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1 by W. T.'fcSavage, eweier,
THURSDAY, Oct. 15, 1868.
TA. M.
Sua Risa... ........ J3LI 3nn Bets. 18
" tP&n; WviTrump.ad Hon. Frank
1 W'StU County I"r.nar .. ?00 to
male Mn pre .-
I C2? Hon-Franki Hurd was, la1, the fit?
iihlnnsr snd three-cornered envel
6pes ire again! coinTrg fn'style. V
W Ovir Fasbioif Article will be found
oo-tbe fourth page ot this morning s paper.
1 fc There will be two fnll moons this
month. ' Look out for any number I mar
riages and Other manifestations of insanity.
C :-'. -ii ' k I mm " '
. rsr Business among people who adver
tise is., brisk; and fogies who don't ander
tnH t.Menmolaitt Of dull times. iue
fools Ain't all dead yetij
t" As clover seed Is likely to be scarce
next ytaMet every en save liwhotcan,
and beside,' save chaff, for It will grow as
well as If hulled
ct2T The 'pulse Of young ladle generally
beau stronger in the palm ot the nana man
at the wrist. ; This fact In physiology has
been observed by young men of an Investi
gating turo"of mind.; "; ; Ji:,JZ', v
-v ...!- i. ! 'I ' ,-!':
t?T"There was a very good market yes
teiday, , Our fish market is beginning to
assume fine proportions, and exhibits the
best specimens of lake, river and ocean
Pkrookal. Gen. P.W.Strader,.ot Cin
cinnati, who beat Ben: Eggleston for Con
gresnd Col. W. H. Safford, of Chfflrco
the, are at the Neil House. .. a .5bs
Up Vbd itx Tbm AoaiN-There will be
a meeting of hv WhiteBoys -in Blue -at
their Headquarters, Thuiman HalUioO-to-
morrow,(Saturday) evening, at 7 o'clock.
Let all attend.
mmmammm . .
Excursion to Columbus. The High
anA Grammar Schools of the ctt? b Xenia
wJjniakean excursion; to Columbus jrs
m rning. They will reacb nere oy an eaiiy
" special train, and, after viewing tl e
tglit of arHfcltyy will Tetnrn to the land
of darkle voters, which is Xenia.
iDfcscRiMrv." TheXJreclan bend is made
to cover about every attituae ana move
ment that can be named. It includes the
stagger ot a tipsy dunce, the wabble of a
graceless cook, the awkwardness of a Jub
berly lout,' and the ' mincing, 'wriggliag
rait and inclination of the classic miss
just opeuCog Into womanhood.,
Good. Our attentive and efficient Street
Commissioner, Major , General,. McNally,
with a corps of men, Is hard at work clean
ing nigh street. This is righf: ' Keep pur
principal thoroughfare, in splendid shape,
aid you add to ihe beauty of the city as
well as to the comfort of pedestrians. '
'Frcits, &C. Oranges are very scarce in
this market.' Lemons' are plentiful', and
command $8 per box or SO cents per dozen.
Apples are scarce. The only good ones we
have seen are at 169 South High street, and
are held at So oer barrel.'' We doubt if
they ba sold at a lower. figure this season
Chestnuts are held at 99 to $10 per bushel.
Religious. The Synod of Ohio (New
School Presbyterian;, will commence Us
session In thf city this evening at the Sec-'
ond Presbyterian Church,-" Third street
between State and Town, at 7 o '.clock.
Sermon by Rev. Dr. Tenney. Saturday
evening gvill be devoted to the reception of
delegates from the O. S. branch of the
church. ,.5 . ., . -.v. , !.
A Contrast. We have been informed
by a fact-loos- friend that he saw a young
lady on the street yesterday with royal rtd
hair and a waterfall as black as a Republi
can's creed. The contrast was stupendous,
bijt ,"as' fashion has decreed that a waterfall
must be worn, of course It one color can
not be had another must answer. ,-
New Publication j-Andrews & Hull
bave received from the publishers, Har
per & Brothers, a most charming novel
called Mildred, by Georglana H. Cralk,
whose Leslie Tvrrell was so successful. It
is thoroughly English in plot and manner,
but' most Intensely attractive in style.
Pnce fifty cents. " ' ; ' '
Shootinq ' with Intet to Kill. A
warrant was issued on Wednesday morn
ing by 'Squire Gulick, at the Instauce of
Christian Kalb, who charges Henry Carlisle
with shooting at him with intent to kill on
election day, at North Columbus.' Consta
ble Bartling took Carlisle into custody. He
gave bail in the sum ot $300 for his appear
ance this afternoon at two o'clock, for a
hearing. , , ; . -Jr. , i
ITbw Turnpikb Compant. The certlfi.
cat t4 Incorporation of , the Washington
Township' (Franklitr county) Turnpike Co.
was filed with the Secretary oi State yester
day. It Is organized for the purpose of
building and "maintaining a turnpike and
gravel road from the west end of the bridge
across the Scioto river ai Dublin, and run
ning thence west wardly 'across the bridge
and through 'the town of Dublin, to the
line of lands owned by Charles Harvey, a
length of 450 poles. 'Capital stock ; f 2,000.
James Brown, james - E. . Wright, John
Thompson, 8. C. Trantz, E. W. Tuller,
Francis Rdey anl George W. Codein are
tSa cbrrioratort;-'
It. rt 5. ) -4 '
Economize. -The recent
cool weather should remind our mechanics
and laborers to save' sufficient oat of their
wages for - winter provender. In two
nfpntiir from tbe present 'time t will be
too cold to, labor much oat of doors, and it
behooves those especially wKh large fami
lies to look.. JitthTahead, for .during our
winter months necessaries of life are dear
er than at any other time of itae y'ar' G t
layour mei, mna au tne provisions your
surplus earning!! will permit.- Last winter
was a long hand cold one, and many poor
famUier actnaiiy neeoea comlorte the;
could not 0Dtain,;jDut it they will econo-;
Balzin seawn, they may guard against
ucih a contingency. " A , :
- .'i tt r 1
"rM. E Church Appointmkntb For the
folldwing appointments made for the Co
lumbus District by the Ohio Conference,
H. E. Church, recently In session at Lon
don, an atteritite friend has our thanks:
. C A Vananda, Presiding -. Elder; . ,
Columbus, Town street W H Scott.
Wesley t"hapel Isaac Crook. ;
Bieelow Chapel J W White. ", ; ..
Cnriatie ChpetE H Ileagler. - '
" City Mlasion L Tatt, ,5.,,., -T,
London-H K Foster! i i . I' : '
Mldwsy w 11 a woir.
"West Jeftetson A Fleming.-" '
, pleasant Valley J E Moore y
California J N Pilcher.
