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MrrroROWMJiCAt Tabl, prepared and
greeted bf W.- fVV?"..
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Oct. 20. 1868.
Barometer. ibb"""
iff, ,..
B. M-
H M.
18 J Sub Bets-.-:
. S 11
i: f rmj'f" . mate, thus
, ;:5ttte returns the Secretary oj pw .
fart v1 ;;. V :' : '' " M'" '-'" : I, '
' Wam, walue of tlie transtera of land
letttor word yesterday foots bp to $21,-
301.90. - A anug ""
- ' : To-day Is the . seventh anniversary
"' f the terrible disaster at' 3aU Muff,
Li inw TjVii-Inaf Vila llfp '
w"qr .,
" We are Jtlad to hear that .tbe tobacco
Won of this State will be immense.' It has I
thus fax escaped injury from frost. ' . -
- , "
Andrews A HuU have reIveaHar-
6per Majjaz'.ne and Atlantic vMoniy tor
'November, and Harper's Bawr lor Oct.
The Sisters of-the uooa oneiurU
a .-,.. tn. .An; , Hein inera. urucu
may Jbejeft jwitb Tbomas.Begin, tt.Nortb
High trees.') m t
dJtMoatof the many large and beautiful
r! business houses erected in this eity during
rh nastr' summer, will be ready tor occu-
' pants by the middle 6f November.
' , 39"We have most cheering advices In re
lard to the wheat sown this fall. It is
T coming on splendidly and if the whiter ..be
favorable will produce a heavy yield. u;;' J
t-- ' - ' ; . ;.' 1 T"?'"7"?' 1 '
tSThe diBerenl sewers now m cuumc
construction are neip
tn romDletlon. WlUl Hie greaiesi. rapiuuor.
' t
Ths contractors are aoing su wjr u i
In the pleasant weaineiv " :
i a Hvr IxS8By aa advertisement in
' inother column it will "be seen that A 8.
,. rmr1 a inrettT severe loss. TO
iiae thirteen hundred dollars .these times is
no ikiJ.H W K.VX j
Tw Brtaok. The County Commission-,
erson Monday ordered a new bridge to be
nvor TtncVv Fork Creek, in nam
tawrinhlrt D'ennfaBl'StraltVthe oontrae
taxm to .build ihe.bridge grtgO ,
ConNTKRFMT. A dangerous counterfeit
of a ten dollar note on the National, Bnk
f the State oi New York, New Xorsvity,
is In circulation in Boston. Heiweeu lue
wordauState!l4UJ'ii'New lort. iVbasa.
Where the'lrennine bas 'of." -
Whim Bots in Blue!
There will be a meeting of the White Boys
in WntThnan -Hail this (Weflnesdari
venlng,'at 7'' o'clock.1 ' Able 'speakers
wllLbe. present and address the mefltins.
AH Democrats are invited to attena.
.i.i. is " , " .
Cobkobtablk. Wm. Jamison, agent of
the'"Jettiiecttciie '"Mutual Mfe ' IhsuranCe
Comrnyo yesterday' received a draft for
S5.000. to pay Insurance on tneme or. i.
Phelps lato o Blendoa township, in this
county.. ,j ;y. , , , v ..;T,
. JXiCai 'VJT nr '
tr a .man narneo i
; n.L . . i,Mnn. '
AWeto u..-. "'I
TJ Of Antonio unappa n .uuu-,
. -i ' J AC aaltnl aA hOSIf fHtaT WtfTft
o(j Tony aaya. The. riotous. Angelo
was floed $5 and costs by the Mayor, yes-
terday. He couwn s pay we u.u B "!
D!ia V5000" " " - ' 7; f- -' -A I
)n Tuesday morning, about
one o'clock, the saloon- of Mr. Ireman on
Mound street was entered by burglars and
robbed of 10, ail the money there was in
the'drawer. Thesaloou nextdoor, kept by
Mr. Kam merer, was alao visited, but the
rascals lound no booty. The noise made In
prjiajr Mr. Kampjerer' doot open woke
him and he frightened them off.
k . ir. A . . m i i',,a , a nninu ,
EDUT FOK- K- aim,i-.," I
,r. .-r.rt: rh fwtcrhf. busi,
F r - -. viTdrilt.n
Improving, and tgreat
has recently been made to the Tolling stock
on DOUtueru niunwM
incsreasingshlpnienla- , Focthe, many
favors TeeeWed from A.Oorton.-the gentle
manly agent of Mr. Adams' Express Com
pany in this city, wo make ou? acknowl
edgements. -
1 x- - '- -'- -"
A Good Idea. The Council on Monday
night ordered the Directors of the Hare
Orphans Home to select a suitable location
on wnicn to erecT, a ouuaiog ioe me accom
modation, of the . orphan, children under
their care. Thials.a good. Ideal "A build
ing suitable for the proper, care aid educa
tion of the children lelt to the care of the
city should at once be erected'! i..1!
Fixed esterdait rThe .certificate of
incorporation of young America Mining
Company of Cincinnati was filed with the
Secretary of State yesterday. ; It Is' organ
ized for the parpos: of mining' for silver,
gold, and other minerals, In tbe county ol
Clear Creek, Colorado Territory. Capital
stock $30,000, in shares of $100 each. Prln
cipr office 'la Cincinnati, with a branch
office at 6eoro;etdwriv IDhlorado Territory:
J. H.r.Kodger( John Shillltb, William C.
Hiekcox," G. F;'Ladd,"Lephard 8...1ioof,
James Klrkiand and Harley. Moore are
the corporators. ,
Cqnfuncb GAitswOa election day a
man named B. Hamilton was imprisoned
in the city prison In default of $5 tine and
costs for Intoxication . He had been stop
ping. ai the St. Francis Hospital and ' had
some money and clothing there. ' A man.
who the authorities think they know, went
to the Hospital and, saying that be had
been sent there by Hamilton to get his
clotnihaHd money, got what he demand
ed, leaving th following receipt, which we
copy verbatim: 1 " ..'.
Columbus, Oct. 13th '68
receaved of sisters bi 8t Frahsls Hosptt-
tal Eight Peaces of clothing ana nve aoi
laH.fn.lf. 11 n,mlltAII i , ' -
i i t Alfea G-Hurd 1
Of this matter Hamilton, knew nothing
Tbe operation was' entirely' a confidence
one, and nothing, has .been heard ,at the
money or operator sincei-The man wbo
would thus rob ah institution like St. Fran
cis Hospital woqld steal the coppers off the
eyes of A dead Bigger or acorns irom
blind wS :- ' "
Tint TiTH raij BaiiNKk Ward .- At a
meeting ot the Democratic County Execu
tive Committee it Tburman HaU, on last
evening, 'npbn a comparison ' of the vot
give, for Hubbard, Democratic candidal
for Secretary of State, In, the several ward
and'tewnshlps in'. Franklin county, with
the vote cast for Judge Thurmaa last year,
it was. found that the Ninth ward had made
the largest relative gain, to-wifc 30)-3
per cBt-" aud accordingly .the Hundred
Dollar Silk Banner offered by the? ExeCu
tlve CommiUse was awarded to said ward
The Firs waro, gained 27 7-69 per.tsent,
The SJxth ward gained 78 23-50 per cent.
