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The Ohio Statesman Company.
Amo3 i,YinNf, I wit.
t. H. L..,.lt LiHAtV, J
cor .j-? 'iiJUB, omoi
IB IDA y on tNa,-;
[Election Day. Tuesday, October 9, 1866.]
-torn mmn kif'W WVf"
' oen. iikii Jt.AJaiX .Mf eva.h.
.0 HLJskotWyi
Of Hamilton County. r. ,j.
.0 hWk;intiliW8:i Vi",'Vpwir'i;i
0iueW.ai-rWjH X 0" rDWARO
Judicial Convention.
iThft'DeWgatwi to the11 JutilrtaYConven
trM.Vffl mtaVthi fcfti il-all In Colum-
bfif;;6a;ir64d7J5uly 3Qtf,.at U o'clock
A1. ''if- for the purpose of nominating; a
CeteoeruU laridMafe fof "C6ifit5idJJ?lea8
Jtidg lb :MS Oflfthy4Ju(3lcl4f!l6IcV ii.
i .. v j . v ijJiiA:-i a .... n.,n.i.
ty Antral Committee.
ventral Committee. wo ;d lfqy.;,i. V
Oh, the Design is to Break Up the
Oh, the Design is to Break Up the republican Party.
"tftfx degree, of sattelactioQdo'the Re
publics poUtf class 'obMe'rnpii.te1 the'eaii
for a "National Union Cou veDUoa'f, to meet
.'. i . ' : J 'li.L l' A .. ,.i.nl
la rnuqeippia pn,,, wA niawkty- au'
They decry it ma novenentcoBtemplatlng
al 3i, . .1 - a aHaL. DAau.l.1liin; V'f
Thecall convening the CtmvchtloaaaW WW
"aao1jyelekate4T,ahali;;p 'Jchosen by.the
; electoubf h. AeYwai 6titea who ustaln
the AdmlnUtratkm W"taamtal'iinj? ' un
. bnkNi the Union of' the 'States' undei; the
vtnvri r tt tnn wnin nn r iirnara m-.i.miii ikiiru. 1
and pfco' Vutlwrlbe to. the "equaUtyof the
StateiiwkacondemAtN!loc6rnW'6f seces-
el in'Whetae? fcra
, withdrawal or li.Jhe,,8b.ai. pi jtxciuaioo j
who reco'zaiia tbaabolitoewrof lrery and
' 1 . . .... . .i.ii.Liniknci.
wno noiocna4tiiKmi nor-m; Tc-csiaunan
' Id: whaoacede'teaT!htatethe'riiidoubt
, W right rtapreaeri.be tBe tAliflcitltni of
-Uowo electorsjfwhtoMaVorthe tnaln
b lanoalnTtolateof the rtthtsef the$tatej
ii 1 eirieclaliy; the i'n'CcX ,'eacb. , $.te , to
iderlQ'cbntrol ItsyondiOinnHtioooiieerni,
cordlug tOilU own Judgment extihiiWbly,
bj9ctiry' t the' 'OodsHtutton .ol the
il eafltafes'htthlie.V.eact', jffouw ol
ngrip i Ma4t j U a Cknwtitutlon, the
: ,ke jud'ojr,1tlbe .lectlooa,' Tettirrig anff
! . aimcatlh'if 1t BimberS,'J' the ekcju-:
. In of 'lojral 9eWt6tiiand'JRepre'sentative8,
bperfjfcfii' AQ T.qualltted onder' the
nstituttlo aad lawa, ia unjust and 'reyo-
S'ow.Hf 'Bient 'jpuNsojt baa bo aap
ter "le.iBjpnblican party, a la1 by
inbllbaa' ieaderl' allejje'd, hovr can Btich.
)venos7iHed by; Conservative Eepub
' i tin, teii't9iJ4Urapt,-,tlteR0pabltcaa
battheDeaiocratSe party hob1ideupport
., rresiaenc in emorcjnz cue uousmuuou
- csipint ai?(J tu.iair, ana nouiuirive
ny mxyiuat looking' to bis Support In
: , i I patriatto'iffk, ooantenahce; y VV'
us It U for all thjlnga tfl gryttata cep ten
:. TtieCQhtepUt8dot)j9otofitael4th
ooal Uatoa''Conventlbn-j-ls'to ji-econ-i
;he NoVtA ; kH, ,t. proqla the
structlbiUty.Qi tuanUnloo tan J tne eu-
ie qurttlrth that,'stkii np lgnf; hera, la,
jU arf' object' that' aUauid receiT the
. ort andLb5ntenaoce wf J patriots
i that la not under the control o( bat
' oltterneso'cjt deIr'inoaf ,i'nn
' tha'V'tVv'and, the, 'South
' d be.,,; eooncllod I U Does not ' flis-
; inatenithoBght ''couHsel '.tbat.lich
t tha 'peace' and, proptterity o the
Tf ai)4,tflLthe UideatrnctibnityiBf'.th
, .? Ltfeiwu o'ted i9!b1ln treaa-
aa eoiuh $bjtg-wtqL tiie..war
ider WW iortthe pre-
- ion ofi the Unlc'was the Standing
- talk of the waste of liiaaad truasore,
'he question ei;t6 ifntegrlitf' the
;i J terrUrlB31yvW1J"feIny'Vett!chrl6n
battUxleUU bytle artAV'ldgic
i la It not even more unpatriotic and
. 'y BOITi4'teftM',ich kh acoulea-,
4 V n theVrq'TrtdtloHS tf'Jipa Conatitvi-
snau prpqupe uuiuig-recDnouiMion
: petualputoal tltwaaeleaffd1 the
' WA8BlHOTOMtbM1)JiWfafttlfltl,oi,
':. ? of toMtyl ffy letijer ,Qf tba
' Hlon.it, We foripatloaJio pret.t-
' resldefir,Aoi.und which he wi''
I T 1J. il jOtU!lJM"i.i' . i'i
, peopkoul moyj fof fard ,hb-
ty in 1 acareprjiftjutreatneer na
'.ess reuifcejjand the only tWfifc
ed apcreliaiisicwt i U telrtd'Wto.
d fuUMfJnhe'-theri'riant
fwaa the, accuracy eplitfkfSl jee4
' .lphaaia.aidB'Balnst.lfCr
'. NThMrp;fi'jjJeid
hU fla'aad jeatioBItiiiraa
or altltpav ulftet.:toto"ekaie
!, the'lApottie; ol AinerlcaIle:
.nd hpWhdttnce'l 'ie,' wjrjh
u after'a ttraiclpwed Jicksoav
ie la i:fiya,aMCKHaliJ wltW be
: ' biutyM toe. union; YKo;eron
th triRt'iV?9WajibBljJ.'4jBa4pal'
n he Tae n iae, warped, andiaei
, trutUiat, WQiiid. ioutl'as't'ilhle'
his Govariinieiiteahhot ppiiiia
I coercive pQef aj6n.V, 'fiere
tesmiuHlilp1; there must.be on
;re Ku.'f'!Ji)lC3ISt
ould 'Iieo J be given to the words
nt patriots. There la to-day
In the Congress of the United
:e Is section'
1 r ' k ji
section all
5o longer
tates r
n .end i&cssexA-
ary e'.Ttirr.ojg;a
. -.... a
;'i j.iii '''
A. ?urw";'" -.in!
' ly tbtjardu)d Tilledge the adiii'l;
. , x the yirta4:'l'iiit
, earefnily-jCs clfina'ta., audilta-Jilr'
feel proud allowed a voice in the Govern
niont. They are held and sought to loj
dominated over as conquered provinces.
