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u-,.ri.oaicAL Tabl, prepared and
XfXXf ! SSI W J SrSaVKjra, Jeweler? SS
South. High street :, . . rz
A .-W ..?." W. . . at H t -rrtjrt l
r. iwmctj-t' ", i inu u
8a thati--.! Mljw
t tattler's dtet-topgw. i . a .
rWAnJ. French W. Tbornbul was;.
thectfj yesterday? '-V
TYal The (Ub- ' S"PPH) J
almost every
" : - i vtVoiiiolff dull and the
dearth of newt, item, rtgatinrtct.
or I ;
- 3-Mayor Bull returnni from : 1is Cin-
etaaau trip on Daiurujr cxcmun.
',P' ! flKOMa, estimates
that there were 35,00 nata bet on we iaie
elections. VVfiH,-
TtiriB. Myers, one of the managers of
iniro.VTTietr. Chicago,- was wmuo
city onfSatordayi, ; tf J '
'jThe retail'trade Is not as active ;.as
one might suppose, l People are. very nu,
ot investing: stamps 1 j a I H
I'ilJU'll " 1 T-r -;
A- disgusted edlwr 8k8 Ia ,dePai,r
u why will oar ladles adopt the Grecian
bend r" We suppose It Is because they are
sonincIInea. -r .s" ' j ;-': ..' .a "fi.P.
t-The White Boys In Blue will, meet
st Thurman HalJ to-morrow morning at 10
oYlock for escort duty. Be on band; com
rades, promptly.;.- i : li 4 -S.i :
S-imm t ' T --li- -A. e
tF" WeJnotlced a,ln drove of young,
fat cattle on" the streeWSaturdayT'They
ware mggestlveef, decline In the prjceof
steaks and soup bones, r v;
ir'. ! ,V ' A A I W - ' . : 7
rSTThe police are having an easy time
of It lust now. Thieves and burglars seem
to have left for some other field of opera
tions where the police are less vigilant..
S It Is high time that a movement was
atnntnot ta break up the nucicster com
hf nation and reduce the price of marketing
to living rates. Either extend the market
or abolish it. .
fW Are, ladies floriculturists r because
ttiey raise roses and lilies on their cheeks f
If a fady's hair be carroty, her tiose" turn
up, and her complexion reddiab, could she
be called a horticulcurist. , ,
BiiwcTioii of Cawtai Stock. The To
ledflBavlnga Institution on Saturday filed
a certificate of -the red uctiotv o its ! ca pltal
atock from $1,000,000 to $100,000 with the
the Secretary of Stat.
Popolmtok. fir Oiuo-r-iretty accurate
statistical) were flguring on the popula
tion of the State of Ohio in the Secretary
of State's office on Saturday s They made
it," In round numbera. 3,000.000. --u
Oct . A oain. We are pleased ,tq. . see
Henry Schreimer, who was shot by Charley
Pogh last week, out again on Saturday.' He
is still. Buttering Irom his wounds some
what, hut will be all right In a few days,;
. - .1 hi i hi l : .1 i:-1
M abriaok LiioitNSkS. There were six
teen marriage licenses, "issued during the
week ending Saturday, October ,21th, as
follows : Monday, 3 ; Tuesday, 5 Wednesr
day, 1; Thursday, 4; Friday, M; Saturday, SL
Temperance. Temperance services were
preached from every pulpit in this city last
ening. A. meeting is to be held id ihe
First Presbyterian Church to-night for the
purpose of formingaTemperance Alli
ance. Tarns It generally s takes more to' supi
port one man than two women."'' We know
this is not the usually eoeived idea, but it
is the true one. A man "will spend five
doll art" la less Unas than It takes a, woman,
to get five cents out of her portmonale.
HoTOuTBoBBW.On Friday night, the
hotel "kept 1y 'Mr. Siioup, in Winchester,
this countywas entered by burglars, who
ca'rried off everything theyorild laylheir
their bands on. Our friend, Geo. P. Sar
gentof this city, as among the sufferers.
k tiia'v ...i ' ."" ,' i
Light Bcttbb. Market Master Cuckler,
on Saturday, played havoc with the vend
ersof light butter. - He contlscated enough
to come tonearly $7 when sold at auction.
These people will learn by and by. that
' honesty is the best xlicy," and make
their butter full weight.
Emigrant . Statistics. Mr- Campen,
General Western Emigrant Agent, in this
city, Informs us that irom -Jannary. 1st,
1883, to October 14th, the large nnmber of
179,16ft emigrants., have,, arrived, in New
York ' from "'"the -various German States.
Host of these have found homes in the far
West. --'-H,r i.iz'.vt i. u'
A Handsome Office. The t addition to
the County Treaaarer's, office is nearly
completed, and will make a very handsome
and convenient room.,. The new safe for
which it is intended will arrive to-day.
It is one of the largest made a very roon
sterol a safe and will hold a ton or two of1
gteenbacka",),;:; V."ri' .V.X,lV.":""V j
- .r.n.i ;-t 4' ' " 'i T " ' "'' '
A Bio- MABiar Saturday's market was
the largest held in this city for ' many a
year. The line' of wagons' extended on
Fourth street Yrbm Broad td Monud street,
and on Friend to Fifth, j There was a very
noticeable decline In some articles.' Pota
toes sold for 75 to 60 cents per bushel; white
turnips 80 cents to' $1 ' t i
. r . .T-:f . r:f, n
i . r- ' t - t v : : - - .
omd Afpsovkd. The County Commi
slo'ners on Saturday received and accepted
the bond of Casper Loewenstein, Clerk
elect of the Court of Common Pleas. It is
fixed ta I penar sum f $20,000.Henrf
Schrelner, John Gr, Thompson, N. Schlee,
C. BornG.P. Schroli and M. Frankel are
thesuretlea. ! ..;Si;li "
n , ;.n-a a .vr
Wfca Warm Clothiho. Some people
tbiiikkat until snow falls flannels are- un
necessary; This Idea is of great value to
Dr. Squlbf, who' makes cougb iyrupi but
much the reverse to, those who take it.