Worthlngton-oS Tippett. ... , , 1 5. f
, HiHlard-S M Bright. J i '
Harrisburg Ancil Brooks and Wallace
Martin. & -:,;;- J' aiJJ
Delware-rD H Moore.; .
Darby yilleW .H McCllntock . x
MUford W W Oherrlogton. -ia i
Qujw Bf&fej f "splen'
splay" armaTfe andfmale gaToois before
Che Mayor yesterday. "A neat HtUelamlly
pqlkhCirMfepjSA 0fJtjljiaftL?lp6
it wasjnd, after, tmrcte&rth of local mat
fcircioi the pasl flay fbr two, caused' US Id
smack our jreportprlal , 31 p at the chances
of that'delight a city editor'a xiatenie,
"an Item."
pPBIlTpTrowy was tHe Brst to'TiSVe"!!!!
appearance,- Covered with,mudvragged
and -bloated, he Would have' made a-bean
tifulsijbjectfora photograph , by Elliott.
Philip Trowy, .-Great Pbebus, what a
aame to fill the sonnding trump of Fame H
It was ordered and adjudged that Philip
should be scraped down and pay $5 and
costs for the fun he'd had. -Philip proved
to be a financial failure, so Philip smasheth
dornicks. . ..i-.'"-.
IO, soft ye how, the fair enslaver, who.'
fair face and form has so often brightened
the usually dark and dreary precincts of
the police courts, the gentle, fair, frail and
benzine devoted Elizabeth Gafner !,; We;
have mourned her absence, lo these many'
moons, and thought perhaps she bad been
passim the summer at Saratoga or some
other fashionable watering place. We
were not mistaken. ' She has , put in her
time since her release from Castle Earhart
at the delightful watering place of Mill- ,
port, where peace and canal boats pre
vail, and no policemen interrupt the
glad revels' Indulged in by fashionable
females. 5- Elizabeth J there , learned the
Geecian bend. As she deemed it necessa
ry to extend her knowledge ou reaching
the Capital, she made it here a bender.,
Elizabeth had indulged too freely in per
fect, amour, curacoa, . benzine and other
cordials nsed by ladies of the ton, and be
came . inflated, . elevated,, set -up drunk.'
She was Sent to lief Castle Earhart for the,
thirty days ensuing. , , - .; .... :,-,t
John Hlgglns and the wife of his bosom
having Just been released from confinement
in the City Prison, John Higgins and w. o.
b. got drunk. John's , drunk waa of a
melancholy cast," her's Tiilarious. Bhe1
shouted and screamed like a, camp meet
ing.:: Falling to pay foahd costs each,
John Higgins aod the wife of his bosom-
tarry at the Sinner's Rest.
E. L. Mofflt had been under the- imprest
eion that lager might Be taken in unlimit
ed quantities without -danger of In toxica-f
ting. ' Like the philosopher he Is! he gave"
the matter a practical examination.1 '"He Is'
satisfied. When captured "be was moral-!
Izing thusly : "Mos' harm'ss bev'ege in er't
'orld. Man can drink fif v glasses'n never.
feel it more'n (hie) I am this min't. A1
man drinks whisky au'' he 'shows ' It.1
Drinks - lage' beer'n ; don't sh-ehwvJt,
an' al's . 1 d id I: Tj Look- . at 1 fnoble;
Germ' , , pop'pp'lash'nr ,i i .Nevfr ... see
m tos-tos-cated, don't ye, so am 1 1 Lager
beer has no more 'feet. on me'n so much
wa'er. " Can walk (hie) hole through la'er
or see crack In her sidV'alk well 's an
oh'er man, . Bet ye two doU'r-'n-balf fican,
my home'n Jlnd his way home with (hie)
!hole keg beer outei'f us. Te'say beer
siroys mem'ry.1 Slle'i'Member better to
day than I ever did to-mor'r.- 'Kali for
who' that ge'm'a we nom'na'd at where;
was our , Conve'tlon . held f , What am I
who are you, an' how?'' In default of $5
and costs he bammeretb. 11 ''"'''' xi 5 '
j Another, gentle damsel, well ; known
among the elite of galoot circles, Mary
Tbompsbn. " Mary, with all a woman's ten
derness loves; with all a woman's londness
she is determined never to leave, her love, ,
until death do them part. Who does she
thus adore t you1 ask. Who?,, Why, none
other than he who. Is mightier than kings;
he who has overthrown princes ; he who
sways the human heart and makes It mer
ry, sad, savage or benign, as he pleaset;
he . who can " paralyza the pen of
the ' most gifted poet, and with a touch'
make him a driveling idiot;- he, before
whose shrine the mightiest minds of the
world have bowed King Benzine. This
ts " Mary's . love, -. aiid she ' sticketh to
him closes than a brother. For having
tarried too long in bis company she wasar
rested and the Mayor gave her a divorce
for the next thirty days.' ' She will hide
her sorrow and her red, red nose In Castle
Earhart for that period.
. Thbatkr Last Nioht. A fair attendance
at the Opera House last night, and Othello
finely rendered is the record. Mr. Roy's
Othello was a first rate performance. He
has as fine a conception of the character as
any man we have seen in it since J.B.
Roberts' day. He has reason to be proud
of his rendition of the part. Lacking a
little in phuique, and In that great dignity'
of "movement we usually expect to see in'
Othello, Mr. Roys, by his superb reading,
made one forget that anything was want
in; to make It perfect. But if we speak
thus highly of Othello, what (hall we say'
of Mr. Lanergan's Iagc? ' It Was splendid
ly .done. ; Though we had expected a
far better Iago than is -usual, we confess
ha far outstripped our expectations. In
the latter portion of the third act, and in
the second scene of the fourth, he gave us
a masterly picture. .His idea of the char
acter 4s, we conceive, a correct one. He
makes Iago a dashing, bold, bad man,, and
shows himself to be a closer student of the
divine bard than is usual in these degener
ate days. Mr. Bates' Cassio deserves special
mention also.. It was his best effort as yet.
He-read it clearly deliberately, and, of a
consequence, effectively. ; Davies' Ruderi-
go was a fair performance Mrs. Laner-
gan rendered Desdemona finely. She is a
painstaking Jlttle lady, and does all her
parts carefully and acceptably.' Mrs. Stan
ley's Eaielia did not please us as some of
the btliercbaracters she hassustalned here.
To-night we are to have the popular play
of East Lynne, and the roaring farce of a
Cockney in Corsica. ' . ;!. . a. .
Transferred Testkedat. The follow
ing transfers Ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on yesterday :
i CF. B. Messenger and wife to J, W. Con
rad,' October 14th, part of lnlot No. 740, in
the city of Columbus, for f 4,400. ' . .
