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' 1 ''" ;Fr County 8rTeT ' T I ;
; I'. -
l--visi oholooic!.' Tan", pwpered, ind
.,tM, bT W, J; Savage, Jeweler,
4oloa. ', : :
"t A: M'...'i
ft w..l...
.. -; .'J. -L
Fun Rises...
i, Bswete;..;TsiKoaiBtar
7:... '.' ; ! M 'S-l
1 s i .-J
' ray-' The City was very qnlet yesterday.
and but few arrests were made. .. w u ii
tWYsterday was a beautiful day! :h?he
ladies -were on the street in loroe.
""faSTTbBateuiaa Opera Tronpe passed
threap this city yesteraay iur- u..
pbiaiau'U ;.K ' A - ' -r ; V .A il-.'irfo
Andrew?, find HuUi7have received
a n-..r far Oct. 24th. Aa ex-
ceUcBtjio.mber, (', t .-
" rs sm. Galloway cavorted and made
feces at a small uadof Republicans In
the State House sqnare last nlgM. -'
- rar White ash in great numbers are be-
Irig received daily, fresh trom the lakes
Keece Julon, jroauwa.jr .uyw
i..,it ' l-a :. I .1-5 i H .'i ti-T tie'!
about it. ! -H 8-.4 , ,.:.,.! . '. M ui sj,.
Ml . . ' " " 1 .
fc tSgDemorest's Magaxlne for, JTovemoer
comes W vtew and beautiful tyiev -"An
ovemoer. y, , , y; . ;J
iyThe flghf on- Tuesday will be ; io
.child' playf-JoKrnal.- joajf
i Tw0 aolla'rsra cent,, then, that vomly
doesn't stay at th oolU one secMid.lcmster
tutu 18 aece&sary ior mm w: "vtt j
tyThelast nomher of the A'orftiritift
eoiew has an article on the "Education ot
the Imbecile," which werecomraend to Mr.
Howard, of the 3otcrnal. He may find in
ifTOBc discipline for-the genUe. (Jomly,
HTThe Journal says conceutrated lye Is
h.t u nuH for takinz the hair off of
hiaSs ferevTon totattnlng.Wellfwe -ain't
aUnoerbut we always understood that
ouite anotner style of article was used for
tfrrmrArntlPa hutte HEejtte Jour
nol. Quite like. :
' It is reported on the street that some of
the horses ot tne uuy ire ueirwiKin
wert used 1n theDemocratie procession
Saturday night ! How Is that?:-JottrHaf.
The man that reported the story, simply
luw.' That's. what's the matter
CTOld Satan is a Radical. -r '
-',. -a' . . i i '.. v "-.
.Hs; Wattw LoNG.A-man was natur
aHe6fyesterday"whose ' first papers were
signed by Lyne Starling and dated in
franknnton, when thatvillagewas' the
county aeatot Franklin county-.V.'i -'V .
' tyBen Butler is a Radical."' ' :
I :.: I ' II I r- fl-.it 'i t r
Fox 18C9. Andrews & Hull .hare our
thanks tot a dopy of Appletoii's tllustrated
Almanac for 1809J.'It its perfect. beauty,
and with it brilliantly 411,Mniinate4.eover
must be a favorite among the ladies, for
whom It s most particularly designed.-. 7
tBUl Gibson Is a Radical.
Thanks. The Gun Squad ot the White
Boys la Blue have our thanks for a salute
fired' In front of this offlte on I their-' return
from Newark last night, where they had
been to assist in the great Democratic
BTDr. G. Volney Uirsey is a Radical.
"The Emctios. News from the county
election will be received to-night at Thur
man Hall; -The news from the State 'will
be. jecWved at th'. headquarters oCthe
Den ocratic State Executive Committee, on
State street.
tiCoffily;'tnei Brigadier, la Radical.
SCbb Ohly The.-oniyway 5o revive
business is to reduce taxes. The only way
to reduce' the taxes UloptUeooondmy
in our public aflatrs The only way to
bave relorm and economy in the governments-to
crush, out the Baiica at Jthe
balloteboau,: i-JiAj hkiuit
fisdert cak.vou, jpQJhfa Baical
ticket? tOQi",l"0 Tjo?i f.i.10.
fellow Democrats, tUa no vote lor the De
mocracy is, lost by ..inability of anxDemo-
crat to reach the polls -if well enough. If
too tar to walk, ancf the. voter Is infirm,
lend ium your horse or your carriage,' and
atdim to drflils full duty.
t" Can yo, Voto' to-'-keep.
iowerf ' Jni z-iiii il"
Radicals in
,cP'BMXiux$l-rPtfi ypur shoulders, to the
v4iee toy-J to ' work,' every man
- th4t ipves his pouuiry-.Work In confidence,
knowing that when the snn sets- to-night
the State of Ohio Mil bo redeemed, and the
proud banner of Democracy flsat In trl
nph over awelKWoii eld."s Work with
energy' and and y ou will wfn. '"HTH'ti
jiii im .(..,Mj
tS"Hnrt, the Quarter-Master, is a Radl-
r,;y 1, 1 1 1 1 j -. ..
ing transfers o teal estate ere. lelC at Jb,e
Recorder's office on yesterday :
Holaman Craig and"wife to Charles B
StewartT Sepsi 48i,1 lot No41 to XIrary
and others' addlUoa. to the city of Colum
bus, for 89j:i1 "'',-. , .
Ermine Case and wife, to John R. Ro
maua, oditiiS, 12 ,scres ot land In
llontgomery townBhlAJor,t3J28 75.
o IT :"' M '' 'iP"TT;-.
tThe Radicals nave increased the ex
penses q be GcverDOjebt'sIx-Iold.
Rkad atr PoKBca. What has Radical
Ism done for the country ? What are the
marks of Us "blessings?- It pays aa army
and a Freedmen's Bureau, to support mil
lions VI' .j.uvuu.- ircgcwa . m (DC
EbathV and kill a lew Arrapahoe, Comau-
' ebe and 3iouX Indians in the. West This
army, raalntained for these purposes alone,
cost nlUioQS yearly.; ILL. the ; institution
wprtb. the expense? ; ''
v iban't forget, friends, ! to send os th
return from eacB township TQ- ICiUT,
-Von, Riub The Radical party have
trodddn down. the ConstUutlon they have
declared that It is not' binding upon, them
yiey boast that they have legislated "out-
.tA-li ' "--' . ..
Paxou know. wha$ this means tJjj'J.
