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FEB. 6.
. Showing th arrival and departure of train at Co-
inmnus, uniq. un ana alter noveinner letb. 1803.
train will rod as follow i , : '
kittle KUaml V Columbus cY Xenia Il.lt
, . . .,. AT. ...aBRIVS
Cincinnati, Dayton, Riohmnnd .
and IndianaDolis Niaht Ex
press . IIAA.M. SsA.M
Cincinnati Aeoemraodatlon. . . 6:80A.M. iMP.M
Cincinnati. Dayton, lliohtnnnd
anil InilianalMilia Ilav Kx--1 r
preaa .... 140P.M. 10:10A.M
Hail and Aeoommodatioa S:36 P.M. I:4S P. M
i T. LOUUH, Agent.
Cleveland, Columbus dc Cln'tl R. It.
JflghtExpress :V A.M. ' l.-oS A. M
V.wYnrk Rinnan 10A.M. 1:30 P. M
Vail and Express W P. M. 8:Mi P. M,
.', Central Ohio Railroad , .. i
No. 8 Bxpreaa 4:00 A. M. 1:05 P. II
llo. 4 Express, to Newark only.10:30 A. M. -
Mo. 8 Expres. !',?., 1:00 A. M,
. . . .W. J. FELL, Agent.'
Pltteburar, Columbua eV Cln'tl R. R.
Wall Train . ... 4:0oA.M. 1:00A.M
Express Train 1030 A. M.' 1:06 P. M
Aooommodattoa ' 8:00 P.M.
CoUmtni It Indlanapolla R. II Line.
Indianapolis Express. . . '. 3:05 A.M. 3:45 F. M
Indianapoli Expres. ....... M0 P. M. 8:4ft A. M
Piqua Express ....'6:15 P.M. 10:18 A. M
Urbana Aooommodation.',... 8:16 A. M.
G. A. HILL, Agent.
There is a Daily Union Piuykr Meet
Inq, at 8 A'. M., for half ah hour, In the
Easement of the First Presbyterian Church,
corner of State atul Third streots. Bell rings
10 minutes before. 8 o'clock.. All are in
vited to attend. "
S. D. Thatcher, Esq., of the Express
Company, furnishes us Eastern papers in
advance of the mall. He has our thanks.
Mras SitviK St.,Ch.aik's bonellt to-night!
Tliree great piece '
The 33d 0. V. I. arrived at Cincinnati on
Wednesday. t
A leadintj Llncolnite paper says that
"even if the Administration has committed
some mistakes, it is useless to cry over spilt
milk." "Yes," says Prentice, "but we can't
help crying over needlessly, spilt blood."
Mrs. Lincoln's friends, says a Washings
ton dispatch to an Administration paper,
explain the basis of the statement recently
made, that she sent from the White House
conservatories, the flowers for Fernando
Wood's reception; by saying that Mrs. Fer
nando Wood had written to her once or
twice, asking for the flowers, and Mr8. Lin
coln finally asked .the gardener Jf he could
get some lor her.
Barras in the Hypochondriac to-night J
The Judgeship. Rufus King, of Cincin
nati, has been tendered the seat on the Su
preme Bench made vacant by the declina
tion of H. II. Hunter. Mr. King also de
clined the proffered honor- It is stated in
Admlnlstratlonjpspers that Columbus Del
ano, of Mt. Vernon, bill be the next ap
pointee. ,-w ,.;-
Ellbleb's Athenkcm Miss St. Ci'.aIr's
Benefit A Splendid Bill The drama of
"Aurora Floyd" was performed1 ldstr night
before a full house. Miss fit' flare depicted
Aurora's alternations of fervid and wild
passion in her usual, successful nianper.
The other characters were so well played
that the incidents and plot of the story were
developed in an interesting and effective
style.,, . ',, , . . v ,., i
We were pleased to see Mrs. Dickson last
night in front of the stage. We hope we
may have the pleasure next week of seeing
her upon the stage. " -v ' '- ' .
The' public will be gratified, at the an
nouncement that Miss Sallie St. Clair takes
a benefit at the Atheneum to-night, at
which will be played the pleasing drama of
the. "Jew's Daughter" Miss St.-CIalras
Leah, 'the Jewess; and that most popular
and Ineffably mirth-provoking 'satirical
comedy of the "Hypochondriac" Mr.
Charles Barras representing Mr. Vertigo
Morbid In his truly inimitable style, while
Martha Simkins will find a sprightly and
pleasing impersonation in Miss St. Clair.
The evening's performances will be con
cluded with the farce of the "Thumping
Legacy." ' The attractions for to-night will
certainly draw an overflowing house to the
benefit ot one of the' most accomplished
actresses of the age. ' - " - i '
V . . . - r
Bar Meeting. At 9 o'clock! onThurc
day morning, a meeting of the Ear-ef Ohio
was held in the Supreme Court Boom, to
pay'a tribute of respect to the. memory of
General Charles B, Goddard, deceased, and
was organized by appointing Gen. Samson
Mason, Chairman, rand, Henry C. JJobte,
Secretary. Upon motion, Judge Thurman,
H. II. Iruiiter, Johri L. Green', E. Si Da.Hsf
and J. W Baldwin, were. appointed. .Tpm
mittee on Eesolutions.
