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nOwing rt tftlltl and departure of trains at Gc-
amuiu, uqio. uo and anar Monday, April ,un,
win run as touowi :
Cleveland, Oolukat ClnUI R. R.
liiti. . mm,
ight Express .......
No. 1 Accommodation.
New York Evpreas....
..1:10 A.M. 1:05 A.M.
. 5:00 A. M. 7:40 P M.
.11:10 A.M. 13:00 Bonn.
Express and Mail.... ......
Springfield via Delaware..
, :15 P.M. 9:30 P. M.
. 3:45 f. M. 10:55 A.M,
Tail train leaves Sunday night tint Saturday.
l.lttl1lllaMlAf!AlaMkHVl u
Cincinnati. Dayton. Richm'd,
laatnnapoiis, ntcago, utr
eleville. Lanoaster. IliUs-
boro and I htllioothe 130 a. m. 11:60 a. m.
Cincinnati, Iaton. Richm'd
t l : . i: 1 1: 1 1
hero'. Coilicothe and Mari
- etta b:oo a. m. uswa. ra,
Cincinnati, Dayton, Spring
field. Tia Xenia. Rich in 'd
and Indianapolis 12:18 p. m. 155 p. m,
Cincinnati and Springfield
Tia London 6:40 p. m. 9 JO p. m,
T. LOUGH. Agent.
Baltimore Onlo Railroad, Central
unlo UlTlaloa.
No. 7 Night Express Intm Columbus at 1:00 A. M
No.l Lightning xnrass " " 11:10 A.M.
A o.Jaiail and Express " 10 F.M
No. 1 Night Express .rnvoi in Columbus 11P.M
1 No. "all - 11:90 A.M
Ko. 10 Lightnlcg Express " 40 P.M
J. A. r KKIJfS. Agent
Colurubns ana Indiana Central Rail-
. ,waB nr.
Kight Express Ki A. M. ISO A. M
Day Express 110 A. M 11WA.H.
: Aeeommodation 8:30 A. M. 4:10 P. M.
U. A. HILL. Agent,
andnaky-, Mansf leld Ac Newark R.K.
Trains leare Newark and arrive aa follows :
Mail and Express 100 A. M. 1:00 p. M.
. l ast Freight and Passenger. 4:00 P. M. 8:15 P. M.
A. W.Dennis, Agent. .
Night Express S:10 A. M. 11:06 Midnight
Lightnit g New York
Express 11:90 A. M. 6:00 P, M.
Mail and Express.... 1:00 M. 11:S0 A. M.
lineal Accomodation 6:00 A. M. 7 SO Y. M.
AO iemson only starts trom freight yard,
J. B. Patters, Agent
Closing and Arrival of Mails.
Eastern Through Mails, a. . r. at. a. m. r. ar.
v. c. ac k.
Eastern Way Mails, C. O.
jt n.R. r
1130 10:45 12:30 TflQ
. 1146
Rorthwest, Tia Ft.W. A C
Cbicajro. viaO.P.AI.. 0.
0 tfc O. Re B -
Little Miami R.R. through
Little Miami R. R. War..
. II I) Tl V l
11 M
llOS 11. -40 12:30 70
Zanesvllie A Wheeling.." 11:15
C. O. R. R.. Wm ....
C. PA I., th ron eh A war.
Cireleville, Cbiilieothe A
Portsmouth .
Lancaster. Ohio
East W ay.National Road,
lit. Vernon Way. Wester-
.... 1040
18 JO
7. "00
ville. e... ...... -..
North Columbus endClin
tonville KM
nsbnrg. (tn-weeklky.) I
I M J Tl- 1 i
arrives juunaajs, ti ea- I
Desasys, x r riaars, ana I '
'' leaTee Tneedavs. Thun
ders and 8aturdaTS 1 .
Centre Village, (tri-week-)
ly,) Tuesdays, Thursday) .... ISM lldO
and Saturdays. ..........) -
Office Hofbs. Office opens at TX o'elnck A. M.
nd closes at 7H P. M . Sundays, opens at A. M ..
and closes at t!4 A. M. - -
All Mails close on Sundays at SXP. M.
JULIUS J. WOOD, Postmaster.
Some one has (one from this strange world of our,
Ho mote to gather its thorns with itn flowers :
Nn longer to lineer where snoreaius must fade.
vxri. 11 L. J .1. . a. . I .
Weary with minding l ie's bitter and sweet. .
Weary with parting and nerer to meet.
Some une uas gone to the bright golden shire
Ring 'he bell softly, there' i crape on the door 1
Ring the bell tofUg, there's crape on the door 1
Borne one is resting, from sorrow and sin,
. Happy where earth's conflicts enter not in ; "
. Joyous a birds, when the morning is bright
Wnen the sweet sunbeams have brought us their
Weary with sowing and never to reap, ,
Weary with labor and welcoming sleep
Home one's departed for Heaven's bright shore.
Ring the bell softly, there's crape on the door f
Ring the bell oftiy, there s crape on the aoor 1 . .
Anrels w re anxiously longing to meet
One wh 'walks with them in Heaven's bright str eet
Loved ones hare whispered that some one is blest ;
Free from eart .'s trials, and taking sweet rest.
Yea t there is ' ne more in angelio blia
One less to cherish, and one less to kiss ;
One more departed to Heare-i's bright shore.
Ring the be' I sof'iy, th-re's craps on the door !
ma u wu wv ny, urn v aw. ! wu uw. uw,
Asa Hartz on Oysters.
An-oyster is somethinK good to eat, bat
" can't vote. He grows in out-of-the-way
places, where the tide ebbs and flows as
often as it wants to in twenty-four hours,
and be seems to like it. -
- He has a curious and at the same time
playful habit, at certain times, of opening
nls saeu ana attracting to ins presence tne
hunsrrv raccoon. On such occasions tbe
diss of a racooon surreptitiously inserts
his paw into the-open shell, to hanl tbe
oyster out; whereupon - the latter clamps
down on mm iiKe me uevn, hiiu iioiu uim
there till the tide rises and drowns him.
1 don't know what be does it for, but I
have the authority of several editions of
natural history wltb colored plates ior
saying that such is the fact, and also that
no racoon has ever been known to survive
tbU livdrooathic treatment.
The oyster must be of an extremely so-
cial disposition. They sleep numerously
In or e bed, and nobody ever heard of one
kicking another out. They are a quiet set,
and, though they oiten open their moutns,
have nothing to say. A great many self
important politicians ot tie present day
'are sutlering with the same complaint.
Their religious principles are strikingly
evident in tbe fact that they all belong to
, the Hardshell persuasion, and although
strictly addicted to cold water, as a general
thing, the principles of that creed are often
seen when a dozen of them are found clus
tered around tbe neck of an old empty bot
tle which some mean white man has emp
tied and thrown overboard.
In his normal state the oyster is qntet and
- anything but fussy, but when brought into
towns and cities, he often gets into a broil
or a stew, and although McCool himself
would be unable to close his "eye," the poor
thing suffers muchly trom this getting into
hot water.
His temperance proclivities will make
him take even saltwater when he can't get
fresh, and his diet, outside of that raccoon
loible mentioned above, is exceeding ngnt
People eat oysters. Some are preferred
in the live state and some in the cooked.
,Thev are dog on'J good both ways. Tl.e
most approved ana uigoiy satisfactory way
of eating an oyster is to do it after the shell
has been opened. I have known people to
fail signally who tried it tne otner way.
Oysters flourish in all the months ot the
J rear in which the letter "r" occurs, and the
arger colonies ol them are to be found on
St. Charles street, both sides, from Sep
tember once to the very last day of April
next.' There are occasions when they may
be found In large communities at Barata-
rla. These are of a higher order, and their
acquaintance eagerly sought alter by elm
Die natives.
There are two ways of making an oyster
open unto you.; One is to knock him like
the mischief with a brick until he can't
help it, and the other is to tickle him with
a thine like a bowie knile. Tbe first named
plan will always succeed, but the oyster
uoesnx liKe it, ana tne result is not satis
htctory to the man who does it.
1 tried the other process once, and sniv
ceeded, in taking fl one-halt my left
thumb with the bowie-kniferous instru
ment used tor tickling. I have not tried it
since. Not many people know how to do
it, expertly.
-You then put pepper-sauce on him, if
lemons are ten cents apiece, iney are DOtn
eood if you like it.
I don't ki
know bow many oysters I ran
eat in a triven time: but am willing, after
due notification, to try it lor the benefit of
any unprejudiced individual who has a
barrel or two on canu auu au expert u use
the opening instrument.
