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MABTPEKBT ft KILIEB, Publlshsrl.
Fob Ute end interesting news from all quart
is. te our Telegrsphie oolumne. 3 ; ;
Another Caucus of the Confusionists.
Th.ronfasionU'tfofHW Legislature are to
have another: Cancos to-iJgBr, in the.Ball of
., ' .7 ,ii .....ttia'f (T.irt, to nornl-
Date a candidate for Uulted States Senator.' We
. uudtMtwd that the RarJioals undertook to piay
sharp game on the Conservatiwes, bj inauring
thefttteudanoeof aU the forner.enajcsi, euuugu
of th latter to eWe then so electee majoritj
of th Legislature. This scheme eucccoding,
WaD' ;nomInatio"n end . election would, of
follow." The Conscmfiree taking the
. lrmrwiH probably all attend the Caucus, thus
ak!ag it fuU.:.;,We. shall mod tee wnetner
the Coosemtires go Into Ceacus to surrender
."oBMuditionallj.or.toreiU: the nomination pi
'WaM to the last, 'TV -V""' ' ...V
Cur National Debt, Ependitures and
We hae eWlea'dt given a synopsis of the
'raluminoue Internal Tax Bill, reported bribe
eommlttee ol Ways and Means, aod now pend
ing In Congrete. It will undergo discussion,
end probably considerable amendment and alter
ation; but some snob system of Ijeary internal
'.taxation" will doubtless be MSirted to. Ileavj
burdens, lo the shape of taxation, direct or Inr
direot, or both, are among rtrtf inevitable con
sequences of war,. ,IlW stands the case wilh
ost ' ' ' ' -' " . " i
Mr. FisaSNDiN, oi MJoe, e Republican, and
chairman Of the Senate Finance committee,
atated, iu a speech on the Treasury Note bill,
that the public debt of the United States, at the
end of the preneut fiscal year (Juno 30, 1863;,
will be about $750,000,000. The average In
tercet on this debt, at six per cent ,. which is
probably two l an estimate, will be $45,000,.
000 a year.' . .
Mr. Fissindin estimates the budget for all
expenses, aside from the increase of the army
nod navy and interest on the publlo debt, at
$70,000,000 a year Tbie, added to the $45,-
000,000 for iuteres', makee $115,000,000 per
annum, without reference to the enlargement of
our military and naval establishments. These
cannot eoel less than $50,000,000 ft year more
than they did before the breaking out of the
rebellion. It is, therefore, estimated that the
demands on the Treasury, to be met by taxa
tion, direct and indirect, Tor the payment of oor
current yearly expenditures, cannot be leas, for
some two or three years to come, than $165,
000.000, and this too, without diminishing the
principal or the original debt of $750,000,000.
How to raise these $lGb,0C0,000 of current
yearly expenditure, and provide for the gradual
diminution of the principal or funded debt, Is
Che great problem which our rulers have to
solve in some way., Ultimately, these enor
mous expenditures and this great debt must be
paid by the people. Direct and indirect taxa
tion must be the order of the day. The main
point is to distribute the burdens as jufltly and
equitably as possible, and with as little oppres
sion on the great mass of the people as may
As baa been truly said the taxation to come
"will not only be felt, but it will grind as all
pretty fine before we have done paying the first
assessment." When we add to the Federal du
ties and taxation, which we shall have to pay on
almost every article we own or consume, the
Slate aod municipal taxes annually required, It
will amount, as the correspondent of the New
Yotk Evening Pott insists, in many cases, and
especially In the extreme North-western States,
to practical confiscation.
- But what shall be done? . The rebellion must
be pot down and the Union restored, cost what
It will 'Jhese are the objects -for which our
'sons and brothers have gone into the field to
bleed aod die, If need be; and they are the only
objects for which the people will ever absent to
a crushing weight of taxation, that to many
will amount to an absolute forfeiture of their
little all.
Let our rulers (hen beware that, while by
means of war and taxation, burdens are heaped
upon the people almost beyond human endur
anoe, they do not divert tbs war from its legit
imate purpose and object such as was an
nounced by the President in hfs first call for
volunteers in April last, and reiterated by the
present Congress at its extra session in Jolv,
namely, the dispersing of rebellious combina
tions aod the restitution of the constitutional
authority of the Federal Government, with all
the rights ol States nnder the Constitution on
Impaired. be
The Sumter in a Fix.
. i
There is something decidedly good in the
quiet persistence with which the Ta'csrnra
sticks to her duty of watching the rebel priva
teers. Carl
Foiled, by the British Admiralty order,
in her attempt to catch the Nashville, ahe
promptly betook herself to the Mediterranean,
to nab tbe Sumter, which, according to last ac
counts, was lying at Gibraltar, endeavoring to
beg, borrow or steal coal enough to bring ner
back to America. We now hear that the Tus
fiarora is standing guard over the privateer,
and nnder circumstances that are rather inter
sting. She bas taken np ber anchorage at
Urange drove, which, though bringing ber
within three miles of the Sumter, ie still in
Spanish waters. Tbe sinister B.itleh provision
which compels the armed vessels of one bellig
erent to wait twenty-four hours after tbe de
parture of armed vessels of the other belliger
ent, before leaving the port, will therefore have
no application to tbis case; for while the Sum
ter is in a British port, the Tuscarora is in a
Spanish pert, though at such proximity as to
bring the pirate ship within tinge ot ber long
guns! Tbe "situation" is decidedly an inter
estiog one, and we may shortly expect to bear
of a stirring catastrophe.- JV. V. 2imr.
Tbe glorious Union flag, which tba old hero
of the Hermitage so dearly loved, can now be
raised over his grave.
The appropriation bill which has passed
Congress, gives $60,000 to the new Agricultural
Bureau just established. It is understood that
tbe new bureau will institute a series of exper
iments with flax and hemp, with a view to their
substitution for ootton.
