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t..k Raw. Near Yor., ana w
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Street, Boston,
JiM fee kern t.ta,.n4 ?n.,
wJSZS. ! snbeerlptlont tor a at cur ietoeti
ii-rraa"r7V;i"onr thanks for Congree-
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ilonal faVor
' . .
,i,.nn i t..Piaiat for
id tonon. a. Hi "
rk'of the Aodltor of State; and
We are Indebted
enni'ot tha KefiO
t Hon. Otto Danit for a raloable document.
Tbej will aooept onr thanked ' 7
Responsibility for Failure in the War.
Tfta Aboiiilonlata are playing their hwt card
An th n.ffrn.. Ik la a desnerata tltoa, ano uey
are beginning to have awral premoniMoni oi
iki-r-iin Ta lave themselves from the
........ I
pnbUcodinmand indignation w
hand U. about to M nieo .-.
manasethenr ol tne war, iney w u.i
the resDonsibllity and shove it off npon Demo-
orate,, They eay Jhat If the war bai been In
airy lease m failure, It ii owing to the Deno
cratlo Oeoerall'by whom the army has been in
tbe mala oommaaded, "I ', .', ' t -.
Thla- will not anawer their purpose. U ihe
Administration baa put m the field Incompetent
officers. It h no excuse to say they were Demo
crat. Nordoea It place the responsibility of
their failure noon Democrats, since the Admin
istration, not they, bad the selection of the
commanders. If a bad choice waa made, the
blame clearly falli upon the appointing power
which was In the hands of th Abolitionism,
and hot In thoee of Democrat or Conserve
tlttA " . ..
Many General offloen io the army, who have
bean elled Democrats, are not aod never were
.nttiiMl latitat honorable distinction. 1 0thers,
who had once abtcd with Democrats, the mo
ment they obtained tSUe and place under an
Abolition Administration, became the blttereit
of renegade againtt .their old parly menus,
and old themselves to do the bidding of the
fankeet disunion radicals. Those wno re
malned true ti tbe prlnolplee of tbe Conttitu
tion, and the Union a held eecred by Demo
ctau, have eea bunted and pet secuted, their
plana thwarted, their loyalty Impeached, and
many of them dismissed from aotnai service
Abolition ' bate i vand' lealowy . follow the few
that remain, in the army, with a eeemlog de
termination to be rid ot every prominent offioer
In the army1 who doe not iwear fealty to the
disunion creed of Abolitionism. - .
The Admlolsiration and the party that placed
tt In power and ha sustained it, are alone re
sponsible for any failure there' haibn,or may
b In the eondoot of the war. They bad the rale
lot and officering of the army. They could and
did appoint and remove office t pleasure.
the Generals have proved Inoompetent.lt was be
cause the appointing power laoked the sense
and ludtment to make too selection.
The Administration and 1U party have had
evrvthini" their own way. They have had all
Ihe executive officer all the power and pat
ionga ot th national Government in their
own hands. A large majority in both branches
of Coogren baa been obsequious to ao me ma
dine and resistor In "the form of law the de
reuof It party. -Beside, they have had the
control of the executive and legislative depart
meet of all th Northern States, who have not
been' behind Congree and th Exoutlv In
ready ibjedlenoe to party dictation.
- Men and money, the ilnew of war, hav
been furnished with a liberal a prodigal hand.
It the Administration and it party had the
capacity to bring the wax to inoceasful ter
mination, It would seem rational to suppose
that euch a result hould" have been at leaet
nearly or quite reached with a million of tbe
eat aoldiera ever ealled into the field, and
with th expenditure of over a thousand mll
Hoo dollar, and the almott Inexhaustible re
souroes of a great country at command.
Democrat have not bad it in their powar,
Van bad 4hey been eo disposed,' te binder or
materially obstruct tbe Administration and ita
party In carrying oa th war la their own way.
Taey have had full awing have managed It
u they are now managing it. to weir own um
Jug, and they alone are responsible lor any fail
ure In the past, or any defeat in tbe fntnrein
regard to tbe object for which they oetenilbly
engaged th country In th war. The people
will hold tbem fast to thia responsibility, and
not allow them by any sham plea, trick or de
vice, to evade ir.
Responsibility for Failure in the War. A Month Under the Abolition Proclamation.
v ' . nation. ,.
Ii Is now last one month line th Presi
dent' second and great Proclamation of Free
dom, as the A.bolitlonists call it, waa Isaned,
By tbii time, according to radical propheole
ottered before the Issuing of the proclamation,
the backbone nd ainew of the rebellion,
which the radicals assure us are tbe slaves,
hould have been ao broken and weakened
that the Coafed wonld be abont giving up the
eontett la ettr deepalr. . ; '. ' , ..
'. . Barm aa the nroelamation should be Issued
the high priest of Abolitionism promised that
a now enthusiasm, fervor, aeal, and courage
would be kindled all Over, the North, wbiob
would cauae' "brave men' If not "fair wo
men," to rush by hundred of thousands to th
field of battle.! And yet, Uaoge to tell, these
Tory Abolitionist! and their foUowen hang
back from th ervlce 'aa much u beforehand
...tni-i to fore th negroes to do all the
fighting for them, 1 ' -
Bnt what has become of that great elave in
surreotlon which was to follow upon th heels
of an (mancipation proclamation, and give the
ftnlahlne: blow to the lavebolders' rebellion, aa
Masse Giuut call itt W all remtmbeMb
giving forth of omebody who wrote a book or
pamphlet, entitled "Among Jha Pine," frem
which eoptoue nd tertling extriot found their
way into leadi a magsalne and newspapers.