' The committee ' on Resolutions' reported
as follows: wrii v. u; :;
It has pleased Almighty God to take from
tis another veteran and distinguished mem
ber of oar orofesslon. On the 2d instant at
his home in Zanesvllle, in the 68th year of
his age, General Charles B. Goddard breath
ed his last. For . more than a year past his
health had been feeble, and he was fully
conscious that hlsdays were numbered, and
that he would shortly be. called away from
earth. He regarded his approaching disso
lt Ion with the calmness of a Philosopher,
and a Christian, manifesting neither fear on
the one hand nor insensibility on the other.
He had much to render life: desirable anl
amiible and affectionate family; la circle
or true - menas; v ine 1 respuci oi au who
knew'",hlm f"1, cultivated mlndi" a
love of literature ; ,i. a . genial i spirit ;
a pure character; a fearless manhood
aha easy circumstances;' but he knew
that "it fit appointed to all men once to die,"
and he bowed In reverent submission to the
Divine will, ready at .all times to obey the
call or his Maker. Gen. Goddard was a na
tive of Connecticut, and a son of the Hon.
Calvin Goddard, one of the Supremo Judge
tst r.haf. fitjite. After mMuatinor at. "ValA
n father, ana ahoruyMlerwara Jmvd
. to Zanesvllle, la this. State, v?,re 'f,r
man lony years, ne-eowniwu n svu
iractlce his professn. Heso . i
eading lawyer ill" his vn contty; and u
Rhlllfv. . iftmlno. i lntiirTir.r: ana InrlnBtrv.
J . - o ' n J ' " . - ti .
ecurea mm ior many years pbm au cica-
Bive business in our Supreme Court and in
the federal' Courts Ilia professional, like
his private character, was aoovc reproaun,
Thore was nothing little or groveling la It.
AJ nJ"ient advocate, he sought success; but
neaiaso by open and houorable means
never by imposition or artillce; of a quick
rnper, hc.sometimcs, In the excitement of
a trial, uttered a hasty remark; but his
"lagnauimlty and sense of Justice, always
IM him to make a speedy reparation. He
II ail a hlirll hphha nf tliu ,ll,r.,if.. i A.i
nes8 of his profession, and felt keenly any-
LlUnO that. Tartn .a 1A " , C
other. He was laudably anxious to set a
V- i . nllu ne was eminenuy suc
eessiul In doing so. He somotimes entered
the arena of nniiUno n,t fnr v....
jvp.tnciiuju 1118 county in tne legislature:
" Tviivivii. unit tU lb UI1U
litcrnrv atmUoa ha "i.,f -.n,.....i nr.
iiaw waian ma vninrimi .i . eA a
. . j "9 ma iiiiA.iinii.niii iiim va. m w
I i "-.--wx.. . a ouiiiu, ilia JUVU l
Biusaiciii learning to the last: lie was a well-
nn(l Frimnli a., I. ..I... . i.. . .
: - uiiu ins (rciierai reau-
Hig was extensive and accurate. We shall
1I118S Ml in friwHir Wa l...ll ...I 1.1 . .
1 ... t . ' . . C UllBa II IH 11111-
. ... w.v,, ullu HiKu uiiu uouoraoie Dear
llltr Rt tllO hill- hla arunlul ..1
ant discourse in society; his wonderful
Cheerful iipkh nf unii.it ....in
11 iT88 no,r aP cou,d dustry; ad above
...o iimiiiv iiriiiiifHH anu uiiHiuiieu Intcg-
ni.j'j moie uistMiguisiiuu members of the
profession tlmrn
esteemed or more loved. We do therefore
ivusuive . ..
Int. That. In f Iia rloofl. nt r'l...l -n r,
- " '. V.V..-.L1I vi V.IHII IU I). IjtlJU-
aara thA tao-nl nmPnnuiA.. ai.u i
one of ite bright ornaments, and the State
i UKn "u m0SI "semi citizens.
: 2d. 1 hat we sensibly feel the bereavement
susta ned bvf.lin fnmii t v, ,i , . .
, - ........ v. uic ucusi'u. auu
tender to them our sincere and respectful
' 3d. That .Tnilo-o A n tv..,. 1.. i u.
aDDOlllted tO nrpannt tha rT.n.li ...1.'
meeting to the Supreme Court, and request
tny oo entered upon its journals.
! 4th. That the Chairman of the tneetinz
do present a onnv nf ti
the family ot the deceased, and that the
1"Jf papurs oe requesteu to publish them,
i The adoption of the resolutions hntnir
moved, the motion was seconded by Gov.
"'I l a i . "
uimnei Aiiuerson, in an eloquent eulogy
of the deceased. Upon the motion to mlnnr.
the resolutions, remarks concerning the life
anu cnaracter ot the deceased, were mnrln
by J. W. Baldwin and Wm. B. Tluiiimrd
TO.- ' . , - :. -t r;.
uo ijreuuiuie ana resoiutlonsw-ere (tlie
uiianunousiy adopted, and the meeting ad
luurneu. ' ; ' . . .-
Two brllliajit stara at the Theatre to.
Choice Fruit. At the lar.ee trrocerr es-
tabliHliment of Messrs. Parks & Moore, in
the Buckeye Block on Broad street, we
lounci on Inquiry yesterday, the finest
a lples, bpth green and dried, we have come
across . this season. They have a large
quantity of very choice sound annles. of dif
ferent kinds, which they will dispose of at
reasonable rates. '
The store of Messrs. Parks & Moore is
Supplied with an abundant and well select
ed stock of articles in the grocery line, and
they are constantly adding to It fresh con
signments '. Among other things they have
ust received a large consignment of genu
ine and superior coffee. We advise our
readers and the public to call on Messrs.
