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MOENING, MARCH 28, 1863.
u wv
No, 37 Park
Row. New York. And 6 Stale
Street, Boston, .
Advertisements mi Bntwenpuons ror
Abolition and Secesh Editors Agree in
Abusing Democrats.
Th Jaurmml fiooies without oiedlt a seunll
'n.,tinu uken Irom the-Biobmond Enquirer,
headed -Cox aad Caioline." The only differ
in the artlole o( the seoeselon paper and
! lia other extreme to. that the Journal ealle the
' member who has been approved fornix years in
our midst, "the iquirming litUe traitor-" ! ah
the rest of the artlole Is a plagiarism from the
abaslYe ' rtbel sheet In' Rlobmond. Not only
does the Jora steal ths artloles of the obels
to aelt Democrats with, adopting Ihsm as its
bwtf, bnt it assumes their falsehood when It
! does "so. !' It knows that Mr.' Cox never made
" aay sues i speech in Coogress about "Caroline."
. It U a Ke made out of whole cloth by tbe Kion
: mond editor. 1 Tbe poetry quoted was read by
Mr. Cox at the requrat of Mr. F.. S
Ohm anlhnr of tha "Srjarroweraas papers"), o
.i .Ji.. i-v vr.it .nHlannoor the
. 7 mt . ii . ti, .
lyrics of Oum Wiwnt Hotms. The as-
. ducUra wooing" la Dr. Houiis'a. Tbe P""-
i otw allusions, in ths poem, part of wbiob Is
-suppressed b, tb.twiu editors. North. ud South,
wera oneerea wnen resa, as h woum .y-
prpTcd by any patriotio man., Tbe poem I I
familial to ar .na aeaualnted. with Df.'l
. . A. .in.ditnra advertise
4 their own ignorance by attributing it to Mr
; Cox, while they lnadrertently pay blm tbe com
' pliment of being a poet of the first water. We
Copy for the ' benefit of the editor of the
, Journal this beautiful poem, and commend its
spirit as far mora Christian than the insane
ravings for revenge which seems to inspire its
She baa goea h baa left u la paidon and pride
var Itormy orowea suier, eo long i ear iiuo ,
8te has torn bar own star from onr Armament's glow,
And tamed on her brother the Ace of a foe I
0, Caroline. Caroline, child of the aan,
We caa nerei forget that oar hterta bare been one ;
Oar foreheadi both eprlskled In Liberty', Dim,, ;
From tba fonntain of blood with the floger of flame I
. Yoa were always too read to Ore at a touch ; , j
Bat we eaid "8he is bury she doea not mean much."
We hare scowled when job ottered sou, rurbnlebt
threat) ..,--.' i
- Bat friendihlp itlll whiepered "lorglre and forget.'j
Bas oar lore all died oat f Have its altars grown coll?
His tba earn come at last which the fathers foretold t
Then nature matt teach at the strength of the chela
That ber petalent children woad eerer la rain.
Theif may fight till tha baanrdt are gorged with their
SpOllr - '
Till tha barreat growa black aa it rote la the aolt, 1
'Till the wolice and tbe eaiamoania troop from their
ind the tbark tracks tba pirate, ths lotf of ths wares
In rain Is the ttrife I Whan its nry la put,
Their fortanee matt flow in one channel at last !
at the torrentt that ruih from the moontains of mow
Boll mingled in peace through the Ttlley below. j
Onr Union it rlrer, lake, ocean, and iky ;
Mn krMkanot the medal when Chid cats the die I
Ikouh darkened with salphar, tfaoagh eloren with
steel. -
The bias arch will brighten, the waters will heal.
0 Caroline, Caroline, child of the tun, I
There an battles with fate that can nerer be won I
The lar-flomrln banner matt never be furled.
lor its biossons of light are tba hope of the world I
Oo, then, onr rath titter I afar and aloof,
Boa wild In the ranahint away from ear roof :
Bat when your heart aches and your feet bare grown
Bern cm ber the pathway that leads to onr door I
"Two Noted Copperheads Arrested."
Under this beautiful and complimentary cap
tion, that bitter and unscrupulous Abolition
sheet, the Cincinnati GauUt, publishes a special
dispatch, dated Indianapolis, March 36, stating
that Bayuss W. Uaasa, a member of the In
diana Legislature, author of the Military
Board bill, a member of the committee oo Ar
bitrary A. rests, and law partner of Hon. D
W. Vobhiis, bad been, together with Robot
HaMNiOArt, a -res ted on the absurd charge ol
cheering for Jxrv. Davit, Stoniwall Jacxsom,
eto. The dispatch says that Hanhisam was in
tha sruard bouse, and Hamma was out on bis
' parole for forty-eight hours.
, These arrests were made by military author
ity rjrobebly by order of Gen, CAUWBTori.
The ridiculous obarge alluded to Is a mere pre
text The arrests were made because tbe fo
cused were, in the elegant and polite language
of the Cincinnati Otutit, " Two Copperheads"
lies Democrats.
Trouble in Iowa.
- A dispatch to tbe Chicago' Tiavt, dated pes
Moines, Iowa, March 23, says that most dis
couraging reports bad reached there of tbe con
ditioa of affairs ia Deottnr county ia that State.
