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PHU HlH .- 1 i T
THC1IDTnORInif - OCT. 15.
or Wissochi.-
nniinmu .ectom. statb at lakgi,
nrVll j" JiWETT, of Muskingum
nigra 'ot i.om.
l.t DinL JOHN H. .lECP.of HsrniUon
1st Dlst.-J" NOBI.B. nf Hamilton.
Xa - GEO. W; HODCK.of Montgomery.
iTk W. JACKSON, of Miami,
ith " -ISAAC 8. PILLARS, of Allen.
Jr? - M aDAVIS. of Clement . - ,
?U UWJ AI.KTAKDKB. of Greens.7
Jth R. F. POPPLETON.ef D-towere-
,5" -ANDREW ROACH, of Wood.
4ui - EZRA V. PE AN, ot Lawrence.
,4th " -J. J. GREENE, of Pike.
JS r- lift, k POPPlTO. f Win.8
16th - ISAAC STANLEY, pf Athena.
lth " A. W. PATRICK, of TurearawasJ
Jftw SAMUEL WILLIAMS, of Carroll,
urth - -E0. WKTMKR. of Summit.
Gold closed In New Yotlt yesterday at
The Result of the in
Pennsylvania, Indiana and
Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio.
Tbe result of the elections In these three
States on Tuesday was not such as it
' should have been, when ,wetakefBto con
sideration the momentousness of the Issues
involved. Che3LtDOcracy) should have
been triumphantly victorious. There is,
however, nothing; discouraging in the re
alt nothing that should cause a Demo-
erat to think for one-menent of abandon
ing tbe fight. On the contrary it should
stimulate hind to more resolute and deter
mined effort.
Waf made lageainsof Conpess-
menSvhVcn of Wei is'h'earlt'cheerlng."
Compared with the result of the October
elotitt. t these Slates in 1864, the gain is '
remarkably great.'1 Ohio at that election,
gave a Republican majority of S4,7St. In
diana at the October election of that year
gave a Republican majority' ! 80,883,
and Pennsylvania gave about the same Re
putrltoan afftwity. jyht? yearjp jvill rio;
exceed 15000 in Onto, and In Indiana and
Pennsylvania tbe soh'test is close,' proba
bly Republican by a small majority.
In these two latter States, he, ,con test
is so close that the DeiiKHrt-a'lf 4hey
shall only put forth the t proper eflort,
can carry them. Had these States 'gone
Republican by twenty-five or thirty thou
sand eaobyibereS would 'iave ' been -little
use in flattering ourselves with the hope
that there was any chance fori success.
It must be recollected, in this connec
tion, that the moneyed 'men who hold
Bondsand whoJ.hrive and grow ylch at,
the'expense of the mass ot the people
through Congressional special legislation.
poured out their money like water to se--
e irytweleetten of the RepobllcanTandl-'"
dites to Congress' 'These secured as far as
possible, they will not put forth the same
effort ta elect General Grant that they did
to elect them.
mnp.h monev
,.ffe . will not have., as
to fight In Npyem-
There will not be the same colonization of
voters upon us.'xhe fron furnaces, forges,
the owaers o xoal mines and. mannfacto- '
ries,o( ,oe -description and another, are not
likely to' uee' the ame means to compel'
theifemployes io vo'te for Okant that they
did to, con) pel them to vote for Republican
candidates for Congress. They Consider
tbeineelyes safe In their special privileges .
against Peniocratto assault, and will allow
tbe Republican ' politicians to shift ior '
themselves fa a great n!a8ure. .;';'.
New?- then, is tbe opportunity- xf the
Democrats; let them kr.ep in line; let them ,
keep up their-courage and don't let them
falter, and they will come off victorious,
J ust as bar troops came off victorious in- the
second 'day's' fight at Pittsburg landing.'
While the J Republicans jubilate let us or-
ganiw and drill with the determination of
achieving victory. .ik ,. ;j
Steady elon'iT the whole line.
The Difficulty in the Eighth Ward
on Election Day—The Gross
Misrepresentation of the Journal.
' r-:i '' ' ' ' '' r r'
The Journal, in describing the scenes on
tbe day of election in the Eighth ward in
this clty,saysf '' f " & J"
"At the Eighth ward polls the most serious .
disturbance of tbe day -occurred. An uu
provoked assault was made, It is stated, by
rttz. M. Rankin, on a nesrro standing qui
etly on Gay street. Some reply of the ne-.
gro gave Rankin the wished-for opportu
nity and be raised the cry- of assault, - and
twenty or thirty excited, ruffians plunged,
after tbe retreating aegro, throwing stones
and brickbats. ' Brave fellows. - Dr.. J. Lj
Coulter, H. F. Booth, D. Conkllng and oth-
er gentlemen, were atanding quietly near
the scene of trouble, and interposed to quiet
tbe mob.' All were knocked- down, struck .
with stones or brickbats an kicked while
aown. ?J, ... - ., . .,(
More of base and . malignant misrepre
sentation could not well nave been made
within the same Space In a public journal.
A difficulty1 bad arisen in the morning,
as we understand tbe matter, ; n conse
quence of certain" rabid radicals pressing'
a negro to. vote.. f
In parsing thl's'same negro on the side
walk, Mr. Brown beard him swearing
that he would kill some 'Copperhead" at
whom he bad a grudge. Mr. Brown told
him that be would do oo such thing. , The
threat and the remonstrance being repeat
ed, theSegrb attack at Brows with a stone,1
which fortunately missed bis: haad. jThei
negro then seized, another stoae and threwj
it at Mr. Brown, who was a white man and
under the negro's .sizeJ ,;Thls also missed.
