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to Statesman.
-- . -Jr--.. Trrr -t.itott-1 -h" i -m
,15, B.ESHFXMiJIJ Edltore.
.iukaiiu btimuun,
i WirriA4TOIl,BTATm AtLAllOTf '
hi rrr Sf,c,,Tm1!0,
IION. HUGH J. JF.WKTI, of Muskingum
1t Dist. JOHN B. JKCP.of HmfiWkn.
jnuisk-uon Knni.R nf Hamilton.
IHh '-M- H. DAVIS, or i:irruon
flK '-f J. rAnntivoi weens.-
gff, -' l-i-E T. POPPLETON L of Tarawa.
9tu - JOHN A. CRAMER, of Ottawa.
loth ANDREW ROACH, of Wood.
Mtb " EZRA V. PE AN, ot Lawrence.
Hth J. ORKRNE.of Pike- ,ft
)3th " C POLLKTT. of Licking.
Jh " H. H. P0PPlTOi. of Lorain.
l.itH - ISAAC STANLEY, pf Athens.
i h " A W. PATRICK, of Tuscarawas.
IIIJl - -SAMCtlJWIhUAMH. of Carroll.
lSth " MATT. B1RCHARD. of Trumbull.
Democratic State Ticket.
-THOMAS niIBBAilD.f fjOffame
fob Btrpsnta judos
XVIL.LIA 1 E. F1NCK of Ferry
A KTHIiK HCGHES. of Cu yaLlies;a.
jOHil M. WEB8,I nahonlBf.
(Seventh Congressional District,)
aOHBL,H.jrHOnASI, of Clarke.
Gold closed In New York Saturday at
General Blair at the Neil House.
a 10
General Blair arrived last evening on
the train from. Znevlller and is stopping
at the Neil House. He will leave for Cin
cinnati the noon train. The gun squad
of the White Boys T "in" Blue wlll'llre a sa
lute at 10 A; M, and the-White Boy's in.
Blue and citizens, with Hemmersbach's
band, will asseraWe-at -, 3asql0 A.
and escort" the General to-the train .
All the citizsns who wish, to See the next
Vice President of the United States can do
so by going to the Neil Hous at this hour
Democrats! pass alonjr the word, and let
there be a full turn outAto iye him an
escort worthy the Capital City.'-' ' n
The Public Debt la the months of May,
June, July, and Anjrust fo!nr months
was increased THIBTY-FIVE MIl
T O . r.
5fe'ha.yeiiQW tStatem9njast received,.3
by telegraph from Washington, that the
Expenditures . pf .the Government, exclu
sive of the payment of the Interest on the
Public Debt for the. month ot September r
was the sora of TWENTY-EIGHT MILV
At thir rate of increase! the deficiency in
the Treasury at the end of thee Fiscal yearr
wilt be more than Mr.DLMAR's official est!-' '
mate makes it, There must be rri&ris Bonds,
mor jTaxesor.Kepudiation will be, the -.result
it the Republicans elect their candl-
ot .L. Jt err. i - ; .!-.,, .
. dates. .;i Z:i o:
Government Expenditures.
The reporja otthe Secretory of the Treas
nryj up- to ;the. 30th of November, ,1867,,
Fhowj tbt. the' o.-t tf. admioisterbig the
Go rerftment, ' Inchidrng- War iind every-1
thing else, for seven years by the Repnbii-';
can party, was - $88 7,S5t,300 43
The cost of admiaisJ
Jerlngtbe overn
! ,11 it
ment for 72 years
before, was"1 - HS4. 1?388 19
Thus it will be seen that the, whole cost.'
cf-administering the Government for-ecenty-fi00-year4ibeforB
;the ; Republican
party came into power, when it was ad
ministered by the Whig and Democratio
par ties,, was not to exceed one-third as much,
as it cost for seyeayears of Republican rule." '
In this time the" War with Great Britain
and the War with Mexico and Indian Wars
bad to be paid for. Pensions ior Revolu
tionary Soldiers, pensions to soldiers In the, '
War ot '12, pensions to soldiers in the Mex
ican War, and . pensions to soldiers in the'
Indian Wart bad to be paid. The Immense
territory of Louisiana bad to be paid for,
ando bad , Florida, Texas, New Mexico
and California. "All this Cost a great deal'
of money; bat yet it cost thret timet the
amount to, carry on the Government seven ,
years under the Republican party. '
There is abundant Republican testimony ,
proving that there was a' tery large por
tion ot this money made away with by
corrupt . Republicans , In office. , It was
through corruption, profligacy and the at
tempt to make out of the Negroes in the
South the ruling power there that it has
cost so greatly in these seven years that we
have referred to.;,; t , -.i; . ': - , .:''"-''J '
We put the question to you, as a candid
man: Should there not be a change of
parties In th6 administration of the Gov
ernment? ...
You May Board Them. but You
can not Vote Them.
We now give notice to the Republican
committees and politicians ot this eity
that they are at liberty to pay the boarding
of the fellows they are importing to vote
the Republican ticket; but that they can
not rote them in this city. Our organiza
tion iaao perfect that the county commit-,
tee gets the names of all these scoundrels
as they come in, and their names will be
posted conspicuously at every voting place
in this city on the morning ot the election.
They will not be allowed to vote, that is
absolutely certain. . We give this timely
notice, that none may be taken unawares. '
Hon. John McSweeny at Cleveland.
Hon. John McSwbbmt. or Wooster: one
thA most brilliant nntiH in cu tr i
-j ,uo TT CBb,
will be thevprlncipal Speaker at the grand
Democratio mass meeting on the Publle
Square, Cleveland, on Saturday evening,
Oct. 10th. ' . -
There are hundreds of people in the city
who would be-gratified to have Mr.'-Mcr
Swernt speak in this city,. Can he not be
indnced to dosof ' ' ' . , , (;';.
