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Mktforowjoical Table, prepared and
e irrertted br. W. J., Savage, Jeweler, 83
South High streets i. -.-J
SATURDAY. Oct. 17, 1868.
O'olaek. - : -. barometer. Theraotii8tr
I r)l...,v-.i 9 87
n wr...:.A... tiwv "!
F. U - -M8 ? 41
. , H. M. H. M
Sua Rises....... ...6 MrBss Bt- Is
tW Quails are rapidly coming Into our
market. : . '
. tW Colomboi never had as extensive
fish market as now. 1- . ,
tgy Frederick Bush, a native of Hanover,
was naturalised by juoge ruga. , ,
rg- xi weather baa been unpleasantly
cold lor the past two mornings.
The official vote of Franklin county
will be announced to-day.
rse-Yesterday closed oulte cold. Over
coats were In demand on the streets, and
fires agreeable In tbe house.
IST There were seven or eight galoots
I. ttxnolaHnnoalant night. Xney will lie
attended to this morning. v
rjf Tlt-'n was a largo display of vege
tables and raeatables In oar market on gat
urday. Except ! the article of pork,;th
market shows no decline. - i .
tST There were but two plain drnnks
before the Mayor on Saturday Pat Mor
gan and Pat. Brady. Brady paid $5 and
Morgan was committed.
Probate Court Bcsijckss. H. T. Fay
was-on Saturday appointed guardian or
Henrv T. Charles S. and Guy W, Fay
ohlldran and heirs of W. B. Fay. late of
Columbus, deceased. Bond $20,000.
fiBTiV . Licenses. There were 18
marriage licenses Issued by the Probate
Court durlnir the week ending, Oct. 17t,
as follows : Monday, 3; Tuesday. 3; Wed nes
day, 6; Thursday, 1; Friday, 1; Saturday, 4
A man named Fltxgei aid was arrested
last night for illegal voting. Journal,
Not true. , Aa soon as Fitzgerald beard a
warrant was out lor his arrest he went to
the office of Justice Gulick and delivered
himself up, knowing there was no truth in
charges against him.
Fii-Th alarm of fire about 4 o'clock
yesterday morning was caused by tbe
burning of the roof of the dry house of the
Ohio Tool Company. It was extinguished
by the Gay street engine, though the entire
department was promptly on hand. The
loss was Inconsiderable.
Skating Pahs. The new skating park
on Long street, made .in the rear of the
Kelley property. Is being rapidly pushed
to completion. This will be a very popu
lar place of amusement ttrls "winter, -and
will, If we are not mistaken, hurt the rink
Thk Socckssfci. Exhibitor. In pub
lishing the premium list of the late county
Fair, the types made us award the first pre
mium for "the best pair of draft horses or
mares," to W. M. McCurdy.. The premi
um was awarded to H. H- McCurdy, for
the best pair of matched draft horses.
Stolc a Coat. An old man, decidedly
ton compos mentis, on Saturday stole a coat
from the clothing store ot Mr. Huffman, on
Xorth High street, near the High Street
House, where it was banging out as a sign.
He was arrested and taken- before the
Mayor, but, being undoubtedly insane, he
was'tHschargtd. " '
Mj nnerchor Concerts Subscribers
to the Maennerchor concerts will not for
get that seats lor the season may be select
ed at Seltzer's musio store-this morning
The first of the six concerts, it will be re-'
membered, will be given at Naughton
Hall, on Thursday evening next, October
22d, "when a splendid programme will be
Till Tapping. Oa Saturday night, a
young man named Sharpe, went Into Char
ley Meyers' Bank saloon, and, during the
temporary absence of the bar keeper, rob
bed the drawer of $4. Oae of the bills was
marked ia a very peculiar manner, and
with another one was idemtifled- These
bills were found on his person when arrest
ed. He-was locked u p lor examination this
Agricultural Meeting. At a meetin
of the Board of Directors of the Franklin
County Agricultural Society, held at the
Probate Judge's office on Saturday, It was
announced that the receipts ol the late fair
were $3,550.65 against $2,600.50 last year.
After transacting, considerable business
the Board adjourned to" meet oa the first
Saturday in December.
Emigrant Agent's Report. C. H. Ctm
pen, General Western Agent, reports that
882 emigrants arrived In this city during
the week ending Saturday, October 17th,
who seek homes as fol'ows: in unto, s-s;
Missouri, 233; Illinois, 131; Indiana, 52;
Kentucky, 63; Tennessee, 37; Wisconsin,
89; Minnesota, 30; Iowa, 26; Michigan, 67;
Louisiana, 22 . 'Total, 882. , t ' , M
Good Bntkrpribinq. The Statesman
of the 7th of October published list of
the grand and petit jurors of Franklin
county which were taken from the Journal
of the 16th. We make this tardy acknowl-
eUgDMSIJfc U OUT VV IJ b ut cuuciynw m puw-
lishing this list ten days prior to the Jour
nal. "People who live In glass houses" Ac
Your thief Is usually the first to cry stop
thief,. ' v:' .' ;. ',..
Thanksgiving .Dat. As the coming
month of November has only four Thurs
days, the Thanksgiving Days In all the
Northern and Middle States will this year
fall ou the same day. The fourth Thurs
day is the appointed day In some States,
while the last Thursday is the day In other
States; hence, when November has, five
Thursdays, tbe observance is not uniform.
. Thanksgiving1 Day' i baa within' the last
eight years become a national holiday.
A Lib Out Who Told It? The day
after the election the Journal vent off In
its usual half-cocked style, charging Fitz
Rankin with "leading a mob" to beat Dr.
Coulter.'. Mr. Rankin Indignantly denied
the charge, saying that the row bad com
menced before he came up. , The Journal
published Mr. Rankin's note, but, In intro
ducing It, in effect called htm a liar. . On
Saturday that sheet published a long arti
cle from Dr. Coulter, in which Fitz Ran
kin's name is not mentioned, although the
truth-telling Journal bad previously said
that Dr. Coulter saw and recognized Mr
Rankin. Now, the question that agitates
the American public is, Who told tbe lie?
