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n-1 oii; J-.o
NO. 12a.
ctnnn 6ft
. rtri
' --
t, Baxly, TiT weekly & Weekly,
. iiliriPENN & miller;" '
ubllahorai and Proprietor,
.!.ij.0JI "I l 1 1 1 'I ' ' i'i i Uc. rtn
vmo No. 30, 38 gad, 4. North Bigh Street.
, ..ruo-r t . . .(rfW, in -Meatus.)
Calif, per rear
By the Carrier, per week.
r Trl-Weekly, per rear..". ...
Weekly, single copy, par year.;,.
Olnba of S copies, ' ....
...... ,,i
........... 3 00
... 175
J.. 7 SO
14 00
Snuff and Tobacco Mantdkctmer,
' ' 10 St 18 CBAMBBRB 8TBBBT,
" "' T T(f ormsrly 2 Chatham Street, Hew Tort) j
Weald call the attention or dealer! to the arUolei ol
hU manufacture, vum, j 1'
Maeebe-, ' '"-Li" ' " "Demlgroe, I J
I iae Bappeey f i 7 ' . Pare Virginia, 1 , .
Ooarae Rappee , : Naohltocbes, I
American Gentleman, . Copenhagen.
ootoh, -i--? '-"--rHeaeyDewBcotoh,
. High Toast Seotoh, ' .,, v-Freeh Hooey Sew I coteh,
" - Irish Bigh Toast,' ' Freeh Scotch,
tliiai' .1 or Lundfoot, : jy
it C. .'"Cf ATt noVte oaluo to tbb uiu bibcc-iob
I nana or f im-Otrr Ounne ad Bmokpm Tobaccos.
MEHu jux.ii .i.u.H
i J 1 1 LODBk 1 1 I .A.L,,ptain, I - B. Jsg.l f.
No. 1, Cavendish, or Bwtet, Spanish,
Ke.t,v Sweat Scented Orooooo, Canaster,
Mo. 1 at 9 Tin loll OaTendlah. Varklih
..t.il,-. ,i mind. flrannUbul. . ,
mixed, OranulAtsd. . . ,
A olronlar of prices will bo ant en apjplloo
K. B.-A olronlar
fl tloa.
K eugir83dly
a oejd eept.'ietWisea. '
a' VA ' '' '' ' '
Ma CoJf'IOTN : . . i'.J.. ' '--"
i w
.PppNiU Capitol Building, High ttiwU
Uolumbusi Ohio!
now ceaar iot tlxa ltojptt
Itebejptlon of
' 1
.irun WALSTS1N FAILING, tomim.
-tr JOtf. OULB1BTIOM, Aaavtainr. 1 ',' I
tin' nirtMtf;i..;.' f ......iu-i'wl
Tat0 4dii ei 'tteM'B aMaliMejili V. .,) f j
, laJT;raabioaableShaTia, Hair Oattlnj, BhaBposblBC
. ai. lA'tliaj BtMMtirisnt of the Nell I
here eatljraoUoa will be.llitt:Ji :iliDLwwtei
S irlw'a40olUri'ittalt inktMt doaeU hilaeit
ae u ue evn
b hal It
Warn nd,ild Batha an
;tj BotK' Cpiiscripts 'apdi Volnnteera I ! !
: Did ' iron know Ibat' ft sl: b( Wa'ct i io
. ,. (b Army Ji waroo of.oormont profit? Are
" ,7" yoa aware that oj tmodrtd dollart o i be
m4e Wft ilngl pay day, by eny one ol or
r dlauy bmineee tact? And, fartbety do roa
ktuiw tlut.we.ftre oifarlog4heoet Aocni eta
. DareM e, tod Saleable Wftlcbel la tbe A merle
Market, et Frioed bsffllog ell Competition? j -..eM'rDM
ftrtitle especially deierTing attentioi
inn lime u our oeieotftiea t
, u.i.-Witli Heavy Bterlin BUrer
: EBpeoialIy Adapted lor Aimj -S
F frank Leelle'e Illoatrated Bewapaper. of fek
18C3, aajai "HoaaaAD'a tiinnni are becomine tro'
, veiblal for their aocoracjrend rellabllitr. They are
panKBiarij muaoie jor omoera w uo areay ana trf
" elers.'
?tt: '1
The Army And BaVy Oatette, of Philadelphia, In Its
. a
ampar on. auy v, reviewing mis waton, says we are
leased to aee that the Importations of the Htmaan
rot. are meeting the enormons sale that seek u in
ordinary anterprlfe as theirs ao rloh'y morlte. Shese
wall has are Doveltlee ttrodaeed hr no athe henee. fr
esoeoaing oiner inaauaeuiree in poins of aoearaoy end
elegance, fidelity and promptness- to their patrons
render the house a desirable medium for traders lathe
ermy." ,., . i
1 . 1 She Hew Terk Weekly, of July S3, 1S83, voiantarlly
sayei ''We ha T beta ihownby toe kteesre. Hmaaaa
" Baoe., who are the noluelre Importer of the article,
What they moat appropriately term the RartWAV Iiaa-
aawiUti being a saperbly Onlahed watch, which la war
ranted to keep the moat aoearaaa tnae rn all climates.
The beauty of these Timekeepers la fnly equalled by
thtlrcheapneu.'' " )
The BAfLAAT TIMBK1IP1B has Aeaev foifd
ttritmff Hivtr eoeae. beaattfal white enamel dial, hand
. aosaegald hands, with eaperlor regalated movemeiit,
' worronitd to run and kep aeoeRefit MmLPriee, per
easeef -tarr eoeen, eoo, tf mail el 65 tor poeUge. I if
regiaurea, u csms aaaiaonai ,A sare aeilvery by stall
guaranteed. Sold Odiy 6y th eai4 , .1
T 1 4 - The Basawav TiMBKiana n also furnished tn haad
eosae eilvaf plated eases, and In all other resnecla the
same as the sliver oneev. while tn appearance they are
niiyeqaai. rrioe ejtoperaaeaoraix. roeiagefi
aHgiawraif ata. aewowy cy turn eoee.
y. a- TO! JgRf JlJTIOa 01 MBOaANHMl, j
. Sting a Bunting, gr Opm Jhet, or iody'si or e
' ' ibman'f Walek Com! tM&,nitKjatrl&ih
Winding 1 iprtvmmtlll ., ,
The V.T. Illnitmtcd Bews. tn luissne o( Jan. 10,
-i4IBS3iea ore let. voluolaril says: HiVe have been
,-.;,hWsaoaapteatoglij'.f ertilehlhe Htjsbd
,,Bbo. i w stew ierB,.ase tae Me tapasMrn i la
,u'ed the Hacio Tula. OHUTia, aaii bi a Hantli
t-JiDee face- watch- combined. One of the urettieet,
.1 as moae eoavenlane, and eeolded ly the be and o'leapett
. ttnenleoa t leoerel end reliable aaetavor offered.