A conflict of authority there bad precipitated
revolution. Blood bad already been ebed, and
tbe end was not yet. , The Governor (luaxwooD)
had been appealed to, and be had called upon
the Attorney-General of the State; but neither
of these functionaries seemed disposed to sot
one way or the other in tbe matter. . The con
clusion appeared to be that the opposing parties
would have to fight It out. ,
'anaaaarMaawswaawaSBngoae f
4,Tn 8enate of New York voted oa tbe SOtb
of March to give all the soldiers in tbe regi
ments of that State, whose term of enlistment
expires this year, a bounty ot one hundred and
fifty dollars upon their re eniistment,ai)d a boun
ty of seventy-five dollars to new volunteer re
cruits. ' ' 1 ' 1 ; "'' J-
Cob Jahes B. Fsv,the new Provost Marshal
General, was recently a member of Gen. Mo
"' Dewux's staff. He is a son of General Jacob
Fit. of Illinois. Col. Fat will bs remember ad
as ths Collecto al Chicago ' who was removed
' by President BooRaiiAit. Hs Is a West Point
rradaate. He entered tbe mill tan service
July 1, 1847, as a brevet second lieutenant of
artlllflrv. He was commissioned Captain In
August, 1861, and attached to the Adjutant
General's depattraeot - ..
, 3-
A Wmbihoton. dispatch says nobody bsrs
aaderstaBds tba situation oo the Mississippi
Nor here either.
'. Oiw. Cbook, commanding at Carthage, lays
.A Moffreesboro dispatch, sent an expedition to
'Koine on the Cnmberland river.' which return-
v- J I W Wednesday night, March 34, having eap
v 'v. tared ,twenty-ight prisooers, among them a
noted rebel Captain named Reese, together with
.Taevan wagoas and thirty borsee.
The Case of Hon Otto Dresel.
pass it could not be bad. mt: BM
Uoun.of Representutlfes, as , - . f
Wls 8enate wrolutlota, a . ...
olutloos on tb. tate of to country
inodifioonBt tbo Platform oi .
ooUoui.P.mocroyv,Jhe. J"""1'
voted down by the House, f
tr.r.li ft rrsooorww fv'
VUi , ,,- , . , .
.. . Inirndnclntr it. HO raroro
VHMfeUf awe " -
uUm'wm had upon thl.iution, u
.as soon found that the requisite two-w.ru-
th Abolition member irom ua,""
then introduced a
substitute for Wmt's
nnioinn resolution, declaring M. D. to be en
- .nrt
unfit associate lor such p . -
.... . , ' t 4.11 Wl.. f.Am Mm'
proposing to wtinuom en. leuQwemp i.t-u. u.-
This was ruled outof order, after Mr. CoNviast
had dearly demonstrated its unparliamentary
oharaoter. Then came the substitute or, mr.
Stanton . an Abolitionist from Cincinnati, cen
suring Mr. D. This was materially modihed.and
some of Its false charges were stricaen out
before the Administration members could all
be whipped into the traces, and brought to its
nnaort. Late o Thursday , nlgbt, it was
adopted, under'thegag'ln the shape 6f thsp're
Tlous qnesHon, iu""""- ,,, ,
, WRiacas, Joint resolutions passed lbs other
branch of tbe General Assembly strongly eon
deranine tbe existing reoeiuon; ana r
Whirus. Otto Dresel, a mcmbei of ibis
House, offered as a substitute tberetor, a series
of resolutions, tressonaoie in spirit, disloyal in
Sentiment, end insulting aims to the eountrj
aid those engaged in its defense: and
Whbas, ItUdrolsred In said resolutions
that "the Conscription law, recently passed by
,g iubv;MiTe ol ,0, toteielgat. ,no
right of tbe Statts, and deigned to make
them mere dependenoies upon the Central Gov-
. HMlAi, gald resolutions farther deliber-
atejy trow that ths liberties of the people are
menaoed bv Congresalonal and Federal usnrpa-
ftlons, and cap only be preferred by ths ener-
e;etio sction of State authority, and we sre de
termtned to maintain and defend tbe hnnnr of
our State and lbs rights of ber people;" there
fore, !
Retohtd That,' la tbe judgment of this
House, said resolutions lovlte attempted nulll
flratioo of Federal law, and resistaooe by this
HUte to federal authority; and are calculated
In their teodeuov to erente seditioo and rebel
lion among the people of this Htaie; thorelore
bs It further 1 '
Rualved, That for ths ibtroductloo of lUtM
rtsolutious Into Ibis House, Otto Dresel bs aud
is- nereoy censurtd as a promoter ol sedition
and dieuuioo, giviug thereby aid and oomlorl to
tbe enemies of lbs United Btates.
Tbe vote on these resolutions stood thus
Yi as Messrs. Bites, Bvard. Booue, Brath
mao, Bradbury, Clarke, Cook, Ferrel),Glesauur,
Uudsaolus, riiKTiBOO, Harsh, nilld, iliidoo
Howe, Huston, Jobonton, Keck, Keeser of No
ble, Krum, Latbam, Lemeo, Lind, M.iNh, Mite
ters. Montsomerv. Hirers, Norrie, Odliu. Os-
boro, Purseir, Randall, Reamy, Robb, Ruber u-,
Rockwell, Scott, Sieg,8miib,Suutoo, Stewart,
iioany, wallar, Warner, Wells, Wett, Wbtt
ney, Wilkin, Winaus, Woodbury, Z no, Spe.k
er az.
Nats Ault, Boesel, Chambers, CouverM,
fee of Brown, rersuson. Hate. Uribbea, Hoi
den, Keyser of Monroe, Lott, Msffett, Monroe,
Olds, Reisinper, Sayler, Stiers, Taylor, Titos,
uni, vance, Wilson 'i.
