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I ('!! rfl'erVoT tAe Court Of tVmrnTn Plea!
' f' or "Proses atiim Attorney '
-:,i r- Fot Infirmarr lNrector. .'.: .'.'J!.'.
0:. in: J WILLIAM F.HROWN.C, - , r!.
f '!! ! '
t vKk. .. thincr la the world-'-noth
.,;'!X -i
' rHow to Ret a genuine tark tread
n a dog's ta- . '
' , fgr To-day is t,he anniversary of Perry-
Yllle, Kentucky, foogM in 1862. . -; - o
rss- Th list of advertised letters 'wUl
be found Id this morning's Statesman.'
-'.tSTT Hugh Manning, a native of Jreland,
jwas'naturalized yesterday in the Probate
Court." -,; ";'. ' '; ,
'igr: A driving:, blinding rain set in about
teti o'clock last nizhW miking the , nigns
eryJiunpleaiant- -v .
tThe weather was bright: and genial
vesMfdsvMiHi the streets were -thronged
with ladles and dust.-' '
tWtt is utterly useless to expect our
ladles to go straight now thathejFhay
got the Grecian Bend
" tW Thefe will be no session of the Pub
lic Schools to-day, that the children may
visit the Cou nty Fair groO nds; !. r
- . , .. - . B l 1 . -J
A large number of persons will
leave here this' morning to attend the great
Democratic meeting at London
The receipts at the County air
yesterday were $100 better than any second
day's receipts ever before taken.
,'W"Biobbs says that tha woman who
hopes' lo get' a lover1 by practising the
Grecian Bend, "stoops to bbquer."
Biehaor Young Is in -love, with an
actrew.sThfn1cot'pb6rBrlgham with three
or four hundred Jealous wives alter him
Gosh I
4-,The Hlokory Sprouta are getting tfi
hVerv numerous. One tan hardly pass;
JJfmithnntJ meetineW ompay5 of
y The examination" of applicants tor
telchers certificates br the County ' Board
of Education, is deferred until Friday, the
Cff-The total levy of taxes for all pur
poses, for the city of Columbus, Is $2.14 on
the $100 of valuation. Instead of $252, as
flrst5rdere4 by the City Council. ?4V
Rkoistkkkd Lettkrs Persona remitting
money by mail, when they cannot get post
office orders, should in air cases register
their letters; , It is a rare thing for such
letters to be lost. So perfect' is . now the
registry. systeaV-that letters so sent can
easily be traced from point to point. '
,,-,.?). . ' '"' ,vV'r:
Base BaiA The long deferred game be
tween " the Xenla Club of Xenia and the
-R.nrArnnb of this citv. is to be played
on Olentangy Park grounds this afternoon.
Game, will be called at two o'clock: "This
will be.one of the most exciting games .of
the season, and the score will be close. ...
First Ward Club. The First Ward Sey
mour and BlalrClub will meet at the Broad-,
way Hotel this evening, at 7 o'clock,'Tor
the purpose of making arrangements for
the parade on Saturday night? and for oth
er importapt business. It is expected that
eTery.Democrat in th ward wilt be f pres;
Transferred Ybsterday. We fnund
but two transfers of real estate at the Re
corder's office yesterday : "George licCalla
and.wlfetoEben Condit, October 6th, 45
acres of - Jand in Montgomery township,
for 2,526 ; and WHIiaiu H. Dunnlck and
wife to Huldah Schoby, October -7th;"R
acres 6f land ia Wasnlhgtonr township; for
$500. a .
6oo-f Qmo, O. S. Prbsbytkbiah.
Tne'Synod sof"Ohi6 of the (Old- School)
Presbyterlan.rchurch., meets next week,
Odtober 15th, in Coshocton. All memben
of the Synod who pay full fare from Co
lumbus bNewarkor Mansfltld trf Coshoc
ton, will be returned free. The Synod of
the New School Presbyterian church is to
meet in .Columbus, on the 16th insU ; ,
Famlt jisuKK-T-John Higglns and
the' wife of his bosom, the gentle Ann by
name, siarea uuvuii turauj..ui &
spreev Though, Ann is thei f' weaker ves
el,v.,she ''bstrong enoughto gracefully
encircle about as much calamity water as
her lord and: nwster,.5A4ter they had im
bibed at various saloons, John and his rib
got into a dispute as to who hadVpaid,. for
tb- greater number of drtnkSrWnicu re
sulted In John giving : : Ann a walloping.
They were arrested,.and,for being drunk
and dlsorderly.i'John jvaiined $15 and
costs and In default joined the chalagang.
Ant for being aronki Vas Sent to the Stn
ners' Rest for tea days.' ni ,. .;:r. ''i
lMARTiNb." 'Another ! r good audience
greeted this most admirable performer last
night. His f tricks arej all. new, and elicit
. great applauseti-HiS; ventrileq.aal powers
are unequalled and keep his audience in
roar of laughter,, We can conscientiously
recommend this performance to our read
ers., ,The principaf presenf lonight Is a
8'lver hunting case American watch," worth
$5Q. To avoid misunderstanding, the man
ager requests us to say the price of tickets
for the dress clrcleAndjarquette is fifty
cents and the second tier twenty-five cents.
MonbtStoxek. Last evening when the
attendants-were at supper, some rascal who
had undoubtedly. .watoheq hia opportunity,-
sneaked "in behind,, the taf-bf peaeon
Dent's reatau rant on South High street.
next nstnij buiWlng.Vandstole
$25 fromhe drawer ThU is the secona
time this "establishment has been robbed.
As the young men. who -are proprietors are
hard-working ana enterprising, we sym
psthlze-with then In their loss,- and trust
they may discover the rascal and bring him
to condign punvshment,' y-
fEiiN at Dpiry's pALt. The largest
gathering of the people that ever.. congre
gated at any meeting in the North'End. wa?
held Tuesday night at Duffy's Hall, under
the auspices of .the Chanticleer Tent No. 1.
of the Jefferson Gnara, a new organization
The large hall was literally etammed with
the sturdy men of the North End, and the
speeches ot HoocAMayq nd B.Ti 1)
Lany were received1 with" unbounded en
th u'aiasml .The folio w ing persons were in
staUed as pfneers of Chanjllcieer Tent No. 1,
Jefferson GuaiSh fornix month vie:
Chief Jefferson, E. Mettlepr Chief Jack
son, TrHardingj Chief Wright, Tr Nolan;
ThSfolloWTOg were made a commttteerof .
arrangeiWntefbrfTorchesand TransparenT
cles for next Batutday erenftigf -' E.-'Met-
t;esT.o5,f jparding; P DurrcaaJ and
John Duffy. -j; ckii!i-
'. A"bnslnesimeUiigf the Teal wm te
held at E MetUes'-offlce, eoroer or Spring
and Thtrdreefe; ferf WrsdajreTenlpg
Grand Rally and Torchlight Procession
of all the Democracy
of all the Democracy of Columbus.