There lis therefore, a pertinence In the call
for Union men Union men In reality not
the bae counterfeit to meet In National
Convention, and devise iiichrmeana and
measures aa will scourge into retirement
the Sectionallsta and Revolutionifetwho
;ior"Kea,rryli months have plotted against
union and
ml ugalnst our Republican, form
' flnvernili
jcnWWj " ' V J
I l(i tho l'jWl(nrparty.(iia8lb'8t!ome
' wyapletclyyeectlpnaflited If its members
are all Revolutionists; if they will not
support President Johnson in his work
of restoration and the maintenance of
movement that has for Its object bis en-
couragement and support, disrupt the Ee-
jubllan partjiQjrarft wa to ttierMH5
mat wun a restored union, the Kepublluan
party must necessarily pass Out of exUt
i t ,a hi
' ' tri'.-i'lV tti'- rt.'L..iit.''i
1 a jaiinni union onvemion. or at leasl
two fkltatea Iretneach Congressional Pis-
cricvoi ail tne states, two tYom each TqiH-J
iqryv two 1 com, cne uisiriei or tjoiutouia.
and four .dctarates at larire from each Ht.tt
WiUJie ht-W at the elty of phllalclphla, pa
Jiiv ewwyu Auerasj ( 14111; 01 AllgUft, neit.
Such. ,Uleiae8t will' be chosen by thp
lectors ;Of, tau several States who' sustain
Uie Administration in maintaining unbro
ken the Union of the States, under the Coh
stltuUott whlvsbour fathers established, mid
; wbo agreeMliu thai following- proptiHlUowt,
'vz: , y,Mi till A ' ,-T;.T . " -
. 4.u vDivKvi.-ine Dtaues is. m every case,
indissolubUv nd its perpetual; 'and the
( Constitution, of ithe Unlted States, yan,d the
mw. iittrBttu 1 Df .-. uoiiKrees m pursuance
'igereoi, supreme; anoeonstanc, aiiauniver
JThe r,I)jht, the digmry and the' equality1
of the btausim the Union. Including the
Tijfnt , 01 represeDcaiion' in congress,, are
Buteoiuir KUHranieea ny mac uonstuutton.
toi save wblah rrom overthrow1 so much
pipoa ana, treasure were expended in .tlue
late civil war:. imJ 1 , .'
,a Ther U no richt. Mirvtm' ft WIcoaIu.
tne Luon,.r to enparaWBtBtes'lroni the
Union, eiUerbry ivaauntary withdrawal, by
rorjce.ot anms,,pr by eongressional 'action,;
neither by the seceestoot 'the States,' lior,
rytbeusjunot their loyal and qtill
Ooternraentin any other form : "
m-j so HMVMcniMf nun aiviiiiri tail, ui
' Each State, kaa the Tind6obtedli'i!rhtn.'ta
pretcriue me-quanncations ot its ownejec-
iur aiifj no xwrnai power r trnuu iv can.
Ct diluht to, .ilictate, eontrol. or inrtntknce
cne n ee auu voiiiaiary action or tne stAtea
in the exarplse ot that right; : "
Tbe uiainteoance Inviolate bf the Irlirbta
.bf tbe Sutea, and especially of the rtsrhtof
11 . . .1 1. Lt .In t. ) .. -n ... , J. Jt '
( mestic concerns, according toltsbwn judg-
uieiii eiciuMveij.auujTOtODiy 10 tne JUOiJVf
ttution of, tbe Uuiceii States,'1s essentia
10 mat oaiance 01 power on whivh the per
ieetibuand, endurauoe of our political fb
rio depend, and the overthrow of that sva-
tem by the usurpation and centralization of
pmvir in Conaresawnuld bu a revolution.
umiquutiw rvpuuuraift ernnieub anu
''deatiju'ctiv ulioerty'r4 "'
.. - . . Lit - - ' i
uonscitucion, uieame juujjeoi t tic elections,
nnis ami nnulirinttlntia tt fttii h,u(Ji1,dm
but the exclusion of loyal1' Snatorr and
KOnreicutatives. proverlv chosen and nnfiU
tried, under the Constitution and laws, la
nnlust and revolutionarr: 1
" Every patriot., should, frown'lipon' all
tnosei acts anu proceedings, everywhere,
whitli. can servf.nq other purpose than to
rekrndle the animosities of war, and the
efl'e, tof which. upon oor moral.' social and
material Interest .at home, and upon our
starxling abroad, differing only in degree,
Is injurious like war ; ittelif """ l' ,: .
The purpose of the war having been to
preseve the,Union and .the Cohstitutlort by
puitinx down tbe rebelliun, and tne rebel-:
lion having been suppressed all resistance
to the autuoritv.of the General Government
being at ail end, and the war bavin ceased
war 1 measures. 6upuia raiso cease, ana
snnuia te loiwwr? oy meaiunes or peace-
iui aaministrauon, bo tnat onion, narmuny
and 001 cord uay be. eocouraffed, and 'in-
vived and nromotad: aad tbe earlvresiiorft:
don df all the Siatea to tbe fxereiBe' pf
ineir eonstifutioiiaj powers in the .National
Uovernnient Is inui.-pensablv neejNarT to
tne strength aad tb defense of the Repub
lic, aird to tbe maintenance of the public
credit' '
it All u ifielpctora in the tbirtyir Btnfes
and bmt Terr toiinsof-iHe United Starei
Arid lthe'i)L-triot ol Colmbia,,Wlio irr'k
a'an vise soove personal anaistiotlpti.al ron-
HawTBDjons, anu wno oewra .to seea truiv
Nariimall Uulon Conventlonv tvhkH SHail1
repreint all tbe States. And 1 Territories oY
1h ITnlnA.'naBpinhlo. m trWnflrttnrl hmU-J
pru j,nii..r tiia ngtLmur ttr. ra An m nm. m ,
EBl totretlier nnnn tha ,atatj nf tin fTrif,ri
and to1 take ' Measures : , tot avert' 'pfcsslb.le
oaiignr' irors, uie:. same, are specialty re
qnted 16 take part -in the choice of stich
deleiratesJ '. .'. ...1 ...1 ion -.i 31 ." 'J-
"rut; noldeleirate will take a sat 1n
iCoaVerttioh ho dpes npt loyHllyaeeept the
national sitnatton aua conwuny moorsethe
principles aoove set, iorw, anarwno not
attached, lb true allegiance, to theCofmtU
tution, the Union, aua tbe Government of
.oi.VAjiington, Jurie25. 1866.. i: ut'ri j Mi
-I'.J 1
jxt 'iiDiLiv rreac:
J. ..jJJoOurTLE,' "
0. JJ, iJaowAiifo, - ' " '
EpGA!;-toWUI,'idJ!o!j f j
Cbakles Knap,
kS lMr.ii.i-:
l; " JCrctiil Commitax2fltiotial Vnfcn dtub.
VVe'rccommend the holdlnirof triAahnva
Conveutioui aMMndtrs(!tie .all. therefor.
. "J. CBSMITH, 1'
UT .u..v
.U'iUi. !'
Address of Democratic and Conservative
Address of Democratic and Conservative members of Congress.
ii i hi th. Trvrrrn J J-r''"'l
rr7':' , , .1 1 ...-. i.- ...1 v
ii Uantwr' t
reaten. in vonsutanon; the
citadel of our JtbertiesJta directly
Tbe future Is dark, unless the people' will
eome to the rescue. In this hoot of peril
Aationai union,saoaia tne "watenwora
(tf every true man..:iAaeoentlnlto'atlrtnT
al'Uulion we must maintain unimpai red tbe
rlirhta,i.tba oitfnltyl and she -eanalitV of
ibe States, laaludine tbe rizht of reore-
ttuiuuvi. iu svvxnm vhu me es.t;iusive.
riatit or eadv ataia.. to .cotrtrol its own
domestic enceraa, sabJeVohiy' (6' tha
fcaititutlon i of,, the i- tj 61 ted ,r States.
