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MmoKOLOOic Tabls, prepared
Vr TiW.- J.TmfB Jeweler,
T 'febtalh Hlbtreeti'- - '
LOCAL NEWS. FRIDAY, Oct. 16, 1868.
Ft - A J.
n se
.Vl.oi: ii -i at a. Is ii u
f 11. J
.n BPil.-.v.:nxtti.BaBar
. ii
.,.HT kom market MJ
nur prices.-n is j:
fe The Canadian girls are afflicted. With
-re f . r.llprl Mie Due-
:. kdteteiBeer i .p. - -- 7 7
S.'Sftl&i Pinter dreawa are Kettlof to
r'l "-nmmmi n ; our street, and; ar
1 ..1
ly How Wttaatlivlnirmeij bftecom-
oottatheae livers r .
3 ,
r rhr Wirt be a meetlni of the. As
loctattonbr !e95th 0,VIt thl8 .eventnK.
7tiroVcV..A iuU atteaaanoe pt, incur
Ibera U requested; --' . V- ij.
;j: V't?Andrews" &.Hn have; recetvei
1. T.Av'a Wank for November. The
initial illustration.Nothlnjr th! Morninjr,
' 1 tafOnr city la at this time remarkably
tree lroa'. thieves and burj-larB, and our
police deserve much credit lor wieir em
B!Ieney In maintaining thelaw. -'-cr
.To? tar- To do the thin properly In New
:.i;Vwir .t wedritnir. the bride must have
riht bridesmaids, and a hundred dollar
ml poodle besides the one she marries. :
-.mi 3n tor thee." was sun last
WKT " '
evening in a house oh Broadway In such a
inanneT as to make one think that the fair
.ainjreihad a bad attack of Grecian bena.
tNewTork.tashions for jrentlemen
re more ridiculous this fall than ever be-
"fore. Tight pants, 'short coat, and feet lare
noazh to conUin organs of respiration
.land digestion. L
Rkoovanrao. D'.-HelmlckMnforms us
that the little daughter of Mr.Brodle, who
was so badly injured-on the railroad yes
terday, is doing well and will recover, j
. 1
1 MiettHa' 0F r th IStnodJ
rThere f was
ioStte iargo attendance on the meeting of
the New School Presbyterian synoa in wis
city last night, The exercises were very
Interesting.- " ' !
"ur Tsd at thbm AOAW-There' will be
the -White. Boys lu Blue at
Thorman hall this evening, at hall-past 7
o'clock. It Is expected that every momber
will be present.' j
.Nsw Fish Hoosb-A new house for the
ale of shell and can oysters, lake, ocean
and river fish has been opened at No. 183
.North High atreet, where most delicious
- blyalves, fresh from ' the ahell, and fresh
fish of all kind can be purchased.
K Jnm" TltsmssioM. The result of the
election having given J. M. (Ashley) suffi
cient leisure, J.N. (Free) will again chal-
rTienge blm to a iolnt discussion of the
"pressure," as seen from different stand-
w.olnts.: Won't the "veil be lifted,'' then ?
ULet as have peace." , 1. .-. .i
; .: v '
du PmnnuiT i AfcM vals The Sheriff
Licking county. J. Siler, brought In
BTelght prisoners to the penitentiary yester
day seven men. and one' woman. Jane
Steel, arson, one year; John Haryy, bur
larr,t oue year; - Win, IA Davis, : horse
stealing, three years; John McJiensie,
Henry Brown, Henry Baker, Noah Davis,
Samuel Thompson, grand larceny, one year
Thkatkk. Last night showed a decided
Improvement in the audience at the Opera
House. Those who witnessed the repre-
XtentatibB of Eist Ly one, are load in their
praise of this 'truly excellent company.
To-night we are to have a grand bill : Don
Caesar deBazan.aod ! Robert , Macalre be-
Ing the plays -Mr Jianergan's Don Caesar
1,IU said to be one of his best renditions.: No
better Saturday night bill could be offered,
and the house, doubtless, will be filled. '
11., - rL i i n n mm i
Escapb akd EB-carnjR-As the Sheriff
.of Licking county was leaving the lall at
(Kewaw yesterday morning with a squad
of aine prisoners for the Penitentiary, one
Of "them, convicted ot stealing spoons,
ssade his escape. He was recaptured In an
hour or two afterwards, and was brought
tjto this city ehained, to a negro. Because
of Jils spoon-stealing proclivities and his
dark com plexloned companton the other
prisoners christened him "Ben Butler."
Filed Yestekdat- The certificate ofin
E corporation of . the. Cleveland Peat Com
pany was filed with the Secretary of State
yesterday, tIt is organized for the purpose
of digging and boring for minerals ana
. peat,.. and tor manufacturing the same.
A.PrinciDal office in Cleveland. Place of
mining at Ravenna. Portage county. Cap
ttal stock $60,000, in shares of $100 each.
Chester J. Cole, Francis W. Corly and W.
C, Turner are the corporators.
Plkasb Attknd to This. Bops going
'.utoscbool in the State street building have
abeen in the habit- for the past few days, of
whipping all those of their schoolmates
who wear Seymour badges, and of taking
the badges from them We would call the
m attention of Captain Mitchell to this mat
ter, and also the attention of the Principal
of the State : street ' school. If political
badges may be worn by one class of the
f'boys attending there, they may be surely
cironi'Ty another class.. ,
A New Rah-road. The Vienna Rall-
murl Comoanv deposited its certificate of
.incorporation with the Secretary of State
yesterday, , It organized for the purpose of
,,Miirfinir railroad from a point on the
Hubbard branch of the aevelandand Ma
honinir railroad, in Trumbull county, and
. ''terminating near the center of Vienna
9 tewnship, in ald county. ,r nncipai oi-
flee at Youngstown,' Mahoning7 county
Canltali atoek. f! tlOO.000. 'In shares
of $50 each. Chancy H. Andrews, W. ; J,
Hitcheock, W. O. Moore, Alexander Orms
nby and William S. Johnston are the corpo-
Stag Un.-Yesterday morning the
Groveport stage was upset, to tront of tbe
farmer's Home, on corner of Fourth street
And Walnut alley, and a passenger going to
lAncaster. whose name we did not learn,
was considerably injured, and others more
tf less bruised. The stage we are told had
.icrhtn, or twenty persons on it
the time of the accident, and the overturn,
It Is thouehL was the result of Its being
I!"overloaded...It was a fortunate .thing that
po on was killed by the mishap,
' ' .Awkward Mistake. A young lady o
thla burgh, who rejoices in the attentions
or two lovers, ana who naraij
wbtch to accept and which refuse, made
awkward1 mistake 1 a few days since.