In conclusion,- tbe oyster is like a clam,
nnlv alit.tle more that wav. He can bold
.n tighter, is more helty in his general
build, and there is more diversity in his
stvle ot architecture.
T thinlr I ahull an nut. and net some.
P. S. I should have stated that some
people eat oysters in August; but tbey are
principally illiterate persons wbo spell that
month 'O-r-gust," A. 0. Time.
A. H.
Thi Codfishiries of Alaska. In a
previous article on our new liussian- Amer
ican possessions we referred to the value of
the codflsheries recently discovered there.
Although only in the second year of their
proaeention, the yield to September 30th
was 627,400 fish, or 788 tons, with the prob
ability of twice this amount additional be
fore the close of the season.
A School Boy's Letter.
John Quill gets off tbe following neat
b- rlesque in the NewTork Sunday Dispatch:
Dear Pop: I am getting along first
r "e at the school, and I like it very much,
a- except Whacks, the assistant "Old
J egwax," we call him, ami we are down
r Uim like a pile-driver, all us boys, lor
I s ignorant. Why, he's so ignorant he
t n't know a blackboard from a dark
n ;lit, no, he don't; and Bill Ferguson he
I I t a torpedor under each leg of old
1 -sey'8 chair yesterday, and when he sat
r) wn (you see he sets down like he had
I ' astin him) why the torpedors they ex
I : ded and like to blowed him through the
T -f. Golly, but wasn't he seared! He
-ked at the almanac to make sure it
v sn't the 4th of July, and then he came
rl n, looking mad, and licked Bill like
b zes. But Bill said he didn't care a cent,
I the next time he would sprinkle gun
I . vrer in his hair, and bust his old froutis
pi ca off of him.
Dr. Go.'gUV, he's a nice enough old fel
1 .. only he will sit and chew gum drops
r ht before us boys, and never say ''take
8 ae," ouce.
le wears green specs, and Bill Ferguson,
V called him kold four eyes" one day,
v- ich the doctor, he heard Bill say It, and
1' ' nailed him and dragged him np to the
d k, and then he cave us a lecture, and
s . d there war once a boy he knew, and he.
v about BUUs 6iz, who insulted a gray
1 ided old man, and called him wicked
i nea, and tbe next day the very next
n irulng that boy's mother died'of in
f utna'ory rheumatism, and his sister
b ike out with bunions.
Bill, he cried, while the doctor held him
T i the shirt collar, but he winked at the
1 v8 as he came away, and wrote on a
ce of paper, and threw it over to me,
t . t he thought the doctor was "a blower,"
a 1 he daresent hit a boy of his size.
' ( want some new books very much,
a ut ten of them, and they will cost eight
liars. Please send the money for them.
1 m't send the books, for tbe doctor likes
ti to buy tbem here. .
I don't want any money for taffy or mar
I for I don't care about them; but be
t e not to send anything but the money
1 - the books.
I am in good health. I was taken sick
1 t week, and had a sore eye for a few
r vs, but it is now well.
We was a playing raumbley peg out on
f, grass, and Bill Ferguson, he grabbed
t, knife. I told him be better give that
1 'life up or I wonld tell you, and get you to
1 k him when you came down, and he said
1 " could lick you and a dozen like you. and
t en he dared me to knock a chip off his
8 :otilder.
And Jake HcGinnis. he pushed me
si ainst him, and that knocked, the chip off,
t d Bill, he struck me over the nose throe
; four times, and said he'd "bust me on
t; e snoot" it I didn't dry up, for I couldn't
1 Ip crying, and I was taken sick, and
O uldn't go to school all that day.
And the doctor, he locked Bill up in the
irret, but he didn't care, for heclnmbout
t the roof, and was chasing around after
1 m cats, np and down, almost nil the
v orning, and pulling plaster out of the
t imney to throw at people in the street.
Give my love to all at home, and don't
f met the money for the books.
' ' Bill is about fourteen ; do you think be
in lick you ?
Please send the money, and believe me
your aflectiouate son,
' " P. S. Don't forget to send the money
fl, r those books.
A Sea Sick Tragedian.
Sea sickness is a sad leveler. to which the
xtrongest minds succumb, leaving nothing
wit the desire to touch terra firm a again.
! ii eminent artist, who has recently made
' . mostsuccesstiil tour in California, return-
i East by steamer. Scarcely had the ship
- it out of sight of land before the Thespian
as laid by the heels with mat demer. In
,he depths of his despair he called for tbe
: -tptain, and when that worthy arrived, the
; agedian gazed at him for a tew moments
j,id then asked.
'. ' Ar-r-e you the Captain?"
; "I have that honor," said tbe ton of Kep-
Ver-r-y well sir. I want you to run
lis blasted ship ashore. I'll pay lor her,
ull, engines and cargo."
Tbe Captain smilt d and told bis unhappy
.. assengVr it was impossible.
Ver-r-y well, sir-r-r. Tie her to a rock,
i ten, and stop this blasted rolling."
Being assured that this was also impos-
ble, the wretched actor retired to his
". ateroom. and lying there in mortal agony,
! ursed tbe sea and all that appertained to
i r, with oaths both loud and deep.
Now, it so happened that the Bev. Mr.
' 'had band, wbo had collected a large
mount of money in California, to purchase
. ne tooth comb; and tracts for tbe Digger
ldians, was on his way East to invest bis
inds, and occupied the stateroom next to
he a -tor's. Horrified at the roars of the
ck lion, he walked into his stateroom
ist as he let on another volley of anathe
iss, which extorted a deep groan from
"Halloo," said the player, "are you sick?"
blck at heart, brother,"- was the response,
'to hear you use such bad language."
"It is a bad habit," said the wretched ar-
8t, "but hang it, sir, here I've been turned
islde out for three days, throw upevery-
'iing possible, and if I'm sick any longer,
urse me if I don't think I shall throw uo
ly engagement in New York. Blast the
"Don't, mv dear sir. don't curse so. Re-
ember one wbo was patient under much
reatersufferinz than yours."
The tragedian rose to bis full height, and,
unning his fingers through his hair, as be
hewed bis voice tor a moment, replied :
"I do remember Him, sir-r-r, and I re
ember that when he was caught at sea.
T got out and walked, and I wish I could
illow Hisexampie.tn that respect at least."
Mr. Cbadband concluded that any more
jissionary e ffort in that direction would
uot be very prontaoie.
Steam from Liverpool Direct to
The establishment of this line, to which
ve have already referred, bids fair to be
accomplished before long, unless inter-
uDted bv a renewal of hostilities between
.pain and Chili and Peru. The steamers
re to run monthly, occupying about forty
.ays on the passage, ai d will stop on the
-vayatoc. vinceni, Atio Janeiro, juoutevi
ileo, aud the Straits of Magellan.
A Bio Thing. The Illinois State Eeo&ter
savs that an old man, standing on the street.
in Springfield, the other day, addressing a
crowd on the subject of politicf, suid. when
.asked what be thought of the negro, that
he thought the "nigger a big thing." Lie
said he had lived to see tbe nigger break up
tbe old Whig party, to which he belonged,
.had seen him divide ana distract the Uem
ocratic party, had seen him cause a terri
ble civil war. had seen him break up tbe
white man's Union, ana naa recently seen
him cause the detent of the Republican
party in Pennsylvania and Unlo, and hoped
to live to see him defeat, ruin and annihi
late the Radicals in the Presidential elec
tion next year.
$1000.000 in Watches!
Handsome and Reliable Watch!
Without Regard to Value!
And not to be paid for uples; perfectly satisfactory.
100 Solid Gold Hunting WatcbeJ...250 to $1,000
100 Made t:.se.i Gold Watches 0 to 500
loo Ladies Watcl e, enameled loo to Soo
200 Gold H'n'ing Chnn'ter Watches ISO to 3C0
200 Gold Hunting Koglish Levers.. 200 to 250
300 Gold Hinting Duplex W atcbet. 150 to 200
300 Hold Hunt's American W atones 100 to 250
5(Hi Silver Hunting Levers 50 to 150
500 Silver Humii g Duple.es 75 to 250
500 G"ld Ladies V atehes SO to S50
1,000 Gold Homing i.e. inrs 50 to 75
1 0 0 Miacel snenna Silver Watches.. 50 to 11H)
8 00 Hur ti g Silver Watches 25 to 50
6.000 Assorted Watches, all kinds.... 10 to 75
avtf- Every patron obtains a Watch by this ar
rangement, costing out io, wmie it may no worm
Al.OOO. No Dartiahtv shown. "83a
We wish to immediately dispose of the above
magnificent Stock. Certificates, naming tbe arti
1,1m. are niacfld in sealed envelnces. and well mixed.
