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4 ' Leave. Arrives
Itlgbt Bvprese, 1S Dayton, 8:00 A. M ,. Jp A. M,
Oinolnne AeoOBMMdatlon. 5 SO A. M. " :( t. M
DulnM .1 1.44 Pi M. fcUr.M
AauM ua it CiMvtLkun H-. B. '
likl fnrcn........ 1:90 A. M. U I'M A.M
Mm VorkaUumM .'. 3Mf.lt. 1:301.
, . L " ' 3mm Pittwiok, Ageit
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Wpr.M ;V-r'l:ToAf M; A 130p'
BimnnBoir. OeLOHSU It OWCUUIATl . B.
u.ln j ...W... 4:00 A.M. l:i.U
L.. i I 1 Jos. BoSunon, Agent.-
OoLOMBbl lnMlteroUi ft. ' ' '
(C0L0fH PWP 1IAIU K. 1.) ..
flhtoaeo IrnMti .......... :f A. M. 8:01 P. M
Bo. r , .......... 8:00 P. M. 11:10 A. M.
Brbaa..(i-.r1. .......... 10:110 A.M. , B:33 P. M
Do you want Whiskers ?
Do yon want a Moustache ?
' ' J'- tf so, pnrchais ons bottls of '
ThS world renowned Tolle-th only ertlel of lbs kind
ever attend tta people ot lh Vailed State. Tb abov
srtlolo I the oaly on need It Ui f irach; la London
odrarlu I, la universal as.
Whisker Invigorator 1 1
I Bu(lfnl, Sconomlaal, Boothlng, yt Stimulating
Compound, anting a It by mrle npoa th root, ent
ls t btnUfal growth ot Inzaiiui brnrd. If ipplled
to tb tctlp; 11 will cut Baldnut, and 1 ipplni to
rdlog to dlnoltoD. It will mum to iprlnf op la bald
pi a an growia 91 rxnH, nrr bur.
- !.''. ..' TH 01L1QBATXD
Ccelsior Invigorator !
I ta ladlipwaaH aUI la tvwy Ovntltnwa'l Tollt,
aad afm on mtk'i na thp woald aot, for aj eotuld
rrttteQ.b wllbout U Xh abor trtlol will, In from
four 10 lgblWMk,brlD( al Uilckto(WaiWu or
Tb (ulitctlbtn r lh oulf Agtnli for tb tbtr r
tlU la tb UBltd State,
. . liil VM !- s
Iby woald ttea aBnonoo to th publlo that thy r
Agnifo(. i'h.l i,!,..;;.,!. : ...' .
Th only artlclTr offrd t th Prnch popl that
IU Com, Imnn Btlll th aboy Tollot btlor
muufaottirad fpr th ol baat of Louli Ntpoleonl
wbleh arilol I now Isditpranbl to hi toilet room.
Tb lutxorlb, fetllng oonodtnt that hl Toilet muit
imiarlly take Ui place of all other rer offered to
tb public, take plewur In (zpretelng their confidence
la tb article, gatalng It from practical in.
- Ihe Nf$ole6i Haii-; ToUet
Will Con tTBAiaarr Bau la Aofl, Silken, flowing
Curia, that will -twaala la ihapt for on day or on
week, If deal red, or any longar period. If lh dlnoUon
are (trletly followed, which ai Tory ilmpl and eaey.
The uair Toilet do not In any manner Interfere with
th Jfatvral Sotiuu Of th Hair. It neither toorohi
tor dyee lit hot gtm th balr a aoft, thrlity appear
aao. II alto preTenti .th balr from falling nacd
aralef gray.;,. 1 1, ;
. ; The Napoleon Hajr Toilet
Rat been bifer th public bnt a abort llm, and hal al
ready beeoj teatcd by oyer one thouaaod peraona! and
they teitlfy that th Napoleon Hair Toilet 1 the greatest
bjaauflererer offered to the American people.
To prereet Una Toilet from being counterfeited or tm
I tef by anprtnotpled pertona, we do aot offer It for
aar t any Crnrgiat'a in the Cinlted SUte. Therefor
aayiLady or Oentleman who dealre Soft, Lnxariant Balr
and CurU, and Long, 80ft Whliker or llonataob, oan
rroeaH th Inelgorator or Toilet, either one, for on
oiler, laeloeed la a letter. With their addreea. , ,
Addree i' ' O. I. SPINY It CO., ' '
. . , . f . Hartford Co. , Conn. ,
od It wWUcaiefullj eeut by return inaU. . . .
tebsa . . . r:s , ,-, ., . - ' ':
t -
26 & 28 Pearl Street,
B O d T O N.
Haughton, Sawyer & Co.
An prepare! to effer to their euatomer and th trad
generally, a o aooeuaiiy large anormra ui vn ""
aoBaleetBe el L
..... -tl
S Cotton floods.
JOHN ADAMS, 4-4 ft 9 8,
-JOHN HANCOCK, 4-4 & 9-8r
in nsw imu.
Wait 0d llmena,
Hailarjra Hniria ana ajrmv
Yatrna ammll Wrea, cVe
Culffltrti tii f, i' iBrondoIotbi, " 11 -
DoMkioi, Id .'.fv CoAtinga, y
. Oxford Mixed,;. - i. Blaek Doetkifav u
Oadei, Brown, iTi.:r,vi:;FBO CassiotMr
ra) snf MnIbeTr,':;''(Sk;BIue Kewej
A lent aMrieaDt of IDVTAEB HARaUB Celebrated
I. .-X
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Tl aa k,. .! ( -
mrn yi jj'l'' : .! a. '
1JBJK F UliiVlCrS, yt.toioB.
4jurr0t7W; .": " . "'
And lrgitookof
Carpetings&v Hattings.
av a'etfw.'i " : . ."
2(5 anl 28 Pearl Street,
1 1BDST0N, Mass.
Oysters I Oysters 1 1
-U. aaauyHoipt,kBxptMa, of -:;
Tsrisix oia & t( OTsms,
a Balttmara and Vafr Haeen.