Hon. Ralaa X. BaBaey . i- -
Will speak at Tiffin, Oct. 8th, and at Carey,
Wyandot county, Ohio, on the 9th; '
The Attempt to Deprive the People
of Florida of the Right to
Voteā€”The Radical Legislature
Taking it Upon Itself to Direct
the Presidential Contest.
With that distrust of the people which
has . markedthe -. course v- pf - the , men
of the old Federal party, and now
marks their descendants, the carpet bag
rulers of the South, the Radicals in the
Florida Legislature, .by law, arrogated to
themselves the right to appoint the Elect
ors to cast the vote of that State for Presi
dent and Vice President, thus denying the
people the right to vote at the Presidential
election. Notwithstanding, the Array ol
the Republic, with their bayonets-tbe ar
my of office holders, controlling and using
theFreedmen's" Bureau,", enforce .the,, ne
groes' right to vote and to make them vote
the - Radical ticket, : the signs were that
the Democracy " would carry,, the State
against ' the. Armyv tbo carpet baggers.
Freed man's Bureau and all the appliance
of money, threats and coercion brought
ngainRt them. Hence,- by a law passed
by the ; Legislature, no' election for
President ' was to be - permitted in
Florida, , the Legislature, already elected,
without reference to the Presidential. elec
tion, taking upon itself, the right to- cast
the' Vote ot the State for Grant and Colfax
This outrage is no greater than if the Dem
ocratic Legislature 1 ot Ohio, elected laat
tall, should have repealed the Presidential
eleetlon law, and enacted one that the Leg
islature should elect the Electors of Presi
dent and Vice PreMdent, and then proceed
to elect those favorable to Seymour and
Blair, and thus cast tie twenty-one votes
of Ohio, without . the people having any
voice in the matter, tor the Democratic
nominees, .Would the Radicals have quiet
ly and ' tamely submitted to such an out
rage? If they would, they would at once,
with truth, be branded, as craven hearted
wretches, unworthy ot the right to vote, j
The Democracy of Florida do not intend
to submit. They will hold an election and
will cast their vote, and elect their electors.
When the election for Governor, and other
State officers was held last spring, the Dem
ocratio party, was utterly disorganized, so
that they were easily beaten. ; Since then,
as we learn by the correspondence of the
NewTprk Herald, they have effected a
thorough organization of clubs, commit
tees and other adjuncts ot political parties
throughout Florida. , .Besides, the evident
reaction.' among the negroes is also seen
here as plainly as it is to- be Been In Geor
gia or Alabama. 'Not.' perhaps, to so great
an extent as in those States; but probably
4.000 of the 16,000 negro voters here would
ally themselves with the whites should an
election be held, and this number is amply
sufficient to give the Democracy a decided
msjority. .The fact is that Radicalism in
Florida cannot bold iU own. This the
men who now control the "State
know full well, and it was for the
DurDOse r ot avoiding a bad defeat
that they passed the bill referred to. e This
measure, which absolutely disfranchises
every man of every color, the Democrats
are not disposed to submit to. They have
an electoral ticket in the field and have de
clared their intention to vote in defiance of
the Legislature and the reconstructed State
government. .By some means or other
they, have obtained copies ot the poll lists,
and the State Executive Committee will
appoint the necessary judges and Inspec
tors of election, open voting places on the
3d oFNovember next and receive the votes
cf all persons,' white or black. Democrat
or Radical. At sundown the polling places
will be closed, the votes counted, and if (as
they will) the Democratic electors receive
a- majority certificates will issue to them
and they will forward three electoral votes
for Seymour and Blair to the proper au
thorities' at Washington. ..Meantime the
Radicals laugh at this plan ot campaign,
and tell their opponents that they may as
well save their money and labor, as there
is not the slightest probability of Con
gress ever receiving their votev' ' '
If, as rt is determined it shall be, theyote
of the State is a fairne, and represents
the feelings of the people, by a majority of
the voters ot the State, and if. it be cast for
Seymour and Blair, and the'three electo
ral votes of Florida be necessary to deter
mine the contest, assuredly, these votes will,
if not In Congress, be counted outot it. .
In pursuance of the policy adopted by
the Democrats a vigorous campaign is be
ing carried on. . This may appear somewhat
singular when it is considered that there is
no opposition, the . Radicals regarding the
entire movement as Quixotic and refusing
to recognize it. . But the purpose is to poll
a bona fide -majority of all the, 'registered
votes iritbe State, so that when the result
is sent into Washington none dare "deny
that it represents the actual wlirof Florida.
There are not over 32,000 registered voters
In the State; so should 20.000 or even 17,000
votes be polled by the Democrats they will
asserr-the right to have their electoral Vote
cast for Seykoub and Blair. None other
than a tair election will be held. Should
there 'be one vota less than a majority cast
the Democrats -will consider themsejves
beaten and do nothing further In the mat
ter. ' "' ' '
The correspondence of the Eerald, from
which paper we glean, most of the facts
above stated, adds:"
i "Whether theexistlng State government
will permit, the vote to be taken is a ques
tion which tiRS not yet been answered. The
carpet-bag officials affect to regard the en
tire movement as illegal ana a revolution
ary defiance ot the - laws ; of ..Florida, but
opinions differ as to what course they will
pursue, xt is to oe nopea tnas tney will
not attempt to prevent the whites from
voting, as in the present temper of the peo
ple anything of that nature would most as
suredly be resisted, and .the most deplora
ble results would tollow.. it the proposed
action of the whites be even illegal, it will
dot warrant violence, as, being necessarily
a nulity, the vote will not be counted. On
my arrival at Tallahassee I shall ascertain
what steps are likely to be taken by Mr.