A letter from Nashville says that General
Pillow made a speech there ou the evening of
the 17ib, telling the citisens that they (the
rebel forces) wonld flee to the mountains, there
le-organize their scattered forces, and return to
deliver Nashville. He told tbem that the Fed.
eral gunboats were the devil, that he bad trkd
ST The Louisville Journal says a friend sug
gests an amendment to Hudibras, which bas the
merit of being truthful at well as poetical In
reference to the rebels:
Tit who flgliti and runs awy,
My Hva to fglit another flay, " -But.
tb, to to is battl takes ' 1
Is Ui aura way to saTe one's bacon.
The Sumter in a Fix. The Radical Republicans in Council
The Sumter in a Fix. The Radical Republicans in Council —The Cooper Institute Meeting.
uoh-tSlked of Abolition or radical Re
publican meeting was held at the Copper Ineti-
tu',e, Wow York Utty, on friuay n!'u6,
6ih Inst. The object doubtless was to take
tens toward forming a radioal AbollUoa. organ-,
Uition, and la force the Republican party gen
erally, and the Administration, iinto. t& adob-j
tion of the policy of total ana immeui
' The TribuM 'says it was "a large aadju-W
eleatio. demonstration of the popular sentiment
In favor of emanoipaAien as a war measure. ;
Jams A.HamtToa presided. Among the Vice
Preiiidente7wroTiceh'e,rnameji of, Gjtosa
Bancroft, the hlstorlauj Lawis Tappak, the
noted Abolitionist; William Ccllbm Bar ant,
the poet, and editor of the Evening JPoat; and
several noted clergymen, at the Revs.' E; II-
Chann and Giosoi B. Chkvis. ";t',";' ' ' ,
After an address from the President 6( the
meeting, letters apologizing for non-attendance
and sympathising with the purpose" of the
meeting, were read from Charles Suann,
IIinrt, Wilsoii, David Wilisot, Soaqa,,Yy
Julian, Montoomery Blair and others.. ..; i
i ; The 'Mimas of those who controlled the
Cooper Institute meeting, will be seen by' the
resolutions adopted, whlob we give below. The
principles enunciated probably constitute a plan-
form, upon which a glgantio effort will be made
to rally the Radicals and all Republicans ani
''Union Democrats," who are now affiliated with
the .Radicals in what is called the "Union
. Ruolvcd, That inasmuch as our nationality
and democratio institutions are founded apoa
the idea that, "all men are created equal, en(-
dowed by their Creator with the inalienable
rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of aappi.
nets," whatever tends to weaken and deetrty
tbe vital foroe of this idea In the popular heart
constitutes tbe most dangerous and fatal enmity
to the real unity, tine peace and. glory of the
natron. f , . . - i ,
Rttolttd, That national unity, dca by no
means consist alone in tbe conservation ot ter
ritorial domain, but in identity of idea and aft
fection. . in tbe heart of no people can a geuui
Ine love of liberty and the rights of human na.
ture coexist with a toleration oi slavery
Slavery Is treason to the fundamental, idea e
our national existence, and tbe war but its nec-
eesary and legitimate effect. In tbe present
immiutuigrwn, ue lug hu. w uvuwu c-
ry becomes tbertby the abettor of the great
ireaeoui . ; t
Kfolved, That in tbe present extreme exi
gency, brought upon the country by slavery, we
noia me. riant 01 uie iiatiunai uonrumtui to
destroy that sole oauseof all our disasters, not
only to be clearly within tbe Constitution, but
to be imperatively demanded by it. .
First. Upon tbe ground that its exisleneais
wholly Incompatible wltn national aelf-preser
ration. Either the nation must die or slavery
must- ' - v-r.3 .vj.io .
Second. Because the rights and powers con
ferred by tbe laws of w upon all sovereign
ties, and nnder our system ot delegated power
primarily upon tbe President and Congress, con
stitutionally require us destruction, as we only
effectual means of ending the conflict, and te-
cni.unouiUK jKrmausu. uiuui jicun uu
1 1. 1 : .. u : H.t 1 1
And lastly and pre-eminently, because the
supreme jurisdiction of the national Constitu
tion over all the territories now occupied by the
rebel States must be held to be exclusive of tbe
traitorous rebel authorities therein established.
by virtue of which alone slavery now therein
exists, and that wherever the Constitution has
exclusive jurisdiction it ordains liberty and not
slavery. 1 bis is tbe very ground upon which
Ibe people placed the present Administration
in power, and in derogation of which the .rebels
wage tbeir war.
Retolvtd, That while slavery remained upon
Its own ground good citizens might deem them
selves bound by a just respect for the national
Constitution to refrain from dealing with it as
In its own nature it deserved. But. since its
masters have begun a war for its triumph and
the subjugation of our national Government and
free institutions, we deem it our aupremest duty
never to make peace with or cease our oocfliot
with it until it shall be extirpated from the
wnoie land. . .. . , ,
Rtoolttd, That we entertain no Jot of hatred
or nostiiity toward tbe great body of tbe people
of the rebel States; and, therefore, while we
stand ever ready to welcome them to a loyal re
union under our glorious National Constitution,
in the words of the Farewell Address of tbe
Father ot his Country, we desire "that the hap
piness of tbe people of these States may be
made complete uoderstbe AParicn or ubirtt,"
acd not utterly and forever rendered Impossible
by tbe re-mstuution of slavery, we repudiate,
tnoreicre, and utterly repel tbe idea tftat tbe
property and blood of the loyal people ol the
free States are to be wasted without result, in
the suppression of tbe militarv power of the
rebels, in order that the Capitol may in tbe end
surrendered into the bands of the conquered
traitors, and the National Government be agilo
under tbe beel ot tbe slave barons,
Reiohid, Therefore, tbst amid tbe varied
events which are occurring daily during the
momentous struggle in wbicn we are engaged.
