. heart.. eouU body, men,
jseics, juuutttuna, tutetligsnoe, ana patftoiiear,
toxtb Ltiua and only objeoi .be restoration oi
our diiwuttiUd VdIoo. Thns feeling and thus
actmg, vfo ., emergt Irom.tbie itrita of strng
gllce; Sttet and. like the febled demltod, re
ceive addea S'teogth (rotn oar very prostration.
it, sir, we bsjorve tbe rules ol tight aoa honor
In regetatiog c,ut cooduol abroad, tf we ob
serve tbe objBci of :be war that Is now upon us,
as the President nroi.1 aimed it to the people, as
tbe soldisra ot tbie Kepubbo uoderslaod it, st
toe uoute) resolved, m the umtenden reeola
tlon4 and af. the Constitution and tbe Union
demand, we 'nay. be etsured that our warlike
resources, the - intelligence and valor of the
mastw,BfbeL verjrcojsloal geography of tbe
eountry, ami uuu bJmteir, win flent lor nt
stfttoti this rebellion. I believe that Providence
bee marked, .upon the ace. of this -eouutry
rritian vu uue new to Do erased tbat tbie
union, ae,ii wfj, enau remain, one anajnaivie
iole. " I believo la the idea suggested by Mr.
Evtre.t tbat pnr pbjsiQl geography binds os
and bars ns togeiherr. ifle said tbat bef ore tbis
Union could be permanently broken, tbe Alle
ghaDls mus; bow tbeiy heeds to tbe ocean, and
me Mistutilppl ai.d Missopri roll back their our.
rents to; tba Eook Moantalus. If we would
asrnro to posterity iJje f olitical fJniun we bave
uvea Buder so happily, we should lorsel au
toougbis oi veogeauue, seleo, artta etatemn
ilke sagacity, upon tbe elements of "unity we
uaTo even ye in cur uuneppy una, ana moia
them 1a tbe spirit of conciliation and wisdom,
keeping out ot these Halls fatal and disastrous
dftousaions on kflitnmatcT and sectional top
loa;. keeping tbe one boly object before us for
whtob tbe liver of tbe bravo soldiers are so
Ireely ofXered,' and 'the millions of our means
are so freely expended. 'With this objcot nobly
poriued, God' will be with us, end our eras will
prevail! L' -1 ' " r - '..V .'. ,
- - We hve raanf elemente of Ualon." Wei nave
as ye a common blood, s common laDgua;e,"a
eomm.on.herltsge.il rjomoon' ancestry, a com
mou history,' a common, glory and a common
faith in the same Heavenly Father. Thanks to
their oocrigoour patriotism', we have many of
tbe noblest men from the south tail with ns,
taking their part in our legislation:, end sbariug
the perlft of the Republic Tbey s'.t eronod
me, 'with eye nnbleucbed and spirit bnbruken.
I am resdy -to beedHow, as I have "always
neeaeo, tnetr aonosei, wnen tney te.i ni bow
rigbtlr to mold these element! of Union for ite
restoration. . - v ,
Mr. Speaker, If we would thus 'act in may
yet ba welt. -We mao6me from this great
straggle Strengthened and purified by, sacrifice,
asore yoooe, tuore exultant, more progressive.
4iusp(red with a purer, if not so ostentations
:Oonclouiaeis or our great destiny, under
Providence, i moVi jou, sir, tberelor. tbat
this bill I have dfeonesed' preliminarily may be
put npoO 'its passage. ' " ' .
... (d i J -rf' n m I' ---' o a"a.
- vlwvpehity aV MtTjLEK. Publishers
ot iwaa auiet-.srtwtaaeia.
tt-F.O. W. MA3iYHiNX, Eeutor. ;
: SUNDAY MORNING, DEC. 22, 1861 .
Mr. Cox's Speech.
A large space Is occupied in this paper with
the recent speech .of Hon S . S. Cox, member
Cdrigreie from this disuiot mjlbi bill ii
parted by bim from the committee on Foreign
Affairs for tbe relief of the owner of the Brit
ish thin Perthshire.' After .Mr. Cox had flulsh-
his remarks, the bjl wat eugrtwstd and read
the third time; a demand for the previous ques
tlod was sustained, 'and the bill passed' A mo
tion Id reconsider (he vote, by whioh ' the bill
was passeU, was laid on the table. ...Oa Thurs
day, Dec. 19, a bill, having a similar object In
view, wat reported In the Senate aud laid on the
table. . : ttf,.i .-t-w. ' -
Toe oompeneation insisted on by Mr. Cox to
owner of tbe Perthshire for an admitted
mistake In her detention at Pemaaola, may
seem, in lweil . consiaeteo, a amau mau
; but If 1 our Government tbows a dis
position to-ba unjust in 'small affilri. 'lt
may be reasonably inferred .tbat it will, be no
less.ittoliatd to ii justice lo those of greater 1m.