writing to them she got the letters in the
jl wrong envelopes, and the result has been
pucb, , unpleasantness all . round. '
' thought be bad a ' dead sure'-' thing,
wa Swe William's idea -exactly;
were fooled, " And the young lady weepetb
arid teareth her chignon for Very rage,
"Between two stoola", she has received
Grecian bend' in her matrimonial pros
pects. tfM ' I-slcw
? The ibftdai of aicht r fffln fart, '.
At thnrnth the Ninth mrd pollilhcn pnati
p Aseditor both fataad aba--' - f; !T
Whoia baanac bora thU lrni derio. 4 j '
. i ..-:: v.-.- . : .r.-Uwa' fwaele.r j
"loom to kill, to barn, to U7 ' .
Th laacbias votm beard him iar ; ' '
' '"I'm oa tht wrrpthBow.,,haeri.'J' . 4
"And ha who tries to itay ma die I" j
" What a mala 1 , , I
TouTl try to itop our darkey -rotat I
- Becona, before 1 eat font threat: .
'Bacon? Doet heed the wordi IeajT ' :'.
t lTe eat no Copperttal to-day,
..7.1 :' iidratDal1 11
There la the twilifht di-a and 00I I. '.
Marched the Kreat Brigadier to bold; '.. ' ,
1 And from the erowd. both far and Dear, 1
A thoatarote like moeking jeer. ', r. .' '
'.',.',,1 ,11:'t..-..','Here't your mule
It flred hiii blood, that about to load.
And straight he eharged upon the orowd; '
And dire upon the atony ground , .1
Ten thouiand aorptet lay around,
)'!''' Vi:,':;.-'-' Km-Mjtblsale":',
Yet ere the lait one yields hit breath
To ttreteh himself oat ttark in death.
He matteri, though hit wordteama thiek. r'
. "How tad to die from Comly'a kiok
. ..- ... Kicked by a mule 1"
R. I. P.
Last evening ; a party of fellows went
into the beer saloon of Henry Schreiner,
opposite the Court House, and -demanded
liquor. This was- refused them, Mr.
Schreiner saying they had enough.' One of
the party named Davis, It Is said, told an-.
other, a one-armed man named Charley
Pugh, to "shoot the d d Dutchman. No
sooner were the words spoken than three
shots were fired, two of the balls striking
Mr. Schreiner in the abdomen, inflicting
dangerous wounds.' The party then ran.
Word was sent to the police, who with a
number of . citizens were scouring the; city .
last night iii the hope of capturing the '
Mr; Schreiner Is one of our most res
pected, peaceable and unoffending citizens,
and this outrage has excited the deepest
indignation against r these Truro, -Flats
Comly The Brigadier which Is Jeeras
has got his fighting boots on. He desires
belud ! . . He Is determined, henceforth and
forever, to drink nothing but Democratic
belud, to wash in it, bathe In It, and dine ;
on Democratic carcasses. The sanguinary .
monster! ' Would not a nice, tender Spring 1
(street) Democrat content -- ye ? .-: Must
yoa .. destroy , us . all? Will the .
terrific Brlgadier-on horrors," horrors ac-
cumulate! Can nothing be done to pad- J
fy this blood-thirsty wretch f If Demo
crats stay away from the polls -altogether,
and allow Republicans to vote just 1 as
many negroes as they, please, won't (hat
content him T If they ' do this will he
put off the carnage for a few days longer,
or has bis desire for blood become so in
tensified by what he has on his boots that
nothing but a tquare meal of Democratic
meat will content him ? Is there no St.
George to slay this terrific dragon of a
Com ly, before we are all eaten? God help
us else! "Let us have peace."
County Commissioners' Mektiso. The
Commissioners met 'yesterday afternoon.
Present Messrs. Barbee and Gulick. '
Ordered that the sum of one thousand
dollars be transferred from the Bridge
Fund to the Building Fund. Ordered that
an order be issued to Doyle & Walsh for -$495
00 for 2000 yards of embankment on
the Columbus and HarrisbUrg turnpike,
between the corporation line and the Har
rlsburg bridge. Ordered that an order be
issued to Edgar & Vandemark for $300 00
on account of building an addition to' the
Treasurer's office. Ordered that James E
Wright be allowed $50 for repairs on the
west end of Dublin bridge over Scioto
river. ' 1 ......
The following bills were presented and al
lowed : W. P. Brown, engineering ser
vices,' setting stakes, calculating fill and
two buggy hires, $20; Comly & Smith
advertising time of holding Court, $21; Si
mon & Fiel, bed ticks tor fall, $9; Colum
bus Printing Company, blanks for Probate
Judge, $10. -
Entirelt Faie. We are authorized by
the Judges of Election in the Ninth Ward '
to say that the report in the Journal as to
the refusal of Bepublican votes at that
polls Is entirely and unqualifiedly false.
No legal vote was' refused, nor was any
Republican driven from tbe- polls. Mr.
Loughborough staid there all day and was
unmolested. There was but one skirmish
there during tbe day, and that was in the
street, away from the polls. It is not the
first time in the history of Columbus that
there have been fights at the polls, but it la
the first time such a fuss was made about
it. Why is It done now? Why, that a riot
may be got up and the Democracy be de
prived of their usual majority In the city
because of it. It Is a way of electioneering
that may be of advantage to the Journal
and its friends In a political point of view,
but pecuniarily they will find It 'Won't
pay. , .
