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MKTFonoixGicii Table, prepared and
LOCAL NEWS. MONDAY, Oct. 19, 1868.
"ieV?-" v '-'gtoiw twt- Yhennnmete
Boo Flies
S 11
i .' !
A.I J.-I3..
.i' TT..trrthT Sprouts. Ton are
- b woei-sed that every member will be pre,.
- enV s.slness f tmportance UI come
:,Vl ;.VBr irder.
sis'isnil ;-'- .1 J. B.
i.ii : .., .: vi.-.--
MrLLBR, Col. Comd'g.
pj'tgjf John H, Thomas' official majority jn
. r.
this county 18 B ik i . m J t -,.y. u -
1X31 IIU
l t",The real estate transferred and left
for record yesterday 1 vaiuea at,un.
; ;. tTha only official returns yet received
ttt this district ar from traniuiu coui.y
.ISFTTW (Township Trustees, yesterday
ftmehded 829S0 for: poor and township
purposes."' ;.u ' .1". W. J i'-f '-
tS-Rnilroad travel just now is very
,.,.. . .T-ot.triH Uwiiuff the depot is
UDAfJI - . .... rv . -
crowded. A-jUi'? ' i" '" '' ( :
"W Returns haver beerr received at the
Secretary of State's office froto oojy thirty
even counues.j.;. .; ,;:ij .4 -,"'..('
'ES Andrews Bull nave received Put
nam, Frank Isli.s: Magazine and . Lady 's
Eriend lor jovemoer, , ;.; .; l:t ,Ki!i. ;.i
.CBTStree Improvements are'golng on
ffneljfjtn all paW M equine weatner
is very favorable to the work.
tThe qty.Marsbal last night request
ed it appointment of flicy special policn-
men to serve on Aext electton day.
fm-.-TTf,,, .1 TP 31. -nt aTjM" ' I1' 1 1 ' V''? ""
X$nfrf& .presses; "iu!r'th J?.8
trimmings, are worn a '.great, deal byr tl
ladlcsV'ani they areyery becpnlng.
rent took Januarv and three otherean-
dldates and a 'lawyer to watch ftie opening
of the returns of this county on yesterdiy
tTo prevent burglars breaking open
yttirjdoore don't lock hm.? TM
tnWtfca ttfea o several Hlitj street 'wer,
i.1 t ,
tS?" Judging by Yesterday's Journal, the
trifthrof theeentence ut vt the4Hres6
of the heart the moutn speaKein, ' is ueyona
tarThe attempt to Introduce thetSreclan
bend In this city has about played out.
War girls are determined to keep
" straight.",,,. ......, , a
re"The ' work on" the extens'on' of the
wooden block, pavement . fe, being pushed
forward rapidly. Aboat sixty feet per dsy
U "being put'down." " "'" " """ji .
Yesterday: was ehllty and disagree
able." guess we are about to have our
usual "squaw winter." After it we may
look, jor pleasant weather., -j, K ?
All the articles of dally consumption
In our market are sold atexorbltant prices.
It is .aioiost AstinshingLbowhe laboring
classes manage to support themselves- :rA -
'The rate ot. taxation la ; the incor
porated Hraire of Westervlilo is flftyislx"
cents on the $100 valuation greater than Th
the city of Columbus, with all her improve
ments. 4 in) r.iiirsiii-.ft U rnh:..
tSTWe did serve as a private in the
army. - We glory In itf. Can the Brigadien
which IsJeeqps, say as .much? Not, any
for" bun!: A. Aominissioa waa necessary to
stir up his patriotism.
Modest. Comlj , whose weight Is 200
fcscalling Spivins, whot weighs 210.Bs,
a.tn'all he says In regard to the courage
of men who Jard .the lean earth he speaks,
perhaps, from experience, experitntia docet,
eaith the adage. - ' - ' '' "
Bus raf St. Mary's AcADEMY-Mr. Wall
informs us that he will hereafter run a bus
from the city to the Academy ot St. Mary'
O f the -Kp fTngs, each7"Tha rsday Bfternoon
at half-past one o'clock. The iare for the
round trip will be fifty cents. Orders may
be Wft at the stable of Wm. Wall. " :
Txli. TAPPTSG.The nlrme of the' young
man arrested tor tapping the till of Charley
Meyer's saloon is Alonro Camblin, instead
of Sbrper as published by ua. Yesterday
he had a hearing before the. May or, which
resulted in hte being fined; $1J; odj costs
and se'ntceA:-to:tt days ln tbejctty
prison. ,rs?t 0IUt & giaoiAXAlT
P&SoifAtrHpii1. C HScribher; mem
her of the State Senate, from the' Knox.
Morrow, Holmes n4 ,T Wayne .District,
passed through . this . cityr yesterday, en
route to .Pprts'mouth.where. hp (will meet
th&tp&bera of the joint select committee
of tin wd Houses, appointed; 'to select the
location for a new .Penitentiary, of which
Committee he is Chairman." '
FrttTTDAi!.---1:he certiflcateWf In-'
corporation ol the Patent kindling Fuel
Company, WM depbslted with the Secretary
of 8tatoyesterday.s It organized lor the
purpose of manufacturing patent kindling.
Principal office lnAClnclnnatl. Capital
stock $150,000, fn shares df.f 500 ej?ch.
xt fcr.;f.K1i 'r 'h "Wilson .tao. O.aibhanB.1
M. te'ubbeJV'J?. !WUWNJii ftiQjbbons,
Samuel Stokes, Daniel Fitblan and'B.'B
Sinks are the cop6rat0s.TJ, JtJ1
1 1 1 in t-inil
A PdOREkccsB. Jowmif of yester
day says that theRadi jubilee did not come
off on Saturday night pecanso rji6. weatb.er
was too cold for an outdoor meeting. They
have put it off nntll Xheycan get Colfax
herei Well, it strikes as that if the night
was SQ,jchiJly.-r and, .their, local, speakers
would tell the troth, -they could have had
cold fact enough on Saturday night to suit
any reasonable people especially 11 mey
had made mention of tbe means usea to en
curs Jarraary' election
K t 4 ."mJ I 1
, 1 r f-1',f'r T
Do"t IA Ii-The1 yonn'jf" tnihjrho
wore the Zto zoo Jacket called ""upon us
yesterday. He didn't like our notices We
are very sorry.. It makes us weep; it does
indeed. Be says he came all the way from
SaltBlver, Kentucky, to attend ihe jubilee,
We think we have heard something about
the Kaintuck Rad taking up their real
denceon tfie banks of that classic stream
But ain't 16 rough -when our Black and
Tanners have to send ;-to; Kentucky for a
private to Jollify with.