is tue duty and toe interest ot tbe trovers
ment and the people to adopt and to advocate
such measures as will Insure nniversal emanci
pation, and thus complete the work whioh tbe
Revolution began. ,
According to this Abolition programme, the
object of the war Is not "the conservation of
territorial domain," but tbe extirpation oi
slavery "from the whole land." But we leave
reader to analyze this disunion platform for
himself. It Is sufficient to add that, after the
of tbe resolutions, the meeting was ad
dressed by Rev. M. D. Conwat, and cloeed by
Schcii, with a long and inflammatory
A Prediction Verifying Itself—Democratic
The New York TTcrW (Republican) a short
time since pnt on record tbe following predic
tion. It eaid; ' , '
' "At toon at the tear draw titiilg to clot,
Ihe Democratic parly unit, in any seenf, tprma up
again in full vigor. Heavy taiMion, the cor-,
ropt squandering of publlo money brought to
Iiuht bv Uoncreasioual committees ot ioveatiga.
tion, and tbe questionable stretches of power
to which the Executive authority bag resorted.
will be charged home upon tbe Republican party,
which was alone responsible lor tbe administra
tion of tbe Government." . "-1. " ZJ-lL
As a oommentarv upon the above, look at the
eity elections which are now.tikiog place in
New York. Read tbe diepatoh from U tics, a
town of twenty thousand Inhabitants; ;
"Utioa, March 4 D. C. Grove, Democrat,
editor of tbe Daily Obierver, was to day re
elected Mayor by 809 majority over Ellis H.
Roberts, Republican, editor of the Morning
Herald. Tbe Democrats elect five out of seven
Aldermen, aod four out of seven Supervisors."
Utlca gave a majority of seventy-five votes
for Lincoln at the last Presidential eleotion over
t'ie votes of Douglas, Bell and Breckinridge
combined. The victory it more gratifying as
Mr. Grove is the editor or a paper wbicb, during
tbe past year, bas been stigmatized by partisaa
malignancy acd deviltry as a "trcaaooable
shoet." The people bave shown what tbev
think of such charges agaicst a well-knows and
popular Democratio citizen. Here is another
dispatch from Troy, a city of thirty tbonsand
inhabitants. We clip it from the AlbaDy (N.
Y ) Argu and Atli$. " , .', ',
"Taot, March 4. Glorious Democratio vic
tory in Troy. . Average Democratic majority
over 400 on the whole ticket. A heavy gln.
Troy sustains tbe Constitution as It Is." t
The Albany Argv gives returns from other
towns thus: . T . ,
"The charter and town election in the village
of Greenbuth took place yesterday, and result
ed In glorious Democratio victory, the old
.rUr InoresR: t. her average Majority by!
. hi.mi.arf. . . he followiv" ; :e the tick
t elen J. by an -'.l ol TWO
li'v. A'DK iil) AND, W i .1-L."
la forifleV jears (says tL,i Catiufagus i?ijuJ.
itcsn) the Democrats have notadf members
eoouglLoa the Board -jrosth speaking of; but
now we can pretty saieiy caiomaia uu a mujun-
r we can pretty saieiy calculate ou a uiujun
i t gives, the result as foUowi-.r ((
Miafs.fv4n 44rH4-H4lV?
losrats f. i1-. ........ S - li
Ibere oHh feesrdout-ortblttj-one. 4n Woi
miner oonntv. a crest Reoublioan stroneholu, tbe
Uemocratt carry six towns to taw ngpuuuuu
a -.-m- - 1.11
ten. Last year toey naa two. inecearw oui
1)8 premonitory -gusts which Indicate the great
Jckueratlo whirlwind that till sweep ovr..ths
frp SttM next fall, and whioh will return
very different House of Representatives from
the present ope atVsshngtoii.T-Cinetii En
qmrtt. ......
CATTARAGUS COUNTY. Legislative Summary.
MONDAY, March 10, 1862.
ScNATBA'netitlon from Delaware oountt
was offered by Air. Sionetf, for, Ahe re-election
of B. F. Wade. Bills pissed second reading in
tegular order.' -".Mr. Ready, introduced bills, To
provide fo rhS' assessment "Ol "an' additional
(oad tax fey township 'trustees; To provide for
and reeulate the sayotent ot cenasel forservl
cet rendered in theproseoation ot the bank fax
aaaea..vi. ,,?..n'S - ."'
. Uenate bills for the rc-wganltion-of the
State militia, were np In the committee of tte
Wbole, oocapyiog most of the time to-day, end
were laid on tbe table. utott Mtn.it.
i The Senate was lnlornsd that thirty-three bf
tbe. pbysioia'na. lhati passed examination, have
iu Hceivtd appotiitment as sorgeone flr sselst
ants In tboansy.t-i r:"' a t w t
Tb Houseiameadment tb tfae bill -to allow
the counoil olMlamtsburx te appropriate meney,
ie, 40 strike out all of esctton 9 after the' word
"n?rellie.'l ia line 4 of sm esotlonr1 Sen
ate s greed to the amendment. Senator Bierce
baring reoairerLa snb-osn to attend' conrt In
Portage ooanty, asked) leave of absenoe, which
was not grantee, eatne grouaa mat ii wouia
take one vote front the Fen on Oatens4b-rii6rrow
evening ' 'VI"1,J
r- How. PitlrlonS vete Dresented and 'refer
red from Pickaway fcountj---fo a tliaDqe,f
lawriu regara to aircn'rg ana urnjiuiugBiu
that (he enfof ocmect of tbe law be left to tbe
Tniriuhln Trutpi'1 To Tireveflt -tnlmleriition
0f negroes Into the State. Bill) pWed second
reading In regular" order and were referred to
committees. ' - ' '"-' '' ! ' '
Oo tnoiion of Mr. Howe, senate DUia w ana
97 were ordered back from standibg pommittees
and laid On tne table and orcerea 10 De nrtotea
1 IHr. M.nh hill. To rental ah act for the de
fense Of tbe Interests of turnpike "and plank
rod eomnaD es.-Daased Mav 1st. ItBl. vaa in
definitely noetnooed. ' , '.'.''".."
