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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 21, 1868, Image 1

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TEBIIX-Caih ! AdTtncei
Daily STASaWMAH,peryear..v,.,..$ 00
delivered by Carrier, par weeki .
...4 60
f ai-WaaaLYSrATBSaiAM, per rear.
copy six months. ..,.... .....tl
one rear-...... -i.;...
ive OopieS OBe yea , 8
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at? copies year '.
copies one rear..
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1M 003&0 D' 600
Local Notices, 15 cents per liner eachinsartiaq.
ADVtKTisrXa -Katkkfob tbi-Wskklt Stats
Man T5 eents per iqaara each inaertion: for three
4 .months oilcoger,a4iaoottDtoi aaohalf tromlMlr
! per aqaare far irM imnrtion, T&eenW for eaofa ad-
r aiuonaijBsertion.- s t. ?t . . .! m i:.
. BofistsB Notices, So cents each iflrtio.;
NmroiHi tr Dbaths, 50 cents. ". . ,
r.ir. NonoiiaoFMABjuAeM.Wcenta."''' m-!
iiEi.IGinrs fOTioB half rioaj-'-.r.:'",.?i i
jIW iraurtent advertigevimtt mutt & JJi'r at
"aHBM laaMaaaaMHHiaSHHMaH
' XV Architect. Ci'il Knainaer, k; - '
- -; Office orer the National xchanffe Bank .
t.T 08B04. ho. 9 South Bigb etreet, AmbosBuiTd-
i on'ATTOaEYAT-I.A'r7;VWATOR.t"i
K'ir :i ! - ' '"' r.-' Mayor Offiosr.
ATTOEJBi'-AT-LAW A Notary Publfc.1
. Qffioein Parson'rBaildiDKT
t, p. woouuit:, ... ........ , .-.,v
- Xil "ATTORN B If-AT-t A W ITotary PuMio.
,iot li ' Office 161 Koath Hiah street.1"
( Ti::BEAM " '
JkoAtiooeaid-Dalarhi Real Estata Honaef-
b.ol Goods, Clothmg and JSIotnu.,- - 'i
' ' ' So. 7 W est Brca4 street. .
Uarber and Hair Dresser. Hot and Coli
-Batis.Aiaaaaien PoeEoffioe B :ildn.
j !:book'Binbees,;'
Sftas&tv U4.LKT
.Moak-Biada.: Blank J
,Kook- Biadara; Blank ; Book" M anufactarera.
intersand guaWs.y; ,iu"
Opera 'Rqjl'ing
Y.a 144 Sooth. High,, street. o J a'at reoeiired, tn
eleeant assortment... JNe surlas. low prides.. luk-
BreS, please call.
Is the noted house for good Boots and Shoes
at low prices. New Stock just received-
A T- T 2 Soath Highstreat, ,
4MHASON 'Ctv,:; ! n- T-r,:'.;tl
Aealera ta Pittsburgh and Ohio Coal.
vk.'JraAa luaand aioneewer f lpe. '
.W1 .ffl' io -m ...jioitMl Nerth Hith street.
. . . --. . a ii j . . . :'
I Comniissioa; Forwarding afldfTrof! dee Mer-,
aaaata.UeaJanan Uraur, r tour, no.. W W. lroaQ
Manufacturers and dealers in French, Ger
man aod Amerieao Uofsau. i Also. Hooe ckirts. -;
'.' 1, .- i f. ..! ISA Opera House
VV-s Wholesale and" Retail1 Dealer in' China,
Queeaswara, Glass, Plated Goods, Lamps and Lamp
i ixtares. , ' 48 Nori.h High street.
Importer and Wholesale and Retail Deader
in -Oeekery. China, Wtass, CuUcrj, Plated Goods, L
CaaiOii-J.aiuDS.io. i ' ; t
ihrr.-,!. t-.i ! &o Booth High street. -
-tAKNEfA Ac EiTXiMIMOElC, , rj..,r - - 1
"V' ' f; ' l ISast-Broa atreet. .
We aO to"be the tea..'
GaSWiDOWr. DENTISTi'-Tb to styles
a .of Dentistry, -inolading lunn's lmpreroa
Mineral Plata.
08, 10 and 11. Opera Blockt
i X--i-
v7 Dealers in Drj Guous, 'Notigns, Crpota, Oil
Clotafilv Aiatti&gsj fchmiee, tiats,
.Cap and H'urs,
eorntr tiiga ao rfieoa stcoets.
-.a-r r- rjontn mgn street.
Carpets It I'dngs. QU.Clotha.Cutina.'ijta.leAnd
t i.RX-.:ac aat. at. i'AI, -vy t-
r t. " ' ' a v 'I
XX Wholesale and betaiJ Dealers hi Btsple and
fancy wrmoM.
Cloaggtf '
and Atanufacturers of Ladies'
X: ' ,1. Kram&Coeaah dealers ia Dry Goods and
NoU-BI, 180 puueh toartnsireow ? :o. " "'
JAifAES NAlJiHUHI-i': i.-r -..1: " v
,Whole6le aud jBeUikDraler fn Dry Goods,
lauEhtoniia.ildiaa. 1a and VU South HigB
treat- :,,-; -j-. 1: ". 1 Jf" : .r - -,. .
Dealers iq Staple and Fanoy Dry Goods aud
GenW'Curaislnng Goods. Ko. 8 Neil Houga. ,
CI 1AA,-A1.'1-, 4ti.A ec i;o., ' ? " ;."
T li Uaalsrs Hi Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. . .
fto.9aomh jiigh street-.
Jm ForeiKB-aod Domestic Dry Goods, Cloths,
4J. tAc.AAsA.JU A Ac JU,,-
T.' : 1 lv 1 1 f
r urd, etc. ohiakm oa ta mga iLreetr-
-?1 nr.43fRtJGGISTS.'J
J. VilU'tli
lEt-or vutu srottis. ' -
JOHN S. liUttillKTS.
Druaaiat aaA AjioAhacaryA 7'.rf'' r'T
, .;. r - . , fl North Hirh street.
