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Dispatch from Gen. Grant.
Johnston Surrenders to Sherman
His Terms the Same as Lee's.
Major General Dix:
A dispatch from General Grant, dated at
Raleigh. 10 P. M. April 20. sUtes : , .
Johnstou surrendered the forces In hi
command, embracing all from here to the!
sjnaiianoocnie, to uenerai iiierman ou inn
basis agreed upon between Lee and. myteltl
a .
lor tn artnv oi Aonnern virjtiuia.
Secretary of War.
Booth—Further Details of the Capture.
Tew YoRtrAprll 23. Ifappears by the
. Herald's account that Uol. Baker sent Lieut
Col. Conger and Lieut. Bakr, of his detec-
. tlves, witb Lieut, uoherty and his cavalry.
On reaching Garrett's farm they were told
by a son of Garrett that there were two
jfVrneum the barn. 'This waa at 2 A. M
v Wednesday. Proceeding to the barn Lieut.
Baker was sent forward and called upon
... Booth to come out, give up his arms andl
. surrender, and that young Garrett would;
; iro Into the barn to receive the arms. Udoi
1 ' Els entering the bam Booth exclaimed.
'v "Get out of nere ; you have betrayed me.''
' A colloquy tnen ensuea, oi winch tue loi
' lowing is the substance :
Lieut. Baker lou must ' give up youn
arms and surrender, we nave come to
take you a Prisoner, and will treat you as
a prisoner. We will give you five minutes.
".-. to surrender, or we will ourn the barn.
Booth Who are you, and what do you
t Instructions had been given to Lieut
' Baker not to disclose the character of those
who were in pursuit.
i - Lieut. Baker We want you. . We Intend
to take you a prisoner.
,. . Booth This is a bard case It may be
that I am to be taken by my friends. .
After some further calloquy of this sort;
isooth, seemingly convtnceu dial be was in
. . the toils of Federal, soldiers, said : "Give
me a chance for my life. I am a cripple.
with one leg. mtnuraw your men
yards from the barn, and I will come out'
H-and flzht vou." -'
Lieut. Baker We did not come here to
! fight, but to take you prisoner. You mus
give up your arms and surrender.
' Booth Let me have time to consider.
" A conversation in the barn between Booth
and Harrold then took place, which was not
overheard by the party outside. In about
. Who are you? I could have picked offi
half a dozen of your men while we were!
: talking. I could have shot you two or threef
- times, but I don't want to kill anybody."
Lieut. Baker Then give up your arms
,. and surrender. We have come here to take
.BOOM 1 Will
never surrender. I will
k never be taken alive.
. Lieut. Baker If you don't do so immedi
". ately we will set lire to the barn.
' '. Booth Well, my brave boys, prepare a!
stretcuec lor uic.
After this a conversation took place be
tween Booth and Harrold, during which
Booth waa heard to say, "You damned co w-l
ard; will you leave me nowr But go, go
1 don't want you to stay with me." . He
then addressed the party outside and said
"There Is a man here who wants to come
' Lieut. Baker Then, let him hand out his
arms and come out."
Another talk here occurred between
Booth and Harrold, in which., it appearedjjj
that the latter was begging to be allowed tor
v take out some arms with htm, and Booth f
was heard to say. "Go away from me. I
don's want mt thin or more to do with, vou."
Ifcrrold' then came to the door and asked to
twt let Out. .
, LieuU Baker said No, hand oat your I
' arras.. . , .
' Harrold replied I have none. ,
c Lieut. Baker Yes you have. You car
r rled a carbine when you came here. You
- tnnst hand it out.
Booth He has no arms. They, are all
mine. Upon my wo 1 as a gentleman bet
bas no arms. All that we have belong to me.)
Lieut. Baker then approached the door;?JJacob
HaTrold thrust out his bands and was pull-?
ed from the door, tied Rod placed In charge I
of a guard, r Col. Conger was then satjsfiedri
that further parley with Booth was valnJi
and proceeding to the other side of the barn
hm nulled out a wlso of hav and Hunted it.
; Within a lew minutes the blazing hay llglit-j
. ed up the Inside or tne barn. Uootn wii
' discovered leaning on a crutch, which be?
, threw aside,, and, with a carbine in hisj
' hands, cane toward the side where the flre
bad been kindled, paused, looked at the
. . t. .1 titan atnf-Arl nninA
a moment, ana men started towara tne.
. door. When about the middle of the barni
. ha was shot. Col.Coneer and Lieut BakerJ
at once entered the born and brought Boothjsilooker
out. . : -
t -' After identification, by order of the War!
Department, the body was privately Inter-ljcivil
red in the clothing which was upon it.
The Herald's correspondent says:
; parley with Booth lasted a long while; thati
Booth told Lieutenant Doherty be had
bead drawn on htm ana coma snoot mm uf
he chose: that Booth could see those out
side plainly, while they could not see him
Inside: that when the tire waa lighted Booth
could be seen, and then- Lieutenant Doh
erty ordered Sergeant Corbie to fire, which
he did. through one of the crevices. Booth
was armed with two six-barreled and one
fawen-barreled revolver. When1 the
'iiarteu to reiuru wilu iuc wuy, uarruiurjw
..refused to walk, when a rope was fastened! J
.to his neck and tne other end of it to asad-ffand
dleot one of the cavalrymen. So soon as
a horse could oe procurea ne was mounted
i Thn tAArMa r)AiMinoirliint. afltfa? Xri ic
-learned that Harrold joined Booth )tist af-J
ter the assassination, ana it is Deuevea.
bronorht the horse into the alley.;
The following Is the atatemeut of Ser
geaot Boston Corblt: ' s
On Tuesday afternoon my superior offi
cer, Lieut. Edward Doherty, received la-
formation that two persona answering to
the description or Booth ana Jiia accom
plice Harrold, were concealed in a barn on
tne place oi 'Henry unrreiu, auout ture
miles from Port EovaLln the direction oft
"Bowling Green. There we captured a man?
foamed Jett, who ferried Booth and his coin-i
panlons across the Potomac. At first lie.
aenled i knowing about the matter, but when
threatened with death if he did not reveai;
the spob where the assassins were secreted.
4ia told ua where they could be found, and
Minted us to the place. - '
- Booth and Harrold1 reached ' the barn
was at once surrounded by our cavalry,
and ami of our Dartv en srired in eonver-
aation with Booth from the outside. He.
was commanded to surrender several times,F
bnt made no reply to the demand, save that;
rr rn want tne vou meat take me." When
flrat asked to surrender he akedriWnodo:
yon take me for J" A snort , time aner, in
response to the qucstion,as to whether there
was any body else with him iu the barn, he,
"statod that he was the only person In the'
DUtlding; inar. niscompaniuu.xiarrviu uwi ii
taken another direction and was beyond the; f
little aftef. the barn was flred. ' Before the'
rlamM kindled Booth had the advant-f
age of us in respect to light lie could see
aia hut. aaAinnlil nntsne him. Rut after that
the) tablet were turned against him; we
could see him plainly, but could hot
,t aeert by him. The flames appeared
to confuse ' htm, arnt" he ' made ' a
spring toward - the tlooT " as ' if to
attempt to force bis way out.- As he pass
ed by oue ol the orevlcea In the Dam I ttre
t him... -I- aimed at his bodv.c I did not
.vanttokllfUlm.Htpok dcliberato aim -at,
i . i-.v .
