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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 15, 1868, Image 3

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Ms-rronoLOGicAi Table, prepared snri
T W. J. Savai-e. Jewetens
O'eToekl'' r -Barometer." Thermometer
r-.Jl;f;-j,"u-!t h. m.
a ii ni.. lidi 5 19
t3T Yesterday was a dull, heavy,
.- greeable day.
i . . - . . .
l.,IH-8ie list of Advertletd Letter In this
: L rar T.dmr I the anniversary- of , the
:' battle, ot bland No. 16. fought ta 1862."
uVf"The President has designated Thurs
day, November SSHuss Thanksgiving Day.
r&A. matt who; has only sufficient ca
pacity to run handcart, will not succeed
as a mechanic. " "
,.rm anneebiD went into a hardware
store near. theGoodale House, yesterday,
and wanted to buy "hard tacks." ; ;
larjohn Broiigh, a son of ex-Governor
Brtngh, of Ohlo,v was ; shot oy iwaaicai
roughs while walking In a procession ol
the White Boys In ; Bide in Indianapolis,
last lCondayyand severely wounded.
mi 1 j . . : ;it r. v n
..Fax., or Coal: A wagon loaded with
coal broke drown on Friend street yester
day,' an anxle breaking In two.1.'; There was
a fall in eoal in that neighborhood. - .
QiTTiKo'DiKTT. High street, since the
contract tor sweeping it was annulled, is
getting to be quite dirty. Uuder the In
fluence t tnedrtzzle yesterday it was any-
thin n but a- pleasant street to cross. JUt
3 have It cleaned pp. ' J
kOsiijiTAi-Wasx8j Shwxs, &C WecaD
attention to tneadvertlsement of T. Boy
tori7Esfc! Oriental' Agent 'of New York,
who will, begin an auction sale on Friday
evening next; in the American Hotel build
ing; fit a magnificent collection ; of Sea-
shelhv Japanese ana U.m ware, s, ccc.
Don't fell to attend.
,)!. J-t - tf. .'.
Nkw- ticiv-STORifc S. H.
Towler and
E J. Prentice have formed the co-partnership
of Towler & Prenthse, for the purpose
ot carrying on a general flour, feed and
grain store, at Jfo. 3 Eas State street (old
Vpene'thOj where they;vortld jbe; pleased
to Accommodate' alt "Who may wl?b"any
thing in their line. Call and see them.
XsfROSSSfieitThe 'planet Venusis
nownear her greatest western elongation
fromthe sun, and rises, llttlejnore than
tbreaJuaurabWorejilni. in. the. mora Ing,
being thus easily discernable In the east
Just before sunrise, and,-on account ot ber
present brightness, being visible after the
sun has Hsen, It the atmosphere W clear.'
Venus"Is notf 1h'1,he"8ign''Vtrgo, near
the bright ,aUr Keguluej the star Jn rthe
base of the handle of the well krown sick te.
l; At vJ : r :- -
ThbNbw Nicolsow. The work of lay
ing- the Nicolsdu pavement 6 a! South High"
street has been commenced and will pe, we
are assured by the contractors, pushed to
completion, -with all dispatch The pave
ment n High street Is justly regarded by
our citizens'" with' pride,' as ' It 'is the
best "wooden block pavement in theTJnt
ted States. This now being laid'to South
Public Jane, (wlll bo equal to that north of
Friend atteew, f,r,- ;.t -an i-l n:m rfii nt-ji
nl.,-f l .-, . - !'!"' -r
Taxes on DisTiLLKD.SPiRiTS.-TThe Bu
reau of Internal Revenue has recently Is-
sued aupplnreptary instructions concern
ing the' tax oh distilled spirits. ' Stamps to
designate the tax paid and for other pur
poses will be used. The stamps are en
graved and bonpd in book form, and books
of 617 paid tpps; containing' three bun?
dred stamps each, and the others four hun
dred each. The value-of-the books, other
than those ot tax-paid stamps, is $100
eacte,.the-lvalue; ,of..the ibooka; -pMhe
tax-paid stamps ranges from $4,330 to $20 -850,
According to the value of gallons rep
resented.'., No distillery will, be permitted
to operate until Miejliscinery warehouse 1:
established and a storekeeper for the same
is appointed TJy 'the" '-Com' missioned Dis-'
tilline at night or daring' the absence of
the storekeeper ia-prolubited. r - a
k i i i- - ' ' " - 1 -'
' Eiqhlt Sknsationai.. Reports of a high
ly sensatrohaf character were sentto the
Cincinnati "papers "yesterday, and spread
all ovorhircltK. sayinr3ha-ta party-bf
drunken Republicans who were promenad
ing on Tuesday night with a bass drum
and a tin horn, bad met ..and whipped
several Democrats in :theiryllne of march.
One pi these menV it was , said, .was sent
home 0d a dray, aud the other left bleeding
aud half'Qead In "the gutter-". Yesterday
morning we met both tte"dfead men" on the
street and 'If; .they ad been whipped ' it
must have agreed with them, for we don't
know that we ever, saw tben showing less
signs of having been whipped. W judge
their punishment did ' not "Interfere, with
their liaring a good night'a rest;-;' ;
Thkatrb Last Niout. We were glad
to see so large a 'turn-out at the Opera
House, to witness the performance of that
gem bf '4 co'medyY the loney-moon, last
nighi. - The piece was splendidly played.
Not a point was lost,. not a situation marrea.
We sold suggest to- Mr. 'Bates that he
reads too fast. Sometimes , one cannot
catch his words. To-htght we are to have
more of the legitimate..' Shakspeare's great
tragedy pi.Pthella will ba preseated, with
Mr. Roys as the Moor, and Mr. Lanergan
as 1 ago, a part in which he created so great a
sensation at the Bfoad'wiy Theatre fn. New
York! W .1866. Thk New Tort; Btrald f
Noveaabee 9tn, 1886. speaking of tniasuc
cess, says: j . i - . u.uttj a c
"The engagement of Mr. J. W. Laner-
gan to take the part of lago was a decided
hit. JYitbpatr making-PU-iUaly
transparent, so as to reflect upon the per
ceotive onaiitiea f Othello, he yet' gave to
honest lagvJby his byplay.a; epice of
Mephistophelean duplicity,, which con
trasted forcible witv hia: assumed candor
and reeMtade or purpose; rln the drunken
scenes with Caasio, in the second - act, Mr.
