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ht (Ohio Siflitfitum
, 7 "T" v i
w Perk How. New York, ud State
Street. Boa ton, . .
. a. .War to those tsUoS. sad ere ?
eavetttemeaaj end SatetrlptleBS set as a.
Democratic State Ticket.
l-i. nuUi-Trrrt -
, t, t.Of Montgomery County., ,
GEORGE E. PUG H, of Hamilton.
I Arorroaor itatb, ,r i,. ,
TUifOUB 01 Bffli
HORACE 8. KNATP.of Ashland.
.'aom or rowjo woiu,!
JOHN H. HEATON, of Belmontt
. w-i t . L . ' .- -bp eawswaawaws - ' -Vi
Democratic tats, Central (Do mm
I oat.
J0H . THOMPSON , ""ftji"'
All these imkm reside ta Columbus, endJeHert
of a eolttteal ebareai.r aaaietatd Weuy them
. . , m ibwatob,
01 Franklin Otanty.
t- 9u.u.i.i!nnTTO DRESEL.
Probate Judge-JOHN M. PUGH.
toramteeloner DENNI8 B. STRAIT.
Coioocr-ELIAS QAVER. 1
InnrmerjWreetor-NEWTON GIBBONS
Democratic Mass Meetings.
JM jpemfrwtre: 8ft Jo Control Committee
have made the' following' appolntmenta for
tiimnhmTtha RteteT The local
VVUUI ,(yiin5y : j
committees will too. to It that they oro properly
advertised:, . ..... ... .
At Buwrus, Oawforrl eonnty on TOeedey,
ieptemberl5tb: SpeekereD. Vf.Voorheoi.T.
w: lUrtIa. C A. While. 8. Medary, UHO
n-l w P Knhla.' "
At Dayton, Montgomery county, on Tbure-,
day, Sept. 17th: Bpookwi-D. W. Voorhiti,
T. W. Bwttoy, Go Bltao, A. G. ThniBM. u
At Cofthogo, HomUtooooiinrj.oo Botirdoy,
M. 19th: Snekkart D. W. Voorboeo. A.
G. ThnimMi, Goo. Bllit, T. W. BhUoj, 8.
8 Cox. -. J i i.--n''.i Liti :A-!'
At Colomboi, Fruklio eoonty, on Mondy,
8ol. Slit: Boeokoro-U W. Voorboeo, C. A.
White, Got. MedlU, Goo. H. Pendleton, T. W,
At Mt. Veroonl Jtooxooooiy', on WYdn'ee&y,
Sept.33: peakero--D. W. Voorbeoo, woo. n.
Pendleton, Got. MedlU, Wm. Jobneton, John
O'Notn. - - a
At Bwoearllle, Belmont eoonty, on Frldoy,
Bept.35kb: Spetkero D. W. Voorbeoe, E. B.
At MmoIHou, Stwk eonnty, oa Hondoy, Sept.
28th: 8peakon D W Voorboeo, M Blrobord,
Goo BUm, duo Reeaello, 8 W GUeon. ,
At ClereUnd, Coyobogo ooonty, on Wodneo
dey, Bept.. 30th: , Spomkero D W Voorhooo,
8 8 Cox, Chu ReemoUo, Geo Blloo.
At Lime, Alien eoonty, on Fridey, Oot. 9d:
Bpeckert D W Voorbooe, A M Jtckoon, Alox
Lonf, Geo H Pendleton, Wm hup t--l ItH
" ' ' JOHN G. THOMPSON, Ch..,
Vli f .ALLEN O.-THURMAN, ; ; -
V it I t GEO.' L. CdNTERSB. Boo'y, -Demoorotlo'SUto
Conml CommltUO.
Gov. Bramlette's Inaugural.
Wo print In toll pepor ooptonf extreote from
the laugottl Addrow of QoTornot Taoiits A.
Bbauxttb, dollTorod at Punklort,' Kontooky,
on the 2d inot The tone ond epirlt of the od
dreeo any bo dearly leeo from tbo extncU wo
Uto mode. At the LonltrUlo JoKrwoJremorko,
"Ibo oddrooi will ottnoi the ottentloa tod oboor
the hopet o(. popiomUTH la all qoar ton of tbo
lend.". , .. , .. , - ;..
The Draft in Ohio.
U order to bid tbo Abolition oanio la Mt
State, Datid Too bu thought proper to otato
la tome of tbo meeting! of that party that
tboro would bo ao draft fat Ohio. Bio object
wm of ooorte to tare tbo ttnklni eanto of Uo
nartr. Bat other eeollou Inquire wby le thle t
And the remit tt dlteatlifaotlon la other Statee,
who know ihet , are - at learn otod with
Ohio la fumUblDg ' troopi ; and to ap
poaoo tboM It hM to he Mmt-offloially denied
that there v!UL bo; no draft In thU State.
If any body le ikeptioal on tbo lobjeot, jut lot
them watt until the election Voter and their
doubta win toon bo removed.' Of eoano tbo
draft will then ft on. and Datjo Tob bad ao
aitborUy iodoi the iaa o oy it would not
Tbo etatement wm only a Tod abrldgmo it of
the truth. ,53! o IICS5 ?ni..
Tbo draft algbt or ftted la Obio4Aohe
youog awn of the ToD-BaoOeB-WADi JQuxttT
eboolof TJalonltm1 would" Tolonteer 'j but that
thtywUInol oV They each go for tbo "loot
maa,',.atrisf one, and-that ie thoauolTeo!
They will Amm' their oelghbore and Impugn
their loyalty, bit u to rolunteerlog tbemoelvel,
that le qultd a different matte;,, When that It
talked of they are eileat.,,, ,mt t t ..
The Draft in Ohio. A New "Loyal League" Badge.
As oaetert paper loyt It io toportod that the
'Loyal Leagaeo" oro Urulng a now bodge it
being a eegro bead la India robber with thle
appropriate motto la .milre tottort, VTtoyoa-
otttitioB vo im.'C VT-T .i-i
. t leougieeUd thai as addition to tbio motto
would DOthetoppryrtit', oU: Ao American
lag with thirteen etrlpM and ihirty-tour otarf;
aaTUg toaarlbod upon It In", largo bUk lottore
Oimiri apostrophe:"'-) " " '
r.t- -A m tojfo&i u,." ;. .
imfi'S. mmm '
Judge 'BittJiAii, a disUDguUhed and able
meabrof Coogreeftomladiaaa,liaued
throogh this city yeeterday, on his way borne
from WMhtogtoa. .., , , . n'.a
BeaJAan Ji Faai, of tbo Clndnnatt B
fwrr, whj the ettyjyeterdiyWowero at
tbo Loudon &eeUog,aadkonoo, failed to tee
The Government We Maintain.
aVe are te Waatejnlni tbo Gorwomtnl Ui
Gaworomant of tbo Vollod 8tatee-the Pot.
ernmtQleetabllated by our National Conitltu
to n all tta Intogrl and oSulonoy.
