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Clerk of the Court of Uoamon Plead
' ' l ' I " 'ro'eattn Altarnen I 1 I i
? ;i! KDWABIt.l)LATi 1 1 J, (?
for County Commissioner,
-- FRED. fORKOeV - - - -
Fer County Snrreror1
- . .. n iinnwl) .
Columbus, Oct. 5, 1868.
Special Order No. 5.]
The members ot the White Boys J Blue
will meet it their beadqnarxers wis morn
ing at 8& o'clock, for. eort duty. ,. The gun
smtad will -meet at. the west front of the
State nouso. ,j .a
. . By order. , .
J.-BMiLtBSi-Adjutant. - e
Attkstion ! The White Boys In-Blue
will meet a their Headquarters -Thur
man "Hall )" on' Monday evening; Oct. 5th
lt : every member of the organisation be
6h" hand, as business of Importance will oe
By order.
I. H. MARROW, Col. Comd'g.
J. B. MILLER Adj't.
- Committisk on organization of Cavalry
Corps of White Boys in Blue will meet at
Tnurmaa nan lo-iugm.
Col. I. H. MARROW, Pres't.
Col. I. H. MARROW, Pres't. H. J. FULTUS, Sec'y.
Attention. Pioneer Guards will meet
at Thurman Hall this evening- Let every
' member be present.
ArtftnoS-OrapnyA Whiter Boys
in Blue, will meet at Thurman Hall this
eVentng." KverT--me"moer Is Requested to
be on. hand' si rAi ' 'f. .V'.'.'.'i . .v .e-
J. LOHRER, Capt.
. ,
' ATTfeNTlON. Company B.: White Boy
in Blue, will meet atAThurraan Hall to
uight.,Beon hand without tall., .
''ftwrWoS. Companies Cand F. Whits
Boys in Blue,wtll taeet-tflrThurnian-Hall
this ewifea.CotBJ, alMvlthoiit Jail.
ED McGILL, Capt.
Attention. Companies D.and E. White
Boy1n Bluei Will meet at Thurman Hall,
to-night, -i Lot every1 member turn out
H. DAVIS, Capt.
All Democratic, draymen, backmen. ex
pressmen and livery stable proprietors, are
requested to' meet a.thurmaa; ; Ball to
night. ' .OO A'. la.lt be i-.UO"iAKAi'l
, il- -; ; ' J -c.
Mimbers of the diSerent Seymour and
Blair Clubsthrod&hout the city are Invited
to attend the' meeting aTburma Hall to
nitrhATiiiA ,cniavo.l be "' .ipX "-'
tDr. JamosWyiiams; was on Satur
day recommissloned by Goyernpr Hayes as
Notary PnMie for Franklin county-- -..
t ' - - ' ; " " """ " ' '
feS.Tbe Becorderfs. offl je wasunusual ly
barren , 6J '4tetoS 'on Saturday. Not a.
single transfer of real estate was made. : ;t
t5yThe White' Boys' tri Blue are all de
sired to meet at Thjrrnaif al 'this even- ;
inellcBasinesa of importance is to be con
sidered. ' . ... . t ...
- . ; ii i -Several
billsere allowed at a meet
in; of the County Commissioners on Satur
day. Ko business of public importance
wa transacted. f,,
tHon. S. S. Cox leases New York city
forPennsylyania to;day, and will stump
the State for ' the Democratic cause' until
the day of election i 7 '
- i '
Members ot the Finance Committee
appointed at the meeting of the White Boys
in Blue, on Saturday evening, will meet at
the Neil House at IQp'clock this morning.
A full attendance Is requested. 1 t 1
tp The neetiog to be held at Thurman
Hall to-night is for theira.rpose of making
arrangements for the Mass "Meeting: to be
held at the West Front Of the State House
on Saturday evening, Oct JOth Let evej y
good Democrat attend..; ', "; ;; ,' '
' ' i .".i t "
' 'Personal' Governor Walter Harrlman,
of New Hampshire, is stopping at the Neil
House. :; -.7 v"' .-'"'t ' ' '' ' ..?!! -" i '..
I Thb TEMraKANCBMBXSTN&at the Second
Presbyterian Church last night was a very
large one and of an exceedingly interesting
r j.! ., . . r ii . in j-. i. i
(f Democrats will be on guard to-night
at Thdrman Hall. . . ... .
' Person Al- G 10 tne "feil House this
morning, at 10 o'clock, and. see the next
Vice President of the United Slates, Frank
PiBtalr. y , - r- t r Trr,
Matrimonial. Ten marriage licenses
were issued last Week' Irom the Probate
ConrU ;A tailing ff ot eigne trora i
A fallinz ttS ot eight lrora tne
previous week, -riu I . .s-i.-tiwu
"Straws Show," Etc. On the down ward
trm nt one of the street cars, an Saturday,
eiznt peraaus ;were reading -newspapers". ,
They were Statesman -7 ; Journal, 1 1
-II j. t A W .-. - -- ; ' - A A : J s.i . I
. TJsscRCPOLooa. W t. "know,, a , confec
tioner In this city whoi is actually selling
broks heart for twenty-five cento a pound.
This Is a poor place, for disappointed
lovers toemlgrate to. .'JA'.:'., , (rL'i
-- r ; ,." n ' I ' i; : -i in-., ,'LTl
O, the Dear Dears I The - women of
this country wear 330,000,000 yards of calk p
a year (to say "nothing of silks, "satins,
laces, and arlous unmentionable fixlns),
and those V horrible brutes," the men, have
to foot the bills. . ; v ! '
'Bachelors are trumps !. 02
. '-- If -r. " 1 '.I. . . " :-S )- - s
tW Let everybody attend the meeting
of. the Seymour and Blair Club officers to
night at Thurman ntWl''A"l
'- Base Ball To-Dat. A-,match gam of
Base Ball Witt bd played this afternoon be:
tween the ttallroad Qub of this city an1 a
selected- nmeUrom-Wesf Jefleraen. 'Thla
will proveabigfaly interesting game, and
all lovers of the sport should attend tq wit
ness it.Tn'.:.; ' : ; ri r is
Ttri '95th " Bal. The many . "frienda. of
the Aaaooiation ot the 93th Ohio Volunteer
will bear In mind, that on Thursday even
in g next a grand ball will ba given be the
Association at Anibos Hall. The arrange
ments will be complete, and a most delignt
(nl time maE be counted upon. -','-,;
. Mi 111 "
uEjiiqrant Asent's Bjifort. C H. Cam
pen, Esq.; reports' 'the arrival ol 460 emi
grants at this point, for the we ck ending
Saturday, 'October 3d. They were destined
as follows: Ohio, 93: Missouri, 112, lilt
nois, 63; Iudlania,' 43: Kentucky," 52; Ten
nessee, 22; Wisconsin, 42; Michigan, 33.