Laneran!s musical voice- told lo' effective
lv mine snatches of-drinking' songs there
in introducedvthat rtne"of :tnem,l 'King
Stephen was worthy peer,-was absdlute-
ly encorea ana sung over-agaln. in ,0en
ance of tbe refusal to tieat 'it "repeated
which Shakspeare. PiitsZlnto . Classic's
mouth:1' '
: T ..-T- - r- T
Hoi'. DO iou Think vlr'a Gonk. If w
were asked; his question once yesterday
we were five thousand, times. . We got
tired trying to answer it; it la no joke when
a chap is mad as a hatter and lu a hurfy
to hunt tip ometbing; tot the morrow's
paper", to be Wopped every .'ten feet to an
swer that"'4nes'tion;i;MH6w:; ao' you think
it's gaaer"... Especially; ia 'thU; annoying
when you,'l know "it' '.'itPM'V'iU "to the
d diokenvand thai. wejby;.'ti9 ; barpsto
. hang upon ithK willows1 and no willows
upon whlcft td hahgatpsj-The charge of.
their light quadroons baa been, to many for
us, in ' thut .tClsir.Uti,3 Jh 'RepnblfayihS
varledtheir questionresterdajrjijf asking
ho w we likeS it f Vr dont like it, and, we
suspect tfcftjiny)ikiTOwit.f-ThMdea!
Knock pe".aSfrrgm TjBnder.a tellqw'a jteet.;
and whan yoir bwincome.dawBker.
chung ask, bj9M,Uke:it.i TbuUa4hTe
linement of cruelty t Please "oonault! the
newsplper if yoir want to know how 'it's
gone." -Ypur wlUr flndp 'It's goneT' im.
Don't ask" us how, we like H again, and b
sure we don't, Uka,f.utXiaStiipeae3
to like it. .
Mr: lDrrd-&ir I the managers ofthe
Hannah Neil Mission feel very .desirous of
expressing their heartfelt i gratltudo and
thanks to their numerous friends tor their
aid and kindness at the County Fair.
Many . favors were received from .many;
persons, which we would be-glad lo ac-,
knowledge, had -we time or space, in your
paper: ., -p rr -py?--! V " j
, Permit us, however, to name a few who ;
were very obliging to uW and first of all ,
officers and managers of the Fair were all '
very kind, and showed us much courtesy.
We thank them lor the many privileges i
granted us. Next we speak our gratitude
to Col. Park for the use of his tent, arrang- ;
Ing It, ftc, aiding ns In. need. , -r TU .
r Mr. Dickson, Peters & Bro, Dr. SUyer
and many others rendered us essential ser
vice, which was all the more appreciated,
aa two or three ladies were obliged to man
age the whole aflair. . Some other". ladies
assisted them,who have our sincere thanks.
Tbe net proceeds amounted to. more than
$200, which sum will enable the ' managers
to commence their - Saturday -afternoon
sewing school. '.As this school is very large
and the destitution threatens to be very
great this winter, the ladies feel constrain
ed to hold a festival: as early as the first
week in No ..ember tor the benefit of this
branch of thelc work, " Wo earnestly re
quest all tbe ladies who can, to show their
skill by making some articles for the fancy
tables., Judging from the. past, we shall
have a large supply of all such work.
We hope none will complain of tbe fre
quent calls for aid. They must remember
this is a very large work, and baa been sus
tained for the last ten years by the liberal
ity of the citizens. . If any. one says he feels
poorer for having given, to this cause, we'
will 'excuse him. from further donations,
and we . feel . sorry if ,apyA while, watering
others, were not themselves refreshed. A
Perhaps if such would come every Satur
day' afternoon and labor in our school,
they would 'feel, better, and at least they
would see the good. accomplished
' We have but, to say -farther; that tbe
Trustees and '.Managers .are' requested to
meet at the Home to-morrbwJFridayJatl
2 o'clock P. M." A . full meeting is desired,
as important business needs. attention, r-
i. !? - i.I
j Thr Fasuom s in Shawls. One who has ,
evidently devotedmach time 'to the 'sub-'
feet reports that shawls are much lu style !
the present season, and are worn by young' 1
misses, old maids, married women, unmar-;
ried women, and men-of all age3. .Tbe,.
fashions do not exist so much in the style
of shawls as-the style ot wearing them'.Ah''''
old map, wears hia shawl rnutBod aronnd his1
neck because he is cold acd don't want to !
getthe. croup and take Mrs. WInslow's
soothing' syrupr ' A-young man wears a
shawl because he thrnks.it becomes him;
as-a general thing young men lon'E wear '
what does not,-, at least : la their own
opinion, become tbem; cThey . are:, not
guilty of such gross departures from .the
fashions.2 'Some ot tbem. wear moastaches '
and caner-ii; and ' dogs. ,; They also
wear vXou ; pavements and - dry-goods'
boxe. and . lamp-postal and wear 4 out
their elegant and much desired eye-sight .
looking' lor shawls. - A -married woman
wears her shawl very neatly put upon her
person, -with two points in front and one
behindrnot- too closely pinned, or fastened
to the throaM Some ' unmarried "women
wear their shawls. with a sortof loop dang
ling from thei back of tha neck, which lias'
a peculiar signiacance, and is one of the -signsbf
"the times.' ; A shtfwl . jtbns, yorh'
means, doh'r care" whether or not'you
follow,"." U the loop is drawn towards the-,
starboard -shoulder it means, "my'' ieller 1
ain't at bomfJt towards the left,- "my
feller is coming; to see- me.'.' ; lf a young;'
miss wears ber ahawl similar to married
ladles, it is a sign she don't ; want a bean .
If she wears it with one point thrown;
over'., ber left . shoulder ; n'itimeans;- "I -
want -a beau.V iand, ;if a point is thrown''
across the neck and over the right should- 1
er the meaning is, go for me, boys.'?-
v ttl i'j led i ' in ' ' sio.sinii-iT .i
Penitbntiaey Asbivals. Sixteen prls- -oners
were .received at the penitentiary
yesterday from Hamilton county; fifteen
i nrini i urtii. a. . ' . ...
j iiiiiuui ihvis, n nnam uayton (tonrtn .
conviction)', "Allen" G.' Reid; alias Cbaries :
Mitchell,. hots Stealing, three years each;"
Robert Hammond, alias , Robert Hanley,
William Brown, grand larceny, three years
each; William Smith, William Shields,
Henry Wire, WUliam Kirkpatrick, graml
larceny, one year' each;. Charles Mitchell,
Elizar; Evans,-Jacob.. Williams; grand larf
ceiiy,. two. . years r jeacb; i Frederick Teni-'
schecker, malicious . cutting,, two. years;
James Green, burglary, Sjvflve' years;
Moses Eigiebarger, larceny pt a, gelding.r
five years;, jacob Myer, grand. larceny, five .
years. ..,-. .-ii
'YESTERDATr -The follow
ing transfers ot real estate" were, left at the .
Recorder's office on yesterday: 'f'
Ci W. Rice andwife to John H. Mull, May
22d lot No. 5, of Chas. W. Rice's snbdivi-"
lion of outots, Nos.37and38in thenorth
west addition to the city ot Columbus, for
$30p.-'' 1 3a UN liifl .l-iow . s
John I Burnett,-master commissioner
to. Horace Wilson, September 23d, part of.
outfot No4'lnnorthf Columbus, for $667."