- The vote for indefinite postponement of II
B No.100 was reconsidered, and the bill refer
red te the eommlttee On Roads and flfauwavr,
Numeroes bills passed tbe second f&adiu;r, and
were regularly referred. " Bills were introduced,
To amend section lis of an act entitled "an
act of 'the' Jurisdiction 'e'nd procedure before
Justices of tbe Peace arid tbe duties of Consta
bles in civil case," passed March' 14, 1853;
Regulating ministerial rectJon No. 29, In Delbi
township, Hamilton county; To amend section
431 of tbe eode of civil1 procedure: Relative to
- w - .
eOUtetrjp'S Ot COOrt-SOa tO TeOCUl seCttOD HO 01
Bills pa;eeil--To rniUo tbe Town Council of
tbe Incorporated village of Mismisbuxg.tQ ap
propriate private money in a curiam case there
in namedj also the bill' making partial appro
priations for tbe rebiti ntitry, as amended, by
the Senate. : 7 " .;.
The bill. To" extend the jurlsJiciion of Jus
tices in certain civil suits, was Indefinitely post
poned, several bills were engrossed, lor third
reading to-morrow. ' . 'V ,"
' The committee to whom' wete referred the
remonstrances egatnat extending, the time for
tbe fencing of railroads, reported that there, is
a bill now pending before the House, which is
sumcient lor tbe present, and were discharged
from further consideration. " ',. ; '
Mr. Montgomery offered the following, which
was laid over nnder the rule; '
Rtoolted, That the Interests of the State de
mand thai ' all business ot minor importanoe
De deterred, and ibat we proceed at once to dis
trict the State for congressional purposes; to
pass a general apportionment bill; ft bill to re
organize the militia, and adjourn" to meet on the
1st Monday In January, low. ." ;
Tbe House refused to take from the table
Mr. Dickmas's resolution relative to tbe Preai
dent's special mcsssge. , Upon tbe motion to
take from the table the rote stood yeas 39,
nays... . - , .
Local Matters.
l CTThe Legislative Fusion Senatorial Cauous,
which stands adjourned over from last Thurs
day evening, i to 'reassemble again tonight.
Toe indications, are that strong efforts wis! be
made te whip the "Union Democrats" acd the
conservative members Into' the radical traces,
Tbe people will soon tee who among bem have
the "backbone? to stand firmly and nflinob
ingly npon tbe conservative Union platform oh
which they were elected." ". .
OT, The Rttereni Doctor RBrownlow Smith
waa brought before the Mayor yesterday morn
log, and plead guilty id tbe charge of drunken
ness, tlit Honor fined bim $7 and costs, which
were paid. This is probably the yiaaie of the
Rtvtrtni Dot tor 'i xblbititmt of himself In
Columbus.' V f. -:-::: t'wsi-- r.
Fire In a Bohool Bdilpino. -A fir broke out
yesterday forenoon, in the High School building
Town street, in the room In the second sto
ry, occupied by Miss Pientlce. The fire caught
the furnace, and was .soon extinguished
itbont tbe aid of the fire engines. ' Fr a
while, as may naturally be supposed, the schools
were thrown into a great fright and confusion.
"nobody was hurt,') and very little damage
done. - .. "' .I ''
... , . , , i t t ,
Death or W. W. Fosoicx William, W
Fosdick, well known t as a, man o( genius, a
wrltorand a poet, died in Cindonati.tm Satnr
Match. 8, alter a-brief -t lnes, of disease
the fcetrt; combined with paralysis'. ' He was
born' in Cincinnati, January 23, 1830, being a
of, Tbomas K. ro?aicx, a Dancer 'ano
merchant.' Ilia mother waa the popular aotreta,
Julia Drake. He graduated at TraDsylrania
University, Lexiugton, Ky., studied law, trav
in Mexico, and practiced hie profession for
several yeare lo New York City.1- He publish
various literary works, including numerous
poems. The last four or five years, of his life
passed in hie native city, Cmoiooati. The
G(seysof him: 1 ' ',''..t
His cenins was versatile, but made its loftiest
happiest flights when setting forth the bean,
of his native West that West which he so
fondly loved He died without an enemy, and
many a sorrowing memory will.be aroused by
perusal .or bis cbarmmg songs, long aiter
author shall have moldered to ,dut. , ...
ST The Pique (O ) Eqttr .informed
some forty of the colored residents' there
ftbonia will leave" for najtidurlgg'.'Jhe.' latter
of tbis month. , , t .'. '
. ,. " . i. ,i ''i'Mvh:: ,'
Reccmt Diatks Judge Allen; of Napoleon,
on Wednesday fast; Nathaniel Leggctt, of
Waueeon on the 22J; Lejl, Cunningham, of
Wllliaas, last week.'; Tbeee were 'pronilBent
respected citisens Id tbelr respective corin-
- n ' " "
l- " i'- : 4i I .-v u
Daniel Ssckf I, Banker and ex teosive opera
in Real Estate and Riflroadi, died, also,
Wcehtfy at big' residence', 1n Dajton, 'Ohloof
B? (n?-' it of the Commnndlde .Oilier," the
Band of UO lUlh U. K Infantry, created no
on tbe Frenoh basit (M. performers), will give
an Instrumental Concert, atNaugbton liaison
Tuesday evwulug, Alarob. -11th, for tbe benefit
it th SiiM;i..l A III . . -w- ,r
Aonia Laurla ..,.,..j!Baop
La Miierere, Opara of II Trovatort.
Tbs Ballow( UonawMtSf lr...
lexsuatl. Oiraj.of Bon Jaidaail.,..).-'!
fives st 4hee.. .Jyi-vv-
Cboro, Opera of La Bomnabale...
Baqael QuAdrlllt
Anvil Choral, Opera of II Trorators...
Obampagnlar Otllop.,
Balut a' fngns folkar
OAvatlna. Oneraol 11 TroTtor.