U at Wagaer' Oytmrand Vnlt Dtpott No. 91 laei
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Union Sentiment in Tennessee
and Alabama.
Occupation of Nashville
Treasury Note Bill a
Friendly Feeling in Russia.
Martial Law in West Tennessee.
THE WAR IN NEW MEXICO. Skirmish with Rebels at Independence.
&c. &c. &c.
From Roanoke Island—The Telegraph
Cable a Failure.
stesmer S. B
Spsnldlng arrived here this afternoon, having
left Koaooke island toe day before. No news.
By ber we learo of tbe alluro of the attempt to
lay the telegraph cable aoross (he Bay. Oa the
day that the Hoboken salted, sixteen miles of
tbe eable were laid in tbe most saeotssfnl mas
nef, when operations stopped for (he night. On
yesterday tbe Hoboken was occupied m taking
soundings,, when a severe' gale or wind, which
sprung np on that day, strack her about noon.
iter eteampipe broke soon afterward, and she
became unmanageable, drilling; upon Cape
Henry, where she went ashore and broke In two
ast night. Bbe is a total loss: all bands saved. 1
Tbe remainder of tbe cable, about fifteen miles, i
was destroyed before it wae abandoned. . About
an equal quantity Is laid In the Bey, and-the
end la buoyed np. - -.- -ko "it i v.ifc
lbe gunboat K, b. rorbos war seen brine
Spsuldlog ashore near Nggs Head this morning..
watte nags were displayed on all tbe house in
tho violnitv. Major J. T. Sawyer arrived at
Norfolk veaterday, having left Elizabeth City
on Sunday at 13 M. . He represents everything
quiei in mat locality, lie says mat tbe entire
Federal fleet left tbe waters of the Paiquatank
on Saturday morning, bnt that two of them re
turned In the evening. ,He also atates that bnt
few of the Inhabitants' remained in the place.
ine Wilmington Journal or yesterday sayi
that live or alx Federal gunboats have entered
the Roanoke river. --' - ' '
From Missouri.
St. Loom. Feb, 26. A' Fort Donelson dis
patch to tbe Democrat of yesterday .says: A
boat Just from Clarkavllle repot tr too evacua
tion of Nashville. The Union citizens of that
place sent a boat to Clarksvllle, whioh towed
one ot .our gunboats lor their protection, The
rebels with Gov. Harris, retreated to Murlrees
boro. Harris burnt all the State documents be
fore leaving.
uen Urant na declared martial . law over
Weet Tennessee, with the understanding that
when sufficient number of the cltliena of tbe
State return to their allegiance, and ehow a de
sire to maintain law and order over tbe territo
ry, all military restriction! will be withdrawn.
roetal facilities are extended to uisrksvme,
and tbe mall bags Will follow the flag.
From Washington.
ment to-day reoelved the following:
CAIRO, Feb. 24.
To Hon. Mr. Wildes, Secretary of the Navy:
Lieutenant commanding Uwlna. with . tbe
gunboat Ty lor, has Just arrived from Tennessee,
Mississippi and Alabama, and reports the Union
sentiment in boutn Tennessee ana JNonn Ala
bama to be rerv strong. ', I shall send biro back
to-day, ana no win osii tor a regiment at fen
Henry to accompany tbe gunboat, wnion win
aid the loyal people of those State to false
! -
(Signed) A. H. FOOTE,
Flag-officer Commanding.
General MoCIellaa reoelved a dispatch an
Lour since from tho West, confirming the report
that NaahrlUe, Tennessee, il taken by General
Boelri army, and stating tbat tbe rebels nave
fallen baok on Murfreesboro, about thirty miles
south of Kashv 1 e. ' "T '
The ndsment of the Court Martial in tbe
ease of Colonel James Kerrigan, has been ap
proved bv Msjor-ueneral McClellan, and a gen'
eral order loaned carrying it into enect. ' i ne
oonrt did not find Kerrigan guilty of treason.
bnt of Ineffl jienoy and of oonduot unbecoming
an.offlcer, in the grots negisot ot nis muitary
duty, as manifested in tbe disorganised and dis
graceful condition of his regiment. Kerrigan
was adjudges to be dismissed from- tne set'
vice. . , . . -
The only amendment made to the United
States Treasury note bill by the committee of
Conference at their second j meeting to-day, is
Ol an important character, namely: To receive
the nitv million or demand note neretotore
authorised. In payment of duties on' Imported
goods, while apart trom tbese, soon duties are
to ne paid inooin.
Tbe rresident bss spprovsa tee lortincation
bin: It is tneretor a uwjmv a . - -
Both Houses vsstordav agreed to tbe report
of th committee of Conference on tbe Treasu
ry note bill. . It retains the provision that the
notes p reoeemaoie in nv year, or payaoie in
twenty years, at the pleasure 'of the govern
ment. It also makes duties orl Imports rata
ble in coin, and pledges it to the payment of in
terest on tbe notes and Donas. - it strike ent
the nledtes of nnb lie lands. l ' " ' '
Tha Anmmuniaallrm from the Russtaft BOverri
ment on tbe subject of the Trent affair, wet
communicated to lb. senate vo-uay. iiwaa
ebaraotericed by the strongest feeling of friend'
shlo for tha Unitod States. - ' ' """ ' '
Nw Yoik. Feb. 26. A special to th Trt-
onn say: beveral day bav passed since a
gun ha bean fired from tha rebel batteries on
tb lower Fotomao, although numerous vessel
nave aauea ny tbem. Although the rebel can
non seem to be in their plaoes, It is doubtful
whether they be not blackened lor, and whether
the gunners bar not left the baok of the Po
tomac, iwo Wbitworth gun reached, Gen
Hooker yesterday, and will be used to Ascertain
the true faots of tha.t a aJ'
The World's dispatch say th Indication' In
th Senate to-day at oiaeriy B faror of she im
mediate passage of Senator TrumbnU' confis
cation bill, with an amendment freeing all slave
of rebels., - Sen a tor Powell will deliver a speech
to-morrow against1 tb billknd take ocoaaloo
to explain bis present poaltloa u a Senator, It
being Intimated that bit view ar luponslstsnt
witn nil noiamg nis seat at so present urn.