parlances- The reason! which Mr! Cox a;signi
wby -compensation should be' made, and that
without d"e.lj, a.r.ef f .tjB,cloyjiij.cpBVino
We need but barely allade to those portlops
the speech itfirblch Mr .'Cox dlcoaasss the
Ciss of the'Nashvnlf.' and'ar greater,' length,"
principles pf .inttraational law applicable to
capture f AUbo anduncni,- Tbe latter
the absorbing topic of the day, and we there
fore invite 'particular atteutiyn'. to the olosfng
pf the speech alter the interruptions by Mr,
LovtJOT and-otheve bad ceased. -j" "
Plundering the Government.
From tbo Cincinnati Gttu, of, thp Wtbj we
the following artlcisr to srhlco -we oall tbe
epealal attebtlou f our readers: " " ; -.
Ourepectal 'dispatches' Trom Washington re
ecme or the extraoraicary oiocoveriea, in
line of corruption, made by the Wsshburne
InveaiigaTing committee. People bating kit corns
need ' to hearing1 of Infamous frauds ooukected
with the administration of the Government,
probably be aekber serprised tor' shocked,
however sbookiog, aerprltlDg' and lamentable
operatioeB are in themselves. . But is Is not
time tftat - we bad a law to punish these offend--eri?,
Tbe -people wuld cordially apDrove of
summary excetlon of men found guilty of
robbing tbe Government at ary time, but eeptj
eially -now, when- the eouotry is patriotically1
fornirbirg men and money to pot down rebel-1
4100.41 is one satisfaction, lo-the absence of
adceaato laws, to punish these parties, tbat the
whole crev; ef tbievee, who' bave been or may
beexpesed, will be remembered by tbie and fa
tare ceneratioifa wltS feelings ef 1otbinf and
contempt - The fearse tbat meat fall upon the
beade of these robbers end traitors, will pats
dowathronh more than one -generation. - Bat
th'e, though a consolation, -is not enough. ' Let
Congrns past a law that will secure tbe Bang
ing of such disgraceful- and moiudiho speci-mene-ef
huntanity' -' "-."j -t .
Wetcet'not say tbat the acnufifitatlon by &h
Gateiit qf the bold and outrageous " corrnp
tlots"nd robberies committed by these ''rob
bers and traitors" la just, hat we wish to "stick
4'pin' rrht' Jere!,"' OflJe 7th bt'Augasi' lsst,
Democratlo. Sut,e Convention passed .the
following resolution: fmA'j tyj vi.- ..
4. That 'tbr ccrrtpttoa dnd ixtfavagtDce', 1
Incompetency and favoritism -shown In the ad
ministration of the War Department of the
State and-Federal overnmontB, dtasrveand
reoaive our uoquauaoa coauca'imuou, auu
ought to be Immediately corrected oua reform.
Fortbir Ihi'-Caetfts and lis KepubUcad M-
tempories denounoed the Cpovcntlon ao se-
(ignsloa CooventlonV-ani'Hhe mtnnben thereof
as, secfasioottWijeod declared thai the effect
was to grveN'al4 apCoptplprt ,ti Ahui.tn)einiJf.
Now, the Oestffs desires "Congress to pass a
law that will secure the' hanging of mob dlt-
Kraceful and ptauniNe apeclatans of human!
ty.n; The oorpeotaeee W-the resolutlopt of that
CofiVention are ,Jtr j. Ja j being orIfled bj
eesa those who denounced henujr jwlltloal ef-
foot. ,f ..- xra-
Relief for Families of Volunteers
Enlisted Outside of the State.