Reed, the eentleman 'who writes himself
Governor ot Florida,' in this matter."
The vote of the State, taken under such
circumstances, will not be a nullity if it
decides who is President. The attempt of
the Radicals to thus disfranchise the white
people, is revolutionary in Its intent, and
ought, as it will be, resisted by all lawful
means. "Let us have Peace-" . i-
A Glorious Meeting at Youngstown.
The Democratio Mass Meeting that was
held at Youngs ton, Mahoning county,' on
the edge of the Reserve, in the heart ot an
extensive mining region, on Saturday, was
a great affair. Fully twenty thousand peo
peple were present. Hon. George H. Pen
dleton and Hon.HKiSTER CLYMER,of Penn
sylvania, made great speeches in the after
noon, and in the evening Hon. Robert
Hutchbson, of this city, addressed a large
meeting. He made one of the best speech
es of his life. The meeting will tell pow
erfully in behalf of the Democratic party.
We are daily in receiDt of documents
from the State Central Committee, for grat
uitous aisinuuuou, ana we urge our
friendsHrhen in from the country to call
and get a lot of them to circulate in their
Allen County Democrat.
By all means send them out into the
country as fast as yon receive them. Don't
let them lay in your office any length of
To vote the Republican Ticket on the
Second Tuesday of October, is to vote a
sanction of the corruption and profligacy
that the Republican party has been guilty
A Democratic Success and a Republican
the night of the 2d Inst, the Democ
racy of Wapakoneta had a grand time.
Several bundred.Whito Boys In Blue, with
torches and transparencies, were out and
paraded the . streets. Bonfires blazed and
burned in every direction, and the enthusi
asm was unbounded. On the same day
Mr. M. S. Ward, heretofore a leading Rad-J
leal, announced his determination to vote
tor Seymour and Blair. "
' The Republicans were to have had a mass
meeting in Wapakoneta In the afternoon of
that day. The speakers were promptly on
fand, but nobody turned out to hear them
n the evening, they addressed a small
squad at Singer Hall.
! This is 'a specimen of the feeling gener
ally prevailing throughout the State. The
people are growing tired of taxation that
takes tioo hundred million of dollar a year out
of their pockets to make rulers out of the Ne
groes in the South. And the Public Debt
being run up at the rate of one hundred and
fifty million dollars per year. Is' not to their
liking.. . j
, They want a. change and they , will Vote
tor a change. ,' '. t '
Twenty Thousand People and
Eight Miles Procession.
; Democratic meetings are growing In
size In Ohio. They are getting to be un
precedented. The estimate is, that there
were twenty thousand people at the Dem
ocratic mass meeting held In Canton on
the 2d inst. The procession is said to have
been over eight miles long. It exceeded
any mass meeting held in that section.
General Ewrxo addressed the vase crowd
in a speech -of two hours, making the
finest kind of an impression. He was fol
lowed with an able -speech by Hon. D. T
Lawson, Democratic candidate for Con
gress in that District. . .. .
In the evening, a large meeting was ad
dressed by Charles Allen, Esq, of Wash
ington city. ' . . . : :
! It was a great day for Starke county.
The indications are now unmistakable
tbat the Democracy of Ohio will glori
ously triumph In the October election.
Democratic Meeting at Lancaster,
The Democratic mass meeting held at
Lancaster,' Ohio, toft'the" 26th ult,1 which
was addressed by Hon. 'Henry Stanbery,
General Ewinq, and Col. Connell, was the
largest Democratic rally in that city . for
years. The Ohio Eagle, in speaking of the
speakers and the meeting, says:
"A remarkable feature ot the meetinsr.
on last Saturday, was that it was addressed
by only three gentlemen, all of whom were
in opposition to tne democratic party only
a little better than a year back. Not un
like the speakers, the President and Grand
Marshal ot the meeting were but a short
time since fighting on the other side. To
the Republicans of Fairfield ttaia must be
discoraiittins in the extreme, as they would
sacrifice anything and everything to party
snccess. The' head of the Republican party
throughout the country is with us, the body
is coming, and the tail we don't want. "Pent
tidi vici." "Sic semper tyrannus."
Won't Fellowship with the Contrabands
Openly, Because it
Would lose Winans Votes, but
Will do it Secretly.
CINCINNATI, Oct. 2, 1868.
' Editors Statesman : I was in Xenia oh
Wednesday to attend the meeting of the
colored people, to raise funds In aid of
Wilberforce University. - .The Rev. Mr.
Garnett and other able speakers were pres
. At the meeting a note was read from
Mr. Patton I think that was the name
Chairman of the Republican . County Cen
tral Com mtttee, asking tbat some of the col
ored speakers present address the Republi
cans at the Court House on the issues of the
campaign. The attempt to divert a chari
table; and .educational festival, got up to
raise funds to rebuild tho College, was
not well received by the white friends of
Mr. Winans, the candidate for Congress,
nor was it deemed in very good taste by
the colored persons present.