On Saturday, October 10th, 1868.
Let the friends of one currency for all
and of Constitutional Government, go to
work and send large delegations ' to greet
the able ahd eloquent champions of Demo
cratic principles, who will address them at
the West front of the State House, on Sat
urday evening,vOct.'i0tbj "186; The fol
lowing eloquent speakers will be present
to address the people
." Hon. P. Van Trump, Judge A. G.Thur.
mam, John H. Thomas, Gen. Jos. H. Gw-
okr,Co1.' G. W. Manypennt, and Hon.
Gto. L. Convirse. - . .. . i
' The White Boys In Blue will meet on
South High street, right resting on .Rich
street, under command of Lieut. Colonel
Heinmiller. ' " "- - i ''
The Hickory Sprouts will meet on East
Friend street, right resting on High street,'
under command of Lieut. H. J. Feltus. - "
The Cavalry force will meet on East
Rich street right resting on- High, under
command of the following marshals: R.
Sniveley, Wm. Wall, Patrick Eagan,
Michael McDonald, Geo. Kirk,, Frank
Powers. .' -. : . ...:!
First, Second, Third, Fourth.Fifth, Sixth,
Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Ward Seymour
and Blair Clubs, with the Democratic vo-i
ters of each ward,' will meet oo. West Frleud
street, right resHng onHigh street. The
loiiowing geniiemen nave rjeen appointed
Marshals of the different wards :
Istr' Ward Dr. A. B. Williams.
2 J , . u .Chas Schury.
3d' ' " Jas.McAlister.,v , ,r
4t,h-. "- O 00 Englke- na.'-mm
6th Henry Meiser. i,i
6th " Conrad Born, Jr.' 1
7th " Wm,H.iGaver.!t-,
8th M John Duffy.
9th " Patrick Murphy.
The Jeffersonlan Clnb, under command
Its proper officers, will meet on the cor
ner of. High and Rich Streets. . Right ex
tending north.
It, la expecte'd that every Democrat In
the city of Columbus will join In the pro
cession.' ' ' '" , J.
' The Marshals will report the arrivals of
their commanda to the. Chief Marshal, at .
Thurman HalJU, ' - ' "' v " V '
The different organizations will be on
the ground, precisely at seven o'clock. ,
j -n
Chief Marshal.
Dublin Correspondence.
DUBLIN, O., Oct. 6, 1868.
Editors Statesman : There was a very
fine meeting held in Dublin last Saturday,!
the 3d Inst.; .by the Democracy 'of Wash-i
ifigton and Perry townships. The meeting
assembled iu the school house at the Not th
end of town. John Starrett was elected
chairman. H is a brave old veteran In
mocratio ranks. The chairman intro
duced C. Loewenstein, our candidate for
Clerk of the Court, to a large and respecta
audience. Mr. . Loewenstein discussed
the Issues of reconstruction Very ably and
fairly. The strongest points in his remarks
were, 'that" while Gen. Grant held out his"
hands for, votes, he had,, his heel ,pn six
millions of his fellow citizens in the recon
structed StatesXat least the Radicals claim
them reconstructed), and that .while the.
National Radical platform declared that a
rump Congress bad the right to ehf'ore Ne
gro Suffrage upon the Southern States, the'
Northern States had the right and. privil
ege of regulating that matter to suit them-L
selves. Ohio arranged that matter Iart fall,.
and will do it again this fall. Applause.
That President Lincoln in 1864, in his man
ifesto "To whom it may concern,' pro-!
posed the re-admittance of every seceded ;
State Immediately Into, the Union; and no
doubt if Lincoln -had lived every
seceded State" would have been'1 admitted1
Into this Union '-' la 1865, and
negro suffrage would : have-: gone , to that i
bourne from whenceTdo traveler ' ever, re-,
(urns. But Thaddeus -. Stevens kicked
against it, and drew after him" at' one fell
speech the third part of the angels of dark
pess, and Anally succeeded in (.'staving off'
reconstruction, and forcing negro suffrage ,
upon six millions ot American freemen,
who would have voted ft down had it been
submitted to them, as Ohio did last fall.r'
(Applause. .,;rT '
Col. J. C. Groom followed with a fine
speech on th fioaDces."THe proved to tha-,
satisfaction of all -present that -it was the'
poor man that paid the taxes of this coun
try and not 'the rich bondholder, as the
Radical party had; 'exempted, them fromy
iaxes altogether." 1 r ', ' - '-' J " y
Mr. Groom - sftid that if the bondholder
had, loaned .-the Government gold and
silver for Its bonds, -he would have no
objections to' paying the bonds' off, .iuj
gold; but as the ; bondholders -bought the)
bonds thrown on the market ata large dis
count, and paid for them -in "greenbacks,
wntca were worm seventy, cents on the
dollar, he could see no wrong in paying he
bonds off In greenbacks worth eighty cents.
n the dollar. Tremendous applause. '
The meeting.passed. off very pleasantly,'
and all .were very' well pleased with the
fllsoueeUm of both Issues. There ls arat-
Radical bones-in th&'
TREASURT-i-The disbursements of - Frank
Up county forthe month ending Oct, 3J,r
were $17,199 09, as follows : c
General expend. .-AI.'.. Jk'.t .v.v.
$188 54
S9T 13
67 60
AS? 00
5 00
6 60
533 41
S B0
85 00
Coroner' lnqasU ...........r..
Rosda'ADd Hinhwaj,,;. J
Petit Jurors-. .... ... ..z ..........
All. . p,v ..........
utilafc-al'ivw 4M.r.nr1
1.884 41)
;ridiie . .......
. , ;9 oo
. 147 98
89 28
883 44
; ;T,i4i to-
A ,' 84 85.,
.17,19 69
Township and Distriot Sohools
Township Fzpesse....'.
TownshiDrVtttd.. ...... ......
Township Diteb... .i...
Township Bounty........
Corporation..-...., ..................
Eel unded Taxes ......................
Total disbursements .
