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F,. R. FSHELSI!1!! Editors.
C. B. I tOOD,,
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--''or Xbv okr.
F lBISSOUMI.i l' .15 1
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-fWi-fcrrui. m-wroiis. stats' atlawj, ';'
tni. rrfi ' ranneV'-. of Co-rei-nra
nON.nVH J. JEWBTT.of Muskingum
-' ' 'Wracr .tot. . :. , :i '. v.'
l.t mL-JORN K .tECP. of Hamilton.
- 8th
-to-fJRU. . n'XJT rv. "i, uawij Vi j a
-W JACKIE, of MmtoI. ,
ISA AC 8. VCI.LARS, oT Allen. ! .
-M H. DAVr. f Hn-mfflt 1
WM. J. f.KXTnHB. of GrtxfB.
. 1. POFPLETO V, of 1ol warei
jOHV i. VRAMERV- Ottawa.!
- fol,i,PTT,r.r WeWTij'.V "?
- 5srH. H. HPPlTO v of Win,
ia' ail !.TANLF,Y. of Athens.
- V W, PATRICK, of Ta-;ari.wTi.v
- i-MjLTT. B1RCHARP. of Tramon!.
Democratic State Ticket.
. yen fnrmntvt- "
wi t tt a jb. rs tit .
iHTUCH HrfiRM. off 0y.
Tr6 WWOOl. COMI8fflOK.: -
toa eta-fta srrRtrs ootmt. ; . .,
JOHN IHL, WEBB, of Jttabonlnsr, -
' I "
I - i i i
rSarventa Conrrwtional DUtriot - o1
JOHN IK XOMASIf Clrk-f ill
Gold tlosed la New, Tori
ay 1 1
Democratic State Ticket. The Black Test.
"7 ao iotomOi ,$&v$4Fi'
end policial, alii of ftn',',!;, '
not tooifmVJW Woao?o.
it cuunC raee,lo pTeaiou$wn
of wpoUl'i'il'k
tnunitj anhjytd any fthgr eloaa of men.y S,
hlp ma GStMthern Radical Carpet Br
Constitution. si. 'r-t .Actnull
Democratic State Ticket. The Black Test. The Disclaimer of one of the Journal
Democratic State Ticket. The Black Test. The Disclaimer of one of the Journal Editors.
One otUie editors of the Joumatwhlr t
one we are leftto'eoojecture.ta repry.pi
our article in relation to the miserable cat
rlcature-itkitliat abeet, representing Gei .
Blair ar drunk Iff this ctty, sayti
"We are treated to a column "of biacl
guard aeofrnclation in yesterday's State
mam for havinar fceen the author Or origin v
torof a wooa-cut tn thls-papeivwhen-ot,-
tne oreaaiasi taoiBi uu muruiun ui
appearance.'' 'X)at consent has never '.bee J
obtained for the appearance pi Ulustratipi
in the journal of f which we are one ot th .
proprietors. Our own decided preferenc
is for cuts of another kind. . Assuming thi -when
the conductors of the Statesman b- ;
came journalists, they did not necessaril -cease
to be gentlemen, we ask them to nc:
do the wrong they have done US In this lt,'t
stance." i,m-'i-;V! -..2.iiti v : ti
The Journal has, at Its head, the names t
J. M. CoidLT, S. Al. Smith, "J. Q. HowARf !"
The above, we take it, comes from" Mi :
Howard, tp whom we alluded, as. the only
man among the known .editors of that sbet
mean and contemptible enough to; so iaiv
outrage-cnmmonr:rlec.ency, as to get np f
carricatpr so villainously false, and to at
tempt to palm it ooihei readers Of that
sheet as a larthful repre euUtion of n ac
tual fac'Mr. Howard denies the Impeachr
ment, and hence Hi. .Howard .'is absolved
from the charger and : w; regret having
"placed the.? addle on the wrong Ass. ,
potbesla,: that Air. Uowabd, ana jar. uow-,
ard alone, ia ;thF author, of the' disclaimer j
in yesterday's Journal, from which we tslip--the
extract above gi venj which, 'by-the-fiyej;;
is mere ogbees work,' Hrf says f'owr ' c(m'
sent has never been obtained ' for. the ap-:
pearance' "illustrations lrT thei Journal, ,
Ac. This would Include all and sundry tne
editors oCtnat eheeU Tit this view is cor
rect, it proves .that which we"bv 'ongt
suspected, that -the-Journal Is edited by y
outsiders men, who sneak, behind others,,
to elect tfeeir venom and to slander their;
neighbors too cowardly to father their
own lies;nd who then",' likfefBycophanti,
join with the other of their party leaders in '
arraigning the Journal as the meanest, sil
liest and most-contemptible of its clas'
"Not one of the whole Dack. :i tc-t ! i! : ri
"MoMrel. Dnpny. wheip and hound.-
Andesei low decree.'! : .j -s hVir
who got up the carrlcature on Gen, Blair, '
for the purpose erf palming it off a truth,
while the whole city knew it "to be basely,
wilfully, and notoriously false, dare own
to its paternity but with others, and the
better class" of Radicals, denounce it as ther
effort of a fool to appear smart.' -WegiyeMr.
Howard, if Mr. Howard is
the author ol the disclaimer, its full benefit,
and cheerfully take back the charge that ,
he is the author of the earricature. At the,
same time i ve demand to know, which ot
the other'editors If not one of the editors
whose name appears, which of -the outsi-t
ders, is the person guilty of this outrage
on decencyand truth. '. rJ. T
Every voter in X)hio and Indiana and'.
Pennsylvania should bear in mind the act.
that the Presidential election will be vir-'
tually decided on Friday next. If these
three States go Republicans the Demoorata
will give up ibe-eouteat a hopeless. Hence
every man should be at bis post. It is more
important that the full strength of the par
ty should to-brought out on that--day than"
in the following month. Cincinnati Com
mercial of ThundttK H O . H t-. U J 'J .
If the election is to be decided on Friday
(to-day) by-the-Republicans welland
good. TUe Democracy intend to decide it
on Tuesday next in the States named. The
Rads may bate their election any Cay' they'
please the Democracy will hold theirs on
the "SeoondTJaslayjn; OctobetiOor Stata!
officers, and on the third ot November for
the choice of Presidential ; electors who . i
will vote for Seymour and Blair.