That GoToramont oontlata of throe branohee
or departmonto oot ono4wt all of whlob oon
stltuto tin GoTomment. These are
Fir it. Tbo National Loglalatvo' or Con
greet, oonalatlng
lot. Of a Boaeo of RopreeontatlTM ohown
by tbo people of tbo eereral thirty-lour Slates.
To make a complete Boom, orery Btato tbould
bo represented Is It according to the apportion
men! under tbo otnaoa of 1800. c
81. Of a Senate composed of two Senators
from oub of tbo tbirty.four States. To oon-
stltuto oompleto Senate, orery State should
bare In It IU two Senators.
Beoond. Tbo eeoond branoh of the Gorern-
ment It tbo Exeoutlro or President, faithfully
oantlng tbo Conttltntloa to bo obeyed and the
National lawn executed la each of the thirty
four Statee. Falling In this, whether it be IU
fault or not, the Executive department of the
OoTommont la to that extent deflolent, and eo
far falli thoit of being what the Constitution
Intends It to bo.
Third. Tbo third branoh of the Government
lo tbo JodloUry, oontUtlog of one Supreme
Court and nob Inferior Courts m the Congress
bu from time to time ordained and Mtabllsh-
ed, holding courts, and baring IU processes
jodgmeuU tnd decrees rospeoted and exeeuUd
la every one of the thirty four States. If snob
bo not the owe, the judicial department la so
far impaired In IU constitutional authority and
These throe departmenU the Legislative,
Executive and Judicial thle trinity of powers
anlted lo one all complete lo all tbelr parts
and all performing their appropriate and legltl
mate functions, constitute that MORE PER
FECT GOVERNMENT, growirg ont of that
MORE PERFECT UNION, which oar fathers
by tbo Constitution, ordained and established.
! That and that only nothing higher, nothing
lower nothing greater, ao thing leas le the
National Government which the mass of the
people in tbU country venerate, love and wof
ship almost to Idolatry. They feel, tbey know
that its lite, Ite existence and completeness le
ao dependent on, and so ioterwottn with, the
life, existence and oompleteneee oi the Unloo
that ho who compasses the destruction of the
one, compasses also tbo destruction of the other
and be who layt violent hands on the one, laya
Tlolent nude also on tbo other. Too oh but the
Government or tbo Union to Injure either, and
yon touch the apple of tbo eye oi every true
. This Government In all IU eouodneee and ef
ficiency in every part, and bt nearly m possible
io all the oompleteneet and perfection the Con
stitution Intends It to poaaoaa, the great and
mighty mass of tbo Amorloaa people have sworn
la their hearts and a hundred thousand have
sealed tbo oath with tbelr blood, and other hun
dreds of thonaande, If need bo, are ready for
tbeaaorlfloo-to MAINTAIN and PRESERVE
Inviolate, against armed foe or aooret plotters
for IU Injury or overthrow, whether found In
one section of the country or another la the
field or la administrative ooanotla.
The London Meeting.
j Wo attended tbo groat Democratic meeting
at London, Madison eoonty, oo Thursday last,
and were txoeediagty gratified to witness snob
a monster demonstration. It te conceded on all
hands thai It wm by far the largest gathering
ever before eeen la that county. Tbo proces
sions of men, women and children in wagons,
on hortebaok and on foot wore Immente. Tbo
Bronghltes wore scared, dumbfounded; and tome
of them frankly acknowledged that tbo num
bers and enthusUam at thle meeting Indicated
Demoeratio suooeee.
Tbo people Mtemblod on tbo grounds of the
Madison Connty Agricultural Society about
half a mile from tbo town whore two atends
bad been erected for tbo speakers, officers and
reporters. At two o'olock, speaking commenc
ed from both elands. Tbo aatomblaga at aaob
wm no largo; that tt wm Impossible for the
ipoaktra to bo beard by all the people. Hon.
Giomb E. Pcea spoke an hour at the first stand.
His speech wm most powerful, moat eloquent,
and Boat effective, and wai received with obeer
on obeer. Ho wai followed by Judge Giiin, of
this city who made a glorious epeeoh, which
excited tbo Ilrellett antbutlMm. Mr. Hick-
maw, tbo aoldttr who lost bla arm at tho battle
of Stone river, closed tho speaking at this stand
la a lino and telling apoooh, which wasjrs
oelvod with ahoute of applause.
! Hon. 8. 8. Cox tpoke an hour und a quarter
from tbo other atand In hit happiest vein. He
hM no superior at a stamp orator; and hit tpetcb
os this ooomIoo wm a master effort, ii wm full
of tbo Inflexible togio of faoU, and abounded
la argument, ancodoto and Mtoesm, bristling
all over and throoghont with sharp polnte. Mr.
Cox wm at homo among hit ooostltucnU, whose
devotion to hint b little short of Idolatry, flit
apoooh wm applanded to tbo oobo from exordlnm
to peroration, and excited the wildcat ontbnsl
Mm. At Ite close, there wm aoene that It la-
doterlbabltv. Even body rushed forward to take
him by tho hand, and full quarter of an boor
WM occupied with congratulatory and oom
oiendetofy words around tbo atand. .
;ai uo clone or uia eoeno, wnea order wm
again restored, Mr. Cox Introduced Col. Gioaoi
W. Aodmwi, lata of tho army, who made an
ablo and effective tpeeob of tbm quarters of
aa hoar, which wm applauded throughout
; Tola mooting, la aU that pertained to It, wm
a msgnlfloent eaooess, and IU effect will be, to
add several hundred to tho Demoeratio ma
jority in Madison eoonty. ; ; - r. -
Some of tho featuree of the precessions, and
loddenU of tbo oecatlon, ought to bo noticed;
but wo have neither tbo time to write nor tbo
tpaeo to print a more extended notioo. The
8tatma fligj with iu oeotlmonte and mottoes,
bad a prominent place in procession and at one oi
the stands. , r,-- i
Blackmailing "Loyalty."
