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C9p statesman;
Tli Ohio .Statesman! Company.
, a vJfo p. ESIIEIVtI 4 IT, 'Editor.'
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FED. 27
f6r GOVERNOR, ,.
GT THUUiriAJr, ef Frani'In.'
iimumxm overjor.
DAIf lEL S. PHL, of Holmes.t
fsr . THEASTrRER 0 AT.
r ' C. TlTtiXOIf i of Crawford
,t;' -;.T ; Atnrroi o BTATE.)
, IrOHIt.McELtWEE,. of ,Btler.
rfj.'Tr ,. .. . ... ... 'i ..U.J
TltO HA ltt- KEY, of
oirrrKOLLXB of the nuigrxT,
TTIIX.IA1H SHEBIDAIV, Jr., of Wfllianu.
V.'AllXfUJB nCGHES,W Cuyahoga'!
News of the Day.
JGou closed yesterday evenlhgat 139.
rTOF, emigrant arriving at . the , port. , of
KeW YbrTr. faring 18C0, bnly 154 trere fttre
Unr whUe 6874 were Irish, 36,186 English
and 4979 Scothi; - . . ; . : ',;
A single "loriif In Nevada is turning out
moire silver and gold annually than dld the
iatnoua" mines "of Potosl in their palmiest
ft cA bill baa beeti Introduced into the eari-
gylvanta.Xegislature to allow the people of
Philadelphia to settle the Sunday car ques
tion by aiopularvoter
Xkissorjiu blacksmith baa prepared a
horse shoe for the Paris Exhibition, made
of rawjore from Iron mountain .Hatf-the
lioe fVUnished.-and th6 other half shows
the ore as it is dug from-the mine.
It is stated that the Government of India
bis declined to interfere with the revolting
and sometimes murderous, practice r tak
in 'dying Hindoos to the Gange8,"immers-
i'ug them, and choking them, with the holy
mudo .A );.,( ...;.nrii
Iss Elgin; C. "Wv a few nights since, a
woman heard a dog barking loudly, at ' her
doera She followed thewimal fora qnar-f
tlr or a mile through the 'snow, and "found
her father in'a drift, dying tt fcbld and ex
Abraham SkaatsV an old gentlemanof
seventy six yearsi' committed suicide' b$
hanging, himself in biasbop in Wetherfleld
Conn on Wednesday, during a temporary
aberatioiiTOf mind, icaused-it is supposed,
by a scandalous reportclrculated to Lis in
;Th streets' ofJTew, Phlladefphla were
lisrhted with sras- for the first time i on
Tuesday night of last week." ' .'! u-n
A mak named O. K. Howard, and who
hatts7froraTIffln, was arrested at the. Galt
Bcse lnl Cincinnati, on last Friday, on 'a
charge of swindling.
Am attempt by three men to set fire to
the malleable' iron X works'af CbntonTwas
seasbUably- discovered on the night of the1
17th. The men eseapeL
A'Labgk number-of towns and villages
In'the : northern part of the State- have
amateur theatrical troupes, and in some
instances their rendering of character is
quite creditable. . t ,rr
Barney Donnelly, of Barnesville, hav-
rHftveland as the" lilaceV and the
llarch a the time for the contest. , jr
On Tuesday nl& ht of last week, says the
Saiem 'BepubU&uX, the' school hbtise In the
town; of Oababurgh was discovered to be
on fire, and the building was entirely de
stroyed." The fire is' supposed to hav6 been
caused by: a defect in the flue. 3J ,
The Democracy of Crestline, in Jackson
township,' Crawford county, ' organized- a
larere Club last Monday evening. Their
officers are as follows i President; James M
Robinson ; T Ice-President, : D. W Snyder-;
Secretary, P. W. Poole; Treasurer, Mr.
Crow. Tom Beer, and P". S. O'Rourke made
effective and telling speeches.
Tas Exchange Hotel at Wooster will be
discontinued on the first of April, and the
building will be converted into store rooms
and offices. Mr. Ely, the present proprie
tor, is a most pdpular landlord,' and. the
traveling public will regret to part with
him. . We hope; bis retiracy from a business
to which he: is so admirably, adapted, may
be of short duration.' - -
The MassiUoK Independent says : The
crop prospects la this, vicinity appear very
promising, and it no mishap befalls them
hereafter, a plentiful harvest will bless the
labors of the farmer. " It will be welcome;
foa some of our grain dealers here say that
in the , last -year 1. rnore grain has been
brought into Stark county than taken out
during the same period..:
The ice inr1 Black river broke up' last
weefcv says t the' lEhpria r&JemocraL Tn the
West branch it accumulated in such quan
tities, on, the dam , at A. N. Twiss' mill
(Gates' old stand) as to -crush it down, and
more than two-thirds of it was ' swept
away. This WaS S new dam, blt lastyear
and the loss jvill be very severely felt by
Mr wiss. Oathe" East branch but little
damage has resulted from the Ice..
The Fittsburjsh. M. E. Conference meets at
Massillon in a few days. We learn that one
of the political preaching members of that
body will be put upon trial for a very
grave offense. - It It statetTthafhe obtained
a divorce from his first wife by forcing her
to sign a false statement, then married the
daughter .of .the, attorney who assisted to
obtain the divorce, and has now engaged
in similar fraudulent means to obtain a di
vorce from bis second wife. If these charg
es are true, no ecclesiastical body has au
thority to mete out just punishment to the
A decidedly rich arrangement, planned
and being carried into effect by a handsome
youth of this city, says the Cleveland Her
ald, was nipped in the bud bythe police on
Saturday. He engaged grooms at a hotel
for himself and a friend, and the two were
havings gay time generally abou town,
when they were overhauled by the police
upon the supposition that one was a woman,
Whl h the sequel proved to be correct. She
-wjl attired in a fashionable suit and really
c resented the appearance of a handsome
young man. ; , . , V
The Xounastown Courier sayg : , .The cigar
andTtohacco store of Jlr, Seuter, porner of
federal and Phelpff streets,'Was broken la
to on the night of the 16th inst and about
$200 worth ot goods in pipes, tobacco, fcc
extracted. On the 12th. the shoe store of
Darrow Young,: on the' Diamond,, was
broken Into, and " leather,"boots, Jiasts and
iicr challenged an: drummer in tbe State
toa trial of skill, it has beenaccepted by
ThosVJ.tIelfrijrie.-Of Davtbu;1 who' nWmes
tools,' were stolen. On the folio wing Wed
nesday night, the grocery , of Af Holland,
on Federal street, near the American House,
was al80; broken info,, and goods taken.
The burglars were subsequently arrested,
and a portion of all the plunder recovered. I
A Talk With the President.
