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. OCT. IT.
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' TBimit t0TOB. STAT1 AT LABS.
-7in P. of Cuyahoga
, nVjCH J. JEWETT.of Muskingum
,-.!.. -JOHN B. aECP.pfH.mmon.
"JlEO w. HOUCK. of Montgomery.
Zw JACKSON, of Miami.
ZaIc 8. PILLARS, of Allen..
M H DAVIS, of Clenoont.
ZwM J. ALEXANDER, of Greene.
Z " . VbPPLETON.flf DeLwHt.
ZjOHN A? CRAMKEf. of Ottawa.
-EZRA VpEaN. ot .Lewnu.ee. .
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J. J. GKBW oi r -.
,MS " e pATRICKVof TuVearswu I
loth !tl MVttt W ILLIAM8. of Carroll.
Wth 2 WKIMKtL of Summit.
. Gold closed In New York yesterday at
137. . r" ' " " " ' '!
The Latest Sensation.
rTh & York World: sensation article,
faat Got. Sbtmoub and Gen. Blaib,
fcaT .r are about to reslRo, to give place
QCtMDemootatlo Presidential Ticket to
Jn&i Jhab and soma 41other man,"
geemod to rejoice oar' opponents exceed
lBgly;at their rejoicing has been staort
MTad.'Tha ta to not only not credited in
Democratic circles, but Is proven fatee by
Die Telegram from Ne w Tc ork to Washing-,
tahalxttad by Messrs. Tildes, Schxll and
Aoocyr Btmo"-"' '; '"' ' ' v' N j
Indiana Election—A Close Contest.
Tba Imdianapolu Sentinel ot tWe 15th Inst,
linbUshe the loss md jraln si the two
political parties ia that SUte by counties.
Xhe lea and gala are based on the vote of
jaea," the" last Waste -election, wheal the
Radicals carried Indiana, by 14,616. The
gala of the Radicals In the eighty-seven
counties heard from Is 930 that of the De
mocracy 15,710. from ; which deduct the
kadieal gala and it leaves 14,780 as, the
tear gala ia the State for the Democracy,
W Governor, and is 228 more than the Rad
ical majority at the . last State election.
There are live counties to hear from, to
wlt: Starke, Jasper, LaGrange, Martin
and Crawford, which the Sentinel thinks
will Increase the Domocratlc majority.
The Radicals also claim a small majority,
bnt do not give the figure; to support it.
Won't Associate with their Principles.
elplea. .
' The great bulk of the Grant Tanners in
St. Louis, after inviting all the Republican
organization 8 ef that city to join them in
processkm on Saturday night, kicked
against allowing the " intelligent contra
banda," although voters, to make part and
parcel of the great Radical show.
: lm this city the colored men were given
to understand that it would noS do for
th to show themselves as zealous Re
publicans antil the day of election, for if
tney did, the Democrats would shout
u niagerf and It might prevent many Re
poblioaas from lending their countenance
to the great parade of Friday night last.
.'This proves that the party leaders that pro-
- -fees sack love for the negro, and so fixed
-determination to give them all the polit
ical rights they themselves enjoy, are
guilty of " rank hypocrisy. They
rare willing to receive negro votes,
although given against both the law and
-the plain reading of the SUte Constitu
tion, but will not, dare now anow uiem
ven to march la the rear of their proces
sion, for tear that Democrats wiu ridicule
them. The Congressional representatives
f that party have repeatedly voted to
ioree negro equality npon the people ot
the Southern States a measure repudiated
1 by every Northern community to whom
the question of negro sunrage nas Deen
submitted. Yet, while tbey wish to force
whiur-tnen out f the South, while they
L&IlQXShip with the negro at. the polls, and
Tote ts de- the aame thing in unto, tney
-refuse the poor -"intellljjnt contraband"
the "better race af manklna,' who, in
Iiril their . speeches they' "proclaim to be a
4iM had rotter the right to march
with Owm aad carry a lantern or a torch,
a Vrooeasioa to which all are Invited
helppoea the Dewooracy . , A w sy with
rath arrant hypocrisy. ; : i " -
The Journal Wants Trouble.
The"JoaroJ talks abont the purity of
elections. "Ve, too want purity of elec-'
tions. : . ..:-' ' - !
fjt Greene county, in Cuyahoga county;
ialVoraUieoanty, and undoubtedly in other
eooatlesef the SUte, Negroes were voted
who had' not the semblance of a right to
Tote, and If Democrats interposed to pre
vent this outrage upon the Constitution
and the law, they were driven from the
polls and beaten.
, Students, at the tnsUnce of Re
publican politicians, voted in defiance of
law law. decided constitutional by the
Dtotriet Court that was held at.Urbana, in
April las and which decision wag affirmed
y the Supreme Court.
When the Republican politicians In this
city, tn this District, and In this SUte, shall
conduct the elections honestly- on their
aide, there will be no trouble; but just so
lonf as they shall undertake to control the
?lecdoBS by fraudulent votes, just so long
trill there be trouble.:" : , : V " ;
The Denoeraey of this city will see that
.the Republican party do not vote Negroes
against them SO long as the Constitution
does not admit of their voting. In Greene
county, there, are localities where Demo
crats can not enforce this right ; but they
are strong enough In this city to enforce
It If It Is the purpose of the Journal to
force this class of people to vote at the
Sovember election, It will have an uglier
trouble to handle than that of the 13th. 1
c If the Republicans want peace and quiet
la this city at the November election, we
oatt upon the good men of that party to
SlHoade their party leaders from the folly
fit undertaking to vote the Negroes of this
The Journal Wants Trouble. Judge Safford.