Cotjktt Acditok's 1 Optici:. Auditor
Kile and Deputy King yesterday completed
putting the tax on the duplicates of 1868,
and the duplicate of taxes will be in tbe
hands. :of the County Treasurer in a few
days for . the collection of taxes for the
current , year." Last year the duplicates
were not returned until November 19th
Auditor Kile and his Deputy, King, have
made things bum this year. The duties ot
the office of the County Auditor have, this
year, been increased fully one-fourth, on
account of the sixteen1 townshrps levying
road taxes." This alone makes It the duty
at the office to prepare three duplicates In
.t..A nf two. The division ot taxes, in
-lndinff one-hair or tne currens-years
one-half of the current
. nd the whole of the roaa tax, maKes
h mnrti labor thanithe-entire workoi'
putting on the tax and dividing the same,
MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 19th, 1868.
Oouaell met pursuant to adjournment.
Present JIessrs7ArmstrongrT Beekey,
f Bergin, Care, Chadwlck, Cotnstock,' Don
aldson Frankel. Gibbons, Janney, Knopf,
McAlfoter; ttelnhard.Rosg, Wall and Presi
dent Naghten. 'i-'.fc
The" Presldent'caJled the Council toof-
der. i . . j-v
-Tlieproceedings ofrtielastmeeting'wCTe
read and approved a rt-r'-r otrX
The Market Master reported the follow
ing collections during' the month of Seji-.
teniber. t888-'ai. t l - iff. ..
Rent of tll-...v.l.'..V.i.'-...
Kent of rands
Renlef Citjr llan.s-...i-.:..'i.U.3..
Light butter.. .. .w.. ......
f i Total j..esii so
The City Civil EnglneerVtoadebe fol
lowing report of estimates for wdrk requir
ed to be done: , . T';V'i mH-' i.r-i-it
For grading and paving the Junpaved
sidewalks, gutters and crossings on Third
street from North street to North': Public
lane, $373 82. - ,1 '1A';,i '',
Mr. Frankel presented a communication
from Henry Troutman and fourteen others.
certifying their willingness to make their
gutters on :: Mohawk ' str4et ;wUhln nin5
months from Oct. 12th. ; Keferred to stand
Ing committee on Sixth Ward.: u ..
Mr. Caren presented a petition from
Michael Biley aod- four others, asking th?
passage of an ordinance to grade and grav
el Maple street from High to Water street,
Referred to committee on Ninth Ward.
Mr. Reinbard presented the following
communication from theClty Marshal;
To the Honorable the Cilg Council: ,
GKKTUtMKn: The undetsisned ' wouM
most earnestly ask your honorable body to'
take into consideration the propriety ot
electing inimedlatply a force of special po-
ltcemen, sumclentiy strong to preserve tDej
peace of the city. on; next:, election day.
n order that the good name ot our nereto-
lore peaceful city may not-suSer on ac
count of ithe raah actatof u tew excitable
persons, who mav be so indiscreet as to ex
pire, party strife on .that day;i.:
1 take the nuertv ot. calling-xour atten
tion to this important) subject .thus early,
n order that-you may oe preparea lor-any
emergency that may' arise herealfr ixoui
are aware of the' trouble of last Tuesday,
which the police could not control, because
of the imaU nambecjon duty". I would al-3
to suggest to jour honorable body that
the number ncesary ' tp ' preserve the
peace in rase trouble, should arise will be..
Ifty. This number of good men will be ab-
qolutely needed to preserve ; tbe'peace and-:
julet of the city. Six "Of these should be, ,
eiounted to give the alarm to the lorce as
itaDidlv as possible. m M.V fears-may bv nn:i
founded, but the excitement of last . Tues
day chows how necessary" It 'is to be pre-;1
.149 75
. 62 9.1
. .4 70
. ' SAO
pared. ..,:0 .!' --r !: .-r.-.;. !,-a
II vsu omitted,
P. MURPHY, City Marshal.
y,U,Bdeartd that jthei tfrdlnanel b'
' 'Ct. t 'Si.- T-X.J - . .
Referred tor -committee: en Police, to-ji
gether wirt the City Solicitor. . , , . , r . ;
Mr. Beekey, from committee on Markets,
presented a communication from John En-
gleV Janitor1 Of the City Hall, sUtlng; lri re- !
ply to the communication of D. Jerfkins
and. other.3, that ho. "remained in .the, ball
Until ,7 o'clock on the 7evening in ques
tion,'and as rio one came he supposed the
matter had been given up, so he went away
The communication was ordered to be
placed on file.; --j 1 -. vi .
Mr. Reinhard made a statement to the ,
effect that the city had been sued by ex-police
man Brooks and moved that a special1'
committee of three be appointed to obtain '
such information in relation to the matter
as can be obtained. Messrs.' Iteinhard,
Donaldson and Ross were appointed such
committee; - - i - r" "
Mr. .Gibbons,' from committee . on ordi
nances reported back the lollowlng, which '
were read a third time and passed:' "''..
To grade and pave Washington avenue
from South street to South Public lane '
yfeasla.s'i. .j.'.-'..-..: ..; - , '
;To. grade. and pave the unpaved side- '
walks on the east side of Fifth street from
Rich to Cherry street yeas 15 ' i
To. build a double row. flig crossing
across Publio alley on the west side of
Hlgb streetyeas 15. ,j ,; ;,', . ' . ,.
To grade and pave unpaved gutters and
crossings and to grade and gravel the road
way of Walnut alley from Fair alley to
Front street yeas 15.
To assess a special tax .upon the real es
tate bounding Mound, street, from Zsnos
alley to. Washington svenue yeas 15. -
To grade and pave .with boulders the
roadway of Public alley lrpm High street
to. Fair alley yeas '15'..-.. . - - ' -
To assess a special tax upon the real es"
tate bounding north side of Mound street .
from Zmos alley to a point 53 .feet east of
Seventh street. , -..