If FrldavitOTaayiCaaJthe Xmmercialr.
accurate in all things, says,; is tor decide
the fate of the jrreat States' of Ohio, Penn
sylvania and Indiana, then, we presume, it 1
is to be dohe' bj" the speech of David" Tod
in this city riA the Grftnt Tanners pro-"
cession to-night. -That VHP bea 'tlecide'"
that we rief erf .;fefbre tfio
decision wUioonie'.revered by the great
court of the people lor tne correction of
-in- '' -.- o. i
Sctmour says a journal of the rebel spe
cies, nevetiraafot a national office- before.
No ! But it is quite evident-' that he is no w
running for fnebkind.- J eternal. . OJ,9,-.-
If evidenii!StJfsts that -Sitmour" ever
said snytoifigso silly we would Jlke to ha,ye
it produced. "A Journal of the ebel spe
. - eirt iir Ii H.l,iA..i L,
ciee," runntng. , Af, " "uvt - omce,-;
either "beiw or .'"behind, is something '
new ndefli "Journala!' never run
forofflce-ihf tjhly rtttinine'' they, do," it
when, llk tbe CeJxmbut Journal, - Radical
hiwti rnn intin atartriiM1- nrt '-"rttm.tlnn. u
naturallv aa aiJDiiclr rnnatii VRter-. -i
m x L j f itO 1
nHavb yqej, beard tue nevft 4mtu Pela- 4
Ware ? tae trrijl.epjoibiiKd vi--'
" J
"O Uke jonrtlme old Booiter "
"Aad 0t60nttPlKlad laocCI.
"Take your tim old Chapman
"Bat ko it food and stronc."
Toe telearrapblQ Associated Press, re'
porlB," a' yfesewdajr. gave an account Of
one j tow , ( Waterbury) 'n! ;Col6necticnl,
where the Democratic majority was de
creased. This fact,' U fact it la, was lnaic
ativa or Setmoor ana .ulaik losing tne
Stat. It was but a crumb of comfort, but
then a crumb Is better than no bread.'
; The press reports, by telegraph, in rela
tion to the returns from the town elections
In nnecttcut," have been ' exceedingly
meagre, so much ko that special telegrams
had to be relied upon to get the news. The
Enmiirer has 1 a'couple of specials which
read thus : ; .' '0 '." .'' .'
"NEW HAVEN, CONN., Oct. 7, 1868.
Retdrns received at this office from ev-
e'ry town tn Connecticut show; that the
Democracy have carried a . majority of. the
towns lor the first time In fifteen year?.
This gives tjs assurancb that the good
Old Statr wtll oast hbr fcL ctoraL vote
ior Bktmocr and Blair bta lahger
majority in JSoyemDer cannot vary mucu
trom 4,000." - ,t)
Boston Past lias the following : - '
HARTFORD, Oct. 5, 1868.
We renort srlorlous news from Conncctl
cut. I The majority tri" Hartford to-day is
nearly eight hundred votes, a gain on-last
fall nf more than four hundred. JN ew Haven
elves about one thouaand, which Is more
than last fall; and equal to the most san
guine expectations. , In towns, from every
county the Democrats gain largely, and re
turns snow that uojnjn uurnju i la uni.u
gain pt thirty-two hundred from last April.
These specials ire more .than'oonflrmed
rby themews -We get front other sources,
neb,! fov instance,' as the fbllowing 'from
the New York World, of Wednesday.' The
vote in April was on Governor, that in Oc
tober Was the election en Monday last t
Majority In
I ... April, -t
Tovm. -2m. Stp.
Madion ' 10
Stiatford M
October, i
Pern. Stp.
'. is
Sl. .re
West Hertford v 45
i or walk .. J40
Fairfield ..-'''as ,
Mtebfield -its 4i
Barkhamatead .v. '
CHntoa -' . 89 .
Briitol IS.'-., ,
- iln addition to the' above, the World pub;
lishes certain dispatches. Which the Tribune
suppressed, as follows. These telegrams
were pot sent West, for the reason that the
Press dispatches are mainly collected by
noliticians In the Radical interest:
HartfordV Conn- October '5. Hartford
gives 750 Democratic majority, a gain of
400 over last fall- and 100 over last spring.
The Hartford Timet saya: In the scatter
ing returns from various counties tbo
Democrats gain largely, showing that had
there ; Veen ' a- general ticket they would
have ariven.B.000 maioritv." ;'!, ; bm
Haven. Oecober5 New Haven
gives 1919. Democratic, majority, which is
more inaffiasc tan, tnougn less man lasi
spring. .-U-.L-.kA .i-A .; ' l,:....'.,j
These facts show why it was that the re
duced Democratic majority in Waterbory
was sent forth at art index to the feelingtjf
the people; when in fact, if the telegram
be true, It is but the exception to the rure,
that the "Democratic-majorities increase
While those of the Radicals have decreased,
at the election in Connecticut on 'Monday
last- I I'ii'J T'":
i.Our Chapmajt mnsjt crqw,.
Delaware Election.
J' On Tuesday" last, there was 'an election
In Wilmington,' Delaware,' wb ich the Tei&
graph has not tbbtightof snfficie'nt moment
to incritfoW, although1 ft was carried by the
ifaaicais Dy a majority 'of twenty-two
voces. in psepiemQer.tne itaqicai jmaioripy
was, three hundred and fourteen; showing
in let than -a month 1 A ''.DEMOCRATIC
Tr-TCEyOTESirOurireaaers will re-
mem bei 'the' Boise the1 Radicals made fn
September, and bow they assured the peo
ple that the vote in Wilmington was an in
dication ,ot Grant's , popularity. . -What
will, they say"now ?"JLike the Telegraph,
they wiil "breathe not the name" of that
election, or let their friends know that
either an. election r was field, or that (here
is snebj 'a city as Wilmington, or such a
StatQ as Delaware.
,,Wbe the Rads .carried Wilmington,: by
314 majority, it was heralded throughout
fh,.e length and breadth ot the land as mak
ing Grnt election certain; now the result
is one of the thousand,' and one signs ,tht
denote bis defeat.