Wa had the pleasure yesterday of Uking
fey the hand Hon. Wk. H. Satford, whose
good forte ne It was to be elected, on the
13th Inst, Common Pleas Judge for the Ju
dJSiUl aus-Dlstrlct composed ot the coun
sies of Fayette, Highland and Ross. His
Majority is two hundred and fifty. It af
&rda as inflaite pleasure to announce his
oleetioib- .Ho deserves it, in a party view,
and inasmuch as he possesses the necessary
qualification to make a first-rate Judge.
: .- ' i
In an editorial yesterday morning, we
atatrl that we had learned that at Spring
Valley, - in Greene County, Democratic
challengers had been driven away from
the' polls and . beaten. We Intended' to
write Cedarvllle. This is the place at
which we understand it occurred. v ' '
The Sensation of the Hour.
The sensation mongers of New York
city and in Washington city, have given It
out that it Is seriously contemplated to
persuade Sktmocr and Blair to withdraw
Irom the Democratic National ticket, to
the end that Chief Justice Cbasb and John
Quinct Adams may be substituted.
Nothing would more gratify the Repub
lican'politicians than just such a move
ment, and we have no Idea that Democrats
could be caught by such a yull. There
were here In the city yesterday Democrats
from all parts of the State,, and they all
looked .upon the suggestion 'as. the very
heighth of foolishness. They were con
vinced, that where the Democracy would
gain one vote by It In Ohio they would lose
ten. To such a pioposition they would
not consent, because they feel It would in
sure the defeat of the Democracy, and re
sult iu the complete disorganization of the
party a disorganization that it would taki
years to repair. No party has grown iu
strength with the rapidity that the Demo
cratic party has grown since the termina
tion of ' the War, and its growth
will be continuous until victory shall
perch ' upon Its banners, - if the
party shall only be true to Itself its
principles and Its organization. It Is sira
ply a question of time when it shall tri
umpn. - xne ngnt sort of work cin give
us victory in November. It is not linpossi
ble; bnt a change oi front now a change
or candidates and ot principles will in
sure, and deservedly so, the defeat of the
We will not believe that any sincere
Democrat would lend himself to any such
ssheme. Trimmers, time-servers and
poucy mongers, wno imagine that such a
change would bring about victory, and
with victory, office to themselves, might
favor It.
Republican Victory in November
Not Certain.
The Toledo Blade (Radical) in an edito
rial jollifying over the result of the elec
tions in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
very truly says: ',
Yet our struggle has been sufficiently
severe, and our majorities sufficiently lim
ited to admonish us that we are not to sail
Into victory altogether on flowery beds of
ease. Li is wen that this is bo. - in politics
nothing should ever be taken for granted.
ejections are, in a general way, very un
certain things, and political prophets are
not untrequently made to weep over the
non-iuiniinient oi tneir noperui promises
Success in politics, as in every other de
partment of honorable enterprise, is largely
conditioned upon ceaseless vigilance ana
untiring labor. The success ot yesterday
in the voting States is a high compliment
to the zeal and industry of our friends, but
it ii by no means large enough to allow ps
to sit down in careless inactivity. There is
much work yet to be done, and we doubt
not that it will be well, wisely and trium
phantly accomplished."
It every Democrat in Ohio resolve, and
let him put that resolution Into execution,
that he will work harder to promote Demo
cratic success In November than he did to
promote Democratic success in October,
and victory will be won even in Ohio.
The great, final battle has not yet been
fought, and the recent political fights in
Pennsylvania and Indiana were merely
drawn battles.
The Prospects in November.
A special to the Cincinnati Enquirer, from
Washington, dated the 16th, contains the
The artlcleln the Neio Tork World to
day suggesting a change in our Presiden
tial ticket is indignantly denounced by
Democrats. . , .' ' .
The later returns of the election show
that we have been beaten by a very small
majority, notwithstanding the stupendous
Radical frauds in the three great States.
With a fair vote it is still within our power
to succeed. Already the National Com
mittee is in receipt of many telezrams
from these States, promising a better fight
in November, accompanied with assur
ances of a triumph. A few timid persons
commenting over results and yielding to
the shock ot the moment, visited General
Hancock to-day, and propounded the ques
tion whether be would accept the nomina
tion it Seymour declined. HancocK treated
the proposition as Impertinent. Chase's
name is also used by gossips in this con
nection, but it is an absurd idea.
In addition to the frauds Dract'sed in
Pennsylvania, it has leaked out that It was
part of the Radical policy to manipulate
tne telegraphic news so as to create the
impression that their State bad gone Radi
cal by an immense majority, trusting these
nret impressions would nave an effect.. The
latter news shows that but for the auda
cious frauds in Philadelphia and Alleghe
ny, me state would nave gone Democratic.
More than 15 000 votes of naturalized citi
zens were improperly rejected in that
Among . the Democratic editors in the
city yesterday, were. Messrs. Hodder, cf
the Marion Mirror, Allen, of the Steuben
ville Gazette, McGregor, of the Stark County
Dimocrat, and Prophet, ot the Me. Gilead
Register. . -
Letter from Dublin.