To grade and repave in front bt property.
known as No. 19 West Broad street-
yeas1 :
o Mr. McAlister, from standing committee
on Fire Department, to whom was referred
the petition of the members of the Fire
Department, reported the same back, to
gether with the following resolution : :
tt iBeaofteii'That the pay of the employees
oi the t iro Department oe increrseu $a per
month each. - 7-7; , ,
Ir'tehadwfck moved to amend the reso
lution by giving $10 per J month to the
engineers. . , ' " '
' The resolution not having been endorsed
by f;h coinpttee on Ways and Means, to
whom, together with committee -on ' Fire
DeparJment,K it was originally ..referred,',
leave was granted to withdraw the report.'1
Mr. Donaldson, from standing committee
on Hare, 'Charity Fund, reported an .ordi-,
dance eotitledw'.'An Ordinance to Regulate
and Govern thei flare, i Charity Fund,"
wplcn was read a nrst ana secona time.
Mr. Donaldson jnoyed that the rules- be VJ
read a third time and passsd. Agreed to A
Tbe ordinance was then passed yeas, 16.
.pir. mcAiister miroaucea an oral nance
tOTepealj an.prdlnancerjo-assess special f
tax. upon the "real estate bounding the east
side ot Seventh Street from Rich to Friend'
streetj-whicjj was ;readj -.a first and secondj
Mr. McAlister moved that tbe rules he
suspended,, that the ordinance might ie
read a third time and passed. ; Agreed to.
.The ordinance was then passed yeaa 16.
Mr. Relnhard. introduced an ordinance
to make special appropriations for purpo
ses therein named, which was read a first
and second times.
Mr. Donaldson Introduced . an ordinance
to build a double row flag crossing across
Linn alley on the East side of High street,"
which was read a first and second times.'
The following ordinances were read a
second timer'' " ','", .V"
To assess a special tax- upon tbe real es
tate bounding; South street from Zenos al-'
ley to Gift street.' Mr.' Relnhard moved
that the rule be suspended and the above
ordinance read a 'third time and passed.
Agreed to, and the ordinance was passed
yeaslS tu -p, -r:;
,-To assess a special tax upon the real es
tate.boundlng siouth street from. Seventh,
street to Gift street. ' '
' Mr. Reinhard moved that tbe rules be
suspended and the ordinance read a third
time. Agreed to, and the ordinance was
passed. ' Yeas 16 '
To grade and pave Chapel -street from
High to Front street- '
To grade and pave on Third street from
Hlckofy alley to North street.
.'TO grade, pave and gravel on Mohawk
street from South Public lane to Sycamore
street.' ' ' .'.,-, -.'...
.'To grade and pave on North street from
Third street to Fourth street. .-,
' To grade and repave in front of lot No. 5
of Dennison's subdivision of outlot No. 39.
; Mr. Bergitf introduced a resolution dl
recting the City Civil Engineer to prepare
a mf a.e
: I
: ii'
i :::::: :
: t
. : :
I ggg5isgI5lSg5Sg3lggil--fl,p"qqnH"'no'lx ffg
: ssgagl5glgsligggggggsg -pH-a 1 av
I I gg-jSgsgSESSgSSSSgltSSf SSSSSStSS crPO"'!t,!f'f r"8 1 f
-J I to tO (09-'MHHiMttM'wtff UVT9liSWMl . ... . .r 'OQS U TfJ TJOO P ' rr CI
ja I cSBSa-KiMJo.Pop-jaeicKa' jg -
1 1 iSsiggsSsIssgs ji3gS8333gag -aw?? f:
SSa8S5S5S5S5-eiS3gSg58--g-S --a;-HD e :
pa a i-i w MMiaiuai9aiUMkiia
r y V
fl - feS
rT i ?C
Sep co
ac aas"-,oooTto43s-jeaxici I
i ins to jp c oa
-i 0Crf'-iw5-;ic-O'Xass?---a3-J
a (5 3 3P tc jjv it- j -cotgco-" as ij.-f
D K) - ! i
iitOM - braitUC3lll-.-thlaMf
e w
.Dili i r ;i il 1
- j
t W R - I
H oc
g -
w o m
5a -4 I
a "8isn
J K d
tp 1
n - ,to
. I, i .. i i
"U 'puj 'M. nsire
the necessary plat and estimate for grading
nd paving the unpaved sidewalks, gutters
Snd crossings on Third street from North
street to North Public lane. -Passed." r
Mr. Chad wick presented,, the following :
IRrinleeA. That the Market snace on tlin
north end ot the Market house, with stands
Nos. 67 and 64. is hereby designated as the
place where nsh shall be sold, and the
Clerk Of. the Market, is hereby instructed
not to rent permanently any of said, space
for any other use.
I Mr. McAlister moved to refer the resp-
tion to the committee on Markets, together
with the City Solicitor.' Lost Yeas, 8;
nays," 8.-'. . ,H.s:ir:u
! Mr. Donaldson - moved hat, the -resolu
tion be referred to the Clty Solicitor, with.
Instructions td report whetheMrs. Joriies,
renter of stand No. 63, has any lease of her
stand. Carried. . .. ,
Mr. Rosj introduced a resolution direct-.
ing theCity. Civil Engineer to prepare the'
necessary plat and estimate for- repaying
the sidewalks on the east sido-of Front
street from northeast corner of Front 'and
Town.street8 . to,,a , point. 85 feet north of
Town streets .i-fc!i.-..t. : Mm.! f.
lift Bergin, onJeave, introduced an or
dinance to grade arid pave,; on Third street
from North street to North Public lane,
which was read a first and second times.
Mi Jahny- "intrbduced a resoliitlon to
contract with Richard Davis for grading
and paving on the -South side of Broad
street west of East Public lane, in front ot
loti : Nos. V 2, 3, 5," 6 and 7. Passed
yeaslG.-; , .-, i i ;.!):', -. " hi r .':::';
Mr. McAlister introduced the followiog:
liesolved. That the Chief Engineer be and
he is hereby authorized and empowered to
employ some suitable person to take care
ot, and to keep in repair;-the. Fire Alarm
Telegraph, at a salary not to exceed $35 per
month, until otherwise ordered Dy the ouy
UO'inCH. ...... , . ... ...-.:
Mr. Donaldson moved to amend by mak
ing the salary $50 per month. Agreed to.
The resolution was then passed yeas 15.
Mr.: Donaldson introduced the follow-
UesolvA. That the directors of the Hare
Orphan's Home be and they are hereby di
rected to s;lect and neoiiate for some
suitable place as a future location for the
institution under tneir cnarge, ana report
their proceedings to this Council for ap
proval or rejection. '
Mr. Donaldson moved to take from the
table the ordinance making a double row
flag crossing across Linn alley on the east
side of High street. Agreed to. . .
The ordinance was then read a third time
and passed yeas 15. .'..'" .
