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Vrw Clark of the Coart of Common Fleaa.
IT Iff 1 CAfr.lAIBWKSTlllH.1
;Fot noMOBtinc Attorney.
I For County Commissioner.
sect i -,.v , For InBmwry Director.
;rrronnty Snrwor'
MRTroROLOGiCAi. Table, prepared and
pnrrPP.twl bv W. J. Savage, Jeweler, 83
. . . . ...
iii.u.itaai. Monday. J uly to. IPea. ,
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
A.' 5."' WW ' ..
w m..
97 i
2 SO t
H. M.
4 Son Sett...
H. M.
, Sua Rises.,..
tBishop Sosecrans lectured in Steu-
benvllle last evening.
'7tW Whatever the season, swallows are
sure to be plenty about meal time. '
L-J . liO lV7Hl IllltU
Agricultural .icko - ?
to-aiy. .-, .y . . . , -.. c..... :
s" Then waft S48-15 allowed by the
Townshin Trustees yesterday for township
raa- Mnat men's - hearts ' are reached
through their pockets, most women's pock
ets through their hearts.
-rtv... ovwwi h, .lmrat. everv nlace
. . - - .
except the hat. They make an excellent
house but a very poor tile.
rjr Andrews & Hall have received Dem
orest and Frank Leslie's Magaalnes for Au
gust, and Harper's Bazar for August 1st.
Eg-The whole Presidential contest In a
nutshell :
Badloal Platforni,
, iThejrigger.;; w"
"Dem. Platform,
The White Man.
. tartf von don't blow your own ,trum
pet, believe us no one will do it for you,
There is no number but No.l.'VThls'may
appear selfish, but it's true.
tt&" It is reported that one Can get a very
nicesnitof rooms at Saratoga this season
for 300 Der week. We could live there
just Ave minutes at that, pricey -y xr-.
nr What has become of the Grand
Army ot.the.Eepublio of this neighbor;
hood? Is it usgaspell,wi or have the
Black, and Tanners swallowed It ?
Mormons. A large party of Mormons,
just arrived from Europe, passed through
this city Sunday night, bound for Utah.
Forfeited their Bail Henry. Una-
ment. John Balyler and John Trott, three
benzintets who were released from the cal-1
aboose on Sunday on bail, failed to make I
their appearance at the Mayor's office yes-1
terday morning to answer a charge of be-1
ing drunk, forfeiting their bail.; Warrants
have been Issued for their arrest.
' 8. .;S. Superintendents' Meeting.
There was a meeting 'of Sunday School
Superintendents advertised for yesterday
morning at 8 o'clock. We have received
no reoort from the meeting. Guess it was
a secret session sort of an affair. Anyhow,
if they did have a meeting, they managed
to. keep its proceedings to themselves. .
First Ward Attention. The Demo
cratic voters of the first ward are requesed
to meet at the saloon of William Heuer on
the evening of the 224 of July, 1868, at 8
o ciock, to seiect wu peroouB u; u
for as delegates to the senatorial ixtnven
tion to meet at London on the 27th of this
month. A11 Democrats are requested to be
Sickness. The hot weather that is now
upon us and has been for some time is cer
tainly indigenous to . those summer com
plaints sx common among children. We
learn that a great deal of this kind of sick
ness now 'prevails .among the small chil
dren. Parents, therefore, cannot be too
vigilant in reference to the diet and expo
sure of their precious ones.
Qrom. Randall & Aston have for sale a
pamphlet oo "Opium, Its. wonderful fasci-
nation overwhelming ' power transient
ist-s and lasting sorrows.. The Fearful End.
Case ot BevV G. W. Brush and others,"
written f LvBaroesVM. D., of Delaware,
Ohio. It contains some very useful hints
and deep thoughts in regard to the use of
this drug. He says he has "known of more
deaths from the use of opium in some of
.ta S of alcoholic
drinks." But buy the pamphlet and read
it for yonrself: .i:'',; Vr j-v -
The Skating- Kirk. We-yesterday took
a look at the new Skating Kink, on State
street, next to the St. Francis Hospital. It
will be quite an ornament to that portion
of the city, and for-large public meetings
this tall in unpleasant weather will be just
the agony." It is all enclosed, and is being
pushed to completion with commendable
rapidity. Gulick &Emrioh are busily en
gaged getting out the ice for the rink, they
having the contract.; They will transport
it oyer the Friend street railroad to Sev
enth street ; from there', it will be hauled
on sleighs to the rlnk. -
-Don't Do 'It. We wish those young
men who, at a late hour on Sunday night,
or rather at an early hour yesterday morn
ing, ' were promenading the ' streets and
singing "we wont go home till morning,"
would not only stick to their word, but
be very careful and not start forborne until
"daylight doth appear." It isn't pleasant
to be wakened from a nap by a compound
sound of singing and benztne. Don't start
for home until after daylight, boys, or else
don't sing. .You.' make people' say cuss
1 Transferred Yesterday. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on yesterday :
Nathaniel Merion and wife to Michael
Bleach, July 1st, 3 acres of land in Mont
gomery township, for $800. '
John Koerpper and wife to Sebastian
Stutz, June 23th, lot No. 6 of Born & Jen-
ner's addition to the city of Columbus, for
1,175. i '. . -
M. Simon and wife to C. Koch and A.
Mayer, May 13th, inlote Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 6
of Hoffman's subdivision of Cool's estate,
and inlots Nos.; 17, 18, 20 and 22 in W. B.
Jarvis' second addition to the city of Co
lumbus, for $5,000. A. i: c, uil'il .. .