John R. Hilliard and wife to F. L. Groce.
June 1st, 1867, part oflnlots Nos.18, 19 and
20, In the town of HUliard, for $110.
F. L. Groce and wife to Wm. Matthews'
October 31st, 1867f -part of-lnlot Nos. 18,
19 and 20, in the town of Hilliard, for $175.
t John R. Hilliard, and wife to Retta Mat.
thews, January 21, part of iulots Nos 45,
43 and 47, in the town of Billiard, for $100
John R.--Hilltard and wife to Wm. Mat
thews, January 2J, part ot lots Nos. 45, 4G
and 47, in the town of Hiliiard, for $100.
Albert Groce and .wife to Wm. Mat
thews, September 10th, 1 acres of land la
Norwich township, for $300. 3 ' ;
A very skillfully executed counter
feit $10 note on the Third National Bank of
Philadelphia ig la circulation. Look. out
for it.- i J - - -
Maennerchok Subscription Concert.
The selection of seats by the subscribers to
the Maennerchor Subscription Concerto
will be made at Seltzer's Music Store, East
State street, on next Monday: The first of
these concerts will be given on Thursday
evening next, Oct. 221. The series will
cpm prise six concerts, ana will be the most
effective and complete ever given by our
talented; Maennerchor.- A full' orchestra
has been added to the attractions, and will
prove, a feature of these' concerts. "That
they will be patronized by the elite and
fashion of our city, we know. That they
will be a squrce of pleasure we are also
polls with an -open Democratic ticket in
his hand, lie was met. by MicbaelTrainor,
FoUaenianravitA the remark, at'srlerkt
go up and put it in." The man replied
that he had voted.Trainor advised htm to
vote again, then go to the Eighth Ward
and vote there, and then go to the Town
ship polls and vote there, advising him to
tell the Judge's 4rt thfrTowesblp'iolls that
he worked at the Plqua shops, lived back
of them, and was entitled to a vote there.
The gentleman being .Republican, wae
much astonished at this little glimpse be
hind the scenes, and informed Trainor of
nig mistake.
, I take the above, Mr. Editor, from. the
journal of yesterday. ; I brand ithe article
as false in every particular, and its' author
as a man without truth and unworthy of
further notice. It bears the lie on Its face
It is true that I am a Democrat and believe
it' to be the nly party that cares for "the
welfare of the people, and no matter what
the opponents of the Democratic party may
charge upon us. We glory in our print!
pies and endeavor to do right by ail. The
article above was only written to pull the
wool over the eyes of the people tnab they
mav be blinded while these Radicals still
squander the people's money in the Unlaw
ful and disgraceful practice of transporting
negroes from this city to Xenia, there to
vote, and defeat the wishes ot white men,
ven after the people by a majority of 50,
KX declared that negroes should not vote.
The man - who makes the above charge
igalnst me knew he lied .when he wrote i?.
AU'Efapnow I9nBN5 Of.Cuasdaji 1
genrteUad pproch4 -lffNkrtbWarc
"Don't give up the Ship."
Pick your Flint and at 'em Again.
- n r ..w
There will be s: meeting of .Chanticleer
Tent, No. 1, Jeffersonian Guards, at
Duffy's Hall,' oh Saturday even4rig,"Octe-
ber 17th, 1868, at 7 o'clock. . k , , -f K
' All Democrats ot thn First. Second.
Eighth and Ninth Wards'are earnestly 'de-1
sired to be present tor organization for the
Presidential contest.
Serious ''Accident. Yesterday,' about
noon, wolittlejtlrls pne a daughter ot
William Brodie, and the other a daughter
of a Mr. Minks, while playing on the railroad-irack
in. the vicinity ot a train, 'near
the' Ffpnt street bridge, on the Little Miami
riilroad,;were;rurt over and so seriously
Injured that it is thought amputation of a
jeg may be necessary to save tlio lif? of one
lf the little'. suffered I Dr.. Helmiclc was
Called to their aid, aud done everything
chat skill and kind, attention could do to
felieve their sufferings.
' t m - ' --
j TRArroRous. The , reat, '. Sir ., Francis
Bacon turns out to have been a scurvy Copperhead.-
! Here la what he said of people
IJike Grant: " "'J. .,; ' , -! .'; ',L'; ,'
' "Silence is: the virtue bf a fool. And
therefore it was well aaid to a man that
would not speak, 'if you are wise., you are
a fool; if you are a fool, -you are wise.' " .,
' Bacon was evident! a disloyalist and a
traitor.. n: : ' :
I Workmen Wasted. We want seventy
five men to-work on the Nicolson pave
ment. " Liberal wages paid. Apply at
once to ,.v .Y . . J.;
octlG 3t Dotlr, Leonard & Co.
St. Louis Market—Oct. 15.
IOC. , r
grades advanced about
WHEAT Choice firm but not active.
CORN Unchanged at 9o9So.
OATS 5154j.
RYE Higher at $1 251 215.
BARLEY Unchanged.
PORK $31 00(2)31 50.
BACON Unchanged at 131 for thohl
ders and 17 170 for clear bides. .
LARD 18l9e in tierces.
Toledo Market—Oct. 15.
FLOUR Quiet. :
WHEAT Quiet; white No. 1 amber un
changed; red shade lower; sprinar rejected;
sales of white Michigan at $2 20; amber
1 83; No. 1 red $1 83; No. 2 red $1 64
CORN Dull and lc lower; sales No. 1
Michigan at 97c.
OATS--Dull, nominal and lower, at 57c
for No. 1. . , : -
RYE Unchanged; sales of No. 1 at
H35. --"
BARLEY Quiet and firm. . ,
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 15.
FLOUR Very dull and nominal.
WHEAT Dull at $1 47 lor No. 1
tOre. -
tj Hnllnw&v'a Vtllji KnA HnHowav'fl Ointment.
Disorders of the Stomach. Liver and Bowels The
Stomach it the treat center whioh influences the
health or disease of the system annsed or debili
tated by excess indiKestion, onen3ive Dream ana
physical prostration are the natural eonseqnenee.