Mr. McAlister presented the claim of
TTilwarrf Rdltrilf.f. tor aprtrii'.pa ns oncrinf er nl
the steamer Blake, of the Columbus Firef
Department,-for $155,'' from r March Mht,
1SG8, to June 1st, 1868, three months, at$GQ.
per. month, less cash - received on voucher'
in' May as extra hreman, $25. The claim
was referred to the committee on Fire De
partment, together with tbe City Solicitor.
Mr. Knopf presented a resolution direct-
ng the City Civil Engineer to prepare the
usual plat and estimat e for "raveling South
street from Sixth, to Seventh street.
Passed.' ":.' .,'...' -';'-' - '. i "-' , '"
Mr. Caren presented a resolution direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to prepare a
plat and estimate for grading and gravel-
ng the-roadway of.Maple street from High
to Yater street,. Passed. . .5U . : ..j,,..
Mr. Relnhard presented a resolution di-
rectiiig.the City Civil Euglneer to survey
and stake off South street from East Public
lane to the eastern boundary of the city.-,
Passed. '-""i ; - ; ' " '.'
Mr. Ross moved , that the Council now
prpceed to designate the places of holding
election on Nov. 3d.
The jjlaces were selected as follows :
First WardBobey's Stone Shop, corner
of High street and Hickory alley. ' '
Beeond ward xoung's uarpenter snop.
Third Ward Town Street House. .- i .......
Fourth WardZettler House.
fifth Ward South Engine House. '
ixth Ward Laurenz Schneider's.) ',,
Seventh Ward Tryne's Shoe Store.
Eighth Ward Gay Street Engine Houfe.
Ninth Ward O'Brien's Grocery.. ... (i
Capture op Jepp. Davis-Payment or
Rbwabd. The lollowlng was sent to us
for " Insertion : in yesterday's paper. , By
some boens pocus it did not reach the office
until our paper had gone to press :
The 'Adjutant General's Department at
Wash in ir ton fives notice that the Depart
ment is ready to distribute the reward lor
the capture of Jefferson Davis to office s
and enlisted men in ; proportion to the
monthly pay of their respective grades,
The following is a list ol Ohio men con
cerned in the capture:
Cant, .inftenh A. U. X eoman : ueoree r.
Rarnes. Jr Sereeant Company A. First
nhin fiawnlrv-John H. McElwane, Qaar
termaster Sergeant; ssamuei jciooertson ami
T?ir,lv nd M. Woln. Corporals: Henry T.
Rpssler. Samnel J. Rice, Spencer C. Phares
anrl Op.ors?e W. Blair, privates same Com
pacyand Regiment; John Canon, Sergeant,
and'William Hampden, private Company C,
John W. Newlove, Commissary Sergeant,
U Illiaill X UWOIO, J.l VV- , UUOI
rod W. Click, private, Co. F; Thomas R.
Kennard and William Place, privates, Co.
I; John Young, private, Co. K. First Ohio
Cavalry Lee VVood, private, Co. L, and
John Gatts, Corporal, Co. E. Seventh Ohio
Cavalry One man ot the same regiment,
and five men of the first regiment whose
names and places of residence are un
known. The act provides that to the heirs
at law and legal representatives of su h
soldiers as were killed in action at the cap
ture of Jefferson Davis, or have since d -ceased,
the share, proportion or claim of
such killed or deceased shall be paid.
Claimants should apply to Hon. John
Wilson, Third Auditor, U. S. Treasury,
who will furnish instructions as to rules
governing the payment, &c. AlT claims
must ba presented prior to Jan. 1, 1869.
Senate Journal. Col. C. B. Flood, Sec
retary of the Senate, has our thanks for a
copy of the Journal of the .Senate of tbe
Stote of Ohio for tbe regular session of tbe
Eighty-Ninth General Assembly. It Is one
of the most complete volumes ever prepar
. ed for the State. The indexes are models ot
completeness and usefulness.
j A Colored GALQOTlJogepb-Fish'er is a
pan and a brother. Joseph is a Radical in
iolor and in appetite. He liveth in the
jtedentry, does Joe, and puts in his time
cultivating the twelve acres of corn and
five piccanioies! he i married -some sixT
months since. Occupying, as he doe?; the
high position-of an obfect of Republican
lorship, it is not to be wondered at if,
wnen ne laus, ne iaus neayy. j -coming ,t(rj
townv onSaturday lor a pump: he found J
himself in possession of some surplus
stamps, which he inycsted. in calamity wa
ter. Unlike his great namesake Joseph
fell, a victim to his love oi strong drink.
He was found Jying-spread-eazle fashion"
' pavement "On Fourtfr street, inter-"
fering with the comfort o passersrby. t
Joseph' was np. before his ponor-the.Maypr "
yesterday, and was fined $5 and costs. In
default he hammereth. Here is another
chance for a bulletin from the Journal war
office. Shall this bhtraze ori the rights of
an American citizan of African descent be
permitted? NverlLet all supporters of r
Graat, and. Equal Rights arm- themselves
with sixty-pounder Parrott guns and re
pair to-night to tbe stone pile, determined
toJiberate this moke or ,ld-i-s! - Hal ha!'
hal"' 3 I ' ': 1 ""-"''' 7 '-' 1 J
Rates of Taxation. The following are
the rates of taxatlonupon the $10Q,Yaluar,
tldn ef property in the. various townships,
school districts, incorporated villages and
the city oi Columbus, for the year 1868, as
given us by A.'.C. King.'Deputy Auditor : '
Monteomery townsbiD..
, 1.S6
r 1.51 -
....... 1 65 "
... 1 10
......... J.30
1 20
.... lis;
...v.j J to
....... 1.10
Madison ' '.,
Grnveport School District....
Winchester School Diatriot.,.
W i np h ester .... .... : .
Hamilton township
Truro '
Rpynold8Tnrirh riohool District.'
Jeflerson township
Plain "
New Albany
tliffin town'hip
Clinton ! . j.i......
Perry s j ....,....,
Sharon y
Worthingtoo School District....
Hlendon tawnshio... ............
Weslemlle 2 70
Washington township....
.. 1.S5
., 1 35
.. 1 10
..- 1 00
.. 1.25
.. 1.4
.."1.00 .. 1 16
.. 1.10
.. 1.10
4 J.M
r.orricrt . -, ,
Franklin "" ......
Brown "
Prnrie " ,
Pleannt -
Harriebafgb t.' . A
.lackson township..