.VAOS-Marshal Murphy has tissued a
manifesto against vagrants. He is of opin
ion that most if not all the petty robberies
committed in the city are by these fellows
who live without visible means of support,
and who may well be called dangerous and
suspicious. As we stated yesterday,, the
Marshal and officer John Naddy discovered
seven of these chaps loafing round the de
pot watching for a chance to steal, and cap
tured them. - Before the Mayor yesterday
they gave , their names as Thomas Hoy,
Thomas Momu, James Bromley, Isaac T.
Williams, George Bingham, Wm. Wright
and Andrew Coffee. They were sent to the
stone pile to labor at 37 cents per diem
until the sum of 95 and costs each shall be
paid. Bernhard Burkman, another va
grant,, went over to keep them company in
default of a like flue.
'i . :, , til t. i
: -
An Individual Who Presents a Bill
is Killed!
is Killed! NO ARRESTS!
.ihrr"" i.Mn-uimnnDmwa!
There was a deliberate murder commit
ted in this city last night !
'(Blood has been shed and our police know
nothing of it I - '
Tho murderer was allowed to throw from
him the body of his victim and walk off
unmolested! :-r' '
xne tacts or the case as near as we can
get at them are these: An individual well
known in this community for bis musical
qualities, and stinging remarks, went into
the business house of one of our leading
citizens and presented a bill to the head of
the firm. . After considerable spatting, the
bill was shoved in the lace of the citizen
who becoming exasperated, struck the In
dividual a blow that killed tilm.
Tt la aatrl that th.M n.a -n
ItA.npAAM . t. .. . . 1 I T 11
presented to the merchant last summer.
and that violent threats were made t that
time, but not put into effect until this mel
ancholy occasion. The coroner has been
uuuiieu put nas, tnus iar.reiusea to nom an
Inquest. .. , . . : .-,
Later. We have just been informed
Ithat the murdered individual is known in
this community by the name of Mose Kee-
er. ala Biaier, juiss Aeeter, has sworn re-
venge. She swears she will have the mer-
chant's blood. ',.
Galoot Record. It seemed as if all the
galoots in town-had determined to make
up for lost time on Saturday and Sunday,
and show to the world that their elbows
had lost none of their ancient cunning in
crooking ana their palates none of .the
taste for liquid fire. The Mayor's office
was. filled , to overflowing, and a harder
looking set, generally, no one ot our read
ers ever clapped his two good-looking
eyes upon.- ; ' : . ;-
-There was John Sherry, who had in-
uuigea in a piam drunk. John is not a I
shoemaker, and could by ' no means be
thought to be a Sherry cobbler : neither
could you, as you looked upon his flushed
face and bloodshot eye, think Tiim. pale
Sherry. He - paid $5 for havinsr been a
drunken Sherry.
R. A. Green was' the very next seen,' and
was not, therefore, an invisible Green ; he
looked as ripe a youth as ever had been,
yet for histing too much was decidedly
screen ; $5 was the fine be paid, and out of
the office good time he made.
John bowers found that the world
sours on many a man who wonld be sweet
on it. Though John Sowers never sours
on his whisky when he can get it. Nor on
Dea when one is obtainable to a' man of I
his limited means. He likes bis benzine
and a couch on which his fairy form may
repose, but when only one of these neces
saries can be had. be takes the benzine, for
man can do without sleep on a pinch, but
without whisky never. Thus argued he
Sunday night, as arm in arm with La
fayette. Clark he took his devious way
down street. The width of the road tired
these two. and so they spread themselves
the sidewalks and sought
"Tired natare'i awoet restorer
Balmy sleep."
They grunted and snored for about two
hours, when a star shone out, and beamed
above them in glory. That star was on the
coat of a policeman, who, envying them
the,r happine8S harled them int0
Sinners' Best,
Yesterday morning the
Mayor sent them to the stone pile, just be
cause they didn't have $5 and costs each, as
sop for implacable justice.
wm.Ai ostein and Jacob Elngler paid $5
each for a plain drunk.
William Quinn went over because he
lacked a five dollar greenback to pay for a
plain drunk. So did Abraham Jackson,
not having a lone, lorn $1 and costs to
settle for the same oflense. . ."
Charles, Buchannon was so lushy that
when he walked he "bucked" against the
posts oh the one side of the way and "can
noned" on the houses on the other. It was
buck and cannon with him him all the way
the calaboose. Lacking $5 to pay bis
this Buchannon didn't go off. He
smasheth stone,
Frank Thomas and George Brown for
being found in a place of ill repute,- were
fined 98 each, Including cost, which they
Liquor. -
Henry Bachman
. ? "
liquor not the best not the worsts Henry
Bachman is very fond of benzine, but
Henry Bachman has not always the means
supply his appetite for strong drink, and
being rather lax in his ideas of what is his
what is not, does not hesitate to take a
drink when he can get it, without paying
it. Sunday night be was dry and be
slipped down to the bar to steal a drink,
alas for human expectations! There
was a hound upon bis track!. That hound
was the owner of the honors! Before
Hjnry could wet his whistle he was cap
tured and dragged before the Mayor, who
fined him $5 and costs, and in default of
payment gave him a ticket to join the hap
and angelio band who smash Btone out
pure love for the city.
Capitol Square Concerts. If the
weather Is favorable, Towler's Band will
play the following programme this even-
Noi 1. Polka melange, Labitzkv
No. 2. Gallop, " Once More." Helmsmnl.
No. 3. " Le Roi," D' Albert,
No. 4. "MockineBird." medlev. Rosen
berg. - ' -
No. 5. Rose, medley, W. H. Neave.
No. 6. Potpourri, from " Crown of Dia
monds." Auber. - ' r . :
No. 7. Polonaise "XantIppe,'Mayseder,
No. 8. " Gone Up," ,W. H. Neave.