Fanct Soaps. Huston & Gardner, next
north of the Post office, have our
thanks for a box of those extra toilet toaps
made by Colgatu & Co, in which they are
the wholesale ana ret.au aeaiers. xo enum
erate them would take up too much space.
The name ef a few of .the ? varieties will
ebow, perheps, the high standard .of these
soaps. - These are, the Honey, Glycerine,
Mrs.Tartington, Bath, Marshmallow, Sil
ver, Transparent, Ac. - we do not hesitate
to declare that Huston & Gardner have the
handsomest liaa Of .ttdlet soaps In central!
Grand Procession of the Tanners.
13,000 Officers in the Parade,
AND 000,000,001 PRIVATE.
He All Had Torches !
The Black and Tanners met on Saturday
night to jubilate over the result ot the
The Grant Tanners were to turn out.
With their torches.
And the Railroad Tanners with their
And Dr. Loving. . ,
. With a drawn sword.
But they didn't jubilate.
It was too cold, they said, for the little
boys who compose the Tanners, to be out
at night.
If the weather had been unpleasant they
would have jollified at the Rink.
The weather was not unpleasant, so they
didn't Rink.
They feared the crcu p.
A big band of music played Captain
And Captain Jinks was there. And
First Lieutenant Jinks. And Second Lieu
tenant Jinks. And thirteen other Captains
and Lieutenants Jlnkses. '
And they all wore swords. And there
was but ONE private who wanted to jol
lify. . ... .- ;.. , , , , . . -
And he wore a red cap, a Zoo -zoo jacket
and red panties.
And they "gknashed" their teeth and
swore that although it was the Republican
fashion in the army to have ail the offices,
there were too many shoulder-straps for
one lone, lorn private.
And they wept bitter tears, . refusing
to be comforted, because the jubilee was a
fizzle. - - - - v
A fool of a fellow come along with a
transparency built like a tombstone, and
on It was painted dirty, low-lived flings at
the. Mayor ot tbe city, and at John G.
Thompson, and being filled with the invisi
ble spirit of benzine be did shout aloud for,
Go home with that cussed thing V
shouted the Hiirh Old Black and Tanner.
which is Dr. Loving. "Go home you tool I
Don't you see it's a f-i-z-z-l-e," and his
tears broke' out afresh, as if he had said
'gee, woe." "
And the chap with the transparency was
taken with a hanging of the nether lip, as
sheep-thief when caught at his dirty busi
ness, and heneaked off through the back
alleys with his transparency, like a wel'
beaten dog. ' '
And another chap, who is a beozinist by
trade carried a low-flung blackguard
transparency on a pole, and he also sneaked
off with his sign, fearing that the White
Boys in Blue would take it away from
him. :
The band of music walked off up High
street, followed by about twenty little boys
who admire the tune of Capt. Jinks.
The thirteen officers and one private who
appeared with all their harness on to jollify,
went to the theater, and the naughty little
boys who were in the gallery did hoot and
howl at the nicely dressed little boys who
were Tanners, when they marched into tbe
parquette, and did " caw, caw1 at tbem and
make strange noises until all the people
said, ''What tools those fellows are to
come here tricked out like so many mon
keys." And that ended the Republican jollifica
tion.1 : There was no parade, no speaking,
no meeting. Nothing but one grand
F-I Z-Z-L-E.
.The show was postponed because of the
weather and because of a. failure on tbe
part of our druggist to procure a suffi
ciency of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for the Tanners.
.Transferred Saturday. The .follow
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on Saturday :
, Wm. H. Harries and wife to Amos De
morest, Oct. 17th, 10 acres ot land in Jack
son township, for $800.
John R. Hiiliard and wife to Sarah Lit
timer, Jan. 9th, I860, lot No. 55 in tbe town
of Hiiliard, for $100.
John R. L. Seegarand wife to William
Hixan, Oct. 17th, inlot No. 61 in the town
ot Hiiliard, for $300.
Georxe Kidner and wife to Peter Kidner,
Sept. 30th. 1 acre of land in Plain town
ship, for $150.
Valentine Schneider and wife to John
Hodman, Oct 17th, 2 acres of land in
Montgomery township, lor $350.
John' W. Douglass and wife to Adam
Gintz, Oct. 6th, lot No. 12 In the town of
Grove city, for $400.
. Michael Kingery, administrator, to Jane
Shoemaker, July 21st, 1866, outlot No. 6 of
Robert Neil's addition to the city of Co
lumbus, for $401. .
Martha Jane Shoemaker to Wm. H.
Dunnick, May 21st, 1867, quit claim to
2 53 100 acres of land in the city of Colum
bus, lor $1,500.:-.... ... ......
Captured. Charley Pugh, charged with
shooting Henry Schreiner on Friday eve
ning was caught by Lieutenant Hanna and
officer Kile on Saturday morning toout 9
o'clock in the woods, in Truro township,
and was at once brought to the city 'and
placed In confinement. The fellow told
the officers that while lying In ambush he
had an opportunity to shoot them, and had
a notion to do It, but thought, there might
be too many of them and they would shoot "
him first. , Davis, who is a party to, if not
the instigator of the crime, has not yet
been captured, although the polioe are still
in pursuit of him.
We saw Charley Pugh in the calaboose
last night. His story is that Asa and Bang
Davis and himself went Into Schreiner's
saloon and called tor drink. After some
talk, Schreiner refused to give them any.
Asa Davis -Chen commenced - abusing
Schreiner, calling him many opproblous
names. .They were ordered to leave the'
place, and not paying any attention to tbe
order, Mr. Schreiner went behind the bar
and got a hatchet, with which he made a
blow at Davis. . He then turned on Pugh
to drive him out, when Pugh drew a pistol
and 6hot him, as before reported. Pugh
proteoses to ' be very contrite, and says he
don't know what devil incited him to com
mit the act.
