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llNG, NOV. 13, 1863.
.. an ant val Jill
TlT. . ; r u ..a Stata
91 Park Kowrnew r
'Lh ih. riUM. u)2
An Independent Methodist Episcopal
An Independent Methodist Episcopal Church—Political Preachers.
. lll V"JSrZ be' onW to w"
wUl er iffinoli to gMiV aa' .Independent
Mettadlrtqojal Church.:- JWJJ
to be regretted, such ,B
7..t.V. j.f'tt.Ki. W wsil aathbeeol almost
the 8iu ih
tug oi;to. llHnolt ww. f J
Dreaehera was publlclyl reprimanded by the
Bishop on tb floor -of tba Conference, and by
' ; ' .tnV A At t U were it oMna of
M Utu , ' i-.TW. ;,,.;.('.' ! r t , V.
ini so. JV hot iniTprlBlni that P""011 ' tb'
tug V"..V u .hBit time to nuke
menetewfPS"'i;---J ... ;, ,,: , ,
a more fa Borne dlreo4wi -.r.iJv oK i
In our own (the OMo) Conference, the Reso
lutions m tU WiW'o! ihe Couott y-oalled by
Reeolntlonidow ,n4 Sem'
.-4 i'nin'Anif0n'w(th'b'oolli,of Gtwr
Zm MoTdt d (be olhtriU6.rfteaBher.
who followed Il .wake,-a A WMia
Miu H,k antral here tbe aime right
imUHWU w - . - . -l4i
LukibeleautJ ao hlaooordlog
t, thetr wii ttW w.Wtote Bte"nr
a j-"t weUthey enoold atopj
and the Methb4Iat Mlrrfaiere in general, aiwell
u tha MinUiera.oi; awr. re r 7 -.nii
kdt find ttarofitalU to atudy the ad-
dMioif fte-Blifpiotha ,ME. Choh,,to
beGenAalC4toae;t Qi.on. lne.T"'
kmxictoina poljtloal aenak; where their, gar
menti ire Toueo in pry
' 1 ' ' ' "-- J ' ' '
Consul to Matanzas.
.' Tii ClenUnd: &iiiri)n innohnolDg the ap-
lolattbftnk of A.cGRPWi."oj('
Conanl rt'the pity of Matania,faj"he of
fifi. 0r iCflnanl ha porf fM f great i-
pflSo. Md ia.among tff W ; "JT
olaea." ' toe maiaeoi, m
to ra4 iW." Rfbait MberaUy for hia fidelity
71 -Hblilni WiwoIndoiIarT JlboHHonlwi.
Hntaoua. Bhora
the bland of Cnbiajand .Mrtj HaTanaand
,. .1.. a.V inn.uni'oort btfthe' Wand.-. JU
...tj- ' -innrti r Hear and 001-
ree,;I tt about Jtbsea .oaya all from NeWT
.UkL IT irerfv 1 shi. l - r.K
fc'Tw AboiyioVPOoloTi fatera, that aail on
d the aaine oi,1'Cnlp,!Vaie; horribly troub-
laJ at V'rfenbKUwt tt la the daalgnof ihepeo-
MctiJiviBUni tfl again (Wganlat their SUte
.manl.bv alocUn fc Gorernot, Leglala-
tiue andmembara ot oagreaa; and. by their
nneaatoenon thla anbjMt, pWTt concloa.Tely
love ot the CniOA,I PPr) ?? ni bV
tlnroij lotlnaaioav ahonld , rejoloe and
klad tf t tttA ent thai Iwlaiana la ready
come back! to the foldand again take her placa
U lheftallenU CflUnoUa. , Bnt, the AVolltlon
ntonlttariiheirilfirf at tha bare auggea
.tSocb k iteitf that State would be
obla mow; tfMM ' "tlon-a "mm
ukia Paaoai amdVtbe Union whloh those,
bower and the plundarera who are making gaih
l thi iii do -fiai : intend' to bllow. They
rasa tlii war ctoWgcd and W M on, not'
'laatofbrtt-te dWdavaaUf and, foreyer,
Union our faihtf . ' Bbama npon mem,
one and alll "
. - i J-, - L'"
Tfi offloa-eekera of the Abolition peraui
.ioJ2ekiil)enntoaram aiooDd the. Capital of the State, aa the heralda
of awi Admtaratratron.tWa fiat aeen
oral of thtt'ofwwhtf elwaya manage to
tt7-olAant'Darty: button-hoUngM Goverrjoi
Buoaa; butt they wet strong Ton men,
oaftlcBlailT noetlU to "tha gentleman from
diana," the probability la, that the new
'irimH do much for them In the way
''illpg.VfBpffloa.y,Tha ftffloera' of the
sa nana eanv ioobiuk
?' W BioKHaai, the gallant editor of
Davtoh Jetcraat. In a late Issue of his
gtTea a very iaCM-esfln account pf an examinal
Boll; tf twa -deaBetite wamen.'tifa
villa nbX'ABiHmA'M m J
permllted to wltnenl .Onr ootemporar;
2 W. Wf'v faTorad-byitbtvIemUd
raadars wUl donbOeaa be gratified, U be
1 Mrrita oai .w F;p'j?
w Fginaof exeerieDoeri! during ill jaewoia
? .JkXmmmJviiUi b'M fiteJftW'.4f
5(ff tharmay balnaertedjb ftna
a a naraeoC and w'iU drtt' a baa jteoutf6M
It rand MMM''K
r.$ ? This taventioB-anny be in gteas oemand-
') tea it twentji '. . aupt.,, t: tfa)tWl
"t II policy pontlnnw to prevall,;and Ibe menortb
a " and Soatbrata ail, or nearly allv ktJM off
it f2dlaablad.it mM beCoihe neoessary forfte
tha two aecftna U end the.irar, armed
J Jbeae Paraaou.
. - . i .. ftM'ii
it ts Tex rails oorretpondent or mari
w?Jr 'f
iTtjs Tjfa, "a3" dta of Oct- 33, la apeaklng tkf
-iams that ata being built In rrenon porta
pi&'tf tleirtned for tha rebel Confederate
service, mikes the potittivo statement that
'"" sailing bf these shlpa wUl ba atopped
- Frtncb eovarameot.!' - Tb Tbaes thinks
TlBC!Cts( of Iraln ar Wef Tork foV
s t.L ..-n4lna ..V 1... 'Li... i
1663. ",,UB.