Tht HouM,JUiloUry ropifnilttJt tt Jfitnij
creed od CODflieAtlorl bill, but mtj poertbl
wait the totloo ol the Bemrte.
The trerrDiJooi gale lbaoorprnBCdoTurt
anal on ilonday nluht. haa diitd. DD the ml
Dd pttpuei lolld ground' for oat loldlerf to
maroa over. Already wonaenai ooango oaa
Ukra Bluet ml -toe oioiewwe oeoomiog
oonfldent tba th J m to movf t Uv ; i T ,
Waihikoton. Feb. SO -r-Tbt orcaldeat bte if
prored tb United Stale note bill, and It u
therefore Uw- ' " ' ' 1 ' '
A ineolal to the Poet fan: New mull routei
re to be. ipeed7; opened Jn.Tvanewee kod
Kentuokfw .r,oi"f l'i.l' 'icn . :n.im i 1 Uloi,! o
. The benate bill tothorrtlng th Seoretsry of
the J'reaiary to lnoe oertifloatee of Indebted-
neH to Government creditor wboie aooounn
baye 'bfleo, ndlted. wIH,' probably pail bt
Home. "' '1. i f''.,Avi
Tb followlne notice to the publlo baa Just
beea i L i- " '
' The uuderaittued, on bebalf.of ooramlMion
en appointed by the Prealdent to repreeent the
Inlereati of inch American oltliene ai might
desire to appear at the Exhibition of tho Iodoi
try of all Nations, to bo held In the city of
London during the present year, submits the lol
lowing? statement: - . .ni .i-".f
me uongress or me umtea owtes, niter
due consideration, baa deollned to adopt any
measures to further national representation
of our works of lndmtry, Invention and arts at
the aforementioned Exhibition.- The autborlty
of the oommissloa has Iborefore eeased. .They
have advised the commissioners appointed by
the British Government that there will be no
general oartlobstlon on the cart of tbe el ti sens
of this country on that occasion; bat they hare
tnougbt it not improper at toe same time to re
commend to the consideration of the Royal
Commissioners suoh works of industry and art
as have reoelved tbe authentication ot tbe oom
mission, and may to a limited extent, be pre
sented for exhibition throogn individual exer
Hon. i . . 1 " '1 '
(Signed) WM. H. SEWARD.
First Session.
SinatI Mr. Trumbull said it had been
settled by the Supreme Court that Congress has
the power to pass a confiscation bill Tbe Gov
ernment has tbe right to take persons who may
be bound by contract, or take a child even, and
draft into the service of tbe Government ' .Tbe
master osnnot bold tho slave by any stronger
tenure. - . . -v
Mr. FomsrOy objeoted to. the third section,
whiob providee for colonization.' He thought
we could not afford to send out of the country
tbe laboring men and producers, and if Insisted
upon, he should move to amend by providing for
tbe colonization of tbe slaveholders, who are
dangerous to the country, and whose loss would
ootbefeit-. ... . ,
Mr. Willey wanted to know where there was
any constitutional power for the President col
onizing negroes."' He was willing to co-operate
In tbe most stringent measures lor tbe couUaoa
tion of property t but had the Senator from Il
linois oounted the immense cost of the scheme
of ooloniiatioot It would cost $500 a hed to
colonise and keep ignorant slaves.
Mr. romeroy said his amendment would obvi
ate that, as there wonld be only a few slave
holders to colonize. '
Mr. Willey I propose to bang all such- trai
tors, and thus save all tbe expense of transpor
tation. (Applsuae In the galleries, whioh wae
mmedlately checked by the Chair.)
Bv consent, Mr. Fessenden Introduced a bill
antborizlng tbe Seoretary of tbe Treasury to
Issue to pnblio creditor certificate for the
whole amount of debt, In certificates of not less
than $1000, payable In one yesr or earner,' at
the option of ,the Government, bearing six per
cent, interest. ' ' i- ,-.ni.-j.ii" ,
On motion of Mr. Fessenden, the bill wsa
taken up.'-r'; . vm.ijj . .
Tbe Senate resumed tbe consideration of
tbe confiscation bill. M'. Ten Ejok said there
was great aversion at tbe North to having large
masses of free negroes turned looso among them;
nor could they be allowed to roam at large In
tbe South. miC if- r.
Mr. Sumner entirely agreed with tbe Benator
from Kansas (Mr. Fomeroy), to objecting to any
recognition or bo fugitive slave law, wbtcn be
thought never bad authority io tbe Constitution.
He moved to make a wetbat amendment, so ob
viate all suspicion of anything of, that kind,"
me amendment was aaoptea. -M ,h ;
On motion of Mr. Powell, f urther eons! dera
tion was postponed till to-morrow.- ' : V .x-
Un motion or. Mr- oomner, tne benate went
into eMootlve- session, and subsequently ad
Sinatc Meurs. Doolittle and Sumner pre
sented petitions for emancipation. - -. .- j -.
Nr. Mcuougai, irom tne apeoiai oommutee,
repor ed a bill lor tbe establish ment ot a Rail
road and Teiegrnpn line from tne Missouri riv
er to the Paoino Ocean. . ,
On motion of Mr. Wade, the- bill for the "oc
cupation and eoltlvatlon, of cotton lands, waa
taken op. '". .. - . . i,.-,.-. -
' Mr. Uoolittio tnougnt It a- qneetioa whOUer
Government snouid go into raising cotton and
attempt to ran . plantations. Ho thought it
would be a very aimcuit experiment ma pecun
iary sense. If there was a proposition to lease
out the lands, he ahonld not object.
Mr. wade sidne ma not suppose tbe bin
woald realise any great snm of money, bnt
tber wss a large extent or territory abandon
ed, and slave left at large, and something must
be don to take care ot tnem.v Toll wa not
anv settled policy, but only a temporary meas
are for one year, to meet the necessities of tbe
Mr. Doollttlo thoucbt that if commissioners
bad been sent down to rort Koyai to see tbe el
ephant we have on onr bands, we might have
received a great aeai or miormauon.