The white Republicans who, about elec
tion times, fairly boil over, with love for
the colored voters, begged and entreated
that the request be not acceded to, for said
they, that will Identify us as the "nleger
party, and Mr. Winans will lose votes by
it the tender footed Republicans not being
willing, In practice, .however much they
may .do so In theory, to learn their political
lesson from one who bad a visible admix
ture of African blood in his veins, on the
invitation of the chairman ot their central
committee.--' '"' j.' ,J
The meeting was compromised thus: The
meeting;' ws arranged as if it had been
without concert with the white Republi
cans. They were at liberty to wash their
hands ot the whole affair, while secretly
they were the getters up. The bell was to
ring the colored orators were to speak.
the white Radicals were to attend the
meeting, and 'to listen and to applaud, but
It was not "to be Known' that Mr. Patton,
as chairman of the Central Committee,' got
It up, and that, the two hundred votes
which they said Winans would lose, if it
were known that he or his friends got up the
"nigeer !- meeting," was saved, and the
tender-footed Republicans, who were "anti
nigfi;er,''. were fooled to the top of their
bent. 1 v
j.The Intelligent contraband "the free
American citizen of African descent," who
writes you- this letter, and who once ex
pected great tnings oi tne party wno sup
ported Mr. Winans, but was badly fooled
last fall, when over 50,000 Republicans re
fused to give us oar right to vote after they
had promised Ity not liking to be thus
treated in the house our pretended friends,
left Xenia a disgusted - -
:. 'T':: : Colored Republican.
P. S. I send my name and address, and
refer you to of this city, who
knows me well, and my character. If the
statement I. have made- be discredited, I
will substantiate by proof.
Delmar will Make Good his Statements.
The Republicans, reeling and staggering
under the tremendous blow dealt them in
Hon. Alex. Dklmah's official report, show
ing that, notwithstanding the crushing
Taxation to which the people are subject
ed, the Public Debt will this year be in
creased over one hundred and fifty million
dollars, have induced somebody to say
that be has made a mistake In bis calcula
tlon. He replies that he Is ready to prove
the correctness of his statements whenever
they shall be assailed. So in this quarter
there is'no hope tor the official thieves and
plunderers who want to keep control of
the Government.
Williams B. Ogden for Seymour.
We learn from the Plain Dealer that Wm
B. Oodbn, of Chicago, late President of the
North Western Railway, and the foremost
man of Illinois in every public enterprise
for the advancement of the business inter
ests of the West, has written a letter In fa
vor of Seymour's election. '.,-;.'
' E. II. Ksbelman
Will speak this (Monday, October 5,)
Evening, at Pleasant Valley.
E. T. DeLaay
Will speak at Lithopolls on Saturday, Oct.
10th, at 2 o'clock p. m.
The Democrats of Cleveland are making
all the necessary .arrangements for a big
demonstration on the night of the 10th.
It will undoubtedly be the greatest affair
that has ever taken place in Cleveland.
' A vote for the Republican Ticket on the
second Tuesday ot October, Is a vote In fa
vor of paying all the Bonds in gold.
M t '
Important Owing to the large nnmbei
of Monitor Coal Cooking Stoves sold in thi
city and vicinity, we have determined t
get patterns for our own for the lids, cross
pieces, grates, lining to the re-box, &c.
which will enable us to furnish any desired
piece without delay, and at a trifling ex
-v - ... v.
E. , Armstrong & Co,
No. 17 East Town St
oct5-dt2t :
.Painting and Drawing. Instruction ii
penciling, crayoning, and painting In oil
and water colors, given by Miss Amelia
Wiegand. Classes will be formed it de
sired. For terms, Inquire between 4 and 7
o'clock P. M, at No. 291 East Town street-
; OCt3-dlw - lw-:t ":. -,rf . ;
Attention, Tailors! All Journeymen
Tailors of the city of Columbus are hereby
respectfully invited and earnestly'request-
ed to attend, a meeting of the Columbus
Tailors' Union, to be held ,on the evening
of October 5th, at, Hetteshelmer's Hall.
Come one, come, all, as matters of import
ance, will come up before .the meeting. . .
' i-.:-."f .;V ... . JNO. L.- MOHR, ';;:
; : Secretary Columbus Tailors! Union. .
.OCt2-3t . , f r . . .';. ..
For Flags, and Banners, address G.
W. Crowell & Co. Cleveland, Ohio '.
octl-d5t ''
An Enimyin Y6ur Mouth. Do not put
an enemy in your- mouth to steal away
your teeth. Beware of destructive' tooth
washes and tooth powders, many of which
are base imitations of Sozodoht. Insure a
life, lease of sound teeth and fragrant
breath, by adopting the fragrant Sozodont.
. '; . . -r-. r.-f: ,r, : . i
. "Sraldikg's Glue," a handy little thing
about the bouse, mends everything.
; iTNY-junlo-eod6m-cw
Millinery. Mrs. A. Downing is now
receiving her fall and winter stock of Mil
linery of every description, selected with
her usual care as to style and novelty,
Ladies are respectfully Invited to call and
examine, as prices are low and all can be
suited. ;:t i: sept30-eodtl 1
i A. Hennebo, 13 West Broadway, Is get
ting up a magnificent dish of. Oysters. He
is selling Oysters by the can and half -can,
as low as theycan be bought anywhere.
-, . octl-ts&ua .. :
; Buckley (the live Oysteman) says he
wants to sell the, , balance of those Fruit
Cans cheap. .-,-.. . - ; . ".'
; , They must be sold this. week. .(
Will hold their first meeting for Installa-
' ' tlon bf officers, at ; "'.
:;';;'TJFE'Ya4 HALL, ;
Tuesday Evening.Oct. 6th.1868,
' , ' At 1 o'clock.
Every Democrat who wishes to become
a member should be on band. Good speak'
ers will be present.
r , E. 11. ESHELTIA.K
Will speak . .
At OTTAWA. Oct. 7.
At TIFFIN. Oot. 8: . " -
Wilt speak ' " : "
At RAVENNA, Oet. S. .
At WARREN. Oct. .
Will speak ,. ... , ;
At GERM ANTOWN, Montgomery county; Friday,
Oct. .
Will speak i-':'"'1'-' '''
At OTTAWA. Oot. . ' , v ' ' '
At TIFFIN, Oct. 8. . ' ' !'.
Will speak -'--.