111 .WUOUA8Ai.fi a'Br4fAIETOlOV3GliiT3.T!
1 f AAA AAA aU. -.'a 4y a au A m. -
.'." . ' 1Bo rjoath High St., (Joiumbua. O.
"OKA UN i bki i:k At nilo e ' "
A-A Wholesale. nS Riil Ornmiiits. and Dealers
in Proprietary Atedieiaes.'
' S4 North High street.
RICAAAMt-SaBinOUHE, 1- ' -Deaigueis,
fingrsvers and FubHshersr.lfotar
rial aixt ether seals engraved to order,
T Noa. MT? and tog rktuth IlTi street "
J Manul actureis and W bole sale and Retail Deal
ra innfTiitiiiA CnairA. Atatirttiises. elo. - .
Uo.jatll aonth High St.t.Opyraiiouse
KJ Manufacturers of firstolass Furniture. Whole
sale dad 1 KataU Warerooina, tf, I and a Gwysu.e
Hill t'liKKI I'DHsitO.,
JJlocK.Y 1 J ' 1 -J ' :
1j -t. Atanis luoMitrto.. T . . .,
J9 Dealerin-A4AiiUM iMtAvu-uid Hntuie Knr.
IiishinBUoods. rAlMO. AjarCepper- and Sheet Iron
vy".--- 1 .-i-.'::. : ,-itd tast Town-rtreei.
A aa.cn 9 s suAJax. n'i .
xa. nouaa f utoisniBg Uood
HoilSa. JfUmishiu llnnAm l. 40mKmi
uuyjw, ijii o iron, tov and Mantles
" p f rfrrroa Bonta High street.
a STUN tAklok in. tAurr.
J. Dealers in Hardware, House Furnishing Goods
Marble and Slate Mantles. Grates, Stoves. Hot Air
r snuww, o. . . F .i.ri.a suga street.:
E anTrrA?XrsPah(t WoWala Daaleriofloop
Skirts anAOarsetM1' Alee, dealer in Berlin" Zepuar-
(00 43040 $40
60 on! to oo iao
86 0W1HI 0 190
1-6 00 140 00 250
35 001 W) OOI 100
190 00 SKS
?i5 oj 76
135 0110 HOI 4
60 ootese on 6q i
340 (M iao
nd Fancy Goods, IWBauthiliialt street '
.i;v w.t.lii
Dealer in Musical Merchandise. Boot 8. Sta
tionery and Fancy Goods generally. Special Agent.
tur toe celebrated Cliaa Howe uoid
Medal Sewing
No. 6 South High street. 1
irjATS & CAPS.
11K8. at. hi. eaijf
Yl (Successor to E. Ajuf J Dealer in Bais, Caps.
For: and Straw Goods 329 South Hign street. !
Sian Golden Hat) I
J.1 Opposite Depot.
H. DAVIDSON. Proprietor.
KJ corner mgn and Town streets
Cfliq q-Si iPWUXXl rroprTstoS
Corner t'ourta A Friend sts. Commodious
house and extensive stables . I
ii. A. BOWERS. Proprietor. 1
r4v fSoarh Bigh street. Good stabling attach-1
aq w premisca.
W P. THATCHER. Proprietor. I
uranoe Company. Assets, S18.C0O.o0O.
WA1. JAMISON, Agent. Columbus. U.
GENtRAL AGENTS Security Life Insuranea
Company. lo. 6 Opera House.
Columbus, O. apital and Assets. 466.614.?7.
- VUIUAUVUD, aaaibaw
C. M. BAKER. See'v.
Office. Nos. CAT Opera House
Wholesale and Retail Millinery Goods.
191 8. Rizh atreet. Opera 1
House Block.
iVl DtnAlMrfn MilHnrv Ssfm.w fnnH ttrirl Trim
minKS. No 67 iNorth Uigli street.
Dealer ia Millinery, Press ani C!oaK Trim-
minss nd Fancy Goods.
130 South Huh street.
Merchant Xairors and Dealers in Gents' Fur
nishing Goods,
n o. oe n orm n igu street.
Merchant Tailor and Dealer In Gents Fur
nishing Goods. Also ailent'for the Diamond Shirts.
1-1 soucn Align street.
A CLOTHING CO.. 185 S. High st. Gents'
suits made to. older. JU&dy-njada Clothing al
wajs on band. , i -t
Merchant 'laiior and Dealer in Clothing and
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
61 North High street
I MKRCHANT TAILOR. S20 South Hieh st.
ChHoa Miodk o5 Clothing constantly on hand.
News Dealers. 'Knolrsllflrfl anrl Rtjit innnra.
No. 65 South High Ptreet. next door to Poetoffice.
JU Mews Dealer, Bookseller. Stationer and Bind-
ANDKEAVS, I' Elf. It V 6c CO.,
Manufacturers and Dealers in Writins. Print
ing and Wrapping Papers, 83 & 95 North High st.
Dealers in Prinlins:. BooV. Writina and Fin.
Papers 38, 38 A 40 Norih High street.
81 South High street.
Jtt. EJLEtOT-TVV QHlilSfvl
PHOTOGRAPHElf. 107" South niirh strsat.
Pictures made in every style and site.
Photographs, Ambrotypes, Gems, etc., etc.
No. 236 Sonth High street.
n s m e 8 J fPHYSieiAN.
EM. DOWN!, in. .,
. No. 3 ODera House. Treats Diseases of the
Kve. Ear. Heart. Throat and Lunas. Also. Oiseasea
of Women and Children.
r F. HAKH13 fc CO..
J . Wholesale and Retail deadens for Lirflts" A
. . i II..: . . I ) . , In k i - J I " T
vu. s sua naiuov-c x.rrjT n nation Also, urKaai.
alelodeons and other musical instruments.
36 North High i-tree t.
Acent for Chicfeering's and Emmerson's Pi
Also, Organs, Melodeons and Sheet Mnsio.
at South High street.