No. 9. Set of Waltzes, "Natalie," La.
bitZky. - i ... .:
No. 10. Tournaire, Bosisio.
No. 11. Yankee Doodle.
County Commissioners' Meeting. At a
meeting oi the County Commissioners, held
yesterday Messrs. Barbee, Edwards and
Gulick being present the following bills
were allowed: Burbank & Sargent, record
book for clerk of court, $24; same, cash
book for Sheriff, $21; Andrew Sites, making
for Court House, $123." This being the
appointed to hear and examine remon
strances against the proposed ditch peti
tioned for, by H. E. Jones, of Hamilton
township, a remonstrance was received and
filed, and the Commissioners and W. P.
Brown, engineer,, proceeded to. view, the
of the proposed ditch. -
'' -r-r , - VI ;
Levx Reduced. The City Council at
meeting last night, passed a resolution
reducing the levy ordered on the 8th of
June, from two mills to one-fourth of one
mill. for building main or trunk sewers as
authorized by the act ot April 16thrl867.
This will bev good news to tax payers, and
shows that our Democratic City. Council
determined; to make the public bur
thens as light as is In their power.
' ' 1 'i V ,
Fined for It. A man named Lawrence
Walter has been renting' his house to
women of bad reputation.' ' For this he was
arrested. The matter being proved on him,
Mayor fined him $10 and costs, which
Council met pursuant to adjourn meat.
Present Messrs'. Bergin, Caren, Chad-
wlck, Comstock, Donaldson, Frankel. Gib
bons, Janney, Knopf, Patterson, Reinhard,
Wall, and PresidentLNaghten
'l he P resident called the Council to
The Clerk read the minutes of the pre-
ceuinsr meeting. -
The City Civil Engineer made the fol
lowing report of estimates of work requir
ed to be done:
5 .For grading paving, guttering ani grav,
veling McKee alley from. Seventh street
Cleveland avenue $378 95,
Mr. Janney presented a petition from
D. Heffuer and forty-two others, asking
the extension-of the Broad, street sewer
from Fifth street eastwardly. Referred
committee of Second Ward.
Air. Jteinnara, trom the committee
Ways and Means introduced an ordinance
making appropriations for purposes there
in named, which was read a first time,
Mr. Reinhard, from committee on Ways
and Means, offered for adoption the follow
Betolved, That the resolution passed by
nius uvuj ud uie olu uijoi uuno last, levy-
luic a tax ror toe support or tne city gov
ernment, be amended so that it will read
lor the payment of the sewers as 'eon tern
plated under the act of Anril 16th. 1S67.
the 8u rn of one-fourth of one mill, and that
part of said resolution passed June 8th,18G8,
that provides for a levy ot two mills for the
payment of principal and interest on bonds
lor main or trunk sewers be ami r.lm
is hereby rescinded.
The resolution passed yeas 12,
Mr. Frankel Introduced an ordinance to
assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding the west side of High street from
: u. seibert's south line to
which' was read a first time.
Xerry street,
Mr. Bergin Introduced an ordinance to
grade and pave McKee alley from Seventh
: street to Cleveland avenue, which was read
, a first time.
. Mr. Bergin introduced an ordinance to
grade and pave Public alley from McKee
! alley to North Publio lane, which was read
a first time.
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate bounding the south side of
iriicuuouTOi, irom atone alley to Hubbell
alley, was read a second time.
I Mr. Rihhnna fmm r.jr
ances, reported back the following, which
were read a third time and passed :
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
i uti cu rauiw uuuuumg iraiiKiiu avenue
wtnl .......... VA. 1 T Tl . ,.
from Washington avenue to East Public
lane yeas 12
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate bounding Grove street from
Harbor to Howard street yeas 12.
An ordinance to assess a special tax nnon
the real estate bounding Franklin avenue
from, .Washington avenue-to. East Public
lane jeasli
An ordinance to accept and confirm the
streets and alleys of Alexander Shattuck's
subdivision ot two and one-half acres
land in the Sixth ward yeas 12.
An ordinance to establish a dray stand
on men street between High and Pearl
was read a third time and laid on the table.
i Mr. Reinhard, on leave. In trod lir-.pri an
ordinance to amend section 4th of the or
dinance entitled an ordinance to establish
a City Police, which was read a first time.
! Mr. Reinhard introduced a resolution to
contract with Wenz, Beck & Co. for build
ing an eighteen iuch brick sewer in South
street from the terminus ot the South street
sewer to English and Martin's subdivision.
Passed yeas 13.
Mr. Chadwick presented a resolution to
contract with John Murphy lor grading
uu paving on jauiDerry alley from High
bu r runt street. va, v..
On motion of Mr. Knopf, the vote bv
which an ordinance to assess a special tax
upon the real estate bounding on Hickory
aueyirom Align to Third street , was lost
was reconsidered, and the
T a o o or? .
"-'"J,'L--- ... - - , , . -sum . .. ...
i Mr. Chadwick introduced a resolution to
contract with John McMahon & Co. for
biiilfiinn- a 9n innh Drrt :
e w uwuu LlLrn BCWCr 111
i isher and Fair alleys from Gay street, to
intersect the sewer now in Fair alley. Pass-
,eo yeas 13. '- - : .- i.t-r j s-jf ...
! Mr. Knopf offered the followin?
Eesolved. That
- . VIVu.ww1jU.
here Of this Council be annnintrl tn icnpp.
tain and report at the earliest practical pe
riod, whether further suitable grounds in
the vicinity of the Eastern burial grounds
can be puschased, and if so, how much aud
at what price.
j The resolution was passed, and Messrs.