At PORTSMOUTH. Oot. 8. - -
At IRON TON, Oct. 6 . .. -
At GALLAPOLIS. Oct. 8. .
At ATHENS. Oot. 9. . : , T ;
At CU1LLICOTBIE Oct. 10. '
E. F. BINGHAM, Chairman.
W. WEBB, Sec'y.
The Franklin County Democratic Exec
utive Committee announce the' following
Ward and Township meetings "
BRIOHTON HOUSE. (th Ward.) Tuesday even
ing. October Sth. Speakers Hon. Cal. T. Mann
and Jno. G. McUuffey.
HETTKSHIMER'S HALL, (tth Ward) Wednes
day evening. October 7th Speaker Col. J, C.
Groom an i Tom. C. Thurman. r
Wednesday evening, October Tin. Speakers
Hon. A. Mayo and Cspt. J. St, J. Clarkson. ..
BROADWAY HOTEL, (Wm. Hner's). .Toesday
evening, Ootobe. 6th- bpeakern K. T-. DeLany
and Jas. G Bull. . :'
JACOB IMS' GROCERY, Thursday evening. Oc
tober 6th. Speakers Col. L. Baber and J.ieiQ
' bard.
DUFFY'S HALL, (8th Ward), Thursday evening.
October 8th.: Speaker Hon. A. Mayo and &. T.
DeLany. :- . . .
CITY HALL. Friday evening. October 8tb. Speak
ers Col Geo. W Manypenny and A. Mayo.
BROWN'S CORNERS. Friday evening. October
9th. Speakers E. T. DeLany and J. L. Barnett.
: ning, October 8th. Speakers Ca:. T. Mann and
' C. Loewenstein.
PLEASANT HILL (Franklin township), Friday
evening, October 8th. Speakers E. i . Bingham
and J. C. Groom. - -' - ,
GEHANNAH, Friday evening, Ootober 9th. SpeakersCaptain
J. St. J- Clarkson and Jude H. B.
HENKY SCHRElSER'S HALL. Friday evening.
Ootober 9th. Speakers Otto Dress el and Colonel
L. Baner.
LOCKBOURNE. Saturday evening, Ootober lfltb.
Speakers George L. Converse and Judge H. B.
Albery. - -i .
HARRISBURG. Saturday, Oct. 10th. at IP. M.
Speakers Taos. C Thurman and Col. J. C
TOWN HOUSE, (Jackson township) Saturday
evening, Oot. loth. Speakers Col, J. C. Groom
and Thaa. C. Thurman.
DUBLIN, Monday, Ont. 1Mb, at 9 P M. Speak
ers Hon. Jas. ft. Hubbell, and Geo. L. Con
verse, ......
WESTERVILLE. Monday evening. Oet. 12th.
Speakers Hon. J. B. Hubbell and Geo. L. Con
verse. PLEASANT RIDGE, (Montgomery township)
Monday evening, Oct. 12th. Speakers Jas. U.
. Bull and Q- Loewenstein. ,
C. Loewenstein will speak in German as
follows: " '
WASHINGTON HOUSE (South Pnb. Lane), Wed
nesday evening. Oot. 7th.
LAWRENCE AUMILLER'S. Thursday evening.
Oct. 8th.
MIODLETOWN (John Schart's), Friday evening.
Oot. 9th.
LAURENZ SCHNEIDER'S, Saturday evening,
Ch'n Co. Dem. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
Will speak at Osborn, Green county, on
Friday evening, Oct. 9th, in place of Gen
Geiger announced for that place, in the
afternoon of that day. The meeting at
Xenia announced for the evening of the 0th
for General Geiger was made through mis
and will not be held.
Sec'y. Dis. Com.
PHALON & SON, H. Y. Sold by all Druggists
New Advertisements
ICf-'The Ohio Statesman has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published tn this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
ibis in mind.
TER No. IS R.-J. M. wll be held THIf
Monday) EVENING. Oct. 6. at 1 o'clock.
ootS-dlt-r '
Pecretarj pro Urn.
IDE btween the nn-lersiKDed. under the firm
name of Voswinkel and Karapmann, haa thi da;
been di.solved by mutaal consent.
All pereous indebted to said firm will plear call
and settle atonce with Charles Kampmann. who i
tnthnrized to collect outstanding clai us. and al
oersona having claims asainat the said firm will 1
oleaae present them, lor parment to aaid Charles
' ,r: WM1 VOSWINlCKT,. "
Columbus, September 11, 1SUS. , . oots-r
Pavine Ordinance..
An Ordinance to grade and gutter Uaneewer alley
'. from Moand street to South Hob ic lane.
Section I. Beit ordained by the' City Council
of tbe cit of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers eonchrrinz). That Uanaewer allev ha ffmdn.l
and guttered from Mound street to Sooth Public
lane, in accordance with the plat thereof on file in
the office of the City Clerk . ..ii.j
oEO. 3, .That all damages, costs ad expenses
arisen from the foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied uoon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting thereon, in proportion to their
ieei xront. - - - - -
. : , WM. NAGHTEN.'
President of the City Council.
Passed Sept. SS. A. D. 1808. -7 ; . .. .
i . Attest: JLu . Wilso.s, City Clerk. . .
oct5 dlt ' - .. -
. .... . . Paving Ordinance . . i
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across Third street at the north side of Long
street.-. . ; ... .- .:.
Section 1.' Beit ordained by the Citr Council of
the City of Columbns (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That a double row flag orouiog
be laid across Third street at the North side of Long
street, in accordance- with the plat thereof on file
in the office of the City Clerk. 1
Seo. 1. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting oraDutLinirnn tnnnnrth mrtA ni i.nnir mt.rmai
from Center alley to Straight alley, in proportion to
tuix leer, xronu
- . -'-;;-.::! WM.NAGHTEN.
