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Mitp! onoLodiCAi. Tabm, prepared and
m.. i b (. J. .Savage, Jeweler, .83
street J
FRIDAY, Oct. 23. 1868.
. A. Mwr-
1J M. ......
t. M..' .t
' ' ,"
8n Kis ......
9? M
.! - 50 ?
, U. M.
3 C8
- 9 M-
H M.?
... 8 Ml Wonka's-
Fashion becomes gHdy r-cauee of
changing an often. A. .light " wo.
' bear' much whirling.'' " -'. . ; . ,
' '- Wo publi.-h tuia morning the cor
rejpondence between the Demooratio and
Repnbliwm Kxeutivo Committees of this
oouuty. ' Bead it caietully.
'" t VVe have fr queiitly cotrn iained of
"last drivlnc oo the streets, especially alter
dark. We hope the police will capture
one or two ol these speedy Jehus.
t3f GalveH 'n, Texas, wants a race
course.' If a course race will do her, we
can send her down a few "so called" white
men of (Ms elty w ho ship negroes to X . nia
to vote and then crv fraud.
' Important; The ; committees of Ar
rangements and Finance for the meeting
to be addressed by Governor aejm ur on
next Tuesday evening, will "t at Thur
man Hall this' morniug, Ootober 24i.li, at
9 O'clock., ; i .; : , : ' - " , ;
.. 1 ' "
. t"l Governor . Sej uiour is coming to
Columbus.' r . "- ' '
'I Dry Goods. Tiie dry-goods business is
looking up. lilies are laying in their fall
a d winter supplies, and w hen they take
the field for this purpose, business must be
flourishing, and husband's and -papas
purses proportionately lessened of their
contents. '.
rt! v ! ' " - rrv'"
Ocrr Ix.-r Young men. don't stand in
front of the chcircb doors to-morrow gap
Ins at ladies as they cme out. It don't
look well.' We know that some ladies are
curiosities to look at, the way they dress,
but it 'shows imjm lenee ami Ignorance to
gap at them like a lot of baboons. Quit it.
Go home ! . . ' ; " '" ,
tS Make your arrangements to come
and see Governor Seymour next Tuesday
evening. .
jYt'it - . i ' f
. PiYMOHR is Colombo:--The loipwlng
ililpatch'was received by the Democratic
State Executive Committee yesterday
morning :
BCFrii. 11:15 A.M,Oct. 23 T, 1863.
S F. Bingham Chairman, Columbus. O. :
' Governor Seymour speaks at Columl-u?
T&iday ev'iug.- Pleas farraiige lor ihe
uieetinz-l uaius SchtLL"
Thk Vote is thk Eighth District
TheMlowing is triPftoin'. vote tor Con -
gr.samaii roro the Eighth District
U-K tv. Ben'nn
Mariwa.-.. ..,.. ' , :
Moerwr .....ii. ........ -v...,
KiehUnJ ... 3 . JJ53
Uuioa. '! 's4n
. 84
I 150
'BtBtf't maj rity.
t3Go'ernor Seymour, our next Presi
dent, will be in Columbus next Tuesday
and address the ppli at night. .1 -
. il l ni FTX . Waqer Many bets .were
mvle in tills village on the late elec
tl.m, the most gtgantk; ot- which was be
tween a dry ' good 3 man and a hardware
draler. It consisted of a birlow knife,
worth perhaps twenty-liva cents, which
was. jmrc'.iased yesterday and awarded to
the winner In a r.eat'preseutatimi spc.li.
and was received with as much gusto as il
worth a thousand dblTars". The isters ai.d
fix. ns" afterward made the knite valuable.
.,-..;. .-' ' - , .- '
"Trassferrkd Yestkrday. The follow
ing transfer ot real estate were lett at the
R ks tudei's office yesterdaj :
,Krviut Case and wile to Jaue B. Roman?,
6et. 20tli, 9 acres of land in Montgomery
tOJVighip, for. I. 893.. , ..,- ,
Wm. McDonald and -wife 'to' John G.
Milihell. James WitiKtm and Walter Mor
rison, .October 21st, lots'Nos. 1 and, 2 ol
Wilcox's subdivision of 17 "acres on the
south side of Broad street, near the eas'eru
corporation line or the c ty of Columbus,'
tor410,00a. '"-;-" v-" ; v..v! j' , i.
3T. .Gjvernor Se mour. the people's
candidat's for President, will be In Colum
bus next Tuesday,. Ivi every bod y come in.
Thank You. GaKTiJtAiES.-G'oing home
l ist evening, we fouud a can of J. N.
Smith's celebrated oysters, aud a package
of new bnckwhett II mr. labeled Compli
ineirts Peters fc Bro 63 Xorth Hijrii street
Thank yo-ti gentleme i.-' We eun speak ol
the excellence of the ojete"-.--We tr ed
them at supper, aud this ni iritiug we pr -pose
to wrestle with the buckwheat cak s
made from tne new 11 ur. We know they
will be good, for Peters & Bro. keep noth
ing in the' grocery line that is not gjlt
Algcd.' - ;' '
Tna'TJaaoF Walnut. The use of wal
nut in the iuterioo ot dwellings is daily
growing irtlavor.- Although very beauti
ful when employed in moderation and -with
jrood-. .t8teii ii eminent cabinet: maker of
tbJ ;cUy truly says that there Istlangerjol
inordinate recoure u it, as 11 na a very
gloomy lo k, particularly if oiled, as is
usually done, with dark red oil, and placed
in c intrasfc with light eolorert frescoing
Thebest llutJi W tiie natural color of the
wood, toned to a nut brown by the material
used in finishing it. i'.'r : J''i
t r li-i-.-'j-' 1 .;'i i
'"8" Democrats, goto Thurman nail to-
sight and heae the report of .the .commit
tees to make arrangements lor the recep
tion and meeting of Governor Scj mour on
next Tuesday evening:"
tfij. r 'Mill t-r
Be CADTtoD-It . Is, impolite to ask
ladvher agT.:-As- a, matter of courtesy, it
he is forty, you ought to say' you think
aheis twenty; if from iorty to lorty-nve.
say "about twenty-five.: Ladies regard
jtbemselvea complimented when their .ages
kre underestimated. "Mls Jones," say
Wr.Smih. to th'at'interestinK; but rapidlj
advancing lady offoity-two, "I dular
you re looking real charming a regulnr
yventy-oue bloom and spirits.. You can't
be oyer that Hguie, if lam ajnde.": Miss
Jones lets off a shower of smiles, and says,
4iTvw, )S.t. Smltli, you do say such Iiisilui
ating things and tlien you guess ages si)!
