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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 10, 1868, Image 3

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FRIDAY, Oct. 9, 1868.
"r. MV'-'1" ; f
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cm tie ' "ra II y 'and " proc wlo-16-
'lh,'n.l jfip.. 'page C o-X
Mtenan. ..t 2 t-nsi.,..i .-1 fusnui-T
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t-Played.bufc-th Nnal Gam."
! .1-:
.. tg".Tiere was
very heavy frost ; yes-
( T ;. .L Co;
Eg" Greatness and goodness are unfor
tunately not HM" c t ttx o I H
J lS"Qur Fa8hion,Beport is on ' the fourth
p ge of to-day's paper, ; -,-
135- The weather Yesterday , modified
verv considerably. After 10 o'clock In ibe
morning the day was very pleasant. ; "
.'' 3f Bemember.tbe matinee at the Opera
House thts alterneon f r ladles and child
ren! Every child will receive a present, ..
in ; : -.1 - . f
ty-Th-0 Id" Fellows' Companion, for
October is on our table. 1 It is very inter-
estina:. It contains aTiandsbme wood cut of
the new Odd Fellows Hall. .', " . ; n (... t
, A Bad Spell --The Tanners monument
drawn in procession last nibt had a very
bad Bpell 6n lt.u2)trtroy Is not the usual
way of spelling the word "destroy." But
then ybu know, the Bads only know how
to njeng1 nr-rrr ws.u
Cokgrkoational Chdrch. The Pastor,
Rev. George Vf. PhHHps, will preach to
morrow at the usual hours, 11 o'clock A.
V indf fit oV:loclr P M. T The. subject f
ttie Pomijf dlspourie. will be "Tie Provi
dence' 6f "God Tii American' History.1' All
are cordially invited.
"t Democra inumlnate'your houses
to-night. " -
t ATTiREAtSccCKsa. Whether considered
as to thenomber of articles" eihibTted of
amount of money received at the gate, the
County Fair has been a mo3t complete suc
cessml ia revery poiat,. ahead pi, any
County Fair evtsr held rn Franklin-counly
The receipts have been something over
$&5$0. lor the lour days. ' V''u:"?f-V..T
Naturalizsd J. M. Naftel, a native I
EnirUod.. John MHchell, a ,naUv of Ire-'
land, William Evans,' a , native of Wales,
Richard1 A. Hornert a native of England,
Earnest F. Frey, a, patlve.of Wi'rtcmbergh,
j-ha G Ksllo, a native of Scotland, and
Michael Herloltzheimer, a native- of Bvi
rvw received their flnal-: naturalization pa
pers from the Probate Court yesterday ni
"XMT The:--great ' Deroorra'ie' demonstra
tion of the campaign con es offto-nght.-"i
English Luthmuw SERVjefc-The First
English Ef. Lutheran Congregation will
ltforsMp,"f ak J nsntlJto-mtJrrow tuiidayj
afternoon at 3 o'clock, in the United
Brethren Church onjown street between
Fourth-and Fifth streets. Bev.Prof. M.Loy
will, :cenduer the ,serTioes for the Pastpa,
BeV.'Jos". Berk; WhP tertemperarily absent.
A cordial invitation Is extended to all who
feel an interest in thecTuse of Christ and
tbejreaching of His Gospel.
Bribbrt. We are authorized to state on
authority' that cannot be questioned, that a
prominent Republican of this.'.otty-.is ac
tively engaged In the' contemptlhle work of
baylog up youngi.lnexperiencea. men
Tote 'the "negro suffrage ticket On Tuesday.
We loath the scoHodrel- who would resort
tariacbrtipeaiia to overpower, the popular
voice of the'iieoptei and pltythe man w"ho
would barter' a sacred right for tilthy lucre,
and a very amall amount at that. . Jl the
name ofthe man who Is using bis money
th us Si rt quired, 'we can feiveit.j i- -1 s-
Let every bsdybe on the streets to
night to see the great demonstration ot the
men marching to victory. 't
Cornkw tiAFii. This subject has been
so often alluded to" and the habit .ed fre
quently .reprehended; with Inol apparent
Access, tli at it seems ; almost unnecessary
to bring it again before 'the .offender. A
large number who . thus congregate do it
unthinkingly,' with no view' of incommo
d nz the public, Viitte a lew seem to de
liaht" in putting? passers-hj' to inconve-
. Blenoev rNot anlreaiiently ladles are sub
jected to indignity and Insult tf the less
discreet. Would H rioihe well for all to
abstain frrfm thts-pVactlce and'fehow an ex-
uiple to the' inconsiderate.;
"W6uii our adored Splvina consider him-.
a6U equal to one-sixth of a colored person.
If the fight "should commence f-J ottrnal.
W-e-l-1, ye.(kWe hinkrif we start in,
we could prepare.a corpse ofjsbout the dl-j
jmensions above named, In time (or aa early
-furwral on West Friend street.' .When the
fight does commence, therefore, let It be uu-j
djrstood that Comly is our mutton. We'll
fbave a cure thing on letting a, soul just
about rqual to one-sixth of a nigger's fly
. straight to' that, place where1 the Radical
patriot, Joe Brown, of Georgia, hoped to
nack Federal Boldlera . so thick that their
legs would stick, out pf the windows.
Xomato Mdstard. One peck of toma
toes boiled without '-paring, until soft
enough to wash through' a colander; after
puttlug through the .colander,' put. DacB
- upon the stove, and add one quart of vine-
,rsar; nd salt' to the tastei it should pet yery
salty, after, boning two hoursjei'y fast;
(stir occasionally to keep it from sticking;)
add half a pound of white mustard seed,
two tablespoons of (whole? black pepper,
, two ditto, of (wholr) allspice, one table
.spoon, of mace, one-half of a garlic, chop
. ped very fine, quarter of a pound of ground
; mustard, and let it boll half an hour longer;
wben-cool, hottle and seaurr 1
'.it .A Funnt". Sight. A- hap last night
!hookiullof ibeiizine; had a private torcli-
.1 ight proceskloii t He took up all the length
. of High slreet, "and'!scattered himself on
both sidea of Is."' holding 'aloft a bucket-
" torch and shouting lustily lor Grant; ,He
was surrounded' by a jreacrowd of boys
whose cheers tor Seymour eaused-bim, ev
er and anon, to stoo and argue with them,
K He waa about thP drunkest specimen of a
high old morality tanner we have seen lor
duuiv wiuv. iti 'i ,il-..,p(
. -" .-..MR -' J
A Pirty,Tbi;kt Some. low flung rascal
on yestefdajr posted a -copy of an insulting
' pleture, purporting to be, portraits of the
. leaders "ol the Uemocratio party, la tne.ro-
toiida of the State House, wan insult to
b lmoprac ol,-the. State. The -man
mean enough for such a.caperwontd break
iDeu bU dead mother's eofflq to steal her
wedding ring .to pawn that he might raise
moneys enougbJ fcuyta iorck:o join
Tanner parade.