Freight Train Smashed. A smash-up
of a freight train on the Pan' Handle road.
eight miles west of Newark, detained the
noon trains on the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
& St. Louis railroad, and those of the Cen
tral Ohio, until 4 P. M. The road owned
by the Central Ohio, between Columbus
and Newark, is used in common by both
companies. It seems that a bull which has
made demonstrations against the trains tor
some days, on yesterday, his patience be
ing exhausted, determined to contest their
right to run through his pasture. Tbe re
sult was, the throwing several of tbe cars
of the freight train bound east Irom the
track and making them a complete wreck.
The buir, however, paid dearly lor his fun.
Both legs were cutoff by the collision and
nearly every bone in bis body was broken-
He had no time to realize bis situation be
fore he was knocked Into as dead an animal
as butcher ever made. , ; ; ? ;.':-..-
Traksfckrbd Ykstkbdat. The follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on yesterday :
George K. Nash, guardian, to Otto Dres
el, September 15th, the undivided one
third of 202 acre of land in Franklin
township, for $3,800.
, BenvilleMotz and wife to Benj. A. Lorn,
April 18th, one-iourth of an acre of land in
Truro township, for 9 2a.
Byron W. Rees to William B. Hayden,
September 19th, 1 acre of land in Mont
gomery township, lor $180.
Nathaniel Merlon, trustee, and John
Barr to Ernst Drandt, October lltb, 20
acres ol Innd in Montgomery township, for
- I
3 1
" '.
fhe attention of (ha Trade it eaUed to the auperl
- - or twea or -
Bdf ,
ni 1 L,V riH -ill j
S61 38 40 NORTH HIGH ST., j
Our itook oompriset a fall line of
-V i
Colored and
Print Papers.
We bare a fall stock of
Of all liaet'and varieties, whioh will be told tthe
lioweit marvel ram.
It nntarpaated in the oity, inoluding ;
r. r. check, " , : ; J
COLORED ofiail kinds' !
; And BLANKo ' 'I
. ' . . '1. ..
Paving Notice.
Jo all wkmn itmayconoarnt . 1 1 . I
CoLrMBifa. ().. Sent. U I8S8.1
Notice is herebr riven that oroceedinra have been
nttituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
nakint the following improTementt, to wit : i
For repaying the sidewalks in front of property
numbered nineteen West Broad street.
Also, to construct a twelve inch atone pi pe sewer
n Seventh street from a point opposite the north
'ineof W. O. Brown's lot on Broad street to a point
ipposite tbe north line of the first aliey north of
Broad street east of Seventh street. -
Also, for eonstruoting stone aroh culvert of such
ilmensions as may be required, across Broad street
where the proposed ditch orosses the same near
.tcbeson's lane. 1
- Alio, to establish the boundary lineof Park street
between North Fublie lane and the bridge over
C. C. A I C- Railway, and to erect marks at
-uch points as the same may be easily known.
Also, for grading and paving the unpav'd side
i walks, guttsrs and crnvcints, and grading andgrav
eling the road we of Walnut alley from Fair alley
west to Front street. 1
The same to bedone in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engineer
wd filed in the office of tbe City Clerk.
All persons elaiming damages on account of said
Proposed improvements, are required to file their
slsims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on o
oefore the Thirty-first oay of October. A. U. 1888.
septf-dltawaw City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
7o all whom it mav Ccncer :
Columbus. O., Heit. 28.1868.1
' Notieeis hereby given that proceedings have been
nstituted in the City Cooncil of Columbus for mak
ng tbe following improvements, to-wit :
For grading and pavint the unpaved sidewalks,
.-utters and crossings on Third street from Hickory
frilley to North street;
Also, for grading and paving the unpaved side
t jralks, gutters and crossirgi on the south side of
orth street, from Third street to Fourth street; I
Also, for grading and paving the cutters and cross
.' ngs and graveling the sikewalks and gracing the
roadway on Mohawk street, from South Fublie lane
to Hjea more street. . -
Also, for trading and repaying the sidewalk and
' ;utter and cro sins on Rich street, in front of Lot
Vo. 6 of Uennison'ssutidivisianof outlot No. 39:
also, for grading and graveling tbe roadway of
'hapel street, from Fair ailey to Front street; :
Also, for gradin& and paving the gutters and
'orbing on the sonto side of Chapel street and for
ravelins the roadway from High street to Fair
A so, for buildirg a double row flag crossing
across ldnn alley at ine east siae 01 nio street;
The same to be done in accordance with the plats
and estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi'
neer.ana niea in ine omce 01 toe jiiyyier&.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
Dronnaed inmrnvementa. are reauired to file their
claims in tbe offioe of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before the kigateenth day ot .November. A. V.
. .
1a. r tv iijoun ,
o?tdibaw4w City Jlrk.
Paving Notice.
To all wAont it may concern :
COLUMBUS. C.Ang. 37, 1868. j
Instituted in tbeUity Uonocuot uolumous.lor max
ncr thA fnllnwinv imornTnmAntB.CO-wlt.
r'or crsdine and pavinir the t utters and traveling
the aidewalks and trading thero idway of Parsons
street from .South Publie lane to Division street.
Also, for tradinz and panne tne nnpavea side-
witllr antlers and croasinrs. and tTadint aod crav-
elinn the roadway of Fair alley from Rich street to
Walnut alley, and alsc tor trading and graveling
the roa lway of Fair alley from Walnut alley to
Town street.
Also, for grading Parson's lana from East Public
lane to the corporation line.
Also, for bmliint; a douoie row nsgstone cross
ing across Third street at the north side of Long
A in fnr ffradln and navint the nnnaved tntters
and orossinxs and erading and traveling the side
walks on John street lrom Cleveland avenue to
Washington avenue. . .....
- Th mmm t, K ilnn. in aaoordanca withnlats and
estimates to be prepared by the City CivU Engin
eer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All nAmnna Aiaiminc damages on aooount Ox said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, oner
before the Nineteen tn day ot October, a. v. leaa.