,10Se4y'. ..: ;
. I- .A . .1.. , , . ,
Two members of the South Carolina Leg
islature a-negro and a "carpet bagsjer'V
had an angrv altercation.' Said the carpel
bagger: "You infernal black. Tasca!, you
'had better go back to Burns' and brush
wbit-, people,? boots ior a living." To
'Wi.inh A, iPm retorted : "An' you white
livered scoundrel, you go. back t Sing
Sinv co,ua nut. vmir full 'nrenticf 8lllp
at stone cuKln,' " ijpeclmen bricks, these,
vi .TiMU.UBrn-.XjBjtl&iBi'Uis.
we ;iip the above; from the columns 01
the Salem Bepublirm, oue of th most in
tensely negro-equality God-and-hnmanity
lie wSpBrs lit this StakA Y Hen things in
the South get to be so bad that Rukenbrod
can 'tiiresist tbe pressure,' and he is com
pelJe4,tP,.publih)Jthe truth in regard TO
themJjhen indeed isit time for a change
In theaaoilBiiiranon. nasey nas a pretty
tough jjojnach, but the style of leglslatorf
they have tn'Sauth Carolina seems to.be
too nvcp.fir hua evea. a.nere is bope that
even he, the worst of sinners, way. be
brought to see the error of hU ways.
At a meeting of Democratic) citizens of
Columbus, held at Thurman Hall on Fri
day evening,' Oct. 23J, to make arrange
ments for the meeting of Gov. Seymour, of
New York, Democratic candidate for Pres
ident, in this city on Tuesday evening next,
E: L Hir.man was called to thechilr, aud
John Geary was chosen Secretary. Gen
eral Andrews moved that a committee of
me from each Ward, one from the White
Bojs In Blue, and one each from Mont
gomery and Franklin townships, be ' ap
point d to make arrangements for such
meeting, to report at an adjourned m-et-iiijr
to be held to-morrow evening. Trie
following gentlemen were appointed said
cimmictei-: ,
First Ward. Dr. Williams Second Warl.
Col. MaiiYPenny: Third Ward, Col Gr-om:
F-iurth Ward. John G Thompson; Filth
Ward. J ispdIi Faikeiib:i:h: Sixth Ward,
Jieob Gran ; Seventh Ward. Win. Wall;
Eiahth Ward. Thomas Brgli ; Ninth Ward,
General Andrew; Montgomery township,
Jtiilye Pug! ; Franklin township. George
Uirti'inai ; White Boys in Blue. Cul. Marrow.
Alter rem ii ks from Judge Tlmr nan, on
motion ol John G. Thomson, E. L. Hin
niai). C 1. Biber. Joseph F ilkeubach. John
Martin, Win. Naghten, W. H. Gavt-r and
Col. 1. II. Marrow, were appointed a Com
niitteejin Finance.
On' mo i n ol Mr. S S Rickly, acom
niittee of three, consisting of Judgd Thur
man, Col. Manypenny and John B. Peters,
was appointed to procure half fire on rail
roads for persons attend'uis: the meeting.
Walstein Failing aud Mr. Rickly. the lat
ter as Chairman, were, on motion, added
to the committee.
The C tinmitteFS on Arrangement and
Finance are requested to meet at. the rooim
of the Executive Democratic Committee,
Thurman nail, to-morrow morning at 0
o'clock. The Committee on Half Fare on
Railroads to meet at the NVil llou-e at the
E. L. HINMAN, Chm'n.
Opera House Ukdinb. The spectacu
lar play of the above name, which is to be
performed attheOpera House, on Monday,
tbe 2Cth of October, is an adaption from
Vincent "Wallace's beautiful opera ot Lur
line, the plot is a fae simile, tho dialogue
somewhat different. All "of the original
mu ic of the opera Is t-till retained in Un
dine, and we need no better guarantee
of the correct rendition of the vocal score
than to know that Mrs. James A. Oates is
to sing tho leading role ot Undine. This"
lady is already well known to our lovers
of music throughout'the State, and thor-.
oughly appreciated by all the patrons of
the lyric stage. She wilt be wi II supnorted
by a corps of excellent I3 ric and dramatic
ai ti?t8. ' .-i ;.. ; . . . - , . ,
Speaking of M'lle. Morlach', the Dayton
Jonrnal say.1-: ''that during the run ol this
piece at M zart UalL, in Cincinnati, Mlh-.
MorUclii apj.eared only on three eveninjr .
in each week, Monday, Wtdnesday and
Friilavs, and - on these occasions standing
room was at a jirein'tim. S ie will produce
w hile in this citj , the famous sensa'ioii, the
Con Can. as orttnally conipo-ed, arrmged
and erformed by her in B -ston and Cin
cinnati.' During its first production in the
latter, city, the enthusisain 'oil svral occa
sions became eo great thnt many pcr.nns
who had brought Lumbers ol boq iets 1 1 1 -terlly
c-vend the stage with them, and
finding 110 other way to give vent to thi lr
teelings. actually threw tluir hats and caps
alter them, much to the consternation oj the
artist, who had never been m ide the r cip
ient. nf such a number of such imu-ual
tribues.a the warm enthusiasm of h-r i!e-
ligh'ed auditors were promtitrd to present.
For 'months, aud even at the present day,
it is impossible to go into si ciety but what
the conversation will turn on Morlachi and
the Can Can.- List niuht we witnessed! it
with ( X'reme delight, and pronounce it t e
most ..'thrilling; enioyable and inreciiom
dar.ee we hwre ever seen, containing noth
ing toeflend and replete with music, action
and'vivai itv thatcharnis." Reserved seats
lor sale this morning at Scl;zer's uiusjc
Last Xigiit of thk Skason. To-niiht
is tiie last niht here for the present of the
truly talented company of dramatic ar
tists under the m:iiia.i;eincnt of Mr. 1, 111-
i-jn. (jonnng here as he did in the miilst
of the most limiting political campaign
n e have lately known, Mr. Lanergan has
not been patronized to the extent his excel
lent company deserves. . We are sorry for
this, and could well wish it otherw ise, yet
he has the satisfaction of knowing that he
has done better here tha 1 any other com
pany could have done undet the circum
stances. The trou;ie go from here to Z mes
ville, and we recommend them to the press
ai.d people of thatcity, as gentlemen and
ladies in their every day life, and the best
perforaicrs in O lio to-day,, in Cincinnati,
or out of it. Let us give them to-night "a
bumper at pirting.'" The play pretentd
is tne most thrilling we have had fur years
ail will will repay'a visit. To-night,
the 1. let us give them such a houseful' as
shill brt coin nensti rate with their ability
an I our appreciation "I the drama.
