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C. f. FLOOD, I
1 i ! I 1 '
RATITItl.'- MOBKHO. - - -
. OCT. lO.
Hrrrl i. RAHUFT, ofCuvar-ors
Bt UN M J "
J ' ffera w:: nVui'K. r.f MonLrontery.
t i 'W JACKSON, of Miami. . , -i r
Jiff' S'ilSAic VILLARS. of Mien,! I
2lh - M if DA' I1. o' nrimit
Th V. rWPLKTON. of Delaware,,,,. ,.,
Ww - -JOAN At-RAaMt. f mwfc, fcu; ,.5
p s-oi.l.FTT. of Licking.
,S5 ' c W PATRHJK. of Tuscarawas I .j
17T "l . . . m a.' TaT a U . tiummit .
mh1- :SfT"wROBABbi.-l
I Trumbull.
Democratic State Ticket.
-' for rrmtm rvrwi-' '- ,.
WUL.CI E. F1NCK, ! Perry.
-io . : ,J-6 SO BOOL CtfJfinBSlOKBBv ... .! . ;
inil' J. KIRKWOBB, . 'eases.
... i' ' -fob ows d 8UPB cotot. '.;'
johb niWEBB.f
- -,
Jll - f j ' ;- . .'t
.--. . i Pwentb, Cosgremonal District J .;'
m frsla-B-MsWWMeRM'' n.;
Democratic State Ticket. The Black Test.
"7 fo solemnly twear that I accept the anil
not to l attahptto deprive any person or permits,.
on account of jrgce, color or previous coiidUioti,
of any poli'icaf or civil right, privilege, or bn
niMty ehioyetl. by any other class of men, Sv
htlp me 1 Sod." Southern Badical Carpet Sag
A Radical that has Stuck his Foot
in it-Wants the Election to be
The" SpringMd has
llttra Bense,! ft ever- possessed,; iflndeed -ft
ever had any. Its' leader 'of Thursday A
demote t to the repeal of thj law of the Rid-leal-
Legislature, which eave students, at'
tending College, no matter In what part ot
the State they resided, the right to yote At
the place where the College Is located thus
giving men, whose friends are able to send
him to a boarding school,. righi. that are
denied by 'the Constitution' and ' laws to
otoje'r citizens. ' .It says ViTT? 7 .f. j;7
1 "Happily lor the student there is a fun4
damenul and higher law.in the State thaw
passed the Democratic ; Legislature, that
will protect his franchise. The Constltu-'
tion of Ohio declarer that --every white
male citizen of the United States, of the
agaet twenty-one years, wbo .shall have
been a resident of the State one year next
preceding the election, and of the town
ahrp. conntT or ward where he resides, such
time as may be provided by law, shall have
the qualification ot an elector, and be en
titled to vote at all elections.' The Supreme:
Court declared the Democratic law to mean
nothing more than this Tirovisioi; and the
student of the Constitution lor a short time
wearing, Democratic, shackles, is again
tntj la iU i 6ijSiii.'iU
It In in this very clause of the Constitu
tion that the repeal of the law allowing
students to vote when absent from their'
homes, was based. The student, it be is a
resldent"-that Is, j. his home is at the
college-where he Is getting his tuition has
the right to vote in that township; but If
his home is in another county or township,
he must go to' that home to vote. So it is
with the laborer; If he goes to Springfield
to work for Mr. Thomas, no' matter how
long he stays, he cannot vote if his home
i in Urbana, or Dayton, or Columbus, but
roust go to the place he calls his home be-
fore h an vote. -The law places the rich
student and the poor laborer, who Is forced
to go abroad to get work, on the same foot
ing. Yet the .4foertir complains of this.
But this Radical sheet proposes to nulli
fy the law, and to make Students vote at
the election 'next Tuesday, whether
the law 'allows it or not; and so, in this
manner by ' polling Illegal vote?, Mr.
Wit. ass, who le now a tlittle frightened,'
may be elected to Congress. The Adver
iisertsyl - ' ' ,
" It la possible that some of the Derooc
lacy may have the effrontery to challange
the student's voles in this community on
n-xt Tuesday. We hope every student
will remember that the Conatitution of the
State and the Supreme Court are on his
side. That they will all go to the polls
and refuse to answer every question that
discriminates against them as American
citizens. Cast their votes if permitted, and
if not report the fact to the Central Com
mittee, whom we hope will see to the pros- ;
edition of all Judges refusing them votes.
T-By this advice, intended mainly for the
negro students in Greene county, where
everything black has the right to vote, the
Advertiser will get Its friends into trouble.
The man presenting himself to vote, if
he refuses to answer the questions pro
pounded to him, even If be be a legal voter,
will find that the law compels the Judges
to reject bis vote. - .''- - -i
The man wbo offers a vote, knowing, as
the students to whom the advice is given
do, that tbey have no right to vote, are li
able to both fine and imprisonment. -
The 'Advertiser advises these Students
whose legal residence is not at the College
where they are being educated, to vote,
and this makes the editor of the Advertiser
liable, under the law, which says that "any
person wbo shall procure, aid, assist or
counsel, or advise another to give bis vote,
knowing .that, such parson" is ''not duly
qualified," the punishment of such of
tense lg imprisonment "in the county Jail of
the proper county not more than nix
months, nor less than one mou th." . ,
.. That Is the way the Election law of 1841
treats such men as the editor of the Adver
tiser, who proposes to set aside and to nul
lity its provisions. His dupes, it any one
is foolish enough, to take his advice, and
himself, will .find-tbat the time is not now
when laws can be nullified, even to elect
Mr. ; yriAN8 to Congress. -The attempt
nay' end In trouble by bringing its pro
visions to act upon the person of the edi
tor.'1 ' ' v. ' ' .: . .n ' ' L
Good News from Philadelphia.