The author was. represe&ted a having traveled
axUndvely all over tbe extreme South, hav
ing th enta"c4anleB09 of tbe itrongeit mind
el among the alave and their Abolition, friend
1 1 that region, aod aa understanding a well
thals future lien ee tbtlr secret motive and
soring of action. - f: V' ; ' "-' '
The author of th work In question told tbe
world that a great negro conspiracy existed,
having It loader and it ramification all over
th far Benin, and that a won a th President
6oath aa to ntlerl promt them from longer
tsiao hit fret onrro prooUmatioQ and
ill aaonld be asinred of ecpport from
at$i arm, a formldabl atav Insurrection
. et oqo break forth, more exttnsiv. and
flog than bad ever been Imagined or
drfakned f 0, IninrrcoUoa, that would to
wauken aod demoralise the white rebele In the
mtwnuiiug in igkioii ui national uorern-
.,.. . . 1 T .
men. .. , . .. - ;-r ..v:-" "r
Well, tbe President Iseaed a proclamation a
month ago, declaring all the lava la- the ex
treme South forever free, and pledging to them
the Army and Nary of the .United Statee to
maintain them In their freedom. And yet we
bear of no elaTO Iniarreetlon on a large or a
imaUioale. The negro, for aught that ap-
peaw, remain as qaleUv In the service of their
v ; Tv, ,
maateriai before, except a few rnnawaya that
, t.. ii ' x
come within enr llnei, a waa the case and to
.hontth..m. txte.l. bafor. th. nrool.ma-
abont tbe nme extent, before the proclama
tion wtt Issued.
a knave. He waa either grossly deceived
aimaeu, or iuisducu to pain iu ""f""""1'
nomoug upon iuo crcaumy oi m
philantbroplsta and flreateri.
. ... . . , i , .t i.tl'""
i., h:.StU
,...-.. u.. .- - -
kibuub ,eu uvgiu . uvu v . j
vitality in It. It baa called neither white nor
black loldlers Into tbe field; it baa not promot
ed alave Iniwrectiona, or excited a single black
bondman to "strike for freedom," and baa not
weakened bnt rather strengthened the rebel
oauee. , , , .-., -f .
Such has beca a month's experience of he
effeots of the proclamation. The future prom
lata no better for It than the past. What will
tbe Abolitionists do next? "O arm tbe ne
groee!" Well, arm the negroes, as many as
von can set. and do It quickly, and tec what
will come of It.
In tbo Sinati, on Saturday, after prayer by
tbe Rev. Mr. Roberts, petltioni were presented
by Messrs Perrlll, Miles and Sherrird, which
were referred. Mr. Godfrey gave ootioe ot
new bill. - Mr. McLnng, ifrom the oommltM
on Agrtcnltnre, reported a bill, which waa rtr.d
the first time, To ameod sections 1 and 5 of an
act for the crotection cf certain birda and
game. It provides for tbe protection of qnaila
ftamt hill via oaaaed. To create a Dcrmanent
tA f, th. Ohio Sui. Bjard of Apiculture:
. . .... x
also Senate MU, ie amena an aci enimoa an
aot defining tbe jurisdiction ana regulating we
nr Prnht Cunrti. naaaed March 14.
' .
ioko .....ni.ii Mni last . ,, ,
1 -- -
Mr. Miles, conceiving tne DMtiiani wea nai
aewspapere have not yet been sufficiently re
trenched by this Abolition General Assembly,
offered a resolution, which waa adopted, pro-
posing an imjuiry with a view of catting down
nrinter'e feee alill mere.- .
' - . .
m.. -I - . U T . M..n ... r,l Ik.
wl - " ""v
pretext iot (be election of another Clerk,
few Jollnr dm. J M. Arthur, of Highland
' .
county, was rewarded for bis political services,
by being elected to draw tbe aforesaid per dim
from tbe State Treasury. Tbis is th second
Clerk (hat the Senate has elected this session,
when the public .ervlce did not require any ad-
dltlonal clerical force
, Tbe Senate, In executive session, confirmed
tbe appointment of Henry E Parson se a Di
rector of the Ohio Penitentiary for three years
from the 26tb'of. Meroh next; also the appoint
ment of Norton S. Townshend as a Trustee
tbe Ohio State Asylnm for Idiots.
Tbe following bills were Introduced and read
the first time: By- mr. jonnaton to amena
section 3 of the Tax law; By Mr. Spragne
To provide for the appointment of a Medical
Board for the Examination of Army Burgeone,
Tbe Senate ipent the afternoon la committee
of the Whole, dlcuskg Senate bill, providing
for the election of School Examiners in the
several township. Th bill waa then referred
to the committee on fechool and School Lind.
Mr. Gnnckel offered the following preamble
and resolutions, which were adopted:
Wmaaaa. It is made to appear, with reason
able certainty, that a combination of oapitallata
exists In thia country to monopolize the produc
tion of paper, with tbe view to control the mar
ket for that commodity, whereby the price
that necessary article haa been so greatly en
hanced as to make the ooet thereof unreason
ably burdensome to the pobllo; and
WnEBxaa. The present duty levied by act
Congree on paper imported from other countries
I ao high a to prevent competition in our
market by Inviting supplies from abroad; there
fore . - ,.
