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io Statesman.
R. R. H9fI.MAHt Editor.
H.riiMIt -
ootuMBU8. omoi
MOHTHJI - - - OCT. 8.
-r :,; i OF NEW TOHKi .
.J;' tor , vice president,
or nissovaii.
TV. rF('K V. RAWNBJ, ofChiyeriora
HW.HI16B J. JEWETT, of Muskingum
..j i Burster iiiotnn. ;.v v
i. Hint JOHN B. JEOP.of Harniltont
Vi P3.":Iri M. NOBI-B. of Hamilton.
5 - GEO. W. HOUCK. of Montgomery.
-ISA AC 8. PI LL a R8. of Allen.
' M. a. DAVI, of Clermont
WM. J. A LFXANDRRTof Greene., ,.
K F. POPPLETOS. ofDelawerOi ' .
x-F.ZRA V.DElN.'Of Lawrence.,..
' ; -J J. GRt ENE, of Pike,
C.FOLLETT. of Lioking. ;
n h. POPPliKTOl, of Lorain. -"
ISA AC STANLEY. of Athon..
. -A.PATRICK, of Towarewaj.
J2t " MATT. B1RCHARD. of Trumbull.
Democratic State Ticket.
V:!.; t worn, IMMTUT o Bin,
rti '! oa omif jwoei
.-u VIM.IAH E. flNCH, of Prrr
' s o-yoa imn o BOam op rcsiic wobm -IBrHCB
HUUHE8. of Cnwaaea
ISITEI.J: KIKKWenUi "eneca.
1 t . nl wrrmnra OOCBT. rJ 'Til
' JOHII n. WBHB'1 MafcOalaSr. '
Jj. V : I .
. (Seventh Congressional DistrioO ..,.;
Il6u5 If. TnonAS, of Clarke.
t?di.T closed in New Yoik yesterday at
The Black Test.
a4 ;poZWeI 'equality of all into, '-'art agree
not attempt to deprive any .pen on or persons,
on account ef rac color or previous condition,
of any poUtical, ir. dvU right, privilege, or in
munUeiiojed by any otKar clot of men. So
htlp n God-HSouthern Radical Carpet Pag
Capt. James' Speech.
The gpeeeh f Johk H. Jambs, 3r of,
C6amrjain coanty, will be looodtn the
Statbsmm of to-day. It Is filled with
facts, mod U worthy an attentive perusal. ;
The Pet Financier of the Radicals
Exposed—He Borrows Gold and
Pays in Paper.
Oue viid Atkinson,; of Massachn
chasetts, who has, been engaged in an at
tempt to 'show that tbe National Debt is
fast decreasing" tander Radical rule, while
theofflaUiaeoounU.show its Increase at a
rate so fearial that-oaless the Vthieves" are
soon scorged from the Temple" at Wash
ington, b"anki;uptcy must inevitably ensne,
is now laboring to, prove that the bond
holder must be paid In gold. . v
The Journal publishes Atktssoh'b speech
and Atkinson's, argument, as a sort of God
send. To its careful and prayerful atten
tion; we commend hts fact, stated on the
ntTinritv nf Ofinpral BEKJAMIN F. BUTLM.
This maft Atkinson, before the legal ten-
aer act was passeaoorrwwpu uv.jf
Tviiiura In Oold from a Savings Bank, in
$3ex county, .Massachusetts, which, under;
' - .1 1 i .AwlataniA mnfit Till Tinlff In
kind. When the .legal tender- act -was
pasaed, this honSsf financier took ad-van- i
tage of its provisions, and paid the debt in
Greenbacks, then worth butisixtyreight
cents on the dollar, .thus defrauding the
widows and orphans who deposited in the
Sayings Banks, out,' of .sixteen' thousand
dollars in that single transaction., , . . . '
-Geoeral " Botxbr think?, as does every
i.wircin the land.that as the Bonds were
prasea.iwitb.' Greenbacks, and that as j
bondholders have hb right to repndrate the
contract and! 'receive. .tneir pay m goiu.
Thlr argument Atkinson, the Radical
pet financier, elaims as dishonest, that as a
portion of these bonds are deposited in
savings bank,to pay in Greenbacks it would
be a swindle on tbe widows, and orphans.
BpTLUt oomea i back od Atkinsos with the
expose of Atkinson' swindle, which - he
puts Into form thus . ; .
GLOUCESTER, Sept. 30, 1868.
Editor Tbavsxlbr:
': 1 Mr. Atkinson, ' -. has
written himself into some notice lately; in
opposing what, be has been pleased to as
sert are .my views on financial measures,:
and specially by a disclosure that he has de
frauded a savings bank in Esex county ,oi
which he bad borrowed $50,000 ia gold, by
taking advantage of the legal tender act,
and paying, according to the letter of the
law,? in groan backs, worth at tbe time on
ly 6S cent on tbe dollar, by which the
widows and orphans depositing their
little savings there lost 16,0CO.
If this is not what is called a "sockdol
age " oi Atkinson, we confess ourself ig
aoranVof the meaning oi the term'"; f-;'
Bat Atkinson was net the only man of
the Radical persuasion that thus took ad
vantage of the law. ' (which 'law was so
worded; as to cover all previous- contract?),
and paid their debts in a depreciated curr
rency when the contract called for Gold.
X?Tt m ilSanVIn the United SUtea but avail
ed Itself ol the retroactive part of the le
nl tender law. to tret t)d of the payment
of their own notes, promised in gold, by
, paying in depreciated breenoacKs, ana not
one but refused to pay deposits' in coin,
even where the certificate oLdeposlt called
for Gold. In payment of tne amount aepos- k
Ited. And the men who acted thus disbon-'
estlyjlMWBfethey hold bonds, demand that
the legal tender law be violated and they
be redeemed in Gold, when the contract was
that they were to, be paid
in paper. .,
General Grant in Cleveland Two
General Grant in Cleveland Two Years Ago.