From a letter written by a well known
and reliable gentleman from Warren, Pa,
we make the following extract:
"I am soouring this section of our State
Great changes every where.--We will Kn
largely, from the Susquehannah to Lake
Erie. J speak knowingly' of this. J feel
confident of the State. - Our canvass beats
them by 10,000. Our canvassers cannot be
mistaken. Tbey have done their work
thoroughly. What will Ohio do ?"
What will '-Ohio do? 'Ohio will -do like
wise, only a little more so. Eds, Statesman.
Grant and Stanton and the
of White Boys in Blue at
Tfc.e f War, Epwin M.
Stanton, is now stumping Ohio for Gen.
Grant and abusln&the Democracy for be-1
ing id sympathy witn tne late reoetiion
and with being parties to the crime of
starving ttre prisoners at Andersonville.
JJThat ren, themselves zuilty of crime
'wlHlT Wer to escape detection, charge
the crime oh others, is a fact of such eouiinon
Occurrence that it has passed into a proverb,
and the "stop thief" cry is imitated by
Mr.STANTON,,' t,,.;v f,.,,. vt rr i
j Time and time again v Albert G. Brown.
k United States Senator 1 from Mississippi,
has charged that Edwin Ml! Stanton was
a secessionist just before the war com
minced, and that be (Stanton) gave him
(Brown) aid and comfort by counsel to go
out of the Union, declaring the right ot the
States to do so, and assuring Gov. Brown
that the cause of the South had his high
est sympathy., , Ed wis M. Stanton has
never dared to deny the charge, because it
Could be proven upon him.. So much for
sympathy with the rebellion.;,;: . ;i
j .When the brave White-Boys In Blue were
starring at Andersonville and. other pris
ons of the Sontbi and the Confederate Gen
erais, because they bad: no means to. feed
them, "were anx ioua for an exchan ere. a sin
gle word or line from Edwin. M. StaKton
would ' have' procured their discharge a
single word from General Grant, nay, if
Gr nt and Stanton had not prevented the
exchange, L these , gallant soldiers ' would
have: been returned to the army and to
their. friends. But these living skeletons
were not to be thus returned GRANT'and
Stanton could not afford to swap well men
for dying ones, and General Grant, who
would not have dared to do it without the
sanction of Stanton, gave an explicit or
der against ,the exchange. ... ,. ( ,
i , A. .correspondent of the New York Tri
oun,.Mr. Albert D. Richardson, writing
to that paper during the time, placed
the brand upon Stanton for preventing the
'exchange.,.. Since , .its publication Mr.
Richardson,, who was a prisoner in- the
rebel army, in his work, "The Field, the
Dungeon and the Escape," page 417, says:
! , "The Government held a large excess of
Drisonera, and the reoe.s were anxious to
exchange man- for man; but our authori
ties acted upon the COLD-BLOODED
NOT RE ENLIST.': ;i . r n : .
: On page 457 'this Radical author,: in
speaking of the graves of Udon soldiers
at Andersonville, says :
Those; five thousand loyal graves will
ever remain: fitting monuments of. rebel
cruelty, and ot the atrocious inhumanity
ot Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of" War,"
who steadfastly refused to exchange these
prisoners." iu- v ,-: n i, (,...
It is right that the men who put forth
what the Tribune correctly characterized as
the ucold-plooded theory ot Edwin M. Stan
ton, Secretary of War should support
and make speeches focfien. Grant, for the
facts given below show that,ln this "cold
blooded theory" they were as united as the
Siamese twins are by t lie ligament that
binds them.
The exchange of prisoners, was, broken
off by thts'letter fjrp'n)' fjen. Grant to Gen.
Bctleb;;;- T.t.-...,. .it '?!)-; .::- . '.,,
Washinqton, 11 f. uf ARril 14, 18G1.
,l Major General Sutler : :.: .V:'
u Your 'report respecting' 'negotiations
with Commissioner Oulrt lor the exchange
of prisoners of war, has been referred to me
and my orders. ., . . ...
" Until, examtnea Dy me, ana myoraers
thereon are received by you, decline all fur-
tner negotiations. . ,
U.-B. URANT, Ait. 'jen.? :
In AngnVt. of the same year, Gen. Butler
telegraphed Gen. , Grant that Gen.' Ould,
the rebel Commissioner of Exchange, au
thorized him to state that they had not suf
ficient lood, to prevent our. prisoners from
suffering, and offered, to exchange 20,000-
man for roan.vi i-i.-.y ,.n ': ; ..'.!!:- .' a.'.:
General Grant replied . m i
" It is bard on our men in Southern prisr
ons not to exchange them, but it is humilii
ating to .those left in the ranks to fight our
bfettlos, as everv man released on parole or
otherwise becomes an active soldier against
ns at onee, directly or indirectly.' IF WE
This refusal to exchange the sick, wound
ed and suffering Union soldiers in prison
at Andersonville, may. have been "good
policy" on the part of Secretary Stanton
and General Grant, but, to us it always
seemed, as it will doubtless strike the read
er, heartless in the extreme. Ot course
Stanton, supports Grant. Tbey are hail
fellows well met.. , ,
The Radical Organs in Cleveland.
The city ol Cleveland is blessed, or cursed,
with two Radical papers, one called the
Cleveland Leader, the other the Cleveland
Herald, which, like Fob.net said about bis
two papers, are "both daily.":, Thev are
ultra Radical.. . i
Occasionally these sheets attempt to
draw a notice from the Statesman, by
yelping at it as a silly puppy barks at
a locomotive. The character of these
sheets can be seen by the following :
Early in the war, after David Tod was
elected Governor, and before he was in.
augurated, Uavid, tninktng he had, as
Governor elect, almost omnipotent power,
refused to Jlow the Herald to be carried on
the Mahoning railroad cars, because it was
a " treasonable sheet." -, -i
Within the last year, Benjamin F. Wadf,
United States Senator, and acting Vice
President of the United States, declared, In
his own choice language, that the "Cleve
land Leader teas the d dest meanest paper in
Are not the Cleveland Radical sheets
beauties in their way one, in the eyes of
David Tod, "disloyal," the other a meaner
paper than the Journal of this city.