" Vagged. Seymore Goddard, a rathrr
dilapidated . looking man, the crown of
whose hat goes flipplty flap, and whose
boots don't hide bis toes, was arrested on
Friday night on a charge of vagrancy. He
said be "hadn't done nuthln'." The Mayor
seemed ;to think that that was just the
matter with him. In order that he might
have an opportunity to do something, he
was fined $5 and costs and sent to the stone
pile, where labor is provided for all. He
bammereth. v
; Sherman Guards. There v will be a
meeting' of the Independent' Sherman
Guards at their armory this evening at 7)4
o'clock for special business. It is expected
that every member will be present.
Theater. We were glad to see so large
an audience at the theater on Satur
day night. Tbe company under the man
ageraent of Mr. Lanergan Is nightly grow
ing in favor. It Is a good one, and every
play thus tar produced has given the high'
est satisfaction. Mr. Lanergan's Don
Caesar was a masterly rendition. It was
natural bit ot acting, and won the hearty
plaudits of tbe audience. To-night we are
to have that gem of a comedy, Still Waters
Run Deep, one of the best of modern com
edies. We should judge that Mr. Laner
gan will make tbe best John Mildmay we
have ever bad here. Not having seen' the
programme, we do not know who Is cast
for Captain Hawkley, but are satisfied
It will be in good hands. The petite com
edy of Perfection, or the Maid ol Munster,
completes what we should call a mosc ex
Fal8r Alarm Tearing Down Tele
graph Wire. The entire Fire Department
was called out last night by a false alarm,
caused by tearing the wire ot the fire alarm
telegraph Irom the roofs of the houses over
which It passes. The Gay street engine
was sent out to the Infirmary, tbe Third
street engine to the Lunatic Asylum, and
he South engine in another direction
Every time the wire is broken an alarm is
riven, and this, of course, calls out the De
partment. Measures have been taken to
remove the objectionable noise made by the
vire, and it was expected that the coming
week would make the line satisfactory to
the people on whose houses it is fastened.
it now becomes the auty ot tne uity uoun
cil to pass an ordinance to protect the wire
tnu lo pumsa uiose wuu tear iu uuwu, ur
:lse take it down altogether.
Teachers' Certificates Granted.
rhere were thlrty-seveB .applicants for
certificates to teach examined beiore the
County Board of Examiners on Friday
md Saturday. Because of the high stand
ard of qualification established by the
Board, eighteen of these were rejected. To
' lisplay a certificate signed by the present
3oard is to produce evidence of the highest
class of mental culture. This is as It should
e. Tbe following are tbe names of the
successful " candidates: Mary Ruckle
12 months; R. G. Dildine, Cir
'ileville, 12; G. H. Dildine, Groveport, 12;
Henrietta White, Worthington, 12; Eliza
tfarsh, Grove City, 12; Mary A. Alberry,
Beech, 12; Frank Norman, Alton, 12
4ary E. Darrab, Clintonville, 12; Mary I'
Case, Worthington, 6; Reader Crain, Co
unibus, 24; Charles Cromwell, Groveport,
12; Edward P. Dean, Central College, 12;
Nathan G. Moore, Lithopolis, 12; Monroe
1. Pegy, Miflllnville, 6 ; Sarah J. Shankf,
Black Lick, 12; Ella Paine, Worthington,
12; Alpheus Noe, Gahanna, 12; Frank
Vlirtiu, Central College, 12; Lewis L.
Pegy, Miffliuville, 24.
Jelijt ; & DeButts, Locksmiths and
hell lungers, at No. 141 North High street,
Are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
'lells in the neatest aud latest style. ' Sew
1 ng machines repaired and satisfaction
ruaranteed. Models built for patentee?,
.nd all kinds ot light machinery made and
-epaired. Keys ol all description always
n band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-ly
Nkrvous Debilitt, with its gloomy at
endants, low spirits, depression, lnvoluu
ary emissions, lost of semen, spermator
rhoea, -loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
oemory and threatened impotence and
mbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu
; .y-Elght. Composed of the most valuable,
.nild and potent Curatives, they strike at
nice at tbe root of the matter, tone up the
ystem, arrest the discharges, and impart
Igor aud energy, life and vitality to the
man. They bare cured thousands
af cases. Price $5 per package of six box
. es and vial, which is verv important In ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co., 562
Broadway, New York, f yl3-deod&wly
A busy man is a locomotive, and life a
tiack. Every night he drives into "the
house,'! and stops. Every, morning he Is
fired up anew, and away he goes switch
ing off in one direction and then in another
lu this routine of business, he forgets that
tbe. physical' organizition is of the most
tdelicate kind. If a- hard iron locomotive
needs constant care, and to be well oiled up
aud rubbed off every day, how much more
necessary is'ic that all men and women
should use Plantation Bitters, which are
the ne plus ultra of everything which is
necessary to keep the system in a perfect
tone of health.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported Germau Cologne, and sold at halt
the price.
Constitution Bitters are pleasant to
the smell and taste, will remove impurities
from the body, and give health and vigor
to the frame. Derangements of the stom
ach and liver are harbingers and sources ot
insanity. From an obstruction or disor
der, a morbid action of the sympathetic
and other nerves follows. Ganglionitis
c, and the functions of the brain are de
ranged and impaired. Derangement of
the cerebrum will also produce diseases of
lungp, hearts, skin and kidneys. It is con
sequent upon the same cause that thou
sands die of cholera, yellow and billious fe
vers, and that insatiate, baneful disease,
phthisis, or Consumption. The stomach
is an Important organ in tbe economy, tor
upon its success we depend for all the ad
vantages to be derived from the exhibi
tions of internal medicines. Its healthy
functions are of sterling moment to every
mortal, as It constitutes the source and
fountain of life, which is nutritions. No
organ possesses such power in modifying
every part of the system none such re
markable sympathies.
octl7-d&wlt ! - ' ";"
Captain HEINMILLER. New York Dry Goods Market-Oct. 17.
Market steady and a fair business doing.
although trade Is tar from being active.
