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Murder of a New York Policemen!
Murder of a New York Policemen! Arrest in this City of the Alleged Assassin!
In June, 1864, a policeman of New York
city was murdered under these circum
stances: A party of roughs were making
a disturbance on a street car. The mur
dered policeman attempted to arrest one of
thepij when a man named, John Carroll
leaped from the car, and attempted to pre
vent the arrest, lie demanded of the ofllcer
that he should let the man go. Upon the
policcmat)' roiusal to comply with the rte
mand,.CttrroU drew a revolver and shot him
dead, upon the spot. . Carroll thereupon
fled, and was not heard of until recently.
Policeman Harris, who was employed on
the same beat with the murdered man, was
determined ito ferret out the assassin
Nothing; was ascertained as to the place
whero the latter had hid himself until
within a short time past, when informa
tion was received that Carroll was residing
In this city and keeping a saloon.
Upon receipt of this Intelligence, Harris
starred immediately for this place, arriving
here at four o'clock yesterday morning,
lie forthwith juade inquiries for a police
man to assist him in making the contem
plated arrest. An officer, by the name of
S. Hummel, was pointed out to htm,' to
whom he made known his business and
applied 'for assistance. The two officers
started in fearch of Carroll; but Harris
soon became convinced that Hummel was
not the proper person to aid him in the sue
' cessfu! prosecution of the business in hand.
Harris, therefore, requested Hummel to
conduct liim to the Chief of City Police
Hummel, from some freak or other unex
plained cause, instead of taking Harris to
the Chief, took him to the city prison and
had" him locked up. This was a singular,
and on Its face, looks like an outrageous
and inexcusable proceeding. At eight o'
clock yesterday morning, Harris was
brought before the Mayor, to whom he ex
hibited his warrant and badge of office, and
was forthwith discharged. -
Proceeding in the direction of the depot
Harris, when opposite the City Hotel, en
countered Carroll, who immediately recog
nized him, and calling him by name,
stretched out his hand for a shake. While
shaking hands, Harris, with an adroitness
peculiar to-skillful men practiced in his
profession, managed to slip a pair of hand
cuff on Carroll's hands. The latter ex
erted his utmost strength to effect his es
cape ; butofficm Davis and Dewitt coming
promptly forward to the assistance of Po
liceman Harris, Carroll was taken to, and
safely lodged in the City prison.
Application was made to Governor An
derson for a requisition to enable Officer
Harris to take Carroll out of the State to
New York for trial. But the Governor,
upon learning the facts, said the case was
so plain, there was no need of the formality
of granting a requisition, and directed the
officer to return home Immediately with his
prispner. Harris accordingly left yester
day afternoon with his prisoner for New
York, accompanied by Officer Davis, of this
city. Carroll, we understand, has been re
siding here about four months, and has been
engaged, In company with a man by the
name of Bowman, in keeping a saloon on
North High street, near the City Hotel. . ' '
Sunt Up fob Grand Labckny. A houe
thief, by the name of Thomas Towers, en
tered at the front door of a private resi
dence in the city, about noon on Wednes
day, while the family were In the rear of
the building. ltecoDrfoitering the premises,
with which he bad -probably made himself
previously familiar, he came across a fancy
hair-comb of considerable value, a diamond
ring, and other valuable articles, belong
ing to a lady visiting at the house. These
article's he appropriated, and,' carefully
wrapping them in a tidy, which he took
from a chair in the parlor, he made off.
The rascal doubtless thought he had made
a lucky haul. But his perils were not all
ended with the success of his quiet raid
upon a lady's ornaments. Detective Gilles
plo got upon his track, and arrested him at
a grocery, where he had been detained un
der 'strong suspicion. Gillespie marched
the fellow off to the station-house, and after
getting possession of the stolen articles.
left him there for the night to enjoy Ids
own reflections on the adventures of the
day.," - ' : 'J
Yesterday morning, Towers had a pre
liminary, examination before the Mayor,
and was required to find bail in the sum
of five, hundred dollars for his appearance
at the next term of the Court of, Common
Pleas, to answer the charge of grand lar
ceny Falling to comply, he was sent to
the county jail.. . "
Makimq 'NiOht Hideous. A nqinber Qf
Hi'vi-bernuuis made a great noise and dis
turbance about the middle of Wednesday
night, in the vicinity of Seventh street
near Long.". Their voices for an hour or
two were loud and boisterous, threatening
personal violence and using most unseemly
language, interlarded with , yerys loud and
hard swearing. It was a great, annoyance
to quiet people in the neighborhood,' who
wqro aroused from their slumbers, and
women and children filled with alarm, for
fear a mob or some other terrible thing,
was about to happen. ."How it happened
that, .the. disturbance ,;contInU6d ,,'so , long,
without being put a stop to by the police
perhaps somebody else can ' better explain
than we can. 'Etther the City Government
does not provide . 4 sufficient number; of
guardians at night, or those ,are adly re
miss in j their duty. There to something
wr6ng somewhere. .'
"i .-not! I !'.' I I " '' ',-'" -
mett a'ad,. a nian a Mrs, Connolly, a Mrs.
Wilson and ono Samuel N. Pinckney have
been arrested and lodged In the Hamilton;
county jail for examination before U. S.
Comnijsslbner ilalllday, on the charge? of
dealing in counterfeit greenbacks and po
tal currency, j ' . Among the : counterfeits
taken from them were greenbacks of fifties,
twenties) tens and fives, and fifty cent postal
currency pieces. ' . , : .'"
.. i' - t' .J- iti: -'H -'i
Oil has been struck 1 Hear Senecavllle,
Guernsey bounty, at a depth of over 600
ieefc-i- 'nit !!-; 1 1 ''" "' v,t '.
,,, ,( " ' i
Four disabled soldiers Were sent from
Cleveland to the State Soldiers' Home on
Tuesday."""""4 t,;" ' ',. ' v,v,,.,:i
Thk ; Magician ; at ifHm Athjwum.
Professor Macalltsier's levee at the'Athe
neum was attended. by an immense throng.
Every 6eat was filled, and all the available
places for standing were occupied. The
cleverness of the Professor's tricks, . the
ease and acuteness with which they were
performed, and the astonishment excited
by most of then elicited applause and fre
qucntburstsof merrlniont. He is certainly
a magician, wizard or illusionist of the
first water, and his performances are well
worth witnessing. . He has an almost end
less variety of them, so that his entertain
ments are always full of novelties and sur
prises. f ' ' f " " i J
Another levee will be held to-night, at
the close of which the Professor will' per
form his grand feat of the "Elements."