Mis.takk8 is RETURNS &c Some of the
most aggravating errors were made at the
fast election,! aud in the returns thus far
received. We copy some of them: . :
"In 'Darke" county' 3,343 votes were cast
for.Samuel.F.iKirkwojd fir School Com
missioner and 31 votes for Samuel J. Kirk
wood for same ollloe. '.
"In Hancock county 2 13Q votes counted
for John A. Norris, were returned by the
CtertTisliast fir James A. Norris," and xin
Henry j-c-iAioty -1.014 votes were, returned
The same way. In Ottawa county there are
821 votes counted .lor John A. Norrls'of
jvldct423 are-.returned as east lor James
A. Norris.
'lit Summit county 2.5C9 votes which aie
counted for John M. Webb were returned
as being castlor JohnH. Webb.
in Lawrence county '1.291- votes" were
cast for Samuel J. Kirk wood, and 453 01
thi m returned by the Clerk as cast lor J.
Ffifrtwpod."3 ; ; n
'. InRoss "county lhe'3,736 votes "counted
for John " M.' Webb were returned by the
Clerk, as cast for John N. Webb. . : : , '
In Stark county the 5.088 votes counted
for William E. Finck were returned as hav
;ng been cast for. William A. Finck. Also
the 5 3S3 votes counted lor John A. Noiris
are returned as-being cast for. James A.
Norris. ; " . . : ; ;
New' Codxtkkfeits. Thompson's Re
porter ives the following list of counter
icits: .
3s on the Sixth National Bank of Phila
delphia Penn.; Imitation. The engraving
is scratchy. ' " ' '
10s on tiie Saratoga National Bank, Wa
terford.'N.Y. ' Well executed. - --5s
raiseif to 50s. on the Tioga National
Bmk, Owego, N. Y. The alteration is
wll done- ,
100s on the First National :Bankiof E -mira,
N. Y. A close Imitation of the gen
uine. . i? ... .
' 2i on the Lyon Park National Bank. N.
Y; A fraudulent issue. There is nosucu
lOson the First National Bank, White
hall, N.Y, Imitation.-This note is well
executed, and is adangerons counterfeit.
I'll curved line under the word '-United"
connect the letters Uui" in the imitation.
In the genuine it does not. The signatures
arenTAved.;. .. . .'
10s on tbe FirstNational Bank of Roches
ter! N. Y.1 Imitation. Tbe die on the up
per right end is quite pale and scratched
n thecounterfeit. In the geuuiue it is
dark and fine-lined.
20s on the First National Bank of Port
land Me. Imitatlou. The but end of the
gun on the leltend touches the border in
the counterfeit; in the genuine it docs not.
I he small figures, 1775, In the genulne.just
.1 .1 1..... .m i r 1 1 1 r ft A In l.he mm n r
auove iucjuu, w...
1 leit.
JOHN GEARY, Sec'y. White Boys in Blue to the Front !
General Order No. 10]
B ys In Bine and Co. A, Hickory Sprouts,
at Thurman Hall, this (Saturday) evening,
Oct. 21th. at iyi o'clock.
It is requested that every member be on
hand, as arrangements will be made to at
tend the meeting to be addressed by Hon
Horatio Seymour, on Tuesday nlhc m xt.
By order.
J. B. MILLER. Col. Com'd'g.
tThe Gun Squad and Color Guard of
the White Boys in Blue will meet at their
headqusrters. Thurman Hill, to-night.
J. PRITCHARD. Lieut. Comd'g.
Attention- ! Pioneer Corps White Bo' s
in Blue, meet to-night at Thurman Hall
and prepare lor the last grand charge.
Captain Commanding.
Attention! Company A, White Boys
ii Bine. Never surrender! You are or
d -red to atrend the meeting to-night at
Thurman Hall. Important business.
J. LOHRER, JR, Captain.
Attention! Company B, White Boys
in Pine. Answer promptly to roll call at
Thurman Halt to-nljht. By order.
Captain commanding.
Attention! Company C, White Boys In
Blue. Up and at tficm again. Fall in
promptly at Thurman Hull tc-niglit.
Ed. McGILL, Capt.
Attention! Compuiies D and E, White
Boys in Blue. An imnnrtint meetinff ol
he regiment will be held to-night at Thur
man Hall. Let every member of these
Com psnies report promptly.
Captain Commanding.
Attention, Companies F and G, White
Boys in Blue. Rally to-night at Thurman
Hall. Very important business to be
Captain Commanding.
It is the general remark what a great
Ciange those enterprhiog young . men,
Towler & Prentice, have made in the old
Verandah. They have constantly on hand
the best of 11 ur, new corn meal, ground
cj' feed, baled hay. rye and bits straw
pure sweet cider, apples for present or
winter use and potatoes. Goods delivered.
Give thrm a call. . ? ' " oct24-lt
PltKMlt'H Millinkhy at Simmons'. .
, If you want your Bonnets and Hat
made tr trimmed in the latest styles, go to
Mrs. A. Downing, No. 67 North High
street ' -- t - oct24 sat-tu-th
a ;.i i.
Jimes Nauglitou wisiies to return thanks
to his friends aud the public in general, tor
their kii'd patronage, and desires to say
that this season his customers will lind at
his estatillshmf nt a far better stock ol
goods than it has ever been his pleasure to
offer before, and in this coLiiection would
call their especial intention to the follow
ing goods, at prices to dety comp-tition :
Cloths and Casgiuiers. Sh nvls and Dress
Goods, Blankets and Fl'iimels, Irish Lin
ens, Table DAiuasks a d Napkins, Watert
proof Cloaking, Domestic Goods in areat
variety. An early call is respectfully so
licittd. . James Naoghton,
; 113 and 122 Souih High ttreet.
oct23-2', .