Holder are ertilied to the articlts named on ibeir
certificate upon payment of Ten Holiais. whether
it bo a Watch worth 81,000 or one worth less. Tbe
return of any of our certificates entitles yen to the
article nan ed thereon upon payme t, irrespective
of its worth, and as nn arti le valued less than 810
is named on auy certificate, it will at once be seen
that tnis is ...
Tio lottery, but sa straightforward
. legitimate traaaMCIion, which
- ntisy be particlpatrd ia even by
the moftt saaKuiouw!
A singleeertificate will be sent by mail, post paid.
upon receipt ot ao cents, live lor i, el veu torsi,
thirtvtbree and elegant premium ior (6, sixty-six
ano more valuable premium for 810, one hundred
nd moet supe-b Watch for SIS. To Agents, or
those wishing emploment, tbis isa rare opportunity-
It is a legitimately conducted business, duly
authorised by tbe Government, and open to th
moat careful scrutiny. Try im
WEIGHT, BRO. & CO., Importers,
. . 161 II HO AO WAT. Saw Xqkk.
, ooU5-4Aw(ai
Moffat's Life fills and Phoenix Bitters, .
The wonderful erects of Moffat's Life Pills '
eases of me tat depression or physical aeaknesi
proceeding from indigestion, eoetiveness, or biliook
secretions, are certified to by millions of persons
who have been benefitted by them. Tbey are tbe
most effective cathartic and puriner ever before the
public, and have ever been in use since 1B25. They
arecheap, safe and reliable. Sold by all respeota
b e dealers everywhere.
, Climax
A plain statement of facts. I Inherited Scrofula
and many of my relations have died of it. In 1839
my rase was frighful. Tumors and nice spread
unt 1 in 1S4S, under the advice of my physicians'
I went to Avon Springs. I received no becefit
tried every medicine and did everythi: g t cotrld.
I had to rest my arm on a cushion, and had not been
able to raise It to my head for ovara year. The dis-
charge from two ul -era was nearl a pint a day
Amputation was recommended, but pronounced
dangerous. I oould not sleep, and my sufferings
were intolerable. A friend brought ire an English
physician, who applied a salve with which he said
he had accomplished extraordinary euros in the
hospitals in England. It commenced to relive; I
pers sted in its use; it finally effected a perfect and
satire cvrs. It is now 1848. It it five ears since I
had tbe appearance of a scrofulous sore, and my
health has been good ever since. I procured the re
ceipt of this wonderful article this blessing a ha
man it j and .have called it "Pace's Climax
8 x iv." and allow the public to use it or not as they
choose. This is a brief but ca-did statement, giv
en more fully in my circular.
Genera, New York, December, 1848.
. ' Nkw York. Oct. 16, 1866.
"I have known J. M. Page. Esq.. of Geneva. N
Y., for many years, lie is one of the first nitixens
of Western New York. 1 saw him la.-t w ek in
good health. His case was a most remarkable one
bat actually true in every particular.
tSianedl DEM AS BARNES. '
We have wstched the unaided but growing favor
of "Page's Climax Salts," and availing ourselves
of the knowledge of its wonderful curative powers
have become proprietors of the same.
It is a sure eure for Burns, Scalds, Scrofula, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Broken Breasts, Frost Bites,
Chillblains, Stings.Bruises, Cuts, Swellings, Ac.
whether upon man or be ist. It subdues pain and
inflammation with surprising celerity, end heals
urns without a scar. No family should be without
it- I' is always wanted, and is always ready. We
will forfeit a doxen boxes for any single failure. We
believe there was never anything like it in the
world. It is put up in tin boxes, surrounded by a
full e roular giving facts, directions, testimonials
Ao.. and ean be ordered thr ugh any respectable
Druggist throughout the world. Price only 25 cents.
Successors to J. M. Page. 121 Liberty street S. Y.
leoxi-weowiy -
Page's Climax Salve, for Burns, Scalds, Scrof
ula, Salt R earn, Sores, Broken Breasts. Frost
Bites, Chillblains. Stings, Bruises, Cuts, Swellings
Ac, whether upon man or beast, is the most won
derful article ever produced. Other good art'o'e
al eviate: this cures. Delists inflammation, sub
dues pain, and heals without a scar. It is worth
its weight in gold to any family, and should always
be on hand. It is warranted to do what it says ev
ery time. feb28-weowly
rMoffafs life Fills ana Phoenix Bitten
Were first used in private practice in 1825. They
were introduced to the public in 1835, since which
time their reputation has extended, until they have
a sale in excess of all other Cathartio and Pur Ty
ing Medicines. There is hardly a family among
civil iied nations who have not personal evidenoeof
their beneficial effects Their great success ii ow
ing to their uniform reliability in eases of Consti
pation, Bilious and Stomach e diseases, whether of
one or short duration. Iher are entirely vegeta
ble in their composition, and harmless to the gen
tlest infant. One ingredient opens tbe pores of the
skin; another is r iuretie. and stimulates proper ac
tion of the kidneys; a third is emolient, loosening
phlegm and humor from the lungs; other properties
re warming and cathartic, and clt aose t e stomach
and bowels from unhealthy t ecretions . Their com
bined effect is to regulate the impaired functions of
be system, and to produce health. It Is not assert
ed Moffat's Pills are acnrs-oS that they will cure,
11 complaints but under ordinary circumstances
hey may be relied upon to cure Nervous and Sick
Headache. Costiveness, Dyspcptis, Indigestion
Jaundice, Liver and Bilious Complaints, Colds
Scurvy, General Weakness, Ao. Tbey are express
ly made for these diseases. Millions upon millions
of cures ean be cited. In no single instance has a
complaint ever come to Our knowledge, where they
have not operated as recommended.
The printed circular around each box fully ex
plains the symptoms and effects of each disease,
specifies treatmen .furnishes eviaence, Ac.
We briefly refer to Rev. David Elder, Franklin,
N. C. wbo was cured of Dyspepsia. C R. Cross,
of Theoike, 111 , cured of Liver Co-np'aint. H,
Hooley, of Springfield, Pa, bad Sorof ola, and had
to use crutches; was cured in three weeks. James
D. Dolens. of Adrian, Mich., eured f Bilious Fe
ver. Rev. Henry Graham. Presbyterian Church,
Gananagua, Cal .of Fererar.d Ague. Rev. hd. H.
May, Twenty-first New York, of Rheumatism and
Pile of 25 years standing. Rev. Samuel Bowles
Editor of the Springfield (Mats.) Republican, was
eured of terrible Costiveness. Hon. Ed. Webber
of Rumney, N. H., of Liver Complaint, etc., eto.,
' A brx of Moffat's Life Pills, with full circulars
Ao, will be sent gratis to any Physician or Clergy
man, on the receipt of two three cent postage
Moffat's Life Pills are 25 cents per box. Moffat's
Phoenix Bitters, f 1 per t ot le. They are sold by al
respectable dealers throughout the continents and
the Islands of the Ocean.
WHITE A HOWLAND. Proorietora.
Successors to Dr. -John Moff t. and 'Dr. Wm. B.
Aloffit.121 liberty street, Mew lors.
Paving Notice.
7o aU whom it may concern :
COLUMBUS. O , Oct. 14, 1867. (
Notice is hereby given, tbaturoccedings have been
instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus, for
malting toe ioiiowia improvements, to wit:
for grading and paving toe unpsved si-lewalks,
gutters and crossings i-n the si uth side of Long
street from Third street to Seventh street.
Also, for graveling the roadw- y of Hickory all-y
Irorn in ra street to uiirn 1 treet.
Also, for putting down flag crossing on North
High street at the north Mde of Mania street.
Also, for laying a flag crossing across Mulberry
alley on tbe east side of High street.
ii ... - t.i.i:.. u i . : n. . 1
Elm, Low, Mulberry snd Hank alle.vs in the First
JWa'd forthwith, so that the residents cai go on
with their improvements.
Also, for makins a single row flag crossing across
Seventh stieeton the south side of Mound street.
The same to be done in accordance with tbe plats
and estimates to be prepared by the Cit Civil Je,n
gineer, and filed in the office 1 1 the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Tweuty-seventh day 01 November, A
D. 1867.
0Ctl7-dltaw4w t City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may concern:
Columbus. O.. Oct. 39,1807.1
Notice is hereby given, that proceedings have been
instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus, for
making tne following improvements, to wit :
K r making a double row flag crossing on the
north rice of Friend street at the orossing of
Stratgnt alley.
