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Clerk of -the Court St Coxmoa-Flea--
for ProeenlTnt JtTlony.
' . ELI M. ilS LB.
T e r ' . . f. ....... . - .
- n rvi .uv...j - . -., b
unnicAi TABiAj-Prspared and
Vnnfh Hiarli Btreeu . iLj-.-.i : -l '
THURSDAY, Oct. 8. 1868.
r Wait!."? ' ! Bewrte.;,,TtornMtef,
f- ,. ....... H M.i, . " H.M
Pnn E;e.-.-i ; M i Sun. 8et..'V...V,15 3
, .1 v
OTThe weather yesterday was nncom
fortable and chilly.
L.nr,...;t o
13T We are compelled to omit our Fash
ion reports this morning. ; '. , . ".'a
r-flnr traiftantra are of ODtnion that
there la to be an immense yield of the cel
ery crop this winter.- s.
tsfThere are said to be 250 seeds of red
clover irffc bound. Y64 can'efthe believe
ll,orconniioryoursei. ... ,(, jj
t3F"It may show credit to contract debts
but II they are of huge dimensions, wen
contract them as much, as possible .. K - j
t3T", Some men nobly served their coun
try by dying on the Held of battle.' Comly
wonUl serve it bv dvlnjranywnere; t :t
tW Reliable rumors reach u's which will
gratify" eery. family, jand fireside, .that
buckwheat cakes will be cheap this win
ter. nm'J n?v i utroii (
t'Revenge' -is- sweet Is the
suzeested these shilly mornings' by
sight of half, frozen flies too torpid to buzz
orbt(evs"i' (s-. i ..-m i
jy john-Miff was the, on ry galoot be
thm Mavor vesterdar. He - was ; fined
$5 and coWand4i default went Vx Bin
ner's Rest.
Grapes will keep ffesfi until sprlno;
if cut with a piece of vine on eacn side ot
the stem one end oated Vith Vai,"an3
the othjrlBieHfcl int a of ; Wattert J
S"The jtreat epicurean question now
being discussed is whether it is more, genr
feel to Jjpaw com-from the cob or cut it off
with a carving knife. We go for both.
ft-CSidfio ealculatbr. lnesma'fng
the salaries given to American mlnist rs,
arrives at the conclusion that the price
paid for a sermon, taking this country
tbrough-aSBniy threeeents apiece-'' J
t-Do not be troubled because you
have no great ' virtues.' God made a mil
lion 8jrtrs of grass wliere . he-made ae
tree; and our earth Is fringed and carpet
ed not, with forests bat with glowing; gor
geous grass. ; g.ia :' ;'.r. r-'
Maktino. This incomprthensibie illus
lnni8t$ad another house fulj Jast .ttigtV -Of
el) ghted spectators Some --of Ms tricks
ar j inexplicable and wonderful. We have
already spoken, of bis great; powers. a a
ventriloquist. Go and see blm. ....s;
Thk Match Gamc of B a ' BAitThe
match game ot base ball betweert the Riil
road Club, ot this city, and the 3nla Club,
ot Xenia, played jesterday. resulted in a
disastrensllefeaj: to trie former, by a scbre:
of 4 to 32. Only two Railroaders were play
ing. NATURALiaeD.r-' Maurice rEvans and
Thomai "BaxteW natives- of Wales iW . F.
Bancroft, a native ot England, Patrick Ca
faall, a native of Irelarrd.-and William
Schallert, a native of Switzerland, were
naturalized 1efore the Pro'bate' Cbart yes-1
PaNiTENTiARtf Arrivals '."-Ori the ,7th
and 8th Inst, three prisoners' arrived at the
Penitentiary From Mercer county John
Stofer arid Henry Gilbert; "horse-stealing,
three years, each.
FronvAdamacounty John. Reed, bur
glary and1 larceny,' four years."
On ttIa- Ljnb; A" romantic pair In a
nelghbonag town are blessed with a num
ber of daughters JThex .eldest - is galled
Caro line, the second Made-line, the third
Evange-llne, the fourth Ange-llne. When
the fifth made Its appearance? no name
with the' proper termfnatioa coulfTiLbe
found. At length mamma poiiiicVd upon-
a name'very popular there,ria forthwith
the baby was called Crtno-'lpieJ v
DANCiyo- Soaoot-tProf. Plnoeyth
popular teacher of dancing, has returned to
the city and will open a class In dancing
at Ambos Hall ton the first or'Uovember:
We saw Prof. Plnney";oii the "street yester
day looking as hearty as a buck; He will
open a lass.fbr jayeqlls 6a Saturd ay, .Oc
tober 10th, at Naughten Hall to? be 'eon
tlnued at that place until: November 1st,
when It will ba transferred, to Ambos Hall
for the remainder t Ihe seawjnv ;!
SoMETHtsa-' os BAFcE.i-iAriy; pne - who
rememogra ftamMek'a treatises on "gar.
den sass," will call to mind the dried apples,
gooseberries, esculents and succulents used
to eke out the resources of a1 boarding
house tab.iawinter. everjjhinjrthat
can oe presses into sucn aucy win m m
active demand. There will be' rid dried ap
ples or peaches In fth' market, - and those
over wilt bln almost any price demanded'.
For this reason Hie, common pumpkin will
attoiaatyretofor6 .nnknoyn,4ij
Hobk Thief Captuked. w. H; Ruck
man stoUhisBetworth 20ft .from Rjlin
Dysart, of Truro. townshipjDnTuesday
night about 3W "ft'cfocki On .Wednesday
morning about 4 o'clock he was -'met "by
Jjhn W. Elliott at-Alwai vhOj' knowing
mac jKucicman' naa jxo nqTsvjijais own,
and doubting- if anyone- wuld lend him
one, questioned '-hrit pretty closely as" td
how he came by.'Fauldg Viv 9tl4
factory replies, he' arrested-him." Before
the Mayor yestetayvJB6!bkmarj 'pleads
guilty, and In default f 6rXTbaias sent
to castleTSarhart. '' ' " " ' :
-- ' ' " v" . I ,n
if . K C'.-i t . r.t ,: . A ,n ; ,
Affuctkd.-Ai farmer friend, Mrho bad
often spoken 6f the fine form it a certain,
young clS cousin, waspn'j m'f'eeht'trip
shocked fit her- condition upon- returning
from one ,6f enieasld4 resorts! jShei, was
bent oveivand- seeni4d to be -1n paw, at-
hn.,rh titer1 face . looked;- as .-.".pretty,, ami
heal thy a ever,"- cabled the tenlioii. df
his wile to her, and then tor- tne n ret time
learned that the cbroplalht th fU pmi was
tmnhled with was the "Grecian behd'eol-1
ic" or, as some term it, the Improper elr:
Bam. okth 96tb 01'. A8s6orATio.i.
A most dtligbtMAccaaioaiM tha-ballof
the 95th O. yaI,AsseclaitiOB l !