Knopf, Frankel and Donaldson were ap-
pointed such committee,
) Mr. Knopf presented a resolution direct-
lng the City Civil Engineer to prepare the
necessary put and estimate for o-rnrHnir
and excavating, and guttering, paving and
graveling Strawberry alley from Seventh
street to Washington avenue, both sides.
; Mr. Caren introduced a resolution direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to prepare a
plat and estimate for grading the Toadway
and sidewalks of Bond street from High to
Kerr street. ' Passed,
; A release of Granville turnpike road to
the city of Columbus, signed by John
Latta, President, was read and placed on
file, i !;::; I - -;-
i 1 Mr. Caren presented a resolution direct
ing the Mayor to notify the owners of lots
Nos. 46 and 47 East Broad street, Messrs
Smyth and Lang, to have said lot filled up,
Passed. : f - J . . . . rV
; The attorney of Robert McClelland was
authorized to commence suit In the name
of the City Clerk of the city of Columbus,
against all persons who' bad failed to pay
the assessment heretofore made against
them for the, wooden block pavement on
High street.
The City Clerk reported that he had paid
over to the Mother Superior of the Sisters
of the Good Shepherd $35.25, as directed by
the City Council. -?r " T--
Mr. Wall Introduced a resolution direct
ing the Mayor to notify the owner of lot
No. 36, on State Street, west of the Scioto
river, to fill up the street in front of said
lot forthwith. Passed.
On motion, the Council adjourned,
Letter from Dublin.
DUBLIN, O., July 17, 1868.
Ed. Statesman Dear Sir: Last Sun-
day evening Perry G. Watson, a regularly
apiMiinteu minister uy me toniereuce OI
the Christian Church, came into the "Im
maculate town ot Dublin and proceeded to
the Steward or Deacon of the Christian
Church to. get him to open the door and
light up, as be intended to preach to the
people. The Deacon, instead of opening
the church, told Mr. Watson that he could
not open the door for him, and that if he
attempted to enter he would- shoot him
with a rifle. (A pistol would have been
more convenient.) The reason tor this ac
tion, the Deacon t said, was because Mr.
Watson drove a considerable amount of
hogs through Dublin on the Sabbath.
Every one here knows that Mr. Watson
was driving his hogs toward home, and
was about ten miles from the point of his
destination when Saturday night overtook
him, and that a messenger was dispatched
for him with word that his child was
dying. . , . .
i - Mr. Watson, being an intelligent man,
knew this child might linger for several
days, and as he had promised to deliver the
hogs on Monday, he turned them out Sun
day morning and came through Dublin
with them: hence the action of the Deacon.
Perry G. Watson is an educated man, and
above all has sWong natural abilities, and
1 understand is a thoroughly moral man.
He has occupied the pulpit in the Christian
church for the last twelve years. He
preached last Sunday evening in the streets,
after being locked out of tiie church, and
at the close ot his sermon the people that
were present, to show him that their hearts
were with him, - raised a considerable
amount or money and presented it to him.
.Out Deacon on the Sabbath, a God's
nouse,opens the Babbath School with pray'
cr. A ftuu rr a BLUbe iirubu waea X Bay tuatj
nine-tentns oi tne children of the
Church Sabbath School would
rejoice to see some good. In
telligent man appointed to lead them. A
dozen ot. these young men told me so in
Sahhnr.h ap.hntl t.hA mnratntr Af tda eamA
day the Deacon locked Mr. Watson out. Is
it wise for any man who has not the abili- i
ty and Christianity requisite to lead a Sab-'
bath School, when nine-tenths of the peo-;
pie are opposed to him, especiallv the;
cnuuren whom he leads, to act as Sabbath :
school Superintendent? ,
Why did not the Christian church report
Mr. Watson's case to Conference, and let '
Conference suspend him. Instead of per
rn it tins: an ignoramus to do as above
stated ?
I see the Christian church have adver
tised a basket meeting to be held in James
E. Wrizht's erove. and have invited all
ministers to participate in the worshiD of-
irouon tno morning or tne 2(3th of July.
Come on, ministers, our Deacon can't lock
you out: there is no door to the grove.
The mass of the people here say. "Let us
exercise the golden' rule in our Deacon's
case. As you would that men should do
unto you; do ve even the same onto them.
Our Deacon locked a christian minister out;
T .. , . 1 I . ,, '
icb us iuuk. mm out. '
On the nisrht of the third Snndav in An,
x ne entire choir ot the Methodist church,
wuu its accompiisnea organist, will be on
hand &nd flirnlcth t.rlif.h lnanliinr mnaln
Let as worship God in the beautv of the
evenlnir, in the purity of holiness, and
may God deal with us as we deal with one
I have only stated the case of Mr. Wat
son and our Deacon as fairly as I could
under the circumstances, and justice de
mands that the people generally should
know the facts in the case. The mass ot
the people's hearts here are with Mr. Wat-
h"' anfdh? iJi11!!1. b-.luJ
God helping him, and vindicates bis cause.
Continued. The case of Albert Sewell,
charged with fighting on Sunday, was on
yesterday continued by the Mayor until 2
o'clock this afternoon. ; We were unable to
obtain the particulars of the affair, and
don't know whether Sewell is a regular
Sunday skirmisher or not. .
I I. O. O. F. Union Picnic To be held at
I Juecnanicsuurg uuiy zutn, isoo. All mem-
bers in good standing are cordially invited
to attend. Also all respectable citizens.
An excursion train will leave Columbus
at 7 o'clock A. M.
Music will be furnished by Towler's Cor
net and String Band.
The train will stop at Westerville Sta
tion, Worthington, Delaware, Marysville
and Milford. - .