Another Multitude Present
&c., &c., &c., &c.
) k I I .
.V. .A Im
, It, is a mattef , ot congratnlation that
fom the opening to the close of the Six-)
teenth Annual exhibition of the Franklin
County , Agrlenltural : Society, there.- bas'
been manifested, on the part of alt' coo-i
cerned In its, management, a "fixed' deter?
mln n tjon to pake it an unequivocal eaecers
in all Its 'departments. V We feel '. tliat it js
but due to the ofBcers of the Falftopre
sent their ; names ,' toi ' Jhe ; public i in
honorable '" menlton,' ' and ' 1 whtleV so
dolnjr we desire tobe enrolled amongst
tii6 " thousands' of the i? people ' 'of
our county-who attribute the marked suc
cess of the exhibition mainly to the un
tiring efforts of the controlling and direct-
lg forces of the board of officers. Presi
dent B. F. Rees, and Vice President G. S.
Innia,' had a general superintency of the
entire exhibition. Mechanics' Hall, di-
rected bylf S VlncentfLadles' Domestic
Hall by A C Headley and Elon Dryer;
Floral and Fine Art Hall,- y Dr C P Lan
don and Geo D Freeman; Fruit Hal', by J
K Lowe; Vegetables and Grain, by" J N
Peters and H Bldenour; Horses, by A W
Dolson, Wm McDonald and D S Elliott ;
cattlerby M "Seymour and J OfB BenicTff
and hogs, sheep' and pDultry,: by Wm W
Williams and E;WPegg, each gave unmis
takable evidence of being under the direct
guidance of gentlemen of intelligence and
experience, who devoted time, labor, and
means to theraccomplishmentof af great
pdrpose. "which, will Jive in he memory of
our people for years to eomej Nor do w
forget the good offices of the susistanti in:
the various departments,- they too gave
material ail,-'" and they too are entitled "to"
lull meeds of praise. .'Secretary C S GlenBy"
Treasurer, Judge J M Pugh. and Colonel
Horace Park (Marshal) complete, the. list
ot offi cers, and to each and all of them, we
hereby tender ' our thanks lor- courtesies
shown during the progress .of the Filr. ',
Tochief B. McCabeand his vigllantMorce
of police Is due the credit, of maintaining
the best of order, among the thousands of
visitors to the ground. Not a single depar
ture. from good order was observed during
tfie entire exhibition, which was the sub
eot ot general remark "among, all classes!
The immense' throng ' Ot" visitors , to the
grounds on Thursday, which was quite an
unpleasant" day, led to'the" belief "that the
closing day would he , marked, by . a, very
elioxattendance. The last day. howeterv was
ev.eh more a subject of remark, by reason
the vast numbers present, than lfs pre
decessor. From early morning away-4nto
the afternooiHndeed for two -hours after
texhibltlbnjvas declared closed from
thejudgefe stand on thetracky. were lines
of carriages and wagons seen approaching
the gouJdTTbe; sals of tft-keta: amount
ed to over $7Q0, Nothing of the kind has
ever before been obseryed In the history of
the Society; and 'most"icheerlng''are ths
prospects for axepetition of like results at
the next annuals exhibition. The people
have seen for, ( themselves what' It is to
enter into the proper spirit of the Societyj
and ( marvelously have' results surpassed
themselves;,: that. a settled determination
existSyiiot only to maintain the footing al
ready gained, but to make future exhibi
tions even more' attractive than that which
has just closed; 'Spjet It"bei;i l9 ""-' ;1
We found on . making our "grand
rounds" yesterday, that exhibitors had,, in
genera, been intormed concerning the ac
tion or the awarding- judges, and they
were almost 'wholly engrossed with 'the at
tractions of the race course. Speaking of tte
awarding judges reminds us that
Was, awarded to Messrs. Peters, Benns &
Co., of 115 Eist Town street; next to the
market Douse. The judges, in passing on
the fine display of Messrs. Pv B. ;& Co
took into account the very thorough man
ner in which every department of the busi
ness was finished, and finding each unsur
passed, inade - the award accordingly.
Messrs. Teters Benns'& Cq-'are practical
journeymen carnagemakers, working In
the various departments of. their establish
ment, with their own hands. They v are
young .wen, with energy, and are deter
mined jo build up a business character on
the merits ' ot thlrs work. Call' and ex
amine their work.' -' 1
Cntinued from our reports of yesterday,
Is given below": ''" ' ' ' " '
Best bull F Swisher; best co wWm Mat-
Best pair matched road horses or mares.
G" W Shipley; best ' pair matched coach j
horses or mares. U w bnapley ; best pair of !
draft horses otinares, W. At McCurd j ; best j
saddle gelding or mare, J Lougbrey; sec- !
ond best, WT Rees; best mare for -lieht 1
harness, l; -js rneip?; secona'Dest, wr
Reef: bett seldinsr .for Tlisht harness. B ;
G second best, IB Dean. ... !
Best talllon,4 teat's old and Over. A W
Dolson; second best, G W Neff; best 3 year ,
oia staiuon, j. ai Aiorean : secoua Dest, Hi
Jones; best 2 year old, Jw T- Kees; second i
best, Jame8jjeed; . best yearling. M Sey- i
mour; second best,, A juoobery; best suck- ,
Ing stallion. Mi Wiggins; second best. C :
Johnson; best mare with cole,, G W-Wil- i
liaros; second oest, H' wtggtnsj best mare
4 years old aDd over, V J Williams; second I
best, M Seymour: best 3 year .old filly, B j
O' Hurra; second best, B Elliottf besj year i
oia, jonn morrison: -seeona oest, a j Ag
len best yearling, F Millerr- second best.
J B Stewart; best eucking filly, W Wig-I
ginr; secona Dest, M w wuilams; best geld-
ing of any age, G W Shapley; second best, '
E A Fuller.. .-.:,.', . .,- i
Best stallion, ' A W Dolson; best mare.
Horace Perry. . . -' ';". ' j
; Besi JacK,3 years old and over, J E Da--vis;
second best, J Kinnard; best mule. 3
years old 4ad, over, J M Thomas; second :
best, G S innis; oess ujuib coit, ucox; :
second - best,", xoung Brothers; best pair
working mules, G a Jnnls.
Best pair black Spanish, T Gates; best
pair Polands,- -WM Armstrong; best pair
Brahraas or Shanghais, F Wright; best pair .
ot turkeysj F Wright; best pair ot bantams, ;
A P Lovejoybest pair or common ducks,.
NellieDryer; best pair tame barn pigeons,
E Landou; hest peacock, John Grether.