"'IC tt has within It and connected with Its maobloary tts
JI tewa Winding attachment, rendering key entirely en
niiimsrr I-"- etthle Watth are eompoedot
. two raeule, the enter ee eeing fine lev carat gold. . It
hag' the lmprored rnby;aotioa leeer wroroiaent, and li
warranted an"aornrite timepiece.'''. Price, superbly
enna.ed.uer :aaae- et halt doten, 1204. fiampie
Watahea in Beat morocco boxes, fcr those proposing to
boy aMihaUeaU. )3aV-if sent by-mail -thepostage Is
aeeeots- itegiitering w cenfe. vj.ifrrjr
SctT Bg1iterlng80cor4t.v.a'rTjT',n A
IO" Watches sent by express to" any part of theLoyi
tatefl WithMltpayanMaipreeS agent upon detln
et Statefl
( -i-aV)tditaai owta4l)fcU ikUj AtiTntni frAtM.'trifrmti
.parU.Uurtaf, wmms eeeiet wavmmt ii hiImuui tha
. Bxpreea pompanlea peremiurUy safaas maiUog Ueo
.ew'tlona In eoch precarlooe loeall(iea. kidney oan be sent
by sesitiew biapreM.- U by eaprWor null In a re
tend Utur, at enr risk. Our Patrraa are requested to
I si v id Aitar unvns.
. ImpoTtere.
IBB Atiaewav. mw A,sx;
Set'. ortwr. Jfl.-i'l '
X that we have ea band some
Cow PftT Virnk'
--iltrtMrfea Beetltna.' Tht ytat demand foi fyrt
walVKTm T""Tsi J'"vejBtDBj.seau roa, naain
. ewe p. enya w seep eoaitanfly aaMM tua.verf
,1 ivy. vn 'A litttAVX.1. At
"PEIOB IO to 75 jlvlog choice arwa roRCBiamg
X, otelUiet the Bhnttle or Doable-Look Btttchea, or
eaiae etilo and prtoe.ji Call and aee them or aeod for
; . -vv lMButMosnd "treot, Ooluaboe
11Cie to Bnnnorol
O. W. OHOtWELK. Ik Co.,
Mannfaoloreri, pierelaiid, Ohio.
i ' ' '
'-' BUWTINfl 51iaB,
- . i i it
All ilee at very low
C5r r ! W.OnOWBIA A 00.,
rjinfl(MtootlJ a.i-'. oiereland. fhto.
; . : . .; . .v i - '
.TJLL2Bl hkh, fiAVino run
(I ehaaed the entire too It and botlneai of Keasre.
Bhoedtoger dc Brovyn, In the fnrntttue Uaaafaotory,
No; 162;-Sotith High Street,
will oontlnoe the iaelneis at the
and aollolta tbe oaatom'er the old patrone ' the'tab
Itihment and the pobllo (enerally, All pailneeo Will be
lod jomiiuremanntactared or repaired promptly an
OordlnK to order. isi.v .
i.J'WHBBIaaloengadlnthebttilneoia "
'L ' ' XJn.caLovtali.or, j
to "Merl'he wU! give teesjii and prompt atlMUoa,
apne-iy, : -i
Arriving Daily
' AT ,
250 and 252 South Hitjh St.,
eioalfi CloaJiings.
A". .,
t "
Ladies' & Ohildren's
SHAWLS in GREAT Variety.
Headley, Richards & Co
Country froduca Qoinmissiott Hinfio.
jne old ratal or
Miller eft Carpenter,
No. tErU Budding, Ntu York, (300. With-
, r tuflMia Btrtct), -
STILL recelVe and tell flour, Grain, Butter, Lard,
Oheese. Btn. Park. Rum. TiriM
f rails, Poultry, Oame,eto. .. ,
Oaah advanoed on ahlpments, and prompt 'retarns
made of aalee. Bond for oar Prloe Ourreni list. ;
Baraaaaoaai Prealdmt f lha Inln. n.ni. N V.
Oltyi President of M.I.ftg. Ballway Co.; JealJ
Blbbard, Warsaw, N. T.i D. Baldwin, Bsq., fowler,
Ohioi H. 8. Uuoger. Ssq.. Oeoeva, Ohlol U. 0. flros-
venor.lsoj., Jaoesvllle, Wlc. i .1 if :n s.'i
mcnuHUy ,.ut , . . . ,,, -ill
U1;. . - .J .. It ll-
Dr. WitaeM's' Vegetable i
, ',' ' 1 'Are warranted a certain cure for !
- We would oautlon all ha an ui(m t im. hi.m.
Ingooatphtnt to avoid tbe an of earternal appiltaUons,
a they' remit only In e granting the dlffloulty. I
.k f: whhtiwwi'b remedy removes the cause of
" aun anenia a permanent eare. I
xneew run navs naca mea ror the ma Mvan era.
end In no rnaUnee have they failed to oare. Price 50
cents per box. Bent by mall to any addraat. r I ,:
No. 481 Broadway, N. r. i
vorsaie ny ail woggists, . nrs.vi
anglt-d3m "
Auction & Commission,
Southwest Corner- of .Friend ft Fourth.