Tbs quesdon htvlng bet-a atfed of Attorney
General MtJsaaT, of this Staie,"whether nnder
the. hct,.pl MaylfllSfilithoratng the levy
of ft tax Qtone haJfmlil.oa the dollar-valuation
in each oounty, foe tbe relief of the familiei oi
voluntuera, etc., that fund 0c8 be distributed to
tbe families of Volunteers gottig'oot.of this
State, and enlisting la regiments raised in other
States,'.' tbat officer gives it as hie opinion that
"vHurner a resident of Ohio, having a family
therein, my enlUt,' whether in Oblo .or else
where, from th moment belt mtuUred into (As
eereiee tf th United States, and becomes Id sol
dier, or lntd" the actual tenia if Qkk, aud no
sooner, bis family is u titled to the relief pro
vided for by the act of May 10..1861, and not
otherwise."'-It follows, then, from this oplblon
that if the volunteer has "euliste'd.iq.a jregi;
meat from any other State than jQblo which re
mains in the strafcf end say tf feel efssr State,
to long as It docs to; bit fbmlly,' though rt'ld-
ing in this State, and is other respect Coming
within tbe prorb-loot of the aboTe-oUsd ao, Is
not entitled to rellei oader H-" " -
tjeweta-aB-tTBMsraaMSBraat- 'v
CCT The CinclnnaU Timee alluding to tbe
robberies committed by peiiobi connected with
the Government, eaysj .-- "
.' We bavecatle.d attention, elsewhere, to the
extennive abatraot wblob 4r. publish to-day of
the teoort of tbe oommittoe appointed some
lime ego to investigate- tbe unparalleled eut-i
rages whioh have been, perpstratsd upon tbe
people by toots wbo bave been building fortlfi
oations and .iurniabing supplies foe the Federal
army. ; Is there another instance, lo the history
ot modern times, of snob eorrupueii eebvl obar
aoterised the operations ef our officials -within
tbe last few months t. '
, Absolute robbery has beeo tke order f tbe
day 1. The eUtemeote wbicb we present -and
whioh are fully authenticated, wiU'efarde the
nation; and we aaygao,eot npondhe rascals;
atop tbis wholesale vunderiBg, and, II Deoeteirj
take tbe guilty' parties and shoot them as com
mon felons. ' ..Wo bave a set of. men who will
steal the Federal .Government end carry 1t
away, unless we shall imprison tbem, or pot
them to deatn. ibey ere doing our army
more mischief than the meaalea, the typhoid
fever, tbe email-pox, and Jeff. Davit, combined.
We bave beard much of the bad oooduot of
Floyd while Secretary of War,' but the facts
brought out by; this .committee completely
throw anything i onarge... opon oitn. in toe
shade. !.:iv-...'. .,.. :.
The Timet truly esjr, "Absolute robbery hat
been the .order of the day V In and about tbe
War Department.. : And. .still, with- all this,
CaMton la rctelaed lb the Cabinet.'"
of a Grand
the "K. G. C's."
Tbe Grand Jury of Crawford, at the late
term of the Court of Common Plots' In tbat
county, made a report. In whlcb jthcy say : & 1 1
We bave need all tbe means within oar pow
er to ascertain, If possible, whether nr sot there
exists In tbie county any secret and treasonable
order of men by the name of the KiJgbteof the
Golden Cirole or , by , any other same, or
whether mare were stay person or persons within
this county .tbat, knew pf fir, belonged to any
such order here or elsewhere... Wa bate bad
before ns to give (eatlmtwy en thatauojeot the
following witnesses:,, u-u-vw-
.Here follow the namce of twenAg-fivewlt
oessee. me report common: . . ,
And from all' the testimony we have )SStn en
ahled to get from the witnesses celled as afore.
said, we are foroed to tbe oonolueion that tbe
KolRhte of . the Golden Circle exist in this coun
ty in Imagination only. We are well tatlsfied
tbat there ia no political, or other order of a
treasonable cbaraoter existing In tbla oounty,
and v bave utterly failed to l)oii from, tba
testimony of any witness before as, any single
fact tending to abow that any aoob order exists
ta this county cr in the mate of Ohio.. .Mr.
John Thompson wbo received tbe Withers let
ter, knows of no tuoh man as A-T. Wlthers. .
Iron Buildings, Fifth - Street,
" " Eitabll-bed la 184.j ' ; '
XuorporaUd ty th ItgUtttur tf n-eetoatto
the eonntry oondnoiei by a PrtolTal Mereoast.
c rnr oi-j a - -'i
from thirty States bave here earaed a battaeta repute-
iod wqaai te tan t neei aif rauii at tnsanay
Duresyatampf . . ,, .r v A, .;6
Awarded four Hirer MeJ.il n4 the unction of neolal
oomraitteee of tba amerioaa fnttltate aad Chimner ol
Oommeree ef New (arluas tbs best knewn.- - Also, Sal s
..j ;..;..WeuBoat uetKTsvelBa;-u . t.) 4
Pronounced by tba Ute Garbles af ana ef ear bants "s
peneot ayittm lor anon, bookt and actoaatt." . Also,
1ub a new tytiem or !t J(U;) -. v. -t , , .4,:,
TaBMBaterrpt) tbe-only eyttea . of Iblr evcaen cf 4-
ataau uugntln the uty. Alto, Sao t new tyetaa of
(In mebaeoript) the only one la ua.praetleally adapted
to private banting. Thete tyiMnt of aocoante are here
taaehtaoder 4he detly tapervliloB ot tbetatbor, Wlib
bit dally Msm'ea draaa from oearlv fort teen exaeri.