Best plow lor general use, Deimer, Smith j
A Binderer; best one- bora t plow, same 1
firm; bestloose land, plow, same tirm; besti
sod plow, same firm: best subsoil plow, '
same firm; best shovel plow, 8 Reedy; bt
corn planter,: J D Wells; -best wheat drill,
B F Bees; best reaper, Klnn, Seberling &
Co; best mowing machine, J S Elliott; best
hnrsp hav rake, J 8 Elliott; best fanning
mllL A B Spinney; best straw and hay cut-;
ter, John F JSeereamer, agent; Dest corn
ah till at fit. rinir & Scott: best washlnir ma-
. . m T Di-fiDhaai1 tlfjet. Hlenlav r f fawn !
cnine, a. " mi.i -
utensils, Deimer, Smith & Hinderer; best
clothes wringer, E B Armstrong fc Co.
leather top
I co; oe8t one i0rse rockaway, T Anderson;
best farm wagon F; W-Korris;, beat display
ot axes, P Klnnel; best sociable, Halm, Bel
lows & Butler: best center table, same firm:
beat bureau, Ohio Furniture Company; beat
oeosceaa, uaim, Beiiews K tsuuer; Best ajs
play of furniture, same firm.
Best ten yards of woolen cloth, FrlsbTe,
Clark & Co; best JO ards cassluere, same
firm; best piece ot jeans," same firm; best
piece or tweed, same tlrm; Dest pair wool
eft Factory blankets, same ltrm; best lot
factory stocking yarn, same firm;, best dls
nlav of woolen cond-i. game tirm: best sad
dle and bridle, G W Cushman; best single
buggy harness, Ci W Cushman; best double
earriage harness, G W Cushman; Jtiest bar
ness for farming purposes, G W Cushman:
best display of harness, G W Cushman; best
coal cook stove, JD Ti Armstrong & (Jo; Dest
wood cook stove, same firm: best paalor
-tove, same firm; best tine boots and shoes
it Hinseii as co; best bee hive, truaugnman;
best display of millinery, U W blmmons.
Best 10 vards flannel. Mrs D Trumbo;
second best, Mrs ITmtnbo; best 10 yards
rag carpet, Mrs B fhlnnev, secona Dest,
Mrs W Field; best 10 yards linen, Mrs D
ITU moo; second Dest, Airs u i. nun 00; oest
a pounds stot King yarn, ivirs bi oeymour;
best pair coverlet?: Mrs D 3 Elliott; second
best Mrs L Bailey; best pair blankets,' C J
seymour; second DPSt, Airs u 1 rum do;
best hearth rug. Mrs m corner; second
best. Mrs W B Sprague; best silk patch
work guilt. Mrs F Stailey; best cotton do.
Mrs J M Peters; best .worsted do, Miry J
MoElhaney; best counterpane, Mrs J
Wickersham; best bed comfort, Mrs E
Drake; hest "pair woolen1 knitoekS,' Mrs
W It 'Spragoi': bestf pair'ottoi--'do, -same
lady; best pair linen do, same lad - beet
pair. .woolen knit stockings, Mrs. H Innis;
best pair linen do, Mrs W R !5pra"gut; best
pair woolen knit mittens. Mrs E Anderson;
best woolen tufted gloves. Mrs W B
Spragur; best pair do do mittens, same la
dy; best shirt made by hand, same lady;
heat shirt made by machine, Mrs.W.F
Penny; best chemise made by hand, same
ladv; best night dress made by hand. Miss
M Riley; best do made by machine, Mrs v
F Penn; best calico dress ma.le by hand.
Mrs Huflman; best do made by machine
Mrs W F Pennv'bet dres?, other than
calico, made by machine, Mrs W F Penny;
Dest sunDonnet, made Dy nana, Mrs U M
sly' ; best hood made by machine, Mrs W
F Penny.-- -r --
Best pair chair tidies. Miss A Sprague:
second best, Mrs TSShepard; best single
I'hatr tiny, Mrs 1 s shepara; secona Dest.
Miss S Mathews; best knit shawl, Mrs M J
Borland; best carriage afghan, Mrs George
Freeman? best crotchet coHar, Miss Kalb;
best sample tet'ting. Miss Kalb; best infants
crotchet sarque, Mrs Gen Freeman; best
pair lamp mats, Mrs ur liashii ; Dest em
broidered ottoman cover, same lady: sec
ond best, Mary Herd; best embroid
eredj table cover, , Mrs W- R - Sprague;
best embroidered chairs, seat and back
Mrs Dr Bashil; best embroidered ' picture.
same lady; best shirt embroidered in cot
ton. Miss m Cutler; best; sleeves embroder-
ed in cotton, MissJ Kali; best do do in
linen, same lady; best collar embroidered
in cotton, Mary Cutler; -best. do do in
in lineu, Je n'e Kalb; best drawers em
broidered in cotton. Mrs L W Stedman:
best 60 do in linen, Jennie Kalb; best hand
kerchief embroidered- in cotton. Miss M
Cutler; best -do do in linen, J Kalb; ppst
embroidered apron, ' Miss - H Cutlei: best
Infant's embroidered sacque,MissPBrook;
best variety of silk' embroidery, 1 Miss P
Brooks; best variety. ol worsted einbrol 'e-
ry, Mrs D Schatz; best variety of lineu do.
Miss J Kalb; best variety of cotton do, Mrs
W Stedman; best embroidery of all
kinds, Mrs Dr Bashil. . .t
Best manufurinsr machines W F, Penny;
best family machine. W F Penny; best kuit
tiug machine, W F Peuny.