; Wbev tfatr Sonthem leadstr fiist moved In
their roTolotloa. they attempted te brow-beat
Now York Into aympathlalng with tbelr pUne
by threatening' the "withdrawal of Southern
lrede. Tbo No1 Yorlr Emiig Peel, an
AboIIttoB journal, which In no doubt made la
dependent of legitimate Now Jor support by
rararaaieiil eooUaoU. Dublishae tbo following
That Jhs raaUeas ewestttoa to the 4 raft Is tfihf sit
hi July Is iWartlDS trade to ethar sltlea Is (boira by
latter raeaiwes ban syoDS of aar sen-kBowa slUSaae,
and wrlttta la Obartot, Unalltoo eaant, Ohio, aa
14 DawTarkar, emteiali.s em beta iapOUt. W
prints ktl', liiir ti :
- "1m see to J ro nt Xnvw. psrtlss
fM MTI MITivjfn r?i,. mm za e-
i"l t-'lT ."35"' T r:;. '. I'.
star IKI tb wUl rrlu alMwasn, aaA I kaef el
mon ua tirttj iwmo4 saiura um so ""T
1 (toa ib alia. I parshued
1..M1 .k.. In kail
aoetliw dollar UMi,aQln tbseltr oas iuftnnly te
u uinouiAau, ie roar city. Em, wobi
uli, la roar cm. tat woiioiw
the raqaUltloq ot the P mtdaati
Iba Brendan!."
New York; waa not bullied into adopting le-
oeoalonby tbo 'Southern Confederaoyt" and wo
do not think New York will bo bullied Into
abdicating bar oo letllutlonal rlgbu by tho
Picnic on the Big Black.
A Vicksbnrg dispaUh siatss that a plonlo wm
held on the Big Black oa tho 2kh nit., under
tbo ansploM of Colonel CiAULisiuaB, that call
ad together a great number of rebel ladtea, who
enjoyed It aa mnoh M inch things aro generally
enjoyed. General Shiimam and hla wife ware
of the party. While there a flag of tinoo came
in and tha Confederate offloere joined tho party,
It was all in all a remarkable tight, friend and
fM at a plonlo within oor ploket lines.
treats that saoh dtfftrane thsrs ihoald be
TwUt Iwa)U-du aad Twatdla-dsa.
Mr. VALtAnmoHm wai aent out of tho coun
try on the charge of baring tatd that this war
wm being prosecuted for tbo abolition of olavo
ry. In every radical newspaper In tbo North
tho tame thing U constantly asserted, Inter
larded with denunciations of Vailakdiohaaj m
a traitor.
: Joan BaooeH in bis Marietta speeob eald the
existence of the Government depended upon
tearing out slavery " reel oad ereae." Then,
aeoordloo to Baotraw, If tha object of tho war
en the part of the Administration, is to pressrvt
the existence of the Government, It le prosecu
ted for the total abolition of slavery. So we
go Treason la Vallardiorah Is patriotism in
Baouos'. ;
Picnic on the Big Black. Advantage of Being a Democrat-Young
Men ! Take Notice.
It is highly advantageous to be a Democrat,
for after one It worn out, be le eagerly bought
up by the opposition party jutt as broken poU
or leaky kettles are bought for the eake ol the
metal. Nothing so completely insures a nom
ination by, and the support of the opposition as
to have It 'eald of their candidate, "he has been
a life long Democrat." No matter If be bat
proved false and recreant to every polttloal
principle be ever befoio professed. Tbo greet
or the renegade the better tool he makes till
after the eleoiion. Baorraa le a strong ease in
Niw DtaooBATio Paris at Etio inviui.
Tbo Brat ooniber of a new weekly paper, bear,
log the name of the Steubenville Cturitr, jost
started by Messrs. Dooehoo and Steep, editors
and pobllsbere, bM jutt reached us. It Is well
printed and of a large slss. The edltore lay In
their Introductory address: "We embrace the
faith and shall advocate tho principles of the
old-fashioned Union Demooraoy." They ao-
oordlngly aocepttbe platform of the Demoeratio
party of Ohio, aa laid down In the late State
Convention, and hoist tho names of tbo noml-
neee of tbat Convention at the head of their
oolnmnt Vallandlgbam and Pugb beading the
list. We wish the new enterprise tuooese.
. . ,
Ma. Linoolm U reported by telegraph as lay
ing, in hla recent Springfield letter, to tbo op
ponenUof bis negro polioy: "I oeitaloly wish
all men oould be free, while yon, I suppose, do
not." Would it be a retort nnoouitooni to re
spond to Mr. Limo9L: "Wo certainly wish all
men white men could bo free, while you, we
euppoM, do not " ,
How Conscripts are Got to their Places
of Destination.
A private letter from New York olty opeaka
of the manning ror over a mile down urosa
wav of tome fourteen white conscripts, who
were ohalned together by oooplee, by a chain
atteehed to a wrist of each. Over one bun
dred armed soldiers brouBht uo tho rear. The
ooosorlpU were dressed in citii ens' clothes.
spectators oo tne stoewaixe were general in
their condemnation of the Administration, and
thought tbey might have been spared-euch a
sight, -by putting the conscripts in omnlbustee.
One of our oltliens, who bM just returned
from Philadelphia, Informs ns that ba witnessed
a similar algbt In Philadelphia last Sunday. A
nnmber of white conscripts were marched
through tbo etreets, chained together by twos,
preceded and flanked by filee ot soldiers, and
tha rear of the proocMlon brought up by a troop
of eavalrt. The effect oo those who witneissd
tne Dominating epeotacie wat any tning nut
agreeable; and expreealone of denunciation ot
Lincoln at Co. were universal. What a sight
White men draeied In chains from their State
to aid In freeing the negroee at the South I
Cincinnati Enqrdrtr.
' aawnBMBjeMBaBBBSsMSsaawVmaawnBMBjB-vMMM.
Highland County Ticket.