Hall last nlgnt. xne Deauiy oi uw
was tbere,"and with brave men,. naea who-
WaA ared'death' ia-iisiworBi lormsc wun
feet as lighl-iArWJ?"bhsedihe-fleeting
hours until the iwy .flngpfed iai
the curtains oi n xioi,.w b,m-
smile on aleeptag:world.Euoc8o-lie-gallant
bays of tjay rjU
of hppies aao.- mjujtmo--
man be theirs.
imrteplthpVpoceasloB ut-morrow:-.nlght,' 'Ther
1!??-? BoTi wiFrpm a mass,
l-commendatory ,lettejsfrxm the igWpfi,
Genea4 ot flurdtrmlee, lhn whose naansi
are known in everyThoTisehold ip theland,
(ndrwiose repiilatkinsare national; we e! -
yieollowlng extract
i GeMiIFakUI4ayii5A J3V3J0
mn j m tt-v
1zatkr 1 ene of the few which prove AhatTl
iue auiuicruuia sailors or- the vwar ware
uempcraUasiWeU 3 Radicals HaiKsurh
organisatioii been formed and encouraged
In all of the States, I doTnot dosibt that it
wonld appear thaa majority of the tJnlon
soldiers and Bailors now living belong to
the Democratic' party, or do hot belong to
the Ratlioal party."." -.'.
a General Eosecrans says : ' 1
T "I, believe our free Institutions and high
est material interests are in grave peril. I
shall therefore perform .a solomn and re
sponsible dutv to -my fellow soldiers and
countrymen who love .this nation m re
tnan party by stating wbat 1 tntnk the
most vital issues before the pubHc Jn tbe :
approaching f residential election. . , i
AAhrhtrattH nrhop fiiu&Mnnfl y nAtirli tnrpa.
laxation, bonds, greenbacks," or anything
else, stands that of restoring the people of
the Southern States to hopeful, -eheerful.
self-government.- - ' - .w
f'Not, even the prosecution of the war'
challenged a more thorough renunciation
of party preferences and personal dislikes
on the altar or" oucountry than does the
attainment oi ima great gooci..: . - .,-
With sach convictions I hold the -matt'
who would not express and act upon them.
a traitor to himself and bis Country, and
despise the partisan' who would find fault
with any reasonable steps he might take tci
bring about so great a good to the Nation."
General, McClernand says :
"The White Bovs in Blue are closed with
the foe. Thev vote as thev fought. Their
ballots and their bullets ero toe-ether- The
enemy's outposts in Connecticut and Cal- '
iforniaare carried; bis center is broken in .
New York; his lines are shattered in Penn- '
sylvahia, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois..' De
moralization -shakes his ranks. His last
refuge is in Vermont and Maine. Let us.
once more, to the charge once more, aud
the aay win he ours." : '
1 General (Baldv) Smith says:
"All the White Bovs in Blue look to
Ohio to phrce herself right on the Tecord"
at the November election. 1 ';-'.. 1 1
We congratulate vou upon the prosperity
and ' triumphs which j have everywhere
marked the progress of the organization,
and formed a distinctive feature of the cam
paign impressing order and efficiency, en-
cotrraginK and emboldenine the right ana
the true, and-everywhere and off all oecas-
ions 'approving -yourselves thefrlends of
peace, and the observers of law and order.,
Your influence in a noble aud just cause
his been commensurate with yourarneat
efforts in behalf of the rights and liberties
or the people You .are redeeming j the
pieage made in your Uonstttiuion, where
you assert that "we proclaim this a public
organization, open to the people, whose
interests we desire to subserve, and whoee
liberties we desire to protect and defend,
In common with our own.".. j-i -.
Democbats 1 VigixasT. But a ; few
Ldays Intervene between th?s and election-
ay. j Every Democrat in this city-who lias'
the interest of; his'couiitry at lieart,";who , ,
loves the priceless boon ot civil liberty and
hates oppression and tyranny in the innu- '
merabie forms they assume, should devote
all bis ", energies Vto - the elevation -ot.'the
- white "'man by J the election
of ;.th;. Democratic candidates, - State,
county-- and municipal." Not 'an'
hour Should be lost rln preparing .for the;
confiict oji next Tuesday. Gird on your!
armor and , carefullyscrutenlze. . the ac
tions of your opponents, and if any at-"
tempts sre "made to defeat a free expres
sion of sentiment, see i that the offenders 1
are. ; summarily " punished. All ..thatJ iaZ
needeLfaJthis-oity to carry It by -large-'
majority Is to bring out otnrfull vote, and
prevenj; She perpetration.of any'Traudsl)y
oar political enemies-. ., . rr.
Thecommittee appointed for that purpose .
would most respectfully urge their D mo- '
cratic) fellow citizens to illuminate their
residences on to-morrow -night. From
every window let the portraits of the great i
statesman and gallant . soldier you have .
chosen for your leaders be -seen. Where I
you can, especially along the line of march, '
let your bouses be illumined from top to" -bottom.
, The city should be" in a blaze of '
light to-morrow night, for the last grand
effort of the State campaign. - The Repub
licans are making arrangements for a great
display. Lacking numbers sufficient in
this fcounty, they have sent to Zanesville--and
Delaware and ijLondon"and Xeula for .
help. Let us show them that (pr numbers
as well as in spirit, the Democracy of old
Franklirj-'can single-handed and alone,
meet and overcome all the efforts of all the
Republicans of all the adjoining, countit s. .
I - - ". "
rAFFRAYjaT Pltmobtb. An exaggerabd
account of an, affray at Plymouth, Rich
land county, appears in the Commercial and
Yarjoud other Republican; papers qf Oct.
7th, in! which it is charged thaHhe-fight-occnrredvbetWeen
Democrats' . themselves. J
An eye-witness writes that-not over half"
dozen parties were engaged In the matter.
It is news there, of any person haying been
killed y-r norfalIy wonhdi The.qaarre!
was commenced "by "several New', Haven
Republican', bullies, arid Ifeveral MansffelcH
"Boys In BluK" The roughs quarrel where
ever they go, and are responsible alope for,
this afiairwii Blame attaches to peltber po--lilkal
arty, and all' charges of the kind
are for mere effect. , .
ing transfers ot 'real estate were left at the
'Wm.ti Merioif and wife; t: Daniel M."
Akla, SeptJUt, 10, acres of land in Frank'
lih township, for4,50QVr ""J" t" ""
John Knex and wife, to Sylvnus Budd, '
June, 6,! ISffTTinTotsTSTbs;!, 3," 6r8Tl0rl2,
14 and 16 in John Knox's addition to the
fown of Westerville, for $800.
L. Taft aacTWIfe. to fWarrenl H. Allen,
Oct.Jtb,T25 acres of Tahd In Ble'ndon lown
iiirj.lor S2.700.itl, -ioja,lMt: ?Stiuj'
; A.;L.!Brot?4 rfJ ,Uei to VHarreyalt.