;hls shoulder, "but my ulna was too hlftta.
iThe Tiall struck Lira In the head, Just below
'the right ear, and passing through, came
out about an Inch above the left ear. I
ithlnk he stooped to pick up something Just
f ttrml.' That m ft v nmhihlv account for
tills receiving the ball In the head. 1 was
not over eight or ten varus distant Irom him
when I fired. I was atraid that it I did not
wound him he would kill some of our men.
After be was wounded I went Into the barn
1. .L . I - 11. t I...
itooui was ii nijf in a reeiininjt put uion on
cne noor. i asked mm, -wnero are you
wounded?" He replied In a feeble voice, bis
eye balls glaring with a peculiar brilliancy,
in tne head, x ou have tlnished me." lie
was then carried out of the burning build
ing Into the open air, where he died about
two hours and a half afterwards. About an
hour before he breathbd his last ha prayed
for ns to shoot him through the heart, and
thus end his misery. His sufferings appear
ed to be Intense.
Booth, although he could have killed
several of our party, seemed to be atraid
jtoflre. Mine was the only shot fired on
ielther aide. When he fell be had in his
hand a six-barreled revolver, and at his
feet wis lying a seven-shooter, which be
Jdropped after he was wounded. Two other
revolvers were also near him. lie declared
that the arms belonged to him, and that
Harrold had nothing to do with the murder.
We gave him brandy, and four men went
in March of a doctor, whom we found some
pur, miles from the scene of the occurrence;
nut wnen tne doctor arrived isootn was dy
ing. He did not talk much after receiving
Ills wound. When asked If lie had anything
to sW he replied, "I die for my country,"
and asked those standing by to tell his
mother so. lie died not denying his crime.
The Funeral Train at Cleveland.
Hovey and Jas. Warwick,
flrefiliearse, the roofing of which was covered
l.ir 1 fK f K A V f I tn ol a tt with Mdnt mlilmAi
and staff, and Gov. Brough of Ohio
fjand sta&V the clvlo escort and guard
Jof honor, followed by United States
officers, Veteran Reserve Corps,
fjmembers of the City Council and city
TheNofBcers of Cleveland, and other civil and
numerous military, and presented a decld-
aVJedly tine appearance as it moved through
partyespecially for the reception of the Mh:aiiis
wiiiuii lucjr nnvo iuh .ju cuuvc"CU.
The building is 24 by 86 feot In dimensions,
14 feet high from ibe ground to the
jplate. The roof is of pagoda style, and the
ClevelaSt), April .29. AH along the
route from Buffalo to this city, which we
reached this morning, the usual demonstra
tions of sofVow were witnessed. The re
mains were escorted by a large military and
clvlo procession to the beautltullv con
structed temple prepared to receive them,
and soon thereafter the face of the honored
Hitead was open to the thousands of specta
ijtorS, who, in admirable crdcr, entered and
reureuwrom the enclosure. . The entire
population of this city are abroad, all seem
ingly impressed with the solemnity of the
Fjocea.tioH. .
Weleft BuQalo Thursday nlirht at 10:10.
At all the stutions.on tlio way to Cleveland
large numbers of persons Had assembled.
Dunkirk, 12:10 Here, as at the preced
ing station, the platform Is elaborately dec
orated.. Festoons of evergreen extend all
dong'tlte eaves of tbestructure. The chief
lOOfflleature is groupe of 35 young ladies rep
resenting tne accesoi tne union, dressed
m wnite, eacn with a Droau black scarf on
the shoulder, holding In the hand a national
lilag. We have a tine view of this tableau
oy the glare oi more than a hundred lamps
and torches. The tolling of bells, solemn
music ot. an instrumental band and firing
of minute guns contribute to the interest ot
the scene. -
Westtield, 1 A. M. We stop here for I
wood and water, and a party ot five ladies
brought in a cross and wreath of flowers.
On the cross Were the words, "Ours the
cross, thiue the crown." All of them were
effected to tears, and considered it a sacred
privilege to kiss th'e coffin. "
At 1:32 we are at tne line which separates
New York from Pennsylvania. Major Gen-
eral Dix and staff take leave. F. V. Fafrer,
Mavor of Erie, and others came on thepnra.
A little girt presented across and wreath
of flowers. 1
Erie, 2:50 There was no particular?
IdemonRtmr.ion at this lare. The imnlnvw)
t .vi. - .1 nM . u n . i-
on the train that brought the late President
to this point wnueon nis way to- Washing-
nt. nrwinna tn tita flrat. inniiarnniMnn
Wicklitfb, 6:20 The followlncr irentle-
men here came on board : Gov. Brousrh
L.J ,I..4A1UW1.A.. 1
officers: Gen. Cowen, Adjutant General!; ?j
uenerai i5ariow, quartermaster uenerai :
Surgeon General Barr, and Colonel
siaxweii t aiso Major uenerai iiooker.
commanding the Department of the
.Ohio, with hlsi staff, as follows: Colonel
Swords, Llent. Col. Simpson, Lieut. Col.
Lathrop. Mai. Mcreeley, MaJ. Bannster,
ana captain xayior; mreoaenatDranerman,
Hon. Samuel Galloway, Hon O.' Waters
and MaJ. Montgomery; also the following
named gentlemen to meet the remains :
Hon. 11. e. Spaulding, ex-Gov. Tod, Thos
Jones, Jr. Col. Anson Stager, Amasa Stone,
Jr Hon. H.V. WUson, Stlllman Witt, An
sel Koberts, wm. Bingham, Hon; w. a.
Castle, Chas. Hlcox, John Martin, Hon. W.
Collins, 11. Hi. Johnston, Dr. G. C. .
