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l)t (Dip Statoman
Rail Road Time Table.
Bhowlni lb arrival and departure of tnlni at Oolum
k. On ud after November 17, 1801, train will run es
el town
iirrui Mum St Ottmoa Xnu B.
Leave. Arrlv.
Oaolnnatl Accommodation . 0:09 A. U. 9:25 P. II.
Onctnnatl bpiw 1.30 P. M. lili P. M.
MlandAooommodatlon... 8:46P.M. II18OA.M.
light Bxpr, via Dayton, 1:00 A. M. i.iik.U
"' Jo. W. Pobbltt, Agent
OotoiitDi Out bla B ft.
light lipmiit.-Mi
lew York Bxpr
OarnuiOaio B. H
It. I Bxpree
lo. t Bxpr
Bo. 4 Ixpreee to Newark,
1:00 A. II.
. 1:15 P.M.
12:30 A. at
1mm Pattxiou, Agnl.
4:00 A. M.
3:30 P. M.
1:85 P. M.
18:50 A. M
1:01 P. H
W. J.
Iiu, Agtnt.
PlTTWDMB, 01.01101 OuMUUATl E. B.
ellTrntn 4:00 A.M. 1:0 P. M
Bxpreei Train..... IMP. M. 18 50 A.M.
Jot. Roiiniox, Agent
OouHtui iMBuiantn, B. A.
(Ondiiiii PlQ.UA IUA B. B. )
0. 1 BxprtM 7:19 A. M. 11:45 A. H.
0.8 3:00 P.M. 0:00 P. M.
a. A. Bill, Agent
State and Local News.
Tbi New York World can
Binder 00 State street.
be bid daily of
Two Ohio regiment re known to bare par
Uotpated la the battle of Fredericksburg- the
Fourth and Eighth.
Cobhbals C. Tatxob, Luis and Emt, of
the Elghtl if'' were, among the wounded at
Frederlcksb wmIcl
IthcT m
Taxes. The" "-ed bJ ' fw the PJ'
ment ef taxes at ,'vrtiaeu.ty Treasurers' offices
expires to-morrow (wMt the SOlb (net.
BaiaaoitB Ginibal'
Camp Dennlson, reports y
two men In the hospital a
m "
Soboeons Jas. T. EdwaidJ r
command at I
and W. O. Schenck of the 36.u u NrtT
Mn a . . ,. leMiuaae.l
. Dageofleld of the 86th, hare ft,, , , .
T. ..nuA .tmJl .f a,.A
.... y .u --
Caair r .ken IlartevlUe, : ."0 been re.
lo Camp Cj e, l' await exeu.'.rgs None (.1
me offloers tnkon were paroled.
Sixtcsn noNDaio amd bix of the troops pi.
roled in ib. U'.e affair at Hartsville hare been
sent forw:.rl to Camp Chase. The will (here
wait an txcha- 30.
Th Second CaT&lrj, numbering five hundred
and seyentj men, passed through here, on the
17th Inst., en rout' from Kansas to Camp Den
Bison. John Kiaoi, of Cincinnati, is appointed As
sistant fiorgeon of the 107th, and Pjerre S.
Starr, of the same place, Assistant Surgeon of
the 39th Oblo.
Pbomotions have been made Iq the Sixth
Ohio as follows: Lieutenant James M. Dono
van, to Captain) Second Llentonant Frank S.
Shaffer, to Firjt Lieutenant! Sergeant Jesse C.
La Bille, to Second Lieutenant.
Colonel Thomas M. Kir, of MoClellan'a
ttaff and late 8tate Senator in Ohio, la lying at
the Continental In Philadelphia, qnite ill with
prhat bis friends fear will prove pulmonary eon
snmptlon. Hunraatr Masjhall's Law Library la to be
told by the United States Marshal, at Cincin
nati, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Decem
ber 123 and S3. The library comprises over four
hundred volumes of standard works.
Govbbnmht taxing Caib or the Comtba-
anm .The Cincinnati papers state that a
requisition has been made for four thousand
overcoats to be sent to St, Loula, for the use of
the contrabands now at that point. They will
be sent immediately.
Pat Aoint Williams hag handed over to the
Slate Treasurer sixty-one thousand dollars of
allotment funds received from the following
Ohio regiments now at Nashville: 18th, 91st,
69th and 74th Infantry, 3d and 4th cavalry and
1st artillery.
A uttlb boy only eight years of age was re
cently sentenced by some judge In Lncas county
to the Penitentiary for two years. Ills orlme
was burglary. Hia case was brought to the
notice of the Governor, who promptly ordered
him to the Reform Farm, where be should have
been sent at first.
Colonxl McMillin'b Tbial. Tbe London
(Madlsoo county) Democrat, of the 18th Inst.,
The trial by court-martial of Col. MoMIUen,
ol the 95th Regiment, is now in progress at
Lexington, uy. Lieut, unrisman ana uraeny
Peetrey, of Capt. Hanson's oompany, were sab
peeoaed by the defense t attend tho trial yes
terday. ' '
This evening at Nanghton Hall will be ex
hibited, for the kit time In this city, the mag
nificent panorama of Dr. Kane's Arctic Expe
dition. There will also be an exhibition this
afternoon at three o'clock for the ohildren.
Upon loaving Colnmbus the panorama will
visit London and Xtnla for one or two nights
each, thence on to Cincinnati for the holidays
We wish it the same suooess elsewhere that it
has met with here.
Br, nno Brr.Tia'8 Baniino Hoosi, Cincinnati
We invite the attention of onr German and
other oltlaens to the advertisement ot this estab
lishment in another column. Mr, Speyer la a
gentleman of wealth and general Information,
and the facilities oi his honse for the transao
lion of business, both in this country and in
Europe, are all but nnequaled.
Mischant TAiLoaiNe Mamoos Childi lo
another column will be found the advertise
ment of the superb clothing establishment of
Marcus Childa in the new Nell Honse. Call
ad see It. It is worth ft while jdst to step In
If for no other motive, from mere curiosity, to
View that spacious and splendid area where that
grand master and provider of . costumes,
Childs, has stored away an. Immense atook of
winter goods and olothing ready made ; and
where hia workmen ply shears, scissors, needles,
and other Implements of their most anolent
art, In preparing, fitting, and finishing suits
nd garments of all descriptions for military
men and civilians, In Ihe very best, neatest,
most fashionable and substantial style. Bat II
It useless to attempt to desoribe thli mammoth
establishment. Go, reader, and tea It for
Tax best advice that oan be taken Is to sen
your natural teeth and hep your gnma sound
by using Hudson's dkbivaixid Tooth Pabtb.
Call for it at Studer's, Marple's, Samuel's,
Robert's, Wilson's, Sohneller'e, Shaup's, Den
lg's.Rldgway's, J. Fowler's, D. D. 8., or at
iDrurglsts, Dentists or Ferfnmers anywnere.
Try ll one ana eii.
An Noff PBEPAHED TO Receive
oa Oommlnlon ivery d.icrlptlon of property, inch
ade, ro., Liquors, furniture, Oairlire
Rt iyf my attention to nlos of Be.
