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noitsiv ISORNWO,
. OCT. 19.
"J', 5mH J. JKBIT' of Muskingum
Disrm.cr BI.BOTOM.
. . . . muN B JETJP.of Hamilton;
Irt Dht-JO HN Bgg of Hamilton.
!1 - nto W. HollCK, of Montgomery.
M wil LUi J. JACKSON, of Miami.
t - -ISAAC ArMLARS. of "Allen.
- III II DAI IS, of Clermont.
f - ZwM. J. AI.K3fANDKB.of Grew.
. ZS F FOVPLETON. of Delaware.
J?f - rADOLPHEDSKBAMKB ofOttawm. ,
10th ' -ANDREW ROACrJ. of Wood. .
ViiZ EIRV. PEA.N, ot Lawrence.
" -J . J. GREEN K. of Hko-
!2ft - ZMOEb WILLl'AMS. of Carroll.' -lTtl
fiS? WKIklKK. of Summit.
J, - aat"TWBCHABD. of TrumbulL
Gold closed la New York Saturday at
To the Democracy of Ohio.
COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 19, 1868.
Without pretend ng to deny that the rt
anlts ot the recent elections are disastrous
to the best Interests or the country, in the
defeat ot local tickets and many patriotic
Democrats, a careful survey . of the field
shows us that there Is no thins in those re
sults to Justify despondency or excuse any
relaxation or the efforts ot the Democracy
In behalf of the cause of justice and Con
stitutional liberty for which they so nobly
struf&led: In Ohio, although beaten by a
small majority In a poll of over five hun
dred thousand votes, the result shows that
the Democracy have gained between ten
and fifteen thousand votes on the State
ticket; while the enemy have been unable
to maintain . thelr; strength of four years
ago, and have' in. addition lost no less
than tour Congressmen, and their
successful candidates have such
meagre majorities as to justify the most
strenuous efforts to carry their districts at
the November election. In the Presiden
tial year of 1864. the Democracy polled
eighteen thousand more votes at the
November election than they did at the
October election, and were then beaten
over 00,000. A similar gain this year will
give Ohio to Seymour and Blair those last
tribunes ot the people and of freedom. The
means and energies of the enemy and their
facilities for the perpetration of fraud, cor
ruption and colonisation, exhausted In
their desperate efforts to carry the October
election, will not confront us in November.
These lawless impediments removed, the
three great States of Ohio, Indiana and
Pennsylvania, which cast more than one
million and a half of votes, will be redeem
ed, and the flag of the American Democracy
still maintain its supremacy as the standard
ot liberty, honesty and justice throughout
the world. . No cause is lost that in
volves such gigantic Interests, and is '
sustained by such - a - myriad of
pure, patriotic and Indomitable men. The
scale of many a battle has been turned at
the moment the enemy was most exultant.
History is full of examples showing that
the liberties of nations, and clvillzuionlt-;
self, have been preserved by A gallant and
energetic struggle made at a darker time
cause needs but tie unwavering courage,
the Indomitable will, the tirelBS& energy .
and the sleepless vigilance, such as the
Democracy displayed In the recent and
manv a nmvlmia nnntpar- to RPfMirn ita final
triumph. These qualities you are now
called on to exert, by every consideration 1
of patriotism, honor, interest and hope
the peace of our country and the liberty of
our posterity. v-,-;" . , . ; ..
We implore the gallant workers and vo
ters of the Democratic party to keep right
on with the work which has gained so
much' under such adverse circumstances;
and, disdaining the' counsels ot timidity or
the Indifference of despair, - continue the
struggle till the last hour of the 3d of No
vember, in the discharge of a solemn duty,
the reward of which is the . redemption of
our country from despotism and anarchy.