Mr. ffade asked if he (Doolittle) had re id
the able report of Mr. fierce on the subject
Mr. Doolittle said ne nad not; ne oonieased
to ignorance on tbe enbjeot. "-
Mr. Hale said If th war could be proseonted
to asaocessful tssae without burling anybody;
he would be glad of it: but he did not think that
waa a fact. He thought there was great foroe
in th remark or the senator from juasa&obn-
setta, that the seedtime was npoa tbem. ,li
a fact tbat aeed time la nnoo aa, ana it we
do not take advantage of ivwe may be obliged
to aay tne summer is past, tne narveaj is jnaeq,
and we are not saved. ., 'r'''. ' ' -v ,
Mr. Foster thought when the bill was drawn
It wa mad expressly to save property, and not
destroy and protect from tuln. ' It propose to
provide for those wno are in a pensning condi
tion, ana soeeav reuei inrnisn. - ; -
'The morning nonr naving expired, id diu
fixing tb number vofjnembor o( .th Hons
was taken np. . .t - -t n. v .--"-s '
Mr. coilamer' amenamen was adontea, ana
th bill nMd. a " " : .. . ' ;..
Tbe Starke oaa waa then taken up, ana a
long discussion,. ensued. , - - '-J
Mr. Samner epok strongly against Dis aa
mission, ebsrglng him with disloyalty, and say
lng it would b perjury lot bias (Starke) to toke-i
the oath. -,.-.-. ... i- r
Mr. Davis thought tb Senate bad all the evi
dence before them. He contended that, the
Senate oould not eidlud for mere opinion
there must be some overt aot. What I disloy
alt i, That is th question. He tbonght the ma
forlty of tbe people think tbe Senator from
Maesaonuaetia nisioyai. . lie couia mid toe
resolutions offered by the Senator from Maa-
saohusette, and prove him "as disloyal si the
gentleman from Oregon. . indeed tbat was bis
view of the relative state of the case. The
Benator from Massachusetts had better beware
what principles he advocates, or he may be
Mr. Wilmot eald disloyalty might be defined
as unfaithfulness to tbe country adUovern
meat, by assertions and sympathy, aaide from
an overt aot. If a person la disloyal, he eer-
talnly should, not be entitled -to a seat, and be
thought now waa the proper time to settle the
question. '.. I r "
Dir. uaruei spose at soma tengtn, souieau
lng tbat tbe senate baa no power to excioae
nerson sent with proper auallfioatlona, from
SUte. Tber might ba different view as to
what waa disloyalty. He had seen Utteen Re
publican nepers, charging she'. Senator ftom
Massachusetts with disloyalty.. He never would
declare by a vote that a State it to be held sub
ordinate to the pleasnre of th Senate In their
right ol repreaentaUon.-
. . W, . 1 '
,J flonsi. M.'',Vobrnis, t-Indiana- asked
lv to offer a rwoldtloit tendering the thanks
of Congress to MJor-Osnerai McCIeiian.
Mr. Lovejoy, of Illlnol, objeoted.
J Th resolution oommenda tha aentlmenta and
Tolloy avowed In General Halleck'a gtnaral
order of Febrniry 93, already tmbllahed as m-
msntiy wis and patriotic, ana lustnuteoatorm
Ity to th Constitution, and that th war should
be oonduoted In accordance tnerewitn, ana mat
th thank of Congress are tendered to General
Halleck for said order, and for bla military
achievements a commander otth Department
of Missouri. r C- p
Mr. Van Wvck. addressing lb speaker, an
nounced bia desire to ba excused from serving aa
chairman of tbe committee on Government
Contract. I some weeks since Informed my
eelleaguts that I should resign my place en
tirely on the committee, so that another oould
beappointed; bat they Insisted tbst I should con
tinue aa one of It membera. devoting suoh time
in Its service aa I could apare. Keoouoctiog sen
tlmenta of warm and generous friendship so often
manifested on their pert toward me, I do not
feel at liberty to disregard their wishes. The
committee baa yet much to do; although tbe
unflinching integrity and untiring watchfulness
of Secretary Stanton relieve It of many care.
wonld also ask to be excused from eerviogas
ebalrman of tbe committee on Revolutionary
Penalona. . -.v. -.v n ' "
A long debate ensnsd on tha Virginia contest
ed election ease of Mr. Upton. '
Mr. van Wyok offered tbe following resolu
tion, which waa adopted: i c ' 1 ' " ' ' -'
Retolvtd. Tbat the committee on Government
Contraota be directed to Inquire into tbe amount
of money reoelved by th Federal offloersln the
City of New York, by virtue of their cflloesj
also as to the ownership and rent ol tbe bonded
warehouses; also lh terms, considerations and
profit of tbe labor oontraot, and general orders
contract for storing, bau'Jog, delivering, eto.,
foreign goods In the City of New York; also
when the oontraot were made, by whom, and
who are now Interested in the same. . ' ',
Mr. Van Wvck asked, far reason elated, to
be excused from service as ebalrman of the
committee on Revolutionary Claims and Gov
ernment iioniraoto.'
Tbe chairman ruled that as to the chairman
ship from whioh the gentlemen asked te be ex
cased from aervloe, that wa a qneetioa for th
committee to determine. "
, ? . j . i .....
The War in New Mexico.
Kansai CiTv, Feb. 28. A skirmish occurred
Indopeodenoe on the 18ib, between a detach,
meet of Ohio Cavalry and a band of rebels.
beaded by Qu autre! Parker. " The latter were
rented vntb a loss or three killed, several
wounded and seviral taken prissoers. A quan
tity of arms waa also captured. Tbe Federal
loss was on killed and tbree wounded.
Tbe Santa Fo mall, wltb date to th 10th
lust , has arrived. - Sibley' proclamation did
not bav tb desired effect. Instead of rallying
men to his standard. It baa strengthened the
union army by at least two regiments, and
placed nearly all the citizens under arms. Great
enthusiasm prevails in tbe counties of Berna-
dillo, Venecia and Sooorro, and in th upper
counties tbe militia has turned out in large
numbers. 1 " .