After a unllotm eePBtrnotlOK' er tba Cob
utitution M more than half ; century, the
assumption of. ew and arbitrary powersin
tba tVtdenl Gavernmenf is subverstve' of
Qureyatemana.deetJuotiw of Tibertjr- A
free interchange of opinion and kind1, feel-
-ing between tueltUenaf All the States br
necessary 10 me prosperity or tne union.
At present eleven States arfe xeluded from
-tii ufUiunal eobnell. For seven lorigrrionths
the present Cortgress has perslftetitiy denied
any right of representation' u the1 people
of those fctates4 , Lavs affecting their blgb-
est ajaadeajrestiiuiereatv-aave 'Dtien' passed
LwiUtottteif consepft and' afl' disregard of
the fundamental principle of free govern v
meat, this aeniai.iei representation has
been made to afl the members from a State,
although the State, in tbe language of the
Preeldttntf presents Ittel riot onlv' In an
.iti,:,ili.tijo loyalty and harmony, but In the
jperspna.oi Kepiesenwave wnose loyalty
taniiot pe qjiestouf(J ,ndeif any - existing
Bftftnttdnjikof kgal.tfcst!' The Eepre-
.(vui.at.iven it jjesrjy iiHvuairu in inwncaH's
liave uot bctia coiLault'! -jhA nfMrendo to
tun great qnestldna o(.ttte Atffl There' has J
bfl "'J""":2
.;...iU i" '
SJUDloy .-'-.',- ,..
n ..1
been no nationality surrounding the pres
ent Congress. There has been no inter
course between the repreeentnives of the
two sect'ons, produclug mutual confidence
and respect.
In the language oljhe distinguished
Lieutenant GeW'ral.."."rt U to be regretted
that at this tjme Wiere cannot be a greater
commingling betwefn the citizens of the
two st'ci ioius pnrtienlirly of hose Intrust
ed vritl: the .M:iw-uiakln2 ' Power." This
state of tftlnr should be rurioved at one
I Hllll inn ffl.t 1111 It MU
and fof ver.k.Thi A lure, fcrpresevethe Na
L'tiloni to vindicate the sufficiency o
our admirably Constitution to guard the
States -from covert .-' attenipija to deprive
Uem of their true positlon-4n the Union,
and to bring together those who are un
naturally severed, and for these (treat na
tional purposes only, we cordially approve
the call for a National UnJouaBV.;ttfcUn
the second Tuesday (tbe,Mtll)i August
next, and Indorse tbe principle 'ihertln'
hilitdelphia on
net forth. We therefore resnectfully-iut
t wwaly wrgwtipbh our jellow' cliiaens in
each State and Terrl ory and Congresslon-
I terest ot uukwvaW In-a rplrlt efl Ifnaooyi
:anp witH U I rect rf Drvi;e to thtJiwineipleS
oonttttned In satd call, to'uot promntly'ln
'the selection of wise, mpderateand.JJon
serrative men to represent tnem m saiu
J punn hi. once ue rcKuintuo meir urHciuni
rla(Wns tqihe Uutoa, h Cbftirtittittoh be
matiieuvaiiapQaoe Dieeetne-wnweeonn"-
I vy.t..-,i ih j-jmi. """
IT. 4. Ull
Hicham; C. Kerr, ... wu., Wright-.,., .,ri r
V.:W. DHAf.KT.INy " 'O AMES UUTHWUT. , . j.)t
H..LiBipiR,' I Wm. Radford, 1 .... fJ1
Thomas E. Nbtat,"' '8.' S. Makbhaxx,
Sam' J. RANOAtu' MrtiR StRoceic. 1 .;,
Lewis Wi Ross, i m , ChAS.' SjT.OBEAVxs,,ij
Sthpbi-m T.ubpj 1"''S. V.J-ASinn-KA. 1 ...
JOHTI IrooAft.
H.;AL BjitkrY'1! .''!"A.' IIakoW
!,.-"!"A.'nA'Kt(Ck., ,,-' .!
KROr.rt, A. J.1 Olossbrknnkr,
t.RArt. E. V. Whiqht. ..
,Teumis G. BBROkft, A. J.1 Olossbrkn.nkr,
a 11 a a 1 1 v Tiaw u v r oy
1 WlNFIfclD, A. J. R0GKR8, luJl
U8aA,j60l'F.;'C. LdBLbisD,,,,! 1 1,
Vi sir niiirti
A. li.i CorPROTR,
L. li. 1COU9SB-.
Philip Johnson,
:1y4aataww. J.ly A. 196. -( , ,, .
Meeting of the Central Committee.
The Democratic' i Central ,Cominitee for
Frankllr) cblty.pppjnted: ati the County
Convention held op;the Sd lrisb' wllr'ineeti
ui.uiaoiue or ine rropate yuugq ipBjor-
UatioV au to. transact
8U?P otbef business as may Be afaea pec-
essaryi or-' expedient
rc w all jhe ..rnen,beT9 la. jearaestiy.ireJ
qaestej,,,,:jrll,n r: s-wwywM J'!-'
Police Court.
iiBefore the '. Jtlaybr yeaterday;ihoriilng,
mmp.JJeck and Jacob Haynea, fof druhk-
c'ripesay were eaCh fined 13 ahit cpebii-lpaid.
Vm Tramer, ,fo'ir dpunkenpas aadidlsor-
delit cuduwaa Jbed $i ad cos, atid
cbmiiiUed-' ili I ) fli'Min'''1" ";?;wk'v't,"'
Street Railroad Company.
oLtlie stockholders 'of.
CbnAufi'8tfet' Raltl-oad pomajiytield'
omilondav. Julv .2. Theodore Coinstoek-
was HJtcaresiuont, in place 01 u. 1: a..
Butletrt'iMw BrockwaV Bnperlhtenderit!iri
.place of 'A. J. Ryarii'ftrid' If,. J. JByijd Db&
tor iui place 6f C.,p; jBiieVri 1 ui-.i-i-'fii
The St. Patrick's School Picnic.
,' The iicplc fotibe beneilt of.'tbe achoel
connected with St Patrick's Cbu rchj held
In tbWUwB. Areenal ijrrourids"bn tha .4th
InsU wa A'gntnd''succ('8s.'';Thprei,wtre,
from two to three thousand persons pres
ent, and six or seven hundnid child rbu be1
sides, i They had muslo'.'tin'd "plenty bf.e-
freshmentJB on the gr9uhd,!'ahtj(Me.yrf,tb,lDg
passed 'most pleasantly ajuil agreeably.'
Dry Goods at Prime Cost.
i .Weictll attention tQ tine ?oew!iadTerUg-
mehtVih soother columrt, fel u EVrlv '&
ty,-d. South .'ni'gW'WIdfe'st,
cornei of BM ' aatj'triendsreaiitabloh
tney ahpounce that hereafter they1 w in poty '
Itjyely sell thepriag and SnrnineGap
oaliedL in the adTertlsetrient at prlmecost.
Look at the Ht ol tliesa eoods, , and , then
calton llesiis. Eberiy & Co. for good bar1
IS.; lyil" vrMIU-. ' 1 '''
Picnic at the Soldiers? Home.
b We acfcidwtAijy .keardhat .tWeitaVifai a'
Fbdr'ojf-July ihi(J lit 'the BfjJtev
iniari thfs tlt.p'pecheXWe' au&ifr,
stood were' maJa J. br , Po tmasteeoGineral
Dwnnlsbii,, jMr 'Galloways Oenii GeW " i
w-righiTaiid Oapt: Brayton'. 'Surierlntrta'ni
pi.tht HoWi'be'hSd Anfr, jdipner in
th GroVe,d.1ihe'jft B'and'.i'iwnlsbe
music foa-jtjw'occaslon.'l Ifiwaj weUride'r1
,ftadt,''verj. plBasant ffailftU:iWii
whsi we liaVe 'he4rd..ritheri aii -exclusiyt
one, is regas Invited igueats.. 'naii.ll'VJt;
Wrapping Paper.