.This action justly exottee great indignation
throng hoot iheState, and especially among Mr
Dsiscl's eoDstilusntd, a majority of whom in
dorse his whole course in the Legislature, as
well as tbe resolutions for which be bas been
censored. They regard this action as a blow
aimed at free representation; aad,. at tbe prop
er time and in the proper manner, they will
give expression to their indignation in fitting
terme, and will most signally rebuks the per
petrators of this new outrage. It can do Mr.
Daisai, no Injury, for be bas been guilty of no
wrong. Tbe people of Franklin county, and
of this entire Stale, know bow to construe it;
and they will not be slow in putting tha right
construction upon it. It will add thousands
cpon thousands to - the Democratic
majorities in Ohio at the approaching
elections. A large proportion of the members
who voted to censure Mr. Dbsssl, for faithful-.
ly representing an Immense msjority of bis
constituents, have' themselves1 been repudiat d
by tbe people of their respective counties snd
districts. They, only represent minorities.
When this session shall bs at an end, they will
bs politically defunct. Hon. Otto Dbissl will
be appreciated and honored long after they are
A High-Handed Proceeding.
It seems that the resolution rescinding the
one whioh provided for a tins dis adjournment
on tha S6Jt of March, bad not been signed bj
ths President of the Senate when tbat body ad
journed on Thursday evening. Hence, there
most have been a virtual sins die adjournment
on tbat day. But the President of the Sen
when tbat body stood adjourned until
Friday morning, got together a aumber of tbe
Senators, snd received a messligc from the
House, inoloslng the rescinding resolution
signed by Speaker Hobbill; and then an
nounced, that he would sign it in tbe presence
tbe Senate, when that body could not legally
In session! ' Then tba Clerk of tbe Senate
was directed to make a record of the signing of
the resolution, by President Stanton, in tbe
Journal of tha 36th, tbe asms as if it had been
done during tbe session of tbat day. Oo Fri
day morning, tbe Senate refused to strlksout
this .interpolated matter, and approved tbe
Jonrnal In tbat form. Senator Kinnt then
presented the following protest, which was en
tered opon tbe Journal of Friday. It apaaks
Wbibias, 'On the night of the 2G;h dav of
March. 1863, and more than two hours after the
Senate had adjourned over to half past 9 o'oloek
tbe 27 tb day ot Marcn, lebj, a number of
Senators met in tbe Senate Chamber, and were
called to order bv tbe President of the Senate.
Whereupon the Bergeant-at-Arms of the House
Representatives reported a message. from
the House or Representatives, and was recog
nized by tbe President. The message was're-
eeived ana oraerea to do reaa at me Ulerk'e
desk, wbiob was accordingly done; and
Wejcbeas. Said message contained House
Joint resolution No. 108, rescinding House
Joint resolution No. 100, providing for the ad
journment of the present General Assembly
on the 14lb day of April, 1863; said Houss
resolution providing for such adjournment on
the 26th day ot Marob, 1863, sins die; and
. Wbibias, Said lost named resolution bad
passed both braoobeeof ths General Assembly,
and said' Houss Joint resolution No. 108 not
having been signed by the President of ths
Senate ' before . the adjournmaot, on
the 26th day of Marob, 1863 The
President of tbe Senate . thereupon
announced to those present, that bs would sign
In the presence ot the Senate, House Joint
Resolutions No. 108, whioh he also aooordlog
It did. and which proceedings were made a nait
tba proceedings of ths Senate, and colored
snch on tbe Journal of tbe Senate for the
2P,ih dav 'of Marob, IBM, in Violation of all
parliamentary roles and regulations, and with-
warrant, la the Constitution or Uwi of this
The undesigned being of opinion that the
Journal bf tlie Senate has, by the proceedings
aforesaid, - been mutiiatea, ana qoee codwid
matter not In aoco.-danoe with the facte i that
the Drooeedlnea of the "Senate after the ad
journment wae unwarranted, and that this Gen
eral AesemDIjr le Ttuaiiy eojourueu, tuereiore
entera dm protest agaissi ine acts or ano trmi
dent Id the premises, add sgalnst any fcrther
bnslnesi helot transacted by this Senate in a
legislative daring to present '
Another Adjournment.
Tbe Legialature, some time ago, fixed the
26th of March as tha day for final adjournment.
But as that day approaobed, tbe Admiulatratlou
Members conoluded they must have more time.
lionet", ibay rescinded their first sojournment
resolution, and decided to remain bera until the
14th ot April. No sooner was tbia done, than
both branches adjourned over again from Fri
dav until Tuesday. Such is tbe course of tbe
maiorltvla this General Assembly. ' Tha tax
payers will be called opon to foot tbe bills! '
Democratic Nominations in Cincinnati.
t t'r, j stall, ' ''.
: : . B,.v
'The following cxoellent ticket was1 nominated
by the Democracy of the city of Cincinnati, at
their Convention, on Thursday, the 26th. It
will be elected by a large majority: '. 'r " '
For Mayor, Jos F Torrenoe; Judge of Police
Court; Js Saffio; City Soliotlor,,Tbns C Ware;
City Auditor, Geo W C Johnston; City Treas
urer, Jacksoq M Noble; City Civil Engineer,
Tbos J Peter; Prosecuting Attorney of Polloe
Court, A i AlumoeiUitj commissioner, jere
mUh Kieratedt Director of Infirmary, Tbos Me
ara; Trustee of Water Works, Alfred Buchanan-
Jndffe of Sanerlor Court. A O W Carter;
Superintendent oi njarseis, joun wuuaer. ,
Camp of the 95th Ohio, near Helena,
THURSDAY, March 19, 1863.