; Martino. We hope our, citizens, will
bear in mind that on .Tuesday evening ot
this week the Great' California ' illusionist
will commence a short season oi entertain
ment a; the Opera House. "We, thlqk we
can guarautee those who attend a rich treat
and we advise all to go early In order to
get good seats, as Martlno's audience is sel
dom small. Tne se..'.ec or bis success is
attribiitedto the.act'bf bis givlag a first
class entertainment and the liberal manner
in which he is distributing prizes. The
principal present on Tuesday evening will
be a spienaia panor set. . -
A MAniraCM i -DiPL0iiA.4We were j
shown, on Saturday, by Secretary J. H.
Kjippart, the splendid Chrotno-lithograph-to'Drpfoma
ordered to successful exhibitors
at the late. State Fair, and have only to say
that It is, without, doubt one ot the finest
specimens Of lithographic Art we have ever ;
looked upon. The design allegorical, i
starting with an assemblage of anlma,ls ;
grouped conspicuously In the left fore
ground, and conveying to the, mind the Si- :
sociatlon of agricultural " pursuits, with
man's f rat grand -more In the advance of
lite. Following the design, we next see
a beautllully laid out and finely cultivated
farmr'orf the;bro"ad" fields "of which5 are
seen the,, latest ' improved labor-saviuz
maehines.v for- tilling - the soil, sowing
the grain, and reaping the harvests. .These
machines' have been tent out to Agricul
ture from the busy hum and roar of Manu- .
facture, artistically displayed in the rlght
fjreground. Abroad river separates Agri
culture on the left front a populous city on
the right and in rear of Manufactures, on
whose" waters ships : and steamers are
represented as carrying , ..cargoes .to and
from tbegreatorlglnal departments, whose
interchange of products serve to build up
and preserve the whole. Again, a train of
oars is Seen speeding away towirds Agrl
ture and we see at a glance how much Man.
nfactures, Arts, Science, ' Commerce and
general advancement are dependent upon
Agriculture, and how necessary to a foil de
velopment of each is the entire success of
all. A beautiful floral Resign serves as a
marginal border, in whose graceful twin-
tags' finely executed portraits' of some of
Ohio's most distinguished,! and honored
citizens, appear .' Ex-Governor ..Trimble
and Hon. Samuel Medary occupy promi
nent positions in the lower right corner of"
the' border. Over all the Goddesses ot cornt
wlnetaacLoll are gracefully groupe.d. ,V,
'1 be diploma xelleota the highest; credit
as well upon the Originators of the general
design, as upon the lithographers, and will
be highly prized by all who have been for
tunate enough to ba adjudged worthy ta
receive It' 1T FO ;'i
A Short . Dissertation- jdw Beats.
Webster's unabridged is prolific ta defini
tions of the word "beat" and to that stan
dard authority -wet turned with hopeful
feeljogs-ott Saturday afternoon-, last-in
search Of something that 'would throw "a
little Ugbt pa the pedigree tf a member of
the nutnerous famil known In our city as
"Dead Beats.': 1 Webster 'faUed us, how
evTf ind.ln Jlespair we Jeltobacki sto out
marine dictionary, In which we - are to.d
that in Seamanship 't6 heat, U to .make
progress against the. direction of the wind
by sailing inazigzaglinev" Eureka! When
the beat's money ( whlchhe has borrowed till
to-morrow), is exhausted,' knd the wind is
against him, he beats after an acquaintance
who is accompanying" a friend; into a beer
saloon, and quite' politely invites himself
to ' drink. a the expense of bto.'iTiniw
Should acquaintance wish to indulge in
smoke, it must be -with the greatest care
and; circumspection'' that he steers.' for,
cigar, lest he be compelled to take the beat
ia tow.' If by any chance beat is caught
in a beer saloon with an extra stamp
in his possession, , he. shells out .mourn
fully and sfowly, fitl ' accompanying
his tardy operation to the tune of " p-o-p
t-h-e w-e-a-z-e-I," from: a wheezy
and' dilapidated band organ on the side?
walk. On the other band when he nails his
victim at the bar, he slips forward to "take
Mi turVj to thejnsplrlting tune of . ? Mon
ey Musk," or " Yankee Doodle."
These are but a drop in the bucket, Jipwjj
ever, yet they will serve to show how aptly ,
the definition in the "Marine dictionary ap
plies to the large class who make progress
against the direction of the wind, by sail-i
ing in a zigzag line. .,,
Certificates :r Filed The : following:
certificates ot incorporation were filed on
Saturday in the Secretary ot State's office ;
The Seville Manufacturing Company, lo
cated at Seville, Medina' county, for the
purpose . of manufacturing .clothes wring-:
ers,, and such other articles as said com,
pany may deem best for their interest so to
do. Capital- stock $30,000, ta shares of
$100 Tb corporators are S. F. Emerson.:
Samuel Smith, C..V. Emerson, John Stutz,
E, E, Andrews and A. J. English. . ..
The Massillon and Cleveland Kailroa-I.
The' ribrthern terminus of thlse road will
be on the line of tbeC. Z fi C. B. K. at
a point in Summit county, and the south
ern terminus on the. line of, the P., Ft:
W. &. C. R. R. at a point in Stark cou n ty, the
road passing through Stark and a portion of'
Summit county.' Capital stock1 $200,0000
The. corporators are Daniel ' P.' Rhodes,
HenryToTtz, Thomas'McCultough', "Jona -than
P. Burton and Kent Jarjrls.
PsMocRATie; MctTisa next Saturday;
Night. There Will be a grand Democratic'
'meeting in thls clty'next Saturday night.
It is designed to rr.ake it tbegrqatest street
diiplay that has yet taken place ta this cltyv
Col. "Mar row Is determined that so far as
it rests with hlmelf, it shall be display
that will be worthy the Democracy of the
Capital Cityv To make it so. .it is neces-,
sary that every Democrat in the city should
lend a helping hand. All should eater Into'
it with enthusiastic zeal. . '-"!," i
At a meeting of the White Boys in Blue
held a the State Street .Theater on Satur
day night the following committees were.
appointed :
CommUte'e on J'tnance. WalsteinTaillng,!
Col,L.-Baber, E.F. .Bingham, Jno. G.