Among tbe prizes to be distributed among
the spectators , this evening is a splendid
silver tea-set and other valuable and beau
tiful gifts." ":; ,'
The marble top table was drawn last
night by C. Ilichards, of the Verandah sa
loon.' . ', . ." .
Committed for I'ktit Lahcbny. John
Gorman, being apprehensive that a quilt
would come in good play during the ap-
proaenitig cola weather, or at least that
such an article would command a ready''
sale, took one from a market wagon the
other morning, thinking, perhaps, that the
owner would hot need it on his return
Another individual, Henry Johnson, prob
ably for similar reasons, entered a private
house, and appropriated to his own use
certain articles of clothing, supposing it
easier to obtain them in that way than by
honest industry and frugality.
Both these fellows having been cankht
Up by the police, had a hearing before the
Mayor yesterday . morning, who required
each to give ball in the sum of one hundred
dollars for his appearance at the next term
of the Common Pleas to answer the charge
of petit larceny. As their credit was not
strong enough to enable them to find the
bail, they were both incarcerated in the
county jail. ; ,.
I Thb West Ikdia Minstkkls. This band
of model performers gave a fine, chaste and
amusing entertainment at Naughton Hall
last evening. The audience was not large;
tut nil who were present, were highly
gratified with the music, the songs, dances,
the jokes ' and the comic performances,
there was much more originality and
freshness In what was said and dono than is
Often found in entertainments of the kind,
he troupe is meritorious and richly de
serving of liberal patronage.
The West India, Minstrels give another
entertainment to-night. We assure those
fond of good music, wit and humor, that
they will be well repaid fora visit toNaugh
ton Hall this evening."
Opera House Mies Lotta's Bknefitv
Miss Lotta is still the reiguing star the
great point of attraction to our theater.
goers, and to- many who, but for her fame
and genius, would never be seen inside of a
play-house." A large house greeted her
again last night. ., . .
Miss Lbtta takes a benefit to-night. The
simple announcement of this fact, together"
with the statement that she will appear ,
Ijhis evening as Topsy in Uncle Tom's
Cabin, will be enough to crowd the house
from parquette to dome. As Topsy she is
so truly original, that in its personation.
she has no superior and . probably no
qqual.. . ': . .
Sale or thb Central Heservb. The'
property known as the Central Reserve,
situated on State . street, nearly opposite
Starling Medical College,' occupied succes
sively by Dr. Carter, Chief Justice Chase,
and A. P. Stone, was sold on Saturday by
Lorenzo English, as Administrator of A.
P. Stone, to Carlos N.Bancroft, for the sum
If $14,700. " ' m . : '.
Prssident Johnson's National Thanks
ivlng and Gov. Feuton's New York State
Thanksgiving are consolidated into one
day Thursday, December 7. Other Gov
ernors are requested to follow Governor
Fen ton's lead! and thus abolish the old time
honored custom of having State Thanks
givings lu November.
! SowiKRij! Home. During the last ten
days of October, there were 619 men enter-.
tained at 1 he Soldiers' Home in this city ;
1,215 meals were furnished, and 300 men
Were lodged. 1 : ; ' " '
I On the last.dajf of October, there , were
received at the office of tho Collector of In
ternal Revenue in Cleveland, $100,000 for.
U. S. taxes.
j 7" ?N ) 1 '
Thb Cincinnati Volksblat, a German dally,
2 Hawing the example of the Commercial, is
be issued everyday lu the week, Sundays
not excepted.-' '' , ' 4
Robert Fulton's name appeared by
mistake' In our list yesterday morning of
persons fined in the Police Court, Instead
of Robert Faber." !;::;V:i.',,,,;'"': "J)
; Josh Billings on .Hbns,' Josh. Billings
discourses Jeamedly ou hens in this wise:
i The best time tew sett a hen iz when the
hen iz ready. I kant tell you what the best
breed Iz, but the shanghigh iz the meanest.
It kosts as much to board one az it duz a
stage boss, and you might az well under
take to fat a fanning.' mill by running oats .
thru it. There aint no profit in keepin a
hen for his eggs if he laze less than one a
day. ' Hens ar very long lived, if tha don't .
contract the throat diseaze;- there iz a great
many goes to pot by this melankolly diseaze.
I kant tell exactly how tew pick out a good
ben, but at a. general thing the long eared
ones I knd, are the least apt to scratch up
salt and lime water, with the other end ,
down.' will keen from 30 to 40 vears. If the v
are hot disturbed. Fresh beef-stake iz good i
ror hens,i serpoee 4 or ft pounds a day
would be awl a hen would need, at first
along. ' I shall bd bappee tew advise with
yon, atenny time, on the hen question and
lake it in eggs.
Tho Sweet Sooth Wind Y V
Breathlng o'er beds of violets, is not more
fragrant than Sozodont. And the aroma
which it exhales, communicates itself to
the breaths of all who use this marvelous
dentrifice.. White teeth, ruddy gu ins, a sweet;
mouth, and the certainty of enjoying these
desirables In perpetuity, are among the
blessings derived from the use of Sozodont.
6ct30-lweod ' w ,,;
Manufacturer of Clears,
! . "(OrFOsirt fin Epiwiopai, Choboh.) - v ''.
IV ooft ignortmeht 6t Oiaarn. which ha iel!
W boW tudiUuul, t th lowwt price. ,( ,
!,! ".
By Turnty d! Simon, Vo. 141 But Tnwn Strut.
. We will Bell on Saturday, Nov. 4th, at 10
o'clock A. M., on the corner of High and
StJfte streets, the following property to wit:
8 head of good work horses, 2 baggies, 1
spring wagon, 1 two-horse wagon, etc., etc.
Sale positive. Terms cash. '
nov3-2t . V. R. Glazikr, Salesman.
Large Bale of Rorerninent Goods at
" W. R. Kent will sell at his Auction
Rooms, No, 110 and 142 Town street, on
Saturday, the 4th Inst., commencing at 8
o'clock A.M., a large lot of new blankets,
white and grey, knit ; blowses and wrap
pers, drawers, shirts, bed spreads, etc.
Sale positive. . Terms cash.
i ;'" .,'.'.'. 1 1
To lrinlers.
A gentleman who lias had several years
experience ns an editor and publisher, de
sires to purchase a Democratic Weekly
newspaper establishment. For further par
ticulars, address 1 ',, ,
Layman & Esuelman,
'" : ''! ' ' Columbus, O.
i nov3 d&wlt .