Parks & Moore at their grocery in the
Buckeye Block. ' '
Secure your seats for the Hypochondriac
Miss Pauline ! Ccshman. This young
and accomplished heroine gave her first en
tertainment before a Columbus audience,
In Naughton Hall, last evening. She was
enthusiastically received; and the account
She gave of herself and of her romantic ad
ventures tu the secret service of the Gov
ernment, was in the highest degree Inter
esting and entertaining, and was listened
to with the most marked attention. She is
very pleasant and agreeable talker, and
withal a pretty and captivating woman. In
the musical department, she was assisted
by Tosso, the inimitable violinist, and Prof.
Gardner, pianist and vocalist whose per
formances were enchanting,
i Miss Cushman has been prevailed upon to
remain and give another of her splendid
entertainments to-night, in Nanghton Hall,
when we expect to see the crowding point
reached. 1
i A Man Shot by the Provost Guard.
We understand that there was a citizen of
Columbus shot dead by the Provost Guard,
last night,, in the south part of the city.
yve were unable to learn any of the par
ticulars, before going to press.
Fifth Ward Meeting. The citizens of
the Fifth Ward held a meeting at Vosswin
kle's, on Wednesday evening, for the pur
pose . of making" some arrangements by
ivliich the quota of recruits of that ward
could be raised. Mr. Kickly was called to
ihe ciiair, Chas. tlelde appointed Secretary,
and Jacob Reinhard, Treasurer. It was
agreed to raise" a subscription to pay an"ex
tra bounty, and $15 was assessed upon each
enrolled citizen of the ward. Committees
were appointed to canvass the ward, after
j'hlch the meeting adjourned.
j M. Lahey and, T. McKernan propose to
give their last Bail this season at Naughton
HalU Tuesday evening, Feh. 9th.' Athnls
jlon for Gentleman and Ladies', $1 00.' ,.: ,
i-'.:r 'I ' I . . ' ! ) : " '!
I The ladies individually and collectively,
without a single exception, pronounce Iler
Hck Allen's Gold Medal Saleratus to be the
best and most wholesome article in the
markets They ; say it makes nicer, whiter
and lighter Biscuit and Cake, and requiring
less s!nortenlng,'than any' othr saleratng
jtnd'isuxii better.touse with cream .tartar
than soda. , Try it.'; Most of the Grocers
and.'many of the Druggists sell -It, and at
wholesale by wholesale Grocers. r " - K
"Hb made a' few desultory remarks,' said
tne schoolmaster. 'Mrs. Partington'stoppeiil
suddenly in,; the bustle she, was making
iround the table for tea, and gazed over
jier. specs thoughtfully, at -him. -Leaning
on a rplaterEdgewl8 -as If to - enforce- her
Views by itie ' support it gavd heri "I sup-
pose it was because, he was weak said she,!
.Jbut Aykr's Fills win cure h ; J. never
knew 'era to fall? They are , very solitary in
iuch cases.'' "Keally, madam, replied he.
?I cannot guess your meaning." "You said
dysentery,'' . said j ane, ' laying down the
f' H i'jd putting ft fipoon.Ja the preserves.
sald4lesUltorT,TaW tt, smiling, "quite
lqpki'ng Up in time to box Ike's ears, who V
was putting paper 'down the chimney of'
the kero8ene lamp. "The pills are good for r
iwth, I .dare'sayj (or they cure almost all
ihe diseases in the cornucopia.'' J
"A initio wu on lier lip health wn In bar look
strength wai In her atop, and In her hand Plania
tion Bittern.
ST--1860--X. . ."
A few bottloa of Plantation Bitten
. . Will oure Neruout Heaxl'aohe.
! " Cold Extremities and Feverish Llp,
I " Sour Stomaoh and Fetid Breath,
j " i ,' Flatulenoy and Indigestion. ' . '
Nervous Afleotions. 1
" Excessive Fatigue and Short Breath.
" Pain over the Eyes. .
" Mental Deipodency.
" Prostration; Great Weakness.
. " Sallow .Complexion, Weak Bowels, etc.
Which are the evidences of ' (
Liver Complaint and Drapepaia. '
It is eitlmated that aeven-tenthi of all adult ail
menta proceed from a diseased and torpid liver. The
biliary secretions of the liver overflowing into the
stomach poison .the entire system and exhibit the
abovo symptoms. . , J
: After long research we are ablo to present the most
remarkable cure fur these horrid nightmare diseases
the world has ever produced.,. Within one year over
six hundred and forty thousand persons have taken
the Plantation Bitters, and not an instance ot com
plaint has come to our knowledge! ; ,
It is a moat effectual tonic and agreeable stimulant,
suited to all eonditions of life.
, The reports that it relies upon mineral aubstanoes
for its active properties, are wholly false. For the
publio satisfaction, and that patients may consult
their physicians, we append a list of ita oomponenta.
C ALU ay A Bam Celebrated for over two hundred
years ta tha treataieat of Fever and Aue,l)yapep
sia. Weakness, etc. It was Introduced Into Europe
by the Countess, wife of the Aiceroy of Peru, In
1840, and afterwards sold Jy the Jesuits for the enor
moui price of ita own weight in silver under the
name of Jesuit's Powders, and waa finally made pub
lic by Louia XVI., King of Prance, Humboldt make
special reference to its febrifuge qualities during hla
South American travels. . .' . T
Cascahilla Bare For diarrhea, colic and dis
eases of the stomach and bowels.