I, Jin 4.-B.-Cjrt,is;agvni for. the;sala of, IX
hand at.DWv'lS'.iBj'ewery T$i. IISj North
Frot.t stredt.apd when ordered, wilt dollyer
tb'customers:) V ob-n w py "-", ; ;
i . v .'j j i ..... ..,,. ti ' iv; Mil- WMtOJ'lW
Hr. Crist AIsO .conestS..,aflHnt. ,anfl
efaraiis, andibng .wellknqwa in this felty
....!' 1 .lia.lf.IA -'a.-!. J
as a. rlapia maq, naeyeTj"'iaciiiy ior a-
utting and .collectltkehU, .., , (l ..j
Cushlrig'S NYifappi ' paper, saabufacluredJ
Irt 'Wheeliiir. .Va.oib(iw e,U ir. n.to t-'juia.
.' He, Las -A lfe'qdant(ty,ali:,ll,! n
Wrapping Paper. The Monthly Stock Sales.
The ' Julyl afiotithiy it.Qck-'toe8,'n,he.
grOUIfUlf,.llg,HtU JjUl jUtta., JJ.TV aal 1IU
.I.''! alL),a.'arfa.ll..l,Wl 0(tllAA 'tVlA'
irrotiiids lost at the:' close fOKf safest put
Vyere tinahlejto obtain a'tte'ta.led'a'ccouut.oj I
tbem'. or the gwrta utts.T.TTriere'ja'-l
formed, that POcleTk, Oi; jtWteB Jia.Deeir
employed to keep an, account pf the'eklesi
Wii'f.Hi'nk this Is a mattei that th6se epeclal-
ly' rn't'ested ln these'silbs thbuld sge jix,,
sales, and 'tttfeg, j.bem:uccesaftd,;is Att
a. 1 1' .Ai . '' jT. fa..'
affafr of 'prlVatainUrea'MtWellaS'bbri
bener;;' 'V. l.iiM.'.ta'ii
' Va understand that therewas .yesterday
anfraala&dtBDlav iOf.atooBv aad 4bat the
amount of szdea waa quite Urge, thtAiga o
. - . . . ..r.i . i
equal to ff aii.Tii'p ""t"! , d ji i taw
The Picnic at Stewart's Grove.
l"Onf Certhabnends, with .many1 other
citizens' as, ' partlcipanri,1 had ;,boe . of, i Jth
largest picnics oha season, at .Stewart'
Grove on the Fourth. It was gotten' np In
good style ',by VmmtoWfifflffi
Boehmer,' and abundant sticicesi, crpwped
their eflorta.to plafel-.JhereiWer tntmsV
ahda of psople,; young and old, galhered In
the Gmve; ana good order and aecorqm
generally, , j)revkiled.5-'The DeclaCatp, jof
Iodependence a read in. German by Otto
Dread.' sqi who also delivered an address
1n the aoie Jaiiguagei'.'appfoprlate' to' tlit
. -i . i ... 1 r.. wjii .. . i 1 ' ; '' i
day an V10 occasion. .inmmeru.ftrnl..iir.
niahed. lapleudid cpuslo,, aiif ;th odanclHg
flcoriwas kept tin staaji ijseiAIl flay,
cowaeo etreet; oars were going to, tnatf-
turning from thGMr:niolia . uii'.uu
- I I .' J. I aw a. - f. Il ..1
.'. Illflaflklllt
.,.,1 ',BJrU.9Vllt
A..':. , L t ,t..,art tr,i eff-l
ion..! I"l . T ,J
The Fourth in and Around Columbus.
The ninetieth anniversary of American
Independence, July 4, 1866, was observed
in ttils city and vicinity by all classes as a
general holiday. Thlre, was nomtfue prp
cession, no parade, bfatlonv-iansrj kiulf
toasts, aftyf the old fj.silon.t.ut Initfsad a
VarlefV of amnaprrAntl onnl .1 Wlt
I n -r": n i-r n-
Kand rural fctas probably beyond exainplq
; on any iormer tnulvrsay or pmftaiion
vunngtue niht ot;Tae8ciay,tQC3a nsw
ud on themornlnajol -Vedne8day;tne4tn'
it rained at Intervals In gentle showers that
served to cool the atmosphere, lay the dust,
and prepare the wav for me of the pleasapt-.
MHMvnnnnre nave ever wiinesseu. jmw
mepcuig XfiasdaT even
iWi twlnlt-rbui Mo'ur
ars, the cracking of
po,itderv l.ifcs?rSTtoorftrmffq
crackers, torpedoes. &Cm was constat) US
1 hcardflntpdrs'edtocciiipnnDyiWit
; ptosions in moreiprjniuatiiesnapes;(u',A
plosions tn more
Earry" oh the morning ol" the Fourth, the
slumbering city was aroTised to a sense of
the great anniversary that 'had c6roV!by,1
fj'gralrjBglflgof'the chnrch dhd' tAn
alarm bells, and the booming of cannon.
Soon followed a general exodus of citizens,
youn,g nd PH theseveral picnic grtUritf
'and.cthe'r Waces srHoblnted for social par-
kies arid rural enjoyment..' The Fourth 'U
the city was not much laboRSt of.-buVoatf
' Wi (i WaSgroodi Varie'd 'and 'rJeligulful-
l . . . m aP
, ive nave notneara prooaoiy 01 one-nan 01
s pat.whlqUj.ramipJred iff and oatr.amtJi
1 eicy, nut have not space to give mmufe.oa
' scrlptlons of iyjiai, . we dl4 see ot hear de
iscrtbed; "And first of the cltyndiiring" th.e
day.nTI T7 J lu I I f A
1 Most of 'the time It seemed as tnoughthe
city was enjoying a SaDbath day'seJJ
'was generally quiet ; the stores .and places
rfJr business 'were nearly jalj closed ; and but
lar tne nags aispiayea, tne toaaea street
clrsi'Sirft hreW'Dtlierlignsone wquldjOavo
; fiOtm'afpt Any thln uniiiiusl was en
: the tapisi olri the forttnopn Uiere Was a gro
setque signi presemea 'oyine appearance
'M an eqientrbn, ipasrjaersaV buVleSque
.troupe, that passed along some Of theprln-
iiripal 8treeta,,,jMre1tlhg'i .HqJltUe'eCurlbsity
and amusemen.C . . Occasionally thprt were
other demonstrfton as the appearance of
young, men .mnlformed a' Zouaves from
newly forpiftd companies, marching to trie
BVI.I1U VI IUOI 1.10,1 aUU31i;.,Vl.,, 4 l-c H:1 ai M- n
.'As to the movemept3 outside Ol thai joitf,
we! must bo content -with ',! brief interuidn
-4ni ihis article. There was the (treat. Welsh
'flhilda,Sclw4. plenlc, ;vthe pid7rJ4
near wTK,-in wnion many pi ppyyj
cltiEenS with thclr;,families . partfclpated.--i-
"The social Dicnio in Dovle's Grove, north
"of, the oltr.wta Itk musltf and oiirclilg, w'e
n aa inl.l ..... n n A ..n a ,1'.. f w t Qn . W Fi ikft I n !