[Correspondence of the Ohio Statesman]
DUBLIN, O., Oct. 15, 1868.
As the public
generally have read two accounts pub
lished in your invaluable paper, concern
ing the Rev;. Perry G. Watson's case ; and
as it will undoubtedly be of interest to all
who read the former accounts to hear the
result of the whole matter, I would very
respectfully request you to publish this
The church, after locking the minister
out, preferred charges against him to the
Conference, which assembled at Vienna
about two months ago. Conference ap
pointed a committee of ministers to try Mr.
Watson at Dublin, on the 9th inst. The
committee came here on the 9th, and so did
Mr. Watson. After reviewing the charges,
the church and committee withdrew them.
and Mr. Watson is now, as he nas been lor
the last twenty-five years, a member of
Conference. This action of the Lord's
vineyard at Dublin, with its former ones
In regard to this oppressed minister, needs
no comment.. -- -
Mr. Watson may well thank Mr. John
Wright, who was about the most efficient
friend he had, and who exerted himself In
Mr. Watson's behalf, in season and out of
season. Watson was warmly greeted over
his success. Everything is lovely here in
Dublin, and the goose hangs high.
Very respectfully, yours.
Defeat of John H. Thomas.
The majority for Judge Winans In this
District is reported to be 112. Notwith
suuding the glorious majority of over
three thousand in Franklin county, the
nigger vote ot Greene county teats our
Congressman. It is estimated that not less
than six hundred niggers not entitled to
vote the most of them full-blooded Con
sros were allowed to violate the purity ol
the ballet-box in Greene county. We hear
ot two darkeys from this county who voted
in Xenta, and there were probably several
more. If.afew negroes were prosecuted
and sent to the Ohio Penitentiary for ille
gal voting, there wouldn't be so much of it
done in Xenia and elsewhere in that coun-
Madison County Democrat.
' The1 Republicans claim that their party
ha all the inteUlaence. Here is an ex-
tain pie of their "bright and shining light:"
At the SDringfield mass meeting torch
(light procession on Saturday evening last,
the nve waras oi opurwwu ueuiK rep
resentedtwo of the ward delegations
bore banners aiorc witn tne name oi
nans their candidate tor Congress
BDelled : Wiana ana Winands I in aaai-
'tfon there was as bad orthography, such
as : Hurah for Hurrah, Bagert for Baggers,
.. . t .
Wn were were ana Know wnereoi we
and defy contradiction. How are
r JKNCE. ' .:
Helmbold Ahead of Pierrepont—Subscription
of $40,000 for the Seymour
and Blair Campaign.
The following correspondence is impor
tant, as it practically illustrates the. views
of thinking and enterprising merchants,
and those who have not altogether lost
their love of country or . Constitution as
banded down by' our fort-fathers, or who
have a respect, for .malntajLiilng its honor,
and character :' --" -
October 14, 1868.
.. .
To Georga 'Winhineton Lanirley. Esq.. firm of La'ng
ley. Saut-rleo. blackwell Co., 37 Broadway.
New York: , , . , -.
Dear Sir: When Horatio Seymour was
by acclamation nominated for President of
the United States by the Democratic party,
it was conceded by all parties that he was a
good statesman and sound delender of our
Constitution, but since his nomination I
have noticed many slanderous remarks In
regard to his conduct during the war. Hap
pily, Hon. A. G. Curtin, ex-Governor of
Pennsylvania, has expressed himself in a
most friendly manner, remarking that the
least Baid against Seymour's conduct du
ring the rebellion, the best for the Repub
lican party, as be would acquit him ol such
Wow, as to F.P. Blair, I have observed
in several Ri-publicau papers statements
that he had no claims whatever upon the
Democratic party, and to this I would say
why not? Was it because he fought in the
army and for the restoration of the Union?
He was nominated at Tammany Hall with
shouts of applause, just alter proclaiming
that we ninst have a President untraramel
ed by an unconstitutional, oppressive and
arbitrary Congress. Since the close of the
rebellion I have carefully noticed the ex
pression ot Southern Journals, politicians
and merchants, and find that all are desir
ous of living in harmony, and expect that
the election ot Seymour ana uiair wiu m
the means of encouragement and the ex
tension of the right hand of fellowship,
thereby evidencing a complete vindication
of the object of the war and of the Consti
tution, and restoring the rights of an im
poverished and oppressed portion of our
country. -
Before concluding, I will address myself
to the young and enterprising merchants
and laboring classes. In the various city
papers of recent date, I have noticed a cor
respondence between Judge E. Pierrepent
and A. T. Stewart, the substance of which
was that they both desired the election of
U.S. Grant for tresident, judge x'lerre
pont tendering a check for $20 000 for
furthering his election. Now, to the sen
sible reader and to the young merchant, is
not this in itself perfectly explanatory of
their interests, and is it not opposed to
their development. Do they expect to be
benefitted? Is it not tor purely mercenary
motives? The contest presents a well-
defined issue between the bondholders
and the enterprising and laboring
classes, and resolves Itself Into an oppres.
sion. Greenbacks for one and gold tor the
other. In this correspondence I would not
wish to asserc anything against the pay
mentof the debt, but the interest is exor
bitant it can not be pai.l, excepting in the
same currency as purchased, ana wnen this
is once done capital seeks other invest
menu of a more lucrative character, there
by producing a revenue and gradually ap
proaching a gold basis. In conclusion, per
mit me to tender my check for $40,000, fo be
used in such manner as you may tnmk most ad
visable tor the furtherance of my views. .