Dandelion For inflammation of the loins and
droptical affections.
Chamomile Fi.owkrs For enfeebled digestion.
Lavender FLOWKKs--Aromatic, stimulant and
tonic highly invigorating in nervous debility. .
' WlMVEaGKEKH-rSor acrofula,.rheuniatism, eto. .
1 Anisi jA.n:aro'matie carminative; qreating flesh
Ihuscle and uulkiWteh uaed by mothers nursing.
' Also, clove buds, orange, carriway, ooriander
inake-root, eto.
Another wonderful ingredient, of Spanish origin
imparting beauty to the eomplcxion and brilliancy
to the mind, la yet unknown to the commerce of the
world, and we withhold ita name for the present.'
Important Certificate.
Rochester. N. Y., December 2B, lflffl.
Messrs. P. II. Drake i Co.: I have been a great
auflerer from dyspepsia for tliree or four years, and
had to abandon my profession. - About tliree months
ago I tried the Plantation Bitters, and to my great
jov, I am now nearly a well man. I hare renniumend
ed them in sevoral ca.M, and, as far as I know, al
ways with aignai benefit. I am, respectfully, yours.
Rev. J. S. CATliOUN.
Philadelphia, loth Month, l?th day, ISflj.
, Respected Friend: My daughter has been much
benefitted by the use of thy Plantation Bitters.
Tkou wilt send me two bottles more.
, J- ,jby friend. A. A. CURRIN.
' SnERMAN House, Chicaoo. 111. Feb. 11, 1863.
Messrs. P. H.DraxbACo.: Pleanesend us another
twelve casos of" vour Plantation Bitters-. As a morn
ing appetiier, they appear to have superseded every
thing else, and are greatly esteemed.
j V ours, etc.. OAOE A WAITE.
' Arrangement! are now completed to supply any de
mend for this article, which from lack of Govern
ment stamps baa not heretofore been possible. .
- The pnblia may rest assured that in no case will
the perfectly pure standard of the Plantation Bitten
be departed from. Every bottle bean the fao simile
of our signature on a steel plate engraving, or It oan
not be genuine.
i Bold by all Druggist, Grocers and Dealers through
out the oountry.
I : 303 Jlroaulvraj-, IV. Y.
julyl5dwtmeod k L '- -
'": " '-
n tj a sais and naAaAHT loicm FOB
- ' it is a caxTAi bixibt roa . r '
Bleeding from tha Lungs.
i ftO KNTl fEIl BOTTLE.- t f
Tot dale h? all Druggists, and manufactured only
, - . . cmcmnATi, a-- .. . r"
3Bool3L , .Binder
Blank Book Manufacturer,
IVo. 26 North High Street . i ;.
janM dtf ' ' ' '
Beach Street, Boston.
; Ulrecuy uppusius uio xwaiuu a, i ui ucemr
J ' ''-Balfroad' Depots B':i
beea oonntcted with the American House, hi
this city, for over nine- yearn, has leased this well
known and popular hotel for a term of years, and
pledged himself to his friend and the publio to use
his vtmoit tfforti to sustain the reputation of the
UNITED STATES HOTEL a gJh-H-olatt koutt.
The publio may rely upon finding, at this house, alt
'Til . 1 ft- t. T I nir...L..
toe appliances ana oomioru oi ini-cnui ok.
JTioe, m Heretofore, t wouoiiarsperaay, .
F jaJLOl l& III. PllATT,
A NewsDaBer Offloe for Sale.
ii edga of the basinese, and-deslring te enter Into
the same ia hereby ottered a splendid opportunity to
purohase a good and well estaolishactnci patronised
Democ ratio newspaper office, It It situated in a
flourishing oonnty-eeat, oontaihing 8000 inhabitanta.
with two railroads running through it, in a oounty
ith 4000 voter. The eounty ia parmanaatly Demo
cratro. Vallandlgbam received shandaom majority
at the lata general election. AU of tha oounty officelt
are uamocratip ana it-ooneeqnenuy receive tbe tuu
patronage oj me oounty. - i n press, type, ana ma
terial are comparatively new. The office will be Sold
low and terms of payment made easy. Full particu
lars given for reasons for selling, Ac, to those who
address for one week, Statesman office, Co-
lumbuf.Ohio. . U.J,:ot
l Cincinnati Enquirer will copy twice and send bill
lo this office.
Last Night's Dispatches.
SknATK. On mntlon nf U Wllann
Joint resolution equalizing the pay of sol-
. 1 1 .....I .1 . .. IT.. I. f . ' . - . .
un-io uic UU1U.-U suites army was taken
up. Mr. Wilson explained at length the
(rri.ifAtin.. 1 . 1 . .
6 IV Biiuureu uy coioreu iroops.
Mr. Conness introduced an amendment
placing colored troops on a similar footing
with white troops. After the passage of
Mild nrtt l.1.n... .. , i . . " . .
v...0 ... I, ucuuhj uuiiiuiuuu ad consiuerauie
On lllOtlon Of Mr.
hill WHS taken un.
Air. Hendricks moved an amendment in-
sprtino dtp. npr o-nllnn InQfiiri rf 1.
'. rt r '-- vi iu vciltauil
liquors distilled and sold or removed for
uuiiniiiiiuuii ur uuie aiicr J my 1st lHUo, and
40c instead of 80c after January 1st 18C5.
lie supporieu nisamenamentat length.