V liUU, .V, M 9 UU- aal.,l . . iV n bilO, i.y-
mle given -en the TJoited States Arsenal
: grfipnds for the benefit of the' Schools 'V-
.tfiched ,St, Pal(rlck Uiurch... un . the
.Cou ltyjFalr Grounds, the Good Samarl
Uats Soils of Tempetance Jmaj ft picnic
'wl(t music and dancing and ortier festlvl
'tie8.'Aud,h"atwTta?grnrid, flchTc fcifen'by
i Messrs. A- Wagncti trnd'C Boehmei1 tn
Stewart's Grove, where thousands congre
gated tor the enlovenent of mnslc; danchig
V?ni dtber festivities. l h-v:-.:; ' t''.nl';t 'j
.vi On'the shooting', grbURds of thB iColunw
'hirs garget Company, there Was i'One cb'm-
pkriyienjoyinjrvaribus games, sports and
spqiaiaiversions' xnere wnsutt.i, piaytu
onthd gj-ohnds of the Excelsior, JBaAd" Ball
Clab.j Ad this Temlnds us that we have
forgotten: to knentlon1!that 'the "Atlilelib
i Base ?4mbi played a Jnatoh game llij pie
morning between the older and tbe young
er merjibrs,. the results of whlf;lx are given
)lnMothpK article'.!" a ,
rfi All day Goodale 'fark' was filled; with
gentlemen, ladies and children, wh6 resort-
ea tuutier to enjoy iwoooi snaaes a wen as
loir, the pleasure 'Of social Lcbatl" At 'the
atateSpiaiere! Home, there was av;pfchlc,
'with speeches' aad s ditjner.fn (he Grove,
ana music by the Home band. ,
., .Ia ttiec evening' thfere.;;was; n'o.'fack of
Amiisenien't . and 'oclai eolovment 1n the
ClryRomatijCindles arid .sky rockets'early
t eiid ivIclNty, and several lire- bsUbbns'ks-
cehded from diflerentpartsof he city, and
."aai'l'la-.al t ' 'J '- ' J-a i ' - .1,1 A.
attketefl j)i,"earnest feaxe of thousands bf
ayccjAfcots. Thete. was A. .pall at Ambos
HaJl under tlie dfrectliQi., aiVre nhderstand,.
W Mr. , Arf;',' Jemft and tbe tan- at. Wen-
IgeiTs g(vlen by Messrs.1 Wagner AlBothmer,
was a grat auccels, both as regards its ap
pplriltrieiitSjBod the attendance TheQfilrtv-',
cunlexaJs at the Opera Hcru'seT and 'Mana-
gep, putt's oempany atheTtheneurn loth
. ':V.a .nH . ii..L,..;4
y b The ffay wound up wlthqutaApyserlous
Actlderitsl and we 4)fillev Uh clfew
hi law nnd Meeorutn.' TV : T
ifnrn vlr
Congressional Convention.
'Eritprj Statkaun i--J71eivse publish thM
Traflklln County Democratic Convention,
;t.elrt at, the City. HaU. ClumhuSaiJuly-X
elrt at,,he City, Hal), Co!
Congressional Convention. M. C. LILLEY,
Congressional Convention. M. C. LILLEY, President.
Congressional Convention. M. C. LILLEY, President. SAM'L E. KILE, Secretary.
Kopirjain whether l.'!w1iB.oJi.ftWMd;:e.
.itodf resciqdeA a art(qrr llaft
j vlietolved, That the Congressional- fqxn
mittB be. rpquested to call.a Convenftonafo
nominate a Dn0crat15'can11iclatft for Cqnr
(gifts ln th.is-(the 7tb) pfstittfat t.ear-
iurt)q'4trauiieauiu uar, BaU. ini, w iic.yK
.suggest tbSflaid Cbrrverition'pe held at
,-Loidm,oni Tuesday, the 17th dar.of. Julj,'
,.A.D.18fifl.ktll o'clock A'.M..'. ,..'..
M.We Tqceived'the above note on Thursday.i
July 5. Thb reason why, weioregoing res
-uiuiiiuu uiu pyycui iu i im vkkiiu. u-
1 a.',l f.. V n.ivil.l.aJ In Tn. C.am..al a.
', TuwdAy'mof-nlng..ul j Is.slmjiiy. JtWal;
. The Eeporter,Vi .w'Uomj tha 4-peeeditlgs
were' mride'iiDJ had InCPi'boVatetl'in the re-'.
nqft o reiolutloii'as adopted. Beiqg,un
oeen maaeio tnas enect, lmmeqiateiy alter
!b. 'aajourflmeiiV..pY''tHV ConVentlon.'and
,ftepreleavl the uaiine inquireq or5j
msident krtd Secjetary Jvbemej tne testva
lutlbri shoiiial be reported as adopted by
'thej 0nferitjidn.' By thehs VfecJIn if was
Emitted, -mod
V; Tfla; lstes pf the late St. MarylsAad-iJ
erny, gpmerset, are now in the- oeantuar
and pleasaatiy iltuated, College ,of(Str Jot;
-sepVllivlri 'tljie- building' 'there" 'Is ample
ropni hn'Hccbrnmodatlon for about' one
(Uij(rJetl boarding jcholAt- Tbegrpnnds
areuodit are.spaef' -anct-delfghtluV af
fording aifinjlfnco offro(om.lifpf .bltlifqi
' and '' plt'islog txercile." The 'Sisters hope
tr4aeloi'e!, iletend of Augjiatittisy rfl U
fully prepared, to resume their duties of
teaeWng,''lv1(h renewed energy and zeal.
IIP My be well
to remark
was In tha leas
SR. R.
A Night at the Atheneum.
We had the pleasure of witnessing the
entire performance at the Atheneum on
Wednesday night, it was creditable alike
to the management and thecohipany.Mr.
Will. Nutt, the Manager, has madp first rate
Selections of practiced and talented artists.
In bis company a,? now plajing attheAth
Hiepin, are several of tup 'old favorites 0f
tlie public here, as .Mrs.! M. A. and Miss
iiblnche Bradshiiw',! and Mr. "C. T.vmlth
and Mr. Ed. Laey Itls unnecessary to
speak ot these more than to name them, as
their merits are too well known and appre
elated in this region to need any eulogy.
tlrap speatof only a lew specincany. or
WwxAir'aiX ire' told Miss Neomle
de MarcnnrLttaA laah4aTCmar)rable'Rll"a
cancatrice anu comeuienue. one is viva
clous and apHglrtlnat fal'attalii
high eminence in ner proiession
Mr. W. J. Thompsonrln the characters
lie assumed on Wednesday night, was quite
SBcccistiil lit tUcik general rendition. But
ttentlon to the man as actor was quite dl
erted to his dog Hectqrwho, jllso.e,
ppeared to be an artist ot no common or-
er. His appearance bh the stage, making
ila, enttaac&-nd exits at'tbo, right tlinV,"
a&lug'atepropetmomehtrirmp.ng off
hen wounded, iying dead, when killed,
nd throwing down" and throttling the ruf-
an.wUo-SQHalft'to'kethe life bf his mai
jralfttrose fhtngs made' Hector thede-
f cjded favorite of thevenlng, owing, prob-
aply. In some miaajyeto, Jho, novelty of
seeing a aog so eoou an actor. iut uector
is well worth aeeioia.""''
Tbe tou.nnM of the company Is well
made ;upj''i,We' say this without any mental
k-aservation. There Is hardly an indifferent
antlst among them, -atHeast so far as we
have seen them on. tbe.staKe-. .It is one of
the best companies, and, WBy.pmaaddrthe
XKlJ In JfQfeuVaUoU rait thaf-hal
Hjfieureu uu our uumuo ui xntis jcain.
Ttlev had a dotfUeiT nousa oaWednesday
. l . a' '
night, and should have one on each night
.lIHIlb, ttllU BUUU1U liaw UIIW " ..null u.iiw
lurkigrrcjr bnjB.cfefOrj at (li Atliefleom.