In the Statbbman of yesterday we made ;
mention of the lact drawn, firom ua by a
scoundrelly carrieicatare of Gen. Frank
Blur, in the Journal of Tuesday that the
Cleveland Herald Am not deny the fact as
stated by the Pfafn Dealer - of Gen. Grant
being overcome by Uq.no in that city, as
WjBNiif.FBiu.ir9 says be was. in the
treeta of another city, within the last nine .
months. The 'Plain Dealer, of Tuesday,
thus repeats Its charge and again calls upon
theZbrcUdtodeny.it -.,
fW have knWoH tho TTmmliL itniT if: Tin i
never yet answered, as to whether General
vroiuk , uruwi woea an arrvveu in
Cleveland, in 1866, with tbe Presidential;
party. Tbe fact that he was drank, is
known to hundreds of men in Cleveland
no o " w " uuo.b, ana mere
Sut in ortb,hd oarrHd te, Detroit, where
ewas sobe'red off." . .
3Ti. Z 1 "
Connecticut Election.
the eleotioh ia Connecticnt for town,
ship and .'municipal officers, the Radicals
claim in one place, Waterbury, to have rs
duced the Democratic -majority, and this
fact they telegraph ever the whole coun
try lk he State,tbe Hartford Time says '
the localelectlons Indicate 6,000 majority
for Skymods and Blair.
Why Can't You Vote Democratic
Doubtless, this number may fall into the
hands of a Republican, and we put to such
a man the question : - -
Why can't ton vote the Democratic
Tlcketl..,. .. .. .... .... .
You are satisfied that things in the ad
ministration of the Government are not,
and have not for some time been, as they
should be. ,.
You must be satisfied, if you have
watched matters with becoming interest,
that there bas been unjustifiable wasteful
ness and profligacy in the administration of
the Government. A large portion of the
Republican press, at almost every stage of
tbe proceedings' of Congress, have de
nounced their leading partisan measures as
outrageously wrong so wrong that they
could not be defended.
Certainly you can not be a truer patriot
than Hon. Thomas Ewino, Sr. Be is a
man of vigorous mind has always been
one of the foremost men, intellectually and
as a lawyer, in the United States. Hither
to, be always opposed the Democratic
party. He has no ambition to serve. At
most bis days on earth are few.'. Thought
fully has he looked over the situation of
political affairs. When the country was
In need of men and money for the War, he
went out among the people and eloquently
plead with them to furnish men and money,
and they did, so. , Now, he calls upon them
to vote the- Democratic Ticket a thing
which be for the first time in a long life
time proposes to do. To his mind, it is
clear that the future safety and perpetuity
of our Republican Institutions and the pros
perity of the country depends upon the suc
cess of the Democratic party. Were it not
thus clear, be would not call upon the
people to vote the Democratic Ticket.' If
he can forget his life-long prejudices
against the Demooratio party, surely you
can and ought to do so. '-'
; 'Hon. Henry Stakbert, one of the first
lawyers in the United States, who in the
days of the Whig party Was a prominent
Whte, then a Republican and an inflexible
advocate of tbe War, throws to one side his
prejudices against the Democratic party
and not only proposes to vote the Demo
cratte Ticket, but he earnestly calls upon
tbe people to do likewise, being convinced
that the only hope for tue future of this
country is In the success of the Democratic
party this fall. " ' '; .
! Be a man, too, discard, your prejudices,
and . array yourself on the Democratic side
this election. ': ' : o 1 '
, 1 -. . . 1 . r - -1
Judge Rriggs, of Fayette eounty, a man
In the prime of life, with clear and vigor
ous intellect, always hitherto acted in op
position' to the Democratic party., Through
nO pique, to subserve no ambitious aspira'
tion, hat he left tbe Republican, party. Be
lieving that the policy and tbe legislation of
the Republican party in Congress ia calcu
lated to work untold Injury to the interests
of the country, he has taken the stump and
calls upon the people to rally with. him un
der the banner of the Democratic party, to
tbe end that the. Union shall be indissolu
bly cemented, the Constitution maintained,
corrnption driven out of high places and
the Taxes of the people reduced. ...
; .Judge Backus was the Republican can
didate for Supreme Judge in Ohio in 1863.
He, too, has been all along a strong" oppo
nent of tbe Democratic party. , He shrunk
from the idea of being called a Democrat.
The very name was distasteful to him.
Now, he holds it to be his duty and the
duty of every mau who loves his country,
to sink all prejudice and vote the Demo
cratic Ticket. 'Front the stump he appeals
earnestly to! the people to do so.1 .
Why should you hesitate, when he throws
to one side, as beneath the d lenity of true
manhood to be longer worn, his prejudices
against the Democratic party ? : "; .' , -
General A. Sanders Piatt, a. man who
went: into the War at its beginning and
honorably and bravely served to its close
a gentleman who has always been a Re
publican is on the stump, calling upon tbe
people to do as he called upon them to do
when the War broke out to rally to save
the Constitution and the Union, and to drive
corruption put of power. The way to do
this now, he holds. Is to vote the Demo
cratic Ticket. , v , a- C 1 : i : : i T ,
Sorely, if he considers this the' duty of
Patriots, jbu' ought not to hesitate about
vo'tiug the Democratic Ticket. -; ,
! Hon. T. J. MaoiNnis, of Zanesville, for
raerly Republican State Senator from Mus
kingum,' Tecently went down Into the South
and saw ior himself tbe operations of tbe
Congressional ..'Reconstruction policy. It
satisfied him that it was pernicious ut
terly;' and indefensibly' outrageous. . The
scales of Radicalism fell from his eyes, and
he is now on the stump calling on the peo
ple to rally to the support of the Demo
cratic party, as the only means for the po
litical salvation of - the country. . He had
prejudices to overcome. As a man he has
overcome them. ' ' ."