True to our friends and kind to the weak
H. T. Helmbold. Esq.. 684 Broadway :
Your letter of the 4th inst. received, con
taining check for $40,000. This amount
shall ut-e tn the most appropriate manner.
1 perused the contents ol your letter with
the utmost gratification. The question is
presented to the people whether they will
aid in electing an administration bent on
trampling the Constitution into the dust,
and elevating upon its ruins a power con
trolled by bondhoiding ariscocrcy, . whose
motto is gold for the rich and rags for the
poor, with prostration in every branch of
industry, and the business of the whole
country, or from whose intelligent admin
istration we can nave one V nion, one coun
one Sincerely
A Terrible Outrage in Arkansas.
A correspondent from Carroll county
writes tniif-:
On the 5th instant, at a church-house on
Crooked Creek, four or five Radicals raised
a row on the Sabbath. Knowing that the
Conservatives were all unarmed they fired
into the crowd, killing one man dead upon
the snot and wounded three others.of which
two have since died, one it is supposed will
recover. This was done bv men that claim
to belong to the Carroll militia, and they
are going to enforce civil law. We
suppose that they have commenced the
enforcement. This is the first . Radical
outrage npon the citizens of this coun
ty. We have enough of it. We have lived
in peace for three years, but we are
not willing to have our good men slaugh
tered fey men that have set out to enforce
civil law that will not submit to the law
themselves. We understand that the Sher
iff, together with the good citizens of this
county, demanded that the lawless scamps
be biought to justice and let the law have
its course in the premises. We have not
heard a word lrom them since they com
mitted the act, only what we heard on the
next day. The Radicals all gathered to the
number of titty strong at Captain Fick's
store, we suppose to protect the outlaws
against the civil authorities. The good
citizens of this county are law-abiding,
and will help to enforce it. provided it is
in their power to do so. We had not been
apprised that there was another war
up,- until the Radicals commenced
charging the places of public worship,
seeking whom they might devour. Tbey
killed their own brother-in-law in the
fight. We have been told that there were
two Conservatives armed, and they were
the first two shot down, and did not use
their arm?. The Conservative people of
this county have not been in the habit of
carrying arms for the last three years.
Now we ask the question, what shall wc
do If the Radical authorities, under a Rad
ical form of government, sutler men to ko
to church houses arid commit such outrages
upon people, and fail to bring them to jus
tice for want of law, and men. too, who
will enforce it to the letter? Our county
has been in a prosperous condition for the
last three years. Registration is on hand,
and we are all calculating to register and
vote for Seymour and Blair, that the laws
[From the Indianapolis Sentinel.]
Wade Hampton—A Dignified and
Manly Letter.
' The following letter from a Confederate
General to a Union General should be read
by every patriot in the land. It is a frank,
manly expression of opinion by one whose
bravery is unquestioned, whose talents are
admitted, and who accepts .the arbitrament
of the sword. His allusion to the misrep
resentations made by corrupt politicians
brands them with deserved infamy. His
statement of the position of the people of
the South is unquestionably true, xney
"desire, above all things, a firm, j ust peace."
They "recognize the questions of slavery
and secession as settled forever by the
war." It declares "they have no purpose,
open or concealed, to agitate these ques
tions at any future time, and look to con
stitutional agencies and peaceful remedies
alono to free us from legislation which we
believe will destroy the South utterly and
COLUMBIA, Oct. 5. 1868.
Major General John A. McClernand, Springfield,
Dear Sir : Your letter inclosing the
pamphlet has just reached me, and I beg
to thank you tor your attention in sending
the latter, as well as your polite invitation
to address the people in your Stite. It
would give me very great pleasure to ac
cept this flattering invitation, but my ser
vices are imperatively demanded here,
where we are struggling against very
heavy odds, though with a fair prospect
of success. If I could leave home, I
would certainly visit the great North
west, In the hope that I might in
some small degree disabuse your people
of the false impression given to them by
Radical misrepresentations ot the purpeses,
the wishes and the desires of the people of
the South. 1 would strive to Impress upon
t.hpm that we desire above all things a firm,
iust peace; that we recognize the question
ot slavery anu svbcaoiuu .cucu wicrci
by the war; that we have no purpose, open
or concealed, to agitate these questions at
any future time, and that we look to con
stitutional agencies and peaceful remedies
alone to tree us from legislation which we
believe to be unconstitutional, and which
m know will destroy the South utterly
and irretrievably. ' ' " x lf.
We appeal, confidently, to the great
Pnnsorvative nartv which is now fighting
for the Constitution, to rescue us from the
ruin that Is Impending, irot only ' over us,"!
but over the whole country. ;We ask for
peace, justice, and theConstltution. We
ask only the righu held - Bacred bv
every American citizen. We are "well
nigh powerless. And, If it comes at all,
must come from the DeoDle of the North.