Weber, Dr. Proctor Thaver, H. B.-Curlbnt,
T ' l I Y ..J T Uf. 1-1-
Cleveland, 7 A. M. As we pass the lake
side of the city thousands of persons are
gathered to view the train. High up we
see an arch witb the inscription, "Abra
ham Lincoln." - Immediately under the
arch is a lady dressed to represent the Gen
ius of Liberty. She holds in her hand' a
tlag, and this, together with herself, is ban-
idaged with mourning. All places of busi
ness are closed. The cars stopped at Euclid
rftreet station. The coffin was placed In a
with the National Hag, with black plumes
tastefully and appropriately adorned. The
millitary escort embraced Major-General
tne streets oi inn truiy oeautiiui city rrom
Euclid street to the Park. Emblems ot
imoHrnihg wera everywhere prominent, to
Jsjether with expressive mottoes. Every
stranger is loud in his expressions of acl
mlratlon of the splendid order and arrange-
Iments ' ' ' '
. In thn Pork hna Iwn moto1 a Hi'llllntr
rafters are covered with white cloth. Over
the center ot tbe main roof and directly
ver the catafalqne, a second roof is raised
tbout 4 feet, and covered in like man
ner, in cataiaiqae consists or a raised
dais 4 y "12 -feet on the irround. The
:cottln rests on this dais, about two feet
above the floor. On the four corners stand
columns, supportuiz a canopy. The col
umns have been draped and wreathed with
evergreens and white flowers in the most
oeautiful manner, black cloth fallinir as
luurtains. and irinfred 1th silver, all caught
land looped baok to these columns from the
fcenter of tlie canopy. The floor and sides
Jof the dais are covered with blaek cloth
Jdroopinjr from the four corner bordered
with silver fringe, and the borders of thu
icornloe are Drinianuy ornamented wittj
Iwhlte rosettes and stars of silver. The in
Jside of the canopy is lined with black cloth,
'fathered i 4u folds, and white and black
crape serves as plumage to the posts at the
corners or tne catafalque, in tne center is
a large star of black velvet, with thirty
six stars, one for each State in the Union;
The floor of the dais is covered with flow-
, and a figure of the Goddess of Liberty
is placed at the head of the 'coffin. Tbe
Mranlntrof the building is hunr with bean-
itifulfeetoona of evergreen and flowers of
white. Lamps have been attached to the
pillars of the catafalque and to other parts
4 the Duuainff, o inai tne remains can De
jtaslly seen at night, and to good advan
tage. 4, ; ii'
The religious services, alter tbe remains
!had been placed upon the dais, were per-
I . T T . 1. 1 .. 1 1. .Tl I . .
lormeu oy tne ivt. ivey nisnup niuiivame.
wile then read a part of the funeral services
the Episcopal Church, slightly altering
th to-rt tn aii it. the iwrauilon
The remains were then exposed to public
vUw.i.Tha vranfrements are so that everv
'one who ' desires to fee theui , will have no
.difficulty.' ,. -
It is raining here lo-day, but this Is no
impediment. Cleveland has madeademon-
tration wortny oi nercmzens.
Ci.rvELAitD. Aorll 29. 9P. M-The num-
,fier' wh witnessed the remains of,e
president was 180 a minute. Two rows of;
spectators were constantly passing In onl
irnch side of the colHn. The lid was iresli-l
ly covered with flowers in form of harps,!
crosses and boquets, laid upon the colli n bji
P'Jlnfllna ronrnuntlnir tha Rnlrllura' l?illt'f Al-I
IsnciaMnn. TIia fiiiiAral imrtv- were till"
uesU of the authorities, and were quar-l
Itered at thn WpiMhII House. A more 11b-
jjoral and friendly greeting could not have.
Mv.. ....V. J B.V....B .
been extended. I
Chas. L. Wilson, of Chicago, on behalf of;
na committee or juu, waa nere 10-oay to rx-
tend the hosp talltles oi that city, hum
committee Is to proceed to Michigan City
to meet the remains, and will escort them
to Springfield. The display at Chicago
will be the largest ever known In that city.
lfortv-one organizations and societies, nuin
bering 26,000 men, have already reported
to the chief marshal.
Atmldnlirht we leave Cleveland, and will
arrive at Columbus to-morrow morning.
Gov. Brough to-night extended the hospt
catalitles of his residence to the funeral party .1
Terrible Accident on the Mississippi.
Cairo. April '23. The steamer Sultana.
from New Orleans the evening of the list.
j.irrlved at Vicksburg with boilers leaking
badly, bne remained tnere tnree nours re
pairing, taking on 1,990 Federal soldier
and 350 officers, lately released from Ca-l
ihawba and Anderson vllle prisons. She ar-I
rived at Memphis last evening. Aftci-s
uoaiWK sue uruueeueu auuut 4 a. i mm
about 3 o'clock, when 7 miles above Mem
Dliig, blew up, Immediately taking Are and.
burnlne to the water's edije. oraisu soui
aboard not more than 700 bad been rescued
Five hundred rescued are now la hospitals.
ind 200 or 300 nnlnlured at the ool
fliers' Home. Captain Mason, ol
the Sultana. Is supposed lost. At
1 o'clock this morning the river In front of
Mem nh Is was covered with soldiers strug-
?Lrlinir for life, many badly scalded. Boat
immediately went to tneir rescue, ana are
still engaged In picking them up. Gen.
Wash bur ne immediately organized a board
of officers to investigate the anair, and they
are now at work doing so. No further par
ticulars received.
The Excitement in Washington—
Harrold Beginning to Realize
His Situation.
Va8M!WON. April 28. The excitement
which prevailed In this cttv vesterdav hap
.inconsiderably subsided. While all regret
JBthat the assassin, owing to rashness among
. . .... .... r. - -
taken alive, they at the same time reli
irrateful that the murderer has paid the
'penalty ot his crimei Had he been brotighi
jto the Washington navy yard alive nothing
jt'Ould have withstood tne fury or the ex
cited thousands. What disposition was
made of Month's bod r after the antonsv
iy'nn it, V is impossible to ascertain; butt
ItfiatTt tittwg disposal, iu keeping with hl-
liz.omlnlou8 career, was made, is certain.
Harrnin. Ivhn hna hnn PThlhlMncr crppnfR
stoicism since his capture, now appears tolf
realize the awful position in which be 1
placV andhrough the day bas given way
tofuent wceDintr. He is ouite vounir.
and IjK appearance would Indicate him tor
be not over twenty. Some time ago he was!
an applicant lor the position or surgeon's
steward in the rotomac notille, but was
Wilson's Raid.
wrest as oeima, uesirov ing arsenals auuman
fnn iSulactorles there. V llson moved eastward.
Cincinnati, April 28. At a public meet
ing at Dayton yesterday, it was resolved
that the body of Booth be taken to mid
Hocean and there buried.
T.otA t2.nrma nnmiM rrlva Aill Awnnta ah
Wilson 's great raid. Alter deieatiog ior-
icaptnnng Alontgoraery, West 1'oint,
4tlumbus and Macon, scattering the militia
7r all olrlna mlnlitfv tha Anlir poma
on all sides, rutnlug the only remaining
railroad, breaking up machine shops, de
stroy ing military stores, rendering the man
ufacture of materials for future campaigns
News from Grant—He Calls Upon
Johnston to Surrender.