Who Sent the Lying Dispatch to
the Chronicle.
. A special telegram from Columbus to the
Cincinnati Chronicle, bearing date on Mon
day last, says of Gen.BLAR1s departure from
ibis city:. . , ;. , ". ., ' .
"At the depot he was injudicious enough
to attempt another speech, in .which he
took occasion to say that the object of the
Democratic party was to uphold constitu
tional liberty and preserve the Government
for white men.! He was disposed to reit
erate the assertion that Ohio, Indiana and
Pennsylvania were sure to go for the De
mocracy, the reckless character of which is
due to his drunken condition. The truth is.
the Democratic candidate for Vice President
is quae lull ol whisky, and he shows his intox
ication disgustingly.
Who is the author of that Dispatch, so
villainously false and slanderous? Mr.
Nash, the regular Telegraph correspond
dent of the Chronicle, denies it on his part
for he was not la the city, and he also de
nies in a published card that it was either
written or transmitted by the agent he left
to fill his place during his absence.'
Who, then, wrote it ? We. feel anxious
to unmask the ly ing scamp. , Was such a
Telegram ever sent, or was it manufactured
out of whole cloth in the Chronicle office?
Will that paper rid itself of the infamy of
this gross ana unprincipled slander by giy
iug the name ol the author ?
ELECTION RETURNS. All Hall, Connecticut-The Good News
ELECTION RETURNS. All Hall, Connecticut-The Good News gets Better-Great Democratic Gains
ELECTION RETURNS. All Hall, Connecticut-The Good News gets Better-Great Democratic Gains-The State Sure for Seymour and
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinati Enquirer.]
HARTFORD, CONN., October 8, 1868.
The election news improves, as it becomes
more complete.! There Is no longer any
doubt that our success has been great be
yond our hopes or expectation's." We have
gained every where,' tod lost nowbere.--The,
Associated Press dispatches have been
partial and untruthful, and evidently got
ten up to order in the interests of the Rad
icals. : Our total gain throughout the State
wiil foot up five thousand. , Oitragf regate
majority will be not less than C 000 to 7.000,
and In November we will increase it toIO,
000 for Seymour and Blair, i: s'-ii"
: Connecticut sends greeting to Ohio and
Indiana, and hopes to hear good news from
them next Tuesday,: If the Democrats of
the West will only do as "well as their
brethern of the East have done, Seymour
will be next President beyond a perai ven
J. L. S.
"Have you Heard the News from
Maine, Maine?"-The Truth
Kept Back.
.Full returns of the Maine election are not
yet in, and will not be until after the October
elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.
The Augusta (Me ) Standard gives the re
turns compiled, from the returns in the of
fice of the Secretary of State, which give
the Radicals 19.449 majority.- Twenty-sev-ea
towns and plantations to be heard from
The Standard nnderbtands that plantations
that gave heavy Democratic majorities will
not be counted just yet awhile. In the Rad
ical returns, Aristook is put down Radical
eight hundred and eighty-seven majority,
The Standard says it has really given one
hundred Democratic majority; This thim
ble-rigging with the returns is -to influence
the October elections. : It Is an easy way of
making Ilarge ; Radical majorities not to
count. Democratic majorities. Cincinnati
Enquirer. ., ; . .. ;.. ; .. .
A Radical Editor who Thinks he
Knows Much is a Know-Nothing.
The New York Mail,' a Radical sheet,
speaking of Gen. McClkllan, says : . ' ,'
"We'know what he will 'say if he say
anything in public whatever. ! We know
from personal knowledge of Gen. McClel-
lan's sentiments ., , , .
.VWe know that if ho enters the political
campaign at all he will enter it upon the
side oi urant ana uouax."
'The letter of Gen. McClkllAn to the
Democratic meeting in New York puts this
slander of the "knowledgeable" man that
edits the Mail most effectually at rest. He
says:. ' '' ' '' ' :' " ' '
"I. gladly avail myself of this opportunity
to express my continued hearty sympathy
wicii tne uemocratic cause, ana my ardent
wishes for .tne successes ot those constltu
tional principles lor which the recent war
was undertaken by the North.' Separated
as I thus am from the distinguished soldier
who has been chosen . as, the leader ot our
opponents, I know that you will agree with
mem the nignest respect ior tne services be
basrenaerea our country: out it is mv
conviction tnat tne measures oi tne party
which has placed him in nomination are
but continuations of strife, and can never
restore peace or constitutional supremacy,
and thus complete the work-which he and
other brave soldiers so ably commenced.
The war was only the first epoch in the
history of the struggle in which we have
been so long engaged.
The work ot the soldier ts, 1 trust, for
ever ended, and it remains for the people to
mini tue great ohiec ts ior which they or their
sons and brothers, were called to the field.
"A restored Union of States and .hearts :
an mvigoracea tjonstttuuou, to oe nrmiv
and faithfully supported ; the maintenance
ol the national credit inviolate; a re-establishment
of national and State rights in
all their integrity and thus true harmony
ana a lasting peace these are the objects
tor which every citizen should now strive:
and, believing these to rest in the success
ot the Democratic caiise, by the election of
the eminent statesmen selected to repre
sent tne party, It is my intention to sustain
thatr.ause as a private citizen. r .
with the request that you. will convey
to the gentlemen of the 'committee, and
my other "friends for whom you act, mv
sincere thanks for the compliment they
have paid me, I am. most truly yours.