Montgomery township gained' 23 80147
per eent And 'other wards and townships
made haiMBOtii' gains, ruiiy malntaintnj.
the repntanono mesaomitaWerpenioo
racy of the Capital wunty. -The time and
place t preeenttiig- the Banner will Te an
Columbus, Oct. 13th '68 JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chm'n.
Columbus, Oct. 13th '68 JOHN G. THOMPSON, Chm'n. W. S. HUFFMAN. Sec'y.
I second year of its existence. It has rc
V" deemed in all particulars the promises
Tai Littls Corforau A original raaiaiinefor
boy and (iris, ftovember, 1868. .Alfred 1.
' etc well. Chloago, III.
This attractive little publication comes
o us decidedly improved, fa new form and
dress ? It is one of the best publications it r
etmdren.- It has now a larger circulation,
aysits publisher, than any otter Juvenile
publication in the world. It deserves its
success.-.......... . . '.
Th0thot,to World.' A monthly magaitna of
ueneral .Literature and JSeienee. -November,
j IStSg. -JKow York: Lawrence Keooe.
nave so oiten spoxen in terms oi ms
Mjfht commendatlon 0( thu cbiefest of
monthlies, that but little is left for us to
say. The number before us is fully up to
We have so often spoken in terms of tbe
I its predecessors in all its features.
It con
tains more general Intelligence than any:
magazine in tbe country r Terms : 95 per
annum.' "'.'.; .
LrprSKCOTT's Hagazinc November, 1368 J. P.
Lippencott A Co.. Philadelphia- -. ,
I. This favorite maeizlne is now on the
made by the publishers at its commence-
ment, and stands .unsurpassed among the
geouUr m,Kazine8 of the Unlte(j Stateg.
of COI)tent8 of tho pre8ent nuraber
Is very full, and contains papers from the
pens of. the best writers ot to-day. It costs
but $4 per annum. For sale by Andrews
AHull. -
The Chh.mj' Hotm. A raaiaiine for the Little
Ones. November. 186S. T. . Arthur ft Son,
8(18 and 811 Chestnut street. Philadelphia.
We are always pleased to receive this
kana0me little magazine,
Each .number
contains something attractive for the little
ones; something calculated to make them
wiser and better. It is .handsomely 11-'
lust'rated and its letter press looks like
copperplate. Send for it. It costs but,
$1 25 pex anuum... si ! .
tew 8ine tioket8 w111 be Bold each even
nessda though subscribers only are entitled
fCT tu nl,.. .
i Trinsferrgd Yestbrdat. The follow-
lng transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on yesterday
Henry Maurer and wife t0 Sarah D. wil
uT'lwisrti xro : A K a .1 a o in
w-f wj vw .1 v J 1 t trj
23, 24, 25, 26,27 Sod 23 of Henry Usurer's
iubdivisionor 15 acres of land in the city
of Columbusfor $1940. , . -
-iittnce " . aito auu who w xeucrca x
Mateer, August 15th, lot No. 12 of C. W.
Rice's subdivision of outlots Nos'; 37 and 38
in the Northwestern addition to the city of
Columbus, for $300. : "
Gilbert G: Collins and wife to "Charles
Schwenker, October 15thv part of iiUot No
313 in the city of Columbus, for $3500.
Joshua Vance, and wife .to., William . H.
Dun nick, October 19 th, lot No. 17 In John
Morrison's addition to the city ;'of Colum
bus, for $1500..U'J . f -W:t -r'::- : l!
John Knox and wife to F. A. Bull, May
20thr inlots Nos. 26, 28, 30, 32, 34. 36. 33, 40
and 42 in the town -of Westerville, and 1
; . io rofia nf ,aml in the RftmB .wH.
for $m VM)X
j.Joiab Baughman and wife to M. D. Wa
ters, October 2 1, 18G7, part of inluta Nos.17
and 18 in the original town ol Westervill-,
for $750'.: ' ; " ' : ' : 7
John T: James and wife to B. Stanley
and M. A. Minn, lot No. 7 in George Ston-
er's addition to the town of WesterviUe,for
$725. . ... , . . ..... .,
John Corbin and wife to Henry H. Car-
bin, Sept. 1st, 49 rods of ground in the
town of Westerville; for $1,500.
David K, Mathews and wife to John Cor-
bin,April 7thi. 49 rods of ground in the"
' ;
Ti A ...n o i t.
iaviu wuuusuu auu who w omuei ar-
vis, OcU 16th, 89 acrei and 57 rods of
Bl-ndon townshin. IhrtlDM AO.
' "1 '
Tt K-nnr.ml .il.bS.mii.l'T.r
1Reu-tAMnn.i i
d lniota Xog. t and 9 ln Bright's addition
the town ot Westerville. for $3,600.
D. Gultner and wife to John Knox, Aug. .
29th, two fractional parcels of ground and
inlots Nos. 1 and 9 of Bright's addition to
the town of Westerville, for $4,000. . : ,
First Maennerchor Concert. Tbe first
the annual series of subscription con-'
certs, by the Columbus Maennerchor, as-1'
sisted by the.De Beriot club, will be given ::
(Thursday) evening, at Naugh- '
ton Hall, under the , direction of A. De '
Prosse, the able and talented leader.
.11 .t. jiru...V :
""J"-' "u uKuu evenings, a,
programme for to-piorrow evenin:
Orerture "Czaar A Zimmerman.. ....Lortzing
'8 onset' Cborni with Tenor Solo Billeter
Bail Solo ' The Consolation" .....Krosaner
' E. BA.CH., :
Piano Solo .
f (a) Nnetnrnein F Minor, op. 55. ....... ..Chopin "
( IWV-Duett" Song without word. . Mendelssohn
8olo Qo&rtette "Serenadi". ...... -Lonis Liebe
AND rRILL.UAN.-j, - - - ; .
, Soprano 8olo My Angel".. ........ -Esser '
Quintotie for Piano, 1 " V
3 Violins. Tiola and Violineello. op. 191. .Reissigi r
.'Tenor Solo .
J)'rom the Opsra'-Loreley".......T.T.:T. Wallace
' MR. HETDE. , ., .',
Ossian" Uhorns.... '. Besohnitt
TThk BfctUGKRENT 6sia4DiER. Jeems,
which is Comly the Brigadier,, is still on
tbe war path. From his youth up blood
has been his' lightest diet."" For desert he
delights in grape and gunpowder tea 'A
native oet sings of him:
Dajton town ha was brooch t up ...