Fortress Monrok, April 27. A steamer,
mi Wed here this morntna; -trim Morehead
iCitv, bringing advices from Newberu that!
ijGen. Grant had effecljially put an end to
rathe armistice agreed Upon between Sher
fiman and Johnston. Graut had Ivtn John-f
Kston up to 6 o'clock yesterday ( Wednesday
iiiiuiiiiukT ut Biuieiiuer ins uruiv. : iuocoa-ii
dltions are unknown. Gen. Grant announc-
that after that hour' hostilities would at"
once be resumed. To this Gen. Johnston Ul
said to have replied that if Jefferson DavisfhM
and the leadlnp; General officers Of the Con-fstam
federacy were pardoned, and permission Nt
given them to leave the country, he wonldi3ig
be authorized to accept the terms proposed
The Gold Market.
New YoRK.-.ADril 28. Gold continues
weak. The speculative feellnir is d nil and'
the demand chiefly confined to Custom.
House purposes. The possibility of a severe;
cotton panic occurrinir. incident udou the!
(news of the close of the war, produces an!
iHTrMtAfAMon rhar anniA nr ttiA crnlfl IiuIaiiam
l?4Plif. frnm r.hA TTnlfjw, SttnfM ti 1 jiAen rlnr.f
inir the war lor supposed greater safety,'
will be drawn home again, producing an
influx of specie and a consequent decline
in tne-premium on goia.
New York, April 28Gold to-night
i4ty8. .i- ; i .y
Boston, April 53. A suit brought b
!Mr. Leonard Sturtevant against A. H. Al
lien, for illegal arrest and imprisonment
which has been on trial here for some days
in the Superior Court closed this morningj
3the jury rendering a verdict in favor of Mr
sturtevant ior a'Aoyu. a. tne oreamng out
of the war Mr. s. was doing business in
Sfew Orleans and upon his coming North
was arrested and lodged injautipon cnarges
or disloyalty preierrea against uim oy Mr
Allen. i .. ., ' ..,u .
Suicide of a Supposed Conspirator.
Baltimore, April 28. A well known
oltizen of Baltimore committed suicide lasts
Monday a short distance from the city, by
shooting himself with ft pistol.. No cause
ould be assigned for tbe rash act except
that be bad recently seemed depressed and
melancholy. Huoseqnent events nave in
duced susnicion that he waa In some Wav
implicated in the conspiracy, and butt night
7l.ia Kilwr a a a nvhn m aA nmhalmiirl an1 aunt'
unv mruj no vaiiutuiAif vuivainivts aaisu nvut
to Washington by order of the. Govern
ment. The affair causes much speculation,
and there are many reports in connection!
with u, some tacts which it la deemed im-i
prudent to publish at present.
Washihotok, April 28. A Cabinet
meeting to-day considered International
questions likely to arise from the con
spiracy which Is , alleged to have ex-i
tensive ramifications.
President Johnson was loudly oheeredt,
to-day while passing through the streets. I
. liootn s Dotiy has Deen placed where It;
will never been seen by mortal eye again. I
The Post's special says a Pennsylvania?
lelegation, headed by Commissioner Lewis. f
'called on the President making the most!
radical address yet delivered. The fresl-nrobblng
dent replied, repeating his conviction thatf
rebel leaders should be punished and!
the masses of the people forgiven, r (, i j
aecretary seward ana son are doing well.V
St. Loci 1 April . 23 Report
thata force of six to twelve thousand rsb
els. comprising remnants ot Jeff. Tbonio-
Hoa s ana Joe. DneiDj s origaaes,'. at l'oca
ihantas. Arkautfts, preparing to invade His
!ourL ; Large numbers are : leaving the
'Southwestern mrt of the. State Ih oonse
iconsenuence.v Three regiments have been
Nent down the river. The report Is lindoubt-l
Jedly exaggerated. i
A - ; Lut 1 ;
H.T -
New York. Amril 28-The Commercial's
Washington special says: Tbe Vaults of the
Farmer's Bank In' Richmond: have been
(opened ana the contents found undisturbed '
I VI-, II I I l II l I I'll HI III ll'l
AxftixT. Aorfi. 33.-Gov. Fsotofl hna .
a tryi new, l or a vrnirai nnuroau tun.
SATURDAY'S DISPATCHES. A Conversation with Gen. Lee—
SATURDAY'S DISPATCHES. A Conversation with Gen. Lee— What the Thinks of the Situation
—He Condemns the Assassination
—He Condemns the Assassination —Jeff. Davis no Worse than other
ctt were the acts of the whole people, and Tl
New York. April 29. The Herald's
Richmond correspondent recount au Inter
view ho has had with Gen. Lee. He called
on him to obtain his political views and lay
them before the public, un iniorming wen.
Lee of his object the latter said, "I am a pa
roled prisoner," and added. "I have never
been a politician, and know but little of po
litical leaders. I am a soldier." He further
fcald tie was ready to make any sacrifice or
nerfhrm any Honorable act mat wouiu tenu
to tlio restoration oi peace and tranquility t
to the country, ue saiu tnat, as ueueyer
In State rights, he had considered his alle
giance' duS primarily to his native State,
lie had opposed secession, but when his
State went out he considered it his duty to
go with it. When he accepted command
under the rebel uoveriiinent ne con
sidered he waa serving his State. He
regarded his surrender of military,
not political significance; that it was
not a surrender of the doctrine of State
rights. When th.South was wholly sub-
lued only would the doctrine oi mate
rights be surrendered. The surrender of
a slugle army was only a military necessi
ty. When the South surrenders all Its
forces and returns to the Union, then only
will she surrender her favorite doctrine of
Recession.' That principle will have to be
ettled bv military power. On the ques
tion of State sovereignty he contends there
k-xlsts a legitimate cai belli. The question
was unsettled in the convention forming
3the organic law. The war is destined to
settle it. inereiore tne war raised on mis
ssue cannot be called treason. If the South
is forced to submit It ot course can only be
looked upon as the triumph of Federal
power over State rights, and the forced an
nihilation of the latter. The South have
mot bi en and are not yet prepared to beg for
terms, but are ready to accept lair and non-
arable terms, their own political views De
ne considered. As to slavery, they con
sider it dead, and the best men have long
been anxious to do away with it. He re
peatedly expressed the opinion that should I
arbitrary or vindictive or revengeiui policies
be accepted the end was not yet.
He remarked that the assassination of
President Lincoln was a crime beyond exe
cration. It could not be approved by any
..-..-..I . . . n nun finnMltmKlii ntnHtja
Aa in thn tprmft of neace. to the smrires-E
tlon that the political leaders only be held
to astrlctaccountabillty, he asked: "Would
that be lust1 Wbat has Mr. Davis done
more than any other Southerner, that he
should be punished? , It is true he has oc
cupied a prominent position as the agent of
the whole people, but that has made him
no more or less a rebel than the rest. Ills
the acts of the whole people were his acts.
lie Is not accountable for the commence
ment of the straggle. On the contrary, be
was one of the last to give In his adherence
to the secession movement, having strenous
ly opposed it from the, outset, pointing out
its ruinous consequences by speeches and
bv-wrltlnmJ' . .' . -. .
The Capture of Selma, Ala.