JUsMvea, Bi the Ventral Ainmoiy o im sum
f Ohio, That our. Senatore in Congress be instructed
and our Represent itive requested
procure snob a modincauoa ot tne present
tariff law aa shall reduce the doty to be levied
on imported paper to an amount not exceeding
ten per centum. ...
Ratlved, Tbat tbe Governor be and la bere
b taneated to transmit ooplesof these reso
lutions to our Senators and Representatives
Z ,Tbe Senate adjourned until Monday.
In the Hooji, after prayer by Mr. Howe, pe
titlon were presented by Messrs. Boesel.Gless-
ner, Grlbben, High, Ma fiats, Vance aod Wil
kin, whloh were referred. Sundry bills were read
tbeaecond Mm 'and committed.. Honse bill
waa named. To authorii the eonatraotlon
ewere In oitlee of tbe second class having over
thirteen thousand Inhabitant at the last Federal
census. Tbe following bills were Introduced
and read tbe first time: By Mr. Scott
amend aectlon two of an act entitled an act scribing
the ratea of taxation for State, County,
Townablp, City and other purposes, passed April
30, 1862; By Mr. Howe To organise and die
cipllne th militia of Ohio; By Mr. OJiin, from
th Finance committee Makiog partial ap
proprlatlon of the General Revenue for
vear 1863. Mr. Crane a aeleot committee
one to whom was referred hi bill. To pro
hibit tbe Immigration of negroee and mnlattoei
Into Ohio, reported It .book, wjtb tbo reoom
mendarjon that It "be pissed. After a spirited
discussion, it waa referred to the Judiolary coin
The House then, at. noon, adjourned nntll
Hon. T. H. Cat roan, Judge of tbe Criminal
Court of the District of Columbia, died Jan
27, In Washington city, io the leventy seventh
year of bla age. He waa appointed Judge
tbe Criminal Court by President Pole in 1845,
beim at that time Commissioner cf Indian
Affalrl. " ' ":
'Thb City Council of New York have, by
rata of thirteen to three, passed a series
resolution condemning th dismissal of Gen.
era! Frrx Joa Poam and Inviting him to visit
the city
Hon. Martin Crain.
Scioto county ha reason to ba proud of Its faith-
KIentatlve la thie General AMembly,
Alwaya at his' post, and ever attentive to tot in
terests' and wanti of hli constituent, Mr. Cairn
la hot urpased In naefolneia and cl&olenoy by
anr member of eltbor House. He wae "elected
In 2861 by th so-called " Union Party;" bnt
moo aftee'.he came- bere. laitlnteri be
aw that party repudiate jtt tplaJ(orm,, throw
off Its' disgul,! andfriaud Wforw tho coun
try at completely and thoroughly Abolition-
lied at Giddimoi oonld desire. He thereupon sun
dered bla oonneotlon with It', and became a con
latent and .reliable Democrat. Ae a member
of the good old Demosratlo party be expecta
to live and die to It he expects to cling a the
Jut beet hope of the bonntry. AblUty. honeity,
v "r vu " J '
and industry have cbaraote led h i conne as a
, ,T ' ' "-lB.M.h.,
Regulator, and no member poeieaiei In a higher
degree the confidence and esteem of otben
than does he. ..' i.T '.',, t
leuion Mr. Caain lntrodnced a bill In
the Honae to prohibit the farther immigration
of negroes and mnlattoei Into this State. ', The
majority refased'to allow It to pass, but just
before the adjournment they tabled it At
the bealnnlOB; of this session, be' iuoaeeded
wKiomog oi tun acvuuu, us iuutww
ttlng It takon 0P and referred to himself
committee of one. Oa ' Saturday,
reported it back and -recommended iti pas
sage. Pending Hi conatderatloafbe made an
able and convincing ipeech, whloh gave great
eatisfaotion to the Demooratio aide of the
House, and brought several of the Abolition
members to their feet in defense of tbe "Irre'
We inbjoin a synopsis
thla aenfiible and exoellent speech s'-
Ever since the commencement of tbe first
session of the Leslelatnre, Detit!ooa. have been
pouring In upon ns by tbe people or, all parts ot
tbe State, . signed by citizens ot all. parties,
asking us 'to pad a law to prevent the immi
gration of negroes and mnlattoei Into the State
or ubio. wnv is it tne people nave so sua
denly become anxious npon this subject, and
what great power, or force of clrcnmstances is
It tbat moves mem to set tbue i
Tbe tendency and effect of the war is to run
negroee, both slave and free, Into the Northern
Btates, and Ohio, owing to ber location, bide
fair to receive more tnan ner mat portion
Why should we not prevent the negroes from
becoming paupers among nit ' Are they any
better than white men and women? We have
on our statute a law tbat forblda poor whiles
immigrating among ns, and becoming paupers,
and the law require tbe trustees of townships.
whenever any poor whites, who are not rest'
6nw 0, .,n wwnampa, weerve wr n.n no
tlceon them to leave fortdwitn. W6y can
w, piM tawi to protect onr8erei gainflt black
naopera ae well as wnlte paupers T
The proposition oan'l be denied, that euch
la n unnnmair-T 4tm thm harfni mAdlk Anrl nanfart
"vr -- r;-' ,-
on f Whit- citizens of Ub o. Tb s s
Ter. Mrtons qoestlon whether tbis mighty
homogeneous mass that now live In thia beau
aiful State and rule It, shall continue to do ao
and be the prominent race, or l it to be trod
den down and mixed no wun-tnia inferior
caste 7 Could a oountry be peopled with
I more Discordant element man tne oaxon ana
I .v. - - . r rj .