The time 40 rdoa, thiolc -underclothing is
when theweather it changing, not after it
is changed. For this reason folks should
open tueir camphor boxes and' get, out
their woolen nuoergear at once.
;OmciB' .COMMrTA-iioii. By direction
ot the Secretary of War, the monthly rate
of 'commutatlonlbr quarters, where officers
are serving, without troops, and at posts
Where (bare are no puonc quarter wnicii
they can occupy, shall be $18 per room, ex
cept at places where, by the regulations or
orders ot the SecreUry of War, a higher
rate has been established.1- This order to
take effect irom and after November 1, 1868,
Ormtsq or St.La.wbw.cb Bestaorant,
We have already noticed tbeaaieoi Trag-
nN'i restaurant to Mr. Coverdale, formerly
of ClrcleviUAr, .The place has been entirely
refitted ana maae new, anu i uuw ma iimu
UMt nlaoe-as there 1 in Ohio., it has
atrfetehec(th 6t.-Lawrenee, and will
be opnea"thI eveningstiti tjle.-Vlth
hnthi iad banners flylng.'V-'The
.Jlurteous proprietor has extended an Invi
taUon to the presa of th city hid hew-
.nMimndenti to be present.' For
favors to'duTsrfreftrrnHhanka, and
promise to be Tewenged on hla wittuals."
Great Meeting at Columbus, Tuesday,
Oct. 27th, at 2 o'clock.
The Committee of. Arrangements have
appointed flier following -gentlemen' as
Committee of Reception :
Senator' Allen G Thurm'an; Bing
ham; John G Thompson; Col 1' H Marrow;
B B Eabel man; Jacob Rein nurd: Dr Wm
Trevitn Geo lr Converse: Wm: Naahtenx
Judge John L Green; W S Sulllvant; Col
u s inn i?; uoi j u li uenicK.
i -The' following 'named gentlemen were
appointed offli-ersof the meeting: V- .."' i.'J
Vice Prfsidknts 1st Ward,' Daniel .
Searle: 2d, Col Geo' W Many penny; 3 J.
Thomas Sparrow; 4th A C Hcadlny; 5th,.
pi jreo itecK,aenitn, rea jaeger; vtn,
Walstein FailininSth. Geo Butler: 9ch: Wm
Wheeler, Montgomery township, Theodore ',
Lieonara; Madison, Judge Joun unacey;:
Hamilton, Ell Shook; Truro, James -M
Montgomery; ' Jefferson, Josiph Edrar:
Plain. Jonathan Bjbo; Mifflin. David Ret-,
kd ; Clinton,- Littlt: Perry, AK'
Hard; Bleuclon, Wm Coopen Shuron. Gen
Geo H Griswold; Washington, James L'
Andrews; Norwich, Dr H W Segar; Frank
lin, C arke White: Brown, Richard Jonee; '
Prarle,- Dr Geo" W Butler: Pleasant. O X
Curry; Jackson, Judice John Landes. "" '
Secretaries Maj J st John Ularkion;Uoj (
onn (jearv; jonn vanv.oia. ueinmiiier;
Col H 3 Feltus,, . " e w -
Gov. Seymour will address the people at
the west front of the "State House, at 2
S. W. ANDREWS, Secretary.
The Grkat Spectacle. From among
mny notices or the great spectacle of
Undine, to be presented here for the firsts
time this evening, ! we take , the following
from .the Dayton Ledger.
Last nlaht, this great spectacle was pre
sented for the second time, to a large audi
ence, among whom were many of our
Masonic'-visitors who remained over to
Witness the gorgeous entertainment, and
whose plaudits were evidence of the de
light created by the wonderful dancing of
the really great Marlacchi, and the various '
brilliant features that compose this great
production. - It was pronounced by uouie.;
of the strangers equal-to many ot the"
metropolitan sensations, and,1 they freely
expressed their surprise at finding such a
magnificent and thorough representation
in our city, and were lavish in their praise .
of the performance, and the enjoyment af-
toraea. Mr.' whitman - nab ou tmsoccas-
ton fulfilled the bill promised. .,, , ,;
Mile. Barritta is alao a magnet of attrac
tion, and with Mile. Sanda, Miss Mavory,
Mile. Panzera and the rest, form this ex
cellent combination. j
The lovers of operatic merit have a treat
in the really excellent and superior exhibi
tion ot vocal talent displayed by the charm-
ing favorite Mrs., James A.. Oates, with ;
whom play-zoers are already acquainted.
and who ou this occasion deleniaies in vi
vacious style the fairy songstress of the -water
"Undine." Mrs. Kneass and Miss
Eneass by their acting are entertaining in
their roles, and Mr. Barnes and the rest of .
the cast are excellent.