New York, April 2itThe Herald's Sel-
ma. Ala., dispatch savs : AmoDcr the pris
oners captured here are 180 officers. Lieut. I
Gen. Dick Taylor mo.de bis escape on a
steamboat. N. B. Forrest. Dan Adarfts,
Roddy, Armstronir and Crossland, under '
:overoitne aarxness, reacnea a swamp
3ast of the city and eluded capture. OfB-
comprising uieir
.dm AA,TiriPlaliir rhpli ararra wprn mirpn. .
Forrest's ordnance officer, Capt. Bond, re
ports Forrest as wounded in two places lo
the arm.
Croatoo anj McCook attaoked Jackson
in frnnr anrl rear atTrrnn. hut. havlnwtm.v.
lerl hv wldplv diiTiirent roads their attacks
Plwere not simultaneous, else he must have
been destroyed.
The destruction of the Centerville bridcre
over the Cahawba. and Croxton's movement
jtoward Tuscaloosa, rendered it utterly lm
!possible for Forrest to carrf 'out his plans.
'ahawba capitulated yesterday, and about
?71V f Mir tirlamiAra trtnriniMi .'t.horA inr a
Jlono; time, w
long time, were: released. They had been
The Rebel Ram Stonewall—Jeff.
Davis in South Carolina.
reached Washington that tlie rebtl
ram Ollada. alias Stonewall, arriveit
Tenheriffe, in the Canary Islands, on th.
of March, in three daya frem Lisbon
Vw Yosit Anril .29. Tha Information
.She was allowed to coal and provision. She
was orqerm co leave tue port in twenty -tour
hours. She left on the 1st insti steam
ing rapidly southward, but destination nii
knowu.' The Navy Department In antici
pation ot the appearance of the Stonewall
in some of our harbors, is making orooer
distribution of suitable vessels along the
lAtlantio seaboard.
tlautio seaboard. ; .)
Intelligence ol the arrival ot Jeff. Davis
and his accompanying fugitives as far South
is South Carolina has been received in
Washington; It is thought he Will be inter-
tceptea . oeiore reacuing tne-' Jtiissibsippi
river. v.
From Washington.
New York, April 29. The Herald's
Washington special says: The post mor
tem examination or uootn a oody showed
tbe bar! did not touch the brain, but strik-
iing the spinal column, produced Immediate
iparalysls. The opinion of the surgeons is
stoat lie must have died a tern Die aeatn, tue
Ibraia being active and consciousness cotrt
jplete up to the very moment of disolution.
Nearly all the parties directly Implicated
are now in custody. Payne, Seward's assas
sin, is ft brother ot the St Albans raiders
I here are three brothers, au reckless and
daring. Two were with Walker in Nicar
agua. " 1 ' - '
Ldwin Booth arrived here to-day to. ask
for his brother's body. , The request will
not be granted. - ' '
From Washington. An Extensive Plan of Assassination.
J.. .,;, Ion. ., ; ...
New Yobk. April 37. The, Herald'i
Washington sDeclal says the search after
the assassin of President Lincoln and th
would-be murderer of Secretary Seward
lias developed ft well and deliberately nib
jtured plan of assassination and infamous
rascality and murder unparalled in the an
nals of crime. The Investigations have no
vot. renihpd . the nolnt where It is nroner tif
isclose the extent and various ramification j
of this murderous Dlot. ilanv unsusoecteii
?and unsuspecting parties are Involved, anj
tne eviuence iscuioincbc uiiuuw vum. ii m;
neither the freak oi a madman or an aoto
Individual bate, but a scheme concocted bv
leaders of the rebellion, and relied upo -
by them In the hourof their mostdesperat
need, as one of the means of suceessll
thoir great treasonable enterprise. ' '
the innaoitants in me vicrnnyti.
iFrederickabnrg. The officers, members r-.-the
Itbrmer wealthy families, who never, did '
. .
New York, April 29.T-The T'imes' specif
ii'avs the' caroled officers and soldiers an
klnyswork, declare they" Will jiot earn their
illvlng.1 i " ; i'- "
The Trioane a w asoingion specutt aaj
Edwin Booth is here for the purpose It 1 ,
supposed,, of procuring the body ot nit
inroinew i uranii canuu. w kioui-., . i
the grave of the fatsaasln- will nevei4 bo
.tsnown The surgeons who held the au
aopsy upon Booth assert that be must liav,'
ftmdurea . untold, anguish of. bodlf
'us ' well as of mind,- from the nature i j
the fracture of bis leg, the small bone' hat '
ipgeutits way through; the flesh snd pre
truded. Mortiflcatlon of the leg had alt,
i.lso commenced, and Jt was the opinion ,
the Surgeon-General that he could not Iw '
. VTI- J ...f-.- ...... A. K M.t.ll P
itcefLmany days more in any evvutvu u
'LouwviJULit, ..April 29-iNlu -liundre',
itWdftjS ml ww trbled? r-"4'" ' ' ' '
Johnston Tries to Negotiate for
Jeff. Davis' Pardon.
New York, April 29. Newborn
?state that Johnston attempted to haggle!
Iwith Grant for terms which would provide'
Hot the pardon of Jeff. JUavls and the other
jleadlng Insurrectionary conspirators, but
itlie Lieutenant General would listen to
inothinir of the kind, and JohiiBton was
luompelied to bo satisfied with the conditions'
granted iiec.. . . k -,
New York Money Market—April 28.
Mrivn"? H.rl it 8AS or Mnt. "
HTKliLlfiU. JiXClUJUK-luU at 109'.-109X
tab$l.D Dull and lower opnlna Hf?X. doolln-l
to lH,-olosin t 14BW. m
New York Money Market—April 28. New York Stock Market---April 28.
HTOCKS-Wfak. U. S. 8'l. I8SI. eouponi. W,';
VMorapoDi lns(; d bow lueHH7; 10 iOoouponj
iWTgj Ohio & Miasitaippi eorti&cttet W; Erie ftl;
i.Vow York Certtrl Tj Hudon H Bomlinit 106 1
.YI10UICM Uonwl 1J ooriuHiBorn ajiuuu.
Ilrt: lllinofi Cintrii 116W: Cleveland Pitwbunt
78M Northwmteni 31 do rroferred 23.': Hook lal
New York Money Market—April 28. New York Stock Market---April 28. New York Market---April 28.
C6TTON Dull and lower. Uo for middling: andl
r auotinu to day lnl bale) now urleana ana Mem'
hii oottoo at t&ji 670 Hr low ordinary to good mid
(Uwr. .. .
ind 6f lW lower: IT 1M7 id for
'xtr rtltei tait 15 for exua round hoop Uhio.
j8 3
to in
3(KsB SO lor trade Driknda, marlcel cioainf dull.
tn no D yer at oufiae price.
WHISKY Holland lower. Salu of wetternti
Ifto.J ii.