Tickets to be had of the Committee.
Committee of Arrangements.
Nones Stockholders ot the Capital City
Association. The Rink is now under
cover and enclosed, and a few davs more
will complete It. An estimate having been
maae, it was iouna necessary to call for a
third installment of twenty per cent; of the
capital stock. This must be paid on or be
fore the the 2oth Inst, to carry on the
building according to contract, or work
must cease. Those having but a small
amount of stock will find it to their advan
tage to pay up in full, as the whole amount
of 8tock win 1,6 re9uired within thirty days. I
Please call at the First National Bank.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Death of an Old Citizen of Stark
CANTON, O., July 20.
Dr. P. Wallace, formerly a resident of
ftlasslllon, but latterly ot Canton, died here
last Saturday. He spent upward of fortv
years of bis life in Stark county, and was
one oi ner most respected citizens.
Yesterday the rain poured down in tor-
rents' comP,etely flooding the streets. No
Death of Distinguished Pianist.
ST. LOUIS, July 20.
01 Lao Pers"n8 wno aea iasc weeK ot
Btin.nrmlra WOO !V1 Inhunl snnntA Vv.mA.lT
distinguished as a pianist and harpist. He
wa8"n Italian py Dirtn, and has traveled
with Madam Anna Bishop and other prom
inent singers, in liurope ana America.
Captain James L. Trumbull, an old resi
dent of this city, and for a year past Super
intendent of the St. Louis Division of the
Merchants' Union Express Company, has
oeen appointed assistant general super
intendent, with his headquarters at Chi
Morton and Hendricks Expected
Senators Hendricks and Morton are both
come home shortly, and will be publicly
Singular Accident.
city, met with a singular accident on Sat
urday night. He was removing a cork
trom a bottle ot miueral water, when the
bottle exploded, and a fragment of the
glass struck above the right eye, severing
an artery. The unfortunate man almost
bled to death.
Accident on Railroad.
An accident occurred on Saturday to an
emigrant train on the Pennsylvania rail
road at New Hamilton station, one hundred
and sixty-live miles east of this city. Twen
ty persons were injured, none fatally. All
were enabled to proceed on their way, with
The weather yesterday was the hottest of
the season.' At 2 o'clock the thermometer
indicated 106 deg. in the shade.
Sun Strokes.
was very warm day,
and the showor of last night did not cool
the air any. - There were four cases of sun
stroke, two of which were fatal.
There were five hundred and fifty-five
deaths in this city last week an alarming
City Polities.
Ex-Mayor Gilpin will probably be nom
inated by the Republicans next Thursday'
for District Attoruey, vice Hazlehurst and
Strike Settled.
The strike at the Gas works has been
finally settled, and no more trouble is an
ticipated. : i . '
. Rev.?R. T. Hill, Missionary to Liberia,
and formerly a member of the Congress of
the country, died here on Saturday.
The great Saongerfest at Reading, in
this State, opens to-day, under the most
Robert Wilson, an insane man, cut his
throat with a pocket-knife, in West Phila
delphia, yesterday, and died at once.- i
Loss by Fire.
OSWEGO, July 20.
Holrovd's knittinsr factory was -
burnt yesterday morning. The building '
was owned by George Ames. Total loss
$70,000; insured for $40,000.
Sun Stroke.
There were three cases of sun stroke on
Saturday; one fatal.
BOSTON, July 20.
i James A. Bovden. convicted of attempt-.
ing to evade the payment of taxes on 600
barrels of distilled spirits, was sentenced
to a nne or $4000 and imprisonment five
Monday, July 20.
t r. J 1 fll - T T I . , , .
j uuwiuHi. vuiuuious, unio: i d Adams, luiuqi-bns-
O F Dodge, Boston; Jas W Grant, Cleveland;
fjoraoio rlitehn, Pittsburgh: T C Jones, Delaware,
Ohio; K A Harriion. London.Ohio; Thin Stratford,
baverler, New Jersey; Joseph Japher, New York.
J W Wickham. Huron. O IS, William Jones. Phila
delphia: L C Good, New York; M Churchill, Zanu
Tiill, Ohio.
Ohio and New Jersey Resolutions
The Constitution in Mississippi.
Nomiualions by' the President.
Flortnrol Pnllon-a RMI DnnnnI
i5 um ..goocu,
Pedestrianism at Portland, Me.
The Situation in the Far West.
Metropolitan Items of- Interest.
The Times on American Finance?.
Admiral Farragutto visitGreece
Forwarding Troops to Paraguay.
5C., - &0., .SCO.
Death from Sun Stroke Difficulty
at a Iteer - Garden Moderating
Weather Navigation Suspended
Spooial to the Ohio Statesman.
. . ' Zanesville, July 20.
The weather forthe past week continued
excessively hot, and fortunately but one
case of sun-stroke has occurred thus far,
and that proved fatal Mr. C. Kirnans, a
-dealer being the unfortunate victim.
was struck near noon on Saturday, and
died late in the evening. ..
At a beer garden at the north end ot West
Zanesville yesterday, a difficulty arose be
tween several negroes and white men, in
which a negro named Johnson inflicted
a razof, two Severe injuries upon the
of a white man named Jones. The
negro was arrested and had a preliminary
examination this afternoon, but was dis
charged upon the ground of self-defense.
is thought that Jones will recover. -
A -slight shower fell this afternoon,
which caused the mercury to fall several
degrees, greatly totherelief of suffering
The Muskingum - at this place is very
low, ' in consequence -of which navigation
rendered very difficult.
Wm. M. Evarts Sworn In.