Oot.7tri, par,tofpt No. 2 of. Ed wadjCw.
ling's subdivision of outlots -2i and 24 in
Fight FAiRGRsbYeetsrday';,
aiternoon aaucey made np hismirM ! to'
try a stpp-orwo orrthe dancing" floor" at
the f Fair, GJrobnds-arfipDgthe . -white girl's -
and boys dancing there. Hetr was pushed
qm oi cne way once or, j;wice, ana. oe came
quite belligerent.. policeman was called
who, attempting to; take'ihe moke of light, i
fantastic -proclivities .away',-, . found himself .
with a fight obg band.nTne efflcer used his
the gr$uids,-buthoruntil Tie had. caused
considerable excltemertlii''ii-i- Jl IL V .' J
so disfually, draped that while it did not
diminish aei-ictimmea -the display ia:our
ttmrkels; ' Sweet-scented utterjW stTQDg
leaough jtohold It's own at 4Q Jo 45 cents
Per. ppnadw-hUe jeggs were held-at)23 Jloj
io ceriiBiper aozen. , xrjere fwarplepyf, Of
pork, -beef .and . mutton a,t 'prices. sx high
that dealers had to stand on their tip-toes
to sneak ot them. Apples, 61 1 the runt
kind brought 15 cente the half beck, run"
nlnz,,irqm that to 40 cents fpr good ung.
Chicken! old,fronv3,cents , to 35. cents
eacn. ryo ctj, vly"'j. uut,oiner
l.tlA nf Irnit scarce. -
road- then who holt) to the Democratic faith
have'organized a blub kna Will appear , in ,'
will not 'ransack the shops for hand-lan-
terhs, in order to make a fine display, but.
with the several devices they are preparing
and with'lagil$er'wil
the grana Jjemocrawc unyinj
I -i
THIRD DAY. An Immense Throng of Visitors.
Decided Success of the Exhibition.
THE RACES. &c., &c., &c., &c.
While occupied In writing up onr report
of the second day's exhibition, on Wednes
day night, a furious blast of wind and rain
came dashing down from the north, threat
enlng to be steady in' its character, and
bearing on its frowning face only visions
of sad disappointment and vexation to the
rnany friends of the Fair. .Yesterday
morning dawned ' "cold,;. raw .'and cloudy,
with indications of more rain, and most
anxiously was the quarter of the wind con
suited and the scowling heavens viewed, as
the morning advanced and the hours for
visiting the exhibition' -'drew near
Never were human calculations, however.
wlderiof the mark than were those of yes-
terday which saw1 Only prophetic print
ings to "a dull Fair day," in the dark and
gloom and chill ot the early morning. As
early as nine o'clock, an unbroken line of
vehicles of almost every description, filled
with visitors, packed Broad street from
High to the North entrance of the grounds,
and Eastward on the same thorough fore.
far beyond the Alum Creek bridge, all des
tined to the Attractive precincts of (hoTair.
Before noon, one of the largest assemb
lages of visitors was present that was ever
seen inside the enclosure of a County Fair.
So dense was the accumulation of wheeled
vehicles in the vicinity of the entrance
th,t Hj8 found necessary to detail special
policemen-whose sole duty It was to take
ebarge of and assign positions to them
while iri revefy quarter-of the 'immense
grounds moving masses of men, women
and children looked at the articles on exhi
bition; admired the fine displays of stock,
congratulated each other on the perfect
success of " Our County Fair," and ex
pressed the utmost contempt of cold, raw'
winds and gloomy weather in general. The
day had been set apart for the visit, ar
rangements were perfected, and the ques
tion of an early and continued appearance
of old Solon the occasion was one of second
ary Importance altogether." The grand Fair
in all its departments felt the mighty rush ot
the multitude; and' in some cases' ,H was
found absolutely necessary .to place bar
riers In "Exhtbitlon jflall In. order, to, give
the judges" of displays' an opportunity to
examine and pass upon the articles. The
beauties of Floral Hall were lost to hundreds
yesterday by, reason of this necessary,
measure, but wc Jnciine to the opinion that
the entire list of disappointed ones in
dorse' the speech of a barred out lady of
spirit, who exclaimed, r'Never raind Katie,
wejuoill come aqain to-morrow and have a
look at the enchanted palace yet?" We are
confident that the lady,' with Katie.'J wil,!
be there to-day,-and can asure her that she
will yet have the much desired opportunity
of seeingone pf the most magnificent Floral
and Fine Art displays of thdage.n . moi ).'
.The scenes in the Farm' -product?,', Hal;
Domestic Manufacture, and Ladies Domes
tics, wereinteresting IriT the extreme.
Tbousands of cheerful, rosy-facerf ladies
fromtjie producing districts of the .county
promenaded the thoroughfares, and as they
examined the specimens, tils-played so lav
ishly, pf the' .various articles'- peculiar to
their own sphere Iq life, Indorsed by look
and speech the system established by the
Society, and gave. mutual promise of en
tering the lists as friendly 'competitors at
coming exhibitions. And- not alone, In
these special departments wns this same
feeling exhibted.'- On all sides were bvef-
heard congratulations from one party to
another, of the entire success of the Fair
Enthusiasm ruled the order of the ! day,
and the best of feeling was j manifested jon
every countenance. r ,.. f,.
In making our ."grand, rounds", lathe
morning, we met one. of the members of
the established firm pf s1 -,T,. 3-j . ,t
E. & H. F. BOOTH.
Who art exhibiting a'yery, fine .collection
of-buggies, which, for elegance0 of finish
andj beauty of moiiel, cannot be surpassed
in thejWest. " The iputatIop,of this Jtrm
is so well established, that it Is needless to
say ajwoTdrilpt' them; they, have for years
beep well content to rest on their merit.
The Messrs. Booth Lare also exhibiting the
celebrated ""Graham "Construction '"Seat,"
which so happily combines. strengthKdur.a-.
bllity, beauty of style and cheapness. These"
seats are -furnished". ready for ; shifting top,,
with neat "'side, haqdlesr without additional
Iron worki" Messrs. Bdoth. have tbe jlgbt
or manuiacture Tor the United States,'aiid
will furnish them to the trade with tlie as
suranct ot 'giving entire satisfaction
Justly I celebrated, ewlBgj.ilachines are
foHnd In Domestic Hall, and are One of the
principal .featured, pf the ; Fal? , The nia
chines of this Company; and- specimens of
work performed ;by: them have. received
eight first 'premiums. The' machines are
exhibited by. thaAgent Mr. W.F. Penney,
S.rT", 1eec.nl. tt : . t ; ... i .......v
wu. ouiitu mii sixt;u
A wonder in Jtself. attracted large, grpwds
durlnglthe day It ia every simple in: con -
struqtionf ana any ontan sooffjearrj jto
run? it. J The Agency is'Jat No. 155 South,
High street.
is .repreBenteu in- Horticultural nan oy
Mr-iA S. Flln. of Plaihvme Ohio:4 Mr.