'"Brsh half bushel white wheaf,'T Swish
ci; second besv, Jacob Nau; (best bull bush
el of red wheat, H Ridenour; secorid"brsr,
D S Elliott;, best half bushel of white corn,
Sw ishor; second best, John Ieiel; best
half .bushel of yellow-corn.. V D Moon;
second best. G R Turney; best half bushel
of .rye, N Campbell; -econd best. H Riden
our; best half bushel of oata,. Smith .Peste):
second best, J. O'B. Ren ick; best peck of
flaxseed, N Campbell;' best peck of lover-i
Seed.N. Campbell; second best. H Riden
our; best peck timothy seed, N Campbell;
second best. D S Elliott; best half bushel ot
corn meal, N S Vincent;; 7- -
Best stallion four years old and over, TC
Bigelow; second bet,.ff ff William;,best
three year old, T C Bigelow; second best. A
Ren n en best two year bid, E Burt, second
best, J Reed; best yearling stallion, E Kile;
second best, C C Burwell: , best mare with
colt, T C Bigelow; .second best, H Kent;
best mare four years' old and over, JP
Stockton; second best. E Bun; best three
year old tllly, B Elliott; second best, Thos
Jonet; best two year old fllly, H Kent; sec
ond best, W A Stigler; best 8"cking filly,
Thomas Jones; second best, E Burt; best
geldlns of any age, L Legg; second best, B
Elliott; best sucking stallion, H Kent;
second best, W W Williams.,
Best stallion, with five or more colts, J
0"B. Rennick. ' ,,T . ... jt
"'Best pasins horse Mi Willis f hest mt
nirrg horse '(half-mile and repent), JO' B
Uennjck; best trotting horse (mile and re
peat). R Nevinf; bpst running horse (half
mile and repeat), Mr Alkirv; best trotting
horse (three best In : five) Walter Brown;
best double team trotting- horses !James
Kanghton; best, running horse (one mile
and repeat), Samuel Brown. - ;
Best 5' lbs butter, Mrs S Cook; second
best, Mrs B Phinneyf third, best, Mrs J
Thomas; best lard, Mrs B Phinney; second
best, Mrs J Baughman; best apple butter,
Mrs D M Slyh; plum butter, Bellie Kalb;
peach butter, Mrs J Wright: best 5 lbs
honey, E Corner; best domestic bread, Mrs
S Robertson; second best, Mrs J Arnold;
best brown .bread, Mrs W R Sprague; best
specimen rolls, Mrs H Stimuael; best speci
men light cake, Mrs S Robertson; best In-
tilan corn pne. Mrs W-R Sprague; second
Ibest, Mrs D,M Slyh; best Johnny cake, Mrs
J Wright, pound cake, Airs S RODertson;
fruit cake, Mrs W W Miller; sponge cake,
Mrs H Stimmel; domestic ginger bread,
Mrs V R Sprague ; hard soap, maple sugar
and maple molasses, same; best sorghum
sugar', Mrs: R Watson; best sorghum mo
lasses, Mrs D S. Elliott; second best, Mrs R
Watson; best sorghum ginger1 bread, Mis J
-' :. - :!'
'.' Best "canned tomatoes, Mrs W W Miller;
pumpkins, - Mrs Belle C Innls; peaches,
pears, gooseberries, curraats, grapes and
tomatoes, Mrs W W Miller; plums, black
berries, cherries, apples, and best variety ot
canned fruits, M iss Belle C Inn is; raspber-'
berrieas Mrs U M Usborn; qulnees, Mrs- C
Obetz: best strawberry , jelly best plum.
and best variety of jelly, Mrs H Corners;
best apple jelly, pear jelly, and be jt peck ot
dried peaches,: Mrs H InnL; best preserves
best variety of preserves, and best variety
of pickles, Mrs V R Sprague; best pickled
cucumbers, Mrs J Wright; best gallon vin
egar, Mrs J Arnoia. 1 . . r .1 ,
In the professional elassr Underwood &
Co., were awarded all the premiums.
twenty-six in' number. In the. amateur
class the following premiums were award
ed; Best collection green house plants,
best variety ot leaf plants, best collection
enema, fuschias and verbenas, Dest ever
green shrubs, best four nanglng Dasicets
livioff plants, best floral design, best
aaarium and best cut dahlias, Mrs. J. M
Pugh. Best specimen plant, best single
specimen leaf plant, best pair band bo
nnets, best cut roses, and best plnxes, M3i
W.' o. riayuen-. uest emiii, varieues Keran-
euros, best single specimen same, Dest
eight varieties roses, best rose, hest calsol-
arias, best arranged vase 01 cut 111 wers,
and best cut flowers. other' than those
named, Mrs. M. Hi. lxivejoy. Best basket
cut . flowers, Mrs. M. Evans ; best cut ver
benas. Miss Jr. urooks; best display ama
ranths, and best display of astors, Addie
Sprague; best native flowers, named, Geor
gia Sprague. '
Were again, the subject of universal con
versation, and at the hoar for the appear
ance of the horses oil the track, thousands
of interested spectaiors were huddled to
gether on the overlooking grounds, anx
iously awaltinsf1 the signal to go.- The
double-team trot previously announced for
the hour of ten la the morning, was drawn,
but other arrangements were made, and at
half past eleven, the following entries were
announced: W." Failing, "of this"city, pair
of bay horses; James-XaughtOn. of IhiB
city, pair of bay horses; F. Phelps, ol Blen
don, pair of brown' mares. Mile "heats
best 2 In 3'." V.' - .
At the word, a fin start was- made with
w ' . . . 1 - '- - j. ...".
Naughton's feam.onjhelqside, Phelps'
second, and - Failing's-' third, i Just before
cdmlng'Uowh to the home stretch on the
nxillieat,.the Phelps' team took advtintag
of an ugly break by Naughton's bays,
.drew npi'passed them and led the race al
most home, when, by an exchange, of mis
hap the .order was reversed, Naughton's
team winning the beat, closely followed by
Phelps. Time 3:22. w !
Before starting on the second heat it was
announced that one of Mr. Phelps' mares
was qaite lame from some unknown cause,,
and consequently could not be expected to
get down te-reliable work .Thej second,
heat was, an exciting one between the bays,
the' brown mares drawing off shortly after
starting by reason of lameness.1 The Fail
ing team tried hard for the victory but fall-,
led to win, tbeKaughton bays coming In,
and winning the beat and race 13:21,
I The running race in the aftemoon-mlle1
heats; for horses of any - age, to carry lOO,
pounds, was attended by a tremenduoui
concourse of people. The following en?
tries were announced : -v VBenwood," ;by
Samuel Brown; ..4'Ivanhoe, by 3. O'Ba
Rennick, and .''Charlei? Foster," by-'
Thomas.-", -. ; ' v--.i' -i'
The start In the first heat was In the fol-:
lowing order; "Charley ) Foster" Inside,
I"Ivanlioe".8econd, and "Benwood" third.
Almost immediately after the start, "Ben-
wood" drew ahead, took the inside of the
track and passed the stand a length ahead
in 1:57.
On the second heat, "Benwood" started
away with the determination to win, and
notwithstanding the hard pressure given
by the contesting horses, kept his lead gal
lantly and came home winner of the heaf
and race In 1:55. '' : " ' 1 t4 '
Immediately after the close of the race
the announcement -' was made- from the
Judges' stand that the Fair was at an end.
Thb Black and : Tanners' Parade.
After all the blowing and striking done by.
the Radical leaders during the past week,
we had thought they would give the pub-f
lie a show worth all the money that was
spent. Luther Donaldson and the other!
members of their Finance committee have
laid - every Radical official . and store
keeper r under, contribution,1 and a"
large lund j was thus raised to be
expended in preparing!' wagons, trans
parencies, fireworks and the like." The re
sult ot the expenditure will hardly make
them feel that the Investment has been a
paying one. ' ' ; ' ;;, v' rT
There were In procession, perhaps, one
thousand men and eight hundred to one
thousand boys.' '
And the Grant Tanners.