Grove Ciiy School District..
'-rove City
City ol Columbus-..-
Theater Last Night. Another fine au
dienceat the Opera House last -.night were,
delighted with the rendition of the char
acterof John Mildmay, in the great com
edy of Still Waters Run Deep.' Mr Lan
cij;u, auic 1119 iiiau uupi'arauue iicrc, una
won himself hosts of friends, by his mag-.
nificent portrayal of character, ne Is easy
and natural, and shows an absence of stagi
ngs unparalleled .in these days of sensation
arid straining after effect. His John Mildr
may last night could not be excelled any
where. We saw tbe play when It was first
produced in this country; with, poor Jem
Brown, one of the best actors of his day,
In the characterT'Of Mildmay. We have
seen Charles; Pope and Lester Wallack In
it sine, but we must say. that Mr. Laner
gan '.-xcels either of them. The other parts
of '.he play were handsomely rendered, as -is
'. everything produced by this talented .
coio parry; ft "The""' play for to-night is the
great sensation drama,ot Leah, . the For-
saken. r!i ''':i-5 .' -: '
Ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on 'yesterday :
Jaraei Fay ti Elizabeth Allen,' Oct. 16th 'j
inlofNo'. '17 aiid part ot lot No! 10 In" the
town of Winchester, fpr $2,Q0Q. ..... 4
Grilbert G. Collins and wife to William
Fassig, Oct. 15th, part of inlot No. 318 in
the city of Columbus, for $3,500 -1 ' ; V,'
V C. F. Jaeger to Michael Stark, Oct. 14th,
InloCNo.-123 in C. F. Jaeger addUion toj
the city or Coiumbus, for $400. i j 1 "
V,'City"Df Cofumb'us to Frederick Schiller
Sept, 15th, lot No. 27 of J. and H. Miller's
addition to the city of .Columbus, for $510, ,
:' George H. Earhart, Sheriff,' to Jesse R.
Stone, Octlstf lot No. 34 in Bartlit, Hob- '
bard & Smith '8 addition to the city of Co-1
lumbus, fjr$667. ' '
. i I
' Horses, cStotEHr-T-Odl Saturdayl night
two sorel mares were stolen, from Mr.
Chadwlck, of Pataskala, and a spring wag
on and harness from Mr.. Alwood .of the
same place. ..The thieves played! the game
they have attempted elsewhere, that is,
dropping a letter purporting so come from
the wife of one of them, dated iri -Cincinnati,
and telling where a good pair of
horsesconld be'sold,' and also telling the''
number of tbe street she bad moved to. The
object of this Is to start a search in Cin
cinnati, while the thieves make good time .
in an entirely ainereni directions t j . L t
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu-ty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial,; which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine1 Co, 562
Broadway, New York. Iyl3-deod&wly
Now Ready. Beaver Suits and French
Walking Coats in Blue, Black, brown and
Daihla, goUup in Custom Etyle, at,
. i j . Gundeksheimkr's,
octl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil House.
Courtesies from Madagascar
An Expression of his Views.
George Francis Train's Situation.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Address from the Junta.
THE LATEST FROM MEXICO. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Arms Captured on the Mississippi.
i The arms recently captured on the Mis
sissippi river were, tJaknown to the War
Uepartment, privately purcnasea Dv tbe
Oovernor of Arkansas and United States
Senator McDonald, They expected the
liegislatare would appropriate the neces
sary money to buy the arms from them.
ine uovernors. telegram ao tne isecietary
of War, that he is sati-fled armed resistance
to, the laws is . contemplated, occasions
much comment among promiuer( officials,
who say they cannot understand why he
should entertain such fears, as he himself
states the arms were thrown overboard by
tbe captors. . f
A dispatch was received this morning at
the Treasury Department, announcing the
arresVat. Richmond,1 yesterday. . bv a ape
clal agent' of the Treasury, of El T). Olm
stead, a defaulting pay clerk of the Post
oRice Department. He will be. brought to
this city to-night. -: -.
Presents from the Queen of Madagascar.
:.-.. Bscr
The Queen of Madagascar has presented
to the Government several beautifully
wrought and very costly fabrics of heavy
sPk and other material, probably intended
for table or bed spreads. She also sends a
silver plated coffee urn, but this is of interi
or workmanship. The Government will
suitably acknowledge the compliment.
Views of John Quincy Adams.
In a conversation with John Quincy
Adams, who was on his way home, lie said
the Southern people were as loyal as any
people in the JNortn.- ine two races ne
found friendly disposed towards each "other,
and the negroes were peaceable in all
cases, except when they: were incited or
injluencea Dy. carpet-Daggers. otmng
was calculated to do greater harm rhan the
disfranchisement of tbe whites, which was
more extensive than he had any idea of.
If the people of the North could see the
condition of the. South as he bad. recon
struction would soon go to the' wall. The
negro now ruled the South despotically,
but that could not last, for when the. peo
ple were properly appealed to on that
question, the North - would never submit
that ten of our best States should be gov
erned by an Ignorant apd semi-barbarous
race. r
On the subject of the Presidency, he said
it was now too late to change the candi
dates. "The election of General Grant was
inevitable, and such a movement would
materially damage the interests ot the De
mocracy. He never believed that Mr.
Chase could have carried the day against
Grant,: and 'certainly not- now; nor was
there, he thought, an available, man in the
field, even if time were afforded. 1 He con
demned, tbe platform ..of. the Democracy
more than the Candida tesand thought the
only issue upon which they should have
gone before the people was reconstruction.
He considered it very unfavorable that
such men as Wade Hampton, Forrest, and
men like them, ever participated in tbe
campaign.- -From the -administration-of
General Grant he had the best hopes- that
peace would be restored and the question
of negro domination and consequent ruin
in the South be speedily disposed of. Ere
long we would be living' under the Con
stitution as it was. , ;
" As regards his own chances' for the Gov
ernorship of Massachusetts, be' said his
nomination was more a compliment to him
than anything else. . He had no Idea of be
ing elected. ..- 1. 1 i . : . -i iJ' ' ' . 'i
River News.
Weather cloudy and cool. River two
feet and four and a half inches and falling
Slowly. . 1.-, . r "
Army of Tennessee.