Fllnn has now foi sale 15.000" youhg roofs,
and 20,000 cuttings of ,the celebrated''tve';
grape. ;He can b found to-day in-Horticultural
HatlJ I, o Mu. -"
.J;fbunppiae6tft jHaU, aniattracta
' : - 1 - 1
told vaipe ana conyeniencejoine nouse
bold,, rendering as it .does unsurpassed fa
cilities ip ironing dresses,;.sklrts," and,.alj
other mknufactured articles of like nature.
If-b'M heeR,c6nstrvcted "wltlj jan spejtial
view tojtuc.-waDra oi ui jpajisevwiie, ana
most ftdiiir'ablv'does it answer-toe Durnosa.
It occupies batilittle foplApomrkcvJi
ra'bleT handsome and eonveirient; ill a word
so compiele;.is the Ironing able'ia ail its
parw )iuaE no weit, regauiyu uQusenoia
is complete without it." Messrsi Park bo-
JicitjOTdera lor single tables1 afad are pre"
pared tolisp6se 'of State and county rights.
& HParkfpbltimbus.'Q.;
Is exhibited by,MJ'reoriok Wheddomand"
Is :i;he centre of; attrffcUofl among a ia,rge
representation of farmers and corn raisers.
This plow Is simple, durabus and cheapj re
quiring no ond to follow it to cover. It can
be'.attacbeaVjoiany ordlaaxjr. IlQw-"t,
series ot attach meuts remove, clod from
the path of the machine anffpurverfze'the
Soll"'fbr tbe'etieptjon of, the gtalxi: LTM
aanifacljory ii or Fourth street, near the
Zettler House.
Exhibit the Magic vtmtaem pot Regis
ter, as wa reported-JUon-to-fir day of
the Fair. The " Anti-Dust " is a soft coal,
and the "Revolving Light" is a hard coal
stove, which took the premium at the State
Awarded up to the roiosw of yesterday'!!
proceedings are gives fcsUollowg :
Best stallion 4 years old and over, D. J.
Crouse: second best, A. W. Dolson: best
stallion, 3 years .old. IXX. Dolson ; second
oest, ,vt . a. miuou, jDe Biainon, 2 years ..
old. Jonn uoison; nes yearling- sUUion,
Young Brothers; best brood mare with
foal, McDonald & Lcfavor; second best,
James Thomas; best mare, 4 years old and
over. F. W. Renick; second best, McDon
ald & Lelavor; best filly, one year eld Mc
Donald A LfclHVor. j-- A i. .
Best bull, 3 years old and over, F.Swish
er, second, W. M. Bulen ; .best, bull, 2 ,
years old, Gi W Neff; best bull, 1 year old.
W.; Armstrong ; second, Landon, Rugg &
Cook; best bull calf, W. Armstrong; sec
ond, F. Swisher; bestcow, three years old.
Wm. Matthews; J. O'U. Renick, second
best ; best cow, 2 years old; Wm. Matthew ;
second, W. Armstrong; best heifer calf, F.
Swisher ; "seconds Wm. Matthews. L' i
ond beet D. W. Brown; best buck, 1 year
old, A. W. Livingston ; seconl best, J. B.
Gates; best buck lamb, same; best two
ewes, 2 years and over, J. B. Gates; best 1
year old. J. B. Gates; second, A. W. Liv
ingston ; best two ewe lambs, J. B. Gates.
Best heifer, 2 years old. F. Swisher : best
heifer calf, John Dysart; second best, F.
Swisher; best, milch cow, John Dysart ;'
second best, F. Swisher; best yoke of oxen'
Asa Noble; best fat bullock, H. C. Cook.
Best buck, Harlow Park; best ewe, W.
Matthews, f;-"' r ji :f-. .-,'; lJl?D
Best buck. 2 years old and over. Demor-
est & Mix; beet buck, one year old, Dt-mor-est
& Mix; second best, H. Park; best buck
l a mo, uemorest K mix; second Dest, W.
Matthews; best ewes, 2 years old and over.
Wm Matthews; second best, H. Park; best ,
two ewes, l year oia, uemorest s Mix :
second best, H. Park; best two ewe lambs,
Demorest & Mix; second best, Wm. Matthews.
Best boar," 1 year old, W. C. Dill: best
spring pigs, M. Brush second best, W. C.
Best stallion, four years old, J. C. Mc-
Diinri; second, best, J..G. Shlpe;best 3 year -old.
W.T. Reese; second best. D. L Djlson; ,
best 2 year old, W.T. Reese; second best-
James Red; best yearling stallion, J. G.
Kd wards; second oest, John Shin noes; Dest
sucklmr 'stallion," McDonald & Lefavor; '
second best, Jesse Neff ; best mare with
colt by her side, G. W. Williams; second
best, N. S. Vincent; best mare. 4 years old
and over. H. Berry; seeorid best, C. E
Phelps; base rilly. 3 years old, T. Phelps;
second best, W. E. Ide, best filly 2 years
old, T. Phelps second best,-G. Salee; bestri
yearling nlly.AMcuonam K ijeiavor; .sec
ond best, J. B. Stewart; best sucking filly,
E. Dili; second best, G. W. Williams.
best landscape, in oil,' J. H.. Witt; second
best premium recommended to G. -Schaf-nanser;
best specimen fruit painting, in
oily Mrs..V. E wing; best large plain photo-..
gntfjua, tiaoiei n.iijnu; ousi, un cuiureu mu-.
tographs, J. II. Witt; bst water colored
photogranhs, Baldwin & Stevens; best In
dia ink photographs, Jasper & Baker; best .
card photographs, not less than ten, James
icmott: lpst specimen penmanship. K. iv.
Bryan; best display of pictures, J. H. Witt.
Two.- hund red'andit wel ve-entries . irtthis ,
class. I The following premiums were
awarded: Best half bushel Neshannock po-..
fatoea, John H.' Bender;1 3hdtwellv!:F. ; l'
uean; reach mow, doei jbaugnman; jtiiriy
Goodrich, George Whiter-Buckeye, F. B.
DeabJ Cuzoo, George White; Uarnet Uhlli,
WilliaiAsi'Forekn'ifeedirng.'sariiei Fluftess,
same, HarrisoW George Wh4ef Erfrly Rose.N
Heurv M. lnnis; Dest sweet ' potatoes,
H.. W. Oiborn; best peck onions, H.
Mi" Iani8t'M tomateesv'o E.rHt Merion;rf
Lima ibcaos,. W. R. Spragne, (.half peck)r r
Valentine beans, ..U. M.,InU;turn.ipvS.
Cook;i best three heads cabbage, W. B.
Hardin: best six parsnips, ii. Kidenour;
turnfri beets, John Jaw toug blood beets,
H. it. ,Oibotn;: radishes, s- Jacob -Arnolds-vegetable
oysters. W. R. Spraguo; marrow
squashes, John Naw; winter crook neck
equates. Aiex-.w tuiama ; seea aucumoersi.
Charles Osborn; green flesh melons, H. M.
Innis water melons, F. J. Kruuini; yel
low flesh melors.iW' K.jSjnaguefaweet-;
pumpkins. H?M.. Inhis;" half peck sweet"
corb, H. Ridenour; quarter pound hops, E.