It is of such stuff as the assertion of the
editor of the Mail, thai Radicalism forms
its only; hope of electing Grant. Their
converts are) all of the kind Gen. McCi.EL-
lan Is no converts at all.. , I.
Which Horn of the Dilemma will
they take?
The usurpation of power arid the tramp
ling of the Constitution under foot, is well
shown in the following' from the Panola
(Mississippi) Star. It says:-
The most palpable iarce of this age we
noticed in- tbe Clarion of the . 2Sth. , A.
Ames, in a proclamation, signs himself
Brevet Maior-General U. S. A., and Pro
visional Governor of Hissisippl.' Under,
the Constitution, which we have sworn to
support, one of two things is certain:
either Mississippi ts not a ntate. or Ames
is not Governor I Which is it? Who can
answerf ;.. ; ,:- ; ; ; : ,
If Mississippi is nota State of the Union,
then secession, against . which the : White
Boy's in Blue fought so gloriously, and.
as they thought so successfully, is an as
sured success, made so by the treason of the
If Mississippi is a State of the Union, then
Brevet Maj. Gen. Ames, who styles himself
"Provisional Governor of Mississippi,"
and exercises supreme power in that State,
under the law of a Radical Congress, is a
usurper who ought to be brought to pun
ishment for treason in usurping power,
confided by the constitution of Mississippi
and of the United States, to the people and
to them alone.' Is secession a success or are
the laws of a Radical Congress unconstitu
tional and the acts of its officers treasona
ble? Which horn of the dilema will Radi
cals take? ,
The "Journal's Amusements."
The Journal of yesterday, publishes the
following under the head oi "Amusements."
"Four prisoners in the Cuyahoga county
jail were detected a day or two since in
preparations for breaking out. They were
Dan Green, confined lor grand larceny:
William Sharp, counterfeiting; James
Trimble, horse stealing, and one Roemer,
b irelary. The men wereioctea up in cells
Several gunsmith's saws were louna and a
file." .....
" Mrs. Robert Henry Hendershot, wife of
the Drummer Boy ol the nappahanock.
gave birth to a son in this city, at 1:15 P.M.
Wednesday. Mr. Hendershot is a resident
of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The newly ar
rived drummer boy is a handsome little
cherub weighing eight pounds, and his
name will be Cleveland Hendershot."
Cleveland Herald.
'"-Tuesday evening a township officer
from a. neighboring town came to tbe
Cleveland police lor help in recovering his
daughter who nau leu ner uome aoout a
week before. The father was in great dis
tress, fearing that his daughter had gone
to a house ot ill-fame In the city. A ser
geant of the police went with him, and the
two vhvting a notorious bagnio on the
Haymarket, the daughter was found there.
The fither offered, with tears in his eyes,
to take back his erring daughter, and she
consented to go back to her home, and
abandon tbe Hie of shame upon which she
had entered." . ' '" i':
Radical Principles Carried Out.
. A fellow by the name of Hawlky, who,
we suppose, calls himself a white man, and
who is a Radical candidate for Congress in
Illinois, said, in a recent speech :
" I would take the negro by the hand and
elevate him up to the same level with my
self; yes, tellow-citizens, I would elevate
him even higher !"
It would be well to elevate such a scamp
in tbe manner that Haman was elevated for
conspiring against the Jews, whom Grant
denounced as a class on account ot their re
ligion, and expelled from his command.
Radical Principles Carried Out. The American Flag-The Difference
Between the Two Parties.
W e give below two political articles jr)
the American Flag the flrst from the
Radical, the second from the Democratic
stand-point. We commend them to our
readers as expresslve vf the aenttwentrvf
the two parties that are now In the field to
rule) the. .Republld 'and $b tnaintaio the
honor oi the jStar Spangled Banner the
interests Of the people the' preservation
of tbe Constitution and tbe gloryand tne
prosperity, of the. Union as oor4 fathers
formed .' iti Thei Radical -address to' She
American Flag was originally published in
the New York Tribune, and we jjive it as
republished and altered in' that Radical
sheet of February -2C, 1864, nearly one
year before the war ended, and at tbe time
the cloven foot of i Radical . Disunionism
began to show itself. It is as follows : : :
i;' i ,- .;;.!:,-,, I
''' -- E-.'i! ' -:-.-''
i:f -''3? i-.'fi .-"his; ! . :,
' AH hail the flmntint Lie !
' ,i'ii,,'i'bS,8?arT'Plend dim '
! , The Stripe" are bloody scars.
. i- .r -,: A He the flaunting hjmn 1 - li .
: ; It -bielda a pirate', deck.
'" Jt binds a man hi chains,
;'. And round the captive', neok -i ' .j ' i
Iu fold, are blood stain..
. B-i .. .. . . i 1 ilf, ,
Tear down the flanntln Liel ; -:
i Half-mast the .tarry flag I
Insult no sunrjT sky ' ' '
. : ith Hate's polluted rag!
Destroy it, ye who can I
,. Deep sink it in tbe wares I
It bear, a fellow-man --
To groin with fellow-slaves.
' , Awake the hnrninc scorn
' . ' I'he rengeance lone and deep, '
i, r That till a better morn -
. t Sbali neither tire nor sleep,
i !,: Swear oice aaain the vow. '
Ky all we hope or dream. .
. That what we suffer mw
, 1 Tbe future shall redeem. . 7 '
: - ! , ' ; -: - ' - : - -
i ' . , EnTari the boasted Lie ! '
' '' ''"; ' Till Freedom live again. - '
: With stature grand and purpose high
'- Among untrammeled men !
, -: -. i EeU up the starry .hern ; , : .