Brown thea Attempted to close with the
negro,'kwho ran-T-BRowir following Ins wilt
pursuit. - Tbe evidence is that) while run
ning up Gay street,. Xrl Coui-Tje eaught
Brown and thretr him, and, while down,'
truck ibloa. ia i owii -i r oi
Dr. CotiLTKRfc although very , faiiktlc on '
tbe subject of negro voting, has heretofore.'
been considered a peaceable citizen';.,. This
unprovoked assault was- the beginning of
the affray, and. Dr. Codltbr' has the satis
faction ot knowing that be drew, it upon
himself,:.., ,,, ,frii i 1 S '-:
In the melee that followed Cf(rjLTB'a as
sault upon BaowK, Mr. Booth, one of
CouLTut'e trtenda, was somewhat injured.
The whole affair had its origin intiie at
tempt to force the votes of neiroerf on' the'
Judges of Election, and thus, In the chal-7j
, ,,1
toners, who were- below - the shade that
even the Radicals' claim constitute "a
white citizen of . the United States," to
consume kime, so that tie legal voters of
the. ward '.would be so delayed as to force
many of the Democratic working men to
leave without exercising the elective fran
chise. The overt act was the attack upon
Brows by Dr. Coulter, and to this, and to
the fact of men, who attempted to violate
the law by pressing men to cast Illegal
votes, is the affray to be attributed. .
As the whole matter will probably un
dergo a legal investigation, we have given
the plain statement of facts, the truth of
which will soon be tested by an examin
ing Court. In the meantime, we brand the
statement of the Journal as basely false, got
up for tbe purpose of deception, when tbe
writer of the article knew that he was slan
dering better and more truthlul men than
anybody will give him credit for being.
vv ea-ua VAu LU III i.IVJlt VI W1V 1BUUUIV
Grant be Elected to Punish
Treason and Traitors—Why has
not Treason and Traitors been
' Tbe election ot General .Grant, Radical
speakers say, is to secure the punishment
of Traitors. If that is the object, the
punishment could be secured at a less cost
and with less trouble. Let the Radical
party enforce the laws bring Traitors to
trial and punish them. The laws are in
force the United States Court Is governed
by Radicals, why not, then enforce the
laws? 'f '" -' :
j Jot. Davis was tbe great head of the
SeceshGovernment.l A, largo' reward was
paid for bis apprehension be was in prison
for over two years, and is now at large on
liatl, with leading Radical the editor of
the JVw York Tribune as his volunteer
bondsman, but he has not been brought to
trial, and never will be. . "
; : Why la this? Radicalism has been in
possession oi the power of the Government,
in all its branches, for the last seven years;
Since the 26th ot April. 1865, when John
ston 'surrendered, there has been no war,
po resistance to the Government." For over
three years of peace there has been no at
tempt to enforce the laws against treason
no man, of tbe half million in arms against
the Government, has been brought to trial
for his treason, and yet Radicalism pretendB
It wants Grant elected to punish treason
and to make It odious by hanging traitors.
It will not do to say, that President John
son, elected by Radicals, stands in the way
of the enforcement of the laws. The Presi
dent fs blameless in the matter. The Radi
cal office holders,, whose duty.lt is to bring
offenders to justice,' are, by the Radical
Congress, placed beyond the President's
control. When Lincoln was President, it
was different. - Then he had power his
officials were- under his control, but then,
as now, no traitor, was brought to trial
none were executed for treason, and bad he
lived, none would have been. . . t ,t
Gov.' Brown, of Georgia, the man who
tfOk Georgia into the '.Southern Confed
eracy against the wish of a majority of its
citizens the man .who, as Governor' had
power over the prison, pens- at : Anderson
ville, , ,. where -, Union , soldiers ; , suffered,
starved and died, Is now the leading pet of
the Radicals, because he aided to nominate
Grant at tbe Chicago.'1 Convention. . Why
has be not been- brought to trial, and
banged for his treason and his cruelty, in
stead of being petted andete by his Rad
ical associate? . i .J -
HowisGRANTxeyen if elected, to punish
traitors ? He. cannot? try cannot' hang
them. As President, he will not be a
hangman, and he. cannot act, in a judicial
capacity. ' How, then, can be punish trai
tors ? When Lex surrendered to Grant,
the latter gave the Confederate troops par
d n for past offenses, by allowing them,
npon the surrender of their arms, to go to
their homes on parole, not to be molested
by the United States Government as long
as they observed the terms of their parole
and obeyed tbe laws. In. force where they
resided., .Can. .General. . Grant, then, if it
happensunfortnnately. for the - country,
that he be elected' President,' break faith
with the aoldiers and officers of the Con
federate army.wbich his honor was pledged
to observe ? ' How, then, can traitors be
punished by him, or treason be made odi
ous in tbe persons; of those who were in
arms against tbe Union, before it was d te
mpted by tbe Radical leaders in the Radi
cal: Congress? .:..! -i . .rf -, ..
Does any man of common sense believe that
if the Democratic party had been in power
when the rebellion first breke' out . that it
would have lasted bait as long, or cost half
the blood and treasure, or that the leading
spirits would . not bave'.been brought , to
trial, and if convicted, punished ? But
Radicalsm, brave when the county is to be
disrupted, but cowardly when the laws aie
to be enforced, dare not enforce the laws
d ire not bring the Secesh leaders to trial,
much less to inflict upon them the punish
ment the law says shall be the 'doom of
With the whole power of the General
Government at their control, sworn to up
hold the laws, not a 'single secesh 'civil
officer, from Jkef. Davis down not a st
cesh military officer from Lee to the 4th
corporal not a Confederate soldier has
been brought to trial or punished by tbe
Radical party, as the laws says he shall be
punished 'During the whole war, and for
the three and a half years since the. war
ended, not a single man in arms against
tbe Union, charged with the high crime of
treason, has been brought to trial. . During
the war the excuse Was that, the Courts
were not open in the States where the
treason was committed. The courts are
now-open there haa been no resistance to
Federal authority since April, 1865, and no
trial for treason has yet taken place, and
now never will. Yet still the party that
has had all the power tbe party that lacks
the courage to enforce the laws, urges the
election of Grant, who pardoned the reb
els of Xbe's army, upon the silly pretext
that he will punisn traitors. y
Gen. Morgan's Election—The Way
His Constituents Rebuked the
Radical Congress.