Death to your government; r
Death io Liberty ; iaix. .t.Ji U
A Coivgrvsalonal oligarchy, or a military
despousmk O S tX . . tv ,
Such must be the. inevitable. result of
Radical pelicj QJ Ol Of! W
0T, John W, Forney, Who was compelled
to resiza the Secretaryship 'ot the U: S.
certain money aJlTa Radical " x.i-dt
To IfLriSmHM tell
nL if you can, why some of your men Jo
the procession Saturday night, In order to
make the thing look' grand, and. In order to
make tt appear that yon had 'such a large
procession, would leave the front ranks sad
go back to the rear, thns maklnr -the vrtr-
lloeMion look longer than ItreaUy wai.Thls
was aone by the. White BoysJiCRlutioJhe
uixuslui an looKers on.
And we would like to know, if you had
so many spare torches, why you? tea thou
sand horsemen were not turnlshed with, a
few.- your display Would , have- "been a
grand one had your men been sober enough
to ride horses and carry torches. - But the
truth is, and the fact is, that so many men
were so full of beosine that it, was Impos
sible to make a grander display than is
made by the same crowd every night in
the bar shops In this city. You cannot beat
the Republican procession until you have
his Honor, the Mayor, close up ail drink
ing saloons, and Impose a flue upon all
Democrats who will drink on an occasion
yesterday, and re-publish it in these col
umns, that all our citizens may see what a
confounded, ass the Journal has for a cor
respondent and also because it gives us a
chance to show what mean capers the Rads
resort to in order to injure their opponents.
As there were not torches enough in the
city fpr. the use ol theDmocratlo proces
sioni on. Saturday night, Charley Wagner
sent Eo New, York lor a supply. Ou Wed
nesday last, we believe, he received inform
ation that Ills torches, were, in., Buffalo.
Thanks to the meddling rascality ot some
express agent, -the goods cl id not ar
rive until yesterday ' morninir, occu
pying i the brief space .-of live, lays
la 1 'getting to' Columbus from ; Bu
falo by express.- Now as to the drinking
part of It, we are ot opinion that lY "Looker
On" .had . been sober .enoush on Fridav
njgbttohave walked a iar aa the TostofUce
he would have seen strung along from
there to .the. Americaij H9use, a crowd of
men in lanner uniform, so full of calamity
water that One could Meaf'it slosh in them
as they staggered from one side ot the pave
ment to, the other.What this Jsoli'Lookes
Oh" means by speaking of men leaving the
trontor the procession and going to the
rear; ! more than we can compreh"end.?Ar
the procession reached from the west gate
of .the State House to Stato.streetup State
to Third; on Third to Rich, On Rich toSevi
enth, on Seventh tovState, arid on State to
Sixth, we are of opinion such charges-as
he speaks of were not made more, than nine
or ten times the same nlgbt. We guess
that "Looker' On" hadjworms, - and didn't'
know what ailed him, or he may have been!
sober for a few mpmentec, ,:lJ yi, ,.i j
tS Callicutt, now in the Albany State
prison, and still an office holdor. Is a Radi
cal. . . -
, GRijTB as, A Gknbbal. The : Journal of
yesterday seemed to be worried because
a transparency bearing the words "The
.Butcher of the Wilderness," was carried In
the procession on Saturday night. That
transparency, was prepared by a,-man who
was under Grant at the . Wilderness, and.
who has cause to remember the incapacity
exhibited by the General' 'oi'iVl our ar
mies," daring that cathpalgn.- ;That a ma
jority of be boys of .the Army ot the - Po
tomao held the same'view, .may be learned
by. reading. Greeley's History, of the JVar of
the Rebellion, where this account occurs :
"Twenty minutes after the flrat shot was'
flredrTully 10,000 of our men were stretched'
and writhing oa the sod or s(ill and calm
in death, while the-enemy's loss was prob
baly little more than 1,000. And when,
hours later, orders were sent to each Corps
commander to renew the assault at once,,
without regard to any other, the men aim-.
'ply and vitanimomly refused to obey ,U. They
ew wiui success was nopeiess, ana tne attempt
to gain it murderous, hence they refused to be
sacrificed to no purpose." -
;If you haven't Greeley's -history handy.
get Reld's Ohio iri the 1 War, and nnder
title rjlyses8 S. Grant you will read very.
nearly, the same record. ";'; ''.' ',;,;J
BS"Gov Joe Brown, of Georgia,: the tn-
venter of the Andersonville prison pens, is;
a Radical, j.; v.: !? i.-, .v .- ma i . timtxa
-r'-'iit--- -.ii' - . ji i t-. - -i I- i
- Thk Naw Postage Stamps. The Postj
master General has just awarded: .the" eon
tract ior the supply(of stampto, thti,'.De-;
partment for the ensuing four year to the
National Bank Note Company ofNewYorkj
Tne rieW' stamps will be somewhat smaller;
than those in use at present but .they are
of a supefior styie'an finish,' with a nqv-;
elty in design. The two cent- stamp con
tains an engraving of a postboy on horser.
backln full speed.RThe three cent has a
locomotive under full head of steam,-the
great carrl-r"of our domestic service.-'Tbe
five cent stamp contains a. bead of Wash
ington; The ten centv the finest or alt .In
design and executipp, has almlnlatureen
graving of theDeclaratigii of Indepen
dence, executed' with teuoh -delicacy and
precision that the pict.uresuffers nothing
under thetnagnllyliig glaWiTh twelve
cent stamp ban an ocean steamhip,and the
thirty (Sent has a-' ffnefy':exe'cuted 'engTav
I tig of thtf sdrrender -of Burgoy ne. When
it la considered thatover a million, stamps
are Issued dally the importance of -this
contract is at once evident.1 ' J
"- irJL-
tW Capt. John W.Forneyr Jm whouwas
dismissed -from Ihe ' army for Stealing
money entrusted to film.is a Radical.
. h : ''' , 'i . n-.iiiir) S
;.tOPKiiA:dHojr3)a. Lass NwHT.ui'any
sfatherings, for political purposes held"!
thh'citr Vasrnlghti' told fearfullyoit Ihe
audience , at the. Opera House. Though
tbere werbut4ew preecnUtbe-olaw Loe'
Sicrifice, was splendidly; performed. We
can assure our readers that so good a troupg.
has not visited Columbus for many a day,
It is tJtetty wen Understood th'at'we do hoi
hesitate to say a performance is bad if it be
so, and good lr"31t deserve it, so
rtqitr our 1commendatloiii-,of Mf.
Lanygan?s compahyrmay. be, taken. far
just what we say. Itrla an excellent ene.
Mr. Lanergan's" Mathew "Elmore ; wa a'
very .correct- and judicious: performance.
Some of the tableaux were new to us, and
very beautiful. T Mr? Boy's Paul Latont
was splendidly .-ead, ,-played -and dressed.
B Is a very unthankful part yetHiei won;
manyencomiums for the mapuer in-whkh
he played it. v We did not Uke Mr. Daviea'
Jean Ruse. ,We "have 'seen much 'inore
made ot It. SWLe iwas very well done.