Advioes frem Fort Craig are to tha 7th lost.
Tbe Texans under Sibley were at Fort Tborne,
fifty miles from Fort Craig, advancing on the
latter place. Their supplies weie scare, their
transportation poor, and their only alternative
waa to fight or atasve to deitb. Onr forcea are
aoxlons lor a battle, have every advantage,
and are confident of success, providing there be
no treachery.
A grand V ontinoisl Msss wsa celebrated in
all tbe chnrchea in the territory on tbe lOtb, for
the souls of Catholics killed In battle. -
Telegraphic Arrangements.
The uudersigned give notice to tb publlo
tbat the military possession of -the telegraph,
taken by order of the rresident, will make no
change whatever in the conduct of social, pri
vate and oommerclal .business by telegraph.
The lines and bnsiness remain in tb bands of
telegraph officers, duly authorized by tb War
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. (Signed) E. S. SANFORD,
President American Telegraph Co.
,U ,
New York. Feb) 26. Com. Strlngham la to
presented bu Thursday evening with an ele
gant sword, by a committe of th cltlanof
Brooklyn. 4 : . ;
United states ireasnry notes ar at w per
cent, premium at Rlohmond.
Surgeon So Phyisician.;,
Offloe Blga Street, north of Broad (No. 16,) ,
Beetdeaoe.M. foartj (llartet) Street, near oornsr
spriof- , , , -0 ti-rii .,
Oolambat, Deo. 89, 1801. 4wtf. . lt .
1&OH srOBl, a few door North of Broaa, . - '
Oolnmtme, Deo. , lBCV-dtf ;- --.
J januahi SUiil, we wui sell all oar good, Wltn
rat raapMt to person or partlea, . (!
The oath term now nforod by lattera Jobber,
porter, ate., eompei uu annoanoemenr.
N all color and numbers, Joit opened'. -
No. 88 Booth High street
feblt '
. ! ,,,,.,.-.,. ....-.-!.. M ) 9i f v.
ft Is aa lndlapatabl fact, that If any i
. .. .
pereoB want On
X of tho oomfortabl aiBquiauau.
COATB.h wUl O.UB1IJ find tbm in Jarwa quanUtteaat
n '. I ' AlAlavuo. svauuva o. -
Ti any person deslrons of ownrcg w ar the late stjfl
a j., hsii sa u. sa uvsim mia wwwm.
don't break your heads to learo where to Bad them, bat
go to the . rv nf i rr
.VA,rilAAa Vll AlVViaiJS.-,,;.-; j
.-H tha ataia nannaj l.-HI!'.-) i-
Ton iill find tbem there ta aft oolore, kept by ' "i
" M.nrna fruit na
r-. c I
luanuvv vmuvo.
DID yon never wear any ot th BILE MIXBD oaa
BIUKBI BTJII8, which ar sold at th Capital Oltf
A reads I Bash In and yon will jane I uot m ttm
YOU may alio b in want of PART8 nd TI8T8, and
tbem 1 bat on eetabllshmeol In tb Wast whan
Teata are to be had In all (trip, shapee
styles, ouantltles and qnalltle, and that plae I the
JJ VOll 1 Ali VAX a AUVAVfii
TSOti'T forwt th sattenstv assortment ef fUBWUtt
JD IN8 eOOP8. particuUrly In WOOLBS BHjaTS
which yon can ", Li- "X" x
" lArlTAlJ I'll n-n-vavn, ., .
Superintended by Marcus Child,
f ou Iwisb to wear gannrat 3WADB TO OBw
ntu ... ...it. na better than to so to the ker-
obant Tailoring Establishment, next to tha Arcade, sad
select jonr goods from a stock comprising all eolor of
neavtr uiotns. vaesmirc, u . r
lng, and yoa will surely meet with a good fit by parch as
slngat .. n ,.r,-I,a rininoiD
,1 vuAJUtm h.
t ! . .. .
city, a ttraogers, and wUh to pi a OBIf OBH, it
I. H, t. BilwanfaM lit Mil M 1 " 'i
trk. . i. .h,t of BLUB OLOTH and other
artlolaa halonelna to th eotllPSS of aa.efficar oaa b
bad at very moderate pnoes.
In ahnrt anil aa w
tJarcus Childs's,
PropifitoJ cJ thatixteMlT pastow" lOeaUty,
?io, at, as an aa nio nrmtBtt
Ik I ' Oppoett the tt Hons. ,
i ..I ! if T I-.?1 r i. ? A. Ai..
ll-i .. tt ii. m.j .1 a.-JUIN e BOUiv
c it trt v BAIN sa BOH.
- ,-ni i . i i .
rynnT' ahp botb' svb-bsbbboss
V7BHIBX-M0...srs. tmtl0.
Columbus Retail Market.
WEDNESDAY, February 26, 1862.
Th followlB ar th wtall gaouOona h.
Wra. H. HeiUeaaa.WBoleNi aa retail irmr. Me.
Wheat :........loo, o.Soiu r a,,. Jou
Oal ba jr.',". V,.'-SJ If apt do....,..,.,lXoa
Oora en. ........ i. . 5clMolaa raL.., sue
Batter k...... l5c ByruD (af. 80CS1 00
Lard a KAlOe Tee f .....eO,l Wl 8J
Tallow 9 ......... wttiue meuoB f l... nv-e
Dried Apple, f 1 7&S3(WUmb ...., , Sttyiq
Drle ieaeliM.4.S OOOkl 60
Bi B, 10
Whit Beanaf ba.(l WKaU 83
Bimw oa..l eOAl 7S
Baa 9 ton 7(aV8 00
rotatow, bu wwoue
Bait In aack.M. .....ISSIWSe
Bait w bW.. ....... aso
Soap (Box) 9 .... sate
Vloar bbl... Bl tflfji 71
Beef wt,.M.,.w a Ml
Bam ,......... B(S10e
Whit Wheat do 759 00
By Flour bbl... 00
Bhoalder 7r
eaiirontwewt.... uo
uana lee. Opal, bos. . loo
Oheeeef M, V10
Wood eord....