Two years since Gen. Gro. TV. Morgan
was elected to Congress: from tbe 13th
Congressional District of this State by two
hundred and seventy -one majority over
Columbus DaLANOi " "
The Radical Congress,' 'notwithstanding
Morgan's vote was increased by proving
illegal votes on his oppouent, on a contest
gave tbe seat to Delano That gentleman
declined to meet Morgan a second time in
a contest for the seat, and the, Radicals
nominated Mr. Cooper, of Mt. Vernon, not
aa the Radical, but as the workihgmen's
candidate. The candidate .was rich and
Spent; his .money , freely, but the baseness
of the. Radical Congress, in depriving Gen.
Morgan of. his seat had to be rebuked, and
lo was done most effectually. 1
l!At the election' on' Tuesday last Gen;
Morgan receWetf TTOSjoTlqC3hivyt
county in tbe District s aye RriOx, and that
66 only lost by seventy majority. In the
District bis majority is on thoutand eeven
hundred and fifty! . ' . ... , .
" 'A"cpRRiCSPPNlKNT oi the 2Tew York Bun
intlinatea-tbat- ArtemuW Ward's will, dis
posing ot a large 'amount of property-In
England -was joker And that be left no
such property. , The correspondent who
thus slanders the dead was. no doubt, au
accessary to the robbing ot tbe mother of
Artemus Ward, to whom be left the bulk of
hit property. The idea tnat Mr. Brown
(Artemus Ward) would npon his death bed
attempt such a loke is a slander which will
be scouted oj au wno Knew mm. t
[Special Dispatches to the Ohio Statesman.]
Mt. Gilkad, October 14. The returns
from the several townships are not all in ;
but so far as recieved they Indicate about
the same Republican majority In the coun
ty as at the last fall election. , G. W, Ged
dis, Democratic candidate for Common
Pleas Judge, will probably carry the
Akron, October ' 14. Summit county,
Republican, gives only 125.
Waverly, Oct, 14. Our loss (official) in
Hamilton, Oct. 14. Butler county 2,200
Democratic majority. Democratic majori-
Chm'n Dem. Com, Butler Co.
Wauskon, Ohio, Oct. 14. Fulton county
gives 875 Republican majority offliclal.
Democratic loss, 119. 1
Hillsboro. Ohio, Oct. 14. Barrere's ma
jority in Highland 12. 'Democratic majori
ty last year 4. ' , '"
Wooster, October 14. Wayne county
gives four hundred and fifty Democratic
majority. Critchfield Ave hundred for
Congress. Democratic majority last year,
three buudred and eighty-six. ' i
Lebanon, October 14 Schenck's major
ity Jn Warren la nineteen hundred, and
seventy-five.' Republican majority last
year, seventeen hundred and thirty-three
Circucvilxs, Oct. 14 Pickaway county,
725 Democratic' Democratic loss 263.
Van' Wert, Oct. 14. Van Wert county,
48 Republican majority, , Republican gain,
; Mxdina, Oct. 14. Medina county 1,000
majority Republican. Last year, the K
publican majority was 040. - -
Kknton, Oct. 14. Hardin county 65;
Democratic county ticket elected except
Recorder. Last year the county was a tie
1 Upper Sandusky, October 14. The qfflj
cial majority in Wyandpt county is 528
Democratic, a loss of 46. C. Berry, jr.
! Warren, stWtober ;14 Republican nei.
gain' In Trumbull county 319. i
i BarnesviUe, October 14. Monroe county
Democratic majority 2100; Democratic loss
JFindley, Ohio,' Oct. 14. Hancock 400
Democratic majority; Democratic gain of
McConnelsvlIle, Ohio, Oct 14. RepObli-
can majority in Morgan 491; Republican,
Mount Vernon, October 14 General
Morgan, for Congress, has carried three out
of four counties, and within seventy votes
oi carrying Knox. Majority at least 1.500.-
Chillicothe, October 14. Democratic ma
jority in Ross county 665; Democratic loss
.1 Newark, October 14. The Democratic
majority in Licking county is 1,145; Re
publican gain of 163 since last fall. Gen
eral Morgan (Democrat) was elected in
the Thirteenth District by 1,750 majority.
Washington C. H, O, Oct. 14. Fayette
county 430 Republican majority. Demo
J. F. ELY.
Wapakoneta, O, Oct 14. Official vote
of Auglaize county. Democratic majority
1,769. Democratic loss 35 from vote for
Tiffin, October 14. Democratic majority
In this, county seven hundred and twerty.
Gibson, "badly deieated.' Democratic loss
one hundred and twenty-five. - , . . i-:-
A. LANDON, Chairman.
' Lima, October 14. Allen county official
vote seven hundred and seventy-four Dem
ocratic majority; . loss one .hundred and
',;Bryanj' October 14.-r-Williams county
gives a Republican majority of three hun-'
dred . and sixty ; Democrats gain thirty-
Antwerp, October 14. Ashley 50 xna-i
jority; State ticket,. Republican majority''
150; Republican gain 55 on State ticket.
Cambridge October 14. Guernsey 550
for Bingham; Belmont 360 for Estep; No
ble 400 for Bingham; Tuscarawas not beard
from; Harrison 600 for Bingham.