Corner; half peck pepperW. R. Sprague; .
uest x, ai.
fruit or.flower paintingwaterool-j,
ors, M. L. Swayne; best crayon drawing;
Miss K. Walker; best case-prepared birds,
C.P. Landon; best wax flowers, Mrs. D.
M.Brelsford; best shell-work, Mis's'Saddie
Breyfdgle; best leather work, Mr8vT,Tay-
lor ; bfest hair work, Madame Blehfr' best-"
cone work. Miss Bellie Kalb; bestoruarnen
tal work. S. Bobbins. ' '
in .harness, 'free to aU','$106, proved the
great feature of the day. Long before the
honr for starting the entire grounds on the
westof the track were densely packed with-T
j L -A- kl i'L 'A
luousanus ui mteresieu speciauors, who pa
tiently) awaited, the pigna which should
give them the opportunity of looking upon'
t, trotting race for th&fire )lne.and berej
If not before, it was made evident to all
thq4j Oie Fair gjoUndsy'were literally'
throng'ed with multitudes of visitors.
The following were the entries: "Flo-i-a,;
brl tfaT ft - Borgce! Perry ; (nny
Browni s.' 'm,' 1 ty Wal'ter Brown,' and'
"Daisys" s. m, by.T. Liigh,.,-. ,.,A
l Prevfous to the race, Flora seemed to be
the general favorite, and-many of her
f rlendsj annouaeed -themselves willing to
backTier against the field, but we did not
hear' of takers. A v!ry irettytftt1
'was mad.e lr the' first tteSt,'wich die broa-pj
mare i"ph4h4 lhsiae ortHeftrack," Fann;y
Brown.secoB d,'ancrJ"-' Daisy"--eil the but-!-sldeV
The contest was really between .
.'i Flora-" and " Fa'nny Brown," ''Daisy,'
manifesting ar'fliSposlCioh -'to break, and
thereby falling fg behlod from the start.
'i-. co.naneat vvas aiowt a repeUtloo-J
of the' firs an4-waa won 6y
2-48ife ! , m..rft -r.hx-:-:-'-) . .5i)itup lo
The thlrdjheat was ao exciting one and
was closely contested by Flora and Fanny'5
Brown.V In the Second heat,the last' nam
ed mare gave good promise'to" her iriends,
and by winning, the thved .heat, succeeded
in gaining many new ineous wuo con II
dently pred icted, her success, in the, race-Tlme,2,raT-4
A 3
1'rhe fourth beat was also wes-by the sor-
rekjnar in &.oi.
r(nwu unoMQuwuf kuu TccrtiTLcu in juvor Oi
Fanny rown, with the race. Time 2:5lJ.
. Thfs jSomtng at? ld'O'cfocl fhererill"bri
ajdouble-teanroridrie mile ahd repeat f'
free to all, $50 first, and 33,'eeorrd premi
um.' At 2 o'clock this afternoon there will
be. a rdnning race mile heats; fostonisea
OI any ae, to cairjr iwu puuuys. uuj
' : .flil'AJ
Statesmaili I jBee bsL a com-
rnunlQatfon fn the Moirninq Journal, that a
fellcAr',nmerl, ! slgsihlm(rrit?.,ll'
. M . . r i . -
Hudson, :clafmg"f 6 TiaVc once been res oecta- I
Die uy pByin tuaii ub unu ueeu memuer
of the White Boys in Blue. Now G. L.
Hudson is either mistaken or telling a de-liberate-lalstjooljliK
Say inafio the public
that which Is not 60. I have the rolls of
the regiment in my possessionrand have
examined them, and find that his name is
noJt and heverhas been, n thje roll! oF the
brganizatlohr a"nd" consequently "he has
never been a member of the White Boys in
IBlue. pjf' GP-EiSHhdsoa'has faHen'inlSo'pair
company by joining the Radical party, no
ojepat.hfmself is respomflBJeJof U.X
Adjutant White Boys in Blue.
'Tm-HuDspir Cisar GAntAltnoughr
ttte game-Is; nolwajrtl hl candle, can
not pass the card ot George L. Hudson, as
pointed in .ve8terday'sCCcumaZ, that people
may see what manner ot man he is. In one
paragraph, heay a he was iSavwrnln-y4
(lIarrwt'CaaaiiWnotheVI willmg t&f
be qualified again to some of his state
ments. As he took -the' following obliga
tion, If he was sworn in, it will be seen
that he is aJteady gujltyif moral perjlifrj
and is proving' fiimSelt to be suian who
holds his honor very lightly
j ?'I, George L. Hudson, In the presence of
i these witnesses, do pledge my honor as a
soldier and as a man to . do all that in-nie-
hes for, the? advancement bf the principles
ot tnis organization; tthat lwlll obey all
lawful commands ot the Viflieers elected
over me, and use my best efforts to induce
soldiers .to join with me' in the sfreafwork
of preserving intact the Unibn of our fath
As the organization is not a secrtt one,
and as its. declaration of princlpleskfvere
known to this fellow, he is not much of a
man to violate the above obligation if he
took it. The White Boys in Blue still wish
'ng to save his reputation, say he did not,
and that he never signed the rolls of the
active members of the organization. If
they are right he has not told the truth
if he is right he has violated his honor and
Is a deserter.
y, M. F.Lawsor's Card -In -tha' Journal
of yesterday is a Card signed.-,by W. F.
Lawson, withdrawing from the White Boys
in Blue. On the street yesterday he said he
had not seen the Card until about 5 o'clock
last evening; that.it was . written- by- Joha
Doren ; that he would still vote the Demo-i
cratic ticket, and the like. He joined the
Grant. . Tanners on . Wednesday night'
though. " He told the Tauners that he had
been discharged because he had determined
to vote the Republican ticket. The truth
oCbi statement appears below : ' - -
Messrs. Editors: A report has been
circulated by a man by the name of Wm.
t . Lawson, that I discharged him because
he would not vote the Democratic ticket.
I did discharge this man Lawson, and these
are my reasons: Last week I gave him an
order to the store for $3, and he took the
liDerty ot addinsr a nsure 1 in front of the
8,? thereby making it -$13,' an A drew the
money on it.j 1 don't ask amnn h.s politi
cal opinions when ; I hire hlnvand it he
suits me I don't care-what his political
proclivities are. I think he" is a very good
riddance, for we don't want such men In
the party. He has gone where a 1 such
men take retuger It would -be-a gnod-idea
tot the Rids to ship him up In Bill Gib
son's District, that he might vote tor one of
Attention. Officers of the first regi
ment of Hickory Sprouts of Columbus, you
are hereby ordered to meet at the Oho
Statesman office, this (Friday) evening, at
T o'clock, for the transaction of impor
tant business. , By order, . trd'
J. B. MILLER, Com'dr.
Jeffersonian Guard Chanticleer Tent
No. 1, ..Jeffersonian. -Guard,, will, meet
promptly at 7 o'clock at -DnfTy's' Hall,' ort
Saturday evening, for parade. Torches
and 'badges wfll'-be-furnlshedEvery
paember is expected to be on hand.
i ? Q 11 f By order'ofhtejs.J
-Mocking Birds. Just arrived, a splen
did lot of old and young-Mocking Birds,
warranted to be singers, and on sale for a
few days only; at' the Eagle Hotel, 204
South High street.