'Finals. Osera at Lucia is Lamnenaoori.
r- muro Arrangea ojr . xrigg, nur. ,
Seleoted soats at SO cents, cnjbc procured of
SeUketLOVehsto. William Blynn, and J. H.
Riley. Gallery seats, and seats not selected,
S2S cente can be obtained tat the:officei pi the
Hall."'D(re operkt T o'clock. Overture to
oommenoe at quarter to eight precisely.
. rf , . i !' ' : '
Fire In a Church. At about six o'clock laa(
Saturday ttomidg, the high altar bf tb Tilolty:
(Catholic) Church In Cincinnati, on Fifth
street bear Mound, was discovered to be on fire.
The sexton arooied a fire company, which soon
uoceeded in extinguishing the flames. Tbe
lo:s sustained is In the partial destruction of
the decorations of the, altar. ( Among other
thlogwc(,yer fioi oil paintings, representing
tbe "Holy Trinity" aod the "Twelve Apos
tles," were completely destroyed. 'Tho Origin
of the fire Is unknown, but it was doubtless ac
cidental. The loss Is nearly $9,000, but Is fol
ly covered by Insurance in . tbe Merchants' and
Manufacturers' Royal and City Insurance Com.
panles. '" I
.. T I"-''
Council Psoclidinoj. At the meeting of tbe
City Council last evening, Mr. Stauring present,
ed the petition of Jobq Wallsmltl) and others
for paving and guttering Fifth ' alley south of
Sjiith Piiblio Lane, and running from High to
Third street. Referred to committee of Fifth
Ward.., . .. v. , ;. v; ; ; ,-, .
Mi1 Dbuty Introduced an ordinance to grade
and pive the gutteis and gravel this sidewalks
oo ihe north side of Spring street from Latham
ttreef to 4 point 250 feet east thereof.' Read the
h'stlime. ,,;'i-7 5rt).- '.
tltl'e ordinance to grade and pave on the east
side of Third street between Publio alley and
Broad street, was read the third time and pass
ed. ":; : ..
The btdlAice to'vacalo Rachel's alWy was
read the third timOj and referred 'lo' thE City
Solicitor, with Instruollons to report as t1) tbe
power of the Council o vaoate said alley.
1 be ordinance fixing the silary of tbe City
Treapurer it (000, wis rea d the third time, acd
referred U the committee, on .Ordinances acd
Me. Deuty offered a resolution, which was
adopted, icstracting the City Civil, Engineer to
procure afrimo (cast not to exceed two dollars)
for the new City Plat, nnd to cause tbe sime to
ba placed in',tbtf''yest;hu'le,of the City Poet-
ST Three individuals, arrested by olfler
Huffjien, on Siturday'afteraoon, for fighting at
Speed's saloon,, on North High street, were,
yesterday, fined by the JVIajor three dollars and
oosts. Two, In default of payment, were lock-
PiNNtT't Maeo.ce Ball. We bave always
been oppctsd to anything of this kind, and have
ever advocated that all gatherings should meat,
either morally, politically or socially, face to
face, and tbis s our present, creed; and this la
exactly tbe position our friend, S. S. Pinney
takes to bring -friends together, face to face.
where onr fanlts, if we have any, shall be seen
as others see ns; and we cordially recommend
to all who are not averse to showing themselves
to their friends and ncigUhprs, to attend Mr.
Pinney's Ball, as his motto is, and ever will be
"Blood will tell." j ;
Afier his matquerade on the 20 di Inst , Mr
Piuney contemplates a juvenllle "Bil Masque"
for the amusement of children. By the way
we will wait for the event of the 20th "The
Ides of March."
"Lo, the CodQrMoa " The immortal "J
N.," tbe unrivaled orator, philosopher and sat
irist, Held fortn to a Urge audleooe at the Cap!
tol last night, the Hall of the House oi Repre
eentattves bavins been granted to bim bv reeo
lution for that purpose. The "Immortal" was
bold and fearless on the war ouestioa. and
proved bejond the shadow of the least possible
aouDt, tnat "trutn is mignty ana most prevail
The audience were hlghlv impresed with his
originality and reasoning, and manifested their
approbation, of bis pmiosopby by frequent out
burst! of applanse. Tbe "Immortal" (roes
Harrisburgh (Pa) Telegraph,
Feb. 11.
The "Immortal J, N." bas returned from his
Eastern tour.and Is'now In the city. ' He will
lecture in Newark this, evening. , , Subject
"Truth and War." .-
Dissolution ' of Co-Partnership.
THIS Oo-Partnerablp heretofore existing nnder tb
firm of 8T0.NJE at BiSTABEOOK, la thiaday dissolv
by mutual convent. All account and notes due the
above nrm mwtbeiettled without delay.
J. n. PIUNI,
V ;:";- ' ' . . h. EBtABROOK.
' " ' " j h : n
Notice of Go-Partnership,
T'Dlt undertiined have tbli day formed a Co-Partner
X ehip under the ittle of STONB Jc LEWIS. and will
oontlnue tb Wholeial and Betall Dry Good basinet
tn oia siana, no. s, uwynne nioca.
. . J. B. BTUNS1
" ' ' . '' ...... A. P. IEWIS
March 11-aa.wlai. '
In the Orphan's Court of North-
'L'J Ll L rt . '
ampion ivoumy. uoznmon-
IN th matter of th partition and valuation of th
Beat Vital of Harv Htreepf. lat ef tn towoahio of
upper jnouni netneir veunty anaeiaie arorera'.u, ae
To the HArt vnd Legal Rtprctentaiitti oj laid
"TAKE KOTItlE thai ht virtus of a writ of Par-
title eod Valuation iaaued ont of the mid Court, and to
Sheriff of said ooanty directed, the undersigned will,
On Tuetday,th$ lilhday of April ntxt, ,
10 o'clock, A at , on th premises, In lh township of
upper 'Mount Betbel, eouniy arorania, unoa ue eu
and affirmation of twelv good and lawful men of hi
bailiwick, make partition or valution of th Baal Ettat
old fleceaaed, according to the law of tn Oommon.
wealth of Pennsylvania in uch eaees mad and provided,
which time and place all partle Interested In the earn
may attend It they ehooe. l'hat a return of th pro
seeding on aald writ will be made by the undersigned to
aald Orphan' Court, to be bolden at Baston, on f ri
ds, the Uia da of April next. - i
IUOMAB HKOKMAir, sheriff.