Thb Ball op thb Ninbtt-Fipthi We-,
trtast our readers will bear in mind the ball ;
of the;Nlnety-Ffth O.T; Infantry Associ
ation at A mhos Ball s to-night. - The sur
vivors of the regiment have wisely asso-'i
eiated themselTes together to raise a fund -for
the assistance ot any of their comrades
who may be so unfortunately reduced by
disease pr accident as to be unable to taker
cafe ot themselves, to 'procure employ-'
ment for the - unemployed and to" aid the
Iam.ill of .detd comrades jwho may need
such aid. ,. To raise funds to carry out these ;
grand obje ts these balls are given, and the '
boys ask every citizen to aid them. If vdut
do not dance purchase a ticket; If ypu do,.,
purcnase a ncKei.. it you can go to theall '
purchase a ticket; if you cannot go, pur-1
chase a tlcKetr in any event, let the brave -
men! who ae odexl together jfar 'a; noble 7
purpose have your sympathy and support.
Tne pfefregrmntar colori the boy s carried
go far and defended so. faithfully will be
jjisplayed 'in the hall to-hlght,',:.We cah:
promise that the occasion will be a most"
enjoyable one. The best string band . in.,
the- dty--th Kxeelsrors--wHl discourse
nixt .nlnniimit, music Tickets onlv on
Immense Crowds in Attendance.
THE RACES. &c., &c., &c., &c.
As was anticipated by every one, the
crowds In attendance at the County Fair
yesterday were In excess of any preceding
second day in the history ot the Society.
Taking up the details of the exhibition as
given by us. In Wednesday's Issue -ot the
Statesman, W6 have only to add a greatly
Increased number of attractions In each
department Floral Hall, under the skill
ful touches of George D. Freeman, Esq
assisted by Dr. C. P. Landon ind a number
of ladies, Is now even more enchanting In
its arrangement than ever before, and yet
we find the "cheerful laDorers In this de
partment still busily engaged in adding
neW''' and ' ; gorgeous 1 beauties '-'' to
to all Its parts. There Is no more delight
ful spot In all. the spacious grounds
nor any which commands such never end
ing meeds of praise, as are bestowed on
Floral and Fine Art Hall. And most wor
thily are they' bestowed.' Aside from the
floral decorations, many specimens of the
tine arts have appeared since our first no
tice, some of them ot a high order of mer
it, and all possessing such a degree of at
traction as to create, almost a continual
blockade of the thoroughfares on the part
of crowds of ardent admirers. The imme
diate vicinity of Floral Hall, at about the
hour of ten yesterday morning, presented
most enlivening picture, with nothing to
mar the outline, nothing to detract from
the-- feeling -et delightful -, satisfaction
ibeamihg " Irom 'the countenances of the
iundreds of men, women and children
present. '. The soft breeze, , the genial sun
ight, the delightful .-atmosphere, the
splendid floral displayj the sweet strains of
nusic were common themes, discoursed as
jarell by residents' of the city as" by the
jiosts' of - our friehds:from ;the country
.round about, and as we looked upon the
gaging picture we felt that had the peo
ple but the disposition to draw away from
jthe active cares of life and unite on such
(occasions much more ; frequently, Jife'si
grim battle would be shorn of many of its
errors, and the bonds ot common brother
! tood between, man. and man would be
united much more- firmly than now. .. '- ,.
Leaving the delightful precincts of Flo
ral Hall, we entered once more the busy
walls of Mechanic's Hall, where we looked
the '--- r.--f ".. f t
e: - ,C - STONE SEWER PIPES, ' t'- ;
manufactured by Mr. Joseph Gultner, from
clay of superior quality, found In this
neighborhood. This clay Is remarkably
smooth, tough and Compact, and Is capable
being moulded into pipes of unsurpass
ed worth. . .;-r.r. -
' ' DR. J. BSAUMAN -."-'
Exhibits in the north wing of Floral Hall
some magnificent specimens of gold, rub
ber and porcelain work in Dentistry. These
Specimens are of tne finest description, ol
workmanship, and add largely to Dr. Beau-:
man's reputation, which is established al
ready as one of the most accomplished op
erative Dentists iu the State. The Doctor's
rooms are at No. 81 South High street, over
Savage's jewelry establishment; ' ,! t'r
Combining convenience, strength, durabil
ity, economy ot money; and space, healthfull
ness, and order,speaks for. itself as beiugjuat
what is needed In every school room In the
Jand. This desk ip hot fastened to the floor
any way, and can, therefore, be arranged
suit the convenience, and sizo of any
school.7 ' No desk has received such univer
sal approval from school officers, teachers
and. pupils as Rmkin's. Address W.'T.
Hawthorne, Troy, Ohio. ' -. s -j
C. W. Sim.monSt of "Millinery Headquar
ters," Opera House' Block, has,; without
doubt, the largest and best display ot mil
linery eyer shown a,t any of our Fairs. '
.His three cases are constantly surround
by the fairest portion of the Fair, ; and
their encomiums are weli.earned,, for;Iov
lier bonnets, hats, flowers and feathers, our
eyes never rested upon, and if this is a fair
Sample (and we have no doubt it UJ .of his
goods, then, weadVi.se every ..lady; In-the
County to Visit Mr. S. at his mammoth
wholesale) and retail store, in, the Opera
Block, and ta'ke j home with' them some
specimens of bis taste in rnilliuery, for his
taste Is undoubted, he having been In the
business Tor twenty-five; years.
Near 'the east erid'bf 'Mechanlo Hall, 'is
commanding universal attention, by reason
jf the admirable mannef ld which the lady
attenaancs are managing' its . uair..j ado
ladies are serving prime oysters, , hot cof
fee, cakes, etc,"and we know of no .more
flesirable refreshment place on the ground.
As the object is. one of charity, it deserves
to be well supporter!.
. ;.; -i . i .': iit! I i: - ?-.-r
Is seen in the collection 'pf JIessrs. Peters,
Benns & Co near, the west end of Mechan
ics.' HaU.;, One, need," not gq to New York
to look for superior workmanship tn all of
he -departments bt carriage building, as
the display of Messrs. P B. ilk CoW here at
home,: challenges7 ompetition..,The,new
firm start out -with' the determination to
succeed, and their 'fine work on exhibition
speaks volumes iu their favor. 'r .., ; ,7,irt .
- i - - -T -:
"presented by Dr. GrB. Cady Is seen near
tie middle of Mechanics' Hall, an'd Is con-
stantlv surrounded br eagee crowds-of In-
tuu o-rln .nrfLsrlMkaem never to
tire in examining into Its perfect mechan
ism. So accurately and unfailing ' does
this machine separate wheat from rye, oats.
Cockle, cheat and all kinds of foul seeds.
depositing only the perfect wheat kernel
In a special box placed to receive it, mat
one really is inclined to the belief that H
Is worked by an Intelligent mind within.
A rare opportunity Is presented to capital
ists, in this machine, to invest In a highly
remunerative and perfectly sure business.