He was one of the Comlr boys
From hjs earliest dvya. when bat a pap.
He has rej jiced in liota and wtiae.
He delights in the name of Fighting Jim;
Of all he's toe terror and diead;: f , ; .
To fight for three weeks' is nothing to him.
the blood of his riotims erary day he does swim.
And.be counts by the thonsand his dead.
And this terrible man is doing his best
to get up a raid -on the Ninth Wkrd. He
has fulminated an edict, an edict with a red
seal, and business men are to shut up their
stores, on lectioiv day arid assist him to
shut up Eighth and Ninth Ward Demo
crats. There is no telling ' ho w many he
will kill and at in the war he proposes to
inaugurate; for he is of unbounded stom
ach, this Brigadier.- Men of the Eighth
and Ninth Wards, don't attempt to stop
him, as yon value your lives. " Fortify your
houses, but keep away from the polls, else
C mly and his brigade ot " business men'
will sweep you from the face of the earth.
Take 'out' accident insurance policies and
keep cool.
i i . - "
:Galoot Rbcord. John Bllark was the
only" galoot before tho Mayor yesterday.
He was fined fa for being drunk, which he
paid. John's spree cost him ten dollars,
by thehye, five more than the Mayor's as
sessment. He was ..badly under the In
fluence on Monday night, and anxious to
get home for fear of arrest. Meeting a man
on the streets be communicated his fears of
policemen, and gave the man a $a bill to
take him home. The dishonest guide took,
the drunken. John by the arm and lead him
as tar dowtf High street as First alley, and
then cut and run, leaving John to be cap
tured by the police or get home as best he
might.' John thinks the next time he gets
tight hCll keepsober
: . :? ""'""'" - ' . t .,
Wak WbAprica. Two "wards of the
nation? got into a fight about noon yester
day in the new Deshler building, opposite
out bfflce. They got to butting at each
bther'pretty lively.when Lieut. Hannan and
officer Sarber, fearing one 'might make a
mls-llck and go plumb through the brick
wall arrested them and locked them up.
Lieut. Han nan's moke gave him aright live
lv race for it.4V'e do not know what the
s' . . -
fight commenced about.
A Card.
Ed. Statesmam : A card signed by Dr,
Coulter, and published in tbe Journal of
Saturday last, has just come under my no
tlce. I would not pay attention to the tis
sue of falsehoods there given as facts, hut
in self defense. ' The first misstatement
in regard to throwing bricks or stones,
There were no bricks or stones thrown ex
cept by the negro, and they were throw
U me. The next Is that the negro was
aught. This is untrue; the darkie ran
o fast lightning -could not overtake him
As I ran to catch the black scoundrel who
I. ad thrown the bricks at me, Dr. Coulter
caught me by the collar and threw me, an'
when I was down took me by the throat
He Ifl as much to blame as any one for th
trouble at the polls. He always has been
violent and insulting towards his political
opponents, using towards them, if they at'
tempted to defeat his nefarious schemer,
language not at all calculated to prevent a
breach of the peace. This has been en-
diired until patience has ceased to be a vir
tue. The Democracy can find nothing In
the constitution allowing men as black as
t ir to vote, and they are determined they
shall not.
A Mystkriou8 Affair. About eleven
o'clock on Monday night two men with
hack went to the residence of Judge Puyh,
and one of them, after waking him from
his sleep,' demanded' that he should go
with them to Springfield via Urban a, say
ing that he "had a paper" for the Judge,
but refusing to say what kind of a "pa
per" he had, or why ne wanted him. The
fudge didn't hanker after a midnight ride,
specially .with a man who could not or
vould not tell what he wanted, so he dis
aissed his visitor without ceremony. The
nen had a consultation at the hack door in
i very low tone of voice, from which we
gather that it was their intention to take
the Judge to Cincinnati and there hold
him on some trumpel up charge, to annoy
and worry him for issuing naturalization
papers to voters in this district. Failing
to get the Judge on Monday night, the
fellow called at the Probate Court room
yesterday, with what purported to be a
ropy of a Eubpcena from the Mayor of tbe
Ity of Springfield directed to J. Donovan,
City Marshal. When the Judge demanded to
tee the original, the chap didn't have it with
him. As the Judge was about to bear two
very important cases, he concluded not to
bey the mandate of the "Lord Mayor of
Springfield, and the Marshal, if he was
that official, was obliged to go back with
out his witness. The reticlence of the man
with the "paper,", and bis suspicious ac
tions at night, together with his strange
way of doing business, justified the Judge,
we think, in not paying the least-attention
ro his subpoena. He should have quietly
popped him into jail lor contempt of court
yesterday morning. ' That would : have
brought out the facts of tbe case. - !
Thb " Business Mem" ox the .War
Path. In'pqr-uance of a notice published
n the Journal for the pist two or three
lays, quite a crowd of people assembled at
the Union Club Booms last night. The
meeting was called to order by J. M. West.
water, and Geo. Metcalf was appointed
Secretary. Highly inflammatory speeches
were made by Dr. Coulter, Henry Noble,
B. F. Marti a, Tbos. C. Donaldson, Geo. W.
McCracken and other " business men." The
following resolutions were adopted:
Resolved, That' the frauds which are
charged, and the violence which occurred
several polls, of this city at the recent
election, demand not only the indignant
reprobation of all good citizens, but their
active interposition for prevention and
punishment.'-; '
Bfsolvea, Tuat it is the right ot every
ferson believing himself a voter to present
lis claim to the fudges, and have it decided
without threats, molestation or injury.
Besomed, That the itepubucan County
Executive Committee are hereby requested
to agree upon ana adopt measure?, with
the proper committee, of the Democratic
party, to secure tbe rights of ail voters and
peaceful citizens at the next election, to
give every reasonable and practicable fa
cility for the protection ot legal, and the
challenging of illegal votes, and to ensure
peace and good order generally, and that
they publish such agreement as they may
make on the subject in the papers of this
city. :- - .
Resolved, That in aid of law and order,
and to protect the rights of all voters at
the polls we, together with all order lov
ing citizens who will join us, will organize
and attend in a body at the polls of our
respective wards at the ensuing election,
and peacefully and inflexibly maintain the
law, the rights of voters and tne purity ot
the ballot box so far as the same is possible
for freemen. -
I Eesolved, That when this meeting ad
journ, it shall stand adjourned to meet next
Saturday evening, to hear toe report oi tne
County Executive Committee. , v' ;
; Divested of all bosh, the above resolu
tions mean that if negroes are permitted to
vote the Democracy mav oeaceablv remain
at the polls, but if not, then comes Comly's
war. . " '.'"("
Theater Last jSight. The . thrilling
play of Leah was very well played at the
Opera House last, night, though, after hav
ing seen Jaunesuhek, Mr. Waller and Ma
tilda Heron in the part of Leah, or Debo
rah, we could not bring ourself to think
that Mrs. Lanergan has physique enough for
the Character of Leah. She is too etherisl,
too petit for our idea ot the character. She
read her part beautifully though, and won
golden ' opinions, despite the drawback
mentioned abpve. To-night we are to bave
an immense, . bill, the Serious Family and
Mr. and Mrs. White. This comply and
farce present an evening's entei.. ijment
of great worth arid should call out all our
theater going citizens. .