", brie.. ... ... IvlB
Ooca. ltin.h.........--x.,..l'1 -.84K.IM
Oas bn.4i.uu. jt.B?ri.,S), 4
BatlViitash;.;...-. AteilbB
[...] New "Government" Job on
be.U:ieip,g appear UyhtUtil fl of
On of tha most InttUlA-eot mnbtri of the
ODecrTativu ih wwiotiii rsHmuN v m
Administration that not nrtytfco!Bnd M CI
oottou will be raised in tn entire BButii tma
JjtexTfeniuok ejlMle bIe will
be raised unless the Government Immediately
aetata jfajrk(fJiaj LM 12 T-
whomWcktenea: wl.flmirt)BS byrr
tloti and ezDoanre. Not leaa than eiRhleei
hundred tbonaand field negtoee are penned in
Georgia and Alabama driven from tne outer
siateStattf-ioq siazo C'J ,UG ,0'- ,
- Thi radloal JaoaUa is IIUdoUi are threaten
log revolution lu tht Bute. Jbt Legtalatnre
li Democratic etronglr io -anU their proceed
(oga have pot. been, and are not eipeeted to be
of a eharaeter to ttleaso the Jaeobine. Thia
hlnff tha case, the Chloarto Tribune, a Jacobin
ortani aa dovernQr Yamb the following ad
-1... . .. ij 1
J woTWaw fiUtt oan paiwa bat on sonnc, and th la
rrJTwl.ii rti hui twnniB a diimc to the aa
. . ? T- if., j... . (Tha.. (nltnra h DO rlfht t Coma
h. to plotioxo teuoo. after hvlDg tarn font about
veak and puorlla advlnr, whottwr la or out or thjBUta
Bonie, la cut theia followf attempt to lit again, but aot
aceordbg to lh fllotatoaot hla owntadnd ooMclenoo
in uiu au... "
lot to bring on tab Btatoowritnet lb comMnonent
t th.nt tniffni ma wen urn ineu uvwi -
anmiolom for a faTonbla tetminatlon of It
What amablov'orealriree' there radioala are,
tq be anre. -
I II 1 ' ' '
!Th; following extract from Btwt ta a pho-
tdgrapt which Ibe "awarma" of "nine nun
dred thouaand':' flamtDg. llanT among ne
may atndy with profit:
I oan conceive no exlBlenoe ncaer neaveu
that la more truly odioue and disgusting than
an Impotent helpleaa oreature, without civil
wladom or military kill, without a conaoioua-
.... f .nMhnnallfibatlon for nower but
hla aerrllltv to it, bloated with pr and arro;
ganoe, and calling for battles which bo la
Bgni. '
'inlA of
Pmnstlvanu haa aent 164557 three yeara1
men to the war, and yet her aggregate ?ote at
the recent election was 31 ,000 larger than at the
Presidential electron ln"1860; ir we eatimate
that 31,000 of theae soldiers were sent Into the
State to Totp'at the late eecJ)0D, the; increaae
of the aggregate vote in mm jo 4-
to thenumbwof three yeara' men tne Estate
baa sent Into the fleld-164.257. Who believes
that there bae boon ar y euub aoiuai increaae
r Anna Ait vntnra in f ennailvanlal la there
not evidence In there flgnrea of the perpetra
tlon of glgantio frauda7 ,, t ; . -3 ; , .-.
. 5 . .. ' - -1 J " v t X
' Whiu New York baa only tkrtt tinut the
t.nnnli(ati of MMiechuBatie, she la t ftUed upon
for font timet the nVriberol trdopa required of
M aasaehbiettBi ,and the exdaa: f tqulrM from
New York, eatlmatloa it upon the population
ia'abont aa followB over the other New England
Statea: ; Aa compared with Maine, 13,548; aa
compared with New Hampshire, ' 15,594; " ha
compared with Vermont, 19,842; as compared
with Connecticut, 14,6b2, and as compared wun
Rhode Island, 15,170. '
Gm. HattcK,'r the Journal says, n has
been, tUtneiJj rorjoTBededby tha extenaioo of
GtAMT'a command," ana aaas aneenoKij,
Hit.t.ntK'a (monnatlon ia abont a-one." Tne
Abolition bloodhounda are now In foil ohaae af-
t fTmacr. We' leave fairri to their fnr
met tie f . : 1 i, i Hi rt. j vt
FoTT-ivg men were recently drafted In Lyn-
L,. J 1 .... a . c
don, Vermont, and dne-tblra 01 tne numoer
were exenrptedj twentye fftld the; .commu
tation fee, audi one went to the warv
.Piinoi Maxuiauait'a departure for Mexico
is said to be fixed for the 21 ol February nexf.
tie is reported 10 o oukb"
members of the Mcxloaa Legation the plan of
? new' -Constitution adapted to the spirit nd
wants of tha Juexioap people,,-) ,:; ; ., ,
ljlTanla-ftseeoide4 thit BiCtOTcription
la nnconatttotojajq; TAQTTT'-I
State of Penn
5ABuxtq allow any one.to change nls or.ner
ame u often aTaetlreaT
name aa oiten as aeairw., uu umm iv....
into tha Vermont IifKlaUture. Tbe Introduoer
n MiBBBsft FattY arrived In New. yrk on
7th In'at., Um Tto"otf o f
wM hooks come fleetly to be balanced.
and tha MDpBnctof.tWa AdminlstraUon with
soldlerl wraeraadtnim the trill sheet-of hlsto-
rr, Its deMfcoewgee on toe wnaj p i ir
mood oampaigua wm
la willaaeaajBtUnoat inoreuioie pvewuj,
It Is demorsBtKibly tone, that tha Government
haa nerversely refused to pursue -the manl
- ' lL Vt.VM..J
for tbsir0J5WUve point, fsWf tssetMr
i Thia .-.mniislr m obsunacj, condemned
alike' by 'exporleaea.jr by i the , counsel
the wisest military iem, oy wm voioo vi
. aU4 py SuB uiuaiic" -'
a at
Jwntiy,B tear ef time, tbouiand
miuiona of dollars, and the lives or the brave
men elaugbtered at Frederickaborg, at Chancel.
iuiaand ai flsttvebare. A year ago Mc
ri.n.n ar.a ant aalile. ostensibly beoanse ot
tardioeee orHj metrtPr Wo bave alnce
tried BarMidell9iU, aiiiMsade fought
three terrific battles ane? (enwwi.su; nan
A..f. M,.a. hrthdriwl thousand men, every
oipt realised befg feh.fW ft
Prfnmu amt-MWarmr JS SllH .VlrtUll JB
dereniee vf Wasblngrod And all this because
th. Administration rettbsB to feaovd' a Demo-
v..ti nmcrai: ihar-thau!'OTnBh lha rebel
Hon .!. W reneatJ this, la .almost luoredible,
knt u la aa trtiei ' nevertheless, as troth ' itself.