In The Statesman this morning, we. re
produce from the colarans of the New York
Citizen, of the 23d instn a detailed conver
sation between President Johnson and the
writer. We askW it a perusal. The views
expressed by the President are worthy of
all commendation. Truthfully does he say
that the Constitution as it exists is adequate
for all purposes, and his arraignment of the
Military -Reconstruction, bill, is most just.
'It violates the constitutional provision ;
guaranteeing & Republican form of -Gov-ernment,
and substitutes a military despot- ;
Ism over thel'itely revolted States. It dis-;
franchises nearly all the intelligent'
Whites, and glves'uhiversal suffrage to the
ignorant Blacks, thus overriding the pro
vision that each State shall determine who'
shall be entitled- to its suffrage. It also
nullities the Constitutional .Amendments,'
by practically declaring the 'existing Gov
ernment of the Southern States illegal, so
that their adoption of the Amendments
must be without validity." The circum
stance that 'all legislation proposed for the
South, proposes 'tf multiply offices at the ex
pense of the General Government while not ad
ding the productions of Southern industry to
the general stock for the redemption of our Na
tional debt and thersupport of our annual bur
dens" should' attract the attention of our
people, who are now taxed to a point al
most beyond endurance.
Grand Army of the Republic—An
Explanation Wanted.
Avowedly, the purpose of the Grand
Army -of the Republic isrnot political;
but is simply an organization, invested with
the charm of secrecy, "to promote the
cause of active loyalty and to advance, by
all legitimate and proper influences, the
general welfare and. interests ,of the sol
diers lately in'the TJ.. Army' We hav
just seen the original letter of which the
following is a true copy :
Explanation Wanted. H'DQ'RS G. A. R., DEP'T OF OHIO.
February 6th, 1867.
P. G.Post No. Ir-Sub. Z?w.&4 Sir: I
am directed-to-forward to the Army at
(Napoleon, in cypher) one hundred and
fifty (150) of the approved breech loaders
for the use of your encampment, which
shall be subject to your order.
.Please sign the above receipts and re
tnrnto'me . -
I am. sir, respectfully, your oVt serv't,
The foregoing Jetter was mailed at Napo
leon to a 'gentleman now In this city. The
presumption is, that "approved breech
loaders" have been forwarded to all the
Posts6f the Grand' Army 6f the Republic
There 13 here in Columbus a credited re
port that within two or three days, there
have been issued 2,000 fixed cartridges from
fbelieadquarters of the Grand Army of the
Republic at this place. Can a satisfactory
explanation be given for allthis ? Is this
warlike preparation necessary "to promote
the cause of active loyalty ?" Is thi3 one
of the " legitimate and proper influences "
that is r quisite to contribute to " the gen
eral welfare and interests of the soldiers
lately in the U. S. Army ?" Would not
4 pare. for,the interests of the widows and
Orphans of our fallen comrades n be better
shown by the conversion of the funds iu
vested in approved Dreecn-loaders " and
In fixed cartridgesTntb food and raiment
for the indigent " widows and orphans of
our fallen comrades ?"
The Republican Members of the
Legislature Donning the White
j "?lces n. incc oi uommDia; ior tne
; W?3 Ir the South, and for the Whites in
' the TerritoriesNegro Suffrage is just the
Despite the urging of; the Radicals , of
the Reserve and the Cincinnati Commer
cial; despite the fact that the Republican
members of Congress have committed the
Republican party in favor of negro' suff
rage ; only thirty-eighth-Republican-mem'
bers of the1 Ohio Legislature - could
muster courage on Tuesday afternoon
tovote in favor of the joint resolu
; tion amending the constitution of the State
so as 'tQtallow. negroes to' yotel Eor the
ana wunouc ic mere is ior tnem no
J a. a 1 f .
political salvation ; but it is not the thing
for Ohio.'-After this exhibition of coward
ice enw.the part of Ohio Republicans to' ex'
emplify their faith in the Negro, we hope
we snaii near no more aoout tne Democrats
being opposed to -Negro Suffrage on the
score of the'apprehension that if the Ne
groes are-allowed to vote, the Negroes
will rise superior to them. Did the Re
jpublican. members in . the Legislature
jwhaoted against this proposition so vote
because they were fearful the Negroes
; would rise superior , to them if they should
be elevated to thedistinguished position
of voters ? The Republicans, after this ex
.hibjtion ot want of pluck, had better shut
up shop and call upon their Grand Army of
tne liepubiio ,tp dispose of their arms and
ammunition, and cease to talk about down
trodden humanity- in the person of "the
man and a brother. ..
Eating Dirt.
i At -the last -session of Congress, Hon.
CoLpMBUs" Delano,1 who Is prominently
mentioned In connection with the Republ i-
paH nomination" for Governor, In his place
in Congresf, publicly denounced the poli
cy of the Radicals toward the people of the
South as being more oppressive and detest
able than the rule' of Great Britain over
down-trodden Ireland. This same Colum
bus Delano, in his place in Congress, on
the 18th inst declared himself in favor of
the present scheme of the Radicals to rule
the Southern States with the sword.
Is Mr. Delano eating this dirt to propiti
ate the Radicals and secure a seat in the
next Congress against the plainly expressed
wishes of the people of his district ? or, is
he'hu4 stultifying himself to secure the
support of the Radicals for the Guberna
torial nomination? -It can scarcely be for
the latter - purpose, ;fiince In the - same
speech to which wa have referred he pro-
ciaimea nimseix in iavor oi universal suf
frage, and the Republican Legislature, now
in session in this city, does not deem the
universal ''Suffrage - question sufficiently
popular to justify them in submitting the
proposition . to a vote of the people of the
not have believed, one year ago, that Co
lumbus Delano could ever be capable of
thus violating nis well known convictions
of right and duty for official position. But
who can be a Republican and be consistent
in principle t
A Protest Against the Cupidity of
New England.
a protection
1st organ oi the most inveterate kind. It
has just entered a strong protest against
the selfishness of New England protection
ists, Who warp and use legislation to sub
serve the interests of their own section ex-
clusfyely. It demands' of them that they
rbe more generous to the manufacturers of
other sections. Perhaps after awhile there
will be a general realization that the poli
ticians of the dominant party in New Eng
land are just about as selfish as men possi
bly can be, and that they will make out of
the people- of . other sections hewers of
wood and drawers of water for them, just
0$ long as it Is in their power to do so. ' :
Will Veto It.
I Advices from Washington yesterday con
curred-5 that the President will veto the
Sherman Military Reconstruction bill. .
Mayor Elected by Negro Votes.