Jewelry, very low. at, Simmons'.
If you do rot want grny hair, use Hall's
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ronewer, which
will not stain the skin or soil linen.
If. you want your Millinery done in
good stjle, and on short notice, go to Mrs.
A. Downing, No 67 North High street.
oct2-l-sat-tu th
"Barrett's"' Prize Hair Restorative.
Oysters Oystkhs Oysters.
Go to Buckley's (the live Oysteinan)
16 E. Broadway, to buy Spencer, Angur &
Co.'s Chesapeake Bay oysters. -
Pattkkns, butterickn lor garments, at
Meals at all hours, at Gloss and Winer's
' ocl7-dtf
"Barrktt's" knocks ewrrything.
Hair switches, eoi.s, at Simmons'.
oc 24 st&'.3c
For Sale House and lot, corner ot
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property ; will be sold at a bargain
E quire ol J. W. Moorr, No. 43 West North
street. ' - ? '
oct 13-dtf ' ' '
Gloss & Wilpek's Restaurant open day
and night! ; ' oct7 dtf
"Babrett's" is cooling and delightfal.
. Holloway's Ointment Rheumatism
It is not necessary to hobble through .life
on crutches because an attack of rheuma
tism, improperly treated, bas resulted In the
stiffening of a limb. Apply nolloway's Oint
ment to the joint affected; rub it in with
a will, and persist in this course until the
tense sinews begin to yield to its softening
properties. . The worst cases of contraction
may be relieved by this process. Sold by
all Druggists. . jj-lly-cv
"Barrett's" took the First Premium.
The great evil of ourcountry 'Drunk
enness.'1 Assist as in eradicating this evil
and you' become benefactors to mankind.
The remedy yn rnust use Is "Dr. John
ston's Specific." the only infallible cure for
Drunkenness. sep22 dtfc-&wly-cw 1
' "Barrett's has become a staple.
. Jeleff' & DeButts. Locksmiths and
bell hsngers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
hells in the neatest and latest style. Sew-
ng machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for . patentees,
md all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
n hand, and sate and jail locks made and
epaired. may23-s-ly
Nervous Dubility, with its gloomy at
endants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy bead, loss of
nemory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
hreys' Uoineipathiq Specific No. , Tweu
... Eight. , Composed of the most valuable,
pild and potent Curatives, they strike at
nice at the root 01 tne matter, tone up ine
system, arrest tbe discharges, and impart
Igor and energy, 11 ie ana vitality to the
utire man. They have cured thousands
f cases. Price to per package of six box
's and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or 1 pr single box
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co, 562
Broadway, 2Tew York. jyl3-deod&wly '
The word "Soz idont," which is fast be
coming a household word. Is derived from
the Greek and composed of two words
Sozo and Odontcs. "Soz-," translated
means to preserve, and "oddites" the teeth.
Sozodont, a preserver of the teeth. And It
is true to its name. . "
Spalding's Glue will mend your ways,
or anythinsr else that needs mending.
. :vny junl5-sod6ra-cw ' . I. .
Embroidery and Plain Sewing. Hav
ing Increased facilities lor doing all kinds
of Embroidery , Plaln-Sewing, Shirtmaklng
and Needlework of every variety, the
Sisters of the Good Shepherd kindly solicit
the patronage of thb ladies of this city,
while they tender their sincere thanks for
p ist favors. We need all the work we can
get. Or.lers left at Miss M. M. Zimmer's,
173 S-iutl) High street, will receive prompt
attention. . oct23-dlw
t3' Catarrh ! Catarrh! Thousands ol
persons sutler lrom Catarrh, profuse How
of thick, or thin acrid, mucus from the
head; hawking up of mucus from the
throat, obstructed nose and confusion of
the head, etc.. without knowing what the
disease is or how to cure it. Humphreys'
Homeopathic Catarrh" Spkcific is the
best known remedy ; a mild, simple sugar
p ll, which dries up the secretion, restores
the mucus membrane to a healthy condi
ditlon, and so cures the disease. Price 50
cents per box; sold by all dealers, or sent
by mail. Address Humphreys' Specific.
Homei-pathic Medicine Co- 662 Broadway,
New York. jyl3-d&wly-cw
TnK Shcret of the Alisma's Success
Explained The hair is secreted by a lit
tle vesicle or gland, and each gland Is noui
ished and supported by a minute blood-vessel,
and as long as these blood-vessels car
ry a sufficient quantity of nourishment to
these glands, the hair will grow; but i',
from disease or any other cause, these ves
sels become obstructed or torpid, so much
so as not to carry to these glands a sufficient
quantity of blood to nourish and sustain
them, the h-.iir will become dry and fait off
The reproduction ot the hair, therefore, de
pends upon the restoration of these small
blood-vessels to their primitive and unob
structed circulation, which indication the
Alisma performs. - It is absolutely necessa
ry before new hair can be produced, to
Itimul te the ecalp by the application of
the Alisma,' which excites the blood-ves
sels to an increased healthy action. Re
member, it requires time; for it the hair
were to start as soon as the tonic was ap
plied, it would probably be five or six
weeks before it would make its appear
ance through the skiu.
Captain Commanding. New York Dry Goods Market-Oct. 23.
The market continues inanimate, but
otherwise without important chauyc, al-
itiiugiitnrni.it prices is 111 buyers' lavor.
tiaaiey s jo. have reduced the nnce ol
their spool thread, from 95 to 80 cents per
I'Z'ii. jew styles ot Uelames aie bring
ing 21.:, while old. styles of Manchester.
are selling as low as ISJc. Prints are
: lower for American, Alien's and Lan
caster; Victory prims are red uced to S) ;
neavy urown sheetings steady; Uaiilou
flannels are still depressed, but will be in
improved request soon: Roanoke mii:hams
are reduced to lie; cloak sackings active
and higher: Albemarle brinjf $1 45(1 50:
Garibaldi $1 25; Washington $1 25, aud
uantan repciiaut $1 lltai i0.
St. Louis Market-Oct. 23.
Ff,OUR More active for low trades and
lo25c lower; other grades firm and uu-
WHEAT Hlsih grades stiff and nrices
fullv maintained.
COKX Qoiet at $1 071 10.
OATS Lnciiang d at 5U53.