Oysters Oysters Oysters. : ' j
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteman) . ..
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Co.'a Chesapeake Bay oysters. , . ..' ;j K
aug5-dtonov28 ; -
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Wilper's
The largest stock ot goods ever brought
o this city, cousisting of French, English.
Scotch and Italian Cloths and Cassirueres.
or suits. Beavers' and Chinchillas, lot
Jvercoats, etc, etc., can be found at ,
. .-- ; . - JOS. GiJNDBRSHBIMBR'S, '; '
octl3-dl0t i . No. 7 Neil House."
rl - " 1
Now Ready. Beaver Suits and French
Walking Coats in Blue, Black, brown and
Daihla, got up In Custom style, at, ;
octl3-dl0t No. 7 Neil He use.
' A busy man is a locomotive, ana lire a
ttack. Every night he drives Into "the
house," and stops. Every morning he it
flred up anew, and away he goes switch
ing off In one direction and then in another
In this routine of business he forgets that
the physical organization is of the ciost
lelicate kind. If a hard Iron locomotive
needs constant care, and to be well oiled up
and rubbed off every day, hpw much more
necessary is it .. that all uieu aijd womeL
Aoiild use Plantation . Bitters, which an
the i plus vllra of everything which i
necessary to keep the system ia: a perfect
tone of health. ,
', Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at hall
tbe price. a
For Gents; Furnishing Goods, the fineBt
intbecity, snch'as'Neck" Tlei?; Gloves,
bocks, Under Shirts and Drawers, go to
octl3-dl0t. No. 7 Neil House.
The War With the Indians.
Congressional Nominations !
Wormald and O'Baldwin.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Intelligence from Mexico.
Intelligence from Mexico. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Applications for Brigadier Generalship.
t - t j ernlsblp.
Quite 'a large number of applications
have been made for the office of Brigadier
General in the armyi made vacant by the
retirement of General Hooker. Amonz
the applicants are several civilians who
were officers in the volunteer army durinff
the svari- -Therprobability is that General
Stoneman, now commanding the 1st dis
trict, will be appointed.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. The Indian War.
Very few official dispatches have been
received in this city relative, to tbe Indian
war on the plains. The army is known to
be in pursuit of hostile tribes, but no dis
patches coucerninz its movements have
oeen received fo two or three days. : - r
Mary Kellv, a domestic in this city, was
accidentally shot by her lover, Dennis Bras-
nanan, r last evening, anu . was. ; latall y
Alexander Scofield & Co.'s oil refinerv '
was partially burned last night, with GOO
barrels ot refined and 359 of crude oil.
Loss about $25,000; partial insurance." ?
River News.
"River about 18 inches and stationary.-
Weather cloudy and damp. Mercury 62.
Nebraska Election.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 20.
An Omaha dispatch says: Official re
tnrns. are now in from twenty counties and '
give a Republican majority 6t 1,950.- Tfie '
four counties yet to hear from will make a
Republican majority of not less than 2,400,
Republican gaiiv of 1.640 votes over the
last Congressional election. The total vote
of the State is nearly 17,000, almost
doubling tho vote ot JSebraska in - the past
two years.
Mormon Conference.
i Lite Salt Lake papers contain the pro
ceedings ot the General Mormon Confer
ence. All the Mormon Church dignitaries 1
were fully represented. It was nnanimous
ly agreed that commercial intercourse with
the Gentiles should be restricted to neces
sities. Mormons purchasing generally from
the Gentiles will do so at the peril ot ex
pulsion from the o.hurch. This measure is '
urged as necessary In self-defense against
the rapidly approaching danger from out
siders coming in, with the Union Pacirlo
railroad. They are avowed enemies of the
Mormon institutions, and commercial non
intercourse only can restrain the Mormons
and encourage borne manufacturers.
New Mexico Items.
Ben. Cutter, Surveyor General of New
Orleans, and formerl3' Adjutant General of
California, died at Santa Fe on Sunday
last. , , . '
; Dr.,M( Ke, Medical Director of the Dis
trict oi New Mexico, was seriously injured
on Saturday by being thrown from his car- -rlage.
TROY, N. Y., Oct. 20.
: The extensive Bessemer steel works of
J. A.Griswold & Co. were destroyed by:
accidental iirej this morning. ' Loss $35,000
About 125 men were employed.
BUFFALO, Oct. 20.
Tbe Erie County Democratic Committee
have issued an address condemning strong
ly the surrender proposed by a handful of
treacherous politicians in JJew York city ,
whose godi they say, is gbid, and whose
organ Is the World. , -, .it -. . ; .
Mary Kelly, accidentally shot by her.
lover, died last night. She exonerated him
from blame. They were married a few
hours before she died.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Oct. 20.
A dispatch just. received from Horatio
Seymour announces that he will take the
tump m person, ana open the campaign-
at Buffalo, Oct. 223. . . , . ,
BOSTON, Oct. 20.
The schooner J. C. DeeTing. of Digby,
Nova Scotia, capsized on the 17th Inst, off
Cape Cod, and seven lives were lost. An
other schooner sunk in tho same locality,
with all ou board. . .
Senator Elected.
"In the House of Representatives to-day
Hon. E. G. Edwards was re-elected to the .
United States 1 Senate for six, year?, re-;
celvlnff 188 votes to 11 for Hon. T. P. Red-
Held. The Senate will elect him unani
nously this afternoon, and both - Houses '
meet in Convention to-morrow to com
plete the election. . ., : u
Masonic Display.
Masonic Display. DAYTON, Oct. 20.
The Grand Lodge and Cnmmanderies of
(Tree Masons, which have been in session
for several days, made a grand and impos
ing demonstration here to-day. Delega-
ions from almost all parts of the State and
adjoining States participated in the pro
cession. . After marching through several
it the principal streets they assembled on
llain street and countermarched to the
Opera House, where an oration was deliv
ered by Rev. Wyliss Hall. The Order, in
rheirrich regalias, made a display exceed
ing anything we have "ever witnessed here;
A woman named Warwick murdered her
husband at an early hour this morning,
near this city: Sbo first shot him with a
revolver, and then struck him several tiraes
in the head with an axe. "The cause was
domestic trouble.,,, . r kJ
San Francisco News.
"Generals Angel, 'Martinez" arid Placidi
Viega. of revolutionary notoriety, it is re
ported sailed for Mexico yesterday.