We are now encamped on the Arkansas shore
of the Mississippi, four miles below Helena.
We managed, after won lug three or four
home last Monday ; afternoon, to get up our
tents on tba saud among tbe trees, so tbat mi
oould be tolerably comfortable for the time be
ing Thin is cue of the tandiett places you
ever beard of, almost tquai to the desert ii
Sahara, the only difference being that we have
plouty ol water. My tent Is within ten Or
twelve feet of the water's edge of the Missis
sippi. ...i I !
Immediately back ef us is a bayou or swamp,
extending back I kuow pot how fir. There is
ouly a narrow strip of land between the river
and tbe swamp, some, two hundred yards wid
and 'extending along ths river about half a
mile. So we are completely surrounded by
On this little piece of saud, I suppose, there
are some eight or ten thousand troops encamp'
ed. There is plenty of timber growing along
the beach and back in the swamp. Some ol the
b.is have been felling trees in the swamp; try
ing in this way to gam tbe mainland, but as
yet nave not. succeeded, moat oi toem mao
aging to get a good ducking, wbloh coobi off
tbfir ardor for making bridges.
The weather is growing decidedly warmer
as we go southward, ft is intensely hot here
when the sun ebinesont loall hisslendor. Tbe
boys even now are running around with bare
feet, their shirt sleeves rolled np and their col
lata thrown back. It bas actually not rained
in this region for nearly a week, - The river is
very high now. If it should rfse a foot or two
more, we would be obliged to seek accommo-
datioce in the tops of some of tbe'ie trees, The
trays bear unmistakable marks, of tbe whole
place having been flooded at some period,
Would it not be a fine joke on oe if It should
be overflowed while we are here? , ,
i ne river nere is neiwecn lour ana nvs miles
.... - . . A
wide, looking like a vast lake. There are va
rious rumors in regard to our destination; but I
can ascertain nothing definite. I suppose, how
ever, that we are bonud for Vicksburg; bnt by
what route we shall go I cannot tell. It is prob
able we shall go by some Pan to t o rear of
Vicksburg. It is said that tbe bead of Yazoo
Pass Is directly opposite here, and that Moon
lake Is only six miles off Id t direct Hoe, but
twenty by tbe way of the Pass. Tbia little lake
said to bs lbs rendr irons of tba Ysioo expe
wwr iti . ,s a ... .
we win aouoticBS leave wis place wttnta a
week or ten days. Only a portion ol a divlaioo
cm be transported at a time. A few regimenls
Qulnby's division are still here. They left
Memphis two or three weeks prior to the de-
parture of our division. Tbe health of our
regiment (the 95th Ohio) is very good. We
have but very few sick with na. But tbe regi
ment is still growing smallor, we having left
some fifty or sixty at Memphis In the Convales
cent camp. ' ; ' "
In the Sxnati, on Friday, March 27tb, Mr
Lang made a motion to correct tbe Journal, by
omitting ail relating to tbe reoeption of a mes
sge from tbe Honse containing tbe resolution
rescinding the sins di$ adjournment for tbe26tb
lost., and the statement that the President
signed the same, for the reason tbat it was done
the evening, after the Senate adjourned
Explanations followed by .several Senators,
when Mr. Lang withdrew bia motion. Mr Sen
renewed it, and was seconded by Mr. fleck;
but the Senate voted ft down. ' Mr. Kenny then
entered his protest, deolaring that tbe General
Assembly is virtually adjourned, and should
transact no more business. .
Tba bill, Amending the law In relation to
tbe Oblo Female College, was passed.. ,, -
The Senate tben, before noon, adjonrned
until Tuesday, Maroh 31st. ' : - f
In the Hodsk, after prayer by the Rev. Mr.
Aobefts, tbe following members were allowed
eaat tbelr votes on tbe presmbla and reaolu
lions censuring Mr Dresel : ' ' ..,)....
Yeas Messrs. Babcock, Cory, Howard and
Scbell 4.
Nays Mestrs Blecker, fiojder, Smith and
Thorp 4. , . .... ., ... ', .' . ,..,,,-!.'
Mr. Wlnana, the Republican member from
Greene, moved to reconsider tbe vets by which
Honse censured Mr. Dresel, and proceeded
discuss tbs motion. In tha course of bis
remarks, ba stated that tba preamble and reso
lutions of censure contained charges against
Mr. D. tbat are not true. , The House, he
said, had dons him, as wlT) at itself, great In
justice by adopting them. , .:.
Ia the afternoon, 4 quorum could not ha kept
together, and nothing waa done. Pending Mr.
Wyoana's motion to reconsider tba vote on tbe
Dresel ceneure, tba House adjourned , until
Tuesday March 31st. : -'' 7
The Case of Mr. Otto Dresel.