Chas. Espich, of .Cincinnati, r
il v J "
The Finance Committee-appointed to
make; arrangements for the Mass. Meeting
on Saturday evening, October 10th will
et kt.theNeil House on to-morrow mor-
ulng at
ten, o'clock. ri -. '
Mystic Park.
BOSTON, Oct. 7.
The NatirniaT TrolttneTalr at Mvstlo
Park 'closed tb-jay with a race for $2 000,
foraU horses tha,t never beat. 2:24. - Seven
horses were:entered and Goldsmith Maid,
Geo. Palmer) .DrattovvPrince and'. George
Wilkes trotted. The first heat was won
by George Palmer, in 2:21 . and the three
succeeding ones nv Goldsmith Maid, in
2:23, 2;24'and 2:27. .George JYilkea.
second lulhe three last heats. The first
sr. hpara rrhA tirsf 1
horse got $1,500- and : tbet seoand $500. A
large .crowd was present, and the fair has
been a great success. o O O.? v w V-
Bosh Reports for Effect on Western
Full returns of the town elections are" re
ceived; Of the I3 towns that -voted'.n
Monday,- S6, are-clearly .R-epubJJcan, 69
Den) oo ra tic, and 7 divided.; : The Republi
cans gain the entire registration boards in
11 towns, that Were Democratic last year',
and gain a portion of the boards in 5 towns
that were where, wholly. Democratic last
year. (The emocritts gain Ule registration
boards in 5 towns that were, Republican
last year, and in two towns that.were par
tially RepuhlYean.and the boards in 2 towns
that were wholly, Republican.last year, ,t w-
HARTFORD, Oct. 8. Trial.
BOSTON, Oct. 8.
-Tbe trial of Martin: closed to
day, resulting in a verdict of guilty.' On
the, counts charging: Uim'Witri : iiavtng
made ifalse.. jeotriea f $.10 000 each-to
the deaic acooumswoC-tha-Ftrst-Nattonal
ba.nls bf Northampton, Mass and Augus
ta. Maine, with intent to defraud the Hide
and Leather bank, and to deceive the Pres
ident of the. Leather bank,, but , cot guilty
as. to the courts alleging an intent to de
fraud the Northampton and Augusta banks
The case will go to the United States Su
preme i Court . on' 'exceptions, taken to the
various realings of the courts. '
BOSTON, Oct. 8. Railroad Election.
BOSTON, Oct. 8. Railroad Election. CINCINNATI, Oct. 8.
H The Istockbolders-'bf-the" Ohio-& Missis
sippi ralrroad-xompanyTneia tbeir annual
meeting to-(Jay, 4nd elected Cthe following
directors: W. JJ. tinswold-,-. W. AIsop,
WV H. AsDlnwallV Allan Campbell, B. W. J.
Odell, F. Salacbardti Wm-Wblte- Wright,
Jr!, A. H. LrwiSr WWiSoorboreugh, Lazo
Anderson, John Ross, Li li- Parsons and
Samhel GatBs.-iiiw ,y,fir. .: 'ni
At asubseouentmeetinVof the directors
the following cdficera, were elected ;. W-D.
urtswoia, fresiaent; A. h.-lewte,"' v ice
grtdent Charles:.- Cone,:Treasurer
Hammo;nd,";Secxetary ; Samuel Tre-
Dor,rvo.ssistantr secretary: f. van uusen
One hundred anc! fortv-two thousand
two niingrea. ana
ninety-two votes were
Gen. McClellan.
The procession ia honor of.Gen..McClel
lan to-day was a splendid ovation. "The
weather wa'eobl' and blusterV. with oc
casional .showers, notwithstanding whichi
the streets along the published route were
filled with spectators., some of whom wait-
Jedmitielntlr from two MnVlock until nearlv
Tj i r,i TTJij , ' 1! - ,
uark. A lie procession was iwo uours pasa-
ing.,a given point. jii reaoniua; tne uon
tlRertlal; Hotel Gen.-ifMcCtellao reviewed
the line from the balcony and the assembly
rapidly dispersed.,-,,...-,.;.-' ...:, ...,,!t lo.
i; iuij i i i i it ,rujJ!i,"
Canada Items.
The scliooner.Sil P) Walte' wenfi ashore ha
Tecumshrreet' yesterday. -It is feared she
will frn Co nimpd.; a4 r.hf spa is rnnni off too
high to do, adythinj: towards .-getting Jieh
.lux- r a ' o - - -' ' - -
bark Arabia, of .Klngstdn loaded
with wheat, went ashore ' during thetgale
this mornihg-beyood. east' pier. , She has
two feet of water ia her. - ,g: si i iJv. ;
if HJ !' -
John Q. Adams.
GREENSBORO, N. C., Oct. 8.
John Q. Adams passed through here yes
terday on his way South." He was met at
the depot l by"crtizens ot "both races. He
was introduced to the people by Col. J. T.
Scales and made' a speech.- .' -U i. i
Nominated. WORCESTER, Oct. 8.
The Eighth Congressional-Wstiiefr Re
publican Convention to-day nominated
Geo. F. Hoar for Congress.
Kyyw "HJiwiirV miliar
Protestant Episcopal Convention
General Prim in Madrid, Spain
&c., &c., &c., &c.
Louisiana—A New York Tribune
Louisiana—A New York Tribune Lie Exposed — The Reported
"Slaughter" of One Hundred Negroes
Disproved — Statement of
an Officer of the Freedmen's Bureau.
waALue,e:cPrs?f the opinion sne num-.
Lieutenant Lee, of f he Freed men's Ba
reauj who was sent by Major HuteMngs,
In -charge of the Bureau here, to investi
gate: the troubles in Opelousas, reported
this morning that the immediate cause of
the outbreak' was a personal1 difficulty, be
tweerf.the editor of , the Si.Landry Pro
gress, a Republican paper, and three citi
zens, growing out of an - offensive article
published, in the,; Republican,' paper.'!tThe
editor, named Bently; who was also- school
teacher, was caiied.;;' A report was iiiirne-
Bently. had been killed, and couriers were
thereupon'dispatohed to arouse the'negroes -'
pn the plantations, and in a-Tery shorf
time' they were flocking, .fully armed ta
Opelousas, and appare'nlij' fully-organized '
and prepared for such an occasion. Bev
eral bodies of negroes vfere met and.disr
Ipersed by the efforts of sensible and mod-,:
rate! men both. colored, and white,-. who-
had jicqnainted them'selyes 2wlthr the true '.
facts Regarding Jiently.1 .. ..
