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V EIN EtDtT InTORlflTl -
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or ntssocRi.
BOW2yFl'! ,lrtAWlTt tt&yiliotj.
MOrV. HtGH ETT, of Muskingum
nt-nrcr ii.omi
Irt D'st. JORN B JEUP.of Hamilton.
M - J M. NOBLE, of Hamilton.
M GEO. W. HOUCK. of Montgomery.
JiB w. JACKSON, of Miami.
5th - ISAAC 8. PILLARS, of Allen.
Sth i B. T . PQPPLETO N. of Delaware. . S
tbJi-iJOflH I. rRAMKR. ef Ottawa, tl
loth ANDREW ROACH, of Wood.
-Itb " EZRA V. HE AN, ot Lawrence.
lt " J. J. G REE MB, of Pike.
jute " -rC.FOLLETT. ef Licking. .ss
ltk Xh'H. POPPLVTOV of ttrain."
16th " ISAAC ST AN LEY, of A them.
eta A. W. PATRICK, of Tares r-wa,.
- SAMUEL WILLIAMS, of Carroll.
igtS - -MATT. BIRCBARDV Trumbull.
a eaaayai - ,
Gold closed in NewJTork yesterday at
The Ohio Election.
When the smoke ot the great battle
clears away, then, and not nntil then, we
will be able to speak with confidence ot
the result in Ohio. If reports of Demo
cratic losses in the river counties and on
the Western Reserve be true, We Demo
cratic State ticket is defeated, these losses
overcoming the gains Jn other, parts of the
State. --
la Con pressmen at the present writing,
It is f tte. eert&inf tptat Eoqlkston, ( Radi
cal; is defeated In the 1st district of Ham
ilton county, by STRaMJU-(Dem.) Winans,
((Radical) by Thomas, (Dem.)in the 7th,
dl ttrict Gibson (Radical) by - Dickinson, .
(Dem.) In the 8th district Ashly, (Radl
il) by Hoag, (Dem.) in the 10th district
and C&fr (Rad.l)t Mobga, in he 13tiu
In the 6th and 12th districts Jndge Van
Tkump and Col. Huriasx, (Democrats; are
re-elected,'' ,J "iTi', V;r;ii",:i."'
The Political Tidal Wave in
Franklin County.
All honor tothenoble Democracy of
Franklin county! J Never was a battle for
the country better fought none reflecting
aaope honor giro that Which the Hy andTj
im townsntps nave just lougnt ana won.
On the-part of. thft RartVaht th fight
was bitter, and the means resorted to,
shameless In its open disregard ot fair
dealing slander; UupeMtion,-paTid -falsehood
(radulant tickets' nd-' attempted" co
ercion, were all nsed, and against tbisthe
Democracy ofFrankJiaconOtysends greet
ing to the other counties of the State, and
to the otbet, States of the jRepabHcrhe
largest majority ever before' given "at an
election, and making a gain of many hun
dreds over last fall, whaiwrlowCTw'
if ax was the candidate lor Governor.
In the City of Columbus, where the fight
was hottest, the gain is unprecedentedly
lanre,.Q)a ftisortty rasTging1 above eighteeav
hundred. In the townships it will not be
very far behind ; and in the county, at the
presenwftinftv wcht Jtnoet'-l all tha re
turns, official and unofficial, .before.ngw.e
place - the figures at pyerthre Ihousand"
three hundred majority.
It this 4s .no glorious - then, let the
Radicals gi-the Democracy-notice, iind if1
they have any Republicans worth. captur-
ing, the' men who fought and won so large
a msIoTtty sjn.TpeBdayj will Renter .npon?
their! Missionary labor, and will' increase -the
vote and majority in November next.
When the full returns are in, we will
give more st large the rcauea of this tidal "
- ware that has so effectually swamped Radi-.
calispa in thlstbe' CapItol fount? oCQbkv
"nd l?, Ml SaSyVtT,, t ji i.tii
The Seventh Congressional District.
Toosct a:itni'''n..t. rns from other parts of)
the District ref i next to .certain. (bata
John EL Thomas l elected to Congress
from. hls District, composed ol the coubi
ties erf 'Franklin, 'Madison,; Greene" and
Clark, notwithstanding the immense frauds
In the negro vote,' perpetrated In theftwo'
latter counties, by allowing the negroes of
very shade ot color to ote. V!'? ' ;" ' : .j
Tbs tsttmense majority rolled up ' in tbia :
(Fraaklln) county, and particularly In Co-'
lumhua,bas settled the fate of Jambs Jan-.;
cabt Wisans, whose friends were so con
fident of1 his election, that tbey bet. their.
greenbacks npon njajorjitles and, of course;
Pennsylvania Election.
As usual, the returns from Pennsylvania,
as sent on the night of the election, are
against ns. We never knew this to fail, no
matter how tbey may tarn out in the end-.
The .Chairman of the Democratic. State .
Centra Committee of that 'State says that
tbe returns received in Philadelphia give
Democratic gains la th different counties
over the vote of last year, when the State
went Democratic by a small majority.
The Twin Brothers in Radical
Iniquity "Gone Up."
Gibson, late of defalcation memory, and
AshlbIc the great Impeacher, are--both
gone ,lJup--beaten. for" Congress and Bent.
Into a retirement which,' if equal to their
desert,"will last nntH Gabeiex blows' bis
trumpet to summoathem to their great ao-
eounf; for rascalities: committed whUe on
The Lying Scamp Unmasked.
We publish the following from the Cin
ciimaii Timet ot Monday, in which paper it
appears as a specla.1 Coluuibus telegram
COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 12, 1868.
The DVmocratia'procession of Saturday
. night is acknowledged by the leaden of th
' party to have been a failure in point of num
beit, but 1.316 men and boyt participating, by
actual count; while the Bepuolican procession
of Friday evening numbered between four and
Jive thousand. ' Great disappointment is ex
hibited, thereat, and the Statesman mourn-
Cth. ?.!; 'r ':
The correspondent ot the Time is one Tl
L. WintSbs, snattocA ot the Journal of this
city. 'Expressive silence muse Jus
praise," as the most contemptible, because
the silliest liar tuu 'siqe( ot kingdom
..v.-: it
The Latest from Pennsylvania.
The latest' dispatches (2 o'cockr A. M.,)
declare Pennsylvaota T be 'tery 'close.
Tbe Republic Executive Committee of.
Indiana had'lowered their figures, only'
claiming from 5,000 to &000. " The Demo
oraU nad gained. Urjfeiy la the Southern
counties et tb State, .and in other parts of -tbe
State jarberf the Republicans expected
to more, tbao bold theif,wn. It U not.
absolaeelf ettaiJ; lh$ Jher RepubHcans ;
bare carried either of these (States. - If tbey
have done to, it is oetf alnly- by very sdiallA
majorlties-j-io .spalf fhat Jfhe, Democrats,
will msk'i'a'mwe detemlned flghi to 6Tef-"'
come them in November.