imiuuvi WBIU I
I naoDle. aver icatleia and cseklnir alter knnwl
idgc while the negro is careless, lacy end im
I moral, with an ambition tbat never extends be
I a . i i. : . . f . i . 1. . . i .i
JOUU ID pUBlMOU Dl WII1CC iu uuiei, oc tav
proprietor of a barber abop.
i Tbe Legislature should pass Ibis bill. There
i no doubt npon the point of Constitutional
power to do to. Let tbii bill become a law.
K onf M,finnMa Md fiQe.gpon philan
Let n be laitbroi to our eonstituents. LEtua
thropio theories that Interfere with ns in tbis
matter, ana obey tne people.'- rne people
the power, and their wish ahonld be supreme.
There has already been too much of Ibi re
stating the request! of tbe people by Legislators
end other offioiala In power. If the people bad
been obeyed, we would not to-day be engaged
In tbis war. If the Southern delegates at
Charleston and Baltimore had acted In accord
ance with the deelrea of tbe people of the Sonth,
there wonld not bare been a split in the Demo
oratio party, a Democratic President wonld
hare been elected, this war wonld not have on
onrred.tbe Union wonld still be oDbtoken, and
Instead of misery, death and detpslr overspread
ing our whole land, pcaoe,comfurt and happiness
would preyall. If the Congressmen-end other
in power in tbe Northern States bad obeyed tbe
earnest roioe of Ihe people, and adopted tbe
Crittenden Compromise, there would be no war
to-day, peaoe would reign triumphant, and
mothers, wires, and sisters, who are to-day
shedding tears of sorrow and bltternese oyer
tbe memory of lost loved ones, wonld be happy
and contented and tinging eongi of gladness
the good old Union would bare been restored,
and tbe Star and Stripes would be waving
over a re united people, and thousands whose
bones erenow bleaching on boutnern soil.
wonld to-day be at home with their luntiliea,
content and happy. ",
' ,.
"The Schoolmaster Abroad."
Tbe following is a copy of a petition present
ed in the Ohio Senate from the Reserve, where
the big Abolition majorities are given:. '.
we the voderaigned Citeneene of the Town-
shipa of N orten and Wadsworth Medina and
Bummit uounteys numotey rray your nonor
able Body of the Legeslatar ot obio to alter or
amend tbe Scool Lawa So thai we May have a
Bard of Eiamnera for Bsool teatcners In Eaten
Township to Be Elected at the anuel Spilng
Election or Errey tow years in Eatch Town
ship. - " 'VV."'-'
Tbi London Jimes thinks the only way to
settle the dispute in Amerioa wonld be for the
Federal Government to dissolve Itself and de
claring the' sovereign independence of each
8tate,leave each perfectly nntrammeled to form
Ite own connectioni for tbe future a position
of affiir which, it (opposes, might enable, on
der mutual compromises, a new-federation te
be formed that aho uld again Comprise the
Congressional Summary.
' Io th Senate on Thursday, Jan. S9(b, Mr.
Sauuiobt cxpretsed bis sinoere regret for what
bad occurred in ' the Senate on tho Toesday
evening previous." The resolution for bis 'ex
pulsion will probably be suffered to rest for tbe
present.' . ' ' '
In the House on the same day,' tbe negro sol
dier bill wa taken op. .. Mr. Cos, of Ohio,
aid the gist of hi objeotious was that the bill
placed tbe black soldier on a perfect equality
with tbe wblte. Mr. Martiano, oi Tennessee,
aid that Congress bad . already provided that
th President might employ inch persons of Af
rican descent at he might deem needful under
thia bill not only black Brigadier, bnt blaok
Maior-Generale might be appointed. Mr. Dtmn,
Ol Indiana, eaid ha wa favorable to th policy
of tbe bill, but wished to provide explicitly
that black men ihonld not command white men.
Mi. McPHiaaoM, of Pennsylvania, said the au
thor of th bill would con floe tbe efficiency to
whit men. Several voices demanded who wa
th author of the bill. Mr. Wicxum, of Ken
tuoky, replied tbat it was tbe Seoretsry of War,
Mr. Btawtow. j ';
In tbo Senate on Friday, Jan. 30, Hon, W
A, Rich ook hi aeat a Senator elect
; v'-,-:, - .:-i.u .-i- " v
from Illinois, to fill the vacancy occasioned by
tbe death of Hon. STimit A. Docolls. Mr.'1
Rionaapseir taks tb place of Mr. Bbownino.
- In tbe House on he same day, a resolution
was adopted' that the General-in-Chief Inform
the House whether parole have been granted
to any rebel.effloers captured since the procla
mation of. Jeff Davis. The House ' resumed
tbe debate, on tho. ncgrp .oId!er bill, during
which Mr. Cox, of Ohio, controverted tbe po
ltlons assumed b'j Mr.,McPimuoN', of Penn
sylvania, and Other gentlemen, and argued tbat
the course of Washington and other .Generam
was against the employment f, negroes a
soldier.? ( He remarked . that tie object of the
bill was to.prodnoe a dissolution of the Union,
A large portion of the army was made up of
Celtlc,bloQd, an4 inch, men would not fight by
the lde of negroes. He said a large portion
of the army were Democrats, who., did not go
into tbe contest for tbe oanse of Abolition.