WHEAT Unll, wun downwara lenaenoy; fiso.
for Riioina nrinf: tl tUdll 66 for wluter
rea weal-
rn. and tl 8iil " for amber Michigan
KY K Unlet.
COBS-rWw. and lo better; tl 87 for new whlteWFor
. I a. . r C L I li . n t .. I J u!
loutUf rn; f 1 4S tor new yellow) i 42 lor old mixed!,
OA TS-Dull and 53c lower galea at 7K$80o fori
PKrK'or.KPM-Flrmer:40a for orude. B5e for re
fined In bond; and t6o for do free.
' VKKK- u and on It.
8LUAU Rather eMier. at ll(lSo for Cuba
Muonvado; and l3S14e for r orto Kieo.
MOI.AM.StS uu n.
I'UKK Uwetded. and elnaed hearr: tn So33000
rr new mosai tfloains at fi caati; r-v WM'-n M for
'fft and 'S4. An eun and regular wav alonlat Al
17 U6 eaxlij tit OIKSM SO for prime; and Wki
7 io for prime mesa, aiko zauu hbia new west tur
Mar and June, aellera' option, 30S(OSI 00. -1JKEK
l.eaotiTeat prerioua prioea.
BKEK HAMS-r irin at uamu'Ac for shoulders
ll7uClm furhama. .
BACON t rnMt 16T.01SC for Cumberland eut:
MSHe for long ribbed, and lto lor abort nbbed.
l.AKD Hlr(l at 1'1HJ4.
BUTTEKMrmat 16350 for Ohio, and S4338c
for Stale.
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Sales soo bbls XX red at $8 IS; 100 bbl
XX white at 25; 60 bbls XX while at as K.
WHEAT Sales of Scan No. 1 red from store al
i$l 61 and S carl do to at l S
;0RN Sales 8 cars shelled frnnj store at SOc.
OATS nalos of 4 cars at 650 trom store.
RYE Held at f 1 0XKS1 06. ' -
BARLEY Held at 1 (KX41 10 from store, accord
in tn (ittaklitv - - I
j PORK In modorata demand and steady at 00.
lor city-papKed metis.
BUTTtK Comman to good old W. U. telling In
jman way at ixstrc.
k jN-Nmt aaiM nmnrren ar. sip.
CHEESE-Old auoted at ii&ito. No new In
HIWHWINES Yery dull and entirely nominal
at t 162 IS.
ALCOHOL Held at WS24J4fer VS per cent
ii.Hi ..p.r t,;m. ao hvsiq ii
POTATOES Sales SOU bushels peach blows It
Il'AKE FISH White Fish, half bbls, JfoC 1 extra
ft 00: No. J. or uninspected. t8 CO; Trout. Iialf bbls l
jio uu; ricxerai, nail iwu, s eu, siernug mi ycr;
bb: nasso . .. H
ALE AND PORTER-Vi'e quite a followit-
Present Use XX Ale, 1B; HUxsiWX 111J;
KeimeimnOOwPale Cream 111 V Porter U 00.
lall and quyier Darreia in propnriion.
Cincinnati Market.
- at If,
7 40; and family at 7 7SS Si.
WHEAT The aakin rates are tl 8.VS1 TO for
'Ohio and Indiana, and tl 733)1 80 for prime to eho.ee
(jentuoKy. 1 ne aaiea 10-aaj were vuu ousn prime,
FJjed lat $1 M; sso do at tl 49; and soo do fair whit at
l CORN Small lots of aonnd sell at TOSTJc. bnt1
roacesslonf would save to ae aad II M lua were
fiiMtii noan thm market.
OATS A moderate local demand at Too ln"ele-J
rator. h olden central! aekisa Tlo. at whiuk brioe
alio bush sold. I
L. DVf Allknmrtl tr.4.4 1. imm.1 Tin Am
1 . i:u ..J VtniM. 1
SI 00. at which 'ate 30 bush sold.
BaKLKV A moderate demand, and holders "on-!
linue Arm at $1 101S for prime Spring and i'all.
rtftbash food Fall told
as f i iw
WHISK Y Sales of 100 brla at tl OS.
PRO VISIONS-There wet an actire demand for)
Imeaa pork, under the sews from New
Yorlr. aal
prices advanced 10 w.
t'te aalea were 4S0 brtYatt
S30 00, part last erenint; 600 de at 31 to- and Swdof
a s oo. . at tne eioee, .o vu waa aaiea. uuiki
meats ,were held bigner; iSbouldert at Wie, and
Sides at ISkSlSo: bat the sales were confined- to)
f4000 pieces ilams at 16o loose, and 800 do Shoulders at
ISO. Mra Bdrinrra w ioo. tt a am um ucar oi any
ales or uaoon. nut wit leeiinc in an true lea was
nnirj, hnnvant at the close. I
UROOKHES-The rates are 30S3Ss for fair lo
'choice RioOofleei 14sVlSo for raw Sugar; SOJitSSlc!
fur hard refined Sanar: and SI 80S1 23 lor A
SOrlMnfl Uolassiia. ..,......--.
KUOS We bare to report e nrm market, wun a
1 m , 40aot, Mwn4n .V. t rvnAr.' Mi.nl I
I A qniet maraer, at ieio per ton io
Inona and tiirlit Dressed, on arrival, in bales.
POTATOES rrom store, the beat varieties brins
S3 ifiltO per barrel. On arrival, prices may be
aunted nom inal at $2 TOS 00 per brl. I
. i . r . , m i . i . ! . li Mwn4 4iT
nor brl tor Drime Eastern, lined Applet art dull
and almost nominal, ai7cw per io,
"' 'tiniont, "' ' 1 I '"' Oranges,
,,,, ,, Lemona... . . ,H . , Apples,
' I.emontde.1. ' ti da,
: .'Cakes.' 'v. .;;! Pint, i ir
, . JSuta, . Fits,. . .
Ualef, Oyster.
Htlihnt. SoV . 11 !:.
Clams. LoDstera,
. Fih. - :i"r r i . jjbIba, ai
. , . Piaanns. . rlorer.
tlhinitens."' ' Duck"
And all kinds ot Barre.hmenU s erred ttp at . . . 1 1
- ' Net. Stand 17 East State street.,, , ! .
apr28-dt . ' 1 . '
,i . .. .. i .. . i .. . , . T
-ilu.i-.' '.:! '! - '; - i
Ura M. A. Van Houten's
.1 K - ' ;,.':- "I ' . i t 'i
1 1- !. tt; 4.'0P.iii l-.it .! - ... ' "I 1
Taawraxlay, April VTOh
And aoniinntj deriet theseeson. All are respect-
UuUy Invited to attend. Coat everrbed. . t -p
ma v . ' a,,- :'
!m w 1. . swtl 1 flM. 4.
no. itij iifisi ;iowQ oircei.
,aprMdS , ,:i,;v! . ii.-i;,i.io ,;..!) !