[Special Dispatches to the Ohio Statesman.]
Fbkmont 6m October 13 Fremont, First
ward, Radical majority one hundred and
eleven "on the State ticket, a Democratic
gain of thirty-three. Gibson eighty-five;
a uemocrauc (rain 01 sixty-nve. oanaus
ky county jjood. for eight bundred;.flvr
hundred and seventy-three last fall.
j Fr.most, Ohio, OoH3f-City ot Fre
mont and, township Dickinson's majority
Ibur bundled and forty-three; a. gain of
three hundred and twelve. State ticket
gain two hundred and seventy-fivp.
! Newark, Oct. 13. Newark city give
Morgan and State ticket an increased ma
r Newark, Oct 13. Democratic gain oi
four in Newark city. ; .' .W. Spkkckb. .
j Nbwahk, O., Oct. 13 In Newark Mor
(tan's msjoiity was four greater than Thur-
man's. In six townships "the DemocVatic
NWAH.'Oct; 141:10 A. JuV-Llckirijj
county gives twelve hundrGd' Democratic
majority : Morgan's, majority in. .District
l,60o. "A Democratic gain of about 100. l
i LosboN, O-," ' Oct.' 13 Four towns' lu;
Democratic loss from last fall 15. , r . 7r;
i London, O, 13 Eight towns in.
Democratic loss from last fall six. V, "
W. H.
; SpRiNoriELD, Ohio. Oct. 13. Vote very
large; Wlnan's gains five in the Fifth ward.
Thomas gains in the first ward. More soon,
Springfield. October 13. My ward, 1st,
gives Thomas 83 majority, a gain of 95 for
God and liberty.. Gain of 40 in the Fourth
SpRlNOnsxD, Oct. 13. The First ward
Democratic gains ninety-five.. Returns
come in slowly. . Will lose in Third ward
lots of Negroes voting, ; . ....
Springfield, O., Out 13. Thomas gains
in the city 44. All the wards in. Nearly
503 more votes, polled than last year. Ger
man township gains 88 and Morefleld and
Green townships lose 27. Thomas consld'
erably ahead ol the State ticket. I't't '
Springfiexd, Ohio, Oct. 13. Democratic
gain in Yellow. Springs of five. 1 German
township gains thirty-six. Democratic
gain one, ; i.l- ..W -- i- - t-r
Springfield, Oct. ,13.r-Sprlngfield and
eight townships give Wlnans 146. .The
county will probably give 1,200 Republican
majority. Four townships to bear from.
All negroes in tbe county voted. , , i
Spingfikld, Oct. 13. If three townships
yet to hearfrom stand at- last year, this
county will give twelve hundred majority.
CX4RK Countt, Oct. 13. Madison towo
sh if Republicans, 3C8, : Democrats, .yAr-
Democratic gain, 74. ' ' -- .' ' ; - ;
Delaware, October 13rSher wood's ma'
Jorlty two hundred and 'eighty-two; Dem
ocrats gain, ten - in Delaware township
Chillicothb, Oct. 13. Boss county more
than holds its.own,7Horr.athe State?
Circlevillb, Q;i Ocx 13 Tne dtK- Pf
Clrcleviye janq, township have two iuu
dred and forty-eight Democratic majority
a Democratic gain of four. , '.'b j-.-..
Gaixipoi js Oct, 13 Vote ot Gallipolis
township Ia8fr:year:-Thurmari; three hun
dred and Jbreej.J3ayes, three hundred and
slxty-twa. i' iThis year, ; Hubbard, three
hundred and thirteen;, Sherwood, three
hundred and sixty -eight. Democratic gain,
J. H. McCARDLE, Sec'y.
Steubbnyille, ' Oct. 13. The Republi
can majority in the city of Steuben ville and
township this year was three hundred and
thirty-three. The; , majority last year was
two bund red and fittyfour. Total .vote
this: year (Republican), one thousand and
forty-seven Democratic Vote, seven hun
dred and twelve. The total .vote of tbe
Republicans last year was 'was nine hnu-
dred and forty-seven Democratic six hun
dred and nlnety-three.i: - . -iV :..
. Washington, Oct J3. Mills townshir,
Gurnsey county, Ohio.'-' State ticket, 95
Democratic majority; gain 13. Estep's
Dayton? OctoberJ3.r,Sixtb j ward
Scbenck and Vallandigham even; Repub
lican gaitf oI.T," Second ' ward Schenck's
majority 223; Republican gain of 60. Fifth
ward-SchenckTs maiprity, isa; gain or Ji.
Fourth ward Schenck's majority 132;
gain of 67. , Wayne. township Schenck's
majority 10; Republican . loss ot 3t i .Madi
son town6h'p Vallandigham 263; Sche'nok
149, Vallandlgbam's majority 114; Repub
lican gain since last year of 10. -, i, ;
T)Atton, Ohio, Oct. 13. Elghtb.ward,
Vallandigham'verhundred and eighty
seven. Scbenck one-hundTedu and ninety-
four. Vallandlgbam's majority three-bun'
dred, and "ninety-three. ' Democratic gain
twenty-six. - Third ward, Scheack lour-
hundred and forty-three. Vallandigham
two-hundred and -fifty-nine.' Schenck's
majority .one-hundred , and. seventy-nine.
pempcratlo gain sevens - -
"Xima.'O Oct. 13. City of Lima seventy
five Democratic majority; Democratic gain
twenty- five. r Democratic . gain - In every
New Lexington, October 13. New LeX'
ington .town and township ' 91 F majority
Black LiCK,October 13 Jefferson to wn-ship-r
Democratic majority 194; a gain over
Warren, Oct? 13- In Trumbull county,
in sixteen towns, tbe Republican net
gain is 186.' Send ns the ne ws. :'
Yocngstown, O, Oct. ISRepublican
majority two hundred and ten; Republican
gain,! ninety-seven ; increased vote, two
Eighth ward Sherwood . 165; Hubbard
SStf. j Newburg Sherwood 540; Hubbard
321. Democratic gain 8. '".;, 4 j
"Cleveland, Oct 13. Cleyeland about
seven hundred and twenty-five Republican
majority.-? Denjooratlo loss about one hun
Ashland, Oct 13.-rAsbland county will
give five-hundred 'majority i" Critchfield
State ticket gain two-hundred. .; ,
. -
Toledo, Oct. 13. Toledo gives HoagOOO
malnrttv. which insures His election, owie
Painesyii,le, Oct13--'Painesvllle, 987
Votes; 404 majority; Republican galnST,-
Painsvulb, Oct 13. Lake county 1.803
Republican maioxltj; Republican gain 24L
Canton, Oct 13. Democratic majority
in Canton city and township 6d State tick
Xenia, O., Oct 13. Polled one thousand
eight hundred and thirty-three In Xenta
township. Send the news.' '., ""
Wauseon, Oct. 13. The Republican ma-.
jorlty the same as last year. Democratic
gain probable. Republican , majority in ,
Fulton county, 700. Ashley behind.' What
Fremont, October. 13. Dickinson's ma
jority In Sandusky county 925. State tick
et 800- Democratic gain 227.