: Omoa or Gommimaby or Bosiiitxko,
UAiir Obam, Oiio. I
(and from olllaen loyal to In Oovernment, And
front whom tho oath of alleeiano will b required
aoeODteno of the bide), until 11 A. M., DBOBMBEU
S4th, ItOJ, At Oamp Che, Oblo, for tin inj.nly sod
dellrery, fro of ill charjee, ot eoon
Htm Beef, In barrel!, fall weight,
Men Pork, In barreli, full weight,
Smoked Baoon, olear auteo, (new) In curt,
Smoked Shouldere, (new) In tl.roei,
Booked Bami, (new) In tlereea,
Kxtra BuperBn Hour, In barrels, lined,
Bard Bread, In barreli, lined,
Corn Meal. In barrel lined,
Beam, wbltfrneld, In barreli, lined.
Blot, Bait India or Oarolloa, In barreli, lined,
Hominy, of whlto oorn, In barreli, lined,
OoSee Barer, light brown, In barren, lined 1
Bio Coffee, roaeted not ground, In barreli, lined,
Blaok Tea, In itrong boxee,
Green Tea, In etrong boxee,
Vinegar, In barreli,
Btar Oandlet, In boxes, full weight,
Soap, In boxee,
Bait, floe. In barreli, 80 poundi to the buihel,
Molaiaei, In barreli,
Irlih Potatoea, In barreli, 00 poundi to the bnihel,
Oraahod Bugar, In barrel,
as may be required by the Oommlaiary of lubiUtence
iianonea were rrom time to urn. 001a muii, ween
aguepica. will lorm me mil vt 11 wriiMia aontrAoi, wiiu
two good iuretlea, and bonds indolent to Indemnify the
United Btti ualnit loaf. Bald eontraot lo take effoot
on the Bret day of iaomary, Uo3, and lo eonlloua In
tone until the flrat day of May, 1U63, lubjeot to the ap
proval of Ihe Oommlaiary General of Bubalitence.
Bldi for the whole or any one or more of the abore
ltemiwlllb reoeired.
The etoree to be of the beit quality, with eotnat tare.
The I reah Beef to be found and wboleiome. In alternate
for and hind quartan or parti thereof (neoki and ahanki
exainauj, to ne or iwera, over lour yean or ago, eaob
welihiognetatleaitflv hundred nonnd.
The Oorn Meal moat be freabty mad and by the
xne nean uu poundi to tni imi&ei.
This adTertliemenl ahall be nart and Dareel of the eon
vraet. Mo chirr, for nackAM whtuh auiit ba marked
"0. B. Oamp OhAie, Ohio." Alio wilb tie Bam of the
eontraotor and iddreie. Harked lample with the bldi
win do reqalrea or all the abore article, (meat ex
oepted). 1
Oommlnary of BnbiliteneeD. B. A.
December 10, lW)-id.
Avtotlori, Saloa
No: 102 South High Street
.,;. personal Property, at any point, within twen-
' im 1 tne utty.
. ..onion Sale (vary tvcnlni.
Ouuileucenta rpotfully sollolted.
I bar bug room oror By aalee-room, for itoragt
Keltan, Bancroft St Co.,
L. T. Wood bo ry 4t Co.,
tUer, Brother At Co.,
W. H. Bettleanx,
B. Miller.
atone a Lewii,
John Geary it Bon
Qlonn t Thrall.
No. ,106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruita,
The Great Rebellion.
the pablUher, In every eonnty, to eanTaii for
To be In two volume, bound In leather and Ulna-
trated on iteel.
Toll wUl be TBB HUtory.
Bend for a Circular, or make application for territory
OleTiland, Ohio.
Opened Sept. 16th, 1862.
Opposite Capitol Buildiugr, High Street,
Columbus Ohio.
Ia Now Ready for the Reception.
WALSTKnf FAJXIKO, Faorairroa.
lOi. f . OULBBBTBOH, Atllitant.
Mpt. 18-tf.
No. 1 Odeon Building.
Rebel Notes I Rebel Notes
Just the Thing for the Times
1 000 -Accents "Wanted
Ten Different Rebel Notes
25 Cents in Postoffice Stamps.
tbe Trade Supplied
. B1.60 per
too, er 10 per l,0OO.
AnyeaerreUe rentleaaan'or l4y,oan mal e $100 within
Confederate Scrip 1
, Try nil Try. re 111
JL7Iwant mryYntln thtooootry toenfafeln
KTP. B. Calk to accompany aU eraVr intari-
1 Address, J. B. STTJDBB
17 Bart BUUItmt, Colombo, Oh
' : Superior, Linen' Shirt Bosoms,
II Mo, ana usaer uarmeni, lor ran wear.
IT. 83 to W Booth High street.
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
IT For Morning and AfUrnoon Reporti, 1
Unit ra,n.
Evening and Midnight Reports.
New Yonx, Deo. 18 The steamer Cahawba,
from New Orleans, lUth Inst, arrived to-day.
Amon- her paseeoKers are Hon. B. F. Flanders
and Hon. M. Hahn, members of Congress from
Gen. Butler, Undine the fund raised for the
poor exhausted, has levied aa assessment whloh
amounts lo twenty-eight thousand dollars on
the cotton brokers, who advised the planters
not lo send produce, In order to induce foreign
Col. French, Provost Marshal General, has
Issued an order that all persons arriving at New
Orleana be required to take the oath of alle
giance before landing.
The rebela on the opposite side of the lake
were consorlpting, and out of elehteen who
crossed on passes, sixteen were seized and put
into we reoei army.
Burying the Dead—Our Loss Greater
than the Rebels.
Hkadquaitibs. Tbursdav Evenlnir. Deo. 18.
Yesterday the rebela sent, nndor flag of
truoo, a request tbat we would bury our dead.
buryine party accordlnelv went o and
continued their labors during the truce; uj.
Colonel Walton. Chief of Lonestreet Ar
tillery, informed some of our officers tbar ,
rebel Infantry foroe engaged onSurcn:!?'- f.xi'l
on Saturday waa only two brigades, but that
they had large reserve near by. He said
tbat our men exhibited the greatest bravoiy,
but he considered Ihe rebel poeitiou Impregna
ble, and that a force of fifty thousand would
find it impossible to carry the bights in the faoe
of their batteries,
The rebel loss was small, oomoared with ours.
from the faot Ibat Ibey were protected by a stone
wall and rifle pits. Oar losses as heretofore re
ported have been considerably decreased by the
arrival of stragglers. The enemy took nearly
eight hundred prisoners from us, considerable
portion of whom were absent from their camps
when we evacuated the south aid.- of the river.
The prisoners taken on both sides hare been
paroled. ,
It ia stated Ibat Lee and Lonestreet cams
down to-day and held a conversation with some
of our officers. The flair of truce waa with
drawn to night, after all our dead wore burled.