" to Dt appear to strike thoae gentlemen
Of tbe Oniov Legialature who ara BAaklnir a a.
pel, or otherwiee dlsoiplloe, Mr. Otto Dresel, a
hbat Mrs Dresel may, perhaps, be a better rep-
tsiwr oi toe lions I mm franklin Mnnl.
rnvunuio tuna isey are ot me opinion! of bis
own-wuniiiiieois. ine ooense or Mr. Dresel
onslati in the fact that he offered In bis plaoe,
for adoption, certain resolutions upon ths atate
of the oountry. These resolutions are idsntioal
with those passed by a lata State .Democratic
Convention in Copbectlanl.'and affirm tha doc
trine of State Rights under the Constitution. an
opposed to certain legislative and executive
plans of enoroaobjueut ,., - - - -
The constitution ol all legislative bodies, so
long aa any freedom Is permitted, would seem
to require tbat, until the contrary Is distinctly
shown, every member be presumed to be a faith
ful representative of the will or tboe by whom
he was elected. If he Is this, snd Is guilty of
no offensive misconduct, there Is no power Oo
eatth by wbloh he oan ba legitimately censured
or displaced. Tb Constitution ot (he State,
under whose provisions he holds his seat, pre
soribes no form of opinion, establishes no ttaud-
ara oi etate loyalty, it would be better, per
haps, if members of local Legislatures would
confine their labors strictly to tbe affairs ef the
Stale and the furtherance of Its particular in
terests; but this no ana pretends to do, and the
precedent of an assumption of national dlscror
lion and statesmanship has been too long and
too firmly established to permit it .at this day
to be oalled in question, or to expose any one
to censure on account of a fresh example. f
The original resolutions against Mr. Diesol
propose his cxpulolouj bnt as It la evident tbat
these cannotbo carried: 1. because be has com
!.-.! - 11 i. . I. o
templates, as cause for that penalty and 2. for
the. want of thstto-tbird majority required to
unseat blm; theprogrammp bas been changed,
and tbe puuishmeut now proposed Is that oi so
cial 'excommunicatiou, "We will" say the
resolutions "hereafter withhold from Mr. Otto
Dresel oil fellowship, and treat him as an enemy
to the Union, to tbe Constitution, aud laws ui
bis country, and an until associate, for loyal
men." ' I
This is after the manner of tbe school bor,
who told another, "II I can't whip you, I'll
make mouths at your als'er." Tbe Keonblican
majority resolve tbat they will cut Mr. Dresela
acquaintance, put bim under an intaidict, turf)
up ibTir noaes at Mm, bite their thumbs when
he passes. Tbey won't ask bim to drink, won't
drinx with him when be invites them, won't bow
to his wife or bis mother when tbey meet her
on tbe public promenade in sboit, tbey propose
to enact vulgarity, Aid, in their own peraous,
to cirry it into natutlou. , They will, of course,
treat in tho same way those wbo vote, sgainst
the resolution: and tbe General Draoticeol' mak
ing months, biting tbutubJ and tarulng up of
noBes win De inauguratea oy legislative author
ity at the Capital of Ohio, greatly to the ,epute
oi ise mate, lue dispatcn of business, tbe dig'
nity of members, and the harmony of the Leg
islature. Cfn, Eng. of Friday. :
It bas been cffioially ordered that no person
shall bs allowed to pass out of, or come within,
the lines of the Departmeot of Washington on
the south side of tho Potomao contbabamob
alone excepted. j
Another Candidate Declines to Run
on the Republican City Ticket.
.. .. . , .
Mr. hiison aeouned very promptly to rtln
for School Direotor, after he had. bem nomi
nated by the Republican Convention of Ibis
City. The'JoufTieZof Friday morning contains
another card of declination which speaks for It
self. It Is as follows!
on the Republican City Ticket. COLUMBUS, O., March 26, 1863.
Ed. Jodbnal: I Was greatly surprised when
I read tbe Jonrnal of this morning, to see that
I bad been nominated for City Solicitor on the
Republican ticket, transformed in title to the
Union tioket. I was onoe deceived by sush
macninauoDs a year ago last summer and fall
when tbe Republican party proposed to lay
aside, for a time, party ties and party struggles,
snd join with tbe people Its whole strength for
tne support oi toe constitution and tbe Union
1 found It was only a transformation in name,
tbe element remained the same.' iWbea I saw
ths ticket, it was the first intimation that I bad
that my name was going to be plaoed before
the Convention aa a nomines. Had I beao'a'd
vlsed by my friends, before the' eittiug of the
Convention, that my name was goiug to be so
naed, I would hsve at once declined t be a nom
inee. r ' - ui i
It is not agreeable with my feelings now. nor
bas it ever been, to bs a candidate on thoj Re
publican ticket for any position; as I hsro sup
ported the principles ol tbe Democracy in the
past, and aball continue to do so in the future.
I shall support the patty which cherishes those
principles, beoauae, I believe it will preserve
the Constitution and the Union 1 mean tbe
Democratic party. I therefore very rosprct-
inuy aecune toe nomination.
In tbe guerrilla fight at Chantiily, Maroh 25,
we lost thirty-nine prisoners, three killed and
one mortally wounded.
Great Honors to a Negro—A
Dinner Giver Him.
Tbe Court Journal at Washington says:
"Secretary Seward gave a diplomatic dinner
last evening in honor of Colonol Roumain,
Minister irom tlajti. Tbe following Repre
sentatives were present: Baron Goralt, Dean
of tbe Diplomatio Corps, M. De Stoeckl, Rus
sian Minister, Lord Lyona, Enslish Minister,
and M. Mercier, French Minister. The other
guests were Secretary Chase; Postrnaster-Geu-
eral Klalr, eeuatora Sumner, Harris and Mor
gan, Judge Otto, Assistant Secretary of the
Interior, William Whiting, . fiolioitor of the
War Department, arid Judse Goodrich. Seare-
ttry of Legation at Brussels." J
Colonel Roumain Is a blaok ami shiny ,nsgro!