Cadiz, Oct. 13. -J. A. Bingham's major
ity in Harrison county,. flv hundred and
fifty. Republican gain. 99.
Dkfiancb. Oct. 13 Defiance township,
one hundred and ninety -one Democratic"'
majority; Republican gain, four. 1 ' Noble
township,' seventy-five Democratic m&jori-1
ty; Democratic gain, one. For Congress-
Defiance township, two hundred and twen-
ty-nlner Noble township, eighty-four, ma
jority tbe Democratic Candidate for Con
gress running forty-seven ahead. ;1I
W. D. H.
SXyria, Oct 13. Twelve townships in
Lorain county, give a Republican gain of
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct 13. Strader goes
Out of this City with a larger majority
than Thurman, who carried the district by
tnree-nunarea ana sixty-three. -'
. . St.: Paris and townships. Champaign
County; Democratic majority two-hun
dred, Democratic gain six. . .': tt
Newcombrstown, Oi Oct : 13. Oxford
township, Tuscarawas county, gives Ea
tep's majority at thirty-six State ticket
Woostek, O-, Oct 13. Wayne county
Democratic majority five hundred and
twenty. Democratic gain one hundred and
Springfield, Ohio; Oct. 13. God's bles
sing on Fraaklln county,- All looks right
London, a, Oct 13. Nine towns !n.-
Oemocratic gain over last fall twelve. The
county i will go Democratic by at least'
Fremont, On Oct. 13. Sandusky county
gives -seven hundred and fourteen Demo
cratic majority1, on the State ticket and
eight hundred and sixty-three for Dickin
son A Democratic gain of 141 on State
Sandusky, October 13. Republican ma.
jorlty in Erie county 778 .on State ticket
Miami county gives Lawrence, Republi
Can, tor Congressman nine-hundred Knd
twenty-nine majority; Jtiepubllcaq ,galn
three-hundred and eighty-seven.,
Beixefontaine, O. Oct.-14, 1:35, A, M. :
Republican majority in Logan county
about seven hundred and seventy-five on
State ' ticket. Lawrence's majority Is six
hundred in Logan.. Lawrence is elected.
Republican majority in Logan last year
Tiffin, Oct. 13. Gibfon, Republican. Is
defeated by 1,000 majority. ' Seneca gives
uemocratic majority ot anout 700 a Ke
publlcan aln ot about MS.1" j ; ' "
Toledo,' October 14, 1:13 A.M: Toledo
gives 50 majority oh the State ticket 'and a
Democratic gain of 340 for Governor oh the
vote of 1867. The townships, so far as re
ceived, indicate about the same vote as last
year. r .Hoag's majority in the district will
Napoleon, Oct. 13. Four townships re
ported : county good for 600. : The Demo
cratic majority in the county last year was
CIKCN.NAn,, rOct, 13. Strader elected,
Carey probably defeated, with 'the county
Marion. . Uct... 13. Marlon , county six
hundred .Democratic majority... Nothing
from the district ; Democaatic majority in
Marion last year, five hundred and, seven-
Bccyrus. Qct 13 3rawtord seventeen
hundred. -That's onr proportion to Tedeem
State. This is a "Democratic gain of 67. j
Mt,i Vernon; Ohio, Oct : 13-Ref urns
com twelve out of twenty-two townships, :
including Mt. Vernon and other -Eepublt- '
can strongholds, give a Republican gain of
twenty-three on tbe State ticket Aver last
fall, ; Cooper gains slightlyJonMorgan.
The vote on the.State In .the county w.ili be
very close.. ' , e f4 u , J
[Associated Press Dispatches.]
Sandusky, O.I October, IX Democratic, A
uiHjuriLy jj.epuDj.cau gain over las t.
vear 174.'""-''.' - 'r.
Oxforiv October 13-Oxford townsbipi'1'
Butler, cciity, gives Sehennk 420; Vailan-i'
aignam no; toe neaviesc vote , ever polled
rrere. vauanuigiiaai runs nine oenind the
, . l l. l aJ l . . . . -
oaiaDi-e - ot uw ucitei; jxepuoncan
over 1867, 49. "-u hiw. ,t. Ii-.t.
CiNcrsNATR Oct 13. Republican major
ity, four thousand five, hundred; gain, two
thousand nine hundred. ot l;r ,t., ttl....
Cleveland City All the wards bnt one
a Republican majority of 734: Ee
pablea gain 15&
.Erie county complete Repabllcan mir
lority 778; Republiean: gain 307. 'Gibson,
for Congress, rups 50 behind bis ticket. :
TTautithw. Cir.t. 1.1. Thtt vnr, iriuxk..
Is based on the t Congressional vote of
i - itepumican gains m Butler county, '
St. Clair -towri8hlp. Jf 30; Third ward, '
Hamilton city, 3; Liberty township, 18. .
Republican t Joss Oxford township. 45;
First? ward, Hamilton city, 11; Milford.
township, 15; Madison township, 32; Han
over township, 6; Ross townahiD21.
Preble countv---Kepublicao gains Jack- r
son lownsnip, ia; oomers township, 121 ; -Washington
township, I; Jefferson, 11. i:
Republican losses-Irael township, 14, i
Marietta.., Oct 13th. Republican ma-i i
lority 213; Republican gain "of 31; Moore,
for Congress, runs 10 behind the State'
ticket.' a Harma'r Republican - majority,
total vote 303; Republican 4. Wash-'
rngton county -17 .townships, including
Marietta and Harmar, show a Republican '
gain of 153. ', "'" ' . ",' ' . ,
Eaton, Oct. l3.-Preble Alleni Repufi
lican; majority, 825. " - ;; "; ;
Ross.- county Franklin -township. Re
publican gain, 56; Greene, township,, Ke-.(
publican gain, 39; Liberty township. Re
publican, 6;SoiotO township,. Democratic
gain 81. Returns Indicate - a' Republican
gain of-450 in JRosa county, v-i .vAR-n n. i r"
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 13' The election
passed off quietly, a full vote was polled.
Job Stevenson representative for Congress,
elected in-the Second' district over Gen.
Cary, by about eight-hnndred majority. -r
Gen. Strader beats. Ben Ezgleston in the.
district by about two-hundred major
The Republicans have carried the
county, but the majority is not yet known..'
Returns - from the , Third district elect
Scbenck over Vallandigham. : ; , f ,
Lancaster, Ohio, Oct. 13. Return 1mm
lflrht townships show a ReDublican train r
and fifty-five.
Springfield, Oct. 13. Republican ma
jority in the.city,r447; Democratic gain, 15,.
Clarke county, estimated Republican ma-
jorlty; 1,200; small Republican sain oyer
t.r :- -'"-i .-i j. i -:-.u
Cleveland. Oct 14. 1:30 A.M. The best
Ma tges concede that Ohio has gone Rpbo--!
t a r a i s runi
iioan Dy ic.'JUU to au,ouo; nowever m
[Associated Press Dispatches.] PENNSYLVANIA.