Thompsonj G-W. -Many penny, W. S. Sul
livan, E-B.Eshelman and W.S.V. Prentiss.
Committee on Organisation of Cavalry Corps,
L." Beoker, J. VV. Pritchard, Levi Gora,
J. Carroll, George-Kirk, BUI Wall, Frank
Powers, Charles Corn, John Doulin, P.
EageiyJ Mack, .Lewis Link und-ANo-
- " '
COL. I. H. MARROW, Pres't.
H. J. FELTUS, Sec'y.
i A Spunkt Defender of' the G. B. A
spirited female espouser of the Grecian
Bend question In this locality, signing her
self "Spunky,", charges that the lords of
creation don't know what a Grecian" Bend
really is. They can't tell the difference be
tween the bend and a panier. She writes
a 'note'and" "retaliates by exclaiming,' 'pV
contra, "Look at the disgusting fashion oi
tight unmentionables tor gents. A splendid
opportunity to show the thinness of calves
(which has two meanings to those who
choose to take It.)" ''-.'
Now we beg our spunky iriend to iort
bear, ,We are willing to plead ignorance
of the proper names of all the little con-4
traptions adopted by the gentler sex' in,
making up their toilets, but we object t
this thing of looking at and commenting
on the very best pair of calves that natutd
has given us. . .--- . .- . . .
The Republican Meeting' Saturdav
Night. A small crotfd assembled at tb
West Front of the State House on Saturday1
night to be enlightened by a fellow name
McKee, who hails from Kentucky. 'He un
dertook to prove that the Democrats ar .
traltors,cut-throats, robbers and murderers .
That is nice talk for a political vagrant t ,
indulge in, in a city with fifteen hundred
Democratic majority. The Tanners wer ,.
out with torches, for the purpose, no doubt,
of throwing light on the subject.
. Wherj; is the Medicine Man? If hi!,
should be out of barks just now, froiii
which he manufactures . ague, cougu
and dispepsia specifics, let him for heaven'
sake come this way and try his hand o -the
dogs of Columbus. They can furnis
bark enough these tine moonlight night
to supply the army of the Czar with tonic
I for a year.- ' i j:. i .. ..
The Arrival of General Blair.
- Major General Frank P. Blair, the next
Vice President of the United States, arriv
ed in this city last evening at 5 o'clock, and
at once proceeded to the Neil House. The
General's arrival was unheralded, and only
one or two persons who accompanied him
from Zanesvllle, were 'aware of his
purpose to remain In the city for a
few hours' tor the purpose "ot secir-
i " .' . mi- ;i.f,!.".
ing necevsary resb. xuo iiiLctuenve
of his arrival soon spread, however, and
before 8 o'clock? last evening a large crowd
of admirers thronged the spaclou? halls tf
the hotel, and pressed eagerly forward to
the General's room, where fervent hand
shakings and mutual congratulations were
ths r!e of order-1 Hoi'l -; IT
The General la looking finely, and with
the exception or a marked hoarseness, re
sulting from his recent speeches, is ta per
fect health. He leaves on the noon train
to-day for Cincinnati, at which point he
speaks to-night. A.n escort composed of
the White Boys In Blue, 'and citizens, will
accompany the General to the depot this
morning. ,
CSBusIness at Thurman Hill to-night
Be there.
A Patriotjc Otw Lady i-At the Radi
cal failure on Saturday evening last in State
Honse squaTe,-" we" observed atrold-'lao'y,
patiently standing. In one -of the' avenues
of approach to the Capitol, holding by its
handles 'a dilapidated wheel-barrow.' We
approached, and inquired why she was
there with that j, wheel-barrow. "Well,
young man," she replied, "I heard that
that speaker was so eloquent that he would
carry away his audience, and I fust brought
this here vehicle up to give 'era a ride
home, when' he ""brought .' "em back." It
would not have worried the old lady much
to trundle the .entire, meeting to their
homes, at any stage of the proceedings.
tW General Frank' P. Blair will be at
the Neil House until noon to-day. "'Go and
see him the White boys in Blue will es
cort him to" the Depot."
The Name of the- Killed. In our no
tice of the fatal accident on the C. C. & C.
railroad'.whlchj'was glyeii 1n "Saturdiyjs
Issue, we were unable to give the name of
the unfortunate man who. was Jellied, The
Sunday Nate says: :--; i .
"The body was identified as that of Wm.
Dixon, a mute, who has for some time .been
connected with the Exchange Bank of this
city, and highly , esteemed for his fidelity.
He baa Deen on a visit to a relative, ana
had in his possession when killed a bottle
of milk, which he had .procured from his
relative but a snore time previous to nis
death, which gave rise. to the erroneous re
port Uiat ne was intoxicate l. He was
never known, hp those who knew htm
best, to have been intoxicated."
His remains were buried yesterday after
noon from the tesiflence ot bis; brother-in-law.
No. 301 East State street.
Thurman., Hair will be open' every
day and night this week tor work. -:
Fell in the Sewer. Yesterday even
ing, just before dark; ah Intoxicated Indi
vidual; IcalHrig' 'Himself 'Jeems Lights
came very near extinguishing his' light? by
falling into the Gay street sewer. He was
cruising on the uneven bank of earth on
the' sonth side' of the eewer, near Pearl
street, when , be missed .-his A footing and
pitched headlong to the soft and miry bot
tom of he 'excavation.'' The 'only mishap
resulting ' from hi novel dive, was a bat
tered hat and a verx djrty collar. Jeems
sBould remember that the good book warns
him. In relation to changing his light to dark
ness. 1 If it be changed, great is the dark
ness, Jeems,. and. if you had collided with
one of the huge boulders In -the sewer,,
your light would have been -put out for--.
ever.-'",'':" ! .. v; '" ';';:'';-:''
tLook to It that you are at Thurman
Hall to-night. .. '" "
A Scoundrel in Limbd. -At an earfy
hour on Saturday morning, the. clothing
house of Adol ph. Aaron, corner of Broad
and High streets, was burglariously enter
ed, through the front window, by a fellow
giving his name as William Xeely, 'who
succeeded in grasping a few neck ties and
a vest. While busily engaged in stealing
articles within bis reach, he was nabbed
by Captain Co ff roth and officer McEwcn,
who conveyed him to the lock up. After a
hearing . before the Mayor on Saturday
morning, he was committed to jail, in de
fault, of $600, to answer a charge of bur
glary beforehe Court of Common Pleas.