Stonewall Jackson's Chaplain.
A dispatch to -the Cincinnati Commercial,
dated Washington, Jan. 30, says : ' ' ' -
Stonewall Jaokson'i Chaplain, Rev. J. Land
street recently oaptnred by our cavalry,' was at
the War Department te day, for tbe purpose of
enecting an exchange, lie is a .mecnoaist
oreaobor, of much talent. He stated to day
to several persons, that the. watenworo ot tne
rebel Statee was to conquer or die; that the last
chanoe of a reunion was destroyed, and that
tbe recent speech of Jeff. Davis was heartily
...... . m .-
indorsed. While he did not attempt to conceal
the . deficiency in clothing and equipments
among tbe rebel forces, be consoled himself
with the pious belief tbat Provldenoe, who fed
the children of Israel with mans, wonld furnish
food and clotbldg. - v-
Tbe negroes, he says, never were so sub
servient as now, owing to the strict police
measures that had been adopted, and to the
circulation of aoconnts of returned contra
bands, who told fearlul stories of tbe cruel
manner in which Yankees bad treated tbem.
Memphis News.
A dispatch to the Cincinnati Qatdtt, dated
Memphis, Jan. 28, sajs s ;
'' General Van Dorn, with eight brigades, left
Grenada last Saturday, and is moving toward
Memphis. - He must oome by railroad to
Coffetrrille, then strike north. There were
fifty thousand Confederate at Grenada on the
day mentioned, consisting oi cavalry, artillery,
and Infantry. We are expecting raids in all
directions.' We have advices from '.Holly
Springs to Sunday forenoon! V -! - ' . ''
There were two brigades of infantry, those
nnder Tllgbman and Wbito&cid. .Tfaey are
not stationed iff flolly Springs, bnt run io and
eut at pleasure:-' On Sunday lonr Federal sol
diers discovered a guerrilla near Lagrange, and
pursued him until he led them among ten
Confederates, who killed three and captured
tbe other. - - . '
Fifteen thousand rebels are ' reported fifteen
miles south Of the Charleston railroad, march
ing north. '' '
Votes Which Speak Volumes.
There are votes wbiob speak volumes, and
those of tne reoent Democratic Legislative can
on in New Jersey are among them.; JV,
Tribune. Yesterday.' 1 .
The Tribune never uttered a more significant
trntbi- Only aixteen months ago Bimon Came
ron was a powerlnl part of Lincoln's Adminis
tration, having resigned tbe office of U. S. Sen
ator to acoept that of Secretary of War under
President' wb bad carried Pennsylvania by
89,159 majority. On the 12ih of September,
18b 1, tbe period of which we speak, tbe Tren
ton (M.J ; Utuettecontainea tne lollostogpara
eranh: i-' '
i "Col. Jamea W. Wall at Burlington, N. J.,
wan arrested this arternoon by tne U. a. mar
thai and taken to New York by the afternoon
train.x Tne arrest erodaoed moat intense ex
oitement among the people, as Ool. Wall had
been a leading man for many years."
After a lapse of sixteen months Mr. Cameron
appears before tbe Legislator of bis State,
wnion was inumpnanuy oarnea against tne
Administration In October, ae candidate for
return to the aeat In the Senate to which he
was chosen in 1857. He la defeated and an
uncompromising opponent of administration
policy ie elected. . Almost at tbe aime moment
Colonel Wall, the victim of Cameioo's newer
and the ex prisoner of Fort Lifayette, ie sent
by the Legislature ef New Jersey; fresh from
the: people, to- represent that State in the
Senate of tbe United States. Truly, "there
are votes which speak volumes," and those
of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are among
tbem. : t .' :'
Mutterings of the Coming Storm.
At agroat Democratic meotiug in Springfield,
Illinois, Hon. Wm...A. Kiehardeon said: He
wonld eppoae tho usurpations of tbe National
Administration, and give no aid to a war oirrled
I on to subvert tbe Constitution. "
R. S. Merrick, of Chicago, said tbat he wonld
suffer death beforo he would give one dollar
one man to the Abolition war carried on nnder
Llukiu's proclamation. -
Judce Marshall declared tbat no more citizens
should be carried beyond the bounds of the State
for imprisonment in Government basttles. "ine
Democratic party had made up It mind to pro
tect the rigbte Qt citizens here on the soil of II
litiois." - . I .
It doe not need brain to real xs tbe immin
ence of a tornado-. , -The inttincts of the swine
warns it of tbe coming storm. , We d. not ask
if tbe Administration has intellccs- - H it in
BtlnqlT -Ltgan QattU. .' i ,. .i . '
i f
I '1: 1yon's '" Kathairba.