The acenio effects must be seen . to be .
properly appreciated,-as description can
not convey a just idea ot their beauties, and
are- without doubt the most brilllentover
presented this community lorminz with
the whole a rare treat.. ' " 1
Thb Black asd Tan Meeting. The
Black and Tanners held another ''Citizens' '
meeting at the Union Club Rooms on Sat-"
nrday, from which they carelully excluded.
all Democrats The communication from
the Republican -County- Executive "Com
mittee, and the, reply of the Democratic
County Executive Committee thereto were
read. A resolution was adopted deprecat- (
ing all violence, and disavowing any intent -
to cause "persons; not voters, "td-present
themselves at the polls to vote. . It calls
upon the Republicans of the various wards
organize and .attend the polls 83 that .
full vote of the city may be polled in
November, lite preamble of this reaolu-.:
tion says that tbe overture of the Repub
licans for " peace have been rejected." ;
There Is hot a word of truth in tliis.'.The
Democracy, through their committee, have -
said, "Don't try to vote negroes and there
wlll lje peace." The Democracy will say j
the same thing -at the polls on -Tuesday, .
November 33. i They mean just what they
say, : - ; :
T. M. C. A. LiacTCRES-fWe learn that .
tickets for the course of seven lectures, In
cluding that of Rev: W. Marley Punshon, .
and for sale at the low price of Two Dol
lars. Tickets for single lectures will be
Fiftycents. . J i. . :. .
Several of our citizens went to Chicago
and Cincinnati to hear Punshon, and as- -sure
us that it was well' worth' their time,
trouble and expense, .' . 1
The committee having the matter in
charge have employed none but first class"..
Lecturers, and thus incurred a heavy ex-
pense. We trust citizens will show their
aprnvciation of aqch , policy,, by takingr,
once, enough season tickets to make tbe
course a financial snccess. ' The price baa
been put at' Two Dollars to put these In-
structive entertainments within the reach
of all. Remember,' you can get the entire
course for the price of four single tickets.
Transferred . Saturday The follow-.
ing transfers ot real estate were left at the
Recorder's office Saturday: : ii-u
W. P. Sprague and wife to Levi A. '
Sprague, Oct. 22 1, 65 acres of land inTruio
township, for $1,800." ' -: ;-
Samuel Sharp and" wife to R. F. Burt,
Sept. 24th, 12 jicre"s,X rood and 2 square1
poles of Jand in ,- Montgomery township,.
lor $2,575 :U i - I ' . -.".:?: i I
Henry Freeland,' guardian to John J.1
Freeland, Oct 15th, the undivided third,
part of lnlot No. 11 in Heffner & Hay-,
den's addition to the city of Columbns, for
Wm. H. Freeland and John J. Freeland
to Michael CassaJy, Oct. 14th, part of lnlot
No. 11 in Heffner & flay den's addition to'
the city of Columbus, for $800. ' -v
Grumbling. There ' was '. considerable
grumbling' yesterday because -of farmers?
wagons bejngr backed "up in front of resi-t
1 J ' 17" . . e c i
Broad. This Is all wrong. . The Council
are endeavoring. to -establish an up-town
market, on Fourth street north of Gay, and
ubtil this is done, there should be no com-'
plaint at extending the market space, 'even'
If it does make a little dirt. ;The farmers.
Should be encouraged to corns in rather
than be grumbled at. The fall in prices on ,
SatutJay la an evidence of the good effect
ot competition.. : Let us have the new mar-
ketat Once..-, : -! -:.! :;. ,
Great Walking Match. Lovers of pe
destrianised will be interested to know
that , a walking match for $500 will take
place at Olentangy Park on tbe 28th of Oc
tober, (next Wednesday J beginning atl :30
P. M, between " Napoleon Young, the
champion of the world, and the French
female pedestrian, Miss Ada M. Montana,
j The female is to walk three and oho half
miles, while Mr.- Young traverses seven
knd.one half miles.," The match is exciUngf
considerable interest, and will doubtless
be largely attended. ;r; i .; ,'.,! ; .,
j Tothb Press. The Auditor of Fairfield
county 1b desirous of immediately obtain
ing a copy oi emeu ana every newspapi r
published in the State of Ohio, to be put
Id to- the corner stone of the magnificent
Court Houser being at present erected at
Lancaster. "All favors of this character
bould , bar directed; to 'William Schopp
County Auditor, by whom they - will be
ttankfAlly.vrece.lTed. .-Exchanges . please
r i 'T H r1 T T TMi,,"lf
.The last performance of the
jftst season of the fine company of artists
'itde teanagement;'fel Mrt Lanergan, t
;.ne Opera House, on Saturday "night; we
' .re glad to aay, was .witnessed by a far
arger andlence than for a week previous-
' y. The company leave this city for Zanes
'iile this morning, where they will give
heir splendid representations during the
text week. We can conscientiously reo-
mmend 'the members ' of this' company:
ne and all, to the people of Zanesville af
the best In . the Sate of Ohlo,.,and well
worthy their hearty and continued pat
ronage. Mr. Lanergan will open the Ope
ra House in this city again on Monday
Nov. 2d.
Probate Court Business. Judge Pogh
made the following appointments during
the week ending Saturday, Oct. 24:
J. H. Coulter, appointed guardian of W.
T, Charles F. Rarey, Fanny and Mary E.
Webb, children and heirs ot Wm. Webb, ot
Columbus. Bond $500.
John Westerweilerj appointed guardian
of James Pendleton, an Insane man of Nor
wich township. Bond $1,000J O I .' f til
Ludwlg Buchsleb, appointed executor of
Christian Faber, lateofColumbus,deceased.
Bond $2,500.
:L- m, -
Yotb on Congressman in thb Thir
teenth. District. From. the. returns Jin
the Secretary of State's office we take the
following as the official vote on Congress
man in. the. Thirteenth District, If Mr.
Delano does not feel the rebuke be is emi
nently fit to be a Radical Congressman :
Morgan'! majortiy
Whitb Bots in Blub Meeting. The
White Boys in Blue of this city held a most
enthusiastic meeting on Saturday night at
Thurman Hal.x Addresses were delivered
by Judge . Thurman, E. B. Eshelmah,' Col.