Washington, Deo. 18. The bill of Renre
sentatlve Aldrloh to indemnify the State of
Minnesota lor expenses Incurred In eonoeotlon
with the reoent Indian diaturbanoes, appro
priates $100,000 for thai purpose. The postal
ppropriatioo for the oomlos: year amounts to
twelve millions dollars. This does not inolude
Ihe appropriation for the California Central
Route, for which a special grant of one million
was last year made, which it is presumed will
be required.
Tbe joint committee of Coneress on the con
duct of the war, in pursuance of Senator Wil
kinson's resolution adopted to-day, left Wash
ington to night for tbe Rappahannock, to inquire
into Ihe facta connected with late events near
Fredericksburg. They are aocomnanled bv
Senator Wilton and several others.
Third Session.
Senate Mr. Cowan presented a petition for
bankrupt act.
Mr. Kloe introduced a bill to extend the
Walla Walla and Fort Benton military road to
Fort Aberorombie.
Mr. Nesmith Introduced a bill to provide for
the protection of overland emigrants to the Pa
olfio. Mr. Williamson offered resolution that the
committee on tbe Conduct of the War be di
rected to inquire Into the faots relative to tbe
reoent battle of fredericxaDurg, particularly aa
to what officer or officers are responsible for
the assault, also for the delay whloh ooourred
In preparing to meet tbe enemy.
Mr. MoUoogal auegested an amendment, tbat
the committee report the result of their invest!
gallons to the Senate. Amendment aocepted
and resolution adopted.
Un motion 01 Mr. Wilson, tbe bill to facili
tate the discharge of disabled soldiers from the
army, and for the lnspeotion of convalescent
campa and Ihe hospitals oi the army, was taken
Alter considerable discussion tbe bill
Mr. sumner onered resolution requesting
the President, If not incompatible with tbe
publio interest, to commnnicate to the Senate
any information he may bare in his possession
showing why Gen. Saxton was removed from
bis command at Hilton Head.
The bill to Improve the organlx&tlon of the
cavalry forces was taken np and paased.
Tbe bankrupt act was tben taken np.
Mr. Foster addressed the Senate in favor of
its passage.
Mr. Urimes onared a resolution direounir
the Secretary of War to inform the Senate of
whom tbe transport vessels which recently
broke down namely, the Thames and Niagara,
and sonooner nympn were procured tor
Banna's expedition, and by wnai agent or
sents of tbe War Department they were char
lered,at what prloe and for what period of time;
and also roporl to the Senate what officers or
agents examined the vessels as to tbeir sea
worthiness. Adopted.
House. Mr. Bingham, from the committee
on tbe Judiciary, reported bsck the bill extend
ing relief to loyal men lor slaves wrongfully
taken, with a recommendation that It does not
Mr. Wickllffe, who originally Introduced the
bill, remarked tbat be did not despair or satis
tying tne House that some legislation was ne
cessary; that tbe bill did not Interfere with tne
new artloles of war.
Mr. Maynard said it was important that some
such measure should be proposed, to enable tbe
military authorities to discriminate between
loyal men and traitors. He had been informed
by the beat authority that in some parts of Ten
nessee the secessionists had been In tbe practice
of Inducing tbeir slaves to get within our lines,
wnere wey could not be reclaimed, merely for
tne purpose of annovinn na,
Mr. Wickliffe mentioned several Instances to
show the Injustice to loyal mon In Kentucky,
crowing out of this question, and, in this eon
nection, stated the case of a yonng and gallant
officer who had been dismissed from the service.
Something, he repeated, ought to be done to
protect loyal men, and to prevent acenea which
be did noi want to sea.
Mr. Lovtioy of 111. regretted this discussion
He (Loveloy) was weary of this persistent and
ehameless attempt on the part of the slavehold
Mr. Wickllffe (from the other side of the
Hall) Do yon oall this a ahameless attempti
Mr. Lioveloy 1 do oall 11 shameless at
Mr. wioklino l am not at all surprised to
bear tbat, from your standing and position on
tnis uoor.
Mr. Loveloy I oall II a persistent and shame
less attempt of the slaveholders to set the army
of the United Slates, these volunteers who have
of their own free will offered np their lives aa
a Baorlfioe on the altar of their country, to turn
tnemeeivee to tne ease outness of chasing tugi
tive Biavee, ano in wis tne cenueman from
Kentaoky has the effrontery to aooeal lo the
lustloe of the Republicans.
Mr. mngnam, replying to Mr. wioklitre, wbo
bad remarked that II was not his course to have
It reierred to me juaioiary committee, bat to
speolal committee, said: The reference of this
bill lo tbe Judiciary oommittee waa Ihe crooer
one. In bis opinion It waa violation of the
Constitution, and it the prinolple should be
established it would return some day to tor
ment tbe Inventor. The bill authorises Ihe
Federal Oovernment to in tor fere with tho ren
ditlon and determination of fugitive oases with
in tne limits or tbe elates, in a maonor un
known to tha Constitution. Tbe Federal Gov
ernment cannot, bv law. Intervene in an State
Ha had hated thla raltapatad tnnu tK.n
and not more fiercely than by the gentleman
iron n.eniuoay.
A oolloqny then ooourred between Meiers
Blceham and JUallorv.
. . Mr. Bingham then argued tbat lbs bill
opposed to tne new article or war, trie oonnsoa
lion and emanoipi'ton aot, aoa, not toe leaei,
to the aot which tpresaly provides thai the
Executive may employ lu the service of the
United States, wbetner beloupjug to rebels
lovallats, slaves comiog into our lines. Ihe
bill was for the purpose of limiting down and
seising slaves.
After Iook debate. WlckliflVs bill was laid
on the table yeas 86, oays 45.
A resolution was adonted ioatrnotlnar the
committee on Naval Affairs to report If letters
of marqno ought not to be iasneo for the cap
ture of tbe tilrate Alabama, and other like oral!
Siting out in toe or'. oi ureal Britain.
Toe armv apt. nrlation bill was taken up In
committee of the Whole. The bill approprlatea
f731,000,0U0. An amendment was oDered by
Mr. Mallorv. that none of the appropriation
should be need lor Ihe benefit of runaway alsves,
or for emancipating or ooioniziog them.
Amendment disagreed to.
Tbe bill was tben reported to the Houso and
passed by a vote of 107 against 3.
Tbe House then went Into oommittee of the
Whole on the first bill on tbe calendar, whlob
waa to enable the testing of Sanderson's breeoh
loading cannon, .
Mr. Yeaman of Ky. made apeeoh, dorins
whloh he explained the reasons why he recently
offered resolutions declaring the emancipation
proclamation of Resident Lincoln unconstitu
tional and not calculated to hasten tbe restoration
of peace, and as an assumption of power
dangerous to tbe perpetuity of tbe Government
and the rights of tbe oltlaens. lie said be had
promised his constituents to nphold the unity
of the Republlo and the supiemaoy of the laws,
and Ibat be would support tbe Adminis
tration and tho President so far as tbe
trident would wage an honest, earnest
. .,- ant war, within tbe pale of tbe Const!-
tUtiui Acd according to the usages of olvilfzt
lion and humanity, for the vindication of tbe
laws. He would, If the choice wore presented,
take the Government without slavery lu
preference to slavery without tbe Government.