Sherlfl'i Office, luton, Feb, S7, 18. ' ," 1 '
MaieJH3-w6w... . ' " . ..''. "'''-
, t Oaae tTo. 1 Oovernment Nntojoegt .
I'S l.P.
JTrHU (JloT. , ( , ,r .r a .:.
t.v '
'iT It.
10 boxea Oltron.
j,; W "... layer do.
x,100drue 'iitv--v - n
, . . oaaki Eant Corrants, tte. etc.
InjtorJra!bri V,''
aovlf loeaoutaHighlUwrt;
TO EVE!iY. 31ED2il
TT Is an lndiiai(Al. fact, that if any I
enon wants tm
JL or i
thosa eomlorulil EHQU1MATJI BBAVlftt OVIB
COAia.ba wui esoallv Aod lka -in tanra qnnUltoi tA
IS. . y -. - r . ".
any parson dei Irnai of Swntog on of the late style
of &MAVKB OTBU OOAltf, with sap attaobad,
don't break your beads to learn wntre to And then, but
vf8l Oppo-it ths Btot Hoose. . ijc!,
Ton will flod them there In all oolora, kept by '
t .ia i--Tj uu MARCUS CHILDS.
DID yoa never wear any Otith BILE MIItD CAB
BIMKRH BUITH, whioh art sold at tb Capital Oity
Arcade t Hmh In and yon will And them la piles, at ,
i -j- ; -T MARCU8 ,CaiLP8'8.
Y6t ma also to la' want of PANTS and TESTS, and
there li bat on eatablUhment In tbe Vest when
Panta and Veil an to be had la all atrlpe, shipes
tylea, quantities and qnalltlee, tnd that piece la the
" t , ' ' i :
DON'T forget the eztenilv auortment of fURNISn
which you can And In "Red, white end bine," at tb .
a" ',. Superintended by Uaraus OhiUU,
j . . - r - -
IF "yon wih to wear garments MADE TO OR.
DEK, you eaa da no better than to go to th Mer
chant Tailoring Betabllaluncat, next to th Arcade, and
select yonr goodi from a took eomprliuig all colors of
Beaver Cloths, Canlmerea, Bilk Velvet and PluehVeit
Inge, and you will sural meet with a. good At by purohas
MILITARY GKNTLXMEN, when they come to this
city, as itrangera, and wUh to get a UNirORU, it
la to their best advantage tn call at
' r -. 71 I I l ;
Where a large auortment of BtTJS CLOTH and other
artlolet belonging lo tbe qnipge of an officer can be
bad at very moderate prices,
fa short eaU at - ' !i ' '
4 Marcus Childss,
Proprietor of that extenilv builneas locality, .
, NO. 21, S3 and 85 IUCH STHISfX
OpBoalt th Btat Bouie. -
..'.4 ' . I .i ' OV ,1 I
:,'.',. I will sell any gooda In my 8 tore - "',-';"
Por C ASH ONLY for thirty days from this date. Thets
Goods were bought at former prices, being much lower
Ihanany now In tn new lore- stanret.-
. Oolambus, March 1, 1882-3w. ( ;iJ -( ,
. 20 & 28 Karl fetxeet, , j
Haughtpn, Sawyer & Co
Are prepared to (ffer lolhelr cuilomtra and the trade
general ly, an nautnally large tworhcent or Dry Ooodi
consmipg ol
Cotton Goods.
' JOHN ADAM9, 4-4 & 8, .'
JOHN HANCOCK, 4-4 & 9-8.
. -. DENIMS, ;'
t V. - ' STRIPES, h :
, . . . , CAMBRICS, ,.
. "... - : - CORSET JEAN 3.
Wlilte Good., lilnen., Glove and
Ilotry, Slilrta and Drawsri,
Yarn, Small Wares, Sec. Sec.
Caaalnicres, and '
Doeskins, in
Oxford Mixed,
Cadet, Brown,'
Drab and Mulbery,
Black Doeskins, . , .
Fancy Cassimerca,
Sky-Blue Kerseys ,
A tare aaaortment of ID WARD HARRIS' Oelehralxt
rancy ana Double and iwlat . u,.
Oassimeres. (
Army Clothing.
ARM Y BLANKETS, Regulation..
And a large stock of '
Carpetings & Mattings,
,26 and 28 Pearl Street '
feb!5-d6w ' '"''
No. 106, South High Street
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Jlyl i , ,. ', i.
' ' V BAIMfcBON.-.
nrniiairer m.J.s3. W. rnniveiwl
siaa juirecii.,in n, mt-ilKN.
treasurer ...m.JUUN Bl. KIrvKV.J
ovonin 4.ri.H...t.M....,.a.jii,m sSa.
r hr
---- f ' VV
Blacl: Eyed Susan
Tuesday Marcliil, 1862.
s performance will commence with the Drama,, In
; i .-', tweaots.of the !i '" ' " v:,u' " ;
Mr. D, B, It ALTON.
To conclude with th Nautical Drams of
J la!
, - !" It V.. ''" 1
WIlXAH.?.v.;M:,;i..;.'.....Ur. . KALTOM
8D8AN..-U ...imj..i'.'f . ..'.IIATTIH BER WARD.
the Webb sisters
l 'Will thortlv appear
" - .1 ', "' I . . ! i ::. Ki-'
80ALBI of triobbJ ;;'
SO cent!