Mr. 1 Vsamirlnn ronllnfl. y
Housk. Mr. Kasson reported a bill relat-
lllirtn t.liA rnrit.iirA nf ord.tiin aiifl fltanatf i
thereof, ltr-ferred to t!i (inmmlnm An Waitb
and Means. -The
Printing committee reported in favor
of nrlntlna fpn thnnaiinrl raintoi nf tlm fn.
eign correspondence, for the use of the
C ... ,n rVA..AUMAUA . A. : ...
ouiiu j-'ijui Liiiuui.. Aiicr suine upposicion,
The HotlRfl rPBlimod tha nnnaWlnratlnn rt
wie amenoatory eonnscation Dill.
. n. iir it . i i . M
. nr. w nruinririfra nroriinri 1 11 I n i-a. nr m
storing the persons of rebels and conflsca-
uiiK uirir jiropunv.
Mr. Cox niovetl to lay the resolution on
the table. Disagreed to 71 against 83.
' TVf r . ItTArtnin itiiirlo a onaonh nnnialnns tlm
passage of the resolution and the counsca-
iylUll Ui;iis
J Af. Wihmi Bi.nlrn In aAvnnnov nf van.
olution, which proposed to do only what
Mi ft rVtiiRHtntlnn niitl.nrtoi-l Ifn ovhrou.ml
nifl surprise that the expressed lovers of
1.a f 1n..,.a-la,..a.l 1 .! . a.
Liiri i . i iiiMi.ii.iii.il ii iitiiiiiumii run iniiDuii rn tra
ohlPC't bolniT IllStlv to nun 11 1 trnil-nra uhn
ought not to be spared and who were not
T... ..tal,l ...til. ..ii a i i
w uk jmuiucu wiui uuve umncues anu non
ied words.
i Till lfnilPO nrrliltuiil flin l-irJatrtiia rttnat1
- " ..., viu.ivi aisstj M VI M liurjbilll
on the passage of the resolution. Motions
C. . .. i .. . . . ... . .
iui inu piupuno yi Buivnig vu a vote were
resorted to.
Mr. Wilson of Iowa, considered confisca
tion as the living law of the land, and there
fore was before tho House.
' Mr. Ppiulll'ton innvnil rn ronnnslrlor flio
vote bv which the previous question was
urucreuun ine passage oi tne resolution.
This motion was Jaidou the table by two
umiuriiv ' i
i ThA Snp.lkfr thpn snnnnniuwl HmnninHnn
on the passage of the resolution.
l mt.j vooriiccs moveu to adjourn.
Mr. Craven niovfd tlint. t.lm llnnsA ml.
Ipnrn tlU Monday.
TIipma flnrl nflini mntlnna ovtrlonflir Ta
signed to prevent action on the eonnscation
bill, occupied more than an hour, the votes
V... J
At a quarter of live o'clock, Mr. Davis of
IfJ - 1 A. .1 Alii A .
mil inuvtm lu auiuurn tin uv-n nrmw. t n.r.
Foreign News.
Portland. Feb. 4. The steamer Jura.
from Liverpool, Jan. 21st via Londondary
22d. arrived this evening.
. The Danish situation remains unchanrrnrl.
i ith more hopes of a peaceful solution, al
though Austrian troops commenced march
ing tor Scideswig. "' : i
I The pirate Alabama was reported at
Singapore ou tne ixi or Juec.
I Liverpool, Jan. 22-Cotton. Sales for
the week, 20,000 bales. Dull at a decline of
Y&YA per pound, the decline being on
hiiddlinp; lower irrades..' Sales to-rlav I Fri
day ), 4000 bales, closing firm. Stock In port
286,000 bales. 1
I Liverpool,,; Jan. 21 Evening Flour
quiet ana steady, vv neat upward, with an
advance or iza, owing to warlike reports
Corn fltner mixed at 3Gs 6d. "
Various circulars report beef steady, pork
firm, bacon steady, lard firmer at 42s 6d
4ds, petroleum nrm.
Londost, Jan. 21 Evening. Breadstuff
auu, sugar quiet ana steady.
American stocks dull. Illinois Central
shares 24(325 discount. Erie 6465)-
tnsois ior money wuu. Tbe bank
minimum has been advanced to 8 per-cent.
Hon. Wilner Gibson had been addressing
his constituents at a meeting. He predicted
a speedy revival ot the cotton trade and
plentiful supplies. He combatted the idea
that the American war was beneficial to
England. He pointed out that tho rebel
crusade was a lesson to Jncland. Her com
merce miglit be similarly attacked at a fu
ture time, and the Government must be
supported in its efforts to stop the supply
of such vessels. He asserted tnat England
had acted toward the Americans as she
would like America to act toward her in a
similar emergency. He uttered no prophe
cies as to the issue of the war, but contend
ed tnat slavery was tne whole motive, and
that the South were the aggressors in order
to iounu a siave empire.
The gigantic Austrian lottery scheme has
been abandoned. Another suit has been
commenced against her. Capt. Paton had
the vessel arrested on a claim of 2000
The Danish refusal of the Austrio-Prus-slan
demands had reached these govern
ments, and It is announced that the Austrio
Prussian troops would march without fur
ther delay on Schleswig.
Franklort letters say the opinion prevails
that Austria and Prussia must have come
to a definite understanding with England.
The London Globe expresses confidence
that peace wilLbe maintained, now that two
substantial governments have substituted
themselves for the shadowy German diet.