Why can not you do as he has done,
and vote the Democratic Ticket f
; Judge Patrick, of Urbana, a man who
was a soldier in the War of 1812, always
bitterly opposed to the Democratic party,
and one of the best citizens of Urbana,
has just written a letter, calling upon the
people to vote for the Democratic Ticket,
He gives it s his opinion, that If General
Grant shall be elected, it will be the last
Presidential election that will take place
in this country. Prejudices as strong as
any man.) can possibly entertain against
the Democratic party, he bas overcome,
and will now for the first time vote the
Democratic Ticket. . ,
j Why can not you, too, overcome yonr
prejudices and vote the Democratic Ticket?
j Among the leading Union Generals who
did great, service in the late War between
the North and tbe South, the following are
some who will vote the Democratic Ticket
Geo. B-McClellan, Don Carlos Buell, W.
S. Rosecrans, Henry W. Slocum, Wm. B
Franklin, W. S. Hancock, Tom Ewing, Jr.,
James B. Steedman, L. H. Rousseau, Ger
shorn Mott, J. R. McClernand, G. W. Cus
ter, Geo. W. Morgan, Robert C. Buchanan,
: If th,ese patriotic Generals conceive that
their' duty" to tbe Constitution and tbe
Union demands that they should vote the
Democratic Ticket,
Why will you allow a miserable prejudice
to stand between you and a vote for tbe
Democratic Ticket? ;
; Mr. T. E. Howard, of Baltimore, has
jdst published a timely work on Politeness
and the Means of Attaining Success in
Life.' It is intended for beginners, and in
the course of his lessons he lays down the
following maxims : ;;
, "The of tpoons wo all suppose . ,
' , That everr numaa being know." . ,
' , . Refuse not soap, bnt nicely sip
. .. , from the spoon's and not it's tip."
The Neu York Sun, edited, by the late
Assistant Secretary of War,, thinks the
book ought to have been dedicated to Ben
Butler, just as if Ben tbonght spoons the
only thing worthy of his steal. ;.
n ' - . . ' 1 " .
T la aald that tbe majority of the editors
of the Detroit Free Press, which claims to
he an Ultra democratic paper, are nepuo
Means, and will vote ior Gen. Grant Idiot
Oraani rti-oiM y."-- ' -V' "
The response to this , sianoer, Dy the
Free Press ls,as follows ; j, ,T - -
Of course, this is the usual Radical "ar
gument'' a falsehood but it no doubt ex
plains why , the Chandler organ has all
along been denouncing the editorial staff
of the Free Press as tools and ignoramuses.
U supposed tt was made up of Grant men.
Had iu suppositions been true there would
have been cause for its denunciations.
Ticket? The New York Tribune on Winans
and His Political Prospects.
The JVete York Tribune bas a Radical cor
respondent who reviews the political situa
tion In Ohio by .Congressional Districts.
His article on the 7th Congressional Dis
trict, taken as it is from a Radical stand
point, is not calculated to encourage his
political friends nor to elevate James Janu
ary Winans much in tbelr estimation. We
give It in full:
"Seventh District. With the present
member. Samuel Shellabarsrer, as candi
date for re-election, there would be n6 more
danger in this than in tbe old GIddings
district. - But Mr. Sbellabarger's health
forbade him to run, and, after long bal
lotinzs. our friends, conceding the candi
date to Greene county, but refusing to take
tbe man whom she first put forward, nit
noon Judtre J." J. Winans. He is a good
but not specially strong man; his canvass has
not been stirring, ana ne has not provea a first
class stump-speaker, which, in a district that
bas been ued to Sbellabarger, Sam. Cox,
ami, in earlier times, to Thomas Corwin, is
a misfortune. His opponent, J. H. Thomas,
is a rich agricultural implement-maker, of
Springfield, who is spending plenty of
money, ana resorting to an manner or
Democratic devices. Republicans iu the
district seem to be a little frightened, and
Jndge Winans himself sometimes talks dis
covraainnlv. but there ought to be no man
ner ot douot as to the result. Aiast year
the Republican majority in the district
was 262: the vear before Shellabars'er was
elected by a mnjorlty of 2,171, and in 1864
we had 3,169. S ill the district is tricky.
In 1862 it elected Sam S. Cox by 272. Re
turns, however, show a satisfactory major
ity, and the State Central Committee eon
sider Judge Winans safe."
We underwrite the above where it says
Winans is not a "specially strong man
his canvass has not been stirring, and be
has not proved a first class stump speak
er." These charges we indorse as true
and it stronger language had been used
our indorsement . would . have been still
stronger. The assertion that Winans is "a
little frightened," shows that tbe Judge has
a "little" sense left had he been badly
frightened, he would believe that he had a
"little" more than the Tribune or his ac
quaintance gave him credit lor.
When beaten, as beaten he will be, that
will be the last of "January," and if tbe
next frost which nips all green things does
not give him a nip, it will be for the rea
son that be is an ever ween that frost and
suow can't injure. " Sie transit gloria'1
Winans. - .
The Commercial's Attempt to
Prove that there were no Democrats
in the Army.
The Cincinnati Commercial attempts to
show that few if any Democrats were in
the army from Ohio, by the fact that in
1863 John Brough for Governer received
40.921 soldiers' votes to but 2,343 forVAL-
LANDIGHAM. ; i i i - -
This-is as pretty a compound of special
pleading and impudence as we have yet
seen.;-; . . , , .. - , ...
There is not a man of intelligence in the
United States, -old enough to be a voter,
but knows the men were not allowed to
vote their sentiments in the Army, and in
one case, a Lieutenant in a New
Hampshire Regiment was openly dis
missed tbe service by Secretary of War
Stanton,' for the high crime of peddling
and voting the "Copperhead Ticket."