Afly parties . seeking a desirable invest
ment should by all means call on l)c. Cady,
at the Fair, who will; glv? them anj de
sired informations f ' ' ,J :di
... i ' ' '
Are exhibited iu Domestic Hall by Messre.
D. B. Saup'ders & Co.j 91 Opera House
Block. The display of these 'goods is
very flue Indeed, and attracts universal at
tention. . We note " the all whalebone
"Shield". corset (price 90 cents), which ia A
maryeljof. exquisite, workmanship,1 and
which is fast taking the lead in this line oil
good3 everywhere1 They arb! warranted
as represfented'to be all- whalebone! So
general : is thfti "demand for ! this javprite
corset that several hundred workmen are
kept cpustantly jffiplojed fnr'thelr ,mgu-
facture at the large establishment of
Messrs. Saunders & Co"n iilhe East. 1 We
also find here the ?rGloye-Fitting"V corset
and the "Gem pf, Paris", hoop skirt., ,Eaclj
branch' of business is . cepreseoted by
specimens of the finest workmansnlp. A '
BALip'viif &yrxms,f.
In Floral-Hall, - make a luperb show of
jniotoataphki work; which U the Btrbjeotaf
universal commendation. We note splen
did pictures of Gov. Dennlson, Dr. Baxter,
Gen. Mitchell, CoL Wilson,. Miss Woodr p,f
Dayton, and others, which challenge com
petition. These are the new life-size crayon
pictures which ' Messrs; 3.' ft S. are now
taking with so much success. There are
also displayed fine specimens of pictures In
India Ink; water colors, and porcelain pic
tures. There Is no more attractive collec
tion: on the grounds than la displayed by
thlsfirm.(, ...... , . J77.T'.r
-i DR. G. W. DUNK
Has a fine display In Floral Hall, in part
consisting of the justly celebrated mineral
plate, all in one piece. This plate, which
the experience of Dentists has led them to
regard with the highest favor, combines
strength, durability, cleanliness and beau
ty in a degree that cannot be attained by
any other style known to the profession.
The Doctor offers office and county rights
for sale at his rooms, Nos. 10 and 11 Opera
Block. A magnificent anatomical prepar
ation Is also exhibited by Dr. Dunn, show
ing the development and growth of the
human tejth. .This attracts a great deal of
attention.. ".'
is unusually large, embracing every varie
ty known to "raisers In this section, and
striking the beholder most favorably as he
looks upon them. In a hasty glance at this
department, we found a fine collection ot
potatoes, entered by Jesse Baughman,. em
bracing the South American, Buckeye,
Peachblow and Monitor, or Ohio Shotwell.
Mr. F. B, Dean exhibits fine specimens of
Buckeyes and Bermuda sweet potatoes.
Mr: Charles Osborn shows splendid specP
mens of White Spine Seed cucumbers. S.
Rankin, half bushel of Jersey Peach-
blow potatoes ; A. B. Denon, half bushel
Monitor potatoes ; W. B. Hayden, of Co
lumbus, fine large specimens of cabbage
and pumpkins; John 'Nan ' and H. M. Os
born, sweet, potatoes of huge growth; -
, Cook shows some , fine strap
leafed red top turnips ; ; George White,
ten varieties ol very fine potatoes ;- E. Har
ris, the "Cushaw" squash ; A. B. Buttles,
Early ''Kose" and "Harrison" potatoes,
very fine; H. M. Innis makes a magnificent
display of green flesh melons ; 50 varieties
of vegetables Cuzco, Eirly Goodrich'
Buckeye, Monitor, Harrison,") Calico and
Garnet Chili (only '.one on ground) pota
taes, and 12 varieties..- of Scotch, potatoes,
received through the Patent office. These
last 12 varieties are deemed entirely an-
worthy of cultivation, being far behind
our home varieties. Mr. Innis also shows
some splendid specimens of Ken
tucky yellow corn. - - ' N. 1 8. 0 Yln-
cent has - a-, magnificent display of
Curtis' corn, with great ' depth of grain
W. R -Sprague has a : fine large 'show of
vegetables. : Ei Merlon, 3 baskets red to'
matoes; W. J. - Fell, a manrhioth Parisian
pumpkin, weighing 105 pounds; W. Wind
sor, large sweet pumpkins; Gaorge Shank
'Cushaw" pumpkins. A splendid specie
men of "Surprise" oats, from A. B. Buttles.'
attracts much attention, &c. .-:
THE ENTRIES ", ! ' ,
Up to yesterday evening In the different
classes were as follows : ' -
Tborongnbred Cattle........
Graded Catfe ....
Sweepstakes. '
Fine Wool Sheep
Coarse Wool Sheep
4 -4-19
Hosi . .:.
Thoronehbred Hjrses :..
MatoDedand SadJle Uoraes..
All work .
Draft Horses
iStalliont with five Colts
SweeDitakes . ......
Jaeka and Males....
foultrr.. v...
Farm Imolements ...J....
Carriages nd Furniture
Domeatia iLanutantni-M
Embroidery Aa 132
Kewinfi Machined
Canned Fruits, &o-.
Butters. to...-.......
Oral a and Seeds
Fine Arts, Professional.'.'.
Fine Arts, Amateur
Flcners, Amateur
"...f.f ....-.,. J4;
............. . ,3U'
.; .UUy an
.a.r--ft fil
The exhibition of roadsters and matched '
and saddle horses will be continued to-day,
and there will be no hour at which a dis-'
play of some kind wilt not be made in the!
exhibiting riug of the grounds.
y ; v r THS. RACES- ,.--cr - .! 7 f
Were more attractfve than On the first day,'"1;
drawing together hundreds of Interested
spectators ,of; botji- sexes, r who. seemed, to ;
enjoy themselves-to the top of their bent.'
For the running race In the morning at 10,
'clock, half mile and repeat, W M. Alkire'
entered three year old bay filly ; Dr. Ide
entered black filly by Boston, and Kinnard
entered bay horse J'2J'onsdch.,';?After sev- j
eral trials the horses got away on the .first 1
heaV which was won by the Alkire, filly,"
time not given, DKIde's filly coming in sec-'
ond. The second heat was won by the black
filly in, lUDG. -TUe third -was a dead heat.
Time '1:10. The fourtii and the race, was
won by the Alkire filly in 1:12. "Non
such flewthe trackj in coming downj. theT
home sji;etch on, the third heat, and :. made,
a raid on the wpedy hllf-slde, much to the
surprise of the spectators in that locality.