France. The debate on the address still
continued In the Chamber of Deputies. All
the onnosifion amendments have been re
jected; but in one case they obtained only
two votes. : ,
According to the latest estimates the ap
plications for the loan were expected to
reach fifteen or twenty times the amount to
be allotted. . , , :
Bourse was lower; rentes 66f40c.
Washington Items.
I Washington, Feb. 4. The bill Introduc
ed by Mr. Kasson to-day authorizes the
Secretary of War through the proper offi
cers of the army, in the several' military
departments of the cotton growing States,
to Issue certificates of indebtedness, to be
had after the close of the war and upon the
permanent restoration of the authority of
the United States over the State of which
the. party receiving the certificates is at
the time a citizen to be delivered to
any person possessor of cotton In bales,
who . shall . bring, the same, or cause the
same to be brought to any military post
or position occupied or held by our troops,
the amount of such certified indebtedness
sot. to exceed One-half of the estimated
value of such cotton, at the seaports of the
U. 8. open to foreign trade. " r '
I The Secretary, of WJar Is authorized .to
provide by proper regulations that nd per-
Sons shall be premised io purchase ia such
istrlcts any cotton which Is not at the time
Of such purchase In the possession of per
sons residing within the military lines, and
removable without military protection. -
This bill has been sent to the committee
On Ways and Means.
The House bill to increase the internal
.kH),,,' w'savV iff if
revenue i I passed the Senate to-day, pro
vides thr-ftor ita nHHuno-P. In Hpii nftha
duty it.fr.desfor in the act of Jul v Int.
1802, inf.. ion to the duties payable for
license" H" te shall be paid on all spirits
thatmf jKtilled and cold or distilled and
rem0idmrtlOI consumption or sale pre-
vlournwnnay l8t 1803 of
proa . of 8 per cent, and upon all
liqu3- Inay be distilled after the pas-
tHaO WbA fliar-.t and snlfl (ir rtmnviirt fnr
oa wviia va. iwiiivi vu ava
iottr be disti01" den and after the first of
cetfui .yiUon, and on all liquors that
mi iiid Pled after the Passage of this
acf7 , ..a- ir removed for consumption or
JL -t' thereto the duty heretofore imposed
F to be paid on spirits distill-
O v vnv asiuwi iuii tv aiv aisivya
of American or foreign production, Import
ed from foreign countries, previous to the
first of July next, if first proof a duty of 46c
per gal, and on all such spirits wlietherfrom
foreign countries on and after the first of
January next, a duty of 50 cents and on all
such spirits imported from foreign countries
on and after the 1st of January, (10 cents per
gallon. .
The Senate struck out tho House provis
ion taxing spirits on hand for sale, and also
the clause proposing an additional tax ol
twenty cento per gallon on adulterated
spirits sold as brandy, wine, etc. The so
licitor rejected the proviso increasing the
duty on cotton to two cents. j
Halifax, Feb. 4. Marshal Kane and a
large number of Confederate officers have
arrived here. They are said to have es
caped from Johnson's Island.
There was nothing definitely done In the
Court of Admiralty yesterdav in reference
to the Rfpmiipr rihpennnnb-o ' Cnnrf ,l
. . v..v. Auu AlUlb RU'
louriip.d until fVlduv vhi It l.
tf J . ...... . U .o VApCIUCU
the vessel will be delivered over to tiie
Baltimork, Feb. 4. The bridges on the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad destroyed by
i.nu enemy imvii vkkii repairea, anu trans
portiition over tho wholo line has been re
Cairo, Feb. 4. The steamer Belle Creole
struck n. siinir ntf Plum l'oint nn tha 0,1 n,i
sunk. One passenger was lost. Nothing
ii .w onvtTu iiuih uieuouwnicn was insured
for ten thousandilollars. .
New York Market--Feb. 4.
COTTON Quiet and steady at 84 for middling
FLOUR Heavy and a ahade easier at $7 30T CO
for extra round hoop Ohio, chifly ST U)a7 50. and (7 65
aV Co for trade brands, the market closing very dull
at these figures.
WHISKY In fair demand. Salon at 88a05e for
atateand western. . ,
, WHEAT-MJpcued quiot at about previous prices,
and olimed heavy. .Sales at 1 55al Btifor Chicago
apring; (1 Goal 60 fi t Milwaukee club; SI 6Cal 70 1 r
winter red western.
CORX-rThe market opened with an active spcula
tire demand and prices firm at $1 Seal 27 X for shin
ning mixed, western in store; ohsiug firm at SI 37a
OAf S the market opened firm, but closed dull
and heavy. Sales at 88a0 ! for western.
. WOOL Quiet and steady.
. l'ETKOLEUM Steady and quiot
PORK More active and firm. Sales at $20 00 for
mess; SlDalB UY, for old do; 22a'.!2 as for new do;
l8al8 for old and new prime; V0n30 36 for prime
mes. .
1 U?SF3'hS.I?arJet ' tca,lT with a fair demand.
CUT MEATS In good request and very firrm.
Sales at 9,v for shouldors; lUtl!2o for baina: also,
oU.OoOlbs smoked shoulders in bulk at lOL'a.
i BACON SIDES Firm, and in fair demand, with
sales at llall.'c for western Cumberland cut; ll.'ic
foroity ditto; llo for western long ribbed; llio for
do short ribbed, and 13,al4o for won tern long cut
llama, mv intLcr lur eAbra cuuioe.
HOGS Dressed, without material change.