Manypenny and Col. Baber. The regiment
resolved to meet at Thurman Hall on Tues
day morning, Oct 27th, at 10 o'clock, In
itlgun eap and white shirts, to escort Hon.
Horatio Seymour from the cars to the Neil
Honse. After the transaction of some un
important business the meeting adjourned.
Half Farb on Tuesday. We are pleas
ed to be able to announce that on all the
railroads centering In this city, passengers
will be carried for half fare to the great
Seymour reception to-morrow. We trust
our friends all along the line of the roads
will take advantage ot the liberality of the
railroad companies, and come and hear the
issues of the day presented by "the candl-
ato who can talk," Hon. Horatio Seymour.
The meeting will be held at 2 o'clock in the
Naw Restaurant. George E. Pinney,
No. 13 West State street, has added to his
saloon one of the snuggest restaurants in
the city. He is now prepared to furnish
very thing in the eating line,oysters,eame,
&C in a style that cannot be excelled in
Columbus. One trial will satisfy epicures
tbat he has the best cook and tbe best cook
ery in the city. Everything is new, neat
and clean. ' v ' . -i ;
Emigrant . Agent's Retort. To C. H.
Campen,- General . Western . Emigration
Agent, we are indebted lor the following
report of tbe number of emigrants arriving
at this point during the week ending Sat
urday, October 24th. They will find homes
as below designated : In Ohio, 83; Missonri,
241; Illinois, 115; Indiana, 47; Kentucky,
51; Tennessee, 60; Wiscousin, 87; Iowa, 32;
Michigan, 43. Total, .769. r," . ;' ;
Cock-a-doodlb-do. The news from
West Virginia this morning must be rather
icking to Republicans." Wouldn't it be
well for the Blark and Tanners to take
the name ot West Virginia from their flag,
under the circumstances. They were not
any .hnrfy to piit .it there. .Oh, nol
Guess not! " Cock-a-doodle-do.
t. .
Penitentiart; Arrivals. The follow
ing prisoners arrived at the Penitentiary
on the 22d and 231 Inst. :
From Hardin county : Solomon Folinar,
maliciously destroying fruit-trees, two
years. ...... ,
From Anglaize county : Henry Grimes,
burglary and larceny, three years.
Monrsn. Cooper
u. .W0 . .536
......i... . ....... .'s.w a.o"
JI3 'i-l .; 8,SW
....... . .....g.n a.iw
.7.J.''.1.(M, . -
From Fort Wallace.
FORT WALLACE, Ks., Oct. 24.
CooiDanles H and I, Tenth cavalry," 117
men and Ave offlcers.comraanded by Lient.
Colnnel L. H. Carpenter, left this post on
the 13th for the purpose ot escorting Major
General Carr to the 'Fifth eavalry, aeven
companies of which are supposed to be on
the Beaver..' On the 18th, at a point about
115 miles northeast Irom Fort .Wallace, on
Beaver creek, the force was attacked by
about five hundred Indians. The fight be
gan at 7 A. M- and continued till 3 P.
when the savages withdrew, completely
discomfited. Mine Indiana were killed
and a large number wounded, while only
three of our men were wounded. A wound
ed Cheyenne Indian, who spoke the Sioux
language, informed one ot our scouts that
an Indian village otover sou lodges was on
the column north-west from Hays. Capr. I
Hays baa three bullet shots through bis
clothes." Colonel Carpenter .returned to
Fort Wallace yesterday with his command,
having traveled about 250 miles in seven
daya.' . :-;1 y "- - "';
The Turf.
A. Turner's b. t. Soda, walked over the
eours to-day tor the association purse of
(100 for two year olds. .
The Cumoerlana stake jno. lor tnree
year olds, two mile beats, purse of $400.
entrance 5U, play or pay, two entries, was
won bv Bn ford's Crossland, In two heats.
Time . 2:47 and 2:4.7). Seven horses
started. ,
Tbe third race, association purse of $200,
by A. Carnes' Chimesette, beating eight
competitors. . Time l:52)and 1:50.
Steamboat Disaster.
MEMPHIS, Oct. 23.
The steamer : Cora, Captain Yerkes,
bonnd from Little Rock to Cincinnati, with
a cargo of 250 bales ot cotton and other
freight, struck a snag at Dak ley 'a nend, in
Arkansas 'river,' Tuesday night, and sunk
In six feet ot water. She was owned by
her commander and clerk, and valued at
$10,000, Insured for $8000, in Cincinnati
offices. The W; A. 'Caldwell brought
her to this
The residence of Cvrus Johnson and W.
N. Eaken, on Alabama street, together
with tbe lurntture, nousenoia ana enecis,
waa destroyed bv fire this morning. John
son's loss is $7,000; insured tor ball in East
ern companies. iSaken's loss is s wu; in
sured lor $2 50O in tne i-oosnix, ot xiarc
' Tbe attendance at the Agricultural Fair
to-day was quite good, the weather being
Billiard Tournament.
I The billiard tournament for the cham
pionship of Ohio closed last night. Henry
Choate received the ' golden cue; Fred.
Ackerman the second prize of one hun
dred and fifty dollars, and Anthony having
the third ot one nunarea acinars.
CINCINNATI, Oct. 25. Denial.
The ' statement published in several
ICnstern oaDere, and the dispatches from
Washington and New York that Hon. Geo.
H. Pendleton advised or desired a change
of candidates on the Democratic ticket, or
that he ever wrote or leiegrapnea on tne
subject, ia authoritatively aeniea.