Heavy brown sheetings, iitte racinc, extra
Amoskeag A and Atlantic A, bring 15
lfie: Stark A 152: Dundee's prints 124c;
Sprague's 12Ue ; Amoskeag 12u; Arnold's,
11c for new and 10c for old styles. .Low
nrieed flaonels are scarce ana imported
dress goods abundant ai.d being forced to
a sale at a material aiscouut irom current
rates. Brown arms scarce anu nrm at ivc
for export and ISc by tne package lor best
brands.' - '"'
Captain HEINMILLER. New York Dry Goods Market-Oct. 17. New York Bank Statement--Oct. 17
Loans $2,646 441 35; decrease. $9,514 47.
Specir, $91 866 20; lecrease, $1,594 77. Cir
culation, $342,139 18; Increase, $258,258 15.
Deposits, $1,888 805 86; decrease, $7,341.
Tiegal tenders, $586,268 57; decrease, $13,
782 29. ; .- - : .
Buffalo Market-Oct. 17.
. Market generally inactive . and un
changed. The dullest morning since tne
opening of navigation in May last.
CANAL FREIGHTS 18a for wheat to
New Yoik, asking 2u higher.
Milwaukee Market-Oct. 17.
FLOUR Dull and Inactive, prices un
changed. WHEAT Dull at $1 47 for No. 1 in
store. : . i
Elia Fisher . Before Jar. M. Paxton, J . P,
T.-,., C of Norwich township.
Jamaa Luhley.) . Franklin ooun'y, Ohio.
aaid Justice ismed an order of attachment in
the hove action. ( or the sum of Thirty Dollars.
Hiiliard. Oof, ltta, 1B68.
oca73w-r ELIAS FISHER.
. The confirmed dyspeptic may almost ear with St.
Peter, "1 die daily." Toe object of this article ia
Dot to remind ni-nof J his pangs. but to show
him how tobanisn them ii forever The meanr
01 immediate ana permanent relief are proffered
And it is for him to say whether ha will continue
to enaare a nying; deacn.or to put himself in
silion to render life enjoyable.
Of the efficacy of this matchless vegetable stom
a:h'o are to be found in every oity and town in the
United States healthy men and women, rescued
from torture by its sT" use, and e&cer to btar
testimony to its vir- J tues It differs from
any other Bitters in existenoe, in this special par
ticular it is not alcoholio.
For snoh constitutions and systems as require for
their invnoration a diffusive stimulant.
lias been provided a preparation in which the sol
id extracts of the finest restoratives of the vegeta
ble kingdom are held in eolution by a spirituous
sent, purged of all deleterious constituents. Tbe
Satient. in choosing between these two creat anti
otes, should be guide ' by his own condition. If in
a very low state from debility, the Tonic should be
his selee ion; but in cases where tbe emergency is
not so pressing, the Bitters is the Bpecific reouired.
Thousands find infin- f ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn. vr There is no phase of
indigestion.' biliousness, nervous disease or physi
eal prostration to which they are not adapted, and
in whioh, singly or combined, they will not effect
cure. - .
Exchange Fain for Ease
And Weakness for Strength. Get rid of the ail
ments woioh interfere witn enjoyment; cast gloom
and despondency to the winds; take a stronger hold
of life and. in short, become a
Through the instrumentality of the most powerful
and popular of all vegetable invigoranta and cor
Biliousness, Indigestion. General Debility, and
all the oomplaints whioh proceed fiom a want of
proper action in the liver, the stomach and the
bowels, are eradicated by a course of this great
Which not only combats and conquers diseases that
have entrenched themselves in the system, bnt
is the best known safeeuard against all unhealthy
infljenoes. Persona whose occupations and pur
suits subject them to the depressing effects of a
close, unwholesome atmosphere, should take it reg
ularly as a protection against the low fevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. Inva
lid! who are
Withont any special eoorplsint, axeeot a gradual
declination of bodily strength and nervous energy,
will find in the BIT- C THUS a fountain of
vitality and vigor, as ref res trios and exil
eratinx as a pool ia the desert to the tand-eoorohed
and fainting travelera.
Is composed of the pure iniees (or, aa they are me
dicinally termed. Extracts), of Riots Herbs and
Barks, making a preparation highly concentrated
and entirely free from Alcoholio admixture of any
Is a combination of alt the ingredients of tio Bit
ters, with the purest quality of Santa Crux Rum,
Orange, etc., making one ot the most pleasant and
agreeable remedies ever offered to the puhlio
These remedies will effectually cure Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice. Uys- I pep.ia, Chronic or
ftervous Debility, mm Chronic Diseases of
the Kidneys, aud all diseases axis ng from a .disor
dered Liver or stomaoh, - - . r .
as Comti
. . ; pation, Inward
' i , r . P'les, Full ness of
t ' Blood to the Head,
Aoidttv of the Stomach. - ' 1
Itaunea. Heartburn, Disgust
for Food, Fullness or Weight in the
Stimaob, ctour aructations, Sinking
' or Fluttering at the pit of the Stomach,
Kwiintning of the Head, Hurried and iJiffiouIt
Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or
6uffioating Sensations when in a Lying Posture,
Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs beiore the
: Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head,
i Deficiency of Perspiration. Yellowness
of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the . .
Side, Bad, Chest, Limbs, etc. . .
1 Sudden Flushes of Heat,
.burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imagin
i ? . iDgs uf Evil, and
threat Depres-1
. sion of
They are the Greatest and Best!
Ever known, and will oure all diseases resulting
from bad Blood. Keep your Blood pare. Keep
yoor Liver in order. g Keep your disestive
' : . .. a .La i i ,i. A,;n kv
the use of these remedies, and no disease will ever
Weak and Delicate Children
Are made strong by the use of either of these rem
edies. They will cure every ease of MARASMUS
withont fail.
Thousands cf certificates have accumulated in
the bands of the proprietors, bat space will allow
of tbe publication of bnt a few. 1 hose, it will be
observed, are men of note and of auoh standing that
they must be believed.