[Special dispatches to the Ohio Statesman.]
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. In the Sixth
ward the Democratic majority is 621 a
gain of 82; Fourth ward, Dernocrtticma
jorlty 3,500 gain, 1,800; Eightfward7R
publican majority, 230 gain 29. n ' i
The Republicans estimate Meyer's major
ityjn the Third distnetat 500.. Bjth par
Ues still claim three districts in the clty
In Chester county there is a Republlca ;
Jaid otVl ; r4 i j- iC 1 1 i I 'V
LIncaster, Oct 13 The Republicanr
jlalm a gain in twelve districts'" ovet
Geary's vote, of 404. , . , , . -
Downington, .Oct 13. This " borough
and township gives a Republican majority
ot 24 a Democratic gain of 35. , . ,
: Harbijbdkq, Oct 13. Democrats con
cede the city to the .-Republicans by 120
majority. The Third ward gives a Repub
lican majority of 82 gain lor the Repub
lican; Fifth ward gives a Democratic ma
jority of 7; Sixth , ward. Republican ma
jority, 10. No other wards in yet.
Huntington, O. t . 13. In - this borough
tbe Republicans have -. 41 majority in tbe
East ward, and 23 in the West ward total,
64 making a Republican gain of 17 . since
last year.' In St. Clair township the Re
publican vote is 130, and the .Democratic
vote 120.
1 Pittsburgh, Oct.-13. Republican ma
jority 125; gain of 50. .: -, r,i J-sii.u t
Seventeenth ward, Allegheny City, 13.
! First ward, Republican gain in Williams
116 ; 1st precinct 3d ward,' Allegheny, Re
publican gain -.118; 4th ward, Allegheny,
Republican gain, 142. .s'.r.b -'' i. f
1 Tempebanceyuxe, Pa Oct 13. Repub
llcatt majority 98; gain 29. . .':) :
Pittsburgh, Oct 13 The Republican
majority-98; galu 29 :
Brady's Bend Republican majority, 134,
gain 42.
: Republican gain in Burk's ward, Ber-
mingham, 72-
, 20th ward Republican majority, 123. !
1 Old 8d ward Democratic majority, 528;
Republican gain,. 23. .' 19th ward Repub
lican vote 243, Democrat Vote, 232; Repub
lican majority, "II.-
Philadelhhia, OcH3 9:30 P.M. The
Democratic ticket Is elected In tbe city by
1 000 majority; the Democrats' claim 4,0C0.
Randall (Dem.) 1st district ' re-elected by
about 6,000; Myers' (Rep.) re-elected in
the 3d district by 400 majority; O'Neill
(Rep.) re-elected by 2 800; Kelly (Bep ) In
4ch district re-elected by 2,000 majority,
The Democrats are hopeful ot the State,
Philadelphia, Oct 13 In ; St Clair
township, Schuylkill county, the Republi
cans gain 167; Berwick township, Columbia
county. Republican' gain,' 20; Palo 'Alto,
Schuylkill i county, Republican gain, 17;
Tyson, Blair county, Republican gain, 16 ;
Snyder, Blair county; Republican- gain, 8;
Allegheny, Republican gain, 22; In ' the
district Republicans gain 1070; Lancaster
city and township the Republicans gain
380. The Republicans claim from 6 to 7,000
gain on Geary's vote in this county;
Philadelphia, Oct 13. It is reported
that tbe Democratic majority in' the Sixth
ward is 625 a gain of 80 over last Tear :
Eighth ward gives Fox 1 ma jorlty claimed
In the Fourth ward by 3,300 majority.;
Downington, ! Pa, October : 13.--Thls
borough and township gives 24 Republi
can majority; Democratic gain of 35. 1
Habrisburg, October 13. -The Democ
racy concedd the city to the Republicans
by 120 majority.1 1 ' X'" '. v
Huntington, October 13. In " this bo
rough the Republicans have 41-majority in
the East ward and 33 in the- West ward;
total, 64 Republican; gain of 17 since list
year. St Clair township Republican vote
130; Democratic vote 120. '
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 13. Tbe Dem
ocratic ticket Is elected in this city by three
thousand majority; The Democrats claim
four thousand. Rapdall, Democrat,' in the
1st District is re-elected by about six thou
sand majority. ' My er (Republican) Ts re
elected in the third District by fourhun
dred majority. O'Neil (Republican) is re-
elected by twenty-eight thousand majority,
Kellcy (Republican) is re-elected : -in the
fourth District by two thousand 'majority,
The Democrats still hope for the State. - "
Huntington, Pa Oct. 13. Hartcraft,
three hundred and ten; Boyle, two hundred
and fifty-one.: ' '
Philadelphia, Oct. 13 Fifteenth ward
eight hundred and fifty Republican major
Ity Democratic1 gain one' hundred aiid
seventy-one. ; -The ' Fifth ward gave one
hundred and six Democratic 'majority---
Vo-aln of Pi.rhtv.ai-r nn th .n 10R7 '
;" i ", , r, , , " " , ,. '',
Chairman of the; t Democratic. State, Com
mittee, says that the Democrats carried theJ
city by 2,000, and gala as far as heard from
in tne state is over - tne vote ot last year.
when the State, went Democratic, ;by about
1,000 majority-. iit .... :l ,., ;i
[Associated Press Dispatches.]
Philadelhhia, Oct. 13. The gains And
kwses here given are compiled ou the yote
rf li.t TPnr. wnp.n r.hA I Jpmniim rn Karl ooo I
majority.- , - -v "
'Chester county westch ester,' Hartraft
608 majority: Republican gain .bo. Eleven
districts in the county glye Hartraft 798:
Republican gain 102. tt
Philadflpbia, Oct. 13. Eleventh1 'ward'
flOO mi(irltv:for BoVle-CDem.V. a trnin n
124:' Fifth ward, Bo vie (Dem) 1.08& maior-
lty. Democratic train, of 66.; Returns, from
h?i"J,r ,n rp. ee2E
of 700. .V'X't!--li t;.,l J.-.i .u ..-
1 VfA I s A AJ oivii iij i -t muv A vvuuvTt n AC a 1 11
Kittannisg, Pa, Oct. 13 .This horousrh
giveg sixty-one of a Republican raajoritv. j
XlTUSViLLB, JfA, uct.. 13. ilnety-8ve
Republican majority on.'the State ticket.
'Huntington ttOROCQH uartcratt, three
undred and ten; Boyle, two hundred and
flfty-one.,. r j ..;,.' .
. Pai! adelphia, Oct. 13 Fifteenth ward.
eio-ht hundred and tiftv Republican maior-
ttv; Deooocraiic gain, two hundred. Fifth
ward, eleven hundred and six Democratic
maiorttv: gam oi tnree nunareaana lortv
nine on the vote ot 1866. '
Philadelphia, October 13.J-The Repub
lican M$tats Committee latul the- city by
2.000 to 2,500 msjorlty,-r -Allegheny county.