1 . 1 Edward JL.au f.
Manufacturer and Dealer in Hats, Caps,
and Furs. Furs repaired. 'No. 29EastTown
Btreet. - octl4-3ra .
TnK CpivtCiTy Businicss Colleok for
Book-keeping, Penmanship,, Telegraphy,
and Phon6graphy. Young men should go
to first-class Colleges.ln cities where busi
ness la done, alid there will be some chanee
for obtaining, situations. By addressing
Bush & Marshall, Columbus, 0,. a letter
containing particulars, with specimens of
writing, will be sent free. octll-3m
THE FUR TRADE We shall, . open on
Monday, Oct.lQOi, for the Wholesale and
Retail trade (at the old stand, 144 Matnst.),
i the best assorted stock of Fur Good, of
every description, for Ladies', Gentlemen's,
. , ,Jise' and Children's wear, tliat have ever
j oeeh 'offered in this ciiyi; If buyers will
! come and look at our goods, they shall be
J satisfied that we have . the slock to select
i from.
. Win. ltoald A. Co.,
..-( ! Hatteh8 and Furriers,
! J .144 Main st-
! OCl24.6tdoodiatW
"Life hath bat shadows, rave a promise given, .
-. Which lighu the future with a fadolosi ray;
'' O, touch the iceptre."
Use Dr. D. H. Seclye's ' LIQUID CA
TARRU REMEDY, and you will be able
to join in the universal commendation of
this truly invaluable specillc.
Bow warm loe'er the (unial sua
May look in kindnerion the earth,
In Tom Jones' veins no oheering warmth r
Dispell the gloomy sorrow of bis soul. ..
Dyiepia,V.t agoblin, hnnts him down.
-4f7".Bciin chamberlain, lighUhlm to bed.
While Dulnesi, Vertigo.and headache dire.
With fiercer aohes eombine to make him groan.
- -- - He wise, poor Tom I
And hearken, Thomas, to instruction :
For all thy ills a Remedy is found,
A i'anaoea, oertain, pleasant, sure.
Plantation Bittkbr S. T. Ikso X.;
A wondrous Tonic, made by Dr. Drake,
Will kill the domoni that thy stomach vex,
W ill slay them, Thomas, for thy stomach's sako.
New life, new strength to thee shall come
By using this Elixir wonderful, . ., . , ,
Plantation Jitters will restore thy health,
Thy troubles euro, and leave thy. mind at peaoe.
! nuvl-dawlw
' N " ' ' '
Sandusky, Mansfield & Newark R.
Trains Leave and Arrive at Newark I -
.. -!Vrf .a LBIVS. ' AHKIV8.
Express . 6fl0 A. M. 11:30 P. M,
Accommodation 6:4i A. Al. 7KI0 P. M
Mail.., 12:30 Noon. 420 P. M
'. A. TV. DENNIS, Ayent.
A Clergymail, while residing in South America at
missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy
for the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay
Diseases of the Urinary and Sominal Organs, and
the wholetrain of disorders brought-on by baneful
and vioious habits. Great numbers have been al
ready cured by thia noble remedy. Promted by a
desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will
send the receipt for preparing and using this medi
cine, in a scaled envelope, to any one who needs it,
I Please inclose a post-paid envelope, addressed' H
yourself. . Address, i
. Station D, BiblkHopsi.
imehsm-dly ' . - hew York Oity.
Tbe People's Favorite.
'The rapidly increasing popularity of Robaok's
Bitters It the most convincing proof of their .mer
its, -bd a silent expression of pnblle opinion in
their favor. There s not another instance in the
annals of this age. bf a remedy relyii g entirely on
its own intrinsio merits beooming so universally
appreoiated. , " 1 f T ': ' ". ' i' r . 7 I !" ! ;
It has been said by men who hare used these
Bitters and notieed their effeot in the community,
that the general health of the nation is much im
proved sinoe their introduction, ' They can be pur
chased everywhere and are nsed by almost every
ope, aad those who have not tried them should do
so without delay, as it may be the means of pre
venting a lingering illness. , oot20-d4wlm
RentoTed fora tilaOId Office. .
DR. A. B WILLIAMS, West Broadway, neat
High street, Columbus, Ohio, .bat devoted himsel
for a series of yean to the trea ment of oertain pri
vate diseases. He may be consulted at bit offioe-
Broadway, near the Exchange Bank. ,
mohitbts ,vj.jj
enee of an Inralid. Published for the benefit,
and as a CAUTION TO YOUNU MKN and others,
who snffer from Nervous Debility, Premature De
cay of Manhood, io.. tapplyinir at the same time
ThbMkanbop 8ILF-CUKB. Byonewho lias cur
ed himtolf after undergoing considerable quaokurr.
It inclonine a Dostoaid addressed envelope, siiiile
eooiet may be bad of the author.
agSe-d3m Brooklyn, Kings Co., N. Y.
The Bridal Chamber, an Essay of Warn
Ing andTnstruotion fox Young Men,' Also, new end
reliable treatment for Diseases of the Urinary an
Sexual Systems Sent free, la sealed envelope!
Addres r. J. 8KILLIN UOUUBTON, Howard
Assoei - n Pkiiadelnbia. Pa. apr 46-1 t
j STOLENj l .
the subscriber, in Ciroleville, Ohio, on the
IHthinst., a BAY MARK, 16 bands high, star in
forhnail. neaVV mana and tail, and wattsthind foot:
outs her front ankles in moving, and bad on leather
rolls in front when she left. Also, a B.1UU-TOP
BUUY, gtoen etrlped-E. King, Maker. , L .;
Will banaidfor thereeoverf of the thief. Mar and
UUEgy. . 1.1 ,. H, BiSliflAUUU,
Mr 11 111 null
Livery Stable Keeper,
Sandusky, Mansfield & Newark R. Telegraphic.
From Washington.
Niw" Yonic, Nov; 2-The Times' Rpnelal
says: The papers In the case of Wire were
yesterday evening placul in the bands of
the President; for ills approval or dixap
proval of the findings and iudgment of tho
Military Com mission. Up to the present
moment it is not known that the President
has disposed of the ease. , , ,,.
Tlie World's special says: The great
pressure of public business on tho Presi
dent has prevented idm from doing any
thing in the Wirz case. The transcript of
the. record made by, the .Juries Advocate
General has not even been laid befbro the
Letters were received at tho Frecdmcn's
Bureau tills morning complaining of the
treatment of freedmen in Anne Arundel
county, Maryland. .Every effort will be
made for the abatement of these coin
plaints. Pcv. Henry Ward Beecher had an intcri
view with the President yesterday and
a;ain this morttlug, lie is more than ever
pleased witl) the President's policy.