IS YE Unchanged at 1 ail 22.
WHISKY Lower at$l 22 I 23
PORK Unchanged at $31 io3l 50.
BA( OX- Shoulders at 13 13.!:; ; clear
1esl7;il7c. "
LAi;i aei.s in a small way at 18)s in
St. Louis Market-Oct. 23. Toledo Market-Oct. 23.
WHEAT Vhite is without material
chanf ; red winter and s. ring 2i lower;
Mo I white Michigan S3 22"2 23: amber
1 7S; No 1 n d 91 77; No 2 00 $1 02; No
1 snrmgr 91 is, JS 2 to si az.
LOK.N-Firmer: iy,i better: sales No
1 at U4! ; No 1 wnitc U5 .
OA'ls shade lower at 55!s for No 1:
No 2 at yi : '
1J 1 K Lower; No 1 1 20.
BAKLEY- Quiet.
St. Louis Market-Oct. 23. Toledo Market-Oct. 23. Milwaukee Market-Oct. 23.
FLOUR Dull and drooping: City XX
0 7u7UO.
W tl K A t'- Unsettled at $1 33 for No 1 in
Lessee and Manages J. W. LANERUAN.
Last night of the Srason.
SATURDAY erening. October S4ih, 1868. -lloucicault'd
great success, the
Concluding with
smpaoiN & co.
F11H particuTars in program ea.
tV Admifsion. fiO and 25 cents.
Doors open at
com tne nee nt S o'clock.
" ' Commencing - . -
Monday Evening, Oct. 26, 1868.
Introiaeins Whitman's Ce elra,ted
Composed of the ereat Furopcan ctilebritj-, '
' The Infant Prodiey. ' '
Makirg the Greate-t O 'ml inai-n of Dancers ever
brought together on tbis 0..ntineut. Also
a fall corps of
te,,Jom ron!rht tegsther. led r "
Prima onna.
The Scenery is the same use 1 in New York, Bos
ton. HhilA'lelphii, t'hica?o and Cincinnati, whe.e
the piece h&i been pa ed to tbe t
Ever ceen in these cities. There are between
ITifty and tsixty , Artists
Engaged in this production.
Have all been Io ported from Paris.
Admission 50s and 750. Reserved seats SI.
The ("tile of Heservrd Seats will commence on
Saturday morning at 11 o'clock, at Seltxer'd Musio
S ore.
mr Further particulars will be given in the
next issue; also, in the pjstera and handbills,
Is the best article ever known to
It will prevont the Unir from falling out.
Makes the Hair smooth and glossy, and does not
stain the skin as others 1 . -
R. P. H ILL CO.. Nashua, N. H, Proprietors.
For sale by all DruscisU. '
julj2o dltaw&wly-om
Governor Seymour at Erie
More Earthquake Shocks.
Exciting Brush With Indians.
Minister Johnson's Movements.
The Subsidence at Hawaii.
The Subsidence at Hawaii. &c., &c., &c., &c.
Speech of Governor Seymour at
Speech of Governor Seymour at Erie, Pa.
Gov. Seymour and party arriveil at Buf
falo at 7 P. M. He was rect-lved at all
planes where the tr:iin stopnt'd bv consirl-
pmble assemblage, anil spoke at. Dunkirk.
westiii-tu, line, Ashtabula anil I'atnesville.
Ris Erie speech was as lollows:
I 'lid not exptct to meet here this errat
concourse ol people. I have come out t
speak to the ci ztns of this country upon
the questions which now agitate the public
mind. It is said ttmt 1 am au interest)
man, and 60 I am. and so is every man who
pays taxes and helps to support this Gov
ernment. As a candidate I am not to be
looked upon as one perfectly li-iuterested.
although I am most eanu st aud sincere in
the views I advocate. But how wnuM it
he if none of those who hail an interest in
this contest were to take part in ii? Would
Pennsylvania have voted for the Repub
lican tii-ket a little while since if
every ofilet holder had stall awav Iroui the
eonteiM? f Cries of "No. nn!"l I find.
when 1 look over tho listof Govurumentol-
tleiiil.-, that they number more than. sixty
thousand. I contend tnat with the impar
tial pneple, who nave no other r. lotion-
ship witli this Government except as tax
payers and good citizens, that the Demo
cratic party have a great and commanding
majority, luueers.j
1 cannot address on now at Icnsth upon
the questions of the day. I am soon to
leave here and time will not admit of mv
doing so. I can only give vou one or two
words of exhortation.. We are now abiut
to perform a great and solemn dutv. and
one that is to be tarreacbing in its conse
quences. Whatever men's political views
in.iy oe tnev Miotilri ixerci-e them fear-
levsly, ui'li-sitatiugly and lionestly. No
man can afford now to cast his vote for any
consideration but the good of his country,
lor upon this election hangs many things
that concern not only its present but its
lutuie welfare. Let us lay aside passions
and prejudices and consider the
questions upon which we are to
act in calm, fair, dispassionate and
patriotic method. I impeach no man's
patriotism because he does not think as I
think. I impugn no man's motives because
lie cannot see things as I see them. I only
exhort all men, whatever their political
views may be at this time, to r fleet when
they enter upon the solemn duties ot the
day as to what is for the best interest of
our country. Cheers We are prone
to indulge too much in invectives
and abuse. Let us not act upon a
prejudice against each othei: Lee us not
lis influenced by the pictures whirh inav
be drawn ot the candidates for ollioe, for I
may say for my political opponent, us well
us for myself." that no mm ever conteoi
plaied the duties of the omVe ol President
of the United States without being filled
with the most earnest desire to do his duty
to himself and to do his duty to the land
which we all love. Clleers; . A' voice
That's true sir.'"
I I cannot speak to you longer. I am ac
companied by other and more eloquent
men, who may address you upon the issues
of the dav. 1 am wearied with my exer
tions. Wherever I have been our ciliz his
have poured out as they have done here,
because there is something in the condition
of our Government that makes thnuglituil
men anxious. 1 trust that so far us the
Executive office is concerned, if the people
i-ee lit to trust it to the Democratic nomi
nees, that they may prove at least earnest
and honest, however far they may come
short in saving the country as they would
wish to do.. i -
I bid you good bye. ray friends, of what
ever party, aud may God in his mercy
bless this great land of ours, tor our own
good and for the good ol t hose to come af
ter us. Cheer- and a voict "thank God
we have got a Candidate who can say some
thing." ;
Another Earthxuake at San
Another severe shock of an earthquake,
this minute, has sent the people shrieking
with terror into the streets. It is impos
sible to tell at present whether any more
damage has been sustained by shattered
buildings or lives lost. The streets are
thronged with people in their niulitclothes,
learful of what may come next. The at
mosphere is thick and the weather warm
and sultry.