Maintain and perfect your local organiza
tions; countenance no shrinking; getout ev- -ery
vote; repel every' assault; expose and.
defeat every fraud ; rally every man to the
polls on election day, and never despair:
while a ray of hope remains to illuminate
a plank to stand on. ' Fought in this spirit,,
the three weeks yet remaining " win serve
to not only retrieve temporary defeat, but
achieve a permanent and triumphant suc
cess. - "
E. F. BINGHAM, Chairman.
W. W. WEBB, Secretary.
Not Sure that it is a
Republican 'leaders Of this city had
.made all the necessary arrangements for a
big jollification on Saturday night. The
Tanners' were ordered to parade with
torches. - The speaking was to be at the
West Front ot the Capitol, if the weather
should be fair; If inclement, then It was to
be at the Kink. There was to be no post
ponement., on account of weather. The
evening was a trifle cool, but not unpleas
ant or inclement. Unfortunately, for the
Republicans, neither Tanners nor anybody
else turned out to jollify. Even Republi
cans are sot clear, in their own minds that
Republican success on the 13th was a good
thing. ; Many, no doubt, would be glad in
their hearts, had the Democrats been suc
cessful, and they will , not sorrow If the
Democrats shall be successful in Novem
ber. ! :' '
The Way the Democracy is Growing.
In October, 1S64, the Republican major
ity In Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania
was about 95,000. . At the election in these
three States on the 13th, the Republican
majority was about 25,000 a gain In the
majority alone., in . four years . of seventy
thousand. Is a party that is growing with,
this remarkable rapidity Jikely long to
bold a minority positlou ? 1
' '
The Majority in Delaware.
The Democratic majority In' Delaware,
at the recent election, was 2,777. In 1864,
HcCustxaa's majority, In that State was
only 613. In 1866. the Democratic majority
was 1,'212 Everywhere the Democratic
vote is ob the increase. - u '
-. -i n- i
Ihk journal says that It has been labor-
- Ing for years to convert the city of Colum
bus to the Radical faith,. but has failed.
Under; Ita labors, the city and county are
growing stronger and stronger In the
Democratic UXtix L - ..-.'- - .'. '
Wx understand that about thirty niggers
TOted in this county on Tuesday last. Ibis,
shows that majority of the tikiu men of
the county are on the Democratic sides-"
Baisboro (fVXttU; MiJ; ? '
The Congressional Battle in Ohio
-The Gains.
The battle, at the late election, in
1st, 9th, 10th and 13th Districts, represented
in the present Congress by Messrs. Egglks-
ton, Ashley, Bcckland and Delano, re
turning, as they did. Democratic members,
was gallantly fought.
The defeat of Eggmcston In the 1st Dis
trict, composed of a portion of Hamilton
county, in the defeat of one who, without
statesmanlike talent, which he endeavored
t make up by low cunning, is a result that
'may well be hailed as a triumph worthy
the highest prabe. General Stbadkr, the
successful candidate, is a gentleman of un
blemished reputation, whose name is Iden
tified with the railroad and river business
of Cincinnati both now nearly ruined by
the mad acts of Radicalism, in cutting ofl
the trade of that city by their reconstruc
tion acts, which Impoverish the South' and
make not only the people poor, but cause
that' fertile region, once .blossoming with
the rich staple ofthe South, to be in a great
measure given over to waste and to ruin. No
man labored harder to bring about this sad
state of things than the defeated Egqlbs
tos the born thrall of Cedric, the Saxon,
was not more the serf of his master, than
Eggleston the slave to do the bidding of
the men whose aim it Is to build up New
England fortunes at the expense of West
ern interest, and glad are we that common
sense and patriotism have given him his fit
ting reward by ousting him from the place
at Washington where he was powerless for
good, and a willing tool for evil.
In the 9th District, composed of the
counties of Crawford, Erie, Huron, Ottawa
Sandusky and Seneca, where the famed
Wit. H. Gibson secured the nomination in
place of Bdckland, the present Radical
member, the decision was that of honesty
over its antipode. So arrogant were the
Radicals and so certain of success, that they
put forward, as the representative man of
their principles, one who was arrested, in
dicted and found guilty of a Penitentiary
offense, in the violation of bis sworn trust
as Treasurer ot State, by confiscating to
his own use, the funds of the people en
trusted to his care. His escape from the
Penitentiary was alone owing to the fac
that, after procuring an order for a new
trial, not because there was a single doubt
of his guilt, but on technical grounds alone,
the indictment against him was nollied by
a friendly Attorney uenerat, oecause, nav-
ing a commission in the army, he served
until discharged, at the end of his term of
A difficulty which sprung up in the
Democratic District Nominating Conven
tion for a time made the success of Gibson
a . certainty, even in Democratic minds.