LARD Without material ehanex. and mnal mnA
Steady. Sales at 13al3io; small lota very choice at
BUTTER Firm and quiot at a27 for Ohio, and
tfti34e for State.
j CHEESE More active and steady. Sales at 13a
c ior common to prime. . .
I -
Cincinnati Market—Feb. 3.
' FLOUR The demand ia limited, and ennflnnl
chief! v to the hiuher irrades. which are llin .1
prices ranging from 86 15 to 6 25 for trade brands of
extra, ana fu to so lor lamuy. The lower gradra
are nominal at $5 75a6 80 for superfine, and $5 soa
6 00 for fair qualities extra. The sales made public
were: 600 bbls extra at 5 60, delivered: 436 do at
15 80, 100 bbls family at to 40, and 300 bbls extra at
fs lu. nenverea.
WHISKY .The market opened buoyant, and a
further advance was established, with sales of 1100
obla at 85a86Mc, the latter rate for wagon, and un
der the favorable advioea from New York a further
advance of So was obtained in the afternoon, the
maraeL eioaius very nrm at oo.
; PROVISIONS There is a enntinned ant I v. 4.
mand for bulk meats, partly speculative, and the
tramactions were very heavy, footing up nearly
1,000,000 lbs, but no change took place in prices, tho'
an advance of to Ho waa generally asked at the
close. We quote Shoulder at 7M'a 7Xr, loose; rib
Sides Xa9io; clear Sides; 10;4'a)0io fur light to
heavy; and Hams 10Jtal0io.
WHEAT Under the news from New York, hold
ers were firmor, generally asking 1 28al SO for prime
samples of red, and small sales were made at these
figures, but round lots could not have been sold at
over $1 25al 38. White is nominal at $1 35al 40, but
there ia scarcely any inquiry for it. l'rirae samples
of hill are held at 1 40. The sales were: 800 bush
prime rea ai i ana sou ao at ei 90.
CORN New shelled is salable at SI 00. Vint them
ia vory little on the market. A sale of 350 bush new
ear at the npper road at 9oc,
HA Y Steady at tV7 00a38 00 nor ton nn arrival.
and (29 00&30 00 from store for prime timothy in
Daios. , .
UI1TTFR T1.A tm.plrAl. I. In. wWY. . 1 J.
wa-u.b uv u.,ww .a u. 'II, t. m 1HJU V
manit. We nilnlA nrime in crinii-a W. R af QTn 9fin.
prime to choice central Ohio, ISo to 37c; fair to good
SO to Mo; common 15 to 30c.
GROCERIES Tha demand la good, particularly
for Sugar and new Molasses, and the market rules
firm at full rates. We quote Coffee at 34 to 3S'C for
Rio: Sugar 13 W to 15c for raw, and 18 to Wo for
hard refined; Molasses 87o to 70o for old and 73 to 7&o
for new N. O. Saleeof 105 bags prime Coffee at
S4(t; 80 do at 84 V, 160 do at 34a35o: 100 bags good
ooftee ot MX; 30 hhds prime new sugar at H'iaMJio;
40 do at 14 X ; 10 do good do at HXc; 38 hhds low fair,
.1 A . . in..... .
EGOS The market ia entirely hare, and none
arriving, rnen are entirely nominal, i nereould
reaouy nave oeen aoia at aoo per doien, shippers'
count. . -
POTATOES There Is a very good demand, and
tne marKot is nrm, at f 3 6a3 76 for the beat quali
ties. -
; ' ',' ' ' ' ' ; ' : ' : . rflaMa
Cleveland Market--Feb. 3.
FLOUR Firm and in good demand with sales of
30 bbls white wheat double extra at 7 38.
. i WHEAT Firm. Sales 1 ear on track at SI 88,
i CORN Lower. Sales 1 ear from atore at $1 00; 1
oor at SI 01; S cars at 1 03; and 1 ear at 86o.
. OATS Sales 1 ear on track at 73e. i
BUTTER In demand at 23 for good to choio
vrestern iteierve.
KOGS Scarce and In demadd at 33c.
I PORK Steady at $20 00 for mess and $23 00 for
, LARD Bellini at 13al3','o foreltv rendered. ...
' SMOKED MEATS City sugar oured hams are
selling at lao, and shoulders at Bo. lined beef ia
elling at Ko. , i
I SALT Has declined. Fine ia Belling at $1 and
coarse ai u. s -s ,
" Leader.
New York Money Market--Feb. 4.
j Monev eontfnne eaav at TrjereenL" ' ''. .
Sterling Exchange quiet and easy at 173 for first
class bills.
Gold quiet; opening at 5SV; declining to 57V, aad
losing auu at oo. , - u. . . ,
' Government stocks firm. U. S. S'l '81 oonpona 106 V
107; -30'i WX..... r !:..'.. . ... .. .
New York Money Market--Feb. 4. New York Stock Market--Feb. 4.
1 Stocks stronger. U. S.6-20's, coupons 103X; Cleve
land AToledo 137; New York Central 132: Erie
107.V; Erie preferred 101'; Hudson U3; Harlem
loav: Reading 118: Michigan Central 133V: Michi
gan Southern 92; Illinois Central eorip 128 W; Pitts
burg. Fort Wayne A Chicago 88.; Cleveland and
rntsnurg lis '-4; unioagoana hock island 143: Mil
waukee and Prairie du Chain 67: Chicago and If, W
48).; Alton and Terr Haul pfd 80.