Bat differing from tbo radloals, be did not be
lieve that slavery was the cause of Ihe rebel-
lion; therefore, be would do nothing to destroy
tbo institution. Nor could be, for tbe sane
reason, support the President's proclamation to
liberate the alaves, and he relied upon the con
servative feeling of tbe people of the country
lo sustain him lu his position on this question.
Mr. Cravena replied to Mr. Noel, wbo spoke
yesterday, and said he waa opposed lo tbe eman
cipation proclamation Ho was for the Union,
tbe Constitntion an J the etwrccment of the
laws, and lo favor of leaving the negroes where
they are. The people wbo bad achieved such
glorious moral triumphs in the reoent elec-
liona would continue the contest until they bad
whipped out completely radioallem, wblob, If
not rebuked, would overthrow tbe Union. The
Democratic party Intends to maintain tbe Con
stitution, but they fetl humiliated to aee only
blunder after blander oommitted by this Ad
ministration. To have this Government main
tained on the basis of the Constitution, and to
have tbla rebellion put down, was what (be
Democratic party wauted
The committee rose and tbe Houso adjourned
Cbicaok, Deo. 18, 7:30 P. M. A speolal Cairo
dlspatob says: 1 he gunboat Cairo, wben Iwen
tv-ons miles bolow tbe mouth of tbe Yazoo, on
Friday last, was blown np by torpedo sunk in
six fatboma of water. No one huit; but the
boat and eulire armament and outfit were lost.
It is thought tbat tbe torpedo was set off by
gatvanio battery on the bluffs opposite.
Foxtbess Moneoe, Doo. 17 This morning
tbe Bitlmore mail boat bronghl down one hun
dred and three confederate prisoners oaptured
at Antletam, many of whom were wounded.
There is no truth whatever in the reports
tbat Uen. Banks or Uen. bmory are co-operating
in North Carolina; wilb Geo. Foster and
the troops in Gen. Dix's department.
I' t) It T It I t t I' l i I ION rVlt
raiiii;s. SliHilinsrs, I'iill.ys,
KMilNK ll;Mir ii ll' il.MMi:KS,
miitvii ( 'in-ttl.ir .r Mulay
also, 1 1 t m 1. 1 1 f h i r t i o s or
roa coat. iil wd a wohki.
April G2,.l663i1y
Surweon & Physioian.
Office High Btreet, North of Bnd (No. IB).
Beeldeno, N. fourth (Market) Btreet, titer wraa
of Spring.
Ur vr T., u nerctorora, treat an iitiaaMi or
. - - . ..
Ooloabo, vac. to, iBi. aawu
for sal hi farm on th Bcioto river. Tf
on the Dublin road 4K mile (fonr mile JLm,
by railroad) from Oolnmbn. oontalnln- 155 acre
land, about 90 aorei of whlob 1 tlllabl and produotlve:
58 acre 1 in woodi, under a good fence and u aied aa
paature, and ha on It a itrcam of water which doe
dry op In aommer nor frees moon In winter . There
on It a yonng orcnai a containing anoai ii acre oi Quo
ded fruit treei, moitly peach, of oholc varlelie. which
ha this year for the flrat time born a large and valu
ed crop, mere u aiao on a yonng vmeyara. xnu
property is doiir&ble, dther to th rarmer or the Horn
Term accommodating. Application may be made
th snbicrlber, or to John W . Andrew, xiaq.
H. r. BATUtlCK,
Oct.SS-tf. No.206Townitreet,
' f
Jam Laugham, plaintiff;
Superior Oouit
Peter Tabler and ether defendants,)
SAID PETBB TABLER, of North Mountain. Berkly
count. Virginia, will take notloa that Jamei
Laugham, of th county of Linn, In th ttata of Iowa,
did, on the 29th day of November, A. D., 1862, fit
etltion in in aaia superior uourioi vranxun oounty,
Ihio. aialnat th laid Peter Tabler. William Slaughter.
John 0. Bright and Ohrlitian Mar, defendanli; th
Jeot and prayer oi aald petition was to obtain a judgment
againei lata aeienaent ror in mm oi x,ouu, logetner
with Intereit at ten per cent, from lb 4tb day of Jnn
A.D. looo, payabi aemi-annuaiiy, on a note made
aid Petor Tabler, William Slaughter and John 0. Bright
to aald Jawc Laugnam ror the turn or f i.ooo,
June 4th, A. D. 1857, and Indoned by laid ObrUtlan
May, Oct. 11th, A. D., 1860; and th said Peter Tabler
la notified that he Is reaalred to appear and answer
Million on or befor th third Baturday after the
day or January, a.u. lauj.
m. a. ninn,
Attorney for Plaintiff
In the Probate Court of Franklin
County, Ohio.
Oliver P. Cheney. Executor of 1
Batat of Buaannah Dove, deoeastd,
Jonathan Vlokeri and lllxabtth
Ticker. To Jonathan Vicker and
to sell land.
Illaabeth Ticker, deviiee of said
Buaannah llov, deoad.
1 lhat on the 10th day ot December, A. D 1862,
executor filed his petition In the Probate Court of frank
lin oounty, unto, in object ana prayer of wblcb petition
I to obtain an order from aaid Court on tb 17th day
January, A. D., 1863, for th sal of th following
eitate (of which aald Sutannah Dov died Mixed) or
much ther of a nay ba neoeaaary to pay th debt
aid deoedent, to wit: tn eaat naif of In-lol number
on (1) in David Dixon's addition to tb town of
shelter, rrenxun county, vnio. -
Bxaeutor of Buiannah Dov.
Columbui, Dec, 10, 18t.-w4w
New York Market.
New York Market. NEW YORK, December 18.
OOTTON-A hadalr. Willi sale of 000 balei at
OWnSXo for aldlanS upland. 1
ILODfl Lo aotlv and scarcely to Bra. There
were Mle at AS 75'AS S3 for eUDOrflne (tatel 18 109
Suitor extra tat BOAS 00 for taperfln west
ern) aoa&SS HO for oommon to medium extra weiterni
9 70M BO for oommon 10 ood ehlpplnf brandi
extraroand hoopOhlo; and $t 858 8S for trad brandi.
Market oloilni quiet.
WHEAT Lee actlv and scarcely o Arm. Baleinf
Ohtcafo eprlng at Bl SillSl 30; Milwaukee olub at 91 SO
B1 34; winter red wetrn at 91 X71 4t; amber, Mich
igan at i iiiev.
OORN Leie delnt and Drloa without dfelded sbaoi
Sale at 7SiS77o for ahlpptnt mixed western, and 0
978o for damaged and heated.
OATSr rmer and deoldcdly more actlr at os7ie
for oommon to prime.
uurvsa aariei aou ana unouangea.
BOOAT Dolll Havana 0X(lUo.
M0I.ABBB8 Bole quiet.
HOPA Firm and In food demand at 17i3.