& CO.,
m! .iii-!'-:
booksellebs; stationers;
' . ! .-Ill-ill'.' atHHUi''' i '! .''l.fi
Wbolesaie and iteiau veaiers in , (i
Xaw Mtjdllcal, IScliool,
- 'tT hiUTH " II :t"AITn.I V lt.!f'.lT ,.f
3EIXii3.3T.Z4& i BOOS0,
Wall PaDsrs; Borden and Window Siiadfi.
To Holdera of the Circulation' of tie!
" ot " City Bank of Oolambusi
li 'R ' 'I i -r'j Tli . i I I ill I "I ' ' " 'iTi'r I I-
1 the Citr Bank of Columbni, Ohio, will be
romptly Twdeemed ny,". ii preaenseo at ue
a rtj ta.i inntki nsntia lu umvu. iniu.un
r a. .i J.a. r Im1 Mttvt A US ttUif strfatjr LAAtrtai f
tba fffiu of tb s6a.nk ihu rMDftinlnic in ray
(hand will b ditntuwa w ine tocKnoiari or tbe
Hank, in Hmforniity wit an order of tbe Mnnerior
fieoelverr i
tpn-tw I
Ue .rV,sa aaairl Clntirt. A. li. 19)0.
Columhat. Ohio, April H.iKi.
Biz Nights and three Afternoons Only
ifl . .TT 1 , HM.-.S- VkIJam , G n fn.. w
O P E It A. II O U 8 13
Dlreo torn.....
.Maun. CiwrsiLt i Cirtis.
..Mr. J. M. Wshton.
Htes Manaser....
Muaioal Director. .
.....Mr. ra&NK Kiviaa
Mr. W . O. Dmitbich
And moat positively tbe laat appearanoe of
English Opera . Troupe I
B aoeclal raauett. Will be repeated Balfe'l iplendld
,0pm of the , .i . :' ,: ,1; .
Whloh was received with the utmost delight on its
Brit repreaentatun. -
Don Hebattian, Frtnoe of Capita, Alaaulred aa
Manuel. a mulaterr Wt.Wm. Castle.
Don Pedro Mr. 8. V. t'ampbell.
lilvlra. Queen of Caatile, diiuiied aa Pequilla, a
peasant boy..,. ,Mii Uca Cooke.
Donna Beatrice, the Governante... .Mra. Beaseley.
Lonla. Ladiea. Peaaants. io., by th C'horu,Corpe
de Ballet and numerous auxiliaries.
Pktoe or A DUiRstOK Dresa Circle and Par-
nnette. ai.00. Family Cirole. SO cents. Private Hol
es 17.00 and 110.00. Reserved Beats tn the Dress
Circle and I'arqnette can oe secured, wunoui exiru
eharve. at the Mu-ic Store of Beltier. Dresal A Co-
lArenti for Knabe'a Pianos. . .
Doors open at T o'clock; toe overture win com
mence at a quarter before 8. ,.) ' .
Booka or tne Opera lor raie ai tne aoor.
B. L. CHASE, Business Aient.
aprlS-dllt . .
i vf euneeaay, xuiuauav, -iiu,
,.; Monday and Tataday Evenings, April
26th, 27th, 28th, 28U, Hay 1st and
2d, 1863, and on Friday, Morn,
day and Tnesday After- 1
in lum vroujuui
THE Gr It E A. X
Completely illustratinir Milton's (rest Poem, and
carrying out nis ic ea oi
EI.I4 '
, . : ,; , ftAltAniSE.
Tiirketa Parauette and Dresa Cirole. 60 cent'
UalUrv unrl Kamilv Oirnla. 26 cenU: children. SS
cents; Afternoon tickets, ii eenti to all parts of the
Doors open evening at 7 o'clock; Exhibition oom'
menoesat M toS oolock premsely. .,(,,! .
Atiernoons noors open aixocioca.
prSS-dit Proprietor and Manager.
Kent t Wiivkb.
Lessees and Managers. .
Metal. Weaver A Kant resneolfullv inform the
citisena of Columbus and Ticinltr that thej will
open tbe Opera House, for the Bnrinfand Summer
Reason, Monday. Mar 1st, ima. 1 no season wui ne
nauenrated bt the beautiful Comedienne and
t'antomimist, .11
And the glorious Comedian ,
The Coirjnan? Is eeniDoaed of Ladies and Uentle-
men of marked ability and talent. . (., .
Monday Crealng-, May lat, ISA 5,
. . The Comedy of
IZekiel Homespun FEUX VINCENT.
juioeiy Homespun jmis.i jiullib, vill,iaji3.
jorand Orertare, Orchestra,
I . To conclude with the musical Fare of ,
j T 3G3 TU" 3NT TT Xa X 3VT D
lOranbv flar.
jjenn Lind..
j i.s ill sr-r- Ait eo vituiv eaiiva sai iuvm
"t'amil, (Jimle.SSa: Prirale Baiea. - -
iioors open at 7 o clock ; to commence at .
aprST ......
" . ' ., DEVOTED TO , ... .
The Oil and Mineral Interests
With Statistical Jtcporta and Lending Articles
OK .
TERMS $3 oo per annum. Send for speotmen
copies. Aoaress
. .1 Cincinnati, Ohio.
aprlS-wetAdlmTTBds .
Desire n, Situation.'
rV. perienot in the East aa a Book-keeper and at a
alesinan, desires a situation in a dry coodt house, a
jeery. He will gl
ired. Call at
ire toe very ben ot
references, if d
o. ss Booth met
Pare Catawba Brandy.
' CixciwiUTi, Ohio. March 18, 18S.;
I hereby certify that by authority invested In trie
by the State of Ohio at Medical Inspector of alco-
holio liquors for Hamilton oounty, I have inspeoted
Ktmplet f liquors, called .Catawba Brandr and
Swedish Brandy, manufactured by C. "W. Jloback,
jut Not. BS, 58, to, and M East Third street, and find
skid liquors fret front poisonous Impurities. Th
instillation it conducted by tha steam medium, by
which method purity and uniform perfection It at
tained.. ;,
' In teslimorJy whereof witness my siinaturt. tbli
IXBA day of March, 1S63. '
:.!! ii ' - DAirDO'CoHKlL,ll.D!.
Chemical Inspeetor of alcoholic liquors of HaniUboa
oouuU' , Ohio.
O.VT. Ruback challentes tbe comparison of the
heat French Cosnae with bit fin Cttawba Brandy.
whioh bas bees pronounced by the medical faculty
superior for mediolnal purposes to any brandy tTer
made." "".'' aprli-d4wlm
A Clergyman, while residing tn Sooth America at
a missionary, discovered a safe and tlmpla remtjy
for the Cart of Nervous Weakness, Early Deony,
Olseasei of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and
the whole train of disorders broaxbt on by baaalal
nd vioiont habits. . Ureal numbers have' been al
ready cured by thlt noble remedy. Prompted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I w 111
end the recipe for preparing and asing this mt -
Dint, ta a aealod envelope, to any ont who need '
IVttf CXargt ;.ji , i .i :,.-.;-,
Views inclose S stamped envelope, addresst . ,
rourself. Addrut
' - ' josEpn t. r55ik!.J,',!