Ia the fourth heat he again;boltad just af- y
ter leaving the score, and succeeded lo de-7
mollshiog a heavy boar4. fence- and dash
ing bis rider to the ground. The rider was
unhurt, ahd manifested considerable pluck
by remounting the erratic ".Nonsuch" and ;
putting him to. his metal, twice around the j
course and repeat ! -i--" -
. The trotting race! In the' afternoon at 2
o'clock, one mile and 'repaat, drew an Im
mense crowd ot spectators who expressed -great
gratification at the gqneral onduct '
of the face and the ease, with which the
running horse came In ahead of his deter
mined opponents. The following are the
entries jjohn G.Shlpe, "Youbg Ethan. Air,
leu";. C,i;-Pbelps, now BLfrlB. Kv
ins, bay oolt; E. Jhelps'bay. mare; B.Tay-i
lor, "Sorrel Charley.'Viirc gi . -a j .re
i -The contest in the first heat soon nar
rowed down to a question of victory be
tween 'Sorrel Charley and Mr.Nevln's bay
colt. The latter opened a gap before the ?
horse shortly alter the start, which he
continued to widen until coming up to the
judge's stand,., which he passed iu 3:03
The sorrell horse second, "Ethan Allen"'
third, the bay mare fourth, and, 4lSnow
Bird" last.' ' ' -..
' The second heat was warmly contested
6y Mr. Kevins colt? with the sorrel horse,
but the colt kept the- lead from the start
and came in several lengths ahead.' Time,';
3:D5. :r: .;.''" : ,'. v;,v.' .'S;' .
i This afternoon at 2 o'clock there wilt he -a
trotting race 3 best in 5 in harness, free
to all, $100. ; ' y
! Giwoi Eicobd. Thja attendance on the
Mayor's levee yesterday was not large,
but exceedingly select - - . . v : , -
i Charles Arnold, unlike' the great Bene-'
diet, will never prove a traitor at least,
not to old Ben Zine. His loyalty to King "
Ben Is a? 'unwavering"- as a Radical offl
rial's" to VpubTio treasury. 'For being on"
a whisky bendcK he was lined $5 and costs.
Coqldo'tpay. " Hammereth. ' . . 7,
; Peter' fialnes is '.small,, but Peter ' is
mighty.-, Inspired by a gallon or so of the
rconcentrate'd, essence of alcohol, he thinks
himself able to cope with Hercules, Samp- -
fsbn, Mike McOoole, .-or any : other of the
tniighty'muscreraen. ' Peter "was ' sIoshing
round very loose, defying all passers-Dy to
mortal com bat. vHe kept up. his challenge' j
until he was captured.. For, being drunk
and disorderly he was fined $15 and costs,
abd, in default was sent to the stone pile.
At thirty:seven arid a half cents" per dayj :
he will be older when his tiue is paid.
VaTEfriSs is HmaicTowNAir; Pemtf
fcrafs of Middletowrit soldiers," sallbrs, me
chanics and workingmen, are requested to
meet at J. Schartz's to'nlght at 7 o'clock,
for the purpose of making arrangements
to take part in the grand, procession, to be
held in the city of Columbns, on Saturday
night, A detachment of the White Boys
in Bltie from this city will- be In attend
ance. Let every, one , turn .out, and take
part in this, the last grand rally before the
State election. '
Byorderof the committee.
General Order No. 7.]
ijTbe First Beglment White Boys in Blue
will form for parade atThurman Hall at 7
o'clock on Saturday evening, October 10th.;
Company commanders willreport prompt
ly with their commands. ,T , ..
Col. Commanding.
r Attention. Pioneer Guards, White
Boys In - Blue, will meet at Duffy's
Hall on Saturday evening, Oct.. 10th, at 7
o'clock, and march to- Headquarters -for
Regimental parade. . Let every member be
on hand with and white
Attejition. (Jompaay C. and PtJWlilte
Boys in Bine, will meet at Duffy's Hall,
Saturday eveniug, Oct. 10th, at 7 o'clock,
and march to .Headquarters (Thurman
Hall) for-regimental parade. Let every
member of the companies be on hand with
caps and white shirts.
ED. McGILL, Cap't.
Attention. Company B,.' White Boys
in Blue are hereby , ordered to report at
Headquarters (Thurman Hall) on Satur
day 'evening, Oct. 10thvto take part' in
regimental parade. . Let every member ot
company IS lull la with caps and , white
shirts. By order, r -!-.:;.
Attestion. C6. E and F,' White Boys in
Blue, will meet at' Schnetder's, Hall, on
Saturday evening, ' October 10th,' at v 1
o'clock? and march .to headquarters fThnr
man Hall) for regimental .parade, , Let
every member turn out with caps and
White shirts. ' By order. .?. 5 ? j"s 1 r
H. DAVIS. Capt.
- -,..17 . . .
- Thb -Gun -Squad of the White, Boys iu
Blue, will meet at the west front of the
State House, on Saturday evening, "October
10th, at 7 o'clock. Let ' all members , be
present with caps and 'white shirts. By
J. PRITCHARD, Lt. Comd'g.
.Attention Co. A, White' Boys is Blue,
Every member will meet promptly!at'7
o'clock on Saturday evening, October 10th
at Thurman Hall, for parade, with cap and
white, shirts." ij By order;-1 ; ; -. ! t , ;
J. LOHRER, Capt.
The meeting announced for Hon.'J. E.
Hubbell and Hon. George L. Converse at
Dublin, In this county, on Monday next, is
withdrawn. J .' -- -,. .....0 .- .-u . l
..The Seymour and Blair Ward Club Offi
cers will meet at Thurman Ball to-night to
hear reports of committees. : Let there be
a full attendance. -
Chairman Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice,
October 7, 1868.
Allan Miss A
Barr Prof
Barnett O
'Andrews G W
Bancroft A H
Blood Obas B
A ins worth Wm
' ; . .
Barry Benj F '
Beverley Ones B
HiUr alias
. rtaownine MibsE B wers Miss H
KroadhuratMrsli BeaniuhacLeaaBeaeh Mrs IkJ--J
j oeaDiacnuctfenaDeaen -mre sar-
BrophySlissMA Brand Malin -Belle
Miss Q V Barry Eio'iard
Bratty Saul P Brown J M
Bnnta Alarst
Barber irO T
Baogow Miss S Bratty
ClinoViseKate Coehom Mrs E Conlton Kmily '
Crapo J H Croon James Carter Sarah, A :
Connard Jnh-n- OrossMissboTtneCbiids Marcns - -Campbell
Mrs M CampbellMrsMB Clifford Mrs Mary
i 3. ' .' .. It ..,1';..
iDaub.Miss B Dalzell Mrs C , Dan O. F;
Dillon Miss KP Dolson Mifs F L Doreinus Geo
DeanJ W ' r lijson Isaao - Dexter M W
Ed ear A Earens B. ' Kdwarfs E -'
Kanel Geo G . Erans if - Emersnn Uiss M
Fgan Pat - -: Erans Mrs S M English S A
t.- . rrk. " -
fil.uo lira ..- 5.5 tT
, J
Fratiklin Miss K Filter Dare
Fraier Mrs B. Fadot. H
Fisher John Erench Rev M
Freeman O - ' - - a
F08 -ett Miss j
Earrell Mies il -
! . .- ...r-.y. : c
Gra Mrs Jr Green' A W GreswolU 3has
Uilham EG GilderslearMrsJJi liibson John
Gibson Robt Ulaufotd S -i .