PORK.. Opened aulet and oloeed s (bad eailar at
14 for me, and fljll OSi(U 75, anp Bjl3e)10 for
ruiMM jSEsa uwwjr -Biaaar,
HOGS Drtaiei. llttl firmer, with sale at SVHWc
LARD Bhade eatler at 9ii to OX.
muttek is to xxo for ynio and xx to xoc ror etaiei
OUBEBB Bteody at 9X to 13c.
Cincinnati Market.
JLOTJB-Th demand I light, but U market rale
teidT. saponin mi luwa i: extra ia ym au.
and family and fancy IS itiHi 00.
whisky A food demand and tne market arm St
JSe, withialeiof UObbl.
HOOB In demand was notIT; lb reoMot were
light, and the weather excellent, which encouraged
packer, and nrlcee were folly lOo hither. cIoiIdi at
4 J0O4 00. Th receipt were SOW. Tbe sale
were aa follow:
450 averaging- 170 to ISO lb.... 14 004.'I0
200 to 810.
.4BMS4 30
.4 50
.4 55
.4 50
.4 20
.4 50
.4 55
.4 00
.4 25
.4 10
. 4 25
.4 20
4 05
Th heavy boil were tha klndi mot anxlonalv aonrht
OLD UIBB POBKOltv Decked, i held at ail 95.
bat there were no lalu. About 1200 bbla eonntr aold
at a ahad below til 00, delivered at apolnt In Indiana.
new mcia neia Bl )1J.
ORKBN MBAT8-A rood demand, and ahanMen .r.
higher. About 7000 pleoei aold at 3930 for ahoold
ore,. 6r for rib ildei, and SXo for hami. 5000 pleoei
bulk ihouldeii Sold atdo.
LAUD li firmer, and city it held at 8tt39o, with a
fair demand at 8X. SOS kegi told at Xo, which I an
OBOOERIBS Ther 1 no chance In tha m.rkat Th.
demand I light.
BUUAK llftflll.
OOrrB 1033.
WHBAT Then wax an a A.m.
cawed chiefly by tbo dlapatobc from Pittaburg, report,
"- wmoa eauaea enippei to buy
meu freely, and th market vai firmer, and th market
iB.i.,i'1'i?!0 "7 eDt .w Prime ral at
85l; Indiana or Ohio while at 81 OVl Od. and
prim to chole Ktntncdy while at 1 10A1 15. The
aale made pnblla werei 2600 boah prim red at SI:
700 do do do at 06c; 3U0 do do do, In OoTlo.ton, at S
l'xJO do good whit BJ1 05; 200 do cholM red at 1 05:
uu prune na ana gooa wnite at 1 03, and 2000 do
viuu.icu) i vi, ueiiTcrea. in roar Jail aaleiln
eluded the nie of aackx to Piit.hnr..
rtahi mi , . . .
but w bar no chang to note In price, and continue to
i.vu.uunouiNHuHe , Dulk,ndSo(B57oln'
OATB Aoontlnned gooddamand at 50351 for new
and old In bulk, and l3o including aacki, but they
-B .. v MI,U.1 f ,
. BB-The market opened dull and hiavy, and price
deollned toBOc p for prime aample on arrival, with aalee
of about 1000 boih at thli price, bat th demand at th
decline waa good.
BAULKY Ther it no ehtnge lo th market. Prim
and choice qnalltle are In good requeit at SI 3091 35
for fall and 1 201 25 for Btattipring, bnt th lower
grade ei dull. .
HAw75;,.iluIltet rBle " wl,n a good demand
at 14 0091S 00 par ton for prim looae and tight
preieed on arrival.
OHBKSB The market la unchanged and firm. W
quote eelecUd Wdtern fieeenre atlOXSHo.
BUTTEB We bar no chang to report In th mar
ket. Prim and oholo qnalltle an In (air requeit at
18920c, bnt tbe lower gradei are doll at 8915o.
BBBD A continued doll markot for Clover at B5 75
90 for fair to prim. 225 boah prime old at BS 00.
NotUaxdolni lav luaathy, and prloe are nominal at
ft 79.
Cleveland Market.
WBI AT Sasei 8 ears red on track At 1 1 14
BiaBWIMBH-Market unchanged and lelllng at MX
BEEDS-Olorer Is Is fair demand at 15 SO and timo
thy at S.
BOOS Balei at 18c.
HOQS-Unchanged and Heady at4 20 -4 50.
Bl AN 8 Bale CO buib prime at $2.
CARBON OIL firm at 75810.
Selling at floe and SOS forooin.
The Hog Market.
With larg recept and unfavorable weather for pack
inith market forhon I da II, though quotation r-
aialn th am a before, rauxlni from S3 50 to 4 00 per
owt groii. Bales of 232 bead averaging 250 lb acb at
j u, uaaeit, xieo. u.
Th weather being Improved, packer recommenced
killing to-day. No pnrcha mads ai there i a three
dayi lupply In peal, Democrat, Deo, 10.
The nnmbtr of ben slaughtered around the fall lo
date I about 100,000. Th weather on Saturday and
yeiterday wa too warm lor operation among tb pack
er. Thar is but little demand, and th aalee of th
week have been mad at from Bl to 14 50 net for light
and heavy hogi. Ther hav been no material sale
oi meal or oi bacon. ira wa
Journal, Dec. 16.
Daxeexn Boa, Th recelpti ar light, tb warm
weather .having caused a partial anipenilon among
thlaughtrr. Th weather to-day I toolar, with
a proipeot of a freeie np, In which eaae the market will
rut firm at present quotations. Tb only aale w hear
or to-day wa 41 bead at 3 3Sa4, dividing on BOOB.
Blade, Deo. 10.
Money Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 18.
Th Money market 8 teady and moderate buslneis do
ing at 6per cent, discount for call loan.
Sterling Bxohang Is dull. Th nominal quo
tation are $1 4SX(aU 45 for Merchant' and 1 45,9
1 4B for Banker' bill.
American Gold llttl lower opening dull at 32 V
32Xnd doling iteady quiet at 32X. Pr cent, pre
mium. California Gold Bars ar quiet and nominal at 31X
per oent. premium.
Oovernment Stock ar a (had eailar. United
Btatei 6' of 1881 coupon fl 03XaU 04. 7 3-10 Tres
ury Notes at $1 03S1 03X
New York Stock Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 18.