Charies H. Walker and wife to Elizabeth
WittTOt&Ber,!F7ch;"therhndlvIdecf twoV'
thirds ot lot NQ13,f. J. R. Starrls lands,
for $2.
Andrew J. Campbell and'wife to
6-100 acres!
jof land in Plain township, Jbr $5,918 55,
UwBRkltAS. Thereis no more vexatious
affliction, in, life than for a man at his place
of business to see the rain pouring down
with the ' knowledge that he has a warm
dinner waiting for him at jiome, and afterj J
a vain Search for his umbrella, to remem
ber that he bad! a Short timet previously
loaned it (o a friend.
" r n T
r, 0 n i
08TERaTSTK--OT8TB8rfc TI-i
Go to Backless- (the nveOyeteman) f:
16 Broadway,, to 6ay Spencer, Augur &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters." ' '
1 ftUE5-dtonov28
1 i v.
Chinchilla ang pea ver Overcoats, Frock
and 8aoklQtt3tonv made, at; i ; -t f)
Pdkdeksheimer's, i
'No. J Neil House.
1 lmi;! 71 n i i 'HI
nottowaT's Fii.LS. Nausea 'aud . want
of appetite are ajwaya. the indicia o indi
trestlonr; -tiirrqfarits won't baaUb' them.- '.
They aresapeririduced'by an" unnatural
condition of the ftomaph- and --the bowels,
and tbe best known specinc tor these causes
Is Hollo way '8 . HJlkib&weakMii
operates With the same directness on these
Iniportant organs. ThU Is1 not a mere ad
caplandxim opinion, but a r lacl, attested by"",,
the experience" of fifty years. Sold. ibyaL
2Wtaib r- v.evetUMll-cir
Now Kbatj T.;4-Beaver -Buiu and Fte3cb7''
Walking Cpats,in Blue, Black, brown, and-..
Uainia, got up ih uumoi style, at, bna i.-,
No.' 7 Neil House. ;
Jtixsv- ,JTJ?Bijtts, Xjocksmiths ,and
bell hrtgers; at Nf.' 141 North ihlgh street,
are bow prepared to.hanjt parlor and ferrtel t
bells ia tho'weatest And latest style.: Sew
ing.? machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. " Models: built or patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
reDalred.: 'Kevs oLU destriptlon. alwaVa '
ona'pd, anc, sale and j tail locks 'made and!
, repaired'.
; Mirir
Ji a! i
;.;'H; 1
The eoDfirmed dwoentio mT almntntT with St,
Peter. "1 die diilv." Thaobiaot of this Artiole is
not to remind hiniof-Rl his Danss.battoebow
him how tobmnish them I forever The meant
of immediate and permanent relief are proffered
Dim in
nrnmti niTTrnn
utnniiAii - - dii i end.
And It la for him to say whether he will continue
to endure a living death, or to put tainuelf in
ition to reader life enjoyable.
I? r z
Of tbfficMT of this nAtoV TsrMmbl Ntom-
a bio are to b found in every eity and town in tbe
United States henlthr men and women, rescued
from tortnre bjr it. use, and eacer to bt-ar
testimonr to its Tir tuea It differn from
any other Hitters in existence, in this special par
tioolar it is not alaoholiek - .
For snah aonntitntions &nd STsteirisai reanire far
, i 1-1 f -. 1. '
Has been oroTided a Dremration in which the sol
id extracts of the finest Tee tor ot ires of the vegeta
ble kiDKdom ae held in eolation by a spirituons
a lent, purged of all deleterious constituents. Tbe
latieot. in cQoosms: between tneae two areas anti
dote, should be cuide t by his own condition. If in
a very low state from debility, the Tonie should be
bis selee ion; bnt in casea where tbe emergency is
cot so pressing, the Bitters ifl the specifio reauired.
Thousands find infin- f ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn.- There is no Dhae of
indigestion, biliousness, nervous disease -or phyai
eal prostration to whioh they are not adapted, and
in wbion, singly or eombined, tbe will not effect
Exchange Pain for Ease
; - . a . :- '!
nd 'Weakness for Str' ngth. Get rid of the ail
ments wuich interfere with eniorment: caat gloom
and despondency to the winHs; take a stronger hold
of life and. ia short, become a . , .....-
Throngh the instrumentality of the most powerful
and popular of all vegetable invigorants aud -ooi-
bij,C,&&oh nil'?
Kilionaness. Indigestion. General Debilitv. anil
all the eomplaints which proceed fiom a want of
proper aotion in tbe liver, the stomach and the
bowels, are eradicated by a coarse of this great .
Whioh not only combats and oonauers diseases that
have entrenched themselves in tbe system, bnt
is the best known sofetnard against all unhealthy
influences. Persons whose occupations, and pur
suits sunieot them to tbe depressing effeots of a
close, unwholesome atmosphere, should take it reg
ularly as a protection against the low tevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. Inva
lids who are. ,-..-. m,,w,.,.i- "1 if1
Without 'any special eomc!aint..exceqt a gradual -
declination of bodily strength and nervous energy,
will find in the BIT- TUBS a fountain of
vitality and vigor, as ' refresning and exil
erating as a pool in the desert to the sand-sooroned
and fainting travelers. . ... . . . :r .
Is composed of the onre iutaesfor. as thav are me
dicinally termed, bxtraota), of Rtotf, -Herbs end
Barks, making a preparation highly concentrated
and entirely free from Alooholie admixture of any
auto. ?'::-: i-j t. - :"
: ii .-, ... . -, .1-1 w--ir
i ' t i i . .i
Is a combination of all the Ingredients of the Bit
ters, with the purest quality of Santa Cms Rum,
Orange, etc.. making one of the must pleasant and
agreeable remedies ever offered to the public
lunw rvuiouLM "ill vuogiHaiu sun Jjivtsr VjUUI-
laint. Jaundice, Oya. - I ' pepia, (hronio or
Jervous Dehlli tv . - ia ihronic Disoaaes of
the Kidneys, aid all diseases aris.ng from a disor
dered Liver or stomach. w
, t vi- SUCh . 1 .. ' ' i - tf-i,
i ,',;, i .! as Const I- r,-, , ,- -.- .-
I .. .-t - - . . pation.lnward .. ,i ;n
w Blood ItOi the Head.