Corner State and Highst aeti.
( CHARLEV" AiYR. Proprietor.
ri. The best in tha world. Nos. 1 and S ODera
House. W PiMMEDr General Agents I
IV. Dealers in Fine Watches. Clocks. Jewelry.
Platedware. Spectacles, Ac.. No. 11 Eatt Town
street a- .-trhJ jQ-j
vjt (Sueoessors to Wm. Blynn) dealers in Dia
monds, Watch s. Jewelry, Silver Ware and Spec
tacles. No. 3 Neil Houre.
Wholesale and Retail dealers-in Watches.
Clocks and Jewelrv. No. 11 South High street.
W hiu,D ulMkii. .!a 'M '
Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods and Notions.
3 and 4 Gwynne Block. Town street.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Boot!
and Shoes.
No. S Gwynne Block. Town St.
Bank Notice.
all whom it may eonoern, that the City Bank
of Cleveland, an Independent Banking Company,
organised and carrying on business as an Indepen
dent Banking i-ompany at the city ol Cleveland,
Ohijo,under an act of the General Assembly of the..
said State of Ohio, entltled"An Aot to incorporates
he State Bank of Ohio anti other Banking Com
panies," passed February 24th, 1845. being desirous
ot relinquishing ana closing its .Banning Dusiness,
to that end has. in pursuance of the statutes of the
said State of Ohio in such case made, paid and re-
deemed more than ninety per cent, of the maximum
amount of its circulating notes, and delivered the
same to the Traasurerof State of the ssid State of
Ohia fa Ata.taetrovl'. and hate provided means and
given security to the satisfaction of the Treasurer,
Secretary and Audit r of State of said State of
Ohio lor the redemption of its outstanding notes of
nirmiiafinn at the office of the National Citv Bank
of Cleveland, at the said city of Cleveland, where
said City Bank is located.
Done by order ot tne jsoara oi i.m rectors oi me
bitrOJank of, Cleveland, JutTthri68,
T LEMUEL WICK, President.
, i ' Cleveland, May sia, 18C8. (
Holders nff fh'M nnturanjli n nofes of tha JatA
.L'.ank of Coftriheroi-Tand afl other parties interested.
mat alter tne expinttion of six montns trom tms
date, application will be made to the Auditor, Sec
retary and Treasurer of State to surrender to said
Bank the su cks deposited to secure the outstanding
circulation ot said Bank in pursuance of the forty
firt4U section of the act to authorise Free Bank
ing passed March 31st. 1851.
i o ""EP.rl PERKINS. President
, H-B. Hoblbct. Cashier. mavS!6 d6m
J rt
OF THE srHinus, ukcektlv of
Somerset, Perry oounty, will opon their large
and spacious building for the reception of pupils on
the first Monday in September, 1868. For Board and
Tuition. $76, 80. S8S and $90, according to the do
aartment of the pupil. SB, ROsE, Sup't.
Address Box 151. au3-dtf
T 1
THBFROPEKTI rutimisniii unniu ui
' Kudolph Rickly, on the National road, east of
Blind Asylum, consisting of a double brick house,
stableslaughter house and outbuildings, and one
acre aad a half ot graun, nr.pr ,
n-rtiodlm '
y . "
l .s U , . l.U i.(
iov rjasii cnena stiaav 1
peculiar and important relations which
they sustain, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to rnany sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree to their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who' are-ill. Not only so, but iio
one of these various female complaints
can long be suffered to ra on without
involving the general health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relief of these various delicate affections,
and only upon the most Urgent necessity
will a true woman so far. sacrifice . her
greatest charm as to do this. , The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
bands ..simple specifics which, will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost .every one" of those troublesome
complaints peculiar to the Bex.- : 1
i ";'.-- ..... ' -
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
X would notTvish to assert anything that
-would do injustice to the afflicted, out I
am 'obliged to say that although it may
be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth', it is' far
oftener caused " by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. --- r
'''Whpii reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
io contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman in all classes ot society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly,' the ' welfare of the entire
human family. ' The mania that exists
for precocious educatiou and marriage,
causes the years, that nature designed
foe. corporeal 'development, "to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es-
peciallyMn the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. : Thus, ' with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by' pleasure, -perverting in inid
hight revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and rest.'the work' of destruc
tion is tialf accomplished,
j fn consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating' the evil. When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding" the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature;'' the complete prostra
tion' produced by excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect;. At last, an early marriage.
caps the climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one, hitherto so utterly regard
less. of the plain dictates and remon
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. .;, This is but a truthful picture of
the experience ot thousands or our young
.women..;.. ;; . ;:. -. f. y .
Lorfg before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, they
require an education of their peculiar
nervous System, composed of what is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly Mtider the control of mental emotions
and associations at an early period of
life and, as we eh all subsequently see,
these emotions? "-when excessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed their development.
For Female "Weakness anil Debility)
Whites; or Lencorrhoea, Too Profuse
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Periods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteri, we
offer the most perfect specific known :
Helmbold's Compound - Extract of
Bochu. Directions for use, diet, and
advice, accompany. -
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. . Strength, is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. -Helmbold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
than any of the preparations of Bark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. Helmbold's Extract Bochu,
having received the indorsement of the
.cost prominent physicians in the United
States, is now offered to afflicted ha-inanity-
as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression,
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General : Irritability,' Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at' night, Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation. Palpitation of the Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants of a
ieryous and Debilitated state of the
iy8t0m. To insure the genuino.cut this
utj Ask for; Helmbold's. Take no
. Rnlrl b Drup-anats and Dealers nvnrv-
- J oo - 77 J
whee. , , . ,- - :. .
PbiceI SI.25 pei; bottle, or 6 bottles
lor $6.50. r Delivered to' any address.
Describe symptoms' in" all Communica--ions.
Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical - Warehouse, 594
Broadway, N. Y. ' ,
Ndne. are genuine unless done up in
stetl-jengraved wrapper, with iac-simile
- : pu:--! W.pt,,
....... uu ""v
, .-- 4
ua-u woe-woo wiy xi. a. rlc.ljALDUt.LI.