, The Radicals have cause for joy. On
Moridav the Nejhroes elected their, candi-
pace for Mayor ot ueorgetown, v. u py a
pajonty w w.
The Ohio Legislature.
TUESDAY, Feburary 26, 1867.
' The Senate 'Was called to order by Mr.
Martin, President'pro tern.
Reports from committees were in order
when the Senate took a recess last evening.
Mr. McFARLAND, from the Judiciary
committee, reported In favor of indefinite
postponement of H. B. 183, To repeal an ac(;
to incorporate the Methodist Protestant
church of the town of Lancaster, &c.
Mr. McFARLAND stated that the church
interested did not now desire the repeal, and
the report wag agreed to. V 7-"' j
.Mr- COLE, from the same committee, re
ported, recommending indefinite postpone
ment of H. B. 346, To amend section 139 of
the' act of j urisd iction before j ustices of the
peace, &c. The report was agreed to.
Mr. BROOKS, f roma select committee,
reported in favor of House amendments to
S. B. 116, relating to roads and highways.
The report was agreed to yeas 25, nays 1
Mr. Burt; and so the bill is a law.
tMr.McFARLAND, from a. 'select' com
mittee, reported back S. B. 307, amended as
Instructed.:' .- j . ;..-'"
The amendment wa3 agreed to, -and -the
bill passed yeas 28, nays none.' The bill
provides that the fees paid to constables,
marshals, justices of the peace, police
judges or mayors, for services in cases not
paid irom tne state treasury, which shall
be collected and paid into the county treas
ury,' shall be paid over to the officer entitled
thereto, on the warrant of the county
auditor, unless the. same has been previous
ly paid to tnem oy order or tne commis
sioners ; and that no officer shall be allowed
any sum for pursuing: accused persons who
shall have fled the county, except on proof
ot services rendered. The purport of the
biltwas incorrectly stated in yesterday's re
port. '- - : : "
Mr. MAY on Jeave, presented a petition
of fT.T. Woodrtiff and 200 other citizens of
Richland county, asking that the funds
arising from the sale of land scrip, be not
divided .among existing Institutions, but
concentrated upon a single Institution. Re
ferred u committee on Agriculture. '
jar. uttuums introduced a Din to pro
vide tor the final dissolution of banking
corporations, and to repeal certain sections
therein named. Makes provision for the
final redemption of the circulation of the
banks of the State. 7
. On. motion of MrBURT, the motion to
reconsider the vote by Which the Senate re
fused to pass H. B. 327. to transfer certain
funds i therein named, was taken, from the
table, and the reconsideration agreed to.
The bill was then referred to a committee of
five Messrs. Walker, Burt, Brown, Linn
and -AiDDais.
Mr. BROWN, frbnf a select committee,
assed to oe relieved irom the turther con
sideration of the memorial of Heidelbach,
Seasongood & Co, -relative to, drummers
and agents from other States making sales
Dy samples, on the-ground that no legisla
tion is. needed on . the . subject. Agreed to.
r. .air, SADLiJiiU, irom a select committee,
reported in favor of the passage of II. B.
332, defining the jurisdiction of the pro
bate court in certain counties. .Thebill
wa.s rtuerreu tu u commiiii.ee oi one iurf
Burt to amend so as to have Coshoctou
county included in the provisions ot the
MrBURT reported the bill amended ac
cording to Instructions. The. bill was then
passed yeas nays none.. Gives pro-
bate judges jurisdiction or minor criminal
cases, in the counties of Fulton, 'Williams,
Sandusky, Yau Wert, Darke, Wyandot and
Coshocton. J .
On motion of Mr. BROOKS, S. B. 65, Re
lating to the regulation ot insurance com
panies, was. taken from the table and refer
red to committee or the vnoie.
' Mr. GRISWOLD reported from the com
mittee on Revision, S. B. 285 correctly, en-
On motion of Mr. BROWN, the Senate
proceeded to the third reading of bills.
,H. B. ,277rFor the better regulation of
street railroads, and for . other purposes,
whs read a inira time, and reierred to a
committee of one Mr. Linn with instruc
tions to amend by excepting from its 'pro
visions all cities of the second class, ot less
than 12,000 inhabitants at the last federal
census. - v
H.B. 206, To amend sections 2,14, 6, 9 and
10 of an act. for the inspection of gas me
ters, the protection or gas consumers and
regulation or gas-ngnt companies, was
read a third time, amended and passed
yeas ao, nays l jur. oadier. irrovides a
salary of $3,000 to the gas commissioner;
mates tne rate oi gas tnatoi la candles:
the salary ot the commissioner to be paid
quarterly, on the warrant of the Auditor
of State.! '
S. B. 339, To authorize the council of the
village of Columbiana to levy a tax for
cemetery purposes, was read a third time,
and referred to a committee of one Mr.
Sadler with instructions to amend so as to
make its provisions general. ..:
! H.B. 344. Prescribing turther duties of
probate judges, was read a third time, and
passed yeas 22, nays 7. Requires probate
ludsres to file itemized bills ot fees in each
case; also, witn tne county auditor, the
amount ot tees received each year.
H. B. 439. To authorize commissioners of
Bntler county to buy out tho 'Middletown
Bridge Company," and construct a free
bridge across the Great Miami at Middle-
town, was read a third time and passed
yeas 26, nays 4.
The senate then tooK a recess.
The third reading of bills was resumed.
S. B. 326, To amend section 13 of an act
defining the jurisdiction and regulating the
practice ot prooate courts, passed March
14,1853, was read a third time and passed.
Authorizes commissioners to furnish blank
boottsano Dianxs, as wen as stationery, to
prooate judges. j . ...
1. it. 36a, to amend tne act to provide
for the settlement ot the estates of deceased
persons, was read a third time and passed
veas 23, nays none. Provides that in
sane persons, ec, may claim their snare of
property, one -j year alter aisaDiiity is re
moved. - , .. . ..
Mr. TlBBALiS ottered a resolution, in
structing the, Secretary of State to procure
the printing or 2U0 copies or the act regu
lating roads and highways, for immediate
Ulsiriuutit'u. Aug icauiuuvu noa aiccu
to yeas 22. nays none.
Mr. J uoTTUJSi, on leave, introduced . a
bill To regulate mining, which was read
first time, f Punishes miners for coal or
other minerals, for trespassing upon the
premises of other persons, with fine and
Mr. WARNER presented a memorial of
H. L. Bancroft, E. L. Downer and 250 other
citizens of Licking county, praying for the
Dflssage of S. B. 302, by Mr. Bateman, To
authorize municipal corporations to pro
vide against the evil3 resulting from the
use of intoxicating liquors ; also, the pro
ceedings of a public meeting in Granville,
on the same subject.- Referred to commit-1
on Temperance.