The Equestrian Burlesque Street
. One of the funnlesttbliig? lately wlt-
ped In our streets was tbe appearance on
trte;Fou4tltQulj4f an Equestrian Ba'r-
lesqtie troupe, with masks on, and dressed
f rr" ln t astlc- 't oslulrles. H They were said to
be principally empbyealn-Peternayden's
factbry androyipgiVa hufc.for lhi.Milth
Or this we cannot vouch, as they were too
efled tuallyl dMs.ill r) be -esslj ecig.
inized, except by those whowere in their
secxtt, wlilch we were hbt. 1
Toe performers weri principally on
horseback, and seemed to be engaged . In a
sort bf btrrleSqub' of military pnrndrs In
kcriet-al wlfliojiljaminifBb-lke.at an
thing In particular. They had a band
with tin tiofns and other equally sonorous
Instruments TtblirTakCi' .doubly disubrdant
mart alLmuala.1" " ' '
In the baud .wagppjas we suppose we
may eall the vehlcje;,they had a sheet Iron
kettlej resembling1 a barre1! or hogshead,
which, WlngiUftejrr purided Sthticki
or iro TiitrumenWiave lorth rough bray
ngjahd hoarse bass sounds. ..Their artilr
lery cbnSlstcd mainly tf .a huge burlesq
anno), made apparently of a 8ec(lpicf a
jaygc tove-plpe, Into the Interior of which,
wery npwSaiiajthen, .were .thrast, large
explosions made qflrte.alnnny'Imlfatliin of
the-oabnon's awful) iroa on -tbe 'field of
muster1, on an Independence Day.1 There
were many other -grotesque, thhiga about
this burlesque parade which we have not;,
a. .1 aivj ' '-r ..,.,.1.,1
High street, and some other of the princi
pal streets, to the great amusement. of .the
lookers-on and of the crowds of men aud
boys thaj follqwe thein.r-;A' )') 1 1
Masquerade. A Foul Murder.
liiiUPW M tW)m t ie pcHioe lor any con-
; vWe take the fb'albwlhg from the,7ndan-1
opoUi fleraia ot tne 4tn insx. v. :ui u
' Abdutl half past nine o'clock lat night a
mai-itttined Allen Eugllsh was shot In ihp
doorwag mifrmiovr) onrtneT urorner
WashinJWwknd-l.Tfte'rty stfeetCltept b;
doorwajt wwrr)onrtne,.TOoieT.ot
tOTrantT i.TDeny streeis. Kept py.a
"Frenebnian named Eugene Canard.' ih
ball entered the left side of the head, find
lodged under the skin just aboVe'the right
earl,, English fi ll Immediately aftei1 being
shot, and: expired In a-fewnnoments, witb
btrt' Speaking. He; waai. employed as a
braKfistnan. pn ,tfte( central roau. ann was
formerly la'sbldler.io the Fourteenth Indir
ana., lits murderer is am Italian sais.-ors
grinder, t'hose name we Could hot learn.
He immediately fled alter tiring the fata)
shot,'ad isircneedfd, foyihejtjpie jkt least,
in making Ms vsca'pe. Aa he is well known.
i however, It Is not probabletrnit" he will
slderable length or time.
. we, cou
d learn but little Inxegatd to the
ices attending Jhe, jttlalr. -The
llt. A.oa tn
to It'were unusually reticent.
mid rfW meti dislncl md to Mlk-about It.
seem, bo weyni that, jRrgUjhth Italian
, and a map' named Henry, Nemyer, had
been together during -the siiernoon, and
that the Italian andeniyqr aadquarreled,
perhaps lotight.'Tbe latter went off, armed
bifflselA'Vrtd return ed.to.the saloon-ramtJn
flftempiing: to stw.jtuu:W kitted Eng
.Ifltl, who it said to have been perfectly so
eivaiidfiot in the least quarrelsome.
ouTbe remaipSjof .hii Jn,r6)Ej-td;n'a)i Atere
hraittkl to itfifs cttv.'wliere relatives of his
TsWe,ncI V:e)itaWajrnterrea.W.
' - a ' - .. ."..Il
'GiftA LaWiy Cftmetprytr ZHoJEngBsh baa
petjnt buy a lew -montns empjoyea on tne
Colombus A fldltmiiDolla'Ceiitral Raihvv.
'tte as' onjyIent-Ay
ana .was pauc,eteemea .oy ins irienas ana
HfVilipllitfld In th-14tli.
Indlittia-auii iaCtiiwsnl4 inonj'piyiy C. of
aL.a'Afai.1 nil. .1 Ji. .J. j . av- ...ih.
iae viiy. yuto, unuwr ujuiuimj iivyuiiu
Allla, !)." t.n ,, ,r..t,t:twl!rd!!)f-
iilA.1 Vr ' 1 ' . i r
Ellsler's Atheneum.
, jThere iwas a very .fatt audience at th
Atheneurii'Iait nlchtj-- The 'he'dtimt. bf
ii.flna t.hA RiuiMAr li-It" thrtlltriaT I
tUpeja B08eA 5f)fjliieTy3 m,WriJ4
- i r,, r r' .l
sbaw In other caaracters, it coMld not well
tjol)erwlee than tjutlifullyjkhd vigorous
ly rendered, i ,MSlO rJ,,n: "-'
XS-heanesday evening, so lafft bight.
the acting dojf Rector' vfa tjBe, eal Attiao
tlon. At tbe close' of the tlra!ma, Jtr.Thomp-
Wemdgretnd ,tna Wsieoiple, di,aj-.
guerittes nas oioseu ner engagetpent, ana
that atOlace WllT"b(j luled1f''friss
Fanny Prestige whobids jfelrrtqUJecOifih V
decided favoriti. un'm Hot
To-night will! bet presented toi theflrst
time on ourboatdsTTfin'Orawi
Frfenchl tnitttlW the-l)e8mtT and tls Dogs,"
in which Mr
d3gs, Hector and.
WmVl'TTIU l'l.CHLt
Trinrt I
tocrf. ajurnO
i.v.a a Iua .,fi.iw-..-
voT.oj'ia .io'.
as tne Davage, snojar, 0,1
Mf.H.H. Wood, MuiUIX Lacy,
.AiT-.gWi, Miss -Blanche Bmdsha.w,
Bpitiii,lt4)'aHectorwero called before !
the curtain with nprorloausapohuM.'Yi.' J
Th altar nlprn xvna Yift' ii-ou Tirnflliotid J
wTl follow a grand fancy dance, and after
that the farce of Perfection, with Miss
Blanche Bradehaw as Kate O'Brien.
Franklin Common Pleas.
On Friday, June 2,jin the case of Kath
arine jElpptr against Thomas Elpper, on
petltloil fordivprce, ai decree was entered,
divorcing the petitioner from the defend
ant (ber husba,iid) on' the ground of wllltyl
absence, for more, than three years, gross
neglect of duty, Ac. The petitioner Is to
have the custody of their children, and is
allowed as alimony to have and hold as her
scparatejee, the westji
ItrDft wrTtrAwi's addition to Columbus,
The following proceedings were had on
Monday, July 2: ,,.
In the;case of Henry CT Crawford against
the city of Columbus, In which the plain
tiff obtained a vefdtct' of $l),o6o damtgjjs
for Injuries to hls'p&rSbn by Tailing Into an
open sewei age, the verdict, on motion by
the defendant, was set aside, and a Inew
trial granted.
Charles Stewart and James Mullen, found
guilty bathe, lurjFtm aeparajBTrl dffffl
dletmeAli Vol ftbVeryVere each ientetS(
iury , jcre etii cuwru"u
tie JilteatlaryfojiWii
i tie
1 Pat
Patrick Qulnn, who had plead guilty to
an indictment tor burglary, was sentenced
to hard labor In the Penitentiary lor &
1, Vphi-b. fTi .
r. ' t, .? ii
I JohnMullallyyicVforarsitntere
Into a recognizance with surety In the sum
bf $1,000; David Davis, Indicted for grand
larceny, entered Jhjto.jt recpgalsvterrii-the
8um1fJ8ta'n WashinVton IraVlaV'alaoi
lhdlcted for grand larceny, entered into a
recognizance with surety In the i,sm of
f 1,000 each to appear at the next term oi
the Court, to which time their several cases
Were continued. r in "IT
The case ot Michael Ilartman against
rFjhUo O. Jones, ani Andrei Peanras aib
mlttedjj'tgisjirt, ncjtbei-'party demand
ing a Jury, and Judgment rendered in favor
ol the plaintiff for. $.100.. The. defendants
filled a demand fefVsecbnd trial under; th.0,-
iLJstatute, and the Court fixed the amount of
thtlr undertaking at . uu. , , . (y ; -1 'ti
U DPI case l or iiicnaei uartman against
Philo 0. Jones was submitted in like man
ner, and Judgment for plaintiff for $1,000.