Thm .us few intellleant neople who will
j. that . MoCiallaa would haTB taken Rich
mood had not the lnexousabl oriaaioalily
tbe War Decartmenl prevented.1' 'And posterl-
--til iinM tha mnnaireM of the Oamnaigni
e dreadful accountability for their guilt In
matter'TTia bload or hundred-
eUnirhUiral heroes cites to heaven from
ground agalpat them. Chietyo Th- (
A WABHWoToa durpatob data! the 10th Inst
i f imnn;oauTtJuei;uiw ..v...
Oraotof tha eaplure of several hundred prison
ers from Generai Boratide, la' Nor U-a astern
Tenneeeea; but as contingent movements
dependent ra tha preeenl locatioo of Bumelde,
It Is not deemea nruoeni so lornisn lor puDiioa
''WhTf.TTnNtiSitBkOTO thi fltcarA few are
fSemciMiaUea brj G,ejr..filgpliwhen'et Syrsoose
and DBOUDoe4 to adilrejs e.Republlosn gather-
tbg there They said to w ay ie U, lienr
ii ih.t an ffinir of vonreXTiSfienoo.eotirase.
jand..bilUyJ:floed Iteaptbti fleldwhlle.tUe
national ebaaa is in vus ,.owit pua,
RoteaB bffi1eEMaiChalaooo,e SkOadsa
army driveaio. q the ooioo w w
': OenUMrr" smliad that afllaiit umi
lesson In 'military dlsotpllna was to to sA
4mm4d$9f m errtsre. IM.. ACTING
Hand. What the Jersey Blues Say About the
Hand. What the Jersey Blues Say About the Late Elections.
[From the Trenton (N. J.) True American, Nov. 9th.]
[From the Trenton (N. J.) True American, Nov. 9th.] THE CAUSES.
Our eontemDcrarlee. in the State and ont of
It, are descasalng with considerable earceitness
thi oansea which have led to thi g'orlowt polrt
UcalreauU In New, Jersey, as oontristed win
What fffti Idwa la mnnf fyna ai ran rn v
BlsollODf. an! whilsL bn ih Ka'nd. it Is
lelalmad trt ba aruxogaeilosLin faoro,C-PW,
on the other It la pe'd that tha opposlto senti
ment has prevailed. ' Hot we oeg reave w iurr
frem'bnth.i Tha refcBoo of lbs snnoesa nf the
Democratic party In the State or New Jareoy
was the avoldaooe ot the question of peace tor
war es an Issue in the election.- It was felt 'to
bei folly to create division between men of
similar- political sentiments, upon an issue
wbloh they had not the' power to control, as,
whatever the opinion of the majority of the
Legislature might be, In respect to peace or war.
It would bate no Influenoa upon the Federal
Administration, whose duty it Is. nnder the
Constitution and Its responsibility to the
people to prosecute the war or not, as It may
ehoose or deem best. The policy of the' war,
the manner of its prosecution, and the time and
term for Its termination, are matters within
the oharge of the Federal- Government, and,
Slthongh-every citizen of the State of New
ersey felt entitled to oonsliler and discuss
them, they did not take precedence over ques
tions of State polloy In an election of ao purely
a local character, esceolally as there did not
exist any great difference of opinion in the
Democratic ranks in regard to the obligation
of the Stale to fulfill Its entire dnty as a loyal
State of the Union furnishing all the aid In
Its power toward the suppression of the rebel
lion. As an evldenoe of this, we need only
ooint to the faot that in the eonntv of Bergen,
whloh nai given as freely and promptly of its
men and means to fill the ranks of the army
as any other county of the State, two members
of the Legislature, Messrs. English and Dater,
outspoken opponents of the war policy of tbel
Administration, nave neeo eieoiea oy larger
majorities than any ever given In the county.
And, on the other hand, several Democrats
who are known to be favorable to a vigorous
prosecution of the war, were squally sncoetsful
in obtaining the suffrages of their respective
dlstrtots.' !'- .-...'!3'0 :-'. 11 -; '
The faot la that, tagerly as the Administration
party soupht to thrust the peace or war Issue
upon the Democracy, they refused to accept It,
but, placing themselves entirely noon the
grounds 01 a strict aanerenoe to me constitu
tion, of obedience to law, and agalnat the viola-
tlonB of bom tne uonsuiuiion ana ine taws oy
the dominant parly, they snoceeded in saving
the State from the dominion of Abolitionism.
If the Demooraoy of other States had done the
same, they would have been equally, successful;
but to tbe eontrsry, they allowed themselves te
be divided into faolions upon an Issue over
which tbey bad no oonirjt ana lor wmon tney
ware not responsible; ana waueeome of mem
were upholding the violent, unjust and uncon
stitutional measures of the Federal Adminis
tration, nnder tbe miserable plea or a "military
necessity," others were vainly endeavoring to
torn tha flood tide of war, Impelled by tbe
hnnmlns of the ecemv's cannon at tbe Rates of
onr capital, with thousands of contracts and
millions of greenbacks swelling It into tor
rent. As well might they bave tried to dam
Niagara river at Uoat island. . . i ,
The Demooraoy of New Jersey could not be
led into either extreme. Whilst denying any
"necesslti" as competent to over ride the Con
stitution either in war or In peaoe, whilst pro
testing agalnat the arbitrary ana unconstitu
tional acts of tbe Administration and exposing
th ibllv and worse than folly of Its polloy io
making It tne interest 01 every innaoiiani 01
tbe Southern Statea to resist the restoration of
the Union, and whilst denouncing tha hypocrisy
of tbe dominant party In olalmlog to beUnlon-
lata when their principal lournau and orators deny
the restoration of tbe Union aa it waa, nnder
the Constitution as it Is, the great majority of
the Democrats ox tne state waverea not in tne
fulfillment of their constitutional daty to tbe
Federal Government, In supplying tbe quota of
troops called for, by voluntary enlistments and
voluntary eqntribotlons in money. Indeed, in
thia tbey even surpaed, "the friends of the
Administration'' who did alt they oould to dis
countenance volunteering. These are tbe causes
whioh hava led to tha aaooeaa of the Demo
cratic party la New Jersey. In other words, It
waa bv aernio as wen bb oy wanna tne con
stitution that It has maintained lis ascendancy,'
and will continue to maintain 11. .....