3 A. M. The excitement has somewhat
quieted since the shake at 2:15 A. M. The
people evince no de.-ire to retire, but re
main in the streets discussing the proba
bility nt the recurrence of another disaster
like that of Oct. 21st.
8 A. 51. There has been no further
earthquake demonstration since 2 15. ex
cept a very slight shook at 7:30- ' No addi
tional damage nas yet been ascertained.
None is thought to have occurred by the
fhooks during the night. There is noi
excitement among the people. Busines?
is proceeding as useual. Weather very
thick, a slight rain is falling.
West Virginia Election.
' Complete returns trom Hancock and Ohio
counties show a Republican gain over the
vote oi 1SGG. The Democratic inujority in
Ohio county is reduced to one hundred and
twenty. Brooke county is very close with
a small Democratic majority and gain.
Wood, Harrison, Jefl'erson, Mineral and
Marion counties show large Democratic
gains. Marshall county is claimed by the
Republicans bv seven hundred majority, a
Republican gain. Partial returns irom
Mason county show small Republican
gains. The secretary of the Republican
State Central Committee claims the State
as sure by a reduced majoi ivy, and the elec
tion ot General Duval to Congress in the
First District beyond a doubt. The Dem
ocrats expect large gains from the south
western counties, which have not been
heard from yet The chairman of the
Democratic State Central Committee claims
the State by a small majority. It will be
several days before suflicient returns will
be received to indicate the result.
WHEELING, Oct. 23.
"Wood county, formerly reported Demo
cratic it is ascertained gives a Republican
mpjority of 150. This insures the election
ot Duvall to Congress in the First District
by about, it is thought, 100 majority, ila
rhu couuty gives a Republican, majority
ft about 200. a small Democratic gain, la,
Monongahela county the Republicans
laim from five to seven hundred majority.
Partial returns from Marshall show a Re
publican majority of 500. The Republicans
claim their majority in the county will
qual that of 1S6G. Wirt county gives a
reduced Republican majority. The Dem
icratlu gains thus far are not' suflicient to
vercome the Republican mnjority of 1806,
hich was over 90J0. The Republicans to-,
uisfht claim the State by from two to three
housand. '
Brush With Indians.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 23.
A Hayes City, Kansas, dispatch says:
ol. Carpenter and Capt. Graham, of the
lOfta cavalry, bad an exciting brush with
7U0 Cheyenues and Arapahoes yesterday,
t Kiiftilo station, sixty miles west of here. ;
They killed nine Indians and woundtd
thirty. Our loss was three wounded. The
soldiers fought desperately. .n ;
A large band of Iodiai'S. supposed to be .
those who fought Col Forsyihe. are now
-ngsged in killing Buflalos.. Theirsquaws
ind children accompany them. They are
Hurr.mnded by the 5th cavalry and a por
tion of the 20th. . . ..
Coi. Keag, Ii spector General of the dis-
rier, went cut tills morning. All the
troops are on the ni ve. It is thought ah
ittark will be made on Fort Dodge in a
few davs. , .
CI. Forsythe Is Improving ripldly, and
vill be able to move down in a few days.
A company of scouts left here this morn
ing under command of Lieut. Pepoou, for
'he purpose ot j lining General Carr. Col. .
Moore, ot General Sheridan's staff, accom
panied the expedition,
President Johnson to Gov. Seymour.
BUFFALO, Oct. 23.
The following tlisriateh Imm Prul.nt
Johnson was received bv Gov. Sevmnnr
nere tliis morning:
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 22.
To Won. Jliratio Seymour:
I see it announo d in the ptp-r of this
morning that you will enter the Presiden
tial canvass in person. I trust this inav be
o, as the present position of uulilic affjira
justifies and demands it.
It is hoped and believed by your friends .
that all the enemies of constitutional gov- '
ernmciit, whether secret or avowed, will '
not be spared, and that their arbitrary and I
in just usurpations, together with their I
wasteful profligacy and corrupt uses of ties
people's treasure, will be .signally exposed
and rebuked. . .
:.. The nnss of the people should be aroused !
and warned agaiust the encroachments cf:
he despotic power now ready to enter the :
very gates of the citadel ot liberty. .
I trust j ou may speak with an inspired
tongue, and that your voice may penetrate ;
every just and patriotic hcait throughout j
the land.
Let the living nrineii.lps of viol tod !
Constitution be proclaimed and restored, j
mat peace, prosperity and fraternal feeling
may return to a divided and oppressed na
River News.
Weather cloudy and cold. River too low !
lor navigation. ,
Disaster to a Propeller.
NEW HAVEN, CONN., Oct. 23.
The propeller Northamnton. from New !
Yoik lor this port, when enterinsr this har
bor this morning, was struck amidships by
the steamer Continental and cut almost in I
twain. She sank in ten minutes. The
passengers weie saved bv the Continental.
but the freight and baggage, of which there
was a large quantity, were lost. Engineer
Reach, ot the Northampton, was seriously
injured. The Northampton was a new
boat. . . ,
HARTFORD, Oct. 23.
The hills at the oat and west of this city '
were whitesuow this morning. .
ATLANTA, Oct. 23.
The shsrp frost this morning will nip
vegetation and vouug cotton balls. '
BOSTON, Oct. 23.
Seddons. the prize .fighter. , was to-day
committed lor trial ' in delanlt ol 95,000'
bail. . .
The Boat Race.
Bith the St. John and Ward crews left
tliia city this afternoon for their homes.
The Wards sold their boat, the Chas. A.
Peverelly, this morning, lor $150. it is le-
ported to raise money to pay their exDenses
More Denouncement.
AUGUSTA, GA., Oct. 22.
The Democratic naners of South Caro
lina and Alabama look with disfavor upon!
tiny change of candidates, and denounce
the , proposition of the World and Intelli
gencer as ill-timed and
AUGUSTA, ME., Oct. 23.