' At the ' last Presidential election, tbe
agents sent to the. Army from New York
to collect the votes of the soldiers of that
State were imprisoned in Washington
their poll lists taken from them and altered
so, as to give the majority different from
the way the soldiers voted. ; ...
Greater frauds were never perpetrated
than those of the Radicals with the sol
diers' votes, and yet the' Commercial insists
that because Democratic soldiers were not
allowed to vote, or if they voted the ballots
were changed, that there were but few
Democratic Soldiers in the Army.
In this city; the soldiers who received
an honorable discharge stand as three Dem
ocrats to one Republican, and so it doubt
less is in other cities, i : .' - , ..
In 1864 the Republicans had. 81,000 ma
jority in thetwelvecountiescomposingtbe
western teserve. ' LASt year thev bad for
Governor nearly 30,000 majority. The total
vote last year was 74.000.. This year the
Cleveland Plain Dealer estimates that 80,000
votes will be polled, of which tt gives the
Radicals 28,1)1X1 majority, or z.uuu less than
they had last year. Such a gain "would
surely give us the State. Cincinnati En
quirer. . . -. ; -
The Western Reserve has always been
the dark spot of Ohio. In old Jackson times.
when) the voting population of Ohio was
less than one-fourth what it is now, it used
to be said that if General Jackson could
enter the Western Reserve with fourteen
thousand majority, he,' could carry the
State, and the Democracy of Central and
Southern Ohio,with the aid of the counties
in what is called the backbone of Ohio, used
to surpass that majority, and Ohio was for
Jackson, the large majority in the West
ern Reserve to the contrary notwithstand
ing. ,j. , ' . -.. ' - , ' ..'.'...;...
In the present contest, if the . Western
Reserve does not give over 28,000 majority,
Seymour and Blair will receive the twenty-one
electoral votes ot Ohio as certainly
as Jackson used to carry the State. :
A Liar Exposed—The Kind of Man
the Journal has for Correspondent
—Great Meeting in Galion—
Speeches by Judge Thurman, A.
M. Jackson and Col. Baber.
GALION, O., Oct. 5, 1868.
. Editors Statesman : A correspondent
of the Ohio State Journal, in an article da
ted Gallon, Oct. 1st, 1863, charges General
F. P.'Blair with being drunk at Gallon.
J ustlce to Gen. Blair and the Democracy at
large dtmanda.a refutation of this vile and
slanderous article. ' The anthor, H. C. C-
(whose maiden name, .was Smith,) is doing
Gen. Blair and the Democratic party great
injustice, when he descends to the level
of a political rowdy, and writes a politic al
letter which he knows to be false in to to,
as many Republicans of character and
respectability will testify. . t ,
The author of this slanderous article is
looked upon by his own party as a disor
ganizer and a common liar, and bas been
repudiated and spit npon by his own party,
and hissed out or a Mass Republican Con
vention which was held in Bucyrus not
long since, by reason of a malicious attack
upon Mr. D. Ristine, an honorable and a
prominent member of tbe Republican
He is without doubt the most penurious
pigmy the Republican party of Galion was
ever cursed with. The only animals that
will sssociate.famlliarly with him are the
swine. We learn from those familiar with
his history that up and until the "author"
arrived at the age of ten years it was a
Question, in the mind of his mother, wheth
er she had suckled a human or a brute. The
meeting at Gallon, addressed by General
Blair, was an impromptu meeting and the
largest and best held by either party in
this place during the campaign. The Gen
eral made an excellent speech, which was
well timed and well received.
,The author says several Democrats open
ly said they would vote for Grant and Col
fax after hearing Blair's speech, also "a
prominent physician, whose name can be
had heard him and repudiated him." By
way of refutation to this false statement of
the loyal, gentleman, a yb vaiy to say,
that I have made arrangements with M. V.
Pavne, Mayor ot the incorporated village
of Galion to pay each and every Democrat
who has heretofore acted wttn tne Dem
ocratic party, and will, in consequence ot
the speech made by General Blair, vote the
Republican ticket, $ 50 per vote.
This has been a proud day for the Democ
racy of Old Crawford. Fourthousand of the
bard fisted yeomanry of tbe county In
council. Senator Thurman, and A. M.
Jackson, Crawford's pride and boast, whose
name adds a tower of strength to the Dem
ocratic cause, have been speaking here this
afternoon. It would be doing either of
these gentlemen Injustice to attempt a
synopsis of their speeches; suffice to say,
the meeting was a perfect success," large,
enthusiastic and orderly. Colonel Baber Is
addressing the largest meeting ever held
in this place. To-night the town is liter
ally aglow with torches, the booming of
cannon, the beating of drums, all contrib
uting to the amusement of the multitude,
Grand Democratic Rally at Sidney,
SIDNEY, O., Oct. 5, 1868.
Editors Statesman : Gents : Prepara
tions are being made for the largest Dem
ocratic rally that has ever been held in the
4th Congressional District, on Saturday,
the 10th.
The following gentlemen will be present
oa the occasion : Hon. R. P. Ranney, Gen,
Durbin Ward, Col. A. S. Ramsey, Hon. R.
Hutcheson, and our next Congressman
John S. Leedom, Esq. .
The Fourth has never been so fully
aroused as now, a ad " Ship Canal Billy'" Is
bound to retire.
Little Shelby is good for 1,200 majority
Millinary Opening. Mrs. E. Harper
will have an opening on Thursday and
Friday, in her new store on the corner of
Spring and High, and will accommodate
her customers now with all kinds of new
fall bonnets, hats, fcc, all of tbe latest
Silk and felrfats cleaned and repaired
on the cornrof Spring and high, in tbe
new building. - ' oct7-2t
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wllper's
oct7-dtf . : v ....; .
Buckley (the live Oysteman) says be
wants to sell tbe balance of those Fruit
Cans cheap.
' They must be sold this week.
Gloss & Wilfer's Restaurant open, day
and night! . - oct7-dtf .