Also, for paving tbe unpaTed sidewalks on the
west side of t ifta street bete ten FrUnd street and
Nohe street.
The same to be done in accordance with nlata
and estimates to be prepared by the t.ity Civil Lngi-
1 i.j : . 1. (i: . . v. . ' i i.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
elaims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, ou or
before the Eleventh day of December, A. D.
oct30-dltaw4w Ci.y Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may Concern :
Columbus O., Oct. 22, 1867.1
Notireis hereby given that proceedings have been
init tuted in tbe City Council of Culnmbus for
making tbe following improvement. to-fit :
For making a flag crossii-g on the east side of
Seventh street across Mcn.ee alley.
Also, lor grading Mulberry alley from Front street
to the west side of bank alley.
- Also, for grsdmg and nayina the nnnaved side
walks, gutters and crosiDgs on the east side of
men street, irorn uak alley to film alley.
Ala , for paying and guttering tbe nnpaved side
walks and gutters on t air alley from Rich street to
Cherry alley.
Tbe same to be done in accordance with plats
nd estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the i-Ske of the City Clerk.
- All pereons elaimitg damages on aocouot of said
proposed improvements, are required to tile their
Claims in the ffice of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Fourth day of December, A. D. 1PG7.
oet23-dltaw4w City Clerk.
WH1BKE11S. Our compound f rees Whis
kers on tbe smoothest fate, or Hftir on Bald
Heads luxuriantly in six aeeks. Price, by mail, 81.
Three bottles 82. Address iVlMUA t.'o Kox
323Brooklfn.fi. Y, . oott-t3iu ,
Legal Notice.
Ts L. M. Gonder, in Canada, British America,
will take notioe tht W. P. Shroin. ot the county
ot Franklin, in the State of Ohio, did. on the 5th
day of Ootooer, A. D. 1867, file bis petiti io in the
l.nrtof tlnintiiftn PL.. wWhin aad for the eount
of Franklin, in id State of Ouio. sgaimit the said 1
defendants, sskins judgment against the said G.
A. Gonder. R M Gonder and L. M- Gonder. for the
sum of 8407 90-100, with interest from November
Oth.lSoe.balanjedueonap'omissnrynotegiven bv
aid defrndams to the s id W . P. Shrntn, dated
JulyiDd, A. D. latiS.f r6450,due and payable sixty
days alter date with interest, on which 60 as
paid on 1 he 9th day of November, A. D. 1888. Tbe
said W. P. Shrum a so caused an attachment to b i
iasued to the Sheriff of said Franklin county, and
levied upon the follolwicg real eMate 1 situate in
Franklin county. O io, to-wit: Lot f o. S in M.
Wtervelt'a addition to the town ot Wcsteryille,
as designated on tbe reoorded plat of 'aid addi
tion, and is numbered 42 on the piatof the new sur
vo .made A. D. 1867. Tbe said VV.P- Shrum seeks
to have said r al estate, and alko any indebtedness
of J . F. Seiler to tbe said defendants or either of
them, and sny moneys or credits or property of any
; kind in his possession or under his eontrol, belong
ing to faid G. A. Wonder, K. M- Gonder and L. M
Gonder, or either of them, appropriated and spoiled
toward the payment of the raid indebtedness of the
defendants tosaid W. P. Shrum. . ....
The said G. A. Gonder. K. M. Gonde. and L. M.
Gonder are notified that they are r' quired to ap-
Eear and answer said petition on or before the third
. aturday after the 6th day of December. A. V.
D ted this S4th day of October A. D. in67.
vf . P. SnKU".
By H. B A lbert and A . Andre 8. his Att'ys.
Guardian's Sale of Real Es
tate. 1ft PCRKCsNCE F AN OR OF.H .OF
the Probate Court of Delaware county, O'uio,
made on tbe Uth day of October. A. D. 167. in the
cose of George K. Hutchison, Guardian of HolmesA.
Hutchison, against his said ward, the unoers gned
will, on the
30th day of November, A. D. 18C7,
Atone o'clock P. M..on the premises, offer at pnblio
sate the lollowing described real esta e. situated
in theoounty of Franklin. in tbe State of Ono. in
survey ISo 1406 V. M. District and u a part of tbe
laud formerly owned bv George Davis dee'd. and
bounded as follows: beginning at a stake in the
east line of a 15 acre tract belonging to Asa Davis,
thence along tbe ronth line of lend deeded Ootober
11th, 185C, b the heirs of George DaVis, dee'd, to
Nancy C Soringer, and land setoff to Cat ariue Da
vis, widow of said George Davis, deo'd, for dower
N. 77 deg.30min.. K. UU 47-10J poles to a stake in
the W. line of another piece of land belonging to
said Asa Davis: and S. K. corner to sa:d sower es
tate, tbenue along said Asa Davi west line S. 5d g.
40 mm., ii. 30 60-100 poles to said Asa Davis. b. W.
corner in tbe north line of said land deeded as ato-e-f
aid to George avis, thence along said George Davis
N. line 8. 76 deg. 30 min.-W. 115 26-100 poles to
stake said George Davis N. W. corner thence along
bis west line S. 6 deg. 30 min. E. 94 50-1110 poles to a
stake and stone in run in the south line of the
Dun trait. thence with the said S. line 76 deir.
30 min. W.3.5 74 100 poles to a stone S. E. corner of
another tract belonging to said Asa liavis; thence
long bis E, line N. 6 deg. 30 min. W, 94 56-100
polee to a stoiie another corner of Asa Davis;
thence with another of said Asa Davis line S. 76
deg. 30 min. W. 42 7e-lo0 poles to a stone southeast
corner of saiH Asa Davis 15 acre tract, thence with
his eait line N. 5 deg. 30 min. W. 33 92-100 notes to
the beginning, eontaing 59 acres and one rood of
land, more or less.
Terms of sale: One-third cash on the dav of rale,
one-third in r ne and one-tbird in two years from day
of sale, with interest, to be secured by mortgage on
tbe premises sold.
Appraised at$4,4O0.
- Guardian of Holmes A. Hutchison. '
By Rkid A Powell, his Attorneys.
Printer's fee, 811.25. oct21-w4t-r
Sheriffs Sale.
John Statton Court of Common Pleas
vs Kf Franklin County,
Samuel Swickard.) Ohio.
directed from said Cou-t in tbe above stated
case, 1 will offer for ta. eat public auction, at the
door 01 tne uourt House, in tu.ee :;y ot uoiumnus.
Tuesday, the 19th dav of November, A. D.
. . 1867,
at 2 o'clock P. M., the following described real es
tat e. to wit:
Lot No. 15 in the town of Grnveport, it tbe coun
ty of Franklin and State of Ohio, and adjoining
tne untoeanai.
Printer's fees 85.50.
WM. DQMIGAN, Sheriff.
0019 dltwtd
VV xmt Lf
Or a Silver Bf edal f
gcW By the N. II. State Agricultural Society, at
its fair, holden in Nuhua, Sept. 3D, lsOX
YegetaMe Hair Restoratlte
- Bettorea Gray Hair to Ita Natural Color pro-'
motes the growth of the Hair ; chanm th
. -earn (TO v ineir original organic ttcuorj i eraai-
eaiea Lianarutf and liumors i prevents i
V'eA Aiaurmiiingofjii ih t (upenor ifmnrnr. ,
. uconiaini no injunoaa inpreaienu, 1
pax auiu uie most popular ana reu-
wujac avrnriB tnronicnouw uw
8T Wwt. North, and
al. R. BARRETT A CO., Proprietora
Of,l!iriBTJl Cl I F. STATU HO.
KJ tel. December 3d and 4th, January 23d and
I4tn, March luth and nth. April getb and 29th,
JunaSih andOth.