.D ''Acidity if the "Storoaoh.
nausea. Heartburn. Disgust II inof
for Food. Fullness or Weight in the
nr FlntlArinff at ITin it' nf thA'KtnTnuli '"V-f
- awimmingot tne aeaa, nurnea ana uimoaut
Breathing. Flattering at the Heart. Choking or
riuSocatina KensatioBSiwheo in av Lying Poet ore,
v: f r:-: . .1 - . i ,
U'mnesa m t ibiod t'nis or vveos oeiore me,
Sight. Fever and Dnll Pain in the Head, "
Venoienoy.'or rerspiratiem- I eiiownees
... of the skin and Kites. .Fain in the ; '
" 8:d, Back, Chest. Limbs. eto.,. ' ,.:
a 1 -
jSadden f lumes ot Heat,
; Burning in the Flesh,,,':,
' lm.n " '
ZWZZ, -iwsof EviLandrh
..d l-ii
fc, , . .. I k.-.:- .SPml.: .,. ,V .ti.,
i They are the Greatest and BestT 1 1
Ever known, and wilt cure all diseases resulting
iron bad Blood. " Keep your Blood pure. Keep
your Liver in older. . j Keep your digestive
organs in- a sound,' aak heilthy oondition, by
the use of these remedies, and no disease will ev.r
assau you.
- '.in r.:-i - n.'jii :& ?-. r .
Weak'-and 'Delicate 'Children
Are made strong bv the use of eitner of these rem
edies. They will cure every case of MARASMUS
without fail " ; ......
; .. Thousands of certificates have accumulated In
the ban 1a of the proprietors, but spaoe will allow
of the publication of bnt a few.V Those, jt will be
observed, are men of note and of such standing that
uhey must be believed., . ti , ; ,a ; -; f,
a'! dj
Who would ask tor more dignified' or stronger tes-
j0 1 l,t t t tunuuy -im - ...-
t i ..i fh&f ...!: It
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court f Fennsyl
vania. writes : , , ., -,- :
I rHn.ADBi.rBiA. march is. isot.-.
& find "Hoofland'a German Bittara" is a rood ton
ic, -eim in ameases WiM ot tne digestive or
gans, and ef great-ban- I as Hefit.in esjees e debil
ity and want of nervous action in tbe .TS'ern- ,
... Ynnr. trnlV --v OKO' W. WfKlnWAWTI.
Jadee of the Supreme Court of Fonn9ylranU.r
. . nr " v . - 'l-HILADKLFHIA, April Xi iWO.
I fianBirr rH'fnfla.Bdfi German Bitten" e Taiurr
ble medicine in a.sag of Attaeka of ludiffeHion or
l Bpepeie,. 1 can certify this from nxj expwMnee
OI It' -. lOUXBa wi.iure8pocii.-
Ii I ' . . . "77 - ,: .-. t JaJB8 .THOMPSOil-
Proth'onotary of the Supreme Court of Pennsylva-
, j PBrLADBLPBXA. Se:t. 14.1867.
f "Hoofland's Germai Bitters" is a very useful ar
flcle aa a tonio aad as an appetiser, it u not an in
tozi ating drink, and may be UBed benefieiallv by
persona 01 auac,.' - iwjwiiuiiy yours, .
ui . Anuo.Avoo osu rr vv2i
"''-1 Ai' "m " "'.'A -
. ; . . ovTTTioasr,. , r .: r - ,
Hoofland's German BemrdMS are aeantarfaited
See that the signature F ot O. Js JACK.80N
is on -toe wrapper, ot a .- eaon botue.- All ebb
ara ard counterfeit. - "m ... ti.i .. ..... .
Principal umoe and Mannfactinry at the German
Medicine Store. Mo. 631 ABUU STBEJtT. Fhiia-
ielpM,m. ;.j-)z;.rfV. I ,U. i. ! -t'it-, (
CHAft; ' aANS, Tropricfor.
' ' i Fomerii 'Oj'ltiJAOKSOK.ACO.i.
77 : v . ST..:?",', '.'.,'. 7'f.rT-.a0!l' a.-.-V
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle fl 00
Hoofland's Herman Bitters, half down... .. 00
iioouana s German Tonic, put up in qt. Dottles 1 60
. per bottle, or a hal f dosen for $7 50.
Uonotforget ;to examine welltha article ywa
, h wu w in, wu. aeuuine.
.iluli'vjiJ ,".J5 CtU'J
And Dealers in Mediemes everywhere.
jyK dwA geowly
NETW G O ti DS !
i r
.it .a a. f -
.. -J. t AT t i i i '. -3
.uino m.;xt?:x)-y.
; s ? v r.
''T" ,", f
8 -
Plain and Striped Silks,
Fclonrs, Changeable Serges,
I , ' v j-?- f -p "'j -- J w
Poplins, Chenes, Empress Cloths,
Pnialin Pl A- fnr rtillrlrlkn'a Wasr
a v rau a auaukj ivi J uuut p , ,
; 3 ' -T
1 . - icJ .l!tt
'L.:iJ IU ' i- "i
w bna .
, S-x i.m Jfrtrmq; 3?om or
iTPJt TifTti
Lyons Velvets,
Seal Skins;
!! DTLLT Yf1- aOl
Mohairs, &c.
.- i' -
aa lu-! t
; r . u 97t IS .Sil-t-''"--'I
tzi 0 :.ifn.i' i& ;-l 3' i.aa-
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v L jk
-ai,a i if e fi
10 k'iV IA J.IA
hna j?n2
:isia V.-
L-J icl a f
tomtit 1U ibi
Long: and: a
0111 JJ! l$Wi
wUjra tJipaill nl esoi E '
!t .-us;
i: a-.'"'--- .'-i'a ..I-?!?p -.s'l at
'-.vti o Jp i-:-vs Titovb -1 ;aMe?.o
a ' & ? .e.i.ii 'Ji tlsc?
"l 'i A
A full line of
'X a.TTA..a'&JATJ
rv i t
w aw a .
lubio'iU 113
.. ,:, I .--.:.
.asa ni won hi"-iJI :-ta;'l
In great Quantity."' "
la IIS
ni at-.
..' jT i
IA .:
250 AND"
C!t-A .
The New Government in Spain
Recognition by the United States.
The Correspondence on the Subject
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
The Retrenchment Committee.
The Retrenchment Committee. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Official Correspondence.
WASHINGTON, October 14.
The tollowlns Is tbe official codv of the
late telegraphic correspondence between
the Department of State and United States
legation at Madrid., relative to tbe recent
contest in Spain. ' ; i ; s f j f
To the SeoVetary of SUte. Washlmrton i i.1 I -
The revolutionary Government Is estab
lished at Madrid. The has started
To Hale. Minister at Madrid :
To Secretary Seward. Washington :
General Serraeno Is the leader of the in
surgents. He entered Madrid this after
noon. Heading his victorious army, and
was joined by 50,000 armed citizens Jiere.
Madrid is quiet. .Ho blood, has beenaned
here. An election was held on Monday
last for members to a constitutional con
vention. ! shall want Instructions. ' I
To Hale, the D. S. Minister; Madrid.