It may ba bard for nose who abbot tbe la
natLolsm wbloh cemtrole the counoiis 01 tne
Government or of those who doubt. tha Impoe
alblllly 0 a auooeesiui .ana neairaoia issue so
the war nnder the bad policy and worse man
element of national affaire: u may be vsxs
tlout to witness tbe corruption and wlckedneet
whlcb is BervadloB the land, ana it may. oe ap
palling to; foresee tbe ruin, ana aistress wiib
of the opponenls of the party In power to prevent
or check these evils. Like numbers of social
and domestio ones. time, patience and forbear
anoe are the only available correctives. Tbe
advent of tbe Democracy to power wouia oner
Iv. In ons judgment, correct them, but If mat
party allowa Itaatrsngtb and unity to be frittered
away upon issues immaterial to tne great re
sult, it can not expeoi to ootain mat power,
and it beoomea asil were earfieois ertmints with
the evil doers, v Let every oonuervative man
tbe State then look to what bt been done
New Jersey, and bow It baa .been done, and
profit by the example. ..... ,1.,,
- : .u
The "Dark Lantern" Conspiracy.
[From the Boston Courier.]
The dark lantern is being; relit, and 'Sambo"
asjnmee the fallen mantleot "Sam.". Union
Leaaues." not . American bat negro Unlon-t-
... anrlnnlnn- an llka load-stoolS. in ail tha
dark damp holes and ooiners of ma Norlh-
Tbeir wore is to spy noon uair - nsiguuers,
oonuoi tne weax oy m janrioua irr, w
the firm by aeoret intrigue, to.defema
eoaraoiers, neswoy reputanoue, tu iuiub,
secret, like tne moie, to tuiarpnna in ineaarg,
I. to nnreua vile ends nv viler mesne.
Uka the bat,
to bide In aeoret plans and projects they dare not
let healthy daylight shine on. This la, work
whloh free-born men, American citizens, are
called noon to ioln in! These are the dlsoiplee
of . "liberty !" Imagine Hanoock, Franklin,
Adams. OUn. Washington. JefftNon and Fat-
rick Henry, meeting, by the llgbt of a dark
lantern( for auob purposes as Dtese s
DrrkoiT Dimoobatio. Full returns show
complete success of the entire Democratic
ticket. Detroit has done nobly. ' She haa done
her duty." She haa raised her full quota of men
for the army, baa provided large bounties
her aoldlers, and mado liberal provision
fhelr families. - She la devotedly loyoi and
trlotlo, and baa again shown herself J tfuly
namnrratlo fret treit. '
The funeral etrrtcesof the lata Mrs. OBam
vrnrriea win teKapiw. a. Atiuiiy vuarc, wa aiiwri
RoTember 13th. at S o'clock P. M. Th friends
I aoanalotaneee af ins family ars Invited to attend.
I- " . not
tf lil m ITci i .. I
iif e" I 0 if a 5i!ii; i'tii.j.) uni " :. ,l i
i aaitiv ntiiuin a Kai vtct j
ij I.
nice a,r-i-?J- - tr '(;
4 v4 1' ri :k '. . :it. Si
mi fOft. BAtS upon the matt fgvorsbls terms,
NH W and BVAUTlVBIi 11KB1VNS in great variety
t iaoH naniNQ tor oiukiikub. ebid
OIH. etc-of Wrought and cast Imo, and AIVAN
ly.kn iuum and dilahs tuuuiui wt ran
TAltln, OA'lfcK, COLPtoNS, H1T0HIN9 POBIB,
1 a wm am a v: r.a wianu an a r n rs r k k ax u m iuiiq
USHr BSVAIW v .mPIS Da H Ai7lJgkBy AT irJ V( AV l pialMVp.
other Iron Works of a Deooratlv
forwarded for selection. Person
will rie atatt thi kind of work
, AHIMAL8,, and
r oharactor. Dealgn
is applying for
kaetded. v z.s
bra (Md hi npwHidi
...iul Uun of - U
".,T.T2-:." , is.......
BiuMuiu), liiOouUnoillx, tmol
and Irritability, Oraval, tltaio
u . 1 ..4 bu.uv. Lkik baa o
olnVaaudrtd phjaWattS. Wllk saeoais, io'-
Z ZZwJW s? sporf, In aettaa; aMb a
ear la a law dava, wwea u praiauu. r;
Sfrm ywtabl. sztnoti that an harailMS oa lbs
iW7a3lir Sfat stoaaoh or;pr.gn.U
thi taeiuToolumfoWdlst U nyoarrhita O'tn,
?r ' j .k.i. ... ini.rfHi with buiii.e..
loan, nur -- - ,
pamm. Saab -bra aoalalnl t bnH tlliSt-fift.
B. Batlta. TftMTMrN BBtllNAI. WBAB
BS88, BeK-Abpfc." ossof fower.'IoipoUuoe, Preoji
g.i iiimm. ata.. a Dlmublet of SO P itoi
t'lmSotUnt rtric. to 'tho aCUotod, HKINT
fRBH. BIX OattlS are required to pay poitKO.