Mr. Danvers reads a little too fast to suit
us. Mr. Bates made all of Eugene De-1
Lorm'e that wag possible to make of such V
partf Mrs. Lanergan's Margaret' was" 'a?
beautiful piece of acting-4 Wi have seent
ladies of far greater pretensions who did
not make half as touch ot it Hermlnle.
was capitally played by: Mrs. Stanley.
This j lady-jwilt be Tastly? a favorite
1 V. . V . . U.l BU.U. kUW MUO JUOIf bllC
style to please our people- -Bub we cannot
athis late hour further particularize. If
is safe to say. that the company, is the best,
ever seen in the Opera. -House. All our
readers who love 'theatricals can visit the.
Opera House while this company remains,
with "us, sure of being pleased with.'" the'
performance., They deserve a succession
of full houses'. '-'t;- "
t-Oui; friends at the diflerent ward
polls will please send ua the returns TOt
NIGHT. - ' - - . :i . c
r- Naturalizahon. Quite alargenumber
of men leoeived their final papers" from
JndgePujtn.of the Probate Conrjty esterday
But few of our foreign born citizens, no
matter wqat their5 nationality,5 will vote
with the Republican party this fall. They
have sundered many and dear ties to enjoy')
the benefits 6f a free government, and they ,'
will vote this fall to perpetuate the bless- '
lugs they so highly appreciate,: and will!
bast their ballots for the Democracy t"'-
G aijoo R&krx Tb e VaFa com tort
able dipplay of galoots before the Mayor
yesterday, as is usual on Monday morning,
4 CharresTJartlett and Wm. Crawford had,
on Sunday, concluded to enjoy a comfort
able but plain drunk. They were fined $2
each and posts.. Couldn't pay. .Locked np.
Stone pile.-'-'---0
John Fit zpat rick and B. L. Hamilton
took sugar ln'thelr'n. Theeffect ot sugar
on some specimens of humanity la 'singu
lar. It flle8o their heads and causes them
to yelp'and howl and make night hideous.
So was it with the two above named. They
were fined 95 and costs. No stamps. Stone
pile. Ham men.
Barney Mclver was drunk and disorder
ly, and kicked op a bit of a bobbery, the
ordinances of the city to the contrary not
withstanding. He was fined $5 and costs
No money. Dornicks. Hammers. Trlx.
t"People of Ohio, by vour votes to-day
give lis a change of State Officials and a
change In Congress. - ci ' J"
' Democratic Challengers and Votrrs.
Be at the voting places early this
morning and see that the polls are opened
by the judges and clerks in strict conform
ity to lawv ,See.to jt if any of the clerks
or judges are absent," that "their "places are
filled by selections out of the electors pres-
is f ; )(. j ttirni t !'r A
eni...,., ... .....
Let the challengers be at their post con
stantly, vigilantly, from the opening of the
polls in the morning till they are closed in
the evening. And from this hour till the
close of the polls this evening, and during
the entire day, let every Democrat and
Conservative use all his influence and do
all in his power to 'secure' every" vote
than can be had tor the Democratic candi
dates. ,'J N.- jqa.a
t5fIfyou would know.how the election
in this District has gone, send us the re
turns to-night. : A
SEtacTiok RsTCRNS.The present Tessed
and manager of the Opera House, J.XV.
Lanergan. has a'rrauged with the1 Republi
can and Democratic Central and County
c immittees, to obtain the returns, as last as
they come In to-night and will read them
from the. -stage' tat iSe end of each, .act of
the play.
eThis is an excellent idea, and - avoids the
necessity of crowding the committee room g
in order to get; correct returns, not to men
tion the additional attraction of witnessing
a good play, performed by a very talented
company .A ,T,,.5 , . g ,fcoci;3
NEW YORK, August 7th, 1868.
i Mr, .Editor : Stveral of yourn corres
pondents, very old and respectable no doubt'
seem-to be wonderfully exercised as to the
origin of our Plantation-'Bitters.'' So
loug aa these Bitters are all thafr-wesrepre-sent
them"to'beir'we'"'dd n6t know tliat It
makes any -difference from . whom- they
come, br troni whence "they "originated ;
but for the information of the public gen
erally, arid Old Capl.. Wenta In particular,
we will say that he told the truth, and that
these. BltteVs origlnatecf in the West India
Islands' that many of the ingredients 'have
been favorably used for over a century,
but our combination of Calisaya is entirely
new, and our own. The rum and .other
materials are the same, and as, your corres
pondent says, a better Bitters and Tonic is
not 'made. We recommend them particu
larly for dyspeptics, fever and ague, debili
ty, Joss of appetite, and in all cases where
P. H. DRAKE & Co.,
21 Park Row, N. Y.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price., v: ; V-
RNT-8ept25-deod6wlycw i i- .n
Fresh Baltimore O vsters.o f the' ceje-'
brated I; N.'Smith branJ, are now received
daily large, fat and prime, by Wm. Dick
inson, at his saloonvNp, 54, North Higt)!
street. 1 These superior Oysters may be bad
therp bj. the case, cart of, single disb; any
way that patrons may desire to take them,
and at prices as low as charged by any house
in the city. Don't forget the place where the
finest oysters, fresh from their native beds,
may be had daily " ?r.--; j ,t
' octl2-mwedf3f:;''"'';. ' -:' :
The Novelty Clothes Wringer .tiatLcog-"
wheels on toth ends of the Rollers, which
gives it great strength and durability' be
sides .-obviating, the necessity o pinning
down' one eud of the upper Roller to keep
the" cog "wheels fa JgeaTwwhlch must le
done where common cog-wheels 'are used
only on one end. v ,
$100 Silk Banner.
At a meeting of the Democratio-County
Central and Executive Committees, held at
.Thurman Hall, on "Saturday,-August 29,
the following resolution was unanimously
adopted:;-,..1;; , . v;';;''.:f " .l "'r -
Resolved, That the ward or township in
Franklin- connty giving the largest propor
tionate, increased Democratic, vote tor the
Democratic . State Ticket over the vote
given for Judge Thurmau tor Governor, in
1867, shall be entitled to 'and receivefrotn
the committees a magnificent Silk Banner,
worth one hundred dollar, to be held by. the
township or ward winning it two succes-
" "- '
Ch'm'n, Co. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Secretary.
TAttySHBKts and TicKExaim-The Dem
ocrats, ofFrankUn-Waptyarje.hereby no
ftlfied. that .Ui tally'sheeta' apa tickets jor
the -approaching etectioaiin tneaiaerent
ward anc tovthahlps, "arenow ready for de
livery: and it i reduested that the trustee
or clerk, of each, locality, or some reliable
Democrats le Ruihorfeed' to call fof them
at the County Democratic-Executive Coril-
IburpnarT-HaU. without di-
Columbus, Oct. 9th.