Jj. J. n ILOUB.
ang99-dltaw4w Citv Clerk.
Keep eonstantly on hand a large assortment of
Setn Tbtmas and Waterknrv Clocks,
For the Jobbing and Retail Trade. Also, Agents
for tbe
Watch Makers' Tools and Materials, Watch Glass
es (French and Geneva) in f nil supply at
' low rates.
49- All orders promptly filled and satisfaction
tnaranteed. A A L LESQUEREUX,
feb!4-eodly No. 71 South Hith tt Colnmbns.
173 Houth High street, Columbus, O. Repairing
carefully Hone ana warranted. mj7-od6m
latbs r by nmnm.
The World's Sensation Exploded
An Excitement at Memphis.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Santa Anna to Leave Cuba.
&c., &c., &c., &c.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 16.
Only four Senators and eleven Represen
tatives were present to-day. The officer of
eaeh branch of Conirress has announced an
adjournment until November loth, .
The New York World Sensation
The following is in answer to a dispatch
for- this city asking whether a proposition
from a ohange in tbe Democratic President
tial candidate wa prompted by the De
mocracy in New York: i
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.
To Jonah D. Hoover, Esq-, Washington, 'TX.Ca
No authority or possibility to change 1
front. .All friends consider it. totally ira
Dracticable. ami eanivalont to disbandinar
our forces. VVe ia New York are not panio
stricken. "
[Signed] S. J. TILDEN.
General Hooker.
Gen. Hooker has been- "placed on the re
tired list, with the full rank of Major Gen
eral. i
Mr. voorhees has telegraphed hither
that he is elected to Congress bv one hun
dred majority and' Mr. Hendricks defeated
for Governor ofr-indlana-Dy probably one
thousand votes. ,
Speaker Colfax left this evening for New
York, tueuce for Indiana. ;;..'' i
has ieturned from- Chicago, where he has
been attending the Indiaa Peace- Commission.
Butler & Carpenter, stamp and bank note
engravers, ot irniladelpuia, have nled at
the Fostomce Department a strong protest
against the award of the contract for post
age stamps to the National Bank Note
Company ot New York.; j
WORCESTER, October 15.
Henry H. Stevens was nominated for
Congress to-day. :
The bodies of five men who were buried
in tbe central shaft of the Hoosac tunnel
were recovered to-day.: t.;., j
River News.
Weather pleasant : river 2 feet 5 inches.
and tailing. . ,
Pennsylvania Election.
Official returns lor Congress srive the fol
lowing majorities : First District, Bandall
(Dem.l 6 337; Second District, O'Neill
(Hep ) 2,855; Third District, Aioint (Dem )
127; Fourth Districr, Kelley (Kep ) 1,857;
Filth District, Beading (Dem-) 41; Cake,
(Rep) elected -to Congress in the Tenth
District oy 244 majority.
The returii judges met at 10 o'clock and
went on reading the returns, but were un
able to make out the returns in conse
quence ot no returns being received from
three precincts of the First ward. A man
damus was received from the Court of Com-:
mon Pleas directing tbe return judges not
to complete the totals until lurtlier orders.
There has been an informality In a pre
cinct of the Nineteenth ward, which the
Court is engaged in hearing. 'Fox's ma
jority for Mayor is 1.979, omitting the
Wineteentn wara ana turee precincts oi
the Firetward.
New Orleans Times.
The Times to-day has an article depre
cating the withdrawal either ot Blair or
Seymour; but, if it is considered necessary,
tne. limes suggests tne propriety oi leav
ing to these gentlemen the subject ot their
secession. '- ' '
New Orleans Items.
This' evening's Picayune has a leader
similar in tenor to that of the New Orleans'
Times, telegraphed this morning. The
Picayune suggests the names of Hancock
and Hendricks, or Hancock and Adams lor
Presidential candidates. --; . -t-
Up to the 14th inst., 28,000 persons were
in this city.
Indiana Election.
i Further official returns to-day confirm
the success ot the Republiaaa ticket by a
majority of about 1,000. -
Albany Argus.
ALBANY, Oct. 16.
The Albany Argus rejects and condemns
the suggestions ot the National Intelli
gencer and New York World as to a
change of front by the Democracy, and
insists upou pursuing the campaign to the
end under the candidates and platform of
the July Convention.
Excitement at Memphis.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 16.
The little steamer Hesper, which left
here at four o'clock yesterday afternoon,
with 4000 stand of arms, which it is alleged
were distributed for negroes in Arhansas,
returned to this port to-day. : Her officers
state that while wooding some 25 miles be
low here, on the Mississippi side, the steam
tug Nellie Jones hove in sight with a
barge in tow, containing about forty men
in disguise, who took possession of the
Hesper, placihg guards over the pilot
and engineer. They cut the boat
loose, and then steamed up . the
the river. The boxes containing the arms
and ammunition were broken open, and
the guns throwa into the river. After
thus dif-posing of arms the party re-embarked
on the tug, and started back up
the river; and Id eiternptlisr to go through
the chute, she grounded. The party then
went a60ore,au took to tn yvuofls. it it
said the 'party; seized th tug below Fort
Pickering, goon after the Hesper left thi
port. The aflair caused great excitement
The New York World on the Sitution.
NEW YORK, Oct. 16.
World editorially- says the Demo
cratic parpy Das evidently Deen jnjured D
tspersions cast upon it through the indis
creet letter ot Blair to Brodhead. whioh
has been successfully used bv the KeDubli
ran. It says U Is simple justice thatthi
party should be cleared of these aspersions.
nd says the party as rg bod has no other
means oi clearing Itselt. of this tniquitou
iirJpotatlon than bv fntile eontradiotioni ii
its public journals: but there are individ
uals who canextinguish this calumny in a
uiuiuoui, uuu snence. ii .iorevec, anu tni.-
nust be done if we are to win the election
This is a time Cox plain talk, and we hop
we have spoken intelll;;iblv enousrh foi
r,hose whom it mostxoncerns -to take our
Withdrawal Rumors.