The Arabs proceeded to bring me mats
and cushions, and arranged for me by
starlierht a camp bed. After this came a
copious supper. A general conversation
then took place, in which every one
vied with his neighbor in relating all
sorts of adventures, more or less tragical,
about the lions of the country. . One of
these I shall never'forget. It was the
story of an Arab and his young bride.
- Among the Arabs, when .a man mar
ries, he invites a number of people, who
go and fetch the bride at her parent's
house to bring her to her new dwelling,
a ceremony which is perforformed in a
palanquin, numberless shots being at the
same time being tired on tne road.
Every marriage, however, is not alike.
If some are accompanied by a numerous
retinue if sometimes the happy couple
number amongst their guests. '. many a
rich and handsome horseman at other
times, as with us, more than one bride
groom has not ; even enough to pay the
fiddlers who escort him. Such being the
case with Small,' who had paid down
the day before hs very last shilling for
his bride's marriage portion, he assem
bled only his nearest relatives, and pro
ceeded with them on foot to the abode of
his future father-in-law.
Having regaled themselves plentifully,
and the marriage being concluded, they
fired 'Toff some cartridges by way of sa
lute, taking care to keep a few for the
journey back. In the evening they all
parted, wishing eacli other good fortune
and happiness.
The bridegroom's douar was but a
league distant ; the moon shone beauti
fully bright j the bride's escort numbered
nine guns ; what was to be feared on the
way But it is not unfrequently at the
very moment one expects him the least,
that an intruder will present himself.
Smail was walking in front, beside his
brid, to " whom he was speaking, in a
soft -low . voice about the happiness
which awaited them under his tent.
The friends of the husband were follow
ing discreetly some paces behind, firing
at times a shot in the air ; and the young
wife seemed quite gratified at this - little
offering of powder burnt in her honor.
Everything,, in- .short, went on in the
most satisfactory manner. , t '
But, all of a sudden, an enormous lion
was seen, stretched across the very path
their young folks were pursuing ! . i
They were about half way between
the two douars, and it was fully as dan
gerous to. proceed forward as to turn
back..; What was to be done J
The opportunity, presenting itself to
the bridegroom of winning forever his
wife's : affections by a noble act of de
votedness was too good to be lost. - Balls
were accordingly rammed down the bar
rel of every, gun, the bride was placed
in the centre of a sort of square formed
by, the assistants, and the escort moved
bravely forward, headed by Smail. Al
ready they had advanced within thirty
yards from the lion, , who never moved.
Smail now ordered his friends to stop,
Mid saying to his young wife, . "''ee if
you have married, a man, ' ( walked
straight up to the lion, and commanded
him to clear tli9 way.
At twenty paces, the lion, until then
crouching; and motionless, raised his
monstrous head, and was evidently pre
paring for a spring. Smail, regardless
ot bis wite s screams, ana the entreaties
of his relatives, who called to him to re
treat, put one knee to the ground, lev
elled the barrel of his gun toward the
animal, took a steady aim and fired. In
an instant the wounded and furious ani
mal bounded forward on the unfortunate
Smail, knocked him to the ground,' and
tore him to' shreds in the twinkling of
an eye, then rushed madly toward the
square, in the centre of which stood the
wretched bride.
"Let no one fire," cried Smail's father,
"until he touches the barrels of our
But where is the man sufficiently self
possessed to await without flinchingtbat
hurricane called a lion, as he rushes on
toward his prey with immense bounds,
with mane floating in the wind, expand
ed jaws, and eyes inflamed with fury.
The whole party now fired at once,
without heeding in what direction their
balls went, and the lion dashed on the
square, which he quickly overthrew,
smashing the bones and tearing the flesh
of all whom he found before him. Some
of the men - had managed to escape,
dragging after them with much difficulty
the poor bride, almost dead by this time
with fright, but they were quickly fol
lowed by their insatiable enemy, and
torn to pieces ; one only, more fortunate
than the rest, having contrived to reach
the foot i of . tt steep rock, upon which,
thanks to his efforts, the woman found
a refuge. ' '
He had already climbed the rock
some little way, when the lion again ad
vanced, if possible still more furious,
and at one spring caught the right leg
of the roan, and dragged him down with
him to the ground ; while the unhappy
bride, crawling with hands and feet to
the summit of the rock, was doomed to
witness from her inaccessible retreat the
hideous spectacle of the death agony of
the last of her delenders.
After two or three- useless attempts,
the lion, finding he could not get at the
woman, returned to the body of the last
victim, and began tearing it in bits, as
if to revenge himself for the loss of the
last living prey which was thus eluding
his ! grasp. j
The remainder of the night passed
away without any new incident. . As
soon 88 the day began to dawn, the lion
left the foot of the rock, and retired to
ward the mountains ; but he went off
very slowly, and did not finally abandon
his post without stopping more than
once on his road, and throwing back a
wistful glance on the prey, he was leav
ing behind.
A short time after the animal's depar-!
ture, a troop ot horsemen came across
the plain, and on Smail's widow making
signals of distress with her veil, for -she
was now without strength or voice, tney
galloped toward her, and took her back
. 1 r. ., mi .1 ! J
to her lather, xne poor ming expireu,
however, on the following day.
[From the Albany Knickerbocker.]