-towns shows a Republican gain of
1.079; Chestercounty, cemplete, shows
about 2.500 Republican majority, again of
about TOO. Xanoaster county givea about
6.600 Republlcaur majority. Philadelphia,
Second ward 1,050 Democratic majority;
Xlosra county, sven districts, give a Re
publican majority of 663;- Scranton, Minth
ward Republicarr 222; Kingston borough
Republican majority; Montrose 185 Re-
publican; Eridgewater Jj, Republican' ma-1
. t. j. a
. Lancaster Countv. Paradise fiivesHart- I
. , , - t - v i i
rantt one-hundred and one, a Republican
gain ot fourteen ; .Lea creeK gives Hartr!l
rantt one-hundred and eighty-flye, Repub- J
lican: gain of forty; Montgomery county,
one town; In ; 'Montgomery county1 shows
Republican gain oi seventeen. ' n
Philadelphia Fourth ward trlves Bovle.
Democrat. one-hundred and 'seventy-two
majority, Liemocraiic gain oi two-nunared.
Tenth ward gives Hartranft one-thousand
and six majority, a Republican' gain of
flfty-twoj .--'- f-.--ti v4 ... :
BerKs uounLv. -y oi iveaainsr, ninth
ward elves Boyle, Democrat two-hundred
and sixty-three, a Democratic galii of one-
hundred, and . seventeen pi JMorth Hetdle
bery gives Boyle, Democrat, .one-hundred
gain pr sevenieen. v, I
cratic majority, imocrawc io", tj. Fhil-
adelphia county 12th ward, SmDemocrat-
teenth ward, 1,193 "em$" jrfty.
Democratic gain, 66. , Townsend,
Republican elected Congression-:
ratio majority 208, Democratic gain, 24.
Creek. Democratic rnaiority, 13 Demo-
cratio gain, 21. Reading 6th ward gives
two Republican :i.Tiiui.oriuy, s uemocratio.
gain, 19. The 8th ward gives 65 Democrat-
majority, Demooratio gain, 20. The first
gives a Republican majority of 106,
Republ!caa.,ft.r.,;15; The filth ward gives'
. U.h la& n:-.-
Democratic maiofitv ofT.1, Democratic
sratnir69r!-Spring? township Democratic
zaiQ Of 23, PineGrnva ahnwa a Democrats
gain Of 92.,' ii :
Berks countv Democaatia" maiorttv es
timated at 6,500 ; a gain ot about 800.
Cheater-' eountv -Republican majority
estimated at 2.200. and a train of 345.
Philadkphi a. ri..r. 13 TwKntv-sil I
firc h nepuuuean majurivv ui no
a gain of isn; Xbtrteenth ward, Kepuuu
arr, 662 maiorttv a train ot 277. Mi If
- FSyette county -The Democratic' tna
iorlry is estimated at 700.
- Philadelphia. Oct. 13 In the ' Second
Congressional district O'Neill (Rep.) ha.
a,oni. ms.iorit : ,u ..... t- - ,uu
-new Iork, Oct. 13. The eeneral-im-
Cressioii here. is that PenusvUania ha)-
one Republican by ttlve to ten thousand
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. Rndall. (Dem.)
re-elected to Congress In" the 1st ilistrici
tiJ50 majority. Mofiat, (Dem.) is re-elec-ted-in
the 2 1 district by 01 majority, over
Leonard. Sixth' ward 616 Democrotic ma
jority, a gain of 177. Eighteenth ward
614 Dem., a g tin of 60. .Nineteenth ward,
586 Republican majority .'. . .
Philadelphia The 12th ward gives 271
Democratic majority; the 19th ward givts
1(HJ KepuDlican majority; the 2utu ward
Kiveg 903 R -publican majority; the 23
ward 714 Kepublican nmjonty; the ' 22d
ward 903 Rf publican majority.
' Alooua Third ward 89 Republican ma
jority. ' -
: nttsDurg i irst wara 3o3 KepuDlican
majority. . , - ,
. Fayette county Union gives 200 Re
publican majority. .: - -r. .! ! ' '
Berks county Rockland 208 Democratic
majority, a gain of 23; Creek 136 lie cue
cratic majority: Democratic gain 21. -
Allegheny county, as tar as heard from,
gives a Republican- majority of 7,500, I
Republican gain of 1.100.: m ;
Carben county Hecker township, Dem
ocratic majority of 62, a gain of 14; Mauch
Chauk borough, Republican majority 129,
a KepuDlican gain ol 9.
.Philadelphia city returns come in slow
lv...:Democrt8 train in the city, four Con-
aressmen. The State is very close
Eighteenth ward 889 Democratic majority
Twenty-fourth ward 200 Democratic ma
jority; Seventeenth ward 1,386 Democratic
These wards show a Democratic gain of
1,762. The Democratic candidate tor May
or is probably elected by about 2,500 ma
iorit.F. r -. .i Tti-i
Pike county Westfall 122 Democratic
majorityj a gain of 43.. i . s i f
Shol'a Democratic majority Dl, a Dem
ocratic gain of 41..
i . Milford 118 Democratic majority. ' ' ' !
Crawford county Titusville,' Republi
can maiorlty 95, a Republican gain ot 17
Lehigb county Ailentown Three
wards give a KepuDlican majority, pi ,l7o,
a Republican eain of 67a . ..
: York countv Shrewsburv township.
Democratic majority 112; Democratic gain
Philadelphia Second' ward Democratic
majority 1,059; gain 48. luteentn wara.
Republican, majority 1,002; loss 19. Third
ward. Democratic majority 1,165; gain 332,
Ninth ward. Republican majority 160; loss,
Gioga county Seventh mstalct gives
Republican majority ot 663. '
Delaware county Mntti aitrict snows
a Republican gain or 76.
Philadelphia Sixteenth ward,' Demo
cratic majority 294, a Democratic gain of
ei. Hiigotn wara, KepuDlican to; gain
Monroe county 2,000 Democratic ma
Jo"ty. ;,
[Associated Press Dispatch.]
Indianapolis, Oct. 14 1:35 A. M. De
cided Democratic gains in counties heard
from. If general, sufficient to. elect Hen
dricks. ,. J.J. Bingham...
Indianapolis, Tnd , Oct. 13. A few scat
tering returns from email precincts show
small Republican gains.. Richmond, Indn.
gives Baker (Republican) for Governor
1.788 majority. " Republican loss on vote ot
18G6. 151. ..Wayne county, Indsix town-
ship?, Republican majority, 1.590. The.
ticket is long, and it will be late before
very reliable returns can be had. , , . , .
! The Republican State Central Committee
claim Indiana by from 5,000 to 8,000. 'if
Henry County, . Ind Oct. 13. Seven
townships give a . Republican ma-.
jority of 1050, a Republican gain of 600
over lSoo. .-'-'..': : - .- .