Excitement Subsided.
i There have been no more earthquakes
since yesterday morn log. The excitement
has entirely subsided. The value of real
estate is apparently unaffected by the dis
aster. Work on the new buildinirs is beinsr
pushed, forward with redoubled energy.
Buslnesaaeema promising. Men enter into
contracts with as little hesitation as ever.
c".v 'sr.or. i . mt.t
For Ladles
Mronur) WBinnrDei1 J '- 5
For Misses
For Gentlemen
"i v i--y-v; fit
' ;"'- ; -rr-rr s r'.'
For Children
v . -,. ..:. : -a .; . .:
For Ladles
, , -. . "Mj? "?fi,!l
- . r
For Misses
i s . vj; k 2 t : J
For Gentlemen
' . 1 X
'";" For Boys
r i : : . I '-I
. i. , v k . r
: U ' I
For Ladles & Misses
;T . . j
: ' i . . i: i.- t. , .Is
For Gentlemen At Boys
- a - -- -- ' v
Li -M -v t ? . - '
For Youth
i AT-
250 AND 252
' iT Vi tl .
A. c nElDLET 4c CO.
The California Earthquake.
The California Earthquake. DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE.
Reported Assassination.
Accident on the Hudson River R.
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
Minister Johnson and Laird.
THE FREEDMEN'S BUREAU. &c., &c., &c., &c.
DOMESTIC NEWS. Election News from West Virginia.
[Special to the Ohio Statesman.]
WHEELING, W. VA., Oct. 25.
(K Ret urn 8 from the State election
la slowly, but all show Democratic gains.
Thirteen counties fully heard from show
Democratic gains as follows : Brooke 57;
Hampshire 200: Harrison 200: Kanawha
300; Lewis 250; Marion 250; Marshall 150:
Mineral 100; Pleasant 100; Taylor 250; Wet
sel 150; Wirt 70; Wood 400.
The Republicans claim 50 gain in Brax
ton and 50 in Putnam.
I The Democratic gain in fifteen counties
is ,2,377... The same proportion of gains
throughout the remaining thirty-eight
counties will make the State Democratic by
2,000. '' '-''' ' " 1
! The Democratic authorities claim that
the gain in the remainder of the State will
be much heavier, as the bulk of the new
reglstrationr-which- is heavy- and largely
Democratic, was made in Districts from
which there has been no return as yet.
They expect 2 000 majority In the Green-
briar valley- aloue, and are confident' of
3.000 in tbe State.
! Five Senatorial districts are beard fron
the Democrats carrying three, a gain of
two. The State Executive .Committee are
confidentoi large gains in the lower House,
a majority on joint ballot and a Democratic
successor to Mr. van win me in tne united
States Senate. ' Tbe registration books
were reopened yesterday. Large additions
were made. Four-fifths of the new enroll
ment is Democratic - ' - ::'
: Keckon this State sure for Seymour and
Blair. " The Republicans are depressed,
and the Democrats active, aggressive and
determined to repeat their victory. "
Republicans profess to have heard from
counties casting three-fourths of the vote
of the State in 1S66, and claim a majority
of .three' thousand.. Their estimate does
not include the counties in which the new
registration was heaviest, and where the
Democrats will -have, probably, six thous
and majority. " Register.
Particulars Concerning the Damage
the Great in
1 Details of the destruction of property in
the interior ol the State by the earthquake
on the twenty-first are received. Alamedo
county suffered the most damage in prop
erty, extending in all directions back to
San Leandro. Sad Leandro creek, ? for
months drv. has now a running, rapid
steam of water In Bome places hot water
and the stream gushed forth.
; The villages of San Leandro and Hay-
wards are almost In. ruins. Brick build'
ings were all thrown down. One hundred
are inhabitable. Numerous wooden struc
tures were considerably damaged. At
Hnvwards onlv one hundred were uninlai
pet. At Alamedo, Brooklyn, and Oakland
all suffered severely in the destruction of
property; also,. an dose, Keuwooa uity,
(ireat iriCK snu Auuoe. iuo miuoo uiw
ainn at San Jose is a mass of ruins.
A Sacramento, Stockton and Marysville
the Injury to the buildings is slight and the
loss small.
Petrol urn a. Healthsburgh, banta Kosa.
Valleja and Martinez felt tbe full force ot
the shock, uhimneys ana nne wans were
thrown down. , The damage to property is
' At Los Angelos and Vlaall the shock was
Slight, with no damage.
, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Watsonyllle
guttered little loss. "
! In the State of Nevada the earthquake
was scarcely felt. . ; ". '
, At San FranciBCO, the committee of Ar
nMtf ota nnnointed bv the Board ol Super
visors reported tbe City Hall unsafe. The
building will be taken down. Meanwhile,
the city officials find other buildings not In
jured to any great extent. .
The damage to school-houses is trifling.
The schools will open as usual on Monday
next. The U. S Marine Hospital bnilding,
condemned by tbe proper authorities, will
be demolished. The patients are at pres
ent encamped on the grounds adjoining
the hospital. No proper accommodations
have as yet been provided for them. -
Tbe Custom House is wrecked to such
an extent that it will probably not be occu
pied again. The officials have removed
temporarily to Hay wood's building on
California street. - -- . -
i An army of laborers is at work to-day
on the shattered buildings, and removing
debris from the streets, the merchants
showing no disposition to abandon tbe
Property or location. Some structures are
sing taken down and others repaired.
The vicinity of tha wrecked buildings ia a
busy scene.
The "8li&m!t3B;:iti!s UfoiWhy nnnfl
mode damagev to the.hntureA -nildiDilrs.