If the Radical Leaders Ordered
Him He would Swear to It.
One of the editors of the Journal, in its
issue of yesterday, relieves himself of the
odium of having anything to do with the
picture representing Gen. Blair as drunk
in this city, which all of our citizens knew
to be as talse as it was malicious, while
anotfier editor glories in the act, and tries
to make money out Of the sale of the Inde
cent picture, and says, "if our friends deem
it worth while, we (that is the editor)
stand ready to produce an affidavit as to the
substantial accuracy" of the picture.
We doubt much if the fellow has a friend
on earth, and secondly, we believe from his
conduct that, if the Radical leaders "would
deem it worth while," and for a small sum
in Greenbacks, he would ' stand ready to
produce an affidavit that Horatio Satmocr
committed murder on Cain,. charged in the
Bible on Abel, and that Frank P. Blair
wasthe identical man that., produced the
( earthquake that destroyed so many.livesin
South America, mat aog is saia to be a
good one who obeys his master, as the
Journal editor obeys the behests of the Rad
ical leaders,; al though,' as ithe: case with
the editor in question, he' is' but t ' miser-able-cur
alter all.
Him He would Swear to It. Seymour Now as He Was During
the War.
When in the dark hour of the war, Ho
ratio Seymour was elected"Governor of
New York, bis inaugural 'Address, coming
as it did from one of the ablest statesmen
in the Union, just elected to the highest of
fice in the Empire State of the. Republic.
was looked for wlhanusuaW Intcrestrand
In ability and in patriotism, it was worthy
the man nd theofficei'-His" stern Topposl-
tiionj tj?, the disruption oi tne union was
written n words so plain that be who runs
might read. From thff ppjaufjjUral Jj lye
' 'Ur!def nocircumstances can the division
of the Union be conceded.! Wa iwUl put
forth every exertion of power; we will use
every policy ot conc41iatlon;we ,wUl bold
out every inducement to the people of the-
South, te return to their allegiance, con
sistent with honor; we will guarantee them
every right, every consideration demanded
by the Constitution, and by "the fraternal
regard; which must prevail in a common
country 9 but we can never voluntarily
consent to the breaking up or the Union oi
these States, ox the destruction of the Con
stitution.' w r ' ' J " "" " -'.Horatio
Seymour is still for the Unions
nofnow,a8 i.nloidangefafrein the
traitors if the South, but those of the
NortJC'wbd-Beelf to-aisrnpf itrB,"a '
Grant said ot Frank BLAiR,.4'he is
the ablest qlunteer of the8rmy.'';.,JJ'ow
tba Jmurnal of tlila eitr. Mn ha la AKni
t , ' - ' : J , j -' " w
.".!! 5JOMA-.
om-loiiii'l )-. C. I
Who are the Secessionists ?
TTienCoh(m6iJ Journal of Thnrsda'y has
the following f I 1 '
rRemember, That the so-called "Demo
cratic" party declared that there was no
power or authority in the Constitution 4or
"coercing" a rebellious State a doctrine.
which if established would at any time
destroy the Unlwn, by making the author
ity of the Nation secondary to that of a
owner- P-I f . ! U ) !
We always flioughl tfiat the boot was on
tbe.?tetiiec leg-,.-,lli us aea.
" The Ohio (jtate Journal, Audits i&sue of
jNovemoer 13, lisoi, unaer tne caption, "is
The AmkbiCan tfjiioK a Mtth," thus ar-
guea.fn favor of the right of Secession
' 'vlust now we are passing an important
climacteric. K will soon be determined
whether we are capable of existing as a
confederacy ot States, or whether we are
subject to disunion at the will of any one
or. more States : whether the American
Union is a grand, startling reality, or
mvth. a fiction, with which we have been
deluding ourselves. and cheating the world.
"This question seems to pose our states
men and rulers at this time. They appear
to consult our written Constitution in vain.
The framre of that instrument evidently
never anticipated secession. Provision was
-rri ad e to let States into the Confederacy,
but .no obligation is imposed, binding
States to remain in the Union, nor power
given directly , to any constituted authority
they wish quietly to withdraw from the
family circle. Our President r Lincoln 1 has
declared he Would resist nullification but.
not eecession. Can any State or States-se
cede, and continue to obey United States
.. "The object ot the.Americsn Union Is to
provide ior tne common aerense, general
welfare. &c .It is so stated In the Dream
ble to the Constitution. The.General Gov
ernment is but a representative of all the
States, it is not a eenuiue jKeaerai, cen
tralized nrfwer. Now. if any Statu or State
with to renounce1' (he ' benefit of, thi general
protection, can they be compeuea to continue the
recipient ot such aavantagesr inc cotron
States are not rebelling auainst the Federal
autnoritles, nor nullifying any particular
general law. They simly request to be re
leased from the union compact. io co
FEDE R AL .'AUTHORITY. ' It -will be to
make the Federal Government, not a rep
resentatlve of the States, their instrument
in providing for the common defense, &c.
States. We 'regret being compelled to
take this view ot the matter, but it seems
The right of Secession, thus claimed" by
the Journal for the States of the South
the attempt .to coerce them to remain in
the Uuion "by force would entirely change
the nature of Federal authority" was also
claimed for Ohio by a leading Radical.no w a
candidate of the Radical party for a seat in
the State Senate,-to fill, a vacancy. : The
disunionist to whom we allude is the Wm
Stedman named in the following from the
Ohio- Senate Journal for 1857, page 83 :
:i "Mr. Brown presented the petition of
Wm. Stedman and sixteen legal voters and
Kacnel savage ana seventy-seven non-voters
of Stark and Portage counties, PRAY
was read at the Clerk s desk," &o. .
This Stedman, now among the bitterest
of the class who yelp out secession at men
who never for one Tnomeht favored it, like
the Journal would like to hide his own in
famy by charging it on others. J
The Author of the Forney—Robert's
Letter Slanders Mr. Vallandigham.