If the South Is crushed by military des
potism, the fate of the North will be seal
ed for constitutional liberty. Republican
Institutions will disappear under the same
blow that destroys us."1 If; Is this convic
tion that.makes us cling so-tenaciously to
Hint great parry wnicn alone ouers us safe
ty and tenders to us honorable and equita-
,We terms.'. If the candid men of all parties
at the North would come to the South and
see the condition tn which we now are ; it
they would acquaint themselves with the
feelings of our people, there would no
longer be among them any doubt either as
to the absolute necessity for a change of
Government or of the sincerity and good
faith with which our people stand upon
the platform of the Democratic party.
Let me nrge you, then, to send some of
.your speakers here. They will meet a cor
dial welcome, . and they can eflect great
good. For the misrepresentations of my
self, to which you allude, I personally am
perfectly indifferent; but I regret them as
renecung injury on our party. 1 can only
say that I have constantly advocated sub
mission to law; that I have urged our peo
ple to bear patiently the frightful evils un
der which we groan, in the hope th.it relief
would come in the success of the Demo.
cratic party ; and that I have everywhere
comured mv old fnllnwpra tn hp ha 9.hm1j,iik
and devoted soldiers in the cause ot peace
as they were In that ot war.
I have written very hastily. a9 1 am abont
to leave aome, out tn perfect frankness and
sincerity, xuis was demanded by : your
Kind letter. Hoping that 1 have been sue
cessful in assuring you of the oositlon I
occupy, and thanking you again lory Our
Very respectfully, yours.
Drunkenness in England and
A London paper makes a comparison be
tween England and France on the subject
of drunkenness. It says that, since the
time of Henri Mevegor and his Bohemians,
the vice of intoxication has made marked
and deplorable strides in France. The pro
digious multiplication of beer shops, and
the systematic adulteration of wine have,
in Paris at least, taught the working class
' the pernicious custom of what, in England;
is termed "boozing." A French sot was
formerly a monstrosity; the manners of the
latter day have made the type of the toper a
common one. Moreover the mania--it is
nothing less than a mania for the stupe
fying add nauseous beveragev called ap
sinthe, has made terrific inroads on the so
briety of the population; and among work
men and soldiers in particular, the craving
falls little short of the proportion ot a pes
tilence. ; ' i
England is notperhaps.the most drunken
country In the world, but very few surpass
it in proneness to the consumption ot the
most besotting stimulants. There is more
intoxication to be seen in the course of one
hour' in London, Dublin, Liverpool or
Glasgow, than two whole days would dis
close in any of the great Atlantic cities.
By their fondness for brandy, the Russian
peasantry, the Danes and the Swedes would
horrify a temperance lecturer; yet it must
be owned that neither in Russia, Denmark
or Sweden are drinking habits productive
of the misery, the vice and the crime which
are their sure attendants in England. The
Germans drink beer from morning till
night, and drink a fair proportion of wine
and ardent spirits into the bargain; never
theless, drunkenness is by no means a
marked feature in the German character.
The English paper from which we quote
these remarks adds this inquiry : "How is
it, why is it, that the English race should
defy all other surrounding races to rival it
in the worship of Bacchus?"
Surrender! No, Never! The Battle
has Just Begun!
When the intrepid Paul Jones was in the
midst ot a bard fought battle, a cannon
ball from the enemy's ship came booming
Into his vessel, and threatened destruction
and disaster f his crew. His adversaries
chuckled with their temporary advantage;
and insolently demanded a surrender.
"Surrender!" exclaimed the gallant sea
man, "No I Never! the battle has lust
begun I ' He continued the fight, pouring
broadside into the enemy's ship until her
entire crew were killed or driven from the
deck, and their ship floated upon theocean
a dismantled wreck. 1 -Democrats,
imitate hla example. Stand
to your guns till the last shot has been
fired. All is not lost. We have been
borne down tor the moment, but the cause,
thank God, isnotlost. The good ship of
Democracy will yet outride the storm ot
Radical corruption and crime, and reach
the port amid the cheerscf millions ot free
men. Courage ! Democrats, courage. In
the fight of Tuesday the enemy obtained
a temporary advantage. But we must re
pair the di.' aster ot the fight by reorganiz
ing our forces for the great arid final bat
tle of November next. Never yield. Tell
your insolent foe that "the battle has just
begun," ana our word tor it, line tne im
mortal Jones, you will carry death and de
struction Into their camp. Again we say,
Courage, Democrats, courage and exertion,
Ohio Eagle.
A Colored Man a Candidate for
J. Mills Minard Is a colored man, a citi
zen of the Second Congressional District
of Louisiana. He has been nominated for
Congressby the Republicans, to fill the un
expired term of Colonel Mann. He was a
candidate tor the nomination, and the fol
lowing is an extract from his Circular
" The time has fully come to test the pro
fessions and principles ot those wno con
trol the Republican party of Louisiana,
and it is a sacred duty to themselves for
the colored people to see that the col
ored race is not sold out by a few trading,
treacherous white Republicans In Louis
iana, as it has been in Georgia. This State
is entitled to seven Representatives in Con
gress. Are not the colored people entitled
to at least two ot this number? Is it not
our duty to see that. at least two colored
citizens are selected to r-jprcsent In Con
gress the 90,000 colored votersot Louisiana?