And they all -had torches..
And the cavalrya 129 strong.
And they all bad horses, which were
frightened at the lamps and strung along
the streets In a" 'man ner that seenied 'like"
anything but cavalry. ;., . .
The .display of fire works at the, State,
House was really, beautiful. "Froin the
windows of the dome of the Capitol, Ro
man candles were .fired, and many colored
lights gave brilliancy to the scene. ' ti
There were but levy stores and private;
houses illuminated. The Republicans,
hereabouts, somehow lack heart seemingly,
aud show no enthusiasm In their displays.
Except for the 'shouts of the - boys in the
procession, the march .would have, been,
more like a dead march than a political
procession. ., .:..!;'': ':';;' ' ..: :
.-One of the chief features in the proces
sion was an ; illuminated monument, on
which were Inscribed ; the names 1 pf
various Generals who' had fallen In de
fense of the Union. There, carried in a
Republican procession, was the-, name of
' Kearney." We wonder the ' ghost' of
"Iron FLU". did not appear to revenge the
insult. Did not certain of our Radical cit
izens f quirm as the monument there in pro
cession, .brought to their recollection the
operations in regard, to a, certain other
monument? ' ' i -
Taken altogether, the show was credita
ble to the Rid of this county,: though not
what was expected. The wagons, with
the solitary exception above named, were
botched In the getting up, and gave no idea
as to what was meant. It pleased every
bodythe Rads, because It was the best
display they ever made, and the Democra
cy, because it will not require a great ef
fort to distance it.
Galoot Becord. We are' not certain
but we should have written it "Galootess," '
seeing as none but "ladies" attended the
Mayor's levee yesterday morning.
Lou. Friend was .there. The gentle
Louise had Imbibed until she was as limp
as a paper collar just home from the wash.
She had been on a Grecian bender, and Its
effects were to make heir'most belligerent.
As she passed along the streets her fingers
clutched convulsively, they so hankered to
grab some gal's chignon. She did nt get
such an opportunity as she desired, but the
mighty spirit of old Ben. Zine : stirred her
up to acts disorderly. She paid $5 for her
fun and departed. , ... . ., .-.
Lo, who have we here? . Know we that :
form? Is not this arrayed in purple and
fine linen, and radiant in blazing ten cent :
jiweiry, one of the ancient sisterhood ?
It is, it Is the long lost Mary, Blizzard. For
stx months 'she has been absent frotn the
city, and the Police courthas been without
Interest. ' What Is a Police court without
Sister. Blizzard ? , Nothing. Its details are
flat, stale and unprofitable, but. with Bliz- '
zard, Joy beams again" like the sunshine,
lor everywell regulated reporter knows
she will appear like the full mobn, .radiant ,
In her beauty every thirty jjays. Sister
May Blizzard was up this time on a cliai'ge -
of vagrancy,; and she -received permislon
to Jheditate on mundane ' affairs lor the
next thirty days in Castle, Earhart. . Jor ,
the term of one calendar month, then, lair
Blizzard, adieu .!'.;''
' V. I.
"Bid AcciDBNTV-On Thursday afternoon,
vhlle-hls parents were atihe county Fa,lr, !
a little son ot Joseph Ulckerson, , living a
few miles from Columbus, got- down., his j
father's ' gun that had been loaded for a !
long time and cocking it pulled the trig-
ger. The gun bnrst in the discharge tear
ing off the little fellows thumb. Dr. Sharp
was Immediately called and amputated the
shattered thumb and gave him the neces
sary stimulants. It was, feared that the ,
little fellow would not live through Tburs- :
day night because of his great loss of blood j
betore assistance could be procured, but'
yesterday he was quite comfortable. !
M 1
Officers Elected. At a meeting of the .
Hickory Sprouts held at the Statesman
office last nigbt,the following field and staff
officers were elected :
Colonel J. B. Miller'; Lieut. Colonel, H.
J.Feltus; Major, J.Lawson; Adjutant, J.E.
Bergin; Quartermaster, Charles Crettlnger;
Sergeant Major, F. Zimmerman.
The Sprouts will turn out In force to;
night, and be one of the grand features of
the procession.' 1 ' ; r .1 (
Attention "Jefferson. ' Guards. You;
are hereby commanded to meet at Duffy!
Hall at 7 o'clock to participate In the pro-
cession this evening. Turn out in force!
and show " our political " opponents that;
Franklin ' county single handed can:
defeat any procession the Jacobins of
Franklin and adjoining counties combined,
can form. All Democrats In the 8th Ward
who are not organized are also commanded
to meet at the same place to participate in
the procession. -' - '' -'
: ' Torches will be issued at the Hall. r;
' By order ot the Chiefs.
I The Democratic processloiisvlll format
South High street at 7 o'clock PM. The
MarshalBt will )"APrt n their rrlv(jl on
the g'rffund to the Chief Marshal atVThu'r
! man Hall.
,.?vS Field, mMercei jipd H. JFel
Uis have been appointed asaistant.Marshali
land will report to the Chief Marshal, at
Thurman Hall, at 7 o'eioek this morning.
-The procession will move nocth oij High
street tdNorth,' east on North'street to
Fourth street, south on Fourth street to
'State, east on Staff;, street to Seventh
: street, south on Seventh street to Friend
streeUrwest on friend ratreetrTtor Third
street; north on. Third street to State street,
westW St&fe street to Hlgn'street.' ; 1 ' 1
; The Cavalry will enter the north gate on
Broad etreeti those' Sn.foqt W.B1 enter th
gate on South High street; vehicles of all
kinds will enter the gate on Third street.
; It Is respectfully requested tbatall Dem
ocrats will' illuminate their 'stores and
:dwemhgsV:,!;!,;; '.'7 .'"V.T7 1 ; , ----j-r- -'
Let every Democrat do as their enemies
did on last evening march In line of pro
cession. i By order Committee of Arrangements.
'Transferred Yesterday. The- lollow-i
Ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Becorder's office on yesterday :
: Eli J, Y oakum, to Byron M. Standisb, Oct.
atn, 111 acres 01 land in bliaron cownship,
for $0,050. '" ' In : : ''
: John Pritchard te Margaret S. Herr, Oc
tober 6th, part of lot No. 1 . of the Central
Beserve in the city ot Columbus, for
$3,200:0 .o-i'ijKC'irr-.:Trr;
W.L. Robinson and wife to Theodore
Neis, September 4th, 5 acres of land In
Clinton township, for $4 00ft .' '
Theodore W.Tallmadge to John H.Hunt,
Oetober 19th, lot No. 9 or Tallmadge's sub
division of outjots C, D and Eof M. L Sul
livant's Western addition to the city of Co
lumbus, tor $197.' .T-.S.:H'1.H.