!TWe give the. following, italics and all. as
it appears in the Philadelphia (Forney's)
Press: , " . ., 1
1 "C. L. Vallandigham," a mart banished (he
country for treason, and who acted as the spy
ot the 3on federate Government' after' he
ran the blockade and reached Canada, toot
the man -selected to nominate Seymour to the
There are three willful, deliberate 'and
scoundrelly falsehoods in the above., ,
,u. Li. v allandzoham wa3 , not "Danisnea
his country, for treason.",,, The charge
against.bim was certain language said to
have been used in a speech at-Mount Ver
non, which HonJS. S. Cox swore was riot
used by Mr, Vallandiguam,' but by! hira
self n-Tbere was no charge of treason pre
ferred against him, and the Military Court
that gave him sf pretended trial, has, for Its
Infamous' onttage of lawl and Justice, re
teivedi as it merited, tne loathing contempt
of all honest men.
The i Judge Advocate " who prosecuted
Mr. ValIanDIgiiam, was afterwards charg
ed, and the, charge proven true, with con
duct unbecoming an offlctr and a gentle
man, by being caught iu the act of peeping
through the window : over the door occu
pied 'iy a young' lady," while 'she was un
dressing. . : ... . .
Mr. Vallandigham a spy of the Confed
erate Government t The charge: owes Its
origin to John ,W. Forney, whose fame, as
the author ot the Forney-Roberts letter,
wherein he adyise'd a trieud to get an actor
druiika and then to get from him an admis
sion of Improper intimacy with a lady, in
order to enable her husband to get a di,
vorce, is that of the basest, meanest of man
kind. 1 ,,; . . i .j -, j.fifT n -iT 'S')V ' '
Mr. Seymour was not nominated by Mr.
VallandIcgham! ThlB fact is history. C6L
Geo. W. McCook as chairman of the Ohio
delegation, made the nomination, and cast
the vote of the Onto delegation for Mr.
Seymour. 1 ' ' ' . . . ...
Thus in a single article of hall a dozen
lines, there are three -falsehoods two . of
them highly , slanderous which the editor
knew to be so when he penned them. The
author of, the Forney-Roberts letter is a
fit tool to do this dirty work for the party
that kicked him out of, office because he
could not- account for the money placed in
his hands as Secretary of the United States
Senate. .,,-"' . , ..-,x.
No Troops to Defend the Frontier
from Indian Incursions.
General Sherman, as .we learn ' by tele
graph, complains tliat he has no. troops to
defend the frontier settlers, and that, unless
his demand s acceded to, and the troops-
prom ptly sent, nothing can prevent a wide
spread and .disastrous series of. conflicts
hwttbr discop tented tribes of. hostile Indians.
He complains of the tedious delays m fur
nishing hinx the troops be needs. ,;, -.i
While thus; the frontier I settlers, men,
women and children, are in dauget of the
tomahawk and,, scalping; knife, the troops
he needs to protect them are employed in
forcing negro suffrage on the South and
the General of the Army, is at Galeua,' in
stead of attending to his business at Wash
ington, and 'thus, from Radical 'misrule
and General -Grant's neglect; the lives of
citizens lareendaBgered.v'Lef us have
peace." j- : ; " i; r; -
"Almighty mean men get . offloe out
here," wrote a hopeful son In the West to
his sire ! in the' East." Will the people of
Mansfield aid in establishing tins as a
truism when they .come to, vote for Justice
of the Peace next Tuesday ? Mansfield.
Herald. '.liH '-"J "J "' ' '
The solutionj OI we prooiem wneiuer
mean men get office1 in1 Mansfield' or not,
'ml J J ...flTnl.i.n: ' T il...
Radical candidate is elected, the affirma
tive will carry, but if the Democratic cah-
didate succeeds, as 1 succeed be will, the
charge will have no foundation in truth.
j t.f -
Some ope asks if the Radicals want peace
why do they propose to arm the negroes ?
Who can answer ? !'; s v: .
Have you heard the- news trom Con
necticut? '-""' ';' .'
Buckley (the live Qysteman)! says be
wants to sell the 'balance of those Fruit
Cans cheap; ' ' " ' . -
' They must be sold1 this week'' "
kug6-dtnoy23 , , " : '
A Card.
' Messrs Editors : As I have beem ac
cused by several parties of being the au-
Jthor of the dispatch to the Cincinnati Chron-
sicle, saying that Frank P. Blaifwaa flrunk
while in this city, I wish to say that I was
npt Vn..Cp;u.mJ)usjri tJiajtjjjnd4b.at1sai(J
dispatch was not transmitted either by
myself or ray agentt , . V 7 ( f T SI A
U rVery Respectfunyf- 1 lUUl1
hon! p. tan trump, : i ' ";
gen: jos. h. geiger, ' :
i . john h. thomas, j
. COL. G. W. MANYPENSY, '1 "
And others, will address the people at the
,-MAiVest Front of the Capitol, :
On Saturday Evening, Oct. 10(b,
at 8o'clock. i ' ' .
The White Boys in Blue, and all. other
other Democratic organizations will par
ticipate iu the meeting. The Torch Light
Procession will be under the control of the
. White Boys in BlueX ' .
; i a ! '- John G.'Thompson;
a 7.. ; ;r k Chm'n Dem. Co. Ex. Com;
vl W. S. Huifman, Sec'y. ... - .
New York Money Market—Oct. 8.
. GOLDLower; opening at 139 and
closing at 139J6 139. : : .. '-' .
New York Stock Market—Oct. 8.
pons of '81. 113113; do '62 110110V;
do '64 110110; do '65 10S108;
do new 10810; do '67 108108j;
5:30 prices Wells' Express 2829;
American 4o4o; Adams &u5oU;
United States 4647J: Merchants' Union
2223i; Pacific MaiU27127; West
ern unoii leiegrapn- 3B(g3b; ew
York Central 128128; Erie 48
48; do preferred 70; Ohio & Mississippi
29)29; Wabash 6162J; do preferred
7677: Michigan Central 1180119: Michi-
fan Southern 8484;Toledo103(?103J;
ort Wayne 110110; Cleveland, Co
lumbns & Cincinnati & Indianapolis Cen
tral 97. -. -: . . , . .
New York Market—Oct. 8.
- COTTON Dull and s lower; 800 bales
sold at 25 for uplands. . i
, . FLOUR Quiet and without change.
. . WHEAT Quiet and scarcely so firm,
" with only a very limited export demand.
' RYE Firmer at $1 651 68 for Western.