! If the New National Government is
peacefully established-and- in full posses'
sion of-Madrid,- and there -remains no con--tending
Government in Spain, you will
recognize tbe new. Government jrie facto,
so as to prosecute any 'necessary business
afiecttng tbe Government or tue United
States tr their citlaens; x -a. ?
[Signed] SEWARD.
MADRID. 1668.
To Seward. Secretary of Btste; Washington:
;I have acknowledged the new Govern
ment here. , WUlseud. particulars by let
ter. -:. 1 b-i
[Signed] JOHN P. HALE.
'Translation received Oct. 13th,-1863. -
To the Minister of Spain at rV ashiogtoni ' fc
Communicate to the U. S. Government
onr for Its
To Hale, U. 8. Minister. Madrid: - ; - . !
Beciprocate in the President's name tbe
salutation of the Provisional Government
communicated by the Spanish Minister
here, and tender the best wishes of the
United States for the peace, prosperty and
happiness of Spainiuder the present and
definitive Government.- . v-
[Signed] SEWARD.
Street Row.
A row occurred t near the 1 corner of
Seventh and Chtstnut streets about two
this morning, during which, tbree police
men were shot. sEleven of the roughs were
arrested, all of whom bad pistols. Samuel
Carson, a notorious rough, was amonr the
prisoners, tut he haa thrown bis - pistol
awny. A he wounded men are severely, but
not dangerously hurt.
GALENA, ILL., Oct. 13.
Associated" Press, and private' Sispatcbes
having been received here rendering it cer
tain that the Republicans bve carried all
the! states voting to-day, Ueneral Urant
was serenaded 'by the lad Mine band, at
the residence of E, B..Wsbburne .where
the returnawere received,5 OocFTatulatory
speeches were made by Mr.. Wasliburne
and Hon. Isaac N. Morris, of XJuincy, 111,
amid great enthusiasm - -j. .--
River News.
Weather cloudy and cool. River two feet
eight Inches and.falliug slow.ly.vJ.,
San Francisco.
T The Repablicansr are; jubilant over
the election- -reiurns- from "OhiJ," Penn
sylvania . : and ifndiana,. and . parade
the; streets- with music, -fireworks, and
cheering for - Grant andv Colfax. with
thei wildest enthusiasm, although it was
nearly midnight when the news was re
ceivccK n 1 n .i .1 . v
m I A
The Captain ot a coasting. vessel,report8
that while off Coos bay, Oregon, he en-
countered smoke so 4euse that it obstruct
ed bis progress. One day three hundred
birds fell dead on: the deck df his vessel
from - suffocation. i.Tne . peoplenAf Coos
lifiv And vir.initv ould not arw.niinf. for thp
smoke. " rrr.-h-:
Disturbances in Philadelphia.
Policeman John Young, who . was
wounded last night in the, raw in the Sev
vu,u 1" ymw 11110 iuviiiihk.u . . v u
-Samuel Holt aud Charles W. Powell have
"bees arrested, f hargfed with the inurder of
ine 1 Drotners cymes, ireranner was ine
SberifTs flepnty. -Thefewere forty-two ar--rests
for rioting and Illegal voting by the"
Mayor's police. ' Nearly all captured were
armed with pistols. ' ' '.
Two brothers, "Christian "and Edward
Byrnes, were shot dead, and Cbas. Speebt
and J. Folan were, wounded last night in
the Fourth Ward, in a political row.- The
origin and actors are unkuowD.,".' Eleven
other persons were shot) in various distur
bances occurring daring the day. .' , ' . .
Attempted Escape.
OTTAWA, Oct. 14.
Henry Murphy, a J'enlan prisoner; made
a desperate attempts to escape last night
nEarlv killlti2 a turnkey in tbe attempt
fstilch did not succeed. - '
The Republicans the trict
reuomiuated peneral Vanwyck lor
Congress.. - - - '
Democratic Nominations.
BOSTON, Oct. 14.
Otis P. Lard.'in the Fifth District, and
Llverett Saltenstalls, in the Seventh Dis
trict, have received Democratic nomina
tions for Congress. i
BOSTON, Oct. 14. Died.
,"j?arklns, the lau..sbot yesterday by Dep
uty Sheriff Flanagan, died to-day. , This is
the fourth Tleath from the rows yesterday.
Spirit of the New York Press.
NEW YORK, Oct. 14.
The New York Herald - says:
The loss of Pennsylvania to the Democ
racy is a death blow to Seymour. It clear
ly indicates the . election . of Grant. and
probably involves the loss of New. ..York
State to the Democracy. ' ' . '-' v '.
The World considers the result, of yes
terday's elections as still in.doubt, and tbe
general results do not encourage the hope
ot such a sweeping triumph as would have
made tbe result of tbe November election
a' foregone conclusion.. Victory . hovers
etiil above the contending hosts, ' uncertain
upon which banner to alight- 1 - 1
... The Times considers tbe .elections p dis
astrous overthrow of Democracy, .,..;!
- Tbe Tribune styles the elections In tbe
Ave States vecterday as the battle of'-five
forks t 1868, and, thinks: tbe Democrats
may abandon, all nopes ot success la.MO
ini 10 ii'io
Dr. Michael FIvnn. of 5G5 Second avenue,
nsDecrinz his wife of a 'criminal intimacy
with Daniel Tracy.' a lodger,' ahd: finding
hem under peculiar.- circumstances i inj
Tracy's room at twelve o'clock last nigbt
'hot. Tracy, inflicting a severe woundi
Tracy was taken to Bellevue', hospital, anil
Dr,Fiynn was arrested. ,nn ) u i .t
I-. Forty-seven barreis of whisky werel
-e!zed yesterday afternoon by revenue otfl-j
cers, on the Stouington steamer Narragan-j
sett.!:'.i.-- '! - "" '. " '-'.-.'(
. : The congressional retrenchment commit-1
tee examined one witness yesterday in ref
lation to the internal revenue frauds. - '
' Thirty-three thousand voters .were reg
istered In Brooklyn yesterday;
- Since the close of the quarantine season
custom officers have seized ove one:hun
I red thousand cigars while being smuggled
into this port.., - ,; . .", . ,. ,., 1
Protestant Episcopal Convention
' In the Protestant Episcopal Convention
to-day. Dr. Samuel Cook, D. Dv of New
York, presented tbe following ' -memorial.
accompanied by a verbatim report of Rew i
btepnea Ayng, Jr., 3cc: .. -i0 ;
The undersigned, being members of tbe
Protestant Episcopal Church, and warders
and vestrymen ef the church of the Holy
Trinity, in New York eityt respectfully in--vito
the attention of tbeGeneralConventlon
totbeannexed report of the trial ol the Rev...