, ! OnA body, led by a . negro,who . called
Himself Captain, refused to disperse when
ordered to do 86.-' " -
; A flzht ensued. In which two' nesrroes
were killed, and four 6r five were wound
ed, two very severely, and a' number of.
horses belonging to tne wnites tinea., The
negro who caiieu nimseu. uaptaia was
killed, Eight of the- negroes were cap
tured and lodged in jail, and the balance '.
dispersed.,., . - :,' n --..,..
The orders issued by the eity authorities -
for disarming nezroe, were executed with
some difficulty, but effectually, and the
arms belonging to the negroes are bow in .
the hands ot the authorities ot Opelousas,
and the parish is now pertectiy quiet,
uer ui casuaibics wtiil curu i,uiii,ji,h tua
negroes, lo some Instances, resisted the dis
arming, and had to be overpowered. ., Bent
ly was the only white Radical who suffered,
and be only In the loss of printing material
and the caning he received. ; '
Lieutenant Lee reports that quiet has
been restored, and everybody pursuing his
ordinary vocation No further trouble is
apprehended. The white inhabitants of
the parish outnumber the blacks. .'. Armed
mounted patrols are, however, kept up. ,
juuring me excitement, wie muiensi ui
the S ti Land re Proqress was scattered and
portions- destroyed.- A white ' man was
killed by three negroes,,who were laying
in ambush. The negroes were arrested,
and killed. ..Another white-planter is re
ported to have been shot -while1 sitting In
his- house.,- The troubles existed in the
parish; of St. Landry,, and the , adjoining
parishes are perfectly quieted. '
-'Lieutenant Lee-, reports he could learn
that bat two whites were killed and ight
or ten wounded; live negroes were killed,
and fifteen or twenty .wounded, , . i
How the New York Tribune has
the Above.
NEW YORK, Oct. 7.
A New Orleans dispatch to the Tribune,
dated Hie 6th, states that three men under
took to chastise Air. Bently, in Opelousas;
in presence of his school. Bently 's friends
interfered, when be persuaded the latter to .
go away. He, then had a warrant issued .
for the arrest of the assailants. 'Before the
warrant was executed, a gang of armed
men commenced slaughtering the negroes.
The New Orleans Bulletin states that one -hundred
nesrroes were killed and wounded.
- The Office of the newspaper Progress was
gutted, its type and presses thrown into
the street, and Mr. Duraud, one of the edl- -tors,
lynched. ' ' - " - .-...
A New Orleans dispatch pf the 5th says
that: Hfteen Republicans and three Demo
crats were also killed at Shreveport. Armed
patrols have possession ot the country.
Earthquake in California.
Three distinct shocks of an earthquake
were felt at Silver Mountain, California,
October 6th.. The atmosphere was almost
immediately atterward filled with smoke.
The Kerituck Minins: Company have de-.
dared a dividend of $20 per share, payable
on the loth lnst. ; u , -;i c , - -. -t
Arrived Asa Eldridge, from New
Yorkr ! . . "-"'-"
;- Cleared Fleetwood, for New Tork, with
33,000 sacks -of wheat?' Alaska, for New
Yorkvia. Mazatlan; Herald, for- Boston,
with 27 000 sacks of wheat and 3,000 bar-'
rels ol llauiibjyQrd-Fistvfor-Cork, with
ajtWScRsol wheat.
River News.
icr cloudv and cold. River 4 ieet
8 inches and tailing.
D. D. Banielsbn, of DanieUonvllie,,..Con-.
necticut,'was' found this morning in: the .
rear of, the railroad depot here, drugged,
robbed! and insensible-. . Ha win BrohaJjly:-
Run Over.
ia thi'cityriast nightj attd jlied soon aftet.,
Street Robbery.
BOSTON, Oct. 8.
A boy' was robbed' (5n the -street yester-
day of-$200 and several bankbooks be
longing to his employers, by a ruffian who
threw-snuff into the boy's, face .aud then
IrnrutlraH 'him ilAmn - - - - - - -
Thaver'8 tavern and out -buildings and -
several cattle were burned last niirht. Loss
ten thousand; Estie's block. In Framing-'
ham, containing the postofflce,' assessor's
office,. and several small stores, was burned;
this morning. - -
WORCESTER, MASS., Oct. 8. The Ring.
'The prizefight between George Seddens,'
ot South Boston, and Thomas Eeilv. of
Philadelphia, for $1,000, took place this
1 . i.
founds were fought, occupyJngjneTiDJir--.
jmu vwouty-eiifni oinutes. eddens was-
e ViiHpBqth Vtra-KvaeijllMuMrjMi
Left on Official Business.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8.
Id " United .8tat.M:inaimniaitinnp(r iUmoV
Paris xWbitloni left for -Ear pelWi'.S
dayj ln thCnbar ;offlctar,.14eWif'o.
rjecxed with the' Government, wuh wili -be
prinoi pally condncte W 'Vittt,1 'VTeifmv1'
NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Knights Templars.
concluded their -MnMten(6n-?t'"'j
terday by election; -and mstarlation of cJHI I
cferS fQrthe eusuiiig.yea. rw?w,s
The Governor.lwifepier,ttonla and
Durkf whowere.to jhave been hangei to
morrow) .tor the .murder -of MisT!J'!tetiH
Hicks, In --Westcheatef ,!coiinty,t'tw4;Ve4ra'l,,,f
agof until ;Vie. JOth; tVemberV''
Judge Chase.
. !TfieTimesf and Tribuaeiiepitch statrs
that Judge Chase hasicome out in favor of
Grant. ..i s k . ,.;! tfrm
General Sherman.
. written- to the
thorities for mere troops to aid in subduing
the Iodian,:WarriorsA ila . t it kx
plain bitterly of the tedious delay a to bsmImiT
ing reinforcements, and to state that unless
he is promptly furnished with the . trooMWil
he desires, nothing can . prevent - wide iiM
spread and' disastrous series--of -'conflicts'1'"'
with the discontented" tribes.
'Weston, the pedeitrian,"completed his
task of walking one hundred miles in 224
hours, yesterday. H left. Ryo station a.:'.l
little before 12 o'clock noon- havlng-orily ""1
about 64 miles to walk, with two hour to"
accomplish It in,' and arrived at the Oram's
wanaom'hotel, White Plains, 10-iane'l
ahead of time, having walked the entire ln,
distance in-22 hours and 19 mlnules. He
was received Jy a large 'gathering ot elti-j
zns and -persons Interested In the result,
who had gathered to weIcomehlm, and to
whom "he made a short " ''
Gamble Poisoning Case.
, The Gamble poisoning case- was-eontin'-'"1
ued on Tuesday and Wednesday; 'Margav,'..
ret Wlnther, the German domestic, bfSmt,,.ii
further examined.. Ouring the proceedings '
adifllculty occurred. The counsel 'for the-'!,?y'i
prosecution - advised---the': Interpreter, tOr.ViO
thrash the counsel for the defense. ' A nu :
lict has not yet been given
The Turf.