OATS Firm at 73c lor new Western
afloat, in-' -i-i ' ''
CORN Quiet at $1 12l 13 for unsound,
and l 141; 145 for Bound new mixea
Western afloat. . ' . ,
,. PORK Quiet and firm; buyers of mess
at 29 00 reuular. .
- , BEEF Dull with a declining tendency.
.... CUT MEATS Dull and nominal.
' ' BACON Quiet and unchanged.
LARD Quiet at 1919?c for lair to
nrirae steam. . - -
EGGS In moderate request and prices
unchanged. . ......
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 8.
FLOUR Easier; sales of family at $8 25
' 018 75.
WHEAT-s-Opened dull but closed flrmi
er, with, buyers at 1 UU tor JNo. l, Dut oc
bicrher Is asked.
. ; CORN Dull and drooping, with sales at
' OATS Easier: closing at 59G0c for
;. RYE Tn better demand and sold at $1 35.
BARLEY Quiet but firm for spring;
"sales at 92 20 lor prime State and $2 30
' a so tor Canada. -
r COTTON Dull; middling 25c.
... TOBACCO Steady; sales atS 859 25
for lues ani 10 m-iA 25 tor leaf.
WHISKY Firm at $1 25.
,'; PORK Mess held at $31; but not sale
able anove 3U w.
BULK MEATS Held out of the market
' shoulders 12121e; sides 14!c.
:: BACON Not offering to any extent;
shoulders sold at lac out were held -ac
,. higher at close; clear rib sides sold at 16;
: and clear at 17c; the demand was but mod
erate, still holders were not disposed to
sen. anticipating a luruier auvance.
.' HAMS Sugar cured steady at 1920c
' LARD In moderate jobbing demand at
185; stock- very light. -.-
BUTTER Plenty and dull at 343Sc.
CHEESE Unchanged and quiet.
POTATOES Very dull; small sales at
-4 per DDI- ; .-?-!..", J '!-i
iAPPIES-rln fair demand at our laBt
-quotations. , ;
OfL-i-Linseed quiet at$l 051 06. ''
.. FLAX SEED--2 402 50,
Chicago Market—Oct. 8.
' FLOUR Firm, spring extras $5 758.
WHEAT In good shipping and specula
tive demand, &c higher; sales ot jno, I at
$144147; No. 2 at $1 3Sl 40; closing
steady, at $1 39) tor No' 2; sales No 2 this
afternoon at $1 38- '
J CORN-Firo; .sales of No."l at 92J
95c; No. 2 9192c; closing steady at 92c
lor No. 1; sales JS o. , 1 since 'Change 1)3
93c. '."' ".- V.'". ' . '. ,
.' O ATS --Irl: good demand at llKc high
er; sales at 6252o, and closing steady at
RYE Firmer; 33n higher with sales
of No. 1 at $1 251 27J4; No. 2 at $1 22
1 23, closing with sales of No. 1 at 91 28.
. BAKLtx-Kpened firm and active, ad
vanced 3c, subsequently weakened and
closed dull at $1 82 ior No. 2; sales No. 2
at $1 891 84, and rejected at $1 581 63.
! ' " '1 '.
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 8.
The dry goods market lapsed into a quiet
state, and is less buoyant for cotton fabrics.
'Owing to the decline in raw material print
ing cloths have been sold at 7)v and are
,beld at756v without, sale. .Print steady
except Lowell,' which -advanced to 11c.
Muslin delaines are selling fot 18c for poor
styles, and 20c for the best - makes.-' -Heavy
brown sheetings best makes at 15 and 16c
but do not sell very freely. x The Live Oak
390 yard sheeting -bring 12c. Bleached
muslins, steady and in limited" request at
25c for New York'Mills : 20o for Tuscarofa
and 12c,for Red Bank,:- - ;, , .tJ l tl-i,.
Buffalo Market—Oct. 7.
FLOUR Dull and
'. WHEAT Better and fair demand; sales
No. 2 Milwaukee at 1 601 51; No. t Chi--cago
$1 50. ; - ' . . :
CORN Higher; sales spot No. 1 western
104 per load, choice suits. . , .
i tOATS Better: sales 93. ' : "' f -
- RYE Held higher at $1 SO.'oa
r BARLEY Advanced to $2 10, generally
'held at S2 15. ..-., .
: FREIGHTSQuarter 'better $16316K
fn. ,kU., 191 IV,.X.. .1 In. A.. '
lui uuau, j. u 2 iuiwiu, iui uau),,
Toledo Market—Oct. 8.
: FLOUR Firmer. -' f r.nt u'.-.'i vi :-
" WHEAT Advanced , 35c and closed
with advance partly , lost ; sales . white
Michigan , at $2 05; amber Michigan at
$1 921 94; No 2 red at 1 71 1 71M; No
i- CORN Firm -.and 2o "better; sales No
at 98c; bu vera lor the month $102..
OATS-A shade better; No 1 56c.
RYE Q'liet.
BARLEY Advanclpg; ' sales State, at
$2002Q5. - -
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 8.
y,:i, FLOUR Firm and 12c higher
. WUl'T .Ifhriltartfrarl. f I"
In8tore. i.ii'it1:''"-
' Ladies, i Attention 1- It you desire to
examine the latest styles of Fall and' Win
ter Bonnets, tastily designed, all' at -Mrs.
A. Downing's No. 67North High streets on
Saturday; October lOv 1868. ": oct9-d2t i
' -. .'- ' . . ,t - , . ; f.
; 1 -, . .
- Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wil per's
' oot7-dtf'v;s - ' "'
Painting and, DBAWiNG.-Trlnsti uctlpn in
.penciling, crayoning, and painting in oil
and water colors, given by Miss Amelia
Wiegand. Classes will be formed : It de-
sired. For terms, inquire between 4 and 7
vr s: ,
t-A EwtMytw- YoCr Mouth ADo not pin
in enetny inj- yourj mouth t iteal iwtj
Jour teotb.--Beware of destrnrtive tootl
vashe and tooth powders, many of which
are base imitations ofriozoaont. Insure a
life lease of sound teeth ar.d frazrani
breathvby adopiioa; the ixagran-t Siodonv
ifaldikg's ptuE,' a bahdy Jit-tVi Jhing
aboiA tne houscmerirfs bvery thing.