The following call has ..been issued to
officers ot the Army of the Tennessee :
You are respectfully notified that in ac
cordance with the call issued by Lieuten
ant General W.T.Sherman, the third an
nual meeting of the Society of the Army
of the. Tennessee will be held in the city of
r.hic.hvo. on the 15th day ot uecember,iS6S.
at one o'clock. Every officer who' has at
any time served - in - tne army op the
Department of the Tennessee, is en
titled to a membership, and to all such
an: earnest invitation is extended to be
present and unite with our brother officers
of tne armies ox me uumutiriaiiu, uuiu aim
In nernetuatinar that cordial, kind
ly andsocial feeling which animates scenes
and events now historical, and ever marked
our intercourse with the soldiers of these
armies, whose hearts still Dear, in irienaiy
union when touched by the memories ot
the past. All necessary arrangements for
the meeting will be made by the following
local committee, residents of Chicago:
Gen. Wm. E. Strong. Gen. J. M. Corse, Col.
Harry Gell, Gen. John McArthur, Gen.
Jas. Stockton and Col. John M. Loomis, to
be addressed.
Corresponding Secretary.
Lieut. Col. L. M. DAYTON.
Recording Secretary.
Arrest of Hon. E. F. Dickinson.
SANDUSKY, Oct. 19.
A warrant was Issued Saturday night, by
the United States District Court of North
ern Ohio, for the -arrest of Hon. L.F.Dickr
inson, of Fremont. Democratic Congress
man elect for the 9th District of Ohio, and
also Probate Judge of Sand usky county, on
a charo-e of Issuing fraudulent naturaliza
tion papers to secure his own election. He
,:ii.k .tn r.n Cleveland to-dav for exam
ination. J. H. McArdle, Dickinson's
Deputy, and Chairman of the Sandusky,
county . Democratic 'Committee, was ar
rested yesterday in Fremont, by the United
States: Marshal, , on: a Similar pntcesRfbr
complicity, tin -the Bame: fraud. Dickinson)
being' summoned as a witness against him
North Carolina.
RALEIGH, Oct. 19.
' Both parties have full electorial and eon-
zressional tickets in tbe liuld, are working,
vigorously and look for success iu, the coin
ing election. -i v, , .. ,-: ,..-.
. Governor. JTolden has suspended the oif
der fur organizing a detailed militia.;
General Mil has distributed the, 40th:
United States regiment as fpUiwsj, j) conr-j
panies-in : Raleihj 2 in,.GDldsboros 1-in!
VVelden, 1 in Plymouth, 1 in yetieville,lj
i'i ureensuoro, all colored troops. -One comr
pany of .white troops, belonging to a heavy
artillery regiment, aud armed as infantry,
arrived here lroui Fortress Monroe on Sat.
urday. , There have been several robberies
of money,., &cr by- armed aud;. disguised
squacs, receiuiy, in inie state.,.-. . ,i.j
i. Governor iloiJcu professed only a dtsire
arid the.' purpose to; preserve order and
protect the Statc, and the Democrats dis
claim all desire or purpose to interlere with
the suffrage of tbe blacks.'; They declare
they will not interfere with or change the
State Government, except bv ballot, but
the Republicans seem to think otherwise. I
The Democrats sav thev have no objection
to white United States troops remaiuing in j
tne state, and apprehend no disturDance. ,(
The steamship Texas,' from' Indianola,
Sept. 30ch, with cattle for New' Orleans,'
foundered in a gile which lasted several
days, the same storm that inundated New
Orleans The vessel was- not abandoned,
until the 5th Inst , when she Was a complete'
wreck and sinking fast.- The Cnotain and
crew were saved by the brig Emily' and
urouguc nere; '' "' '- ' - "
.v ,
. , A dispatch received to-day from Frankii
lin. La, states that the office ot the Alta-j
kapas Register, published in Franklin, fct..
Mary's Parish, was sacked last night,. and ,
the press destroyed, and type, scattered, i
Tbe editor' and printers left for New Or
leans this morning. The dispatch says the
bitizens of Franklin and surrounding coun
try were'floing all in-. their power to'pr-r
serv'Orier;1'--Negroes are making 'very
bold threats, but -have' not made : any at-'r
tempt to carry them into execution'. r The',
town and parish, are quiet at present ' ; ''
i (At midnight a negro named Sandy Pack
er was arrested, having-a sword and re-,"'
volvenir his possession".-' He accounted :
for them by saying he -was an:;officer of'1
the '-Metropolitan force and had- been !:
guafdinga church dnrirts the nihtl Sev-7
eral negroes were arrested - for parading'1
the streets, armed with rifles. United States
cartridge boxes arid ammunition.-1' ;"
! Thd negroes were congregating to-day -
ai. uittsiicr itj, wncre lb .18 saiu one oi xne
men who -was' assassinated at : Franklin'
Saturday night. Is. to be buried. Arrivals '
from that section-'rebort apprehension of
disturbances, and families of eltizens arei;
being sent to places of safety. Tne citizens
tbmselves - were remaining, j xr!
TT tir T r- . . . . - ... t .
xi'Jii . iu. sx. otaiit-s. iormpriv uuiei mj us-
ticeof the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
died this morning. ,' .";!..;.; ...j', ;..,...','.'.
Father O'Keefe, Catholic Priest at Clin-!
tons Mass, died, suddenly this morning.
BUFFALO, Oct. 19.
The body of a passenger bv. one of the
lake steamers was found murdered this
morning. The man was about 25 years of
age. ... . . --r -rr
L. V. Bates, principal keeper' of Clinton
prison, was severely stabbed In the shoul-'.
uer by a convict nanjed Muliuis i v.
CAYUGA, Oct. 19.
' As the-4 P. M. train west was- crossing
Cayuga lake, and- when about half way 1
across the .water, tha boiler exploded.
throwing fragments Into the lake. " Four
men were riding on the .engine, none of
whom were seriously injured. There was
great consternation anion;' the passengers,
but fortunately - none oi the cars were
thrown lrom the- track, ii ,.-'.-.-:, ;
Base Ball.
A game of base ball was played this after
noon between the Cincinnati and a picked
nine, from other clubs of the State, result
ing in favor of the Ciucinnatis by a score
of 32 to 15. , , , - . : .
BOSTON, Oct. 19.
The trial of Julius F. Hartwell for em
bezzlement of a million dollars in Govern- 4
ment funds, when cashier of the Sub-Treas
ury, with Charles Millen, Charles II. Ward
and Edward Carter as -accessories, has -commenced
. in . tbe United States Circuit
Court. " . . .
thePenficld Paper Mills, in this coun
ty, were totally,d'stroyed by. fire :on Sat-
urday evening. . The exact loss is unascer-
tained; insurance $60,0U0. The origin of
the fire is unknown. ' ' '--' - --' '
Trial Progressing.