Stephen H. Tyng, Jr.. rector of sail chnrch'
as exhibiting a recent interpretation ot cer-
tain canons, ute -previous understand inr.
thereof and tbe long continued.,. widely!
extended and undisputed usage, in cou-
lormltrwith that nnderstanding,' and -re
spectively submit for their consideration'
tbe Dropnttv-oi pronouncing -some -dennt-
tion or working some amendment which
may clear the law of tllspnte and promoted
tne extension 01 tne-onurcn -ana aavance"
inent of religion,
Verv reBnictfullv.!T'.'l:J"li K
itooert unmont, a iienrv nura. ; war-'
dense i J l x . J. A U X
E K Tremain, J Nelson Taooan, Charles
K Randall; William LAndrewg, Jonathan
Edgar, William B Northrup,R MBrundise,
yestrymen, t, .1
i Aew -XorK, Octooer, 1868.' ' -'
I Tbe memorial was referred to the com
mittee on Canons without debate. " J - '
I Rev. Dr. Pitkin, ot Michigan, from the
eommittee on Jew Diocese, of Western
New York reported each division of West
ern New York,.each division to take place
tDe nrst 01 ovwnoera.aoptea. ;
1 At the afternoon session a message was .
received irom the House of Bishops an--nounclng
that they bad concurred in the'
resolution relative to the erection of a new
diocese in Southern New York. s
' A message was also read irom the same
body stating that they had concurred with
the resolution adopted this morning divid- ,
ing the diocese of Western New York. r . '.
The balance of the session was consumed
in discussing the proposal for a change of
name from Convention to Jouncil.
The Congressional committee . on- Re
trenchment having waited two' days for
Biackley'seppearance before them to tes-
tilavoa inquiry at tb4 Aster . Bouse .found
he Had leltgIt is said Binckley refused UK
answer the "questions propounded by the
committee, on the ground that be "would "
compromise the PresHenC
iThe noDular aotort John Bronsrhsm,-ha
been naturalized.. He declared bis intent
tions eighteen years ago, but has just taken
out bis papers.
The rpgistration hi Brooklyn yesterday
was 33,000, an increase of 20,000 over the
first day's operations last year.
jthe; success ,v
Of oni ONE DOLLAR SALE has caused inch
That in order to supply the demand occasioned 1 y
onr constantly increasins natronaae. we have rt-
eently made imprtatinns lor tne Fall Trade, direct
from European Manufacturers,,. , . TO 8n :.;
Amounting .'to Nearly $500,000,
So that we are prepared to aell every description
of Dry and r'anov Good a. Silver Plated Ware, Cut
lery, watcnes.AlDnmseweirt.Ae .ot better qual
ity tban any other concern in tne country for tbe
uniform price of ONE DOLLAR FOtt KAOli AR
TICLE. Tbe best of Boston and Ksw York reier
nces given as to t e reliabJity -of onr house, and
ibat onr business is conducted in the fairest and
most legitimate manner possible, and that we
Rive greater value for the money lhan can be ob
tained in any other way. AH Goods damaced or
broken in transportation replaced ithont charge.
Checks describing articles sold sent to agents in
Clubs at rates mentioned below. We guarantee
every article to-coat leas ta an if bought at any iios
ton.or.NewYork W holeaale Bouse.
Our Commissions to Agents
Exceed those of every other establishment of the
ki..d, proof of this can be found in comparing our
premiums with those of others for Clubs of the
same siae, in addition to which we claim to give
better goods of the same character We will send .
to As en ts free of charge,
For a Club op so and Three Iollafs doz.
good linen 8birt Fronts; 1 set Solid Oold Slurif;
all Wool Cassimere for Pants: fine whit Counter
pane, large sise; 1 elegant Balmoral Skirt; at yards
brown or bleached Sbeetin?. good quality, yard
wide; I elegmt 100 I'ioture Morocco-bound Photo.
Album; 1 double lens Stereoscope and IS Foreign
Views; 1 silver plated engraved S bottle Castor; t
elegant Silk -tan. with Ivory or Sandal Word
Frame, feathered edge and spangled; 1 Steel Carv
ing Knife and Fork, very best quality, ivory bal
anced handle; 1 handsome beaded and lined Para
sol; SO yards good Print; 1 very fine Damask Table
Cover; 1 pair best quality Ladies' Serge C ngress
Boots; 1 dozn fine Linen Towels; H dosen Rogers'
best Silver Ueaseit Forks; 1 Ladies' larse real Mo-
n. i : i) . r it . . .
dosen elegant Silver plated engraved Napkin Rings,
l dozen Juadiea nne Merino or cotton BtncKings;'
Gents' heavy ohased a.lid Gold King; 1 pair La
dies' hign -cut Balmoral Boots, 1 elegant Delaine
Dress Pattern; 1 Violin and Bow. in box complete;
1 set Jewelry, pin, ear drops, and sleeve buttons. -For
a Club or so and -Fire Dollars! black
oreolored A Ipaoca Dress pattern; 1 set Lace Cur
tains; 1 pair all Wool Blankets. Engraved (silver
plattd 6 bottle Revolving Castor; 1 beautiful Wri
ting Desk; 1 solid Gold Scarf Pin; 3K yards very
fine Casstmere. for Pa its and Vest; 1 st iv-.r.T bal
anced -handle Knives with silver vlated Forks: 1
elegant Satin Paras heavily beaded and lined
with silk'; 1 pair Gents' Calf Boo s; 30 yads good
friot; :'0 yards good brown or oleaoned Eineeting,
yard wide or 40 yards H yards wide, g ou quality; l
Ladies' elegant Morocco Traveling Bag- 1 square; j
wool nnawi; i iiain norwica ropun ureas rat
tern.i IV yards double width cloth for Ladies:
Cloaks; elegant engraved silver-plated Tea Pot; 3
yards double width water proof el th for Cloaking!
.-For a Club op loo and Ten Doi.lars-1 rick
JdSTino or Thibet Dress Pattern; 1 pair fine Dam- -ask
Table Ulotbs and Mapkins to matob; 1 pain
Gents' Frenoh Oalf Boots; 1 heavy silver plated en-.
t-aved Ice Pitcher: very fine all Wool Cloth for
adies' Cloak; 1 wen very best quality brown or
hlftanhed Sheetina: IK varda fine CaasimAre fnr
suit; 1 elegant Poplin Dress fat tern; 1 elegant'
fcnRiisn cerage ureas rat'ern;-1 eeautitni r.ngtisn
Borage Shawl; 1 set ivory balanced handle Knives-1
and Forks; 1 Ladies' or Gents' Silver Hunting-cane -Watch;
1 Bartlett Band Portable Sewing Idacbioe; :
Splendid Family Bible, steel engravings, with rec
ord and photograph .pages; S5- yards good Heron
Carpeting, gwd colors; 1 pair good Marseilles Quiltr
1 gooie barrel Revolver; 1 elegant Fur Muff and
Cape; 1 sincle barrel Shot Gun: 1 silver plated en
graved 6 bottled Revolving Castor, cut glees bet- :
. ties: 1 very fine Violin and Sow. in cast; 1 let ivory
balanced Knives and Forks. : . i .i; ;
Presents for larger Clubs increase in the same
ratio. ' ...