-t.yyY-juol5-eoiCm-cw. i ii " "
Holloway's Ointmenta Tlie reopenila I
vi oju wuun js a aontcei Ok greas seqdr
ing to inousanus. some wounds, 'oh
other hand, are never perfectly closed. It.
either case, whether the wound lias degen
erated, nto. a slow' sore, orv,aft?r baviny
oeen . apparently , healed , bas violentlv
broken out afresh, Holloway's . Ointment.
applied as a dressing, will eveutually.'ie-
rapve every particle of , Inflammation, fill
the orifice .with sound flesh and perma
nently prevent any further pain or trouble
trom the part. Sold by all Druggists. .
i iyO-Jlj-cw"- ,i ,'
Gloss & Wilper's Restaurant open day
and night! . oct7-dtf
New York, August 7th, 1868.
Mr. "Editor: Stveral of your corres
pondents, very old and respectable no doubt
seem to be wonderfully exercised as to th 4
origin :of our Plantation- Bitters.-. S
long as these Bitters are all that we repre
ent them to be, rwe do not know that I
makes any difference from - whom they
come, or from whence they originated
but for the information ' of the public gen
erally,' and old Copt. Went In particular
we will say that he told the truth, and tha I
these Bitters originated in' the West IndH
Islands that many of the ingredients hav '
been favorably used for over a century ,
but our combination of Calisaya is entire!; t
new, and our own. The rum and othe '
materials are the same, abd as yonr corres
pondent says, a better Bitters and Tonic i '
not made. We recommend them particu
larly for dyspeptics, fever, and ague, debili 1
ty, loss of appetite, and in all cases wher
a tonic and stimulant is required. ' ' " '.
P. H. Drake & Co.,'
, - .: -:i 21 Park Row, N. Y.
'". Magnolia Water. Superior to the bes,
Imported German Cologne, and sold At ha', i
the price. " ; :i : ; " "- -r-
RNY-8ept25-deodfcwlycw . ; " ''
HEINTZ SCH MTDT In Williamsburgh
T..Ootoher6.h. 1868. Adah Hwktz. Jr . i
of Co
lumhas, Ohio, to Miu C. L. Schmidt, of the form
or piace. . .
Mar: the path of life to the loving pair be one
strewn with rosea. May no shadows ever darken
the present nnny brightness of their joys. "
New Advertisements
SW The Ohio; Statesman has f
Career Circulation than any 'pa
per published in tills City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will beat'
this in mind. -.
- Resolution to Contract. .
Xetolvsd, That tbeXJity Civil Enitineer be, an
tie is noreoy aucnorizea anc airectea to eontraot if
the name of the city of Columbia, with Michael
Melone. for sradine and oavinff the nnnavi, 1
sidewalks, gutters and crossings, and grading an-(J
cravGiiiiK luo iwi.bj uu i iusm, miivj iruiH Mr
Kee allej to North Fublio lane, upon the followin
terms, to-wit: r. .
For excavating or grading. Thirty-seyen cents peAt
For boulder paring. Forty-three cents per sqaar
For bricks laid. CIS. AO oer thousand. ''
For graveling roadway. Eighty cants per eubid
Adopted Oct. S. 1808.
.Attest: L. E.WILSOJT.
' oet-dlt " City Clerk.
Besolution to Contract.
Bttolved, That the City liivil Engineer be. anil
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the oitj- of. Columbus, with Feter
Eagen, for building a double row flag crossing
across Third street at tne norm siae oi Long street,
upon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per ea-
bio yard. -
For boulder paving. Forty cents per square yard.
For flagging, 14 inones -wide. Fifty cents per lin-
eauooi. . - i ,.
Adopted Oct. 6, 1868. ,
,i - Attest: L. E. WILSON, '
oct9-dlt City Clerk.
Besolution to Contract-
Bttnlrtd. That tbe City Civil Engineer be end
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the -city of Columbus, with John
O. Bickel for grading and paving the unpaved gut
ters and orossingi, and grading and graveling the
roadway on Uangewer alley from Mound street to
South Public lane, upon the following terms, to
wit: '
For excavating or grading. Forty-five cents per
eubie yard. i - -
For b-iulder paving. Fifty cents per square yard.
For graveliug roadway. Seventy-five oente per
cubic vard
- Adopted Oot.S, 1868.
, Attests I E. WILSON,
oo-dlt . Citr Clerk.
Resolution to Contract.
Refolded. That the City Civil Eneineer
and he is hereby authorised and directed to eon
tract in the name of the city ot Columbus, witl
ratriCR Conway tor constructing a twelve inct
stone i db sewer on Seventh street from a ooin -
opposite tbe north line of W. C. Brown's lot to t 1
point opposite the north line of the first alley nortl .
of Broad and east of Seventh street, upon the fol '
lowing terms to-wit : i
Ninety-five cents per lineal foot for tha tewei
complete.. i
Adopted uot. a, is3.
' Attest: L. E. WILSON.
oct9-dlt - r - - ' Jity Clerk. -
An Ordinance
To provide for Tapping Main or Trunk Sewers in
, tuooityot voiumoua.
Section 1. Be it ordained bv the Citv Conrcil
of the -citr of Columbus, That the following rules
and regulations shall be observed in tapping the
main or trunk sewers now built or to be hereafter
built by the city of Uolumbus: -For
draining each store room or other business
room, twenty feet or under, the sum of iwentj
five dollars. - '
For each dwelling house, the sum of Ten dol
lars. -
All applications to tap the main or trunk sewers
snail oe made in writing to toe Jly uivil fcogir
neer, who sba 1 issue his permit, which shall be di
rected to tbe City Clerk, to whom all nmners as
above described shall be paid, and by him paid iato
tne vity Treasury. - oaia permits snail oa indors
ed on tbe baok bv the Clerk, stating tbe amount
eeive-i. and sent bv him to the Street Commission.
er. who shall in person or by deputy he present and
superintend tbe tapping of said sewer, and see that
tne same is properly done at tne expense ot tne ap-
Any person who shll permit an adjoining prop
erty owner to tap his lateral sewer connecting with
the main trunk sewer, sha'l forfeit all rights grant
ed in this section, and shall have hu connection
with tbe main trunk sewer at once eut off, and be
subieot to all the penalties of section .