The looseness vorce
laws iu some of the States, es
pecially some of the Western States
Indiana and Illinois, for instance has
attracted considerable comment, but
rather in a tone of levity than other
wise. The pilgrimage of ill-matched
ponnles and halves of couples, from all
quarters, to that land of even dissolu
tion of hated ties, has been noted rather
i .-' 1 i
as a topic to be treated in the joker's
column than as a serious question of
national morals. Until quite lately we
-do not remember to have seen any
attempt to take into thoughtful consid
eration the growing disposition in this
country to sever the marriage tie. The
frightful ease with which the marriage
yoke is shuffled off " out West," has
been illustrated by the good old Indiana
couple, who, after living together with
out an unkind word passed for fifty
years, were horrified on reading a paper
to find themselves by some mistake or
practical joke, solemnly divorced by act
of the State Legislature. . i . -. -
. It is related that the worthy old
couple wept on separate pillows that
night, and the next day trudged off to
the nearest magistrate, and after, fer
vently renewing their marriage vows,
took the earliest train for a State of
stricter divorce law, and where honest
married folks could go to bed at night
without the risk of breaking the com
mandments, by being divorced - before
morning. It would appear, however,
from recent statistics, that the West has
received rather more than its share of
odium for . the facility of its - di
vorce legislation.. The. last . number
of . the Neio , Englander has an ar
ticle on "Divorce Legislation -. in the
United States," by President Woolsey,
in which the sabject is treated with the
grave consideration which it merits.
The article is based on a careful exam
ination of the statutes of. twenty-three
States, including nearly all , the older
ones; and the facts brought out are start
, ling, and deserve respect and thought;
i ful consideration of all good citizens,
The causes of divorce are given in the
. various reports presented to the Xegis
latures. In Vermont,, out of 571 di
j vorces in five years, there were for adul
jtery, 154; willful desertion, 188; deser
; tion, 6; intolerable severity, 12G;. for re
jfusal to support, 13; with 20 others in
' most of which more causes than one are
'mentioned. In Massachusetts, out of 1294
.divorces granted iu about five years,
there were for adultery, 546, or. 42.3 per
cent.; ror , desertion, osu, or ,40.0 per
cent.; lor cruelty, 122, or 9.4 per cent.;
15 for intemperance and 21 miscellaneous."-
' Here the large ratio for adultery
is startling. Can this represent the real
state of the case? In Ohio, out '. of
2.6S1 cases,' of which the causes are
particularly assigned, there were granted
for adultery, 915; for absence and neg
lect, 1,030; for cruelty, 440; for ' intern-1
perance; 196. ' In Vermont, ' the ratio
of annual divorces to' annual ' mar
riages" loots up - for seven .years
a - total of 730 divorces to 15,710
marriages, or a ratio of 1 to 21. ' In
Massachusetts, for a period of four years,
there was a total' of 1,022 ' divorces to
45,372 marriages, a ratio of 1 to 44
In Uhio, .m . 1S06, the divorces . were
1,169; marriageB," 30,579, or a" ratio of 1
. to 26- In Connecticut, in a period of
eight years, the divorces toot up 2,910;
marriages,' 33,227, a ratio .of .1-v. to .lit
There are absolutely more- divorces in
Connecticut on i the average,; by 108
(viz:'-364 everV year) than in Massa
chusetts,' a State with two and a half
times as many inhabitants.:.- There were
in 1866 more than half, as, many as
in . Ohio, a State . with ; almost ; five
times the population. : It-is stated iu
this connection that the. divorces in sev
eral of these States were unduly great
in the year 1864, and Lava been so since
the war,. . The reason must be that many
hasty marriages were contracted by sol
diers, the motive being, on the woman's
part, to get a share of the bounty, or the
pension, if the husband should be killed.
But to counterbalance this, the mar
riages, as always happens in similar
cases, after war, . have increased quite
perceptibly, so that the ratio is not much
affected. t.
"This Noble Animal"-Scene at a
Cincinnati Horse Auction.
Auctioneer on the block shouts,
'Bring forth the horse !" Enter two at
tendants, leading, or more properly "sup
porting, a dilapidated equine specimen.
too weak and emaciated to possibly walk
without assistance. He has a head like
a bass viol, his backbone is loo sharp
for even chickenB to roost on, and not
hairs enough in his tail to make a fiddle
bow. There are bunches big as water
melons on his knees, and gutters dowu
his sides to carry off the rain water. 1 :
- Auctioneer- "Ah! gentlemen, here
we have a fine specimen of that noble
animal, the horse. I sometimes think that
the horse is in a -way related to man.
Bystander 'This horse is a ., devilish
poor relatipn.'J Talk of the sagacity
of the dog, that of. the horse far sur
passes it. Look at him. See how he
pleads for symp'athy. , Bystander
'Pleads for oats, more like.'J What shall
I hear for this noble animal? Rude boy
'Hear the bells tolling in" a day or
two. A direct descendant from Buce
phalus ; he was 'sired by Lexington,
Kentucky, and damned by Bystander
'Everybody that has owned him' his
maternal ancestor. Come, gentlemen,
make a bid. If you want a family horse,
of a gentle and affectionate disposition,
not disposed to run away, Bystander
Or walk away.either this is your animal.
Any gentleman, by leaving a deposit of
five dollers for security against fast driv
ing, is welcome to take aud try him.
Bystander 'For soap grease?' He is
warranted not to pull when hitched in the
stable, Hostler-'Or when bitched in the
wagon,' and can go single or double.
f Bystander 'He would go "better with a
horse on each side, of him to hold him
up.' Gentlemen, do I bear an offer?
If you don't want him now, you could
easily dispose of him for a cavalry horse
in the next war. ' ' He may be. consider
ed the" ne plus ultra of a horse. By
stander 'Yes,' " the ,. knock-knee..' plus
ulfra.'l What am. I offered?" .
A Voice "Seventy-five cents." .
Auctioned "Sold!" ; .
; The bidder cries "sold," and then all
the people raise up theit voices and cry
"sold" also. Cincinnati Times. . .
HALiti, m:i.i.oiV!( fc rtuTt-Eie,
Nos. 216 & 218 South HlirhSt't
' ' ; ' . i.-i.,
' .'''-',., COEUOTHUS, OHIO..'
-' " '' ' .',; ,., . . , , -'I v '.