' President of the City CounoU.
Passed Sept. 28, A 1). 1 888.
. . Attest L. E. Wilson, City Clerk. 1
.. '.i An Ordinance ;
To assel a sneoialtax noon the raal estate hnnnd-
ing Hickory alley, from. High street to Third
street. r.
SbotiomI. BeH ordained by the City Counoil
of the city of Columbus. That tbe inm of Tan
cents. One mill, be and tbe same is hereby
levim auu asseeseo, upon eaon toot tronc ot toe
several li ts of land bounding or abutting upon
Hickory alley from High street to Thrrd street, as
the same are designated upon the plat of the Civil
Engineer, on file in the office of the City Clerk,
for the cent and expense of graveling along- the
same, according to the estimate of toe City Civil
Engineer. ' '
, Sso. 1. : That the owners of the several Iota bi
land upon which tbe foregoing assessment is made.
snaii pay id, moRnu oi money oy mem sever
ally due in that behalf to Jotin Walsh, within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or
be subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
tne same oy law.
' President of the City CounoU
Passed Sept. 28, A- D. 1868
- Attest: L. K. Wilson. City Clerk.
. octs-dlt ... ,, ,.. !.
Resolution to Contract.
Buohotd, That the City Civil Engineer be. and
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of tbe city of Columbus, with John
Murnhy. for grading and caving the unnavad aids-
walks, gutters and crossings and grading
and graveling tbe nnpaved sidewalks and road
way on Fair alley, from Rich street to Town street,
upon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading, Thirty-three oenU
per euuio yara.
For furnishing and .setting curbing. Twenty
seven cents per lineal foot: - - - ... :
t'ot boulder paving. Forty-four cents per square
For graveling -sidewalk and roadway, Seventy
cents per cumo yard.
- Adopted Sept. 28, 1888.: l
.Attest: L. E.WILSON.
.oo(S-dlt City Clerk
Resolution to Contract. :
BttoUotA, That the City .Civil Engineer be, and
lo ib uvreuy amuunzea sat aireccea to contract IE
the aim, of'JtRA AltT fit ;hlmnhna' witl,
W. Purcell. for grading and paving the nnpaved
sidewalks, gutters and crossings, and grading and
raveling tbe nnpaved sidewalks on the west aide
Seventh street, from Friend street to Cherry street,
upon the following terms, to-wit: '
For excavating or grading, Forty-four cents per
For resetting curbing. Twelve cents per lineal
font- ......
For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
Adopted Sept. 28, 18GS.
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
. octs-dlt ... City Clerk..
-. Resolution to Contract.
Resolved. That the Citv Civil Engineer be. an.
he is hereby authorized and directed to contract in
the name of tbe city of Columbus, with Riohard
Walsh A Thomas McDonald, for gradingand paving
the nnpaved sutlers and crossings, and grading and
graveling tbe roadwat i n W ashing ton avenue, from
bast Long street to John street, upon the followic;
terms, to-wit: .
For excavating or grading. Thirty eents per cubic
yard. - '
Fur fnrn'shing and setting curbing. Twenty-eight
cents per lineal fot.
- For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
Fr graveling roadway Ninety eents per cubic
yard. - ...
Adopted Sept. 28, 1888. ' "
1- , - Attest: L. E. WILSON. -
. oct5dlt ..: , City Clerk.
' Resolution to Contract.:
Beiolved That the Citv Civil Engineer be, and
be is hereby authorised and directed to contract
in the nam of the oity of Columbus, with Kiob-rd
Walsh ATbomas McDonald, for grading and paving
the nnpaved sidewalks, the Dortu aide of East Gay
street, from Washington avenue t- Cleveland ave
nne, upon the followina terms, to-wit t -
For excavating or grading. Forty-five cents per
oubio yard.
For prioka laid, S12 GO per thousand.
Adopted Sept. 28, 1863.
Attest: L. E.WILSON,
oot5-dlt . , City C.erk.
Resolution to Contract. '
Resolved, That the City Civil Engineer be
and he is hereby authorised and directed to con
tract in tbe name of the oity ol Columbus, with
Christian Keller, for grading and graveling the
roadway on South street, from Seventh street to
Washington avenue, upon the following terms, to
wit: For excavating or grading. Thirty-seven and
naif oents i er cubio yard.
For grav ling street, seventy-four oents per oubie
Adopted Sept. !8, 1868.' t- '
Attest: L. E. WILSON,
octs-dlt City Clerk,
Resolution to Contract
Eetolvcd. That the City Civil Engineer be and
Deis hereby authorizes ana directed to contraotin
the name of the city of Columbns. with Thomas
MeDonald A Co.. for grading and paving the un
paved gutters and erossingi, and grading and grav
eling theunnaved -sidewalks on John street, from
Cleveland avenue to Washington avenue, upon the
xouowing terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per oubie
For furnishing and setting curbing. Twenty-seven
oents per lineal foot.
t or boulder paving, i orty-tnroe oents per square
yard. . i
For graveling sidewalks. Eighty oenta per eubio
Adopted Sept. 28. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON.
oet5-dU - City Clerk.
Paving Notices.
16 aB whom it may Ct-ncern .
' Columbus. O.. Seot. 28. 1868.1
Notioe is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted in tne (Jity uonnml ot (Joiumbua tor mak
ing the following improvement, to-wit :
F or grading and paving the unoaved sidewalks.
gutters and crossings on Third street from Hiokory
alley to jortn street; -Also,
for grading and naving the nnpaved side
walks, gutters and crossing on the south side of
rortn street, irom lnird street to rourtn street;
Also, for grading and paving the guttersand cross.
ings and graveling tbe sikewalks and grading the
roadway on Mobawk street, from South Public lane
to tsjeamote street.