A special Cabinet meeting was held nt
noon. There is little or no doubt but that
the Adams-Russell correspondence in re
gard to the Alabama piracies was . under
consideration, and tho reply of Mr. Seward
to Earl Kussell read at the meeting and duly
considered, though in some- quarters it is
declared that tho dispatch to Minister Ad
ams went out on to-day's steamer.
A special to the Tribune from Washing
ton says: The Government has received
fronl Charleston', S. C, a quantity of letters
written in the spring of 1801, by the more
honest postmasters, of places' sOutlt bfi
Charleston, containing money and postage
stamps, but all seized at that city by the
Confederates. The stamps, being useless to
them, were allowed to remain there. Gov
ernment has also received $7,400 tor postage
due from Charleston bejbyu.the war.. ..
Ex-Cora mlssioMer Ortdrf received' the
farewell greetings of the clerks of the In
ternal Revenue Bureau, and lef t for New
York last evening.
- Commissioner ltollins, who returned last
evening, resumed his new duties to-day. , .
. Sixty-one millions certificates of Indebt
edness were passed at the Treasury yester
day to the credit of the various purchasing
quartermasters throughout the country, to
liquidate the outstanding claims of Gov
ernment contractors.', " 'T ' ' (V1'
A special to the Herald from Washington
says: The fifty dollar counterfeit green
back is such a successful piece of work
manship that about a dozen copies of it
...ZJ B .1...
iiavn urcii jmiu uvcr wm uuuiiLuie ui biio
Treasury. The veteran Treasurer, General
Spinner, acknowledges himself .puzzled to.
distinguish the good from the lad Ju this,
1 Capt Woodruff, of the Kescrve Corps, has
been charged with making out the rolls,
and Major Lamotte is to muster out those
Veterans who wish it as soon as the rolls are
made out. Two or three days will elapse
before the men of the -Veteran Reserve
Corps in this Department will have an op
portunity to vote on the question.
The case of Capt. Pettit, the Alexandria
jailor, charged with cruelties to prisoners,
will come up before a military commission
to-morrow. Evidence will be adduced to
prove, Ppttlt guilty of outrages butllttle in'
i'erior to Andersonville, bearing on the de
struction of life at the latter place, lie was
a Veteran Keserve Captain, and was arrest
ed by order of the Secretary of War for in
humanities toward citizens of Aicxaudria
as well as Union soldiers.-.
New York, Nov. 2-The Tost's Wash
ington special says the quarterly report of
Freeman Clarke, Comptroller of the Cur
rency, shows loans and discounts of Na
tional banks at $485,000,000; Circulation
was $171,000,000; in deposits $403,000,000.
Circulation of the State banks about $U0,
000,000. :-' 1 V ' j : ) . ,
Missouri Legislature.
' St. Louis, Nov. 1. An adjourned session
of the Missouri Legislature convened at
Jefferson City to-day. No quorum being
present in the Senate, that body adjourned
until to-morrow. The House organized
with Col. Jameson as Speaker pro tem, but
adjourned without transacting any busi
ness. Walter S. Lovelace, regular Speaker
of the House, having been appointed Judgo
of the .Supremo Court by Gov.. Fletcher, a
vacancy exist?, but it is not decided wheth
er the House will elect a new Speaker or
allow Col. Jameson to preside during the
session. .
Business at Atlanta—The Slave
Trade in Cuba.
t New York, Nov. 2. The Times' Atlanta
correspondence represents that city as
Speedily recovering from its ruins; busiuess
enterprise active.
! A special to the Tribune from Havana
says the slave trado In Cuba is very flour
ishing. Efforts are being made by Argu
clles to induce the President of the United
States to Interfere in his behalf.
'. The Captain General of Cuba, Mr. Do
mingo Eulcc, is to be removed on the 1st
Inst. This is anticipated with great satis
faction by the inhabitants. ' "
The Fenian Excitement in Canada.
' , . ;; . ' ada.
Nkw York, Tov. 2. A special to the
Times from Montreal, Nov. 2d, says: I un
derstand that five regiments of British
troops will be here very soon, on their way
to Upper Canada to guard against a possi
ble ienian demonstration on that Province.
Steamers are in readinss down the river to'
transport these troops. .. 1
The, city of Montreal is In mourning for
the death of Lord Palmerstonv and also for
the. sad fate of Counsellor Ayskambault,!
killed on the St. John. There will be a
great funeral to-morrow.
A Pigeon Shooting March.
Buffalo, Nov. 2. The pigeon shootlne
match between Robert Newell, of this city,'
and John Taylor, of Jersey City, , com
menced at Syracuse to-day. There was
some mi8under8taudlngat first about traps,,
but shooting at one hundred single birds
began at one o'clock. Weather, drizzly.
Shooting at double birds to-morrow.'
Syracuse, Nov. 2. Taylor, of New Jer
sey, won in the pizeon shootinir match to
day for $1000 at one hundred single birds.
Taylor scored M out of 100, and Newell
92. Three of Ne well's birds fell dead out-
Bide of the bounds. . . .
The Insurrection in Jamaica.
Njew Yohk,, Nov. 2. Intlllr!nc . re
ceived by way of Havana In relation to
tne negro insurrection la Jamaica, states
that the disorders becran in the district of
St. Thomas, where martial law has been
declared. The leader of the insurrection is
named Haul Boyle. The Government has
offered $2,000 for his arrest.' ' Two Spanish
war vessels, tho Saint Lucia and the Ando
losa, had left Santiago de Cuba on the 19th
ult., to protect tho fepauiso. citizens in Ja
maica and offer aid to the authorities in
suppression of the revolt.
i ! " m
Magruder and Maury in Mexico.
!Nw York. Oct, 2.Latest Mexican ad-.'
vices confirm the appointment of Magruder
and Maury in the colonial bureau. The
Mexican Times congratulates the Imperial
Government upon these appointments, and
urges Immigration from the United States.
Maximilian's agents of colonization have
bden appointed In several ot the Southern
States. Magruder's salary is $3,000 annu
ally, and contingencies $2,550.