eaee ia ontloete. Tbe latt United tatet aad iltUbttria.
eaiiea-J-wuev "imwimi ee yeomtytuip fir, i
" , ', HIS riBRT PKEjniTJiTH vU
Ia all deatrtmeott of botioeas and emameatal aaamaat
thlp, ovnr all the beet penjoea lo thf ooantry. , ..j
ybe.snlariadsdlUonot Duff e Bonoan's ;Vs,,-a ;
BoiiseBi aad Ornnwatil Pernntsship
With new plitet andseales, by fa. Duff, lllnttratksat
tba etemeota of tbe penman's art tba meet eomplets
eelt-inetroetor saowa. jtiegantij Douna. Orowaqaar
to. Price $i. p'jat paid.
. Oar elenaot new elrealar, pp. (8, aad templet of
ear penmen'a writisf nailed on tbe receipt of x eants
aeuj itaaw. x vuir et sun, principals
J .' I . . I I I t I.IJU '' iHI'.'lH
; Master iCoDiffiljslonci'g Setlcj ;
timntl A. Moore.for tbs bte'afl " t
fllitiOein Jlaiworuu J.- O lUornmon nasi, no-
?,. j: Atmbtt torn, VOL
-Hesry 0. Stanley St s(. ,J,-,., , a-,
BT vrrtat of an order of sals to mt directed from the
0rt of Common Pleat of franklin eonatv. Ohio.
I will offer for ale at tbe door of the Court Haute, In
the oily of Oolambns, aet u' ,!i.'.'
Saturday, the S5th day of Jan., A. D. 18C2,-
the following deeorlbed iandi and tenements iltnatela
f iwoklla oounty. Ohio, to wtu All tbat ttaetof land elt
Bate to tbe townahlp of (harm, and bounded at follows,
being lot number erven, In aeetion number four, town
thtp number two, range number eighteen, United States
military iaaa,"BiMi-aiev tne vmi-jt eraoi oi jena in lata
towniblp and oounty, aad deeerlbed aa follow,: Being
lot number eight. In ecotloa somber four, towniblp nam
btrtwo, range anmber eighteen, United Statee m iliary
ettwey of land, ezoept eighty aoree told off tbe eatt end
of the two treats about two rear, age. the balaoce here,
by euaveyed being abool eee busdred aod tlghtyelght
aorotof lead, more or wea. , ., ... -j M
APpraUedatSStperacrs. ' , ...
' rrlour't fees IS, . -H ' -'. ','
,:.-!,( . ft. W. HTjrraiN, ghtrKT, U.
a. i&!&Mj.
IMt taMWentlW'aU)taKi'3amai
(aatod, wUI to opoiiti for ihi MaaaoonT
0 htistratis -XiSV-,,
IWSj)3EiipAy moeoiber gbttit liflli
Masir...irttit tnjxw Hr, Oi.T.
Bl.ue Director Mr
RHN. .
iuu "vvir.
- fee (oU.efrrsla..ArUata.toA akaadybetB
setae; ) -r..,v
Mr. H. ME HEN, .
an a,
1 1,-plxiXJraUTtf.a tHttfiftw'Ii
m.. n T suiTH I Miaa-Er HARDING,
"i , ROSA U ILL, Premier Divtfa ai)
..i -xae xaieiksvu,u.
mi . .I.. ihm rvmnenv ai tbattasnal.
A Iplandld lutarUbuaant will bt prctttitsd OB tbsepaa.
Oome6y, Farce, Blnglng; ad Sanolcg,
GraaiTUBloii AIlegbHcal Xa1ica1i
A ..-..7 ., i ; .... Vj.S-.J"!
,i folla lPKUOUiarvieeoiiB weaef-. ,,.,
..Ai lie bt i
it-,--r -'r
- .-.Li . - tolurbf tBfcsi! "
tie ,0
Dram Olrols tnd Parnoetts i..d.'' 'tiri Me.
temllr Ulrole....
, utJ.'e 1-s
.1 tWt a fc.ll i --U. '-'
.i ! . " . ......I .t ft-- J ..-
Deori opaa si 1
rerfortoaaoa. wUI WmmeaoeatJH
- I . AI . I et-i- ' - -! a J'".i.J
. j' .t r. i rrrm- ti .taeie-.i t i .