Painting and Drawing. Iustructioa in
penciling, crayoning, and painting- in oil
and water colors, given by Miss Amelia
Wiegand. Classes will be formed it de
sired. For terms, inquire between 4 and 7
o'clock P. M., at No. 291 East Town street'
;oct3-dlw :. ' ?'
As the Picked Nine from West Jeffer
son failed to make their appearance at this
place last Monday to play tbe Railroad
Club, those disappointed will have the
pleasure of witnessing a much more In
teresting game on Thursday, the 8th, at
Ole n tan gy Park, between the Railroad
Club and the Xenias, of Xenia. All should
turn out and see this game, for it is to be
fine one. Game to be called at 2 P. M,
promptly. Admittance, S5 cents ; children,
15' cents. " ' oct7-d2t
Holloway's Ointment. The reopening
of old wounds is a source of great suffer
ing to thousands. Some wounds, on the
other hand, are never perfectly closed. In
either case, whether the wound has degen
erated Into a slow sore, or, after haviog
been apparently ; healed has violently
broken out afresh, Holloway's Ointment,
applied as a dressing, will eventually re
move every particle of inflammation, fill
the orifice with sound flesh and 'perma
nently prevent any further pain or trouble
from the part,
Sold by all Druggists.
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involuu
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweuty-Eight.
; Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the .'discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man.- They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very Important in ob
stinate or old cases, or SI per single, box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. - Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co. 562
Broadway, New York. jyl3-deod&wly
:' V, ;L " New York, July 1st, 1S68.
Dear Sir: In your paper of last week
you, or one ef your correspondents, say
that Dr. Drake is not the originator of the
celebrated Plantation Bitters, and that
they were manufactured and sold by one
Pedro Martelle, an old Spaniard, .in the Is
land of St. Thomas; over forty years ago,
as every old sea captain can testify. " Now,
sir, lean certify to the above as being true,
tor I have followed the sea for over forty
years, most of the time doing business with
the West Indies. 'These same Bitters,' differently
put up and named, were brought
to my notice on my first trip to the Island
of St. Croix for a cargo of rum,- and for
years and years after, my ship's stores were
never without them.' I always supplied my
family and many of. my neighbors with
them, and can truly say abetter Bitters
and Tonic is not made in all the world.
.,.., Yours truly, .. .
Capt. Henry Wentz
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at halt
the price. , . ,-. ; :v ,
: BNY-sept25-deod&wlycw
New York Money Market—Oct. 7.
GOLD Dull and heavy; opened at 1408;
closed at ia(fflwai. .
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 7.
GOLD 139V buying.
EXCHANGE Steady at 50 discount to
par buying. :
New York Stock Market—Oct. 7.
pons of '81. 114114 do '62 113il3;
do '64 110K110; uo '65 110UOJ6;
do new luiu; ao.tu ius4(giua; do
es' mmm io-40s lesraioou.
5:30 prices Wells' Express 3030J;
American 4t6(g4t Anams oojoi;
United States 4747; Merchants' Union
2223; Pacific Mail 126126 West
ern?! Unon Telegraph 3Hi36jl; New
York Central 12812S; Erie 49
49; do preferred YU0i; Utilo & filis
.filaaiDDi 29030; Wabash 61(162; Mich
izan Central 118; Michigan Southern
84035: Toledo 103M; Fort Wayne 1113
llllif Terre Haute 4244; do preferred
Gi Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati &
Indianapolis 80. , : i
Chicago Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR More active; spring extra $6 00
. 8 00. '
WHEAT 56c higher; No. 1 $1 42
1 43; No. 2 SI 361 39, closing at SI 39 for
T.- o. ..In. Kn 9 BinnA VhancrA fit Si 33 .
CO RN-r-Advanced 34i'; sales No. 1 at
9192.; No. 2 at 8990l-; rejected 88i'; and
closing strong at 92o for No. 1; sales this
. afternoon at 92)60. . m i -! v, ..
OATS- Active and higher, closing firm
, at 61)c for No. 1 in store.- t i
RYE Good demand and 5Gc higher;
sales at $1 23 for No. 1, Nq. 2 at $1 17
1 18, and SI 10 for rejected, .. , ,
i BARLEY Exciting and 5o higher, and
closing strong at $1 81 for No. 1 in store;
gales No. 2 at fl 7il 78; 1 561 60 tor
New York Market—Oct. 7.
COTTON DhlE heavr and Ualc low
er; sales 1200 bales at 26fo for middling
iLOUR Closed stead v. with moderate
business doing in low grades.
wtusAI Unlet and scarcelv so firm :
the upward turn in ccean freights checked
export demand.
HYK Scarce and ve.rr firm at SI R0(m
1 63. ; ' , - . ;
OATS Quiet at 72072140 afloat.
CORN Quiet and steady at $1 11(3112!
ior unsound and Wl 131 14 lor sound
mixed western afloat. . '. -.
rUKh.-Rather mora steady at S2S 75
regular. , , ,,
BEEF Dull and drooping.
CUT MEATS Quiet and firm.
BACON Unchanged. -
LARD-Quiet at 19ai9L'c for fair to
prime steam. ... . ., , ,
MMiS 2B28C.
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR Drooping ; family $ 8 508 75,
WHEAT Dull; $185 for No. 1.
CORN Dull; declined to 98c
OATS Dull at 60.: .
RYE $1 30. -
TOBACCO Lugs 93 30 to $9 80: leaf 10
WHISKY Steady 1 2o.
PORK Mess held at 31; buyers offer
S30 50.
BULK MEATS Advanced to 11
14J4-: not mucn offered.
BACON Advanced to 12 15.16 and
16Jc, and holders ak 13, o, 16 and
17c at the close. ,f -, '
HAMS Sugar cured 1920c.
BUTTER Plenty and lower; 3540c.
JCHEESE Fa!r demand; 1648c. .
EGGS 19020c. .