York and Boatoa Uarketi, all iipd of , r . -
,'a.u GOODsi. ilOilliSTIO GOODS. . , .;...)
Wh'sh we are actually sellina; at an rerge price
of One Dollar for taca Article. AJar
niea being strictly for eaah. and onr trade tonoh
larger than that of any other similar eonoern, en
able as to rive better bargains than can be obtain
ed of any other house. , - -,- .
.!'.a i rE L ADIES ' ""
Are especially lnri ted to gira ns a trial.
1 Onr elnb system of sejing is as follows: For $3
tend SO patent pen toanUint andoheoke desoribixiR
2o different articles to beaold for dollar each: 40
for S4: SO for SS; 100 for $io. Ac. Sent by mail.
Onmnisiiens targtr Most the ofered tv anv other
Jtrm, aooording to size -ul club. (Single lountain
aadenecK. looeuw.- juaie ana lemsla-asrenta want
ed. eut Mestey tn H-eg-latereef abetters.
Bend at a trial club, and oa will aeknowledaa
that you &noot afford to bus goods of 1417 otoer
honM thereafter.. ,1 - K
TTrJr , v EASTMAN k KENDAtL. ' .
, . . -. . 6j Uanoer street.Boaton. Alas.
How either ae may Instantly gain the nndy'ng
loreof any person they eboose. l he single mar
ried, the married happy, and WIS K IN TIME.
Bimple. harmless and sure. Also, Journal of Lore,
rjeoret of S access. How to Uet Riob, etc. All mail
ed free for SO oent. - rU.0UO sold. - Address -
KEkVEi) A CO.. 78 Nassau St.. Dew Tork. -!
a KT-aogia-wSm
! . 1 1 : r--$ t- .' j ." n:m-. 1 , -
, n X-Wlh.def.ndant. Before Wm: Walker,
J. r. or pleasant township. Franklin count. Ohio
On the S3d day of September. A. D. 1868. ni
J astice issued an order of attachment in the abore
action for the sum of one hundred nl
dollars..' r - i-i-T. :r r"
1 Genrgsrllle,.September2Sd.l84:'0"li' ' -;
I oot8-w3ir ' D. v. FEEEMAJf-;3 '
Ao living -mm
The confirmed dyspvptie may almost say with St.
not to rami nd him of J bit pangs. but to ibow
him bow tobftnUh them a forever. The meant
.f . -1 . , - r - .t .
aim in
And it is for him to say w hether he will continue
to endure a Iitidc deatb.orto put Bimself in ;
tiiion to reader Ufa enjoyable. . 3. s ki
Of the ef&c&sy of this matchless rentable stom
achic are to be found in erery city and town in the
United States healthy men and women, rescued
from torture by its fT use, and eager to btar
testimony to its vir- VJ tues It differs from
any other Bitters in existence, in this special par
tioularit is not alooholio.
For such-sjoiutitutions and systems a9 require fee
their invigoration diffasiTe stimulant, - -
Has been proyided m preparation In whioh the sol
id extracts of the finest Teatorotives of the vegeta
ble kingdom are held in solution by a spirituous
gent, purged of all deleterious constituents. Tbe
Satient. in choosing between these two great aati
oteea should be guide 1 by his own condition? If in
a very low-state from debility -the Tonio should be
bis Selee ion; but in cases where tbe emergency is
not so pres8inevthe Bitters is-the specific required.
Thousands find infin- fT ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn. There is no phase of
indigestion, biliousness., nervous disease or physi
eal prostration to whiclf they are not adapted, and
in wbiob, singly or eombined, they will not effect-'
Exchange Fain for Ease
And Weakness for Strength. Get rid of the ail
ments -wuich interfere wits enjoyment; cast gloom"
and desMndenor to the winds: take a stronger hold
of liteand. in short, beoome a
Throngb tne instrumentality of the most powerful
and popular of all vegetable invigorants and cor
rectives, DOOFtMD'rSEJWfMfTERS.
ffllfo5sneP8."tniiife8CTonT tJoneril DelHityTTaCT
all tbe-eompltntwhkih proceed -froso-e-wao ef
E roper action in tbe liver, the stomach and the
oweis. are eradicated by a eourse of this great
Which not only combats and conasen diseases that
have entrenched themselves in the system, but
is the best known safeguard against all unhealthy
influences. . Persons whose occupations and. pur
suits -aooieec 4hem o tbe lleDreaainff affects nf a.
olose; un wholesome atmosphere, should take it reg
ularly aa a protection against the low fevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. Inva
lids who are . .
.-.L.ie-n ins r ;cr"f3 or. p.i
Without anv special eomTSlaint. exsent a gradual
declination of bodily strength and nervous energy,
will find, in the BIT-, .TBRS a fountain o
vitality and vigor, as sT refressiog and exiU
erating as a pool in the desert to the sand-sooroned
and fainting travelers.
I eomodeal of the nKfliatoas (dr. ms their ara4ntt
dictnally termed. Kx tract a), of Roots Herbs and
Barks, making a preparation highly concentrated
and entirely tree from Alcohol io admixture of any
kiuderh ' n i. r: jci t -.sti i.:r.x ': .:::-z-i i;fT
Is a combination of all the ingredients of the Bit-
. ; . k n.f - . - 1 I ' .n.. f,.wtm
Orange, etc., making one ot tbe must pleasant and
agreeable remedies ever offered to the publie
' These remedies will effectually cure Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dys- I pepia, Chronic or
Nervous Debility, la Chromo Diseases of
tbe K.idneys4sJl diseases -afU ngirp'Sjduiqri
dered Liver or stomach.
as Consti-
v f pJKesrf r j YT8
- A Blood to the Head A J ru
Aoidity of the- Stomaoh.
Nausea. Heartburn. Disgust
ariHfov Food, Fullness or Weightintiaw sTff
Stomach, tiour aructatiuns, Sinking
or Fluttering at the-pit of the Stomach,
Kwimminer of the Head. Hurried and llifficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the'lieart. Gboking or
daffocating Sensations when in a Lying Posture,
Liimnes8 ot vision, fots or webs betoreuie-a
Sight. Fever and Dull Pain in-the Head.' '
Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness
of the skin and Exes, rain in the
Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, etc.
Sudden flushes' ff Heat,
Burning in the Flesh.