Conceal its bloody stains ; ,
For in its fold, are seen ' '
;I j. The stamp of rusting chains. . . :
The Democratic address to the same Flag,
which we publish below, we clip from a
Democratic exchange. : It is as follows :
Restore the e stars! oh, let them shine
... . Upon our flag tis.n, , . . . , .
And let them, as in days cone by,
; i Gleam o'er the land and main.
We want no ninti'ated flacr.
Where dismal blanks may tell
That orbs which once hone brightly there
nave oaae its tolas tareweu.
Hf,! they shall not be stricken from '
, i nat constellation orisnt, . ,
: And, like the wandering Pleiad's fires, "
Bo quenched in endless night-
' i We'll set them in their place again !
I ! : : Of glory and renown;
'"'And, like those oirolinc round the pole,
' (!:; They never shall go-down. . , . j; . . ,
I I'" Yes! they shall ever glitter wh'ere :j ' :?!
1 -,- - That motor flag's unfurled, . . i
, And be. with all their kindred stars,
: "' ;- The hopo-sura of the world. ;
:;;!!..';,,'.!..;.. : : i ,-.:,,;;!:! .
Colnmbis, wipe awa? thy tears; . , -'
Thy flag shall bo restored. s
With not a single stripe erased, ! .
Sot single star obscured. .
Anl it shall float in ample folds,
And flaunt the breeze in pride, ., . ,'
Who. e'er thy vic'or-legirins tread, .
, . Or conquering navies ride, -
And erery heart shall leap with joy '
To sea i bat flag once mure '
Triumphant wave o'er land and sea, ";'
As it hath waved o Tore. . i
The readers of the Statesman will .not
find much difficulty in choosing between
the sentiments of the Radical and Demo,
cratic Address to the American Flag. ,
- Four and one half billions of dollars
was the cost of the rebellion' to the Na
tional Government. Journal.
. Why you ass of all asses, there is not that
much money, gold, silver, copper, green
backs and bank, notes all included, in the
world. t Do you kuow what a "billion?' is
Mr. Journal It is a million of million,
and multiply this amount by four and one
half and you get a sum. so terribly large
that the human mind can scarce conceive
its magnitude. ' " ,, v''..
! Because one of the editors traveled in
Europeand says: "We aw do things
aw different aw In Italatey aw,"
where cockney French Is more frequent
thaa the English language, the nincom
poop takes the French billion a thousand
million ior tbe English, which is a thou
sand times greater. .
A Crime of Force and Fraud
' Under the head of "Republican nonor
and Honesty," the Bevolution calls attention
to an editorial in the Spingjield (Mass.) Re
publican, telling how., the negroes of
Georgia were tricked by their white Radi
cal friends. Job Johnson, Harris, and
others.. Says the Bepublican:
! .. "The original draft of the present Con
stitution of Georgii contained an article
making all qualified electors eligible to of
fice. - This was rtrock out on motion of
John Harris, now a Ridical candidate for
Congress, by a vote of 126 to 12, the 12 be
ing white men. .Afterward an article was
adopted declaring the Georgia code and all
laws adopted since January, 1861, in lull
force, except as to slaves, and by .this code
negroes are excluded from office. The ne-
groes in the Convention did not know what
tney were about, or course, out tne white
men did, an 33 ex Goveri or Brown soo
after referred to these proceedings of the
Convention iu a public speech as evidence
that the liauicals ot ueorsu aia not intend
to establish negro supremacy. The white
R.idicals who were in thU little game
thought it a very shrewa tninsr thus to
cheat the uegroen and catch Conservative
. votes. So tar as they are concerned, the
result is a righteous retribution. - By ex
eluding the negroes, tbey throw the State
back into Democratic bands, and go out ot
power themselves with the negroes tbey
ha've betrayed."
""The negroes did not know what they
were about, of course," says the Bepublican.
Why, of course? Because had they known
what they were about, they "would have
voted differently. But why didn't they
know what they were about? Simply
because' of their ignorance and un
fitness for the places they ' 'occupied.
Tbey bad been elected members of a Con
vention to assist in making the fundament
al law of a great State, and when tbey cam
to vote on s most important question relat
ing to their race, they did not know what
tbey were about. But, says one Radical :
''How could you expect a people just re
leased from the barbarism of slavery to
know much? Of course not; but then the
Congressional reconstruction policy deemt
them qualified to become a part of our po
litical system, and take part, not ouly in
the government of themselves and their
neighbors, but of the whole United States'
Now, did the white Radicals of Georgia
commit a greater fraud on the negroes,
tban the crime which the Radical leaders
are trying to cotnmlt against the good gov
ernment and the people ofthe United
States, by and through the Congressional
reconstruction policy ? By no means not
one tithe so great. The latter is a crime ol
force and fraud combiued, aud its authors
should be scourged, as with a lash of scor
pions, naked through tbe land by an out
raged people. i
A Requisite for Office under Grant
that will Exclude the Radical
Tbe NemYork Svn, in a half column ol
burlesque advice to those who wish to hold
office under Grant, commences thus : "1st.
Be Honesf-Tnar Is adecldea"ffampeK"ll
wilt cut-off, all the Radical eade,rs, the
CiLLicoxrBunpw iff thi SwA BrUsca; the
Gibsons, now (thanks to a friendly Attor
ney ueneral, who nollled the TnOiofment
out of the Penitentiary, , It will cutoff all
mo men wnose thieving propensities caused
the celebrated declaration of Jllr. Dawes, a
leading Radical member1 of Congress from
Massachusetts, and member of an' investi
gating committee,- ordered by Congress
during the second year of the war, in his
place in Congress, when be said : 1
; i'The gentleman must remember that fn
the first year of a Bepublican Administration
lohich came into power upon professions of Re
form and Retrenchment, there is indisputable
evidence abroad in the laud that somebody
iias rtu .n LUi.Kr,L itifii ruBLau
ADMINISTRATION Buchanan 'si ieftici
the people hurled from.power because ot us cor
ruption. !: " ., r- ; .,, -rt, I
' And about tbe sam3 date the declaration
of the Chicago Tribune, the leading Repub
lican. organ of Illinois, and so much, a fa
vorite of Lincoln's that his first phot
graph was taken, with the Tribune in bis
hand, said: i '' :
"Where one dollar is stolen by contractors,
floe are stolen oy public officers."