Toledo. October 14. Lucas county gives
630 Republican majority on State ticket;
. CadizOhlo, Oct, 14. Harrison county,
official Sherwood five hundred and
twenty-twd majoilty. "Bingham four hun-.
dred and forty-eight, ' Republican gain
Geneva, Ohio, Oct. 14. Complete returns
from Ashtabula county show a Republican .
gain -of five hundred and seventy-fonr
over the majority of last year. '-
St. Clalrsyllle, October 13 Belmont
county,., official, Democratic State ticket'
235 majority. Entire - Democratic county'
ticket elected; Estep's majority 360. Dem-.
' Mansfield, October 14. Official vote, of
Richland connty, Hubbard 3,750; ' Sher
wood 3,226; Benson 3,753; Beatty 3.226.
Democratic county ticket elected. Demo
Defiance, October 14. Defiance county
official. Eight hundred and eighty Demo
cratic majority." Hoag beats Ashley' nine
hundred and. sixty -five in this county '
Democratic gain on State ticket thirty-one.
[Associated Press Dispatches.]
Tiffin, October 14. Seneca county gives
a Democratic ma'ority of 500; Democratic
train 50. Dickinson's majority in the Ninth
Districvwill reach 1,200. .':", , '
' Cincinnati, October 14. Tbe Republican "
majority on the State and county tickets
in Hamilton county is about 1,700. Stra
der (Democrat), for" Congress, in tbe 1st "
district, has over 300 majority. Stevenson
(KeDublican), In the 2d District, has over,
500 majority. The total vote of the county
18 43,000. ' '-'"
Dayton; October 14. Schenck's majority
in the 3d district Is 494, not all official
gives Valiandigham 111 Dem-;
ocratlo majority; Butler county 2,129; War-:
gives bctiencK l.adB; iTeble, ischenck,
798 majority
.New Philadelphia, October 14 Demo
cratic majority in Tuscarawas county six
hundred and ten, a Democratic loss of one
hundred-apd twenty-seven.-
I IrontOD, October 14 Republican majori
ty in Lawrence county twelve hundred and
nine; Republfcan gain over last year four
teen hundred and iilty-eieht.
. Marietta, October 14 Washington coun
ty. Unoflicial - returns from the whole
county show a Republican majority of two
hundred and forty-six, a Republican gain
c $wq hundred and forty-two. .
[Associated Press Dispatches.]
PHTi.AT.Ki.PHiA. Oct. counties
show a Democratic majority of 4.963. Last
year the same counties gave a Democratic
majority of 10,580. The twenty-six coun
ties Vet to bear from last year gave a Re
publicat. majority t 6,711.- Tbe State Is
Republican by 8,000 tr 8,000 majority. - ..
Another? dispatch -says tbe Republican'
papers are under the impression that tbe
Republican majority in the State will
range irom llMJUU to laaiu. mo .kocuu-
cedes the State t thTRepubllcans, but
thinks the maioritv will be much lower.
The corrected vote for Mayor shows Fox's
majority to be 1,101. '
' Estimates from twenty-five counties, in
cluding Philadelphia, show a Republican
maiority of aeven thousand eight hundred.
and fifteen. J Forty-one counties are yet to
be heard from... ... .... :. , c-, !, -
New York. Oct. 14 A dlsnatch to the
Tribune from Congressman McOlu re, dated
one o'clock this morning, states that both
Myers and Taylor are elected to Congress.
The State has a ReDublican majority of
17,000 to 20,000, and both branches of the
Legislature are Republican. The Tribune
has the following :
Philadelphia, Ost. 14. This, city has
elected William M. Havs (Republican)
Mayor by a maioritv which will .exceed
200. - The Republicans are--jubilant and
Dontlres are blazing. The State will go
about 15,000 Republican-. The Republican
gains in me interior, and especially in tne
west, are jrreat. , . , ':, -
[Associated Press Dispatches.] [Signed] W. J. FORNEY.
New York. Oct. 14. The Tribune has
the following scattering returns :
rorney teiegrapns tnat a uemocraric
Mayor is elected in Philadelphia by 2,000.
but the Republicans carry the other city
-The following are the latest estimates :
Allegheny. 8.700 Republican majority;
Chester, 2,500 ditto; Dauphin. 1,600 ditto;
Lancaster. 7,500 ditto; Lebanon, 1,400 ditto;
Berks, 6,300 Democratic majority; Monroe,
2,000 do; Montgomery, 1,000 do; Harris
burjr. heretofore Democratic, elected a Re
publican Mayor, -i
Philadelphia, Oct. 14. The Press has re
ported majorities from thirty-eizht coun
t es in Pennsylvania, showing a Republican
majority of 13,241, and claims the full
count will increase it to 18.000. Both Re
publican Stnte Senators and 12. Assembly
men out of 18 are elected. The estimate
for the State is that 34 Democrats and 57
Republicans were elected, leaving: nine
others doubtful. The ' Democrats carry
the Third Congressional distrU t by 151
majority, and probably the Fifth district.
In the city wards, Taylor (Republican),
has 263 majority but "this will be over
balanced by Bucks connty. which gave 686
Uemocrattc ma'ority last year. . Both these
districts will be contested. These are be
lieved to be the only Republican losses in
the. Congressional delegation :
The Republicans were snccessful'for city
officers yesterdry. Brush's (Republican)
majority tor Mayor will exceed 1.300. - The
county will probably be between 8,000 and
u,uuu itepuoiican. . , ,. .,
The table of estimated and reported
majorities for all the counties of Pennsyl
vania, foots up a Republican majority of
I.yyu, woicn win prooaDly be increased.
: The Press gives returns showing the
election of the following Republican mem
bers of Congress:': O'Neil, Kelley, Town
send. Dickey, Cake, Mercier, Packer, Cess
na, JMorrall, Armstrong, Scholield, Gilfil
lan, Negley, Phelps and Donnelly. The
Democrats elect Randall, Moffltt, Reading,
Stiles, Gerz, Van Anken and probably
Woodward. , . ... . .-,;
' The result In' Covode's Congressional
District (21st) is still in doubt. Only scat
tering returns are received as yet, but his
election is claimed by 400. . ) '
i The city ticket is carried by the Demo
crats bv a majority ranging from 491 to
3348.; The City Council will be largely Re
publican in both branches.-) ;.'?.