Btaokerel No. 1 hf bbl $ 10 o
Uomlny perboah- 1 OU
Mackerel No 1 qr bbl
Haekerel Nelklta..
SS 5tWhlak
per. tail, ixsi w
M B.Ba 3 BOSS 00
White rith Mr h'f bbl S 85
Whit Blah Dr ar bbl t (W
Bultaa a l&e
voa sua ...,.. t
lg .1; ,boo
Htrrln bbl ......J 00
rnine 13
Corn Heal a...i f ftaVOo1
Wool Twin. IB lb.
Bsg doe....... lOolOnnberrlo B bbl... ft 00
Dried Beef lliaMSttc Dokwhaaif loar a So
IWa-salaiat 84 85(4 80 or. red. sod 83 OOM Si
for white: saarketaoMttM. .....
WiDUT-atUelS! 00. , , , .
Cokb eale at SSo ' ' ' ' "
0n-ales at 83e. - i .....
Bra small sales at e3i50o. -j- '
PoraToaa-eale at 4350o. m
Baam-aal at 87eS 1 35.
BiLT role at $8 O&St? SS per bbl. . .
Wami lu rata at 8 8S W py bbl.
Bociwsbat BuKraal M2e t
Otovaa Bean at 84 OOperboah... - I
Tmorar (ml75aVsOO. - -..
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 26.
C0TI0N-Market more aotir and deeUedly better,
gale on a baet of 84SS3o for middling apian 1.
f LOOB Th marktt Is fnrallf without any ma
terlal ehanga, with only a limited balnee dotng for ez
port and hnme oonioaiptlon. Bale of 9,100 barrel at
BS 90 for eaperBn iUte; B4 70OM 75 for extra
ataiel i 453 SO for eoperfln wee tern I $S 70(34 8
for common to medium extra wntern; tUKS M rot
hipping brand extra round hoop Ohio; 0 15S 7 (or
trade brand, do market eloelof dull.
CANADIAN yii 'Ua Bnlenteady wllh a moderate
bolna doing. Bale of 1400 barrel at t i&atf AO for
snperfi ,e; 5 708 75 for oommon (0 oholo extra.
BYH FLOOB-ialet and steady! small sale at Bl 8S
4 23.
OOBN Ml AL Th market Is qolet and nominally no
WUIBKT Mere actW and Brmar; aaltaof HOObbU
atopenlnir at6BiSexo. Boilololnat7o.
WUKat A HUI mora doing, bat th mart! still
eontlnoee heavy and drooping. Prlyat adyloea by the
niagara are aaia w o nnia,oroi ior noar, wneat and
oom- Bale f SOOO bnahels mixed hipplns at t) 1 33at
1 38; DOS Pennsylvania red at 81 38; 11,800 winter red
weeternat Bl 401 41; 8500 kaihal winter red tteU
at 81 43; SOOO baahela oholo Amber Jereey at 8 1 45;
1000 bnihel white Michigan at Bl 50(31 SS.
BIB Firm wltb sood Inquiry. Bates of 84000 bnah
prime at 858do delivered.
BABLBT Wlthoat decided ehasge. Bales 3500 boah
state at 8S(S83o. -
OOBN Market doll and heavy; sale of 41.000 boah
St t&aUMo for mixed western In (tor and delivered, In
olnd ng a (mall paroel of choice at 84io, OolOla for
new yellow Jersey and MBthera.
OATS-Dall; with sale at 3&40Ko fo, Jama.
Canada, western and state. , -
OOfFBl Bto. aoliv and firm, with a fair bnataeee
doing: sale hay been 1900 bas at lX81s.
Jsiua unlet ana wttnoat ebang in prion.
BU8AB Baw, eontlnat fUm and prloa tending ap.
am; aalea 884 fcbd Ooba MaV7V. U.000 ban Ma-
BOLABBB8 Wlthont mtterlal ehang In price; sales
41 boxahead. 85 barrel and 8 tierces Porto Rise at 11
30 and 10 bbl N. 0. at 41
POttE Opened steady and oloeed flrmr. with a fair
demand, obleBy rpeonlatlve, bat wlthoat material
change) sal 4053 bbl at fll 75914 80 for measi 13 M
14 for prim mess; I5 Md15 7 forelear; 89 50
10 75 far prim. Inolnded In the aales an 1000 bbl
prim, deliverable In Jan and 500 bbl do deliverable
la April and 1009 bbl me tor Jon dUyif, on pri
vate terms.
PBIf Bale steady with a moderate demand, ales
of 800 barrels at 84 OO0B4 50 for country prim. 3
5 50 foroonotry me, B11918 (0 for repacked aseas, $13
75CB1475 for extra mess. ' -
PBIMB MSB BgliP Quiet and flna at S0S92c.
BBBB aAMB-Ooiat an ateadyi sales at 50 bbl at
St l'17o.
OUT MIATS f Ires at eVBSa for ahonlilBra. and 5A
4 for ham.
BACON Bids aalt Brmt sales af 700 box at Vo
western Oomberland eat middle; i)t for do longrlbbed;
7Xe for do short ribbed; 7 Ho for do short clear.
uuuh ureeeea, nrm;(autax9 90 fcn western,
ek5ko for city.
. . e.aiii veanaasera gooa vsnana ana wunrai any
mawnaionangtiapriOM sales or x,cou Darreie at 7K(S
BCTTBB lelllng at 103 13o for Ohio, loVJWIe for
kOb'ebbB Steady at 57e. ' '' ''".' '.' '
SroOKS Irregolar and doll, closing heavy. Oh lea
go and Book Island MS I Oalena At Chicago 8Xt Illi
nois Central serlp preferred 64, Harlem 18; Bndson 35,
New Yerk Central 831 Cleveland and Toledo S; Wobi-
Sa Boathem 84Xi Beading 44; Br I pnferred 5K;
lenaand Ohleago 1st bond loo; United Btatee A' i
retlster 89: Amertoan xold 103 Vi United Bla tea O's
81; Oreeon war loan 81; Hudson td bonda 83: Irearary
7 8.10 Mtf - TnieitM ' 4; MUsonrl ' SflXt Illinois
war loaa 88M Ohleago and Northwestern 8d boaoj
Cincinnati Market.