Allied to tne Drain, it is tne source 01 neaaaones,
mental depaession, nervons complaints and unrt
ireshin sleep. The Liver becomes affected and
cenerates bilious disorders, pains in the fide, etc
T.e Bowels sympathise by Costivenesi". Diarrhoea
and Dysentery. Tue principal aotion of these Pills
is on the stomach, and the liver, lungs, bowels and
kidDOt s participate in their reouperative and re
canerative orjeration. Errsioelas and Salt Rbeum
are two of the most common and. virulent disorders
prevalent on this continent, lo these ttae Oint
ment is especially antagonistic Its ''modus oper
andi is first to eradiomte the venom and then com
plete the cure. Bad Lees, Old Sores and Ulcers,
eases of man years' standiac. that have nertina-
oiously refused to yield to any other remedy or
treatment have invariably succumbed to a tew ap
plications of this powerful untnent. Eruptions 00
the Skin, arising from a bad state of the blood or
ohronic diseases, are eradicated, and a clear and
transDarant surface regained by the restorative ac
tion of this Ointment. It surpasses many of the
cosmetics and other toilet aprlianoes in - power
to dispel rashes and other d'sfizurements of the
face. Female Complaints, wheth r in the young or
old, marne4 o sinjne, at tne aawn 01 wo'nan-iouu
or the turn of life, tnesetonio meaioines nispiaye
decided an influence that a marked improvement is
nnn nAMr.,;,).. in th haalth of th ft patient.
ing a purely regetable preparation, they are a safe
..J mlihla rM.nftdv for all classes of Females in
everr oondition of health and station of Ufa. Pilar
and Fistula Every form aod reature ot these prey
li,nt and stubborn disorders iB eradicated iocall
and entirely by the use of this emolient: warm fo
mentations should precede its application. Itr
healing qualities will be found to be thorough and
invariable.. ... , . ,
Both the Ointment and Piili should ba used '
the following eases: . ,
Bunions. Burns. Chapped hands. Chilblains. Fis
tula.' Gout. Lumbign, Mercurial Eruptions, riles.
Kbeninatism, m gworm. salt Kneum, eoalds.
KKin uiseases. wenea uianns, ciore Legs, Sorf
Breasts, Sore Heads, 8pre Throats, Sores of all
kinds, Sprains, atm joints. Tetter. Uloors, Ve
nereal Sores. Wounds of all kinds. '-
CAUTION I "one are genuine unless the words
"Hollow at. New Vobi .akd London "are dis-
cernable as a (ruwr-wior in every leat or the book
of directions around each pot or box: the same mav
h nlitinlv seen bv holdina th leaf to th linht k
haodsome reward will be given to any one render
ing such information as may lend to the detection
of any party or parties counterfeiting the medi
cines or vending; tnesame, snowing mem to be spu
rious. " . .j .
W Sold at the manufactory of Professor Hoi
low.r fO Maiden Lane. New York, and br all re.
spectable Drazcistt and Dealers in .Medicine
throughout toe oivilised world. . .
- There is considerable saving by taking the
larger sizes.
N. B Directions for the guidance of patients in
every disorder are anued to eaaa pot ana box.
jyl5-wly " ... . :
HiHS' MKUTIM1X 1'h. . . -.A nf K.kl
Examioersof t ranklin county meat at the Probate
Court Boom on the lut Friday and Saturdavs
each month in the year. Also, on tb second Fri
day and Sataxday of the spring and fall months.
-j apriv-ww--- . . .
.-j",: -fi s-jts rtfi n f rn
The confirmed dyspeptic may almdHsay with Pt.
Peter, "1 die daily." The ohiect of this article is
not to remind him of J his pangs. but to show
bim how tobanish them il forever. The means
of immediate and permanent relief arc proffered
him in
' : f ' : . V V' VI
And it is for him tb say whether he will continue" .
to enduro a living death, or to pat himself in
sition to render life enjoyable.
Of the efficacy of this matchless vectable stom
achio are to be found in every eity and town in the
United State healthy men and women.-rescued
f'om torture by its use. and eager to btar
testimony to its vir- J tues. It differs from
any other Bitters in existence, in this special par
ticular it is not alcoholic.
For such constitutions and systems a; require for
their iavigoration a diffusive stimulant,
kas been proTided ft preparation in which the sol
id extracts of the finest restoroti ves of the Testa
ble kiozdom are held in olatton br a snirituom
asrent, purged of all deleterious ooiutUaeatfl. Tbe
Satient. in choosing between these two creat aeti
otes. should be cmdei by his own condition. If in
a Tery low state trom denuitr. tne 1 onto snonid be
his selection; but in caMS-waere the emergency is
not so pressing, the Bitters is the specific required.
Thousands find infia- ite benefit from tak
ing each in tnrn. There is no phase of
indigestion, biliousness nervous disease) orobTiif
eal prostration to which they are not adapted, and
in wbion. singly or combined, tne will not etteot
mSu J all b
Exchange Pain foT Ease'
And Weakness for Strength-' Get rid of the ail
ments wnioh interfere witd eniovment: cast cloom
and despondency to the winds; take a stronger hold
p life-and. in sfeprt, beoqme a , .
I p? t.,,.- j. .r j.. p. T ..a to
Through the instrumentality of the most powerful
and popular of all vegetable invigorants and cor
rectives, ' " '
Biliousness. Indieestion. General Debility, anil .
all the complaint which proceed torn, a jranV of.
E roper action in toe liver, tnefStomaoa ana tne'
owels. are eradicated by a Ceurae of thirgraat -
9T VS-O Off I!-rT'M Ot inshfinrf, fsq" i-w .lA
Whioh not only oombats and conquers disaasiathat
bave entrenoned themselves in the system, but
is the best known s&fetusrd against all unhealthy
influences. Persons whose ocounations and nur-
suits suoject them to the depressing effects of a
tlosa, uownolesomeatmosphere, should. take iirea
nlarly as a protection against the low foyers incT
other diforderS which malaria engenders.' Invk-"
las wno are
Without any spsoi.1 eomp'aint, axoeot a gradual
declination of bodily strength and -nervous energy,
will find in the bll'- " TUBS a fountain nf
vitality and vigor, as refresning and exil
erat in as a pool in the desert to the taud-soorobed-and
fainting travelers. - - -' -
Ta-flomrjosel nf the onre iuiee foa. as thv are me
dicinally termed, Extr.icU), of Rxn, Herbs and
Barks, making a preparation highly concentrated '
and entirely free from Alcoholic admixture of any
Is a combination of all the ingredients of the Bit-j
ters. with the purest anility of taota Crua Rum. .
Orange, etc., making one ot the must pleasant and
agreeable remedies ever onerea to tne puotio
. These remediss will effectually cure Liver Com
plaint, Jaundioe, Uys- pepiia, -Chronio or
Nervous Debility, mm Chronio Disesses of
the Kidneys, and all diseases axis ng irom aldisor
dered Liver or stomach.
e . - . j t v anon t ; j. .-r a 1 j.. i
as Consti
pation, Inward
P.les. Full nesi of
r - Bld to the Head, y- ,
, v . Acidity if the Stomach. J x K.
iauea. Heartburn, Disgust
for Food, Fullness or Weight in tbe
Stomach, .Sour eructations. Sinking -,r
or Fluttering at the pit of the Ktomtreh', '
Swimming of the Head, Harried and Difficult
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or
Ciulfooating Sensations when in a Lying Posture,
Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs belore the
Sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the Head,
Deficiency of Perspiration. Yellowness j "
of tbe Skin and Eyes, Pain in the
Sido, Back, Chest, Limbs, etc.,. ?