The Oregon Legislature has adopted a
resolution withdrawing the consent of the
State -to the passage of the fourteenth
amendment of the Constitution of the Uni
ted states.
Arrived Steamer Idaho, for Honolulu,
with advices to October 5th. . The leprosv
prevails to a considerable extent among
the different islands,
Rv. Lorrin Andrews died Septembsi
29th. The deceased was a native of Con
necticut, and a resident of the islands siiio
BOSTON, Oct. 20.
Alfred Freen --(colored) has been sen
tenced to four months in the House of Cor
rection for throwing stones at the Demo
cratic procession last night; " ? ' 1 ,
5 ? : ' " i
YORK, Oct. 20.
The steamships France and Tripoli, from
n,urope. ana Sonth America, trotu Bueuoi-
Ayres, nave arrived. , . r , T
Religious Meeting.
At a meeting of the' Protestant Eplsco
pal Evangelical Societv. last eveninir. re.
marks appertaining to the purposes and
progress of the bocaitv were made bv Bish
ops Neel v, of Maine; Eastburn,of Massachu
setts; Whipple, of Minnesota; Rev. Mr.
Cummins, Assistant Bishop, of Kentucky.
auu iiev. jur. f ox, ot ungiana.
The Ring.
The stakeholder between O'BaldwIn and
Wormald, the pusrilists. decided yesterdav
to pay over the stakes to either party, and
stated that be would fix the time and place
mr me ngnt within ten aays, outside the
Police Attacked.
Three police officers arrested one John
Uatterson on Atlantic street.-Brooklvn.-for
aisorucny conduct,- and while- conveying
mm io me station were assaulted ov anion
of some 200 men and women, with bricks.
stones and other missiles. Two of the offi
cers were severely injured, but held on to
their prisoner. An accidental discharge of
one of their revolvers caused the crowd to
scatter, leaving Daniel Conlan, said to be
one of the raiders, in the hands ot the police.
John Collarv. a policeman, was fined
$100 yesterday for striking a woman with
ins cluo while taking lier-to the station
house, causing serious damage to her. i
The World.
The World, editoriallv. savs the viewi nl-
uovernor Seymour, and not those attrib
utea to tjenerai Blair; should be resarded
as the basis of the campaign. Gen. Blair
has already- expressed bis willingness to
withdraw if the good of the partv requires
it. We think that reflection will convince
him that the ticket would be stronser if
some other name were substituted .' lor his.
Dispatches from Sinta Fe announce the1
death of General Benjamin C. Cutter, sur
veyor General for New Mexico.
Jose Manuel Gallegos is appointed su-'
perintendeut of Indian.-Affairs for.New;
Mexico. i - - -
In the Episcopal Convention iastevenins
the new." canon on the subjevt-of an addi
tional list of bishops, was adopted bv a vote,
oi bu to S4.
The Assistant Treasurer to-day awarded
$300,000 in gold at 36 85-100 and 36 87-100.
lucre were only four bids by two parties.
Preliminarv meetings of Republicans of
the Trades Unions were heldast night,
their object being to adopt measures for
the support ot candidates at the election
who will be true to their interests.
Abraham Lent was nominated to Con
gress by the Republicans of tbe Sixth Dis
trict fast evening. - -i .,. .-, . ,-i
The conservative Republicans have re
nominated Thos. E. Stewart.
Hiram Walbridge, in behalf, ha savs, -ol
many war Democrats," has issued an.' ad
dress in favor of Grmt.
John Savage has been nominated for
Congress by the Democrats in the Ninth
distric(.,;;- r ': '' i
Protestant Episcopal Convention
In the Protestant Episcopal Convention,
the House proceeded to select a place ol
holding tne Convention ot ls1.' The nrst
vote was- Baltimore 12; Chicago 8; New
lorkb; Philadelphia 5;. bt. Louis 1. The
Second ballot had was as follows: Balti
more IS; Chicago 7: New lork 5; Phila
delphia 4." Baltimore was declared to .be
the choice of the Convention.
On motion it was made unanimous i
The committee on Canons reported
Against any change of Canons 13 and 14
title 1. The matter wis discussed by Rev.
Dr. Stuhbs, of New Jersey, who opposed,
in the strongest terms, giving the power to
a Bishop'tO coerce" presby ters toutter'pray
ers from the lips but not 'from the he:'.rt.
The report of the committee ou Canons
was approved. . t-.. -
The committee on tjinoni. reported lit
relerence to the Tyng cannon, that they
had no amendment toofter, in other words,
that they wished the cannon to stand as it
is. ' '
' It is stated in revenue circles that Biuck
ley lias been ordered by the Solicitor ot
the Treasury to con tine himself to clerical
duties In his office at Washington." " .
Meeting of Capitalists.
I There was a meeting to--dsy-T)f capital -ists
who favor the construction of a canal
across the Isthmus of Darien. to crfnnect
the Carribean Sea with' the Pacitic, nt the
residedce of I. Cooper, to discuss various
Police Order.
I Inspector of Police Dilkes has issued an
order for the attendance of a force of four
hundred polIceinn to-morrow evening at
Cooper's Institute, to protect tho stands
and fireworks of war Democrats in favor of
Grantund'ColfftX from an attack whrchr it
is reported, is to be made.' ty j ) )
;The international "base" ball match' Be
tween the Q'AU-England cricketers and the
Unions, of Mornana, was playnd thw.if
ternoon, the Unions beating the crickets by
33 to 21. !".;-it..j.l'l
Duel. LONDON-Midnight-Oct. 19.
A dispatch from Paris reports tbafrSennr
Marfori, the inteudant ot yueen Isabella,
has fought a duel with Henri Rochefort,
editor of the Lanterne: The latter Is said
to have been badly woundfjd.' No further
have been received.
The Turf.
The Houghton race meeting commenced
at New Market to-day. The Criterion stakes
tor two year olds was won bv Wild Oats,
beating Beadsman second,; Heatley third,
and Etuas fourth, beven ran. . ,.
: "
Alabama Claims.
LONDON, Oct. 20.
It is reported that the Alabama claims
will be referred to the Emperor of Russia
for arbitrament. , , ;. . - .
Democracy in Spain.
MADRID, Oct. 30.
Reorganizations are proceeding' rapidly.
Governors, civil and "military, have been
appointed in. all toe provinces. The people
inswmbled in various parts ot the couutrj
and declared for a. Federal Republic, all
males who reach the age of 20 to be al
lowed to vote. '!
The address which the Liverpool Cham
ber of Commerce has voted to present Hon.
Keverdy Johnson, congratulates, him on
the peace and harmony existing between
Great Britain and the Uuited States, and
urged the necessity -for the practical adop
tion of the principle of free trade in Amer
ica, declaring .snch change would give
great impetus to American commerce, and
show that the resources of the Uuited
States are greater in peace than in war. .