Trial Progressing. CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 19.
J. n. McArdle, of Fremont, Clerk of "the
Court, was arrested and brought here on,
Saturdayv kharged 'with ; tho issuing-of
fraudulent; naturalization papers, Theex-u
amination continued through Saturday
and to-day, and .is still. in progress.--Mu-
Ardle and others will doubtless be held tor
trial in January. ' Judge Dickinsom, mem-;,
ber of Congress elect from the 9th District,"
Is here as a witness. . . ' ,
NEW YORK, Oct. 19.
, . . ,,.
The steamshio City of Boston, from Llv-
erpool, and Columbia, -arriyed this morn-, ;
g: ;. ' ' , : - ' , ... . ..
Tbe steamers Colorado, Tne ton ia and
Virginia, from Europe, have arrived.
It is that "the leading
Democrats have issued an address asking
Seymour and Blair to resign in lavorof.
and Franklin.', -- " "
George Francis Train.
George Franci3 Train has been notified '
by cable of his nomination to Congress in
the 5th district of this city. The committee
urged him to pay the claims against him:
and return at once. The committee yes-'
terd ay received a dlsDatch accepting the '
nomination, in which Train, stated that he -had
offered the money - to pay- all the ;
claims and it had been refused, as his im
prisonment is for purely political reasons.
The World.
The Woi-ld says : 'A party canDOt subsist
on vaporing and make-believe. Unless we
can change the aspect of the canvass we
shall have a repetition in November of a
result like that which has overtaken us in -the
preliminary contest If anybody tells .
the people that things look well, as tbey
stand, that nothing which could now be
done would better them, he is, in the first
case, dishonest . and second, mistaken.
Gov. Seymour now can aid us much, but
Gen. Blair can aid us far more aud in a
different way, by a chivalric action supe
rior to all eloquence. - - ;a
Collier & Son's drug factory , in Jersey
City was burned yesterday. ... Loss $17,000;
insured. .
.Thorp's tat boiling establishment, Thirty-eighth
street. New York, was also
burnt, Loss $5,000; insured.
Attempted Burglary.
Burglars, on Friday night made a raid
on the office of Alexander & Sons, Beaver'
street hut failed to open the sate, contain
ing $50,000.
The naturalizations In New York thus far
about 15,000; In Brooklyn nearly 3,000.
Bishop Mcllvaine, of yesterday ad-:
ministered tbe rite of confirmation to
twenty-three persons.
A large number of visiting Episcopal
clergymen preached in Brooklyn yester
day. - .
Princeton College.
Dr. McCosh was inaugurated President
of Princeton College to-day. .
The Democrats have nominated John G. .
Schumaker and General Slocum. In the
Brooklyn Districts, tor Congress. The Re
publican nominees are Henry S. Bellows
and Samuel Booth. . ..
Estimated Majorities.
. The Times to-day estimates the' Demo
cratic majority 4n this city nd Brooklyn,'
in November, at 69.000, and claims the
State for Grant by 6,000.
Tbe Peruvian legatiofl ackno wledge con
tributions amounting . to $14392- for the
ufferer8 by the earthqnake la Peru and
EciUdoiS t 'i' if t i f .
Acknowledgement. Arkansas.
,-A dispatch has "been received at tbe War
Department from 3over nor .fllavt.o.' tit
A tkHosas. .cpDcerqing Uia lecent. destrup
tlrth by h bnrly of armed men' of arms pur
Chased fnr'Vie State... JTUe Governor States
that he is satufiedtuat armed resiitano to
law Is contemplated, and that b etHili H
even t the United Statlbrccs; there tf
tinned would be inadequate to preserva-or-
Indian Commission.
appointed at ' a public meeting ol citixous
last May, held a sessioa'.'tbis morainif to
listen to a report from Bishop Whipple, of
Minnesota, on thepreseflt condttton of th
Indians of the United States Territories,
The idressoBtalrrtdr8i tar tAng array ro
facts as to thetll treaCideht and long con
Mnned injusriee'dt' our people towards tha.
Iiidians.-r --',-'' -
'.'Rev.'Drs. :BelloWs,'.'0ibi'iSv1ri
Rempel. also .addressed tbe meeting, the
latter ,lnstancingr,the,reiauJb ofnJkU(SAe
treatment of six tribes la this State as evi
dence ot the.seapacity of the Indians for
improvement ,-After the. . adoption -i of
resolution asking Congress tolve Bishop
Whipple a hearing at its next Session. th5r
meeting, adjourned to meet at the call or
the Secretary. '. . V, ,, .
Indian Commission. Postponed.
. The., cbampiom base ball match be
tween. th& A tian tic... and.. Mutual . Cliibn
was postponed to-day till- wcxr Monday'
only about twelvehjundred persons' being
present.-'y; ' V' 't,'niVj tdiuitni
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Protestant Episcopal Convention. NEW YORK, Oct. 19.
In the- Prdtestast Episcopal ConventiOnl
to-day the committee on Prayer-Book rte':
ported 'that..theJtere6typed plates. 4f 'thpJ
prayer books which ware foraoer ly in pos,i .
session of Harper Brothers had bee eMd
and their whereabouts could not be dls
covered.'- .They also Stated that James
rotts, puhiisherot reiisnoas works In
1 t.hia
city, has a set of plate whfctf lie iwasVlll-
mg to sell. They offered a resolution ap
pointing ia speeiak committee trhegbtiate
lor their purchase antheare for their safety,
which was adoped.a
A resolution1 was adopfed',,htftorrztnla
the appointment of aRegistrarwashould
be the custodian of valuable: mauuicripts l
pertaining to the- -ecclesiastical history, 'of ,
the Protestant Episcopal Church.', ,"
Rev.- Dr. Richard So Mag6p,'of Wia j
Carolina,, r flared a. resolution-irriending
certain psalms. Referred, to com mil tee on. I
Prayer Book. ; . H , .W
llle same gentleman .offered a tesoUitrOaJ
to- correct the' public.ataotf 'the Weed;4..