Tho Demooraoy of Highland county at their
Convention, pnt in nomination tbo following
excellent ticket :
For Renrwentatlvo, Cant. Charlea F. Sbeaff ;
Probate Judge, Albert G. MaWhewe Clerk of
tho Court of Common Pleas, John A. Trimble ;
Sheriff, A. T. Cook ; Treasurer, G. W. Law.
renoe t Recorder, John Biekine t Prosecuting
Attorney, E. T. Johnson ; Commissioner, Wil
liam Conard ; Infirmary Director, Adam Mil
ler : Coroner, Cbrlstopbor Bishop,
, We aro personally acquainted with every man
on tho tlokol, and know tbem to bo oapabla
and worthy. Captain Sbeaff, tbo nominee for
Representative, le a warm personal friend. He
It now, and bM been for two yean past, with
tho army of General Grant. He ia aa exoel.
lent offloer, and bM borne himself well and
rallantlv through many a hard-fouaht battle.
The whole ticket will be elected by o handsome
majority, ieycea ytr. .
Our Candidate for Senator.
Tbo nomination for State Senator from tha
district oi Montgomery and Preble having been
reierred by ine uonvenuou to tneuenwei uom
mlttoee of both oount'.ee, tbey bare performed
the dnty assigns them by mixing a most ex
eeltant nomination.
r Ji gives ne great pleMore to annouooe tbat
or ananimoaa consent, a. oanui, esq., nas
been agreed onon aa tbo candidate.
Mr. CahUl U nst at prcaent ia tbo olty, but
wo have no doubt bo will yield to tbo urgent
desire of tbo Demooraoy, and eontent to the
nee of bia name, for la tltnee like these tbe
eouniry needs tbo iottIom of such men. Dey
tan Emfw. ' '
! Tbi Coweoaimoii Given vt w Oaio Tbe
Administration, looh by lncb, but under m much
agony m if In suffering from tooth drawing, lets
sro lu bite under tbe Conicriptlou aot ia Ohio.
Now, there, wo tee, tho people are not to be
forced to fight, but to ba left to volootetr. Tbe
Conscription, by tbe newi to-day, It teems, Is
riven ao la Ohio, what stimulate Ibis dittinc-
tion la Btetea la obriouf. An eleoiion la an-
proachlDg In Ohio. Tho arbitrary issue made
by tbo Vallandlgbam nomination would, in vio
lent erreaU onder tbe Cofiecrlptloo aot, receive
euch forcible and practical definitions aa to in
erease tbo Vallandlgbam vote, and therefore
the Cooeorlption in Ohio U given op. Yrk
' Tn grand lame In tho Ohio election It the
Frosdom of opeeoh and of tbe Prose, grossly
violated in Mr. Vellaodlgbem'e ' neraoa and in
tho suppression of many newspapers. This
iasua InvolvM tho prsaervation of tbe aaoeer
ttmt. trial bv lury, and all tbe otber a-reat la
ttitutlont of elvil liberty. It Ii tbe moat mo
mealoni lesus tbat hM ever been ft!! oa tUl
eootiaat. VWe hope and pray thai tbe people
of Ohio comprehend tbo magnitude of ! , ' '
' . L . 1.' P T, . ,m ,
' ExriXMU bavA aeldom met moro elngolarly
than In H,. Lincoln end Jiff. Davla. " Tbe
Government oannot endure permanently half
alave and half Iree," Hid Mr. unoom. "A
Union between frM SUtes and alave 8 tales Is
impossible," responded Jeff. Davie. Ana u wm
the oo-ODeration of these exUomlsU and their
parties that prodooed tho attempt to oeesrete
ine irM ana aiavo oiatee. - Jbei not wo gouty
eeoapo tbelr just responsibility.
XstroaTaffr we Iambs Da. Hum's rntAUPius
hara Barer yat fallal la removing dlflloaltlas artatsg
rroBoutraauoa, or sioppagaoi narar, or mraatanai
tha ayttea to parfaot baalth whan sajrartng frost spinel
Affantlam. Fro Una mi Uteri.
lbs Wbltea, or otber
i. Tbs pills are parrot-
wtaknaes of lbs uterine Organs-
Is bannltrsoB tbe ooaiUtuilon, ana reajr be buea by
tbe stost delicate female without oaaalng dlitraasi at
tbe nam time tbs aot like a china by straostbanlng,
LDTtforeUss and raitoring tbe artteei to a bealtay eon
ditlon, ewlbr bringing on tha monthlg period wltb rag
alarltr, no ntattai froa wbat eaaae tbe obttraeUoa auf
arise. Xbey aboald, howr, MOT be tasea daring tbo
Orst Ihrae or tow Bombs ot prasiiemr, though sale at
any otber time, as mleearrlago would be tbo resell.
Bash box contain! 00 Fills, frioe One Dollar.
Dr. HAftVBIY Treaties on Diseases of lemaies,
rreesanow. Ulsoarriage. Bam no an, Btorllltj, Bapro
dnatloa and.Abafas of Natore, and sapbauoally lbs
Ladles' rriTite ataaioai Aoruar, a paBpniet or ao
pegei, sent fres to any address. BU oants rjulrd te
bu pottage.
Iha JI1U and book will ba sent by stall, when de
sired, seoarsly sealed, end prepaid, by
J. BAT AN, H. D., General Agent,
Ho. 70 Oedar Bl., Mew York.
old by all Drnnua,
m. anawi.AM
at 00., Wbolaaale Agents.
Tarae Bwnoa SOrw Taovatjra.--Dr. Btrveys
Treallae oo DUeastt lof females, Frenanoy, allaaar
rlage, Barrauest, Bterlllty, Beprodaetion, end Abates
ofNatnre, and emphatically tbe LAD II 8' FBITAIB
MBDIOAL ABTlBaa, a pamphlet of SO pages, sent
free lo any addrtssr (la oants reqnlred to pay the
Bant by mall, eonadentlally, when desired, SBceasaf
bud, and prepaid, by
76 Oedar St., Raw Tork Fottomot Boa 1,071.
aaarobSl-daweooly .
Oysters! Oysters!!
Shell Oysters and Clams.
Alto freib Oaa and Keg Oysters, at
I Mpt-dtf
Note Books Lost.
IIOBT oa Batuday or Tateday lut, probably on tbs
Harbor plank road, tarts nolo books eoatalalng rev
oral sotet etou, til made payeoie to my orotr. t warn
all pertoBt atcalnit negotiating for toco notet as payment
bee bttn tteWped. Tbe ander will be rewarded by leav
ing them at my roldenee, eorner ot Uoamd and Bclote
streett, or by addrtailng me tbroagb tht Fottofflce.
sept-3t WM. r. KKBDLBB. '
Public Sale.