Th eldest daughter of Hon. L. M. Mor-i
rill. IT. S. Senator, was married this morn-:
ing, at the residence of, her father, in this,
city, to Maj. M. Dunn, of. the United States;
a member of General staff,
Gov. Seymour's Movements.
BUFFALO, Oct. 23.
Gov. Seymour, accompanied by Hon.
Sanford E. Church. Francis Kernan and A.j
Schell, will leave Friday morning and be
at Cleveland in the evening, at Chicago
Saturday. evening, at Indianapolis Monday
evening. atC lumbtis. O., Tuesday even-!
ing. at Pittsburgh Wednesday eveningrand
at Philadelphia Friday evening. :
Hon. George H. Pendleton.
Hon. Geirge II. Pendleton has been con-'
fined to his bed since last Tuesday, by in- j
flammation-ot the lungs. He has been com-;
pelled to give up his appointments to
speak in Missouri, Michigan and New :
York. -
Presbyterian Synod.
NEWARK, N. J., Oct. 23.
The Presbyterian Synod of New York
and New' Jersey, New School, to-day
adopted resolutions in favor of a speedy
reunion of the two branches of. the church;
Aijourned. ' ' . j
Tne Old School Synod acjourned yeter-'
day.. ... ;.e ;
. Legal proceedings were commenced thiaj
morning in the Court ot Common Pleas to j
contest the late elections. , i
Financial Alarm.
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.
! The Herald states that' several stock
brokers have mcreeded in locking up, in
two or three banks, some thirteen million
dollars, aud a panic in Wall street to-day;
is eminent. Unless other banks come to .
the assistauce of the distressed to-day, i
there is danger of a serious financial crisis.;
Two murderers, named Nicholson and '
Johnson, were sentenced to-day, the loriner :
to the State prUon for life and the latter to !
the ienitentiary lor one year. , . j
Passengers who arrived here to-day on
the steamer Continental, vtate that several
passengers on the Northampton were bail-;
ly scalded by the stcum , which escaped
from the broken steampips', and engineer.
Beach will probably die. 1 -. :
Episcopal Convention.
Tho Episcopal Convention this" morning1
voted to adjourn siue die oil Tuesday even
ing next. '- . . '
Minister Johnson.
Minister Johnson was welcomed at the!
Town Hall, yesterday, by Mayor Whitley.
who presented him with an address from
the corporation. Johnson replied briefly, in
effect, that the peace of the two countries
was not likely to be disturbed, and that
negotiations going on gave assurance that
nothing in tbe past or present will affect
the peaceful relations of the Governments '
An address of the Chamber of Commerce
was also read and briefly responded to by
Johnson. He declined to discuss the free
erade question, as it was a legislative rather
than a diplomatic question. ' '
After a lunch, Johnson visited: the' news
room and was r.ceivcd enthusiastically.--;
Subsequently he visited the dockg and riv
er, and partook ol a banquet at th'e rooms
of' the Law Association. Stewart H. "Brown
occupied the chair. lAmongfthtj. guest
were Lords Stanley, and Gladstone. ..John
son made a lengthy Address pfuuucu signifi
cance and interest.' !-J ' 'i "
Ports Closed, &c.
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.
- . DMauco itiiat All bug UUIM
of that State aredeclared closed, .i ; i
ine ixovernment cculd not raise twelve
thousand dollars to hire a steamer to -take
troopa to Chlriqui to pat down the rebel
An armed force took possession, o .fjie
American newspaper, the Chronicle, and
weie .i.i,)sta to be looking for tbe Spauv:
wh editor. i
Some three thousand stand of Ameriari'
irms, the property ot a New York firm,
'eresez d by the authorities and carried
ft to the barracks. "" " -
Subsidence in Hawaii.
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.
letters from the Sandwich Island con
firm the reported subsidence t ie,flouth-,
estern shore of the-Isleof Hawaii. The
Rev. Mr. Coun states that the subsidence
is plainly shown by trees which were onco
on diy land being now in the sea, and'
rocky Islets, one live leet out of water, be-1
ing now submerged.
Prosperity in the Fee Jee Islands.
A letter from the Fee Jee Islands says
the new trading and banking -company,
which, in consideration of certain- right
ind privileges from King Thakrobau, had.
rgreed to pay the debt of $45,000 due the'
tinted States, was finally in operation, and
the whole of the fir-t installment was sootf
to h paid. Many Europeans were settling
in Fee Jee and a newspaper is soon to be
stHblished. 'Machinery lor crushing sH
gar cane is expected" ' '.' '; "-'.', '
Phenomena in Australia.
An Australian letter spates that the tidal
wave there caused considerable damage to
shipping, and slight shocks of. earthquake,
were felt. The solar-eclipse was consider-
tble on the IStll ot August, and mrlmnl
and electrical phenomena were observed al!
inrougri tne month. A meteor . fell over
the stern of a ship atCrowdy Head, on the
night of the 10ih, and burst, killing tha
Phenomena in Australia. CUBA.
Restoration of Order.
HAVANA, Oct. 23.
Volunteer companies are forming in all
parts of Cuba and offering their services td
the Captain General. ' Order now rirevatla.
even in Puerto Principe, for tbe first timet
Heavy rains are prevailing in the interi
or, which prevent the troops, pursuing the
insurrectionists and from operating as
iwifdy as desired. ..)
Information has been reccivrd in this
city from Holgwin, aiiiiouucing that the
insurrectionists are committing depreda
tions in that neighborhood.'' A document;
purporting to be signed by the Revolution-!
ist Committee, made its appearance this
morning, inciting the people to rise against?
the Government. The rxiftence Of such-a
committee was unknown. Everybody Is
in lavor t'f peace, and coufatqueuUy the
document is unheeded. -. ;
New York Money Market-Oct. 23.
GOLD -Opened at 135 ; closed at 13514
i3i. , , ' v i . , ..r
Cincinnati Money Market-Oct. 23.