Laid orrthe bies . i i' 'V ' -
M. T, t Taylor,. of Vlrgihlaofleref -th J
following: a ottMooij'lr:! ,oaii:.,(3
Resolved. That it is inexpedient tQniali; i
any 'alterations in, Uie ibpofe,of .Wrwoui
Prayer:: :,o.-4 v w a'.m-' .'(
I ci ais .provoked 'tunning -debat?: hdT ,
was nnauy made the, otderolthe dayJor
Weduesday. viiitA
I S. B. Ruggles offered a resolution asking
that-the committee on1 irayer Books have?
made a translation of the creed from the!
original creed and submitted to the next
convention. Adopted,-1' ' 'V'-O
i Altera recess the committee oh ponVibns:
reported an amendment to sectioo 6, anoa
13v title. 1. providing .for the election
Assistant Bishops in case of physical dlsaa
bility of the Bishop, and with the consent
of the. latter., which was debated tmti4ao
close of the session;
! Judge Ceninsrham- Jndff Rart.l.-, JMiLk
Otis, Dr.. Haighl aiiciotiwrt-r apoke riiJavor,
auu ev. ut, Adams,. r., vn-.,Vellj anil
oUiers against Assistant Bi8lioprl.lntJJ, U
: Adjourned till Monday .y. ,u Uiwd
Audience Refused.
DUBLIN, Oct. 19.
i The; 'Marquis1 -Abercora has jrefused'iau'.j,
audience to the.Llmerlck.delegaoapnjhejif
half of tbeiFenian pr3s6ners.in -' tJ1
MADRID, Oct. 19.
I The Junta has Issued aahddress bii
future form of Spanish Gov'erment,'8aying'",,
it will be the duty ot Cortez onlytd decide '
thereupon, but all the people' will, be al-' ,
lowed to express opinions, '6lozaga' ha!
declared for-a monarchy: isupported by,.,
Serrano and Topele. ' Thd Unionists And ,
Democrats are willing to accept, 4 mon
archy or republic, if decided by jitniversal
suffrage. -' "' --.' -"'' ' i '
I : x -r 1 ; ir;ii mi. u.lf.
MEXICO. Advices via Havana.
HAVANA, Oct. 19.
! The following news has been received
from Mexico:-i-.es -ili;-s l h;ii.i :-oiU
The reyoj utionists defeated a compaa y ot lul
Government troops r.ear.i Zapatrampap. i
Several : officers of the former Imperial:
army ,.were captured in. the rebel bandgi-b
Some Mexican soldiers. who attemptedto'i
rob a Government conducts were, cap tnnei
and carried to tlie-capitaii v -i-ai a -cluu sj
! Fresh bands of guerillas made their- pn"A
pearance in Guerrero, causing much
trouble to the inhRbitants.:.tot ux
i Gouzales Ortega bas recovered trcm Ixiv
illness. He remaius at Saltillo. '.. .'. i, n . '
t I HbratiQ Ppmlnqu,ez,,,wbo1 wa,6enWnoe'd,lT
I fft lien t-l ' 10 a yttan rannii,.4 "?. " '.'
Gen. Uraga has, been hanishecT'a-Qm tbeii
Republic: ;. '. '.; . ... . ;,u,,;Ztnin
The blll for the abolition of capital -fmrvmij
islimeuf, bas been Introduced ifttfttheJUexn;,!!
, jEscobedo left the capltaIVfor ampico,ud
miu,vii,iiiawii tuuru.proceeO; p;Aia"arii3
nf2j,8 f. ' ' ' i ' .l-lzi' f"'i.' it- tit ifliw
I The concession to the Vera Crui railroad 0
cbmpany bas been .defeated" in the Mexican".
Qoirzress! -'';-
cm.uit , lAiiBjBauea yesteroayj rp5r ,bls
St. Lawrence River.
MONTREAL, Oct. 19.
I Aiie water in w; st."t,a'wre:iee -TlveriS "
unusually low. nTh&' steamer 'SfjaTtitm' pnn"1
her eastward i-)trip, - 'Struck at: "LOngSalt"1
rapids. ?Sbe sustained nd da"toage.V:' 9-tnu ow
i,::t"'." i i.---.,.
The steamer Silver Spray -went
yesterday on Chantry Island.i-ifrrittisupmj
posed sbi is badly damaged iih .q qn ai.ii
a:i 1M li.'l IIS
- -.,'1 -i 'I ii, -i-i, i , i i j ij - i,iJ!.-.q ,
: I ERT E. CHAMBERS i to iii-r.vr oUilJi
Will address th people-as follows?
At H A MILTQN. Taeadar, Oott Tth.nii?((rvJoVr
At URBAN A, Wednesday, Oct. asth.'.. u,,'T n
At WAPAKdNETA.Tbursday.Oet. 29av ,' ?' ! I'I
At TIFFIN. Kriday, bet. 30ih. " .rTTd 9ul 7.d
At COIiUAUJUS. Marnrday. OeK. Slut'-- a Mn' o.i .r
! i WARD AND HON. D. J. C ALLEN ; v. "''''
: Will speak at. , , ... f-
DEpAWARE, Taefday. October 2Tth. J ,-,.,;',"
L NO AS T E R. W ednesday. Ootoher 23tlT:
NEWARK. Thursday, OctoberMth. '
WUOSTJi Friday. October SOtb - "f V.'A H T I A
OLM ELAM, Saturday. Uckib31t... i r -,'..,(
' Will speak at
HIf,LSBOROtJGFT, Tuesday. October ETti,., '
PORTSMOUTH. Thursday. OctoherSSth. - ' ' . ' 1
UAK1ETTA. Saturday, Ootober Slat.; -. ' "!"! '
r :l
Will speak at io;'r is '-, ol
ST- CLAIRSVILLE, Tuefday. Oct. S7th. ,
N W LISBON, Thursday. I ct, S9th. . t ..
WARhBN. Saturday. October Slst. ,
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WAPAKOS ETA. Thursday. October S9th. -
TOLEDO, with Hon. R. P. Ranney aid Hon. W.D '
i irrii c riaay, vowDer 9Ut,ii,
Hill, Saturday, October 31st. '
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Willspeakat ' -( , r ii
CINCINNATI. Saturday, Oe't'SUt.' ' ' 1
Sec'y. Ch'm'n.
I Hollo way's Pills. Nausea and 'want ' 1
of irppetlte are always' the Indicia' of indi
gestioD. Stimulants won't banish them.
They are superinduced by an unnatural
condition Of the stomach and the bowels,
and the best known specific, for these causes'
la HollowayV Pills. No other medicine
operates with tbe same directness on these
imnortant organs. This Is not tf triere ad
oaptanduni opinion, but.a fact,' at tested, y
thCexperience oi mty years, doiu oy an
Druggists. jj9-dly-cw
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