II It can.be shown that he has beeu con
nected with fhe gang of burglars who have
been operating in. this city for some time
past, he should get a dozen years for each
necktie lound in bis possession. -
CBoysbe at Thurman Hall to-night.
Democratic Mektisg on SatubdaV.
Col. John C. Groom and C. Loewenstein ad
dressed a very fine, meeting at Dublin on
the afternoon of Saturday, and at Worth
lngtoh in the evening ot Saturday.' Both
gentlemen made very excellent speeches.
E. T. DeLany on Saturday afternoon ad
dressed a large pole' raising at 'North" Co-
Jumbus, and In the; evening be addressed a
largo meeting . at '- Groveport. At . both
places he 'made good speeches. ; '-'J ' "n.:'.';
.n-'- -: ,. ... -i i t-
fi3rTb' meeting at Tharman Hall to
night will fix up matters to make the Sads
look sick on the second Tuesday of Octo
.!-. n 1 1 : r ; ' ' . .. '; ir. ,rv
- The1 Premithi 'List. Secretary J. H
Klip part is busily: engaged In overhauling
his books In order to make out a correct re
port of the State Fair premium list, which
will be published during the present week.
The list as published in tne Toledo Blade Is
incorrect, and not at all complete.' ' """ '
; Exhibitors who are entitled to premiums,
can procure them at any time by calling on
Secretary Kllppart, at his office. :' ' '
Thk Votbbs' Text Boor. "The Voters'
Text" contains just the things thai every
voterr wants, and- that no man should Jje
without.- resells at a price .thaj fay man
can afford. Hence, the reason: that its sales
in Columbus have been over four hundred
copies during the last four, weeks. Let
those who have not taken a copy avail
themselves of the opportunity this week.
.. Thk Hickory Sprouts, A large and
enthusiastic meeting of the boys known as
" Hickory Sprouts " assembled at the Old
Tneater Saturday night, where they were,
regularly organized into companies and
assigned to positions . in the regiment,
which will soon be filled. A stirring ad
dress was delivered to the boys by Archi
bald Mayo, E-q. , ' ::
Let all attend Tburmau Hall to-night to
make arragements for the great- parade on
Saturday night, Oct. 10th, to attend the
meeting at the west . front of the State
House. Old Men, Young Men, White Boys
in Blue, Livery Stable Men, Hackmen,
Expressmen and Draymen, all be on hand.
Hickory sprouts, attend the cavalry corps,
Attend to-night.
Meeting Sbtmour -and Blair Ward
Club Officers. The officers ot the several
Seymour and Blair Clubs of the city will
meet at Thurman Hall, on this (Monday)
evening, October 5th, at 7 o'clock. Every
member is requested to be present, as bus!
ness of importance is to be transacted
Look to It that you are on band.
Chairman Dem. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
Elective Franchise for Women.
Foreign Postal Arrangement.
Affairs in Arkansas.
Shooting Affair in Minnesota.
Military and Commercial Treaty.
The Latest from Spain.
The Latest from Spain. &c., &c., &c., &c.
ZANESVILLE. Imposing Torchlight Demonstration.
Opportune Arrival of Gen. Blair.
A Most Enthusiastic Reception.
[Special by P. & A. Line.
ZANESVILLE, October 3.
The largest and grandest procession ever
held la any city, taking into consideration
the population, has just closed. Fully
4,000 persons were in the procession.
The Radicals undertook to count the
number, biit' became disgusted and, gave
;tfp the job; -'-
The procession was led by over 600 horse
men, and was one hour in passing a given,
point, in files of five. :i -
The White Boys in Blue in the proces
sion numbered over 1,500.
The wagon procession was large sand
contained over 1,000 voters all tlie trades
being represented.
The White Boys in Bine carried tranpa
rencies and torches, and made an imposiug
display, ... x. ...... . ..r,m 4
The Best portion of the whole affair was
the unexpected arrival of Gan. Frank P.
Blair, who happened to be passing through,
on the train, just as the head of the pro
cession reached the depot. This was the
cause of the greatest excitement. ' " '
No excuses were taken. He was taken
from tne sleeping car upon &tbe shoulders'
of stout men and carried to a hack, when
the horses were detached therefrom 'and a
rope attached to the carriage. and the same
drawn by over one thousand men from the
depot to the Mclntlre Housed
When: the carriage arrived at the Mcln
tire, loud calls were made for the General,
when" Mayor O'Neal appeared on the
verandah and announced to the thonsands
that, as the procession arrived, the General
would address the masses in front of the
Court House; but thirty minutes were re
quired tor the arrival of the procession, and
when it did arrive,' thousands upon thous
ands sect up cheer after cheer as the Gen
eral crossed the 'Street to the stand where
he was to speak., His speech was brief:
but to the point, and has fixed many votes.,
for the Democracy, in this county. ( : j
Col. W. H. Ball and Maj. John O'Nell
followed the General in brief, but appro
priate and well-timed remarks.
The .demonstration has given the Bads
the blues and caused the Democrats to feel
more hopeful of the future, and you will,
therefore, set the stakes for the Democtatio
majority in Muskingum a little way up,x,
Mails Overland.
For the present alt mails for the Pacific
States and Territories, British Columbia,
China, .Japan, and the Sandwich Islandar
wlH be sent, from thiscity by tbs overlaod-
mail, by way of (jnicago and Umaha. The
arrangement includes all matter going to
California, Utah, &e. - " 1 " -
There were 74 fires here during Septem
ber, involving a loss of nearly $300,000.
Women and the Elective Franchise.
' chlie.
The Executive Committee of the Wo
men's Suffrage Association of Mt. Vernon,
of which Dorothy Ferguson is Chairwo
man, announce that the male electors of
that school district have invited the women
to take part in the nomination and election
of School Trustees, District Clerk and Dis
trict Librarians The election will be held
on Monday evening.
Fifth Artillery.
A battery ef the Fifth Artillery arrived
here from Richmond to-day, and will be
quartered at Lincoln Barracks.
Postal Arrangement.
Arrangements have been concluded be
tween postal departments of the United
States and Great Britain, to take effect Jan
uary 1st, 1869. tor the registration of letters
conveyed between the United States and
the, British West Indies, and ports, of
Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Chile. In the
British mail the registration fee, to be col
lected in the United States on each letter, is.
eight cents, in addition to Cue rate of ordin
ary postage.
From Toronto.
From Toronto. TORONTO, Oct. 3.
A portion ot the wooden factory being
erected at Glenwilliams fell yesterday,
precipitating twenty-rive or thirty .men to
the ground, a distance of thirty feet. One
man was killed, and two fatally and ten
seriously wounded.