; xourxa
to .receive
4''Btreeti;iIo. 137,
near the Ze tiler House. I am Hoar nnnaiwt
on oommlsatoa every description of property. Par-
HpraQtYfaoiiOairiaged :
AND vlt Sil ,U1 I'
Hottsatold MX" XMm i Fnriiiture.
waits in tne eoantry promptly attended to,
f'" i-.T: "
TIX BrW of Jennlnis, Btelnbarter Jt Co. waadle
r eolvedi eat the 6U Oeteber, by the withdrawal
- - - . 4, -
nr.- v. tfauoiiiRB irno uu nnn. aii aaniaaaa d
tneAtSte Brm Will be paid and all ehtlme eolleetedby
ui ravaiuuig pnwin, tt. cwnDargtcana w.
entia. ..m..,. .
rr I
irtlgerd Uvl iennf i ejopi
'U1B Bdtrt
:. . . .... . ,1 - . . . A it k. u M b. JT - 1
DomestioLiqTiors, etc
At (be Old Itaad et feanbre; ateinharget Ool I
I. all.: eU .ttMAM I
BY G. W. E—.
We all oan remember tbe proud oaken vesstlt,
That booyantli code on the whlte-ereated wavan
With their lolly pine maiti that wlthitorm-wlndihATi
wreatled, 1
When the mad wayei were threatening ft watery grave,
now long they have failed on the high rolling klllowi
And Mtinghlai the products of far distant ellmei;
How many, have made of the waves their last pillow,
No more to be waked till tbe end lag et time. ,
The old oaken viisslr, the oaken ilbbod vtsiebi 1
The old oaken veMU eiltli tall muts of plne '
( i. .. i ,. ' .. .1 . ' "' '
Bat 'now We wlU sing of the vena! tjiat'i sleaBlng
' Her way e'er the ooean, the rivers and lakes, I '
Like a swan on Ihe waters so llghty abe'i iklauriiogi
' And leaves the sail vessels behind In her. wake. ,. .
From ber nostrils fly sparks, end her while breath comw
'puffllng, r . '. ' .t
While the smoke In black eolomns Is piled to the iky)
Bbe onward Is speeding never stopping nor resting,
lilt within some tspg barter she Is welcomed wltb
lr. ;.
The powerful eteam venel; the splendid steam vessel
The powerful steam vessel Is welcomed wltb joy.
When the war-tniupet sousded the bine waves were
. .covered-,- : I, ,:. n . ; ''
Wltb fleets et grim vessels la battle array. ,
Which seen from tbe land on tbe horizon hovered,
. Iilkejavenoos VBltnreewhvnseekUig their prey.
And when on tbe land like e etorm they descended, .
i the roar ef the csnaoD wai re-eohoed amri
And their hulls by the shot into tatters were rended.
Whilst conversing together In tbe language or Mars.
The mighty war vessels; the stately wsr veeiels;
' Tbe war-ships that talk In the language or Miri.
-i ' -:-: ' l; ' ': i i
Roe on the broad deck, the redblood Is flowing, i
- The bravest of heroes are smote la their pride;
As reelstsnoe Is useless, the eolori are lowering
-When tbe gunboat arrives wltb Its Irpn-plated sides.
Bee the kalis from bor armor glanoe harmless away,
Tbe crew are within, the balls cannot comet
They are loailog their guns without tear or dlimay, ,
At the whistling and hissing of the enemy'i bombs.
...Xhaiion-eUd vessel;, the Iron plated vessel; t '
. . : The rron-elad vessel resists shot and bombs! j
win-. :.. i : . . i . .
Whilst belching Its bambeheile with lightning and bun
. Jt looks like a demon laoiosed.ta aihell;,.
Bpreadlng terror, and fear, and destruction and wonder,
" At all who have fought with tht gunboats oan tell.
Hew tbe gunners rejelce In, their Is on-plated turret,
They handle their .cannon with aklll and with pride.
Nojj'.shlp dtcked wltb streamers could tempt them to
- loavett, ,. .. .'.-. ' - -.
lor the bombshell can enter hot vulne'nMe sides,
' The Iron-clad vessel; the Iron-plated veml; I
No bombshell can enter Its Invulnerable sides
Speech of Jeff. Davis at Mobile.
The Mobile tugunr baa the following ao
oonnt of the recent review of tbe military
loroea tnere oy rreaiaeng tmvia: . j
i "Tbe abortneea of tbe notice censed the turn-
out of tbe local fereee to be lees than It would
otherwise have been, notwithstanding there
wag a larger force la line than baa been eeon
on any format oocaslon, These imprompture
viewa are beginning to have tbe effect of trana
formlnw tbe oily eompanlee Into mlonte-men.
and they already answer tbe oall for their ap
pearance nnder arma much more promptly than
would have been ezpeoted. Though the hour
of 3 o'clock wag named for tbe review, tbe de
ay caused by waiting for the arrival o( goeie
f the more dlstantiy-pogtea regiments, made
almoet gnoiet before the parade oioeed. r
-After the parade wag dismissed. Roval -treat
yrM.filled wltb the brigades retnrwifrg to their
respective qaarjert,i;and about.' the Battle
tlouaei tne oaioony ana oorriaora ol which
were thronged with ladles, a dense maa waa
packed, Impeding the march-of the troops,
Loud ana repeuea ooeere ana oaue for the
President we're made; In response to which he
made bis appearance on tbe baloonv and ad
dressed the soldiers' and citizens io an off-hand
apeeob. -' ; ; - i
V He tongratnlated tbe people upon the fact
which be assured tbem he felt to be the fact'
that our cause is now la a better condition than
It was a yeas ago. - laving Just come Irom Ibe
soene of tbe great battle of Cbickamangaj It
was Impossible that be should not refer to thai,
amf though tt could not be ezpeoted that he
should all ado to. contemplated movement, yet
he waa happy to aay that the brave victors ot
that bloody field stood readv and anzlons to
strike the blow which should secure the oom
plete fruits of their glorious victory. He oonld
say moreMil he bHimi they would ttrilt (let
blow, and (hot Rostcrant' UitwUldylcgitn tesafd
is tfeifroyst? or Vita for rtfug te (At Oitei
Tbe same spirit animated on armies elsewhere,
and al) they needed waa to be properly ioaod
ea oy me people, at noma to send toe nojdea of
Yankees baok to their beloved Boston, or any
otneriilaoe from which the return might be
more aimouit. - -, -
He saw before blm a Texas regiment, whose
thinned ranks reminded blm too painfully of
ineir situation, cutca Jwra tba homes to which
they ehonldlook for Morulte.and of tbalr deadly
con Alois npon many a field where' they had
fought aa Teztns always flght ila exhorted
tbem to be of good cheer1. ; Such deeds as theirs
were never tn two; ana. would sorely aeonre to
the country the estimable priaa fer whioh they
are contending, and to themselves undying
n,onor anmenown. j-, .-. u't ,t. - i
There, too, were 'Alabamlknt who. be felt
sure, were worthy the name whloh had been
iwmorta lined on so maev batUa-flelda in Vir
ginia, Tennessee and Mlssiasippti c And here
ne reierrea to tne yontmoi oolor-bearer alUhlck
amauga. who planted within the enemy's bar-
rlcadea his regimental flag, pletoed with eighty.