Hard A H HarphamMrsC Hisey Daniel
Honsbton Geo E Harperra H Hadson K J -'
HnmphreyMrsJAHittlerJ H ' Hall JefiF
Howard John J Hawea niohardHanoe Wm A
' lrryjolin7';
I - . - J '
Jackson Allen Jaraos 'Miss K Johnson John
Johncton John H T (2) Jennines M E ,
Judd Thos (x '
Joues Mrs Mat Jones Kichard
Jones Morgan
It " " '" ' ' '" '" " '
Kidd A Kins; Miss Bell Kinnworthv Jas
Keeae Richard iLrell Wm . Keeaham Wm .
.. -; .. .. :
Lewis Mrs A Lillis Misi A E Laurence J A
Jjowry Miss Jenny Leonard J N-- Larieon Johsv
Lyons I)rKJT Linton Saml Laoon W
MahlesonA MegRittAndy Meyer- Chas F
Merritt EUa A Murray EL, Matheny Jaeob ,
Miner Miss J Matthews Rev J Martin Joseph
Matthews Mrs LMalone Mike . Martin Hiss M L
llnmhr Mi M Market Miss M Marion Miss M
Morun Fat(2) MuiiKuirePeter Martin Samuel
tilmliWrn-.. Mnor Wash . Mitchell WmC
Marizold-W H -McDonald E P ' MUol ouch.Mits E
MoOlaskey D - MoOollen Henry MoHenry J b
MnDnwnll John' lleUown Miss J McCaskey H A '
MoCrary Miss R UoUonald I (A - MoUonnaU-1 (1)
Mueller JaooA U . , ' .t
Kaoten Rey Richard , , - r
Li. --i.il v.. t ' . CU lA J . l
- - - - O'CJonner Mrs May - . .
i a? ?! " '. ' '
P.rVw 'a niTrAw ' Pew Miss JennieFowel! .TK '
fettimill Miss L Powell N PostbMisiPMl
Pratt Peter - Pointer Robt - Phillips WmU
Putnam W m E ; , .isf-?. -A i
. ..-i..: R ........ -, s
Roeton Miss A .
Reed Mrs Matt
Rankin RC -
Ross H '- , RioeJasH ,
Rolin Peter . . Ryan Rhody .
Shaw AD- Seott O M . ' - Steel Mist E
Bhallios F G- Khannan Jas - HeattJnoR '
Stewart Jo Solliran- MissMarSrerenson- Robt
Samson Mrs n Soott Mml Simpsons b-
StricKler MrsSApear T S 'box'i ' Bprool Wm H
Smith Sam K Smita Mrs - - Smith Mrs Mai
Smith Martha Smith Frank - 5- .. .if ;
Smith Mrs Magt
; ::- :; T.
Trnesdale As Tobey E H
Thatcher Mrs E Titley Jjjo
f'Hlar Miss Sarah .. ,
Taylor E
Taylor Mrs S G
i m ' ' "Vantelburg MUi yina 3 - - J"
: - . .w .'. ; -'
Wilson Arthur Waner Mrs A E esteryelt F
Wyle Frank HS Wilso-i Henry Weyer Henry- -WVbsterJames
Walker JF Wrig it John O
WillisJohnG Woodruff Mist L VVatkms Miss L
Wi lie K L" West Aliss M ' Washington M E
West Mr P A Wallace Rulus Waetier W
Wilron Wm D Williams Chas 3 Williams A L
Williams James" " .
Appier. Thornton A Co
"Pub of bulletin",-
Bolly.A Lane
Kautrowioh & Co
Adams & Fay
. Brown. Pearson ek Co
, Clark 4 Farmer '
Pemberton J S A Co
Paving Notice.
lo all whm it mayooHOtrn! -i- " '
. . COLCMBI'8, O.. Sept, I. 1868.1
I Notice is hereby Biven thatproceedinEsbayebeeii
instituted in the City Counoil of Columbus, for
makinx the following improvements, to wit s
Pot repaying the sidewalks in front of property
numbered nineteen West Broad street.
Also, to construct a twelve inch stoDe pipe sewer
on Seventh street from point opposite the north
line of W: C. Brown's lot on Brod street to a point
opposite the north line of the first alley north of
Broad street east of Seventh street.
. Also?f or constructing stone arch culvert of such
dimensions as may be required, across Broad streei
where the proposed -ditch -orosses- the same near
Acheson's lane.- -
Alo. to establish the boundary line of Park street
between JSortb Public lane and the bridge over
the O. O. A I- C. Railway, and to erect marks at
euch points as the same may be easily known.
Alss. for graving and paving tha irapayta' side
walks, gutters and eroseinas, and grading and grav
elingthe roadway of Walnut alley from fair alley
west to Front street. 'J - ;
The same to be done in accordance with plate and
estimate to be prepared by the City CivilEngineer
and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, ihi writing;, a :o
before the rhirt-trt caj of tobA lsea.
seplT-dllawiw City Clerk.
-' i.rT'. 1 "T ' ...T 1 ... i . "j - , , T
Protestant Episcopal Convention
&c., &c., &c., &c.
! '.American Girl, William H. Taylor, Panic
and Frince will trot tor $1,000. at Union
track, this city, on Thursday. There will
also be a trot of: four miles, single dasb, on
ine sa,ine aayj .. ,I lf. ,
WHITE PLAINS, October 6.
- .
Weston, the pedestrian,' started on a trio
to make 100 miles In 22V hoars, at three
o ciock wis aiternoon. - lie accomplished
his first twenty-tnilee--ln lonr hours and
six and one-halt -minutes., aod his second
twenty miles ia lour hours And twenty
seven minutes, fucludina. fifteen minutes
resting.. He lelt on.hts third trlp'at 115 i
f. m..' iieieeisconndentot success.-0 "' '
Mystic Park.
BOSTON, Oct. 6.