The Times on American Politics.
LONDON, Oct. 20.
The Times has ah editovlal on the ru
morcd withdrawal of the Democratic can'
didates for the Pn-sidcncy. It says the
Democrats will doubtless think it best to
light the battle to 'the end and lose it, 11
must be, with Gov. Seymour at their head.
than at so .late n hour laice, jur.
Chase as their leader. Although . the
nower will be thrown into the hands of the
Radicals, General Grant is likely to act
vith more discrimination than the zealots
or the party. He has evinced kindly feel
ings lor the Southern people, and if the
Radioal policy is to De pressed ft could
not be executed undflr moie favorable eon-
liitioiis'tha'ri with Grant as the head of the
Exocutive Department.
MEXICO. News to the 10th.
HAVANA, Oct. 19.
' Mail advices frdm Mexico to the 10th are.
received. ' . -i T,-
General Uraga, from Mexico, has arrived
it this port. . The reason of bis exile iB sup
posed to be complicity in the late fiasco of
Santa Anna. . . ! ' .
Minister Romero expresses the hope that
the treasury will be able to pay the interest
on the national debt promptly when peace'
is restored. ..; ,.
Governor Herrand'z, of "Vera Criizpro
poses to resign, because' Domieguez, the
nead of the late rebellion in his State, baa
been pardoned by the Federal Government.
A tariff bill has been reported to Con-'
gress which proposes an export duty on;
iilver of five per centum, besides one aiici:
i half perj centum' on gold. No other
changes have been -made in custom rates.
It is expected that the pert ol Lobos,'- en
the island of ttlie same name, iirthe;Gplf of
Californlai will be opened to genera past
ing trade. ' ' . ,.'. "'., '..' . li r-
' ' i
Rio Janeiro Advices to the 23d.
NEW YORK, Oct. 20.
. Rio Janeiro dates to Sept. 23d are re
ceived. . ; ! ' -l j
The Brazilian army entered'Tebiqdaray
on the 1st inst-, the Paraguayans having
abandoned the works,. leaving one cannon
and considerable ammunition. The'i bat
tery on the Paraguay river had been dis
mounted, the cannon being thrown into
the river. - ; - " . t i
Lopez is said to have goneto Cerra Leon,
4 strongly fortified place below. Ascension,
destroying the railway. The allies were
en route from Tebiquaray for Vilet.8, gun-
ooats accompanying them on thf river.; 1
, Loprz is said to have about 20.000 men,
and being in the interior the allies' opera-'
Hons will be at a disadvantage, they hav
ing lost some 930 oxen in transporting sup
plies to Tebiquaray. -'-- ,.
The Brazilian squadron had gone to As
cension. and two monitors had gone to
Matta G rosso, the latter place bcirir aban
doned by the Paraguayans. .' " - j
The Americau gunboat. Wasp had gone
to Ascension.- ' r- ,,... -
A loan of $30,000 had been opened by the
Brazilian Government. V i - '. ' I
Six men were kil ed and seven wounded
by a. falling spar off the French gunboat
Circe, in the harbor of Rio; while saluting
ine Italian irigate .Jiegina. , ia
New York Money Market-Oct. 20.
GOLD Without decided chamfprt: open-
ing at aaij . anu ciosmg at I307a6s.iay.
New York Money Market-Oct. 20. Cincinnati Money Market-Oct. 20.
EXCHANGE-touIl s. at A-l-:ia.li8coiiut
buyiuy. and par-selling, tn-. t- i .
MOHi Kl Market Is close with cOnsId
erabe pressure frorabprr,9wers,':,i
i ji - i, !,.
New York Stock Market-Oct. 20.
der pressure to sell.' Coupons 'jOf'Sl, ni?4
11G; do ti-2 113113; do .'C4 llli
111 do 'do 111112: dornew 'H0j
11054: do 'Of'TlOtSfStlOSfc do -CS'IlOSifdi
110?4"; 10-40s 105M106. ' ' ' " " , '
5:30 : priOF-i-Wells" 'JSxpre8. -3)a30!5 :
American- 454G; Adams 49?40K-Iji
ted States 474S; Mervhant' Union 825
22?; Pacilio Mail 12GJ4;126K; Western
Un' n Telegraph 353(j; New York Cen
tral 12G12C; Erie 4(i46;do pre
ferreil 7071; Ohio and Alississippf303g
30; Wabash 62K63; doipreterred 713;
Michigan Central 116118.i: ; Michigan !
Southern 8C86K; 'J'oledo 103J10M;
Fort Wayne il3113i; Terre Haute 42 1
42; d preierrea 64. --: ,
New York Market-Oct. 20.
COTTON Heavy and a shade lower;
sales 1000 bales at 25c for middling up
lands. 1 -
FLOURClosed dull and slightly in
buyers' lavor. .
WHEAT Dull and nominally l2c
lower. '
RYE navy at $1 5Gl 57 for western.
OATS Quiet at 75c for western afloat.
; CORN Dull and heavy at $1 121 14
tor unsound and $1 151 15J for sound
new mixed western anoac.
PORK Steady; sales 1000 bbls mess at
$23 5G23 60 cash and regular. .
! BEEF Closed in moderate request at
prices in favor of buyers. J
; CUT MEATS Closed dull aud nominal.--'
BACON Dull and nominal. : , .j -
j LARj-Heavy atiSOJOo for fair to
prime steam and kettlt rendered.- . ' '" ;
i EGGS Steady at 2S29c, ,y: i.., '.
Cincinnati Market-Oct. 20.
FLOUR Unsettled and prices irregular
and nominal; family $3 00S 23. ' . .
i vvnlSAT unsettled, and no accurate
quotations can be given;-No 1 winter can
be had at $1 SO. 7 t. . . .
i CORN Dull at 5SG0c for new, and OG"
07u lor old. . ..
i O ATS Dull at 5S5!) v for 5ToT 1.
i RYE Dull at $1 3S1 40. .
! BARLEY" Strong at 2 402 50 for
(panada sprinsr, and $2 302 40 l- Stare.
I COrrON Dnllat23c for middlin
! TOBACCO Unchanged and quiet. ,
I WHISKY Soli to the extent of SOU bar
rels atSl20.
! PROVISIONS Quiet but firm; the stock
being light, makes holders firm..
I PORK Mess held at $31.
1 BULK MEATS 11? j lor shoulders and
14c for sides. .- ' '
i BACON 1313J-c for shoulders and
16417c for clear rib and clear siles.-.i -
i LARD In retail demand at 18c.
J GROCERIES Firm; fair demand at full
ratef.- . r l , . , ,
! BUTTER Firm, , at 3512;; latter rate
for choice roll. .'" . ... ,-. . ,
i EGGS--232!5c.
'-l'OTATOKS Unchanged. .