Sudden Flushes of Heat,- :'
Burning in the Flesh,
Constant' Iroagin
ings of Evil, and
' s. , : - Ureal Depres-4
sinn of
, . Spirits,
They are the Greatest and Best!
- - t '
Ever known, and will cure all diseases resulting
irom bad Blood. Keep jour Blood pare. -Keep'
your Liver in older. A Keep your disestive'
organs in a sound, . A healthy condition, by
the use of these remedies, and -no disease will ever
assail yon.
Weak and ' Delicate Children
Are made strong by the use of either of these rem--edies.
1 They will euro every case of MARASMUS'
without fail. - -
Thousands cf certificates bave accumulated in
the bands of the proprietors, but space will allow
of the publication of but a few. Those, it will be
observed, are men of note and of such standing that
they must be believed.
Who would ask tor more dignified or stronger tes
timony i. ,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl .
Tania, writas
Pbiladkltria. March 16,S86T.
I find "HooSand's German Bitters" is a good ton
ic, useful in diseases Ml of the-- digestive or-'
sans, and of great ben- IV efit in oases of debil-"
Ity and want of nervous action in the system.
Yours truly. GEO. W. WOODWARD.
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia. April 28, 1866.
I consider "Hoofland's German Bitters" a valua
ble medicine in e ses of attacks of Indigestion or
D'spepaia. I can ee'tify this from my experience
of it. Yours, withrespeot.
' vi. JLAMB3 3'HOMPSO.V 5
Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of Pennsylva
nia, writes: . 1 .r ( .' r
t . i, Philadelphia, Sept. 14,1867. j
"Hoofland's German Bitters" is a verj useful ar
ticle as a tonio and as an appetiser. It h not an in
toxi ating drink, and may- be used benefioially liy
persons of all age. Re pect fully yours, ,
Hoofland's German Remedies are counterfeited.
See tht tbe signature " ,ol C. M. JACKSON
is on tne wrapper of eaoh bottle. All oth
ers are counterfeit. - '
Prinoipal Office at.d Manufactory at the Gorman.
Medicine Store. o.631 ARCH. STREET. FhilfeO
delphia, Pa. " i - 1
CHARLES k. EVANS,' Proprietor.
Formerly C. M. JACKSON 4 CO.
..Ui 1. r .r r - . ; : i
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle tl 00
Hoofland's German Bitters, half dozen 5 00
Hoofland's German Tonic, put up in qt. bottles 1 60
per bottle, or a half doien for 7 SO.
Do not forget to examine well the article you buy
n order to get the genuine.
And Dealers In Medicines every where.
. jjR-dwAi geowlyl
i. M U : ; A
Wormald and O'Baldwin
Attempted Villainous Outrage.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
The Treaty Negotiations.
Spirit of the London Press.
Hayti, Panama and Mexico.
Hayti, Panama and Mexico. &c., &c., &c., &c.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 15.
' The Democrat ha a special from Omaha
as lollows: The returns from twelve of the
most populous counties ahowr over; eifrtit
hundred Republican gain, while the Dem
ocratic gain 43 only about forty. I The en
tlre Republican maiarity In -these counties
is aoout niteen nunarea. xwenty-tour in
terior counties are yet to be heard from,
which will no doubt make the Republican
majority-in the State irom two thousand to
twenty-three hand red. The Kpubliian
elected twelve State Senators and thirtv-
tive members of the House. The Democrats
elected one State Senator aud lour Representatives.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 15.
; 'The rTimesiiar a dtepatob from tJa i.
iBlnjrfiaih, Secretary of the1 Indiana -Stnte
Central Committee, as follows: The elec
tion is undoubtedly close, but weiiave but
little loubt-that Jwe, have electee Hen
dricks. 'The Radicals claim the State, but
are unable to name any majority. I bave
every reason to believe that the State is
safe. Large Democratic gains in many
counties are reported. ,Js iblack in tbe First,.
ICer in the Second, Hbliaan in th TWrd,knd
Voorhees in the Sixth, are positively
elected. This. Is a sain. oCone, over our la
test. Prevlofij-advtceS and hlrnres insure
tbe State by about 1.500 majority. We do
not 'see now this Tec Konin'y.canbe-over.
turned. t a su' w a
Offieial returns -received to-dav shows
Ftuall Republican gains on reported majori
ties. . Both, parties are, still claiming -the
ticket. The Indications are" that the Re
publican majority will "be 1,500. Official
returos trom tue 4tn Congressional district
plauea the election of ; Julian, (Reg. lor
Congress in doubt. His majorities are
much less than the State. ticket.
i A revised table of majorities, hi ar. as
received reduces the Republican, .majority
to 7,951. The Age, Democratic," estimates
the Republican majority at about 3.000.
Another dispatch says the Republican
State Committee of Pennsylvania fix the
mrjority at 10,665.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 15.
Free Mason's Hall, a beautiful new mar
hie building, on the corner of Market and
7th street?; was dedicated yesterday- by-tlie
Masons. A procession consisting of the
Grand Lodge ot the State, sixteen subordi
nate Lodges, two Commanderies of Knights
Templar, tbe Mayor and City Council, aud
a number of invited guests, marched'
through the principal streets and present
ed a very fine appearance. Tbe ceremonies
at the Hall were very-interesting and im
posing. Thos. E. Garrett was the Grand
Orator of. the occasion, and delivered a
very eloquent and able address. After the.
ceremonles at the Hall a large party drove
to the'Bellefontaine Cemetery, where a
monument to Anthony O'Snllivan a dis
tinguished Mason of Missouri, and known
throughout the entire country, was unveil
ed and dedicated with impressive, ceremo
nies. , . . ... .
In the United States Circuit Court, yes
terday, the case of John G. Copelin vs. the
Phoenix and Security Insurance compan
ies, of New York, for $10,000,.was decided
in favor of tne plaintifi.
A Cheyenne dispatch says returns from
Laramie City and other stations west, se-i-ure
the election' of Spink' as'delegate -to
Congress over Burleigh, Tod and Loohey,
by several hundred. .
'A' convention of delegates representing
emigrant societies of the United States
will assemble in this city or. Saturday.
The object is stated to be to adopt a uni
form system of action for thp protection
and encouragement of emigration. Prepa
rations have been made for the reception
of delegates, who are expected from all the
principal cities of the Uuion.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
NEW YORK, October 15.