But the declension of Mr. Noble, to whom
all honor is due, and that ot the second
Democratic nominee, and the nomination of
Juoge Dickinson, of Fremont acquiesced
in by both organizations, who bad been up
to that point battling, not against the com
mon enemy, but against each other gave
the opportunity for a fair stand up fight, In
which honesty triumphed, and the second
verdict that given by the people ot the Dis
trict on election day was, that Gibson was
guilty of the attempt to misrepresent the
feelings, the interest and the honor of the
Not below the battle in the 1st and 9th
District in importance was that In the 10th
District, represented In the present Con
gress by Jambs M. Ashley, of impeachment
fame. The District Is composed of the
counties of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paul
ding, Putnam, Williams, Wood and Lucas;
and all that money could do to influence
the return of Ashley, was done, but with
out avail. Like the old man of the Sea on
Sinbad'8 shouders, Ashley fastened him
self on the District, and supposed it was
impossible to shake him off. His own coun
ty, Lucas, where he was best known and
where it seems he was duly appreciated,
lost him some six hundred votes, while the
other counties run his opponent, Mr. Hoag,
ahead of the ticket. The people of the Dis
trict Impeached Ashley of high crimes and
misdemeanors in trampling the constitu
tion under foot, in attempting to enforce
negro sufirage in the South, in attempting
to deprive President Johnson of his office,
and be was found guilty, and the sentence
is a banishment from the office where he
had made money, is eternal as it is just.
The counties composing the 10th District
used to be among the reliable for Demo
cratic majorities. Of these Defiance, Put
nam and Henry alone, of late years, retain
their ancient faith in full vigor. As their
population, fast filling up these counties,
Increase their majority in fair proportion
to their increase In population. Paulding
and Williams both give signs of coming
back to the fold of the faithful, and if the
Democracy of Lucas continue to make
the fight they did at the late election, the
Northwest will soon again be one of the
citadels of Democracy, and Fulton, a new
county, will, we trust, give up her black
idol and range herself among the countie
that believe this, as the fathers intended It,
a white man's government. '
Gratifying as the result in these districts
are, they are not more so than that in the
13th pwtrict, composed of the counties of
Knox, Licking, Coshocton and Muskingum,
Four years ago, this District fairly elected
Chas. Follett, of Licking, to Congress, but
the certificate, on a fraudulent vote given in
the army to his opponent, was given to Co
ldmbus Delano. Two years later, General
Geo. . W. Morgan carried the District over
Delano by a majority of 271 votes. Del
ano, relying on the partisan majority in
Congress, contested Morgan's seat, and
although in the evidence taken, fraur",
bribery and false voting were proved on
the friends of Delano, and the purging of
the illegal votes increased Morgan's ma
jority so much, that It was near one year
before the majority of the committee on
Elections in the House could bring them'
selves to the sticking ' place of giving
Delano the seat. Yet it was done. The
Radical committee having the matter
charge, declared time and again that Mor
gan was entitled to his seat, so strong and
overwhelming was the evidence. Yet, the
orders of the leaders made the members
the committee vote against the convictions
of their mind, to oust him from his seat.
This conduct of the trained majority in
Congress so enraged the Democracy of the
13ch District that General Morgan was
nominated for re-election without a dis
sentlng voice, and a challenge was given
the friends of Delano to again trot him
out. 'But be dared not face the indignation
of the people. - Mr.TJooPEB, of Mt. Vernon
because he owns a machine shop, was nom
inated by the Radicals as the "W-orking-
tnan's candidate," and was supported by
the entire Radical strength against Gen
The result was a withering rebuke
to foul dealing. Except the county
Knox, which Cooper carried by a majority
of less than one hundred, Gen. Morgan
had a majority la every county in the Dis
trlct, and the majority of two hundred and
Seventy -one was increased at the late elec
tion over fifteen hundred, and It now stand,
at near eighteen hundred, and not only se
cures the services oi one or the purest
patriots and talented statesmen in Con
gress, but is a marked and terrible rebuke
to the miserable cabel of conspirators in
Congress, who defrauded him, and, through
him, the people ot the District oi their
rightful representation in Congress. . "
1 All honor to the Democracy of the First
Ninth, Tenth and Tblreenth Districts - of
OhQ, who have increased the Democratic
representation in Congress from two mem-1
- .
bers in the present Congress to six in that
which commences on. the 4th of March
next. No State can be so lost, as not to be
worth fighting for, that shows such gains.