Two -race werVtrotte1 at Mystlo Pari
to-day The first,' for $1,000 dollars, was
won by Dutchess,-.. who rained the - first,
second, and. third heats in 2:29. 2:23 and
2:30. The second race tor $500, was won
by Wamick, lie taking the first third ahfl
fifth heatsat 2:33, 2:34 and 2:23. - ' r"
- ilrs- 2fatum Stow ell, ot Huntinprton,
seventy years old, was- turned to death
Sunday .morning, her' clothing having
caught ' from the flames from the kitchen
fire, - - -
San Francisco.
The steamer Colorado, for Panama. sslled
to day with $520,000 in treasure, $228,000
tor New York, and $270,000 for England.
Arrived, Goodell, Yokolioma-D. CJIur
ray, Honolulu. " - .: . i , .l
River News.
i . Weather cloudy arid warm. EiVer4feet
and nine inches and falling. '; . .
: f The liepublican gain ia this -eityteejver
eighty. The Democrats elected most of
their ticket bra majority o( 240, against
last year's of 326. They elect their Collector
by a majority ot 63 against last, year's maw
jorityJot 319. x . . i: -.,';.,:,:' '. ,
ALBANY, Oct. 7.
- A man - who registered himself at the
Exchange Hotel in this city1, on the 23tb of.
August, as O. B. Davis, Ohio, was loun4:
dead In hia bed this mornJng,Jt.ia sup-v
posed "lie first look poison and then snot
himself in tbe head. The; pistol ball en
tered at the ear. Several different .kinds,
of poison were found in hia 'possession. He
had stated that be lived In Cleveland. Ohio-
He left a letter saying he was tired of Jile,
and directed to be given , to the hotel boys.
The letter was signed O. B. Davis, and un
derneath there was written the words "as
sutned name." i -The deceased was about 25
years; -of -age.-The"retaalri8 have" been'
taken in charge by thejCoroner.)
TROY, October 7.
I The extensive grain' elevator ot PaUiore
& Coons was destroyed by fire this, moruv
Ing. "Loss upwards of $2l0007 mostly in
sured. The building, with- about 200.000
bushels of grain of all kinds, is in complete
ruins. ''- ' 4
UTICA, October 7.
The State Convention o( colored men as
sembled here yesterday. ; J. W. Loguen
was chosen President. A communication"
to secure the rights of colored women wag
received Irom Susan Anthony. .Several
addresses were made. .
UTICA, October 7. Discharged.
PITTSBURGH, October 7.
! In "thecases ot Edward . J. Ketehumt
deputy chairman of the Democratic State
Central Committee, and others, charged by
Hon. John Covode with colonizing "voters
In his district, to-day, before beariner, the,
charges' were withdrawn and the defend
ants were discharged, ibe prosecution pay
ing .costs. ; j 5I .
Loss by Fire.
Loss by Fire. TROY, N. Y., Oct. 7.
The losses at the lire to-day are I'r Ai
Moore & Son,: $140,000, insured ftr-$136 f
OOOi '-Hanaman' & Schoonmaker, $28,000,
insured for $22 000; C. Williard & Co . $20,
000, insured for $18,000; L. M. Vail & Son,
$11,000, insured for $8 000; C. Conky, $75,
000; insured for $60,000i,Ji.enneUy & Mur-,
phy, $00,000, no insurance," -1 -" "
Naturalization Papers.
Naturalization Papers. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7.
! t , tt. a -. r . 1 o . - l- .
this -State, has -written a .letter taking
eround aeainst the issuing ot naturaliza
tion papers in blank by theSapreme Oourtj (
had been issued to the number of over six
thousand. He is sustained by Judge. Ag--new,
and also-by Judge Williams, who was ;
appointed ty Governor Geary' to fill the':
vacancy caused by the resignation of Judge
Strong. The letter savs this, will be the.
opinion M a majority of the. court ;when
Judge Williams. takes nis seat.. -The. -next
meeting of the court in banc-will be held
on ilonday next at Pittsburgh.
BOSTON, Oct. 7.
: The Repi.blican8 of the Seventh district
of Massachusetts have nominated. George
S. Boutwell for Congress,
Good Templars.
TOLEDO, Oct. 7.
The Grand Lodge of tlie -ludependent
Order ot Good Templars, for the State of
Ohio,. met Id annual session this moruingT.
in this city, uver nve uuuqrea aciegates
from all parts of the' -State were present,
besides numerous visitors. Iron surround-,
ing lodges In this sections V - j(j
! The reports of the Grand Templar and
Grand Secretary were able reviews of the
temDerance sentiment -of the Star. The;
order now has a membership of 28,000, be
ing an increase of 10 000 over last year.
Tlie session will .continue three days and
promises to ba ot more than usual Interest.'
Chillicothe was settled as the place for
holding thQ next annual session. .
! Ex-Secretary' Stanton and GoV;.r7ayea,'
of Ohio, are at tne nennara Mouse, ana
will address tne nepuuneau mass meeting
to-morrow. The Indications are that the i
meeting will be an -extraordinarily large
one, 1 reparauuua iui muuuinnung on tne
route of procession are very eeneral and
NEW YORK, Oct. 6.
TheRollins Internal revenue Inyestlgi-
iio wwwitcinaea-aay-oMrwcemmis-sioner
Gnttman. nxmiii. an fa. . n .tun
pIfcIeflrJ, to pnt Tn WsjtestJmpny'H io His
positivelv that thev would not bel eVA him
I u.aioath' and thrt'bie itefartoawa
New Orleans.
- fA fha
dated the Stir, states that. three meu.ftnl.es.
iook to cnascise Mr. Bent lev, in f pelonino,
rrrpreseneeTjf his eehowlj: Beilv4 tWewds
iutetikredi woed he persuaded the latter to
go He tbei had- a -warrant Istaed
for the arrest of the assailanU. Before the
warrant! was executed t rmr of affaerl
iaexi coramenced slaughtering the tfegroe.
-TlieXew Orleans Bulletin .states' that lOf
negroes were-uiea rra-wounded. The
ptfiu;f)tli uevrfpapetNe ?rtgreasA iwaf
pmtea, its ijprsso prveTOwn into the
th street, and Mn Durand, one ot its edi
tors, lynched.. '-tt -. -
''.A- dispatch i romt-New OrleanV dirb84
Oct5, says flfteer,lr(UWicafiB snrHhre
Democrats were also "killed at Shreveport.
Amred patrols Hold possess foh ort&ou4
iry. -' "
New Orleans. Discharged.
U r-Tfie ease of the United . States Against
uvmaiissioRvr oinns -ana- otnets,nrgea
witti conspiring, to defratrd thetOcrTeirni
ment, -terminated to-day In tbe discharge ot
eidingtfurt there wmai; notbiag 4ns3tfc evi
dence to blm holding them.