Joseph Noice to John H.Hunt, Novem
ber 29th, 18G7, lot No.,8 in Trevitt's subdb
vision of the Mt. Airy addition to the city
of Columbus, tor $300.
John Jtfj. H.. Volk , and wife to JohnH
Hunt, August 8:h, part of" lot No id, Crtd"
walader's second addition to the jity of Co-
lumbus,'for $l39.i. 1 i tj J J 1. f.
Badical Per8Dasiok. We are reliably
informed that the committee of arrang-
menAs for "the JBadical meeting jast..nlght
made very extravagaut demands on the
people on High street-about illuminating
their houses and places of business, and in
some instances'threatened Democrats that
if they did cot illuminate, that their busi
ness should suffer in -consequence. . We
don't" propose to pursue any' such course,
but simply remind our friends that it will
add to the' appearance of our demonstra
tion to-night to have the houses on the
line of march Illuminated .
Tally Sheets and Tickets. The Dem
ocrats of Franklin county are hereby np
tihed that the tally sheets and tickets for
the approaching election in the different
ward and townships, are now ready for de
livery, and it is requested that the trustee,
or clerk, of ach locality, or. gome reliable
Democrat, be authorized to call for them
at the County Democratic Executive Com
mittee rooms, Thurman Hall, without de
Columbus, Oct. th.
Martino. Don't forget that this' is ti e
last night of that -extraordinary illusion
ist , and ventriloquist, Martino, .who. will
distribute one hundred presents among his
aud.iencc, A? most; .of the ladies and chil
dren wilt wish to see him,- and to 6ee the
procession to-night also, a matinee will be
given this afternoon. Admission to all
parts of the house 25 cents. Each child
will receive a present.
' Almost a Fire. Ah alarm of fire was
caused, last night by .the partial burning of
a lot of coal oil at No. 36 West Broad street.
What might have been a disastrous con
flagration was prevented by the presence
of mind of some one, who, instead' of pour-ing-wateron
theil,motbered it-out with
bedclothes. The1 Are department was on
the gronnd with their usual promptness,
but their services were" Pot required.'
Joke on thr Bads Yesterday the Bads,
opened a lot of Chinese lanterns they had
ordered tor last night's show. About eight
hundred of . them contained the honored
names X; Seymour Jand Blair, -the next
President and Vice Presldentof the United
States.-"! Is-rumored that -the- lanterns
were provided for the Democratic "boys
they hired to assist them in making a dis
play. ' ' - . !! R
COMMERCIAL MATTERS, Cincinnati Money Market-Oct, 9.
GOLD 138? buying.
EXCHANGE Dult . at . 50 discount to
par buying; '
.MQJiElf Unchanged.
COMMERCIAL MATTERS, Cincinnati Money Market-Oct, 9. New York Money Market-Oct. 9.
GOLD Steadvt lopoulng at 13s?i and
closing at 139(8139 -
New York Stock Market-Oct. 9.
f GOVERNMENT" STOCKS Closed ftrnn;
Coimons Of'8t. 113(3114: do '62 V1K
112; do 'C4 1101ll0K:'do '63 110
110;do'new 1082108; do "H57- 1084
108; do 68' 109101; 1U-403 10olUo
. :3U Dnces vveus' Jixnress zsJ4 ; Amer
ican '45(346: Adams 51(3511; United States
47K8; Merchants' Uniou 2333is; Pa-
ctncJkiaii Vt&vuy$, western un'-n iei
egraph 36)43S; Nw York Central 128
71; Michigan- Central Il8119; Michigan
Southern 85?5J,- Wabah 62; do pre
ferred 76Xm7; Toledo I03toa; Dort
Wayne lll(31U); Marietta, first prefer
red, 25. ' ; ' "'" " j
New York Market-Oct. 9.
COTTON--More active- at- Jc better :
4.100 bales sold at 26c for mldding uplands
fi ,01 iK Hie market ciosea steaav ana
moderately active for low grades and dull
lor ail outers.
WHEAT The market closed nominal at
2(a3o lower.
. . es t a , rrna,, nn.
(Jiosea very uriu o i ivimi
(nr Western., - ':-' .
OATS Quiet and steaay at ?3S(S4c lor
No. I western anoat. u : -- . ,
nORN-Ouiet l VSMl low lor unsound
and SI 17W;1 18 for sound new mixed
Western anoat. '
PORK Quiet at $29 00 for mess, cash
and regular.
BEEF In limited request at unchanged
prices.-" ' ' '! ' ' ' '- ' '
CUT MEATS Quiet and firm.
BACON With moderate inquiry at
steady prices - "- J
LAKD Quiet and steady at 1919c
for fair to prime steam.
EGGS Steady with a moderate demand.
Cincinnati Market-Oct. 9.
. FLOUR Firm,' quiet' and unchanged,
WHEAT Firm. ouiet and unchanged. ;
CORN Dullat98e$l 00.
' RYE Sold at $1 38, but is now held at
$140. ' :
OATS Quiet at 5960. ' 1 ." :
' BARLE Quiet, but Arm. '..' ,. .. .
COTTON Dull; middling 25c. ", ' :
TOBACCO Firm and. unchanged; sales
110 hhds lugs at 610c; leaf $10 75
10 SO.
WHISKY Sold at $X 271 28, now
held at $1 30; supply light. -FORK
Mess quiet at $30 5031 00. i
BULK MEATS Held at,1214c lor
shoulders and sides; no sale?.' ',.:.
BACON Sold at 13Jc for shoulders;
16 for dear rib sides, and 17c for
HAMS Sugar-cured less firm; sales at
18M19c. -'... - -
LARD Held at 19Je, with no demand.
BUTTEB Dull at 3iZ$o. ' ' '
, EGGS--Firm at 22e - '
. APPLES Dull at 24 per barrel.
OIL Linseed dull; 1 06 asked. J
; HAY -1619 per tun, on arrival.. ,.
!i! 1 Q.orf ii n;, j: lo .tril .'n1 d) ! j
fiATESf Bf 'Tf.II.(iRMII;
! i,. T-'i-.l ,PTl...' , y,-ji;,,J lO J-.I3
Cincinnati Market-Oct. 9. DOMESTIC NEWS.
The Fight at Isle of Shoals.
Death of Howell Cobb.
The Episcopal General Convention.
Exciting Reports From Cuba.
AN EARTHQUAKE IN INDIA. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Maine State Fair.
PORTLAND, ME., Oct. 8.
he State fair has proved the most soc-' i
cessful ever held. The attendance and re !
ceipts have been large. 1 The display 1f :
stock lias been superior to that of any pre-'
vlous year- 'Tiie grana sweepstakes will be
to-morrowi 1 Fiftytwo Knox horses' were
exhibited to-day, with the horse General ,
Knox at the head. It is the finest disnlav ,
ever 'seen In this region.-- To-morrow eve-1 ;'
n1ng Governor Chamberlain will'address .
the association, when the fair will close.-'
Sample Packages.