(7Alr esctentit Jtanvfadory it at th foot of
SoutA strut, on the Canals
Their business transactions, both Wholesale and
Retail; new extend throushout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They inanuiaoture
r -n .i.a.-. mnA everr design of snoerion atV
manship and finish. Also, Can-Seat. Chain of
. ever r ileacn pt ion, YY noiesaie ana neutu. - -feb8-detdlv
a living mm
The confirmed dyspeptic may almost say with St
Peter, "I die daily." The object of this artiole is
not to remind hin of LM his pangs.buttashow
him how tobanish them I I - forever. The means
of immediate and permanent relief are proffered
him in , . i i - - '
ucnmHii di iicn.i
; ; ' ' 4 '1 i . !!! " -. -'""".',(
And it is for hint to say whether he will' eoritlnui
to enaure a living aeatn.or to put himself in
sition to render life enjoyable. . i. .: i.im .-.
" ;.rT.?:i uJi.i :dl"-
Of tha efficacy of this tnatohlees vegetable store
acntc are 10 oe iouna in every city and towa In Abe
United States healthy men and women, rescued
from torture - by its f 'Use. and eager to 6 a
testimony to its yir-- J . tues i It differs frotnj
any other Bitters in existence, iu this speoiat. paH
tioular it is not alcoholic. . .,. I
For such constitutions and systems as" require for
their invigorationa diffusive atimulant, ' - -"'l
.. ..- ... " ... (1 Ml' . lltiili
1 S'l'IW I
.. ; t: . ;.f'nv Ml .'Ji,w -
Haa been provided a preparation inwbich the sol
Id extracts of the finest restoratives of the vegeta
ble kingdom are held in solution by a spirituous
agent, purged of all deleterious constituents. Tbe
Satient. in choosing between these Awe treat anti
otes, should be guide 1 by his ownoondition. If in
a very low state from debility, the Tonic should be
his seleoiion; but in cases where the emergency is
not so pressing, the Bitters is the specific required.
Thousands find infin- . -TV- ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn. J There is no phase of
indigestion, biliousness, nervous disease orphysi
cal prostration to whioh they are not adapted, aud
ia whioh, singly or combined; they will not effect
"..... ,. .: : .. ;-j . m .;!u-i
Exchange Pain for Ease
And Weakness for Strength.- Get rid of the ail
ments wnich interfere with enjoyment; oast gloom
and desponderjcy'tothe winds; take a BUongex. ho!4
oi, luoftuu in auort, oeooma a -j
i, . . ! i" &'.'' to
Through the instrumentality of the most powerful'
una popular oi au vegetable invigorauts aua,.corr
Biliousness. Indiaestion.-funeral Teriilir.v. Vtn.1
ell the complaints which proceed -from want of
proper action in. tne liver, the ttomaolk and the
Doweis. are eradicated ny a course ot this groat ,,: ,.
Which not only combats and vonquers diseases that
have entrenched themselves in the system but
is tn. Dest Known saiezuara against all unnealtby
inQJenees.. fersons wnosa occupations and pur-
suits suojeot them to tbe depressing effects of a
close, unwholesome atmosphere, should take it re?
ularly as a protection againrt the law fevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. L Inva
lids woo are ... . Ii-' :k j
Without any special om?!aint, exceot a gradual
deolination of bodily streneth and nervons enerzr.
will find in the BU'-, E . TKRS a fonntain nf
vitality and vigor, as T rofresbiog aud exwr
eratinr as a pool in the desert to the eand-soorohed
ana laintiog travelers.! , i . . .
... . i ! li,-J J-III'.'J
Is composed of the pure iuices(or. as they are me
dicinally termed. r.xtractM, ot koo(j. Herbs and
Barks, making a preparatiou highly concentrated
and entirely tree from Alooholio admixture of an
kiud..-1-t - - v.. . i. -
.... l . - 1 ,"m ." 11 I
. Tzrr-"nT A TT-'CS vt:iii37
I A-LV W A. JJA7AAW W, y .n ,
Is a combination f all tbe ingredients of the Bit
ters, with the purest quality ot bantja Orus :Kum,
Orange; etc.-, making one of the must pleasant and
u i i : , Arnnj . u A i.K -
These remedies will effectually cure Liver Com.
plaint. Jaundice. Uys- I .1( pepsiay. i.Gbronuv or
N ervous' Debi lity. Mm . Ohronio Diseases of
the Kidneys, and all diseases aris.ng from a tdisor-
dered-tiiveror stomaen," ..
.. ' , ft .--. such ' .::r:i:.i- K:tt '
1 1 ' - - - as Consti-
! . ,,. -1i.- nation, inward 1 .i-"jr. -:
,, ,, -.-. -pjoi. Fulinesj of . ily.m vi
; Blood to .the Head, ...
Aoidity -f the Stomach.1'' '. , .
' uea, ' Heartburn.. Distust ' ,( ' '
for Food, Fullness or Weightin tha
' :'J,Stomaco, cour eructations, .ISinking ,j -;'-
or Fluttering at the pit of the Stomach,
Swiminimr of the Head. Hurried, and Difficult! .
-Kreathinff. Klntterinsr at tha Heart. Chokinz or
Suffocating Sensations when in a Liying Posture,
4 Dimness ol Vision, Hots or Webs belore tne ,
Sight. Fever and' Doll Pain in the Head,
j Deficiency, of Perspiration. Yellowness
' of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the
. .. Sulo, Baoi, Chest.. UiuibJ. etc., 'i n
Sudden Flushes, of Ueat, ; .
,.i , if- . T, Burning in the Flesh,'
.1 j, . .Constant i Iniaginw -.
i Ivf-Mlu! jngs of Evil, and 1 ri.
:-. 3 - :! Great Oepres-i 1! f -
, ;-7 -.g-:' 1 Spirits. -"' u "'
. ! . They are the Greatest and BesH i': 3
F.ver known, and will eura all diseases resnltinf
trom bad Blood. Keep your Blood pure. Keep
your Liver in order.'-, k Keep your digestive
organs in a sound. AA rheithr oondition, by
the use of these remedies, and no disease will ev.r
assail you
r.ilvf 'r:..ir-i:i';:")
Weak and
Delicate Children
Are made strong by the u?e of either of these rem
edies. They will oureevercaao of MARASMUS
Rrithnut fail. . . ' I -s. - a '-.