'' Tbs' foiuwlos tmiaant Start biTS beta McateeV, aai
til ..M..I- .-nlfl laMitllrU
' Mia Julia Dalv. "Tba rtauU! Amarlair. Con tin i"
Um Miff it IdltbtU, atUt taliltst. Clair, air, and MiM
KlonirKi . attai aoaa uaaoa aeDMn, ewv
dtcSS-U---'.t '-' ''
' - i
(Tina World H-nowea Oanlatrlei. who', stnot btr ap
X pearanee In the United Statea. bu ma dt (be ctrouK
of tbe Ulobe, kaista aaaoaaoaaas- i-V-
' Uvlame tana Blahos will be satiated bv Mr ID
WSSD 8K0U1S, tbe Aa-erii-aa Saritoae, Sieve de
Opoatrvatora imperial de Slnilqne, rant; OliBtAVh
IjK BrlleB, IbeemlDealrlaaiaiKpapil or uti'.)
Doore opea- JMOouotrt lo oommtneeat 8 o'olook.
Tloktta - 30oena.
i The tale of Mekata will oommeaca at 10 o'cloek Betur-
day morning, Stctmbtr Klit, at icllaer at Wehetex'e
klurto Store, where ttatt mav ba aaeured witnout extra
barge, and dUaiem of tbe Ball an be if en.
. f be Oread Kiat e aaed oa Ibis oocaalon la one of Kaaba
ai Oo'a oelebiated iDttrumen t and bu been kindly
loaded by tlalr aiesta.Mcnri Btltsar Si Webetar.
d.oti-dt4 t, QLnAAOJulsnaab
5. 1 IV
t '!
con CERT.
"t A aed u.iw. ui, li-.Xi tSil
f 'e 1
MriviwrkT riMLu-
Monday,, Evening, .PeQi23,. 11361
At eJ- X eaeV i-i
-1. .
Tbs rrorrtaate will eoetlit of ytleetloai from
, ...... -.
ll (ik '
ii la t.i.f iJ
w I il
i Kill -
l-via.H'vtv iiJ
AM 'ethers, tad itfa;rJJtWteg Mies)
talent.' I "T." " , i . ,
Ilalattt ..w.ii.'.;....V...i.; 80 CUl.
Tor lalt a.Urlopk.aGd Mailo Stores. --
dtcSO-dtd ' vjuia.-'i
' Otruz orBS'rm A Xnu IV. . 'Co.
' bOLDasDt, Deo. IS, 1H61. (
a. Xenia Btllroad Company are btrrbv mtldrd tbat
tbs Asnaal aetilof for the altetloa af Dtreaton to serve
tbe enialng yeacaadfur other parpoeee, wilt be held at
tne ottos of tbe Companv In Uolumuoa,on lueeaaj, tbe
7ih dtv of laun.rr.
160S,- betwtea lba boure of 10
ee'leok A. M. and 4 o'clock f: M
CVBU3 .f AT,. Secretary
.11 4 Jctr.l ,
-'. ;.t j. .At., aai..
. .. .1 a
-.-'-' '
. J
v - .- !;;'. .'.. .1.1: J. w-:; i
Jj m, as, ss NOBia mon bibkst. -
tatteaniMn Bntidingv Becossdt' Floor,
ever B. Navina'a Btata Ktesfti
- J Srlnr.leiar ttenim.J '
-;.-i ;
i -. i. r
Witt r without Prtottd HtdlDft, en Bopiior f tp
a1-, i
at tern.
et aif pxrAsxxxMis.
katibOao orriots,
.:..;iViw:i USBOSAKTB,
fumltbed at the Lewsit Fittes. . , .
.U. .-i. . w V. ..... -' ,
. ti : i.i I
ilJ.i !,'!
1 ' at 1 fS -i 1 ... t . - (J
'tJB O O K BfNbl N 6,
, e . j : By tbe fcdlrttm-eir ehrTohrme " J
" maoajinisJ st i i. r. i : ::. '? i " i
. . t :
J. cJ
.Bound tt any Aeqaired Btyis., .i .. I,-,
o.nlsS ' fablle aad Private Libraries.
ax - J va a at
Ord'ers from abroad will reotlve promDt and snsclal
J. H. RILEY, - or; N.W.LErAVOR,
Booluelleraid Butioaer,
re bob tB niga B tree I
franklin Blsdory.
- - -iy EOW .lOSt HOW RgglOBXO
Jnrt Pahllibed la a atalad.Xnwalaaai frloa' debi.l' '
Weakoeee, Involuntary Kmietione, Sexual Debility, aod
ImpeduTMBta to Marriage generailly, Hervoaeoaaa, Con
eumptioa. Bpllepty aad f ita, Mental aad Pbyaloal la
aapaolty, reiultlng Iron" Self-aboee, tie.. By Hubert 1.