nine ouueis ana its siaa snattered. 'me free,
ident had the pleasure of promoting blm for his
gallant .cunduoL and such,.. was bis modesty.
that In oreseBtlne hie fia? to" tha President, ha
appeared quite unoonscions or naving perform
ea anytning ezaor.ainary,
The oltlun soldiery, also, he believed, were
emulous of tbe reputation of their brethren In
osmp. ' He had been, muoh--moved, aa he rode
along tbe lines, at aaeing among tbem yonnw
boys, some very young and men whose heads
were suverea wnn me rrosta ot many k win-
ii ue eonid remind ail tnese, regulars ana otb
era, that they are not oommon soldiers. They
cretent a speowoie wnion tne worm naa never
wltneeeed the beat population of the eountry
nnn. ad Into the armv. Suoh man maw ba an
pealed 'tO form other Inoentivea thau-ijiat of
rigid military aieoipiio... .aba umos, tnewaose,
all considerations rtqaire efforts which roey.be
demanded of ftn tarmy of beroei'Kr, snob they
,,U 1 e J 1 1 1 a 'Jliw tt I-.- 1 ' la-,
are; ' .0 if!isi i r
j- .Afetiaee tnvuot invre are exnae too oia to pear
arms, but they.' too, can dd aometblo tat
IbeaLOOnaiBBjajneir meana u support ana re
let o( tbote who ftrtr oontilbutlng then blood j
and teb tbowe who ere too poor for this oontrin
nte thelf maaerjee, TheVe ,ti Bomatblng thai
all tin do.;;, Self, must be enlliely forgotten:
and let those -whe are deaf to any other appeal
remember thot -be who ll hoarding Bp wealth
Iff such A fimeks this la' hoarding np lnfarty,
the , mark of wblobhe ana hjg poilerltw moat
bear who shall hava srrown rich bv thla war.'
The Crops of 1862 and 1863.
' i ' i:s-a i ...
We have rcoelved iron leeae Niwrvb, Cjm
lesioner u Agrionllnre at Waehldg ou, a
oopyof lb "MoDthly Report" rf hliPc-tuit
meni tor oepiemDer, iooj, "on me uonaiuon or
lb Crops." Tbe following Is a gDounary tUle
uent of tba amount of the orope of ' 1802
18C3 end 1863, both rammer and fell, of tbe
loyal SUtei, as retorned to and citlmiled by
the Department of Agrlooltara: ,.-. (! Ur -:
Tbe ancwert retorned to the dioolare for
September of the Agriculture Department, ask
ing Information of the oondltlon of the orope,
are given in tenth!, above ov below the oiop of
loo, unriog tne eummer tne department
ade n estimate of the amount of the orope
of 18C2, This eeUmate waa besed on
the oensus retorntof 1S60. Ai theetonof
1859, srhlob waa Uken by the oeneoj, waabelow
an Average, ana that el lDba, muon above tt,
ellpwanoe.weg made for thle difference, vary Ida
la Ita amount aoeordlog aa the egrionltgre-of
eaon etate reqairea. The general pet dent,
inoreaae of each State waa added. One-fourth
of tha amount Riven In tbi"oengaa was struck
off for tbe return for Mieeonrl and Kentucky,
on account of the war. Thus calculated, tbe
orops of 1 86a were made the baiii for estimat
ing tbote of low, according to the tenibe, In
crease or decrease, of each State, aa repotted
by the coneepondenta of tbe Department., -
Tbe summer orope of wheat, rye. barley and
oata, for 1863 and 1863, are aa follows: , '
, . ToUl, 1603.
Bye.bu.. Barley, bu.,
S0,7687 w,7ao,.w
ToUl 186.
SI.eS4.B56 17,T81,4
Wheat, bu.,
. 0at, ba.
- '..(.
The fall crone of corn, bnokwheat ' and m-
totee lor 1868 and 1863 are ai follows:
f i ma- Corn.-' Buckwheat. ' Potatoes.
ToUl, 186, bu. 588,704,474 18,7M,9 113,531118
iohii, icoj, nu. e,iUJ,ovt i,uu,X33 S7,670,0I5
Dtoiesss 137,540,380 1,529,768 ' 15,60. ,083
The monthly report of the Dflpuimenl In
September ebowa (bat the amount of wheat
ana nour ezpott4 to all countries. In tha wear
ending September let, 1863, la 40,C8u,30i
boabeli, and of corn, ll,(i86,34Juihels. The
aomeetio oongnmpuoj, men la aa follows: '
Wheat erop of 1863
Bzporttd ...
Domestic consumption-
. 40.o8e.Me
Crop ror J803.
i. li.eeu.M.
DcmestloconlampUon. 175,034,132
The exports and domeetlo consumptloa ez-
aiDit toe relative maanitnae or in foreim and
domeetlo markets. . -i' '-
The report examinee the probable foreign
demand for breadstuflg during 1864, and sbows
mat the principal portion of onr exports of J
oreaaerane are parcaased in the Enclieb mar
kets; that the esre eaaual Importations of
an crraina wttn ureal urium and Ireland, are
94,278,949 American bushels, bat lay 1860 the
Importation waa 135,386.106 American bethele,
ana to, aeoi, itawo.iua Aaterteaa baehels:
that It waa as great In 1862, but not so large In
1863: that from the present condition of the
orops in fiogiand, the demand ror IBM wonld
return to the general averae-a. rather than to
in mat amount eioee laol; that the homa
demand for 1860 wonld be at least equal to that
for 1863, and that tba oondltlon of the cwrreocy
wonld remain as favorable as It now Is: that
henoe the amount of wheat and oom tot 1664
would be as fellows :
Wheat ercn tor 1863.
vomeeuc consunpuon.