[Assosiated Press Dispatches]
: Indianapolis. Oct. 14. The contest on the
State ticket is close, both parties claiming
it, . Jt rom present lnoicattons the KepuDU
cans will have about 5.000 majority.. Con
gresa is unchanged from last night's re
port, with the exception of the 3d district,
which is now donbtlul. T .
Sullivan, Indn Oct. 14, The returns from
Sullivan county, Ind.,."are all in. Hen
dricks, for Governor,1 and Voorhees, ! for
Congress, have 1,165 majority; a Democratic
gain over 1866 of 193. j, , ! . , ,., :
Indianapolis, Oct. 14. Marshall, Demo
crat, has a majority of 510, a Democratic
gain of 210.- Howard connty Republican
maioritv 805: Remihlinan pain . S. Porter
county Republican majority 450; 'Repub
lican loss So. Randolph county Republi
can majority iw, ttepuDiican gain 190.
Bartholomew, county Democratic- majori
ty 590; Democratic gain 360, Allen countv
Democratic majority 2400; Democratic
gain '312. Jennings county Republican
majority 351 ; Republican loss 300. Fay
ette county Republican majority 304; loss
183. Ripley eounty Democratic majority
75; Republican gain 25.. Jefferson county
Republican maiority 350: loss 300. Grant
county Republican majority 450: Demo
cratic gamzu. f ioya county Democratic
majority V2A Uemocrattc gain 700. Mad
ison county Democratic majority 800; a
gain or 300. ' Lawrence countv Republi
can; majority 250; loss about 100. Putnam
county Democratic majority 362; Demo
cratic gain dbb. Delaware county Itepuo
lican majority 150; Democratic gain 200. .
Laurel, Oct. 14. The election passed off
quietly. This town gives 84 Democratic
majority.'a gain of 20. The adjoining pre
cincts indicate Democratic. gains. ; j. -, w
Indianapolis,' Ind. Oct. 14. Huntington
countv. Republican mniorit.v 10- Ttannhli.
can gain of 132; Laport countv, Republican
majority 313; no gain . or loss; Porter
county. Republican majority 550; Republi
can gain 45; Warren county, Republican
majority 640; Republican gain 106.
Waterloo City, Ind., October 14. Dekalb
county, Indrf gives sixtv Democratic ma
jority on the State ticket.
isrimneld, Ind October 14. Noble coun
ty, Ind., gives a Republican majority of one
hundred and ninety-nine Tor Governor, a
small Democratic gain over last year.
Indianapolis, October 14. Returns to
day make the State ticket doubtful. Thirty
seven counties heard from show a Demo
cratic gain of six thousand seven hundred
and nine, with lorty-one counties to hear
frorov which will require a gain of one hun
dred and eighty-two in each county to give
the' State to the Democrats. The Demo
cratic Central Committee claim the State
and figure the majority at -filteen hundred
and seventy, while th Republican Central
Committee claims 2,400 on the State ticket.
The - Congressmen elected are Niblack.
(Democrat,) 1st district; Kerr, (Democrat)
2d; Julian,.-4tb; Coburu, (Rep.), 5th;
Carter, (Republican) over Voorhees; ' in
the 6th; Orth, (Republican),' 7th. by 700
majority; Pratt, (Republican). 8tb; Shauks,
(Republican), 9tb; Williams, (Republican),
10th; and Packard. ' (Republican). 11th,
The 3d district is still doubtful, both parties
claiming it. Conceding tbe 3d district to
the Democrats, It will leave the repre
sentation in Congress the same as it now
IS 8 tO 6. , ; j. , . ......
.Evansville, Ind- Oct. 14. Vanderburz
county, Democratic majority 30; gain 200.
rosey county, Democrats Zio; gain 36.
Warreck county, 275; gain 1 200. ' Perry
county. Democrats 200; gain 250. Spencer
county, JKepuoiicans luo; loss 75. . uioson
county, Republicans 30: gain 60. Davies
county, 130 ; Democratic gain 100. Pike
county, 4; democratic gain 40. Niblack
(Dem.) for Congress in the 1st district,
has ever 1,000 majority.: i .',' .
Indianapolis, 4 P. M., October 14. Both
parties now concede the- election of the
Republican State ticket by from two to
three thousand. .No change In Congress
since last report. The Republicans have a
majority in both branches ot tbe Legisla
ture" - ; ,
Indianapolis, October 14 Seventy-four
counties are heard from. The Republican
majority ia five : thousand three hundred
and ninety-nine. In the eighteen counties
to hear from, allowing Democratic gains in
the same ratio, the Republican majority
will be from two to three thousand. Later
returns lrom the Sixth District elect Voor
hees by a very small majority, with one
v,' Vf ,
[Associated Press Dispatch.]
. gt. Louis, October 14. An Omaha spec
Montgomery "al gaya the Republicans have carried that
; city bv an averaere maiority of eighty. Re-
turns from the towns west and south show
Heavy Republican gains. Laffee, (Repub
! iican) for Representative, will no doubt
'. have from 1300 to 2,000 majority, and this
-entire State have a comsponding ma
i jority. ' .. ;,.'.
Reported Majorities in the Seventh
District on Congressman.
t 'Just as we go to press,, we have received
the" following reported majorities (from
Republican quarters) on Congressman : .
Winans' majorit.
.v... ...M88
Thomas' majoritv.
Madison. .
, Franklin.
'. ' Winans' majority.. isg
1 The official vote may change this to a
majority In favor of Thomas'. . . ' ;
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District on Congressman. LIST OF LETTERS.