Btocki aotlv and actlv Chicago and Bock Iilacd
80X1 Norwich and Worcester 7f jdllwauke and
Prairie da Ohrfn 2nd preferred 81 Cleveland and
Ioldo;6UX Illinole Central crip,7B; Michigan Bouth-
era guaranteed oj; Ajnencao ucia laawimK; Paetfl
Mail 132: Naw Tork Central 101 H: Hudson 78 K: Harlem
Si; Harlim preferred 50X! Michigan Central 8ii Pitta
burg, rort wayn and Onloago lit bond 108; U.
six 1881 ooupon 104X1 California seven Kit Brook
lyn water loan iwji; Indiana ana aioninn au; illinole
Central bonds 109; Terra Haul and Wabash 2d bonda
62Xi Brl 4th bonds 101; Del. L. a W. 127; Galena and
Chicago BIX! Uleveland and Pittaburg 4T Brl SOXl
do preferred Bl; Cleveland At Toledo SBX; Treasury
Note (7 3-10) 103; Llttl Miami 108W; Michigan
Bonthrn'37X; Mloblgan Boutharn ooud 9ii Brl
bond 120 ! Plttiburg, fort Wayn Ohloago 2d bond
m, do lit 107X lOhlcago a North WeeUirn lit 38X,do
34 do assorted bond 47 Cleveland, Colombo and
Cincinnati 194 X ; Panama 157X I Mlatourl sUe 52X I Ton
neeaeealxc 54; Bacin and Milwaukee lisyi United
State S'l '81 ooupon 104; Rerillered 99X; U.B.I'i
74 ooupon S3; Begutered t9Xi Demand Note 104
Virginia Blxae OS Tenneaw 54 X I Hannibal
St. Joseph bond 63X1 United BUtee on year oertlfl
catei 97 1 ooupon 104Xldmand note ISSXi Beading
76; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy 87Xi U.S. S year
oertinoate ; norm varonna OS 70; Ohloe's of
l is; ceiiiornia 7' i it.
Sale in Partition.
Henry Bretornlta
franklin Connty
Common Pleas Oourt.
Christian Lehman
1 a
th aald Oourt to m directed, I will offer for
at publio auction, at tb door of th Oourt Hons
tn city oi uoiumeus, on
Saturday, tbe 33d day of January, A. D., 1863,
At an o'clock, P. M., tb following described real
Minute In PrankUn oountw. Ohio, to wlti
In-lol Mo. 381, In th city of Columbus. Ohio, to
loldinbjeot to tb dower citato of Hannah Hamel.at
fifty dollar, to e paid annually during nr natural uf
Term of 1 On-lhlrd of pnrcha paid on
of sal; one-third In an year, and onathird la
yean, bearing lntereet rrom dav or sale at ix nr
per annum, with mortgag oa th prim lie to stour
dcrerrtn payment.
i, T ' ' W. xtUffMAH,'
T Shrlff of franklin Oo. 0
' Otto Dbsjol, Attorniy.
Printer ifeee, $5 89.
Great Books in Press.
Of THE .
Tha Haroism of oar Soldieri ft Sailors,
1 1., Urge 19me. Price, $1 SS.
X in pnawung mat us win surpa, in grapni nar
rative, exciting Interest, and extenrlrc popularity, all
OUier bletorie of th war for th Union. It theme wl II
be the honiie daring, patient lufferlng, and hair-breadth
eacapei of our aoldier and eallori, and It Incident will
form a them of oonveraation at Innumerable Bjrealde
for year to om. It will contain, In addition to It
tlrring detail!, the philosophical Analyala of the Cauaee
of the War, by Jonu Lotuso Motlxt, LL.D., author
of "The Bin of th Dutoh Beuobllo," (to., th date of
all the Important event from th John Brown raid, and
an acoorat and reviled account of th principal battle,
With n graving.
On third th proeotd of all Bubecrlption cent dl
wot lo a will be airan for the Relief of Disabled Bol-
dten, and al 1 'perion who wleh a oopy of th work, and
also to benefit th Midlers, sboald send their nam and
addrta at unco. Also, any officer or private, or parson
hi any section of th oountry, having knowledge of a
nerole act or lUrrlng Incident, will oblige OI by sending
uaanauoonnt of It,
Booxaauoa, PorruuTia, and Oaxvamix Aam
will be rnrnlaued wltn a Bubsorlption Propetni, on ap
plication to in rooiianar
n A libtral commimion o4M to ooUUtri (Utir
lto act ai aamtt in talcing tulHorMlo.
The History of American Manu
.. facturea from 1608 to 1860.
By Dr. J. Liamdki BiiHor 9 vols. Bvo.
Vol. I. now ready. Vol. If. nearly ready
Thla la probably th Unreal and mott Important work
now i i in American preai.
W bar also jnat DubUahed new edlHoni of th fol
lowing uaifnl and popular books!
lo Bav Money, by Uonductlng Doalne Aeoordlng to
Law, a expounded by th Beat and Lateit Author!
tie. 400pp.. ibeep. Priot, fl.
Onancei to Make Money. Cloth, Si. Thiibaibeen
repuiiliahed in Ingland.
Bverv bnslnea man and olerk ibould hav thee
book. They will pay the buyer a hundred fold. Bvery
parent should get them for their ion.
All thee booki r mailed, dm tr aid. on receipt of
price. We ,ay partloular atrntlon to mailing book,
wrapping them carefully, and will procure and send,
poatpatd. any book anywhere, on receipt of puhllihir
pile and lis I tempi.
Tribune Buildings, Now York.
PIANOS. Person who deiirtto buy a Piano ot
th beet maker will be shown how they can lave a hand-
tome mm In th purchase If they addmea Piano, care
Joi, Oo At Co., Publlihere Agouti, New Vork P. 0.
uiyl4 dtwawiromiemn
Daniel Oultner
Superior Oonrt franklin
Oounty, Ohio.
Levi Laufbaro and other
burab. In th State of Pennsylvania, will take no
tice that Daniel Oultner. of th laid connty and State,
did. on the uth day or Annul, A. u. ittfM, si nu pell
tlon In aald Superior Court of FrankUn oounty, Ohio,
against th aaid Levi Laugham, Oeorge Pegg and George
Uroderlck, defendant; tb object and prayer of aaid pe
tition waa lo obtain an order from aald Court for the
eale ef the followinc described real eitate, to wit
Bexlnnln at the northeast corner of land deeded by
W. W. Pavla to Jame Laugham, and In th middle of
th olnk road leadlni from Weitervllls to Oolumba:
thence loath 18X de. exit along the middle ot aald
road 58 feet; thence omh BOX deg. wed 122 feet;
thence north 80 X deg. weet 312 feet to tbe aa,t Itn ot
th lot deeded by Jame Laugham to a. 0. Bowman;
tbeno north 2X deg. exit along the eaat line of aaid lot
83 feet to the north (id of Jame Laugham' land;
tlinos icuth b5X degree eaat along tha north lln of
aid land 4io reel u tne piao oi neginning, containing
123-160 acre, b m ama more or lea, exoept a fate-
way along the north lino of laid lot to th graveyard;
all altuata In laid franklin connty, Ohio: which aald
aalt 1 to aatUfy a not and mortgage executed by the
aid Lit! Laugham on tbo ih diy or July, a. D. ihoi,
to theialdDanlelauitoer, for B114.5S, payable on the
9th dav of Janua.y. A, D. 1802, with Intoreet from data.
The aald netltion praylRhat aald Laugham may pay laid
note of B114.56, and tb lntereet thereon, or tbat tb
Dremlue b aold to nay th tarn. And th aald Levi
Lanibam 1 notified that he la required to appear and
anewer aald pauuou on or be lore the nnt monoay lu
January, A. u. 100a.