TvmiuianTn Hot IT T?on 11 iHra n Pnn.
rUJ.19, XJ. VVU-
oiprrori in fhp Third. Fourth.
Filth, Seventh. Eighth. Ni nth. Tenth and
T.-i u .1 : : -. t . . .
tie' Second. The ' First and Sixth are!
doubtful. The Republican Central Com-
rait tee claim the State by 5 to 8.000. Large
Democratic gains in the Southern part of
tne state.
Indianapolis, Oct. 13 Election returns
come slow. Floyd county, one township.
Democratic majority, 212: Democratic gain,
74. Clark county, Democratic majority, 82;
ginv 31. - Jay county. Dunkirk Precinct,
Republican majority, 66; Republican gain
23. Wayne county, seven Precincts, Re
publican majority, 1895. Henry county,
two Precincts, Republican majority, 160;
K publican gain, .,4(J. Kandolutv county,
four townships give a Republican gain of
117. Hendrick county, Stillsville Frecinct,
78 Republican majority; gain, 1U. llecatu
county, Greensburg Precirict, Republican
majority, 371: loss. 124.. Hamilton county.
Republican majority, 1.700; loss, Ho,
[Associated Press Dispatches.]
Omaha, Neb , Oct. 13. Omaha city gives
lS?Uu"Kn" ""i"" ' '
vz l .,uu ... ; . : . 1 H M. .) .
a,uuw...xne. returns an snow itepuonean
gains. '. llie rtepubliuans nave a majority
,nrnai ii-ici.Mir. . luirin or il il , Si.iiflrnr
The Impeacher Ashley. Impeached
and Convicted.
Th'e'ina'jority of 600 against Ashley In
Toledo, his own home, ana his falling oil
trom the Radical vote In the other, coun
ties.rcnders It certain that he Is defeated for
.... .
Congress In the Lucas District. He has
been impeached before the ereat Court of
tne people, and convicted and sentenced,
....... . . ..
The Attempt to Prevent States
from Voting for President.
The attempt ot the Radicals in Congress,
in: the passage bf a law to prohibit the
counting ot the votes bf the States of Texas,
Mississippi? and".' Virginia-for President
land Vice-President and the order Of Gen
Rbynolds. forbidding the people of Texas
to exercise their rikht, has' been', fittingly
rebuked Is a general order; Issued by' the
President, and 'e6untersigned -'by com
mand of .Gen. Grant," admonishing Rrr-
nolds that lie is hot to Interfere with the
civil rights of the people... The Prisideat
quotes (he provisions of the Const! ntloain
support of bis order, and sfaov g th.c no
power -exUta in Congress or oat ot it to
compel, tbe - people to forego h. .-right to
aid In the choice of their rulers. . ;
The peopleot the States of Virginia, Mis
sissippi and Texas having the right to vote
for Electors of President and Vice-President
will do so, and if Congresa does ot count
the votes If they are necessary to a choice,
the people wilt do that duty for them. :' '-
South Carolina Grant and Colfax
We command, to the leaders of "all the
decency party" in this city, the tollowiug
extract from a letter written to the .Argus
'rom ongresscown.riNew iorK showing
u;- .u. o .
- uc uia.riitti irum wiiicu..u.OLutnern xtau-
, , , . . . . .. . " -"'--
'"T w-ui-w.. ior yie most
hportant political position : i- i -0
"The S. A. Swails (mulatto 1. mmnl .
elector tor the First District, and now Sen
ator, was iormeriy a resident of this hlai.
he was a j vagabond, - he was one of those
mean, cunning, drunken, thieving 'nlp;-
geia" that almost every , northern village
nas. I lie, was at one time a helper in the
kitcheil of a saloon.-but was dischnro-prl
for habitual drunkenness and dishonesty.
n .uirru a cniorea eirl Ot tills nlapn. he
tpe name or iborapson, by whom he
rraa a cnua. He moved to Elmira,
where - he abandoned :-; hi wir.
and child i and . went to MaRtachn.Ptr. .
(colored) and went to t.h wr. ho
U10te,d 10 SeCOnd et. ato rTt'ser-
geant; was wounded In some skirmUh and
came back to thl place H returned to
and received one as second lieutenant. At
the close of the war he returned to Massa-
ehusetts with, his regime. and wal L
and returned to South Carolina,
and is now nominated as a (irant. AF
fax elerrnr in th
trfct of that State." " r
s ,i i
Thb-Rollers In. the Nov..lr
'-Kotiers in tne Novelty and Cham
ward! pton ylothes wringers car be separated at
both ends. Buy no others.' '' ''" I
H;j4 tir.:i i.i . . .li '
Democratic Gains in Franklin
on State Ticket.
Gains, B, Gaiai.
. 88 . i
First Ward
Second Ward....ii.. 11
Third Ward .
Fourth Ward.
ilth WrJ
Sixth Ward
Perenth Ward
'Kirhth Ward. .r.'.Ti:."
Kinth Ward
Montcomerr Townabip....
Franklin "
Frmrie'- ' - ....
a XWV h . . -r . .
W.thington '
"fcaaron ' ""' 1 .:.
-Vntf- - ...
Clinton ' ,
Mifflfa '. .'.'". ....
- Truro- : . :.' "
. Hariltoa "
Aladison ' ": !
. W
. 38 H
.67 -.1
. ST
.: at
,. 60
.. SS
.,10 -
30 "
- SO - -
Atkinson, the Boston Broker and
Shoddy Contractor.
The Hon. Sanford E. Church, in a speech
at Brooklyn, N. a few days ago,' thus
speaks of Atkinson; the Radical Mun
chausen : .
But who Is this Mr. Atkinson ? He comes
from Boston. That ( should have suppos
ed. (Liauznter.) lie is a manufacturer,
That 1 should have guessed. (Continued
laughter.) H savs in his speech that the
associations wun tvnicn ne was connectea
. had several millions of dollars against the
Oovernmenc on -trie - 1st of April, 1865
He says that that amount was alter-
i wards received in seven-thirty bonds ;
. that those bonds were exchanged - for
' five-twenry bonds ; and then he complains
: ol the Democratic party because they won't
-pay mm . goia . tor those : live-twenty
bonds. (Loud laughter and applause.)
i XNow, l nave neard ot shoddy before, out
, this is 8 Kina oisanctined shoddy. I Lauah
' ter.l He made a contract to furnish the
Government with cloth whether it was
i shoddy or not I do not know, but very like
ly it was ana he obtained 7-30 bonds and
: exchanged them for 5-20 bonds and wants
the gold on them. Of course the original
debt wsb payable - lu currency. But he Is
mad with the Democratic party because
they won't give him a profit of 40 per cent
. lLiaugnter.i jnow i iook. into , this trans
action a little, and I propose to give you the
result ot it, so lar as Mr. Atkinson is con
cerned. - He says "several millions" I call
that five millions, by way of Illustration. Il
it Is larger or smaller. It will vary the result
X assume that ne made twenty per cent
upon the original contract Very likely
, ne maae nity, out x assume ne made twen-
' ty per cent. That is one million of dollars.
j He has received six per cent in gold for
. thr e years upon his bonds. That is nine
hundred thousand dollars. In gold, which
reduced, to currency; Is twelve hundred
and sixty thousand dollars. He has been
exempted - from -taxation A ever - since.