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Post
office, October 14, 1868.
H M a V
Allen Mira AJ
Adams Chu
Armstrong Jno
Adelman Misi h
Aller lln C
Arons Garrett
Aran JneU
Andeooa Alxe J
Aberham Chas
Aruat Uo
Adaini Mr Jane
Rntt f! p.
BrTjon Chai
Ball 1) i ill Kella Mi.. 1 Vtnnahnr (itu I
Bradfielcf One W Barnard H A Ball Jno A
Ueelin Jhh M
Kmr11 Jnn S Bro.ir..ril .Inn
Barnard Jao 8 -
1W1 Mra M A Berigia Mrs Mart
Bucn Nri Harj
BatM Root
Maker Stephen
BowenWraH '
Barker Win .
oasecoirs 41 Auabbitt ferty
Batee RK- Bra Saml .
Brjaot Thoe V Berirand T . V
KarnejrWm BarneUWmlt .
Compton Hits D Cooness Miss E Conrad Fred
juuuiuiuiui fore nrt u A Ulearj Jamel U
CarritoB J M Carton Jat " Creighton Kdsa
Uorrett M M OarpenterMissJICarr K 1
Ubambers MrtSCCarpenter 8 L CullogtiOQ Th'os
Uoraean W Colbarn Win .
' ." ''' 1 v ' v
Davies Mont ' i tlavis Adam ' Dodd Capt A B
Da; Mrs Adolia Don. .ugh Mrs B Dili COS
Daris I) Darling MissDUDotj Erastut
Uiake Edin Davis MissJen'eUoell 11
ITixon Miss i4 - Davis W D, - .
'" .:' --, JB .. ." - '
Evans A J ' " "Ensnimcer A
Edwards Miss E Kastoa Idrt H
Edwards Mary E
Evans R SY
Eoglar Fraaois
Finohaf AmandaFisk 1'avid
Fainej Mrs Eiizs
r nend f rank r oca Ueo
re. ice Ueo V
Kerry James
Fields John W Fiemen Mrs L L
Flemilton M
Good nan Mrs A Gager B.rron S
Greene MissC ttlradie MreO
Griffin John Grajr John
Gates C -Griffith
E "
Gait W R
Hoyland Miss A Habbard A
' Humphrey Mra
Hernoleman li Hnlwr Un
Harns Elena HkIm 14m
Homes L J .
Harvey J hnW Hutchinson Jj
ba Un Hon Jat Huffman Mr J
Hughes J H Uartman J G
Hammond Jat Hensel Mist L '
Herring Nelson Henry P S , ,
Hanes Haml " Barns SD
Hathawaj T W Bugbt Wm D
Heavy Janes
Heiman J Q
Haokett Jesa
Hamilton Mist N
Henderson f ij.
Ba.len S P
HeiwarJen Wm
Johnson Miss A' Jenkins Mrs Lit Jennings Eli F
Joyoe Jat W . , Jeffrey Mra J . Jenkins Mrs b
Jeffries Mark Jones M iS Jonet Mrs L
Jones . . .-. . . . -
. ;. i --'l " ; .. K : ? " i.' ' l
Kelly Mist Kate Keller B Kraft H ' - -U
KookenMissM Knowlton Miss M
! --'x, y .-
UewisMitsLitxie Lehr Henry Lawson James E
I'O.rd Jaa J . Luiheart Lottia League Mrs LJA
Laffin Mitt Mary . , -
Moore Wm ! : Marklev A i : Mnmn Mn a ' '
AlireU Meaks'E Marks Miss If ...
Morrison MissFAMonlton H S Martin J F
MooneyJohn ; Mayers John Uodier Miss LB
1 "' ! -; ! :.
McNally Anna MoCutchen MissMoCarthy Jat
MeMahon JohnE Alice H McClary L
McLaughlin Miss Miller Mra F- Miller J M "' -
Soe , . Miller J R ' Miller Frank '
i '- - - - ' '" - - '
Newman MrsEH Nichols Harvey Northall John "
w : ' ," ' '-: --'t J'.."
Ostnhant A
Powers Mrs A
Phiffer Conrad
Paul J no j
Pierston Jas '
Priee Lewis .
Park Saml M .
Otstott Dl . Onthart Mrs D .
t r ....
Peweley Mrs H Perny Bernard
Pinter Miss A PinnngJJ '
Packer MissJ L Penneii Jat -p.
PbeneirrrJno Peterson Jot
Palmer Mrs M LPaxrit ISeboder
rarsons IYU
"i in r
' ..-
1. ,1.' 1
Rosen Mr ; '' -Roberts Mis' A Reooalds Mrs A
Richards A L Reynolds A G Ki 1st ! R - . . ,
Uice Mr 8 L B " Reed Frank ' " Rarr Geo D
Renoy Miss HatUeRenny J V
Rnhblna JO
KeaKirtJnoU iiillup Li
Rose L B Kolaua Miss H
Roach R A 'Bdl' Bobbins Wm .
Reed Lewis
Kobbert Mist M
Sontt Alex
Switzer Mrs B
Seratgs Fred -Scayler
Siguier Jamel
8bapter John
rStreng Saml
Smith L
; Symondt MrsCAStein Darld I
Kt-ckey H Springer F J
.. Slater Geo. - Snralv (imn:
, iShoemaker H D Streokler John
Salleran Jamea Spnnteon James
Kchott Mrs M Scott Miss M
.Steele wm . Smith Miss T
Smith Wm A ! - j
T .. . . :.,
Tnry Francis ., Thomas Jat
Thurston V L :
Upson UrsVW" ....... ,..