Oolumbui.Nov. Sib, 1862-wfiW
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Oeorge M. Parsoni, lieoator
of Bamuel Parson deceased, I go. br ord
William I. Brck t al. J
BT vlrtua of an order of salt to m directed, from th
Superior Court of franklin oounty, Ohio, I will
offer for aale at th door of the Court Ilouae, In th
city ol Columbus, on
Saturday, tbe 221 day of January, A. D. 1863,
between tha hours of 10 o'clock. A. U.. and 4 o'clock.
P. M. tb following dcMribed raal eitate, annate in tne
oounty of franklin and But of Ohio, to wlti Part
of lot Mo. 8 and B of th auodlvlslen of survey
1388, Virginia Military Vlatrlcl, being in ahare or
aald William f . Breck in laid lot Mo. 8 and 9. aa
aslsnedandaetoS;tohlm by IheBuperiorOourtof frank
lin count, Ohio, at it May term, 1858. In a partition
mad of said lot between him and bl wlf Elisabeth 0.
Breck, to wit! Lot No, two (2) of laid partition, com
mencing at the N. W. oorner of lot Mo. 1 of aaid parti
tion! thence 8. 57 deg, BOmln. B. 168 80-100 pol to
th eantr of th Columbus and Barriaburg Turnpike
Road, tbence along tha centre of eald road N. 32 deg. 30
mln. E. 35 pole to the 8. B. oornorof lot No. 3 of mid
partition; thenc N. 57 deg. 30 mln. W. 190 pole to
lb 8- W. oorner of aald lot No 3; thenc B. 1 deg. 30
mln. W. 41 pole to th. beginning, containing 39 acre
1 rood.
Alio, lot No. three (3) of aald partition, oommenolngat
the li. W. oorner oi loino. u, tnenc b. 31 aeg. i
mln. E. 190 cole to th centr of th Oolnmbu and
llarrliburg Suropik Hoadj theno along th centr of
laid road N. w oeg. mm. 3 poies to in a. m
oorner of lot No. 4 of aald partition; thenc N. 57 deg
30min.W.222 6S-lu0pole; thenc 8. 1 deg. 30 mln
weet 02 50-100 pole to th plac beginning, contain
ing 09 acres, 2 rood. 20 pole.
.Annraiaed aa toltowa:
- Lot Ms. 2. containing 38 acrat, together with th it earn
aw mm, e,vw.
Lot No. 3, oontalnlngSSacT, at $35 per acre.
Q. W. BOre-KAN, Sheriff,
and Master OommlMloner.
Prlntere feel SO 75.
Legal Notice.
EUaabeth Ann Jobneon, of the county of Bank, and
State of Wiaconaln, and Jame Albert Pinks and Thome
Milton f inka, or th Btaleof Ktntuoky, ar hereby no.
tiled that on the 4th day of December, A. D , 1862,
Ioaao Huddle and hi wlf Wlnnafert Huddle, of the
county of franklin and Btata of Ohio, filed in th Su
perior Oourt, within and for th oounty last aforesaid,
a petition against tbe aald Joaeph Johnson, EUaabeth
Johnaon and other, th object and prayer of which
petition ia to obtain an order from laid oourt for tb
aealgnment, and th assignment of dower to tb aald
Wlnnafert Huddle, a widow of Milton finks, 1st t
aid franklin oounty, d wealed, in and to th follow
ing premise!, to wit: th farm upon which th laid
Milton finki reilded at th date of his deoeaie, altuat
In Madison towoiblp In said county of franklin, and in
lection 6, townahlp 10, rang 81, oontalnlng about 314
acne, exoeptlng a tract lold and conveyed by Frederick
Birlaber.aaadmtnlitnUorotald Milton flak, to John
Brinkar by deed dated Anguit 20lh, 1857, oontalnlng on
hundred and aix acre, ana excepting a pan eonveyeo oy
Mid Bwieher. a inch administrator, to John Llnkln
by deed dated May 30th, I860, oontalnlng 41X acres out
of (aid farm, oontalnlng about 314 acre a afore laid,
and th said Joaeph Johnton and EUaabeth Ann Johnaon
ar further notified that, unlea they appear and plead,
aniwer, or demur to the aald petition within aixty day
aft-r the next term of said oourt, tbo laid leaas Huddl
and Wlnnafert Huddl will thereafter, eo eoon as counsel
ean ha heard in aald oonrt, apply to laid oourt to take
the matter of th laid petition as eonfenea, and to aeoree
accordingly. '
inaau nuuiaiii.
Deo. 15,1862.-wCw '
tate, be
Guardian's Sale.
J. tha Probata Oourt of franklin county. Ohio, mad
on th Uth day of November, A. I. 1862, in th cast of
Qeorre p. Bohioll, guardian of Louisa Wheeler, Caro
line wheeler, sjawara wneeier, ameiia nneeierana
Lorn Wheeler, again! hia wards, th undersigned will,
on the 89th day of December, A. D. 1862. at 8 o'olcok P.
M.,attbdoor of tb Court-hone In franklin oounty.
Obi, offer at publio aale. the follewtng deaorlbed
raal lat. aitoaie in franklin oounty, unto, to wit:
Beglanlog at a lion In th north aid of the Oolumba
and aranvul lurnplk, witneeiof th 8. W. oornir to
Biohard Jonea'i land, running tnno wltn in oenter
lino ot taldroad 8. 79 deg. 85 mln. W-3 30-M10 pole
a atak or itonei thenoe north 0 deg. S mln. E. 64 so
to aetak In tha N. lln of flottlleb Hlnderer'i land:
thenoe with aald north lln 8. 86 deg. 13 mln- B. 3 17-100
pole to a atone. N. W. oorner to aald Jonea'e land;
tbnewltu said Jonei'i W..lln B. 0 deg. 5 mis. W.
63 26-100 poise to th beglntlng, oontalnlng on acre
on rood ana two iqual pom, al luivayea oy w. rr
Pollard on th 16th day of July, 1861.
Term of 1. UA8H.
Appiidateoa o. ..:,.
' Quardlan ot LouUa, Caroline, Bdward, AmelU
I and Lore Wheeler. ' ' "
Qolumbua, Nov .29, 186S-W4
Parii iMtrinai,
B TravUhK Drttjas, very BtyUi land elejraat.
swknUBJ ajBs gsrVAJi j
SSSoath HlghBtr
Do yon want Whiskers ?
Do you want a Uonstache T
If , pnh on bottl of '
E; I. CHAMP I0F8 .'
ExcEt$ios wvicosAToar
Th world renowaad Toilet cha Mb Hu .,, wi.
!? .ff2?uUl Tpu United Btata. Th abova
"i sionly?o.ebytn Freoohl U Londoa
and Pari It Is In universal a. .