Dr. TUt'KKRbas visited Columbus about ten
years. His great success in curing bis patients is
wen Known. jo payeioiau couia ao a iari$e prao
tice in one nlace for ten years unless he was ekillful
and reliable. This mut be evident to all. Inval
ids can therefore apply with full confidence that he
-will perform all he promises them. Dr. Tuckers
great experience renders his advice and treatment
iiivaiuiiiia vo euc.ii as usys iniieu luugcui,, vj
others. He trea's all Chronic diseases of tbe Throat
Lungs, Heart, Liver Stomach, bowels, Kidneys,
isioou and serves, tie turnisnea medicines, ex
amines free, butgives nooredit. oo 29-tju9
Rothan, John Rothan, John, commonly railed
George Lederer, Maria W uriu. John 11 ere k, Joseph
flerck. Augustus Lederer. t h-irles i ederer and
George Lederer will take notice that a
petition was filed against tbem nn the 4th dav of
JVovember, A. i. leo7. in tne lioort ot Uoiumou
Pleas, within and for the eounty of Franklin, State
of O io. by George Berck, and is now pending,
. wherein said Ge rge b erck demands part tion of tbe
following real estate, to wi : Forty-two and one
half (42)i) feet off the west side of inlot number
three hundred and eighty 1380) in tbe city of to-lu-i
btli.oountv of Frank in.and State of Ohio: and
tbat.at the March term oi said Court lor the year
186S. the said George Berck will apply for an order
tnat partition may be made ot saiu premises.
Dated this 4th day of November A. I. 1867.
nov5-w6w-r - GEORGE lifcUCK.
lished. being the 38th of the POCKET SCD.
LAPlUrt. or Every One his own Doctor, ii eluding
Treatise on Diseases of Females, lrrrgularitier,
Ac, with a hundred engravings, explaining those
diseases, in notn sexes, rsy vvM. iouno, ai. ii.
Every one may conduct any case of secret diseases.
elf-abuse, or those distressing diseases incidental
to youth, manhood or old age, without resorting to
tbe quacks of the present day.
Lei nn man contemplating marrisge be another
hour without reading this wonderful book, as it dis
closes important secrets, which should be known to
tbem particularly.
Let the weak and bashful youth who has ruined
his constitution by tbe debasing babit of self-abuse
read this book.
It will be sent to all parts of the United States an
Canadas for 60 cents. Address,
No. 416 Spruce street. Philadelphia, Penn.
With the COTTAGE PRESS and
the printing material accompany-
ua; il, tjvorj in mi can uu uib own
frinting neatly, quickly and ebeap
v. Thev are so simDte in construo-
tirii. tunc go uu ipu J uti o uiu uou
easily man due the largest site -
inwi tkai at Una. .! J
Printed instructions ere sent witn
eaclv office, enabiins the purchaser
to co at work without a orevious
knowledse of printins. A circular.
contain in a; jw aescrintion, priced,
testimonials, tc., sent free to ali.
Our specimen Sheets ot lype,
Cuts. Ac, ten cents.
SO Ann Street,
The Best Store in the Government.
-a. Stove is the novel construction of the Oven,
which makes it the most thorough baker in use.
i ou have access to tbe Oven in front, converting the
sides into flues, giving it two more heating suriaces
wan any otner stove made.
.As the Stove is constructed it is intended fo
either WOOD or COAL, operating with eithe
equally well.
No. 139 North High street,
nov3-dtf COLUMBUS. O.
. From New York every Wednesday.
From Liverpool every Tuestta .
From Queenstown every Wednesday.
Rater or Passage. Cabin, 880 (gold). Steer
age, 82o (currencO. Steonige tickets trom Liver
pool or (lu enstown at low rates.
Drafts lor sale on Great Britain and Ireland.
For Steerage i usage, api ly to
No 68 Brcadwsy, New York, or to
A merican Express Co., Ko. 12 Buckeye Block.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to' grade and pave nn eat side of
Bigh street fro ji Elm alley to Oak alley. -ReotiomI.
He it ordained b, the Citv Council
or the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the
mem hers concurring), That the unpavel sidewalks.
.-i,i.ann cni!iiii5B I'viiauw inn paved on me
east side of High street from Klin alley to Oak al
ii. ' w-"iuuo .on yiaii uiereoi on me in
the office of tiie City Clerk.
oeu. x. -mat al damages, costs and expenses
.'Diurirom ine loregomg improvement, shall ne
aaseised and levied noon the several lots of land
froi ting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
feet front.
President of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and giavel the read ay of
-ivKory auey irom imrusireel io Ulgn street.
SECTTON 1 Ha it or.ln.tnA1 K Ilia nn..:i
of the Citv of Columtus( two-thirds of all he mem
ber concurring). That the n adway of Hickory el-
j oo Kiaoed and graveten trom t hird street to
High street, in accordance witn the p at theieof on
file in the t ffice ol the City Clerk.
SRO. 2. 1'hat all ilamaae. enata anil
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
y-evn-ea aim levied i pnti several lots of land
fronting Or abiittlnir flArnn in nmnnrlinn l.il,.;.
of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to make a fine-crossing on tbe east
side of High street across Mulberry alley.
SECTION 1. He it. nrilnineif hr th. f?ltv flAMn;i
of tbe City of Columbus (to-t irds of all the mem
bers concurriig). That a doub e row flg stone
crussir g be made on tl e rast a-rie nf Hii.1, atr..
BuiwDB iii ui ocrr. aney, in a coroance witn tne plat
m-i in mi mn in tut, oince oi tue ir iiiera
Sec. 9. That all damages, costs and e-nenaea
arising from the foregi ii-g improvement, shall be
assessed anil levied unon the severnl ! ts ot land
fronti g or abutting on the east side of High street
irorn suott to Anng sire-t.
President of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Betolted. That the Citv Civil Engineer be. anil
be is hereby anthorised and directed to rontract
in the name of the city of Columbus, with P.
Murphy A Co., for building; a three leet eirenlar
sewer from the intersection of Russel and High
street to therailraaj sewer north of Di do grnnniis.
acoordiDg to the plat and profile on file in tbe City
Engineer's office, npon th following terms, to-wit:
For T enty-four Hundred and Ki tr one and 38
100 dollars, tbe same to be paid in the honds of the
oity of Columbus, bearing interest at the rate of six
per cent., and pat able in equal proportions in one.
two or tnree y-a s.
Adopted October 28, 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON,
octSO-dlt .City Clerk.
.Resolution to Contract.
Reeolved. That the Citv civil Engineer be. anil
be is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the eity of Columbus wi h John
Murphy, for repaying the gutters on the north
sideof Broad street from High street to Center al
lev, unon tbe following tern8, t -wit:
For boulder pavi g. For .y-five cents i er square
Adopted O.tober 38. 1867.
Attest: L. E.WILSON. .
st30 dlt Cily C e k.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to grade and pave nn the north side
of Lorg street from Third street to Seventh
Section 1. Beitordainel by theCitv-Council of
tneiiityoi joiumiius (two-tntrrtsot all the mem
bers concurring). That the unnaved aid -walka. gut
ters and orosniriu8 be gr-ded ano paved on the north
sideof Long street from I bird street to Seventh
street, in accordance w th the plat thereof on file
in the office of the City Clerk.
Sec. 2. That a!l damages, costs and expenses
arising from the foregoing improvement.sha.ll be
as.-eaied and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion toAheir
President of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
oct30 dit
Resolution to Contract.
Rrtolved. That the Cily Civl Engineer b-, snd
he is hereby authorised anc directed to rnntiact in
the name ot the ritv of ( olumbus. with John Mur
phy for paving the unpaved sidewa ks in fro of
ir-i'iso. Mooniiirui aiae ui oroau air eel, upon
tbe followii a terms, -o-wit:
For furnishing and setting kerbicg, 28 cents per
uueai ioo..
For bricks laid. 812 Pr thousand.'
Adopted 0otobei28, 1867.
Attest: L.E.WILSON.
ootSO-dlt City Clerk,
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to make a crossing across High street
on tne nortn side ot Maple street.
SecticikI. Beit ordained 'by the Citv Council
of tho Citv of Co u ii bus (two-thirds of all the
members concurring). That a double row flag stone
crossine be made across riigb street on nortn side
ot Marie strett, in accordance with the plat there
of on file in tie office of the City Clerk.
Sec. 2. That all damages, costs and ernense
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon tfe several lots, of land
f mntii g or abutting nn that part of High street
187 feet north and 1&7K feet sonth of said cross
ing, in proportion to toetr 'eet trnnt.
President of the City Council
President of the City Council Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
President of the City Council Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867. Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Beeolved, Tha'. the City Civil Engineer be, and
he is hereby authorized and directed tocontract in
thenameot tbe city et Columnus. with F. Krfnrt
& liO., tor grading and paving the unpaved gutters
and crossings nn the west -iile of Hih s'rert from
Frankfort streetao Perry itieot, upon the following
terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per cubic
For furni hing and 'setting kerbing. Twenty
five cents per lineal foot
For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
Adopted Oo'.ober S8 8ti7.