The Superintendent ol the Rutland and .
Burlington and Vermont Central railroads, '
has issued orders to station agents not to
check or allow to be put into the baggage
ears trunks or valises supposed to contain
samples of goods, and when thev are in,
doubt the travelers are to be questioned as '
to the contents of the baggage.: Samples
of goods must hereafter k be carried over '
these roads in pa'-kages small enough to be
taken in the hand or carried as lreight or
express matter." . -it r .b...';i;i.ii
BURLINGTON, Oct. 9. Ashore.
The bark D. M. Hall went shore' Oct. 3i !
south of Spit Coos'' bay,; Oregon,, 'and Is, a :
total loss.. Two men were drowned.. ' . 1
A dense Smoke his prevailed for several 1
days past, along the entire Northern Coast, ;
rendering it ' impossible for vessels to
leave port. It is teared many wrecks have j
occurred. ' '
Milwaukee, Oct. 9.
ThefChooner Green-Cuyleri was struck i
by a propeller and snnk last night, In.: Mil- ,
waukeee river, sne was loaueu witnwooa.
For Congress.
ST. PAUL, MINN., Oct. 9.
The anti-Donnellv Republican conven- j
tion vesterday nominated Gen.. Andrews, 1
of St. Cloud, for Congress, in place of- Gen
who withdrew from the contest. :
CHICAGO, Oct. 9.
The schooner Forfar sunk ofl Muskegan, ;
Mich., yesterday. Four persons, whose '
names are unknown, were drowned. j
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 9.
A Are at Cheyenne, Wednesday night, ;
destroyed an entire block of frame stores -.
on Sixteenth street ana several Duuaings
on Ferguson street. The loss is not stated. !
Te property was not insured.
The Union Pacillc railroad is forwarding 1
ninety car loads of construction material ;
to the end of the road daily.: A large cum-,
ber of snow plows have been placed at con-t
venient distances in the mountains, ready ;
for use.
The second annual State Fair of Nebraska '
is oeing neia at jNeDrassa tjuy.:: xne ai-,
tendance is large. Many visitors are there;
from Iowa. Kansas and Missouri. ine en
tries are numerous and the display of agri-;
cultural implements is fine and includes all!
the recent improvements. I
River News.
River 4 feet and G inches and falling.
Weather pleasant.
Distressing Tragedy.
BOSTON, Oct. 9.
Georee L. Bichard?on, of the. Arm ot
Page, Itichardson & Co, ot this city, resid
ing at Lonffwood. arose from his bed at 1:
o'clock this morning, while laboring under:
a temporary tit of insanity, and dtliberate-:
Iv cut the throats of two of his children.:
The oldest one, a boy of thirteen years. Is
dead. Tli a other may recover. Mr. Rich-:
ardson was subsequently" in a barn, 111 his
night clothes, a raving maniac.
John Tyler has challenged Walter Brown!
to row a match for $1,000 or $2,000 a side,
at Troy, on the Hudson river.
"Brutal" Affair.
There was a disgusting prize fight in:
Williamsburg this morning, between a
brute named Dolan .and another named
Wagner. Thirtyrtwo rounds wereought,
when'Dolau nearly bitMVagner's thumb
off. The tight was then declared in favor
of Waaner. Both were shockingly muti
lated and bad to be carried away iu the
arms of brother brutes.
The first frost in this vicinity this season
occurred last night.
Foreign Missions.
, The Board of Foreign Missions closed, its
session this morning with an immense
meeting at Broadway Church. The Presi
dent announced, the committee on new
membership for the coming year. The
meeting was addressed by Hon. William
A. Buckingham, Hon. L. Child, Rev. Dr.
Martin, of Pekin, China, and Dr. Jessup, of
Beyrout, Syria. Bemarks were made by
Dr. Treat, of Bo?ton. and President Hop
kins. The meeting was intensely interest
ing, and numerous contnoutions were
made to the cause ol the mission.
William Shiers, a well known citizen ol
this city, died this morning. '
The political campaign In this county
has been carried on with unusual vigor by
both sides and will close to-morrow with a
daylight procession and meeting ot the
Republicans at, the Buckeye base ball
grounds in' the afternoon, and atorch
ilght procession and meeting in the Filth
street market space by the Democracy at
uight. rifi A - i
Cornell University.
ITHICA, N. Y., Oct. 9.
Four hundred students have entered the
Cornell Uoiversity: No. more cau be. ad
mitted to the freshmen claBS except the
State students in the agricultural, mechan
ical and engineering departments. The
higher class of students will be received
until further notice. , -
PARIS, Oct. 9.
The weekly statement of the Bank of
France, shows that the bullion has de
creased 22 million francs.
HUDSON, Oct. 9.
- The trial of Josephine Brown, indicted as
an accessory to the murder of the child
Angle Stewart, at.Canaan, for which Joseph
Brown was hanged on last May, has been
postponed tillJanuary, ..u, ...... .
Fire. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9.
A fire at be sothwest eornef of aisotnl
aQBAmdwsy StreetSt; lart nijih destroyed
the Franklin Houss snd three adjacent
Oulldlug. -A -number: ofIIves Werelost
FlvW wermiTTersd iEOOfetbnaws
of the Franklin Hoosa.
Fire. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9. Arizona.
Arizona' a3viceitX)otobir3f say 'ii
r teamsters attacked a band of friendly
ipache' ah&mvajo'lrifl'htf) ,! ' LapW,
VidHIed nhcluding Cpshcock,, Anna,
he ead. Chief of , the tribe; j33)d '6DtrS?
j iv-n btedly in augnrateOajitbewafr
With the N-avJoe' Intiiaosv Itis-aapectadi
they w retaliate jy a general "Wiw rfughe
iTSo'th" adopted a resolution to,
adjourn to-jBorrew,'.aniireais6eablB on' Ihej
4 -of 'N6vember. -"It is- generally. uder
-tood th at reglgtraf ion cn ot be -com pfww?
ip' time for the eleCtYoti. ' No election I 111
iftsefen passed; krid thyUrt)rtjWas aM
journ without passjng one.
Unitarian Conference.