Who would ask lor mora dignified or stronger tes-
- . timony?
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Peanayl
vania. writes :
Philadelphia, March 16, 1867.
I find "Hoofland's Uertnan Bitters" is a good ton
ic useful in diseases R of the digestive or-
f ans, and of great ben- I efit in cases of debil
ty and want of nervous action in the system.
Yours truly. GEO. W. WOODWARD.
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia. April S8, 1866.
1 consider "Hoofland's German Bitters" avalna
Vmeili.iine in esses of attacks of Indigestion or
S spepjia. I can ce-tify this Irom my experience
of it. lours, withrespect.
Protbonotary of the Supreme Court of Pennsylva
nia, writes s . , '
Philabelfhia. Sect. 14,1S7 .
"Hoofland's German Bitters" is a verv useful article
as a tonic and as an aocetiier. It n not an in-
toxi atisg drink, and may be used beneficially by
persons ot all age. pectiuny yours,
Hoofland's German Remedies are counterfeited.
Kath.t. t.ha nirnatnrfl ST of C. M. JACKSON
is on trie wrapper of U each bottle. Ail oth
ers are counterfeit. - -
Prinmnn.1 llftip.A and Mannfactnrv at the German
Medicine Store, Mo. 631 ARCH STREET. Fbila-
deipnia, i a,
CHARLES M. EVANS, Proprietor,
Formerly C. M. JACKSON 4 CO.
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle $1 00
Unnfl.nrl's Uertn&n Hitters, naif dosen 6 00
Hoofland's German Tonic, put np in qt. bottles 1 to
per Doiiie, or a naix aozen iot vi
Do not forget to examine well the article yon buy
n order to get tne genuine.
And Dealers in Mediaines everywhere.
jyt2-dw4s ireowlyi
ijifl statesman.
Seizure of the Steamer Hesper.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Intelligence from Havana.
Intelligence from Havana. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Excitement at Memphis-Full Details.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 17.
The destruction of arms on board the
steamer Hesper, still caused much excite
ment, lhe Democratic papers assert they
were destroyed by Bad teals for tbe Durrxiae
ot making political capital ; that Captain
nuusron, oi toe riesper, loaned his ooat at
Hark Grades for that purpose: also, that
the arms were not the prooertv of the State
ot Arkansas. The Republican papers, on
the other band, assert that they were de
stroyed by the Ku Klux.
The tallowing particulars of the seizure
are obtained from Capt. John Ford, of the
impressed tujr Nettie Jones: About Ave
o'clock Thursday afternoon the tiio- Netrin
Jones, Capt. John Ford, left the wharf .fr
tort ncKrinsr, bavins a barsrein tow. in
tending to return with lumber. Tbe tug
reached its destination and landed about
half past five o'clock. No one was in sijsht,
but the line had scarcely been made last
beiore the spot was covered with men. all
so securely ma-ked as to be unrecognizable.
mere were proDaoiy one hundred, and
had evidently been concealed for some
time under the bluff. Without speakinc a
word, they quickly boarded the tuff, took
possession ol the pilot bouse and engine
room, and ordered Capt. Ford to immedi
ately start down the river, addinp-. bv wav
of incentive to promptness, that somebody
might be hurt in event of refusal. Ac
cordingly he ordered one of the crew to
cast off the line, and in a few minutes the
tug was rapidly steaminar down the river
Upon taking possession, the new com
mander kept a vigilant eye on the crew,
not allowing any one of them to leave his
post for even a moment. The Engineer
was not permitted to oil his machiuerv. the
mysterious passengers evidently feariDg he
iuiui, suuuemy put it out or repair. The
head of the tun was held steadily down the
river until approaching Cat Island, 25 miles
below, near Arkansas Short. This was be
tween 7 30 and 8 o'clock, and Captain Ford
whb uruereu to run ins tug aiontf side the
little steamer Hesper, which was tied up
wooding. During tbe triD the leaders ni
the party informed Captain Ford they in
tended overhauling the Hesper and des-
-troymg awns, but that strict orders had
been issued to tbe men to harm no one and
respect all other property. In obedience
to orders, Captain Ford ran the tug along
side. This was no sooner accomplished
than, leaving two of tbe number . in the
pilot house, two in the engine room, and
one in the cabin, as a guard, the latter over
one of the crew who had insulted tbe lead
er, the -. veiled party suddenly sprung
aboard the Hesper. Little or nothing was
said, and the boarders, who, evidently had
an eye to business, placed the crew under
surveillance and commenced the work in
The gun boxes were broken open with
axes and hatchets, the guns taken out and
thrown into the river; many were broken
before being consigned to the element. A
large quantity of ammunition iii the hold,
marked sundries, was also thrown over
board. The boxes were shoved overboard
after tbem, and many of them were seen by
passengers ou tbe May Flower, fluatiun
with the current. In half an hour the task
was accomplished and the party returned
to the tug, leaving the Hesper adrift in pos
session of all the crew, who remained, Cap
tain Houston and his brother having made
for the woods as soon as the Nettie was
seen bearing down upon their craft. The
raiuers once more aboard, Captain Ford
was required to turn the boat northward.
ana proceea until further orders. At mid
night tbe tug reached a Doint in President's
Island chute, eight miles below the city.
Here,, by order ot the veiled commander,
sne was run aground. . ..
JNo sooner had this been done than some
one, until that moment invisible on tbe isl
and, was hailed. A minute afterwards a
skill put out from shore, and was rowed
alongside. Whether the person in it was
black or white could not be ascertained, as
be, too, was masked. Six of the raiders
got into tbe skiff and were taken ashore,
ana tne stein continued making trios until
3 a. M.. and the last six were taken over,
but beiore tney lei c strict orders were given
to Captain Ford to remain in the chute un
til daylight, lie did so, the tug not chang
ing position until 7 A. M. yesterday morn
ing. She then returned to the city, bring
ing the first and only intelligence ot what
had occurred. Captain Ford informed us
that soon after tbe Hesper was boarded.
several shots were fired, but whether by the
crew or the raiders he did. not ascertain
Some one ordered the firing to cease, and
nothing more was beard. No one aboard
the Hesper was injured or in any way mistreated.