Orders have been received for the remov-'
al from the lakes of the Imperial gunboats
which have been doing duty upon them
for the past two years.' The whole fleet
will winter at Bermuda.
The Soldiers' and Sailors' Mass Conven
tion! last night, was one, of. the largest" atid
most enthusiastic political gatherings ever
held here.4 Thef meeting was addressed by
General -Tw'AGraBger,' MiHe. -Conner
and John B. Felton. About 7,000 people
were in the torch-light procession. Fre-
dom's defenders, Grant and Colfax clubs
hnd delegates from Sacramento, tValleio,
l'etoluma and other interlor towns-pa'rtic-i
pa ted on the occasion. Two hundred guns
were fired for Main and California State
local ticket. ,
The farewell benefit of Parppa and Rosa,
laBt night, was an ovatior). The Metropol
itan was' HITed to overwhelming, closing a
most brilliant and successfuropera season.
Madame starts overland for New York,
about the middle of October- f f !
Telegrams from the Interior report con
siderable damage to crops by the rain of
the two days past.
; A ship from Glasgow brings reports of.
experiencing heavy shocks oi earu-quahes,
at sea September 11th and lSth.
Arizona News.
. T.ftfa. Arizona advices state that owing to
the withdrawal of a portion of the military
forces from Soutn Ar-zona, ineir unie
having expired, the Indians are daily be
coming more bold and successful in their
outraes. Within a month, thirty persons
hftvn hepn killed, and $50,000 worth of
property destroyed by the savages in Pima
county alone, liovernor AicjormicK nas
issued a-, nroclamation. oalling. out a com
pany of militia to serve six months, unless
sooner aisciiargea.
Destruction of Property.
One of the most
ever known In Arizona, commenced Sep
tember 7th, and lasted three days, com
nlf telv flooding- the country. ' Many vil
lages of the Pima and Maricopa Indians,
on the Gila river, were entirely destroyed,
and large crops swept away. The stores
of Hopper & Co., and. the steam flour mills
In the Pima villages were destroyed. A
number of cattle belonging to Texas emi
grants " were drowngd.; Gov McCormicK
and paftyi while en route to PrescottT were
caught in.the storm and compelled to.swim
their animals to reach a place of safety.
To be Executed.
The Governor has set apart Friday, the
4th day of December next, for the execu-
. ....... ... ,, - i tir.,,. 1 mtt
tion oi William vveus ana ' iniam uhuu,
the negroes convicted at the last term of
the Circuit Court of Somerset county lor
the murder of the Captain and mate of the
schooner Brave-
Burglars stole -over 10,000, mostly in
Government bonds, from the house of C.
F. Sargent, in Yarmouth, Me., on Thursday
night.. .' ci'.i : i i i U 'i.
River News.
River five feet eight inches, and rising
Weather cloudy and damp. Mercury, 62
PITTSBURG, PA., Oct. 3. Arkansas.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 3.
The Democrat has a telegram from Little
Rock, Ark., which says: B. P. Uoham,
member of the Legislature, and F. A. lie
Clure, President of the Board of Registra
tion, were assaulted by the Ku-Klux. in
Woodruff county, to-day, from the brush,
while traveling through the country. Up
ham was badlv -wounded In the - head, and
McClure slightly. This makes tour mem
bers' ot the Legislature and two registra
tors assaulted by the K. K. K. within six
weeks, two of whom were killed.
Refused to Continue.
A special from LittleJKOok, Ark., to the
Republican, savs the registrars who were
appointed for Bradley county, where the
vote would almost unanimously be Demo
cratic, returned yesterday, having refused
to continue the registering ot votes in that
'county ; i .-r.
Postoffices Discontinued.
The postoffice8 and mail routes have been
discontinued in many counties, so as to
have the effect to stop the circulation of
Democratic papers, and the people are con
sequently almost without mail facilities.
Sioux Indians.
A Cheyenne dispatch says
from Fort Laramie says several hundred
Sioux, under Man Afraid of hie Horses and
othf-r chiefs now there, are ready to goon
their reservation as soon as transportation
is furnished.
Union Pacific Railroad.
An Omaha dispatch says the Union Pa
cific Railway, was finished yesterday to
Green river, to which point passenger
trains will commence running next wetk.
Mails Stopped.
Owing tb the failure of the new contrac
tor for dealing the overland road to com
ply with tho terms of the contract, and the
expiration ol the time witn Wells Fargo &
Co.. there has been, a stop of the carriage ot
mails between the -terminus oi tne union
and Central Pacific since yesterday. This
must continue till the Postmaster ueaeral
makes new arrangements. . i .
Shooting—Three Men Killed.
The Republican of this morning pub
lishes a version of the shooting aflair at
Martinsburg, in this State, which diners
from that telegraphed from Wellsville yes
terday. This statement says a "young lad
was allowed to stand by the registering
officers to Indicate who should be n-jecteiT.
This occasioned much dissatisfaction and
the anonymous letter, previously referred
to, was handed to him, the reading . of
which led to an angry discussion,: Samuel
Fletcher taking a prominent part. The
Sheriff ordered Fletcher to be quiet, but
he refused, whereupon he was arrested
by the Sheriff and taken away.
A - dispute then , arose between., a
brother of Fletcher and a man named
Purdy, and both parties drew their revol
vers. Neither had fired, however, when
Galloway shot and killed Fletcher. Mar
shall then fired at Galloway.and Galloway
killed Marshall.: The sheriff and Sam
Fletcher then returned, and Galloway see
ing Fletcher approaching fired and shot
him in tho side,' inflicting a wound from
which he died in twenty minutes. : Gallot
way is said to have then flourished his pis
tol and called upon some one to take up
the fight, after which he went to Mexico,
and when a warrant was issued for his ar
rest he could not be found. , , , :. "i"'
Rieht Rev. H. D. Junker. Catholic Bishop
ot Alton, Diocese of Illinois, died at Alton
yesterday. . .. -.,
Serenade to Gen. Grant.
Gen. Grant was serenaded at the bouse
of General Sherman last night. He
thanked the party for the compliment, but
declined to make a speecn. uenerai sner
man also declined to speak.- '
The number of registered voters" in the
citv loot' up -nearly 32.000. About 600
names are on the- rejected list.
KANSAS, Mo., Oct. 3.
During the Radical meeting at the Court
House in Independence, last mgnt. pistols
were fired outside, and-Mr. Neil was
wounded In the neck and leg. While
a train with 150 Kansas City Tanners was
returning from the meeting it was Urea on
by some dozen men, but nobody was hurt.