OILS Linseed oil dull at $1 051 07:
Lard oil unchanged; $1 4a.
POTATOES Dull at 8090c.
COFFEE Dull; sales 650 bags at 19
Z4C. i
SUGAR Steady.
FLAXSEED Dull at $2 402 50.
SHEF.P XI mtmi ner cental ffrORR. -
HOGS Dull and supply large; 79c
Cincinnati Tobacco Market—
[From Cincinnati Gazette's Review for the
week ending Oct. 5. 1868.]
: The report from the growing crop are
more favorable, and there has Deen a semi-
panic in New York regarding shipping
grades under adverse advices from foreign
markets; but as the offerings are not heavy
prices are well sustained, we quote:
Trash --
a so
& 90
Common to food luss per lb
Medium leat..
Kright lues... .
Bright leaf
... S
.. li
Fill ers, per lb.
Medium wrappers
Fine wrappers
Common to good lugs
Medium leaf, i
... 8
fctne leaf... ... .
Selections, bright.
Tens, quarters and navy half's, dark sweet..80
Tens. Quarters and navv hairs. bright 75
Bright pounds, Virginia 801 SSc
Six-twist. b.entuoky..i.... 30 -85e
Cincinnati Tea Market.
[Reported Cincinnati Gazette, for the week
ending Monday evening, Oct. 5, 1868.]
The-market is firmer at previous prices,
and some of the finer grades are held
higher. We quote:
Young Hyson...
S0I as
90(31 05
..... SCSI 85
1 0OS1
1 10 3 00
90I 76
80,91 as
Toledo Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR Firmer.
"WHEAT 45c better on white; gales
XT 1 l. i . a-.l mad n, . l.
Michigan $2 03; amber $1 861 90; No
red $1 88; No 2 do $1 62; No 3 do $1 55;
No 2 spring $1 37. v
; CORN 3c better; sales No 1 at 96c.
UAis i(szc Deiter; saies sso x at ooo
RYE Quiet.
BARLEY oc better; sales of Canada at
sa io.
St. Louis Market—Oct. 7.
PORK Sales at $30; held at $30 50.
LARO 1819c.
SHOULEERS 1213o. . .
FLOUR Quiet ana unchanged. -WHEAT
Dull; buyers holding off.
CORN 9396a.
OATS 5254c. . .
KYE Unenaiiged.
BARLEY Firm and quiet. :
WHISKi' $1 35. '
Buffalo Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR Unchanged.
WHEAT Firm; sales No. 2 Milwaukee
club at 46c; late on boat at 47c.
CORN Quiet and steady at $1.
OATS Moderately active at 6101 Wfo.
BARLEY Higher at Si 05 2 08" for
Cantida. : -
RYE Firmer at $1 35 tor western.
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 7.
Stronger for most kinds of cotton and
woolen soods, in sympathy with the ad
vance in raw material, but the demand is
not sufficiently active to warrant further
improvement in the price of manufactur
ed fabrics. Printing cloths are, however,
an exception, and there are sales ot extra
brands at 7c for 6-4. x'icks square,
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR Firm, and nominally quiet and
b srlier.
WHEAT Firm; $1 43 for No.l in store,
FRISBTE On the 6th instant. Hint R.. eldest
daughter of C. H. A Mary L. Frisbie, aged 13 years,
a months and 21 days.
' Her funeral will be attended at their residence
Nr. 73 East Friend street. oa Thursday next at
P. M . - oet7-dt
New Advertisements
rSf Xbe Ohio Nlatettmasa has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this in mind. ,.'
- 1 " y
f I and voung Mocking Birds, warranted to be
singers, and on sale for a few days only, at the
fiagle Hotel. ao noutn mgn street. '
oct8-d3t .- CEAS. ESPICH. of Cineinnati.
U V. Welsh. defendant. Before Wm. Walker.
J. Y. of neasanl townsnip, rrankiin count,. unio
On the 23d dav of September. A. D. 1888. said
JusMoe issued an order of attachment in the above
action for the sum of one Hundred and seventeen
dollars. -v. - j.
Georgfsville. September 23d, 1863.
oot8-w3w ,D. C. FREEMAN
A - hundred and sixty-nve acres, and occupier
r.mn i'h&4A dnHriff the war. is now offered for a
in lots tosnit purohawrs. This land is of sup rior
anality. and lies on tne national noaa, iour miles
west ol Columbus. Ubio.
Terms One fourtu ot the purchase money at
time of sle, tbe remainder in tbree equal annual
payments. App.y to p R0DQEBS
Three miles west of Columbus.
September 8, 1868. eeplo-d4vr
A ing between the un fersi?Ded. under the firm
name of Voswinkel and Kampmann, has this day
been ciMoivea oy muiuii con-eni.
All iMrnaa, indebted to said firm will Tle&Fe ea!l
nl sAiiliijLtnnee with Charles Kampmann. who is
authorized to collect outstanding olains. and all
persons nvi" .o ,u , n m .mt,
olease present them for payment to said Charles
kampmann. : WM VOSWINKFL. ' :
Columbus, September 11, 1808. . , oo'5-r
for Beautifjing the SKIN and COMPLEXION
and renders THE SKIN SOFT, FAIR ,
Foi LADIES in the NURSERY it ia invaluable
For GENTLEMEN after SHAVING it has Bo
eqnaL "PAPHIAN I0TI0N" is the only reli
able remedy for diseases and b.emishes of the
8KI1T. ' - -
VHY-mySS-eodly - ' .' "
. "FL0R DE BAT0." .- , ,
PHALON k 60N, H. Y. Sold by all Druggiatg
Fall and Winter Goods
Nos. 23, 25, 27 & 29 S. High Street.
Now opening, the most varied and elegant stock of
nam ana lancr ureas uooae, ever
oSered in this market.
In all the new styles and eoloringi.
assortment. ,
A magnifioent
An elegant assortment. . -t .