How fast is the progress of events! When
thi. -innary waa told, years ago, tbat the object
of th Abolition crusade was toward negro 'so
olal as well si political equality, It was indlg
oantly denied by 'the ' Administration prints
There is a spectacle presented above that white
men ma wall nnhifnr'ntferr . (' I
"Be Warned in Time!"
Under this bead the following order is pub
lished: " : fi ; . W ) : i ! . !
INDIANAPOLIS, March 23, 1863.
All deserters and absentees from the ' armv
are hereby notified that one of their number,
wno nas neen appronended and tried tor deser
tioo, will in a tew days be shot to death in this
city Will yon now take tbe advice of those
wbo mean well for yon and tbe country, and de
liver yourselves up while yet there Is time 7 Af
ter tne 1st, oi April next it will be too late.
Tbe whole community should bestir them
selves and sea nat not one of tbia class is at
large in tbe States ot Oljio, Indiana and Illi
nois by tbat time.
Brigadier-General Volunteers.
Important to Absent Soldiers..
Orrios or tm QoAkTiBHasTia-GiN. or Ohio,:
... Columbus, O., March SB, 1863. -
Soldiers absent withont lea re or over time,
may obtain transportation to Columbns, by ap
plying to any ticket agent at Railroad stations
throughout tbe State, on or before 31st jntt
' "" Quartermaster-General Ohio
Press Ibrongbont tbe State please copy and
:.,. ": " iiEinfrsTui:";t " " -'!'
But restores gray hair tbjlta Original color, by
supplying the capillary riibej jjlth natural sus
tenance, Impaired by age' or disease. All in-
itantaneou dye are composed of lunar caui
tie, destroying1 the vitality anoTboauty' of the.
balr.and afford tnemaeivea no dressing. eim-i
street's inimitable Uoioriug not ouiy rosnrres
hair to its natural color by an easy prooeu, but
gives the hair a .. , ' , -' of I
J ' luiariant beauty,
nromotea Its orowth. nrevents Us falling off,
eradicates dandruff,' aud Imparts 'health and
pleasantness to the bead. ' ' It has stood the test
of time, being tbe origlnol Hair Coloring, and
Is constantly Increasing id' faVor. Used by
both gentlemen' and ladies'. It is sold by al1
respectable dealors, or can bs procured by then)
of tbe eommercfal : agent, D S. Barnes, 20li
Broodway, N. Y. Two sites, SO cents and $li
noT85-4Scw6m ' '
if allowed to progrett, retalu In eerie ni Pulmontry aad
Bronchial aSeoltont, oftentlmet Inenrable,
reach ilrtitly the affeoted parts and (ire ilmoit inttant
relief. In BaoacHiTie, AtniNA, and Oa thoy are
btruodal. . Ikt good aSactt : resulting from tb tie of
the Trochei, and their extended rue, has canted them to
be counterfeited. Bs sure to gsard agalatt worthlett
imitations. Obtain onlythe gtnulnf Mrown't Bron chial
Trochtt which hare proven their eihoacy by a tea t
ot mtiny years Potuo Bratint and SiNomt ihoald
nte tie Troches. Military Officers and Bbldlera, who
orertax the voice and art ezpoeed to tudJen chtngea,
thoald have Uiew). Bold everywhSra-at avrenttper
box. - ..if . -, , . '
JanSO-datwSra - !
rInroRTAirT to LiBiai-Da-. Hivr't VtmnCau
have never yet failed la Mmoving diuioultlei aritlng
from obttrnetion. or itcpnaire of nature, or in restoring
the ? item to perfect health when tutrerlng from tpinal
Afleotloni, rroltpini Uteri, the Wbltei. or otner
weaknatt of the Uterine Orjtane. Tbe pilit are perfct
ly haimlett on the constitution, a til maybe Uken by
the moet delicate female without caaaint. diatretti nt
the tame time tkey act like a charm by ttreogtlienlnt,
invigorating and restoring the eyalem to a healthy coil
ditlon, and by bringing on the mootbly period with reg.
ulailty, ne matter from what oauae lite obatrnotion my
arite. They thoald, however, NOT he taken during the
Bret three or four monthi of pregnancy, though eata at
any other tine, aa miscarriage would be ihe remit.
Kach box oontalnt 60 l'IH. filoe One Dollar.
Pr. UABVHY'0 Treatlie on Dlteiiet of Femultt,
Pregntncy, Miwarrlage, Btrrenoeti, Bterillty, Bepro
duotlon and Abutet of Ntluie,' and cmphattotlly tlie
Ladiea' Private Medical Adviter, a pamphlet of 5f
paget, tent fiet ta acy nddrtM. Sir cents requited to
pay pottage. "
The Fills and book will bo' foot Ky mall, When do
tired, tecurely tealed, and prepaid, by
J. BRYAN, M. D., General Agent.
No. 76 Cedar Bt., New York , i
Bol4byaIlDrug8lita. . . - '
a. SUANLAN . 00., Wholnale Agentt
.. .-. CINCINNATI. :
TaiRD Eoitioh 30ra THoPni,;i-Dr. Harveyli
Trealiie on Dlteaiel 'of Fomalet, Pregnancy, Mlir
ritge, Barrenneit, Bterllity, Beproductlnn, and Abuaet
of Nature, and emphatically the LADIBS' I'UIVATB
UaCICAL ADVlBKB a pamphlet of SO pagee, lent
free to aay addreit tlx oenta required to ply tha
pottage. : -" u i ' - i ' -. - 1
Bent by mail, confidentially, hen dctired, ticoi,T
MU.ID, and prepaid ty
- . J. BBYAN, M. ., 1
.. - - TO OedarSt, New loik Poiloffice Box 5,079. j
mtrcbiil-daweow '
Itemoved from rale aid ui lice
lay ba
Dr. A. B. WILUAMS.W. Broadway, near High'
Colombo. 0.,'hat devoled hlmteif for a ttrlet of yoart
I Ui treatment of pertain private dlaeatet. fit may ba
eontnlted at his office en Broadway, near tha Bi.a
JanlOdtl ! '-.- -
JL Saturday SHth, No'i. 107 fc 100, South tth.ttrett
Will not take place. The property having been d
poted of at nrivtte tale. . r- (
- , ; V..tt. GLA'.IKB, ABCtitneer.