Thousands' nf certificates have accumulated it
the bands of the-proprietors,' but space will allow
of tbe publication of but a few. Those, it will be
observed, are men nt note and ot sucn standing mat
they must be beliered -.'" - -
' i : i in-:.',);-j J.
r ! OF PJE(.SVt.AIA. r-.
:. v, i '".'" V ..""',. ' .... U -.i
W ho would ask tor more dignified' or s'fronger tes
, . timony? . '..'
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
rania, writes : jl""
PHiLAPELrntA, March 16, 1867.
I find "'Hoofland's German Bitters" is a good ton
ic, u-eful in diseases n of tbe digestive -organs,
and of great ben- II efit in oases of debil
ity and want of nervons action in the system.
Vours truly, GliO. W. WOODWARD.
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.'
- Philadelphia. April 88, 1866J
1 consider " Hoofland's German Bitters" a valua
ble medicina in esses of attacks of indigestion or
Djspepjia. I can ce-tify this Irom, my experience
of it. - Yours, with respect. ' '
. ..:;'. : -, James Thompson.,
Prothonotary of the Supreme Conrtof Pennsylva
nia, writes!
' ' ' Philadelphia, Sert. 14,1867.
"Hoofland's German Bitters' is a very useful ar
ISaIa . a t. innin anil R, an anoetixer. it is not an in
toxi ating drink, and may be used beneficially by
persons of ail age. , JlM?,- -,.
al AluliO liUOU UitVllAAtAls
Hoofland's German Remedies are counterfeited.
See that the signature " ot (!. M. JACKoON
is on tbe wrapper of J each boltlov Ail- oth
ers are counterfeit. ,
Principal Office and Manufactory at the German
Mcdioine Store, Ho. 631 ARCH tf TKEKT, Phila
delphia. I'a. . . f ) ,iV. j ,c1
CHARLEi M. EVANS, Proprietor.
., , . ,(,.,i -j;.; . '. : ' ' ' 1 '
,' .... Formerly C. M. JACKSOJf CO. .'
:, -U o xap.ioe. .
Hoofland's German Bitters, per bottle.'..;'.. ...tl 00
Hoofland's tterman Bitters, lialf ' doten. j....... 6 M
Hoofland's German Tonic, put up in i qt. bottles 1 60
per bottle, or a hal f dozen for ; 87 50. , , c i
Do aot forget to examine veU the artiole you buy
n order to get the genuine. ; t
FOB' ' iSlfe Bf,J.L$ iPMiistS
ji v Dealers in Medicmes everywhere."
jy2S-dwA neowlyi
,.l,filAJ8 .S MAai ,W
The attention hi the "Trade is Vailed to tha superi
or stock of
.n isi iTi frt. .:t.- Mj.iirrirn:Mn
a.r"rii'i .! rillv .rT)
mi-i-i! '' V- ,'5' I'M .t II. t III ,A'
-; :' '.. .fi'l'i'i H m;i- -.;
.ioj-." i .i. ht.'t UIW- " fli
..r,,,,;)"! J'Astr4iveivr!; iaii'by l
.!s' .u-r 1, !':.'" a e-.'t
.;" t;.,H Kil-.j:Kl;,U'''YA- " rl
.f,r'tvT V .t'lUTAI .V .A " i
.!:.,.- .. .-U! f.Ui A.ViV.ti " ilirt
. i.in-r ..! IMS' .03 a - i-M
38, 38 fc iQJtpgyMljGrf n'i.Sn,t
: iCi- 9i7; A .fY iitA ui ItoIj ajoO
C O LrV-M B U' I
.trVl' i(.istH 9tTV
to S'T"1'' I iii4 rj't innrsVja V
iiii !j,ti ,i it Ji. 1 1. 1; tu-iittaot( lino '
iiitKpowr.y., (j.i-.i-. -i'fpb 4 VvMB.t ie-m
Our stk comprises a full line of "i:y:0 "
S-i.v,, . . A . .. ; ,.i.ijo
Book, i.-i htjaov. mii
.l.K.iUlU ))
Wrltlngar STiAss-
iniii ' i i:.-i viu I V nsdona wTT
eix-Mti If A- . i-.u u. . ilU ua(B '
ai -f jl .)i-i'..io'i I : i Is Jtl2 -jO ,)inlatw
oio-j oJj io i K.'iJMa Print' PapeKsJ
.a'm f!'j oi.-'i v.n iT qjX
.lVj,latjII .3.W
-'.-.'TUA b ta "'-,J' .fcovaiilssi wolf,
'..1 !t!1 'lilCitUl ttv891?)fll
i Of pM sites and varieties, which will bpp!dCths
1 . tlnwfMt miirV Al. r.lAa.
i Mj'ii.i.isui y.-i o i-ri.j iailX9 iiliw
laji mi; ui i-jboT r-T .130 ,E Vo xitcjAta
i.-h-1.-) . m v'uo ic-ft li ,ij8ilA')JiAv5I luonl
I I .lia ?&M?JC. . JuT 0U no IE lo
i !oij.atoD)ino'i a sidirsis-jl) ,1o a-jnan-JiiTUJl
ji liio-j I'Swlfiu.a -oil
Y ftffa
b b-j uh'snrpasie'dihthichy.cludahg', f"U
tiwU nKt -'" li J i. ,ilvV,u "ut .''B'al
5i'!tn.-lt ,aoWiwT biiJ la wA a utT
,ioJ .niiiifr.;. I'lJil li-jili ui ani rjhi cavil
,:1,D'Dflll,llt?if,M iIO& ',T'1 ,t""
.B.olOY OTlX Ol CGiJ"l eld
rr COLORED of nil kmds';dT
rll r;o l i iui u vl n oiUf o mua i-.i4 Jests
.9llJi-fl L'f.JOll? - ' 810'09 gill ol toM
' 'i" Iri. i'"J-'X J"- ion irMal .