Dreei Circle...
famllj Oirole.
. .... . ..., a.M.v '.. ...w viuiii
. 1 . 1
Doors open at 7.: OartaHi wIlfMie at 7,' -
' .. .. . " j - : ..
To th malifiti eofrrs of tit eity ofTColumlut
An' election will be held In aald city on Monday, the
7th day of April next, at the place of holding auch elec
tion!, asdeicrlbed below, for the fallowing city officers,
to-wlt: - Marihal, Treasurer, two Ichool. Dlreotort and
on trnstee to aot aa Memlwr of the City Couucil for
each of the ward, of said city.
The polls will be open from 6 o'clock A. Si. nntll
o'clock P. M , at the following; p'acea:
lit We'd At Horth Engine House.
'd Kii .. . Hucneye House
3d ,r., T United States Hotel.
Stb " . , Capitol Engine Honae.
3th H ' Bouth Engine House. , ,
To the qualified elector of the citytf Columbut
The City Council of Columbns, at Its' last meeting,
Marcn 3d, leutt paasea tneroiiow:ng reaoiution:
Rttolxti, That th Mayor be instructed to blue
proclamation forthwith to th qualified eleolora of the
city of Columbus, calling npon them to yoic at the elec
tion on the first Mond.y of April next, for or sgalnac
tne annexation to tne city or uoinmnua, or ine coutign
ons territory described in ihe first section of an Onl!
nancs "To extend tte corporate limit of the city of
Uoluoibus, and to add additional territory to tne same,"
pasted at thia meeting of the-Council and In accordance
Wliu ham awxroa section oi am vroinaoeet 1 - - - -Mow,
therefore, and in compliance wi'h aald retolu
tion, the qualified elector of the oily of Columbus are
respectfully requeued and called npon to rote on the
7ib day ot April next, being the first Monday of Hid
month, at the place where the city election 1 held on
that day, Oft or AGAINST the annexation to the city
of Columbus of the contiguous territory, described In
the first section of an Ordinate of said city. ''To ex
tend tbe corporal limit of the city of Colnmbut, and to
ana additional territory to tne some," pasted March 3d,
im. which la as follow:
BiOTionl. Be It-ordained and enacted by the 'City
uonncu n in city or uoiumbui, tnat me corporate lim
it of the city of Columbus shall ba extended aa follow,,
to wit: Beginning n th eeuth line of X section No. 23,
where the said line eroasee the Columbus feeder of the
Ohio Canal, and running westward) on the .aid aonth
line of half Motion No. 20 produced, nntil it Intersect,
me west ewe or liUoas street (in jn. li. aunivani', west
ern addition) produoed; thence northwardly with the
west tide of aaid Lncaa street and the west tide of Plnm
street (in Bullirant's western addition) produced, to
the middle of the Scioto river; thence doeniaid river
with the meandering thereof to the east line o half see
tion Ro. ti tbeno with th east line of half section
No. 8 produced, to the north line of Montgomery
township; thence on aald township line 'eastwardly to
theeastllne of Fhelan' Mount Pleasant addition pro
duced; thence southwardly with the east line of Mount
rieasant prouueed to tne middle line of nair section No
ll; thence with aaid middle line of half aeotlon No. 1
eastwardly to Its intersection with Ihe Lockwin Plank
Road; thene In ald road Ie) the northwest corner ol
Robert Nell's addition of out-lots and In-lots: thence
eastwaruiy witn tne nortn line or Kobert reil a addition
to pi northeast corner thereof; Ihenoa southwardly
aiong ine east line oi uooert neu a addition to tn.
south side of the Johnstown Plank Boad: thence east
wardly with the south aide of the Johnstown Plank
itoad to tne east side of JC,m Avenue; thence southward
ly with the eaatslde of said Elm Avenue produced to the
north line of Ricklv'a anbdivislon: tbence eattwardlv
with the north line of Bickly'i subdivision to the east
lite of half section No. 24; thence southwardly with the
east line of aald half section No. 24 and the east line of
half section No. 30 to the southeast corner t Q. W.
Ueyl's addition: thence westwardlv on the south Una of
O. W. Ueyl's addition produced to the west side of the
Columbus and Oroveport Turnpike; thence with the
a est aide of Mid Columbus and Oroveport TurnpUl
southward I v to th southeast oorner or Franots grew-
art'a land in half section No. 29; .thence with said Stew
art south tin westward ly to th Columbus feeder of
ine unto uanai; tbence wltn tne east side of said Colunv
ou seeder northwardly t tne beginning. ' - v :
- vvkak tuomab, Mayor.
March S, 1889-dtdwlt
Of MARCH. 1802. and between the konrw nf II
o'clock A, M. and 4 o'clock P. M.. the Oalumbu,
Woolen Manufacturing Company will sell to Ihe higheat
uiuuer, at us onto in uoinmoaa, unto, at panne vendue,
a lot of light bine Bereevs, of about 15,651 V yards,
weighing eleven onncee to taeiard, ArmyvVloth, for
unitary Jtegnlation Cloaks, manufactured to order, and
a good article. .. '
The attention of all persons Interested In this kind
or goous i invited.
lermacasn. Balepoiltive. - " '" '
Ibe Columbus Woolen Manofac'nrlog Oo -
By J. t. BUUOK, Treasurer
mchl-dtd. - .
220 8. High 8t , Three Doors Sooth ot Rich.
TTATINQ jnit returned from the Bast, I am now Pre
XI pared to offer to the publlo th best assortment of
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
such as Cloths, Oasslmeres and Testings, to be found in
the city, made np In the richest and neatest tylea ol
msuion, wnicn i will oner at tne lowest rates ror cam.
, JOHN uuari'Ku,
mei8 dlt '. . . Merchant Tailor.
Practical Forms and Precedents
BY p". B. "WIIjCJOX.
PRI0E 93 00-0oplei will be mailed prepaid tm
receipt of the price.