The Herald savs it has been decided to
withdraw Seymour and Blair and irivt the
nominations to Chase and John Quincy
Adams. Belmont and other members ol
the National Democratic Committee. it
says, win meet beymour at Utiea to-day,
ah vvasningcoD specials tins morning
staie tnat a movement is on root to with
draw Seymour and Blair and place Chase
and Adams or Franklin in nomination by
the Democrats. -3 ft. - -. .-.5. ji,
Both AVormald and O'Baldwin'were ar
rested earlv this moruinsr. ss thev were
about leaving for Ilicker's Island, to en
gage in their contemplated prize light. ; ,
Three hundred thousand dollars in gold
was awarded to-dav bv the Assistant
Treasurer at 137 51-100 137 57-100. There
were dius for over three millions.
Government stocks to-dav were verv ac
tive ana Duoyant, who an advance of oue
per cent, throughout the whole list.. ' .
savs. it is reported to.
day that Seymour sent a letter of declina
tion to Belmont. -
The Democrat says Governor Sevmonr
nas written a letter placing himself in the
hands of the National Committee.
The Whisky Frauds.
The Congressional Committee continued
tbeir investigation into the whisky frauds
to-dav. Several witnesses were examined.
Ulnckley is still contumacious and neglects
to prouuee any papers or give any infor
mation. The bail of McHeney, accused ol
perjury in the Rollins conspiracy case, has
been-raised to $5,000, -to secure his re-appearance.
- - - i-
George Atwell. a mail niessensrer in the
New York Postoflice, was before the Uni
ted States Commissioner charged with rob
bing tne mails, and committed to answer.
Alfred Broadhead, of Hnboken, ased 19,
is under arrest, charged with violating the
person of bis aunt, in August last. She is
said to be enciente.
An alleged oountcrfeltinsr "establishment
in Mulberry street was suppressed last
night. Two arrests-were made and about
$5,000 in spurious fifty cent stamps aod
greenbacks secured, . ..
Suppressed. For Europe.
The family of tbe late Nathaniel Haw
thorne is about to sail for Germany to reside.
The Headquarters of the Department of
tne Atlantic nave, at the request or Gen
eral Hancock, been transferred to New
President Johnson.
states that Pres
ent Johnson has instructed Mr. Thornton,
British Minister at Washington, .and Mr.
Beverdy Johnson, of his intention to pay
visit to England as soon as his term of
office expires in March next. !
Important Action.
The feature of the Protestant Episcopal
Convention to-day was In the reference to
committee of the proposal to amend
canon 11, title 1. forbidding clergymen of
other denominations to officiate in Episco
pal churches. A determined attempt was
made by the Liow Unurch members to table
the resolution, but it failed. This action is
important, as it foreshadows the defeat ol
the Tyng party..; : i ., . '-.;
Ths cricket match resulted in favor of the
All England eleven in one inniner, with
eight rnns to spare, their score being 143
against 135 for the United States. I
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
In the Protestant Eoisoopal Convention,
Bev. Hedge, of New Jersey, oflered a reso
lution to amend .V , t
Sec. 3. No minituster. of the Church
settled over any parish or congregation, or
in temporary charge thereof, shall invite or
permit any person not havinsr had episco
pal ordination to otnciate wicn mm or in
his place, on any occasion of worship in
the church or congregation, over which he
is st) settle or in charge. . - ... ..,-;
Sec. 4. No minister shall invite or per
mit any one to officiate, not in communion
with the church, unless such person shall
have been received as a minister of tins
church, under canon 9 of title 1. j
Referred to com mi 'tee ou Onions.
A mbrose Todd, of Kansas, oflered the fol
lowing resolution:: -'!
liesolved. That it be relerrcd to commit
tee ou the Praver-book, the expediency of
erasing from tbe Communion, by a Bishop
to a presbyter, following the prayer in the
service, for the ordering of presbyters, the
words "whose sins thou dost forgive they
are forgiven, and whose sins thou dost re
tain they are retained.
This resolution awakened wide discus
sion, and was finally laid on the table by a
heavy vote. . i
Adjourned. ... . . . .
MADRID, Oct. 16.
A decree ordering elections for the Cor
tes in . the colonies will soon be issued.
Slaves will not be permitted to vote.
The colonial deputies will be allowed to
propose a plan for the aholition ot slavery.
Dree schools in Spain have been re
opened. -
The estimates ot the Bureau or rnbuc
of last
The American Chamber of Commerce of
Liverpool will offer Keverdy Johnson an
address on ttie 22J. . -
Spanish Menof-War.
NEW YORK, Oct. 16.
A Havana letter says the Captain Gene
ral will not trust the Spanish men-of-war
any more thin to let them have one day's
rations at a time, to prevent them putting
to sea. as they might otherwise do 'if they
should conclude to recognize the new Go
vernment at home. .. . -.,!-: 1
Santa Anna.
Santa Anna h1 been ordered to leave the
Island, in consequence of his Mexican com
plications. A J uarez spy has nnraveled all
his plots. He was given thirty days to
leave, and was so poor that his friends will
have to pay his passage.
Earthquake Shocks.
NEW YORK, Oct. 16.
A Lima, Peru,
says : Shocks of earthquake are still lelt
in Arequipaanl Arlca, but the cities are
so thorougly ruined that no further dam
ajje can be iDflictcd.
Yellow Fever.
A recurrence ap.
prehended at Lima and Cnllao, and strict,
sanitary measures have already been introduced.
Balta had a ing
all the officers whom Canseco had ban
ished, and returning them to their rank
and giving them their back pay. This in
cludes, among others, Prado, the deposed
President, who has been exiled in Chill
cinoa t.hn surrender of the garrison of Hn-
maita. There is nothing ne w from the seat
of war.
Alarm at Valparaiso.