'Vjeot aeo.ro froa. obaarvatloo and aonadonllally b
tbs rooalpt oUb. mon.v, bj
Mo. 70 Oftdar street, New
f?M WiSfiS 00.;Ag.n CndonaU,
' m, rirnria.in.T)r. BalPa VreatltO'On
a. taaiiiiii Daaav. imDotenoo and Lots of
Power, Bexual Viwasas, ,; Ban Inal- Weakne Nightly
Jmladons, OenlUt Debility, sto. etc, a pamphlet f 5U
MhTeaV containing Important advleo to tha ediloted, and
which should bo read by ovorr suBeMr, as tha neans of
our to tno severest Jtages is plainly set forth. Bent,
secure from oboervaiion ana oouuutauaujr, u ,',(
-w,Cil ui 1 -1 tu'. ua ntIfdwtiet,-Mew
P. O, Boi,.5,0TOj,i .) 1 :: 'fl ; B,
, maroliiWta-ditweowlyt . ., . . ...... .'
A . - ' 1 -it , i1) -)': !: "'m"T in fv,"t f.
Agents in everyTown and County,
; to sell Dale's Newly Fatentoo.
afa - " ''i
.'J '1. U-sJ u
1 ,:s .'0 ikju r
' . VT;...JV.)..e
.Jl.- Ii'fca
s :at.,U
rrtm ' am ttiniii k will hem. run up broadtbe,
J. gather, rufils, shirt tuck, etc.. exactly like hand
sewing, only more peifect and moon hater, with single
or double inreea, eiuier ouiwb, huu,
oommoa Sewing needle, (whloh oan ba purebased i atany
Store forsrx oents a paper j, wws v
sbott ftllcb.at the will of the operator. It will sew any
kind ol material tnai reqniiei ioo runmug
one pound, and can be carried lu tha pocket orwotk
box, and Is ao arranged as to be attached for Me to a
table-top or work-eland, with directions so that a child
who can read may operate It without Initrucllons. - '
lbs superior toouana tnge laeiiuiea iui uauuiamui
Inc. enablei aa to put them to the market at the. low
price of 0,00 by retail- (. 4, -1,;
ii-aor lurmor parviouiai, mw n
f 4 Ift.I.a. VlnnaraV Aiant: it HI.
t.J-' 13- uJlilii'i -.1 aaahaiter. N. V. Rn,
. ' .'. ivrm, A. UVBADQBR Oo.w?
haavlOJtt ; l.-r '1 i 1, ft -. . '.
fl'lttt St , between nintsiie Hychrisorr.l
Ruin aiLiiait T''J P -''V. -; r.v . 1 1
job. f. riuii, n-:.w-,-ii t?"
i 1 (.( i..;t
a 1
Thhuotbi.bas been kkpaik
2D u teBtted throughout, aad Is now open to the
niihUa. TUanroiirletora. racentlv Ol me uoouara noate.
UayevUle, Ky.. sollolt the patronage of the traveling
oommunlty. Ro pains win 00 spaiwa to give himim
Uon to tne guests ot ins tiense. v . , . j:e-U.
Dm. ai. 'sa-tr .-'-'.' ' '-ui-.jfw.iii 1
----- . . , , ,
Ule anotlonV atrtbs
rot Oolambui, .
On Saturday the. lain oaf or December, a
J, litasfer . pommis'sionOT's;;p j
i i hi
Wllltkm' A: Phtt,) ' Oommoa Flesa- Oontt ef Vran I
i lia county, vniP-Ji;. ; vw i use 1 1
John Bells, et al. .. M t,j..-:f.n r!'l,' f I
TH pursuaaea of aa Order of tbs said Ocnrt to ut di
a. lectea. i win oner 101 uio at puiurc auuuuu, at
door of tbs Court House, In the city of Oolambus,
i;. I
a t Mia 4VlMk p. M the followlna deecribed real sitatei
Ituaw In Waaulnglon.iowniQip, aranaun coaniyi uoio
to-wlt: lint Being lana lormeriy owoea ay ona
Bells, sen., dee'd, deeotlbed ss followsi 1 -' - tv : t: : , n
Beginning ai a siona comer- near a peeoa corner if
Catharine ansa's and running south 2 deg. weat
DOtOI W m WWW mcv. uw, mjwuvw svmw ui
J poles te the beginning, eontalning SbcafSB
d. Becopd One other traot eoaunenoldg at
aaaee of lane
lha northweit corner of the farm owned by eatd PmneS.
March 31, 18511 thenoa with sail Plnnsy's Una sooth u
aa aasl and west Una of Mooes Davis's farm; Ibtecfc
with said Motes Davie's line west tar sneugn to mam
eleven scree , by running a lino north parallel 'with
the first line; theme east. to. the beginning,! eorj-
Ulnlng aieve. asres Shlid-AaotbeB. traot 1
ed by .-Bolase. .Bells, snd wife. r to, laid. H.I,,,
rmney, iren wkiuuiuk at . iwd tu im
touth line of John Bells, Jr. surrey, tbene south'
aeg. eui along mo mwaie new nnoewo eauea, poiei
io a siaKO. menoe bouu co oeg. wm iim pons ana u
Hnkstotwo beeches and a stake, thence north two (14-
reas weat 70 poles to a stake; soger and Meeb lnaide
ohn Sells, bentor'a llnei thence with said Ilea not Ui HB
deg., aaet 103 pales and II links t tha place ef tegia
nlna. cental nine flfly acres, more or leea.belnt the aame
premiee conveyed to Holmes Bella nnder tbe order of
ins uouri oi uommon r ten 01 rraoann uonniv, exeepi
the said unmviaea onvnaii w ua rony-tn aerss oiala
ed by the eatd Maxilla Pinney, n,r,r ,m 1
'Jkppraieea at tne unaivtoeu nut ai .u seres uv per
acre. - xn Jiieveaaorea apprauea at ( m uu rer aor.
j . noTio-dittwt
The fifty acres mote or" leaa appralied at i 00 per
BSPt.""" .n.iiei(w o-'f '.'A.M.iaai; Je
frlnterSfssstT.SBn.'. fN .vaoit i
'. i mil Ml w vuumiHiuDcri
10 i" ; i ,. . ,i .T . , j
.... ot , . ,,,.,,
, , r m Aorvvva.
I miviu. . "''"""f
u 1 . iijjr, j i ii ,t
rpni following aesounts bare beer) filed, in tbe Pfo'.
Ai nai voan or rransun eonnty, uuio, ana win
beard and examined tor settlement on, MONDAY.