The ballot means equal representation, as
well as equal rights, and if men are still
to be debarred from the halls of Congress.
or even the White House, on account of
the color of their laces, then Reconstruc
tion and Republicanism are lamentable
failures. The reward of the long oppressed
race will not be adequate, and the greet
cause of equal rights will not be accom
plished, until the ci'ared man is seen in
everv department of this Government. It
is necessary that the Forty-first Congress
should possess more backbone than the
. present one in order to fix a plain provision
- in the supreme In w if the republic which
shall confer the ballot on every citizen, re.
gardless of race or color. North, South,
East and west."
"Barrett's" Renowned Hair Restorative
To stop an itching head use Hall's Vege
table Sicilian Hair Renewer, a sure cure.
. Wrappisg Paper, ot all kinds and qualij
ties, lor sale at the Wholesale Paper Ware
house of Andrews, Perry & Co- Nos. 93
and 95 North High street. octl5-d3t
For Gents' Furnishing Goods, the finest
in the city, such as Neck Ties, Gloves,
Socks, Under Shirts and Drawers, go to
Jos. Gundersheimer's,
octl3-dl0t. ' No. 7 Nell House.
"Barrett's" All around the World.
Workmen Wanted. We want seventy'
five men to work on the Nlcolson pave
nipnt. Liberal wages paid. Apply at
once to
octl6 3t Doylf, Leonard & Co.
Gloss & Wilper's Restaurant open day
and night! . oct7-dtf
If you wish to save ten dollars in a Suit
leave your measure at
Jos. Gundersheimer's,
octl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil House.
Competitors fear "Barrett's."
Tea and Manilla Papers, for sale at the
Wholesale Paper Warehouse of Andrews,
Perry & Co., Nos. 93 and 95 North High
street. octlo-d3t
V Chinchilla and Beaver Overcoats, Frock
and Sack, Custom made, at
Jos. Gundersheimer's,
octl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil House.
f Cakpet Paper for underlying carpets,
ibrsale) at the wholesale paper warehouse
of Andrews Perry & Co., Nos. 93 and 95
North High street, y octl5-d3t
Oysters Oysters Oysters.
Getofluckley's-f the live Oystemah)""--
16 E. Broadwav. to buv Snencer. Angur &
Cp.VChfsaDeake By jbysteri (J J
Boys' and Youth's Suits, from 4 to 18
years of age, la the latest styles, at 1
- - - Jos. Gundershbimrr's,- i
octl3-dl0t "f,.fNd?r3Tbil House.!
. ' A M d j
For Sale House arid lot, corner ol
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sole) at a bargain
Enquire ol J.W . Moore, Is o. 43 West 'North
street. ' "- : i- ) - . ; ;
OCtl3-dtf : : : : ; - !:
' Roofing Paper tarred and untarred, fcr
sale at the Wholesale paper warehouse ot
Andrews, Perry & Co., No. 93 and 95 North
High street. octl5-d3t
: Mkals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper's
?oct7-dtf -J----' '' ' ; j '
Now Ready. Beaver Suits and French
Walking Coats in Blue, - Black, brown and
Daihla, got up in Custom style, at,
... . . Gundersheimer's,
octl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil House.
" All Ladies use "Barrett's." '
The largest stock of goods ever brought
to this city, couslsting of French, English,
Scotch and Italian Cloths and Cassinieres,
for . suits. Beavers and : Chinchillas lor
Overcoats, etc., etc., can be found at
Jos. Gundersheimer's, ,
ontl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil House,
"Barrett's" dresses Hair splendidly.
Jeleff &'DeButt8, Locksmiths and
bell h-mgers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style." Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. 'Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. ' Keys ot all description always
on band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. . -, may23-s-ly
Often lucifc, but generally providence
will help us to discover something that was
considered heretofore impossible to achieve
by careful study or experiments. But "Dr.
Johnston's Specific" is the result of years of
study and experiments guided by the Al
mighty Providence, which has led the Dr,
to discover those plants ot the vegetabl
kingdom that will destroy the appetite for
liquor once and for all.
Holloway's Pills. Nausea and want
of appetite are always the Indicia of lodi
gestion. Stimulants wou't banish them.
They are superinduced by an unnatural
condition of the stomach and the bowels,
and the best known specific for these causes
is Holloway's Pills. No other medicine
operates with the same directness on these
important organs. This is not a mere ad
captandum opinion, but a fact, a' tested by
the experience of fifty years. Sold by all
Druggists.. Jy9-dly-cw
Great Sale of Japanese and Chinese
Curiosities. Bare and Beautiful Shells, c
The finest aud most extensive collection
ot Oriental ; Workmanship and Splendid
Marine Specimens ever seen in Columbus
will be sold at auction, without reserve,' at
No. 85 High street (American Hotel Build'
ing,) commencing on Friday, October 16th
at 7 P. M, and will continue Saturday,
Monday and Tuesday following at 10 A. M
and 7 P. M. This collection comprise
some of the most magnificent Japanese and
Chinese wares, &c &c ever Imported to
this continent. ' Sale positive and a rare
opportunity. For particulars see bills and
posters. : . ' ' octl5-dlw
Constitution Bitters are pleasant
the smell and taste, will remove impurities
from the body, and give health and vigor
to the frame. Derangements of the stom
ach and liver are harbingers and sources
Insanity. From an obstruction or dlsor
der, a morbid action of the sympathetic
and other nerves follows. Ganglionitis
tc, and the functions of the brain are de
ranged and impaired. Derangement
the cerebrum will also produce diseases
lungs, hearts, skin and kidneys. It Is con
sequent upon the same cause that thou
sands die of cholera, yellow andbillious ie
vers, and that insatiate, baneful disease,
phthisis, or Consumption. The stomach
is an Important organ in the economy, tor
upon its success we depend for all the ad
vantages to be derived from the exhibi
tions of internal medicines. Its healthy
functions are of sterling moment to every
mortal, a3 it constitutes the source and
fountain of life, which is nutritions. No
organ possesses such power in modifying
every part of the system none such re.