. Any person or persons conniving or entering into
any arrangement for tbe tapping and draining of
his or their premises- into any main trunk sewer
contrary to the requirements of this sect inn of this
ordinance, shall be subject to all tbe penalties pro
vided in section 1 : provided, that all lateral sewers
tnat are now ount or are to be nereaiter built t
drain property that is not bounding or abutting on
the line of the main trnnk newer nf t.h nitv .hall
not be charged for tapping said main or trunk sew
Sho. a. Any person or" persons violating any of
iuoii"tiuuu,ui mis ordinance snail oe nn-d, in
any sum not exceeding Fifty dollars nor less than
Twenty dollars for each and every offense, and be
eonnned in toe county jail not more than ten dajs
uur loss buttu uro unB. .
' " ", c WM. NAGHTEN.
-i r.-ttti : President of the City Council,
Passed Oct. 5.1868.- .' . .
Attest: L. -E. Wilson, City Clerk. : ,
. oots-dit - . a ; ' "
1 ON. Holmes county. Mia-sissioni. will -tak
notice that Marshall F, Davis, of Franklin county.
uiiiu, uiu.uum -obu asT or uotooer, ins, nie his
petition in the effise of the Clerk of the Court of
Common rleas within and for aid county of
r rauKiioana oiio unio, cnargingtbe said nan
cy Mavis with willtulabsencefrom the petitioner for
more iun iu,rejrari i-si pa, and asking that be
may be divorced from the said Nanoy Davis, which
petition win stand lor bearing at the next trm of
saiavyuru. uu u xia auer six weeks from the
Ootober 8th, 1868. --"
l i ! ' - ' MARSHALL F. PAVIS.
' A
SPABROW WBIGHT, Att'ys. ,. cctS-WSW,
inff DfttvfMn tDA nnraara.nAfl. J al. as
name.of Voswinkel and Kampmann, has this day
been unsolved by mutual eoasent. ;
All persons indebted to uid fi.,n in ni.. u
iu u. .iu, uusnei n.ampmann.-who is
authorised to collect outj4fi,nHinv ..j
persona having claimsagainst the said firm will also
please present them lor payment to said Charles
..,r? yM. yoswiNKKi,.-
1 Columbus, September 11, 1868. ooi5-r
', ,,.. COAL. -T.
ALLEN, , Aeent. ,
NE.-iS at his present stand.
i,No. 135 North High street, -1 ;
and will take orders In both ' CAMBR1TM1R
HOCKING-COAL, which he is Mepifed Iti jell mi
the loaeermarketprroe. " fOAeU at
P"U attention paid to Shipping.
if if
. : -i -I-
NEW G OCtlj'S !
3 1 y. . i
IT ;
1 A j
-AT" "
31 - I
Plain and Striped Silks,
Velours, Changeable Serges, '
Poplins, Chenes Empress Clotbs,
Pvplin Plaids, for Children's Wear.
Lyons ..Velvets, Js
Seal Skins, ;.
Astricans, , , . V
' .. Velours, . .
: ' Mohairs, &c
Of Every Style sad Variety
' ;' : ! -va- ..-v T - -. ' "- -
V- -:- ' ' :'-IN- i ? ' :
v. ; ' ' -- '
.... .-I -- ; ,
,'. . Wool,
'-:' r"""rr"Long and
. Sqnara
i . ?' ' !' '
it 1
A full line of
'' ; In great Quantity, ; , '
t i 5 t S
-. 1 ! nut 1 '
Sl.-it rr..--'
,t t ..
250 iVND 252
ui '
LessH AWMakaM..MR. J. W. LAKERR W.
The above popular plae, y wvmmat. wof
FOR A ShMsu(s6u
MONDAY 1TENI1TG. OCT. ttrs, ista.
Sf AdmiMkm. 60 and SS eot. .Dopra open a ,
fM: oommoDce at S o'clock. " oetB
Comnaencio-r Tneaeay Evealnc. Oct.e.
Grand, Caniirarwvn,gi, a Mirtk'1 and
' . . THE GREAT ,-
Catirornia Illusionist & Champioa Tentriloquut
tire change f programme -replete with new
and beaatiful features, including the wonderful
Li'i' g Head, and beautiful Growth of Flowers. - -
One hundred elegant and costly presents will be
tiven away every night. -.'.
Admittance. 25 coots; Reserved seats. 50 cents
Doors open at T o'oloek, to eommence at 8. - -
j ' BAD IFX Jtf ATIItEE J. ":
Saturday afternoon, Oct. 10th. when every child ia
the audience will receive a Handsome Freaent.
.'Admimioe to Matinee, SS cents. ; .
oot3-i7t-r ARNOLD JONES, Agent.
'A j,-Con",!l r.te .Careless..,...,;"
'The body is a machine and parelessDeu ia its nan
agement is as sure to lead to evil result as careless-
ness in the management of a steam engine.' let
the last thing that most people think of is the pro-
teotion of this delicate piece of the Creator's handi-
work from the subtle causes of disease by which it
is surrounded. It is no easy thing to repair the
system when in ruins; bat there is no dimoulty in
f rtifying it against-manyof the dangers to which
it is . exnpsedV Guard against imthm dtbOUf.'J
At the first symptom of this forerunner of more se-
rious ailments, sustain the flagging eaergiea with
regularly and persiseotly. until vigor is thoreughly
restored. It creates an, appetite, promotes or, it
might as properly be said compels the complete
digestion of the food, regulating the secretive
tion of the liver, tones and invigorates tha bowels,
improves the condition of the blood, and gives firm
ness to the nerves. Upon a system thus strengthen'
ed and regulated in its important functions, the fogs
and exhalations of autumn, pregnant with the ele
ments of intermittent and remittent .fever, can,
make little or no impression. Whoever supposes
that fever and ague is an unavoidable evil in cer
tain districts, at this season of t :e year, is sgregri-
ously mistaken. As effectually as a diaught of cold
airis shutout by the closing of a door, this com-
plaint, and all -disorders of a miasmatic type; may
be prevented by the use of the BITTERS. When
sickness can be avoided by a means so safe and
simple., .is it not tbe merest- fatuity to -neglect tha
proffered antidote T Regarded either as s prevent
ive or a cure for dyspepsia, biliousness or intermit
tent fever, nervous disorders, general debility, or
constipation. ;ot tbe bowels.: this pore vegetable
preparation stsnds alone. .. .. '
maySSdeod&wly-cw-K '., .. , .. --,-j-v.--r-a
Cristadoro's f Hair X Dye.
uia ratner rime taaes many a, year- (,
- To turn to white dark colored hair: ,
But instantly the EXCELSIOR DTK
Brings back the tint that eharxs the eye; '""
' - And Nature owns that cunning Art .