Owing to a dense fog, a freight train on
the Kansas Pacific railroad ran Into the
rear of another treight train early - this
morning, about four miles wset of Topeka,
Kansas..- 'The engine and three or four cars
were wrecked, and the engineer, John
Salmon, from near Ft. Wayne, Ind., in
stantly Killed.
New York State Fair.
The State Fair closed last night. Re
ceipts, $20,000. ......
Gen. Blair at Wheeling.
WHEELING, W. V., Oct. 3.
General Frank P.Blair arrived in this
citv at noon to-day, and at half-past 2 o'
clock addressed the citizeus in a brief
speech from the balcony of the McLure
House. Me left lor Cincinnati at 6 o'clock
Serious Accident.
HUDSON, N. Y. Oct. 3.
A serious accident occurred at Claberack
yesterday. Six workmen who were en
gaged on the new house of Prof. Flack, on
the Hudson river, were carrying a heavy
stone window sill to its position on the sec
and story, when tho scaffolding gave way
and all six, together with Prof. Flack. were
precipitated a distance of 15 feet. 1. Carvey
had a leg broken; Thos. Silvertrail left arm
broken In two places; B. Hogan, injured
internally, feared fatally; Chas. Keller, in
jured in hip; Patrick Dolen, slightly in
jured. A German, name unknown, seri
ously injured about the head and back. -
The' formal opening' of the connecting
track between the O. fc M. & LM.. B. It.
took place last nights .XheXransfer of pas
sengers and freight wUl commence regular
ly on Monday. -This track will also connect;
with the new bridge in course ot construe-;
tiooover the river. . ir Tyrn
In the Oregon Legislature, to-day, Gen
Cooke, commanding the Department 3Ot,
Columbia, was formally received by both.
Houses iu joint convention. Ha was In-!
troduced personally to each member.
A resolution ; -censuring Senators Wil-i
liams-and CorbetU. for their acta in the!
U.S. Senate, charging them with mlsrep-,
resenting the people of Oregon and re-
que? ting. Xhem - to -xesignS Sesed both'
Houses. .-i!-ii(riiU mC !
The Oregon State Fair exoels 'any pre
vious one in evey particular.
Attempt to Murder.
Hiigh. Donnelly,' a moulder, made an at
tempt to murder Thomas McNamara. ahri
a moulder. In his' bed, about four o'clock'
this morning.' Donnelly entered his room:
and inflicted several daogarous wounds in;
McNamara'8 abdomen,; face, -&c It .is.
thought the wound' in the abdomen will
prove fatal...; Donnelly, was .arrested and',
committed. ; An old misunderstanding is'
said to be the cause of the attempted assai-.
- '...,.
Rev. G. Bassler, anTlBtlngisbed mlnistir
of ttw Lotherau Churoh, President of the
Ueneral Council ot the Lutheran Church;
iu North' America,-and Director of the Or-j
phans' Farm School at Zelionople, Penn-j
sylvania, died last night in this city. i
Hon George H. Pendleton arrived here
1 n D nfiVl ' IT., ... ; 1 1 .,1,1.... H, r ...... ... . t T I
.u.iu i,,,,, u, uu n iu .uui ua huq icuiuvlftiil.
mass convention to-morrow.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 4.
- There are 2G Democratic uniformed cluts
of this city, numbering nearly 6.000 mem
oers. " . . -. - 1 ." -
'' Fred Berthold a prominent citizen, grand
son of Pierre Choutao, one of the founders
of HiOuis, died last flight' r-i I6i
. Speaker Colfax is in this citv, sDendlng.a
few days. He. was serenaded last night ai
the i-esidence' of Tj P. HongbyV by the
Fighting Boys' ln'BTue and a large assem
bly of citizens. ' In' responses he spoke
briefly, but encouragingly, of the orosoecis
of the-Republican cause in October-' and
November, tie satu tne political horizon
never looked DrigBterr" He wll sp.eak here
to-morrow night. .u j" '"' ' '
- " 1
Poisoning Case.
NEW YORK, Oct. 3.
VThe" Gamble poisoning case was resumed !
at Naunet, Rockland -county, . yesterday.
Miss Julia Maguire, the friend of Mrs. Gam-
ble, who occasionally visited her, conclud I
ed1 her testimony and was subjected to a !
close cross-examination. Nothing of much
importance was elicited.' ' ' - '
The trial of John Doran. foe tire tnurd-1 j
ol Ellen Hicks, at Throg's Neck, In August, 1
1866, was contiuued in Westchester Oyer ;
and Terminer, at wnite flams, yesterday.
The case for both, the prosecution and de
fense was closed, and 'Mr. MuKcon com
menced an elaborate -( summiAg -up i ar
gument for thei'derensei which was contin
ued until night bad far advanced... !
A horse disease has become epidemic in '
Suffolk "county- and the western ends of
Long Island,. Several .valuable, animals
have died ot it lately. , -.. .... y.'d
Yesterday a hotel keeper named Anthon
Schmits was arrested, charged by a board
er named Koch ot robbing him of $6,000
in bonds and $350 in gold. The money bad
been entrusted to Schmits for safe keeping,
but he failed to account for it, alleging that
bis safe had been opened, which on investi
gation, proved untrue., .,;r(,r
Attorney General Evarts and Represen
tatives Van Wyck,. Halscy, ' Benton and
Randall, of the sub-committee on Re
trenchment, met yesterday at the""Astor
House to investigate the alleged frauds In
the Revenue Department. Mr. Jenckes
was not present. The proceedings : wre
conducted with closed doors in the rooms
occupied by Mr. Binckley, the person who
was instrumental in causing tue investiga
tion to be made. It is understood the testi
mony of the witnesses examined was not
of special interest. The examination will
be continued to-day. ? - . ' .
The Herald says: The Treasury De
partment has- put forth, somi-officially, a
document exposing erroneous statistics in
Delmar's recent statement. It claims that
Delm:tr tailed to include a cash balance of
$103,000,060 on band in June. The public
debt statement for September, it is said,
will show an increase iu the, debt tour mil
lions.. ..-';',' ...'"'
For Brest.
The " steamship St. Laurent sailed for
Brest to- taking $36,000 in specie...
A largenumberot clergymen and laymen
have arrived here to taxe part in tne gen
eral convention of the Protestant Episco-
palCburch next weelc-
Religious. Report.