The Senate then resolved Itself Into cpm-
mittee of the Whole, Mr. Jones in ttie-chair,
and considered S.B. 334, To regulate rail
The committeerose arret reported progress
on said Dili, and asKeu leave 10 sib again,
which was agreed to. i
On motion of Mr. WEST, the third read
ing of S. B. 285 was further postponed
until to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock.
On motion of Mr. MARTIN, S. B. 334
To regulate the salaries of the officers of
the Lunatic Asylums of the State, was
taken from the table and passed yeas 21,
navs 3.
Mr. MARTIN presented a petition of
David Tollars and 458 other citizens of
Stark county, for authority to erect a new
court houe- Referred to Mr. Martin.
Mr. HALL, from the committee on Mu
nicipal Corporations, reported amendments
to S. B. 308, To provide a line of dockage
and wharfage In navigable waters of the
State. Amendments agreed to, and the
bill ordered to be read a third time to-morrow.',
The Senate then adjourned.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Byers.
The'journal was read and approved.
Were presented as follows, and appropri
ately referred :
By Mr.iiuuun (ueiawarej ror a law
to authorize the Commissioners of said
conntv to build a court house.
liv Mr. jj ukmao (..Montgomery ; me
morial of . the Soldiers and Sailors' Union
of Day too, for the passage ot H. B. 424.
By Mr. BUNCE (Hamilton) For a law
to par certain citizens of that county tor
losses sustained in tne .morgan raid.
By Mr. NIXON (Hamilton) For a law
authorizing the commissioners of that
county to levy a tax tor the paving of
Western avenue. -
Bv Mr. HELLER (Henry) For In
crease of the fees pf county surveyors.
Eleven bills were read the second time
and appropriately referred.
Mr. BOYNTON, from the committee on
Revision,' made a report.
H. B. No. 43, by the committee on . Judi- j
clary, To provide for the registry of births
and deaths, was read the third time, and
referred to a committee of one (Mr. Tafel)
with Instructions. . .
Upon leave, Mr. NORTH WAY presented
the petition of Hanson Johnson and 547
other colored citizens of Columbus, Ohio,
praying that the word "white" may be
iStrioken from the Constitution of thw State
-ot Ohio. ' Referred- to the committee of
pthe Whole. - . -
i H. B. 352, by Mr. BUNCE To authorize
: the commissioners of Hamilton county to
j purchase the bridge owned by the White
Water Bridge-Company aeross the Great;
; Miami ; river,- at Miami, Ohio, or to con-'
: struct a free, oue, was read the third time'
' and passed veas 73, nays none. -
; H. B. No. 373,.by Mr. SCHNEIDER To
j amend section 8 of an act entitled "an act
to provide for the partition of. real estate,"
'passed. Feb. J7, 1831, was, read the third
1 time arid passed yeas 74, nays none.
' H. B. No, 414, by Mr. TRIPP To au
, thorize county : surveyors to transcribe
maps, -Tecords-of plats, and field notes of
1 surveys of lands in certaiu cases, was read
I the third time and laid on the table. '
s . n. B. .No. 426, by, Mr. DANGLER To
. provide tor. the enlargement; and mainten-
ance of the school library tor-' the city of
'Cleveland, was read; the third time and
. passed yeas 78, nays none- - t
! Mr. DANGLER moved to amend the title
! to read : To provide for the enlargement
- and . maintenance .of school li6raries for
cities of the first and second class having a
j population ot 20,000 inhabitants at the last
: Federal census." Agreed to.
. ' H. B. No. 420, by Mr. RUTTER To au
. thorize the commissioners of Fairfield
j county, to Improve a road therein named,
t was read a third time and passed yeas 68,
!nay82. V. :
i H. B. No. 430, by Mr. RUTTER To au
; thorize the city council of the city of Lancaster-to
build a market house, was read
a third time, and postponed until March 7,
and made the special order for 11 o'clock. ,
: II. B. No. 433, by Mr. FITZGERALD
To amend the act to authorize cities of the
first-class, exceeding 100,000 inhabitants, to
purchase fuel, and levy a tax therefor; pass
ed Feb. 20, 1864, wa3 read a third time and
passed yeas 65, nays none.
. II. B. No. 434, by Mf. BOYNTON To
authorize the trustees of the township of
.ciyria, AX)rain ;couniy, to Dorrow money
and issue oonas to aid in toe erection ot
town- halt, was read the third time and
passed yeas 73, nays none.
H. B.. No. .271-was. on motion of Mr
BRUFF, laid on the table. . ... ?
; H. B. No. 4S2, by; Mr. BEER Supple
mentary to the act to establish a code of
civil procedure, passed March 11, 1S53
Authorizes testimony taken before refer
ees or master commissioners to be used In
any future trial ot the cause.
; - H. B. No. 483, by Mr. COULTER To
change the bounds of -v Union and Salem
townships, In Warren countv.
H. B. No. 4S4, by Mr. PI ATT To eoual
ize the pay of county officers, and to better
, regulate the business ot the same.
; II. B. No. 4S5, by Mr.'REED To facili
i tate the settlement of estates.
Mr. THORNHILL reported bick, from
; the committee on Finance, H. B. No. 463.
; To authorize the commissioners of Williams
county to levy a tax to build a jail, and re
commended a substitute as an amendment
The substitute .was agreed to, and the bil
ordered to. be read a third time Feb. 28th
: Mr. BRONSON reported back, from th
committee on. Municipal - Corporations. H
B. No. 458, To authorize the town council of
Mount Sterling, Madison county, to dispose
of certain rear estate, recommending its
passage-. (Ordered toa third reading Feb
ruary 2Sttw,
Mr. GALLUP reported back from the
committee on Agriculture, the resolution ot
Mr. Uochran..that that committee be in
Structed to inquire into the expediency of
o amenuwg me law ro restrain irom run
nlDg' at' large,. certain' animals therein
named, or' to provide for the erection of
suitable inclosures or pounds, and recom
mended tne following bill : -
H. B. No. 486, by Mr. GALLUP Supple
mentary to tne act to restrain irom run
mug at large certain animals therein
nam'ed, passed April 13, 1865. Read the
first time. ' .
, - Mr. DANGLER reported back, from the
committee on Finance, H. B. No. 481, To
authorize the commissioners of Delaware
county to build aicourt-house. and-recom
mended the following amendments : Strike
out. til section 2, lines 9 and 10, "not need
ed for the specific objects for which the said
8urplus was raised, and insert "not raised
by taxation foror belonging to the regular
county tunds;" also insert, after the word
"surplus," the word "funds," in line 14,
section 2: also strike out. after the word
"exceeding," in line 16, "twenty thousand
dollars," and insert in lieu thereof "two
mills on the dollar of valuation on the
grand duplicate of said county." With
these amendments, the committee recom
mended the passage of the bill.