, To advise the Radical office seekers to be
honest, is to advise the Negrb to be white
tbe leopard to change his spots the Niag
ara to run up stream Bkn. Butler's fin
gers not to have an itching for Southern
spoons, or any other impossible thing.
" Col. Donn Piatt, who has more brains
than any other Radical in Ohio, in his pa
per, the Mac a cheek Press, of June. 1, 1S67.
gave this evidence to prove that with Rad
icalism stealing was the rule, and . not to
steal the exceDtion : ' ' -! ' ,.
. "We never could make out wharthe late
and lamented Mr. Lincoln wanted with a
detective system at all. . From the hour of
Ms Jlrst inauguration vp to that or his death,
Excepting Messrs. - Chase, Stanton and
Hoi U it was impossible almost lo lay hands on
an official and not touch a man not. made rich
throuah his position. This was especially the
cae with the moneyed offices. Honest men
stood aghast at the impunity, W ITH , W HICH
STEALING WENT ON. All pries of shame
and outrage seeined unavailing. All opposi
tion was thrown awav. THIEVES WERE
The amiable old President cracked jokes,
over the rascality, and said that in his ap
pointments he had to run Jus hand into a
sack of fifty snakes to find one eel. Among
the later acts ol the Congress that prece
ded his death was an investigation of the cot
ton frauds, and out of a great number of per
mits to steal, three fourths were signed by the
We know that any quantity of timid
men will remonstrate at this, as likely to
injure our party. We think differently.
and firmly believe that the only hope we
have to hold our Government in the hands
of loyal men, t to expose .the rascality and
drive out the thieves. To remain silent is to
connive at the frauds and protect tbe
rogues. '.. ...
It, then, Grant should be elected Presi
dent, and his requisite for office should be
honesty, it would be a terrible blow to bis
supporters to find him appointing Seymour
and Blair men to place and power, be
cause, among the leaders ot his own party,!
II Ke DIOGONK8 with his lighted candle, he
would tail in his attempts to find an honest
man. ;
Look Out for All Sorts of Frauds
and Forgeries.
As often as election day in Ohio occurs,
the telegraph brings us startling news, al
ways false, intended to affect the vote. ,
Ou Monday next, or during the forenoon
of Tuesday, look out for accounts by tele
graph; said to be reliable, of insurrections
In the South intelligent contrabands mur
deredhouses burned unoffending Radi
cals, killed tbe Germans and Irish, with
Seymour and Blair at their head, voting
the Radical , ticket Geo. H. Pendleton
abjuring the Greenback doctrine and ad
vocating tbe payment ot Greenback bonds
in gold Seymour murdering , Blair, and
Blair killing Seymour, and . both together
assasslnatiug President Johnson splendid
Radical ; victories' in towns and . States
where no election was held, or something
else pquatly marvelous. -; . .
..The desperate fortunes ; of Radicalism
calls for desperate means, . and - no fraud,
forgery or falsehood will be too great for
them to send forth. .....
Keep a sharp look out for sensation tele
grams on election day, and promptly give
them the stamp ot lalsehood.
[Correspondence of the Ohio Statesman.]
Fraud in Greene County.
Fraud in Greene County. XENIA, Oct. 9th, 1868.
. Editors Ohio Statesman:, I notice the
State Journal publishes ; the penalties for
violating the statutes in regard to voting.
at the same time intimating that there will
be lraud attempted in Franklin county,
and that it is the intention of the Repub
licans to watch very carefully and see that
it is prevented. . "
Poor, injured innocence! Had they not
better take care of Greene county ? It is a
notorious fact here and at West Jefferson,
in Madison county, that the whole gang of
negroes residing in Jefierson township and
chopping wooa near tnat place, have been
shipped within a week past to Xenia.
ferhaps the virtuous Journal ana. Air.
Winans can tell us what for. .
[From the Cincinnati Commercial of Friday.]
White Tickets.
The Democratic Legislature, last winter.
passed a law as lollows:
section i. ue it enactea by tne ueneral
Assembly of the State of Ohio, That it shall
be unlawful for any person within this
State, at any election held in pursuance of
"iuaw, to marK tne ticket ot any elector with
t.ho IntAnttnn nf aapei-tni ni n ot hnnrhavntflH
or to mark the ticket of any elector and'
hand the same to him to vote at any such
election ior tne purpose aioresaia.
sec. 2. mat an oaiiots votea at any
election held in pursuance of law, shall
be written on plain white paper, or printed
with black luk on white news printing pa
per, witnout any aevice or mark ol any
description to distinguish one ticket from
anotfier. or by which one ticket may be
known from another by its appearance,
except the words at the head of the ticket;
and that H snail oe uniawiui ior any per
son to print for distribution at the polls or
distribute to any elector, or vote any bal
lot witten or printed contrary to tbe pro
visions of this act; provided, that nothing
therein contained shall n c nstruea to pro
hibit the erasure, corre lion r insertion ol
any name by pencil mar or 0 herwise upon
the lace ot the printed b ...oi."
This is a good law. It secures to the
voter, however poor and dependent, the
lull benefit ot the 6ecret ballot. It will
certainly be enforced, and it is of great
consequence that it be fully attended to in
And others, will address tbe people at the
West Front of the Capitol, .