Leaving for expert;
, I,70I(OI7
. I ';
Corn crop for 1663...
Uoaeatio consumption. . ..
Leivlng a deficiency or..-.,.,f.. ,.125ja60,23H
whloh must be provided for by greater eooao-
my in leeaing, ana a greater proportional coa
sumption of wheat. t
The Bomber Ot stock hogS Is abont thaaame
as In 1862, andhboat five per oent. beloaTa
general average Jn: oondltlon. These were
eany turned on tbe frosted oom. . ... .tr
Tbe buckwheat crop is not as mneh Inlutod
as was generally tupposed. because most of it
laproauoeainiueaiatespi new xork. ew
Jersey and fennsylvanla, where the frotti ol
August dUih and September loth did not ininre
the crops materially. ,, . , . . . i
The tooacoo otop of lobj is larger than that
ol last year by nearly fifty mllliona ef pounds,
although the frosts In the Western States were
very Injurious to It. But abont one half tbe
crop there bad been gathered before the frost
of September 18ib, aad seventy .five per oent.
more ground bad been planted than In 1862.
Tbe bay orop oUBUj is estimated at 21.603..
645 tons: that of 1863 at 19.980,382 tons, a
deorease, of 1,693,163 ..tons. Its anallly Is
good.; ;. ,.. r 0 ; v. .
The meteorelogloal division of tbe report
Is muoh longer than twnal, giving A fall tie
eor iptioo of the ftdsts Of August 39 and Set-
tember 18. The monthly report for Septem
ber la pronounced muoh tbe beat yet Issued Q
[From the Englishwoman's Domestic for]
October 1.
Fashions for Winter.
Winter fashions are being created and deold
ed wpon In the reoessea of fashionable dress
makers' and milliners repositories, but the aa
tnma fashlona 4re beet to be admired on the
shore at marriia or 1 rouville. ;
Two t hinge strike ona as parllculatlw navel
In ladles' oostumes at Tronvlllai Brat, tbe very
pretty enamoia ootorsa lentner boats, oomlns
half tray np the leg,, aod, either buttoned or
laced at tbe aide, tne lope being , .ornamented
with a silk cord, and two small tinsels: and.
secondly, the oannes, or, in plain English, walk
ing auoas, sponea oy toe most elegant among
the votaries of fashion. ; r ,i w., I '
These oines are simply wcoden sticks, more
or less carved and ornamented with, flat, gilt
tops, ana noieoea en, uu tne ooois, wltb a oord
and tassel! : It Is to be boned that those novel
ties In female attire will cot be admitted to
town: tbey are very well to ollmb rooks with
or to walk In tbe deep, soft sand, ao tlrlnw to
tne reet, out tuey wouia ne quite Bosnia in the
streets or in the parks. This is, however, no
reason why tney should ba condemned bv fain
Ion aince wisdom Is ao rarely oontul(ed In bar
deouiana.v. ... ',. ,,.,!
Another thing wblob rather astonishes ua
to see how very much jewels are now; being
worn even la out-of-door drees., Tbe style In
vogue Is the Oriental crescents, large round
sequins, and Jong, drooping ermjimsute being
preierrea. .. , ., . . i
.,, Very large ear-rings, brdoobes, olaspe, and
g ads are worn to matoh. In dimensions hitherto
unheard of, aod either D Plain gold eg- 1st gold
and ooral, or antmel. .These jewels being but
a paasing whim of fashion, need not be of tbe
DuraAt ' sold or orecloas rems. Even Franoh
ladles, who have always been very particular
on this point, now wear ImlUtlon Jewels without
aka,1a..lan.anl. - . v.
Combs for thrt bslf Bow oome with In thi
eohere ef Jewels. v Tbey are made with a Bide.
flat Tileoe. tnrned back from iha tcetb.' and
oombosloi a very rlob ornamant, set with 10M.
et)4 Bte,cloni ttones; J Tbeae opfpba are-wosn.
in tne otoa atir,- ,s?mwr ones ar aiuo tamo-
timf a ered to kssb back tne ban In front,
Neoklaoee of very Ibiok otutlgi Ure beoone
worn wltbi tb njigb' offeenlnettee 'and
TL . a j... I.. .1
w.vo.- . , ww icvge. rooue ot ot oovfti biaoe
r preierreq ior eemt-f oiiett. end startled I
die often wear the thick gvld obnia. I
bltnOllneeVetlll hold thlrnn. knl In P..I.
tney are oeoiaeaiV below worn mnah arnallar.
erpeoially at the ton: thev are laesronrid. and
oonetquently more graoefnl In thelf appeateno.
The skirts of dresee are likely to be very
foil and immensely long. ' ' i T
uHwpro-Mire win i me freaa. d e
Hotels on a Strike.
Tbe 7Vlituieeava tha nrlnnlnal tnuUir M.
York have etruok for hlsher oav frani thi.
goeaU.Btrlkee being the order of the datat
present; $2 60 In gold, or $3 SO In paper, le tbe
price now Demanded ror board In aoma of tbe
publlo boniea from travelcre. whila merhhanta
and oltrka who have for jeirg been la the) babit
oi living at notoieior tbe pnrpoeeity jqaklng
the acqnalntanoe and seootloa the euitbor of
" "i ' ua an auamouai v .ru se per
et tuoaea on mejr oiiig. , xn hotel keepere
maim io aave neen oblldged to raise their prices
m coneeqaenoe of tbe advance pq prpvjslona
and other neeemrlfsofjlfe'. . The content that
"Don a tB-W0s abaolntelf eatential in order to
maba . . . ' W. ...... . ..I.
uu.n vuuB nicui. viDsi. o..oe now; nave
been well filled daridtr tbe Dastseaeon. and hara
t preeent a large number olgucstg. ,, ' '
Snrgrson '& Pbysioian.
Reeldeoce No-' 45, Southwest Corner of i'totii
and Gay Streets, I
' OB,
... i
181A8B8 Of TUB BB.
Columbus; May 30, l8C3-1drwtr
X7Ze7IZl.ZI3S. l
NO. 1 Meu Mackerel, Pickled Bilmoo, Bmokel Sal
mon. Bmoked Halibut, Horn tar, "Saap," Oran
berries, "Dajton Or ackers," Bap Bago, Bngllah Dairy,
nutmeg, Pine Apple and W. K. Cheese; Burnet's Fla
voring Bztractsi Canned Oreen Corn, flicea Ceai Plae
Apple, ete. for sale by ;
mouuijm, muiBB HcDONALDB,
Me. lUtBostli Hlgljst.,!