Someobjraneyf oi'diflareot, Bsanafacttfrea,-)
which suffered ponsideratjie frutn the first,
shock; wilt now have to b6 demolished and.
rebuntv,-"i uuri ,n..j -!ujiihiu ji n j
No definite eatimataof tharoama(t aeJ
property can be made until . proper sur
vey of ibe entire cltyismacle Some places
the toss at three hundred tbbnsiuddollarsv'
and others at two million;" ThS latter 'flgi
urea are orobablv. nearest to tbe trns) losa.
as quite a number batldtnga. hv been !
torn down for. reconstruction Extensive
repairs have been made on many more. ' ., 4.
it is reported tbat tbe United States sud'
treasury shipped secretly half a million of
gold coin to .Washington, in -vegterdav'Sw
uteamer, making a total of eight-million.
cleared Briogewater,ror1NeW,ork,
with 30.000 sacks of wheat, .i -!:o mh ht
failed Ellen Austlo,. lor New; York;
Rancanga, for Liverpool Max. oe, Cork it
Magnet, tor Hong Kong. ' '-" V J ' ' '
Further about the Earthquake.
Further about the Earthquake. NEW YORK, Oct. 24.
A Drtvate diSDateh, from .'Sari Francisco
states that the entire loss in that city from
the recent earthquakes will not exceed fiveJ
million dollars. ".; . . . HwU
A dispatch.to the Herald says the dam
age will exceed' three-million dollars, And
there is hardly a- structure or building In
San Francisco but is more or lesaatraiaeaj!
Reports from the South.
The Tribune's special from Daaville sta-c
tion, Virginia, Oct. 22, says: In the adjoin
ing county ot Madison. North Caranlinft.
the conservatives were holding a. mass
meeting and barbaeue to-day,' when a riot 1
occurred between the whites and blacks.- - i
The negroes were driven off the ground
but nobody was killed, though some per
sons, were bruised. Whisky -caused the
trouble. ' " - ' - i 1--
-The Tribune special from New Orleans. '
23d, says: Outrages-and. murder are in!
creasing in number throughput the State,,
Last night, a mob of disguised men broke'
Into tne tall at (Jarrolltown and killed two"
negro prisoners? The Evening Picayune '
says no one can blame them. . , --
i At a largo fire In Gretna lastnlcrhL adis-
turbance-occurred and three blacks were,
killed and several wounded.: "The rest Red '
to.Alglers and the swamps. This morning!
a large . number or white V men crossed
from here. General Rousseau stopped
tne terry-boats and sent a company
oi -tmauiry w ushihl tne one nunureu po
r . , i i
licemen wno ' were preserving tbe peace.
The Evening Times says: "The long, im
pending conflict seems fairly commenced."
General Rousseau has requested two addi
tional regiments. At nine o'clock an arm
ed mob of four hundred have ordered: the
metropolitan police to leave Gretna. i -
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 23.
1 The Democrat has a special from Little
Rock. A rk., as follows: Hon. Jas. Hinds,
member of Congress from the Second dis
trict, was assassinated to-day while travel
ing through Monroe. - Hon. Jas. R. Brooks,
who was with Hinds, was wounded, but
it is suDDOsed not fatally. James Coolsey.
an outspoken Republican, was murdered
in the same county, near Clarendon, a few '
The Reports-The
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 24.
' The Republican has a special from Little
Rock, Arkansas, which says tbe report of
the assassination - of Congressman Hinds
and the wounding of Hon. J. R. Brooks is
distrusted. The dispatch farther says the
Radical party defeated both Hinds and
Brooks out of the nomination to Congress.
Both were discountenanced, making a can
vass arraying the negroes against the
Radical Central Committee, Rice & Co-,
and were capable of doing the- Radical
party great Injury. The Radicals charge'
tne Killing to tne uemocrats, out ine en
deavor, to fix it on them will be fruit-i
less, as tbe Democrats had every
thing to hope Irom the defection of
Brooks and Hinds, which would eventually
be disastrous to Radicalism. It was the in
terest of the Democracy to preserve their
lives. It was the interest of Rice & Co. to
pnt them out of the way. - It they were
killed the Democrats would suffer while
the Radicals would, gain. The death -of
both disposes of these dangerous malcon
tents, who were the most influential with!
the neerroes. hnd brinsra the neeroes com
pletely under the control ' of the Radical I
rniR. , . -.-
i On the 20th, fifty negroes attacked Dar
danelle, firing into the houses of the whites.
The whites rallied and drove them out. A
peace meeting was held by tbe whites next
day.: - .. - : . :
f The Times, of this city, says there are ten
thousand stand of small arms now In St.
Louis, purchased for the Governor of Ar
kansas and other Southern Governors, but
that so far it has been impossible to ship
them on any regular boat, or to charter a .
steamer especially m taite mem. t.-. '
Railroad Accident.
ALBANY, Oct. 24.
i On the Hudson River Railroad last night
near Greenbusb, a smoking, car and two
passenger cars were thrown from the track
and smashed to atoms. . About forty per
sons were- injured, several seriously. . A
lady, it is supposed, of Erie, Pa., was kill
ed. John Davidson, of Lyons, N. Y, died
at the Delavan House this morning. W.
D." Murphy, of Cortland, was badly hurt: )
also Mrs. Adoipnus, oi Auuurn. v;. ti. bai
ley, of Rochester, was also injured, r Sev
eral others are injured and are at tha Del
avan House.
: The accident was caused by a broken
rail. The train consisted of eleven cars
four passenger coaches, five sleeping car?, '
a freight and baggage car aud an express
car. Three coaches and two sleeping cars
were thrown from the track and are com
pletely wrecked.