BLOOB Udull, and the tendency of price ts toward
lower Start. Th sales eomprls 1500 barrels at B4 45
A4 55 foraaprfini 84 8094 85 for extra, aa 4 71
tor family. .. ."
WHBATIadallanadeortnlnf. aalea ef red at 83A
1 00, and white at 1(1 05; ebolo Kentucky white Is
neiaaieiwj. .
, 0TS-Ar dnll at 88 la buBt. -
1lTBatlve .IISiaiLV. . . i-l. I?
' BABLBT Barley Is dull. Halters offer tS for spring
ana fua lar wil ww ooaneiB eaowa rail voia at reo.
' OOBN Is in food demand for ear In balk at 30o.
OOflEB Iiflrmat lKx81Kc. with email salea to
tt country trade at ww for cnoloe Bio. .
BDOAB Is quiet bat firm, at 8X9o for cool Qro
oery lots, and 9M10)i0 for refined yellow and New Or
MOLABBBB BeDalns dull st 38940 for cypres and
MB8B PORK Is dnll. Th bast ettjr brands are free
ly offered at 818. bat th oatsld Dries offered was
8U 75. Country lot war off pad freely on 'Chang at
fit BWSiu vo, witnjui Doysrs.
UtBD la dull at any tninf above 70, at wuob mere
arbayr; (ellenuk 7Xo,
BO LB. ME atb Have declined to 3(e for sholdrs,
and So for aide. loln dnll.
BAOON Can b bad at o and SHo for shonldsrs sad
BULK HAM8 Ar doll st 4tfo, and snxararsd la
fair aeaaaa at ox rc plain, and 79170 ao vatsed.
Money Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 26.
Mor rmr.
Call loans sr maklnc at per eeat.
Tlr.t alua nanar la oaoted at 8 X XI Mr cent
BterUns uohans doll at 1 141 14K for banker's
bills. . -wv '-. ,
AxMrtean told at eel line at KMSJXTrorceni premium i
eiostng at in ineiae raw..
SovenuMni eeeanti sre m nur request, i.m irear
nry note ar lllng at Wkswx.
all! ornla gold bars art heavy at 18 K8 per ent pr
U. B. Dwnand ltot ar to nris( requen at kw per
centpremmm. r
The ateaaur Asia to-day for Liverpool take eat 8900,
wv In speot. i ; '
Baltimore Cattle Market.
Baltimore Cattle Market. BALTIMORE, Feb. 20th.
BIBB C ATT LB Tha offer Inn a th Seal to day
amounted to .1000 head, an looraa, of 800 head en tb
raonlnta of laat week. .-Of lh naxabar offered BIO head
war driven to Washington, 800 toft over unsold, and
tha balana parohsMd by Baltlmorw bntokar and peek
rs at prlre ranting from 8 to B 4 50 per 100 lbs da
Olin 01 w cenis per iuw w ew ww nieei ot ibbs urn.
Bom of tb east eattla broogbs a trifle higher rate
than annrationa. xn aemana was not aouva
Btir in aamana naa aa quit iimttea inu
week, and prlcea nnohangedi sais nay been maa at
S.lXU SOner 108 lbs. . . . r
HOGo The supply Is light, and price ar hlrher,
sales hay been mad thl wek ef goo to prim. II V
nog at 7. poriw nx.
New York Cattle Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 26.
Th correal prices for th week at all th markets ar
i follow! ,- 1 - - - ' -.
Beef Oattl. Bnt oaalltv. 8910e: ordinary. 8V9l
oommon, 7(iS8Mi lnfarior, 7o. '
neeo and umoa. onm. anwiei u per aaaa; tmiina-
ry 4 50129 00) eotmmon, $)m i inferiot S to
4 00.
. Bwlna, oornred, ft xavs so par aaaa; nuina, J 7B
W,, 5 -
ioommeaelng aiABOU lb sad SiPIBBLBBB In.
for Catalog! end OlrenUtr addreas
JOB!. PABKBR, Aeyort Frtfmtt,
f188 Itlonfatarday.
I vt i .t :ii :r-!-i-, si : .r,To
Haying s circulation
Larger ;; by Several Thoiuands,
Than any olUr paper la Ohio, outside of Olsotnnttl,
Which cannot fall to bring
To thoie who tek advantage f them.
f i
. . !il,.' ; . -
I i a '
. DWilbuUd, as it It
hriugh Every Postoffice in Ohio
I found In th hands of
Whosa'pstroasa I valuable, and who seldom see tke
Pally Bdltlon of olty Joarnals; and ss only
4 Ar inssited la Its oolumna, '
.)-. Jf
. --'17 r:- :
.. ." i
i''(i J r
Thsy cannot Ml to
A.ttraot . Attention
la U Looalltle.
;, t f I . - ' '.-' ;t
Advertising In the c,
. I. . i ill!
Will and It advantageous la
The Increase of Trade,
Which Is almost otrtaln to follow an aiteualveJiaaeenlna
,V"o of akaowwdg of lhlr buslneee
. ::. J '
1 i
.v. r.
(if '
i .'. 1 1 . -.
AdvsrttMBBtats latadd fr j j ' l f i
..-. !"'-' ? t ,va vn-,
A1U Ubbsaljf UliUijl
Iboald b kaadsdlabafors Wednesday a oon.
j. ! r.- -'.-i - .;.) I i '-
- Wr" "
,oim.wssani :..( ' .- -.. . . .
, v. . - I lupwlos Oouit. .
Adam Albert ot el.) , ' . . !