President Johnson Denies the
There is the best authority for saying
that President Johnson has neither ap
Droved the proposition to withdraw Sey
mour's name, nor intimated the wish to be
nominated or willingness to accept such
nomination, but, on the contrary, has
looked upon the proposition lor a chage of
candidates as Injurious aud ill timed.
Shooting Affray.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 18.
i. A notorious character, named Bill Por
ter, was shot and killed by a roan named
Carline. last night. An old feud has ex
isted between them for years. Last night,
while Porter was standing in the door of a
saloon, Carline approached, armed with a
shot gun, Iwbicb, without a word, he dis
charged, fourteen buckshot taking eflect.
producing instant aeatn. uarime was ar
rested and committed. -' ! ' " '
Fell Dead.
The wife of Bill Porter, who was killed
by Amos Carline on Friday night, on hear
ing of her husband's death, fell down in
a swoon and exnired without speaking
word. Carline has been released on $4,000
bail, having established the fact that Porter
had threatened to kill him on gigub.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 18.
The Democrat has a special from Pine
Bluff," Ark, dated yesterday, which says
Wm. J, Dollar, a Deputy Sheriff, ot Krew
countv. an old and worthy citizen, while
out serving subpoenas, wrs tied to a negro
last night, and both shot to death: by the
ivu mux.
Gen. Blair.
General Blair made two speeches to large
crowds here last night, which were very
enthusiastically received. .
Pennsylvania Election.
.Betiirns from forty-nine counties, offi
cial, and tbe balance of the reported ma
jorities foot up 10,083 Republican majority
for Treasurer. -, . .
- The Republican Judges have signed the'
certificates for Westmoreland county. This
will make the total vote in the Twenty-first
District for Foster, 13,807; for Covode, 13,
776; Foster's majority, 41. The poll ex-.
cteds last year by 5,278, ot which Covode
gamea over last year's vote on Jiiage z,so3'
ar.d Foster gained 2.496. Covode annouuees
his determination to contest the' seat. - He
alleges he can throw out over 300 Demo-'
cratic vote3 in Fayette aud over 200 in
Westmoreland counties. '
Three companies of Artilery from this
Fortress have been ordered South on tem
porary duty. Battery Cto Atlanta, battery
A to Columbia South Carolina, and a bat-,
tery to Reieigh, North Carolina. They,
left this morning.
The Turf.
The first race, for a premium of $300,
mile heats, best three in five, in harness,
was won bv Kate: best time 2:30. The sec
ond race, lor a purse of $400, mile heats,
best two in three, in harness, was won by
Pearsall; best time 2:34. The third race,
which concluded the meeting, was for all
horses that have never trotted better than
2:40, mile heats, best three in five, in har
ness, o(X) to first one and 2M to secoud,
was won by Johnny Moore: best time'
River News.
Weather cloudy and cold. River two feet
live inches. Mercury 73 degrees.
NEW YORK, Oct. 17.
In as altercation in front of the African
Church, in Jersv Citv. .last night. Jesse
Johnson, colored, stabbed Morris Cannes,
colored, fatally. Johnson has not yet bcerr
arrested. Both parties had been attending
the church.
Tidal Phenomena.
A Tidal Dhenomena was Observer! at TTell
Gate on Thursday, when the tide, accord
ing to the report ofexnerlenced pilots, was
stronger than it has been for twenty years.'
O'Baldwin and Wormald.
O'Baldwinhas been nut nnder SI. 0(10
bonds to keep the peace tor one year, aud
it is now believed the tight between bim
and Wormald will be postponed for ayear. ,
1UCUHC1 UBhlU ttblttlQ. -
Commissioner Rollins.
Commissioner Rollins has been subpoe
naed to attend next Friday to answer
a charge before Commissioner Osborne.
The Fall River manufactnrers have given
notice to their operatives that a change will
be made in the working hours on Monday
next. The mills will run eleven hours in
stead of ten, as at present. The spinners
nave formally protested against ttu change.
The steamship Rhein, from Bremen, ar
rived this morning.
The steamshiD Vllle de Paris sailed to
day, taking $134,000 in specie.
Sailed. Robber-Arrested.
A sailor was robbed at John Allen's
dance house last night. They arrested Mrs.
Alien, isoston loin and six female inmates
ot the den, but John Allen fled.
Snow Storm.
It Is snowing in Boston. Worcester. Con-
eord, Oiwego, Watertown, New York,
Rochester, and several miles along the line
of the Erie railway. Four inches ot snow
iell last Light. Snow feil in Philaaelbhia
at 10 o'clock to-day. A heavy northwest
gate is blowing here. Very cold since sunrise.
Sales of Gold.
The sales of gold by the Treasurer to-dav
realized 137 5-1001 37 15-100.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
NEW YORK, Oct. 17.
In tbe Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Rev. Haight, Irom committee on Canons,
reported in favor of amending canon 9, eo
that in case of a Deacon or Priest ordained
by a Bishop not in communion with the
Episcopal Church, he shall remain on nrn-
bation one year, instead of six months, as
at present. . Adopted, with but few dis
senting votes.
Rev. Henan W. Beers, of Wisconsin, in
troduced a series of resolutions.
The committee on Canons reoorted the
following cannons :
Firt The form ot consecration of a
Church or Chapel shall not be used at any
time before sufficient evidence be furnished
to the Bishop that the building to be con
secrated, and that land on which it stands
is free from debt or other pecuniary liabil
ities. Second The title to such buildinor and
land shall be secured to the person, per
sons or corporation authorized by the law
of the State or Territory in which it is sit
uated, to bold property for the diocese;
parish or congregation, and such building
and land shall not be encumbered or alien
ated by mortgage or sale by the parties
aforesaid, without the consent of the eccle
siastical authorities of the diocese in which
they are situated.