;. .Constant rjmagi n
- tags of Evil, and
ureat leprea-
sinn of
They are the Greatest and Bestl
Ever knowrind will care all diseases Tesulttriy
from bad Blood.' Keep your Blood-pure. Keep
your Liver in order. , Jk Keep your digestive,
organs in a .anund,- s hertltby.oondition, byj
the use of these remedies, and no disease will evtr
assailyou. -
.3j& ,.3i ,231u
Weak and Delicate Children
Are" made Vtrobg KyfBe use of either of these rem-T
edies. . 1'hey will cure every ease of MARAcSMUii.
without fail
Thousands cf certificates have accumulated in
the ban is of the proprietors; bu- swateat will allow
of tbe publication of but a few. Those, it will be
observed, are men of note and of suoh standing that
they must be believed.
? i :. i 1 t
Who would ask lor more dignified or stronger tes
. timony? . r.i --, .'
Chief Justjoe, of Aba Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vania, writes:
Phtladilfhta, March 18, 1867.
1 find "Hoofland's German Bitters", isa good ton
1. uiaful-ia diseases Ikl of the- digestive or
taus, and of great ben- la efit in cases of debil
ity and want of nervous action in tbe system. y 1
Tours truly. J u.,3 GEO. W, WOODWARD. " '
' Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Philadblfhia, April 88, 1866.
I consider "Hoofland! German Bitters"1 a valua
ble medicine in e'ises of attacks of Indigestion or
D'spepsia. I can certify this from my experience
of it. -.rYours, with respect. , c s
-Si ---'- - James THOMPSoir:
pTothonotaryaf the Snpreme "Court ft Pennsylvav"
nie; writes it - . i J
' w-. v- PHrLAi)aLFHi.Be? 14.-18k7.-A-
' "Hoofland's Germai Bitters" is a very useful ar
ticle as a tonio and as an appetiser. It i not aa in-
toxi ating drink, and may be used beneficially by
persons of all age. Ke pectfully yours.
1 .-4-.tc-5l3?4jT
' Hoofland's German Eemedies are counterfeited.
See thtt the signature i" 'o! C. H. JACKSON
is n - tne wrapper of J -eaoh bottle. All oth
ers are counterfeit. '
: Principal Office and Manufactory at the German,
Medicine Store. No. 631 ARCH STREET. I'hila--delphisvPa.
la - j.- ai r , t s-j
CHARLES M. EVANS, Proprietor.
i Formerly C. H. JACKSON t CO.
; . i . o Li :j L't r :i
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle 1 00
Hoofland's (German Bitters, naif dosen 6 00
Hoofiand's German Tonio, put up in qt. bottles 1 M
. per bottle, or a hal f dosen for $T- 5. - - - -'
Do not forget to examine well the article you buy
n order to get the genuine.
:,3Vfi ii i i ' ''. ' Jt "-'A
i And Dealers in Medicines everywhere.
' jy2-dwAi geowly
- mil
Arrival of General Thomas.
The Saengerfest in Sandusky.
The Union Pacific Railroad!
Metropolitan Local Budget.
Latest from South America.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
Postal Affairs.
The Post-Office Department has in
formation ot a temporary arrangement
made by tha Vice Preftaeet of the Union
Pacific railroad lorearryins the mails be
tween tbe termini Of tbe Pacific railroads.
Telegrams froarapverat parties have been
received todairofferihjr to contract for the
transportation of the mails. One offer
comes Irom Bnjjhamilounir- .The propositions-are
now under consideration,! with
a view To secure the certainty of the service
oy expres nntu tne completion or tne rail
road. Well, Far?-&Co. are not Inclined
to continue the mail service much longer.
Robejt, (3. Murpay ,has . tyeeri appointed
General Thomas.
Major-Gneral Georjfe;n. Tbomas arriv
ed here this morning from Tennessee. He
had an interview with GenSchofield.
General Orders for Army Officers
The President to-day, throueh the War
Department, Issued general orders for the
information ot tne army otneers, quoting
the provisions of the Constitution relative
to tbe election of President and Vice Pres
ident, and laws visiting with' punishment
military or naval omcers Intimidating such
elections,. The order Is intended In part as
at -reDUKe to ueneral neynolds, -wbo
issued an ord-r forbidding the citi
zens of Texas holding an election
lor electors. It will . be recollected
that the States of Virginia and Mls-issippi
bave 'not yet been- -recognized ; by Con-
grees. in the admission of their Senators
and Kepresentatives,- and that Congress in
July last passed an act in effect, precluding
tne counting 01 tneir electoral votes.
Gen. Thomas' Visit.
Gen. Thomas will return to Tennessee in
a day or two.,- Be came here to-attend to
the Oyer court martial, not having received
notification of -
It is ascertftTried lrom an authentic sonree
that in his telegram of the 4th Inst. Minis
ter Hale applied for instructions in view
of the political situation at Madrid. The
instructions were giyerr-thrfrrtghthe-Bgme
medium on the 6th Mr..iHale now tele
graphs in compliance wltM his instructions,
that he has recognized the new Govern
ment at; Madrid., J3is proceeding has been
considered. '----
I SeporYelJ fjo-day presented credentials
to tne secretary ot Mate and was received
as charge d'affairs of the Republics of
uuafamaia-anii saivaaor.-.j-rfr. iJiiCw
Central Pacific Railroad.
The tr$arj;he Cehtral Paciflie railroad
is finished to Beese River Valley, 500 miles
east oiSauI"rancisoo, aDd about Co miles
north ot Austin. The grading is nearly
Idrthe1r6n 100 -miles beyond, andu1t is
said tbe requisite grading to-SsltiLake
wilt be done by the loth ot December. -The
earnings of the railroad for September
were 3,uuunn. gold- .in few davs
Wells:; Fargo &-Co'e-- stages -wilt' -connect
witn tne railroad at uraveiiy lord, on the
Humbolt river, instead of YVardsworth.
This'will shorten the stage route nearly
tw.Qjh.vndred, inijes. , r- ,.
DOMESTIC NEWS. Sængerfest.
SANDUSKY, O., Oct. 12
-Theortn western Ohio Germafl iri
gerfest will Je held in .tbia:it3r the 15th
and 16th ol this month.' A large number
of musical organizations' from abroad will
bftibteaeiii and in4 f thi -finest aoncerte
ver given in tbe. West isvexpected. On the
10m 011 cAuunsiyu ij iiie.isianas is. to pe
given trj the vl8ltbr3,!ana'on the evening 61
the same day the meeting will conclude
with a grand ball.'J i i 1
SANDUSKY, O., Oct. 12 Celebration.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 12.
TUeJtaliaB Society-of StXjOuisveele..
brated, yesterday, the discovery of Ameri
ca by Oolumbns. The society paraded tbe
streets in the forenoon, with banners and
music and in the afternoon eDjoyed a general-festival
at, Drig'aChveiaud dosed in
tbe evening with a grand ball. An address
appropriate to she occasion was. read by
the President of the society during the day .