Unitarian Conference. NEW YORK, Oct. 9.
jkt the sessionfoYTneMjnrtarian Conler
enceast evening, Bishop Payne, a colored,
man. belenglntfto the ArMbanVMethodisS
Ctiurcb, made a shortipeech,tliS apealr
of "Mrs." Amy Bradley for money- scedoeattX
the negroes lit1 the -Sbuth. Several hnn
djssd dollars ywereoi)ctida6evcsiiihra
colored Bisbopa.tbea addressed. thf-onfr-eee,
and an, Adjournment took place till
" John D. Mcilenryt the a11egedxperJureS "
witus In, -the. Rollins tevesue . case-.was.
released yesterday $4JXW bail to appear
next Monday: '-jj
-Some testlrifony was taken yesterday,
by Coromr- Flynii.'in- the alleged -wife!
poisou'uig case East Houston .treefcj
George Hobcb mann, l the -.brother y of , the
deceased woman, testified' tor-. snspletouet
actions oh the part of the -prisoner, Henry
Oxenlorthfuitl j the ,, xa,mlnatlon tvas1
case of Wilson, a boy of
14 years of ajre, who died from), the effects
of a horse whipping at-the hands of one
Francisco MeDonugh, the Coroner's jury
yesterday found lDonoujrti 'guilty j-TThi
whipping was done wi th- the butt of ar wft
while the lad was assisting McDonougb jatr
bis Soda water stand. The little fellow, was
seriously injured, but denied being-'hnrtf
for two Or three "days, tiecaosebe.'waa,
afraid his father, would give .uvea 'another
wiiipping. - Coroner Rollins ad mitt ted Mw
Donough to.bail in fOQOft'o
The Prize Fight.
'. .A special dispatch tr6nitbe'ls1e'6f Sho'alSj
states that after the priae fight there, yes-i
terday, the friends of the. -victor exhlbted
great enthusiasm, while-those who' backed'
Kelley .were correspondTbgly - despondent
Kelley himself was very sad and gave vent;
to his grief in tears," whereupon' Slddons
started a collection ibf , him,, which waa
generously -responded to by the spectators
of the hard-fought battle.- Of the two Kel'
ley, was the worst punistei, his face m re
resembling a piece ot rate sirloim. than the
countenance of a human being.--Seddoas
was only badly pummelled1, but his bruHea.
were more about- fh body than the face?
and were of course not so plainly visible.
The Spectators, together with the, battered
principals, left on board the boats imme
diately after the - tijht, - which ocenpiea
exactly one hour and thirty-five minutes.
Plead Guilty.
Yesteraay.Ttn the Conrt ot'General"Ses
sions, John 'Kinney end Janies'OhSmpion
plead guilty, of committing an indecent as
sault upon an agcdjwpmanaiid were sentenced.-,,
to,q .the. fi penitentiary j ,lor ...six
months. ,: J -
Death of Howell Cobb.
Howell Cobb, of Georgia, formerly Seere
tary of the Treasury, under Buohana'n, tell
dead this morning in tho corridor-ot the
In the session ol the Unitarian Conven
tion to-day, Rev. Dr. Uosmer,. President of
the Antiocn College, gave a statement" of
the circumstances of that institution. It
had three buildings and a President's house,
costing $132 000. The salaries are . insuffi
cient; as the institution has -no power to
contract debt, it bas none. The endowment
is about $100,000. "ji,.;. . ; :Z:,! -
Episcopal Convention.
The Episcopal General Convention met
at 10 o'clock this-' morning in , Trinity
Chapel, and passed an hour in the usual de
votional exercises. " ": -
The Convention was called to order at
UK o'clock by the President, nearly all the
delegates being present.- '- -i
The President submitted tne Treasurer
report, containing the following fummaiy
of expenses and receipts ot'tlte General
Convention of 1865 s- Total disbursements,
$3.29155; receipts. $7,545; excess of .dis
bursements, $746.55; balance due'Treasu
rer, $457.85. .The statement was referred to
the committee on Expenses. i
The committee on New Dioceses 'report
ed favorably upon the addition oi the dio
cese of Nebraska, under the name of
"Council of. Nebraska." ....
. S. B. Buggies, a member of the commit-,
tee, objeeted to changing - the title oi the
church organizational! States, and thought
the name Diocese should be adhered to.
Rev. Dr. Howe, -of Philadelphia; -agreed
witli Mr. Buggies." .
"' Rev. Dr. Pitkins, of MiehlgarTwas In fa
vor of admitting the Diocese under the
name of Council. - ' J''
- Rev. Dr. Meade', of Connecticut; opposed
the admission 'or the diocese ot Nebraska
under the title of 'council as unconstitut
tional. - ' ' "; '"'i.' -1
Episcopal Convention. Politics.
The grand Republican-mass meeting at
Cooper Institure lastevening was addressed
by Senators Morgan and Conkliug. n,'! - t
The Mozart Democracy are axaiain the
field, and urge Fernando Wood to .accept
the nomination in .the 9th district., !.yji
Cuba for Independence.
LONDON, Oct. 9.
Rumors are eurreni at Paris aiid Madrid
that Cuba bas declared for independence.'"
Slavery in the Colonies.
MADRID, Oct. 9.
The Junta will bring a bill before the
C5ortez tor abolishmg slavery in the ,cob
nicsat the expiration of eleven years, r I
NEW YORK, Oct. 9.
Mail reports from India state that a shock
of an earthquake was felt pretty generally
on the Punjab, at 28 minutes past 6 o'clock.
At Lahore, Ainritsar, jaiananar, anioaiia
ana Simla the shock was experienced, but
nowhere severely. - - --- ,i
MADRID, Oct. 9.
The Provisional Junta have made a dec
laration in favor of civil and religious lib
erty. It is received with enthusiasm and
extensive popular demonstrations are made
in Madrid, especially In lavor of religious
toleration. Large numbers of workmen
are Idle In consequence of the agitation,
which has caused a temporary suspension
ot industry and labor In the city.
The Provisional Junta assures them
work will be provided for all who want It.
Rumorsays that the Duke and Dnchess of
Montpensier has been allowed to re-enter
Spain. , Much excitement was' created in
Caladonia by the reform In, custom tarifl.
" - ,i - i
Danish Government.
It is understood that the Danish Gov
ernment has accepted President Johnson's
proclamation to enlarge the period allowed
for ratification of the treaty of cession of
St. Thomas lor one year.! Rumor says
Reverdy Johnson has signed a 'naturaliza
tion treaty with Great Britain. .- iin-.i
Buffalo Market-Oct. 9.
FLOUR Dull and unchanged.
- WHEAT Advanced; tales No 2 Mil
waukee at$l 53; white Michigan at $2 30.
i CORN Active and higher; sales Toledo
at $1 04; western at CI G6l 00; held at
$1 071 08 at the clofe. .!;!
OATS--Steady at 63C4-, -d ttl
RYE $145 bid and refused.!' it
B A RLE Y Small sales Canada at $3 13
2 20; held at the close at i 25.-, ii uiiid
New York Dry Goods Market-Oct. 9.
The demand has slightly Improved. The
market on a whole may be considered as
devoid of animation. 1 Prices are generally
dim. -vi- - '" ' '."! I- if'-;

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