7th day of December. A; D. 1 so Witt' -
The firnaeoount ar Lerl Baumgartner. enaralin
Hannah K. Boaehl the first acooubl ot David ttamn
and Iuubmi I.. Onlnn. Mm1, rtt P.lnr Onlnn AttrrA t tk
first aeoount of aobert Wllaoa, executor of the will of
neuben . tietswendar, dec ai in nrstaoooaal br uij
var P. Obane. executor of tha will of Bnaannab Dcwe.
deo'di the aril sooouat of Horse IDomla. aaardumol
Iawrcnoe .Wrlgbli the flrat account of nnvrund, ax
ecntor ot His will' ot Henrv ffaC dee'ditA flrat ao-'
eonnie ot tfonnuianeaa, waarviaa ot we minor neim or
David w. V aaecncTok, oec a tbeoniaeeoantorBamuel
Kaaok. tuardlan of Harriet A. Beyndlda! in firat
rjie I
Pun!, deo'di th. second aeoount of David K..Vfd.
x'r of b will of John Hanson, deo'di thcMeoUsV
eoanU of Mslthlss Zeogler, guardian or lbs minor lelrs
ofLeonhard Ungelhard, deo'd; thV third aooount af
William H. flrtnaoU aad Willi,. Dill, exsoutorsotths
will of John Dill, dee'd; tbe final aooonnt of John Hath-1
mell, guardian f Henry Miller; th 'final aoooaat
rlnn'di ssiUhTflml Sf"nrt Tf -Vi y-ir" nJn'r frf
ton, tP with th. will . -amta UbrthrMr,
is'd.' ' '' "'i.'.i . ; ' "! I
i . (f;.'l5'ii,'l'"!5 B 7 r-H. B. ALBWK7, f
,. .. . . . Probata Judte.
Columbus. 0., Hov. 8. 183-dltAwSw " ,r Kt
sir ir
19 BSSJWArsisasj sjaasi; AagijaA,,Tr
. , . . .
ABB OBKTT.IM1W, TnvaM or Dlfchttfeld ;B0L
DIIKB, wfll find the feaaloMa prontobi and plena-
ant.- -Atssi f Induatrlov habits msIIj, mk a.proflt
".-"T ' V" -r-w il'-.l ! .
a i $3.00 to 415.00 per day!
THE AiriEKIOABACtlfti cnflAUT.
for 00(tlng IiADllB andOhlldrtn'SprAeeajtt
OHIAP, within th mtasi pf every AM7LTl , Any
one who eU read can aee it.' Vie must aocoratua?, tan,
In nje Hiuimm laocuin) aold io rwe Mu7M4r
lima eant. von rata, .aa -nselpt ef f 0 eenta. i . ., ,
all lettars will) a gUfapJocloetd will reoelv vroppt
'answer.' J." IL. '''' nt'aja'
, " ''u ! BIntT Odi
a i v,oitoJ s-i 19 Mi! ,'. ... OlmlaoA phlcij'
aaaWaaaaaaaWaaw-fc.! aj i ia) . ..
V Jk. V & -TSj s i IT 11 I . I
luj fZx.
rt m. ?hX. y-5a 1
avs-5- ;i a j .
'j lot the U kMka Cottoeol b 4nA J
bftvoTitOOIr Introduced to tho publlofor
.ttmumfs .Wft?! fttt
fetooeaing any family Jleaiclnoj of, a If
tn inMMniiatinir nublic was not long la
dlscoTorlng thoy possessed rcmarkj.We
2quonf pr6flt to tho" Proprietor,
thus cnahjlng hfiu.to OTcnd
v . Bllarflea H J
of1 Mm eacE efil? raWB" IJ
which have tecn!showorcd upon him from
The pDculiiy of tbo ' ' m
'is that tW10 at.tto. ipftt otDiflcaso,
by oradicAUnff OVory jjarticloof Irnpurlty
it tWlUVJ ana toalth of Uip body depends
outmtaorauloox&tono.!:aosemcdloln . r
; . iIti for curing jrai-.'tyi
Salt Rheum, j Jfftejtwttffcy,v''":;',i ;-,r
Ermivela, 0 'Si. jflntAqn:
TlimnrB.1 1 iB' i1" J5Sniif ortS.'
V ".hi
, tnOTfl: ana thttytWlU fay WWW9 vt h
, , r-..x.'KK anivl
cured cf fits of nino years' standing, and
Stu Vilaa1 tflanco of two years. 'V'"'.
awftTTTTfTt -wtltfla: bla son ita-rred
afM yaaeBh'bid Blmoalj wasted fiVvl
The qcKors pronquncea tneaao
able, j .? -.1 fi ,.v
AwnnrEB was cored of Fovm end
- 4. ... - : a M,1enA In e BrA
jUIOTHKB waa. cured t)f . Paver Sore.
whlcb tiRd 3xlstecl fourteen vcar
Tllsta V.HAKla.lH. a,M,l1r Vn wintltlATl fYT Ti T
iiui'.n a jb us 1 1 ii MLii la iiiuiii' uv iiiwuivuvw
V "T L.f . - V tirvi. T 1
1 -arrAf -nft'T ril K-TtTltlPW arifl- fr 1 1 III "
amtbo anwhi active, and thoiongh puis
that Have ever been tntroduoed-, i
TJieytc bo directly upon the, IJrer,-
1 tlw the ysten does not relapsa titfUU 1
; lonliei sionawion,.wnit iwy-ojmwHB-wj j
tnacmwitnsimpiy apur-ntuTOBiu. i a
- Trill euro all tho aforementkmed disease,-
0)U3( (Paine, , ChcdevcuJfiorlXb
Jrtiftresfion.. (PaMin -a'BtnyBla,
Try these medicines, nd yoa wlll'nee
regret-l. . te .
Is' y OUT noicnhorS)' wao jwve-wtu-
and yona&ouiaiiy ttem-bfiftoroolDg r
i ipiyslCifta. .. f'.we.-.e .- ...-v:v,.'
(JOt ft ramphiet or A-imaaBcoi wyiacai :
ecreni. and read the t56rtlflitM,'awiHflf7(JU
Yo '9m doubted yQun-Vir-;! i J
Aa a proof thaaShe'BiaoJParUIeteiJ'tTlHlars
i Barely vegetable 1 nave the eonmc(un or v mtwt
Inent belhtlsirfesaoira , Cfim.U,)f Woflf. IJftttW
--1 Ll'eBpeolal HoUcos and 0rU
pnbuabed U aoonsncuous parrot uiii aww vyi
time to tlnrulm J , f. ' ..TjSSi.