GOLD 134 buying.' .. . . .',;'
EXCIIANUK; Firm at buy
New York Stock Market-Oct. 23.
heavy Ompons of. :S1 115?I15: old
C2 U3J113i,; ' c,lL;'C4'Ulni3'; old
05 HI?4UlJi; new 110JilHiW; clo '67
Il(lll(iU; uo '$.. llOtSlllJg; 10-403
5:30 prices Wells' Ex press 30 f; Ameri
can 454C'; Adams 50503V; .United
S'at.es 4S4'J; Merchants' Union 22K
23; Pacific Mail 12fit27i; Western
Uu . n Telegraph 3G(g36; New York
Central 12Si12S; E.i 4445: Ohio
and Mississippi 31Ji31 Wabash 64
6I?4; do preferren 7b80; Michigan Cen
tra 118119V; Mim.igan -Southern 87!
87: 'J'oledo lt4105; Fort. Wayne H5J
1 15! ; Tcrre Haute 42(s43;i do. prelerred
New York Market-Oct. 23.
COTTON A shade firmer; 252M for
mid Hina uplands. T '' " " 1"
FLOUR Closed doll and heavy for mid
dling and common grades;1 ' '
WHEAT Dull and-witfroot 'decided
change In price, aud with moderate specu
lative ioquiry. ' '
BYE Dull and heavy; $l"56l 57, for
western. ' J ' ," ' ' ' ' '' ' " 1 "u
OATS -Dull aud heavy ltb,!buyer8 ol
western at74c. ' '"' ':,,"- :
CORN-Dull; $1 151 16 for tflnind,
and $1 16 for sound tnX??western.
PO U Iv Heavy, aud lower; .Hiessl 25
casli and rpgular.- I
BEEF Dull andTieTrvy.
CU V M EATS Nominal.' ' i
BACON Nominal
LARI neavy; 1717u- lor la'tri to
prime steam. ... ,e1jw;v
. EGGS Steady and unchanged. ,' '
-i T. lill.-' ;.t
Cincinnati Market-Oct. 23.
FLOUR Dull and 1 owet j famHy'at 7 5
(37 75.
at vi-.-i
WHEAT-r-Dullr No 1 at $1 75.-. Nothinr
CORN Dull atSGOSte."1'11''! "
. OATS Firm at o3 lof No 1, 50G0c I'fot
white. f i y1(: .
RYE Dull at $1.35 for No 1. .,lo.t
, HA RLE V Dull and..nomihal.r.ir
COITON Fair demand at 23j for mid
dling. - '-' "i t-'iu
TOBACCO Unchanged and quiet; sales
confined to 65 hhds. ' - d-.-i cmhr
WHISKY Dull at $115.
PORK- Mess nominal aiid unchanged;
none here. " ' ' " ''-' 1
- BULK MEATS Dull : shoulders can be
bought at 1 1 ye tt 1 sides 13 ; greet) ahonlh
ders and hams old .at: '7isUe from
block. , " , ',
BACON-Sides 1617c; lattter rate for
packed; shoulders 13c.;. .-.i i;k i
. ' LARD 18c. r .'t i liin.i rrv--t . r m
'BUTTER Lower; market dull. v j
EGGS Scaro.1 and advanced to 2?c. 7
'"' OIL Linseed rhill; no demand. 11
GROCERIES Unchanged aud quiet, i
APPLES UncbDieed.Not'.-'i ji ,
VOX ATOEA-Unchaied.. 'i ) Xli
Cleveland Market-Oct. 22.
. rnuuu jnnrket is uuu ana neavy,;
city made: held at $1 00 lor XXX- Mte;
$10 25(810 50 for "XX mmbeir; ..' $8 75
9 0(1 lor XX red;$3q 25 lor XX,,apring;
$7 758 lor, X 'spring:, country ', made
ranges at $8 759 50 for XX'red anti amber;
$7 50S75 for XX spring; $10 5011 00
lor XX .white.! -. .:-!-i4 ui'-i-'t j nt
WHEAT Dull and lower; holders are
asking $1 S2 for No I red. $1 80V81 of
fered; No2dodull at $1 OS. No inquiry
for spring. -1 " ' itoinvof
CORN Dull and closes ,lowr !No 1
mixed offered at 97c without purchasers..
OATS Dull and 2c lower; sales at 60c
lor No. 1 State. ' " ' ' ' ":; '
RYE Dull and heavy at $1 3S1 40 for
No 1. . .'; .; i . ' ii- , ifiii.-i
BARLEY The market firm and steady,
held at $2 202 25 for v ar.ada; $2 05(g2'l5
tor State. - i . .. . Mm
M I I.L FEED In good demand and firm
at $38 00 per ton for line middlings; $30 08
Jor Nd. 2 do; $20 00 lor. coarse do; $22 00
tor shorts. ' . ' .
PORK Firm and steady; held af $31 (id
for No. I Mess; $29 00 for No. 2 do-' "
r LARD Steady ami firm; city rendered
in tierces at 20c; 1919c for couDtry do
in kees. , ,
BEEF Q'lict and steady; held 'at $20 00
for Extra Mess. ... . .l.-e.,
SMOKED MEATS-Market, steady and'
firm with a fair tlemaud; Hams !; shoul
ders unchanged at 14c. ' '.''"'
". :i k
Chicago Market-Oct. 23.
FLOUR Dull and 15rc lower; sales
spring extras at $5 257 00,; .
. WHEAT In limited demand and lower;
sales No 1 at $1 34l 35; No 2 at $1 25
1 2G; closing quiet at $1 261 26or.No
2; sales of No 2 this atteruoon at $1 55. "1
CORN Quiet; sales No 1 at 8890c;
No 3 at 87(SSc. and rejected at 85c; clos
ing at 89)S0Jc for No 1; sales No 1 since
'Change ai 89c. .''iul " '"'" . .
'v OATS In air demand :at 46463e ;
closing at4848.!o lor No 1. - : 7 . ." ..
If YE Dull; sales No 1 at $1201 '21JJ
No 2 at $1 151 1G; closing at intlde price.
BA ULEY Less active and lffl2e lowen
sales No 2 at $1 801 83. -and rejected at
$1 501 52; closing a' $1 S01 SI tor No 1
tu iota: oy sample on tracK at i towi.ua.
Buffalo Market-Oct. 23.
WHEAT No.3 Milwaukee club $1 40.: '
CORN Car lots $1 031 0i,t 1 ,-....
OATS-Palesat62;ic ..v t,
BARLEY Sold at $210 tor Canadian '
to arrive. 1 ' ' ' ''
FREIGHTS Firmer; asmng 22e for'
wheat- 19c for corn, ;and , 13c..-lor louts, to
New Y'ork." .

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