Oalverwell, Mr B.-, aulbor of the areen Book, Ao.
A Boon t TJaoetaande ef afferers,
Sent ander aval, la a plain envelope, te any addratt
post 6ld, on raoetpt of two itaupa, by lr. OHAS,
0.rwfi, l. itatmtw, Ifew JiitHi' OffiotBos
Kei-kd. -. . etyriSodAtw
THE . tib&XtCfc'.rV?-
) .aaaitiijJOD - .
atr ft isKTmNETJC
ABIIBJI t)liiavjiA
Of all kinds of (roods for ...
i v uo. r -,r
(T .J J. fl,,' -
CBI I, tad
rauofls - ,
ioa MtAM lATtto - axaw
lrft lM-.-V-A t. u-.
.m r bl -tia. d'BUtltd' d tm .0 V''-
for the tHUl Ones-i" targt Varletjr.
U. -jei t " "
. .. B t !-!
a t .1
'tit ii 1 4
U "'
Of alt Kinds. 1
i t ....
.u:.l-- V.
..; . .. i"
) .,.T
,'i i4'
And ottil fine Books, st prices never so cheep btfois.
!:... 1 .
'..l-i I-.
Utti ,gli.....
The Eitesit ; Bks
- t
t i ' - -
1 :i
M-j..vi EBONY 4t'"..
4ti. f.Jtf.
eVit e--vl
-1 C ? J";
km jB.-e)tiw-.t
odoe cases;
. a . " -
...1 ,
a;...CARD OASES, . '
il'Jl-1 ri;- ' WATCtttSABla,'
;i 1 .u.
-iir. l l...
- r . . h-3
Of all klida.tavtsiial,a4 et the meet eewuftral
i d-etwna.
e... 1 i.'.t
-'- i -
Games cSs Puzzles.
m.. b it;-, i-'-
. " t vlarilibed snd rialn. -"
U i i w ' ;
Photoaphic A
A obolct lot, asd more romlsf .
- ' '' '-,1- i -y
Pictures for- Same -:
Of all 4 IttlDgaithed and eatiagvlihed Asierleeas and
Eumptan. Zbey are all' the sfony now; and "SO
WCX 'tortbs ojlbit.lon and tafy-ksfplAg of famlUti
aad frtepni. . t .k .
- i ... .
I t.a 1 USTKEflSInGliT CHEAP, .
J . ' J d
j;. u t. ..
Ws sdtls ear old and aa sjaaj tw frlenui u may
feel dltpeted to bay htodeome goods. eLeap, corns er-
fBM-tM KCBH, to that they pv. hsra ton,s.. attlsfse
non inppreoasiug- . ,,
O t t'.t
ivd W l.iHi.
,M.r.-i .atH.:viI
.i 1 - ABD BA03,
In endless varltty. ad very cheap.
;.ui; : i .. I.. -' 4 1 - -
... . .
" Ladies & -g ents'"" 1 '
Or all III aids, and many toe mile BBAUT1E8, whioh
Vuean .nt ti.enr.rMl.ted be balBB aeen.-
, Kemts tber that money wis bsvsT se plenty btfors la
Columbus, and aa It Is fsahionsbls to
there ot St.be to. the faiblon for coos any wiy, anl
eallst ;
a j 3 S,V, - f ': ''V
-n.-l st.a. 1, -k i
jkI I, UaJ t f '
tT;rt7 rssr-xiaof
' H9-dl
j: i,;,i- ;.J ;-.
. 'ii 1 trn'-p j. m mmt m m w
1 51 to) t
. .. - -
fe rJ avaydgei
oiargQffl.oiiTjMppo. -
;'.i'.JU 4A.o.il..l - . .jo
. I .irW.uivl. & .-t i'rm
'a -
TOw A N'W A JUlvu a "'ae ' w
tfie WaIEXS;!-! tl low rate of
taveaj 1 ssir-.T YTV W ..-A a . . : , 1 ft M -jKbi lOf. , J .
t- .nil "
jVt, v l I
Subecriptjone to tbe Paftf a4 ,TuWsixt STATxiiulf 'will be reterved ,
. ... . ., u.lm ,.,.-UUo-..llV tW ' "
, ,p'fTTt"v, m t, rt-
,ANY -
I viviti ew. y,
Ai1fia'Bfe an eeUblubed dnrj
M elaee l"tii U,i-a ,''" -
ou -tjj tjj, fatrJre1, at fa the pait, ltlU yipbold and defend the. . j .