- The election of Col, Mdngen in the 5th
District and that of Judge Van Trump In
the 12th, by overwhelming majorities is a
com pitmen t due to them for their services in
batling against corruption and to their high
standing and indomitable opposition to the
mad and patricidal course of the Radicals
in Congress.
Hang Out Our Banners on the
Outward Walls.
The result of the recent election in this
State, although disastrous in some of its
consequences, so far from causing panic
in the ranks ot the Democracy, is accepted
by our friends as a salutary warning and
admonition to do their whole duty In the
coming Presidential electiou. It is well
understood tbat negroes and other illegal
voters have helped to make up the Repub
lican numbers, whilst in mauy localities.
local causes have kept large numbers of
Democrats from the polls. This will not
be so In November. . We have information
from various parts ot the State that our
friends are sternly resolved, at all hazards.
that the sanctity of the ballot shall not be
again invaded. Tbat the declaration of a
majority ot 50,000 white voters again
Negro Suffrage shall be enforced. And tbat
for the purpose of seeing the issue lairiy
decided by those only who have the right,
every Democrat who has strength to go to
the polls will be there.
The lying rumor of a change of front and
withdrawal ot Seymour and .Blair, eo
eagerly caught up and circulated by the
Radical Disunionists, Is regarded with con
tempt as a weak invention of the enemy."
The Democracy comprehend fully the duty
before them. They will not be diverted,
and cannot be scared from performing it
They well understand that it involves a
contest for the preservation of free consti
tutional government against Despotism-
tor the triumph of Truth oyer Falsehood-
Integrity in public trust over Corrup
tion. That the bard earnings of fhe toiling
millions shall not be taken and squandered
'in order that the pampered aristocratic
few may be relieved from burthens and
share in the plunder. All this the la
boring masses know, and they know,
also, how to right themselves. They
have not regarded the . October elec
tion as the time tor the manifestation of
their purpose, ai:d then grown confident
ki their stregtb, when the great battle was
to be fought, they have thought little of the
moral effect of defeat In a skirmish of out-
pests. But now when on the eve of the
great struggle which Is to decide whether
they and their children shall enjoy the
blessings of liberty and prosperity, protect
ed by equal laws, under a government of
white men, or whether their cherished
rights shall be stricken down or held at the
caprice of corrupt damagogues and igno
rant and besotted negroes now, when
these momentous questions are to be set
tied, there is no apathy, no confusion, no
dismay, but from every quarter comes the
command, in clear, calm, determined tones,
Democrats, close up your ranks pre-
park to charge."
Democrats, you have much to encourage
you. BesiJe the assurance that the right
Is with you, and tbat "thrice is he armed
who hath his quarrel just," you may con
fidently rely upon aid outside of your own
organization, xnere are many In your
midst who see the dangers which beset the
country under Radical rule, and who will
quietly aid you at the polls. There is, in
addition, an element of strength, which
numbers thousands of voters in Ohio, tbat
helped to swell the Republican aggregate,
but which will be against them in Novem
ber. : .Our Israelite friends have not for
given, and can never forget. Gen. Grant's
jnfamous order expelling the Jews in a
body from his lines, and bis still more in
famous letter justifying the act, in
which he brands them as the "mur
derers of the Saviour of the
world." They will teach him that
the man who would proscribe and insult
a nation of people because it may have
been that a few individuals were violating
bis orders, or, what is more probable, were
in the way oi the christian thieves within
his camp, cannot, with their consent, be
placed at the head of a government pledged
to foster and protect all of every nation
and toDgue.
. We say, then, work ! work ! work ! Con
firm the doubters if there be any, assure
the timid, if you find such.' Reason with
your neighbors be calm and respectful,
but firm with those who differ with you.