- The first race at Jerome Park to-dav. foI'0.'
91.400, one and . three-quarter 'miles, was 'o
won by Fennock's browa-iLllv.- Tiuie-k. .
3;lCJi.. 09:11 i" .... r'ff
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
The second day's proceedlngsTot .th7.'ii
Prote.-tantEplscopal convention opened the--'
morning at -Trinity Chapel 2Gth -street,-
with prayer and morning services. '
The Convention was called to order at 11, ,1'".
o'clock, by Rev. Jas. Corick, i D. D. of --i
Kentucky. Tiie minutes of the Brecsdlnsr
dav's business was read and, approved.yrm?-,!
xne secretary announced the appoiHt- ab
mentof different committees.---it,
Rev.- Dr. Cooper Meade presented a pe-J.';'
tition from the new diocese of NebrsskaNio
asking admission to th Omventioo. t Kev.
D.-Littbjohn, of New York, - spoke eld''l.hm
?;uently. in behalf of the same petition. '
deferred ta committee on-Kew Pinrnse. i i
. ine-nev.- ur. Aaams presented a me
morial praying lor the passing of such
amendments as may remove'the obstruc- .
tin to canonical legislation adopted iri '' 1
1789, article fiveot the consUtuttonv so fart "
as it refers to the reception of new dioceses. , .-s
and to adopt such laws as will hereafter
expedite Jthelriformatlon.-'i; Referred", to" '' "
committee on JewUioceses. e:.P j' tA.
-, Rev. Dr. Mahan. of Maryland, presented T
a memorial from thet)Iocese Of Maryland: -V-
regarding the jurisdiction'- of provincial
courts of appeals.; .Relerred. to-tcommltteeI
oh Canons. "' 1 , ' i
Rev. Beni; J.Safgh'f ewYorkfpfc;0
senped a communication iasIring;tletlea-'",
tlon: of two new dioceses-in New Yarlc tyl
State, one to be Composed of the.. counties i ,
forming Long filarid, and ihe other 6f. the .
several counties lying north. 'bf'Columb'iaV
Green and Delaware countle.t Relerred V;hT
committee on, New Dioceses. . '' t
Rev. Mr. Haigtie alsd presented a Aemo;
rial asking the passage of a'permlsslretsarr'
on authorizing .a, federate council if dir'jo;
oeses in one or mora States, wih' power to , j-..n
each -to -eombine- with 'others J for'
defense of their common interests, -and Irii'-"
augurate such epterprises as the best eoad-K
of the church may seem to require. Refer- if
red to committee on Canons. r 'a , '- ' -''6tl
,Rev. John T. Wheat, of Tehbesseej'ipre-','-'!i:l-'
sented another memorial from his coastit-
uents, praying for the removal of restrlc-
tionsto the formation lof new dioceses ex-1
Istlng In article 5 ot the Constitution. ' Re- a"i
terred to the committee on Canonsvi-, . saT
: Several other, memorials in relation toj
the, 5th article of1 the .Constitution, were ,
also referred. : ,:." ;i n i ; n lulii.ii isnnmul
Rev. John Crosdale, of Maryland,' pre-. iii
sented a, memorial asking cousent for-a3lJ'r
new diocese in Maryland. .Referred to the
committee on Dioceses."' ' r-f i.-otnxl
Rev. Dr. Joseph Cress, of Texas, presehtV
ed a 'memorial praying that some provis-,-J01q
Ions be made for a more speedy' division of
dioceses which ;are now too large. '1 ' Refer 'x
red to the committee on Canons. - ':- -(!)
Santa Anna.
; A' Havana dispatch says: Santa Anna ,
has been ordered to leave the Island for
reasons yet unknown to the public;- "''I
- The Wormnld and O'Bfldwin prize fight'inf
is declared Off. .;. u; r, tl0
The Spinola Scandal.
case against the-,
wife of Gen. Spinola for striking a woman
named Gill, was discontinued this morning,'4"3
the Gill woman withdrawing the -charge1
A very large crowd .was In Attendance exry,
pectin g scandalous developments if th
trial took tisu ', ' -
The boiler of the 8teamag'Vihleexpiod-?C8'7,
ed this morning.? Two of, the .-crew weTa"
blown overboard and drowned. ..Captain t-jjgj
Kees, eriglneer, Nlc IjOvern.'two' firemen.-
and two deck hands were birtly i scalded- n3"!
The vessel sunk. nLoss $10,000; so ijuan
Closed Up.
Superintendent Kennedy to-day .n
placed offioers in front of jewelry sia- -,;
dlingi establishments on Fulton street, to "
prevent recurrence of their swindling ope-,f"s
rations. One has already closed np In con'
sequence .,, v..,;. .r Y:,it'l
The Parliamentary Elections.
The Parliamentary Elections. LONDON, Oct. 8.
In lour boroughs the workingmen's can-
dldates nave been brought forward forelei?. 9fl
tion to Parliament, -with favorable chances' a
of success. Gladstone . bas probably been 'tool
defeated in Lancashire. South, but will be. .
chosen from Greenwich. . With one or two ' ,,
exceptions, the liberal candidates oppose1"''
the Irish Church bilL ,;-,,: tuctjuiU ooi9baII
Gen. Prim.
MADRID, Oct. 8.
amid unboun-
ded- eutbusiasm. on the part of the crown ia
thestreets-." Many people were crushed to.0-
"death. I Deputations, from various' cities,
soldiers, i sailors, citizens ' and foreigners,
escerted him to the capitol. it)B:,iu.iiL3
Rio Janeiro.
PARIS, Oct. 8.
- Later Rio Janeiro dates state that tbe"al-
lies ciaimeu.a yiciory over, iopesj Augutt-ol-
ac is reponea tnai.ne leu pact-oij
expected 0 appear 'soon'. The ' Amerlcau
gunboat Wasp has goqa to Asceiiifiiohl oAoma
Excitement at Havana.
Excitement at Havana. NEW YORK, Oct. 8.
, A Havana-: fetter 'of 'the 3d ui'sf.., states ,
that the exoitement there is irttense lo phi!;
tain new from Spain-, nothftigj-beingflJ"
lowed to come over tbe)'rab)e.TJicr-:rao
rumors of trouble at Prinpipe. ..Itiis stated-i
that the Captain, General desired to leaye '
Cuba for Spal MfntnCierer the1 'gnVern-"
ment ot the island the Spanish-'Admiral,1'
nut the latter declined:) it, Ualso tcatosba-lbw
that one or two prominent aval officers, jgaa
are under" arrest 'for ' expression of opiiu'on,. r
,n public tnattersu bu
Excitement at Havana. NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Latest from Spain.
MADRID, Oct. 8.
The Provisional Jotital'has issued ?i de1-
ijree reducing by onerthird the tariff on all'8
Imports. Don Juan, cousin of Queen Isa-t to
tellaT'ias resiened his pretension to the-,
Carlos; i
Gen. Pavia suffers severely from his
vnunds, but his condition is Improving,
and it is thought he will recover.

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