John Killen'0 Estate.
NOTI0B Is hereby given thai the anderabmed hae
this day been appointed and qu alined by the Probate
Court of fruklln county, Ohio, admin letratsr lot the
eeuueoi Jonn muen, late c! rial , rownahlpv Ih said
Dated this lom day ol October, . u. 186S. . I 1 I
ectBl-w3w :. '1 . . J . .1 . ......
Samuel Murphev's Estate.
NOTIOB Is hereby giren that lha undersigned have
this day been -appointed and qoallBed by Ihd Pro
bate Court ot franklin County,. Ohio, administrator or
ma escaie or oamuoi murpaey,, lata or Had laoo town
ship. In titld county, deoetised. It
vatea this tin eay e( uetober, A. p., 1803.
akU 1 i. THOfl. M( SrjBPHBT.I
- , ; e BAstDBL V. AtOBf BBf .
0Ct6-W3w ' .... ;., y ,
Notice of Attachment.
Wtllltm fllshoto, PUInliff, Before Owol W. Ut
I J. ?- at Montwdmary
A. B. White, Defeadaat.
.1 Li 1 0- 1 ' e !
i lewnenip, rraokua vo,
OHlhaS h day of Ootoder. A: V, 1863, aald JdaHoe
leeaed en orderwf attachment la the above action
for Uta aunt ot nrtytour doUare aa af ty aaats.
. ' WU4iL JtlWatPLV.
Oohnabns, Oet.W,1863w3a' . .. -
Samnel Sovdtjn'a Estate
NOnOB Is hereby gives) that the onderstgaed has this
- dav been aorjolnted and oaallSed i tha Probata
Oewrtot franklin eountv. Ohio, administrator with the
will aaaexad, ef Bamual Bowdeo, lata ef the elcy ef
voiamoue.oeoeaena. .
Pated this 3d day of October, A. D.. 1863. V
et4-waw jontt tan Tobx. .
Settlement of : Account
THB following aeooants have been Bled In tbd
A bate Court of franklin county. Ohio, aod wit
aearaaaa nunn ror settlement on arjNUAXJ
KM aay of WovesaMr, A. V. 13, to wlti
Tne nrat acoount or aveanen. w. miliar ai
Wagner, adu'rs of Anthony HI) lor, dee'd; the first m-
conni or wuiiam a. u ram, gun or J on a W. Walton
the first aooeatntt ef Bllaa J, Bracken ridge, guardian
of Bliaa Jan Braokenrtdg. Oarolia Brmokaarlde.
Cornelia Brackaniidge, Amelia BraokenrMg aueiJBer
raret J. Braekenrldeei the first account or John Cor.
ex'r of tbe will of Wesley Try, ded the first account
oi H.urtry.eam'roi iemee uaaaoek emltn, neo'drthe
first acoount of, W . A. -atoOormlck. oaw if tba adeVrs
of Jaekson Biddol, deo'di tha first aoooaat of John A,
Ilelber, adm'rof Philip Lelp.dec'di the first account or
Loi-eaao BohMlder, guard tan of Dorothea h. Beheok:
tbe saoond aoocuntat Ahx. D. f orraster, adaa't of
Robert forrester, deo'd: the fourth acoount ol John L.
Stevenson, guardian ol Bnooh A. Heedlee; the final ac
oount of Jeffrey Powell, ex'r el the will or Marv A.
Qeorre, deo'di tbe Baal ao count of Oharlo Breyfogle,
adm'r dseonis won of James B. O'Harra, Aeo d the
final account or William A. Orum. guardian or Jane s
do down! the final account of William Headlev. Dr..
adm'r with the will annexed of William Headley, deo'd;
i ne noai account oi mcsea eeymour, guamran or meses
Weltoni tbe final acoount of Reuben I. Helewenr
der. auerdian of franols M. 1 Neliwender (rendered
oy Kootri wiison, ex r r tne win of smmi w. reels
wonder, deo'd)) the final aooouut of Nelson Wilkin,
guardian or uuariee a. teravmnat ana the final ac
oennt of John Cox, adm'r ot Solomon Bhadle, deo'd.'
" uBtta&n . .Auiaitx, i,
i ' ' Probate Judge.
Columbus, Pet. S3, lB63-dltw8w (
Of Balances of Funds remaining
in County Treasuay, on the
7th day of September, 1863
Fines oolleoatd
Poor fsrm
999 SO
t 138 50
General BxpensC Account...,
OounW Boot.......
0nolalmed Coats
Military fund
Bridge fund
Infirmary aad Pauper Bxpeaao....... .......
Volunteer Belief fund
Allotment fuod.
279 48
254 96
9,848 es
9,488 49
i,m w
731 00
"! issWa
' 'a 38
sB no
. mn
i i 07
Tax Oertlfleatcs
Qro report School Dtttrtrt '
nernoldsourg ,
Worthlngton " "
Hairkdmrg Corporation
Weetarvtle " j t
Worthlngton . ,.
Reynoldsburg "
Truro Towoahlp. i.
Plain "
. 10 11
, IB B4
S04 48
ass si
367 08
Perry " .
..... ii
....... ,
...... I
Washington xownthlp
Norwich Townihlp.. ...i...
548 10
941 05
Total ..
(44,613 SI
County Treasurer.
TTEJKT P. BISCOwiliUks notice that en the
Aa ui aay or ptemrjer. A. p., IMS, Pater j raa-
swee n ie a penawa against nua aao oumr la III Seat
moa fleas uourt of frankim eeuatyv Ohi,' praying
for the partition ot the following described real aetata,
to will two nunaroa acre, mora r leas, being lots
Bos. 9 aad 86. seoMew Bo. t, township Bo. 1, nag
Mo. 10, Iranklla. county, Ohio, being saaae aana een-
veyea By reter vraosisooand wife to real f raneisoo, by
deed dated August xl,' A. P. 1833, eir.pt 48 So-100
acres og tha weet and eA lot No. SO. told bv lhaadsainia.
twaters ef teat fransisoo to wnltam Banns; and thai at
tna aext aeamer ami eaid ooan rets siemtaau win
pply for an order for arUUoa ,tp, be wad,! aald
wvmhw ..IWlHn. 1
jai-.t.a i . i ByHoAca Wira.bwAtt-iL
spa: oa-wow bu) j ..iit.i. ..u
Notice of Attachment.