This delightful article for preserving aod
beautifying the human hair Is again put up
the original proprietor, and ie now made with
tbe same care, skill and attention, which first
created it, immense and unprecedented sales
of over, one million bottles annually I It
till sold at 26 cent iff large bottle. Two
million bottle can easily be eold in a year
when It Is again known that the 'Kathairon
not only the most delightful hair, dressing
tbe world, bnt that it cleanses tbe scalp
scurf and dandruff, gives the hair1 a lively,
rich, luxuriant growth, and prevents it from
turning gray. ; These are considerations worth
knowing. The Kathairon has been toated
over twelve years, and. is warranted a de
scribed. Any lady who values a beautiful head
of bair will use -tbe Kathairon. It is, finely
perfumed, cheap und valuable; L It is sold
all respectable dealers throughout tbe world.
-0. S. BARNE3 CO., .
:,;.;!.. A, ' ; ' .New.York.
' eovS8-4w8ss' f.V v.-',
If allowed to program, raiulta In ierlt.ni Fnlmonary
Bronchial affection!, otttntimea incurable.
reach dlrttstly tht affected parts and give almost Imtant
relief. ; In BtoKcnmi, AiTKKa, and C' - they
beneficial. - Tht good effect! resulting from the tut
tht1 Trochet, and thetr extended nie, haa canted then
be counterfeited. Bt aura to guard azalnit worthleii
imltatlona.. Obtain oulytha gmuin$ Mrovm'l Broil
thiol Trochet which bavt proven their efficacy by a tea
of many years- Fobuo Eruaiza and Bwaiai ihould
eit the Troches.. Military Otficers an4 Boldlert,
over-tax tht volet and art txpoied to atddea changes,
ihould bavt ,them. Bold ertrywhtre at 25 eentt
box. ;.';.!?-.. i ' . 'j,. ti .
JaoS9-dw3m .
Tapscott's Emigration and Ex-
v . ! .' .VlOTIO-A nfflrA ' i
change Office,
so Honib aireot. New rra.
TOIt I.ETXISHe ur II". mi janu
JD DRAFTS on aod PAtoAOa to and from BKu
IAND. IBILAID aad BUUi'banv. tvv'J" .
fikl-l3ia ' No. e South Itrtol, Bow lore.
XTOtlOB Ii herebr glvan that the unlarilgoed hat
nn.llflld kv tha Fro-
kate Court t Fraaklln Oonatj, Ohio, Alinlnlitrator of
tht EitU of Joha nangtuoa, mu oi m w
Inmbm, dcotaud. ' . " ' ' '' J'
tnd thii ant d r Jinnarr. v.
lcbl-3. .
No. 188 High Street, between Town and Rlcb,
: - (Ub BUIra.) - , .
Vt la nod famlllts. alio thOM'.wlihlnf to obtain good
will do wall to giro B.a call. Charges mod-
' - Mrs. B. IAIKBANK
Western Massachusetts Insur-
, , ance Company, -?
On iht attoanth 'dty of January, 186, mad to Iho
Auditor of Ohio, puriotnt to tho itatnto of that Itato,
. entitled "An aet to regulate Inturaoos Oompinlii,
not Ineorpoiatad by the Stat of Ohio," pmed April
-8, 1850: ' ' , . f
Vint Tho nima of theOomranv la tha Weitern Mu
ohuietu Iniurano Oomptny, and Ii looted at
; Fituaeld, Mm. .
i. capital!
Second The amount of IU eapttal stock to. .ft 150,000 00
Thiid Tho moaut of Ita capital atook paid
up ,u I3U.UW u
1. Oaih of the Company on
hand r
Oaih In the handa of and due
from Axanls-..
Real Estate unincumbered..
85,873 76 ,
11,888 U $17,701 871
lha Bond! and Stocks owned by tht Com
pany,aa per voucnera aooompinjing
how lecuted, and the rate ot Inttreat
" thereon, to nil:
lit. 132aharea PlttiSald Bank,
Sd. lStharaa Airrtcult'lBank...
3d. 30 abarea Webiter Bank....
tth. 31) itaarn MerchinU' Bank,
Sth. 10 aharea Hide Leather
Bank .. 1,040
eth. 80 ihiree Adama Bink 8,0110
7thi lOaharta Berkihlrt Bank.; 1,070
8th. UahareaPlttiueldOoalGai
Oomoanv 1.573
1 Total Bonda and gtooka A 33,034 00
Debta due Ibt Company, aeenred by
. mortgage, on unincumbered Beal Bi-
,Btle, aa per voucheri accompanying:
. . Ain't of toaa.
1. The mortgage of aundry ,
paraona, aa per certificatt , ,.
of H. Whlmey, Ken'r .' $45,400
9. Ihe mortgage of aundry
penona, aa per certificate ;
I or ueo.j. mcaer, nea r.. . unv
i Total mortgag 90.606 00
i. Sebta otherwise aecUred, aa per vonohsri
accompanying, Tin
1 ' Far Market' Amount
I value, value, loaned.
I Jat. S3 aharea Bo-
! cheater City Bank
I stock 12,300 $2,530 $3,104 83
03 aharea Lea
Bankateck.. 6,300 4,725 4,330 00
! 2d. 153ibareaPilta
field Bink atook, 15,300 15,913 13,300 00
1 10 aharta Berk-
ahlrcBkatock, 1.000 1'070 1,000 00
3d. S aharta Pitta- . .
field Coal Gal
atock 500 5 420 CO
! 119 aharta B. k.