It is reported on Wall.street to-day that
the opposition steamship line of California
has been withdrawn, but there is no con
firmation of the report. ' -"
An Assembly Convention of Republicans
in .Brooklyn Daiiotea ail iasc nignc ior a
candidate, and adjourned to breakfast tbi
morning, and wiu proDamy Dauot au nig nt
to .night. . - " ' 1 '
The ease of one Mary Gill against Mrs.
Gen. Suinola, for assault, was postponed.
It will probably be hushed . up, as some
scandalous developments are expected.,,
One of the greatest musical excitements
errr known here-is -the -ODening of 'the
Theater ' Francais, under the direction 'of
Mr. Grau. Fabulous-prices are paid for
seats. Speculators have succeeded in their
old game, and ten dollars is tne regular,
Dnce for good seats on Monday night, !
NEW YORK, October 4.
George W. Jamison, the well-known
actor, was rnn over and instantly killed, at
Yonkers, last evening, by an express train
on the Hudson River railroad. : ., 'i 1; .,,
Lottery Swindle.
The" papers expose the latest lottery
swindle carried on uuder the name of the
Soldiers' Orphan Institute, by a firm styl
ing themselves Keaa sc uon b uiintnn .tiaii.:
This firm develop no original rascality,
being content to operate in the usual style.
LONDON, Oct. 3.
Di3raell has an address to con
stituents of Buckinghamshire, reciting tho
coursa .pursued by the Minister en the
auestion of reform, the national finance
relations between England and foreign na
tions, and the triumphal termination ot
the Abyssinian war. He comments at
length -on the reform project, giving'
its history, - and recounts ..his objec
tions thereto. He , holds that .the
ministry had a right to expect
the Whigs would wait and learn the tem
per of the new Parliament on that ques
tion before pressing its consideration; but
they saw fit to bring before the House of
Commons at tho hist moment a bill sever-
ing the Chnrch'and State, for the disestab
lishment of the Irish Church meant and
included that movement; it involved the
stirring up of additional rancor and bitter t
ness in Ireland; it would .unsettle property
and make confiscation contagious; and
worse than all. it woakl give England over
to Popery and practically to the rule of a
foreign power, v .-. - .-
"it is reported that a new military and
commercial treaty has been concluded be
tween France and Holland, and that Belgi
um is expected to be included in its terms.
The Insurrection.
Perfect order reigns in Madrid. At Bar-'
celoua the people sacked tho Town Hall
and publicly burned the statue of Queen
Isabella. Count Cheste sought to repress
the riotous proceedings, was fired on by the
mob, but fled and escaped under cover of
night. Basiois has been appointed to th,-'
command of the Province of Catalonia by
the provisional junta. -It
is announced that the Great Powers of
Europe will allow tber diDjomaii relaons
with Spala to remain in statu quo'. ? ",; j
The Insurrection. Under Ground.
The Insurrection. Under Ground. LONDON, Oct. 4.
A contract for the construction .o( .the"
underground railroad in--New York "Has
been concluded with the English Engtrf
eerswho built the Underground railroad In
thife city, ' and they- expect to enter on' t&te
worn at an eany aay.
The Latest.
MADRID, Oct. 3.
aiarsuat tserrano, accompanied by seven
ueaerau or the. army, entered Jfadrid tor
day in triumph. : Gi eat preparation were
mae forhis reception. Ttje ,streeWstrd
buildlngr. puijlicand private,' were sflfterb
ly decorated, and a large civil and military
processionescorted .the 'GeneTaF-thTOngR
the city. The houses, sidewalks awjpubr
lie Squares al6ng 4 he raufa of tha jiravj-
Moa were crowded with citizens, who re
Csived Serran and the. Generals wittr wlhi
enthusiashi;'"-' - ' '
-Tbe.DToeewion waslollcrwedliv-a-rtii!!
and review til'the national guard. This
patriotic display was made the occasion of
striking- manifestations of popular1 wllll
i na troops carried side py side witn thet
flags and banners on which were ' inscrib
ed, '-Dowtt with the"Bourbon8." "Sover-
relgnty of the People, JBelIgipus'KbetiyV
- rree Xiuucanon,;-anu otner mottoes oi a
similar character. .. n , . .
At the termination Of fhe review ' mas
shal Serrauo made a patriotic ddreWto
the immense multitude of citizens and soli
diere, in Wieicourse ot which he announced
hat he -united whh (ioa.!Prim. iniIino
Marshal Esparterc Duke oX Yi Woria, to the
bead, of the State.
The formation ot a new Cabinet has been
completed.' It ia composed as follow:-Mar
shall Serrano, President; Castelley Minister
oi commerce lopete, minister oi Marine;
Aguirre,'Miriister f Jilstlee; ClewPrtnH
minister of war. vrovaaa. Minister of
Foreign. Affairs, and Madoz, Minister ot
''Manuel de la Concha has -been arrested.
New York Money Market—Oct. 3.
GOLD-Firmer; opened a.t J40t closed
at 140)146.'-5' - fclii-.-.J
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 3.
GOLD 139Js buying."
T;t"r'HllIfllOirirm ai: nor hnlnor
i. ji.m ivcl irui joiuujKt
New York Stock Market—Oct. 3.
pons of .'81.113113do '62 118J; do
tn iwf'a& uu; do- Bo lioOlll; o
new 10s109; do '67 10910aJi; do 08
109; 10 40s 104105. -'--iJ.
ihn war between th New York Central
and Erie has now extended to the Penrisyl
vanU Central.: There has been further re
duction in rates, and: it is stated, the Erie
road takes all classes of freight to and from,
New York, and Chicago by rail, the entire
distance for 40c per 100 pounds,-or $8 pe?
ton reduction on other routes is propor
donate. -''--"' ' ""-',
5:30 prices Wells' . Express '.31 31U
American 4Z?49J; Adiras5252l; Uni
ted States 4950; MTchants' Union 2
Pacific Mail HSOHSj; Western TJnMi
Telegraph S434;..N,-T. Central 12S
129; Erie 4b48)i; do preferred 6971;
Ohio & Mississippi 5S58; :Wabash
616:i; do preferred 7a; .Miuiiiga'b Cen
tral 119&.U9U: Michigan Southern Slid
BiS. J-TnlWlA -miwCrtT)injS'. 'IVrrn Hunt.,
Terro Haute
v-y, . ,n .a,
I &9i3 00
' '
New York Market—Oct. 3.
rTJOTTOS" FTrmer; sales ''6T50Q bales ol
middling uplands at 27.v ., f ..