5 Nkw York, Nov. 2. A fire occurred this
noon at the corner ot Jieaver aud New
streets, ln.a.large building occupied by
Blwlinger & Co., Liquor dealers, and Read
& liouudey, Provision dealers. Damage
unknown yet, but must bp heavy. Crystal
Oil Works, Brooklyn, burned this morning.,
Meeting of the New York Chamber
Meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce--They Indorse Secretary
McCulloch's Fort Wayne
Nkw York, Oct. 2 The Clinmbcr Of
Commerce held their regular monthly meet'
iuz this evening. Kesolutions were adopt
ed apnrovinir of the sentiments expressed
by the Secretary of the Treasury in his
speech at Fort Wayne, as well as his recent
action in reiunuing jO,ooo,ooo oi legal wil
der notes, thus giving assurance of a deter
mination to exert bis influence auu author
ity in favor ot an early return to specie
payments;.- atRO' expressing .emphatically
a conviction" of the. necessity of prompt
but. cautious movements in the direction- of
me ui uiwiiieiiLoi meourreircy, and mere
fore entreating in advance nil emphatic
protest Against every appeal that may bo
made-to Congress at the approaching ses
sion to increase the issue of National Bank
currency bevond the three million author
ized, or the issue of a single dollar more of
paper money in any tonn; also that cooIps
of t'lo resolutions be forwarded to the
President and the Secretary of the Treas
ury. Snppe.liPR were made hv T?ev. O..T. Vlntp.li-
er and Honor A mbujo, Brazilian Minister.
Mr. Jt letcner said that alter laboring tnlr
teen years to establish a line ot steamers
between Brazil and the United States, he
had come to congratulate them and to be
congratulated, that the work was accoin-r
pushed. : Ttio sentiments ot cordial sym
pathy expressed by the Brazilian Minister
In his remarks wet a response in every
heart. , ...
It wnfe then resolved to print 1,000 copies
of the speeches of both KontleinunMoirether
wtth me memorial sent from the; Klo do
Janeiro unamDer ot uommerce. "
Mexican Affairs.
-Nkw York Nov. 2 By tho arriyal yes
terday of Gen. Aquirabo, military' cpfri
mander of the State of Coahuila for the lie-'
public of Mexico, we learn that Gen. Eso
vada was at Cuatro Ciengas, in Coahuila,
about six hundred miles west of Matatno-
ras. on the 20th and 25th of September last,
with his forces scattered all over that State
and New Leon, acting entirely on the le-.
tensive and only Harassing the Kronen by
bushwhacking. ' General Amilrabo states
that Carrels, Cordo, Lon and others were
more than one hundred miles fronl Mat
auioras and were waiting the return of
General Carvajal ' with Hie means and
elements of war. He asserts that the
reported defeat of the Liberals at 31at-
anioras, If true, must be of tho bandit
Cortinas, who has no flag. He says that
the whole mass of the Mexican people will
rise and exterminate the French as soon as
they, can get arms and ammunition, and
that President Juarez is in no danger. .
Augustine VIcSCa U Governor of Coahu
ila, and is in possession of the whole
State except Saltiilo. Esoovado is Govern
or of New Leon.
The brave Col. Trevlno with hs legion,
is at Carralvo.
One million and a half in gold and silver
coin is about to be brought to Matamoras,
escorted by one hundred and fitty-live
French troops and fifty-live traitors.
The live French olllccrs captured and sub
sequently hung by the Liberals, were sac
riltced accord in if to Maximilian's own
Kmethod of doing business. He was prompt
ly ana oinciaiiy notineu tnat as ne had
hoisted the black flag they would deal with
the imperialists just as they should deal
with tliem.
Cotton Thieving at Mobile—Affairs
in Alabama.
New York, Nov. 2. The Mobile corres
pondent of the Times states that Colonel
Brooke has ferreted out a system of cotton
thieving of huge proportions, . by whicli
Government has been badly swindled and
certain Assistant Treasury Agents have
pocketed large sums of money. A Ilv,
Mr. Carver has been arrested as oucof tho
principal agents in this fraud.
Cotton burners are very plentv, and sev
eral tires lately have destroyed much of
that rieseripnon ot property.
Two companies of fho 15th Regulars
have arrived irotn .Newport, ana a regl
ment is quartered on Government street.
i Lieut. Bnrns has died. Lieut. Occlestor,
Of Providence, has Pee n promoted to
Captaincy, and Lieut. Corliss, of the same
citv, promoted to a 1st Lieutennncy.
. Horrible outrages have lately been com
mitted near t lorence, several persons hav
In been burned to death by robbers lu
senrch of hidden valuables.'
Northern Alabama is full of patriotism,
and American nags are seen on many
houses, but the, southern portion of the
State, including Mobile, is not so patriotic
they having sullerea heavily from invest
oieuts In rebel currency, &e. ,
' A duel was foutht a few diys since be
tu een Hale, editor of the Mobile Times,
and rebel Col. Brook.. Shot-guns were
used; distance forty paces. A o one hurt,
The Turf.
i Nkw York, Nov. 2. At tho trotting on
Fashion Course yesterday - G. Johnson
named Billy, and A. J. Patterson named
itrown mare. Match t.HJUu; mile heats.
Brown mare won three heats: timo 2:48?.'.
2:49 aud 2:51. Sto'iiewall Jackson aud Lady
Jane; match $oiX); mile heats: best 3 In 5
Stonewall Jackson was awarded the race,
Him mora fiavlnir nn rltlrtnnr tlin ran.
' The Fenian headquarters in this city Is
the scene of muoh business activity daily,
every one woraing irr gooti earnest.-
Picked Up at Sea.
Nb York, Nov." 2. It appears that
Capt. nawthorne and twenty-three passen
gers of the steamer Republic were picked
Up at sea by tho sehooner Willie Dill and
taken to fort uoyai. me boat contatulnz
Capt. Young and '.thirteen others was
picked up at sea dv tne dmz u. Jovett, ana
taken to Charleston. ' Another boat and
the raft are yet to be heard from.
Sentences Remitted.
Nkw York, Nov. 2. A special to the
World from Washington says: Orders
have been issued from the War Department,
under aate uct. Z8tn, to remit tne utiex
pired portion of sentences ot a number of
enlisted- men ana others, tnea oy uourt
Martial upon various charges and sentenced
to be imprisoned for a term or years.
-mi i
Survivors of the Steamer Republic.
l lie' ' .. ,
I Charleston. S. C Oct. 30. Tho boat In
charge of tho first oflicer of the steamer
Republic arrived here safe this morning
with twelve passengers. The boat in charge
or Capt. Hawthorne, a passenger of the
Republic, . arrived at Hilton Head with
twenty-four passengers, all well. ,
The Musicians' Strike.
i New York; Oct. 2.The musical strike
last night was only partially successful;
three or four of the theaters being without
orchestras, supplied their plaoes with piano,
vocal aud melodeon music.