The amendments were agreed to, and the
diu oraereo to a third reading March 6.
Mr. BRONSON.reported back, from the
committee on ees and Salaries, H. B. 379,
To regulate the fees of county surveyors,
and to repeal a section of the amended law
creating tho office of county surveyor,
passed March 3, 1831, and recommended the
following amendment: Strike out all of
third line, and insert "for all work when
employed by the day, $5.00, and when
otherwise employed."
The amendments were agreed to, and the
bill referred to a select committee ot one
Mr. Cochran. ' '
. Mr. GARDNER reported from the com
mitteeon Judiciary, to which was referred
sundry petitions relative to the jurisdic
tion oi prooate courts in partition cases,
that they considered such legislation inex
pedient, and asked to be discharged from
further consideration of the subject.
Agreea to. ,
Mr. NIXON reported back, from the Ju
diciary committee (to which it had been
referred), H. J. R. 115, by Mr. Rhodes, Rel
ative to the Constitution regulating the
elective irancnise, and recommended its in
definite postponement. These are the
amendments known as the "Enfranchising
amendment" and the "Disfranchising
amendment." . - -
Mr. RHODES paid the committee had as
signed no sufficient reason why tbd resolu
tion should not be considered. . He believed
now was the time to act upon the Question.
and hoped the recommendation of the com
mittee would not be agreed to.
Mr. NIXON defended the action of the
Judiciary committee, and said the pro
visions of the amendments proposeed were
already incorporated into the resolution ot
the gentleman from Lorain (Mr. Boy n ton)
which will come up this afternoon as the
special order. -
The resolution of Mr. Rhodes was indefl
nitely postponed.
Mr; REED reported back, from a special
committee, S. B. No. 301, to authorize the
commissioners of Tuscarawas county to
lew a tax to build a bridge across the Tus
carawas river at Dover, and recommended
it3 passage.
Ordered to a third reading Feb. 27,
Mr. FEKBiiiTi Tsporrca Dack,Irora a se
lect committee, II. B. No. 297, To authorize
the commissioners ot Pickaway county to
levy a tax to assist in building a free bridge
across tne ocioto river at or near Landsey's
ferry, and recommended its passage.
The bill was read the third time and pass
ed yeas 72, nays none.
Mr. ERSKINE reported back, from a se
lect committee, II. B. No. 431, To authorize
the commissioners of Ross county to build
a bridge over the Scioto river near Chill i
cothe, and recommended a substitute,
which was agreed to.
The bill wa3 ordered to a third reading
Feb. 27.
Upon leave, Mr. CO AN reported 1 back,
from the committee on Reform School, S.
J. R. No. 68, and recommended Its adop
tion. Mr. RUTTER moved to amend by strik
ing out the words "other suitable persons, '
and inserting in lieu thereof the words
."practical farmers of Fairfield county."
Disagreed to. nil -
The resolution was adopted yea3 54,
navs 15.
On motion, the House took a recess. . .
proceeded to the consideration of the spe
cial order, being II. J. R. No. 35. Consti
tutional amendment.
Mr. 1UUJNG demanded the previous
question, which demand was not sustained
yeas 26, nays 50, as follows :
lEAs Alessrs. Alexander, Chase, coul
ter; Curtis, Dangler. Davy. Delord, Fitz
gerald, Fox, Furnas, Gardner, Hare, Hous
ton; Hough, Howard, Lockwood, Martin,
McMorran, Myers, Nixon, Shipley, Wiles,
Wood, Young 26.
Nays Messrs. Ault, Banning, Beer,
Bloom, Boynton, Bronson, Bruff, Bunce,
Clark of Guernsey, Clark of Harrison,
Cochran, Cusac, Davenport, Dresbach,
Encell, Erskine, Gallup, Gaston, Green,
Hanson, Headley, Heller, Henricks, Hibbs,
Hill, Hoover, Hughes, Johnson, Jones,
Kagy, Kerr, Kessler, Kibbee, Kraner, Lar-
will, Marshall, Masters, McMarrell, North
way. Oren, Parks, Patton. Pcrrill Pennis-
ten, Phillips, Piatt, Putnam, Reed, Rhodes,
Rutter, Schneider, Sorber,Stedman, Thorn
hill; Williams, Worth 50. -V
Mr. RHODES offered the following sub
stitute for the resolution :
Relative to an amendment of the Const!--tution
regulating the Elective Franchise.
Se it resolved by the General Assembly of
the State of Ohio, three-rifths of the mem
bers elected to .each .House concurring
thefeiif, That it be and -is hereby proposed
to the electors of this State to vote at . the
next annual October election upon the ap
proval or rejection of the following amend
ment as a substitute for the first section of
the fifth article of the Constitution of this
State, to-witi . Every male citizen of the
United States, of the age of twenty-one
years, who shall have been a resident of
the State one year next preceding the elec
tion,, and of the county, township, or ward
in which he resides, such time as may be
provided by law, shall have the qualifica-,
tions of an elector and be, entitled to vote
at all elections, excepting such persons as
have participated in rebellion against the
United States' or left their place of resi
dence to avoid being drafted into, or who
deserted the military service of the United
States. But the Legislature may by a two
thirds vote of each House remove any such
disability." - . , . v
- Mr. OREN moved to amend the substi
tute by "striking out all .after the word
"wit," in line 13, and inserting the follow
ing: ... t., . ,. . , . .
Every male citizen pf the United States,
of the age of twenty-one years,' who has
never engaged, in rebellion against the
same, and who shall have been a resident
of , the State one year next preceding the
election, and of the county, township or
ward in wmcn ne resides such time as may
be provided by law, and wha can read and
write, shall have the. qualifications , of an
elector, and be entitled to vote at - all elec
tions; proylded, however, that the qualifi
cations or reading and writing shall not
apply to any person who Is physically dis
abled , from performing the same, nor. to
any person who now has the right to vote
under the laws of this State, nor to any
person who served lathe array or navy of
cne uniteu states ounug tne late rebellion
and was honorably discharged. from the
same. . - . , ... . .. .
'. Mr. BANNING moyed that the consider
ation of the resolution and pending amend
ments oe -postponed uniu Aiarch 13, and
that it be made the, special order for 1
O'ClOCK. ..- i i ! ':
Mr. STANTONi demanded the previou
question, which was not sustained yeas 23,
nays &, as ioiiows:
Yeas Messrs. Alexander, : Bronson
Chase. Clark of Guernsey. Cochran, Curtis,
Dangler, ueipra, j?ox, nough, Johnson
Larwlll, Lawrence, Lybrook, Masters, Mc
Morran, Myers, Shipley, Stanton, TafeL
tviies ana loung .