. - J09JPH H. RItBT It CO.,
Publishers and I.aw Bookie. Ie
MVrehS, 9ld4tw. , , . . -. -
Sheriff's Sale.
John Miller Superior Coutt
n Miller
vs. , I
llsonetal. I
of .
B. Wilson et al. J Franklin County, Ohio.
B7 virtu of a writ of vend! to me directed from ths
above named Ocart I will oiler for ails at th
warehouse of B. VUob efc Bon, Writ Broad street, lu
the city of Columbus, on ,
Monday tbe 17tb da; of March, A. D. 18C2.
at 8 o'clock P. M . , the fallowing described property, to
Wit: .
Twenty-Bin (29; barrel or Whisky. '
fcJ . . . ' W' UUMAtr8b.,tlf,
Printer's fees 5 50. . .. ,
ma6-dtd.... ' .:-!'' Ki.?,'.J.
pure wines, "v;;
i '.wl
. Sot medicinal parpeeet, lor sal by
loe South High street.
,1 Slight ColdfCough,
Jl'ani'ai'jieaa, or Sfat
jSUitoxait) whuihttrUffht .l .
checked with a oimple ren
,?.;? if nMjrleated. cfl!L
ihe. importance. stopping a rfautjJL fr
0tLafLt field in, its Jiret stage) that
(jtJfi"wwT' wouW
a mild remedy, if not attended, tb, eoon,
&tiiitfto,ihe:-l,unge:ii , .- ; i i ' : 0
tre. f.rat'Ltntrodxmi .eleven Heart, ago.
, H )tn. proved that they are the
artieh bfor the - publia for ftaufLi
fiaLd,'$j-an.clA.VLa., jfttthma,
fata, fth., the Hacking Cough in fieri'
mimjitian., and numerous affections 'of
the'fjlh.fajxt; giving immediate relief,
Vtibiie) Speakers and Singers,
wiU 'find them effectual for olearins and
J Sold by all Qprugglsta and QJealer tn
yfedioine, at P,S oenta per box.
'. Tot sale, wholesale or retail, by ' " ,
. . a. ROBERTS. Drul.l.-
no. aenorin nigusuwet,
, , 4uoll);dWs I .. ::t''-- '.' "
' 1 11 . ' ' , 1 1 1 i i
Urop.ie are cn red by Brandreihu .
Wit 5-.ll It I PIUS. . - ;
Thl form of distai Is occsilonei b; th exhaltnA a
terles throwing ent a greater quantity of fluid, than ths
absorbent take- p. BBANDEETH'S PIILS onvy
by qagic, as It were, an impulse to the remoteitextreml.
Ue,' arousing their absorbent to action, and la cat of
swelling or water; deposit, awakening ths deeping en
ergies of thoee vessels. '
SEKAT0U BBLLINOEB, of Herkimer Hew York,
WA afreet sufferer from a dropsical affectloo of more
than a year' duraUen. He derive no material help
from fka prescriptions of his physicians, wh la fact
gava h'nt t,o enoentand that his caa wa hoptle. By
apparently U merest chance, th qualities of BRAND
BBIH'S PULS wwe brought lo Us notice. Os be can
their nse at one and with strong hope for he oompr
henfjedth brioclpl of car. , II perterered with tbem
for three months, taking often a many as filteoa pUU a
day, bat( alaayS making It aruls to take luffloleut to
purge In 'the most eflecteal manner twle orjhrlcea
wek This flRBBTBBAKCB waa rewarded by a per
fect reitoratlon, to health, fhlch hi continued to thl
Sold by Joe ti Cool, Druggist, Oolumbus, and by
all respecUble dealer In medicine. ., , ,
febSO-dkwlm . .; , -t ,. i
Or Those CenteiuplatlnB; ITlarrlare.
THI nndsratglisd will gtvelnfonbaUoaoq a veryo.
UrttHnf and important sncjtot, which tilt to valu
ed more than a thousand times Its oost by every aiariied
coop! of any age or condition In Hfes The Information
will be ae'nf by aaall to any address on th receipt of BJ
sent fr) and ons red stamp'. - ., - u v
All letters thoaU to tddrewed to' ."
" ' ''r H. B. alORKItt," M.-W.'m
,'Bciuored from Hie old Office.
Dr. A. B. VILLUS!, V. Broadway, near High St.,
Qolnmtfu, O.ha devofcd blmsetr1 for a series of yeSra
to th treatment of certain private dUcaaei, Ho may he
consulted at hleofOpe on 'Broadway, sear thBxcbang
-janisd'tr' " '
.... I
t ; i !
; ,';' iPtMMDtT :.'S4UIPPKD ."" B-' . -
IMP B O V E p , H A C H li EE Y
.. AND ' i':
ka i ft..
N. W. LEPAVOIt, Supt:
, ,N0S.'3 H 30, 88 KOBtn BiaH STRGlHv
Statesman Balldinrr, tJecon! floer
oyer n. Newlna's State (StesiMt J
Printing lloom. ... ,
l'--''. .' :y ' ' ' ' v;.
tj - i
extra' sdbstantial' '' '
With or without Printed Headings, on Bupar'or Paper,
. . . 4RULED AND BOUND r.-
To an; required Pattern .
;i."i ' K
Lowest Price.
tarnished at the
By the Edition or Single Volume
-..,"'!! PAPERS, '
Bonn! in any Required Btym.
i - Por Publlo and Private libraries. ' :' i -Orders
from abroad will receive nromut and anaelal
attention. Address,
J. H. RILEY.' ' ' or. N. W. LEFAVOR
Bookseller and SUtioner, . Superintendent -
is Boum align street. rranklin Bindery,
novl-dtf . -. , v. .
J. H. & V. KCERfJER.
., ....... -w.. . - . ,
Corner of Broad & Front Street
i us A
...... r ' ., ..itJa
-' l.-
FI0TJK,r SALT, .ItatOfiSf aETC.
?A1 ;
0CtS$-dl ,

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