Sib. on the farm former oot u lad by W. B. Fretloa
eett of tbe Boloto tlver, one mile from tbe FtnltenUery.
on ine vaona raropiae, ins roiiowing proptity, io wit
1 two-year old Hare. ,lM ,t,ek' .
S ont year old Marts.
1 Male Colt.
S Milch Oowg.
1 three -year old Itttr.
one-year old Cattle
S fine Spring Calves.
A lot of stock Bogt- '
IX acres oi rotatott ia ma ground
1 two-hone waaon. and all m farming nttntllt
80 aeret of corn on tbe sroand, and otber artlolts too
BBmtnms to mention. Alt oroenotlont will be told
Balance ot terms made known on day of
VAN ft. OXAZUS AneUooeer.
i Oolnmtms, Aug. 89, lBOWlw.
$40.00 REWARD.
TROM tbe farm at the tnbtorlbtr eimoilte flamn
1? Cheat, nest farm to tbo Jour Mils HoeM.oa tht
SOW Of ABgUSH WW, : -.O. I;
One Horse and One Mare. 7
The bone la a brlaht bev with a small itar on his fore-
bead, eight years old, and abontttiteen hands high, and
had all four shots on at the time be was mimed.
Tbs mare Is a dark brown with no white oa her, It
eight years old, abont flrteen and a half hands high, and
at tbe rime barefooted. She was a Uttls sway backed.
The abort reword will be paid for the recovery ot both
horses or ISO 00 for either of tbtm. Leave word with
w. stabwi,
OratL. Llndtmstin At Oo .'t Oonftottonanr. Oolumbui.
aspbavstastw. ' Jfa " '
Beach Street, Boston.
(Dlisetly oppostts tbs Bottoa and Woroettsr Railroad
A. beta eonneoted with the Amerlaaa Boata, In Ihlt
elty, for over nine years, baa leased Ibis wall-known and
popular notai ror a term or year., ana pledges ntmreir
to bis Mud snd the trubUt to net bit uHnoli tfortt
to lutein the reputation of the TJNITBD OTATBB B0
TBLaia jtrsf-oKMS APtiet. Tbe pabllomay rely opon
finding, at this hosts, all tha appllanots and comforts
oi a ir
firit-clatt hoM.
Fries, as hertlotore. Two Dolmrs per day;
SSgH dfimlt
1980 Worth of Prlaee to be Shot For,
On fit Ilk and Bfk tfeys tf Stftmbir, TB63,
8bootlng Ground of the Company, 1 mile eonth
oi uoiumoui. . ,
lit Filas. Ttt ittt completei d, Solid stiver Oobleti
Id. Cillt frame Looklnc alats: 4ttu WbaUot black wal
nut: 5th. Knlvet and Vorke. Ivory handles; Stb, Brandy
tat: 7th. Gold Lookett 8th. Gold Ptn and tllvar holder;
wtn, out Bower vaaes, nu, xocacoo doi; win, rowaar
naak; uta.iroid anger ring.
1st FrUt, Ont Wine set; Sd, Btt Table Spoons; 3d,
Booking Chair; dlh. Spoon, Knife and Fork: Sth, Foekei
Book Stb, Fancy Glided Shoes (ornament); Tib, Set Tm
Bpoons; out, warns nag-
' 1st Fries, Card Table: td, Blflsd Flstoll 3d, Silver
Flower vaster Bast Oentsr Shot, One Oiuollns.. ;
Tht Stlth Uoksts 3 a plsce. Kthr Uokets IS for tl .
Ihootlng to oommeaos on MoaaayJBspb ?lh, at 8 o'ol'k
A. M., and te eostlnue anUl Taeeday, at I o't look F. M.
Friita oaa be teen and tickets boagnt at BMbtrt's uua
smith Store, 833 High street.
Bales and regulation! will be found at the Shooting
Boata. ' By order ot the committee.
stptsm . -.,-... 4
DONT tall to proears MBS. W1NBL0WS I0OTH
' This valuable preparation Is tbs prtssrlptlo at out
et the bett featalt phrsfctsM and aarstt-u tht United
Stales, sod baa seta ussd tog thirty yaart with atver
mlUsg safety and taooess by saUUoas of stothtrs aa4
ebUdrto, from (bt fttbls infant of one week eld to the
It not only relieves tbs ehUd frost paia, bat isvlgor
AUs the ttoaucB and btwsls, eerreets acidity, and give,
tote sad tatrgy te tbs wbcis systtsi. Xt will almost
tsstaatlf relieve !' : ": ,
. . ejtonre m Tn Iiewav, aw Wnrp Coito. ;
We hellers it the Stst sad Surest Remedy la tbs
World, ta an eases ef DT8INTBET tnd DIABBHdA
IB CBIDUBBN; wbttbsr it artots frost TesOUng or
fust any sthsr eause; A : ' .'.,',';.".
lall dlreqtlons for atlng will socompany saoh bottle.
None wteulne nlis lbs fae stalls ef OCXIIB . 4
FlBrnW.e ea tbe oatslds wrtpptr. ' , ,j
'r Bold by all MedWnt Beaters. -. .;-3fc.-
yriocipal etnte, OS Dey street, VI W YOBS,' .,' c;,
. , Faica 0t IS Cnrrf rati BorrMif--jw, l-t
'mayiw'cwirfaiwto .tit-,r, 'cvt t fcr
Paving Ordinance.
An O.dlntnes to gravel Eas't Gay strest from
ClaValanl avanna ta Weahiilvton aeanna.
1 j 7,1 6 Yf ITT,"
' B,llnWV.T IliriilnMM K Itlla nall nf Ilia
sityet ooiameiu, (te-o-tblros ol airtas maaibers eon-
eDrrlng,) That tbe roadway of But Our a treat from
Cleveland avenge to Waablngtoa avenne be graveled In
ceordanoe with tbe plat thereof on 01s la tbs
i office of
tbs oily olerk
Beo. 8. Tbat all damiaaa. ooeta end eiMniei arising
from the foregoing Improvemtnl, aball be ajeeiwd and
levied npoa rhe several Iota of land fronUng or abattlng
tbtreon, In proportion to thilr feet front, anlaaa here
the elty eounali. . -
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed August 31, A. D., 1863.
Attest: J. J. FUNSTON,
City Clerk.
etP ". :' , :'.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance lo gravel Oak etreet from Fourth
r ... . ... street to Sixth strsew
ItoUoB. t. If It ordained by tbe Olty Oounoll of tbe
altv of nolambuv. fteo Ihlrdi of all the member! oon-
earring,) Tbat tbe roadway of Oak tract frcm fourth
etreet te llitb street be graveled In aooordanos with
the plat thereat on file In the offlos of tbe elty olerk. -Beo.