Whisker Invlgor ator 1 1
U a Beautlfnl, Boononleal, Bocthlng, yet BuauUtla
Oompound, acting ae If by magic apon theroot, eaoe
Inf a bMutlfwl growth ot luxurlaot beard. If applied
lo th scalp, It will aar BaUntm. and at aunliZi
cording to dlrsetlon, II will oeoee toiprlog np tat bald
r-"" - "w a .ww mi im ,
Hsceleior Invigorator I
I an lndiananaabla a,tL-U h, n o.(i aiMtt
ad (aftr on week's a they would not, for any eonatd-
..wiuioai i,. me boot arucM will, in from
TheV VOnld SlMk iBBaanM sua Ik. ik.i il
Th Mb article ever offered lo tha frtnoh peopl that
! . ".87i,B1, abov.TVllit being
manufaotand for th oK berMflt of Louis Napoleon!
which artlol U now IndKpanbto to hi toilet room.
Th ubicrlben, fee line oonelanl kh.t thun.
K!?' 9 " M ver offend to
rr.f. TT . F'" " mrpraasing tbdr eonfldeaot
In the arUcla, falsing It from prIoJ um.
The Napoleon Hair Toilet
Will Oca B-rXAiaai TT.ia In One,. umi.
Ourli, ttat will remain in shape for onTday or on
" t" followed, whloh ar vary aiapl and eaev.
Tb alr Toltat dot not In any manner mterferawiln
th Xaivroi &ymM of U Bale. It wither loorchee
nor dye; It; but givei th hair a loft, thrifty appea"
ano. It all prevent the hair from faOingofi
turning gray.
The Napoleon Hair ToUet
Ha been before th public but a abort time, and has al-
HHil .1!".? bJ m' Und p.on.i and
they tcatlfv that tha aTauU r.ip.m.. .7 .
boUnr ever offered to th American peopleT
To Drevent lhiaTnll h T-........ .
i,".njr J4' a in th Cnltod Btatat. Therefor
anylLady or OenUeman who deeln. fioft, Laxorlant MaW
and Curia, and Long, Soft Whtakari or Monetaeb, eu
Sroeur tb Invlgorator or ToUet, lthr on, for on
olur, Inclosed la a Utter, with tbeir add rase.
AOdreai q. f. BPBNT a 00.,
Bos ltO, OolUnavili,
?IJ,,,WJ" "ufl' " return malTT ' '
isi QlwSrlSt
(roBaiBLr Iaili's,)
No& 17 and 19 Park Bow;
Oppoiil th Aitor Bouh and Park, New York.
Price of Board $1 50 per Day.
popular Bout hai reoently been rebuilt and graat
lyenUrgd by th addiUon of over 100 room, and now
ha accommodation for over 300 persons. It baa alio
been thoroughly ventilated, ud h"""'
Thla Hotel ha ana r lh. h.., .. m.-
U of eaay accaie from all the iteamboata and Ballrosdi
leading to the Olty, and ii convenient lo all the City
oonvsyano. It baa now all th oonvcnlenc of a
inanrlng th comfort of It, Innate.
Tbo patronara of tb traveling nnkii. i. ...KU.u-
solicited. " r
Late Professor of tbe Eoole Cllolque de Medl-
mum rnarmae in ntrle.
Announcee to hi friend and tha m., k.
tlnnfl to devote his time la tha mHn. . V. .m .
Coughs, Colds. Aatbme. FIli. Dnuu. n.x.
pepsia, Liver Complaint, Piles Flstela, Gout,
Rhumatism, Sorotula, While Swelling, Nervous
Affeoflons, Fever and Ague, Bilious Complaints,
eto., eta, etc
Da. TAxniajLicn has met with great lucoeei by hi
OMullar mode of treatment of diseases, where other very
eminent phyatclans hav failed to produce a cure. Tb
attaat hi oonfldeno in hi own axill and merits, he will
unaortaxe tn our of all patients without charge exoepl-
vi ucuiouisi requiring no lee until after
he raatoraUon of their heeltb.
Dias of peculiar character ba nuruii t .
awv radioaliy in a few day, without offensiv or dele
wnuu meawine. n warrants lo all, no matter how
vr or long tan dint th dlaeaae, an effectual cure, or
h requiree no pay. f emal iuffirtng with inwgulari
tie, or Btrvoum. deblUi. au-.m K. n..ni.
cured by Dr. T. Invalid L any aee tlon oftheoountrv.
try addreselng a lettor to him poet paid, and Ineloeli, a
fee, ean ban advlo, and madioin will be promptly tmt
to tbmn.
ITT Boldeno, two door from th corner of flraeo
and floyd Street. Louisville. K v. omcm hAB pss frnrn
B to 12 a. m., and from 2 to 7 p. m.
Dr. A. J. TANDSB8LIOB can produo ovr on
hundred oertUlcai of th tpeedy cur of varlou dia
wv. uai, auu eve sun,
This Is to certify that I waa afflict! a-iil, wi.n. i-
Ano for tlx years . After try ing vry remedy, I p laced
myeelf under the ear of Dr. A. J. Tuderalic. ol
Louitnut, and in three month wa perfeully cured.
Olven under my hand thli 3 lit of September, 1858.
J. BUOABMAN, Boston, Mai
This la to certify that I bar baen afflltMl ith n
for leven i eara. After trvlm ail knmnt mrti. ... t
fallluf. Dr. A. J. Vandenllo pertonaad a perfect our
In three month.
IE7 Fertoni teJU art af m-MUttd. im edu.
AarufA ty card winy fall, toill flu, JiitrUitd
eucn ro 10 1& ejfirfrrf.
(Will be Ready tn Ten TJays.
United States Infantry Tacties
Major-Generals McCIellan, Halleck,
Buel, Pope, Caaey, McCoo
and others,
v .
Adapted la cou, Casef e Ac Hardee'i
By It-CoL H. B. WIL805, -,
44th onioun Asm. . .
. Infantry Tactica for th United ataU Army--embracing
th ayalaa ol inetruatloa la tb term of ques
tion ana anawera in in kobooi, tb Oompany ana Bat
talion Drill, o highly commended by the loapoo tor-General
of th 0. 8. Army, and to wbkh our but regiment
ar Indebted for their thorouah koosledg of vty
movant In the drill and eattie-neld, by which th
live of thousand of eur mn hav ben saved . ,
w eitra inaniMirinr tw f K U leifa All Aunt
mam mv m wwi " vuav. .
ATasoZvad, ay lb Saoeral Assembly of th Stat of
Ohio, that th United State Infantry Taotlca, for th
tnatruotloa, exereli and manauivr of tb Cnllrd
Stale Infantry, Including Infantry of th Lln. Light
Infantry and Blflemen, prepared under th direction of
the War Department, and authorised and adonted bv the
(eerelary ef War, May 1, 1861, with the ayetem of Quee
Nona appended to tb text, by Lieut. -Colonel H. B.
Wilton, be and the earn ia hereby authorund and adopt
ed for th tne trur tlon of th military el th State cf
Ohio, .April 10th, b62.
Speaker of Ihe Hon.
I Pree't pro tesa Sonata...
.-3)1.1 (
H. BIXBT A 00,
, Publlihtra,
V i

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