A Valparaiso letter of September .16th
states that great lear prevailed thati a dis
astrous earthquake, like that ' of August
rattJ ia aboot to visit Chtltia the aam iir-
oumstances that preceded that terrible ca-
lamuy in Ucuaaor oaa ooeuobscrvable'lor
several, davs. . The oeople of Valparaiso
had, in-consequence,; voted accbrdln;)
MDctoni fora patron aaintt-'ftnd bad 'elected
tbe Bavior.oi.'j oi nor II-jJ Hiwi
"Don't give up the Ship."
Pick your Flint and at 'em Again.
There will be a meeting, of, Chanticleer
Teut, No'. V Jeffersonlan ' Guards,' !at,
Dnfly's Hall,' on Saturday evening, Octo-
ber 17th, 18G3, at 74 o'clock. '" ' ' ;
All Democrats of the First, "Second,.
Eighth and Ninth Wards are earnestly de
sired to be present tor organization for the
Presidential contest. " " " ' i ,
A busy man is a locomotive,- and life a
tiack.; Every night, he i drives ; into "the
house,"' and stops.' ;Every morning he Is
fired up anew, and away he goes switch-;
ing of! in one direction and then in another
(n this routine of business ; he forgeU that'
the . physical organization: is of the most
delicate kind. If a hard iron locomotive
needs constant care, and to be well oiled up
and rubbed off every day, bow tit uch more
necessary is it . that all men , and women
should use Plantation Bitters,- .which are
the ne plus tiltr-a 'of everything which -is
necessary to keep the system in a perfect
tone of health; .:,'';' n'. isj.s a i ! i
Miq.nolia Vatbr. Superior to thebest
imported German Cologne, and sold at half '
the price. .
RNY-sept2a-deod&wlycw ' ( ,j
Nervou8 DaBrtiTT, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun- '
tary emissions; loss-oT semen, 'spermator-5
rhoeo, loss of power,-dizzy head,' loss pf
memory " and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum-
phreys' Homeipathio Specific No. Twen- ':-
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone np the '
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and euergy, life' and vitality to tbe '
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box-.
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box. -Sold
by all Druggists, and sent by mail on'
receipt of pries., - Address IIdmphriys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co" 662
Broadway, New York. yl3-deod&wly:
: t-t :-. t I
First Premium Millinery. Simmons',
Opera Block, invites the ladies to call to-day
and 6ee the bonnets, hats, &c., that took
the first premium at the Fair. . Exhibition
fre. . - - oct!0-eod3t'
Simmons', Opera Block, as every lady
expected, took the first premium at the
Fair for millinery goods, and the fair are-
nvited to call and see them.-, : ; ' '' ; : i
octl0-eod3t i ' : !
Estimate of Cost of "Water
Works for the City of Co- j
,' Jumbus, Holly Sys- "i
tern. ? - -' ' :
Holly's Elliptical Kntary Painps, with maxi
mnm eaDftAitr 4.00U.0U0 etltons water in twentv-
foar hours e&ah, said pump hariDa la ioob dis
charge; 1 doable cylinder piston engine, 300 horse
power, attsonea to same crann; i rotary eneine.
1M norse power; i neavy iron irtme to contain ail
necessary supports, bearings and connections for
enzines, pumps, shafting, gearing, bridgetrees and
pillow blocks. Also, consisting of all necessary
shafts, gearing and all couplings and suction val vas
needed in connection witn said pumps, engines and
machinery in Damn house. One hydrostatic valve:
all necessary steam and water connecting pipes in
p.imp-nouse; steam gusge; 2 Holly a paaent boilers,
containing about 600 flues each; 1 double piston
boiler pump; 1 regulatorand oressuregua-je tooon
trol tbe pressure of water in the pipes and vary the
same at pleasure for Are streams or domestic use;
all soring coup!! - gs-and bolts; 1 better containing
loo flues; 1 artificial draft to enable yon to do away
with nign suioHB stacb: or exnausting into sinotte
pipe; lever valves lor each pump to close aperture
between pumps in ase and those not in use; 1 safety
regulator to hold engine in check in Cise of acci
dent to pipe or machinery; I donkey engine and all
other machinery w oonneotions needed in connec
tion tho.ewith in said pump-bouse. Not including
sucion pipes leading to pawning well or disaharge
pipes from pumps, or any wcrkon bailding. or snort
smoke stack, or support for laid pomps, enginer,
boilers or maomnery: -
Complete at Manufacturing : " !
jo. a wonts ou
Transpqrt'n and setting same 4,000 00 (63.000 00
Foundation for build ng 145
perch, G -
Foundation for machinery, 158
perch. 8. .
Cut stone copemg for ma
chinery 100.000 brick laid in wall, (11
S.CO0 feet flooring (40
10 win lows, 3x10 feet, (27
2 double doors, 8x10 feet, 30..
1 sinsle door. 3x8 feet
5.0IW foot timber and rafters,
(31 i
,' (870 oo ;
;. 938 00
1.100 00
120 00
870 (10
. 60 00
13 00 ;
i ; 105 no
(HI 00
300 no
S50 00
1,500 00
3,001) feet roof boards. 'i0
Caps, sills and water table
Carpenter work and other
items to complete same
Foundation lor boilers, 73
perch, ti
438 00 $6,773 00
Excavation 3.45S yards, 25c.-.
SOU oerch stone. (6
4.000 feet timber, til
Carpenter work
Excavation for inlet P'pe to
and below ' water line, 200
yards. 50o
100 feet inlet pipe(woid).3 ft.
diam., (
Killing around inlet pipe
Frame and fixtures at termi-
(864 r.o
3,000 no
, . 84 00 ,
300 00'
100 00
S00 00
60 00
. nation of said pipe . . .
500 00
(8,078 CO
IN 00-
LUilBOS. ...... ,
1 mile IS inch pipe, (3 per lin.
foot (15,840 00 -
Hi miles 11 inch pipe, tl.tiu
per lin. foot
2 miles 10 inch pipe, (1 56 per
lin. loot
2 mile' 8 Uch pipe, (1.23 per
lin. foot
7 miles 6 inoh pipe. 90o per lin.
foot --
,Am;ia. A inr.1, nin. fiOft D,f
S4.S4S 00
18.673 60
12,988 E0
33,264 00
lin. foot............ s1.680 00 W5.394 40
100 double hydrants (4.500 00-
SO single hydrants 1.200 00
40 stop gates , MOO CO ,t .