Nays Messrs; Ault, Banning, Barrett,
ueer, .tsioom, uoyncon, I5run, iunce,iiur
bage, Clark, of Harrison, Coulter, : Cu
sac, Davenport, Davey, Denman. Dresbach
Encell, Erskine, Fitzgerald, Furnas, Gallup,
ijaruner, uastou, ureen, jianson. Hare,
Headley, Henricks, Hibbs, Hill, Hoover,
nousun, jiowaru, riugnes, Jones, Kagy
Kerr, Kessler, Kibbee, Kraner, Marshall,
Martin, Nixon, Northway, Oren, Parks;
Patton, Perril, Pennisten, Phillips, Piatt,
irutnam, iteea, unooes, KUtter, Schneider
Sorber, Stedman,. Thornhill, ..Williams,
yvoou, vvortn, speaker s.
. The question was, then taken on Mr. Ban-
ulna's motion to postpone, and it was disa
greed to yeas 34. nays 53. - . , . ..
Mr. STANTON demanded the previous
question, ;wnicn was sustained yeas 52,
nays ao. ; . . , , ;. ,;
Mr. GLOVER moved to adjourn, De
cided out of order by the Speaker.
Mr. GARDNER appealed from the de
cision of the Speaker. . , :
. The decision of the Speaker was sustain
ed by the House yeas 74, nays 11.
The question was then taken on agreeing
to the amendment offered by Mr. Oren to
the substitute, and it was disagreed to
yeas 16, nays 62. r
. The question was then taken on agreeing
to tne suostituie, and it was disagreed to
yeas 39, nays 49. . ?..
The question was then taken on the reso
lution, and it was lost yeas 38, nays 50, as
ioi lows :-t . . ; r.
Yeas Messrs. Banning, Boynton. Bron
son, Bruff, Chase, Cocliran, Coulter, Curtis,
Dangler. Deioro, , encell, , fox, Gallup,
ureen, Houston. Hoover, ilough, Howard
Johnson. Kerr, Lawrence. Lockwood, Mar
tin. Masters, Nixon, " Northway - Oren
Phillips, Piatt, Rhodes; Schneider, Stanton
Stedman, Tafel,; Williams, . Young, Speaker
OO. i i - ' 1 f 1 ' .',:. -
. Nays Messrs. Alexander, - Ault, Beer,
ti . "r-k ---- . - "
iiioora, uunce, iuroage, uiaric ot Guerns
e'y, Clark of Harrison, Coan, Cusac Daven
port, Davey, Denman, Dresbach, Erskine,
j? itzgeraid, a urnas, - Gardner, Gaston
Glover, Hanson, Hare, Headley, Henricks,
xiiuDS, Hiu, iiugnes. Jones, Kagy, Kessler,
Kraner, Larwill, Lybrook, Marshall, Mc
Marrell, McMorran, Myers, Parks, Patton,
irerriii, fennisten. rutnam, Ceed, Kutter
fehipiey, tsorper, Thornhill, Wiles, Wood
Worth 50. - -
Mr. SCHNEIDER reported from a select
committee to which was referred the peti
tion ot the officers and tax-payers of Beth
1 A I. fl! . I . 4
jenem townsnip, ocarK countv. ior the re
lief of Alexander Henderson, treazurer of
said township, and his sureties,recommend
ing the passage of -
II. B. No. 487, by Mr. SCHNEIDER
For the relief of Alexander Henderson,
treasurer of Bethlehem township, Stark
Head the first time. ?
On motion, the House adjourned.
Note. The following bill, introduced
last Friday; was omitted in the report for
that day : ; :
U. H. Ho. 466, by Mr. KOSENCR ANS
To authorize the commissioners of Marion
county to transfer a tund herein named to
the bridge fund of said county.
TUESDAY, Feb. 25. 1867.
Hon. Luther Day,: Chief Justice : Hon. William
wnue. uon. jonn weicn, Hon. Jacob Urinker
hoff. and Hon. Josiah Scott, Judges. .
L. J. Critchfield, Esq., Reporter. .
No. 8. Georce Lonestreet t. John TTnrtrnrlAr n,l
others. Reserved in the District Court of Warreu
That tne owner of lands on the line of the Warren
county caDal. has no right, since tho abandonment
ot said canal Dy tne t-uate, to Keep up its embank
meats ior me purpose ot diverting tne waters of
soaker ureeit irom tneir natural nniimn nnr hi.
own premises, And throwing them thr ush a breach
in this a bandoned work, upon the lands of others, to
toeir injury. '
Injunction dissolved, and petition d'fmiKsed.
tto. 212. Hamer TolerT. The State of Ohio. Er
ror to tne Uourt ot Uommoa .Pleas of Brawn
w ELCn, j .
mi i i- . x, .it i i .....
xne aeienaani 8 aitemci i-o proye an aliox in a
criminal case, is no admission of tne body of the
crime charged: nor does his failure to prove the alibi
necessarily afford any presumption that he wu nre.
enr, at tbe time and place when and where the crime
is allesed to nave been committed.
J udement reversed and cau.se remanded.
No. 56. Daniel Biker v. Ann Jane Fritter ef l
Error to the Common Fleas of Tuscarawas county.
Rerved in the District Court, i
w hits. J Held : -
A widow, who. in the lifetime of her hnshand'
joined witn mm in a mortgage on property which
wasatthetims fUDiect to inoumnrances ereatn1 br
tbe husband alone, can. as aeninst her morteaeee.
claim no part oi ner aower, r tne proeeedi ot its
sale, until full payment of the mortgage debt. For
the purpose of securing tbe payment of such debt
ner dower mht in tne entire property is vetted in
tbe mortgage.
J udzment of the Common .Fleas modified.
No. 63 I rael Marienthal v. Oustar Alosier. Error
to the Superior Court of Cincinnati.
1at,i;.J. lleid;
The payment of a dividend by tbe assignee of an
insolvent debtor, is not such a part payment, as will.
under tne -'4tn section ot tn coae. take tne residue
of the debt out of the statutory limitation, aa against
sucn debtor. .
Judgment affirmed.
No. B0. Ira Wilcox v. Samuel Rinnle. Error to
thm District Court of Mahoning county. Judgment
affirmed. No further report -of; tbe case will be.
made. , . ., :
No. 34. Uennet J. Uarter r. Cbas. Morris. Leave
granted to file petition in error.