BY VIKTfJEOr A writ or ri. FA.
to m direete from th Baperior Court of Prank.
la Bounty, Ohio, I wilt offer for sal at th door
f tb Oonrt Hon,la tb eliy of Oolnmbas, oa
Toesday. tbe 4th daj' of March, A. D. 18C2,
at 8 o'clock P. U; th anexplred term of a leas from
Joha B. Bidlemaa to Adam Albert, of th following
preastae, eltnate la Mootxomery township, Franklin
ooaoty. and Btat of Ohio, an boooded and described
a follow, to wit:. Being twelve (IS) acre of land la
half Beetles nambey four (4), township No 3, range 82,
In tha Befoge land (c ealled), being part of a traot e
tlmaud to sontala twenty acres, audoonveyed by Ba
obael alaUiewi and John Mathews to luces alaiahallky
deed dated July Sib. 18jfl and being (am nremleeason
veyed to John B. Bidlemaa by Local B. Maraliall and
wife by deed dated June auih, 1849. lh lease aforesaid
bear date September 81, 1B48, and ran for th period of
three year from the first day ot Anrll IHfiO ihe rant In
aid teas t b paid by lh laid Adam Albert btlor
! P"""' pajsbls In half yearly pajment, via:
Blx5 00 on tha first of Anril. and a 125 no am th. r.i
day of Ootober of each year of said term, the mid Albert
by said lease being obligated to cultivate said premises
In a SOOd farmllka and husband ilka manner, anil tn I....
th premise at tha exntratlon at the laua In .a
ondltlon as ha received the earns, with ihn
of wear and tear wllh oarefal ne.
u. W. HUFFMAn, Sheriff,
By Bo. Pavi Depaly.
Print.' fee 10i)0. .
EhBturmtiBin, Gout and Hew tUtrla,
All Mercurial Diaoasea.
It If ft eanV8nUntT aMaaa " ' '
S- .n wmU jVSaaUUa VUUUIIUIb1 Bjava
KSiea OOfBDOanri. in im enrn sv m,wA IK. tl.i.a iak .
. .," ' ata-ayaa wan w sassy wiiutni,
War, to the most delicate aeraoa: a ehanee la habits
gJ'T.1" 1 reqolred, and it entirely removes th die
from th system, wlthoat nrodaelne the Inlnrinaa
If -JT?' (ro Pewerful Internal medl-
etoes, whioh weaken and destroy ttMoanatl tattoo, and
MM twin luv ( sialUI n .. '
r, : r ' tuw areatmeai, ta arad-
t.fr),r",0;Ulned ' UBd cobmIo aentaet
With th Mood Bad raaAh the 4ium.. .hMn-K .v..
of the skin, effecUng In eeery inetaaea a perfeet rare,
jad restoring the parte afflicted to a healthy condition.
Thl Band Is also a mostDowarfnl trn.Uin,.,.
Z T. ''.U",,, rHvthytem from thecent.Wou
effecu of Mercury. ModeraL ease are eared In lew
days, and wa ar eonstantly receiving testimonial of it
emcaey In aggravated oases of long (tending.
k'?J''U)t to b had of Drnggtsta generally, or oaa
ba sent by mall or expreee, with full dlreotton for aa.
toanypartof the oountry dlreel from b Principal
Bo. 409 BKOADWAT, Bw Trk.
G. SMITH 4. CO., Sole Proprietor.
N. B DeaortpUve Clrwtlars Bentlree.
A. J. BeHUBLLBB St BOM. Daooatm, Awmt. Ho
877 B. High Bt., bat, friend and Mound, Oelumbas, U.
117 Agemta Wanted Every where.
ftoj 30 North High Street
Oas o Us Largest and Best Mooted Bssar t
. ! ot
House Builders Furnishing
i ' rrenek AAmerleaa
Window Glass
. ' 8A1NT DROVNO III o?x.
aad pat ap la half poand oan for tastily a,atr
i Paint In balk.
t3rualie8 of every variety & quality.
, A Splendid Assortment of
8CtTHE8, 4te.,
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
1 sspeceally Invite th attention of all Interested fo ay
stoek of Pooret sod Table Cutlery, aad
Table, Desert, and Tea Spoons,
Butter Knives, &o.,
St B0Q1BBB A 8808. Manufacture, warranted to be ,
sxtrabaavy, Blootro-Platsd.on genuine Albatta.
Ooazitry Itarshsnts, Hechanlce, and ethers, are Invited
0011 aad exaaln my Stock, as I em prepared to sel
bo!aal ud Betall. Win, A. GILL.
Oolamboa, Ohio, May 8, 1880.
Uachiii8 Mmnfactnriiig Compaay
Castings, KiU-earlat , ltahtay -'.
. , ALSO,'- ' ' -',
ITLeallsroAd 'Worn :
0 BTBBT WSCXlrTIOa. "V ' 1
i)MAB. AH BOS. Bap. - f. AMBOB, r 15
daoU. lH5B-tf - .;,;!,
Sherifl's Sale.'
.' Bemad Brush
Themes Blddl at
Bupatlor Cort
dlreoted, from th Baperior Court of Tree kiln ooan
r, Ohio, I will oner for eel at th door of th Court
louse la Ihe city of Colombo, oa
Satntday, th 93d day of Marob, A. D 18G2,
At an o'oloek, P. M., th followtnf described real es
tate, dtaate b) th el'y of Oolamboe, county of Frank
lin, and State of Ohio, to wit
Being two lota dealgnated lot number fifty two (5?;
and number fifty-three 153), on a plat of sabdlvliloo of
out lot No. 131 end K made by William Pennlsoa.
Jr., and Bobert I. Hell, reewrded In plat record No. I,
peg 87, trsr-klln eraatp reeerde.
Appraised at IrftNo. 53. 00. . , , , ,.
58, 330 00.
a. y. rnrrm aw, BhertB "
" By Kn. PiVls. Dpt,
Printer"! fe i SO . ..' " , "
fbla-dltAwtd . , , .
BjrviiVBBn uauu pu mvo,
nur rtntl DTf f. QIIICTO
eobosiH uihu suiktb.
Hie pattern of these shlrteara new. The Bodies, fetea.
leave an oom are rormea vo bi toe person wltb
aad comfort. Tb mark upon each on designstlnf I
Is mar be relied ea as betaw aorreet, and ewib shin
aarantaed well aaad. A rail (took of all aiaUt
aeBBnil for sal at BA1M a.
aarM. (To. 89 Boath Elxk street.
..A -
: : f

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