River News.
. 'WeatfW pleasant. "Elver two feet eleven
inches and at a stand. '- - .
PITTSBURGH, October 12.
' - Two night trains on the' Allegheny road
collided yesterday morning at six o'clock,
near Scrub Grass station, resulting' in the
death of Richard Snyder, fireman, wreck
ing both engines, and burning five oil cars.
None of the passengers were injured. ' The
damage to the road Is aboutf 30,000. . -i
CHICAGO, October 12.
: The Denver News has returns -from all
the counties in Colorado, and figures Brad
ford's majority at seventeen. r
Union Pacific Railroad.
OMAHA, Oct. 12.
; The ioTlowIng dispatch is lurnished for
publication. j-. u.i , -
The President of the U.S-i Washington,D.C
i The Uoion Pacifio Kailroad Company
have been informed of the appointment of
a special commission to re-examine their
road,- jlf the commission includes all the
roads' receiving similar Government'sub
sidence and bonds, this Company -will re
gard the appliment with satisfaction; but
it no other road than ours is included, it
becomes evident that the Government has
listened to representation unfavorable to
the character of our work,' and which jus
tice' requires that I should contradict. -1
think it my duty, therefore, to assure your
excellency that the Union Pacific railroad
is at least equal to any of these other lines,
In construction, appointments and per
manent improvements, and that you can
easily ascertain the thoroughness and ex
cellence ol our work by reference to Gen
erals' Graut, Sherman, and Sheridan, who
have lately been over thai line. . I can also
furnlili yod the names of many ol the most
eminent practical railroal merl la Ttti 6mS-
try, .-woo will corroborate D tiietr , stai
menu, I .from ,. per&tuaXf, knowUdgaJ
respectiuiiyj t rcquesv, r inereiore
that the commisslonerg be iimracted to In
clade1 all these- roads M tbelr fjxatnlnafioMJ
and s MnntHn'idptAirrt.Hsi.'iMimnsrraEHvn
qualities of faoby, Jo ay,test-t-.hi aortl
we soaii cneerjuuy BUDmlt-QDiy asxing to
be' protected' "frbnilrunnecessary" delays,!
which are as bostifeto- the interests of -the
icountry and tbe safety of the sottleineats
along our route as they would be, fin justly
[Signed] THOS. DURANT.
Vice President Union Pacific R. R.
very quiet this evenlng.'"No
meetings are being; flrtd and all the politic
ians are engaged in preparing tickets lor
to-morrow.; There are fears tbaEsome col
lision may occur between the officers ap
pointed by the, Sheriff tjnd those, legally
charged with keep! rig the peace of the city
appointed by the Mayor. ' The Domoorats
calculate on a majority, in the city of 6,000
to ,000. while the Hepublicans are equally
LOUISVILLE, October 12.
The Italian society 'of Louisville cele
brated the discovery of America to-day.-
They paraded the streets this morning and
afternoon, and afterwards proceeded -to
Lion garden, where they .enjoyed tho fes
tivities. They closed to-night with a grand
ball at Masonic Temple, -
1 -i 1
Accident. NEW YORK, Oct. 12.
At the burning of thb,-Americus,oter.
In the Bowery, last night, a lodger , named
McCanrr was snffocated. and two womFn
had their legs broken by Jnmplng'out of
ui imivw.;. ,() i;":,ise,7 .diLr.'
:The steamship City.. ol Londoi), (from
Liverpool, arrived thls mornfog aj.ud
The Confidence Game.
f Thomas Boyle wis arrested yesterday for
swiuuiuig up uivanu sciiooi leacneroi JNas
sad, Michrianred'TurneT,'j'6ue of $300"bt
tbe cocfldenoe game; Turner was en route
tor California for the benefit of health-
ue was robbed ef All his money. f , .
Howell Cobb's body has been removed to
a Savannah steamer, and will tat taken- to
Georgia, to-morrb-w -for- Interments i It Is
accompanied by ills. family. I fti,j
The Gamble Case.
I, In the Gamble polsofiln 2 case; id Soekr
land cou n ty the , cross-rexaminatioa ; of
lrn.v.. ur..ii.i t: :. - iJ j i , -' I
uiaifcatcb ciu&ici, blicueiiudu UUUlCtiUU,
was concluded."' Otf.thadj6tfrnmerre,''bf
tne cou rn miargarec was arrested on a coarge
or .larceny.; tlI ,ia!ds1i ol sin-jibrH
and crew
tne schooner A. v. Havens were arrested
yesterday fcr, -setting fire to the vessels ' to
secure insurance. ;xney were-eaagnt in the
.-During a poll tfcal debateiSaturdav nighli
In a bar roefn, in Bi opkly trj V;illUra Mulli
gan snot .iiaraes urennen, ,Decause tley
Attempt to Escape.
' Two bnrglars, .'while eiidpavo'rlrli to' es
cape from a policeman in Brooklyn, last
nigDE, nrea at 111m repeateaiy; out ne re
turned tire ana captured one, 01 fjheni.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
,. lu tlie Prptetent IiseopalfCooyeiitlon
this morjiug,,tiie;eonimltteeon Kew DI07
ceses reported In lavor ot dividing the Di
oceseof Maryland.' The-'-report was 1 ac-
eeptea; ::nt.wo-- -;: i-?o ti-t ri ii
r, Judge Confngham said be,-, had prepared
a canon lor the consideration of the com
mittee on Canons, to which he proposed f
should be referred; -The' Dew' eabon' was
read as follows, of the manner' ofi. conduct
ing divine worship : . ,.,(, j :( r,.
Section 1. No ministerial -vestments
shall be worn during divine worship, or
when present at or officiating In' any 'rite
or ceremony ot this church, exceptingsur-t
pllce, stole, bands or gowns,- which Bhall
be used as heretofore accustomed or -all
regular acci saions of worship, and' at the
discretion of the minister may be used at
rites and ceremonies, and no ecclesiastical
vestments shall,, be worn on occasions of;
divine worship or, church ceremonies, by,
choirs or other assistants' therein ; proViri-'
d, this section shall not be -construed to"
relate to, plscopal vestments.-,
' Skc. 2.. Candlesticks, crucifix, or super-,
alter, so called, made of wood ; or metal, or
substances, shall not be used Or suffered to
stand or hangover any communion table
as part- of -.the; furniture: op decoratiou
thereof. n.r.,, f, 1o:P: pf- 1 . r ..,1,
Sec. 3. Bowing at tbe name of Jesas ex
cepting in repeating the crBedJ' turning;
or bowing''- towards - the. "communion
table, except so r.far aa ?may jjj)eeh.