-whicii is 'half as much more. - That
amounts to six hundred and ' thirty
thousand dollars, i -And now.be wants
' In -currency seven millions of dollars tor
his original . five,. which, added ail to
' gether, makes nine million eight hundred
, and ninety thousand dollars, which he
; wants yen to pay him lor bis original five
i minion- aeDt against ' the tiovernment,
(Laughter and applause.) In other words.
he desires the people of the United States
and he is very angry with the Democratic
: . party because they won't consent to it to
, pay him tne nice little profit of four minions
' eight hundred and ninety thousand dollars
on tne aeot oi nve minions wnicn be naa
three years ago against the Government
(Cheeis.)' ' That is the man who makes a
defense for tbe Radical party. He is the
defender whom they accept aa their chosen
representative in this campaign for the de
fense against tbe .charges which are mide
against them ot squandering the people's
money. (Applause.)
Edward Atkinson, you may stand down
Sudden Death of the Hon. Howell
Howell Cobb died at the Fifth. Avenne
Hotel at half-past 10 o'clock yesterday
' morning; in the fifty-fourth year of his
age. He was born in Jefferson countv, Ga
September 7, 1815, waa graduated at Frank
lin College, Athens, Georgia, in 1834, - and
two years later was admitted to the Geor
gia bar, where he soon obtained an exten
sive practice. In 1842, having for several
vears previous held the office ot Solicitnr-
... n ,
I General of the Western Circuit he was
I eiecxeu ueraocranc memoer oi uie a weu
TiTspi crli f.h rnnorrpsja. ftnrl hv rhrpA hm ccpa
ty-eighth Congress, and bv three succes
sive re-elections he sat until 1351, officiat
ing as speaker of the Thirty-first Congress,
In 1S50, during the excitement occasioned
by the debates on tbe admission of Cal
' Ifornia, he took strong ground in favor of
, the compromise measures introduced by
Mr. Clay, and by his influence with South
1 era members did much to secure their pas
sage. ' In 1851 he ran lor Governor of
Georgia on tbe compromise or Union plat
form ot 1850, as , opposed to that of the
' Southern Rights party,' and was elected by
a majority exceeding that ever given for
: a political candidate in Georgia. , In 1851
' he was again " elected ' to Congress, and
continued lo represent Georgia in that
body until the accession of Mr. Buchanan
, in 1857, by whom he was appointed Secre
. tary ot the Treasury.
This ofllce be filled until Dec. 10, I860,
when he resigned in order to join his po
,. litical fortunes to those of his native State,
. which a few weeks later seceded from the
Union. Early in 1861 be was elected
member of the rebel Congress,- and -upon
tne convening ot that body in Montgomery
i Alabama, In February, was chosen to be
its .presiding officer. A year later ha-re
signed this position to accept a commission
ot Brigadier Ucneral in tbe rebel array,
wnicn lie held until the surren
der-to Gen. Wilson at Macon, Georgia,
in April, lS6a. .His military career
, was wholly without mark. He never held
a first-rate command, nor did he show any
special capacity tor the profession of arms,
Since the close ot tbe war be has held no
official position, having In- fact been ex
eluded from holding office by the Recon
struction acts ot Congress; but to the best
ot Disability he opposed those acts on pub
lie and private occasions, and died in lull
fellowship with the party which - had
' brought about secession. Mr. Cobb was
man of moderate abilities, a fluent speaker,
and possessed of agreeable social qualities.
,. The deceased bad stopped at the foot ot
the main staircase, leading from the office
'Of the hotel, to converse with Bishop Beck-
witb, of Georgia, and Colonel F. F. WiW
r Haras, of Florida.. He was discussing reli
glous subjects with the Bishop, and turned
to address some remark to his -wife, when
he suddenly-placed his hand td his forehead,
' and sat down oh the stairs. He instantly
became'insehsible, and was carried into the
ret eption room, where lie expired In about
thirty minutes..". Apoplexy was the cause
of his death, as was shown by a post mortem
examination of his bod 7. His remains will
be embalmed, and sent to Georgia Tor lnter-t
Cobb. N. Y. Sun, Oct. 10th.
The Black Test.
, UJ do solemnly swear that I accept the civil
and political equality ot all men, and agree
not to'attempt to deprive any person air persons,
on account of race, color or previous condition,
of any political oryivil right, privilege, or im
munity enioyed by any other class of mem So
help me Qod." Southern Radical Carpet Bag
New Advertisements
The Ohio Stattsmaa ban a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published In thhi City- or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
this In mind. ; ' '
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Ar part of tne eity free efcharre, .
ortl.-m-WAf . . . ..... ...
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. . eiccan. iomaj. ue
Conolnding with the Faroe cf the
1 n 1 1 a a. a A i 1
i'W OiV
a .-TV.
Full paHicnlat. 1T1 TITO&r, m t aa
Hi r
StaT ' Adttlillinn IU1 ... U( .
Doori open at
'M: aomioence at 8 o'elnek.
The Conditio efTlMnaidi.'
5o appetite; no refnihinr nl.-n- r, -..rf,,l
thonithts: no disposition to labor: no inolination
foffooietj; no internt in nrthlna: no de.ir.ta''
lire, even: and yet no pecifio ailment whion cn h.
elaued a a noiitUe diaeaaiy Thoneanda; ay. tens
of thousands, are in this condition the martyrs of
disabilities to whioh pathology assigns no technical .
name. - ;
What is the source; of their discomfort, mental
and bodi y T Torpor of the stomach ; and con
sequent npon that, languor of Ma cireulatUm,
weaknett of tht nsrvet, and a clouded train.
What does oommon sense suggest as a remedy for
this deficlenoy in vital poert Clearly, a BBTI
taliiino medioinb something that will stimu
late, tone and sustain the broken-down energies of
meet tbe case exactly. In this benificent Tonic
are combined all the ingredients necessary toohange
the condition of the s-etem, and bring tbe dormant-
organs into healthful action. In the fall, of the'.
year, when the night dews are o ill and heavy, and
the morning fog are charged with miasma, the
body, debilitated by tbe heats of rammer, is pecu-
liarly susceptible to unwholesome influences. At i
this aeason.of all others, therefore, tea fforat an ia
required, both aa a safe-guard against ferer and 1
ague and other malarious disorder., and as a prep,.
ration for the searching cold of winter. Dyspepsia,
bilious complaints, nerroua disorders, and distress
ing affections of the bowels, are always more or less
prevalent in October and November, and the surest 3
and safett meanest arsraiBg them-'ir-at soars. f
this purest, mildest and moat efficacious of all ton- ,
ios and alteratrres. ' J i i i- - s 1 1 : :
mayMeodwly-w-B- U ' i
I Is the beat article ever known te . . .,
It will prevent the Hair from falling ui. T"-
- Hakes the Hair smooth and (lossy, and doer sot'
stain the skin as others t"
. . SBNTrBBB BT MAIL.J V j . V'-li
R. P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N. H.. Proprietors. -
! For sale by all Drnagists.