. ' Can her own living hues impart. ' '
Cristadoro's Hair, Preservative.4
Oh, how beautifully glossj your hair locks of late,
Maria. -TesJulia, ainoe. I have nsed Cristadoro's
Hair Preservative and Beautifier. say hair bat im
proved wonderfully, and stopped falling out alto
gather." . .. ,. - - - f i t ( -rf . t
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress-
ers. , Manufactory No. 68 Maiden lane, Principal
Depot No. S Astor House. - ' ...
peNY-julS-dAwly-om ".u
AlIcockTJdrous' Piasters
Where one was said a few year ago,
: i a tliouaand are aold now.
They strengthen, warm and invigorate the part
upon which they are applied., and relieve nervous
affeetiona-ei -the- bowels, rwrnbagor pains of tbe
side, and usoally all local pains, aifeetians of
tne Kidneys tney are or great service. .
Lamfl Back,1 . - .
- . . v - , Naw Toax, Nev..18. .
T. Allcock k Co. Gentlemen: I lately suffered
severely from a weakness in my back. Having;
beard your Plasters much recommended' for cases
oT this kind, I procured one. and the result was all
I could desire. A single Plaster eared me in a
week, i ' ' ' - ' , ; ' ". ',. : .
Yours respectfully, :'. J. G. BR1GGS,
- Proprietor of the Brandreth House.
, Principal Agency, Brandreth House, New York.
Sold by all Druggists.
peNr-jul6-dAwly-cm . . . -
"To Owners of Horses." "J
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic. Th
need not be. Dr- Tobias' Venetian Horse Lini-
ment, in pint bottles, price one dollar, will poei-
tively cure every ease, if given according to the di-
notions, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cats. Galls, Sprains, Old
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat., It is no new
remedy," but of SI years standing, and approved
by the first hoi semen in the country. Col. Philo
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has nsed i
for years, and recommends it to his friends. Or-
ders are constantly received for it from the Racine
Stables in England. It has stood the tert of time;
no one baa ever tried it but continues its use. Bee-
ollect to get Dr. Tobias Venetian Horse' Liniment"-"
in pint bottles, and take no other. Sold by the
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United
States. .Depot 10 Park Place, New York. ri..,
reKT-juia-dAwly-om " ' ' -" ! ' " "-"-
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway. Beer
iigh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himseli
k a series of years to the treatment of certain nri
v&ie uiseases. ne may nacensuiteo at tus omoe-.
Broadway, near the Exchange Bank-
may31-tf . j
HOIITH restored in four 'weeks. Snceess
restores manly power from- whatever cause ari
sing; tbe affects of earlv pernicious habi'S, self-
abuse, impotency and climate- give away at onee to
this wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (whieb are very si mole and re
quire no restraint from buaioess or pleasure.) Fail-,
tiro is uupossioie. on in,.oouies at c. or loar.,:g.
quantities, in one for 9. To be had only of tbe sola
appointed asent in Ameriear- H. Gbritkiem- sns
econd.Ave.. New York. - f t-
IfANHOODH-MW Mm,- fmt.l
The "Medical .1 imes" says of this work t "This :
valuable treatise on theeause and cure of prema
ture deoline. Shows hnw health ut imnaiMH lhvnu.k
secret bases of youth and manhood, and bow
easily regained ' It sives a elear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and euecta ox
nervous debilitt. and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
reoeipt pi ss cents, by addressing Doctor uustis.
No. SSNorth Charles street. Baltimore.. Md,-,
vra- may vo-o i-r - .
Palmer's Lotion Tbk Gkbat Mepiciki "fob '
thb Skis, enres without fail every kind rf an.,
sightly eruption of the face, or itching, or irritating
or distressing cutaneous disease, on any part oi the
DHil ,r
splendid Hair D is the best in tha vnrld
the only true and perfect Dye y harmless, reliable
instantaneons ; no disappointment : no ridiculous
cinta : remedies the ill etteetii r ttmA dm,'ini,.
orates and leaves tha Hair aoffc uul hMntir.1 ailmj,
or brou. Soi l by all Druggists and Perfumers :
and properly applied at Batohelor-s Wig Faotory,
u. iw uuuu su-eoL. . iorav, "Pur apns dawlv ...
'v' "'' ' c thi citt or jiw Tea.- f'i t
lVo. 336 Broadway. -
Capital ";0nc: JHillion.DoUars.
Dabips R. Manga- Prae'tV jA8.MsEB.nx,'Seey. '
Receives Deposits and allows FOUR PER CENT.
on all Daily Balanoes, subieot tocheck
at sight. Special Deposits fox nix montns ormore.
may be madeat nve pero.u . vW y, vnm
u:ii:n. rvniLn ia divided among over 600 Share. -
holders.ooBjprising many gentlemen ef large Wealtk-tr.
and fioaocial experience, woo are also personally - ,
liable to eeposirore ior au uwuieaiiuH oi we vooi-,,. i
oan.v to doable the amount of their capital stock
A.th. National Trust CompaBV reeeivea deooaita
in large or small amounts, and permits them te be "
J,..n m . vlul. er in D rt hv hank afcl.hlua ,
wl,hnut entire, allowing intereai on .11 d.ilw hu.
u, na.rtiefl tbroDJlhout thai AnanlfTMn kwn . n - -
counts in this Ins itution with .pnoial adsantasjos '
security, convenience and profit. - "
rm stT-juio-attwom . i ,, - . , , ,
. . . Attorneyi txt JUei-vr. -w-)t-
11. (i'llil UJllO 7'l ;

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