Hon. Wm. M. Evarts. Attorney General
the United States, took the oath of office
morning before Judge Wylle, ot the
District Supreme Court, and shortly after
entered upon tne duties or the office. He
was visited during the day by alargenum
of Senators and other distinguished
VIM Mil's.
Defeat of the Constitution in Mississippi.
sissipni.- - . - -
A report has been received at the head
quarters of the army from Gen. Giliem,
commanding the Fourth Militarv District.
dated, Vicksburg, showing that the Consti
tution was defeated in that State by 7.623
majority. Only one Republican member
Congress, General McKee, is returned as
elected, mere has Deen no Investigation
the military authorities into the alleered
irauuuieub fcrausaciiiuut!.
. .. l fc ... '
General Grant.
Telegrams received at the army head
quarters state that Gen. Grant would reach
Denver to-day, where he would remain two
three days and set out on return again
Nominations by the President.
The President to-dav nominated to the
Senate William P. Wells, to be Assistant
Treasurer ; John L. Dawkens, of Pennsyl
vania, Minister Extraordinary to Russia;
unnstopner Jj. uox, oi juaryiana, commis
sioner of enslons; Henry M. Watts,
Minister to Austria ; ElishaFoote, of New
York. Commissioner of Patents; William
Rosecraus, Minister Extraordinary to
opain; ionn a. jicLiernano," or Illinois,
Minister to Mexico: Edward Cooner.
. . . r. '
vAJiumissioner ot internal Aieveuue. , ,
Eight Hour Law.
An order was issued by the War Depart
carrying into effect the law of Con
making eight hours a day's work for
civilian laborers, workmen aud mechanics
its employ. The order is issued by com
mand ot Gen, Grant. , , r , "
The Funding Bill—Its Prospect.
There is no chance of the Funding bill
being passed at this session, as the differ
between the Senate and the House is
wide and cann it be adjusted. "
South Carolina Senators Arrived.
The South .Carolina Senators ar
The Fourteenth Amendment—
Georgia Yet to Pass It.
Georgia has been advised to pass the
Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitu
at once, and when this is done Con
will adopt a joint resolution declar
mat it is tne law oi tne tanav ' r
Reported Death of Leutze.
It is eaid that Leutzc the distinguished
and historic painter, and Presi
ot the National Academy of Arts,
here suddenly, on Saturday afternoon,
The Heat.
The heat is still very oppressive here, the
shower of last nitrht being so slight as to
the atmosphere very little.
The Appropriation Bills.
A nnMn.(atlnn tlll.wilt .Ilk..
by Wednesday. 1
Hendricks to Stump for Seymour
and Blair.
stump for Seymour, and Blair. y j
and Blair. Extra Session of the Senate--More
an extra of
the Senate as soon as Congress adjourns, to
ratify treaties for the purchase of more
territory. : , ;, ,f
The Austrian Mission.
Mr. Watts, a PhiladelDhia lawyer, is now
niter me piace oi .minister to Austria.
Assistant Attorney General.
Mr. Johnson will shortly nominate two
persons as Assistant Attorneys. y '
Widow of Ex—President Tyler
Visits the White House.
Mrs. ex-President Tyler Is a visitor at the
White House to-day. r . , . .,
The Ohio and New Rese—
Iutions—The 14th Amendment.
The Secretary of State, Seward, has
issued, In accordance with law, a formal
announcement' that the resolutions of the
legislatures or JNew Jersey and Ohio ant
to be deemed as remaining as of full force
and effect.- The 14th amendment has, by
the vote of the Legislatures of three
fourths of the Ssates, became valid as part
ot the Constitution ot the United States. : :
XLth Congress—Second Session.
The bill was passed constructing th
pension law, giving pensions first to the
mother of unmarried soldiers; second,' to
fathers; third, to orphan brothers and sis
ters.,- : r . - :
A resolution amendinsr the rules go that
treaties with Indian tribes shall be rnnsiil-,
ered and passed-upon in open session was
introduced and laid over. :i ; .
The bill relating to the rights of natnr-
alized citizens abroad was taken up. The
question was on striking out the clause au
thorizing the President to make reprisals
bysnspending commercial relations.
Debate ensued, durinc which the Pnuil.'
dent's veto of the Electoral Colleze bill
was received.
Mr. DAVIS said a few words nrononnn-'
ing the reasoning conclusive. - - - - 1
Mr. HOWARD styled it one of the most
incendiary documents that ever emanated:
from that source, an open and direct decla
ration that the reconstruction laws are il
legal and void, and no votes from those.
States ought to be counted in the Electoral
College. He continued As one humble
representative of the Republican party, I
announce my readiness to meet this issue
and take up the glove. - We will go before
the people on that issue, whether these '
Governments shall exist or be destroyed
by revolutionary means.1 Let the issue
come and welcome. - j
The bill was passed over the President's '
veto by a vote of 45 to 8. ; .- : i
A bill wag reported for the extension of
the patent of Richard M. Hoe. . -'
Debate on the pending bill was contln-:
ued. ' :: - .
Mr. WILLIAMS cave notice that ha
would, at the proper time, offer an amend
ment substituting? for the section author!-
zing reprisals a provision requiring the
President, when any American citizen ;
shall be deprived of liberty by a foreign !
Government, to ascertain, and if it appear j
to do wrongiui and in violation ot tne ;
rights of citizenship, to demand his release; i
then to use such measures as he thinks
proper, and report the facts to Consrress as
soon as possible. -
After further discussion, and without
disposing of the bill, messages were re- j
ceived from the President transmitting the '
ratification "-resolutions of Louisiana and
South Carolina. Referred to the Judiciary I
committee. . i
The Senate went into Executive session. !
and after time -
Mr. WILSON called ud the bill for the
reduction of the military peace establish
ment of the United States, for which he re
ported a substitute trom the Military Com
mittee, already published.