! Mrs. M. C. Tyler, of northeastern Penn-.
sylvania, who had been making purchases
lit New York, was killed outright. John
Davidson, a railroad contractor, of Lyons,
Wayne county, was fatally iniured about'
the head He was brought to the Dela
van House and died this morning.
I The following iniured persons ' 'were
also brought to this city and cared for: '
Mrs. John Davidson; Liyons, n jurea in
ternally; Pliny T. Sexton, of Palmyra:
bruised about the head; E. M. Bailey, of
Rochester, "New- York, - bruised; "John
Hermtton, wife and three children, , of
Philadelphia Mr. H. was severely burned
and brnised, Mrs. H. was slightly injured,
and tbe children escaped nnhurt; J. Adoi
pnus, of Auburn, New York, badly injur
ed about the head his wife slightly injur
ed; Jerome W. Rogers, ot Rochester, New
York, injured in the spine and right side,
dangerously; Julius Ryamann and O; o
Rvamann. lather aiid bon, of New York,
the former Internally injured and - also on
the leg and about tne bead, and tne latter
not seriously; a German, name unknown,
collar bone broken. The engineer, W. G.
Beese, escaped injury. The fireman sus
tained some slight bruises. About twenty
other passengers were slightly injured. '
. The accident is attributable to careless
ness on the part of the Railroad Company s
in failing to have a splintered rail repaired.
Fortunately the stoves held to their fast-'1
enings, and thus the wreck was saved from
conflagration. A number of prominent
railroad men were on tbe train and went
westward this morning. Of their number
Mr. Davidson was the only one injured, :
: Tbe notorious confidence woman, Allie
Dutton, with her baby, escaped from the
Penitentiary last night.. Sue was there
under two years and .six months sentence.
' Numbers 126 and 128. West Columbia
street, occupied by Messrs. Frank & Jones,
and others, .as a furniture manufactory,
was entirely destroyed by fire this morn
ing.. The loss will probably be $35,000;
General Cassine Fairchlld, United States -
Marshal, and brother of Governor Fair
child, died this morning of an old wound
received at the battle of Shlloh. -
River News.
i Weather pleasant. No change in the
1 "
Fall of a Bridge.
A bridge in process of erection over
Licking Creek on tbe Louisville & Cincin
nati railroad, fell Irom its temporary sup
ports yesterday. One person was killed
and two others wounded.
NEW YORK, Oct. 24.
! General John B. Magruder, of the rebel
armv, and ex-Lieutenant Edwin Higgins,
of the rebel army, were last night arrested
by the police, for being drunk and disorder
ly and insulting females. Both were lock
ed up ;
rlionf versos GeheraF Mabod, renoemTaf
veroict for tbe Dlaintlff. Tfutflrdav. for ai.
590. -The suit wat-fnr damagenm BCCOOnr
ji uw.jam on.iaieara .ajaaem
The Deriurr cuaiaf.llfcnini ava taa
alleged to bayeals.elj. testifiedbe.RoU
'Wjscase, has been postponed one weekV
There , Wat. ohlte' !a" 'nMniM'thVltiiJS
Board to-dav ou. TT.rlo. ri,u.K..rmA-
43 and daclloedBfl ..orf; uJ
fX- , Heavy tranBaccyaai .were.dada-.TJt
Is rumored. .thatJf 9m.teo;to twentymu-
uuiib ui uw awcK nas oeen issued, and
that tfiAttahtrSno'reatest RalliJ
way lias been, reused. Some small failures
Protestant Episcopal Convention.
the Epteeopai; oSif
messages.were recejvedfxom the; House. pf
Bishops. The HrstAsksi toAie pray era of
the lav and clerical deleiratea for the better
guidance of the Bishops in their action in
relation, to m.Imflan.-Bisboptf'hqv the"?
second Wat on tba aubjjsct.ot lemarrlaa. (4
divoroed persons .(l .a
The Mouse .ol .Bishops, announced, tha? ,
they had adopted titAMdvK to be canon
ia mie on marriage and divorce
No minister of this church shall nnite in
matrimony anv -persona ot" whom "ona naJ
been.divorced frona any cause atfiskME-aabr'
sequent tof previona-tnarriagerotaerr'taaoa
adultery nor a person divorced for his or
her idulteryvfojttae purpeet tbiaoaaon,
of divorce is hereby defined to be divorce
a vinculo matrimony, formally decided by
a civil court." t.
The canon wai debated" at grcat length;
and finally. mommUted to .tbeommitieai
on Canons. " ! . H .A
Jha eommlttee ,ou,Ganooa, reMadMpi
following: . tm-m null
JUtoloed, TJaat eanon 2, title 2, Is hereby
amended so as to read:. First, Eery mla
later ot the Church shall be liable to pit
senlment and trial on charges for .the foi-
lowing onenses, viz.: 2d, Crime or immo
ralitv; 3d, Holding or teaching, publicly ori
privately and "advisedly,' any" 'doctrine
contrary, to . that Jield ,Tby tbe Pro'
testant, Episcopal Church of the
United States; 4Thrr'iolation of the
ConstitutioB-r-OfCanena ft- the-General
Convention; 8th, 'Violation of the Constltu- .
tion or? Canons, of; 4the diocese to which he
belong'?;' Ctb, Any actwhich involves a
breach of his -ordination, and on being
found guUty,he shall be admonisbedaus-j
pended or degraded aceordinv o the cann
ons of the-' diocese in which the trial takes ,
place, nnless otherwise provided for by the
General Convention, j. .w 4w' '..