joined - by: r the , Rubric; to,,, make
the sign of the cross, except in. baptism ;'
the elevation of the elements during holy
communion or oblations' of communicants
ot others, processional singing in churches,,
except as provided by the rubrics; and tbe
use of incense In and , during the conduct-
lug of divine service "ate all declared un-'
lawful; ii:- r-Mfli; i; '.Jh.'sl ts'lui ,IVI'J'!1
: .- llev. Dr. Adams,:of Wisconsin, took the
floor on the subject of the canon proposi d
by Judge Coningham'.- He: said when the
question was debated It would be debated'
with all due regard for the distinctive rites
of , both , the, low,: and the-; high ! church
branches at the Episcopal, Church..; . ,p ..
j ""The proposed canon was .referred td the
committee -on Canons. "
' f -
MADRID, Oct. 12.
i The United Statesjs the first nation' to
recognize the new Provisional Government
of Spain.- The Madrid Gazetteof to-day
publishes the text ot tbe official recogni
tion of the new Govern meqt,m'ade UirOugh
Hale, tbe American, Minister. ; ;.',.,riii.,,1 ,s
: The Junta has declared In favor, of, addi-j
tlohal reforms, among which aie the aboli
tion, of the death penalty and the; sanctity'
ol private-letters and domiclls. - -- -"
' 1 The Junta has ordered the restoration of
the bark Tornado to England, payment of
damages for her wrongful detention.: and
the imprisonment of. the Spanish officials
'who ordered the seizure;' - ''(.
PARIS, Oct. 12.
I 'The'3fournaT' des'Debats 'says that Cap-:
tain General Lergundi, of Cuba, has given
la bisadbesfon to the new Provisional Gov-;
erpmeut. The Cubans in Spain will be
permitted to choose two members ot the
Junta-. - Alazaga has declined the offer of a
place in the Cabinet, but will probably' be
appointed President of the New Cortez.
Cable of 1866.
LONDON, Oct. 12.
-The cable of 1866 has been repaired, and
is now. working. ' 4 tr-.t: u-.ii .i rs .. s
MADRID, Oct, 12.
A loan of 1,000,000 reals, which was offer-";
ed to the provisional Junta, was immedi-.,
LONDON, Oct. 12.
A dispatoh from- Bombay 'says favorable
reports have been received of the progress
of the expedition ' against tribes in the
Northwestern districts of India. The
troops so tar have met with slight opposi
tion. - -
LONDON, Oct. 12.
a.ro to
be released. ? a 'rr-
Valparaiso and Lima Advices.
NEW YORK, Oct. 12.
; A Valparaiso letter states there had been
heavy rains about Valparaiso and -some
land slides, which interrupted traffic, killed
several persons and caused a suspension of
ousinesg. ins 'sea was very rough and
three launches were swamped. ' Fever was
prevalent. Many children were suffering
from it. The earthquake of the 13th ult.
was also felt in tbe historic island of Juan
Fernandez.- The sea,' leaving its natural'
limits, precipitated itself with great force
upon the island and carried canoes, &c,
tar into the interior. Nothing ot value was. ,
destroyed and no lives lost. No serious
shocks were experienced by tbe natives,'
and we believe tbat since tne occupation ot.
that territory by Eobinsoe Crusoe no slrni,
Iar event has occurred. -
a letter from Lima, Peru, says a vote
of thanks his been passed by Congress to
the people or unui ana tne .Ministers ot the,
nnited States and France in Peru, toa-eth-
er with our Adroiral.in these-waters, for
prompt and ciucaeious assistance to unfor-
tuoatos. f iha -Sh-The smtMneS
has 1 mads aeweraj iatilestatioBsofitortav
rdericrAairjltil'Turner hag be en great
lyad mired and praised for Jalsfliluctin
placing 6I veeselai thedtepoeal ol Peru.
Ijb Saansr u, d ioaisJcibalare
abundant. The railway twtwMn th tm
rlacsJ.beieraaJdlyfwprtwssI; tmt!U
cruiqukiEs'ominue.; irw-irroposefl" t
reoDua Arlca at som mistancd rronl the
tqrsDen aiCSj so danc-M-i. nwn vinmvilrwi
may be avoided.
' English and Ahlliaag vcaf In t fcrft
aerrcrewt en shoreto assrsf Itf tleifln
.oululings. : Taa Nexact waa.4si:poU m
gatd in wrecking the Wa eree.
.XsaajJ. i :."i.-.'VT.aiT
Late Items.
HAVANA, Oct. 12.
' Advices Txra iIxTco'i;tatB tba Uii VI
General Patort accused Caa to of the
floation of lier-,hwbaidin nBBtiSM
xne trial el pacsonsamatesl for revolt in
VerysCruz wat going on. Oronozos, as
oolonel in tbe imperial Army, bee been ar
tested by llotioratlo. IJomarranez has beed
Kf-n-gtld miner 'were discovered in
Guadal, Java"' D"M '' i
KINGSTON, ONT., Oct. 12.
I .The ecbobnet Defiance U ashoroSteast
Island,nd is going- to pieces. The crew
KINGSTON, ONT., Oct. 12. LINDSAY, ONT., Oct. 12.
"The Fultorf'nilll, at Mariposa, was des
troyed .by; firelast nrgnt.--Loss 1ObO00,5,
New York Money Market—Oct. 12.
WVA. .'1 .wAt.a H.flf
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 12.
. Vnt,t-Tai paying., ! muo-A oii
EXCBANG Firmer: bankers pay-taw
MONEY MarketTTFady-r.
Jr? ts. : -
New York Stock Market—Oct. 12.
and strong:.Conpons of '81. 1137i114:
do '62.112n2J dq. 110llok;
V3yo 10(o neV-108108ii
W 108108 da '68 i09&108: lo.40f
105105J. .SS5: x ' -4
6:30 -prices- Wells'; Express ; 2730
American 46K; -Adams, .llolkS
United States 4748); Merchafite' Unled
2?s2aji; Pacific-. Mail 125126t:rTe8t
Ma Unmn Teleroprr3636fwr
Ycrk Central 128128; KrtM474
preferred 70; Ohio .arMf -Mlsefsslppi 90
30rWabash Cl(g61MttWgdD Can
tral I19120,- Miclngsn-ttoMtber
86; eTolertrf 103103 Fort -Wayue
lllilll;, Terra Hm 4t4Mari
etta, Urproterred,:24j 2d 06. & I , .SL
New York Market—Oct. 12.
for middlings ec.ni ,ra.
FLOUR Closed fdolt and ' fefelOfflbweT
ocomrnon grades. SW faH
"-WHEAT Nominally . lowers o., ery
pressing desire to realize. i .!- i mwi
EYE Dull and heavyjt ifTBStglJtJS
OATS Dull at 74J274)o tor-western
K!ORN-Dhll kt$lif5i 18 forjirisonnrg
and l 18M1 1 for souood. aewBLsed
western afihak-u l it
- rRKrtetnateaarttC'g.1Vi(a
forne88,-C8eh-inLWttter. talaaeH
UCUT MEATSFirm and quiet'1 M"j?