Vance Geo A I1 Vincent Mrs HA "- ' "
i ' i W ' : i :' ' A
Ware A P : Win David . ; Walker Fred
Williamson J G 1 Warnock John Waltbow John F
Williamson John Wilkinson JdrsM Wells MtssMams
Wait Mrs Mary W .Washington M E
WrishtMraRoht Wallace Wm T
Warner W A '
Williams E L
Williams LA W il liams J Q A
W hite Miss A . W hite Miss L
White 14 W
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SEISM' Prios iS oents per oaks. , . ,
VHT-my22-eodl i'-fM r. ' 11; !
peculiar and important relations- which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these'
contribute in no small -degree to their
happiness and welfare, for . none can "be
happy who are ill.' '.Hot only bo, "but'no
one of these various female ""compTamts
can long be snffered to run' on without
involving the general health of the in-
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline-Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections.
and only npon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far. sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this.- The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple specifics which will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost every one of those troublesome
! complaints peculiar to the sex. .
: . ., l v; - rr - r t '
;hii -t r "' :''
Hundreds suffer ' on . in , silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan-
; tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
: apply remedies which make them worse.
: I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the' afflicted, but I
; am obliged to say that although it may
' be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ploy men tun wholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequentchildbirth. it is far
f joftener caused by direct irritation, ap-
uiieu w we uiucous inemDrane oi me
t ;vagina itself.; ... ' '.,. "--U ": .. '., .'-
v I .- d! i n ..!! i-Ji.a .........Jt
' , r .
! When reviewing the causes, of , these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them.1 It is but 'simpl
j justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
', largely affect the life, health and happ
ness of- woman in all classes ot society,
r and which,' consequently, affect more or
! ' less directly, the welfare of the entire
T human family. The mania that exists
y, for precocious education - and marriage,
causes tbe years that nature designed
for corporeal development to. be jvasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in tbe unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room.!. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in .mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion ia half accomplished. .
' ; In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
I required by the delicate votary to re
tain her situation in school at a later
day.-thus aggravating the evil." When
tine excitement is .'oyer, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely ..forbidding the-exercise indis
pensable to the attainment 'and retention
of organic health 'and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature; the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive' " dancing,
must, of necessity,' produce their legiti
mate effect. At last, an early marriage
caps the climax of misery, and ' the un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and ' remon
- strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. Ibis is but a truthful picture of
the experience ot thousands of onr young
women. :-t-. -. ; :" : : . -? !'J
! ! J.
- , iLong before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an .education, of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of "what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early , period , of
lite ; and, as we shall subsequently Bee
these" emotions, when excessive, lead
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development,
iu i For Female Weakness anrj Debility,
r. Whites or - Jjeucorrhosa, Too? Jtrofus-
Menstruation, .'Exhaustion, Too Long
Uontinued Jfenods, tor Prolapsus and
- Bearing Down, or : Prolapsus Uteri, we
i. crier tha most perfectT specific Known
Helmbold's Compound 'Extract of
Buchu.- Directions for use, diet, and
adyice, accompany." I :" Aaa
.V : I
; Females in every period of life, from
x - t J . " 5 1 "f " - ! i
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
na luutnyus. pireugm is ine grory ot
niHuuoou ana womannooa. HELMBOLD S
JiiXTRACT Buchc is more strengthening
or iron, infinitely saler, and more pleas,
ant, Helmbold's Extkact Bunnn
haying received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
Btates,.,is now oflered, to afflicted hu
mamty as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, , Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
tjreneral . Irritability, Kestlessness and
Sleeplessness at night, Absence of Mus
cular H,mciency, Ijoss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
veneration, xaipimiion or ine Heart,
and, in fact, an the -concomitants of
Nervous and Debilitated state of the
system. ;.,To insure the genuine, cut this
out. Ask for Helmbold's. : Take no
Sold by Druggists and Dealers pvprv-
wlipro sr- i m i .
Pbice. $15 per bottle, or 6 bottles
b.o0. . Delivered, to any address.
Describe symptoms in all communica
tions. Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical .Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N.'T. ...'..'
.' None are genuine unless done up in
steel-engraved wrapper, with fat-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and signed
iy22-dwAs-weowl H. T. HELMBOUD.
li OPJEU A 1 1 n 1 1 iv 4
Lkssm and Majaqib llu Jjur.jjaasruv)
Ftfll partieolart in programmes. ' !" '"'' ' '
St AdmisHinn. AO tnH 95 ni.rti. Tlonre mn ,
7X: eommenee at8n'elneV. ' f
The CoBdilissa ef Thousasdt, .
No appetite; no ' refreshica- Ami .m-ebeerinl
thoughts; no disposition to labor: no Inclinatiorl
for society; no Interest Iff anything; no desire to
lire. even;, and yet no specific ailment -which east be
classed a a positire disease. Thousands, ar. tent
f tbonrands, are in this eondition tbe martrrs of
disabilitiea to which pathology assigns no technical
name. - . i t
What is the-' source of their discomfort, mental
and bodi'y T Toaros OF tek stomaoh ; and con
sequent npotr that, languor of the circulation,
wtaknett of the aerees, and a clouded brain.
What does eommoa cents suggest as a remedy for
this deficiency ia vital poerT Clearly; a sxvi
TAtntna hxdicinb something that will stimu
late, tons and sastain the broken-down energies of
meet the case exactly. In this benifieent Tome
are combined all the ingredienls necessary toehange
the condition of the system, and brine tbe dormant
organs Into healthful action. In the fall of the
year, when the nightdewa are ehill and heaTy. and
the morning fogs are charged with miasma, the!
body, debilitated by the heats of summer, it peea
lisrly8usof ptible to unwholesome influences. At
this season, of all others, therefore, tne gorat'.m U.
required, both at a safe-guard against fever and
ague and other malarious disorders, and as s preps
ration for tbe searching cold of winter. Dyspepsia
bilious com plaints, nervous disorders, and distress
ing affections of the bowels, are always more or lest-'
prevalent in Oetober and Matsmber. and the tQrer
and safest means of averting them is a coarse of.
this purest, mildest and most efficacious of all ton-'
icsand alteratives,' "' - -
maySSdeod&wly-ew-B . - "
Is the best article ever known to " ' j.