Also, for grading and reoavinff tbe sidewalk and
gutter and cro-sing on Rioh street, in front of Lot
No. Sot Dennison's subdivisian of nutlot No. 39:
Also, for grading and graveling the roadway of
nh...l .., f-... I?.;-.,1a. ,- bnnt t,..t.
Also, for grading and paving the gutters and
curbing on the sonth side of Cbspel street and for
graveling the roadway from High street to Fair
Aiso, for bnildirg a double row flsg crossing
across Liion alley at tne east siae oi nign street;
The same to be done in accordance with the plats
and estimates to be prepared by tbe Uity Uml Jngi
neer. and filed in the offioe of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
olaims in the offioe of the Clerk, in writing, on or
r u i.. : . . i i i i
05t5-dttaw4w City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To amend aeotion one of an ordinance entitled an
ordinance for the protection of Public cisterns,
wells and pumps for city of Columbus, passed
Hay 2. euo-
Brn'MHl. Be it ordained b v tbe Citv Cnnnxil
of the citv of Columbus, Tbat section one of the
ordinance enuuwu m urumauce ir iu protection
f nnhlio cisterns, wells ane pumps of tbe citr of Co
lumbus, passed May 23, 1865, be so amended as to
read as toiiows :
Sscn ..Hi. That for the purpose of securing the
citizens agiinst loss or damage by fire, the Chief
L ..in,.r nf the Fire DeDartment. under the direc
tion ot tnetity ouooii, saau cause to oe erectea
from time to time public cisterns, to contain not
places within the corpoiation as the City Council or
i... than inree nnnarea Darreis oi water, at annn
tne stanaing committee uu tne r ire tepartment
may direct. Said cisterns sball be built in a sub
stantial manner, under the direction ol thestanding
committee on the F.re Department and the Chief
fcngineer of said Department.
Sko. 2. That section one of the ordinance to
whiofa this is amendatory be and the same is hereby
repealed. WM. NAGHTEN,
Passed Sept. 28. fSS.1 ' Ci"
Attest: L. E. W ILSON. City Clerk. 1
nnr goods.-"'" 'j
- ...
n'.i't ;...-. .tut: tr."
- i v : . nr. )'
: i'
... in.'- I, n . . . i.ir
i . .
,-it .a t ' . n i
- -:' ,. : .t.y. .' ..'! . i-
Uii . L i....l-.;..ll(.
I JS 411
Plain and Striped Silks, '
Velours, Changeable Serge?' .
Poplins, Chenes, Empress Cloths,
Poplin Plaids, for Children's Wear
si.' . f - r
: .1--
Lyons Velvets,' iVA'-ll.
:m Seal Skins, ; ' '
Astricans, ... '.
. . Velours, .
' 1 Mohairs, &c.
Long and "'
- . ' - N - - " I
V s .t
Or Every Style atad Variety
full line of J.
In great Quantity.
250 AND 252
AW NOTICES -... ,,,, ttrmf
.?nLZ.'"mi'" "Wu' Fw.d,
exeoeellnna; la;ta g
nV " in thl. cel...',,
F.i,AWhoTjaaiS?,i.,d!!iG WAGON-A first-
iVHorsesano Hetsiu WO
i.. .i u,..!,'! good running o-
' ' - A V -' $
HARrV WESTON....:......,.:,.....
. . JTtye ZVIgrbtaa - Only .. , n
Commenelaf Tneiaaf Evening, Oct. e
Grand' Carnival of M agin, Jlirtu and Mystery
. v , '. . THE GREAT f.y
Califurnia Ilinsionist & .Cbampioa Ventriloqaiit
tire change t.f programme replete with new
and beautiful features. Including the wonderful
Livi' g Head, and beautiful Growth of Flowers.
One hundred elegant and eostly presents will be
given away every night.
Admittance, wo cents; ttejerved seats, GO cents.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at 8.
Saturday afternoon, Oot. 10th, when every child in
the audience will receive a Handsome Present. .
Admission to matinee, io cents. -octS-u7t-r
" Counsel for the Careless, ' "'
The body U a machine and carelessness in its man
agement ii as sure to lead to evil resolu as eardesa-'
nesa in the management : of a steam engine. -. Yet
the last thing that most people think of ia the pro
tection of this delicate piece of the Creator handi
workTrom the subtle causes of disease by wbich it
is surrounded. It is no easy thing to repair that
system when in ruins; but there is no difficulty in
f rtjfying it against many of the dangerg to which
it is exposed. Guard agaiiut SMreowa dtbUUy.
At tbe first symptom of this forerunner of more se
rious ailments, -sustain the flagging energies with
regularly and persisently, until Tigorii thorougS'y
restored.' It creates an' af petite, promotes or, it
might as properly be aaid oewisale the. complete
digestion of the food, regalating Ahsl secretive. ao
t'ou of the liver, tones and invigorates the bowels.
improve! the condition of tbe blood, and gives firm
ness to the nerves. Upon a system thus strengthen
ed and regulated in its important functions, the fogs
and exhalation! of autumn, pregnant with the-eler-
mente-of" Intermittent and remittent fever, can
make Utile or no impression."" Whoever supposes
that fever and ague is an aoijW evil in cer
tain districts, at th is-.season of taa year. is tgregri-.
onsly mistaken. As effectually af a draughts! cold
air is shut out by the closing of door, this com
plaint, and all disorders of A miasmatic type, may
be prevented by the use of the BITTERS. .When
sickness can be avoided by a means so Safe aad
simple, ia it not the merest fatuity to neglect tha
proffered antidote T Regarded either as a. prevent
ive or a oure for dyspepsia, biliousness or intermitr
tent fever, nervous disorders, general debility, or
constipation of the bowels, this pure vegetable
preparation standsalone. ."'-."';. ' t
-1 '.SO rTA ti.t.