. 8. D. Ball- '
road atock... 14,900 13,410 13,370 DO
i 4th. 10 aharta Agrl-
. cultural Bank
- atock 1 COO 1,050 1,000 00
i 5 aharea Hadley
i lalle Bk atook, 500 525 500 00
0u . w anarea aaini
Bank atock.... 6 000 6,(00 6,00 00
1 Central rail
road bond. ..1,000 1,100 378 00
Total amount loaned on abort
7. Dtbta for Premluma... none.
8 Allothereecnrltlea.,
44,492 83
48,180 80
I . Total nxletj of tha Coaananr. .
$234,171 S0
Fifth Tht amount Of UaUUttea, due or not
due, to Banka ana other creditor!
$16,000 00
3 309 00
fitxth Lvaiea adjnaied and due none. .
Seventh Loaaea adjuated and notdut.....
Eighth Loaatt uuadj nated. -
Ninth LoMei In luipenia, walling for tut-
' the proof.
Tenth All other claim! afainit lha Com-
450 00
6,7(10 09,
I piny, nont, eacept tor amall contingent
Total Llaklllllca
0.450 oo
Eleventh Tht greattit amount luiured In any ont
nan so at not to tndanger mora tnan 5,uuu by
one nra in tna luagmtnt or tne Meat.
Iwellth Iht greatcat amount allowed by the rale! to
I be iniured in any ont city, town or Tillage
rame at abort.
Thirteenth Iht greateat amount allowed tobelnaurcd
in any ont block fame at above.
Fourteenth Tho amount of Ita capital or earLlnca de-
poalted In any other e late, aa leeurlty for loaaet
tberein, naming mem, wltn tut amount In tacb,
. ana wneiner aucn uompany iranaacti any boat
neai ot lniurance In laid Bute or Btatet Nona
Vifteanth Tho Chailer, or act of Incorpoiation of aald
I uompany a copy now on nit.
Btaii or If AaaacnuaiTTt, )
uocti or iitaaiBiai j
B. B. Kellogg, Frealdant,andJ. W. Dunham, Secre
tary of tha Weatern Maaeachuiette Imnranot Oonnanr.
belug aereral ly aworn, depoaa and aay, that tht foregoing
la a full, true and corrtot atatemenl of the aOalrt of the
aald Oompany; that tht raid lninranaa Oompiny la tht
oona nae owner oi at leaai ont uunarta tnouaand aol
lari of actual oaih capital Icyeated In ktockaand Binda.
or in Mortgage! on Beal Bitate, worth doublt the
amount for which tht lama ii mortgaged; that tha abort
deaorlbed luTtelmente, nor any part thereof, art madt
lor tne oantni of aoy inoiviauai eztrcinag aunonty in
tht management ol aald Oompany. tlthor at Piealdant.
SacreUry, l'rtaaurtr, Director, or otherwlat; thai Uit
moitgagea above deacribad baye not bean aaalgned, nor
la any manner rtiaaeea tr impatrea by lata Utmpanj;
ana mat tnay ait ue aoort aaiorinta omotrt oi taia in-
auranct Oomuanv.
,, . : m. a. naLtunu, rrtiidtm.
. m. fufluaa, Htcrttary.
Subacrlbed and aworn before me, thla twentj-icond
day ot Januaiy, 100.1.
c baducij m, nutva.
Juitlce of the Peace.
Ornci or ni Acditok or Stati,(
v ' OoLoataui, O., Jan. 88, laes.)
It ii hereby certified that the forea-otnr It a correct
copy ot th, statement of tht condition ol tht We, tarn
Maaiachuaett, lniurance Oompany, madt to thii oSot
lor the year 1803, and now on BI, nerttn.
inn. witoMimy nanaaoaaaaiomeiaiiy.
' . , . , - Auditor of Statt.
; (To tiplrt on tht 31it day of January, 1604.)
i AuQtToa cr gTATi'a Omci.t
" i - Coiemoe, Ohio, Jan. 88, 103.)
Wbereu, tht Weitern Manachuietli Inauranot Com-
nany. looaledat rtttaBald, la the Btat, of Uaaaaobu-
aatta,hat filed In tbii office a aworn itatemant of Itt
condition, ai required by tbe nrat action or tht act "To
regulate Iniurunet Oomptnlei n ot Incorporated by th,
8tatt of Ohio," peaeed April 8, 1 36; and, whereaa, aald
Oompany nae lurnlanea tne anaenigntd aatuiaotory ,v.
ldenoa that it it poaieiltd of at uaet ont hundred Ihou-
land dollar! ot actual capital Inreated In atocka, or in
bond!, or In mortgage! or real eatatt, worth doublt tht
amount torwmcn tbe tamo it mortgaiea; ana, wnereta,
eaid Comnany haa filed in thla otboe a written initru-
mint under lu corporate aeal, ilgned by tht Frealdent
and BecreUrv thereof, authorialng any agent or tatnta
ot aald Company In thla Stale, to acknowledge aerrict
proceu, for and in tebalt or aaia uompany, contenting
that auch lerrloe of proteat I lull be taken and htld to
be at valid at It aerved upon the Ocmpnoy, according
to to tne lawa OI tun or aoy oiner state, ana waiving
an claim or right or error, ny reaion -si aucn aunnowi
edtnaentii! aervlct. - . . -
Mow, therefore, In puiauanct of tht flrat Motion
tha aforeaatd act, I. Kobert W. Taylrr. Auditor of State
for tht Btttt of Ohio, do hereby certify that aald Weitern
Maaaachutttta lniurance uomuauy or flilaneld, Maaa.
la authoriatd to traniact tht builoeaa of fire and Ma
rina Inaaranea in thii State until th, thirty firat day
January, In tht year oht ibouaand tight nundrtd and
ilzty foul. , , ,
In wltntil whereoi. I bavt hereunto tubaodbtd nw
.. aiAL. namt and cauaed the aeal of my otfict tt be
.. affiled tbt day and year abort written.