Let all be assured that you are terribly
in earnest, and that whilst you Intend
yourselves to yield obedience to the ma
jority of the law, you are determined that
your opponents shall also obey its com
mand. The majority against you in-1863
was upwards of 100,000. We know it was
obtained by fraud, but it prevailed. Since
then yon have patiently worked in the
good cause, until last year you succeeded
in securing the Legislature, and reducing
tha majority against you on Governor to
less than 3,000. On Tuesday last the
Radical majority was less than 15,000. You
know how it was obtained. In view of the
determination to see that negroes and other
Illegal votes shall be excluded that every
one of you that can shall be at the polls,
and with the aid you may confidently look
for outside of the Democratic organiza
tion the odds against you in October will
be overcome, and you can win a lasting
For ourselves, we hang out our banner on
the outward wall, in the full conviction that
it will float in triumph over a restored Un
ion, guided by the wisdom and patriotism
of Democratic councils, under the Consti
tution of our fathers, upheld and sustained
by the will of white men, assuring to all
equality in taxation ana representation.
and securing to labor the same measure of
full and equal protection as is anorded to
The Result.
The - Democracy ot this connty have
elected the entire Democratic ticket, by an
Increased majority. This result Is attrib
uted to the wonderful change that is going
on in public sentiment, on the issues that
divide the two parties of this country. The
deceptions of the Republican patty are be
ing unmasked, and the people begin to see
tbat to entrust tbat party with power is
exceedingly dangerous. They find that
instead of being a "Union party," it is a
"disunion party;" and is wielding all its
political power to prevent the restoration
of the Southern States to their places in
the Union. They have learned by sad ex-
Derieuce, tbat Kepuolican economy con
sists in eating out the substance ot the peo
ple by quartering an army ot useless cm
of.ru on the treasury, and grinding the lite
blood out of taxpayers by a remorseless
system of taxation. They have also, re
solved that if the people, the crippled
soldier, and the soldier's widow are com
pelled to take greenbacks as their cur
rency, the bondholder shall do the same.
In behalf of the great Democratic party,
we thank them lor their Bupport of our
ticket on Tuesday last, ana welcome tnem
to the only party that is the friend of the
iahnrinr masses, and where they will not
be the sens and slaves of the bondocracy,
whn r tmmDluiz out tne energies oi tne
American people, while they, (the bond-
hn iera. toil not. neuner uo mey pay
tiTM-nurdn anything lor the prosperity
or imorovement of the county. Ashland
States and Union.
Forty-one Democratic Counties in
Democracy - ties
at the recent election, only losing three
that they carried last year, and gaining
one they lost. From all the Democratic
counties we hear the news: "We will do
better in November." Let us work! workl
and increase our vote everywhere. Ptan
The New York World.
This paper claims to be Democratic, and
through this claim, on divers occasions, It
has been enabled to do the Democratic
party more injury than If it had openly
carried the Republican flag. Although It
clamors for victory, we question whether
at heart it desires Democratic success; for
to concede that it desires such success, is to
convict it of utter stupidity, despite its
generally admitted brilliancy. If we ad
mit its honesty, we are constrained to hold
it to be worthless in the eminent qualities
of leadership a continuous blunderer, a
persistent taker of wrong roads and the
counselor of pernicious policy. The New
York Tribune, on several occasions, has
characterized the writers for Its columns,
as " perfumed nobodies who hang around
Manhattan club." Evidently, the Tribune
has not wrongly characterized its writers
'. A short time alter the War, it took to the
advocacy of qualified Negro Suffrage. This
advocacy astounded and disgusted Demo
crats, and it only abandoned its advocacy
when it found tbe proposition treated with
loathing and contempt by Democrats. For
the time, however, it gave to tbe Republi"
cms delightful satisfaction. In glee they
rubbed their bands and predicted, as a con
sequence, disruption in the Democratic
party. Doubtless, to 'some extent it did
injure tbe party; but it did not work it
such injury as was anticipated. Sometime
last year it wrote up General Grant as a
man who would make an admirable Presi
dential candidate for the Democratic party.
Then, according to the World, his
qualifications were pre-eminent and his
military career billiant and success
ful to an extent tbat did not admit of
successful challenge. It thus wrote up
candidate for the Republican party. Not
halting in its service in behalf of that party,
It wrote down tbe policy of tbe great West,
championed by Hon. George H. Pendle
ton, and was largely instrumental in bis
defeat in tbe New York Convention.