No. 53. Whetstone A Co. v. Isaac Hall. Leave to
fil e petition i n error ret used.
no. 63. U ray ton Andrews et ai. v. Ariai u nap-
man. Lieave to file petition in error reiused.
No. 70. Marion ll.rlrown v. lhe Uommissioneis
of Trumbull county. Leave granted to file petition
in error.
No. 71. Joseph U. Thomas etal. v. lhe Canfield
Coal Oil Company et al. Leave to file petition in
error overruled. '
No. 78. Susannah Morris v. Fran 313 Harris et al.
Leave granted to file petition in error. "
No. 80. Samuel McCrory v. Jas. J.Farks. Passed
notice of motion.
Adjourned until Thursday, at 10 o'clock.
Editor Statesman : Flease announce the name
of ANDREW W. SHEARER as a candidate for
Sheriff of Franklin county, subject to the decision
of the Democratic primary election. :
The History of the War Between the States;
Tracing Its Origin, uanses and KesaJts."
And for the Life. Letters and Speeches of Hon.
A1a .nder H. Stephens, by Henry Cleveland. Send
for Circulars and seeour terms. Address ,.,
( HAl 1VI1 AU rUJBI10111W uu.,
148 West Fourth street, Cinciaiati, Ohio.
- f
of uEWARK,:E:j:,
On the 1st day of January, 1867,
The amount accumulated derived from Premiums,
.: : "" ii. ' assets. "
Cash of the company on hand, and inBank, In the hands of Agents nd other persons
Real Estate unincumbered
The Bonds and Stocks owned by the Company "'"I"!!"'!!!'''
Debts due tbe Company, secured by mortgage.,...........:,. ...ll'.'. .".";.."."
ieocs otnerwise secured
Debts for premiums
All other securities...
'total Aisets of the Company
Losses adjusted and due.'... 1.
Losses adjusted and not 'lue........ii.......
jjOSse uoajusted ...i.i.pm..: .......... ..v. ..ami'.
Losses in suspense, waitinz for farther oroof
All other olauns against .the Company Dividends due and unpaidi. ...i.. ll.'ljl.-
.: .'.,; ..,.f -miscellaneous," - '-
The greatest amount inrured in any one rsk ........ V.. i. ':!!, . V. i I.. '. ', ! '
The amount of its caoital or earnings: deposited in any ether State as -security for losses'
LUh LNhURAMLb. COMPANY, being severally sworn, depose and say that tbe loregoing is a fulL
true and correct statement of the affairs of the said Insurance Company, and that they are tbe above
described officers thereof. ; - . - , .
Edward A. Stbono, Secretary. ' ; ;. " ' ' S tBt':
- Subscribed and sworn before me, this 30th day January, 1867. ' . ". .' "
: HAL.J Ifivb cbmt BTAMP.l . ; J aMES F. BONET, Com. for the State of Ohio. ''
--; . ; vu: . .: : - - - - . " : ' . 1 ' ,.' V :'
'. . Officb br tBb ArrbrroB of Statk, ) i
r-i . .t .. . -'" .' CoLnjtBua, O., February 8j 1867. r.
ISi hbbbbt Cbtifid,' that the foregoing is a eomet cop'y of the Statement of eondition'of the
Mutual benefit Life Insurance Comnanv. of Newark. Naw Jmn .nli ii -,v:. re r .u -
-gg , ( . . . ' . ;
Witness, my hand and seal odcially;-
. lSBAX.1
Jaines "Wjiiiams, Chief Clerkl , ,
r By
vv hkkb as, a ne Mill ALiiiUJN it LlUHi INSURANCE COMPANY, loSatedat Newark.in the Stkte
of ft5Wr.Jer8e,. hH mei in this office a Bworn sUtement of its condition, t a required the
act To regulate Insurance Companies not incorporated by tne State of Ohio." passed April 8th. 1856.
f n?mendJedXtbrnar3r 1J8?t' nd thS T. regulate Foreisn Inanra ce Companies. passed April
5, .1866; and. Whereas, said Company has furnished the -undersigned satisfactory evidence that it is
TKisseiged of an actual (Dital of at lp,4i (INk HIIKIIURn ATMIk I.M V Tuotiu , mh nm . inj
nveste-1 as required by said acts; and. Whereas, said Compan.has filed in this office a written linstrn
men under its corporate seal signed by the President and Secretary thereof, authorising any Asent
or Agents of said Company in tma State to acknowledge service of process ' lor1 and ia behalf of said
Company, according to the terms of said act of Aoril 8. 1866. . : 77 -n
Now. therefore, in pursuance of the ajw aforesaid. I, JAMES n.- GODMANi Auditor of Stat
for Ohio, do herebycertify that said MUTUAL BENE FIT LlrE INSURANCE COMPANY, of Newark
N. J.,.18 a uthoniad to transact the business of Life Insurance in this State until the thim-first day of
January, in the yearons thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight. .)..""....
IN WITN ESS WHEREO F, 1 have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the seal of my office
to be affixed the day and year above wntten. . i
By James Williams, Chief, Clerk.
t :-
xl.u:txiiyjs.. onto.
made to tho Auditor of Ohio.'niir-
"1 i.
' I i ..-1 i '-i
!!" .'.
I? M I V. : '(f
J . ,.71
- : -.t--:' i -:.....'
92 932 77
...... 4,129.342 82
'...r.. 2,269,241 40
Interest, Ac...
4.131,21 35
... a.wa x
....,...f 11,277,964 73
z -i- - ;:. .- .. tr
j ..I". .:,-
w... f8,000 00
14,700 00
v - !i :
.-sir '
w J elftf 4
........... ...... ..f ,
s.eoo oo
So.wo oo
7,657 37
1282.857 87
$20 000 ,00
iu i ...;.
100,000 00
' " " w w.w , W wuv Uim AM U1M VliiUV IVl til.
,i. ,..
JA$; H: GODlLLNJ,'Audiior of Sule?
r fina,(i ,m 1:
' CERTIFICATE. OF, AUTHORITY. ....;.:... . --; ; tt
(To expire on the 31st day of January, 18C8.) , . ; ; r. r(
Insurance Department, Columbus. O.. Feb. 8. 1867.1
. .. . JAI1. M ltU 1MIN I
;i :
" ' Auditor of State. ' 4
;m ;!: " Jj ?ii ; ii'vM-
rew Advertisements
; i :. CENTRAL LODGE,' NO. 23. '
All mcniBeu of the lodge
- are requested to- attend th meeting -on
THURSDAY, evening. FKHRUARY 28th. An
important amendment to the By-laws is o tiered for
consideration. ' it. H. LEAVITf,
. feb27.-d3t .;,;,. . - - . " - Seoreta y.
old, has been stolen from tbe stable of the un
dersigned, in the rear of tbe Penitentiary.' The
Uare is small, but stoutly built; ha a large blase
on the forehead; her hind feet are white for about
one hand from the hoofs; her fore feet are but a lit
tle white; one of her hind feet is swollen; she is
wall-eyed. .