Extra charges on crosses, el- . . , ,
bows. Ts, sleeves, io 1.CO0 00 (8,100 to
And refilling S4X miles pipe, . '
labor only. 5 per rod (43,120 09 " ,
Carting and disiri outing said
pipe along trrnohes.........
SO tons leal. (130
500 00
la.ooo no
150 00
1,00 00
330 00
I Oakum, fuel, ie :
, on.:nv ,in Uvr1rnta inn. lid.
mi iii . " . j ..--- . .
ing freight and cartage
Setting 40 stop gates, includ
ing fieightand oartage
(37,130 00
Machinery and pumps with
connections oomplete (52.OP0 00
Building 8t"S
Fitter and inlet pipe ,???
I li-tributing pipe. ............. l-3?4 40
Trenohing, laying pipe. Ao. . . 67.130 00
Hydrants, stop gates, .extra
nharees on angles in pipe.Ao 8.100 oo
Add lOperoent. foroontiugea-.
' 26.547 44 $392,021 84
Columbus, with present population, will con
sume about 8,000,000 gallons water per day foroul-'
inary and all domestic purposes, requiring about ,
75 horse poner to do the pumping, usinf. from 4 to
5 piuuds best bituminous ooal to a horse power per
hour. Henoe, a maximum capacity of 4,000,000 gal- ,
Ions per day will at all times i;ivc an adequate sup
ply of water for fire purposes. Six or more power- .
tul fire streams can be thrown at one time by at
taching hose to hydranU. . ".., '
ootl3-dlt WM. C. WEIR.
Paving Notice.
7b all whom it may Concern:
Columbus, O.. Aue. 31. 1BC8.I
Hotioe is hereby given, that prpceedincs have i been
instituted in the City Council of Columbus, for
and ".'riding dwon Oak street from Wash- ;
iD5.MSnto Wta'SJSSane. with. plat. -and
Mtimata-to be prepared by the City Civil En- !
Sfn-er and filed in the office of the C.tj Clerk.
All rJersons claiming damages on account of said
pmposed improvements, are required 'to. fiia their
J elaiuis in uis j "r i . T'a ri
netore tne n iiicttcu.u u.j -v. wuuwvt, a. v.
im9'm ' . h. E. WILSON 1
sep5-dltaw4w City Clerk.'
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. New York Money Market—Oct. 16.
toOLDIiOTrrupeurBljtiyridDgd at
I I37i4w . . ., . '' .
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. New York Money Market—Oct. 16. Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 16.
IH1 VlrMT. MJ J-irtO .nrfxl
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. New York Money Market—Oct. 16. Cincinnati Money Market—Oct. 16. New York Stock Market—Oct. 16.
higher. -Coupons, of 'errTtBiWllBSii do
62 1149114; VJllgihtll '65
112'8; new llOQllOdVri-M&V;
&3d "prloes-i-Wellgli "Express 3031 ;
United States 4849; Merchants Unioa
!323K; Pacific JriaU l3!TO8'Ti3t
ern .--UnUm Telegraph" 37?iami.'?.Ts"ew
XOTi Central -12912&si;.i;rieia49;
preferred 70; Ohio and Mississippi 3l,3
Michigan -OntraT 118118; Mieiiigan
Southern. 80?j90; Toledo 106106;
Fort VVaynell9119;TerrHautt4
45; do preferred 68. xa'rfijr .
New York Market—Oct. 16.
' COTTO-r-Firmert 'Sf y5&8s
for mifioling uplands.
, FLOUR Closed dull andecynlBxfor
medium and common. gradefearmvnenA
WHEAT l2a better,Witb very HmCed
supply. isi ai
ErE Quiet and steady at 91 60(31 61or
western .lisataaa
OATS--Flrrfl at HMSTof wentervanoat
'-CORN-i-Firm at $1 Hl 16 for un
sound, wl 171 18 tor Bound mixed w&t-
ern anoatU.k ' -.. i.... i .iuia
..PORK Very quiet at ,i28 Kfoor
mess, cash and j-egulanj ,ajtta4mttn
BEEF Nominally unchanged.
s-CUT MEATS Quiet and without de
cided' change. '- r w i a'wif wen
. BACOXSteady,; wlttC!rya.'Jie"
r. LARD-DulatldlSsJ '0r,1air to
prime steam. ,-':"-rl ";
EGGS Steady, Svlthr a fair aemaeUt
Cincinnati Market—Oct. 16.
FIX)UB Dull and tunebae?edafamily
$8 509 00.' " ' -WHiSAT-r-llnchaogedbutiJield
at 91 90.' ' '
CORX-r-DulLat 9798c.
, OATS-r-Duil it 5960eJ6)r.Orlt
K-YE-'-$l 40. lw !iira-it1 rr
BARLEY Tendinsr orjwardsi sbrfnoiia
202 30: State spring $2 35 2 40 Canada
tall $2 60. t. . .ii ei-r i.'jwlt
COTTOIT Dull and. Ioweh middlinar
WniSKYIrregularisales at fi23f!l25
fre. , KTSM
TOB A CCO Firm; sales lffi hhds.'4
PROVISIONS Dull. .V said.i rdrooof n ir :
holders anxious to realize... a""J4 .o .3
. PORK Mess sold at 30 25.. -i f -
BULK MEATS Offered at llSraifeaio
demitnd.- ", " i i,, v.
f BACOKT Dull; shoulders 13--; sldoairV
(gl617c. - - ,y - f4
T iJiXAti, 1UJij VMICU .ttlf . jLOIX WlVU Ulf
buyers. -p:' M d,o IrtnesJ
du TTjfiit Firm at a540e-
EOGS Declined 'to. 23c, shIppers'c6iTnt.