8. Tbat all damages, ooiti and exeenaas arlatng
from tbs foregoing Improvement, eball be ataieni od
levied opon tbe aavoral lota of lend fronting or abutting
Intreon, in proportion u ueir iaei ironn Bnivaauere-
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed August 31, A. D., 1863.
President of the City Council. Passed August 31, A. D., 1863. Attest: J. J. FUNSTON,
President of the City Council. Passed August 31, A. D., 1863. Attest: J. J. FUNSTON, City Clerk.
esM .iCW.j
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to rt-ffrede and re ftavis ffle cross
loss on tbs ooutb side ot Town etreet from
Third etreet to Seventh etteel.
Btotlon 1. Bs It ordalntd by tht Olty Council of tht
elty of Oolumbns, (two-thirds or ail tne memo. con
ourrlnc,) Tbat tbe oremlogi ba.re-gradtd and re-paved
on 'the toath tide of Town atreet from Third ttrtet to
Btvantb ttreei, In aooordance wua ,tne putt tnereoi en
aialn theofflaeef tbecltv olerk. t
Beo. S. That all damaict, eotta and expanses arUtng
rrom the foregoing improvement, tnaii so ataeaata ana
levied upon the eevoral lots of tana ironuig or aouuing
tbtreon. In proportion to their feet front, anlttt here-
President of the City Council.
Passed August 31, 1863.
Passed August 31, 1863. Attest: J. J. FUNSTON,
City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
i o an wnom n may coacern ;.
- f .filTT Ouma's-Orricav I
, 1 . l j cbioBW, Or, tpt. 1, m.
Motlce It hereby slvto that procetdlnit bavt been In
itttstet IB tbe Olty Oounoll of Ooamkui tor making
tbe following improvements, to wit:
tot eradlna and navlst tbe anpavei f utter, and arota-
logt, aad grading audi gravtllag. tha anpaved aidewalkt
and roaaway oa oievetano avenne, irom oroaa tueei io
North Pnblls lane.
For grading and graveling the roadway of Slate avenue
rrom Long street to tne ironi gi. oi ute vuio xeniiua
Vartradlne and navlns the anpaved snttenand Croat-
Inn, and grading and (raveling the ildewalkt oa tbe eaat
side of BUnui ttreei, irom uaa wren io sroaa aireei.
Bar mdlas and nevue tbe anpaved suttere and oro..-
Ingt, and grading and graveling tha sidewalks on Bigb
street rrom rorui ruMio ib.h, vuaa mw-M- .
- The tame to ba done tn accord arjee with plaOJ and ettl
mttet to bt prepared by tbe elty citii engineer, and filed
In the office of the elty clerk. -All
Dtreoni claimlns damages on secoant ot said pro-
voted Improvements, are required to ait their Claims In
the offloe of the olty olerk, la wrttlos. oa or before the
seventeenth day or October, A. ii. ieofjl .
stpt-lw , "XJltyOlerki
t i
An Ordinance
To asseai a special tea -upon the real estate
pounding on Horth' fablto Jane, from tourtn
! Lie to MMilu4Mri ,lr -' '
taction 1. Be It ordained bv the Olty Council of the
elty ot Oolambaa, Tbat tha turn ef BS otntt, 0 8 10
mills, bt tnd tha suns tt hereby levied and attttted
upon eeen toot rront ot tne ttvtrai iota oi lana
bounding or abutting apea- Alorth PobHe fane from
Foarth etreet te O lev. land avast a as the same are des
ignated apoa the plat of the civil enlneer,oa file In tbe
offlos of the oily olerk, for the eett and ozpeoet of grad
ing and paving tha sidewalks, gutters aad eroialngi
along tha tame; aeoordlng to the oitlmaU of the oily
civil engineer. -. . . !-.- '
: Sto. 8 That thS owbtrtef tbi ttveral loUof mad
apoa which tbe foregoing attornment it made, aball pay
tbe emanate of money by tbem severally dae Is that be
half, to John W. HugbeS within twenty days from tht
date of thlt ordlnaaot, or bt tobjeot lo the Intereat and
President of the City Council.
Passed August 31, A. D., 1863.
Attest: J. FUNSTON,
City Clerk.
Vlb) (a -I'.
An Ordinance
To assets a special tax on tbe real estate bound
ing on the ooutb aide of North Ppblle lane,
from Latham street to juiovelana ejeane
StctloB 1. Bt It ordained by tbe Oily Ooaaell of tht
elty of OolOmbut, that the rum of B oant.,' & mills, be
snd tht stms is hi
itretar levied and teamed anon each
foot front of tha several lots of laud bounding or abut
ting apoa tht south tldt ol North FubUo lane, from
Latham ttreei to Oleveland event., at the aunt art dtt
Ignated upon the plat of tbe elvil engineer, on file In the
omot or the elty olerk, ror the coet and txpentt or trad
ing and paving tbe sidewalks, gotten and ormtlogi atotig-
tne samofr aeeordlng to eho estimate at uwtity tint to
gloeer, Boo. -9S That tht owners of tht several loft of land
apoa whlob tht foregoing attaaamtnt It mads, thtll par
the amounts of money by them stvtrally dnt In that bt-
nan, to Andrew aiurphy wuuln twenty deyi rrom the
data of this ordlaanoe, or bs sohjeot to tht lattreat and
penalty allowed npoa the tarns by law. nt i '
I Sao. 3. That the ordlnanoo entitled an ordinance to
mesa a ensoul tax apoa tbs real estate bounding opon
the south side of North . Public last, from Latham
ttrtet to Cleveland avenue, patted, Augaal W, 1863, be
President of the City Council.
Passed 31, A. D., 1863.
Attest: J.
City Clerk.
i Hpt ...... r e -
City Clerk. An Ordinance
Making an appropriation for defraying the ex-
ponies of the oommittea on Water Works.
! Section 1. Bs It ordalntd by tht City Council of tht
tlty of Colomboi, That tht turn of SJOO.00 bt and it
hereby appropriated from aay money la tbs city treata
ry not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of de
fraying the expeasti of the special oemmltlae ea Water
800. t. ' That tht above earn be disbursed In accord
tnot with' section Ave of an ordrmnos regulating tbt
President of the City Council.