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
oc)30dlt City Clerk.:
Resolution to Contract.
Setolved That the City Civil Engineer be
and he is hereby authorized and rii eete I to oom
ttact in tne name o the city ot Columbus, with
Jobn Walsii A Co., for paving the nnp ved side
walks on tne north stdeot Aorih rmmo lane trom
fourth street to aeveuth street, upon the follow
ing terms, to- wit:
For brii ks laid. Eleven and one-htlf dollars
(111 50) per thousand.
Adopted Ootober nd. 1867:"
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
oe130-dl City Clerk,
An Ordinance.
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound-
mgtbe west eide ol ram street irjm tne J. t 1.
O. K. ti. bricge to Bond str. et.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tbe City of Columbus. 1 hat the um of One Dol
lar. Ninety live cents. Two mills, be and the same is
hereby lev ed an assessed up n each foot frnnt ot
theseveral lots of land bounding t r abut ing up in
the west side of Park etreet from the U. A I. C It.
K. bridge to Kind street, excepting 1ms Nos 77, 78,
79. 81, Bi. 87, 88.89 S2, 93 of L. Gooda'e's rddition,
a the -erne are designated upon the plat of the
Civil Engineer, on fileintheofiice of the City Clerk,
for the cost and expeuse of grading and paving t e
sidewaiks, .utters end cros?irgs along the tame,
according to tbe estimate of the City Ciil Engi
neer. Sec. S. Tba the owners of the several lots of
land npon which the foregoing as essment is made,
stTail pay the amounts of money by tbem severally
due in that bohalf to John Murphy, within twenty
da. s from the dale ot this Ordinance, or be subject
to the interest and penalty allowed upon the same
President of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
To assess a special tax np m the re-il estate bound
ing the east side ot Parks'reetfrom tbe C. A 1.
C. R. R. brii'ge to Bond street.
Section 1. Be it otdainod by the City Cenncil of
the City of Columbus, Tbat the sum of One Dollar.
Tuirty-nine cents. Seven mills, be and the same is
hereby levied and assessed np n each foot front of
the saveral lots of land boon ling or abutting uron
the east si-;e of Park street fiom ibe C. A I. C. R.
R. bridge to Bond t treet, excepting L. Goodale s
outlotNo-8 as tbe s une are d-sigiiat-d upon the
plat of the Civil Kngmeer, nn tile in the office of the
City C erk, for the cost ami expense of grading and
paving the cutters an i cros-ii gs and gr-ding and
graveling the aidewalks along the same, according
to the e.'limats of tbe City Civil Kngineer.
Sec. 2. That the nvrners of ihe several lots of
land upon abicb the foregoing a-sesiuient is made,
shall cav the amoun s of money by them severally
due in that bebalf.to John Mnrb, within twenty
davs fr m thedateot this Ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
President of the City Council
Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance.
Accepting W.G Deshler's First and Second Addi
tions to tbe Cily of Columbus.
Sfction 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of
the Citv of Columbus, That tbe plats of W. ti.
Deshler's First and r-e-ood Additions (in the Ninth
Ward of the city of Columbus) as recorded in the
Recorder's Office of Fianklin county, the p at of the
birst Addition reoorded April 8th, A. D. 1853; the
&at of Second Addition recorded June 23 1, A.
. 1864. together with the streets and filers as re
corded in said plats, be and the same is hereby ac
ceptel and confirmed, aud tbe said str eta and al
levs as recorded in eai I plats, are hereby declared
t - be public streets and alleys of the city of Co-
President of the City Council
Passed Oct. 28, A. D. 1867.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
Remove Headache, Dizziness, Giddiness.
Dkowsinei-s. Unpleasant Dkeahs, Dih-
Cleanse tbe Stomach and
Insure NEW LIFE in the debilitated, and
Beatore tbe Sick to Perfect Health.
Try them! Th y only cost 25 cents, and if you
cannot get tbem of your Druggist-send tbe money to
Dr. JAMES BRlAA, Consulting hhysician,
819 hioadway New York,
And tbey will be Bent by return ot mail, post paid.
For tale by Druggists generally. docSO-dAwly
' TTi wonderful nrogreeaf Of Medina 1
Science during the pat a year only j
images It posi-ioie ior ma euusoieuuoue
Physieian to deolare, now, that Conscu r
tion is as certainly cukeo as Intermit
tent lever, and as CERTAINLY. FBEVENr
ku as em,iU Pom." S el. CharU X. King, Jt. 2.'
hL.J. 40. i -
For tbe Radical Dure of ASTHMA. BRO?;cniT
S, CATARRH, and all affections of the LUN S
THRO AT, and AlR PASSAGES: for ifffjJ and
Special Derangement! of the .NERVOUSSYSTKM
lor IHeordere of tbe KI.OOD; and for all tunoUen
al Dieor. ttn of i he Stomach and Bowl.
1, immediately increases the ttrenath and deepen
theooiorot the pale blood. It subdues the Chill
nd emer, and diminishes the Bvpectoration. . .
Chech the night twtat. always, in from even;
fourteen day. The appetite is at once invigorated
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tbe difficult breathing are speedily relieved; the
sleep becomes calm and refreshing; tbe evacuation
regular and uniform. ALL THK GENKRAL
The PRESCRIPTION should be nsad In every
esse where the Physician prescribes "CoroH Mix
TrREP," "'Tonics, Iron, Acids, Hare. Quinine
Con LiverOil, Whiskv. Ac. and in every disease,
by whatever name ENO N, in which there is ex
hibited any one or more ol the following
Difficult or Irregular Breathing. Lot of Breath
Cough, Watting of Jteh, Xight Sweat, Bleeding
from the Lung, Lo of Strength, Lot of Appe
tite, General Debility, Debility of Pregnancy and
Ar4i)7,i Hying Pain through the shoulder.
Cheet. Pace or Ltmb, iXeuralgiitXervou Headache,
Xerrou Proetration. A'enou Irritation, triddl
ne or Dine, JUcetHve Pale , Sore Thrnnt
Drotcetne, Sleefilenii, Dyepepeia. onur Stom
ach."JIert Burn." opprtion or Hinting of th
Stomach before or after eating, Conetipation, Re
mittent Fever, Ac.. Ac, an 1 espec ali.v in all F
m,ile Dieorder or Uteri Jrregularitie. such a
Difficult, Painful. &upjtreed, Sctnty. Eeceeeiv
Delayed. Premature, or too Frequent M netruatio
Matementa from Patients, Ac,
"Your Prescription saved uty daughter's life, and
baa 8-. ved me hundreds ul dollar)." Rev. E. Hum-
FHKBTS.Remsen, N. Y.
" We bless God for ti e benefit we have received
rnm your Prepared Prescription." Rev. P. FERE
Orinb, Blossburg, Penn.
''Fvery one to whom I have recommended it has
benefitted much by its use." Rev. C. D. Jones, Ra
cine, Wis. . ...
Bible Hocsb, Astor Place, N. Y- In tbe early
pert ot February. 1866. 1 was suffering from a vi
olent cougb, for which I had been treated during
six months previously without benefit. I had Sight
Sweat which completely prostrated me. In the
aranine. hnaraeneaa would come on. whioh wonld
prevent me from speaking above whisper. I had
then had two attacks of bleeding from the lungs.
My Family Physician assured me tbat he oould do
: nn more for me. 1 was growing rapidly worse, and
bad been compelled to leave business for nearly two
months. All ray symptoms indicated, nnmistaka
bly.the presence of CONSUMPTION. In the be
ginning of February, Mr. Henry Fisher, Trea.
urer of the American Bible Society, preente t me
with abottleof the PhEPAKFD PRESCRIPTION.
Inafewriava. mv aooetite (which 1 hadentire-v
lot). returned; witb'n a week, my cougb had almost
left me; and in less than two weeks the Night 6wea
were broken up. 1 henceforward I regained strengt
raDiolv. and am no., regularly attending to mv du
tiesasclerk to the AMERICAN 111 B Lb, SOCIETY
in whose employment 1 have Deen nine years. am
now enjoying good health. Your PRKSCK1PTION
effected a CORE, when my friends despaired of my
recovery. THOS. J. CONGER.
"1 have had Nervous OR Spasmodic Asthma for
eleven years. During the last six ea'S I have nev
. erbadan uninterrupted night's rest. Itoften seem
ed to me that I would die bef ore I could get air into
my lungs. 1 suffered so greatly from 'shortness of
breath,' tbat 1 aas compelled to take frequent rests
in walking from my residence to my place of busi
ness. "The night before 1 obtaired the 'PREPARED
PRESCRIPTION,' w the worst I overpassed.