J. : , It. W. TATLBB. . J
. vi.. m- - ... Auditor of Watt.
c o j. tj n b u s. ; ,
. Jn3i-d7t
i 1 '.
I I !. '
Ioun A. KLtiaiiKB... naaafari
Soon oueo M htfore 7; Certain ibw at 1i e'olsek
pnclMly. : i i . ...
BiIom ot admWlon: DwM Olroloand rarqualU, 3-o;
famlif OlroUKioj Colored Qilliry, S ,
Boxy met opon nromiu a. ,rfl, .
. . , , . m . . I t ' I
0fiaar walTi a A 3i
Will ka prodncal for tha Bnt tlmo in thii oily, aba
oat saocoaatal, Aluilcal and Taiolcal BainrraaSM
ealltdtba - .
The ..Birth of the Butterfly in th.
Bower of ierna.
SlaroUa, Mrs. Bffl HllaUrt Tartorlaa, afra. JasDlak
ton riutalla, Mlu B loaoba .Bradihaw; lulpharlaa. alias
Marian voaiai artnur Btomwor, nr. i. si, aicuouaaa;
Pluto, air. John Sllalart 8wti, Mr. Colin Itaan;
OoBa, Mr. Junta IVowla; ito., ate., a to.
plendld eoaiamoii saw aaa njawioua auaoai MTU
llant lllaBlnattcnal Plotareil Row Bcanaal Maalal
Dasesl Innl the but acea i -
la tht moat raanlflciat pleaa of aiisfaanlcal to avrUtlle
keauty " i-'
i 71 ; i
aarara onr aaa,ia aarlr. u tha cleca can calf ke
! playe for a rary Halted number of nlhts... .
Great Moral Entertainment
'Boston Ilusoum,
Entrance en Rlcb flt. Bwckeve Block,
oppoaiia aaaw uxcDaiaiarv afanai.
0P1N8 AT 8 A M OL038 AZ F. M.
O. BICE Prep're
publlo to their large atock ef
CLOTHS, CA88IMERE3 , . . " ' ' ' '
Vand general auortment ot ' '." -
Staple an 1 Fancy Dry Goods.
Alio, to their large stock of., - i ' j
Yelvet and Brussels Carpeting,
Three Ily and Ingrain do.
Venetian Rng and Stair do. , , i
OH Cloth, Bogs, -, V T ' '! ; '
Gilt Shades, Cornices. ' !.,.',
Buff, Green and White Ilellands. ' Vi
Lace and Swiss Cnrtaii. -Damask
do, etc. etc.
Out Drawn t atock waa purchased prtvloui to tht ntat
Iadranot that hat recently taken plice in tht laattra
cltiet, In all klodt of goods, an wa art prepartd an
telling largely at pneta ten man aouracturtra'.
wt can auora to gtvt good kargalntr Oall and itt.
uppaalte Gwwttale O. . Hetele.
by tht barrel. . ;
jutS-tf 106 South DlghttrttU ..
AatiBTinr QoaariatiakTxa' Orrrci,) . '
CiMCinaaTi, January 31sl, 1863 C
can obtain thelrpay for tSOBMBB, by ealllof at
tht office, No. 7 Trnit Oompiny Bulldti.g, eorner Shir
and Main itretti.
jan!4-tf , CapUln and A. Q. X.
1 Best Quality Seleotsd Hocking Goal
and deliver to any part of tht elty.
JanB-lm P. HAYDB3.
Armatrona'tLlrtrv 8ublt. in tht eltrof OoIbh-
kat, Art hundred boraei and Darts, not lata than flfttta
nanat Bigb, tret rrom til blcmlabta. tood colon; for
wnicn a rair pnot la otan will ot I
paid on dtllrtry.
Jan. 18-tf
BHI t DOXtl.
DetUep in (
Foreign and, Domestic Fraits,
So. '69 north Egih Street,
A , -i. , . A
Country produce taken In tzchaiige for good.
Goods delivered free of charge to any
' pan or tne city, p
atelSHlOm. V,"
johx Km.ra. aonotr e. wirraua. Kamw t. roaca.
kebleb, vmnwkji A FORCE,
Attorneys & Coonselors at Law,
Office, No. 11 Masonic Baildinj, .
Oinoihbati; Olaiois
t KA si.
KT Practice la tht Bute Oourtt; an alio la tht Unit-
ta BUttt vutrlct, CirouU and Bupremt Oourtt. -
Deo. Sl.MS-dly. - . .
s. a: mill E n,
Attornoy ot LaWi
: ;. '..-OHIO-, : ',
: Bank Building, West; Entrance U'i
' Northweat corner Third and Main, Itrttta, ,
Ve. SlHN-tf
L. 0. iILIT ' ' 1. . THOMSON. 11 B t. WITH.
i . , ' it .
" Cf , ' . .. ., ,rl ,..'-'..
Dealer laa cein, Dt mettle roiffta
.' ExctaBfe,TJBonrretit ineaieri '-
- Office 274 South High Street,

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