Attest: J. J.
City Clerk.
t "Pt ..4 ,r-,r; y.i .',
Paving Notice.
To al whom Tt Inly oonoern:01!ltILli
: Ojtt OLtax't OmcB,
p nn,nH.n. A .mm II 1QAV
' NoUce is btrtby given thit procteaiogs bsve been In
stltottd ta tht Olty Oonnoll of Columbus, for making
tht following Improvements, to wilt
1 For graveling Oak street from Foarth street to Sixth
street, the asms to be done la aooetdanot wltb pmta aad
attlmatee to bt prepared ay tbo Olty Civil Inglattr, aad
tied la tht offloe of the Olty Olerk. " ' ,--.
i AU persons elahsing damacaa oa aooouot of laid pro
posed Improvtmenti, art required to Bit tbelr olalmt la
tht efflot of tht Olty Oltrk, la writing, on or before tht
sweaty-sixth day of September, A- D. 1803. .
. - : , , j. j. poRsf on, .
, euglt-tw -"i"""' OltyOlera;"
Commencement 6f PnbKo Schools and
r j ij m 1
rIB 1 FALt 1 EBI ot 'tbe Fttbite
Bcbools of this elty, will coausenae on Monday,
Beptember Tib, aad the esamtnatioB of teachers will bt
bald on Thursday, Beptember Id, at the High School en
Broad street. j . . t B. B. BJGEIY, See'y.
aogtT-aut'rii--!-''- -
H. H. AliinS, bavt this day associated with
me Mr. Charley Cool, la tbt Cigar ana xodicco
builnesi. andtr tbt Arm name of Alms tt Cool, at tht
Old ttand. No. 19 South Bigb tlteeU., -
j sept8-3ul -kJ..: . v i,X14 J-..4
CIGARS ,$fl$M&Q.
a, viawm ,.t4,,,, .
j Cigars1 and 'Chewiii Toba&bdj
Of tbe very btst brsnds Is tbs eoantry. Ohesttf'sOrlgi
Ml UoBsy Dew Bee eof Ofetwmg Iuimot.
i CTXbe trade rwlrrpn'littrar,
' teplMad ' A'H-u
fbo DemJow tato Central Commitlaa
la mtit ftdltwlaf tPPt"10!"
iotbTongboeB,ine buw, i no ioot w--..-te"
il wll tee 4o It tbat tbey are or opeily ad-
On Friday, 8spt. 4tb, al rvest uaion.aaaraa
eonnty: Bpeakert Miitou i'er. "
Sweeney, w. m. mJ.J
. On 8aWrday; aepi. tn, . mj-w6,
m-Ki.A uniii., Kneakera A. u, inorssaB,
D. W. Stambangh, E. B. Eshalmen, Wm.
clnok, B. B. uog. .... 'JA, vjji
On Monday, Beptu tn,; m voiuiwtw
eonntyi J Speaker A. Q. nw, rrnn
rinoa, u. w . Btambaogo, a,,'"tVT
S.Cox.- " ' 'V .
On Tnesday, Sept. Btb, et tiamaen, ri
oonnty: Sposkere--A. a. Tburman tr. w .
Btembaogn, is. a. usneimau, vr . n. iiuio-iu
Spox. . . . ...... ......
On Wednesday, sept, am, at Ainens, Atneaa
county: Speakers A. O. murmau.'U. w.
Stambaugb, Jamee K. Morris, a. a. esneimsn-
On Thursday, naps, iwn, at raarietut, vv asn-
Ington oouoty; Speakers A. ii. Iburman,
James R. Morris, E B. Eihelmio D.VV.
SUmbaugb. -
On rriday, aepi. iitu, at niwvuwwm.,
Morgan countyi Speakere A. u. laurman,
Wm. sV Flnok, Jamee R. Morrla. D. V Plaai-
bOgb. ... .oil. . . ur.i
ua rriaay, twpMmoer iom, . " "V 'l
Pike ooonty: Bpeakere George E. foth.
Charlea Rbemelln, Wells Aj Hatchlna, (f C
On Saturday , September 19ut, at Jackson b.
H.. Jaokson eountv: Sneakers George L.
Eegb, .Charles Reemolin, Weill A, ilutohlne,
C Groom. ... ..
On Mondav. Bentembir Slit, at Portsmouth,
Scioto county i Speakers George E JPogb,
Charlea Ueemelin, Welle A. Hutohlnit 10
Groom, S 8 Cob. ' 1
On Wedneeday, Beptember 83d, at Iron ton,
Lawreooe county: Speakers George E.Pngb,
Charles Reemelio, Welle A. Hutohlog, J C
Groom. "
Oo Friday, September SOtb, at Uallipoiia,
Gilia county: .Sneak ere George E- Pugb,
Charles Reemelio, Weill A. Hutcblnt, J U
Groom. . yh'
' On Saturday, September 26 ,b, at Pomeroy,
Meige county: Speakere Uecrge- E. Pagb,
Charlea Voemelio, Welle. A. Hutching, C
GroOm, J.R Morrle.-. - .- . ...-. nt
On Thureday, September 10th, at Fremont','
Saoduiky oounty: Speakere George E. Pogb,
T, W. Bartley, M Stuart, J C Groom., . ,
On Wedossday, Sept, 9th, at Elyrla, Lorain
count?: Speakers Geo. E. Pogb, M. Btuagt,
TJ Kenny. T W Bartley.