It will prevent the Hair from falling est. - -
Makes the Hair smooth and tlossy, and does not
stain the tkin at others I
; R. P. H ALL k CO., Na-thoa, N. H., Proprietors. "
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, Old r ather Time takes many a year . .
To turn to white dark colored hair r
Kilt intntl til F.Xr.EI.SIOR HVK '
; Brines bank the tint that charms the eye; '
; 'And Nature own! that canning Art mtamm
' Can her own living hues impart. T "
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Oh. how beautifully gloisj your hair looks of late,
Maria. Yet, Julia, since, I hare used Cristadoro's
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U ; traiaENSE incuEasE of saa.es.
Allcock's-Porous Plasters.. 7
Where one wsi ssld m few years affo
ta theHMBd aire setel.new; -
They strengthen, warm and invigorate the jpaurt
npon which they are applied, and relieve nervous
affections of the boweis. lnmbago, paint of ths
tide, and usually all local pains.- In affectiont'or
the kidneys they are of great service. ( . )
"Lame Back, .
t . Nkw York, Nov. S3, 185.
T. Allcoce & Ct.GUem: Ilately suffered
severely from a weakness in .my back. Having
beard your Plasters mnch recommended for eases
of this kind. I prooured one, and the result was all
desire. A single Plaster cured me In
ek... . ... ... '. -' 1 .il
. Yours respectfully, V 3. 6. BR1GGS.-.V
Proprietor.of the Brandreth House. "'
Principal Agenoy. Brandreth House, New Tork'i"
Sold by all Druggists, -f ,t v i '. ) "
i reNT-jnlc-dAwly-era 1 ' -' ' w -'
!To Owners of Horses." S
Thousands of horses die yearly from Colic, Th
need not be. Dr. Tobias' "Venetian Horse . Lini
ment;lnpint1qttlea, prioe one dollar, will posi
tively cure every ease, if given according te the di
rections, when first taken. It is warranted snperi-
or to anything else for Cuts. Galls, Sprains, Old '
Sores, Swellings and Sore Throat. . It is no new ;
remedy, but of SI years' standing, and approved
by the first horsemen in the country. Col, Philo
P. Bush, of the Jerome Park Course, has sued i ,
for years, and recommends it to hit friends. Or-
dert are constantly recei ved for it from the Racing
Stablea in England. It has stood the test of time;
no one baa ever tried it but continues its use. Rec
ollect to get Dr. Tobias' Venetian Hnraei Liniment
in nint bottles, and take no other. - Sold b v -ths
Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United j
States. Depot 10 Park Place, New York.-c
FCNT-jnlS-dAwly-cm ' " ' .
DB. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, nest
High street. Columbus. Ohio, hat devoted himself
or a aeries of years to the treatment ofoertain pria
vets diseases. He may bscensalted at kit omoe-
Broadway, near the Keenest: Bank - -
' maySl-tf ,.- - ' i.-s
, Palmsk's Lotion Thb Gbbat .Uedicutb worn
ths: Skin, cures without fail every kind tf un-"
lightly eruption of the face, or itching, or irritating
or distressing cutaneous disease, on anv part ot the
person. . - - r. .! ; '.
' septSl-d&wly-cm .., --
VUtirH restored in four weeks. Success
restores mahly powers, from whatever eaas ari-
the effeots of early parnioious habiit, self-
abuse, impotency and climate, cive away at onoe to
tbis wonderful medicine, if taken regularly aocord-
in to the directions (which are very simple and re-
quire no restraint from busioeas orpleesnre.) Fail
ure it impossible. iSeld in bottles at S3, or four.
quantitiee in one for S9. To be had only of the sols
appointed agent in America, H. GxaiTaaa. SOfi
Seoond Ave.. New York.
'VNT-jyST-dlyr ,.... f t t
46 f AJfHOOO.w AnotXtr JTttt i JMieml
TheIedioal 1 imes" tayt f this; work r "'Thiti
valuable treatise on the cause and ears of prema
tnre decline, shows how health ia impaired through
secret abuses of yontn and manhood, and how
easily regained It eives a clear synopsis of the
impedimepte to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervous debihtr. and the remedies' therefor."
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of SS cents, by addressing Doctor Cuxtib,
vo iiwm ,'uanea tireec-iwiiimore, ma.
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instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculous
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Receives Deposits and allows FOOB PEBOJSrfT.
INTEREST on all llailv Balanoes.subiecttooheck .
atsight. Special Deposiufor Six months or more. .,
may be made at five percent, i ne P" "i uni .
u;n;nM nn-M ; A,-iAmA .nuinr ever 600 Share- -
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth,
and financial experience, wno . "nransiiy
liable to deoositore for all eblitationi of the Com-
nany to double tbe amount of toeir eapitai stock '
as the KaUonal Trust Company receives deposits,
in large or small amounts, nod permits them to be
...whole or in p rtby check at eirhtanl
without notice, allowing intereeten ell daily balan-
cos. parties throughout toe country can keep ao--J""
. - . I. : - I., ilntiAii 1 1 h - J . . -
of security, convenience and profit.
rl T-ja-u"
-int between the cnar.:.. nnj a . ..
name of Voswinkel and Kara pmaaa. has this dar
been dissolved by mutual consent.
AU persons indebted ta said firm wiU pleats call
and settle at once withCbaries Kampmann. whois
authorised to collect outstanding olsiint. and allTI
persons having olaimsagainst the said firm will also
olease present thsm for payment to said Charles '
Kain)metna.9. . . '-
I I A " -"VSWiNKKL,1 '
Columbus, boptomberll, 18. octs-r

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