! APPLES Dull at $2 40 per barre'. '
(OIL Linseed dull-and nominal; barely
an demand; retailiug at$l 056. i , -tS
! FLAX SEED Dull at 82 402 50. - ;
iBEKK CATTLE Firmer; : common to
prime $3 506; extra $6 2o6 50 per cen
tal gross.' . rl . : :.
'SHEEP Unchanged. h i
. iIIOlTS -Dull.and drooping; whole range5
Is) $78 50 per cental gross. ' . ;.,
Chicago Market-Oct. 20.
. 'FIX)UR Very quiet; sales spring extras
at S5 53 00. -.r u.'-n . V , "
WilEAT Moreaetive at 22Jc lower;
sales No. 1 at SI 401 40, ; No. 2 at $1 30
I 32M, olosiirir at $1 30ii 30 for No. 2;
tliis airrnoon No. 3 is weak at $1 29.- 4
, CORN In lisht rtemand at .lc lower;
sales No. I at 87'88c; No. 2 at 8GS6c
closing at 87$3u- tor No. It -sales since-"
'Chang at 87ae for No. li ? t i
OATS In moderate request for ship
ment at lc lower; sales No. Iat41$i50;e,
and rejected at47o4Sc, closing at inside
price for No. 1. ' "
RYE In active shipping demand at 4
4e lower, sales No. 1 at $1 101 19;.
'BARLEY 45a lower; sales No. 2 ai
$1 82l 86. antl rejected at $1 541 56;
closing at f 1 S2l 83 tor No. 2. r s
Chicago Market-Oct. 20. New York Dry Goods Market-Oct. 20.
Dry goods languid and somewhat de
pressed, although prices iu the hands of
jobbers are not quotably lower," except
in Ginghams.which are reduced to conform
with the decline already noticed in the
Lancaster brand. We quote Glasgow
Ginghams at 15s, Caledonia 14c, linanake
and . .Mount Vernon llXo.iMeuilin Da- '
laines are looking up, in sympathy, with
wools, and new styles -am bringing 21c,
and some patterns 22c, but gontl enotigh
patterns can be obtaneifat 20c. Fancy Cas
feimcres lapsed to qnietnde and are gVcatly
depressed, especially light and tender col
ors, notwithstanding the rapid rise in raw
material, good makes are selling down to
$1 50, desirable styles bring $2 00. Canton
Flannels dull and much depressed, but as,
soon as the weather gets cold a more ac-1"
tive demand and better prices may be an
ticipated. ,Negro piaids scarce and fully lc?
higher; goods worth lS22e are quick'
nlts. Blankets are also scarce and wanted. -Osuaburgs,
too, are scarce and wanted. ,
Cincinnati Retail Hay and Straw
[Reported the Cincinnati Gazette for the week
ending Monday evening, Oct 19 1868]
The supply of baled hay has been larger
the past week, and the demand being. con
fined to the local trade-; prices have mate
rially declined, and this has all'ected the"
retail market for hay on . wagons. ;Somo
cfavs there was an overstock, and prices;
have mled $23 per tun lower, mosti ot
the Bales belug at $22 for prime.ocCasior.-'
ajly a choice load seliing at $1 more. Sheat
oats are also a little lower. Straw is scarce
and pricesare wertjly. nominal. . S--st"
TVe quote the rates on wagons, delivered,
as follows:. : t , ' j ' - '. i t - : :
Prime timothy hay. per tnni.' .;.2l 0023 00
Fair to Ruwl timotUjr per (.uii.... ...... 18 wmzo (HI
Oat straw, per fan, 8 mm 9 4
Wheat straw, per tun 8 OfX 9 oil
Itye atiaw, in bundles, pertuu IS 00,311:) no
Sheaf oaU. per tun is 00&1'J vu
Cincinnati Tobacco Market.
[From Cincinnati Enquirer's Review for the
week ending Oct. 19. 1868.]
Thee receipts-of leaf have- oeen"1 quite
light, as the old crop is aboit all in, and It
has passed into the hands of Headers who are
careless about selling except at full prices.
Manufactured is steady at our quotations.
Waquotei - i-jtuiij ,i.ui
rrash.. . ,.i...T (& 80
UmiN,u t i 0od lus per lb. ..v.. . .bM . 8 B 14c
Mediam le.....i.,....,..w.i...i4 (si be
"ooU Lel..A,.,.,.....altMMj,M r20c
1-ine ......... ..r 1 Gi-t
ialectiona bright ad weeU,...;I.i.;a &30o
(Mnmmritk li.Mv.J ."Ai.K?.;!! '-''(S'-eS To
Jed i am leaf mia
rino Hiar. ... . . . j. .... ( - y aiho
Seleotioni bright..,,....li.J.;.."m;ra() jj,
giner,pib..-..':.v.:...i..:..::.::.:.'.V3 so
Mediam wrappers 7 (efiUta
"ine, wrpper8..k...4i . a iJ.. .TXtMiYw 18o
Selections ...kibUj.iil. h iJ; 20 (S30o
Tens, (Jtartersmdiiavydarlc sweet... TiJ.l.Ss tSSSa
rem and quarters, bright..;..-.... 70 (STSo
tjrisht Pounds .oaan-i.
ix-twiat.;.'.....U.-. 30 3oe
St. Louis Market-Oct. 20.
FLOUR-rMore inquiry for low, and bet"
r.er grades for the South nnx'
WHEAT Fancy grades of fall abon)t 5o
higher; other grades unchanged' , . .
, CORN Scarce and higher; 95c$l 00 for
mixed and white. , ,,
OATS Little more active at 5054c,
with some fancy lots of "white at 55c. "
' ! R YE fjficbanged at $1 201 23. . .,
' BAKLEr-Unchatlged: $1, 902.2Q"lbr
prime to fanoy spring.. . ir. 1 1
. rOEK Jobbing at $31 2531 50.
. BACON-Jobbing at i3Je forshbtflders,
and 17i174o for clear sides.
LAKL)l920;c tierce and keg. .)7. .
Toledo-Oct. 20.
FLOUR Dull and: drooping; ,':J"'Y' ,
"WHEAT' 2a' lower "'aales No I'whtte
Michigan at $2 21; amber at $13J41 84;
No 1 red at $1 84 ; No 2 do at $1 64; X6l
sprlne at $1 45 j No 2 do at $1 34.
CORN Openedttriower, but recovered
the decline; sales Ha al fiSOBoLO
OATS Aetivend-Jrfc better; No 1 and
Micpigatv5Gi(VNo 2 dff55Jftfi-.'
1 1 RYE A thadelower, No 1 $1 35; No 2
$1 34.-- ,R5TI-J.14.
: BARLEY-Quiet and firm:"v""r
- n c tint,
Milwaukee Market-Oct. 20.