In the Episcopal Convention yesterday,
the subject of the change ot name from
Convention to Council was finally indefi
nitely postponed by the casting vote of the
Rev. Dr. Pitkin, from Committee on New
Dioceses, reported an amended resolution
creating and admitting the new Diocese of
Western New York, which was adopted.
Tbe Bishop of Freilerickstown introduced
to the Convention Rev. Dr. Mang, of Min
nesota. : . i
The special committee appointed at last
Convention to prepare a report upon tbe
provincial system presented an essay lo
favor ot it It divides the Church in the
United States into six Provinces tbe first
the Province of New England; the second
the Province of tbe Atlantic to consist of
Pennsylvania. New Jersey and Delaware;
the third the Province of Michigan, to con
sist of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and
Wisconsin; the fourth the Province of the
Alleghany, to cobsUfc' of Virginia, North
Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mary
land; tbe fifth the Province of Alabama, to
consist of South Carolina, Georgia, Flori
da, Alabama and Mississippi; the sixth the
Province of tbe Mississippi, to consist ol
California, Texas, Louisiana, Mobile, Kau
sas. Iowa and Minnesota.
The senior Bishop of each province shall
be the primatb tbereof, aud. there shall be
a synod in each province composed of all
Bishops of said province, and of a clerical
and lay deputation from each diocese. -
The report was accompanied by tbe foU
lowing resolution :
1 Resolved, That the canon on the subdvis
lon of the church of the United States into
six provinces proposed at the last General
Convention, be referred, to a special com
mittee) of five to consider, and perfect-and
report to this Convention for adoption.
Resolved, That on and after the adoption
of the canon forming several provinces out
of the present one, this General Convention
shall be known by the name aud title of the
National Synod. , r v-'
Resolved, That a committee of five be ap-
pointed to dralt a Constitution for the Na
tional Church, and report to this conven-1
vention In order to be submitted to the
several dioceses for consideration.
The resolutions were ordered printed
and the report and resolutions referred to
a special committee of five, who were or
dered to report upon them at tbe present
convention. ' : ', , -.;
j Adjourned.A.ijiii i. 'i''a
Old School Presbyterian Synod.
SARATOGA, Oct. 15.
o Tire C4d, 8cch PrcsbyWrian yod
Albany-, held j their annual eeasio tend?
About eighty mihiaWriAnd idax were)
present,., AMresoliitiorgln..fiivor,of the
union, of tbe Old arid New "School was
adoiited uharrlraousTV. V'""1"' "','
BOSTON, Oct. 15.
The Governor Has JsppotntCfl Nbvembef
. Josiah Perhatn,,well known, in connec-,
tion . with, raUroadexcursion.',parti8v4i(
dead.-, rr.'ia i il .,..!-. tl'If ( :;:i!i::-d
BOSTON, Oct. 15.
The iteptlWfclans'Kf ffife 2-1 rifatrift snbm" j
inated Qakea.aies foij telectibiTtjit.CoD i
Congressional Conventions.
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.
-The : Congressional Conventions the '
Constitutional Unioo party met in the va-.
rious districts last evening, .but with the
exception ol James Brooks, who was re-
nominated In the Eighth District, no selec-i
tions were made... :, ,,.,. i.i-,!. lil:.,a
i Wormald. the pugilist,1 appeared before
Judge MeCann, yesterday, and - was1 rfu
leased on (5 000 bail to" answer to-day. '- It
is probable this will end, for the present,''
the contemplated prize fight with CBald
" '-' ':.!. 1.1, u.-i.
Attempted Outrage.
"A negro enticed two small girls 'Info a
house in Jersey City yesterday, drugged
and stripped them, and endeavored to out-:
rage them. One escaped, when citizens'
surrounded the house and .were, about to
lynch the villain, but the police . arrived '
and with great difficulty toot him; to the.
station. . , .... , . .'" .';- "'
Congressional Investigating Committee.
-..i-'i i:.tf nitteo. ,;',tu, t.',T,ia
' '.The Congressional i investigating - corn-:
mlttee held a session this forenoon and ex-u
amined Mr: Fitch in. reference ! charges
brought by him against Commissioner Rol
lins. Witness was brought livru jail where'
he Is Imprisoned for libelling! District At
torney Courtney f.;w .;ii..ii(i! v. v. f.i .-;
I ' Putnam Brown, an' 'expresi.' messeBger,'
Who had $125,000 b"IongIng , to the Mer-'
chants' Union Express Company, taken .
trom him on the Hudson River railroad, on!
the evening-of May 1st has ' been arrested
for perjury. " It is alleged that Brown was
a party to the robbery, that. Jie ' received.
$10,350 of the stolen "uioney,", He 3 is con
fined at White Plains. ,, , J.;.;;'";. :
Laying Corner Stone.
Tne corner stone of the new St -Thomas-Church,1
corner Fifth avenue and- -iFifty-third
street was lrid .yesterday afternoon 1
by Bishop Potter'The Bishop of MiBne-'
sotay Nevada, Colarado and Tennessee were:
" i?iyr,fno 71 !.-.;:)
International Cricket Match.
I rTKe " Intern'atlohal rCricket'l'rfiatcli ' bel
tween All England Eleven and the. Unltecf'
State Twenty-two, was continued to-day,'
the Eleven scoring' 14' tb "3 in heir; first !
innings and putting 6n cricket down or
22 for two runs. ,M"fi " ' -' ;'
12,064. voters. were registered ' in Brook'rj
lyn yesterday 'making a totaL ftf,.45.878ir
which is 20,196 increase over lastyear.The
increase in this city thus far oyer last year's
registration 48.167..'.... ,'jima.a
The Naturalization Treaty Negotiations.
LONDON, Oct. 14.
The naturalization treaty negotiations
which are being conducted between Minister-
Reverdva Jotinsoo, on the part ot the '
American Government and Lord Stanley,
on thepart of Quean Victoria, are. progress
ing in a very lavorable manner. Tbe doc
trine held by the United States with respect
to the acquisition of citizen domicile, and
transfer o allegiance by foreigners.'re
vio is to and since the war cf 1812, has been
fully maintained by Sir. Johnson in shap
ing the -new naturalization ' bill, a wort'
which has been justconcluded. jl ' ,l ..x-.l ''
The Alabama Claims.
i Lord Stanley ana Minister Johnson are
bow engaged in a consideration of tbe
Alabama Claims question, .which, it is
pretty certain, will be arranged soon, sub- .
ject ot course, to the" ratification of the
legislative bodies and approval ot the Gov-'
ernmeuts of the two countries,
Chinese Embassy.