.Which lvaabeen so triitrol tf gond'to th PEOPLE OF THE UNITED 8TATE3; and. wll A .
tnlilifiillT nriia the rtveatabliahmenl and ncNmacv of the : . .Z.. .-.
... ; ui erettial tof th 'odnfpteu' add perfect r4outnatio of the 't..-v.ii.oU.
On the basis oa which that
.i tfJ i., I ,-- .lit UiM
::t . imJIIHIWI I - - - -
1,'i i j i i 1 li
... ' . j'.'""
' The SraTrstoJi will support the AdrnlnMratlon of the (eenerat wrmwms in aU jsgai and sod
oonttitntiooal efforU to put down rebellion and sternly resist the effcvte de U eome l(tjTj -J"
to eonvert the preeent unhappy war Into Aboliaon f . k
It will eonstentiy urge economy is toe puuuo
-of U publie oiBcnL.u'.i . v
a. . m.Hium of ireneral news, the Statmoxaw
- mimerous readers, and at all timea supply them with j,v.l "
T?xo ateavt moat neUetbl noporti)
Of the home and fcreign markeU. InlUcwlomns 0' s":Ti
Will find their- interesti oonsdlled and attended to, ahd bo eflbrt wfll be spared to make hi flrej.'o,,,!,
urlng'tiTspproaAhing session of Congreea we will have A talented and accompllshtd wmr
pondent at Waahington, through whom our readers will be fiirniabed with mueh vsiuble aaa "
reliable information. ' ' ' .. T ,-..... -i '"'kl'-
" The doinge of onr own State Legislature will be fully reported, and the local saws of Uie. f q
Bute and our own immediate violnity.-w.il hve A due abare of attention. .w
w.nH. in all narta of Ohio, and the North Westarn Statee. to aid in extend- v-l"l1J'
leg the cireniation of the Stat-mma", since bj eo doing, they wjll assist in the ptomalgatloTj ol'0" '
aonnd political docirines and mlieble g4ieral intelligeoee,,. tJ, i,. , . "-"'-v"J,bll
tv ! '.v '..t-'r' ' 'i"- ' 1
To any prson raising Club ol Ten Subscribers to the Wixxxt Orno BtATtsiUJf.iend-r
' sending as the moneyten dollars for the same, we will send tne copy gratis. ' "
., All oroera wui oe protnpuy swwie.
, Address, '
- Novwnoer 1. 1801.
j- . .
vli..AwA, . . ... , .. ..... . ... . - ,-in
. ..,.-:..vt
"tw--v-"e-ai ,
V! A-.JV.. 1.1
'Hi em. "
Six Dollars per Asoum;
J . "f
ixi r.
7 l ..
Three Dollan periAra'aBit',lJv
'One;' DolW' per Animn. ; "
: !
nllafcli organ of the Dsmocratle party,' ;
. I ,1 .... - .- - -- '
j T.
Union Iras originally formed.
I , t U Y
i i
T - r
ej,uiwiwi i ewvuuu-uuity ....
I iX-v "V .) ".TT1
k-,l . , L. JLaA Jfc nw
L . - rr.- uu - -si .ee.3
will endeavor lo make Itself acceptable tp itV,vi A
' 1 1 1 P.." . .J . '
. I Publishers of the Ohio Statatouo,,. . i r
- f, .. - - - OoLCTtsct, Omo. .'. i
". ,
'. i ;a
r..ln: I
BXARIIiY orr band aad for sals, tbs best ijaaUry of
whioh be will tell at the lowett market prtots.
Call aad ex.BiUM my Coal btlora parohailag Slie
wbere. - - -i ' . "'
Office at the ftora of Bradford, 8udam k Co., hea4
of Canal. ........ . .
. .. jj. f. jTjtDAif.-.'fpSS-Sa
; ' . f " - - 0
f Slight Cold, Cough
JflaatejnMi, or gfoJ-t.
7haat, whioh might b
ohtaked with a simple wiv
tdy, .if.ngltatd,qftin tr-
minoted ssrioue-y. -Fsau art aware qf
t importance 0 trtoppirii' A $out&h. or
&lifh j$cld in tte jfvrf etafe ; tat
uAto?v trt tAe bejnninj' tinuld teld to
a mild remedy, t not attended to, soon.
attaaZes tAe lung's. .'
" &.&uin't J&MJiLhial gfcjchok
were frtt tvfredtioed tltvm ytarn ago.