A long discussion occurred on the por
tion of the bill providing- tor the issuance
of arms to the State authorities for militia
purposes. - ,. .,
An amendment offered bv authoritv ad
ding 2000 to the number allotted to each
State was adopted.
A resolution was passed authorizing that
the room in the building be reoccupied by
Miss Ream for one year, to complete the
statue of Lincoln.
A resolution of sympathy with the Cre
tans and expressions of hope that they
may secure tneir inuepenaence. was adoot-
ea. . , , , . ;
A resolution admitting steam ' Plonghs
free of duty for One year, from June 30th,;
loos, was passea. -,. . i. ,
air, ijAYj!.s, irom tne committee .on
Elections, reported back the credentials of
Israel G. Lash, -member elect from North
Mr. LASH advanced to the Speaker's
chair, had the test oath administered and
took bis seat. - -
Mr. DAWES also reported back the cre
dentials of C. C. Bo wen, of South Caro
lina, and asked that the oath prescribed
by the statute of the 7th of July, 1863, be
administered to him, he having served in
the Confederate army. - - .. . . -
Mr. MULLINS opposed the admission of
iiowen, when the report was accepted, and
Bowen took the oath prescribed for per
sons whose political disabilities had been'
removed and took his seat. -
Mc. VAN WYCK made some remarks on
the resolution offered by him some weeks
ago, relative to American citizens abroad:
arguing against the dogma of perpetual
allegiance, showing that England has acted
the opposite theory, and holding that
Administration - should enforce the
American principle at all hazards. - -
The veto message was received and read,
after some unimportant discussion the
electoral college ioint resolution . passed
it by 134 to.36.
The SPEAKER declared it a law". '.; ,
The Senate amendments to th defip.!nrv
bill were noncoacurred in, and the com
mittee of Conference asked that a select
committee be appointed on ventilation of
the hall. - - , . ,
The House reiused to suspend the rules
provido for an evening session.
The Conference committee reported on
the Senate bill to authorize the temporary
supplying of vacancies in the Executive
Department. -' - . . .
The consideration ' of' the "report re
sulted in a division. There seemed a ma
iority against the report, and the nays and
yeas were called for. .
Mr. SPALDING moved to table the re
port. Pending the vote the House adjourned.
Return of the News Scotia Delegation.
BOSTON, July 20.
The Nova Scotia delegates, who visited
England to obtain a release ot their Prov
ince from the Canadian Confederation, re
turned to Halifax on the 15th, and were
warmly welcomed by the populace. A
delegate who had gone over to advocate
Confederation also returned with them,
and was received with hisses and a demon
stration toward throwing him overboard.
Fatal Cattle Disease in Georgia.
A fatal distemper or dry murrain is pre
vailing among the cattle throughout Geor
Quite a number of tine milch cows
that State have died of it. The disease
on the increase, aud in almost every in
stance proves fatal.
Difficulty in Mexico.
NEW YORK, July 20.
The Globe newspaper, published in the
of Mexico,- asserts that correspond
ence has taken place between Mexican au
thorities and the United States legation.
difficulty had arisen between the two
departments on account of the expulsion
the Mexican Government of Mr. Na
Verraon, who claimed to be an
American citizen. ....."'.
Change of Counsel.
BOSTON, July 20.
It is stated that the counsel of A
Kingston murderer, have left him for
good cause, and that he has selected Chas.
Davis, of Plymouth, to defend him at
trial. 1
River and Weather.
River 20 inches and stationarv. Weather
clear. Mercury S61 degrees in the shade.
Saratoga Races.
SARATOGA, July 20.
Over fortv race horses have alreadv ar
rived here and quarters have been engaged
a large number.
Railroad Accident.
ALTOONA, PA., July 20.
Fourcars of the western bound emlo-ranf:
rau off the track ot the Pcnusjlva-
atirCeVtrat filr'oTd josterdajCtKfe1 6t
them was. eapslBed, breaking the Wrlst-of
one women, the collar bone of another and
lightly injuring otheOT.2Tarity-ira-e
Weston, the Pedestrian.
PORTLAND, MR., July 20.
Weston, the feedestrian,' failed; to aocootl
Pllsh fifty miles in eleven hours, at - the
Forest City park, on Saturday. His time
was eleven hours six and one- half
Latest Indian Intelligence.
St. Louis, July 20.0 army officer Just
from Fortiarrmd, on the Arkansas rive
says twelve or fifteen Indians represent! mi
nearly all the tribes on the plains, congre
gated at or near that port to receive annui
ties, but tbat on account of recent depre
dations committed by the Cheyennes some
weeks since. Col. Wynkoop had been or
dered to withhold arm g . and ammunition1
This the Indians said was in violation
of -- the r treaty, ' and 'fc they notified
Colonel Wynkoop that it hedid not itaft
arms they would fight tor them; that they
.cic inuj iu4 nm again, auu me meeting
broke up In great confnston. jThat evenr
ing the 10th inst the Kiowas ; attacked a
train from -Kansas . City; also a Mexican
train and mail earrierrand robbed-' them of
supplies and provisions and beat the team
sters. .
General Sully arrived from Fort Barker
on the 11th, and told the Indians, jn pres
ence of 600 cavalry. that, he preferred
peace, but be wasi ready for war. This
awed them Bomewhat, - but .thes
were sullen and discontented. ' Col.' Wyn
koop deprecates the vacUtating course pur
sued by the Government, and says the In
dians in his agency "Were never more
peaceably inclined but he ays hostilities
are likely to break out at any time;
A Lieutenant and five soldiers belonging
to Foet Lamed had been killed by the In
dians. -
All the troops at Fort Ellsworth had been"
ordered to Fort Larned, and the command
ing officers of all posts In the department
had been ordered to prepare their com
mands lor action at the shortest possible
notice. .. x - .