And at every step since that Convention,
the World has done effective service for the
Republican party. It construed the Deni
ocratlc Platform to the disadvantage of the
mass of the people, and as an implied cove
nant with tbe holders ot Bonds, that all the
Bonds, regardless of law or of justice to the
people, should be paid in coin. It dispar
aged General Grant in all particulars as
a civilian and as a military man
This same General that a few months
- before in its estimate, as It gave
it to tbe public, was all that a General
should be all that was needed in a Presi
dent of the United States had become a
mere dolt was no General, alter all, in the
true sense of the word, but a mere butcher
of men, and successful alone through an
extraordinary preponderance of men. This
course was calculated not to injure, but to
benefit General Grant.
And now, that tbe Democrats were
beaten on the 13th in the States of Ohio,
Indiana and Pennsylvania by insignificant
majorities majorities that by tact and per
sistence can undoubtedly be overcome in
.November the World cries out in tremu
lous tones : recast tbe Ticket take off
Blair at least. The Republicans have told
bard stories on him they have called him
bad names ; and it becomes us
to put up some man in his
stead against which their iinventive
faculties, assisted by the Devil.cannot man
ufacture any lies. It admits that they
bave lied against our candidates, and es
pecially tfgainst Gen. Blair, outrageously.
Is it so stupid as not to know that if a re
cast of the Ticket were now to take place,
that this very recasting would be ample
confirmation of all their lies against our
candidates? And is it so young, and so
unsophisticated In politics, as not to know
that within forty-eight hours after new
candidates were in the field, the Republi
can press would have manufactured and
sent broad cast over tbe country lies even
more foul and more damaging than the ones
they have given currency to against our
present candidates? We will not believe the
World so simple as to have seriously enter
tained any such opinion. We are firmer
in the conviction, that it suggested ' a
change of candidates, for no other purpose
than to play into the hands ot the Repub
- lican party. - It knew it could not other
wise than have kno wn' that this very sug
gestion would bave been taken hold of by
the Republican leaders as it has been taken
hold by them, and held up as a confession
of weakness in our cause and in our can
cidate. In thus attempting betrayal of the
party, tbe World has been foiled ; but the
party will not be true to itself until it
"hang the World," to use its favorite ex
pression towards tbe fferald; or, in plainer
words, until it refuse, to recognize it as
speaking authoratatively for the Demo
cratic party.
Glorious Democratic Triumph.
Language is inadequate to express our
feelings ot pleasure at being able to an-
nonnce that Hardin county is redeemed
from Radical sway .On lastTuesday.the gal
lant Democracy of this county encountered
this treacherous enemy ot the Government
in a fair and square light, ana whipped
them. Yes, whipped them till they cried
"enough I" This is a great victory, when
we take into consideration that two years
ago this county was one of tbe most Kid
leal and vile in the State, according to its
nopulation. In this county there is, no
doubt, tbe most active set of Radi
cals, while they are also the mean
est, most unscrupulous and vindic-
ctive, of any county in the State.
Yet the faithful and undainted De
mocracy have finally conquered them. But
we will treat our conquered foe with leni
ency. We will not do as they have done in
the past proscribe and persecute Demo
crats because they had full sway. We will
treat all, regardless of a difference of polit
ical opinion, with the proper courtesy. We
will not persecute the minority party be
cause we are in the majority. We will
look to the interests of the people, regardless
of party opinions, dispensing with all party
feelings when the comuuu interests ofthe
DeoDle are nt stake. This is true Demo
cratic principle, and to this doctrine we
will adhere, in tins respect we will act
very much unlike the Radical party. We
will follow tbe advice of the Scriptures by
"returning good for evil." Kenton Demo-
Glorious Democratic Triumph. General Blair Drawn Out-He
Speaks for Himself on the Point
-Manly and Patriotic Sentiments.
[Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
ST. LOUIS, October 16, 1868.