S3" Send Money by Registered Letter.,, -i ' . v
MW 8end for our new Fait Circular. '
ATaT" Catalogue of Gooda sent to any address FREE.
! PARKER 6c CO, -
- If oa SS and 100 Summer street, Boston. -
- - -
Legal Notice.
,r Ellen Grove, Plaintiff, )
Stephen F. Grove. Defendant.
- r
. Jn divorce.
defendant that the said plaintiff has filed, her
P9.it.ion in the ('ouH of Com m n Pleas for the
Couotr of Franklin, in the State of Ukio. praying
the said Court for a dissolution of ih marriag be
tween the aid plaintiff. aud deia.idant. for the
reasons, 1st. Of the gross neglect of duty by the
defendant, in nis utter- failure to make any provi
sion whatever for her support, and 2d, his wilful
absenoe for more than three years, - - .
The application for ' divorce as aforesaid will be
beard at the fiovemberl'exm of the said (V-urt
0868).! ... , ELLEN GKOVE.
J. G. Hilleb, Attorney, j :,
September SO. 1868. octl-ww-r
Merchants'. Bank.
1 1 -
la . holders of the outstanding notes ot the Mer-.
chants' Bank of Massillcn, and all others concerned
that in pursuance to the provisions of the slrt sec
tion of the oharter of said Bank, that application '
will be made to the Auditor, Troasurer and Secre-'
sary of State to surrender the Bonds deposited to '
secure the circulation of-eaid Bank after the epL ,
qt six montns irom mis nat. -
T I. STEE8E, Pres't.
S. HUNT. Cashier.
Massillon, May 28, 1568,
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. New York Money Market—Oct. 14.
GOLD Opened -at-137- dosed at 138W
138a"aTJ lott-"n-il.- bcu?'ivari eifwvA
t-'- Til r '' ' ' " ' JO-lira
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 14.
.30tD-rl37X bayrnr..'3 ,aiTit
, ilQNEi'-rilarket remains easy.
.'. ".-( t r , n -7 T
New York Stack Market—Oct. 14.
iio;heiv closrrisr -etronsrki-.uOoriponSr -t.
Ml?!; do 'G5 WMl"Ji do new 109
'KKrtf f ift-Mo 10. Vtiff.
y6:3t ,prtees-VVells' . Expresv03y3s
American, u 47K48; uAAmou A Jld,o4i
(Jolted 8Utes 4849; Mercbant''iroiott
sU23?v PaciUe Mail -Co; 125r 4 WesrJ
ern Cn'on Teleeraph .37037; New
YOf It Central JMm?i;&ie 43?T?
orefprred 7071; phioand Mississippi 31 K
'.my Fort.-WaynL 112(3112; Tetie
flaute.ilJ preferred e0sj .eaKMsiieKi
New York Market—Oct. 14.
. COTTON---Heavy and knrsr' 1,909
bals at 25e lor mixed nplands;;"?
FLOTJB Closed dull and BffllOo lbwerj
WHEAT Nominally unchanged.'
.RYE Steady at fl 60 tor western,, t.mmm
OATS-PulJ .at ,7474 stWcjpgsfaKo.
afloat. ' ' . r
COKN Dull ttnd heavy at $112116,
for unsound aqd $117c for. sound. 4wi
mixed western afloat. aas- ti"l
rORK Ouiet; seAers of mess at S29 00
oaRb-and retrn1aW',;',M
BKKV Dull arfrt aTooplno;.
CUT ME ATS Quiet and without aiate-.
rial change. V es-Tj. ' .'-'-nrA a.iir.Vai'a
: L AEDDull .' at : 19019- tod fair to
prime Steam.-' .Ajar ,.u. ., r A u...jr.a.A
- jswis-steaay at 27?Sc an
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 14.
FLOUfeCTnantfe family at 8 50O
9 00; extra att7 75Tt. "
WI1EAT Firar-bu d.uteSK'dl-lI at
fl 90.
COBN--Dull; N at 98exir? r
OATS Dull at 5960e-for No. 1 and 57o
for.sN.2. "'""
JJYE Firm at t SaVW"" .r51
..BARLEYr lipid very flrmlyfiaies State
sprinzat$2 15 2 25; Canada $2 -302
ana laiiat z oo2 ba; Due little tall is in,
the market.,,. , - , ,j ',""'i
COTTON Bull St 2$of giM) inew'cropj
ia irrivine more freely. a-j o .v
TOBACCO Firm but qnietaJ! iaaiateitAl
'WIHSKY Firm nt fl Et-s;. ,-Hij
PORK Mess held held at $31 but nbth-.'3
Ins; tietter thart a retail demand; which ii
supplied at 30 75V- St "r 1
BULK MEATS Nominally uncnanzed.
and shoulders held at 13c aad sides at 140'
d imw 7l ... . 3 V. V. 1 . . A
r milt vriiiU luuutnaic j'iuuill
demand at 13?c tor. shoulders.; lli- .iosii
clear Mea; " .W(i,(a.'''
HAMS) Sugar-cured very dull, at-18(ar
19tC. . -!-, iiiie -u4li.,;J i.rt
1 A RD-Negleeted, 1 with, smalb" obbfnr T
sales at 19.;. I ;.--!-n' jni-5it
HAY In large supprvf 2 00T Berndn
lower; tisht pressed $1516 On arrival.
JBUITKK Not so pleuty and a. shade
firmer; fresh 3540". 3
EGKia- Selling at2223c and the snppiyj
ligh'. - ., : ;;,3:.V.;ri rnO
IA NSEEU-OlU Llulli at 1 06QI 97 t
PETROLEUM Dull at 3032ii Tor reJ;"
finpd. . . .' i. . - i u.
1 POTATOES-Dullal 2 402 75,
, APPTiES tii large supply, and the mar-
ket dnll at 2 1 per barrel Ji
I BEEF CAT 1'LE Firmer but unchanged, '
common to extra at $36 25 gross.;,! ,r-T
i SHEEP In light su pply, and .the, market,
lirmpr but not quotably higher.
MUtia Dnu at 7 ;. receipts, liberal ja
Chicago Market—Oct. 14.
FLOUR -DnlF" almost 'nominal 625-
for spring extras. ih'k? .tuut lit l -i '-05
i WHEAT In . limited . request,.
ljflowfr' sales No. 1, 140140; No 2,,
1334135; closing quite and steady, 134?"
for No. 2, sales of No. 2, since change 134.
i CORN Dull almost nominal,. l)2-r
lower sales No.' 1. D2JJ93J; No. 2 90- .