Any person giving such information as will result
in the recovery of tbis Mare, shall receive a LIB
ERAL REWARD from tbe owner.-
Residing on Wm. Neil's Farm, about 200 yards in
tne rear ot tne unio jfenuentiary.
M . fioe until ;
ITIonday, the
next, at 5 o'clock V
4IU clay of Itliircli
M.. for furnishing materials
and doinc the followinz work, to-wit
For graJins aod graveling the roadway of Third
street irom south street to Jvossutn street.
City Civil Engineer's Office, room No. 3, ia No. 18
JBuckeye clock.
;i : W. W. POLLARD,
feb27-dtd . ; . City Civil Engineer.
Westbote copy J , , ,
133 and 134 South Fourth. Street,
-. i . ' DBALERS IK
Choice Teas. Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Wood
and Willow Ware, so., Butter, Eggs, Lard,
And all kinds of
Always in store. .Alt goods warrant d aarepresent
ed. Call and see. 132 am 134 South Fourth street.
3 All goods delivered free of charge; ' '
feb27-eod3m ..
-of '. '
. AT- - . - '-.
Nots. S3
to 29 South Hich Street.
Dress Silks, Chintzes, Barege, Lawns and Organ
dies, winter uress uoods. de. less than.
cost, and greatly under value. ,
feh27 .: Nos. 23 to29 South Hi?h Street.
Irish Bosom and Table Linens;
- Flannels, blankets, Cassimere.
Embr.i'terie's, Laces, White Goods, -Alexandres
Kid Gloves, tc.
The entire stock to, be disposed of in thirty days
at ...'...
Nos. 23 to 29 South High street.
A full stock of : :
Spring stock of
: New and beautiful styles of
iness, will sell their entire stock of Foreign
and Domestic Wines and Liquors, and also a large
quantity of Cider Vinegar at greatly reduced prioes.
The trade and others wishing goods in our line will
do well to call before purchasing elsewhere.
febSS-d2w 224 South High street.
. change his business, will Bell very low. for
CASH, his
; ... BLE, PICTURES. ' . . , :
And Saloon Fixtures. For particular, inquire of
269 South High street.
. -. i-. a - ! . ;.. 1
. gg"IOTICES-.Te Let, i'Fr
Sale,". Lost,: Wants, : Found,
Boarding;,? Ac, not exceedlns; elsjbt
lines, published in this column for
aO cents eacb insertion.1 ' ''1'
JLJ . Cotton Block and corner of South and, High
streets, or on Fourth or Broad streets, a pir of
GOLD SPECTACLES. A liberal reward will be
gi ven to whoever will leare them at this office. ' -
;feb27-d2t -.- :.'! ; -H .,,:! !
alightand profitable business. $150 per month,
easily earned. Address CHAS. S.'UREEINE '
CO.H Chestnut U Philadelphia, Pa. febMrn 1 i
;': .;. AMUSEMENTS. -'A
i Mi II , lit
Grand Masquerade , and Concert
;- .. . ' :;? )) . - - . j
..i : -BY. THE ,., ;:i :
co l u ri bus J r.i s nil er c h or, !
H05DAY EVESIKG, HAEC11 4, 1867. ;
. , . ' ..... I . ; ,T ' ! f
lected from the leading Artists in Cincinnati. :
an i will be under the diieotion of Prof. K-AKL .
SCHOPPELREI. , ' . '., !
,. Programme 3 ,
Overture Fidelio i..'..'...:ii..'.......'.BeethoTen. '
Pot Pourri Ernani..i.i....iv .....Verdi. '
Overture Poet and Peasant. Suppe. i
Grand Tableau ...Carnival of Columbus. '
FrogChorus ..By the Maennerchor in Fne
r.i Costumes. - - -.'
6. Grand Polonaise. . By all of the Masquers.
7. ' .Steam Walts Canuth&L:
8. "Terpsiohoreaa Jubilee.
Pkicks of Admission Gentlemen in mask,
$2.00; .Ladies in mask, 81.00; Spectators. $1.00.
Reserved Seats for spectators, to be seoured at
Seltzer's Music Store, 50 cents extra.
Tickets can be Dad at Seltzer's Musio Store. Ea
gle Drug Store, Lindeman A Co., F. A. A L. Les
quereux, F. KrummA Co, P. si er, V. fiette
sheimer, Theobald Son. tbe Bookstores, and of
tbe members of the Maennerchor. .:
On no condition whatever will-improper charac
ters be allowed admission, and .as- a necessary pre
caution, parties wearing masks will be required to
remote them in the presence of a member of tbe
Maennerchor and an experienced police officer, be
fore hey can be admitted. . - . , . ,
of Cincinnati, will be prepared' to furnish costumes
on and after bridav, March 1st. "Her room will be
over PfaiPs Queensware Store, No. 259 South High -street.
.' ' , - feb27-d5t ,
Grand Performance this Evening.
leb'-U-dit , .
LEA , & PERRirrs
Worcestershixe ; Sauce !
J l-').'- .
of a Litter from
Medical GcnUtmaa
,i at MADVASte "
' bis Brother at
Worcester, May,
1851: --.' '
"Tell Lea A Pee
rtnh tbat their Sauce
is highly esteemed in
India, and is, in my
opinion, the most pal
atable as well7 as the'
most wholesome
'Only Good Sauce'
- : ' 1 1 I : ,
Every Variety
Sauce that ia made,"
The success ol this most delicious and unrivaled
condiment haying caused many unprincipled d al
ers to apply the name to Spurious Compound , tbe -Public
is respectfully and eamettly requested to
see that the ramos of Lea & Perkins ate upon, the
'. Manufactured by - (- . . , . . t , ; .i
; : LEA & PEBRW S, -Worcester.' -
jonw buNCAPii'sr soN9, ;
A gents for the United States. '
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Warerooms-?T Bleccker ' Street,
(Second Block west of Broadway)
this firm are indorsed by all the leading artists
of the country for their powerful, clear, brilliant
and sympathetic tone: also fortbeir durability and
excellent workmanship. Seven Octaves Rosewood '
Pianos, with our erand French repeating action,
earved iegu, scroll desk and lyre, and a written guar
ant forjCn yar. for 300-r360. ' Circulars con
taining full descriptive lists, with recommendations
from all parts of the coantry,ent free onapplica
sion. 8epll-eodly-nov20

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