Fall assortment of Harris Brothers' Seamless Kid.
. Also. Alexandre's. , .., ... ...
Nos. S3. 25, 27 A 29 South High st.
Purchasers of D:
y Goods are cordially invited
li ana examine tne
'118 & 128 Soutn High Street,
novll-dly-aprlT ' COLUMBUS. OHIO.
For the immediate relief and permanent cure of
t&atconaition wnicn nnnts tne sutterer trom per
iorming the duties of life, and whiob arises from
morbid condition of the Kidneys and bladder, and
results in nervous prostration and organio debility.
I bave used this remedy in-my private praotice
with unvarying success for many years. I am
therefore induced to offer it to the affiioted, feeling
connaent its merits will be appreciated. It is
adaDted to all deraneementa of the Urinary Orsans.
It strengthens the system, and gives life, health
and strength to all who use it .and follow my direc
tions It never fails to remove Nervous Debility,
Impotency or Want of Power, and all Weakness
arising from Exoesses or Youthful Indisoretion, re-
Whioh. if neglected, will assuredly lead on to In
sanity or Consumption. When the system is once
fleeted it will not recover without help. It must
be invigorated and strengthened to enable the suf
ferer to iulhll tbe dut.e of lite.
.Sold bv nrincioal Drussista everywhere.
Prioe One Dollar per bottle Six Bottles for Five
Sent by express, on receipt of the money, hy '
DK. J. UKYAN. 94 East 13th sU. New York.
Private circulars sent free; enclose stamp.
TO LADIES-If you require a reliable reme
dy, why not use the beet i Ezperienoe has
proved uii , j. - i . .
Have no equal. Tbey are safe and sure ia ordina
ry cases. ; .j :
rTioe One Dollsr per Bos.
Four degrees stronger than the above, are intended
ior speciM cases, and may always be relied on.
Price Five Dollars per Box.
Illustrated private eiroulan aent free. Enclose
If you cannot procure the pills enclose the mon
ey and address DR. J. BRYAN. 96 East 13th St.
New York, and they will be sent free from obser
vation by rerurn of mau. , . I ..-!
VOUNG MEN The utmost reliance may be
JL. placed in .
For the speed r and permanent cure of Seminal
Weakness er Emissions, the result of Youthful
Indiscretion or hxeeeses. Thev can be used with
out deteotion or interference with business, and
ther will restore you to health and strength.
i-KHJE, Uiits ijiUbM. mvate eiroulan witn
instructions sent free. Enolose stamo.
If you eannot procure the pills enolose the money
and address DR. J. BRYAN, 96 fcast 13th at.. New
York, and they will be sent free from observation
by return mail. . jve-deodAwly
Keep constantly on hand a large assortment of
Sett. Tbouaii and Waterbury Clocks,
For the Jobbing and Retail Trade. Also, Agents
ior me
Watch Makers' Tools aod Materials, Watch Glass
es (French and Geneva) in full supply at --
luw rstesj .
SBT All order promptly filled and satisfaction
guaranteed. , ..
: febli-eodly No. 71 South Hirb St.. Col embus.
J . Hi .. : : '
, . .. , . . DBALCB IM . .:.
i '" musical Instruments, Ac..' :
Hnuth High street, Columbus, O. Repairing
earefully done and warranted. mj7-eod8m
' . . i.
Lisas A!,,f;MR- J- W. LASER9AN.
The above popular Ic, of amutemimt will .open
Large and Talented Company,
7X. commence at 8 o'clock. octS
INifcrhts Only I
Commencinf Tneiday Evtilgf Oct 6.
' : ' - f ( , , , j.
Grand Carnival of Magic. Mirth and Mystery
- f . THE CHEAT i lit s:i,.-f
California Illusionist & Champion Ventriloquist
ud xHrsyvgitLU.
tire chaoge of programme reolete with nw
and beautiful features, including the wonderful
liivi- g Head, and beautiful Urowta of Flowers.
One hundred elegant and costly presents will be
given away everr night.. , . t
Admittance. 25 cents; Reserved seats, SO cents.
Doors open at 1 o'clock, to commence at 8. i '.
. (iBAND SIFT . MATINEE , ,' ',
Saturday afternoon, Oct. loth, when every child ia
tbe audience will receive a Handsome Present. '
Aumiasion to matinee, V5 cents. I
oet3-,.7t r . ARNOLD JONKS, Agent.
,v Counsel for the Carelesw.
The body is a maohine and earelessnese in its man
agement ia as lure to lead to evil results a earelesi
ness in the management of a steam engine;;. Yet
the last thing that most people think of is the pro
tection of this delicate piece of the Creator's handi"
work from the subtle causes of disease by which it
is surrounded. It is no easy thing to repair the
system when in ruins; but there is no difficulty ia
f rtifying it against many of the dangers to whioh
it is exposed. Guard against nerevu debility.
At tbe first symptom of this forerunner of more so-'
rious ailments, sustain the flagging energies with
regularly and persisently, until vigor ia thoroughly
restored. It ereates an appetite, promotes or; it-
might as properly be said compela the complete
digestion of the food, regulating the secretive ao
tion of the liver, tones and invigorates the bowels.
improves the condition of the blood, and gives firm-,
ness to the nerves. Upon a system thus strengthen-
ed and regulated in its important funotions, the fogs
and exhalations of autumn, pregnant with the ele
ments of intermittent and remittent, fever, can.
make little or do impression. Whoever supposes
that fever and ague is an unavoidable evil in cer
tain districts, at this season of tbe year, is egregri.
ously mistaken. As effectually as a draught of sold
air is shut out by the closing of a door, this oom-;
p'aint, and all disorders of a miasmatic type, may
be prevented by the use of the BITTERS-: When
sickness cam be avoided by a means so, safe and
simple, is it not tbe merest fatuity to negleot tbe
proffered antidote T Regarded either as a prevent
ive or a core for dyspepsia, biliousness or intermit
tent fever, nervous disorders, general debility, or
constipation of tbe bowels, this purs vegetable
preparation stands alone.' ' - .r :(.
maySSdeod&wly-ew-B v -i ' -: ' 'K 1 !