OIL Lioseed dull and nominaL t-U. 05
1 06. ) t A .rrabMa
APPLES Plenty at 2 OOjTjeTi.
Chicago Market—Oct. 16.
FLOUR rln i nd erate-demandrisBles of
irin;; extras at $67 87.'..' 'lV
WHEAT Opened strong and & hi el in
sales No 1 at $1 45l 47; S I 3
i 3s;4 posing at : f i Wp'JioTjx a
Smee 'Cliange nothing done: Ao-2 aotnuial
at SI -37. t .v -.- riiHomit
CORN Firmer and 1 1 14c higher; sales'
No 1 at 9192ir-r No 9 at '099. elos
ing quiet at 9l91c f"r No 1: sales of
io i tins Biiernoon at ajc.
OATS Fflirlv'active and easier; sales
Nol at SO'fffioiJi'c. and reiected 49c. clos
ing at 501j51e lor Nol. V t
RYE Quiet and steadvt sales of No Lat
$1 281 5!9.andNo 2at"l .a4li35
liAKLb.1 t irm and active; sales o 2
at$l 951 97; rejected $1 701 75; clos-
nrm atwi mmi vi 'or hs
Toledo Market—Oct. 16.
FLOUR Firmer but quiet.
WHEAT Red amber2 12: springl2c
better; sales No I whUe"lMfhi!?n' $ 2 1 ;
white Michigan $1 99; auiber' f 1 8al -6;
No 1 red $1 84: No 2 il SI 65 I 6o;. hNo 1
spring $1 52; No 2 do $1 371 1 37 ; No 3
do $1 27. . . : : .. . .
CORN"-Better; Nd L flSc. trjectef.
OATS Steady afc 57c- fos. JVUtiUisjau; (S6o
for No 2 !:. ic!i iTi.ouii a csvu iici
RYE Unchanged: No 1 and Michigan
3G;No2. 1 32. ...
BAKLKX'Zo better; J?iatc.at; .72 jla.
St. Louis Market—Oct. 16.
FLOUR Unchanged.
WHEAT Steady and unchanged; $10
2 25 lor prime to fancy faXL,, Vtf
COKN Unchanged; 5a8c. ;tm
OATS Sell at 51 55a; ' " ""J
RYE-$1 251 35. " " A" -oa A
PORK $31 50. VT
BACON 13Je for shoulderei 171!!
for clear-sides. ' i.ak d i
LARD-18K19v': ir "V V'J v.
Buffalo Market—Oct. 16.
FLOUR Steady T ";' " V- --io pi
..WHEAT Quiet: sales of 30,000. '"brishels
No 2 Chicago at $1 501 51.'
CORN Oull at- 45c lower.
OA TS Quiet; -sales t fiO.OOd-boshelat
63c3M6: -
lixhi Sales or 7,8U0 Dusueis Jos I'ana
2 mixed at 1 41.
BARLEY Nominal at $2.25.
CANAL FREIGHTS Asking le ad-
vauci; shippers bolding-oSrooatmen firm.
Milwaukee Market—Oct. 16.
.FLOUR Firmer and priiwa npchaogad.
-WHEAT--Dull; $1 50forJSp. t in store
- a 500,000 U'U"-
h ave ixmz
ci. MTJSIO. te.. Ac... that yoa wish to .hara
bound in a- nice firm' binding, promptly, at -fow
prices? Books sent for and returned to an y pari of
the city by giving notice through posteffioe. or at
the . i i ..;...; It-tf svi.il v-.:.i ii
Franklin Steam Bock 8 BindelT
Steani- BockTa M(
One of the largest and bast apwinted Biadapa ia
the State.., , , , . ,.- , r,..;,
Keoms 31. 38. 38 It or tit inilfrk Street.
(Oyer Messrs. Nerins .A MjeiV. aod-Statesman
i - stun rniuufi vmoa.iui i am
BI.A.NK books I r;r .Tr!:rt vfrifs
UL,II4: BOOKS!.:. .r,,.
Of every description and qaallty','frm thelikfl'Mt
to the lowest, printed if deeired.. ruled ana boand
to any required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at the lowest prices. -i '-'t
Orders fr-m Ccunty Officers. Banks, Merebaorj,
nrl all Officers rcooirine riDFEHlOR BbANK
OOhlS. will be executed pTorapUytwUhoar Ser-
sonai attention. ... ,
Kour patronage respeetfoliy soBeitedOrti iO
, oet3-deod6rjL 0 :i i--.i" &'!! Ffrowriitar
Blank Book ?i Maisnfktjtnrer
Special attention paid to maaafacturta toteJaM
- BXA-JNIi., BOOKS;, -f
of every description, with or without printed Head-
".; ingafor . i:y ' '
countv orptcnts, MEKCHAsrsitaKiacrruwtu1
Fnll sets of Books tt.aae?ea (belt Notice,
warranted to ive perfect aatisfactionf .. ; . ..
, aprll eouly, :;; .,.., moj.CrVBBS.VMlO.
Where one w
, . ai tliouund are sold new, .
They strengthen, warm anH 'invigorate tnapart
upon which they are applied, and' reliwv nervtm.
affections of the ibewalsy. liirnbaao.paina.ot jbm
aide, and usually all local pains, :a affaetions o
the kidneys they are of great service. , , 'M
'! 1 XiSimet ttaicicr vna luitxt
i i ii;. . ! . jj Kb w Tom; Sev.3l.iaea.
T. Allcocs & Co.--Gentlemen: I lately suffered
severely from a . weakaessin my pack, laving
beard yonr Plasters much recommended Tor -Cases
of this kind. I procured one; and the tetuft was "all
Ieould desire.- Aslnla ttw:arad-In; ta a
week. ii"' - -(ii h'siwd" tti rti-n vdj
, . Yonr. respectfully. J, O.-BRlGqa,,
- Proprietor of the JJrandretb House.
Principal Agenoy, Brandreth' House, Maw York.
Sold hr all Druggists o"-1--5" - r-reNT-jul6-dAwly-cm

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