I r mm ' ''- ' '
1 Nkw York, Nov. 2. The Wood's Ha
vana correspondent of tho 27th ult., says
the attack upon the railroad at Zejeira,
Mexico, was made by a party of four hun
dred guerrillas. The trains were detained
and passengers taken some miles from the
station, where the Spanish, Mexican; Ger
man and American travelers were released,
and the French, civil and military, were
detained. No doubt they have been shot,
probably fourteen persous. American pas
sengers not identified with the politics of
the country are unmolested.
.1 m " ' .:.V.ni:.-"i
.New York, Oct. 2. The street cleaning
commission met at City Hall to consider the
charges against the street cleaning con
tractors. The Polioe Board, if desirable,
would aid with such proofs as could be of
fwed of the truth of the charges. Mri
Van Depool presented an answer to the
charges. It was decided to instruct the
contractors to make particular antwer to
each interrogation in. the polioe :Knort.
The Board adJournecV'Uutll 11 o'clock' Mon
day morning.
Mr McPherson's Position.
WASniNGTOW. Oct. 2.i-Th.l,1ln! Ifin...
nals have recently published a etatcment ot
the law governing the clerk of the House
or Representatives in making up the roll
for the organization of the next house, who
construes that law so as to preclude lilin
lron placing On the roll names of Repre
sentatives from the lately rebellious States.
This statement they have Incorrectly at
tributed to the clerk himself. It was writ
ten by Mr.WhltelowRead, the Librarian of
the House, fora western journal with which
ho is connected; but there are sufficient
reasons for believing that it faithfully and
exactly states the view ot the la on which
the clerk will act. It may, therefore, be
considered as settled, that in the organiza
tion of trio Ilftuse no members "elect from
the lately Insurrectionary .fitaScs will par
ticipate. After the organization their cases
will come up on tho, presentation of thntt
credentials, and will doubtless be referred,
in due course, to tho cOinmllfeo on Elec
tions. MrlcPiw!rsoii himsdi liowever,
has published nothing on the subject, and
Is not likely to volulitecr a prlif ted explana
tion of his intended course in .advance. : 'I
The National Debt.
Washington,; Nov. 2. Seerffary Mc
Culloch to-day promulgated Ihe sUU;raent
of the ptiblfc debt, as it appears from the
books of the Treasurer's returns and n qul
sitions in the department on the Hint of Oc
tober; 18C5. Tho recapitulation shows the
following: - Debt bearing Interest in colriJ
$110,113,700,180; debt hearing Interest' lit
lawful money, $1,101,811,978,740; debt on
which. lotcrcsL has ocascd, ,ff i:i7.3ri,00f ;
debt, bearing no' interest, $5s,Cu2.SS5,'u!rl ;
total amount outstanding. $274,085,475,880.
The ' total interest is1 $13!lS)3,f!07,8:.0 ; 'of
wiiii.ti $0,707,001,050 is 1 ooiti, and 17,120,
773,800 is in lawnil money.
-rA )ntr.st ; of 'the H tober istttcmenf
wjtWthat fr ')tembpr;hows aredttctforr
of the public, debt of $1,000,000, and also,
a reduction of legal tenders; of over $44.
000,000. . In the October statement there is
alsoa new feature, naiiiolv, theaniountout-
tandlug In . 5-0, bonds, exchanires undnr
the act of March.lJd, 1SC5, nearly $4,500,000.
Tlicse are payable after live, and redeema
ble in twenty years" after November 1st,
188 at 0 per cent, interest In coin. 'The'
temporary loan at 4 percent. Is$G12,72S; at
5 per cent:, $31,310,071, and at 0 per cent.
$07,185,30(5; - certificates of indebtedness:
bearing u percent, interest, $o5,IXJ5,0O0. ...
Henry Ward Beecher has an Interview
with the President.
New York. Nov. 2. The Post's Wash
ington' special says : Itev. lleiiry Ward
Iicecher had an interview yesterday with
the l'resuient. iir. doiinson was very
frank. in his statement :of his purpose and.
convictions. He declined that no .State
lately in rebellion ought.to be permitted to
resume its former status and position in the
Union till it shall have adopted the Consti
tutional amendment and provided to ex
tend protection to Freedmen. .
i PROviftKNCK, Nov. 2. The schooner Bes
sie, from Mautanztts lor Montreal with mo
lasses and cigars, ha been towed into this
port witlt the loss of her mainmast aud
sails. re : '
I.UUU WATCH Krt U he inMat, fl.no ,arh,and
nut tu b-puid lor uni$ ptrnstly latiitactory. j
The Urirost Manufiicturers ami Ofininators if tha
IliKtrihutiin. nunducted fur .rears nn uricll Junnr
prlncifiU and to the entire satisfaction of all
WQupalruiiuo l, uS'er tho usual
Of rich and valuable arliclos at One Dollar each.
: Sou Fine liuld Chronometer Watches,
! eiich J"0
i Sno Unellold Knslish Lever Watches... J.V)
! !!"' Lailies'Uild toaiue'd Bijou Watuhos ' Kill
, 200 Solil Silver Hunt n Lever Watches WO to SU
, 21 Silr liinner Sets tin to ISO
16(1 Silver Tea Seta 100 to 1.V)
S.IHK) Knslixh Silver Cruet Stands ifll to iu
l.uuu Silver fruit Urns 16 to 30
' Sot of Jewclrj, (Juardaud Vest Chains, Spring
Locket, etc., etc
CeLtiticatoi of the above articles are planed in
Sealed envelopes mixed and drnwo from when nr
derud. Onenoaleil envelope comainiiie an order for
ene of the valuable articles nn our lift trill be sent
to snvmlrirens on receipt of UcnntM. Sfortl.00, 13
fortJ.ot). SU with premium for SA W. loo with pre
Diiuui solid Silror Huntiiu; Ctue Watch H7i.iMi.-
i'erfeet satiffeoti -n guaranteed inall cases, (limits
aot pleasinir the taste or fancy of our oustomers.
Will be exchanged free of cost. ......