I '' James Smith's" Estate;
1 . iha nnnamiffnad haa fhia Hav Mu iMwintJ
ana enaiinea ny tne rroDate uourt of r rai
eountv. Ohio, administrator of the astate nf J
.. . . , " , j: . " . i-.uimi
Bnutb, lata ot uieoitv of Ooiambna, Ohio, deoea.
fa. xaa tuu iiui aayui aaonarv, a r. i' .
-j ri.i. j .Li. i.i. I . - t . . .
B0-dlt4w8w . , . 4,
Langdon Decker's Estate.
Ai the undersigned ha thi day been aTmointed and
qualified by tha Probate Court of Franklin county,
Ohio, administrator of the Mtataof l.n.!nn TW.
r, lata of Madison township, in said eounty. de
ceased. Dated this 25th day of Jannarr. A. D. 1964.
jana-w3ir I. C. ttsSINO.
(By Special Bequeat.) fc
-A-nd JPoHltlvely tne Last? ,
The famova 4
Union Spy and Scoiit,
nVeomniirigfvT UndM """"-a of G.n.ral
Reception Entertainment, i
At Naughton Hall, on Friday Evening:,
lebrunry 5. 1864, ., .
. Assisted by , ,(
pf-TPsi?i?vr.?e?jnentViolininrf " '
PiinUt. ' oooulPl'''ned Vocalist and:
MISS CUSHMAN will give an Recount of ber ad-
5t;Ji!l,hWl"1 l1 the T'rr.et ,1?.rric of h L'"il -State
her arrest on Hardin Turnpike attempted
eicapebor re-arrest when within four miles of tb '
federal picket interview with Bragg, Forreat and '
UlA nnljirinti. iriiArt.;il T..k tr .7 . .
death illnea, recapture, Ac, Ao.
the will also sing several Songs, among tbem on.
W.,urt5f v C'ViD' composed expreasly for
her by W. C. Peters, Eaq., the celebrated musical
Door ooen at (KoVlmV p f . f. . . "
oommenoe at 74 o'clock. ... , fhs-,n. ,
i?!,I,JSS;S:"'lEn-- ""nanagar.
r ni iri, " stfce Wnagrer.
C.Bt'SCII, . . . , Trcaaurer. '
Mark thla Great Bill I
Tliree Nplendid Pleeea! -Tivo
Brilliant Stara I
Mr. . Cliarlos . I3arias, '
Will by special request appear in his wonderful im-
personation of
Tlio XIyxoolxo:iaclx-i..c.
Thla Friday Evening;, Feb. 6, 1904,
. The beautiful Drama of
i Tlio Jew's Dane-liter. '
Leah, the Jewess Miaa SALLIE ST. CLAIR
Affer whiprl ffia fammia
.nr. emgn nioroia .int. I MAKl.ta BAliHAM
Martlia Suifkina ..MISS SALLIE ST. CLAIR
T eonolude with the screaming Farce of
In active rehearsal tha great aensational Drama of .
l ue iv oman in w ane.
Performance going on Nierht and D&j,
SVEntranc on High Street, Buckeye Block.
' ep6-tf
, No. lil8onth High Street.
Agents for the sale of Gardner, Phipp A Co.' Su
gar Cured Harun.
Dealers in
Of every Description, Imported and Domeatlo.
Fine Wines, Cordials, Liquors, Sugars, Olive Oils,
Sardinea, eto. " All good delivered free of
may!6 dly No. 134 South High St.
LY informs, herewith, the publio in general,
that he will close, from and after the first day of next
month, the
Columbus City Drug: Store,
kept since the last eight years past under the firm of
A. J. SCHUELLEH A SON, and that he will re
move the anid Drug Store to the Eagle Drug Store,
on the Southeast corner of High and Rioh streets,
which he i purchased from tbe estate of hi deceased
brother. Lrnst Schuellor, and will oontinue for the
future in his own name. Being very thankful for
past favor, he take tha liberty to remark tbat he ia
an examinod Apothecary, and having a large well se
lected stock of goods on hand, he hope to receive at
,1. a. nnw mtnnii nf ik. liiuiu.. . .k. .f il L i
patronage for. tne luluro. and"wisneY,tb icf iXXhS
new place, as well his old friends and enstomera
also man v new ones: and especially would say that
all prescription will do carefully compounded at any
Muieuuring ine aay ana uigni.
Volumnus, Uhio, January mn.inei. ,
Jn30-d3m i Druggist.
; Cimoinnati, Ohio. ; ,' ;
aTa-Pradfina In Oia Rfer C.nrtM and .1m 4n ha
United State Diatriot, CirciutandSuprtm ConrU. n
; danll'll.41v .
LY from the East, the best assortment of
Gentlemen's Wear -
ever brought to this oitv, whloh I will aeU at very
lew figure for Cash. Please call and examine be
fore purchasing tiAr. '
" ' V ' fl',ws"'JllXEIla'"i--t3
ep38-d8m No. 330 Sooth High Street..
Harvard College, 1 1CS4.'
' i.lnw lanm ur ainai tt.n wssaa,
oommenoing March 7th and SirrsxMaAU ;
For Catalogue and Circular addrae
ue ana Uireularadarao - .
0F.LPARK.JSft. Royall Profaaaor.,
1 , . JOEL PARK.AK. Kovall
' Camhriflg. '!., Jan. 30. 14-Stat ,
'.n.TTT.Wr TTTTT.TSTT1T'.T v '
1 v r e or is
. gsoam.v.JLS'wuxs'lCtsaj.
! Pric IS oenta. Addree
31 Annatrt,
Xtew lork.

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