Mayor's Proclamation.
To the Qualified Elector) of the City of Columlue.
On Monday, tha alxth day of April, 1803, an election will
beheld In, laid city for the pnrpote of electing one Mayor,
one Olty Marihal,one City Bolititor.two School Direetort
twoTruiteet to terve atmeuibirtof the City Council In
each of the following wardt: Not. 6, 7, 8 and 9, and ene
Trnttee to aerve at a member of the City Council In
each of the. remtlniog wardt, to wit Not. 1 , 8, 3, 4 and
S The election wilt be hold at the following pltcei, to
wit: In the lit ward at Frazler't office' oorner, of Spring
and front ttrettt; 2d wtrd Buckeye Donee; 31 ward
Olty Olerk't office; athward Zettler Home; Sihwurd
Bontb Engine Honat; 6th ward Laurence Bchoelder'i;
7th ward Pint door aoulh of V . Beltcthelmor'i Grocery;
8th ward North Engine Bonis; Oth ward Bxchtnge Ho
The poll, will be opened at tlx o'clock, A. M., and
dote et'.iix o'c'.ock, P. M.
1 Mayor.
March 34, 18C3-t'll election.
ftot copy.
353 RUBIA MILLS. 355
353 and 355 Vfaablnsitan Street, New
iort ejttT.
Pnt np In tin foil Ponod papert, 48 In a box, and in
bulk. Our prioet rang from 7 to 30 emit. We pnt np
tha following klndt:
Java, MaracaiborRio, and Various
Other Brands or Superior Coffees.
We believe our Coffet to bt fatter than any ground
Coffee now In nte. All ordsrt addreated to nt, or to onr
Agent, Meten. Place k Yocno. 183 Chamber, street,
oorner Wathington Street, New Ycrk Olty, will rectlve
prompt attention. e '
The retail trade tupplied by Brat clan Jobbing honate
In tha varlont cities. - J ' - '
Wn. I. Tab Orai. Fuel
N. B. Trade Prlot Lilt fnrnlthed on tppllcttlon;.
mch27-d3mis .1
Double thick Flint Glass Lamp Chim-
nies, Called Nut Crackers,"
South High Btieet
Magic Time. Observer,
The Perfection of Mechaniem !
Bains a noaTiKO ako Oiik Pace, oa Ltor'a or Otn
tlkmaii'i Watch oonaiinn, with Patiht Bair Wins
ma lurtovuiHT.
The 2io York Itttntrnted Newt, the leading picto
rial paper o'f the United States, In lit tune of Jan. 10.
'83. page 147. voluntarily aays : "We have been shown
a moil pleating novelty, of which Iht Hubbies Bros.,
of New York, are the ole importer!. It ia oalled Iht
Maoio Tina CauRvaa and li a bunting and open face
watch eomblned. One of the imttieri, mott conveni
ent, and decidedly the bett and cheapeit Timepiece for
general ana reliable nte ever otrerea. it nat witnin it
and connected with He machinery, ill own winding at-
taonment. rendenne a an enureiv nnneoewanr, 1 1 tie
aeea of thie watch ara compoied of two metal., the onter
of floe 16 carat gold and the Inner one of solid .liver.
At nai tha Improved rnny notion lever movement, ana It
warranted an accurate timepiece ' i 1
Price, luperbly engraved, per caae of half doten, (200.
Samnla watchee. in neat morocco boxei, for thoie DroDO-
ting to buy at Wholetala, 935. If lent by mall Ihe
poitage le m tenia.
, addieaa BUBBABD BROB. , Sou IapoiTXRe,
'- ' CS At OS haaiua cor. John 81.., New Vork.
mar35 dllt
ttnalA an tbe Blational Road V or nil
UiLtbt corporation line, known al the Dr. Miller
property. Bald houie contain! nine room., all In good
repair, with good well and eiitern, a good gtable and
convenient out houtei. There it alto tome very fine
fruit on tba premiie and a large amount of ehrubbery,
I will rent the houae with from one to fifty-three
awe of mad, at maybe deeletd. ; rt,:'
Bor particulars, inquire of John Joyce at tha onlet of
the Xieatees of lit Public Works over Bndlitli'. hat
uiWwir- ' U,1,
Ec$af;impis teain's
; )CovejPationa-.with, the People,
Irlaiidaiw BTenlnar. Hlarcii nnila.
Bapjef-England, :- waIfypocrisy
Pankruptcyiand Pownfall.;
i in. - 1 j ' i y
Steletlet, or Individuals who wiih to engage Mr,
TBA1N, can addreit mt at OlnolnnaU, tor tan days,
Tickets . -
"" f '..;.',
m38il3l '
- - - ia Oesite.
x aro. mitoii train.
JOHN A. EtaI.HI.KK.,,.