markable sympathies.
octl7-d&wlt ' ' '
New Advertisements
f- The Ohio Statesman bat c
Lurjer Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this in mind.
Eliu Fisher ) Befors Ju. M. Pa i ton, J. P.,
rg. ' of Norwioh township.
James Luhley.) Franklin oonn'jr, Ohio.
aid Justice issued au order of attachment in
the aove action, tcr the sum of Thirty Hollars. ,
Billiard. Oot. Uth. 1M8.
ooU7w3w-r ELLAS FI'HER.
Columbus. O , Oot. 16. 1868. (
I, GEORGE H. KARHART. Sheriff of Franklin
fnnnt.v. Htate of Ohio, do hereby notify the Quali
fied Electors of the County of Franklin and State
17D10.W assemuie IU iuoii (mtnu,i,, iuwiuuinRua
Wards, at the usual places oi noiauiK elections, on
Tuesday (Belott the 3d ly of No.
vember), 4. U, 184s,
And then and there proceed, as the law direots. t
elect Twenty-one Electors of President and Vioe
President of the United States, in Pursuance of the
Constitution of the untied states ana ot tnu
In testimony whereof. I bays hereunto set my
band ana seal, tnis, nteenm aay oi uc
' toner, in tbe year of our Lord one t housand
rmcAl..! aiffht hundred and sixtT-eisht. and in the
Ninety-third year of the Independence of
tne united ctates ot America.
Sheriff of Franklin County, O.
Fur juveniles, Saturday afternoon, from I to
P. M Gentlemen's evening class at AMBOs
HA LL. 23d inst., at 8 o'clock P. Id. oetli
for Beantifying the SKIN and COMPLEXION
and renders THE SKIN B0FI, FAIR
Fox LADIES ia the NURSERY it is invaluable
For GENTLEMEN after SHAVING it baa do
equaL "PAPHIAN LOTION" is the only reli
able remedy for diseases and blemishes of the
VJiT-myJ2-odly , , i I
PHAL0N & SON, N. Y. 8old by all Proggitts
HI .1
- ; : ' ;'. ' i
17. "
Vi cf-'' i
'cry 1 m -: r
' IN
Plain and Striped Silks,
Velours, Changeable Serge?, )
Poplins, Cheneu, Empress Cloths,
Poplin Plaids, for Children's Wear.
Lyons Velvets,
Seal Skins, ' , '
Astricans, , ;: ; -
Velours, ...
i Mohairs, &c,
Or Every StrleJ and . Variety
Paisley, . ,
Long and
A lull line of
In great Quantity.
250 AND 252
A. C
Lbssm and Mavassb J. w. LA5EBGAS.
SATURDAY utoIm. o-tnk.. ini
neaoiof with tut Heno-eoni
I'. . t
'.7 Tt 'P
- Concluding with the
i A
Foil nariinnlin in watrimnw.'
- Admiuion. Stand S eentl. Don
m; commenw st 8 o ewek. " "
Is the best artiole erer known t : ?
It will prevent the Hair from falUnx out. ,
Makes the Hair smooth and eloesy, and does aet
stain the skin as others 1
: i ! ... i.. giNTFBBE T a ATI. ' 1 i
R. P. BALL A CO.. Nashua, N. U., Proprietors.
For sale by all Drusgisti. , . -i .
july26 dltawAwly-oa -, ,' u
It is In demand whereTVf personal blemishes' are
considered of sufficient oonseauenee to be remored .
It. Act... i..f. ......
Cristadoro's Hair Pre servative
AND BEAUTIF1ER ia a preparation of eoaal merit
and repute. Its effect upon tbe aair is eieetrieal.
It fastens every looseninj fibre, replaces harshness
with silkiness and flexibility, semi baldness with
luxuriance, dullness with gloss. Its use will ineline
the straightest hair to earl, and prevent the driest
from turning gray. It is tbe fayorite at eTery toilet
where it bat been tried, and as a meant of keeping
the hair free from scraf or dandruff, and the scalp
from exfoliations, is perfectly inTsIaibl. ,V
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers.. Manufactory fio. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No. Astor House. : - ' "
junelS-dAwlyem-remr-a " .'
The bowels may be oostire or soma organ do its
work weakly. From causes like these gases -and
gnmny substances occur which poison th b ood;
the perspiration nay be checked; tbe feet may be)
so chilled that their fetid exhalations are throws
back npon the blood. Here is esase for painT, fe
vers, inflammations. In these eases Brandnth'g
Pills are worth more than gold. Five or six cure at
once. Remember tbey cure by at onee reseering
from the body those matters which poison the blood
and make as sick, Thoscoelebrated Pills should he
in the hoase) ready.