.TUer.PipCr UHtMWIf'ru-ui .iniv.nuw a --ir- -j
'Hn Tii.t ..Ma, TtlArutm Iqj WWnrtll w
a 1
w oiuce anu i nnninorOTTi n w Ma.vJl
' 1: oiiujij nil-!
1.11 t..u.... Wtill ill
rs h
t-.'l.-.. Utl
In itAj tnh
till f d ie y.a;nilno!i
I.U'1 .J',1.!,". 1'jn.WlUH ni Manila
vwrr.itt ti'! ( w fur ei" i'm-ii f ta Io pm i-enj
air&uidalaiu nULJiJ la.aiw
IT ATri-T62C JpPAMl "
,t. .at.u-l., ,7r,'. .1 'i
'1 V-Zr,'kili"''S. 1
Foreign and JJOmtttlO WindtV BraBdjeBi"
v: ' ' , .- i"W vaj ,tti.aa
a6 to 'VdJ ':sfoli!r'A Mi,dt5
D?f,n, ,1?w"w tiii . ai
fl.irS .'"Ji'ev. ; t vs r..tt t.a. -o i
-r-viaji,aaa. - -I?1.".!"
XTOO .IC (W r B IHIVIaa A -t
.gajriTitro sa gjtitia ,.
- I
Ifov.W.irKaaiy , . '; - ' H
, WAMH0B AHDAplMJI J88I loplftMaaj BI
i I ' j I . r i ' a-j 'J
"f . z 1 i -
Vor.iB.rft Quftlitr
t aiiiijyaOTugn ar
'" 1 a a
v vi roiuunars an bui.pi. moa-uriv mia "ra
men foUra'' cm earn 5 t,j'i, pee wm.k with Ana of
AUua's UsltsLMltd iMiUttgijoliUitJV ,. It will ear out
enell Unity daya.i.Prlce of,MMl;ln Oompluto, a 75.
V 'sifcit.., pound. i.frelgb from ctt cent to $1 '90.
nuiui WraUvUarand.sanpiii.' (U 1 tiMnn.)' , 1
.4 Af.UhMMVkJL '
; A :t g?f'i,
prim63-dly . ,.f- kt stkuiiij,v4iV
i in
YVTtTi w
ras.11 r
tt l
I sitlei te Kl!ev' and oars tbs
llorj li. aim of bfciilelaa
I a ocnn(Dii(i y of sMdlcloat hiving
rJoUlte sINnalatlng and took prop
1 te rtllvr' and oars tbs eoaiBon
rVia plalntf of B II amen Liver dUords s, .
- iHrtstSjrwairl'Jtf!Bi)Ull
0(lndl(m'l'Hii J ncdee, fevrr and BguJa. ' -y'
I olimi r. ! i u- i d l r. ieeri 1,
ill! i m '! I' mTiJnvi&i
la il.sHW!i' ,!". ? V'"i iTll r'Wjtf 1
the peoplr, and .hat Ii la'luvi'r M llitie Italy wou' er
aad need aa airsrab:. IpmM Jhejbta In-
Nov, JOi,twwtai'I l.cru matlsiMl'
, i 2- w u'l .a; i www w i a
I Phyt1alm Bxtraardinarv to thi Cveenr- -
ThCi.;.muJciiiiiii,LiA.AfXi2 a
ttoee painful aad daagereus aiseaeoa t whlr; k(
male eonjtltuUroth anl)MH(M 0MH wcei.
and removes alotatiucUont, nd a suacAe swramur r
relledloi.JJ:i;UU.I,'iJ. Ddii UuilU
! viiAAHifi..tifiu;tt
tt Is pseullarly suited. , It wllj, fn, a Uira)lot
en the montblv narlod'wfth' niDrnlirltv.
. wj..v k..u n .iiu ki.-.H.tfU1"" li"
aanevaa arynwain ayy yuo ay Masses a-aaaai-. JflP UtU
ltP of Great Britain, to prevent aUrfalS
i 774e sAovfal nat te taai y -Jtirfna'1
OiFIB81 finttX SKSTB3 ef J'rtcty, (ley
are r o on trUwrriagthfi at any .
Hm4f-ti-ar4ybv-an2 WQUTY
I in an cae cf.Heryons a;4 gplnal Afrestlons,PalBlsM
the Back an4 Wmhi, Batlgae on alight mrtton llll
Uon of the Deart, 'Hysteria and' WW, there Plllt
will effect a onre when all other adeana fiave" filled; and.
klthoogS e'powevfol M,d-J "nbl roln(iH Jr, la..
' full directions In the ntnipb lot around each paokag-h,
which should be carefulfy pretemd.
Bole Agent for'ths rjnltsd Blite sitaaa4a,.ao'U8
, MDBHt Blraet, IL
If. .' 1 00 and OpWlieiM-ow lnslossl By any
aulhh'rbfcd Agent wftl lnr,s tjl'eo?Uinh)B 10
Plllt, by return mal. " ' , n
8. l.'8AMniTj. d.B3BgEtt, Agent. dofuobna,(Cl,,
JulySO-dawlyeow vl t'l He
Inrea er BvasKiJ-Jsr Bir nrfffi yeift jffu.
slob t wish to say to the rtaiers of youlf f,,
will ssnd by return null to all w&O wisbjt, (reel a Keelaa
with fbll directions for maUng and uijni a dmpl Tag
oui naim, tna win eneotuaiiy reiaeve, in tan day
Punplea, Blolohes, fan,'' frecUes, aad aH, Imparities
I WUl slsd- m1 ke to.thoai havtag 'Bail heada er
Bars laces, sunpjdlreotjbna an4 IpfompaUon ha wTu
enable them to start a tull growth of laxurlanl Hair,
Whiskers, or a Heartache, la less than thirty day. All
ippltcatlons answsred by return null without charge.
. teipeolfuliy yeara, I J HJ A V
v ..THCOfr.rJWJpjfAjl, .t
JunWO-dJaos;; HJ; B31 Broadway, Wew'l,rr
i. um WW LOU, HOW' BgnOBKli
Just pablUhed, lu a Sealed Bbvelo?:' Pries Bft Oents.