Boors open before 7 Oartalo rites at 7 o'oloek
Prlcet of adalNion: Btett Oiroleand Parquttle, Me;
Family Circle, 25c; Colored Gallery, SSo,
Bow Offlca open from 10 A. M to P. af . tJ, .
- a ' g,arr AfPEtuaNOR or ' '
When they will appear in tbt Qreal Play of
TBI DADPHIN, (ton o( tke King). ,MIm OOULDOOK
The lueoeuial Srtma of the
Will be re pee ted to-night..
Thli Batnrdavlvenlng. March Sfllh. 18C3. will be ore-
tented the Oelehrated Bldtorlrel Play, called
touflT Ike XI Mr. OOULDOOK.
Tbe Dauphin', (Son ef the King). ...aliii OOULDOOK.
nemourt uount v uemei Mr. J. o. atcuollom.
OaUler.Phyiiolan to tha King v..afr J. Sillier.
Utile, (daughter to Cammlne). Mlee Baihel Noah
So conclude ltb the Momantle and orialnal Drama In
two acti entitled the ' . '
JaXAXXleiO Iiovori
Micheal Brie ..'...sir, J. 0. MoOollom.
Philip D'Arvllla Mr. 0. Stewart.
Andrew Adta (with tha Dnetto.) Mt. 1. Lraia.
Julie Bprlng I when a little farm ...Mrs. J. D lot ton.
Monday JHvenlng next Benefit of Urs.
On wbich occatlon agreat bill it being prepared. Jbjata
otn bs teeurod to-day. . i ; , ,i j , t .
Great Moral Entertainment.
-Sill i
Boston- Museum.
i ''' ,; 1,1 .
7''.i-j ; rmtmt
t ulranceon lilgb St., Burkeye Block,
. oppoitto ihe Eicliange liavnat.
.....;0L0BI8 AT P. ii.
u. nice, Pftr.
THE undettigned will tell hit Warehouse, iltuited at
Ihe Canal Lock, capable of ttoiing W.UCO butbelt
of Corn, and Grainerlea for Wheat, ete.j aad It aim tbe
bett Calculated for any kind of Shipping or Oommlation
bu.ineia of any other houie In the oily. ThereMtmlia
lo Mid Houae a Store Boom, which hat a run of trade
both from the country and canal- trade, Por partlcalara
enquire of Ihe tubtcriber; - M. B. BONTI&.
Abolition, Slavery, and
A 1
Civil War.
teady. It cont.lnt complete and accurals eoptes of
Mr. VLLiiioiuit'e principal gpeeohee. oa Ihe tubjeots
above aimed. Alio, parti of many othtr Speechet.wlth let
ter!, incidenti. vote., eto. The work bai been carefully
edited and it believed to' present, fairly and correctly,
the political record and poiltkm of a man whoao view. In
regard to the oaute at our National troublee, and the,
right remedlei for them', art tttraotiug an extraordinary
amount of public attention.
Tbe work le on good, lubiititial paper. S40 pages, large
octavo 8vo.
Price Paper covert, COcent.; Cloth, 11 00.'
Wholeitle Paper covert, 5 00 a dozen; cloth, 8 0(1.
Tranrpartation to be paid by purchaaer.
Delivered by Mail or Kxpren, prepaid, on receipt of
the price .
Uj3 1 hi retail prlcet ire a little more than flr.t named,
but title ii necetiary In eonteqaence of a eonilderibl
increue in the ilieof the book, also the adlltlon of tha
engraving. '
Bend order., with the money lncloaoot, to Colombo!
Ohio, addreeted to J. H. BiLtv it Co., or 10 Gov. Ma
dart, office of The OrUH.
livery newtpaper editor who deairet a oopy for notice,
can obtain it by lending a copy of hit paper to "Bos
609, Columbui, Ohio.
Por particulari enquire at thlt Office.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Miller, Donsldton 4 Oo.,;
I Superior Court of Frank
) lin county. Ohio. ; ,
Jacob Boawe 11
In priHscAWCE op An oiideb or
the laid Court to me directed, I will offer for tale at
Publio Auction, at the door ot ths Oonrt Houie, in the
Oity of Columbui, on ,
Saturday, tbe 25th day of April, a! D. 1863,
at one o'oloek, p. m., the following described real at
tats, aitnat in ths oounty of franklin, and Stale ol
Ohio, to witi 'j;!..-...
The weit half of the following detcribed tenements In
Praaklin county, Ohio, and in tha citr of Columbui,
to wit: Sixty one feet and ten and a halt Inches In
width by one bandied and twentfjlvt feet in length or
depth, in tbe northeast corner of out-lot number fifty
one in aaid city, fronting on the north tide of franklin
Avenue, and bounded on tbe eijt by the aait line of
taid out-lot number nfly one (51), and on tbt north by
the north line of laid out lot, and oa the wett by a di
rect line parallel with tha out lloe and tlx feet and tea
and a half inchet diitant therefrom; thtiitd wast hall
being thirty feet and elrven tnd a quarter inches wide
by oua hundred tnd twenty-five feet deep. , .
Apuraited at 1,050.
, a. W. HTJTf MAH, BberiO,
and Matter Oommietioner .
Printer 't feet ti 50.-' . . .,
nurxO-dltStwtd -.. i . , f:
" , . : AT
'; 250 & 252'South' High Street.'
, r.
7 ji. i . tt. f
Spring and Summer Shawls.
', '.. ' U ii. I ,1 i I . '
. . ' tf .... . j
;7-; li!. Jt.its, i;
Table and, Pillowcase Likens.

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