On Saturday, 6ept. 5, at Lewi'burg, Preblo
county: Speakers Gro E Pogb, Alex Long,
D A Houk, G W Andrews i -
Oa Tuesday, Sept 15tb, at Bjcjrns. Crawford '
county: Breakers D W Voorhees.'T W BarU
ley, C A White, 6 Medwy, Otto Prsiel, W P
Noble. -' " "
On Tiiuredy, Sep', lO.h,. at Hmott, Marioo
ooonty :'Speker ;G H Pendleton1, 8 Medary,
S W Gileiin, T J Kunney, A S Ramssy, Loata
Schaefer, C A White. . .... -rl
On Friday. tSeot IHbi at Woos er."vvamr
countyi Speakers G- II Pendleton, 8 Medary,
J, I Green.W Gllsoo, OA Wbltea j;JJ
On Monday, sept litb, at Knvenna. rortage
county: 8prkers G H Pendleton,. '.T-J Kew
nev, S W, Gllson, D W SUmpapgb , M to s
Oa Tuesday, Sept. ,16th, at ,Werren,,Trnm
bull county: 8pekers-G., H- Pendleton, Sw
W. Gllson, T, J Kenney, D. W.8umbaugbj'
Louie Bhaffsr, j ,m m ; . i
On Wednesday, 8spt 16,b , at Canfleld, Ma
honing onunty: Speakere G H Pendleton, T
J Kenney, D W Stimbsogh. . ; 7" "
un Thursdsy, cent, itn at now uaboo,
Columbiana oonnty:, Speak ers-rTJ Kenney a
8 W Gllson, D W Stambaugb. -uwur.Mx
1 On Friday , Sept. IBtb, et Tifflu, Seneca oonn
ty: Speakers G H Pendleton, 8 Medary, Otso
Drese), W E Finck. m .. -P .. i - r-n t i
'. On Fridey, Sept. lltb.at Fiadlay, Haoobck'
eoonty : Speakere Geo E P ugh, T yV ,Vatf j
ley,' MStuatt,JC Groom. ..,
.On Thursday, Sspl I7th, at Celine, Mercer
oonnty : Speakere C A White 8 8 Cox,
Alex Long, Col A 8 Ramsey. - r V. .
; On Friday, 8ept. I8:h, at GreenrlUe.'Darko
county i Speakere 8 8 Cox, C A- White,
Altx Long, Col A 8 Ramsey, H J Boehmer.' -
On Saturday, Sept. I9ib, at Eaton, Preble
oouoty: . Speakers Alex Long, C, A -White,)
J F McKlnny, Col A 8 Rsmisy. J L '
i On Thursday, Sept. 17th, al Port Clinton, Ot
tawa oonnty: Speakere William jfS, Flnok,
Otto Dresel, W P. Noble.
! On Friday, September 4th, at Ashtabula,"
Ashtabula oonnty: Speakers T. W, Bartley,
T.J.Keony. .-. -.
On Friday, September I8ih, al Walhoodlng.j
Coshooton county: Speakere E, B. Oldi, Judge
Sample, A. Banning Norton, i i . iVi .isu
Oo Wedneeday, September I6tb, at Oitowa,
Putnam' county: Speakers C. A. White, F4,
C, LeBlond, A M. Jaoktoo, B, F. Meioalf, Hv.
J. Boebmer. . " .'fit . .?
' On Turaday, Sept. 93d, at New Lttlngtoo,
rerry oounty: Bpeeaera k. h. uias, Ueorge
. AAjavene, w , . r incg. 1 I't I aft ,1
On Wednesday, Sept. &3d at Flitters1
retry oounty: Speakers E. B. Oldi, George
j. Converse, W.JB, rlnok. .. , 4 j, . 7
JDn Wedneeday eienlng. Sent. 9th. at' Not"
ralk, Huron oountv: Soeakera T. W. Bartlar: -
M. Stnatt., ,( -rt,.-- -'f nVT
Od Thursday, Sept. 10th, hi Hamlltod, Bui
Ier oonnty: Speakers Goo. Bliss, M. Blrohard,"
Alexander, Long, OUo Dresel, F C LeBlond, A, :
M Jaokson.' ' ' :" r"
Oa Friday, Sept. 18th, at Sparta, Morrow
eonnty: Bpeakere M Blrohard, Chaa Follett, k
rW Stambaneb, Wm Johnston. ,
On Friday, Sept. 18th, at Lebanon,' Watren1
oounty: Spetkers T. W. Baitley, A. G. Thut-r
man, J. L, Greeo, Geo. Biles. "' ' -I
Oa Thureday, Sept. Stlh.al Plqna', Miami
oounty: Speakers 8. 8. Cox, G II Pendleton.
Oo Satuiday, Sspi. 18th, at Shelby, Rlohlaod
tonntyi fipeiksrs C A White, Judge Green i'"-'
! On Wedneeday, Sept. 33J, at Woodsfield. :
Monioa oounty: Speakers T W Bartley, C A
White, J W White, J R Morrli. s ' i V,
t Oo Tburadsy, Sept. 94tb, at Caldwell, Nobli
eonnty: Speakers C A White, T W Bartley;
I R Morrii, J W Whiles v - :.' - if
1 On Thursday, Oot. lit, at Yonngitown, Ma
honing county: Speakers 8 SCoi.T W Bart
ley, George Bllii, John MoSweeney.
j On Saturday, 8pt. 19.h,at Monroavllie, Ha
too oounty: Speakere M Birshtrd, Chat Folletti'j
D W Stambaugb, W P Noble. , v, ;f
j Or Monday evening, Sept Slit, at Toledo,
Luoas eouoty: Spsakerd C Follett, M Blrohard.
DW Stambaugb. " ' ,
On Tnesday, Sept. 92 J, ot Napoleon, Benry j
oounty: Speakere D W Siambangb, C FolIstsY'
M Blrohard, John MoSweeney. . ,
j On Taeeday, Beit 921, at PJattabog, CrarkoT
"JJ Spetkere-J L Green, George 8penoo.,,
A. . ""wyi wjia,ou, Bt oowilDg wtB, J
Wood county: Sneakara C Follett. D W Stam
baugb, M Birobard, John Mc8weeney. 1.
JOH fi, THOMPSON, Ch tt trrr
-f GEO. L. CONVERSE, Seo'y;
Demoeratio Slate Central Committee.
t 1 i ' '
taohtl I. Dloiisri " Ststt of Ohio.
' i : vs. " ' Oosrt of Oommoa Fleas -John
W. Blower.) of Franklin Oountv.
rpHB defendant,' Jobs W. Bletstr, Is hereby notified
X thatBacbtlt.Bloiserdld.onthoMtbdayof Aa
su.l. D. 1863. file her peUtloB ta tbe office of the
Olerk of the Court of Common Pleat within end for tbs
County of Franklin, and State of Ohio, chergtnf iha
stld John W. Blotter with sdultsry with divers persona,!
snd Siting that sbt may btdtvorotd from the eald Joba J
W. BloBier; whlob petition will ttatd for hearing at tha
atxt term tf said Court. f
j Dttad August 31, 1661.' . .
I , . BAflRBt, T.' BLAaiBBlrl '
By Rasbib m Wiua, htr Atty'sv -r -
septl dlldr sOw 1 j - 77g- ry aTTy,
Residence No, 45, Southwest Corner ol Front
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