Thoam Brtaaea, f laktUf,) Be for eo.(Wi'.M.
vs. r -, -r i J P., Mentgomerv
WMvs, BefenaMrt. y smp, fraakuu eountj.o
OMttetVUj -! eihavTVAV W IBtsVean
JutUe1l"ad..a retdev tttnhjaa 4)ithe
- : .i .s - - -i
i aetwa ror m sam w wjiiu.
Oebjafeiia, Qof , 10, 18C3-wlf
r O a .
;lfit;MO Am, a.! lo'l xaJiUiif
.' Fmi Kwurt Edti a ,U-f eKew(lif (
- M I haronlil laitrlt-iJHKl(hlt a4ibapau
illa, bat npwn- yei bottni wX4eb,lua of tho
dt-eirvd effect and 1U1I eatinlkcliori to thoeo who tuok
A fket a ovponple try ttvlmay agree bre hae
iin po neOiolne liio it belorw i our eoramunlty "
Eruptions, Fimploe.'3lotchea, Puatulea,
TJIoers, Bores, and afl Dtoeaee of thb Skin.
' r, Frvti-Jiti.Mir.itiirultamXAAttabXnnlar.d.
i .'! IxMily iio my ttutv-io jmu and tbe imbUo, when
1 add my feirtimniiy trt'tbat'foy pvMlen of the me.
dicinul virtues of roiOf twkfWrHjI daugh
ter, n'cd ten, hail an arniclyg!uiiiiiir u Her earn,
eyes, and hair for yrtV !. 'wd unable to
cuie uytil we tiled, your KA4fiapu.AMlia has
been well fur some months." " -D-' 'or
.laeemed Lujg VenmivilU M rajM-Afou, SVx, AT J.
" My daUKliter hae euflerid fore Veer tiaet with a
.acrofuloue eruption; rwhiabaasry-ernsiWeeoin.
i-,.jiiiiMnMiujrueuHDy reucr uuiu we triea your bAH
1mpakiij.a, wutoh eooo eonplMety'arert her."
f,nm (liariti t. Oaue, Xio.,tt?Ouii)6ltftMaun firm
. . 0mt, Murray, t Co., maniifart itreri of enam
- vlltitpnprrt in Nashua, If. J.""'
. " 1 bad for oevrl ytuiv e vagy fleb'eonie Aw
tuor in my iaco, which grew cuti.lanUy wor.e until
It (litiuiuii my feuturee and beoanw aa Inialerable
olllictiim. I tried almost everything a man oould ol
bntli udvfraand medicine, but wiihout any relief
wbatevrr, until I took your 8ab,aav4uil.a It
iniinciliaU'ly made my face worse, ae you told nut it
niinlitlur a tiioei bed in a w weaae bS Jiew ekiu
Krysfplaa-QnfeJ dBtmetty-jffdilfy the
11 -c't ' '- '' JUooo-M inn. aitS
From Ik. RiU. Bavin, Boustun St., If Y.
1)r. Avbk- I seldom fail to reniari Jfrarrfuwe and
Scrafttlous iSoref by the jieraevering una of your
Ka haaim RH.LA, and I Ji a Just now cured an at
tack oi tlalijuant Krytiptfa with it. No altera
tive we posseee equalathe Sabsafakilla yoa liava
eupuiieu t(
to the prolesf Ion a well as to i lie people.'
fromj B-Junnvon. neo., naKrman.unm
a For twvlVe'yenre I hid the yellow Erysipelas on
my riguiarqi, during- wuicn tune i mea ail uie cut
ebrateil phy?iciuuI could reach, and rook bundled,
ol dollats' yorth of medioiaes. n J hei loerwore nt
tad that the cords became visible,' and, the doctors
decided thot my arm must luj-e-mpulHte-'-! b. gn
Hiking your t! AMAVAXM-1-- vTxk twabottlfjn, and
eoriie or youf Pit.i.8. TogelHcr tht-yhave(!urd me.
I am now at well and sound as anybody Ueiag in a
public place, my case la known to everybody in this
Community, and excitee the wonder ef all."'''
MiW Bon. Henry Monro, lt.fl ttf&twiaUU, C.
IV.. a leading Member of tht CantnUan furlkimnit.
I have used your Sarapamtxx. In rrrv etmily,
for general debit try, ud forr BiarfViiky atg OUnd,
with very behenclal reruns, ana It-el copndi
fel coptiJi uce In
oornmenaing it to joe anuetea.i'
Anthony' Fire, BcM...Bit'.,Blseum,
; Scald Head, Sore Eyes..;
FiumBarvey Sickter.Jlsq , th'r Allr editor, i tht
JJ TMncilanwoewo,tlwleniol
t " Our only child, about three yuref aga.mas al
tacked ly plniples on his foreLead thpVYbpidly
-spread until LUey fbrmad a Joathaun auAxa-ulcnt
sore, which covered hie iaoe, and actually bunJed
his eyes for some days-. ' AtklltUI phyercwn-applicd
aitrate of silver aad other reqiedica, witbotst any ap.
I ..rent effect. For fifteen daysweguaided his bands,
i it with them he eboeid taaraottn tha tsstettog and
corrupt wdhod. which coveted hie whole face. Hav
ing tried every tblngelao w bad anyhftpeftom, we
begaw rinng your lABaAxusiUtA.wn4 plyug
the iodide Of potash lotion, as you,dlrttt. The aora
began to heal when we bad erea thirt bottle,
SihI waa wtjilwbea wehad finished thef?coud, The
cuuu'S eyeiaenes, wnicn naa come vui, grew .k",u
aua ne m now as nmuuiy wuu uiu- w
whole neighuorhooa preaiciea mat tne cu
JSypbUte-Aadl Hea-oortal DtaaOie.
'I Hud vuur barbapauilla a more crK-ctual
-remedy- for the-aeeoadeii y eymptwtt W yiilu,
an d lor syp biliua ouaaa tuan at r ot ui e 4uaeae.