Capt G. G." Wright, an extensive lumber
dealer ot this town, absconded last night,
having failed for $30,000 and forged notes
on two of his brothers-in-law. " -
Beavy Storm—Health
NEW YORK, July 20.
A heavy thunder and rain storm last
night has cooled the atmosphere. It is
now clear, with nrosDenta or innili., kn,
day. There was but one sun-stroke case
reported yesterday. A bad case of cholera
is reported as having fatal lv terminator!
yesterday, up town. . ; . ,
Poisoned by Accident.
John Spicer was killed - venrerrlav h
taking strychnine, given bv mistAkn nf arv
apothecary for seidlitz powders, n , -; ,
Disappearance of Bonds and Cash
from the and
On the morning of the Rth nf .Tnlv if. nr..
discovered, on opening the sale of the Im
porters' aud Traders' Bank,' corner-of
Broadway and Murrav street, that Pio-hfo-
thousand dollars in bonds and cash had
disappeared. There was no evidence
whatever of any burglary having hen
committed. All knowledge of the affair
was confined to the Bank officers and the
police, until it leaked out veaterri&v. , Vn
trace has yet been obtained of either the
thieves or their booty. - .
A row boat containing eicht vonnV rrnn
while off the foot ot 42d 6treet, North river,
last evening? was upset, and all the party
were thrown into the water. . One of the
number, Joseph Parks, was drowned.
Hebrew Convention.
The Grand Convention of ther TnrlMwS
dent Order of Bari Breth. a secret Hehmnr
organization for charitable and benevolent
purposes, opened yesterday at the hall of
the Allemauia Club House, in East Six
teenth street. The permanent-organizatipa
was perfected by the election ! of ftW
cers. A committee Was, appointed
to report ,' rules , and 1 regulations'
for - the proceedings of ' th- -iinnj
vention, and this morning the regular order
of business will be entered into. The flon-,
vention will probably remain in session,
through the week. Among the; leading
members of the Convention are Judge
Rosendaie, of Albany, Hon. Henry Greene-1
bauni. ot Chicao-o. Rev . (i
Richmond, and Dr. Senlenthal, of Chicago
The Heat—Sun-Strokes.
The heated term still continues." There-
were a great many deaths trom sun-stroka
yesterday. , A' - y.'---'
Last night we- had a pleasant thunderi
storm, but the atmosphere is still oppres-n
Death Last Week.
There were nearly 1,200 death's In ibis
city last week the largest number since'
July two years ago. '','.'.'
Outbreak Expected at Sing Sing.
" A serious outbreak Is expected among-'
the convicts of Sing Sing. Last-week the-'
cabinet' makers' shop was burned, .and-:
there was a plan laid to escape during the
fire, but It tailed.
Pardon of a Bounty Claim Forger.
President Johnson has pardoned John Til
Trapp, sentenced to prison for presenting a?
false bounty claim. " ",' '
Export of Specie.
Two millions ot specie went to Europe-
The Bricklayers' Strike.
The strike among the bricklayers- is do-i
lng much damage to the building interest
A large number oi very extensive struc
tures throughout the city are at a stand
still in an unfinished state. ; . .' )--
Funeral of a Famous-Master.
::. r! tT4
. -.'?-7;, i-sri r-'IHt
Supo dePol, a famous ballet-master, wa
buried yesterday afternoon.
NEW YORK, July 20.
' The Board ot Health emphatically deny!
that any cases of cholera have occurred. '
During the thunder storm on Sunrtay,'
the bark Juliana, lying at pier No. 8, East
river, was struck by lightning.) Nobody
was hurt. . . - . -. ' '
Four houses were struck in BrooklvhJ
and Mrs. Banning and two children) were
knocked senseless, but not fatally injured
.Several of the barns on.. Long i Island
were destroyed. ., -.,
167 horses have died la this City froni
heat during the last week.' " ' ' ' i .f
At a meeting of the master masons to-"r
day it was stated the journeymen werer
about succumbing to the ten hour system.
i ne whole Dusmess portion or Alariison:
Flat was burnt on the night ot July 14th 7
Brazil Sending Troops to Paraguay.
; v aVnay. U,J,.,.. . ,;
NEW YORK, June 20.
The steamer South America, from Rio
Janerio, June 25th has arrived. . . 1 . '
Brazil is still sending troops to Par-'
guay. 'J.he total number sent since the.
commencement of the war is 84,219. At-
Humsita there are
, .
There were some cases of cholera at
Nitheroy, but measures have been taken '
to prevent their spread.' i . i -
Steam Launches.
A British shin arrived from England '
with twelve Iron steam launches, ordered
by the Government tor the Amazon. !
Coffee Crop.
The coffee crop is large, but a fourth
part was lost in the heavy rains, j ........ t
Coffee Crop. Diplomatic Conflict.
The diplomatic conflict between Cji1h-
and Washburne, the American Minister
because the former refused to: allow -the
gunboat Wasp to pass up, has been trans-1
icrreu io mo ior settlement. . ,.;lr.ls
The London Times
LONDON, July 20.
Times in an editorial on. AmArlran f
finances, says: The true interest of tbe
United States lies in its honor and right.'
Heavy as taxes generallv are.1t u Infinite- -
ly better that everything should be taxed t
than to repudiate the terms upon which, t
the national debt was created. J, . , , ,;
Farragut will visit Greece at an earlv i
LONDON, July 20.
Consols 94MWbY Erie 43J4; Hliuois
bonds T4i-

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