Third A church or chapel once conse
crated to the service ot the Almighty God,
shall be separate from all unhallowed or.
common uses, and it shall not be removed,
or disposed of, or taken down, unless per
mission be obtained from the Bishop, acting
by advice or consent of the standing com
mittee of the diocese in which he is sit
uated. .
After some discussion, the Convention
The Weather.
Cold continues, with a high north-west
wind. Snow tell at Yorkville, in the u pper
portion of this island, and also at Buffalo
and Bangor, in addition to the points al
ready named. . - ,
Cotton Brokers.
A Board of Cotton Brokers was formally
organized to-day.
Disapproved Of.
The proposed withdrawal ot Seymour
and Blair meets with the unqualified dis
approval of the rank and file of the Demo
cratic party of this city.
Last evening a meeting of the Board of
Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Con
vention was held in Church of transfigura
tion for the transaction ot general business
and more especially to hear addresses in
tne Indian language by Rev. Paul Mayaun
eki, one of the Dakota Indians recently
converted to Christianity. Bishop Lee
DRESDEN, Oct. 17.
There were further tumults here yester
day among the Commissioners, but was
promptly suppressed.
Minister Appointed.
LONDON, Oct. 17.
The Government of Spain has appointed
Bios Rosas Minister to England
The Manchester Chamber
will give a banquet to Lord Salisbury on
the 27th. Reverdy Johnson will be present
MADRID, Oct. 17.
Dulco, who was appointed Captain-General
of Cuba, has declined, on account of
ill health. '
General Prim.
PARIS, Oct. 17.
1 The Gaulois newspaper has a report of an
attempt to shoot General Prim, at Madrid.
The attempt was unsuccessful. The as
sassin was arrested, but afterwards set at
liberty, by General Prim himself. .
Coinage System to be Changed.
MADRID, Oct. 17.
The coinage system of Spain will be
rapidly changed, to conform to that of
France. " '
" Ros de Olana, Count of Almuna, has been
appointed Captain General of Cuba. - -...
Serrano and Topele.
Serrano and Topele have arrived at
Saragossa. They had a triumphant entry,
and the wildest enthusiasm was manifested.
Progress of the Insurrection.
HAVANA, Oct. 16.
The latest authentio news from Los '
Tunas announces ttaesnecesgfnl progress of
the campaign against theinsurgents. They
appeared in that district in three or four
separate bands, all , under the head of "
Aguilera. After the defeat of the largest
body, they all dispersed, and are trying to '
reach the sea shore with the probable in
tention of finding ships on which to escape -'
from tbe country. .The troops are pursuing ii
$hem in various directions. The bands
were composed of bandits whom Captain
General Lersundi's vigorous measure bad , "
driven to the iDi.untaips. . There were also
among them numbers of persons without , .
regular occupations, and ready for any
thing whioh promised excitement. The
entire number of the insurgents was about . V
two hundred. - The Captain-General will J
immediately send a man-of-war to prevent ' i
stiagglers irom leaving the coast. Puerto
Principe and'other towns in the vicinity of M
the disturbano remain quiet, as the citi
zens are in favor of the present Govern- .,
meat. ; . : , y .'-;' .-.;;'; ';.', . '. ; .
General Santa Anna.
The expulsion of General Santa Anna
from Taboda has bnt an end to recruiting
and other demonstrations against the Mex-
lean Government. . .. ...
Captain General Lersundi.
Captain General Lersundl declares that "
while he is in command he will not Dermit
any conspiracy in this island against a for-. ,
eign government. , .
The Weather.
The weather Is hot but rainy, and the i
city and island are healthy. - . --!"
Snow fell early this morning to the denth . , .
of four inches, accompanied by a : very -.;.i .
oeavy gate, wnicn it is learea win ao dam
age to shipping on the lake. The schooner ' 1
Maple leat ran in here for shelter with the
'ot o of a iib boom and three of her orew In
jured. ... . .. -
New York Money Market-Oct. 17.
GOLD Unsettled: opening atl3C?. and
closing at 136?. . . .; . r . i
Cincinnati Money Market Oct. 17.
GOLD-137 buying. . ' ,, ' V'i
EXCHANGE Firm at par for buylns'.n 1
MONEY Market is close at 8(310 per :,
cent. . i
New York Stock Market-Oct. 17.
decidedly higher. : Coupons of '81, 115'
llo; do 62" 114J4114; do 'J4 112
1121; do '65 112KU2; do new 111
111J6 do '67 111J& do nw 11111H; do
63 111J4111 10-403 106106.
prices wells' impress 3l31J4J
American 46; Merchants' Union 2323;
Pacific Mail 128K128M; Western Uniou
Telegraph 36JS37; New York Central
128K12S; Erie 49g'49; rlo pre
ferred 70(372: Ohio and Mississippi 3254(3
32; Wabash 6767Jg; Michigan Central
ii8(5iiy; ftiionigHn aoumern ;
j'oido 106106M; fort wayne. ii7i.(3
117k;. u- ,-,
' .,' '
i . '
New York Market-Oct. 17.
COTTON Fair bu iness: 1,603 bal
,ea tt
25.A middling upund-t.- .'.- ; y
I LOUK-Closed auil aiotgjius lower.
WHEAT Dull. - nominal and - easier.
there was not, however, auy pressing de-"
sire to realize. " " '" ' '
RYE Quiet, $l,60l 61 for western.! -us
OATS Active and firm a'. 75 forwtstern.
i '
' CORN Dull: $1.14(3! 1,15)4 unsound and '
$1.16l,16ki sound mixed western afloat,
POKlv Rather easier: mess sajssu,' Teg
ular; closing at $23 75 offered, and $2U 80
asked. regular... -: 'i fs ;' H
.BEEF Dull ann drooping.
CUT MEATS Quiet, without decided
change.- ; ' ':. ' ''' !
BACON Firm witn atair inquiry. : ? n
LARD Dull at 190 for fair to . prime
EGGS per doz. 2728c. ' ' "'
r; mi.