The proji-nsion are Indebted td yOB for lame 01' the
best medieioea wohTL'e E-.Jt.CJJviu -j.h)
from A. J. Ftrni h; Af. Ditnn emin-nt phyticioH of
ZaiertnetrMoM., eoA ir a prominent fftmber qf
' the Lepittatttrt orAIasiachutettt.'
''IJk. ATXjr ddr kteeuOrrKlt rUve
SaRsapaulla an excellent .remedy, Jo;
Dot it ot tne rmmarv and Mrrmja-o r
-ualinsonie cases
ira too -obsnuxas-to to
other remedies. I do not know what Ve An em-
pluy wtth more oertariny of ouoccaa. MherS skewer
Jul alterative is req.uired
"Mr. Chat. A. Van Line. ortWwTfrun'wcV. K J.,
AiSd dreadlul utceYSDU ba idkeu
s log oaasbd byaaef base
. ot mercury,- r taerciw-iot dwuK Which grew more
'aud more aggravated fofyearx, W 'write! 'ore-very
S remedy or treatment thab cbalB oeapyaetittnitil tho
nereeTeriug nae of Ater'b SlAR8aparilla relieved
: 'him.': Few em Can be- fouad imbra iarrejturata and
diatrewiBg than thi an d U ocuV eejcal dozen hot
' ties to cure him. ' . j ... - -TTt. ti..j
1 Iucorrhcen,-Whjrtoi7reaJevWe1iaBHea,
are generally produced by interna) ffcTYfuVo1il Ulcer
ation, and arc very OfteHJCtired by uie altorativo
effect of this Saraarilla. Some cesea require,
howavrr, ia aid ef theASAMuiAaA, tbd ekiilul
application ol local remedies fn,: y .,
Fipm tht KLll hiown and wLUItt-celehra'tei Dr
' .1 - 'Jacob MorrUfi, Oiiniiwdft ;i
"1 have founds our StARBAPAitiLiA an excelleut
alterative) In dtbeaeeJ of femnlen.' Many cablet Ir
regularity, Lauoorrbce, Internal.' Ulceration, and
local debility, arieiug liiMU the serntiiluus diathesis,
have yielded to H, auel there- are few that do- not,
when lUertect lit propyj aided (IpoatreaUnenl.''
,A ladn, vnwilling tuaWV thopubikntum of her
. . . .... . -mmr. mritetr i.-" --
V My daughter and anyaelf Jiav bee cured of a
ly daughter and aoyaev jiai
debilitating Leucorrhoea'of
vry i
bllitating Leucorrhcea of Ibng atauulng, I
two bottiiM 4 yura8AriAiut.L,y j XOsi
Rheumatism, Gout, Liver Cnmplaintya-
popsia, Heart DleeaaeNeuralgla, 1
when caused bv Scrafiila lulha ayetem, are rapidly
mnd anrthi. k.' HAaHlVAUl tit, j
r.'tlvi I-i - ' M-fl ,T!f:o
-i a rrirr .'"lriiT f lilt t.l
" UAAXliJULAXtUip'irAialjO
-pogaee so maoyrelyantaAs evethexiather-vur
gotivea in the auuket, auitlwii siifkirior virtue
uro 80 U,pivorsully Jtnown, thiitlwc jifiot du
more tlifln'Ki wisnre' th't' vVnrifirthelWwe.litv i
maiBtairreP(fmrl 'rb tWficsi W vfefiWuftion,
'and -that Vrrhat crfWriaOn'rt fM all
thut thi rt(6f4!.Ir)i0. '" ,i Wti OWO
- PreparrxT f J'Of' XYF.H, 'MM. .elraCo ,
Lown, Miw.tlia eokl byXvi ...! tn
O. BOBBBTB. Dolumbua abd av all detlsrS 40114-
lalaeeverrwaerev ,fc Jm e.U io .dnoiidl (tore
aepuj ddtweewiy ,q 9C' e?iui wl Ji fca
i i , i .ii.. i .1 ir 1 r ii li ia Ii.m e as
No. 119 SanglvStr'eet
Io 7aia
.1 1 ia n .IIJIunA BKIfftSl A
Ike pabBo that tbey i have fitted ap w BBCO
BIOBB at the abov wall kaowa stead, et great e
pense, and In the meet modem and approved ilj(ie.
-"ii.T ti.s tnoit fcan o;Jii. "
Our stoak was Mtoaated to Bow Tosfefresa' first
hands and Itnpariers.,an4UWatia.ed,cfiai XJSRr
a D""., -ff'icoM' nrif lo io.ein3mvem
.aVpe.aatlMWBlb: land
Jrti.1,11 rO-Kf ed "lAf JJtKfS Bhfl
Proscription Deimrtdent;
,1't!')t uil TU e'!i!;n itilj-J
over which attv BSBlUHma, a well knew
Breg5tstath' ini ff
We offer te the publican' asaipaased eaeortment et
p-rUarVraEBrte-O ciiAPS,
) .zfOMAt)8r riRVBRBwV
l v,-,b!:1 to ofi'iandi.,;'a;'aa1
: gjco
, Toilet caniFwcj Articles,
o i!l v"" '" l t w-fcil vWia
We have saatta wtthsveueaay anattlBa
4? n!se'( oi tiQJ I'rwm f, 4iii ed
d Srandies, 7tsiviri'i fcB
in iai io.Ji ut ...Sioeecl
andOTHBB LlQOOBBf for sjeflletaatwa env.whleh
w rrcaed ,,lract njBitM pmtmMvm ih Mew
v waawrtett aVe aatpsetieVjl foyst4s Wrrtek.
. " ..S3 6 ili .',"''' l" .0 ivvoea ia io
JT very best o,aa)aaBmsAnr-a ben o t v-w.aO
eett-ejBt j, ,,., .o'fivs'ifeJ lacaixb
bigau to form under the bluV ben, aud coeitiuued
Until my face if ae smooth' na arrfbody'N; and 1 am
without any symptomt f the dMaajati know
of. 1 enjoy perfect health, and w lthqlii a doubt owe
it (0 YOurfjABBArABIlLA." ' A t JUt
at. M Vertb High street (ap etain).
Qelasalma, t)oi.

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