Cristadoro's. Hair ; Dye.
Old Father Time takes many a year
To turn to white dark colored bair t- .
- , u.. t. ,1.- ivru I uino nvw
,c crinxs uaoK we u ia cnar lb ine eye;
mtrrr.Jk.ui Nature owns that ouflttjag Ari uxi
Can her own living hues imparl.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Oh. how beautifully glomj your hairlecks of lata.
Maria: Yes. Julia, since. I have used Cristadoro'f
Hair Preservative and BeautifiairSajr hair aaa ina
proved wonderfully, nnd stopped falling out alto
gether. .r.i 1. ! ' i i. : X - 1! M '
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers.. Manufactory No. 66 Maiian lane,' PiLucipal
Depot No. S Astor House. . -v ' i. - :i:r. 1
.reNI-iul6-dwly-om .
i.ninMsx: increase of sales.
Allcock's Porous Plasters.
Where one was said a. few years msjOf
a. thousand are sold now. . ,
. They strengthen, warm and invigorate the part
upon wbich they are applied, and relieve nervous
affections of the bowels, lumbago, pains of the
side, and usually all local pains. In affections of
the kidneys they are of great service. )
Lama Back. ,- ...
New York, Hot. 23. 1859. 1
T. A llcock Co. Gentlemen: I lately suffered
severely from a .weakness in my back. . Having
beard your Plasters much recommended for cases
of this kind, I procured one, and the result was all
Ioould desire. .A single Plaster cured tne in a
week. , -'., - - - v.
Yours respeotfulLv, . J. G. BR1GGS,
Proprietor of the Brandreth House.
Principal Agency, Brandreth House, New York.
Sold by all Druggists. S't(
reNT-jul6-dAwly-om .
.'To Owners of Horses." i
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colio. Th
need not be. Dr. Tobias Venetian Horse Lini
ment, in pint bottles, pries one dollar, will posi
tively cure every case, if given aeoording to the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls, Sprains, Old
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat. It- is no new
remedy, but of 11 years' standing, and approved
by the firit hoisemen in the country. Col Philo
P.Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has ased i'
for years, and recommends it to hit friends.' Or
ders are constantly received for it from the Racing
Stables inEnglandW It has stood th toit-f time;
no one has ever tried it but continues its use. Rec
ollect to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by tha
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United
States. Depot 10 Park Place. Sew York.
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, ne.
ligh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
r a series of years to tbe treatment of certain prU
vate diseases, fie may bvoensulted at his office
Broadway . near tha Exchange Bank
i may31-tf .. .. .!,; 5 x
tul TH restored in four weeks. - SueeesS1
restores mahly nowevs. fram whatever esnse ari
sing; the effects of earlv pernicious habiis, self-'
aouae, lmpoteney and eiimate, give away at onee to .
this wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord-1
ins to the directions (which are very simnle and re-
quire no restraint from business or pleasure J Fail
ure is impossible. Seld in bottles at S3, or four -quantities
in one for9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. Gxbitzbn. SOS
ceoona.Ave., new ioiK, .,
vwT-jyvr-aijr '
. t
ASHOOU.n Anotker JVWe Jtodieal
Pamvhlmt from the dm ot I R. CnRTin.
The "Medical 1 imes" aays of this work : "This .
valuable treatise en tbe cause and cure of prema-'
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of vonth and manhood, and how -
easily regained It gives a clear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, tbe cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A',
pocket edition of the above will bs forwarded en
receipt of as cents, by addressing Doctor Ccbtis.
io. oo i-ioriu i,Qrjea atreet, Baltimore, ma. - - .
era mayao-aiy-r -; - -i --.,-.t- ......
snlendid Hair Ore ia tha hast in the world :
the only true and perfeet Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment ; no ridiculous
tinta - TC,fnHt.-hill ,Hwt nf haA dves: invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brown. Sol 1 by all Druggists and Perfumers ;
and properly applied at Batcbelor'i Wig Factory,.
no. lo Bona street, si- I ors. rr apno u.j ;
Palmsk's Lotion Tbb Great MnrciK fob '
THI SlIN, cures without fail every kind cf nn
sigbtly eruption of the face, or itching, or irritating
or distressing outaneous disease, on anr part ol tha
New Advertisements
lVo. 336 Broadwaw.
ICqiital, - One Million Dollars.
jnA.uie.KrJi ur the dtaio. - - - .
l)ARirjg R. Mams am. Pres't. Jah.Mkrrill. Sec'y.
Receives Deposits and allows FOUR PERCENT.
TM-RRRSTm .11 Hail K.l&nnM nhiaettonheclr
at sight. Special Depoeiufor Six months or more. .
may be made at five peroent. The Capital of Ona '
Million Dollars is divided among over 600 Share
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth,
and nnaneial experience, wbo are also personally- -liable
to depositors for all obligations of the Com
pany to double tbe amount of their capital stock -As
the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in p rtby check at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily balan- '
ces, parties throughout the , country can keep ac
counts in this Ins itution with specal advantages '
of security, convenience and profit. . . .
pa NY-julB-d&wflm ' ' - -' .
I hnndrMl .nil a .t.-- .... . J - V
- , u ucoupica as
Camp Chase during the war. is now offered for sale
in lots to suit purchasers. This land is of sup rior
quality, and lies on the National Road, four miles
v viuuiuuB, vDIr. -
Trm--Or.g fnnrvri A 4-V. n....
time of Rile, the remainder in three equal annual
A- KODOKRS. Agent. "

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