Cristadoro's Hair. - Dye.
Old Father Time takes many a year . .
To turn to white dark colored hair : . '
But instantly the EXCELSIOR DYE . '
Brings back the tint that cbaro-s the eye; 'r3
. . And Nature owns that cunning Art ( .' '.,
Can her own living hues impart.,, ' i
Cristadoro's Hair, Preservative.'
Oh, how beautifully gloisj your hair looks of late,
Maria. Yes, Julia, since. I have used Cristadoro's
Hair Preservative and Beautifier, my hair bas im ',
proved wonderfully, and stopped falling out alto ,
gether. .. .
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden lane, , Principal
Depot No. 6 As tor House. ,
FeNT-jul6-dAwly-em .
Allcock's Porous Plasters.
Where one was seld a few years ago,
a thousand are sold now.,- . .
They strengthen, .warm and invigorate the part
upon which they are applied, and relieve nervous
affections of the bowels, lumbago. . pains of the
side, and usually all local pains.. In affections of
the kidneys they are of great servioe. "
Lame Back.' '
- : .- New YoBf , Nov. S3, 1859.
, T. Azxcock A Co. ffgntlamm : I lately suffered
severely from a weakness in my back. 'Having
beard your Plasters much recommended for eases
of this kind, I procured one, and the result was all
I could desire.. A single Plaster cured me in a
week. . ., .
Yours respectfully. J. G. BR1GGS. ". '.',
, - Proprietor of the Brandreth House. !
. Principal Agency. Brandreth House, New York.
Sold by all Druggists. . .. , .
' "To Owners of Horses."
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic'. Th '
need not be. Dr. Tobias'. Venetian Horse Lini
ment, in pint bottles, prioe one dollar, will posi
tively cure every case, if given according to the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted superi-,
or to anything else fur Cuts. Galls. Sprains. Old
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat. It ia no new
remedy, but of SI years' standing, and approved
by tbe first hoi semen in the oountry. Col. Philo
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has used i ..
for years, and recommends it to bis friends,. Or
ders are constantly received for it from the Racing
Stables in England. It has stood the tart of time;:
no one has ever tried it but continues its use. Rec
ollect to get Dr. Tobias Venetian Horse Liniment
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by the
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United
States. Depot 10 Park Plaoe, New York. :...
: reHT-julS-dAwly-em ' . '-.-j . j :
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, Beer
iigh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
or a series of years to the treatment of certain pri
vate diseases. He may boensulred at his office-. ,
Broadway, near theExcoange Bank - '
may3t-tf .. .. .' ri-il '! ?rt
tOli'l'H restored in four weeks. Success
restores rashly powers, from whatever, oause sri- ,
sing; tbe effects of earl pernicious habiis, self-,
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
mis woodertui meaioine, 11 taken regularly accord- i
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re- ;
quire no restrain t from business orpleasurs.) Fail- .
nre is impossible. .Sold in bottles at S3, or four '
quantities in one for $9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. Gkrltzxm, ass
VKT-jy27-dlyr .....
AN ROO D.v AnoOar " Xev - Vt&teal '
PamiDhlst rVom- tk tmm. at ..a. CrrarrR. i
Th. "Medical limes" says of -this workr -"Thiso
valuable treatise on tbe oause and cure of prema-.,
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how 1
easily regained. - It eives a elear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of ,
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of SS cents, by addreetrins Doctor CUBTIS. -No.
68 North Charles street. Baltimore. MA., - . :;
era mayjfi-dly-r ..... . . - - i
Palmeb's Lotion Thk Great Midicine roa -
TBS 8kin. cures without fail every kind rf n
sightfy eruption ef the face, or Itching, or irritating '
or distressing cutaneous disease, on any part of tne
septasi-aotwiy-Dui -
ADlendid HairDve is the Heat in .
tbe only true and perfect Dye: harmless, reliable
instantaneous; np disappointment : no ridiculous'
tiDte: remedies the HI effect, nf A . sM-:-
orates and leaves the Hair .nft &ml K.....ir..'i aza ,
or brown, boll by all Druggists and Perfumers:
and properl, applied at Bstohelor's Wig Factory!
No. 10 Bond street. N. York, m aprSS dAwly
New Advertisements
. ' .... the
) -f. i,, Cf TBI CITT OP MW T.rk .1
. No. 336 Broadway, o-'
rnltol ' ' Ann Ulilllnn "TtlllL '
aoiias, . - vuv , uiiiuvu WUaf 9,
DabipsR. Mams ax. Pres'W Ja9.Msbrill, 8eey.'
Receives Deposits and allows FOUR PERCENT' -INTEREST
on all Daily balaneefl. nh;., -v....! ,
atsighu Special Depositefor Six months or more?
may be made at five percent. The Capital of One
Million Dollars is divided among over 500 Share
holders. comprising many sentleman nf i.i.
and financial experience, who are also- personalis ;
liable to depositors for all oblirations of the Com-. "'
paoy to double the amount of their capital stock n
A. lhit N 1.1 inn. 1 Tm.k i - ...
..7i "J"?"' 've? ueposita -
- . .' cmuHuws. maa permits tBem to.
lr.nho,ori.B p rtby oheok at eightanS
nthout notice, allowin.int.., .n ji:7 !
ees, parties throughout the country can keep io"-:
sounuin this Ins ltution with, speo.al advautasL "
of seo'inty. eenvenienoe and profit.. . TT .
r(NT-juis-dAw6m .
M NrrRstrww. a taitt ,--."" aaueji.
- cKIH.- Pries 85 eents1 per caks. -VKr-mjiJ-eodly

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