AA"?. saai,isas'l'agjma,l
auu naaioai uure.oi opeemaiojr&aavsr- flaminal Weak-
neea, involuntary mlaalona, Sexual Debillt
pedtmentau Maitlagw aeneraUy Rerreut:
Debility, and Im-
laamptloa, Bpilepey and Vltai Mental and Phtirtcal In
. uuuvaawaiiL, n. if.. Author
of tbs Cfreea Beok,
JL Bai Sm'TMtiunia Mrun4i.3L. '
Bent nnder seal, la a plam eeyelope, to any addreav,
poet paid, on receipt of 'nx eenta, or two pctaage.
atamps, by Sr. OBAB. J.O. KUtfB. 19VIIB4WMV
Hew Yort. Pxwt-OmeeHflxWn-. 44). - - -
KpiB-dsamitii tftQ
A !l3W-TaT' Aila' T'..Tfe, an
. 5 ." '' ' i.,(l;i.. .L. .'l .-il.'.i a,.tS 110.
' . PttbUahsd for the fcenelt, and as a warning aa4lu'' -
nv eft ,1' VuV) IW AVUJIH SWB tudib
wha toiler from Korrou PeUlt,.Pramatartt Bavaatia
Manhood, .sto., anpp lying at (ha eamelme.4,0,i
. By ons Who has cared hlauelf after ketna nnl to mm I
tipenaeand Injury mrdugh mrdioal bunibng da:(inaek
try. . I., i.u : a ..jj w ii :.. a u.
By Ineloatnf a poet-paid addressed anvelope single
oopfea be ud o( thosotlMM 'J YJA ,
Jii.l.Tl SaTHartiI. kVvtalB1 birfU "
TO TTAnritTiTi
ft io. j-yjbi .1. . ..Arfjii . e .1 -.'! ... .ii ,l
vr iTnw 'CoiitnrattMW 'wAirM
.'.ij tu. e ioitt ed) ji luij.'.'j . t.j.uTti 1
till andsrslgnsd wlllJlnfotmtloa oa a"vWrye
feMtfirw' in tmporm SahJsSt; whlA'trtM 4-aU
VI r;ih4;Vtmjan,d Upval,cnat;by'varl(ta4
oeoV ot aay ager oadlUoalai llfti i.T aJrforsaieW
III bi tent by autl f Sny'addreb'Siti'reelpl i
..iJV. ' At-i-l i' . 'El'., iili J-..V- r fO ew-uJaw
.1 AU arttera atnaud a alliissiB w.l I .;tv';.
: . .i.,.-iJi I au.iir.:a a.er'WJ MOSKlir. -at -bt
aeaii-lvl-avAka ta.aMaV
1 j r1 xn 1 .1 . 111' i",1 ."!' iui 1 1 am h. n '
.ti;i. .t a.sU tr foOMamirfOATtB. j ( W',.-ivng
i a.iu .Am 1 taa.t a Jmjiia
anulo lia o eaillAl O JaUllV Xjt.iiti ai l.Ji i
.llci t vl.iu r( .Fi?ir .- 1 iud i;i
01 BBf ViHw-ri! UM iif dT '
Tha andartignod havlni besmnetorod ta.rjtkrutn
tfew weeks, Vjf vary tlopis. rmj akyn; taffar-
f sevsru yeart.wiin.a tor ere jlonjjHUrwUan.aad that
dread dtwass, OoMamptleilmtittomaVakrmwa
tA ii.r.iii..Miiv.wWMi n. m'.;.i uji .
1 1-'mi .T Ji' a J JiJ--r - . tW.IiaBI X '1
i.il a ao oui w" uw , n wiMSSHaaoouyNOf tb area-
.irtptlo used (free at saaffb); wjln lh6Uremrohlfbypi.
..a ..'.Wi ui.' .Ail ... .- x
r "-a utvawsaaiaa, whhju iney WI14 f. I
l'J"U '"' Jl111 Ml
JIAIll!ljTEf TTAttr:!.'?!!
AI llilj. UAIU iJXiUJi
U" l'f i A '. '. .I'-Vy'taiaj'
lJtlMrS" LyfihMtlrl nftir11 DvtV
', fn.VfW nMHMH&imWWtl
1 - wi-e "rtja fftlrfVtffajVi WnnTnl'-"
1 nnv "ww vswyraTta ews
"'' T?" HBBBSMasm b.oa
:m b 't'iiiiXiS Sa
. on" or
1 W.hil Mm.. kllVnn1 1.1. .1.- rr . . .
flng lbA kU4 Wing Ui. Halt Bojtl and Beautiful ba.
raws rma-viuutyt rnuBlyrtorfcig.tti prlttlc
,po,or, ana, rtnwo u,UI eircotl of Ud ryte, Tk
4Wtoe.J sfaa.WitVWAHJ"A.;;AXOBWOB,U
aeu-n arw aie asiuuuim anaranouiir 0 voided.
uPii jt rmia immwnw ;ttvaiae ,
Bafotal6r'i fee 'tm'A 6nM for Drtastn tbe Haw.
J " '"""""i"I"'i sioacHiTta, oooas.
- ing-n prarenptior u io benefit Ihs CEloliiL and
sprhV tm-aAatioa Which he ' oohoetrei Is Is tnvalnablei
rliMApoaeiveTy siurerraUI Wy kaSAaaraari it
ISrlll ooti thnt taMMst" And me WHrf i'lil.-i.-
Parties whidgthe rrlpttoii rwlUpIsss addrsss.
bl i.vi ii iiii .miii i jan ,i,n.i , , i ,, ,
-t FeiiiTlrmtfrwar otiU.
Bomethln Braentlv needed by every peraog. 10 Saas-
lesssrjtjjoi loCnftllor 0 et?br iJiat. refVl for 19,
by . b. WOLOOIT,
lepnTfcwgmT T tJTOfOhfthaRfiqnAr, H.T.
aavrei!frMRibta ! oinew.
- fD, A,r9rmJ4fAKB, WA amaFfway. mm Vlgh St..
'OUtebM'tki -Avl lot 4 sWk.
I thB BWatalflt Jt toak b Jvato

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