, july2S dlUwAwly-em , i - ; ' ' T
- - i - -' - - - -
Cristadoro's Hair Dy e.-
Old Faihet Time takes many a yeur.-Ti JU
1 1 To turn to white dark colored hair : .'-t
But instantly the EXCELSIOR DIE .-)
- Brines back the tint that ebar i e the eye;
; And Nature owns tkat cunning Art "
' Can her own Itriog hues impart.
Cristadoro's Hair - Preservatives
' Oh. how beautifully gloss j your hair lorks of late,
Tea, Julia, sinoe. I have need Cristadore'st
Hair Preserratire and Beautifier, my hair ha ia a.
proved wonderfully, and stopped falling out alto,
gether. . , . r
. Isold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dreet
eri. Manufactory No. SS Maiden lane. Prinaipal '
No. S Astor Houae.' 4 " K. S K' a.,, s
reNT-julS-dAwly-cm . - ?
" ' - " '' M H
Allcock's Porous Plasters.-,
Where one waa said . few years l'o (1
a thousand are nolal now. , ,
They strengthen, warm and invigorate the part
npon wbich they are applied, and reliever nerroua j
affections of the bowels, lumbago, pains of the.,
side, and usually all local pains. In affections of
the kidneyi they are of great een ice. " . .' .
- Lama Back.' !
New Y oKr, Jf ot. M, 1S59.
- T. Allcock A Co.-ffi(Wn: I lately suffered
severely from a weakness in my back.. Having
beard yonr Plasters much recommended for oases .
of this kind", I procured one, and the result was all
I could desire. A single Plaster eared me in v
Yours respectfully, ' J. G. BRlQGS, r j
. . ' Proprietor of the Brandreth House.
Principal Agency. Brandreth House, New York.
Sold by all Druggists.
- FeMV-julS-dAwly-cm ..
To Owners of HoTW9f
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colio, Th,
need not be. Dr. Tobias. Venetian Herse Liniw .u
ment, in pint bottles, prioe one dollar, will poei-
tively Cure every ease, if given according to the dt-""
when first taken. It is warranted superi
or to anything else for Cuts, Galls, Sprains, Old
Swellings and Sore Throat. It is no new '
remedy, but of Jl years' standing, and approved,,;,
by the first hoi semen in the country. Col. Philo
P. Bash, of the Jerome Park Course, has nsed i ,
for years, and recommends it to. hit friends. . Or- v
ders are constantly receive! for it from the Racing
titables in England. Ithasatood tbe test of time;
no one has ever tried it buteontinues its use. Kee
olleet to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Horse Liniment
in pint bottles, and take no ether.- Seld by the
Druggists and Storekeepera throughout the United
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. OR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, aeei
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a aeries of years to the treatment of certain pri
rite diseases, lie may b-)oensultedat hi omee-.
Broadwa . near the Kaenange Bank - '
- may-ii-tl
- !
Manhood , and the -vieaK.er. J
lUDTH restored in fnnr weeks. Hneeesa .
caaranteed. DR. RICORD'rf ESSENCE OF L1FB r:.,-
restoree mahW oowera. from whate-rer eansa ari-
sing; the effects of earl- pernicious - habvs, self- f
aouae, impoteney ana eumn.ee, nve away at onoe to
this wonder I ol inedioine, if taken regularly accord"-'
inc to the directions ( which are Terr aimnleand rec.
quire no restraint from busioeaaorpleaaare Pail- -
are is impoaaioie. noia in bottles at S3. e tonr V
auantitiee in one for fed. To behaji m. of tbe anle- --A
appointed agent in America, UzbitzBN, SOS
VKT-jr-T-dlyr ,
tff ANUOeb.KI-. JuUar JTm IftdiMtl
1V1 ParKvkUi frotm tk mm Da r.nvnm I.''",
The " Medical Times" saye of thia work: "Thig -
valuable treatise on the canae and enre of rjre-n .-- I
ture deoline, ahows how health is impaired thr-raga 1
searet abuses of youth- and manhood, and how 1
eaaily regained It rivea a clear ayn .paia of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of
ervoua debilit-, and the remedies therefor., A
poeket edition of the above will be forwarded on
no. oe j-ortn ;narieu street. Baltimore. Aid...
PALMka'a ioTibH Thb Gbxat IIbbioutb roa
THB PtiH, cures without faH erer-f kind ef an-
sightly eruption ef the face, or itohing. or irritating , :
er-diatrfisaing eataneoiu disease, en an pari -et ism-s
sepc.i-0 as wiy-om
anlendid Hair Dnli the- beat io the world : VA
the only true and perfect Dye; harmleae, eliable ifl-'i
instantaneous: no disappointment : no ridiculous .
tints: remedies ttaelll effects of bad dyea: invig- ,
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, blact I
X . LI . I . 1 all n,.a,a anJ Pvf.maa '. "
and properlv applied at rJatchelora Wig r actory,
OVI'I UJ a,,, af.H.Dw ... . . VJ, , .Ul.l. ,
16 tsona streeu - lofs.
. i-hv apriS dAwly, ,
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i l
Tat , .,,,
:1 ililUUl i VUI Ji
No. , 330-Broad'Tray".!r
Capital, -Qjie I Million Dollars.
DABirs R. iUNQAK Pres't. Jas.Mbiix, Sec'y,
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Hmihle the amouut-of their capita, stock.
As the National.Trust Company receives deposits
i.m. a. sm.i .mounts, and nermita them ia k.
drawn as a whole or ia p it by. cheek at eight and '.i
;v,ni nntina. allowing interest on all dail- Kal.n- ...
ces, parties throughout the country eaa keep ao- '
counts in this In ltutton with spec .si advantages '.'.
rs MT-jnle-dAwSm - . i J 3 f if fi.i
ing b-tween the undersigned, under the firm ,
name of Voewinkel and Karapmann, has this da.' c
been diiaol-'ed by mutual consent, . -M-m
All peraous indebted to aaid firm wm wTeaae-eall
settle atonoe with Charles Kampmann, who is
autltnriied to collect outstanding olai-ne. and all
persona baviDgclaimaagainatthe aaid firm will afeo '
plrase present them for payment to said Charley ',
Kamumann. - ' f is - ''. i. e-A a1
." .TT . ' f m WMjTOSWlNKBr o -m
.!.!.;!.. ""cRAltLBrlJaAiMVAtrt.'aal ta
Colnmhu-, September 11, 18US. oeiS-r

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