See B. Bbandbbth In white letters on the Gov
ernment stamp. Principal offioe Bkandkxth S
House. New York. Sold by all druggis-S. r
iuneW-dAwlyem-reHT : - -
..A aXANDA.lt! KEItltnif "
Such an article as "Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lini
ment." It has stood before the pablie for 11 years.
and has never failed giving sati faction in a single
instance. Every drop of this valuable aomponni ia
mixed by Dr. Tobias himself, therefore it ess) al
ways be relied npon. Is is wa ranted superior to
any other, for the euro of Chronic Rheumatism.
Toothaohe. Headache. Sore Throat. Vomiting.
Fronted Feet, Mumps, Croup, Burns. Cuts, Seasick
ness. Insect Stings. Sprains. Cholera. Colto.Spesms,
Dysentery. Bruises, Colds, Congas. Old Sores.
Swellings. Pains in the Limbs. Back and. Chest.
There is no medicine in the "World" that stands
more on its own merits than the "Venetian Lini
ment." Thousands of certificates ean be seen at tho
Doctor's offioe. attesting to its ran virtues. Tbe
great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian LimMOnta baa
induced several unprincipled persona to eeanterfeit
this "Valuable Remedy;? purchasers cannot be too
careful to see that "Dr. Tobias Venetian Liniment'
is stamped on the glass, done up ia yellow paper,
and signed "S.L Tobias." .All other are danger
ous counterfeits, and although they may'res iMe
the "Venetian Liniment' iu color and smell, "ee-
war of thm." Sold by all Drnzgists and Store
keepers throughout tbe United States. Price 50
cents and one dollar per bottle. Depot W Park
Place. New York. .
" juneH-dAwlyem-peHT-O "
YOUTH restored in four weeks. - Success
restores manly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; tbe effects of earW pernicioaa-' babiia, aelf
abuse, impotency and climate, sire away at once to
this wonderful medicine, if taken regular! yaeoerd-in-
to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure ) Fail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at $3. or four
quantities in one forts. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. GKBrrzBM SOS
Second Ave.. New York. , ' ,
VHT-jj27-dl7r ' '"'"
It 1 AN HOOD " Anoilmr Sr Xtdical
IV I Pamphlet fron th pen of Un. Cciitis.
The "Medical limes" says of this work: "This
valuable treatise on tbe cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
seoret abuses of youth and manhood, and bow
easily regained It f-ives a dear synopsis of tb
impediments to marriage, the cause and effeote of
nervous debilit. and the remedies therefor." A
pooket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of Sfi cents, by addressing Doctor UrKTIS.
No. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore. Md. ,
era mey5i5-dly-r . w
1 i
DR A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, Boa
digit street. Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
a series of years to the treatment of oertain pri.
rite diseases. He may bcensulted at his offioe
Broadwa, near tbe Exchange Bank . -.
Paljcir's Lotion Tbi Gbkat Medicinb ros
TBI Skin, cures without fail every kind of un
sightly eruption ef the faoe, or itching, or irritating
or distressing cutaneous disease, on anv part ol tn
person. - ' -
aept31-d&wly-cm ;. . " . , ; ."
splendid Hair D re is the best in the world;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment ; no ridiculous
tints: remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. oiaeM
or brown. Sol 1 bv all Drucrists and Perfumers :
and properW applied at Bstohelor's Wig Fsetory,
10 Bona street, M. I org.
FN! aprSS dAwly
New Advertisements
No. 333 Broadway.
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
DakiusR. Manga. Prea't. J as. MnutritL. See'y .
Receives Deposits and allows FOUR PERCENT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to obeek
at sight Special Deposits for Six months or more,
ma? be made at five percent. The Capital pf One
Million Dollars is divided among over o share
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large "celt n
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for ail oblisatioos of the lom
pany to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, aod permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in p it by cheek at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily balan
ces, parties throughout the country can keep ac
counts in this Ins itutiou with special advantages
of eeourity. convenience and profit. .
r NT-juio-oawom , .,JlA M,
NORSBBY. and BATH,-will aot ehev4h
fcKIN. Frio 25 cents per oaks,
Paving Notice.
To all whom U may Concern ; -' - . rm
' Columbus, O.. Sept. ai, iscs.i
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus, Cot
making the following improvements, to-wit : , 1
For repaying the gutters and resetting the curb
ing on the west side of Seventh street between
Friend street and Rioh street.
Also, for paving the un paved sidewalk oa tho
east aide of Filth street between Rich street and
Cherry street.
Also, for grading and graveling Chapel street
from High street to Fair alley.-- ; , .
Also, for grading the roadway of Hamlet street
north from tbe C. C. A O. railroad depot to the lino
of Win. Neil's property.
The same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, and filed in the oflioe of the Cit; Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account ef said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of tWe Clerk, in writing, on or
before the Seventh day of November. A. D. 18ofL
, . L. E. WILSON. T
sep M-dlUwtw .. .. City Clerk
T . ALL EN7 A g on til
NB .- S at his present stand, t
No. 132 ftorlta High atret
and will take orders in both CAMBRIDGE aad
HOCKING COAL, which ho It prepared to tea at
the lowest market price. - , ...
BT Special attention paid to Shipping. - i i a

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