. ...J
i i..
Cincinnati Market-Oct. 17.
t FLOUR Dull; famllv $S S08 75.
WHEAT Dull; No. 1 red held at $V 90.
CORN Dull and nominal; old 9597c;
new 65c.
RYE Firm at $1 40. ' '
OATS Dull at 00c lor No 1 and 67c for
No 3. . ' -t! . rr;rw:
BARLEY rAdvanced to $2 472 50 for
Canada: State spring $2 252 35.
COTTON Dull at 2324o lor miauling
TOBAUCO uncnangerj ana quiet, ..
WHISKY Dull at $1 23 1 25, buyers
holding off for lower rates. , ,
PROVISIONS Dull and drooping.
PORK Mess $30 50.- . - -is. J -if
BULK MEATS llc for shoulders and
14c for sides.
BACON Dull; 13l3Vo for shoulders
and 15, 1GS, 17(3170 lor riD, clear no
andclear. 1 - '"- i
LARD 18)19c. -m i . .
APPLESLargesupply and dull at $2
4 00. . -. ,
OIL Linked $1 05. '
PETROLEUM Dull at 3032o for -Ye-fined.
BUTTER Unchanged and firm at 35
40e. '
EGGS Scarce at 25c.' ' 1 ,u
HAY Dull and $1 lower. - .j ; v
SEED Timothy 1417c on arrival.., ;.
GROCERIES Steady, with fair demand
at lull rates. ' . ,, ,r t
. 1
.. V J
' I.1J
( .
i 14
: i 10
T .
Cleveland Market Oct. 16.
. FLOUR Market dull lor outside brands; ' -city
made held at $12 00 lor XXX white;
$10 25(3,10 BO for XX. amber; $8 75 j;
9 00 for XX red: $99 25 lor XX spring; .
$7 758 for X spring: country i mads -1 "
ranges at $9 259 75 for XX red and amber; -' '
$8 009 00 for XX spring; $10. 5011 ,50 oi
for XX white. -r: ..: J , - . .t
WHEAT The receipts are small and .
the market is firmer for No. 2 red; No. I
do steady; held at $1 85 for No. 1; $1 72
l 73 for No. 2 do; $1 651 70 foc.NilIq
Western spring. T,j ! r,.,.,
; CORN Dull and lower; . No. 1 mixed Y "
held at$l 01. ' " "
OATS Steady aud unchanged; sales at;
63a for No. 1 State. , o 7-'i r, ;;i n
RYE Some inquiry aud market firm at .,,.-)
$1 401 43 tor State and Western. ' ' ",' ",
BARLEY Firmer but qtiiet;iheld '-at
2 252 30 for State and Canada. - j; i .an A
: MILL FEED In good demand and firm if.Jj
at $33 00 per ton for fine middlings; $30 00 ,,a-t
tor No. 2 do; $26 00 tor coarse do; $22 DO '
ior shorts. . .i. ta-,i
PORK Firm and steady; held at $3100 1 1"
for No. 1 Mess; $29 00 for No. 2 do. . . 8 ,.3
LARD Active and firm;: sales . 4000 M;t
lbs city rendered at 20c; country nominal .
atl919e. " " '
BEEF Quiet and steady; held at $20 00 (;i
for Extra Mess. - - -
SMOKED MEATS Market steady; sales
2500 lbs Hams at 19c; shoulders unchanged
at 14c. -' '-'
Chicago Market Oct. 17.
' FLOUR Dull and 1525o lower; spring "
extras $6 O07 50. ' " '
WHEAT Less active and 33o lower;""5"1
sales No. iat$l 45l 46; early sales No-2i.rri t
at $1 3Gj, but a stead; decline, and closed j,,,.;
at $1 34; sales Ho. 2 since 'Change at. ",
$1 34. .' . V"i
CORN Dull at 22c lower; sales No. '-a -l
1 at8991c; No. 2 at 8990.!; rejected : J ,!
at 8Sb9c; sales No. 1 this afternoon at , ; ,
90o. . t ,t
OATS Active and firmer, and JK " V
highen sales No.l at 5151e; rejected at '-
49650c and. closing at 51513o for.'--,.
MO.'l. . : :-' .
RVE More; active at 22jc lower; "
sales No. 1 at $1 261 28, closing quiet.', 1
at inside price. - - "' .
BARLEY Dull and weak and 89c,
lower; saies No. 2 at $1 881 93; closiug , ...
with sellers but no buyers at $1 S7f ' ; .
St. Louis Market-Oct. 17.
FLOUR Dull and unchanged with no '
demand except for low grades. ' :,,;. ;
WHEAT Steady and , unchanged;,-fall ,
ranging at $1 752 25. . .,.,,.;.!',;
CORN-Very quiet at 9397c. ''"--'.c
OATS Lower; 5056c 11 ; 1 'V ft
RYE Lower; $1 201 23."-oo?:v -.!l f!:
BARLEY Dull and unchanged.- ,.,,
PROVISIONS Firm aud uuchaiiged- , ' . '
PORK-$31 50. !"- . .'1"
BACON Shoulders 1 ISJc;1 clear sides'
17X17Oi- t-.;i!!-il 11 , ' i-'!r.: 1. i.-n-t
LARD Small lots bring 19o for Uerce, v,j3j
Toledo Market-Oct. 17.
r L,uun uuieu. f. . :
WHEAT No. 1 white Michigan 4c beU): 1511
ter; amber uncha-.iged; galea No. 1 whits 1 :i
Michigan $2 23S 25; Amber $1 86;. No, a? n.sf
$1 60; No. lred $1 86. . ' . h . ,1 , ... . ' ,
CORN Held at 9696 ; small sales of
Michigan at 87c. ' " . " ,"1 ' ' !"
OATS Shade- Jowert 66o 'ibf Jrow lj1 !
B5Wc for No. 2s Jon - J nii-ti:4 j.mi:
BARLEY Steady. 1 1

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