Acnnt andothem will bo allowed lOcents on cachl
eortifiratc ordered br them, providini; nut len than
six aro ordered (it a time. Agents will collect IScnnU
for oaoh certilicate, aud remit IS ceuU euuh to us.
i Address all ordem to
!' ' 8AMUKL ( ltfCKARDS k CO.,
' ':':'! ltk! Nsmjiu ureof, iew York,
I epts-wl3; .... .. .. .i i
To Holders of the Notes of Pick
! away Count Bank.
f'lKriT eotion of the Aot putted March 2 Int.
tr au iii"i i ri v a avo ununiiii) isi uj' iiiiu a iur-
awayl'ount.v Hank, Circlorille, Ohio, Riles notice
that the outstandiuc notes of circulation of said
Hank will be redeemed bv the First National liank,
Circleville, Ohio. Holders of said notes ere re
quested to present them for redemption within six
mouths from this date.
, O. BALLARD. Jr.. ...
I Cirolevllle.D., Feb. 9, 184. . Cashier.
tnch'6S-wfttno ' '
lrfKl A ...tkn;. Cm. li.nblno in DkiA tt.. Pink.
!.,, . .. . ,..
. " 1 O 4 'A. O K E S ,
!! "' ni OSE TRACT. ' !
, . . ; I 'll : :
Three and one-half miles north of Cotamhns, Ohio,
fronting i n the ilarbor road, and south of the Muck
Terms eisv, and, If required, I will soli in tots oi
FIFTY ACUKd. Fur lurtber part ionium inquire
ot . . JOHN iNObliB,. ,.
I No. 08 Gaj street, Columbus. O.. ,
septl4-d3twtf . -
Paving Ordinance.
'An Ordinance to grade and pave Fourth alley, from
Fair alio; tu Front street.
' Section 1. lie It on'aincd by tho City Council
of the Oity of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers eoaonrrint;). That the gutters and erossinirs he
graded aud paved, and the nnpaved sidewalks be.
graded and graveled, on Fourth alley, fro u Fair
alley to Front street, in accordance with the plat
thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
i Sko. 1. Thai all damages, costs and expenses
arieing from the foregoing improvement, shall be as
sensed and levied upon the several lots rf land front
itg or abutting theron, in proportion to their feet
President of the City Council.
Passed October 30, A. D. 1865.
I Attest: JosiirH Duwpall, City Clerk.
novl-llt -
i jjw.fimmel;
wholesale and' retail
OFFlCE-AtNo.4.intheOriRA Hougg.
-For o,lbl
1 House and double Cellar, Just finished, con
taining 8 Kooms, situate on the Johnstown Koad"
near eil's Avenue. 1 Will be sold ehean . Kornar.''
tieulars. inquire of RICHARD NKVlNS.or -to
.yiM dtf - v' J. MoNAMEK. Aran
1 Fluting I Fluting : j
in the best manner, on short notice. Ladies and
Dressmakers, please send In your work, if you wish
itneatly doae. .-. MRS. BARTELL,
INo. 1M South High St., Lattimer'f new building.
tnaySS . ; t r
City Property for Sale.
isuKK's ui ii.ifimii on iiiuii
atraal. in freni J the Stat House, for ml. i
ddres A. RlSUEKr.it
iuiy vieveiaua u
New York Money Market—Nov. 2.
IoJJ0EY Aotivo and firm at T per cent. forca'I
HTKUUNB ExdaANGB-.Quleta Vxmo for
gohlnrsi class hills. ,
''A "hade firmer,' opening at Ui and ol'osing
New York Stock Market—Nov. 2.
fiTOUKS-Steady. RoV Wand 10(1; Milwaukee
W . M tk.... L' .... - n
n iran n u i : it t n an
Miioago 106; AltonATerre Haute 4tlt; dopretorrel
Tt; ,l-hirago A Northwe-tero 84v) do preferrej
y leksilver Er,, u..Hudar.i) ll!, Uradiim
ll.4: Michican Southern Mj Cleveland f'ittiibutg
New J otk Central loo;.: Onlo A MirtdKsipFi
eertiflatcs.j Missouri 6's '7;.l yearce.lifiti-s
i-VU coupi'UA extia November coupons JLWjj;. Jf
New York Market—Nov. 2.
tlTTON'Lcs active ami orii.ua .till r..tA c.
atMflfn, miiLHin,,
LOU K Market 69 10olottr on low and medium.
8hvWr,;4UMtralebrandi inarketol sipg
? iff" rlH '-'iKtwlhls extra Stile
l"f ''.'"""il'iilf l)ecoinherntSf.o. , , ,. -
vi-W'J". VT&t?- ; ' Wwrlorii kt Ji Jr."
vv llhAI Withoutdeeidtdchange. SalcsatllW
for new St I Milwauk, eldh; f 75 for old Chicago
sprimr; ft HI for iewuibr At,l whe;. i M b
for new amber feUto, ao4.Jio.lureumuioi white
western. .:, r .,, 1, ..
KYK Quiot and steady. . .. ",. .'.. ,.i..,f
i,K'&V:sUd Canada Westorn t
KARLhY slAf.T Quiet.- , .-'.- .
yX-l- betler. M1I05 at 8187 for unsound;
as 1 tlOc fur found mixeil wesieru; llo tur liiith mtaed
nearly yellow; 7do fur dauiaoed. aud tl U3 fur
choice sound yellow. ' ' '
OATS In moderate request at ItHSSIcfoCnnsouAd
"WW-for sound, sod JUcforolimce do in store 1
I A I 1 'a h inn and in moderate demand at l(V43a
ilur.'M prop, and ium Uit 'ai'DTon. -J '"1
! 1 fclKOLLUVt 3ati4or cruue; OOo for refined
,T,in!l.e. ;i7o (W ifM.. , '.'i.1.i-i,
1 .Lvr IkEuiek- .- - i -' . . -1 - 1
! .feLUAR--Sua at 13Xle fot Cuba Knseo
.V.'"'.1."1, Havana. . .. ,,, ..,,, ., ,1
MOLASSES Quiet and firm.
! IVlik.- Ui-H-i-t and Wneir riieaa3 loVsWt f
for me.-s. closing at 33 37X caxh; fl (HI fur prime
"..'Wfiir, prime uii...,. ., ,
Hhfcl Hieady: fl- OOatH 00'jor'plain nWand
$14417 00 lor extra me-,
AMfti-Quiet and firm, rialee tbarriye
at 137 50. r. .,,,,,11
PA0-n'l nominj. I nV.s
i,LI"iATSL'ul1 at iaXl'''-0 for "bouldprs.
LARU Quiet at -4438Xc .
1ID iTLR Iadeiuand at3042o for Ohio and Kie,
for Sjirto. ... ,
CH8E-Firm lit 14919k ; ; ' ' ;;'
' " ' n ' 7-7- t .,'
Cleveland Market.