.Trf-W" -A 4rJ Mi
! iuo baa ai-iow .na( & .IUi-i IIacA
I ollad
I ! uq id INSURANCE;1" i3!ra
Auditor of State's Certificate
3 j ;r: 1 Ioi3ni 'l soofsaC l jAni sari
j j .ra-iol-ill Diia
i ' J. I .' tweWh.X9BKi nfil a v0
j i-irr oi ii Ik ' j t ;aiwA.iJlA-J
Csoital fully naid ao:.K..i..Li. j..50.000 OOtii
Amount of available assets.... ...... I, sJl.uJX) 31 ,
. ,i -Jl,l!lll,K --1 ' Tl' ' OCT .i JtJ
. . r . ' : r ; a
in m. .j Columbcb. O.. February IS, 1868.). ,
Tt is hereby certified. That the Continental (Fire?
Insurance Comoany, locateA a New York,- 4n tbei
. Jltafe of New York, has complied, in all respects,, -
'with the laws of this State relating to'raeh-insur'u-:
anoe Companies, for the current year, and has Chad 71 4
in ihisOffire-- a sworn Statement, by the .proper
' Ofiioers, showing its oondition anil basinau.at tha n
date of such statement, as follows:. (J -n,. h.,K1-o
Amo'ant'of actual paid-up Capital'.!.... f5O0,no0 00
' Aggregate amount of available asseteU .l.fctM.SW 31 Oil
Aggregate amount ot Liabilities. ino. ar-033
! Re-insurance ............ ...... S8l.oy9.
Amount or income for the pre-edlng year 801,086 10
Amount of expenditures for tha preead; f'.j-r
i ing year....... .............. 681.44347,
'' In witnew whereof, I have liereirnto' snbscribtd'
m v namar anAMwaweV-tbe Seal of my
SEAL. Office toieamxwd.thdaaad.Jrarbove
: written. . , ,7
' - rt!C,: 3 AS.' H. OD MA. Auditorof State." A
By Jas. WiLiJAM8.f0hiet Ciotk. uil ettiJica
i 1 C .n)Ism At rw,? Avonre a rvrl
Geo. F. O'flarr & Col? A ffents," a
-MIA-" ajolamrja
i vniv.fi
:iwt- u .-- - -1 - eia
7" -l irlnJ-iO . . S-.-tiT .nit.-TfH .'A
-'- TV ' -.'o :
:-li"V .a Tinrr JA
-jf.J-, .vn'.ih'l jii-'liT IK
j AS TO THK"'WgrHEs'iirb" ATAlMQFrM "ijlfr
? I riiiilin i iuVJii-.u .l..'ul!;.. - '
? pacific mm ntt tosiWSS
, I or BAjrr.Aiei8CO,,CAi,wAI
t i I i:u - ' Tii..-nuTjliiW.
. t r - 1 i rj .)T'.i';r,-' .if't.ffvW
i j; .sAUJiliott syr saaajs's urricciii'iii
Orpartmknt DF,TN.rraAjiCK.
" f j ... OLCHBTTS.
s. Sent.' 19th. 1B68.V
'"it is hereby certified. That tha- Pacini iBsnranee'''AA
Company, located at San rranoisoo. in tha State of' vl
. California has complied, in all reepeota. with , tbe
, laws of this State relating to such Insurance Com- .r
' pnies, for tha onrreat year, and baa -filed in tnis "
" office a sworn statement, by :the. proper. bffleen; ' .A
showing its oondition and business, at. tbe.data ot K
- suoh statement, as follow. gold currency , t -y
Amount of actual paid' up Capital. A. 11,000,000 00 ff '
'.Aggregate amountof available assets.: 1,889,818 M
Asgrcgats saoonttf Liabilities.'.'..'... W,M l.
Amount of iDCoroa.for tbe preoedingi i-rniY
year ,708,003 .,jX
. Amount of expenditures for tha pre- - ., , .
' ceding year.i-.w....."..:.'..-....-.. S3. K1A ,,
In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed 'T,1
" ' i . r my name, and caused theHeml of my OfEea',H
IskalJ to. be aflbted, the, day uicLijea(. above,! loft
Cbief Clerk tor Auditor cf Ktatejii-'iJaeJ
;; u Geo. F; O'Bafra Co.', 'Agmj?Vl
. (fi ACGHTON BLOCA0 , ti.vb-r. l'Kl J jA
rklii . .CInabn,0.' 3A.
; ...-.O .-..ii v JA
j;,.., i. UJ-.v oiait!,nAi:':r.7 -I 'J .null
li. !
IASIJKACK ,OiUPA!'V,'a!mj eiaJ
London : and Edinburgh.
. ylflifi; lN8trSANCB DPATaIIT. 1
. Coi.cmkcs. O.. Sept. 18,1868.).r'i
'ia r4ieri'riv certified. That1 the Jorth British
and ll ercantil. Insurance Campany, of Lon9o ana "
Kdiriburgh, has couijliod in all resptcta with (ka
laws of this State relating to HroJaiurance Com- v
' panits of foreighn (Jevernmnnts. f"r, the, aurrent
year including tne deposit of OnwHnwired Thou
sand'Dollsrs for the security of Polic.y,boidara rtr arlX
I siding in the State of Onin, and that tbe sworn ,T
sutemeot of iu proper officers, filed ia tbia -deper-"5
-menu shows its condition and business at tbadata.oitiri
, of aueh statnentUee. 81. 186T) as follows : ' "",,
. Amoint of actual, paid lie eepilal--.s':."01 o.et 69 lof!
' Agm-igate amount of available .assets 13 J08,80 UrJ -.rll
Aggregate amount. of HabiKtiea-.- 1.7(210 k
Amount,. Ql.BTOmai-thfpreaedinaf y" """al
in sear.. .1....WiW.;?.WW!rWw (tt
l8AlL to .be, affixed lJda, eariawWcIJOTa
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By . ab, WiLiMaCjdet Clerkvju ifn3iutToK IP vb
Columbus, O.
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