!( i i lf BtATIO D. BtBLI UoCffl
New York 0.ityf
This celebrated Collet Samp, la such; taiytr
aldomand, Is made from thechlctt materials,
t ml 14 and emollient W ttt nature, tra
g-rantlr sceated, aod extremely beneficial
i a lit aotlpn upon the skin. For tale by all Drtcgittt
And Fanv Uoods Dealers. , ' ' janjd'sSHjAwl.v
i RcntOTcd tna hie Old OIBoj
Dlt. L B." WILLIAMS. West B'roadwa' near
High (treet. Columbus. Ohio, hat devoted himself
' or a rent of years to the treatnient of certain pri
ratodiseasea.i Hetaay bttorurulJbedat hit -offlee-.
Uroad way, ntai the ? tohsjige Caak. . ! M : -, y,H0-,
mchWU ' ...
I I i nil M 'mi I 'j) .Hill i li HI I Ull I Ihi
Xhe Brlaal Chanaker. aa Essay of Wan
ing and Initruotlon for Toitng Men. Also, new and
(reliable treatment for Diseases Of the Urinary' An
iij'. .j.oLi.-. .u.4 i L -1 ! .
'Sexaafl, 8ystemt-t-3ent free. In sealed tavtloeot.
Addtettt JH. SS IhUH H0CGHT05. Hwart
'Association, fniitdeipiiit. l a. trrl'-iy
w '
roUtin. Tat Osto Sttxsait . I" Wal
Uu 1'. i l" .1 1 I ' -L I 1 '
For the Country, for the C
Btltutlon." end for thc
""Unlbn of Equal V
I ifh teui irivUegel. and with'sonsi and Wet
'j V ii irtieUaUitasitleiii.j jl 5
tVe are torn, tbe Old Flag with
v ' 4 Star oi1 Stripe ErsueeJ aad
lor tlio Old Union,
' far at It is pestlble to rettore it, nd fof tia
, In IU spirit, latter,, and turpose.
t 1, tt;. -V Jj
or .
r 11 E b H 1 0 ST ATES LI C
Cpoti the ermine event k-t tU-ratt, rett thtrarp!
a opes of tit reople and Oovernment, we are ti
the midst of a bloody t nd pritraot ed-ol vil wa I a
1 oration and olost depend npoi a wis jr, trser aad
aore patriotic Potior than v have seta daring the
jprestnt AdmUittratioB. - -
We Ottc it tot tlie Memory
of our Father, to tlie)
!IopesioiottCliUdretV -to
tho Euture of oar . f
' . . c 3 c ri 5?ountT. . ?
I A X.
to urge cur mien to chtngt a Policy whioh It drift
nt at farther and larther from tht land mar U 6f ear
patrioUt ttres. - .. . J I v. I .L .
rill do all it can to aid in bringing ahont f! It
ihange; and hence, tht Publishers invite support
tnd encouragement . front all those wh, ahllt
i T-
alto wish to have a
rTt publbh a paper In which we seek to tjva th
-' 1-TBOTlL - . vy. A.
Our Commercial Reports, ,
Our Markets. j
-ry Ouc Political jail 1J
.v.. - n- Ceneral News,
re carefully freed from the sensational eharael
ui wt teak to make Thb Statxim am
rrnstworthy m rZver : Parod,
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For Xtyrm, fir ItUtractloa fbr Ctofd
i uieraui ter tsesimtt a'Oilucajt
.j;, Scmtimemtt, for Sestdy.o.':
If eatM Asmerlcam '
ImatlttttleM, Take, -
;.t ; . .: Bead atad belp it i.i -r-.-u
v.. to Clrcnlate, ;o:i .
: ; . THE ' ' ; .-.i-i;
Weekly Ohio Statesman
it ont of the largest, eheapttt, and' best prlnied '
papers la the Weat. ' Eaoh number too tail aa a f -
pltte retttaat of all the
if the week: the latest' Teleeraphte and ifarkat '
Rei ortt ; a oarefoliy prepared collection of ' " "
XtdLtox-Mry .
neaii(t A
:.. ..) .-t't-J :;...f ,V '
.irti: !!, !..
or tht home and family ; and aa ahdaa'ani t of V ir"'-
agrtpht upon every topio of interest or Import
anoe, Tbe wide oiroulatlon already obtained
this paper, it an evidenot of its popularity, aad ef
U being adapted to the wants of the people, - -.
.i if T
: ) i.u.t Tl'
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tl'i sj'i rs "TVf ea
Ont tony, one yet. .'.
tis months....:.
fthra mnnihm
sitt.ttV1 t M
Delivered by carrier, per week.
e ta re e mm
a ii
One copy, ont year....... .....,......,.......,.
One teff, one yeer. . . . .'. .. . .'. . ; .. . .'.... v'...fS
a wvuhii ti,ika..........i..,.. 1 aam
wuo oi avt to ten, , each oopy.... ,.., SS,
w .uirfcr, wwou wyj
thirty aad apwardt, each eopy'..iw
w.k 1 IB
Aa extra senvtnrDlsharl a tha Mtina r rn.tv.
of twentv or more. " '
For a Club of fifty Ths Tw-WatriY; and for m
Club of one hundred Ths paltT., will e teat U
the getter-op of the Club. '7 1 1 1 -
Subaoribera' aamet will be written vpea CluV
oanera. aa well aa noon othara annialhlnall,.! la
Uoneln very lew oUieromoes, ... I, . . , . ,v
. - -, .- . ..1. M
SsT" The monev must aocomnanv all nritan
Orders and lettert should be addressed to ' ' '
::.il ; lt--.: I'll hi
COLtmstri. o
- Th GFMitA'rits'r Of LlVtedCAPTAfifff;''1'
'' '" ,.J "jim -niu-cXoiKlot. JtattZ'f
-?. '.:' I --iA'.tfll'1 11" i'-'Mv i I If jli
Beingsa aqthentio sod reliable tweord of Uteailxi
life end remarkable eereeri formln tht tih volume
of tht'Library of Modern American Deroet for
TeatU ''''' on-. . .d.au.v.j ".
1 volJ. IBmo..tlotli, S88 paget d it HlasttiAioaf.i
rrMstAM,! i' 'is l.f v:,v r.'l ,uiiij.I.'
, Now ready, neiform, with above, th ;;, ,j fyiilS)
i ia tnonsana ot oesuiey s tiit o Uen. Urant,
th-" w.-a-t-r Gtn.MitchW:
-4th! .V. i- i'Captll-rlcttoair
jForttIebybet)lteUj(".ii ( Lrurj.vuVij
W wm: H.-'imWor'''' 'f5
j y Colnmbnt. '

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