On obtaining thertiuedr.-I took teaDvonful ut
noon and again at night, and slept all night without
waking. 1 have not pad a broeen night's rest
since. 1 bave now completely recovered
mv atremrth and spirits, and am not at all afflioted
with 'shortness of breath.' 1 shall be glad to have
anyone afflicted with Asthma call and see me.
EZRA C. LANGDON. No. 334 Fourth St.. N. Y."
in a 81 bottle, and is sold by Retail by all Druggists
in Columbus, and by Druggists generally, or orders
may tie addressed totneoierropnetors,urMjAnu
MOSESACO.,27Cortlandt St., N. Y. Consult
tion free. A Circul r.containing fakticulars
many c A8as succes fully treated, will be sent fre
by mail, to all who will write for it.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by S. E. SAMUEL
CO. sep26-dAweowly
LIFE -1IUA ll H-SlRiliGTH.
Are prepared by tbe Messieurs Garancier A Du
pont. Pharmaceutists, t o- 214 Rue Lombard. Paris,
from the Prescription of Dr. J uan Delamarre. Chief
Physician to the Hospital du Nord. on Lariboisere.
Paris. May St 1863.
': G kittle kn: We have used the "Specific
Pills" made from Doctor Delamarre's Pre
scription, du ing several years past, in our
private and . nubllo practice, and bave tound
tbem a most energetio and efficient Rem
"edyin cases of Spermatorrhea or Seminal Weak
ness; Nightly, Daily, or Prematur Kmiesiora: Sex
aal Weakness, or Impotency; Special Derangements
of the S ervous System; W eakuesses arising from
Secret Habits and Sexual Excesses; Relaxation o
.1 ji ,a l. ... 1......., ,u.
Eyes: "Lime" or Brick Dust" Deposits in the
Urine: "Milky" Discharges: Paleness of the Skin,
wit h sunken Cheeks and Bloodless Lips; "Pinched"
Features; Irregular Ae.ion of tbe Heart, and in all
the ghastly train of Symptoms arising from Over
use, Abuses, or Loss from any cause, of the Nervous
t orce.
- We earnestly advise the Profession, and all per
sons suffering from any Symptomatic or Organic
Affection of tho Gknito-U rinary Systems, to use
these nits, yt itn nigh r apect, we are yours most
. G. D. 1'U J ARltlN.M. D.
TLin nc i.e-iioudl- li n
V ii ii ' 111. uuvai l..i,.,l. 1 ' .
To G abanciebi A DuFONTj'No. A Rue Lombard
.. Sedentary tm A Stvdiou ' ocupr ions; Gritft, An-
uitM, or wnatever tonus to impair tne tuat Action
of the Brain, Heart, or 2?ervou Syeiem frequently
lead to the most Ditreing and Embarraing Dis
orders of tbe Virile System. Student Cterau
men and Lawyer, therefore, wbo are especially 11-
. able to these vv eaknesses, snoutd resort promptly to
A Pamphlet, containing full oanionlara. with Dl,
.... li ...in . nil A it r i n o nrintoit in 1,'rnni, I, !-.-,....
Spanish and English, accompanies each bex, and!
will be sent, by mail, free oi cost, to any who will
write tor iu
Price SI per Box, or Six Boxes for as.
Sold by all the principal Druggists, or wi 1 be
sent by maii.atcureip eled from all observation.
on receipt ot the specified price by any authorised
agent, or by the sole General Agents for America,
OSCAR G. MOSES A CO., Si7 Cortlandt (treet.
hew York. Autoorized Agents for Columbus and
CO., and ail Dealers in Meiicines. Ail orders by
mail promptly attended to.
"seplO diweowly
I'repared rromapretcriptionofSlrJ, Clarke, JdD.
Physician EoBiraordintiry to the Queen.
" Tbis invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cun
all those painful and danzorous diseases to whicn
he female constitution is subject. It moderotesall
exees.-e8 and removes all obstructions, from whatev
er cause soeed v sure may be relied on.
particularly suited. It will, in a short time
the montnly period with regularity.
. 1 hesePilla should not oe Ut ten by Female during
the URST THREE 1IOXTHS of Pregnancy, at
th-y are ture to bring on Miscarriage, but at una
' other time they are safe.
In ali cases of Nervous and Spinal Affection
I'd ins in the Backand Limbs, Fatigue on slight ex
ertion, pHlpitation of the ilea t, Hysterics, and
W hites, these Pills will effect a cure wben all other
joexps have f.iiled; and although a powerful remedy
tn not contain iron, calomel, antimony, or anything
hurtfulto the Constitution.
Full directions in tbe pamphlet around each pack?
age. which sbo id be oarefully preserved.
Sold bt all Druggist.. Price, One Dollab
per Bottle.
It i the fate ot every valuable Medicine to be
CorNTERFEITED. Be cautiou therefore, ami
ee that tne tetter' 7'. ft Jt." are blown in the bottle,
and that eachwrai per bear the F AC SIMILES of the
tignature of I. C. BaLDWIS t CO., and JOB
JtOSEH. k Wilhovtwhich. none are genuine.
f, it. l.0n. with Eighteen cents for postage
inclosed tc a -y authorized Agent orto the Sole
Genenil Ageut for the United States and British
JOB MOSES. 27 Cortlandt street. New York
will insure a bottle, oontat ing Fifty Pills, bye
turn mail, securely sealed from all observation.
135 S. Hicb Street, (Goodalp Hoaae.)
Young Hyson $1.30, $1.0, best $1.80 per lb.
Imperial $130, $1,60, host $1,80 per lb.
Oolong. Black, $1 00, $1.50, best $1.80 par lb.
Eng. Breakfast, $1,40, best $1.50 per lb.
Gunpowder, $1.40, ' best $2 00 per lb.
Japans, Twankays and Powchongs, 75 to $1 80
per lb.
The Price of the Long Arm Chop Tea ia Reduced
to $1.00 per lb.
135 S. HIGH ST.
i Britain and Ireland, by Steamship and Sail
ing Packet, at reduced rate . TAPSCOTT BROS.
A CO., 86 Sonth street, and 23 Broadway, He
York, cntinue to iame Passage Tickets, available
for twelv - months, frum London, Liverpool, of
Ooeenstows.and Ilra'te, payable on demand, for
any amount, from 1 ard upaarda. . n-i '
BAli.EY TH0MPS0 A CO ' AgoEts.'1 ;
mcbl-wly - ... ... Bankers. Columbus ; '
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk. Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk. Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia —AND—
On and after 8ATURDAY,.June SO. 1887 rOTTU
- TRAINS DAILY will leave Columba.
;.'''. DIANAP0LI8 ft CHICAGO.' "
Without change of ears to DAYTON and
mvix u. and only one cnange of ears to ' -'
Connectiona are reliable sa follows t ' i
t JFIRST TRAIN. ... . ,
(Daily, except Monday J
Leaves at 1:20 A. M. for Cincinnati : Rlrei.
ville, Lancaster, Hillsbore and Cbiilieothe; stop
at London, South Charleston, iania, Corwib
Morrow. Loveland and Plain ville, arriving at Cia
cinnati at 6:15 A. M.
i. - ; (Daily axeept MudjaT. . i - f
Leaves at 5WO..A. M. for CineianaU.. Davtaa
Kicnmond. indiapapolU. Chicago, and stops a;
Weet Jeffjrson, l-.ndon. Sooth Charleston, Ca
darville, Xenia, Spring Valley. Corwie Morrow
South Lebanon, Foster's. Loveland, Alillbrd ar
riving at Cincinnaa at 103 A. Al eeiuteetina
with tha Mail Boats. w-womi
. , THIRD TRAIN. .. . .,
. (Daily except Sundays J
Leaves at 1515 . M. for Cincinnati. Davtrm
Kichmond, Inoianapolir, and prillgfieid via Xe
nia, arriving at Cincinnati at 4:59 P.M.
. FOURTH. TRAIN. ; " ' 1
(Daily except Sundays.) '. 1
Leaves, at 6tlO P M. for Cincinnati. Dayton
and Springfield via London, stopping at Alton,
West Jefferson. London. South Charleston, Sol
ma.Cedarville. Xenia, Spring Valley, Corwin
Morrow, Loveland, and arriving at Cincinnati
10:35 P.M.