' Minister Burlingame, representing his
Celestial Majesty, the Emperor -of China,
wins friends personally and for bis mission 1
daily, and tne attacks made by a portlou of.
the London press on the China-American
treaty, and the objects of the Embassy,
generally have ceased. News dispatches
received in the city from- all parts of Eu
rope, indeed, convey the pleasing intelli
gence that the Burlingame Embassy is
fully appreciated, and that Its members'
will receive a hearty, cordial welcome, not,
only at the dillereut courts but from the
Dispatches to band from Naples represent
that the volcanic movement of Mount Ve
suvius has become more intense and vio
lent an eruption, sending forth copious-
streams ot lava, having occurred.
Spirit of the London Press.
LONDON, Oct. 15.
1 papers comment on
American elections. .
' The Daily News says : If the Democratic
party had only remained passive. Repub
lican blunders would have given them the
power, but tbe Democrats have au equal,"
It not greater aptitude lor error.
' The Morning Post says: The result of
these elections has decided the Presidential
contest and the slight- interest wherewith:
the Democrats bought to surround it is
' rThe Standard comments on the small
majority claimed by the Republicans, and
thinks the Democrats may have carried
some of the States. The writer says it the
Democrats are beaten, their friends here
could wish they had been guided by safer
The Telegraph, while approving the re
sult, sees in it the ruin of the Republican
party, iu which are so many wide differ
ences on financial questions.
Gladstone on Fenianism.
LONDON, Oct. 15.
Mr. Gladstone made a speech yesterday
at Liverpool. He examined tbe question
of Fenianism and the discontent in Ireland,
and assigned the causes therefor. He spoke
earnestly of the need of reform, and quoted
and dwelt on the words of D'Arcy McGee,
a Conservative, on those causes as the voice
of the dead irom over the ocean.
Hon. John Bright.
Hon. John Bright has been tendered the.
freeedom of the city. -.; -
MADRID, Oct. 15.
Forty-eight cities,' being all the adminis
trative centers, adhere to the Junta and
Monarchal principles.' Seven cities' de
nounced the clergy, and all denounce re
ligious orders. The meeting of Cortes has
been fixed tor December 15th, so that rep-'
resentatives irom Cuba aud Porto Rico
may appear: :m j .. - -.'i . . . -.
Telegraph Tariffs.
LONDON, Oct 15.
- The joint committee of the Anglo Amer
ican and Atlantic Telegraph Companies
has decided to abolish, trom and after Nor
vember 1st 168, the system ot counting
letters in estimating tariffs, and count only
by words. ,; ,:.'-t-. j . "u-
; It is reported to-day that the French
Government has rfurloughed. 30,000 men.
from the army and navy.
MADRID, Oct. 15.
army will be exempt Irom the new
tax about to be levied. .
Destructive Fire.
ANTWERP, Oct. 15.
A great fire occurred to-day in the petro
leum works of Veod, Bros. & Co., this city.
The building, two thousand b irrels of pe
troleum and many millions of gallons of
naptba were burned. Loss very heavy. ...
MADRID, Oct. 15.
The Junta' has' removed the Bishop of
Huesca and the Bishop of Urgel, who are,
accused oi having aided the recent Carlist
demonstrations. - -
1 The Catalonians have petitioned against
the reduction of the custom tariff, .,
PARIS, Oct. 15.
j The Epoquetbluks it likely that some of
he great powers. ofEmspe wil
h .United .States. ObyerWrnenA
f.idffntJ ,f axaairut' movers sruil
PARIS, Oct. 15. Schleswig-Holstein.
PARIS, Oct. 15. Schleswig-Holstein. COPENHAGEN, Oct. 15.
- " '-J , w HI, lux a
opening speech, regrst the. fall Hra.ol tbe
negotiations with Pqs&Ja Kthe tW-o
jvuion t-uuiBH;iwrt-VlBOin TTSIlJ
'eeling between the King and people, hope
or a eohtfnteatlrffi bTMendlrelatlousVlth
rrussiavana, that the. InternaUonaA dlflr
does may .Be easily .settledlv,a iTo',T,' I
PANAMA. Advices from Aspin wall to the 7th.
PANAMA. Advices from Aspin wall to the 7th. NEW YORK, Oct. 15.
,The, steamer Jlenry Chauncy, irom As
in wall -J to. brings $267,501. iorTtrear
trom California'.'-' .,nuiw,u
i iae Asserqoiyac rsnama was orgaiaizeaJ
delegating; th xeQWTve, power to Acting
It is .generally, rbelieved that Kimball,
who, murdered Parker, at AsDlawalL will.
soon die. or it'...'.'.'.'. ..ntw.,l
. Chiriqul declared itself Indepettdtot-iofl
Panama and organieed a new Government
ernment troops had been 'defeated under
tne tare secretary ot State, Arna, who was
killed. --: - " .ACo:!!l. -nTqjt.j
The Chiriaulah commander'AlrririTjiTtfi
viteS. tbe.laadlng ofiPaoama troops, M bi
There is BO thing saw train finutb Amab.
Panic in Aquin.
Panic in Aquin. NEW YORK, Oct. 15.
The schooner IsaaoKXi Hertz. Capt. Grav.
arrived ' this-Ortiing from Aquin, Hayti,
wnicn poAt sue lett September 27tn.- A Tew.
days previous to, her' sailing.' the Inhabit
tauts,.expecting aidT all fled aml-tooki
retugeoo tuesbinping tyingln the barbbr.
Captain Gray had. 175 persons 'Vnd a decV?1
iuau ui luruibure un uoara nis vessel Vkfx
four days. ,aa ?Tx'T .a vnnl.
Panic in Aquin. NEW YORK, Oct. 15. MEXICO.
Free Importation.
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.
Vera Cruz advices state that Jnares had
decree .lre .impoctationt' ot-.?ereadtsrfha
into r ucatan for three-wnth on aecoarit
of the starving condition, pfjlkelflhablX-j
.... A t
1 r,T f.
Reno aod Anderson,!wkf:'ar Imprisoned!
I - : , 1 . 1. . j, 1 . . .
iiktv, waii,iun 3,ui? r.esuMiwi m secona trial
for extradition, endeanorrd ' to kreak JaLU
by Tgetting through the floor, but -were,
frustrated in the lurthef prosecution. of J
their designs.- Two attempts we're, made
within an hour to-day to booV detective
Pinkertrm, !wiio ts-worlrtng--up the above,
case hut. they. .tortuaately;allecL,;T ;1
WINDSOR, CANADA, Oct. 15. Havana.
WINDSOR, CANADA, Oct. 15. Havana. HAVANA, Oct. 14.
All disturbances bava' "been suppressed,"
and the island, is now-perfectly quiet
Advices from Po'r'td Rico Btate that all U
auiet. -SL ' ' '" T'i
New York Money Market—Oct. 15.