A like demand for a second ttial was made
brltheadefeadanW'lBd vtne amouut of his
undertaking was fixed at $1,200.
he Athletic Base Ball Club, played their
f opening game tu tli'e morning of the 4th of
July. Owing to the inclemency of the
weitl-tbey did not have, atexpecled.llie
requisite number, but Jjelng desirous of ful
filling tbe nnbiincenlentj played tlie game
with But Seven on a side. The score, which
Willi show a very well played game, stood
aa f Allr.wa
. 5
. S
. 4
. 5
. 4
. 1
. S
IT. Gale, e
. McLiuiblin. P.
4. M... Jones. lb.
6. 8. 1. Klliott, 2b.
S, L. p. M-rcer. 3b .
1 w
.... 9 9
.... e-.6
...S ' 4
.... S S
3T 43
1. J. M. Fowler, o
S. n. W. Phillips, p.
. S. I. H. Dunhar, it
4. J. 8. B. Given, lb....
5. J.B. Hayden, ab
fl. R. A- McGxwan. 3b...
7. Win. Mehling. rf
1st Sd 31 4'h 5th Sth 7th 8th 9th .Totals
Older. 1. 1 8 1 7,;:-3llSal'1 3
Younijfr. 441 14 4 6444 4fi
. Soorer J. N. Eld ridge.
Umpire John Arnold, of the 3. B. B. C.
Time-Tb.!Iomin."lJ '
A Fourth of Jnlyric.
. Our Philosopher has been .renewing his
Acquaintance with J. Rodman Drake, and
aiscourseth as louows :
" hjen Freedom, from tax mountain kjsbV S 'f
" Vnfutle4heraVllt4io ttieAil. 1
.She grabbed the dusky ion of night.
; A,na iei a giorioui nigger mere.
Then from ita place at WaihinKtOwtr
She called her Freedmen't Bureaa down,
TTAai save into ita tnlghtr aamj"Tg?X-0
yA Tbe jod that rulea the preaent day."
:j The other cantos will be published when
they ard needp q .-) JHS IV
On th4 nlhgt of the 4th, a Gold Bracelet,
enameled black, te' which waV kftached a
gold (bain and green ball. The finder, by
leaving the same at Chits. CTXox's cigar
store will be liberally rewarded. It
Buckeye House, Columbus, O.
Their anotto "Live and let live." The
' best table! In the city. Nice cjean rooms
good bedi anTWwWlk1 Itoom for bVard-
if1?. Tryltne "Buckeye."
I r Abnttiwo weeks since, from .the-pasture
of U. M. Neil, three miles from the city, a
gray Horse, square .built,- about H hands
hlgfi, havlpgjal iiunpvon right hind leg.
Any. person giving information will be
iiwraiiy rewarded. ... -,,.rw( . 4 ,k
'TaifBE wjlll bfl. ameetlpg off tbaBard
,mrqfet thla
loama, in iii Uwofilce
Bulling, dn
Saturday, the 7th Inst-, at two
'Vim and
t is hoped th at-air the business
iimbus wio fui' an- Interest In
men' of Col
establishing the Board of ,'itaiie as a , per
la.,li...La I 'a-lLl 1 fl,
tua.uuuvu m vAiiuiuuuo, yviu ve
President.; ".
W. B. BROOKS, Canvasser Wanted.
1KSnk p gentleman tjfijU'. acju'atatew
lth".MechSnt8 arid Tklanufacturers, la this
city ann vlcul'y, to canvass tori Zzfi y i
Jaidwin's 'l Consolidate d HqriTncssl Directory,
1 it 1 ot aB THMff'diiaatiiaTaa, r-
"TDIli, hOSfcVS FfitlAtPHlA'
ffugt lggUed irom the Tress of i Jief srs.' H.
f A.BALDWtN & Co.. ot 6 Cedar Atreet.
L Keydr L'.beral lnducemenU offered
rlars, aad. where I copy of tha work can be
irftuB ffttnE msi1'v. ADblr ibr fulL Dartteu-
seen, to aI.iijit i
Turtle Soup
dallf '-'frbtn 10 XM. tl
'aft .(, W.anW. T..ntnJfIk1. UiliO'i
-ilTHB litest style pf ,Hoopt Sklita'caarbe
Pbta'ined In this city onlyatE.Beetfs Hocrp
gklrt Mappfory,N.Wf;?gtiii;eei
. apvio-souu
Capital City Business College.
1 Y1i9n a)ook-keebltig.0reijmaia8hlii.
Business Arithsaetio, Telegrappy.afld wt
jBOgrkphy Will brmed.'to'ault mH who
-a ... S. J ... a a,. JW ,'. ' 1 .'.l"- . '
s eonie tlii.Cultegeyur
Ing the vacation-in-our public .BChdblf1.
iLadlesr' Diafttont beatttlfujly fitted ,pi
l-jiHani. aea for ivoUOifiir. u"'i '
...i..:i..') - In live
;:iw n..i-JnaBth,IB'Ua
.v;:.7io .'. .1
Mr. Ed. Law has reopened a new Hat
Store, No. 229 South High street, next door
north or F. ClHnan'sBook and Periodical
store. Tbe many former patrons of his,
while on Towrj streetl will. accept his
warmest. thankS, and as many new ones
who may call. He Invites all to come and
see the latest Stylos of Hats, Caps, (Sc
at Eastehn jprleesl A continuance of
former patronage' is respectfplly'sollcited.
' Special attention will be given to repair
ing of Fur's.
mayl9-63m Ed. La up.
having returped to
the city, maybe njrfild a,t iS bfflue, on
North High street nearly opposlteJPcsh
ltit'sBank, stall hours during the day, when
not professionally engaged. Juii7-dtf
D7 f ." k
X ..Special -Caution.
Airs. Wlnslow's soothing Syrup has be
come so popular that various parties have
put out articles calling them Mrs. Wlns
low's. Please take notice that THE MRS.
R ARlCtE4 I'jl ton4dAV3Qj,
TIOCHMANN On Wedno.day eenlnii, Julf 4th,
WILBDT .lB"OM linnHUANN, infant ou otf bebe
Ann and Philip Uuobmann.
Tbe funeral wlllAake atao franrtfie rfsltfenes of
l',lt9'rnt-'(inE'toutaitro(st,'ilrjl door East of
rbonfcC thl' (Ft(W,) fcin "aff-fkit ten
New Advertisements
a,. .
p VV DtE 4 WATSON KINGS' ytel Horinf
lonin in j iviikcb a. reuunea paces, inee KaKPS
oomhinea'l the rrccnt iiiiproveiiisi,tiia.ai()trable
tfi eonstruoti; PWtunn lutniirabl- Snrt with (uch
ea-SniBt'a b6v. airl or infirm Dnrinn curl mmnii
them The are highlr eoininended by all whu Lave
To work perfectly, to be manufacture I from the beat
material, and in every renpeot to civ stuta:'tun
A liberal Ji.ixuU.iu4 10 ibe l.a, '.SeoJ yout
Mors early. Addits.,
j. u, liii- W: 8. V. PRKNTISS,
Pup t Agricultural Machine Co., Columbus, 0.