' -
Sleepinc Can are on all Night Train
New Freight Arrangements.
tTla aT1.tuA ft. a1 a ES a a . . a aa . . .
f?t.lrtrnKn Jar Tan e a.J Il.. a, TAT . D -i
uHftmmAm Fl m xraa da aaaJ L. & t
aivwuai u.,y ov awpuiaQU IIICII A IATV I SBSJIQB H8 hU UlaVBttl
t eonnction with Frigl.t tmins tvt Kishmond
to Chiotvco- 3a hours.
Cincinnati. '
W. L. f
Gen-l Ticket Ag't.) - iT
Columbus. July g.
Three Trains Leave Colambna Dail
aafollowa:(JnnalaT Excepted.) -'
l:OS A.- M. NIGHT EXPRESS, arriving at
Zanesville at 3-50 A. M.; Bellaire at 7:40 A. M.;
Baltimore at 430 A. M.: W aabington City at 3S
A. M.
11110 A. M. LIGHTING EXPRESS- rrSvina
at Zanesville at 130 P. M : Bellaire at SM P. M..
Kaltimoreat. tA. M.; WashingtonCity atlld
A H.
' l-.SO P. M. EXPRESS MAIL, arrives at Zanes
ville at 4:45 P. M Bellaire at 9:00 P M.- Baltimore
at 5:00 P. M : W ashington City at SO P. M.
1 The 11:10 A. M. LIGHTNING EXPRESS stops
on;y at Newark, Zanesville. Cambridge and Barnes
ville. Other trains will stop at all stations.
TFosr trains daily leave Washington or Balti
more, for Philadelphia and New York.
This route n w offers to passengers these great and
superior advantages. Fare to Washiogtot Cttr
tbe sak e, as to Baltimore Philadelphia pas
fcengers hsve tbe privilege of visiting IA ashingtoa
Citv and Baltimore, en route. New York passengers
bave tbe privilege ot visiting Washington City
Baltimore and Pbilade'phia. en route. Boston Pas -sengcrs
have tbe privilege of visiting Washington
City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, en
route, at precisely the same oust for tickets as via
any other route.
This is tbe only route that ean give passengers tha
advantage of a through tickets, or baggage checked
to Washington City.
EST" Awk for Xicketsi -via Bellaire)
JNO L. WILSON, Master of Transportation,
L. M. COLE. General ticket AgeaU - ,. -JNO.
W.BROWN. Gen'l Passenger Act. 1
" maya-D . :
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Great Northern and Eastern Route. CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS
Cincinnati Railroad.
3El.-7- TCxr.1 -n m JOtsvlAy , i
From Columbus, in connection with Trains on tha
Little Miami Ac Colambas St Xeatlaa
- RIGHT EXPRESS leaves Coiumbaa st 1:M
A.M. Will stop at Delaware, Cardington. Uilead.
Galion, Crestline, Shelby, New London, Welling
ton, Grafton and Berea, arriving; at Cleveland at
6:16 A. M., New York 7K0 A. M. This train leaves
bunda night, but not Saturday.
NO. 1 ACCOMMODATION Leaves Columbus
at 5:00 A. M. Will stop at all way stations. This
train starts f'O j. tie freight Yard.
NKW YORK EXPRESS-Leaves Columbus at
11:10 A. M. t ill stop at Delaware.Cardington.Gal.
ioo, Crestline. Shelby. New London. Wellington
Grafton and Berea. Arrives at Cleveland at M
P. M., New York nett day at 3:45 P: M.
MAIL. AND EXPRESS- Leaves Colambas at 2-JS
P. ". Will stop at Worthii.gton. Lewis ("enter
Delaware, and all Stations to Shelby and SUib h
New London, Wellington, Krafton and Berea. Ar
rive at Cleveland at 9:20 P. M., New York 1030 P.M.
AWAKE Leaves Columbus at 8:45 P. M. Will
stop at all stations between Columbus and Spring
field, arriving at Delaware at 4:60 P. M Springfield
7:36 P.M. This train leaves Springfield at 7:15 A.
M , arrives at Delaware at 855 A. Coin n bus.
11.-00 A. M. , ., ,t ., - .,
Patent SleeplngCars are ran ast all
Algal Trains Chicasoa .-
New York saasl ....
IBokiob. ...
H" Baggage checked through t New York
Boston, via Cleveland ; -!, to Philadelphia
New York, via Crestline.
Ni'iht Express arrives at Columbus at 1:06 A. M.
Cincinnati Express arrives at Columbus at 12:08
Mail Train arrives at Columbus at 9M P. M.
Springfield Accommodation arrives at Columbus
ft 10i a. M. i - 1 . - -
Fare aa Low as by any Other Ron te.
Ask for Tickets via Crestline or Cleveland. ,
Superintendent, Cleveland. Ohio,
Agent, Columb S.Ohio.
Colnmbus, April ta, 1867. .. ...
Louis, Richmond. Lafayette, Springfield, HI.,
Terre Haute, Evanaville, Louisville, Cairo, San
dusky, Toledo, Detroit, and all points Wast and
No change of oars between Colambas; and Indi
anapolis. FOUR TRAINS leave Columbus, daily, as fol
lows (Sundays excepted): ,
ACCOm fflOOATlON Leaves Colnmbus 6 30
A. M.; arrives at toilfor; 8:10 a. M.; Urbana 1030
A. V .: Piqua 2.-00 P. H . Tbis train connects at Mil
ford for apringGeld and at Urbana for Beileton
taine, CLtde and Sandusky.
li:-50 A. 1W. OA V KXHBFW-Arrives at
Utbana 1:54 P.M.; Piqua 3.-00 P. M.- Lima ShIO P.
M.; Chicago (via Lima) S:30 A. M.; Richmond M
P. M.; Chicago (via Richmond) 8:40 A. M.; Indian
apolis 7.-40 P. M.;Looivillel2:45 A.M.; Terre Haute
losOf.'M.; MattoonlSOA. M.; Pana 3! A. M-:
St. Louis 8:30 A. M.; Lafarette 10:50 P. M ; Chi
cago (via Lafayette) 60 A. M.; Springfieldk65 A.
M.; Quincr 12:30 P. id; Keokuk 3KI0 V. M. This
tram arrives at St. Loms T W O hours in advance of
anv other route from Columbus. .
rives at Urbana"730 P. M.; Bcllefontaine 102W P. M.s
Kanduskv 7:25 A. Al.: riquasro r. al.; Loma xsw
A. M.; Chicago (via Lima) 110 A. M.; Toledo 6:30
A. M.; Demiit i0:)0 A.Mr Richmond US P. M.;
Indianapolis 1:15 A. II. Passengers by tbis Train
arrive at CHIDAGO the following morning. SEVEN
AND A HALF HOURS in advance of any other
route from Columbus. . . . . .,
12;85 A. HI. RIGHT EXPRESS Arrives
at Urbana 8:13 A. M ,; Piqua S-.15 A. M.; Richmond
4:55 A. M.; Chicago (via Richmond) 10M9 P. M la- -d
anapolis 8:15 A. M ; Louisville 8.110 P. M.. Terre
Haute 1134 A. M.; Evansville 10:40 P. M.: Mattoon
1:38 P. M ; Pana 40 P. M.;St. Louis 930P. M.; La
fayette 11:35 A: M.; Chicago (via Layfayette) 1140
P. Mm Springfield 8:10 P. M.: Quinoy 1 A. M.;
Keokuk 3S5 A. M. This Train arrives at ST.
LOUIS FOUR HOURS in advance of any other
route from Columbus. ', . ,
New State Room Sleeping Cars run in night
trains . . ', .
All ohanges made in Union Depots. Baggage
Checked through to all Priripl points. . -
Aakfor Tickets via RICHMOND AND INDIAN
APOLIS. ' . ,
' Tiekwt A..ts.OoWmhu.,
T. Chandler, Gen. Ticket AgL.1 Indianapolis 1
J. M.LCHT.Oupennienueua,,. ... . . '
Farmer, Keep Year t'Mer Sweel
.Wilhon Ikrags.
will furnish- their celebrated proeesa for pre.
serving Cider tn any. person sending Ten Dollars t
their address. This is tbe best process in the world.
Oar Cider sold for 81 per $alon tats summer costs
hut a tew cents a barrel Address
Data',"W . v ROSEtiALK CIDER CO.,'
Box 107rGranville, Licking eoanty, Ohio
' axr We refer to Granville Bank. r
n glA-1wtf..li..i-,-iO e-i ' 'Jll .1;iiUJ nui v.f

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