GOLft-Firm; Opened, at' ISTJ'closed at
W&r iJ,,l.l"J..,-l.V
Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 15.
GOLD 13734 buying. .
lEXCHANGE-Firm at par, for buyers
New York Stock Market—Oct. 15.
highef. Coupons of '81. 115J(ill5K; do1
'63 113n3 rio '64 llllllm?fta
do '65 111111; do new 10S)k109K;r
do '67 noli; o ;68 lllllli; 10-40s 105-
i05.. ;. . ;, :
5:30. prices Wells' Express 3030it
American 464C; Adams 51K51&;
United States 4848i: Merchants7 Union..
2223; Pacific Jtfail 126126; Atlan-1
tic azoao; western un'on xeiegrapo
37; New York Central 12S4128: Erie :
4048K; preferred 7071; Uliio andMJs-i '
sissippi3i43i?g; wauasn ea8(i3M; do,
preferred 76: Michigan ' Central 118',
110; Michigan "Southern' 8HSS? Fart
Wayne 114J114); Terre Haute iVm4f, ,
do preferred 6365; CCC aud Ind 79; To-'
ledo mmk.. .,., ; ,,jJ,,;;t
New York Market—Oct. 15.
-COTTON Opened heavy and lower, and
closed rather more steady ; sales 2,600 bales
at 2525.c for middling uplands, dosing'
with no sellers at under 25o. :n -j-nmitiuj
FLOUR Closed active and. steady for 1
State, and heavy for western brands. . la
WHEAT l2c better, with a moderate
export and home trade demands:, ;-.q :m ij
RYE Steady at tl 601 61 for western-r
OATS Dull at 74c tor western afloat. - i
CORN More active and firmer at $1 13
1 15 for unsound, and $1 1621 17 for:
sound new mixed western afloat. . ' it
PORK Dull and declining, with free-,
sellers of mess at 23 80 cash. - -. - . if
BEEF Dull and drooping.. r t j
CUT MEATS Quiet and firm. . li; i
BACON Steady, with a moderate de-i;
mand. . -is .1
LARD Dull at 19J19J lor fair tot.
prime steam. ; :. .: ?. n,i ..m
EGGS Steady at2829c . - ': :; -i
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 15.
FLOUR Dull; family 8 509. .'''
WHEAT Advanced to $1 SK)1 92 fori
No-lred. - - :
RYE Quiet at$l 361 40" "!'
OATS Dull at 69o. - ;i l- ' ' ! j'iio;
BARLEY Higher ; Canada $2 40. Mr.uit
COTTON Dull at 24c tor midiling.e
TOBACCO Firm; sales lug $6 6010;
leaf $1231. " 1 'ui ,.;-o u.;a i n -jmf
WHISKY Deelined to $1 28.' -iJ -i i
PORK Mess $30 75. .- ii.-, I., l.-te-nl
BULK MEATS Dull; 1214o for should
ders hnd sides. ' - ,. ; , tr- u in jrtjjil
BACON Dull ; : shoulders' 13e; sirhwr
I5?l6c; clear rib 16c, and Jciea-17
17 c. "!
LARD Dull at 100. "; !""JI
HAMS Sugar cured dull; second ploklet
sold at 14c; best brands 1819o, and nom.T
inal. ii 1
GROCERIES Steady.. ' r T'M-j.ik, a ..f
OIL Linseed dull- at $1 06. 1 Linseed'
cakef45 perton. - ' '- - "' ' '- - -SEED
Flaxseed $2 40i 50; clover
nominal and unchangtd, timothy dull at
$2 853. " ': .-r,-..-d
Al'PLES $24? -1 va- il
BUTTER In good supply and droop-
ing; fresh 3540c. - rn
HAY Dull at $1516. y ''.a
Chicago Market—Oct. 15.
FLOUR Easier; sales of spring, extra.
at5 757 12 . - . ,
.WHEAT Quiet and 24c higher on No,
1, and 2lc higher 011 No., 2; sales o(J
Na 1 at $1 42al 44J; No. 3 at $1 4JZ
1 35V; closing steady at $1 43 for No. lt.
and 1 35 tor 'No. 2; sales . No. 2 since'
'Change at $1 36J. . '. -. ".
CORN Pull aud la2c lower; sales of No.
1 at 90a92c; No. 2 at 89a90c; rejected at 88.
nS9; closing dull and nominal at 00a9ic,for'
No. 1; sales this afternoon at 91gC for No. 1
OATS Aetive-'and Jiie, lower;; sales.
No. 1 at 5la51Jc; rejeciea t43c... .'. ' ,
.RYE Activa and steady; sales of No.l.
at $1 27al 29; N6J. '2 at $1 24al 25, and re-'
iected at $1 15al 16; closing; at 28 for
No. 1, and SI 24 for No. 2. r ... J,,'
BARLEY Active and 34c higher; sales
ot No. 2 at 91 94al 98. and rejected at 91 73 ,
al 75; closing at $1 96al 97 for No. :,n;
New York Dry Goods Market—Oct. 15.
- Cotton goods Arm, in sympathy with raw
staple cotton. Yarns Prices held 1neieas-'
ed firmness at 2940c.- although joblotsf
can be piiked np at88c.: Brown Drills,
scarce and firm at 18:. lor best makes. 1
Heavy Brown Sheetings, steady at 15
16c. for best makes. ...Printing Cloths very
irregular during, the week, closing firm at
7aC. for best standard. Calicos in lair re
quest aud firm at one shilling for popular,
makes. Wooler. Weather still too warm
for active trade, if we except low -priced
flannels, whi-h are active, and buoyant.
Blankcts and ladies felt skirts in good re-,
quest. But goods for mens' wear are quiet '
except desirable grades of low priced bea-..
ver doeskins in black, and coatings, wbicli,'
sell for 9i 50 lor double width. ,,..., ,-. -
' '
Buffalo Market—Oct. 15.
FIXUR Unchanged and dull.: (ii ;.!:,
WHEAT Inactive: No 2 Wilwarikee-.
offered at $ 1 50; no buyers.": .;.-);: .'s-ro -vh 1
CUKN Dull and lower; saies -oi zo.ixiut
bushels at 1 05, 1 05 an $1 04, latter
for Toledo. ' ' 1 "" ' ' ''"!
OATS Dull at 63Je to arrive. ':i b ..!,
RYE Unohanged. .-i.r Ite j.ihii
BARLEY Canada at $2 25. ' -'. !..,,.,
HIGHWINKS Declined 9c? ' tHid t
$125 ' - -i. , "Vmnji lis; .ts-.ta'
CANAL FREIGHTS 17c; trheKt 14e:i
corn to New -York SGev - i dnw t su

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