It hat ln proved that tAey are the beat
artielw itore ie putiia for . Sough.,
tfatattfi, th Hooking Gaugh in, fron?
tujnftticjl, rmmeroue aecfiooe e
th ZJkfiaat, gHng.imrnf:tUatt nlvtfK 1
Public Spsahert and Singtrt,
wiU Jini thn tfKtUal fst (faaring and
ttrtr.g1hnvng th wioe. ;
Bdd bji aZt 0ruggistt tti ealer ir -'j&tosin,
tU SS pem ptr .fcox, :, .. u 2
for te wboltMle or retail, by
' ' 0. B0BBST8, Brnggli.,','
,. . "" ' o.' Mlterti Blfb strse't," '
.-deeio-dketm... . wa j . .
Or rttoee Contemplating jntarrlag-e.
THB andertlg-ned will gvrelBfovmatlon oa a vary fne
UrttHng and important subject, 'which will be vale
d mere than a thoutand timet lu doet by dvery aiarried
soaple of any age or ooodiitoa la life. Tbe information
will ba sent by mall to any addrets f a JJis jrsoelpt of Bt
cents (stiver) and one red stamp. '
All letters thoald be oddreeted to: ' '( . '
ta ' B.. WOBIUi, JfTp., .
eettl-lyStawdAw . Boston, IIsm,1 '
- rEVEBf,- FETEB A1TD AGrE.-BlI-lions
Affeotioni,0oldt, Rbeamatitmti)oatirensu,Ooa
amptloos, Affeotlont ef tbs Spleen, of the Liver, of
the Heart, Tnmort.and all dlieatet whioh dettioy life
have always exhibited,. epos dissection ef the body, a
aambtrtof bard or eoaortte poinla, either tn tome of the
orgeat named or la the blood vettalt, tometunes area
ramifying In the fiet h, and again de poll ltd apoa tbs side
ef a bone. Now thete-little hard eabttanoet would
"Via boB If Brandre th'e Pills wars ated! they Weald
be pergtd oat of the ssttav and years af happy li'e
would be lbs sufferere' lot lnatead of aa early grave.
Always purgt bat trvut surts Insiekaets.,..) ,. ,
T, T. Carpenter, Xtq of Oovemear, St. Lawrenee
oodnty, Hew Tork, M years of age,, says be has eaed
Brandretb's Pills for 34 years, sdmiauterel tbem Snt te
bit sbaehmao, ifbe hid fever and agae;gavs sight tbe
day after the eat 11 1 chilli sad fever leee severe; gave
sight mors tbt next day, and se every ether day onttl,
the eblll and fever did not return, which wm about elgh .
dyl from the first stt&ok.'- Be tbsa gave foar every
ether day for another, week, when the mairw-( eatbaly
rettortd to bit o,ual good health., , , t
-Be tat hlmielf aitaoked took them la the same way,
aad was eared la lest time. Bae aaed be other ajedl
oios for S4 yeair, foand tbem al'aya reliable for htmeelf
sad family when sicks baa it oom mended tbem to then-
ssBdaverlth Ute befe-wltarariee)cflteat ttters-f
ry family would have a larger average of aeelib If tbeat
Pllleeretd Id tbs place of oakmel aodolber hurtful
tamediee. - 1 " ; -..' ' .'.
. Sold by JoaH B. Coo, Uruirglit,- Oolambas, est by
all retpeotabia dealers in aeateluts- .
..... ... " "I
at a
Z: . ...
GSO stZ3il t330
, Are now opening a large lot of .
. Ladies', Misses' and ChiMrcn'i
Cloth Cloaks,
Shephard's Pledd Bhawli,:
! '.'r,', i 1 1 v.' t'.'-.V. J. !S '-
' Ladles' Merino Vests & Drawers, '
' M-oi.tC ,a...f,:.iit-s-
Boys' .Merino ,. Shirts &'Draweri,
Exabroidoreid neppfJ,1"''1
ah. 1
. Z-TU'blAe9a
,1 camaUf
Pm -HCWeT y
1 1 -
Opera 'fi iPlaxmcto m
ka.-i .-ii
OL O AE ; OLOTnO,1 u
Misses superior' LONd Bhawu,
:a 1
Tbis firm, bavtog adopted ths Oath syitsat in the pu
shaas and tale of Hoods, are enabled te sell from Jtu .
per sunt, less than other boons andnthesndlttfstBM., 1
; S56 AM) 252 SOCTH .HQlt BTED'. '"'t.
Oysters;! :pyster8(f.
be b dally repeipt,by Xapeeea, of v o - - V1 1
f rem Balttmoreatsi! fair Hawn. ' " w ajult
.. 0.U at Waeaei s Oyster aei I rail Xrepet, Be. H Isst

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