'. BoeeeraM here lor "Mexico JmJu1
the Slst insW' a
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
The- triennial general Convention of the
Protestant Episcopal Church eonvenetitiiia
morning at Trinity Church, where- the
opening services were periormed Altwf
temporary organization .. was formed, thpt
of the House of Bishops eoevenediXtiero
Were 42 members present. - There wan 160
clerical deputies and the same number -of
lay deputies present. "
AfterthermoabyBlsb6p.Lee, of J)el
aware. the House of Bfshopa retired, and
Bev. William S. Perry, ,of Conn,rSecretary
of the last Convention, called tlieHonse ot
Clerical, antLLay ,D"eputIes to order.
jjOjif ailing tlie delegates from J5a wYplt
Governor Seymour did (lottanswerVu ' '
oi On'TOOtion of Mr. Otis, -ot Illinois, the
Board proceeded to the election of a. Presi
tdentbf the Conventions Mr., Otlsnp'mljr
nated.Rev.iJ. H..Craig, D. Vu, of Kentucky,"
and as there was no opposition the fievJ
gentlemen was elected' by acclamation-: J
veltevt' Dr..' Meads aaoT Mr.-Otls mer-9 api
pointed committee tocondud th PresH
dt nt elect to the chairi1 ,';..,.-ri ' v
'TTheJPresldent, after" thanking "the Cpil
ventlou for this renewed markos' their con
ftdence, 'spoke with thanktulnesf that they
had once more been permittedto assemble
together, bathe spoke with, regret -ot-thq
demise- ot .many '"shining'ltvhts ot ' tha
church, among whom" ''were -Rev FJtinels
L. Harks, Hon. Washington; ilun.'Jad;
Otmmbers and Hvgn DLEvans e!Tto
Kev. Dr. Haighttben'read fothwInftwV
mation of the House tbe rules to be adopl
edT as follows: Bnsinessessions to beheld
in Trinity chapel; the House of Bisbepato
be held in the school bouse of the chapel:
morning prayer each day at JO o'clock, aha
the session continue till 4;' nV meetiBgiin
theAlternoennnd the Board ot Missions
to meet everr night it'T.W v, lllll' l i
On niotioib of Bev.Mr. Fwry, 13. D.xjf
Connect!ent,wu8 elected Secretary,and Rev.
L" ETBrHodges, : DDV'B)ErpT4nteawtrc
Secretary, r--. 711-;'
A message was received from the House
of Bishops, stating Ihat they were vtj&n
ized ana ready for business. "
A committee of two was appointed to
bring a similar message to the House of
Bishops, i
The rules of the last Convention were
adopted as the rules of the present House
until others were framed. "'. - -
Mr. Oils moved that the number on each
standing committee be increased from 9 to
15, which, alter some objection waa carried.
li and the Convention adjourned till to-mor
row morning. ro
Dueling Affair.
-lA'HnaniammfTcok,- tlfls -Otty?
sometime since, challenged T. C. Hearn, of
Florida, to .fight a duel. The challehgta.
was accepted, arrd. a meeting arranged fot
to-day, at Elysian Fields. The.alfalrca'imr
to the knowledgrof the pftttee; and all tbe
parties, principals, seconds, sut-geohs; Ac
were arrested, exeepfHancbek, wlHHd
to Philadelphia 1 Revolvers ifce., were
found in their, poesesslonwT .! ri . dti -a
MADRID, Oct. 7.
The Provisional Junta will -tree r thek
children ot" blacks' in 4be-'olooi'Si'iis tn
ticipatinn of the total abolitssoa-of .blantn-ja,
New Market Races.
LONDON, Oct. 7.
The first raee at New'Market yesterth
was taken by BlueGwnt wiie svalkid over
the course. The second, raoe: WIWcWOJi ffefii.
Heather BelLr .,u OR JP.f.ldlH A
The Late Engagement.
The Late Engagement. NEW YORK, Oct. 7.
Particularaoi tbe.ngazeoaeBt of the
Haytitm steamer .Galatia,' with thq, vessehv
SylvaDo and LI berte, confirm .the f, reports,
received yesterday Alter tbe .destruction
of the rebel vessejs, fhe.tropa o. -shore
stormed ahd took the place. .The "Galatla
will next attack St. Marks. J'The-Hatien7
General and two of the crew- of theHjtA.
erte were drowned. 4f,'iYfnJiko tt
Advices to September 16th.
Honolulu advices to September With have
been received.' .j-o ,fht-.ai1 .-.l'JHi JJAi) A
Commercial j matters. cwei-iiuiisisaUy
dull. ,9TSK
Tbe whale ship Milo, fronttbe Arette,
July 17th, reports thirty-nine js easels Jan)-o
agedby.the ice. The catch of the whaling
fleet for the season is poor. .-tt -jr yr
Heavy shocks of earthquake were feTt at
Hilo and other places.1"
Robert G.- Lawrence, of thefirnr 0famps
Robinson-& Co., died-September 12th. He
had been a rsilent otUjaoolaJu'Slnce 1822.
.E.Perkins had assumed the .duties of
American Consul at Honolulu. , v. ,
Surveys we.re being prepared JOT' boild
ingaLighf House en'-tneirtef at the en
trance ot the harbor ot HonoluliK-riq? Iii77
Late advices trom MjKearn's Islaod uyA
that the.ebi0 Woreeeterj lese,-h er anchor,
ana was compelled to sail lor HonoltvLmp
oan r rauciHuu, ouiy s. iui)rut;urB ' rji
a ivin nA titrk I' u. sJ a olc . 7.17 o h.aWAz
GEN. JOS. "H. GEIGER," iK,iVi-f
JQHN.HXIJQMAS, y11 ic.Tfy .
And others,-will address the people At'ti'i 1
.iiH . .snrvoaamj'sA
West Front of :the iC3pitQjl7r
On Saturday Eyening, Oct. lOtb,
.-. i
The White Boya ln.Kue,ranrLU; othi t
other Democratio organiEtUri5-will.par-tt
ticipate iu the meetiDgMIhe- Torch Light fj
Procession will be under ibe control ol ft A
White Boys in Blae.' "H
JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chm'n Dem. Co. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
QTlT!aTT?'T JP, T TT TlTiX? .
tj.- wjk w in iiiii iA
Blank BLriifaCUirers,
Special atteaUoa tIl tinawrfafcWrKrBsn-,I
f evert deaoriptioa. With or witarat priatelaaevn
M3- FnU ts of BookT WinM Bo'tfeJ.5'"
arranW to ivpetfeot eabisfaotios.
aprll aouly COLUMBUS. OBIO.

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