On Saturday Evening, Oct. 10th,
at 8 o'clock. ! i , . ' .'.
! The White Boys in Blue, and all other
other Democratic organizations, .will par
ticipate in the meeting.. The Torch Light
Procession will be under the control ot the
White Boys in Blue. ii-w!.:-..rt ,
': h.i.. John G., Thompson, ,
.-,'.-:( Chm'n Dera, Co. Ex. Com,
W. S. Hcifman, Sec'y.
First Prkhicm- Millinery --Simmons',
Opera Block, invites tbe ladies to 4all to fay
and see the bonnets, hats, 'Ac.,' that took
the first premium at the Fair. Exhibition
- Get your shirts made at W. Pimmcl'r
shirt manufactory, No 1 Opera House.
Simmons, Opera Block, as everyTadv
; expected,-took nheflrst "premium at tbrr
1 fair Tor millinery goods, Unl the fafr are
' invited to call and see them.- -
ocil0-eod3t !'
j omrc. patterns ior saie. ai n. -rinimer
snirt manuiactory, jno- i Opera House.
Auction Sals . ov SEwiNO .MACHiNES.r-
.Take notice of the grand sale, of sewing
. machines at auction to-day. L 'A number of
: splendid sewing machines will be sold at 2
o'clock .this afternoon. . at Burner's auction
i room, in American Hotel. You can get
, $100 sewing ma'chine at your own price.
There are some splendid 1 machines for
tailors, shoemakers and family use.i .Go
and see them., :' octlO-lt
Stamping for Braiding tond Embroider
Ing, at W. Pimmel's shirt manufactory,' No:
1 Opera Home,
Gloss & Wilper's Restaurant open day
and night! ' - - : oct7-dtf
. ' r : i t
- W. Pimmel's shirts are warranted to fit
every time, fj r i octlO-lt 1
The world uses '-'Barrett's." f
Mocking Birds. Just arrived, a splen
did lot of old and young Mocking Birds,
warranted to be singers, and on sale for
few - days - only; at the Eagle Hotel, 204
South High street '
Chas. Espich, of Cincinnati
0CI9-d2t " ; - -! - - -
"Barrett's'? most efficacious.
Buckley. (the live Oysteman) says he
wants to sell the balance of those Fruit
Cans cheap. . -r "... ;
They must be sold this week. : '
aug5-dtonov2S ..c;' . ' . .
.Use "Barrett's," and no other. - j
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper
Ladies, Attention I It you desire to
examine the latest styles of Fall and Win
ter Bonnets, tastily designed, call at Mrs
A. Downing's No. 67 North High street, on
Saturday, October 10, 1868. oct9 d2t
'"Barrett's"' Celebrated
tive. .!
Hair Restora-
- Hear And1 Reflect. No remedy 'has
ever . been invented that possesses such
marvellous properties as "Dr. Johnston's
Specific," which wiil most positively-destroy
any desire for whisky and the like
forever. sep22-dtu&sat&wly-cw
It is the intrinsic merit alone, ol Hall's
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, that has
gained for it great popularity. .
-oct6-w&ds "V
"Barrett's" took the Silver Medal, i
sep30-dltawwly-cv " i
- ivi would call the attention of onr read
ers to the advertisements of Seward & Bent.
lyr which appear on the outside of bur pai
per alternately each week. They are en
terprlslng Druggists, No. 189. Main street,
Buffalo, and are doing a big business in
the Alisma for theHair, which has Jeen
tried and proven to be the best in use.
Spririgville Tribune, Nov.19. , '
- octlO-d&wlt - - - -
Jelefp & " DeButts, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No.HlNorth High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing 7 machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees.
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. - 1 - - '- 1 inay23-s-ly
- Hollow ay's Ointment. The reopening
of old wounds is a source of great suffer
ing -Ho thousands. - Some wounds, on the
other band, are never perfectly closed. In
either case, whether the wound hasdegen
erated into a slow sore, or, after having
been apparently : healed has . violently
broken out afresh, Holloway's Ointment,
applied as a dressing, will eventually le
move every particle of inflammation,. fill
the orifice with sound flVsb and perm a
nently prevent any further pain or trouble
from the part. Sold by all Druggists.
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys Homeopathic Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of tbe matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and . impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
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es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box
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Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co" 562
Broadway. New York. jyl3-deod&wly (
' . t
. FKAflAN On ThnrsHar aveninf. October 81.0.,
of typhoid fever. John r bag an. of Famamullen
ooantjtif Fermanagh, Ireland, aged 41 jreara..
Bis friends are reapeotfnlly invited to attend bi
funeral at the residence of Biohard Kevins, this
afternoon at S o'clock.
New Advertisements
E2P Tbe Ohio Statrssnan ha f
aLarcer Circulation thaa any pa
per published In litis City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
this In mind.
LOST! :'
O lumbas yesterday morning, the plans lor the
ennstrtictiun of the Montxomerr townahii, riitrh
The finder will receive a liberal reward on leaving
the same at Air. Pollard's offioe in the Buokeye
Block. ootio-dlt
.a. tne; between the unneraignea. nnaer tne arm
name of Voswinkel and Kampmaon. ha this day
been :isolved by mutual oonenU - ,
All pereous indebted to said firm will please eall
and settle atonoe with Charles Kampmann, who ia
authorised to collect outstanding claims, and all
persons having olaims against the said firm will al&o
please present them lor payment to said Charles
Kam-ntann. WM. VOSWINKKL;
Columbus, September 11, 1863. ootS-r
for Beautifying the SKIN and COMPLEXION
and renders THE 8 KIN SOFT, FA IS
t", and BLOOMING.