' FLO.UIf-Haperfin Isalrhnst nnsalablo it is of-feri-dat7
25 7 75 for rcgrinding tp that made en-t-rolyfreni
theoriirirmt sti-k: Kxtramad fiom now
Wheat is unnred at tH DO II 00. without findin hn
ers; that niado from i4d W'heiitisiKiid in small qutav
titles at prices ranging from OOs'J 60, Family and.
fanny is held firmly at $9 753J2, according to quality
and r-putation of brands.
vt HliA tfrlme old red i offered freelv at W 00-,
small palos were made at this rate, hut liber! mi.
cessions would be o-eisary to dipueof rounl vkjt
New led tells at p-ices ranging ftoui II 10al75,ac-
curnioK ui uumiiv. . .
: OROt;KKIF.S-Ve quote fafr toehoice Rio Coffee
at SK:t.V: raw. Sugar. 144) lo; hard refined. SIX'.
'-."40. aud Molasses at $1 001 10 per gallon for Porto!
lieo. .1
HUTTF.R The demand continues light and the
market 14 dull at 37&0o per pound lur prime to,
choice Cenfrifl Ohio. 1
C1IKESK Wo quoto Wcstorn Roservo and Ham
bureh'at.21" per pvdnd, actual tare... . '.
E(J(j8 The supply continues light, and the mar-1
ket if firm at 34!4:;rK per dozen, shippers' connt.
HAY Prime Timothy is quoted at $12 Wali OP'
per tun.
WUISKY-Salasof S75 bbls a 3 58.
- Cleveland market., . r-.
FLOCR-UcM at 9 MkSlO 60 for XX -A lri no
11 AO lor XX while roimirv lirandu; U IHxSII SO fur
XX red: 1S tKKJjH! 10 for XX white city made.
WllL AT Nu. 2 rod ulterod atl ouwubuut re--
ffpoliso. . ;.
OATS Seles 3 cars from store at 45o.
RYE llcldatW4iisri from store.
li i: TT E R Salea and tub at 4043o for West.,
em Reierre.
ClIEK'SE Active and vory firm at a ninge of 179
20c fur good to prime in large lots; choice selected 1
in smitll oN abuiitle higher. . , . '
EOCJS Fir u at 35u; receipts small and dexanoV
g-od. , ,,
llI(iIIWIN'ES-Firmat2 30. ' '
AM'OIIOL-Colngne Spirits 4 7S: PS p-r cent,
l 6014 li.l: Neutral Proof Spirit fa 4v8 f.O . -
10 I'ATUES- Firm and uuulianod at US5o for .
Peach IIImv.
SEEDS Timothy hold at 3 75S4 00. Ko Clover 1
0nmark"t '
FEATHERS Prime live gecso scarce and better. ,
Held at Sue'! 00. i
SALT H Mil a.5 65 for fine, $2 60 for eoaj'
OnondaRS; 65 tor Seirinaw. .
. ALU AND l-OUTHt-We ouote: Present 0-6
XXAl610flO: Stock XXX14f0; Kennett Slil 00:
Pale Cream 11 (4); Porter 14 Oo. Half aud quar
ter barrels in proportion.
Ml. J. It. NEWTON'
IN roi.iTnHr.s, mo, at , a mnosi
IAI.li, from October 10th until about the Srit
of December, at H, o'clock until II A; M., daily
(Sundays excepted). A free and cordial im itation
to those not well abie 10 pay, while those win, are
able to pay will he treated at the Neil liouse, Parlor
No. lrum 3 o'clock until 6 P. M. - ' )
Vurvu in Slotit Caws Intitantancouia.
No medicine given. No pain caused, but relief
from pain from any sickness ur causo, certain in '
few minutes. '
1 Dr. Newton's practice Is mostly diseases and eases '
given up as incurable. His treatiiiout is peculiar to "
Eimself, although there have been men in ail ages
who have had the same magnatio power over din
eaeenf the body- and mimt,fmmeatt frthe "UllH"
of Healing,") yet few have postered it to such an
extent uver netirly alf diseases aud pontons.. It tew
lite and vita ity paseed iram a strong, faeahliy bouy
tua weak one, that restored the lost ur unequal cir
culation ol the vital or nervous lUid. 80 powerful
is this influence that persons vnlobave for many ,
years suflered from diseases which have lben pro- -nounced
incurable, and to whom medicine had Veen
administered with no good effect. have ben rcstliretl
t health in an al most incredibly short space of ti tie. .'f
It will not restore a lost member ot the body or per- ,
(inn other impossibilities, bnt it'will always relieve)"
pain, from whatever cause. The practice is fcaood up- A
on the most strictprinciplcsnf science; there is uuth-'
iug miracnlons or superraturnl aboat' lu ! i In ii
harmony with natural lawa. lany sujiuont physi- j
oians, of Othor practice, not only acknowledge
this power, but receive the treatment for themselves ,
an1 f.inilin. wnll .iIvimm it In th.i. n.il.nl.
Dr. Newton does nrt profess to ou re every case. r
By this treatment it takeabut a few minntes for t
inveterate cases of almost any curable cbronic dia
eaee, aid so sure is the effect,, that tint tewdia-fi
oases require a seend ojierfttion, excepting Deaf- .
ness, Krokon Rones, I lisloeations, bad Cnrrateres of 1
the Spine, and Supneratiug Tumors. Even lts
will be much benefited alwavs relieved from pain,'
gnd sometime fully cured. Diseases that are musts :i
dertain of beipg cured at one nperattos, arc .
cag r.ves, an Discnses or tne tirniit. tst, v trus
Lungs. Catarrh, lironehms), DiscMed Livers, JiiaV,
ners, Heart, Ac, io.,io.
Paralyfis ie the mott slow and uncertain; sorno-:'
nines, though rarely, these paiicnts nave.boen fully
restored with one operation; they are: hrtwover, ti-"'
ways benefited.
. Deafness is most naoertaiq.
.J.I rlt-M
; octH-tt,
1 1 i li': " ' 'i ' ui' 'U'l f-. '(
L oOlvIIJlrl '. LVt. ri V) y i.f
1 1
t '11 11
A ITIost KmaUiie pdiraie mmA fr. .. .
grant Perfume, IsixiUleil fi-mi Jlti"
II it re !' Brnulirnl 'lkrl 'friiai' 1
wMrk'lt' tnkew' Ita1 km,"'-- 'l'',! '"' "
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