BACON Quiet and without tterflled
change, ..2rf, -JjnorT'ffl f.rfl iK
LAED-DulJ at lIicfflrkalr to
prime steamv - -"- "r
EGGS Steady, with a raoderatelnqulrjt
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 12.
faraUy $3 60
"Jj-- J'-- r-,t...4.i ... i r. . . i
- VVHEA.T Iri dfima'naj $1 ' BSfarJ !no 1
red. :u5iHijii siii si j.ii cl
. CORN-t-Not; saleable ti.jbetter-4haipSo
at the close. , . ', ,
RYE Quiet and Arm af $t 38lr4X9
O ATSt-Dull at 5960o for No li1- "Sf
f BARLEY-r-Firm an 215 tor No 2 State?
spring, $2.25- 35; Canadian fal mayjb
quoted saleable at $2 51), : but r hardly an w
offering. "' '' -' -" - a"
i COT roN-i-Firm af25o-for 8atddiln.jn-
., IVH ISKY-Firm tXMVM, free; u i i q n
! PRQVISIONSQuietand &rmj holder;
askintxtreme rates f;npt( much demand j
3. M ES SPORK'-S-Held ai $30T563O YtT." ","t
IBULK MEATS-Firmr? ol vaw o .vi
. SHOULDERSHeld at I2jj8ldea 130 h
clear skies sold at 16c. ' o' '
fBACON-Frm wIth-'orilya' re.all df-f
rnand; shuolders t3i3cf tides- 16&t
16?e for plear.rib, and 17iiolor Blear.Hw
rLARD Neglected jbohjeraaskinglOi-a,
"BUTTER In better suddIv aiirl rriArk At
dall f 3338e. ' v - fc " - '
-EGGS Selling t 22c J "-- 7 .rsolji
yCHEESE At 1618ei 1o W!;:o3 ao-rtH
-GROCERIES Qneit , and r.nncliangedA
OILS Linseed in fair demand at $1 Q6L
no change in Flax seed at $2 402 50. ' .
rBEBFi CATTLE Unchanged and- q'uletl
' HOGS Iidemand at Z2r gross,,. and;
10c net, to bu delivered ,tuer, first half ofi
November: ' 1 V ' r jV I
""' :' 3-srfK-ifRU
Chicago Market—Oct. 12.
-Market : dnll with
tendency, .with sales tsS& 6007'Btt' fori
spring extras; $5 155 50 lor jsprinsr jsiire
P-eHTHE AT -in1'' moderate inrjuirVanr?
transaotions llghSi : with saleor NWf'a?
$1 41 1 41&- No; 2 at 1 341 35; eles-g
CORN Opened nigher but was 1inet-
tied; sales ot; No. l at 9Sc the Improve-
meuf was not maintained and prices reced-
ed to 95c, jAtl which.ftgures there were sel-
lers but no bureJrs,,and No. ranged fromj
8394c; No.'l canal com sold at. .SGia.
11' Mtt.,u:.,influi -ju j- u - v' (P"1
O AT&-Stead y; with') good' sTii pplri'
mand; sales at 2X53c5 closing) t S2Ki
55C. ., k,K ,-r-rrr,- crf-(Tf
f BARLEY Raairif- nnrl d.1 lnww Kalaa ns
No.l 1 851 9; closing at .$1 86. ttfJ
Toledo Market—Oct. 12.
i-FLOUR-Drooping.lJ ioi'mo fca-n
a WHEAT Inactive and drooplnrf TsaleW
No. .1 .white Michigan lat- $2 ,20; KdiLca
white wabash S2 12V.i: amber tl SHrtiil rrw.i
do seller iast half lor Oct? 1 17: No. L
red Stir. T.oii-..i..t!ov-i - .i-.i-'o."
CORN-Lower and quiet;i sales -No: tl
atfl 001 01.;.,... lH,. .; ii yr
OATS Advanced. Jcj, closed - with ad-f
vahee lost sales: "HT6: 1 5SJffl59c:' No. 2, .
5758-i i . - vi ovu. .1 evu Jca
JiltJfi Shade lower: saleso..a sJl.351 o
BARLEY Steady 1 Canada S2r.2h, .Sta'
2 05. . . . ; - j..
- T -
New York Cattle Market—Oct. 12.
- Receipts daring the week. 6100 beeves?
38.533 oheep and. )am,bs; 20,877 bogs. . ..u r
BEEF CATTLE Dull and heavy,. and,
a trifle lower. There were on sale to-day,
2S00 head. ' Several Proves were left Tin
sold. -Extra 16J16Jc5'prtme )18f;t
fair to good 1415Jc; ordinary 12loi
inferior 10llc; offerings liberal. ,
-LAMBS-68e, closing at e7Jic."I,
HOGS-n-Active: ia lower: sales .t.Mtt
St. Louis Market—Oct. 12.
- a demand for the
grades prfcea unchanged. 'iTsl hi t H
. w HHiAi oteady at Saturday's rates.'tfi 1
COW " 9197OJ fcii!) 6Hix,
'OATS Active at 5155r. . .
RYE Sales at 1 201 22,ln',v) lo1 'to7
-BARLEY Quiet and stadyii ;a lov aiil
WHISKY bales at $l?27a B-jilf.-T.iMoa
LARD Sales at 8t ailt 10
'ACON-Side8 at 17J17e; slioniders1
at.lQlSo.,,,; j imijssn n: nrni
Buffalo Market—Oct. 12.
FLOUR-i-Sales white $11; arflber $i5ob.
coty-gradea, spring $8. u'" ' i-J a uu3
WUE AT Neglected. depressea:ales
nf No. 2 Milwaukee at $1:49, t, ,!,-,,
CORN Firlnly, active earlv tl 07 "latl. r
$1 08. . ' . V . .. ' , ,
O iTS-Apart W(65. 1 'nt -.ii -j i
JYE-'Nj1$14TA v.'iiWt,i4t,l k.U ol
BARLEY-$2-:20. paw ,,1 sJ.ii-itdw
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 12.
Dull and prices
WHEAT Ouiet and weak at $1 45 tdr1
No, la store, .mi.ow u - i
M It ,Dll13
2Sy clot his wringer eaa be durable wfth'J
the; double fricttod ef cogs at both ' -ends,' J
niiwu UU fltJ vm. v. - uv inn wucil -
1 together when most needed. The"Unfyef- '
sal" has not these .fatal abjections,' - nd iaH
warranted durable.

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