Fox LADIES in the NURSERY It is invaluable
For GENTLEMEN after 8HAVING it hat no
equaL "PAPHIAN LOTION" is the only reli
able remedy for diseases and b emiahes of the
VNY-my22-eodly !
. , v "FL0B DK MAYO." - ' ( )
FHAL0N ft SON, N. Y. Sold By all Dmgghjts
Th. above popnlu pl. .mamt wiu
-r "ith jsR-B-iaaswBjwj-.,
Large tand f Talenfcd - Company.
particulars in prerraiwres
..d.um, w ...u -wuw.
commence at 8 o'elnek.' - T
Doors open a
' - oote
H VERY WESTOS.;...;.;.;:.f If ana.
, Xi-vo ISishtm Onlv? 1 X
Uraaol : Varmval or -Macie. Mirth
Caliuiruia Iliusianist & Gbampioa Ventriloguia t
tire chanae nf Dran.mma nnUt. itk
ana beautiful features, i Deluding the wondarfal
Livirg Head, and beautifal Urowth of Flowers.
One hundred eletant and costly presents will be
giyeo away erer, niht. , - .-
Aamittanee. x eeou; Kea erred seat a, 6S eeota;
Doors open at 1 o'clock, to commence at 8. . ,
Saturday afternoon, Oct. loth, when erery child is
the sudienee will receive a Hanjteomc Present.
dmiaaion to Matinee. 25 cents.
. oct3-..7t r ARNOLD JONES, Agent. ".
Lessii andMakagib..HR. J. W.
ronnr.UUk best article ever knows to
It will prevent the Hair from falling out.
Mates the Hair smooth and tlossy, and does not
stain the akin as others 1 ' - .- i .
simr rais! by mail. " '
R. P. HALL A CO.. Nashua, N. Proprietora.
For sale by all Druggists. ., , ,
july25 dltaw&wly-om i -
Hair Dve.
Old Father Time takes many a year
To turn to white dark colored hair-: -
But instantly the EXCELSIOR DTK
Brinss back the tint that char t.s tbe eye;
- -'-And Nature owns that cunning Art -
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Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
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Allcock's Porous Piasters.
Where one was Id a few years ago.
r ,.. a (houaand are sola now. .
They strengthen, warm and invigorate the part
upon which they are applied, and relieve nervous
affections of the bowels, lumbago,, pains of ths
side, and usnal'y all local pains. 'In affections of
the kidneys they are of groat service. ,. , .
' Lamt Back, r-
. i . : ' i i , -j Nsw Yoke, H'ov. S3, 1859.
-T. Allcock 4 Co. Gentlemen! Irately suffered
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heard your Plasters much recommended for eases
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"To Owners of Horses." '
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic; Th '
need not be Dr. Tobiaa!. Yooetias Hors Lini
ment, in pint bottles, price one dollar, will posi
tively cure every ease, if given according to the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts, Galls, Sprains. Old
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat. It it do new
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P. Bush, of the Jerome, Park Course, has used i
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ollect to get Dr. Tohjas' Venetian Horse ldniumit
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Druggists and Storekeepers throngbcut the United
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reNT-julS-dAwlj-cm .. ? .. .- J . ?
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, near
iigh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
r a veries of years ts tbe treatment of certain pri
rate diseases. He may b-teensnltedst hi omoe-
ttroarlwa . near the Exohange Bank
- mayai-ti
weeks. Suoneaa
ill OV ft, restored in four
restores mahlv Dowers, from whatever ean-ia Arl-
8ine; the effects of earl pernicious habi'a, self
abuse, impotency and. climate, give away at once to
cnis wonaenui mea.oine, u taitea regularly accord
ing to tne directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure Fail
ure is impossible. Seld in bottles at S3, or four
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appointed agent in America, H. Gxbitzsn, S05
Second Ave., New York. A
VNY-jj27-dl7r f . -
lv I PamvMet from the dm ot
The "Medical limes" says of this work:
valuable treatise on the cause and euro of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired throuah
secret abases of youth and manhood, sod how
easily regained It lives s dear sym psis of ths
impediments to marriage, the cause aud effects of
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor." , A
pocket edition of the .above will be forwarded on
receipt of 25 cents, by addressing Doctor CrjBTIS.
No. 68 North Charles street. Baltimore, Md. ,
era may-io-ouy-r ...
Pauub's Lotion Ths Gbsat Mbdicink fob
ths Skin, cures without fail every kind rf un
sightly eruption of the face, or itohing, or irritating
or distressing cutaneous disease, on anv part ot Ins
person. " '- -
SDlendid Hair Dra is the heat in tha world s
the only true and perfect Dye ; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment l no ridioalous
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig-T
orates and lea-vee the Hair soft and beantifnL black
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and properlv applied at Bstchelnrs Wig Factory.
no. 16 Dona street, a. lork. pnt aprsa mvit
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T H E ' ! - ' " - i
! OF THS CITY OF BBW YSRS. ' '' 'l ' -
IVo. 330 Broadway.
Capital, - One million Dollars.
Darius R. 11 ano am Pres'L. J as. Hbbbiia, Sec'y.
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As the National Trust Company receives deposits
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FS NY-julS-dAw6m . , .
Franklin iBuildiog and Loan As-
soci&tion. ,
-i - " : ' .. i
stock bavins teen subscribed. TWENTY
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hereby noUfied t at an election of officers of the
Association will be held at the office of W . Morri
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st. 1B88, at 7X o'clock H. M. 1
. i. . J.-J JANNKY. - . 1
A. DUtllk
.I1IU.M a llDnvt-
' Corporators.
8Cp22-a3t-octT0 21
NDRiERY. and BATH, will not oAaiitlL
SKIN. - Price 25 sent per oaks. .

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