At least five thousand persons participa
ted in the serenade to General Blair, who,
utter statins' that he was neither discour
aged nor dismayed by the results of the
recent elections, referred at-length to the
issues in Missouri, tie spoke as toiiows :
"My fellow-citizens : I am the candi
date of the Democratic party febeerp for a
very distinguisnea position, ana i expecc
to be the candidate of the party so long as
they desire it renewed cheers; so long as
It Can avail w ump buo gicai, vauw Wllicu
we all have at heart, nut, my leiiow-citi-
zens, it will be no sacrifice to me, or
rather, it will be a work of pleasure to me
to surrender that position wnenever oy so
d ninr I can add one vote to strengtuen tbe
Democracy in this State, or in other States.
Immense cheering. J
'T am not a candidate for the purpose of
embarrassing, frustrating or defeating the
principles which nave my coraiai support.
When I cease to be of use in one capacity,
I am ready to serve in another cheers,
and as I call upon you, my fellow-citizens,
to-night to make every sacrifice for the
great cause we have ail espoused as I now
call upon you not to hesitate to make any
aaiiririee demanded to gain tor us a victorv
so am I ready to go anywhere and do any
thing; to taKe upon mysen any ourden, to
lay down any power which may have been
conferred upon me heretofore. Cheers.
."And this, my fellow citizens, brings
me to allude to tbat rumor which is
in our midst to-day. It has been said that
both the candidates tor the Presidency and
tbe Vice Presidency bave signified their
willingness to decline in behalf of some
other candidates. All that I have to say is
that both candidates havealways been,
from tbe moment tbey were nominated t
this moment, and will always be, ready to
lay down their candidacy when it will no
longer De or service to the Democratic
party of the country cheers, and if it
should be thought now if it should be be
lieved tbat by so doing we could add to
the strength of tbe Democratic party and
give it a better chance of victory you will
nna tnat you were not mistaken eitner in
your candidate for the Presidency or the
vice residency. Thev will iustifv the
great honor you have conferred on them by
showing they are not unworthy, and not
insensible of the honor, f Voices " We do
not want a change; that is for you to say."
"I shall be with vou asrain before this
election is over; I do uot intend to retire
from the held. 1 mean fo bear mv share
in this battle whether in the ranks, or as
an officer, depends upon the wishes of the
Democratic party; and X do not desire, my
fellow citizens, that you should express
yourselves upon that subject now: I desire
that it should be considered by you camly,
dispassionately, without regard to the feel
ings of any man, because the feelings of
individuals are nothing in the scale as com
pared with the success and restoration of
the Government of our country."
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timore .
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(Mew Advertisements
tW Xlie Ohio Statesman lias n
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
this in mind.
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Grand Recorder, that tbe Brethren. Com
nani ons. and 8ir Knirbts. attending the
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If there is anything the people thoroughly under- -stand,
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Swellings, Pains in the Limbs. Back and Chest. '
There is no medicine in the "World" that standi
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ment." Thousands of certificates can be seen at ths .
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great sale for Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, bas
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OU T If restored in four weeks. Success
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sing; tbe effeola of earlv pernicious habits, self
abuse, impoleney and climate, give away at onoe to
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ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure ) Fail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at 13, or four
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Second Ave., New York. -. - . - -
VNY-jy27-dlyr . . ' -
16 f AN HOO .) Another iftw Medical
1 I Pamphlet rim the pen of Da. Curtis. .
The "Medical limes" says of this work: "This .
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret a buses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It i-ives a clear syni psis of ths
impediments to marriage, the cause aod effects of .
nervous debility, and tbe remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on -receipt
of 25 cents, by addressing Doctor CUBTI8,
No. 68 North Charles street. .Baltimore, Md.
cpa may25-dly-r
DR A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, nesr
tiigh street. Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himlf
aneriesof years to the treatment of certain prw
vne diseases, lie may bscensulted at his omo- .
Broadmt. near the Kxoaanse Bank
may3l-tf - " '
T .. t Tn f3n.T MKOICINE JOE
K AJ.M 1KB liunva . ,
.i :.v.. r-ii varv kind of un-
TUl cmiji, cures wiw" ' .
sightly eruption ef the face, or itching, or irritating
... J : ana ma ainr nttri. nt ttiara
or distretting cai&uouua u
person. - ...--
-i AiA Hir live is the best in the world
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instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridiculous
,MliiM the ill effects of bad dvea? in.!..
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
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i Vi

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