, FLOURClosed ouiet. without decided
change tor low grades, and dull' and heavy
.1 jr . .1 ; ,'., I .- T
ami tiCT.iiiiun i ior uiouiuiu i -i-i '(.ji
WHEAT Nominal and: 124 lower.;, t
RYE Closed firm, at $1,48 lor western,
OATS Dull and heavy at TllgTiior
Wefeter'n afloat.''6 Al1 !" " ' ,J '
i CORN" Lower and dull at 1 10Jl 12J
for unsound, and $1 131 13b lor .so una
mixed western afloat. , ,.j ,
PORKQiiiet at $23 6b28 65 for mess.
cash and regular. " -"' -iJ
UKJCt ii moderate .demand, ana at
prices in favor of buyers. 1 -. . , j ..i-j;si
r CUT MEATS Dull and declining. ......
" BACOU' Closed in buyers' favor, and In
Hmlted Inquiry. ' ' - ' -
lAKL-yuiec at I9,6si9jc ior: lair to
prime b tea in.
. EGGS Steady at 2628ct,
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 3.
' FLOUR Dulf ; and nominal at' $3 73G?f
0 00 for family. i. : -i.- i.
WHEAT Dull and no .demand; No.. I
red held at $1 95. . . . - i , T
CORK In fair demand at$l Of.. ' J"'T
OATS-Duilat6061cfor"No.Lil1 i:i
RYE Dull at $134. mu .:.: i:Uh
i BARLEY Closed firmer a"l linchang
ed; panada spring , at. $2 252 0, fall at) .
"cOTTOJf-.Firmf middling uplands;at
26c. '' '-.::-. i.i i, .c'l'i -.i -? .ii
-:WHISKY-Deelineato$l 25, .-.i - ,,t
PORK Mess in speculative, demand, at
$29 50 this afternoon, but is held at $30.
BULK MEATS Firmer; shoulders at lie
loose;-sides at 14c 1 .-. ,.. . r.. ;. .-. t ,
, BACON Firmer and in demand at 126
for, shoulders, and 1516a for, clear rit
and clear sides. . ." ',.' '' 1 ' .
. HAMS Sugar cured at 1819s. 'c
) LARD Held at 19c, but Uie demand is
lighti i .,': i .3d"'OT(r nrl .!
..BUTTER In-better: so nplv an. prices
fend downward: fresh at ST!!' . "' ".
.(.EGGS Dull at 20J21. i 1 ' -'' 1:1,1
OIL Linseed dull at $1 0il 05; lari
Oil unchanged and quiet.; ' . :x
SEED Flax at $2.502 75. - .,
PETROLEUM At 3133c for refined,
-GROCERIES Unchanged. ' ''- f --1
A I t-.i ; -' l"i-.; - ' , DVRS bof)
Cleveland Market—Oct. 3.
ed. s City niadu held at $12 25 tor XXX
white; ,$10 60010 75 for XX amber; .$8-50
9 75 for XX red-JP99 25 tor XX spring:
$S3 ' 25 ; for'-X spring:" country - made
ranges at $9 5010 for XX rd and amber;
$8 259 25 for 'XX eprinB; $10 75ll: 75.
tor XX white. ,., i,. .. .sr. i
WHEAT Dull, irregular, and lower;
siles at $1 8S1 85 for No. 1 ted;'$l 70
1 75 for No. 3 rsdcknlng at the Inside fig
ure: Western spring nominal. .'., il" ,', .
. CORN Dull and neglected; $1 OO asked
and 9798c offered for No. 1 mixed'4 . ' 1
OAT Dull and i heavy; hSlders asking
60C but 5859q is the highest offer ' made'
for No. 1 State, i y.iu iivi.iw vrtritT
RYE Market quiet and unchanged: held
BARLEY" Recerpfsgood but Jnarket.
very firm field at $2 002O5 for' No. 1
State and Canada'5
,, MILL FEED In good demand and firm
at $38 00 per ton for fine middlings; $30 00
fur No. 2 do; $26 00 lor coarse do; $22 00
for shorts. 1 '-. ' - '
' PORK Quiet' and -nnchanged; held ab
$31 00 tor No. 1 Mess; $29 00 ior No. 2 do,
. LARD Steady and firm at 20a lor city
rendered; 1919 for country do.J ' ;'
- BEEF Steady "and1 qnlet ut $3d 00 fof
extra mess.: l .:;- a y'-.!.-.tivi;:i:r
SMQKED MEATS Firm and unchang
ed at 19c lor bams; lie for shoulders. ... I
Chicago Market—Oct. 3.
" FLOUR Unchanged aud active; Spring
extra "-at $68 25. 1 -' ' '' 1
W HEAT Wheat In good demand; sales
of No. 1 at $1 441 47; No. 2 opened at
$1 35, advanced to $1 37g, and .closed at
$1 36; sales have chauged since to $l 36.
CORN Easier; No. 1 opened at 85s, ad-
vanoad to 88c and closed at 86c; No. 3 J
a lower; sales at 84S6c; nothing done,
since change, .
- OATS Firm and active, closGig at50Jc?-
" RYE a shade easier: sales No. 1 at $1 18
1 19. and Xo. 2 at$l 14l 15.
r BARLEY Less - active, and 3c -lower;
sales at ,$1; 791 80 and . closed iSt, iusidor
Toledo Market—Oct. 3.
; WHEAT White steady ; amber No."!'
red 1 2c lower; spring-rather mors steady;
sales ol white Michigan at $2 00; exra rlo
$3 17;rmbe $1661 86; No. 1 red $1 84
l 85; No. 2 do $1 67; No. 2 spring f 1 46 i
No. 3 do $130. ' ' ' - '. ' '
CORN At 2c lower; sales No. 1 at 94y ;'
JUictiigan 'yic. ; i ys
OATS Without material change;. No.l
at 56-; No. 2, 54Xc.
K X K steauy ; jtiicuigan ,i 20:
91 20. ' '' ..w ..is-aiii -!:
. BARLEY State lower at $2 00. . ; ' : .. -f
Buffalo Market—Oct. 3.
Entirely neglected.
CORN Lower, and in good demand;
sales at $L, part to arrive.- r ?-;
. OATS Active; sales at 6162c. ; : , ; ;
BARLEY 2 01ic for Canada.., . .:
CANAL FREIGH rs Wheat l64a corn '
13o ; rye 15e; oats 901' 1,1 '
"' ' ' M' .:
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct.
Dry goods are quiet, but .steady. -The ,
probability Is that heavy sheetings will '
advance before long; as goods are now sel- '
ling below co.t.

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