91?; closing at 9293"lor No. 1, sales Noi,rtI
1, this P. M 92)93. - i I ri th'-:?i: a
'. OATS In Igood demand lower,
sales 51?i52; closing 51?.' .' "", -
i RYE Dull, sales 127127 for 1? 6i l;dw
and 123125 for rejected, barley Jri goodf -requesU
23 biirher, sales No. 2. 192194,.,
and rejected, 1165170; closing 193 for ' A
No. 2, sales by sample 1S6200. 1 ' " :' :-"-'
KUViai(JNS uull and weak. a.: y-.n
t DRY SALTED-rShoulders .-Inactive.
nominal " ' " i "s -"iJt s
o r 0I
D-JS;eglectsd J 18K
cl or!j5T
Toledo Market—Oct. 14.
TTT nTTTf rtn1o(-
WHEAT White! without y msCerialT
change; sales No 1 white Michigan $2 20jh
white Michigan l 98; amber do $l,b3
No 1 red fl 83; No 2 red $1 65. '". ' ' .
CORN Dull and lc lower; sales at m
98c; Michigan 88c-.,-. ? s,,..'f . i.
OATS Jc better; sales No 1 at 5757'i5 n
No 2 at 66c " ' , ' . ; " , ' .
RYE Shade better; sales Michigan atS1'
$1 36; No 2 at 91 33.-- - f-i.-"j. iitntJ
BARLEY 2o better; sales of State at
$2 10. ' ' . V ' ' ' ."- ',- '
- -
St Louis Market—Oct. 14.
FLOUR Dull and very little doing; , 3 oq
- WHEAT Firm and unc hanged. t
'OR VQf.llir.n- it nlttlOQ.. ...ATKllSHl
OATS 5255c. hi., -xi a
RYE $1 20. -- . uiA
BARLEY Unchanged. ,
i WHISKEY Firm at $1 27?
PORK Firm at 3I.
ixiu od)
BACON Shoulders J3e; ' clear isijles.
17M1734'c.' . . .., ,.a-s, YC1T
LARD 1920?e for tierce and keg. '
... ' 1 i. . w
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 14.
FLOUK Dull and nominally unchanged, r
WHEAT Dull; -$1.46 for , No. I lu '
store.- -
- U
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 14.
There is rather an; improved iDquiry for.J
dry goods, but the market Is far irom be- "
ing active. '- :v'. :--- n tal
' 1 5.- !! i-np .f.zrrnx tat u ie)''il
a ips .jrvTi M 11 1 1 wa
-it j rEiiekjjt
VERY M n HIS .SWH iawieuih
1; RnllnvaT'a Villa and Hollowar'a Ointment. .
Disorders of the Stomach. Liver and; Bsavela 1 iTha A
Stomach is the creat center whioh influences the -3
health or disease of the system aHnaed or debili- 1
tated by excess indigestion, offensive breath ? aad nsq
physical prostration are tbe natural consequences,
Allied to the brain, it i the souree- of headaches, !'-'
mental depression, nervoua.. complaint aad nrre-,,,t.?r
ireshint sleep. The Liver ' becomes affected, and'
itenerates bilienadisorders, pains jm the .llde, 'As-S
T"e Bowels sympathise by Costiveness. Diarrnosa .
and Dysentery. The principal aotionof these Pills
is on the stomach, and (he liver, lungs, bowels and.o
kidners participate in their 'recuperative and re--"3
operation- Bryeipelas od Salt Kheamt
are two of the most common and virulent disorders
prevaleatcn this eonUaent. 'lo these the Oiet-va-JO
ment is especially antasenistio.., Its ''modus opvj
audi" ft first to eradicate the venom and then com
plete the cure. , bad Lees, Old Sores and UIcvn.tV)9ns
eases of many years' standing, that have partjDa-. !
cionslv-- refused to yield.to any other remedy or
treatment have invariably succumbed to a fe.wan-;D3
plications of this powerful uneuent. Eruptions on
the Skin. arisin from a bsd stato of the: blood Toru,
ohrocic diseases, are eradicated, ; and a elear and.
transparent earface recained by tbe xestorativeao-1"
tion of this Ointment. It surpasses. many of:the.,:i
cosmetioeand other toilet aprliances la ;t Tww
to dispel rasbea and th n d sngu rements--of - the)
face. Female Complaints, wheth . in the yonna or
old, married orsinele.at lb 4aw of-womanoeoeT
or the turn of life, these tonie medioinat displays uo
decided an influence that a marked improvement IS
soon perceptible in the health of thapatiaat-ii'"' ntin
inK a purely vegetable preparation, they are a Safe
and reliable remedy for all elasses of Female in
every oondition of health and station ot life. Ptloa.frp
and fistula Every formand feature of these prav .
alent) and . stubborn disorders is eradicated loeaH HI
and entirely by the nae of this emolient; warm fo-
mentatioas'Bboald.-preeede-Ms applioatuin.'"lt"
.liro nalitics Will be found to btioiouttn4.,:)cj
Invariable. 1 " - ' -r . .
Both thO Ointment and Pi Is shouialiWd1
the foilowiog oases: j 'r t Vi'.'.'-in eicl r.ilqmos
Bnnions, Burns, Chapped haads.Chilhlarns, Fiav
tula. Gout. Lnmbaito. Menronal Eruptions, files. ,
Rheamatism. -Ri- gwornu Baltr-Rheamy icald.a;ll'lt
Skin Wiseases. Swelled Glands, Sore Lew. 8g
Breasts, Sore Heads, Sore Throats, Sores of atl'"'"
kinds. Sprains atiff Joints. Tetter,' Ulpertji Ver 1
aereal Sores. Wounds of all kinds. '
CAUTION I Sona kreVennine nn'lesi tTie iroTdg''"1')-;,"
Hoiaowat, Si oni -aud LoNOOH ',' are diet ad
Deniable as a WaUr-mark in every leaf of the book.
of directions around each pot. er bex: -the same mar
be plainly seen by holding Ut Uf to Ue light., Aojl)
handsome reward will be given to any one render
in such information aa ml lead to the deUotios
of any party or parties eounterfeiting thetnedi-fj
einesor vending the same, knowing them to be spu- "
' SV Sold at the mannfaetory of Professor Hal-j1Tn
loway.fO kaiden Lane, New York,' and br all rei
tpectable Drnxists tuoi uoaiers .Ui b JlediciBa 1 bi;
thmuahonttfeclvilised world. . .. ,r
. As There is considerable saving by taking tne"
tenter sizes.
N. B Directions for the Ruidanre of patients in
erery disorder are affixed to each pot and box.

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