FLOCR-Dull and easier.: Sales cf tv'XX
at $7 227 37. i '.-a -:;s!7-',-
WllEAT-DulI at $ 1 40.fofNri! in store.
f.".;8 '$imt&&3'$ .Tar)a,I
j :i-f i -"ii' f '..H.oailviidW
! Z. O 7 .. ti . . . .O, ,,Tf,,lT
V BlJU' K. VtYtV
nun 1 ,nsLica
nnV MHTftW CV AVi-ibn
i,' ii jin iuiju 4 Wil Oil 1 JUUA,
nit Lam
west front of the State House oh
SalKrdni UvenlDCiOn. 2bt-x
at i b'(;locki tmsiann rtf.
,. LMt, the.W hite Boys :iniBlue Democrat
ic . Clubs, Jeffersonian ..(Jfiardsi .HioTtrn-w
Sprquts, rsnd all rOtber Democrata iteakei
uieir to attend this
Chm'n Dem. Ex. Com.
W. S. HUFFMAN, Sec'y.
lit v ilo.j Io
,Vi '.-i-.f -if!t
mr ,-T(V.!?r
igfflr .heri-f hiirt
Sl"'?iM f'nv Hti! bir.
t ,rwiiTi?rBrn n-.il fh;-jr
-There will M meeting' bP1 ''n
1,; ,nl i-j fij.vf i,;.ii;Ji! Ion r'm
,,'i! -I'ifiji' ' ."-i v ji,. -,ioi tort
,., ,.( ;,'AT DUFFY'S H.ALL T 'rtititulr
'"Th n rd a Jr ' ' K ven Ufa K Octoiie'r S
" aa, 1808. nt r r-a o'ciocii, "1 "' 'I
1 Every member of. the Guard fa) expecterj a
to.be present as ,wll asievery-perootaralr :
In jtbe North End. Our adversaries thfeateiv .
to . jvotq ithe Negroes at the next electlorfpo
perefore we must prapare-onreeliei'ta
p re ve ii t, i t.j Let o sum bta-t iwi f. h i J o 4 a
By order. -rl s-.c vtl'HK CHibWi i'"'
-.-.,1 ... ' .-.-V:
:j . i til-!"'
f JQftl' JQ. vnAiHDLU3
Will address the people as fbllows'i'3 l'""?
At H. MILTON. Tneclar. Oet.:!irtlri .UOr.-iiiot.
At W AlMKONETA'I'liorsJay.OctraOtH. ' .
At TIKFIN. Vridaj. dot. 30ih.. . i w.i; li on ,yJt
Uon; a. g; thuuman, gen. DtriiSIif T!
! Winknl"'";; liiiioil!!!. J 10 nba
DE'IjAWARB, .Taepdav.Ocfrbef 4t.fc -JitTiJ.'i
NEWARK. THrryaey. October 29ili. ' ; ' .
WiJOSTJiKt'ridny. OatobezSOth Hi't lo Jrn H
CLEViJLAiLi.Saturdiy.Qtoberaist. ,
i Will s,peak at .. trt ,,lrt".
rtir.f.SBOROtrOH.TueadAy.OcfoberWh.- r
PORTSMOUTH. Thnrda OetoberSStb. , :iaiilv
4ARIETTA, Saturday, OotobrSlsUH J H.
; Will speak at... ,. r- j
ST."CLAIRSVlthE,Tne?daV,"Oe97th, r .
V W LISBON. Tburwlar. ' iiarhr T'Hi hSUlOl
WARHN. Saturday. Ojtuber.W.ina Llnod 8
UK., tjjwijujjj w,JVleCjaOK 9rlj fob
XCT Rl-iont'llt" ." . . r .
J, r. iiki.V' 1 '.-.' 'itrn hp. in o ni rmoi
WAPAKOSETA.Tfinrsiliiv. OntnKpS')H, 1. .
TJPKIS; Frldar. OetoUr th.-" aDUi,JB
Tft'.'.?- w!,tu KDa6Jr Md HoBtw-.iy. ioi
Hilt, Saturday, October 31st. . . . ,
1 V if ITUllr LKW; VOU. JOHN-M.' CON- ' x
tWili speak at., ...ti,.'.!,;tr.-l )T!. ot,jI: .t
JIXCIXS Atl,,Saturday, Oet'jUtf,:,.-,.,,; r 1
! UfJX. ti KSK X, ;CL A 1 DE A2f ...j
IWIll speak at , ':. , ,. A' ,rr r.h
ijrriiivaA! iutsR.T . October Mta. -W'oOD.S'-iKLL)
-October 27fh:s - .. jk,', v.- 1! .! .7
riROLKVlhhfi, October 23th. , ., .
BATAV1A. Ootober3tti. .:i:U 1 I: . u-.
UOK(iiVOWN.Oetober31t.; ..... . 1!. 1 . l,
HON. C. L. VALLANDIGHAM,-;ii;o! .,j .
Will speak at "..,, .i.v .1:).v i.,,.,
CItESTMNE, Monday, October S6th...
In' consequence of prior eflgagernentsf; to rr
speak in Illinois, Mr. : Vallandighani Will b8) , ,
unable to speak at" theraeetngs' a St.
Cliairsville, ew Lisbo'ii ,q'4.i Warren '
Another speaker will, be, assigned in his 1
stead these
Sec'y. Ch'm'n.
Paving Notice.
To alltcbotnU mat Omeern: . ... .(f,
.-. 1 fil-r.itrv'Si OFFICE 1 - .
j. . ., , vUOLCBno.;Bepe. si, mU"'1 "r',
- !"' 8rf1!, f J-'en thatTroceedinroliave been
nstitutcil in the ('itr Ccmna rf ........ k... r.
mNkinethefollowlnriutproTements'. to-wit: ,' 1
tor ropsvnmttie gutters ana resettinc tbe rnrl-moit
lilt 011 the west Pide of Seventh street .between..
triend Itreel, and Eiob. a tree. ' "lj
-Also, for paving tho ud paved giilewallis- emrlhe r-Jj
eest side of Filtfc street between Rich street aud
Cherry street. ; 11, ,1 1 i'-..nraou
Also, for uradin? "and traveling Chapel street n.,' I
from iligb. street to Fair alley; 'A ' "'-
Also, for grading-the roadway of Hatilet street :':'
Berth from the C1. i 0. railroad depot te theiina
of Win. Keil'apropecty.1,1 ''.- - i Ot zav
Tbe same to be done in acoordance vita TIkv an,
Itunates to beprerafd by' the City Civil Engi- '
ntT anil filoil in the offioe of thCit. Rlnrk :i Il l
All person elalinine damages on acooont of sajd;,.,
nrnnnsfui ini rove men ta. r -reauirt4 n! ft1 trirrf! 1
OtAilnsin tha ofiice of tl Clerk, in writing, on or
oeior iuo coomu uaj ui nuvrmner. rt. u. IMWi.
01 , t L. E. WILSON.
aep3f-dUaw4vr Clerk

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