After a heated discussion the -Canon was
adopted. ' v;"
The examination of Rosen burg, charged", "
with forging naturalization papers, iCouj-
menced to-day.' Considerable evidence was
given.' Friday night closed the business of J
figures in the Democratie and Rep'nbUcaa-)
naturalization ofHoea. tha fnrnwr hae ia
sued 7.000 and the latter 3,070.,": They are '
undoubtedly under-estimated '.The Tri-
oune says J,uw natarauzauons nave Deem
made. . -a . JiMa !.'. "1..4
Hugh Benslaynas " been"' erralned ln
Jersey City charged with perjury in con
nection with naturalizations, ana neia iop
General Blair.
General Blair will address the Democracy J
of this city next Tuesday evening It U
stated that Seymour will speak in Brook-
lyn next weeki ' -'-' -.- - " '
Hon. John 'Lr'Hoffmari.'referee in the
case of the Nicaragua Tanstt"Conpan3f
against Com modore-Yanderbllt, to com pel k
the latter , to pay the former : $3 000,000,
which has- been pending-' since 1860, haa
awarded the Company -1.8o0)00t I. The
majnr part of the claims was fbrgood will.
The money deceived by" the Commodore
from tbe Pacific Mall Company is dlsal-'
i-i - jih'i.i IvOu(
Stock Exchange.
bid to-day f or a . seat at. the. Stock Ex
" - i-i-iJ --i--
The All England eleven cricketers sailed ,
to-day fox home on. tlie steamer, City of f
' - " ' ra 'r"
A Family Difficulty.
The Post says a well khOwn '1iead'of " (
banking-house was i arresteArtonlay ln-i
Bletker street for striking, his wile in the
face, because she insisted on following him .
up town. They, were both" taken ' to the .
station' boose by the p- lice,1 where-ttiey '
were reconciled, and lett Aa a carriage foci
their home in Brooklyn a-,:t a
NEW YORK, Oct. 25.
Robert G. .Gamble i .nd Mrs.t Husbes,
charged with 'poisoning J Gamble's wile,
whose examination has been in ptCgresB
for some weeks, arere yesterday bonorably J
acquitted ftpd.discharged,,, j 0 5,103 A "
Slavery Question in Spain.
MADRID, Oct. 23.
A large meeting was! held here tocay,
at which speeches were madeend reaolu-r
tions adopted In' favor of the aboli'lon or"
slavery throughout the Spanish dominions.3
Steamship Harmonia.
The steamship Hannonta arrived to-day)
Barley firmer. Clover seed nomtaalvq
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Laird.
given to Reverdy Johnson last night
because Mr. Laird was Invited to-be pres-T
ent. ' That gentleman waa requested to stayi
away, but would not. . Tbe olimsx of thav
banquet was reached when, the Chairman
Introduced Mr. -Laird, to the 'American?
Minister. VThey grasped" bands'-"firmly,1
shook them cordially, and beld each ther
by the hand while exchanging some worda. ,
Assassination Plot.
LONDON, Oct. 24.
r !1
Dispatches received ' to-day,' .state that'
the authorities of Sydney- have positive '
proof that the shooting of Prince Alfred
was the result ot a deeply laid plpUv De-
tails will be given to the public in a few"
PARIS, Oct. 24—Eve.
The Avener National, the. Demdcnaflc
national organ of this city, says Ferdinand
has declined the ofler pf the crown of Spain.
The writer is certain that Duke Montpen
sler would accept it. , ;r 1h a vtinaa
Spirit of the Press.
LONDON, Oct. 24.
The papers refer to the speeches ot Jobn
son and Stanley.', '..,.,' ' f'
The Times says it believes that in a fert
days England and America -will be anlted-
without the ghost of aquarrel, but-Lord i
Stanley fs and other prophesies ara. prema- .
tore.". . . ' . .," ' ', ' .
The Daily News says Johnson' task' in3
setting matters at variance "bet wees Eug-i
land and .America is 1 rightt, 1 torr lk .was. )
nearly completed by Mr. Adams, his pre-t.
decessor. Referring to the, friendly meet
ing between Johnson and' LalroV the News 1
says Johnson's charity towards Laird, wbo
built the .'Alabama,;' applies equally. to"c
Semmes, who sailed her. .-a
The Telegraph rejoices in the hew era of f
diplomacy, as exemplified in "Ministers;1
meeting and disousslug in a friendly manf
ner !;u
Minister Johnson's Proceedings.
NEW YORK, Oct. 25.
A special cable dispatch, states tbat loyal.
Americans and ; English .friends ' of the
United States are galled at the recent pro-
ceedinga of Minister Johnson at Liverpool,
and think him too anxious to go out oi his
way to make soft speeches,, and that he
WTUI bW Ittl 1 11 uiuwioj; illDJBCil W DO lu
traduced to Laird and greeting him in a
friendly tnannen and that he fraternizesi
too much with rebels and English enemies,
misrepresents the sentiments of tbemajori-
ty and places the United States In a humil
iating attlude." ' - ;-- '-'-i.'nui..-i a
Texas Cattle.
has. been received teat 1
Texas cattle will be admitted into Canada,
at Windsor and Samia in the luture,th-.
prohibition having been removed. .' ' , "
The Freedmen's Bureau.
'has been received af the .
Freedmen's 1 Bureau,- through' nnoffloial u
sources, that William CKirkhamv agent 1
for tbe Bureau for Northeast-. Texas, was
murdered at Boston, Texas, on the 7th Inst..
General Howard's annual report of ,the
operations of the Bureau has been 00 in 1
pleted and transmitted to ha Secretary, of U

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