July8'd!w-V? - -": ' ;i;-r;Oa
COAL! COil li! COAL!
U J Ci?A ij-iili - 1 tf
months developed a fine rein uf
';!' - j i., . : . ; ' '' u' i.
Wetakenleaure in announcing tn the public that
I we ars now prepared to .uppiyan article tuat can- -ftot'be
SuipaMjd nyany bank in the tSute.
. il(,CBU;tV, WILLIAMS A McCRORV. ' ; i
I ' i ' i.mnKai.Uf. n. iii n u
y . . ,( . b u. ' u . . . uui.tvui v. a., a..
ajtirr clmmtm Trantftr Company, . .
win poaiureu lea oar entire Moo ol Bpriof i
and ttummei
pdalncs, Challics,
i ';',''-' 5 :':' ". "
Lawns, Organdifg, f
i Jaconetf s, Lcno Chccki-
; Mohairs; " Mozambiqucs,
Plack and White Balmorals, Sprirjj-anrf tSamfrter
Shawlf, C.oak,'Seque and ita-quee, at prhne
Mvn ana no inisiane. - nail ana .
........ ra-, ar. a
:iu civ.:
204 South , High Street; "
.,,.,1 ibi.-Mi ' '!',: ''"1. '.:,',' ,'.,a ok,.' ' i ..qv.
iiUwMteor.of Bish ardfrlond itreeU. i I' '.,"1'b
Southeast eor. of High ai i Friond itreeU,
' .. '. .I..IIH vi:..,'l i' " 11
l.. .JtnIi id I I
') 'i .ni.iail.i tvo -iJ '..1 V"
111 oi .
lanls-eodlj-jnbs iJ.V.r.a
Sherift'Bj Sale;o waom
n Rlokettn.. Oonii,.pf,. Commoit''PIV'Vif 1 4' ' '
Tt. 11 " ... Fankln4'ontr,l)kio.
RioketU et 1.) ' ' ' (In f'aruui.nj' i Imanil
me aireoted, I.wilU.Ber for .pale St n ably
at the door of ike Lour t Hie. in the ultiii,
klnmhn. in a A I It. JL- -
f Saturday, the llth.dav.of Aiiigust,. A.MXi'
' 18(50,
aiS'alock P. M., the following de-tirived nal es
tate? (ituate ia Franklin county, aud State of Ohio, ....
to-wit: ,., ?r-.1 V1t W
Being a parlor the tftircl jaa-t-t ,f Ahe.flrrt-' "
(1) towDHhm of1' the
teii State. Military La da. and bbins
,nvB,xioiiin urn raoiie o. ine uni
;li?t(IJioj twenwnv.'nti
tf (10), comainiag one hundred and tire UQSi, auree, .
to be .old in tw-. equal partd..
Appraiaed at S3SeeY acre. ,,,J - -
Term, of gale One thifd 6T (lie mi rchase money y
paid on Aha. daw of aale, pim-etiira fn,Qiie'ytar,arit.i.
one-lbir.Mu two 'aiT.'w4(h' interest f.oin ri.i of
Term, of tjl One tbird pT'tliemirchasemoneyy M I
id on Abe. daw or kale, pnx-etilrd fn,Oiie'ytar.andit Aa a
one-tlirM!i two'yeaiv,wtili
(alir.'deicrred payuientato be secured bjf mortgage: ,
on the premiaea. .altrbiw ii.';n-';"' . ..
ranters tees to...., a ...-.-.-- . . ..
, -j I WltLUMiDOMRIN.h-Tlfr'i -u,,:-!
; B. H. Albkbt, Attjr. o:l .-a .'-"jiibS-yitAwti ,-,"iii
1 ' inn 'I '' ". ',; l,..', .) I,,,
SheTi8!S&l&' ',"l'r'!:,''
2 Niqholae Hinderer m-i" s Cenrt'pf Commoa , i 1 uu
Anna PoraethallJi(leT etal.Sl il:u IJountx, Obio.
va. .-in r i-ricaa oi rrank-
i -in rartition.7
TIf PUHSrjAWC)' OFlAW 'bftpfi
n oe;
X sale In tbe al
reotcd, I will ofTi
.ffer for aale at public-auction, at the .....
irttu.u.JfeeiCOpluBiktta.oa '",
Auiusi'llth, A. p. I860, - ' V'?,;
door ofihe Uoni
at S o'clock P.M.. the fol'owln:
i real ea-
tale, aituate in theoityof C'nlu
Uu, aud, bouadad
and deiairibed aa followa, to-wit;
-win i , ) i,.,-,,,,:i.i' .'. 1 n
trct, riutliwelt, Pnt v 1 "
onvejcf) tofaid JohnJ. .m in.n.
A.mieDcina; on friend
of J ho J. Bcbillinsa tol,.ci
K-I.nl.r... ha. A rhillnr.il.n 'Inil ir. V. JJ
dated April M.JStrf, Ahd teeorded in tbe Ree,deT'e
offioenf aaideonnty, lhb'iok37, page 44;4hiiee weal Z 7
with tbe north link of il4i Irienu streot 3i feet; i:' l'!
theu- north at nalilntres 187 X feet: thence rait
parallel with the north line of Fxiejid streeb Slk I t I
leet theneeaontkaltltrieiet' line of laid Schil-- I '.'.OH
lines' Jot lS7k feat to IheLnlane of lieifinnlra;. blck ,ai
aiu reai eeiaie tne uu nnam Henry ilindorer.
ec-aea. held by title bond from A. Chltl-n.l-n in
A. Kamwy. as.iifne and tran.feyred by laid -ianj-
ey toiheaid Wm.H. Uindorer-. ,,,, . ..f..ii fill I
. Apprais-datWMit.ln ffi!- 1 ' J ! ' H i li
. Term, or S.le-ne-ftalrior Ike TrehMe'TWoTiev 1 ' 11 '
paid on the day of aale, one-third in one year and .
the balance in two jtara, itbintlit.( fret day of " T. ,
I Dl
aale, deferred; eayfiienu to be aeoured by mortage oa
if preminea. y ..
PrinUr'. faaul aa A
.'..'. ri'lK. DOMIOAKJ Wieiriif
H. B. AliBiRT. AtPy. juliS dIUkwtd B
t in yt" ' '
, ;:HTO
I f. 'itui
'I ') '
' UI 1
i 1 fl A
I n
4 'I 1 !'
f(-j OX I
I;, HEREBY flBTirriTHf. tPtTBLtrj
not to bgy a note given by me to Crn.bv & TafR
fot FirVaShareain what pnrporU fri be JrThe Kiaht
of Wm. H, Elliott's Fatent iay Loader.! lor the
Townahlp ot Plain, FrankHneountr. Inae .inohaf "
Crnaby A Tafft have lot iuluiUd their contract, I . 't
will not oav aaid Oot4. 4 '
CpttltkSv'lilNPIANAPOailS C'EKTRAl R.R. CO.l f.nTH.'K.-f
-lViuaauaninji ubiu, June ) in.-t j
a i.jbivids;nii
it' SK)M'Mllf.
in caHbUnd five () pei cent. In' -1 1
irrtipenjt taifc kaa tkiaday been de- ""'u ,
th'a . ofllf ej.idf. ibe Cvmnaey.atCe-.
airjatiarjuly 10 luissa.;. . i.i. ''". 1 1
krAill. ,ljroluaed.Jt., SOtk,' and.'r',.,-
atoek, hef Oe-ren
lo-ibo., Ohio, no'auTlattar July 10 h. 1SS9. . .-''
o:lhetranaftbnkrkiU bealoaed Jane aoth.' ana -r-t.
a ...i 1. . 1 T - -7-.- ..... - n.i
aaa.ii.1 a'a3H
liidi J bnelre .

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